THE NIGHT HAUNTER'S GUIDE TO: AKUJI THE HEARTLESS The Night Haunter's details: E-mail: Age: 14 (Yeah! 14!) Nationality: Northern Irish FAQ details: Akuji the heartless walkthrough v2.0 (UK version) for Sony Playstation by The Night Haunter 23rd November 1999 (Written in Arial, size 10) (It's a good idea to run it like this) This document is copyright The Night Haunter 2000. ========================================================================== CONTENTS ----------------- 1. Legal stuff 2. "Words of wisdom" 3. Akuji and his attacks 4. Enemies 5. Spells and items 6. Cheats 7. Gameshark codes (Works with action replay too) 8. The FAQ 9. Acknowledgements ========================================================================== 1. LEGAL STUFF ------------------------ This FAQ is for private and personal use. It can only be reproduced electronically, and if placed on a web page or site, may be altered as long as this disclaimer and the copyright notice appear unaltered and in full. This FAQ is not to be used for profitable or promotional purposes, etc. Please do not use this FAQ on your website without asking my permission first. And don't take some part or whole part of this walkthrough and put your names on it. I don't made this walkthrough for some damn plagiarist put their names on it. I work hard on making this walkthrough, so please don't rip-off my work. (C), Sony entertainment (C), Eidos (C) ========================================================================== 2. INTRO AND STORY -------------------------------- That's enough legal crap. How ya doin'? I', off school for a while and thought I might do somethin' for a change and here I am. This FAQ might not be the best so if you have anything at all to say about it mail me or put a message on the board in my site. Thanks alot. I'll add alot more if you tell me what you want or help me out in any way. It's the people's choice!! Just to note, this guide is not yet complete but I decided to send the FAQ for the first 3 vestibules in for the meantime. It is Christmas so give me a break! I just hate those last few levels, but I will get them done. If you want them alot just mail me or put a message on the board and I'll mail it to you or tell you when it'll be up. Thanks for your patience people. Now on with the guide. As you may or may not know, Akuji isn't a favourite of the critics but I beg to differ. It's a great wee game with plenty to keep you coming back. It is not, however, a game for the faint hearted! The amount of gore would make Damien cringe! Still it more or less adds to the atmosphere. The story is just about betrayal. Akuji is a voodoo witch doctor, the son of Murat and a well trained killer, however Akuji's brother, Orad, killed him before his wedding to Keisho the eldest daughter of the chief of a Tanko tribe. He ripped out Akuji's heart so he had to stay stuck in the underworld in everlasting pain. Their marriage would unite their tribes and no hostility would then be between them but Akuji died and Keisho was captured and was to be sacrificed. Now Akuji has to fight through the underworld by the orders of the sinister Baron Samedi. But the Baron had more in store for Akuji than he bargained for.......... ========================================================================== 3. AKUJI AND HIS ATTACKS ------------------------------------------- Akuji has a large range of attacks and you have to utilise them the correct way to complete the game. Basics ------------ Up- Go forward Down- Go back Left- Turn left Right- Turn right X- Jump O- Attack Triangle- Change spell Square- Use spell L1- Turn camera R1- Turn camera L2- Crouch R2- Aim Combinations -------------------------- Direction + O- Lunging attack Direction + X- Jump (direction) L2 while running- Roll L2 while running and then press attack- Rolling kick X and O- Uppercut X then L2- Somersault L2 then O- Crouching attack Tap R2- Centre camera R2 + direction- Look around R2 + square- Aim + fire spells NB You cannot roll in water Monkey bars ------------------------- Up- Go forward Down- Go back Right- Go right Left- Go left X- Mount/ dismount O- Attack (Kick) R1- Turn camera L1- Turn camera L2 + direction (Up + Down only)- Swing X while swinging- Let go NB You cannot use magic, aim or look around while on the bars. Ladder ------------------ Up- Go up Down- Go down Left- Shimmy left Right- Shimmy right X- Mount/dismount R1- Turn camera L1- Turn camera NB You can do balls all on ladders! Interaction moves --------------------------------------- O (With a "Stone", beside an empty pedestal)- Place "Stone" in pedestal. X (Beside a sloping rope/vine)- Grab onto + slide down the vine/rope. X (Anywhere on a sloping vine/rope)- Drop off O (Beside rope attached to ground/wall)- Cut rope/activate pulley X (Beneath hanglider)- Grab onto hanglider and fly O (Beside switch) (\ - / type)- Flick switch Direction + then stop (Beside "push in" switch)- Push in switch Direction + then stop (Beside big upright rock "sheet")- Push over X or up (While hanging from a ledge)- Climb up Stand on a floorswitch- Activate the floorswitch NB All interaction moves must be done while standing beside or below the items involved. ========================================================================== 4. ENEMIES ------------------ Akuji's adventure is full of weird demonic creatures and repeatedly features death himself (With a change of wardrobe often) about 4 times per level if not many more! The chart shows the enemies toughness, strength, how to kill them, what you get for it and their MAIN feature (NOT all of them!!) All the ememies have many different abilities from being able to teleport, breath fire etc! Colours are worth looking out for. (NB If you cannot get colour working with your game you need a scart lead. Be sure to get one with all the pins though. The other ones jut improve the picture a bit.) Now on with the list in order of appearance: Name Toughness Strength How to kill Units got Notes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------- Sandworms Weakish Weakish Rollkick 5 Underground Blue Dragonflies Weak Weak Slash 1 Irritating Jabberwocky Average Strongish Rollkick 5 Jump-kicks Red death Average Strongish Rollkick * 2 5 Death! Crawling zombies Average Strongish Rollkick * 2 5 Stings Pink Daemon Above average Strong Uppercut * lots 10 Fireball Armless zombies Average Strong Rollkick 5 Jumpkicks Skull bats Weak Average Slash 1 Very irritating Vasdu Average Strongish Doom blast 0 Bodyguards Mahdi Very tough Strongish See "Mahdi" 0 Fireballs Grey death Average Strong Rollkick * 2 5 Teleports Cobra Weak Average Hack 1 Fireballs Red claw daemon Tough Strong Uppercut * 6 10 Fireballs Rhino Very tough Very strong Rollkick * 10 10 Charges Witchdoctor Average Strong Rollkick * 2 10 Teleports Green sandworms Below average Strong Rollkick 5 Fireballs Alligators Average Average Hack * 4 5 Bites Blue death Average Strong Rollkick * 2 5 Teleports Parasites Average Average Rollkick 5 In holes Grunts Very tough Very strong Rollkick * 3 5 Fun to fight Shadow demons Invincible Weak Light 0 Use light Blocks Average Average Hack * 6 1 Missiles Spiders Weak Average Hack 0 See "Okal" Okal Very tough Very strong See "Okal" 0 Fireballs Taurus beetle Weak Average Rollkick 5 Skull mask Mantis Tough Average Full uppercut 5 Fireballs Big wasp Average 0 Uppercut * 2 5 Wasps Wasps Weak Weak Hack 1 Very irritating Pink serpents Average Weak Rollkick * 2 5 Gas Purple death Average Strong Rollkick * 2 5 Teleports Purple sandworms Tough Average Soul seekers 5 Fireballs Skull of mantos Very tough Strong Spells Lawr Fireballs Black witchdoctor Average Strong Rollkick * 2 10 Teleports Red bat Weak Average Rollkick 2 Irritating Warlock Very tough Strong Everything 10 Fireballs Mongrel Above average Strong Rollkick * 3 5 Fireballs Purity Very tough Very strong See "Purity" 0 Fireballs Skullspiders Average Strong Rollkick * 2 5 Irritating White witchdoctor Average Strong Rollkick * 2 10 Teleports ========================================================================== 5. SPELLS AND ITEMS --------------------------------- Through his quest Akuji will utilise a large selection of spells and items which will help him in different ways from health to destructive weapons. Either way it is helpful to know what you are using and how to use it. In order of appearance.. (Roughly): SPELLS --------------- Fire burst: A purple skull with little purple specks coming out of it indicates a Fire Burst spell. There are 80/skull, are extremely fast when firing but are very weak. Useful for spray fire or 'machine gun use'. Soul seeker: Soul seekers are contained in the grey skulls with a little spark orbiting them. There are 20/skull and have an average strength. These are very helpful in some places as they home in on the nearest target. They are also fairly fast. Hell blast: The red skull with a crown of flames is the Hell blast. This is probably one of the most common spells in the game and reflecting that is fairly average. You only get 10/skull but they are of average speed and are fairly strong. Shield of blood: Shields of blood are in red bleeding skulls. You get 5/skull and they are used to protect you when in acid or blood rivers etc. If the name at the top of this guide isn't the night haunter and it doesn't say on it then mail me