Retro Game Challenge - Robot Ninja Haggle Man Strategy Guide (version 1.00 - February 25, 2009) by Walter "WillyFourEyes" Williams (f.k.a. SiliconHero, MoonsaultKid) ******************************************************************************* * DISCLAIMER/CONTACT INFORMATION * ******************************************************************************* This mini-game strategy guide was written by Walter Williams (pen name: WillyFourEyes), and is intended for personal/private use. No part of this guide may be reposted in any form by any except the following sites: Retro Game Challenge (a.k.a. Game Center CX) is the property of Namco Bandai Games Ltd., Fuji Television, and its various publishers, including XSEED Games in North America. Additions, corrections, strategies, and omission notes are always welcome. If you have any additional tips for this mini-game, or ideas for improving this guide, please send an e-mail to willygamer (at) with the subject line "Retro Game Challenge - Robot Ninja Haggle Man FAQ". This, and other guides of mine, can eventually be found at my personal website: ******************************************************************************* * TABLE OF CONTENTS * ******************************************************************************* 0. VERSION HISTORY 1. ABOUT THE GAME 2. CONTROLS 3. ENEMIES 4. SCORING 5. GENERAL TIPS 6. CHALLENGES 7. SPECIAL THANKS ******************************************************************************* * 0. VERSION HISTORY * ******************************************************************************* 1.00 - February 25, 2009 - Guide completed. ******************************************************************************* * 1. ABOUT THE GAME * ******************************************************************************* Robot Ninja Haggle Man is the second of eight games given to you as challenges from Game Master Arino. This is an arcade-style platformer where you have to defeat enemies by throwing shurikens on them and jumping on their heads. You can also use the doors to your advantage by catching an enemy in front of a similarly-colored door and hiding behind it. Defeating all of them will cause the boss to appear. After you fight the boss, a portal will open up, allowing you to proceed to the next level. There are eight levels in all, but you will be required to play them twice in order to see the real ending. If Haggle Man is attacked by an enemy, he will get "busted up". Once he gets hit while in a "busted" state, you will lose a life. The only ways to repair him are to clear the level, or utilize a trick with the doors (explained in the "General Tips" section of this guide). If you lose all of your lives, the game is over. ******************************************************************************* * 2. CONTROLS * ******************************************************************************* D-Pad Left/Right = Move Haggle Man (your player) back and forth. D-Pad Up = Hide behind a door. D-Pad Down = Exit a door. A Button = Jump. Press in conjunction with Down on the D-Pad to enter some doors. B Button = Throw gear shurikens. Start Button = Start/pause the game. ******************************************************************************* * 3. ENEMIES * ******************************************************************************* Lesser Ninja - The lowest-ranked and least dangerous of Chigensai's enemies. They move very slowly compared to others, and can be stunned and killed easily. Found on the first and fifth floors. On the fifth floor of the second loop, Lesser Ninjas gain the ability to throw shurikens. Oboro - A tank-like creature shaped like a skull. It's more agile than a Lesser Ninja, and has a charge attack. Oboros will occasionally attempt to climb to higher floors to attack Haggle Man, but cannot drop down unless they reach the edge of a platform. They, too, can simply be destroyed with one hit. Oboros are fought on the second and sixth floors. On the sixth floor of the second loop, Oboros gain the ability to throw fireballs. Yoroi - An armored enemy that moves very slowly, but cannot be stunned by shurikens. It can take two hits before being killed. Yorois will occasionally jump to attack if on the same level as Haggle Man, and will climb up to higher floors if they are lower. They are fought on floors three and seven. On the seventh floor of the second loop, Yorois can shoot fireballs. Dark Haggle Man - A clone of Haggle Man built by Chigensai to match the real Haggle Man's strength and agility. It can move up and down between floors, and is faster than any of the other enemies. Sometimes it will block your shurikens, but if it is taunting, one hit will stun it, and another will kill it. Dark Haggle Men are fought on the fourth and eighth floors. On the eighth floor of the second loop, Dark Haggle Man can throw fast-moving shurikens at you. Chigensai - The big boss of the game. He is the one responsible for kidnapping the princess that sets Haggle Man off on his journey, and is his most powerful adversary. He only appears as the boss of the eighth floor after all of the Dark Haggle Men are defeated. He moves around on rocket skates and can blast toward you at high speed. When he does this, he will raise a shield that is impenetrable to gear shurikens. After stomping on him, he will flash momentarily and spit cannon balls left and right before attacking again. Attack Chigensai three times in this manner to defeat him. ******************************************************************************* * 4. SCORING * ******************************************************************************* * Enemies ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Defeating an enemy earns Haggle Man 100 points x the number of the floor. Add an extra 100 points if that enemy is the boss (the first floor boss is worth 200 points, the second worth 300 points, etc.) The only exception is Chigensai, who is always worth 1,000 points. * Bonuses ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skill Kill multiplier - You gain a bonus multiplier for every enemy you kill consecutively without landing. Two enemies is worth x2, three enemies is worth x3, etc. Door Kill Bonus - If you manage to kill three or more enemies at the same time by using the