DEAD RISING: CHOP TILL YOU DROP FAQ/Walkthrough Written by: darkhisham Started: March 1, 2009 E-mail: Note: don't e-mail me about things I haven't covered like Extras and Weapons and stuff, I'm still working on those sections and I like to do it on my own. ________________________________ -------------------- Table of contents. -------------------- I've added shortcuts so you can skip to the part you want to read easily, just press CTRL + F to open the find menu and input the code next to the section you want to go, then press enter and you'll be taken to the section you want to read. 1.- Introduction.-----------------------------[INT] 2.- Prologue. [PRO] 3.- Title screen.-----------------------------[TSC] 3.1.- New game. [NEW] 3.2.- Load game.------------------------------[LDG] 3.3.- Options. [OPT] 3.4.- Extras.---------------------------------[EXT] 4.- Controls. [CON] 5.- Basics.-----------------------------------[BAS] 5.1.- Goal and Game over. [GAG] 5.2.- Screen layout.--------------------------[SCL] 5.3.- Action icons. [ACT] 5.4.- Prestige points (PP) and levels.--------[PPL] 5.5.- Saving and loading. [SAL] 5.6.- Case file.------------------------------[CSF] 5.7.- Missions. [MIS] 5.8.- Status screen.--------------------------[STS] 5.9.- The gun shop. [TGS] 5.10.- Books.---------------------------------[BKS] 5.11.- Skills. [SKL] 5.12.- Survivors.-----------------------------[SRV] 5.12.- Enemies. [ENM] 5.13.- Food.----------------------------------[FOD] 5.14.- Juices. [JCS] 5.16.- Outfits.-------------------------------[OFT] 6.- Hints & Tips. [H&T] 7.- Walkthrough.------------------------------[WLK] I.- Beginning. [BGN] II.- Case file 1-1.---------------------------[C11] III.- Mission: Love lasts a lifetime. [MLL] IV.- Mission: Twin sisters.-------------------[MTS] V.- Case file 1-2. [C12] VI.- Case file 1-3.---------------------------[C13] VII.- Case file 1-4. [C14] VIII.- Mission: Restaurant man.---------------[MRM] IX.- Mission: Woman in despair. [MWD] X.- The gun shop.-----------------------------[GNS] XI.- Mission: Out of control. [MOC] XII.- Bonus mission: The drunkart.------------[MTD] XIII.- Case file 2-1. [C21] XIV.- Case file 2-2.--------------------------[C22] XV.- Case file 2-3. [C23] XVI.- Mission: Man in a bind.-----------------[MMB] XVII.- Bonus mission: Lovers. [MLV] XVIII.- Case file 3.--------------------------[CF3] XIX.- Mission: Japanese tourists. [MJT] XX.- Mission: A mother's lament.--------------[MML] XXI.- Mission: The woman who didn't make it. [MWM] XXII.- Killing time.--------------------------[KLT] XXIII.- Mission: Barricade pair. [MBP] XXIV.- Mission: Shadow of the north plaza.----[MSN] (lol Messenger) XXV.- Bonus mission: Gun shop standoff. [MGS] (lol Metal gear solid) XXVI.- Case file 4-1.-------------------------[C41] (lol case 4-1) XXVII.- Case file 4-2. [C42] XXVIII.- Mission: The cult.-------------------[MTC] XXIX.- Mission: Antique lover. [MAL] XXX.- Bonus mission: Mark of the sniper.------[MMS] XXXI.- Case file 5-1. [C51] XXXII.- Case file 5-2.------------------------[C52] XXXIII.- Case file 6. [CF6] XXXIV.- Mission: Hanging by a thread.---------[MHT] XXXV.- Mission: The coward. [MCW] XXXVI.- Bonus mission: Dressed for action.----[MDC] XXXVII.- Mission: Prisoners. [MPR] XXXVIII.- Case file 7-1.----------------------[C71] XXXIX.- Case file 7-2. [C72] XL.- Mission: The woman left behind.----------[MWB] XLI.- Mission: A sick man. [MSM] XLII.- Bonus mission: A strange group.--------[MSG] XLIII.- Case file 8-1. [C81] XLIV.- Case file 8-2.-------------------------[C82] XLV.- Case file 8-3. [C83] XLVI.- Case file 8-4.-------------------------[C84] XLVII.- The facts. [TFC] XLVIII.- Jessie?------------------------------[JS?] XLIX.- Hopeless. [HPL] L.- Infected.---------------------------------[IFC] LI.- Generator. [GNR] LII.- Capturing the queen.--------------------[CTQ] LIII.- Into the cave. [ITC] LIV.- The tank.-------------------------------[TTK] LV.- The final psychopath. [TFP] LVI.- Epilogue.-------------------------------[EPL] 8.- Secrets and unlockables. [SAU] 9.- Odd jobs.---------------------------------[OJB] 10.- Second amendment. [SAM] 11.- Weapons.---------------------------------[WPN] 12.- Combinations. [COM] 13.- Version history.-------------------------[VRH] 14.- Legal notes. [LGN] ______________________________________________________________________________ ----------------------- 1.- Introduction [INT] ----------------------- DR: CTYD is a port of DEAD RISING for the Xbox 360, it was developed by Capcom and decided to be ported to the Wii because of the critical acclamation and commercial success of the ported version of Resident evil: 4 , there are also some changes for the Wii version of DR, some include the limit of zombies appearing on the screen, having multiple save slots and the ability to take photos to be removed, if you played RE: 4 you'll find many similarities between these two games, the plot is about a photojournalist named Frank West who goes to a town full of zombies for a great story. This is my first guide so I hope you enjoy it, if you don't it's because youre not worthy of covering wars. _____________________________________________________________________ ------------------- 2.- Prologue [PRO] ------------------- Willamette, Colorado. One day, this small, run-of-the-mill town found itself sealed off from the rest Of the world. National Guard troops moved swiftly to block off the roads, and all transmissions were put under tight information lockdown. Telephone lines were cut off, and all wireless communications were jammed. Something was going down. Something big. Real big. Enter Frank West, freelance photojournalist. His instincts have gotten him out of some nasty situations in the past, and this time they tell him something huge is happening. Armed with nothing but a camera, he hires a junker helicopter to take him in, hoping that he isn't already too late. The helicopter pilot, oblivious to the state of emergency, does his usual tour guide thing. "Here she is! Willamette, Colorado. Home to 53,594 people...and not much else." Frank peers through the zoom lens on his camera and watches the small, unassuming town grow slowly larger---the town where he will spend the next 72 hours in hell. _______________________________________________________________________________ ----------------------- 3.- Title screen [TSC] ---------------------- New game Load game Options Extras Note: Wait without pressing any buttons and a video will be shown, the video is about a woman and her daughter in a car trying to get away from the zombies (like Leon and Claire in RE:2) the city's limits are blocked (like in RE:2) and then a truck crashes with they're car (guess in what game something like this happens, come on i dare ya') and well i don't want to spoil the ending but Ada shows up, throws a Rocket Launcher and they defeat William Birkin. ::::::::::::::::::::: 3.1: New game [NEW] ::::::::::::::::::::: You guessed, you start a new game, you can choose from Easy, Medium or Hard difficulties. ::::::::::::::::::::: 3.2: Load game [LDG] ::::::::::::::::::::: You're correct again, you can load a saved game. :::::::::::::::::::: 3.3: Options. [OPT] :::::::::::::::::::: Yes! You can set the options here, are you psychic or something?. Retry/Load: Opens a menu to retry the game. Controller setup: Adjust controller settings. Adjust brightness: I think this one's obvious. Audio setup: Choose 'tween monoaural, stereo or Pro Logic II. Blood setup: Like in RE:DS you can choose the color of the blood, and you can also choose the level of blood in the game, and no, if you pick low level of green blood they will not change the rating to T. ::::::::::::::::::: 3.4: Extras. [EXT] ::::::::::::::::::: Odd jobs. You'll unlock this after you beat the game, in this mode you'll have to do special missions with special or limited weapons. (Check the Odd jobs section for info on how to beat the missions) Second amendment. You'll unlock the second amendment extra when you beat four missions in Odd jobs, in this extra you'll have to do different missions involving the use of a sniper rifle, so you'll have to keep your sight sharp. (Check the Second amendment section for info on how to beat the missions) _______________________________________________________________________________ ------------------ 4.-Controls [CON] ------------------ Control stick: Move the player/cursor. Control pad: Move camera/cursor. A button: Action/Select/Attack with some non-gun weapons. B button: Hold gun/Cancel. B+A: While holding down the B button press A to shoot. B+CP: While holding down the B button use the controls pad to reload or switch weapons. C button: Zoom out (when using a scope). Z+A: Examine/Pick up/Open/etc. Z+Down: 180o degree turn. Z(when using a scope): Zoom in. +: Orders survivors to come. -:Displays status/Skips cut-scenes. 1 button: Displays map. 2 button: Displays option screen. Wave wiiremote: Action/Performs action based on enviroment/reloads gun/ While aiming gun wave wiiremote to perform a strong sub weapon attack. _______________________________________________________________________________ ---------------- 5.-Basics [BAS] ---------------- :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 5.1: Goal and Game over [GAG] :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: You have to survive in a shopping mall filled with Michael Jackson's back-up dancers for 72 hours, think you can handle it?. If your life bar reaches 0, you fail a mission or if certain characters are killed it's game over, a menu appears when it's game over, the following are the game over menu options. Retry from a continue point (Obvious) Load game (More obvious) Game reset (Oblivious, i mean, resets the game and you return to the Title screen. ::::::::::::::::::::::::: 5.2: Screen layout [SCL] ::::::::::::::::::::::::: Life bar: The bar located at the upper left part of the screen, it displays your health status, as you take damage it will deplete and turn to yellow, red and eventually it will run out and you will die (oh noes). Weapon window: The window at the upper left part of the screen, it displays your current weapon and ammo. PP gauge: The bar located below the life bar, it displays the current PP (prestige points) earned, when the bar fills up you'll level up by one (hurray). Level: Shown right of the PP gauge, it displays your current level. Guide arrow: The arrow im the upper middle of the screen, it points towards your new destination. Timer: Displayed during missions at the upper right part of the screen, it shows the time you've spent on that mission. Crosshair: its the crosshair in the middle of the screen (well that wasn't so hard now, was it?). Action command: Lower middle part of the screen, it shows up when there's an action command available to perform. Escort icon: It displays a survivor you're escorting, along with his/her health bar. Zombie kill count: The total zombies you've killed back to Night of the living dead. :::::::::::::::::::::::: 5.3: Action icons [ACT] :::::::::::::::::::::::: There are different types of icons and they do many different things, when you see one, approach it and press the Z and A buttons at the same time. Action icon types: Form Description Pistol Weapon(gun)/Ammo Bat Sub weapon TV Special weapon Moneybag Money Apple Recovery item Book Text item Key Key item Hand Investigate Shirt Change clothes S Save Man Shortcut Door Open/Close doors ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 5.4: Prestige points (PP) and levels [PPL] ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: PP are like the Experience points you've seen in many games, you can earn them by doing different things like: Killing zombies. Completing missions. Join bonus (When a survivor joins you). Return bonus (When the