with the sleazy bastard's name and I'll sort him. Thanks. They do not protect you from physical attacks! Ring of death: Rings of death are contained in purple skulls surrounded by a 'throbbing' ring. They are very slow as Akuji must punch the ground for it to work. They are strong and affect the area surrounding Akuji. You get 5/skull. Doom blast: A golden skull with a ring of sparks around it - the doom blast!! One of the best spells in the game as the large golden bat Akuji releases in a doom blast explodes over a fairly wide area and is VERY strong! It is a bit slow though and you only get 3/skull so use them sparingly. Spirit strike: The spirit strikes are found within the dark blue skulls with an orbiting blue spark. You can only fire two at one time though IE You can't fire another until one hits it's target. You get 6/skull but they are fairly strong. Unfortunately they are very slow in reaching their target, they circle around alot. Good nonetheless. Captivity strike: The turquoise skulls with the circle of throbbing sparks are the captivity strikes. Although they look really cool they aren't. You set the point of it and when an enemy comes within it's feeble range it "holds" them causing damage until they get out. But it cannot move which makes it only average. 5/skull. Energy blast: The energy blast are held in the green skulls with all the sparks coming out. They are basically a better fire burst. Although not as fast, they are stronger and have a longer range. You get 40/skull and they are a good spell all round Flame shroud: This spell is an orange skull, surrounded by a small, solid ring. The shroud, when activated, will make you invincible and set anything you touch on fire! It's really cool! But you only get 3/skull, which is fairly crap. Still, a good spell for physical brawls! ========================================================================== ITEMS --------------- Small heart: Refreshes 2 units on your health bar Big heart: Refreshes 4 units on your health bar Voodoo dolls: 100 of these will increase Akuji's health bar Blue units: 100 of these will give Akuji another life Ancestors: There are 4 in every level and they are essential to reach each vestibule's guardian Lawrs: These are used to place in pedestals to activate moving blocks, open gates etc. ========================================================================== 6. CHEATS ------------------ If anyone has any codes for Akuji PLEASE send me them as the library that I've got is kinda crap!!! I really want one where you can always be your inner beast!! Anyway here's what I got!! Debug mode: Pause the game then hold L2 or R2 and press Left, Up, Up, Triangle, Right, Square, Left, Triangle, Up, Down, Right, Right. Infinite Spells: After you've acquired a spell, pause the game then hold L2 or R2 and press Left, Triangle, Left, Left, Circle, Left, Triangle, Right, Circle, Up, Up, Down. You must repeat this whenever you pick up a spell. Invincibility: Pause the game, then hold L2 or R2 and press Right, Right, Left, Triangle, X, Up, Circle, Left. ========================================================================== 7. GAMESHARK CODES ------------------------------------ Fake Invincible: 800BA746 06CA Infinite spells on pickup 800BA744 0010 Infinite health D006981E A4C2 8006981E 2400 Extra spell ammo 80091C24 0001 Enable all levels 800C4704 000F Walk through walls D00CA37E F5FE 8007425E A482 D00CA37E F5FE 8007424A A482 D00CA37E FAFE 8007425E 2400 D00CA37E FAFE 8007424A 2400 Infinite lives 80080346 2400 Extra health: D006981E A4C2 8006981E 2400 ========================================================================== 8. THE FAQ ------------------ Now for the part you've filtered through all the shite for. The actual guide is almost here. All I wanna say is that I recommend that you should only be using this guide if you are either well and truly stuck or you have already finished the game as I know FAQ's can ruin your game if you haven't already finished the game. Just a note of caution but thanks for reading this far and enjoy the FAQ! ========================================================================== 1ST VESTIBULE ========================================================================== Cocytus The river of souls Hints: Hit the hint tablets for control instructions. Always keep an eye out for ancestors Use the enemies, spells and items guides to help you along the way 1st ancestor: After you encounter the first enemy (A sandworm) take a left at the junction, follow the path and get to the bridge on your left. The ancestor is in the pole at the end of the bridge. 