doors, you'll get 1,000 points added to your total. Time Bonus - After clearing a stage, you'll get 10 points for every tick left on the clock. Extra life items are dropped by enemies at 20,000 points and all multiples of 70,000 points. ******************************************************************************* * 5. GENERAL TIPS * ******************************************************************************* * Using the Doors ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To defeat the enemies in Chigensai's castle, you'll need to make use of the doors around you. Each door has a letter and a color on it, and when you enter a door, all doors of that same color will open, as well. When you exit the door, it will change color (red, then blue, then green, then red again). You can maximize your potential for door kills by manually entering and exiting all of the doors on screen until they're the same color, or you can enter them in alphabetical order (A -> B -> C). Pick any door, and then enter the next two in the sequence to turn all of the doors on that screen the same color. This trick is showcased in Gamefan Magazine's October '85 edition (page 4). Another neat trick to use with the doors is entering them in reverse alphabetical order (C -> B -> A), as detailed in the same magazine (page 9). Doing this will allow you to repair Haggle Man is he's taken any damage, but this trick will only work once per life. You automatically get repaired after clearing a stage, so be careful when and where you use this trick. When you hide behind the doors, you may see the boss of the stage pop out (which also uncovers the silhouette at the top-left corner of your game screen). If you stay behind the door long enough for the music to change, you will get to fight the boss early, but you'll still have other enemies to fight. This is great if you're looking to beat the game in a hurry. You have to be patient, as if you try to hide behind the same door after exiting, the boss will move to a different location. * Power-Ups ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Occasionally, enemies will drop power-up items when they're defeated (usually shown as colored shuriken icons). Each of them has different effects, and will aid Haggle Man as follows: * Blue: Increases the speed and range of your shurikens. * Red: Increases the size and power of your shurikens, allowing you to stun tougher foes more easily. * Yellow: Allows Haggle Man to throw two shurikens at once. * Green: Increases Haggle Man's walking speed. This effect can be stacked, but anything beyond two green power-ups will have no additional effect. * Allies ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Haggle Man isn't the only one on a quest to save the princess. He has a few friends to help back him up. Collect three scrolls by uncovering them from doors, and one (selected at random) will come to your aid. * Little Koume: Uses a heart jutsu to instantly destroy all enemies on the screen. * Little Zenmai: This baby ninja uses his tantrum to stun all enemies on the screen, leaving them open to attack. * Cyborg K9: Dashes and instantly takes out all enemies on the same floor as you. * Cheat Codes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Instant Power-Up (once per game) - If you're having trouble collecting power-up items from the enemies, press Start to pause the game, and then enter Down, Right, Up, Left, B four times, and A four times. This will give Haggle Man all of the power-ups: double walking speed, faster shurikens, larger shurikens, and the ability to shoot two at the same time. (Revealed in Gamefan Magazine, Issue 12/85) Continue - To continue to game from the last stage where you died, press the Start button while holding Left on the D-Pad when the "Game Over" text appears. (Revealed in Gamefan Magazine, Issue 12/85) Three Scrolls - To play the game in Hard mode, press Up, Right, Down, Left, A four times, and B four times while the game is paused. This will give you three scrolls, allowing you to summon a random ally more quickly. ******************************************************************************* * 6. CHALLENGES * ******************************************************************************* Before unlocking this game for Free Play, you'll have to complete a series of challenges for Game Master Arino. 1. Kill 2 w/o landing! This is incredibly easy. Get two of the Lesser Ninjas on the first stage to come to the same level as you, and stomp on one of them. You can then hop onto the other to complete the challenge. 2. Floor 3 w/o stars! When you make it to the third floor, you'll have to kill all of the Yorois and the boss, Dark Haggle Man, without ever firing a shuriken. In order to do this, you'll have to make use of the multi-door kill trick. Yorois take two hits to kill, so you'll have to avoid getting one in front of the door where you want to hide if you want to succeed. 3. Floor 4 w/o dying! Your opponent on the fourth floor is the elusive Dark Haggle Man copies. Be sure to use the doors and your shurikens to your advantage. Life will be much easier for you if you can get your hands on some power-ups before reaching this stage. You're allowed to lose lives on any of the other levels, but if you die here, you'll fail the challenge (taking damage is okay, too, since Haggle Man can withstand an extra blow before dying). 4. Floor 8 and on! Make it all the way to floor eight and defeat Chigensai, and then sit through the closing cutscene without turning off or resetting the game to complete this challenge and unlock Robot Ninja Haggle Man for play. ******************************************************************************* * 7. SPECIAL THANKS * ******************************************************************************* First, a big hearty thank-you to those of you who've sent in suggestions/questions about all of my previous guides. Without your support, I'd only be writing these for myself, and that would be no fun. Also, the following people/entities deserve honorable mention: * XSEED Games for publishing this game, * Nintendo, for developing the DS to play it on, * Namco, for giving the world Pac-Man, Galaga, and other arcade classics, and * those gamers keeping the spirit of retro gaming alive across the world. I salute you.</p>