survivor actually survives). Killing Zombie poodles (600 PP). Killing parrots (1,000 PP). Killing JO's (1,000 PP). Killing Kent's Killing Cliff's (2,000 PP) Killing Cultists (750 PP) Performing skills Killing special ops soldiers (2,500 PP) Destroying helicopters (500 PP) Levels are gained by filling the PP gauge, when you level up, one of the following satus categories increases. Item slots (Number of it increases). Sub weapon attack (Power of SW increases). Sub weapon durability (SW will be more durable). Book (New books will be available for purchase). :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 5.5: Saving and Loading [SAL] :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Saving You can save the game at restrooms, the security room and at certain points during the progression of the game's story. Loading You can load from the title menu, the game over screen or at the game's option screen (while playing a game). ::::::::::::::::::::: 5.6: Case file [CSF] ::::::::::::::::::::: The Case file shows your progression in the games story, in here you can see panels displaying many cases and they're status, when you have not initiated a case the panel for it will be in black, when you have started it it will be in yellow and when you've finished it a photo of the case will be displayed in the panel. :::::::::::::::::::: 5.7: Missions [MIS] :::::::::::::::::::: Missions are...well...missions, but they work separately from the Case files, Otis, a guy stationed at the security room, will ask you to perform various missions, including rescuing survivors, if you fail its game ovah!. First you have to talk to Otis, then a list of missions (if there are more than one) will be shown and you can choose which to take on, then complete the mission and receive a rank for it, the rank you receive depends of three factors. Clear time (Did rescue a survivor really quick? Or you stopped at the food court to have a slice of pizza first?). Damage (Escaped untouched? Or returned in a wheelchair?). Zombies killed (Did you actually killed zombies or you just stopped by to watch them dance Thriller). Note: If you get excellent ranks bonus missions will become available. ::::::::::::::::::::::::: 5.8: Status screen [STS] ::::::::::::::::::::::::: Press - on the Wiimote to display the SS, you can use it to manage stuff and for...stuff. Status (Shown at the upper left part of the SS, it shows your life bar, PP gauge and weapon window. Money (Below your status you can see how much money you have). Item window (The big item window at the right part of the SS). Menu (a menu at the lower left part of the SS, it has different options). Item (Here you can see many item related things). Item stock (Here you can change the items equpped and use items). Key items (Key items will be displayed here). Books (This is where purchased books go). Case file (displays your case file progress). Missions (displays your current mission and also finished ones). Player level (Displays player info). Sub weapon attack (Powah of your sub weapons!!). Sub weapon durability (Durabilitah of your sub weapons!!). Item slots (Maximum numbah of carryable items!!). Total time (How longah you've played the game!!). Zombies killed (How many zombies you have killah!!). Times died (How many times you have seen the game ovah screen!!). Notebook (Displays info on characters you have met). Map (If there's a place you've gotta go, he's the one you need to know, he's the map). Destination (? Icon, it shows where you need to go). Save point (S icon, it shows save points...well that was obvious). Elevator (Some kind of weird yellow with black icon that i can't really figure out, it shows elevator locations). Current location (A red icon that knows where you are, where you live and when you sleep). Cursor (The green cursor). Information (Information on the store currently highlighted by the cursor). :::::::::::::::::::::::::: 5.9: The gun shop [TGS] :::::::::::::::::::::::::: At the gun shop you can buy various weapons and stuff...OK let me get this straight, there's a guy who makes you pay for weapons in a mall filled with flesh-eating zombies? That's just mean. Merchandise (It's shown on the upper right part of the shopping menu). New items (New items will have a ! icon). Money (Your current George's and Abe's will be displayed at the upper right part of the shopping menu). You can purchase the following stuff from Cletus Guns Item stock Books You can also sell guns. ::::::::::::::::::: 5.10: Books [BKS] ::::::::::::::::::: As you level up you can purchase more books from the Gun shop. There are books used to unlock skills, to use a sub weapon repeteadly or changes in Frank's strenght and resistance. Repeated attacks Carpentry.-You can use the small chainsaw repeatedly. Enjoy toys.-You can use the toy lazer sword repeatedly. Knife expert-you can use the knife repeatedly. Serious swords-you can use the katana repeatedly. Skills Giant swing. God hand. Hammer throw. Neck twist. Suplex. Other How to fight Q&A How to get buff ::::::::::::::::::: 5.11: Skills [SKL] ::::::::::::::::::: Skills are things that you can do depending on the situation, this vary with the weapon your holding or the way the enemy is. Football tackle: When the enemy staggers backwards, approach and move your wiimote forward very fast, Frank will do a Football tackle. Hammer throw: This is almost like the Football tackle but instead of moving your wiimote you have to get near and press A, Frank will grab the zombie and will toss it forward, this can make a zombie into a frontal weapon. Nice shot: This one is done with the Golf club, when an enemy is on the ground, wave the wiimote to make a hole-in-one. Swing attack: This one is done with the Baseball bat, when the enemy staggers backwards, approach and wave the wiimote to make a home-run. Zombie hat: When a zombie staggers backwards and you have a traffic cone, you can approach the zombie, press A and Frank will put the cone on his head, this won't damage it, but it cannot see you that way. :::::::::::::::::::: 5.12: Enemies [ENM] :::::::::::::::::::: Frank encounters many different kinds of enemies, I will provide info on the enemies and ways to defeat them: Zombies: These are the most common enemies you'll find, they're practically everywhere, the best way to deal with them is locating the parts of the group where the least zombies are gathered and make a path through there. Note: There are some worker zombies with helmets, this are pretty difficult kill with a headshot. Poodles: Early in the game, Frank will also encounter zombie poddles, these are pretty fast and annoying, so instead of running away try and kill the little runts, when you first aim at them they will dodge horizontally so aim and wait until they dodged to shoot them, you'll gain 600 PP by each one you kill. Note: Aim down to kill them with your subweapons. Parrots: Parrots are a bunch of flying pests, they will swoop down and try to bite you, they're easier to avoid than the poddles but later in the game they carry grenades and then they'll really become some pesky little bird brains, shoot them down if you like, I prefer to be in constant movement so they're grenades don't hit me. Note: They're grenades also damage zombies. JO: JO's are big police zombies that run faster than the average zombie and they also use electroshock weapons, they're pretty difficult to attack at close range so avoid them when they growl or kill them with your guns from a distance. Kent: Kent's are some kind of crazy photographers, these guys can shoot, make kicks that defy the laws of gravity and also throw grenades, the good news is that they're not as strong as other bigger zombies like the JO or the Cliff, treat them the same way you treat normal zombies. Cliff: Cliff's are some kind of zombies that look like Freddy Krueger (minus the fedora hat and the glove) but act as Jason, they are more dangerous at closer range than the JO's and attack faster, kill them from a distance. Special operations unit: These soldiers appear almost at the end of the game, they , they're very annoying when all the zombies are on the ground and they got no one else to shoot at, kill them from range with your semi-auto rifle. Helicopters: They mostly work as alarms, destroy them so they don't attract SOU's attention. ::::::::::::::::::: 5.13: Food. [FOD] ::::::::::::::::::: Food recovers your health after taking damage, how much you recover depends on the food: Apple Cabbage Grapefruit Melon Orange Zuchini Pizza Well-done steak (sometimes abbreviated in this walkthrough as WD steak) ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 5.14: Mixed juices. [JCS] ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Juices are the combination of two kinds of food, you also get them at the end of missions: Mixed juice (Blue) (Random effect) Mixed juice (White) (Fully heals your life and increases your life bar limit) Mixed juice (Yellow) Mixed juice (Green) For a list of what combinations make what juices look at the juices section. :::::::::::::::::::::: 5.16: Outfits. [OFT] :::::::::::::::::::::: Outfits are different clothes you unlock, each piece of clothing is store in a brown bag that can be found at the left part of the Security room or at the area beneath the stairs Note: for info on how to unlock them go to the "Secrets and unlockables" section. Ammo belt - No, this is not extra ammo, this outfit consists on two ammo belts around the torso and military pants. Arthur's boxers - Arthur's gonna be mad we took his boxers, anyway it's a white boxer with lots of little hearts. Bikini outfit - A bikini (girls bikini...) Hockey mask - If you like Friday the 13th movies... Mall employee uniform - A blue jacket witt Willamette written on the back. Mega man boots: The boots. Mega man tights: Everything else besides the boots. Prisoner garb - The classic orange outfit. Pro wrestling boots = Blue with yellow boots. Pro wrestling briefs = Blue with yellow, with Capcom written on the back. School uniform - Japanese school uniform. ------------------------ 6.- Hints & tips. [H&T] ------------------------ -Greg's shortcut is great for shopping! But bad for missions: Never use this shortcut it will automatically lower your score. -Clowns like small chainsaws, you should too! One of the best weapons you can choose is the small chainsaw, it's strong, durable and it's location is perfect! -Don't accept anything below perfect: If you get something below S on a mission...try again, you'll get more money and some missions unlock more missions and secret weapons! -Save every time you finish a mission or case file. -Visit the gun shop often: You get a lot of money on this game, spend it on something nice. -Survivors that don't survive aren't cool: Don't let even one survivor die. -This game's for killing zombies: Have fun, try different weapons, try new stuff. -Basement tunnels are to zombies what sugar's to flies: Use the basement tunnels to kill zombies, you'll score hundreds of kills easily this way. -Have a constant supply of fruits: Grab fruits from the security room when your low on food -Mixing food is good for you: Mix food on blenders to get different types of juices. -If things get difficult use your sniper rifle: If you're having trouble kill enemies from afar. -Aim: You can aim up or down if you press up and down respectively on the control pad, people seem to miss this. ___________________________________________________________________________ ---------------------- 7.