2nd ancestor: When you find a large cog, go into the room behind it. Kill death and climb onto the walkway at the back of the room. The ancestor is at the end along with the switch to stop the cog. Just walk into it. After you climb the cog you will see a short cutscene where Keisho appears to Akuji and tells him to get to NAVO, where you need to talk to the Baron and deal with him...... 3rd ancestor: Go past the continue point and open the gate by lacing the LAWR in the PEDESTAL. The ancestor is in the casket just before the gate to the right. It is behind the wall in the view you will have at this point. 4th ancestor: When you reach the large amphitheatre style area with 2 walkways on either side climb up the chunks of rock onto one. There is a sliprope at one end of the walkway. Go along it to the other side. The ancestor is in the pole at the end of the walkway. After you reach the spirit gate you will be transported to Navo where most of the important things happen. You can return here any time by pausing and selecting to "Return to Navo". You can also go into all the levels you have been into from here if you have missed an ancestor. Remember, there are 4 per level! There will now be a cutscene with the Baron. He will assign you the task to collect your corrupted ancestors and open the gate to Pluton the 2nd world.............. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --- Pluton The temple of tears Hints: Switches can be on the walls as well as the floor Switches can open doors by lighting candles Learn how to use the rollkick properly Skull bats can do damage very quickly! Warps are always useful, especially the second time........ Keep going straight until you reach a long corridor. Go right and you will see a Lawr. Head back to the start and use it on the pedestal. Jump down the hole and step on the switch with the heart on top of it. Then go through the warp and come back through the same way. 1st ancestor: When you come back down to the switch/warp area there should know be an ancestor in front of the warp! My hints are very helpful. 2nd ancestor: Soon you will come to another pedestal to place a Lawr on. It should lower the bridge in front of you. Cross the bridge and climb onto the wall on the right. Jump from here onto the moving platform with the ancestor on it. NB The glowing boxes are the sources of the enemies! You need to shoot or step on the two switches to open the gate. When you do this you should climb the ladder at the far right side of the room. 3rd ancestor: Then take two lefts from here and jump onto the column with the ancestor on it. The next room has 4 switches to activate. 2 on the walls and 2 on the floor. 4th ancestor: In the 4 switches room there is a pool with a gate at the end of it. The ancestor is in front of the gate. To get to the spirit gate, get to the room with the lightning guard. Destroy the 4 boxes spewing deaths at you to move the guard and drop down the hole to get to the gate. You now return to Navo and the Baron will congratulate you. He will then open the gate to the 3rd world, Khalas...... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------- Khalas The sanctum of hate Hints: Save your doom blasts Attack any wooden heads hanging from chains to get power ups etc. Use the mirrors Vasdu appears through the whole level you know? The big skull everywhere is he! Shield of blood prevents the pain of acid To get out of the 1st room hit the switch to start up the block and climb as high as you can. You should be able see a Lawr across a chandelier. Get it and use it on the pedestal at the front of the room. 1st ancestor: Reach the first section of monkey bars and jump on. There should be an ancestor on the chandelier to your right. Swing to it (See monkey bars) to get it. 2nd ancestor: In the first acid area, get to the first cross-roads and dispose of the death (AGAIN!). Go left and climb to the ledge. Follow it along to get the ancestor. When you reach the area where there is a red mirror and you cannot cross to the opposite side. Use the mirror to see where the platforms are and cross. You get a Lawr on the opposite side. 3rd ancestor: You will come across a room with a platform held up by an electric bolt. Before you get onto it, look up to see the wooden head above you. Shoot it to open the cage on the right side of the lift area. Use the lift to get to the cage and go inside to get the ancestor. 