Watchmen: The End is Nigh Abilities & Items FAQ Version .5 - March 08, 2009 by William Birkin - thescarletorder at gmail dot com ================================ Introduction ================================ So, after the first few days of owning this game I wasn't seeing any progress on a guide anywhere. Most forums were busy trashing the game and discussing why the ending of the movie was changed from the comics. Anywho I made this guide with the help of some folks at and here you have it. I hope you all enjoy the guide, if there are any errors feel free to e-mail them to me (my address is up above.) FYI: The abilities/combos will be further elaborated on in a later version. ================================ Legal Stuff =============================== Here's the part where I pretend like this document is actually copyrighted by me. Then I go on to talk about trademarks and copyrights found in the document belonging to theirrespective owners/trademark owners/copyrights. No infrin- gement is intended, don't sue me, it's just a guide that I am not profitting from. You can print this document out for personal use, you can't put it up on your website without written consent from me, in the form of an e-mail. The following sites have permission to post and/or link to this walkthrough: GameFAQs - XBox360Achievements - ================================ General Stuff ================================ Amount of Cards and/or Batteries per character in each level: * Chapter I - 1 * Chapter II - 2 * Chapter III - 2 * Chapter IV - 2 * Chapter V- 3 * Chapter VI - 0 Amount of Abilities per character in each level: * Chapter I - 5 * Chapter II - 3 * Chapter III - 3 * Chapter IV - 1 * Chapter V- 1 * Chapter VI - 0 Nite Owl Tips: * In some cases, you can not adjust the camera all the way up to see the grapple points if there are still enemies on the screen. Make sure you defeat all enemies if you are having trouble locating grapple points. * Some grapple points won't activate (allow you to grapple to them) until all enemies are defeated. * All of the owl batteries are found while in night vision mode. In some cases night vision mode is a part of the story, so make sure to look around when this is activated before progressing. Rorschach Tips: * When lock picking, go from smallest to biggest, this will usually work. Also be aware that the right trigger MAY trigger a different bolt/pin than you are trying to work on. It takes patience, a calm hand, and some strategy. * Some locked doors won't activate (allow you to lock pick them) until all enemies are defeated. * Almost all of his cards are located behind locked doors. ================================ Chapter 1 - Abilities & Items ================================ Rorschach ------------ Stun = Entrance Throw = After Generator Counter Attack = Stairs before Cell Block C, top of steps. Bull Rush = "Rehabilitation they call it..." doorway. Knock Down = Entrance to Second Lever Room Cards ------------ 1 of 1 in this stage is located right after the Knock Down ability, pick the lock right in front of you and explore the little room Nite Owl ------------ Stun = Entrance Throw = After Generator Counter Attack = Before the Stairs prior to Cell Block C. Grenade = "Rehabilitation they call it..." doorway. Knock Down = Entrance to Second Lever Room Batteries ------------ 1 of 1 is located deep within a grapple point you discover when you first enter the room of flames, just look up and you should be able to grapple. Then follow the path until you get to night vision mode, keep following the path, don't go down the stairs instead go the other direction and you'll cross a bridge, keep going and you'll find a battery sooner or later. ================================ Chapter 2 - Abilities & Items ================================ Rorschach ------------ Fast Stun = Take a left at the fork in the road at the start of the game, you can't miss it. Rage Mode = After getting Fast Stun head forward until you get into a clearing, look to your right and you'll see it right behind a gate, time to pick the lock! Extra Damage = Right after you split up, it's down the alley, can't miss it. Cards ------------ Rorschach's cards are usually behind locked doors, but this is not always the case. 1 of 2 take a right when the path splits at the beginning of the game and pick the lock. Head down the alley, make a left. To your right is a yellowish alley/dead end after the scaffolding, look there for the card. 2 of 2 is located in the open by that drop-off point right before the "final" area where you take on a ton of bikers and Nite Owl states he hates bikers. Nite Owl ------------ Area Attack = Located on your left down the long blue lighted alley (before you split up.) Fast Knock Down = After you decide to split up, you will grapple up three points (from the ground level up) then you will encounter a small gang of thugs, take them out and then run to your left, the power up is hidden behind a tiny staircase. Electrify Owlsuit = "Streets belong to the city..." gateway. Batteries ------------ Nite Owl's batteries are in areas where you grapple to a roof and have night vision. 1 of 2 is by Rorschach's power up that's located behind the locked fence, you grapple to a roof nearby. 