- Walkthrough [WLK] ---------------------- You just came to read the walkthrough admit it. -------------------- I: Beginning [BGN] -------------------- ======================================================================== Cutscene: Frank is traveling to Willamette in a chopper, he and the pilot small talk and then the military doesn't seem to like having tourists so they begin chasing the chopper, Frank asks the helicopter pilot to go near a big mall's rooftop (which conveniently has a landing pad on the roof) and when it goes near Frank jumps from the helicopter, at the rooftop he meet's a man who curiously resemble's Luis Sera (why does this keep happening?!) but he's name is not Luis Sera (that would be too obvious) his name is Carlito. ======================================================================== OK, it's time to start you're adventure, just go to the door in front of you and open it, you are now officialy inside the mall, go downstairs, don't enter any of the colored doors, they're pretty much useless for now, save at the sofa at the left if you want, then head to the door directly in front on the stairs instead and examine the panels. ======================================================================== Cutscene: Frank take's a look at one of the screens in front of him, in the screen there's a girl and 3 guys grabbing her and stuff, and before you think that this was gonna turn into a rated AO game, they start eating her and Frank take's a look at all the screens, they all show zombies... ======================================================================== After that, just open the door to the right grab the fruit at the left if you like, then head to the right of the room to the door that say's "Staff only" open it, now head all the way to the end of the hallway and open the door. ======================================================================== Cutscene: At the other side of the door, Frank encounters one of the malls entrance's and some busy persons, one old lady is desperately looking for her poddle Madonna (Do you remember the religious lady from the movie The mist? well you're gonna hate this one too) when Frank take's a look at a beautiful lady a guy tells him to stop ogling her and ask him to gather things to use to block the entrance (the entrance is filled with stuff to block it and there are many zombies at the other side trying to get in). ======================================================================== After the cutscene, just head to the shudder at the other side of the mall and go near the benches and the other things, this will trigger another cutscene. ======================================================================== Cutscene: You begin having a "conversation" with a not-so-friendly old man named Barnaby, after that the view changes to the old lady, she discovers that her poddle Madonna is outside the entrance between al those zombies and she begins pushing things out of the way so she can open the door and grab her dog ( comments) after some people try to stop her, she opens the door and the zombies begin trying to get in and the lady tries to reach her Madonna but she's killed by the zombies instead (stupidity must not go unpunished) and the zombies get in the mall and begin eating the survivors, a black man from upstairs notices this and yells at everyone to run upstairs, Frank sees the stairs on the other side of the mall...that now is filled with zombies. ======================================================================= After the cutscene you have to run all the way to the other side of the mall to reach for the stars, i mean, stairs, just run and avoid the zombies, you can kill some of the if you want but at this level is more difficult to fight, i found one of the survivors completely cornered by zombies, I tried saving her but it didn't work, just stick to the running and the evading until you reach the stairs. --------------------- II: Case 1-1 [C11] --------------------- ======================================================================== Cutscene: You enter the security room, and you find some survivors, including the black man, one of the survivors begins wielding the door shut, and the black man begins talking about zombies and how he's gonna use the air ducts to go back to the mall, Frank thinks he's crazy forgoing back and begins talking to a blonde girl named Jessie (who curiously resembles an older version of Ashley Graham) she asks for the camera to look at it and stops to see the photo of the old man at the other side of the shudder, Frank asks if she knows him but Jessie tells him that she doesn't. ======================================================================== Too many cutscenes, anyway, after that cutscene talk to Otis (the guy whose not the blonde girl obvious) he will give you a transceiver and a map, he will ask you to do a mission for him, so choose the only mission available, after that just examine the duct to head to the other side. ------------------------------------------ III: Mission: Love lasts a lifetime [MLL] ------------------------------------------ At the other side of the duct lies your mission, you have to find the couple and take them back to the security room, sounds easy enough, go to the left first (ignore the screaming man) and talk to the woman there, then after she joins you talk to the guy at the right side of where you started and talk to them, after a happy (and really pointless) reunion head back to the security room. There were no zombies or damage taken so you only needed to return fast worry- free, after receiving your rank, $10,000 and a Shotgun save at the sofa near the stairs and talk to Otis for your next mission. -------------------------------- IV: Mission: Twin sisters [MTS] -------------------------------- Well? What are you waiting for? head to the other side of the duct again and use the elevator on the right, activate it and then run at the door at the other side of the warehouse, feel free to pick up a sub weapon along the way, head to the end of the hallway and open the door. At the other side, you'll find one of the twins completely overrun by zombies, kill all the ones near her and talk to her,after she joins (and gaining 1500 PP you she tells you about her sister, she's appereantly hiding in the toy store, head there (kill some zombies along the way) and talk to the other sister, she joins you as well and all you have to do is take them back to the door you came from, just follow the arrow at the top of the screen and head to the door, if one of the twins is attacked or something go back and make a way so they can go back easily, because they have to be near you when you open the door, after that, just take the road back to the SR. after receiving your rank, $15,000 and some protein Otis tells you there are no more missions available for now, so just save and go back to the warehouse. Just head back to the warehouse and enter the hallway, before reaching the end another cutscene ir triggered. ======================================================================== Cutscene: At the end of the hallway, Frank hears some footsteps coming from the hallway, he grabs a fire extinguisher and prepares for the zombie to get near, and then he jumps to ambush him, but wait, it wasn't a zombie, it was Jessie holding a gun, they both stop after realizing that neither was a zombie, but Jessie fell because of the surprise and sprains a leg, she then tell's Frank that Brad (the black man) is in danger, because Frank's the reason she cant walk right he takes her gun and heads off to help Brad. ======================================================================== ------------------ V: Case 1-2 [C12] ------------------ You know the drill, follow the arrow 'till the other side of the mall, feel free to pick up weapons and kill some zombies along the way, i prefer evasion though, open the doors at the end of the hallway. ============================================================ Cutscene: We see a poodle like bad zombified poddle. ============================================================ Before Frank can enjoy the fresh prince of bel-air, I mean fresh air, we notice that we have to say hello to two new kinds of enemies, somo zombified poodles and parrots, kill them for 600 and 1000 PP respectively or evade them like the rest of the zombies, however it's very annoying having to listen to the poddles chasing you, anyway just follow the arrow to the next destination. ======================================================================== Cutscene: Remember the guy who resembles Luis Sera? Well he's not a very good person now and Frank has to hide because evil Luis is shooting Brad, whose hiding near you, after having a conversation with Brad, he makes a plan to stop Carlito, but Frank has to distract him. ======================================================================== Well just follow the psychopat, shoot him and dodge until the next cutscene triggers. ======================================================================== Cutscene: angry Luis gets away and Frank begins asking Brad questions, he doesn't seem very cooperatively so Frank shows him the photo of the old man in his camara, he notices him, but Frank wants questions, so they both end up in an agreement to help each other. ======================================================================== ------------------- VI: Case 1-3 [C13] ------------------- After that just follow the arrow and Brad, make sure he doesn't die because it would be a game-over, follow him outside and all the way to the other side until you enter the mall and a cutscene is shown with Brad opening the shudder, just go a little bith further and yet another cutscene is diplayed. ======================================================================== Cutscene: Barnaby is inside a store closed by a shudder, Brad tries to make him come with them to safety, the old man refuses to go until they make him a safe route so he can go. ======================================================================== --------------------- VII: Case 1-4 [C14] --------------------- Easy peasy head back all the way back to the warehouse, I don't think I really need to tell you how to do this kinds of things, you just run, follow your arrow, kill or evade zombies, try on new weapons, it's pretty basic. Well after you enter the warehouse a new cutscene is triggered. ======================================================================== Cutscene: The garage is now filled with zombies, Frank is attack by some crazy bee but he manages to kill it, after that all the zombies heads begin to explode, and Frank is left wondering why did this happened. ======================================================================== Note: After this happens every time you enter the warehouse it will be filled with zombies, you can also use the bees that you gather to instantly kill zombies. Head back to the security room two cutscenes are triggered. ======================================================================== Cutscene: Brad and Jessie talk about the old man and Frank tells them that the chopper is gonna come back for him in three days, Brad then talks about how they need to gather supplies. ======================================================================== ======================================================================== Cutscene: Zombies are shown at night (just like in RE:4 when Leon encounters the parasites for the first time). ======================================================================== After the cutscene ends you can choose between two more missions, i choose restaurant man first because it's the top one of the list, but woman in despair is a lot easier. ------------------------------------ VIII: Mission: Restaurant man [MRM] ------------------------------------ Basically you have to save Fatty Fatty McEatalot, be sure to grab some of the fruits on the left side of the security room because our survivor is a hungry man, so follow the same route you've taken like ten times