4th ancestor: After a while you will get to another room with a large red mirror. Just as you enter, turn right and jump up all the minute platforms to reach the ancestor. This is the room with the bridges above. The combination for the bridges is: Top-right, Bottom-right, Top-right, Bottom-left and then leave through the Top-left door. VASDU: When you reach Vasdu's chamber you will be attacked by many deaths at once so use your doom blast to dispose of all of them and then when he lowers his defences use the doom blast on Vasdu twice. You can then go into the spirit gate and go back to Navo where the Baron will open the gate to the guardian of the Vestibule, MAHDI........ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------- Mahdi The lair of Mahdi Hints: Hit the floating tarus points for hell blasts and soul seekers Jump when Mahdi fires The Mahdi is a huge ugly shite who spouts fireballs and has incredible jumping ability. To beat him is not that hard but I thought I'd include it anyway as the rest of the guide is idiot-proof! To beat the Mahdi, firstly keep moving. Hit the blue tarus points to get soul seekers and hell blast for long range attack. When he shoots simply run, or if your stuck jump. He will jump over to you know and then, when he does this rollkick and shoot him with hell blasts from very short range. When he jumps back shoot soul seekers as you run about and repeat the first process when he jumps over again. EASY. Now you go back to Navo and make a sacrifice to the Baron. I told you this game was gory. It gets alot worse though! Then the Baron will open up the second Vestibule and the gate to Oinos......... ========================================================================== 2ND VESTIBULE ========================================================================== Oinos The dark acropolis Hints: Kill all daemons first using ring of death To kill rhinos, run away then when they charge dodge them, turn and rollkick twice. Repeat this 5 times Climb slanted blocks with faces to reach power-ups etc. 1st ancestor: This first ancestor is very obvious and easy to get. It's just on the way! It should be past the second turning spike-wheel, on the ground in the centre of the little room. You can get the Lawr in this area by destroying the glowing box spewing deaths. 2nd ancestor: You have to get top the first rhino in the arena with the continue point in it. Kill the rhino with the help of the hints and then turn right to see a ledge with a sloping block bearing a happy face. Climb onto the flame holder and then jump to the platform in front of you above the door to get a ring of death and an ancestor. Kill the rhino to open the first exploding gate. 3rd ancestor: When you reach the area with all the wooden ledges and rolling rocks, get to the end and get the Lawr. You will have to kill a daemon to do this. Use your spirit strike to kill her from a distance. When you get the Lawr look on to see an ancestor on a ledge. You can jump along the arches to get it. 4th ancestor: In one of the Lawr doorways there is part if a wooden mask. Grab it on the way past and then get the second part on the second floor of the spikes area. On the way back through the spikes you will see the newly appeared ancestor. To get the spikes Lawr, first press the switch to make the next one appear. Press the next one and so on to lower the cage into the acid and then dry it up so as you can pick up the Lawr from the hole. You will return to Navo after placing all the Lawrs and killing the two Daemons that appear. The Baron will then open the door to Discord and tell you about your inner beast and your spiritual totem. Confusing? Not for long........ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------- Discord The burial mounds Hints: The totem is the coolest!! (But doesn't last long) Look in the graves and tombs to get power ups etc. Breaks all coffins for power up etc. Look behind the spirit gate!!!! 1st ancestor: From the start, go through the first gate and turn around. Look up to see the first ancestor. Work your way along to the moving rock platform. Jump onto it and turn around. You'll see a ladder on the wall. Get onto it and work your way along the roofs of the tombs to the ancestor on top of the first gate. 2nd ancestor: When you get to the area with two slipropes go to the far one. It leads down to a nice area with a few power ups and an ancestor in the near tomb. There is a Lawr in the second tent spewing kicking zombies. It is in the area with two tents and is the lower of the two. 3rd ancestor: Later on when you put a Lawr into a pedestal it will start a stone lift with a ladder on the bottom of it. Climb up and then jump on the top of the rocks to get to a tomb containing an ancestor and a voodoo doll. When you reach the area with the rhino and the rhino statues beware! It's very easy!! Just start by killing the rhino using the rollkick tactic mentioned in Oinos. Then the gate to your totem will open!!! Yeah!! Use the totem by walking into it and then the two statues will wake up. BOLLOCKS! You might scream, but it's no problem when your in your animal stage. Slaughter them and then work your way onto the lifts............ The most irritating bit in the level. You might get the jump first time, but it's unlikely. Just remember to try and try again. 4th ancestor: STOP!! Don't go through the gate! Check behind the spirit gate to reach the last ancestor. When you get out the Baron will tell you about the statue of Malua, the snake god. You will have to build the statue using Lawrs and pedestals in Stygia. The Baron will open the gate. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------- Stygia The blood swamp Hints: Use the shield of blood when in the blood river to keep your health Use the Lawrs and pedestals to "build" Malua Beware BLUE DEATH ONSLAUGHT!! To get the first Lawr, climb onto the ladder form the see-saw in the first pool. Then work your way around the area to reach the Lawr. 1st ancestor: In the first acid that hurts area, get to the first moving lift. Jump from this when at the right side into the cage with the ancestor. Get the Lawr at the end of the room and return to the start. Place the Lawr and then jump along the snakes and platforms to the other end. When you get to a horizontal snake arches sticking out of the wall, climb them. Then, go along the walkway to reach the Lawr. BEWARE!!! There is an onslaught by blue deaths here. It's easy if you know it's coming, but taken off guard.... Then go to the snake treadmill and run along to the pedestal. Place your Lawr to open the door. 2nd ancestor: Before you go through the door go to the small walkway separating the blood and acid (Beside the treadmill) and drop down into the acid to reach the ancestor 3rd ancestor: At the end of the second blood/snake room, climb on top of the spike lift. Then jump off onto the top of the arch to reach the ancestor. You have to build Malua now. To make the god of snakes, you'll have to use the Lawrs and pedestals around the room. Beware of the many deaths in the area. 4th ancestor: Get to the third Lawr in Malua's chamber (On a floating platform). Now drop/hang off the far edge to grab the last ancestor. The Baron will tell you about Hutama and it's guardians - The shadow demons......... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------- Hutama Blight Hints: Avoid the blood plants Use the light to scare off the shadow demons Cut all ropes Avoid parasites as they just keep comin'! Prepare to get some awkward relatives!! 1st ancestor: After a short descent down the hill, you will see an ancestor on the venus fly-trap. Jump onto the trap and off again before it bites you, grabbing the ancestor on the way. You will come to a shadow demon after a little while. Climb up and cross the bridge to reach the rope used for the pulley. Cut it to bring the lights down to scare it off. 2nd ancestor: After crossing the bridge you can jump off the bouncy leaf to get to a platform with a sliprope at the left of it. Use it to reach the ancestor's platform. Cut the ropes around to drop blocks to jump on. I take it you've the rope thing by now? 3rd ancestor: After some leaf work you'll be on a wooden walkway. Look up to see another with caskets and a hive on it. Now look right to see a leaf - Jump to it. Then jump off this leaf to another walkway, then to another leaf. Now work up a huge amount of momentum and grab onto the walkway above you. The ancestor is in the second casket. NB To get the most bounce on leaves, jump when they're at their lowest point! Go on to get to a sliprope which leads to a new area. Start cutting ropes to drop blocks for you. Jump on these to get to another rope. Cut that and climb the blocks Go up the mountain 4th ancestor: As you go up the mountain you will see an ancestor floating above you. Climb the ladder and go to the next one. But don't go up it. Go past the plant and jump (Death defyingly!) around the mountain from edge to edge to reach the last ancestor. Now for more Lawr-work! Get on the lift and work your way round (Big jump) to get the Lawr. Get on the new lift and use the Lawr on the pedestal. This will scare off the demon. Go along the bridge, fight the grunts and leave through the spirit gate. Now for some fun with Okal the lord of spiders and the warden of the second vestibule!