2 of 2 is located where you guys first split up. ================================ Chapter 3 - Abilities & Items ================================ Rorschach ------------ Area Attack = Between gate after first couple of bad guys Fast Area Attack = Before Nite Owl holds up a door for you, it is towards the end of a dock behind some trash cans. Rage Mode Upgrade = After climbing a pipe (2nd pipe you'll climb in the chapter) onto a roof top, you will need to drop down onto a catwalk above a large room. There will be a card on this catwalk. Cards ------------ 1 of 2 - The first card is early on behind a locked gate with 6 tumblers. It's near the top of the tall staircase you need to go down. 2 of 2 - After defeating some enemies, go through the door that Nite Owl opens up, and you'll be outside in a fenced in area, go right, and in the middle of the clearing at the end there will be a card. Nite Owl ------------ Extra Damage - (Y+X+X+Y) Located in a corner behind a large shipping crate just past the stairs into the lower area. Owlsuit Upgrade - (LT) Located in the crane. Just keep climbing and it will be right next to the lever that you have to pull. Can’t miss it. Fast Stun - (X+X+X) - Again, can’t miss it. Rorschach “gets an Idea” and climbs up a pipe to let you in. Nite Owl says, “Everything go okay?” You fight some dudes and get this as you leave the area through the doorway on the right. Batteries ------------ Nite Owl's batteries are in areas where you grapple, as per usual. 1 of 2 is located when you split up and Rorschach says to find a way in from outside, grapple up and go outside and jump down. Go left by two fans and look up. Grapple up and owl battery is here. 2 of 2 is found after Nite Owl finds Fast Stun, go outside and trigger the cutscene, the grapple point is behind you. ================================ Chapter 4 - Abilities & Items ================================ Rorschach ------------ Maximum Damage = After the open column filled room, you will be back in a small tunnel, that will curve right then left, and then come to a dead end. To the left is a small area with the Rorschach Ability. (Right is the rest of the level.) Cards ------------ 1 of 2 - After defeating the enemies in the large, open room filled with columns, you will need to climb a pipe to turn a valve. When you climb the pipe, you will see the Rorschach card right in front of you. 2 of 2 - After the two rounds of enemies drop down on you in the large room (after climbing the ladder). You will be given an option on which gate to go through, take the left path (the one that was on the left when you came up the ladder). This will lead you to a room with a bunch of barrels, and a small ledge around the outside. Take the stairs up onto the ledge, and follow it around until you come to a locked gate. Pick the lock, and you will find the card behind the fence to the right of the gate. Nite Owl ------------ Fast Area Attack = found after group of bad guys with knives, you'll see the "shining" door at the end of the hall, turn right into a dead end and you'll find it. Batteries ------------ Nite Owl's batteries are in areas where you use night vision, be alert. 1 of 2 is easily found, night vision will activate and soon you begin down a steep hill. Look to your right as you begin down and the owl battery is here. Its kind of behind some curb height wall so it may be hard to notice at first. 2 of 2 is located after you go down the hill, go left. Night vision will start up again. Owl Battery is here. ================================ Chapter 5 - Abilities & Items ================================ Rorschach ------------ Fast Knock Down = Right after the initial fight with the police. Go down the alley that leads away from behind the cop car. It's a dead end, but if you go all the way to the end, then turn around to the right, and you'll see it. Cards ------------ 1 of 3 - After the you split up with Nite Owl, there will be a battle with three police officers. Defeat them, and look around for a pipe. In relation to the police car, it's straight out from the driver-side window. Climbing it will lead you to a small roof with nothing but a Rorschach card on it. 2 of 3 - After you reunite with Nite Owl, a helicopter will spot you. Shortly after, you'll run across a group of police officers. Look to the right of where they are standing. It's between the edge of the building, and three smokestacks (just before you jump over the gap). 3 of 3 - After splitting up with Nite Owl for the second time, you will immediately drop down a pipe, then jump down, then drop down two more pipes. After doing this, you will find the Rorschach card to the right in the short alley. You should now have all 10. Nite Owl ------------ Maximum Damage = it's on the roof where you meet back up & the chopper appears. Just slowly walk & drop down letting the spotlight shine around which showed me where it was. It's next to some stairs by the edge of the roof. Batteries ------------ Nite Owl's batteries are in areas where you grapple/split up/have night vision, big surprise. 1 of 3 is found after your first split up, after you have gone up to the roof, jump down and instead of attacking the cops go left. You will see a "Way Up" sign. Grapple up and look up for the next "Way Up" sign. Grapple up and the battery is behind the water tower. 2 of 3, after getting the previous battery, jump down and fight past to waves of cops. You will proceed to a "Way Up" sign. Don't go up but look to your left and go up the "Way Up" sign there. The owl battery is here. 3 of 3 is found shortly after Rorschach says to split up. Grapple up and climb the ladder. Turn left when night vision turns on and the owl battery is here. You should now have all 10. Chapter 6 - Abilities & Items ------------ Rorschach ------------ No Abilities or Items in this stage. Nite Owl ------------ No Abilities or Items in this stage. Thanks to OGsmokeTICAL, & flavaham for their detailed contributions. Thanks go to JasonBlade for locating Nite Owl's ability in Chapter 5. Thanks go to synjin savant2 for locating Rorschach's remaining cards and abilities in Chapter 3. Thanks go to for inspiring me to write this guide.</p>