before and when you enter the mall grab the shopping cart and start running, believe me it's a lot easier and faster that way, travel all the way to the other side and use the shopping cart to run over the crazy poddle before it starts chasing you, now enter the restaurant and talk to Jabba the fat, he is hungry (what a surprise) and asks you to share some food with him, give him any of the food you carry with you and then he will leave all by himself instead of following you, follow him to the second floor, if a poddle follows you don't dawdle and shoot it, now the Texas-size man will be standing near a restaurant, go talk to him, he will tell you he wants a well cooked steak, just go the restaurant to the right (killing the obstacles along the way) and grab a steak from the counter, now give it to him and he will at last join you, now run back downstairs and head back to the security room for your rank, some protein and $20,000, save and talk to Otis to continue your journey. ----------------------------------- IX: Mission: Woman in despair [MWD] ----------------------------------- Well, you have to save a woman, and guess what? she's in despair, so blah blah other side of warehouse and follow the arrow to the CD's store, it's not too far, enter and find the woman, talk to her and the 19 year old will tell you that you have to leave her there because she was bitten by a zombie, well orders are orders so ditch her and head back to the security room, when you enter the warehouse you will hear her scream so head back again and you will find her struggling with a zombie, kill the undead and talk to her again, she will join, now head back to the security room, be careful though she walks with a limp, after you return you'll receive your rank, some mixed juice (white) that can be used to cure you and $20,000, now save and talk to Otis again. ---------------------- X: The gun shop [GNS] ---------------------- OK, so Otis will tell you about the gun shop owner and how he can help us with our mission and such, so follow your arrow to your next destination (I'm sorry i can't really remember the location of the gun shop, I'll fill this up later, for now just follow your arrow to the shop) this will trigger a cutscene. ======================================================================= Cutscene: You enter the gun shop and a man is trying to reason with Cletus, the gun shop owner, now this guy is not very friendly and he shoots the other man with a shotgun. ======================================================================= ---------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------- Boss battle: Cletus --------------------- Yes, you have to fight Cletus, after the cutscene ends get ready to dodge, Cletus has a shotgun and it has a lot of knockback, so try and dodge his shot, after he shoots he starts drinking this is your chance to shoot him, when you shoot Cletus he will stunned temporarily, but after that your shoots wont have effect on him (they will steal deal damage) after he recovers he will shot again so be ready to dodge, keep this up for a while and after some time Cletus will jump the counter and he will be closer to you, you can attack him with sub weapons now but be careful because when he stops being stunned he will shoot you with his shotgun even if you keep hitting him non-stop, now repeat the process until he's defeated. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- A cutscene will be displayed, Cletus thinks Frank just wants to kill him to get weapons and he starts running and leaves the store, after that he is attacked by zombies and it's your duty to save the guy that was trying to shoot you with a shotgun a minute ago, so kill all the zombies attacking Cletus and talk to him, Frank will take him to the store again, after a nice chat you can now buy things at the gun shop, his inventory isn't very big, buy the rifle if you want then head back to the security room a cutscene where Frank talks to Brad is triggered, now save. ---------------------------------- XI: Mission: Out of control [MOC] ---------------------------------- Talk to Otis for a new mission, you'll have to go all the way to a new area with a big amusement park like ride, follow the arrow until Otis tells you via the transceiver you have entered a new area, head upstairs and get near the console to trigger a cutscene. ======================================================================= Cutscene: Frank gets near the console, but before he can shut down the ride he meets a psychopatic clown juggling two chainsaws, the clown appereantly became mad when everyone got dead and he couldn't make anyone happy anymore. ======================================================================= ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Boss battle: Adam the clown ------------------------------ You have to fight a crazy chainsaw juggling clown, ain't it sweet? Well it's not, it's freaky, anyway shooting Adam can be hard because everytime you aim at him he will sideroll at an incredibly fast speed, however this comes with a flaw, he will get stuck sometimes and he'll keep siderolling into the wall, try and shooting him at this time, you can also wait until he's near you to shoot him, he won't usually sideroll when he's near but he will try and cover himself with his chainsaws, you can also try and use sub weapons against him but be careful when he covers himself, just point at him again and he will evade again, use his defensive tendencies against him so he doesn't deal you to much damage. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ======================================================================= Cutscene: When you defeat Adam he will fall (you know what that means right? he's carrying chainsaws) and the chainsaws will start mauling him, but he doesn't seem worried, on the contrary, Adam's laughing, maniacally laughing while the chainsaws cut him open, blood everywhere! an id card appears along the blood (Adam's mother should't had let him watch Saw movies). ======================================================================= OK grab the id card and head back to the control panel, activate it to trigger another cutscene which shows a man getting off the ride, he was made prisoner by Adam (not many people would defy two chainsaws) now you have to take him to the security room, first he will show you a shortcut to the SR, follow him until you get to a restroom, climb the left sink and examine the roof, you will appear in another restroom closer to the SR so follow your arrow until you reach the SR, receive your rank, $20,000 and a mall employee uniform (you can change clothes at the left side of the SR near the fruit) save as usual. ---------------------------------------- XII.- Bonus mission: The drunkart [MTD] ---------------------------------------- You thought that getting good grades in school weren't worth it now, didn't you? Well they aren't, luckily in this game if you get good ranks in your missions you'll unlock bonus ones like this one. Well as usual Otis will tell you about the person you need to save and the title of the mission describes what kind of thing is happening or what's the state of the person, as usual, use your arrow and go to the place where the drunk guy is sitting, talk to him until he talks nonsense and then leave, he will stop you, so go back and talk to him again, now that he's joined you head back to the SR, be careful though because he's rather slow because of the alcohol, use the shopping cart or the skateboard to solve this problem, when you return, you'll receive your rank, mixed juice (white) and a good $50,000, save and a cutscene will appear. --------------------------- XIII.- Case file 2-1 [C21] --------------------------- ======================================================================= Cutscene: Brad and Jessie look at the screens, Carlito is dragging Barnaby, Brad grabs his gun and rushes to confront Carlito, it appears Barnaby and Carlito have information about the zombies. ======================================================================= Well that was easy... -------------------------- XIV.- Case file 2-2 [C22] -------------------------- Travel all the way to the mall and a cutscene will be shown, a new zombie is introduced, it's a big fat police officer meeting him will be quite a shock, so run from them or kill them for 1000 PP, you can now go to the left, the shudder blocking the path has been removed, so follow your arrow until you trigger a brand new cutscene. ======================================================================= Cutscene: Frank is walking peacefully just minding his own business when all of a sudden pow! He get's hit by Brad on the back, why did he do that for? well appereantly Carlito is upstairs tying to shoot you, they localize Barnaby whose all tied up, now you have to save him before he turns into zombie chow. ======================================================================= ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------- Boss battle: Carlito part II ------------------------------- You already defeated him once now do it again! Head upstairs and follow Carlito, when you chase him he throws grenades at you so you have to watch out and never be directly behind him, hitting him with sub weapons is hard because he keeps getting away, so if you have slow sub weapons they wont work at all! If you plan attacking him with sub weapons though pick something fast, Carlito also shoots you so don't let him get you on his sights, run and fire at him or use your sub weapon, repeat until a new cutscene is triggered. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ======================================================================= Cutscene: Frank and Brad go after Carlito, Brad and Carlito shoot at each other, both becoming wounded at the process, Brad gets shoot in his leg and Carlito jumped from the second floor. Barnaby is unconcious but safe, Frank needs to carry him back to the SR because Brad can't walk right with his wound. ======================================================================= ======================================================================= Cutscene: The three return to the SR, Jessie will threat Brad's wound, Jessie notices that Brad has fever and asks Frank if he can go get medicine ======================================================================= ------------------------- XV.