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------- Okal The web of Okal Hints: Save your Spirit strikes!!!!!!! Use the ring of death on cocoons Collect all the ring of deaths and then set about destroying all the cocoons by using ring of death spells, while standing below them. For every one you destroy you'll get some spirit strikes to use on Okal, and ONLY HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Very important as you get exactly the right number to kill him!) You'll have to hold off the spiders as you do this. There is one cocoon who want's to be awkward so use energy blast on it. You get the spell on one of the web ladders around the area. Get off them quick though of the hidden spider will attack you! Once all the cocoons are gone you can fight the big arachnid himself! (No more tiny spiders!!) Quickly hide behind a tree so he can't hit you and turn to your right of left so as you have a clear path in front of you. Now start firing your spirit strikes. He can't hit you and they home in!! You will need all of them though as he takes 30 before dyin'! If you like birds, or don't like decapitation avert your eyes for the cutscene. Otherwise watch Akuji's sacrifice to the "Wise Baron". Now the Baron will open the door to the third vestibule. ========================================================================== 3RD VESTIBULE ========================================================================== Ladhaa The arboretum Hints: Gliders are very useful Learn the uppercut! Use trampolines to their full potential 1st ancestor: After the firs trampoline you'll see a ladder on the tree. Climb up and go through the tunnel to get your first relative. Use the glider by jumping onto it's handles and drop in below the moving trunk to get a doom blast! 2nd ancestor: At the first wasp area go left before the actual wasp to see a ladder on the wall. Climb it to reach an alcove containing another ancestor Jump along the platforms below the trunks to reach a switch. Flick it to activate the bungee lift and then return. Get on the lift and jump along the top of the trunks. Continue on to find the continue point. 3rd ancestor: When you get to the next trampoline, go right to find an altar in a small room with an ancestor on top. Now go over to the turning column and climb up it. Then jump to the turning tree. Now more spinning column-work and a glider to use. Soon you'll reach a continue point and another glider. You'll come to a blood room when you get off. 4th ancestor: When you get into the blood room look up to see a big wasp. Kill it to lower a ladder which you have to climb and then go around the roof to get the ancestor. Now go up the trampolines to the glider. Use it to get to the spirit gate. Then the Baron will talk to you about Seiomos and the skull of Mantos. The he'll open the gate for you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------- Seiomos Slime caverns Hints: Only steaming slime hurts Shut the death portals by hitting the lights on either side Use your soul seekers on the sandworms First go to your left and get the Lawr. Then place it in the pedestal in the next room. This motivates a pillar for you to jump on to reach the next door. 1st ancestor: There is a green glass statue in the room. The ancestor is in the crevice behind it. (It's cold acid) Destroy the statue to lower the ladder. Climb up it and jump across the ice platform to the Lawr. Leave the room and place it in the pedestal. Cross the ice bridge to reach the first continue point. Enter the door. Jump to and destroy the green statue. Now jump across the newly activated stepping stones to the large steps. 2nd ancestor: When you get to the monkey bars, turn right at the top of the steps before them. Go along the tunnel to the ancestor. Go across the monkey bars and the ice platforms to reach the Lawr. Now put it in the pedestal outside. 3rd ancestor: Jump across the new columns and turn round when you reach the shore. Look up to see the ancestor at the other side of the room. Now work your way around and drop down to get it. You'll see a very small ledge around the side of the cliff. Go along it to get the Lawr. Use it in the pedestal to open the door. Go through and climb to the monkey bars. Then swing off them to the ladder and climb up to the skull of Mantos. Attack with all you've got!! It should take about 50 spells!! I recommend standing behind a rock and using soul seekers until the y run out then just attacking wildly with what you've got left. You get the Lawr when you destroy it. Use it in the pedestal at the bottom to open the green glass door. Climb the ladder in front and jump into the alcove to get the Lawr. Then climb on top of the monkey bars and use the Lawr on the pedestal to start the ice bridge up. 4th ancestor: Walk across the ice bridge and the ice platforms to it on one of the ice platforms. Avoid the spikes now! Knock over the rock on the other side and jump down the hole after it to the spirit gate. The Baron will now open up Limbo (URGHHH) and tell you that you will need to beckon the boatman of the underworld (Charon in Greek legend) to take you across the river Louth. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------- Limbo A cross-roads Hints: Charon will lead you across the Louth Shoot the tarus points as they act like switches Warlocks are very dangerous, kill them from a distance with soul seekers! I HATE LIMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!! From the start go up and right. Now shoot the tarus point and jump across the new platform to the switch on the other side. Hit this to activate the bridge. Cross it and stand in the blue jet on the other side. Now jump to the ledge with the gust! Shoot the two tarus points to cross the acid and go right at the next junction to get the Lawr. I strongly advise that you kill the warlock from a distance, unless you have the urge to die... Place the Lawr in the pedestal and the turning blocks will start. 1st ancestor: After you cross the rocks one by one, turn around and go back along them all. Go to your left and you can get to a platform with your great aunt Frederick on the altar. Go up the wall ladder and drop into the lower area. Go to the blue air jet and use it like the last to get a Lawr. Go back up and use the Lawr in the pedestal. This will start up the platforms for you. Go around them and hit the switch to flick over the pyramid. 2nd ancestor: Drop down the side of this next area to find a walkway with an ancestor on it. In the next area you will have to lower the four platforms to lower the bridge. Start by flicking the switch in front of you. Then go to the opposite side and jump to the spike platform and hit that switch. Then go straight on and hit the four tarus points. Finally go to the opposite side again and jump up the three spinning platforms to the last switch. Cross the bridge and then on the next area, go to the opposite side of the acid and climb the ladder. From here jump to the top of the tomb and grab your Lawr. 3rd ancestor: Turn around and jump along the blue platforms (which disappear) until two appear at once. Take the left one and go to the platform with the switch on it. Hit it to open the tomb containing the third ancestor. Use your Lawr in the pedestal to lower the ladder. Use the air jet to jump onto it. At the top hit the tarus point to start the spinning bridge. Cross it and get the continue pint before some more rock jumping. At the other side climb the steps and hit the switch to call Charon. Jump into his boat and then he'll take you to another area. Go to the switch and hit it. The glass will break and the mongrel will be released. Use the air jet to get up to the door. Go n and kill the two enemies to start up the statue. 4th ancestor: Drop down to the bottom of the statue to find the last ancestor in Limbooooooo. Jump along the blue platforms to the spirit gate on the other side. The Baron will tell you that you are ready to challenge the third warden - Purity. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------- Purity The chamber Hints: Use flame shroud to protect yourself When Purity (What a name for her!) wakes, quickly get the spells and run up to her. Bombard her with all you've got! She'll soon fly off into the chamber. Go after her through that massive mouth of hers. Now for the hard bit. Using flame shroud uppercut her once or twice to make her split (yippee). Now attack only her top half as the bottom half doesn't affect the health bar (It just gives you a heart) There is a hell blast at the end of the room which helps, but basically just attack!! She should die fairly quickly. Akuji makes a sacrifice to the Baron (A goat) in the cutscene. This one is less gory but nonetheless disturbing! He insists that he's doing it for Keisho and then he goes to the Baron. Samedi will now open the 4th vestibule for you and talks of the skull of Orwa in Enoch. ========================================================================== 9. AWKNOLEDGEMENTS ---------------------------------------- I just wanna say thanks to gamefaqs firstly as if it weren't for them this guide wouldn't be in your possession. They have the best game guide site on the net and deserve a great thanks! Thanks! Secondly I want to thank the great FAQ makers such as Stinger 3:16, Steve McFadden and metroidmoo. Their guides gave me a few ideas and I just wanna thank them. Finally I want to thank all the people who've supported me like friends, family and God and helped me out getting info. Thanks. Thanks everyone!! ==========================================================================</p>