- Case file 2-3 [C23] ------------------------- You have to get Brad some medicine, Otis tells you that you need to look in one store inside the mall, so use your arrow to get there, after you enter the store go to the left and "open" the doors, this will trigger a cutscene. ==================================================================== Cutscene: Frank hears some noises back in the store, they sound like shopping cart wheels, so cautiously, he starts looking at the different aisles, after so much suspense, he gets finally sees who was making those noises, a man with a shopping cart armed with many sharp objects and a woman inside it appears before you, somehow the store owner gives other people the idea that he doesn't like vandalism, it's time to fight. ==================================================================== -------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- Boss battle: Steve the store manager ------------------------------------- The store manager is a tough boss, mainly because he uses a shopping cart to attack (meaning he goes faster) don't try and use a shopping cart of your own, the pimp'd out shopping cart of the store owner will instantly pulverize it, at this battle i strongly recommend using your shotgun, try to run at the end of one of the aisles and wait for him to come, shoot twice so he gets stunned by the shotguns power then retreat to another aisle, be careful though, if you get to far from him instead of chasing you he will come up with a gun of his own, so get far but not too far, rinse and repeat until he goes down. -------------------------------------------------------------------- ==================================================================== Cutscene: The store manager starts blabbering about his store and other store related things until he dies, at least the clown had a sense of humor, anyway the store manager drops the pharmacy key, Frank notices the woman that was inside the shopping cart, they begin talking but the girl doesn't seem to like other people very much, she mentions something called Santa Cabeza and she runs away. ==================================================================== Pick up the pharmacy key that the store owner dropped and head to the pharmacy, open it and grab the First aid kit, now head back to the SR room, by the time you entered that room somehow the store got full of zombies so you have to deal some extra damage, return to the SR and give the FA kit to Jessie. ---------------------------------- XVI: Mission: Man in a bind [MMB] ---------------------------------- Well, it's a good thing this mission isn't called man in trouble because we've saved a lot of them by now, anyway, use your arrow to get to the plaza where our survivor is located, you'll notice when you get there because the arrow dissapears, no problem, this is a walkthrough even though I don't help you much with the walking part, anyway I feel kind of helpful today so head upstairs (evade or kill the JO that's at the bottom of the stairs) now turn right and keep running, you'll notice your getting closer because you begin to hear somebody screaming, at first they're just faint screams then they get more sense the closer you get, anyway when you can clearly read that his yelling Help me!! Enter one of the stores of the left, the store your looking for has a big box blocking something at the end of it, anyway you can't push the box forward, that would be silly, instead try to turn it from the right side, when you push it all the way you'll see a man trapped inside the store talk to him to find out he was there for three days he will get outside and (surprise) he finds out about the zombies, talk to him again and then he'll join you, now head back to the SR, get your rank and a well deserved $35,000, save your progress. ----------------------------------- XVII.- Bonus mission: Lovers [MLV] ----------------------------------- OK, I'm gonna stop being helpful because it doesn't suit the rest of the guide mwahaha (it's a joke I'll add this kind of things later) so, use your arrow and get to the plaza needed, now head upstairs and enter the store where the arrow is pointing, enter and at one of the corners you'll find a couple, the man is seriously injured, talk to them for a little while and the man will tell you to leave him there and asks you to give him some handgun bullets to get revenge, now listen to me (or read me anyway) DON'T give him the bullets, it will make your mission fail and it's game over, instead press B to cancel and Frank will talk him into going to the SR, he accepts but watch out because (surprise, surprise) he's injured and he's not very fast so it's better if you make way for him to pass, anyway head back to the SR for your rank, $30,000 and the Red9, the Red9 is a more powerful version of the standard Handgun so sell your Handgun at the gun shop when you get the chance (With 1 shot the Red9 can kill a zombie, even if you don't aim at the head, that way you can't use your Red9 to get PP points from doing skill moves, so choose what weapon your going to keep) save your progress. --------------------------- XVIII.- Case file 3. [CF3] --------------------------- ==================================================================== Cutscene: Jessie checks on Brad, he appears to have estabilized, they begin talking about the woman from the store and how she mentioned something called Santa Cabeza, sounds begin to emerge from the storage room at the other side of the room, Dr. Barnaby has awoken at last, he begins talking with Jessie and Frank begins taking photos, Jessie closes the door to the storage room and Frank decides to get his own info from the other woman. ==================================================================== ---------------------------------------- XIX.- Mission: Japanese tourists. [MJT] ---------------------------------------- I'm gonna explain this one, there are two tourists and they come from Japan...ok, didn't really need to explain, these titles make this guide a lot easier to write, anyway you now the drill, arrow, run, warehouse, zombies, etc. until you arrived to the needed plaza, head upstairs and look for the store with the Japanese tourists inside, they'll be afraid of you and will start running in random directions, Frank isn't Japanese nor otaku so we might have some problems with communication, you'll have to look a book to help ya' out, there's a Barnes and Noble...i mean, bookstore right in the other side of the 2nd floor so go straight and turn right and enter the bookstore (if you have problems searh the store in your map) the book you're looking for is at the right side of the store, grab it and head back to the store, now talk to the tourists and they'll join you, now head back to the SR, get ranked, win some protein and $20,000, save your progress. -------------------------------------- XX.- Mission: A mothers lament. [MML] -------------------------------------- This one is pretty straightforward, follow your arrow until you meet the woman, talk to her a bit, she'll tell you about how she saw her baby get cut, mutilated, bitten, slashed and eaten by zombies (and that's not a good thing) so talk to her until you convince her to go with you, receive your rank, $30,000 and a mixed juice (white), save your progress. -------------------------------------------------- XXI.- Mission: The woman who didn't make it [MWM] -------------------------------------------------- I thought a survivor was actually gonna die on this mission, it turns out no one dies, this makes this mission the first to have a title that lies, anyway you know what to do, make my life easier by going to your destination yourself and then I'll tell you what to do...mmm I'm not a very good person, am I? well anyway follow your arrow to the store where the survivor is, talk to her and she'll tell you about her friend and how they got separated, well boohoo, golook for her friend upstairs in one of the stores of the right, talk to her and witness a tear-filled reunion *snif, whatever, return to the SR to get ranked and win $35,000, save your progress. --------------------------- XXII.- Killing time [KLT] --------------------------- Great, now we don't have anything to do, say what? We have?! I wanted to relax a little, Otis will tell you about zombies in the entrance plaza and that you're suppose to reduce they're numbers, easy enough, go to the usual way across the warehouse, when you get to the other side a cutscene about a new weird kicking zombie is shown, just head to the entrance plaza, when you arrive, you'll notice how empty it is, get to the end of it and just concentrate on killing zombies, you'll meet the new zombie here, well Kent is a zombie that shoots, kicks and throws grenades, he's not as tough as JO's so you don't really need to worry about them, kill them as you usually kill other zombies, when you've killed enough zombies Otis will ask you to return, then he'll give you the mixed juice (blue). -------------------------------------- XXIII.- Mission: Barricade pair [MBP] -------------------------------------- We've done a lot of missions, haven't we? And we're still not over yet, now get to follow your arrow to the plaza where our survivors lie, you'll notice many of the stores doors are blocked by many kind of things, anyway, follow your arrow until it points towards a store that you can't obviously enter because of the obstacles, no problem, destroy them or grab them and put them (or throw them) somewhere else until you can enter, one of the two will begin shooting you, now that's not nice, why would he shoot us? Well I don't take kindly to VANDALISM!!! I mean, shooting innocent reporters so shoot the guy until he surrenders, then talk to him until they join you and return to the SR, get your rank, protein and $50,000. ------------------------------------------------ XXIV.- Mission: Shadow of the north plaza. [MSN] ------------------------------------------------ You'll be heading to...north plaza...the game itself is making my walkthrough useless... anyway head to the north plaza, our man is in one of the abandoned rooms on the left, talk to him until he joins and then scort him to the SR, he (like a lot of other survivors) has a limp, so don't expect him to run very fast, after you get you'll rank you'll get the best rewards up to this point, $50,000 and the small chainsaw, the small chainsaw will now be next to the fruits in the SR, and there's more than one so don't worry about leaving it behind or breaking it. ---------------------------------------------- XXV.- Bonus mission: Gun shop standoff. [MGS] ---------------------------------------------- SOT north plaza?! Gun shop standoff?! What's up with Capcom this walkthrough's gonna be pointless by the end of the game at this rate, anyway head to the gun shop (duh) and enter, there gonna be three armed survivors and the will shoot you on sight, DON'T try and fight them it's pretty difficult, instead get the h*** outta there, one of the survivors is gonna call you back, somehow he didn't notice you were a zombie before , anyway talk to them and they will join you, the good thing about this guys is that they're neither fat nor injured, and they all have guns so they can defend themselves better than other survivors, anyway head back to the SR, get ranked and win the ammo belt and $70,000, save your progress. ---------------------------- XXVI.- Case file 4-1 [C41] ---------------------------- ================================================================= Cutscene: Frank sees Isabela riding a motorbike (Claire Redfield anyone?) on the monitors, now that's where he'll get answers. ================================================================ ---------------------------- XXVII.- Case file 4-2 [C42] ---------------------------- You'll have to head to the north plaza, but after getting out of the warehouse a cutscene appears, a new enemy is introduced, one familiar machete wielding zombie (you guessed, it's Freddy Kruegger usings machetes) use the same tacticts you use to kill JO's to kill Cliff's Head to the north plaza, but wait...we're going on a detour first. Head to the gun shop, it's time to actually use all the money you have, sell you shotgun and your handgun (if you unlocked the Red9) and buy the stricker (and the machine gun if you want) don't buy the rifle, you'll get one free later in the game, also buy more ammo or item cases if you need, and buy all the books available, you'll have plenty of money by now so I don't see any problems, when you're done follow you're arrow until you trigger a cutscene. ========================================================== Cutscene: Isabela gets on her motorbike, and she glares at Frank ========================================================== -------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------- Boss battle: Isabela ---------------------- Isabela is pretty easy to defeat, you shouldn't have any problems beating her, Isabela constantly tries to ran you over with her motorbike, just dodge and shoot when she's vulnerable and you'll be fine, now at some point she drives away, follow her and wait until she comes back and repeat the process until you defeat her. --------------------------------------------------------------- ================================================================== Cutscene: Isabela falls from her motorbike, then Frank and Isabela have a little fight, Frank manages to make a stop to Isabela's rage and he begins asking questions about Santa Cabeza, she says Carlito is the one with all the answers and she says that she will bring Carlito to him at midnight. ================================================================== Back at the SR. ================================================================== Cutscene: Barnaby tells Jessie and Brad that Santa Cabeza is a stronghold for the central american drug trade, Barnaby thinks that the zombies are a product of the drugs created there. ================================================================== --------------------------------- XXVIII.- Mission: The cult [MTC] --------------------------------- OK, now the similarities with RE:4 are starting to creep me out, anyway follow your arrow until you find a bunch of guys in raincoats, witness the power of cutscenes. ================================================================== Cutscene: The cultists leader tells his fellow cultists as how the end of the world is upon them and how they must purge tainted souls to save themselves, then they put a tied up girl in a box, just when the leader is gonna kill her with his sword he sees Frank taking a shot, the cultists notice Frank and they're leader orders the to kill Frank. ================================================================== When the cutscene ends not many of the cultists attack you, so just take your time and kill them all, each cultist you kill will give you 750 PP so you'll get a lot of points here, the only difference between zombies and cultists is that cultists carry knifes, anyway kill them all and free the girl, then head back to the SR, get ranked and win a hockey mask (like Jason's) and 50,000, save your progress. ------------------------------------ XXIX.- Mission: Antique lover [MAL] ------------------------------------ A pretty straightforward mission, follow your arrow, talk to the old man in the antique store, he is old he wants to die there, you convince him to go with you, you go back to the SR, you get a rank, 20,000 and protein and you save your progress. --------------------------------------------- XXX.- Bonus mission: Mark of the sniper [MMS] --------------------------------------------- OK, you need to save a survivor (even though that doesn't make much sense) so you'll follow you're arrow again to the plaza where you need to go, when you enter it, you'll trigger a cutscene. =============================================================== Cutscene: A sniper has you on his sights but he doesn't shoot, there are 3 snipers on the second floor, it's a dad and his two sons, one of the sons doesn't want them to kill a living person but they make him shoot Frank =============================================================== After the cutscene ends you have to be careful because one of the snipers will shoot at you, when he's about to shoot an action command will show up telling you to wave your wiimote to dodge, get to the 2nd floor dodging every shoot then run towards the family snipers, when you get near the will run away, shoot them or use sub weapons against them, pick one of the snipers and kill him and so on, but be careful because while you're killing one another one aims at you, anyway after taking some damage your target will not run as much and he will walk injured, this is the time to use sub weapons against him, kill all of them (including the one who didn't want to do it) and then go talk to the survivor, have him join you and then return to the SR room, get your grade, $95,000 and a semi-auto rifle, save your progress, and get the rooftop key. --------------------------- XXXI.- Case file 5-1 [C51] --------------------------- Remember your date with Isabela? Well what are you waiting for? use your arrow to head to your meeting location, when you get there a cutscene will be displayed, Frank will be waiting for Isabela in the empty room, he hears some struggling and Isabela enters the room with a zombie trying to eat her, rescue her and another cutscene will be displayed. ================================================================== Cutscene.- Isabela's injured, her shoulder's covered in blood, he asks her if she was bitten, she tells him that Carlito shoot her and then she collapses, Frank'll carry her to the SR. ================================================================== ---------------------------- XXXII.- Case file 5-2 [C52] ---------------------------- ================================================================== Cutscene.- Frank returns to the SR carrying Isabela, he tells Brad and Jessie the Isabela's the bad guys brother, and that he caused the zombie outbreak and shot Brad, Brad puts her in DHS custody and will interrogate her. ================================================================== --------------------------- XXXIII.- Case file 6 [CF6] --------------------------- ================================================================== Cutscene: Brad starts interrogating Isabela, she tells him that Santa Cabeza wasn't what they thought it was, it was an American research facility, they were conducting experiments with a parasitic insect that resembled a wasp, that wasp could turn living things into zombies, she then tells him to ask Dr Barnaby, after that sounds are heard coming from the storage room, Dr. Barnaby slams through the door holding Jessie, Frank kicks him to free Jessie, it appears he's begun to turn into a zombie, Frank asks Dr Barnaby about Santa Cabeza, he tells them that they were conducting experiments to reduce the cost of breeding but accidentally created zombie livestock, then Frank says that the drug story was a cover-up and Barnaby gets mad, telling him that it was a necessary research because Americans consume to much meat, then Dr Barnaby dies, Isabela begins talking about how her whole village turned into zombies because of escaped wasps and the military had to kill them all, then a zombified Barnaby tries to get near Frank to eat him, but Brad kills him, Isabela tells Brad she's a medical technician and asks Brad to let her examine jessie to see if she was bitten, Brad lets her check Jessie ================================================================== ------------------------------------------- XXXIV.- Mission: Hanging by a thread [MHT] ------------------------------------------- After actually passing 2 case files by watching cutscenes it's time to play at last, there are two persons "hanging out" in Wonderland plaza, go there using you're arrow and look for the giant rabbit to the right, you'll notice a JO heading that way so kill him, look at the rabbit and you'll notice two people trying to not fall and get eaten by the zombies below, you gotta be quick here and kill all the zombies surrounding the rabbit, as time passes they lose health so shoot the survivors to make them fall then talk to them, after they join you return to the SR, get your rank and $40,000, save your progress. --------------------------------- XXXV.- Mission: The coward [MCW] --------------------------------- Head to the survivors location using your arrow as usual, when you get to the place where he's located talk to him, he is not gonna go to the SR because he's afraid, now do as anyone in this situation would do...knock some sense into him, shoot him or attack him with a sub weapon then talk to him again, he will gladly join you now so head back to the SR, get your rank and win $40,000, save your progress. ------------------------------------------------- XXXVI.- Bonus mission: Dressed for action [MDA] ------------------------------------------------- You'll have to rescue a survivor who's actually doing something in this game, so out of respect go to the plaza where he's making his stand and look for the black man in a tuxedo, talk to him and after he joins you head back to the SR, this guy has a shotgun so he's not as useless as other characters, get your rank, $50,000 and the riot gun, save afterwards. ---------------------------------- XXXVII.- Mission: Prisoners [MPR] ---------------------------------- Yei! We get to meet the cast of Prison break! Head to leisure park for your tear-filled cutscene. ============================================================= Cutscene: Three prisoners in a military vehicle approach Frank, one of them tries hitting him with a baseball bat but he misses, then they discover two survivors trying to get away and they drive towards them, the one with the baseball bat hits the man, killing him. ============================================================= Okay so the cast from Prison break aren't very friendly, now you have a QTE (quick time event) on your hands, the prisoners will try to kill you with they're car so you have to be ready to dodge, press the action commands when they appear and don't let them hit you even once, after a while they'll die because of all the head trauma they gained over the crashes, grab the car key next to the driver and head back to the SR, get your rank, a prisoner garb and $50,000, save your progress. ------------------------------ XXXVIII.- Case file 7-1 [C71] ------------------------------ ============================================================= Cutscene.- Carlito is preparing his last resort, he's gonna blow up the whole mall, the parasite larvae will get on the atmosphere and if that happens the whole world will be in trouble. ============================================================= ---------------------------- XXXIX.- Case file 7-2 [C72] ---------------------------- Head to leisure park and follow your arrow, you'll be heading to a new area, it's straight from when you enter the park,be careful there are some Cliffs here so you cannot waste time killing zombies along the way, kill the cliffs or make your way through the zombies, when you arrive at the parking lot, examine the white car and turn it on, you'll go to the basement tunnels. When you get control of the car, you'll notice a bunch of zombies everywhere, this is the best way to make your zombie count score rise, so when you have the time, come back here and kill hundreds of them, anyway follow your arrow until you get out of the car, there's gonna be a parking lot full of more zombies, make way and examine the back of the nearby truck, it will reveal one of the time bombs, grab it and then get back to the car, do the same with the next time bomb and Otis will call you. Otis tells you that Kindell (The black man in the tuxedo) is trying to convince the survivors that the helicopter's not coming and that they need to find another route out of the mall, head back to the SR and convince Kindell to wait more time, now head back to the basement tunnels and grab the other 2 bombs, Carlito will grab the final truck and he'll escape with it, chase and crash him until you trigger a cutscene. ===================================================== Cutscene: Carlito's truck crashes, he gets out of it and runs, Brad tells Frank he'll fight Carlito and that Frank must get the fifth bomb and get them out of the tunnels, Brad goes after Carlito and Frank grabs the bombs then he puts them in a shopping cart and gets them out of the tunnels, meanwhile Carlito and Brad have a fight, Brad shoots Carlito but Carlito uses a knife to attack Brads shoulder, then he manages to get Brad in a room and closes the door, Brad listens sounds coming from the room and he turns his flashlight on, only to reveal a lot of zombies going after him, frank gets the time bombs out of the tunnels and they explode. ==================================================== This is it for Case file 7, save. ------------------------------------------- XL.- Mission: The woman left behind [MWB] ------------------------------------------- Head to wonderland plaza, you'll see an elderly woman on top of a thing that resembles a soccer ball, the things completely surrounded by zombies and a JO, kill them all and get on top of the soccer ball, then talk to her and have her join you, then escort her back to the SR, get your rank, $50,000 and a.50 cal machine gun, the machine gun works like the small chainsaw it appears in the SR and you can get it from there whenever you want, sve your progress. --------------------------------- XLI.- Mission: A sick man [MSM] --------------------------------- Follow your arrow back to wonderland plaza and find the man, talk to him and have him join you, he's sick so he loses health as time passes, you have to be extra fast on this mission because the damage he takes will make you use one of your food items, and that's not good for the score, anyway head back to the SR, get your rank, $50,000 and a mixed juice (white), save your progress. ------------------------------------------- XLII.- Bonus mission: A strange group [MSG] ------------------------------------------- Well this is as far as missions go so enjoy it, follow your arrow to go to the movie theather at the end of paradise plaza, I recommend that you bring the .50 cal machine gun with you, when you arrive you'll notice lots of cultists in the hallways blocking the way, use the machine gun to quickly dispose of them, do that until you arrive to the 4th room and enter you'll see a cutscene where you see the cultists leader and 4 persons tied to the theathers seats, the cultists leader then looks at you and once again says that Frank must be eliminated -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Boss battle: Cultists leader ------------------------------ The leader of the cultists dodges almost like Adam the clown, so wait until he dodges to shoot him, I recommend using the shotgun to shot him, when we he staggers punish him with all you got, repeat until he's defeated. ------------------------------------------------- A cutscene is shown after you defeat Sean, his head is pierced by his own sword, anyway kill the cultists that come at you and free the survivors, they tell you there's one last survivor but the cultists trapped her in a room, free her and then you'll have to take them to the SR, they're too many for Frank to handle so he'll split them into two groups, go to the SR with the first group then go back for the other one, when you finish the mission you'll get a rank, $98,000 and the cultists sword will be unlocked in the SR. ---------------------------- XLIII.- Case file 8-1 [C81] ---------------------------- ======================================================= Cutscene: Frank asks Isabela if Carlito has another plan or something to use against them, Isabela tells Frank that Carlito has a computer in a secret room where he may he put somethin so they go to check it out. ======================================== You'll have to travel to north plaza, go to the same hallway you use to go to the gun shop, but instead of going to the gun shop go to the room on the left, this will trigger a cutscene where Isabela shows Frank the way to the secret room, follow her and go to the end of the room. --------------------------- XLIV.- Case file 8-2 [C82] --------------------------- ============================================= Cutscene: Isabela checks Carlito's laptop but it's password protected, Frank notices a cable connected to the laptop and Isabela tells him that it's probably a jamming device, Isabela tries to log on the computer using words she and Carlito's know, after that Jessie calls Frank telling him she saw something important on the monitors and that he must get back to check it out. ============================================ Head back to the monitor room. -------------------------- XLV.- Case file 8-3 [C83] -------------------------- =============================================== Cutscene: At the monitor room, Frank watches Carlito getting dragged by a big man on the monitors, Frank needs to head to the tunnels again to check it out. ============================================== --------------------------- XLVI.- Case file 8-4 [C84] --------------------------- Head to the tunnels again, follow your arrow until you arrive at the parking lot where Carlito was dragged, open the doors one the right side and a cutscene will be triggered. ======================================== Cutscene: Frank enters a meat processing plant and sees Carlito strung up like the rest of the meat there, he "meats" (pardon the pun) the butcher, Frank tries to tell the butcher to give him Carlito that way but the butcher says he only gives quality products. ======================================== ----------------------------------------- --------------------------- Boss battle: The butcher --------------------------- It's easy to deal with the butcher, just punish him with your shotgun and the battle will end soon, be careful because he grabs meat and throws it at you, be ready to dodge the meat when he does this. ---------------------------------------- ==================================================== Cutscene: The butcher dies and Frank gets Carlito down, Frank asks for the password but Carlito keeps talking about other stuff, then he dies asking Frank to give his locket to Isabela, without telling him the password. ==================================================== ------------------------ XLVII.- The facts [TFC] ------------------------ Get back to Carlito's hideout and talk to Isabela, you'll get another cutscene. ========================================= Cutscene: Frank tells Isabela about his brothers dead and then he gives ger the locket, Isabela suddenly remembers of a word that her brother might have used and she succedes in login in. ========================================= ----------------------- XLVIII.- Jessie? [JS?] ----------------------- Jessie speaks to brad on the transceiver, she tells him the communications have been unjammed and that she's calling HQ for help, well isn't it great? Head back to the SR, but you'll get interrupted along the way by another call from Jessie, she says a HQ refused to help and that they'll send a clean-up crew, that's why I never trust the government, anyway, keep going and you'll trigger another cutscene, the special forces have reached the SR and one of them tells Jessie she's on custody but she'll be free if she keeps her mouth shut, Jessie doesn't say a word, well keep going back and when you get near the air ducts you'll see another cutscene, Jessie as a zombie attacks one of the special ops guy, another one guarding the door hears the commotion and gets in the room only to find Jessie eating his comrade, when you get back and you enter the monitor room you'll find both men dead, enter the room where the saving sofa is and you'll see a zombified Jessie, dispose of her if you want. ---------------------- XLIX.- Hopeless [HPL] ---------------------- Head back to the hideout and talk to Isabela then go to the helicopter pad, along the way you should a few cutscenes will show you that the military have gotten in the mall and they're killing the zombies, then they retreat. When you arrive at the helicopter pad you'll trigger a cutscene. ================================================ Cutscene: Frank gets to the helicopter pad but the helicoter is not there, he waits a little and he thinks that the helicopter is not gonna arrive, in another roof, the helicopter pilot watches Frank from distance, surprised he survive and eager to claim some sort of reward for the whole thing he gets on the helicoter and goes to the helicoter pad, Frank watches the helicopter and starts making signals to the pilot, but while he does that a zombie from inside the helicopter attacks the pilot, and the helicoter crashes on leisure park, feeling hopeless frank just kneels down at the helicopter pad and some zombies start to get near him from behind. =============================================== ------------------- L.- Infected [IFC] ------------------- ================================================== Cutscene: A zombie behind Frank gets ready to take a bite out of Frank but is shot, Isabela appears at the helicopter pad and begins shooting zombies, Frank just stays there and he collapses, back at the hideout, Frank finds out he's been infected (how did that happened?! He never got near a zombie at all!) and Isabela say she needs supplies to make something to hinder the growth of the larvae, so Frank needs to search for the stuff he needs to get. ================================================= You'll be running on a timer here so you need to complete the task in less than an hour, sounds easy enough, get out of the hideout and you'll trigger a cutscene about a little helicopter-like spy, you'll need to destroy these thing because they're alarms make nearby soldiers to head to your direction, all zombies are on the ground now (except for leisure park) but they're not dead yet you can kill them this way and save a lor of trouble because they don't get back up, however soldiers are still in the area, so you'll have to deal with them, follow your arrow to get the following things in the following places: Magnyfing glass-jewelry store-wonderland plaza Mixer-restaurant-food court Perfume bottle-2nd floor cosmetics shop-entrance plaza Camp stove-sports store-entrance plaza Now use the stairs on the right to go to the security room, you'll use the door that was wielded shut to go there, I think it was opened by the military. Coffe filters-monitor room Developing solution-camera store-paradise plaza Cold spray-sports store-paradise plaza First aid kit-Steven's store-north plaza Now go back to the hideout and talk to Isabela, you'll trigger some cutscenes ================================================= Cutscene: Isabela sets up the equipment and she tells Frank that this will not completely cure him, but it will supress the parasite's growth, Frank thinks he'll be a zombie time bomb and suddenly Isabela remembers something, Carlito after creating the drug started a program to help orphans from war, when they had prepared 50 doses prepared, Carlito's program managed to find homes for fifty children, a map revealed that these 50 children are all over the US, the only thing they can do for now is make the vaccine for Frank... ================================================= -------------------- LI.- Generator [GNR] -------------------- The power went out so Isabela needs a generator to do her vaccine, you're still working on a schedule here but you shouldn't waste much time here, head to the clock tower in leisure park and you'll trigger a cutscene that shows the crashed helicopter and that it crashed near the clock tower opening a path inside it, as Frank peers inside he notices hundreds of zombies in the inside, thinking it may lead to a way out of the city is the only hope he has for now, anyway, grab the generator at the other side of the clock tower and return to Isabela. -------------------------------- LII.- Capturing the queen [CTQ] -------------------------------- Now you'll need queens for your medication so head outside the hideout and start blasting zombies, when you see a zombie with a glowing yellow/orange thing on it's neck blast him, queen bees are like little fireflies that you have to catch, in this part of the game it's easy to gather them, I managed to gather 15 in a single run and you only need to give Isabela ten, after you've got ten head back to the hideout. --------------------------- LIII.- Into the cave [ITC] --------------------------- ================================================ Cutscene: Isabela gives the inyection to Frank, she tells him that she's found out a pherome that causes the zombies to stop attacking, thinking about the cave back there, Frank tells her that there was a cave filled with zombies and that they could use that perfume to get inside withouth being eaten. ================================================ So, another cutscene is displayed after that showing Frank and Isabela getting inside the cave, after that just kill the zombies in front of you,didn't find the perfume to be of much use except for making zombies behind Isabela to not attack, anyway head to were the gate is and use the one on the left to make Isabela pass and open the gate so you can go through, after that just kill the zombies in your way and keep running, after a while you'll trigger another cutscene showing some soldiers on the other side of another gate, the perfumes effect is starting to wear of but it doesn't matter anyway, just save and head to the left, then go upstairs and pull the lever, with the gates doors raised, go outside and use the military car. --------------------- LIV.- The tank [TTK] --------------------- A cutscene shows Frank and Isabela escaping but they're efforts are futile, a tank blocks the way. ---------------------------------------------- ------------------------ Boss battle: The tank ------------------------ Ok so this is pretty easy, aim at the tanks green lights (the ones in the front part of the tank near the wheels) and keep shooting there, after a while the tank will start launching missiles so destroy them with the cars weapon until you finish it --------------------------------------------- -------------------------------- LV.- The final psychopath [TFP] -------------------------------- ================================================= Cutscene: Brock changes the control to manual and rams Frank's vehicle, the vehicle is sent flying and it comes crashing into the ground, Frank gets up and starts talking with Brock, he tells him he was the one who commanded the attack on Santa Cabeza and he turns around to attack hundreds of zombies coming from behind him, Frank attacks from behind and a battle starts. ================================================= ---------------------------------------- ----------------------- Boss battle: Brock ----------------------- The battle with brock is a weird one, I really couldn't tell if weapon damage made an effect on him so I used close combat, get as far away from him as you can and he'll slowly approach you, if you get to close he'll do a dash attack and you don't want that, when he gets at a considerable distance from you he'll attempt to kick you, this is your opportuny because before he delivers a kick there's a chance for you to counter-attack, use the action command that appears onscreen then make him go down, while he's down approach him and input the action commands to knee drop, when he gets up he'll probably be stunned for a while so this is your chance to either shot him or use another skill against him, when you kill him you'll trigger another cutscene. ------------------------------------------ ================================================ Cutscene: Brock falls from the tank and gets eaten by the zombies, Isabela's car is surrounded by zombies ans she tries to repel them, she then observes Frank, Frank is on the tank kneeled down, then he screams as the tank gets surrounded by zombies. ================================================ --------------------- LVI.- Epilogue [EPL] --------------------- After the credits roll, the epilogue will appear, it will tell that Frank managed to escape and tell the world what happened, the government took partial responsibility for this and no one knows what happened to Carlito's zombie time bombs... Well this is the end of the walkthrough for now, I wanted to build out before I builded up so after this I'll make the walkthrough perfect, I'll also work more on the other sections, so I'm not finished with this...i'm just getting started. ----------------------------------- 8.- Secrets and unlockables. [SAU] ----------------------------------- -After beating a game you can load it's save file to start a new game with the same difficulty, inventory and level. -After you beat the game you'll unlock the Odd jobs extra. -After you beat four Odd jobs missions you'll unlock the Second ammendment extra. In-game unlockable items: Unlocked by beating = UBB Mission with an S rank = MWASR Ammo belt - UBB "Gun shop standoff" MWASR. Hockey mask - UBB "The cult" MWASR. Mall employee uniform - UBB "out of control" MWASR. Prisoner garb - UBB "Prisoners" MWASR. Red9 - UBB "Lovers" MWASR. Riot gun - UBB "Dressed for action" MWASR. Semi-auto rifle - UBB "Mark of the sniper" MWASR. Beat the game unlockable items: Arthur's boxers - Beat the game without dying Bikini outfit - Beat the game with an A rank. Chicago typewriter - Beat the game with an A rank. School uniform - Beat the game with an A rank. Small mixer - Beat the game* * Available for sell at Cletus's shop Odd jobs unlockable items: Beat all Odd jobs missions = BAOJM Pro wrestling boots = BAOJM. Pro wrestling briefs = BAOJM with an A rank or more. Laser sword = BAOJM with an S rank. Second amendment unlockable items: Beat all Second amendment missions = BASAM Mega man boots: BASAM Mega man tights: BASAM with an A rank or more Real mega buster: BASAM with an S rank --------------------- 9.- Odd jobs. [OJB] --------------------- You unlock this when you beat the game, basically these are special missions that add a different flavor to the game. Name of the mission - Difficulty - Items available - Score (some of the scores that gave me an S rank) There are three aspects evaluated during the missions: Clear time: How much time did it take to beat the mission Damage: How much damage did you take on the mission (The less damage the higher the score) Item bonus: How much food/items did you use during the mission (The less food consumed the better, also some missions have weapons that lower your score when used) 1.- Elevator deathmatch - * - Red9, ammo 9, Pumpkin, axe, all about axes (book) CT: Less than 10 seconds - D: 0 - IB: 100% Basically you're on the elevator surrounded by zombies, you have to be fast and kill them all, don't use the Pumpkin, it will lower your score, just kill all zombies in less than 10 seconds without taking any damage to get an S, swing the axe to kill nearby zombies and then get near one of the zombies that didn't get killed but fell, now get close and wave the wiimote when the action command appears to swing the axe, this attack kills most of the zombies, use your red9 to kill remaining zombies. 2.- Zombie soccer - * - Apple, grapefruit CT: 30 sec 79" - D: 500 - IB: 100% CT: 55 sec 59" - D: 0 - IB: 100% You're in the room where cultists take you when they kidnap you, you have to kill 11 zombies using only soccer balls, punches wont damage them so don't try it, after you start go to the side where the zombies are and wave the wiiremote to kick the ball (aim at the nearest zombie), if you press A you can also kick it but I don't recommend it because waving the wiimote makes the ball faster and stronger, after you kick it go back and grab another ball then return and kick it again (aiming at the nearest zombie) if one of the balls managed to end up near you then instead of going back to get another one, use the ball near you (aiming at the nearest zombie) after that just evade the zombies and grab one of the two soccer balls in the room and keep doing that until you kill them all, however when you kicked the second soccer ball they both ended up far away then go back to get the third and so on. 3.- Sunday driver - * - N/A - CT: 1 min 08 sec - D: 2000 You'll do this mission in the tunnel area, you'll have to run over 300 zombies in this mission, just look out for propane tanks after you start turn right and then drive on the left side of the road (it seems to me there are more zombies on that side) then at the end of the road turn right, use the curve on the left and keep straight then turn right keep straight and then turn left the right, go straight and lower your speed your about to hit a dead end, now turn your car and go back, now turn left then right, now instead on turning right (where we came from) keep straight and then turn left, you should have the 300 kills by now. 4.- Beatdown - * - Well done steak, skills: suplex, hammer throw, god hand, giant swing, neck twist books: how to fight Q&A, how to get buff. CT: 3 min 44 sec - D: 180 - IB: 100% You'll do this mission in Leisure park and you don't have any weapons, however you have lots of skills, how to fight Q&A and how to get buff, these two books increase you resistance to damage and increase the damage you give, you'll have to kill a bunck of zombies in this mission, never use the neck twist (A + B when the enemy is on the ground, this skill let's you twist its neck and remove its head) nor the god hand skill (A when the enemy is stunned, Frank gives delivers a punch that penetrates the zombies stomachs) these two skills are too slow to be used in this mission, I recommend you to call the attention of many zombies and have them come at you, then knock one of the zombies down and use the giant throw (press A + B when the zombie is on the ground to grab it and wave the wiimote to swing it, be careful though if your at the zombies feet instead of giant swing you'll do the neck twist) I also recommend using the football tackle (Move the wiimote forward when a zombie is stunned) a lot, the supplex use it when a zombie is stunned but you're behind it, you can use it to attack other zombies this way, be careful, finish fast, don't take damage and don't ear the steak! 5.- Mega zombie - ** - Zuchini, Pumpkin, Cooking oil x2, handgun (15), handgun ammo 45 - CT: 1 min 14 sec - D: 500 - IB: 100% You'll have to kill 4 really big zombies in the helicopter pad, when you start shoot one of the zombies (always try to score headshots) until the others get near you, then go to that zombie's corner and keep shooting him until it dies or the other zombies get too near, when there's two or more zombies very close to each other throw one of the cooking oils to instantly kill them, this will make your mission a lot easier, however don't throw the second one or you'll have 25% less on your Item bonus score, when you kill three of them the 4th zombie shouldn't have moved from it's corner (when I play this mission I always save the female zombie for last because I never get near her and she just stays there) so get near and score headshots until you kill the 4th zombie. 6.- I want to ride my bicycle - ** CT: 33 sec. 21" CT: 31 sec. 79" Basically you'll ride your bike all the way to the finish line, ok so when you start press the A button repeteadly to gain speed, go all the curve and go to the left, don't go where the two zombies are it's a dead end, also zombies will chase you (and they run fast) but your bike should take care of them so pay no attention to zombies, anyway make a sharp turn to the right and keep straight, (I've managed to do all the mission without braking even once) if you're good enough you can make the turns without slowing down or braking, anyway there are two times you can turn right, the first is close to where you turned and the other is at the end of the road, I recommend turning right at the first one because you're not going too fast and you do not need to brake, anyway turn right then left and go all the way to the other side of the mall, then turn (you can turn without braking) at the left and go to the first floor you should be around 20-25 seconds by the end of the stairs, now head all the way to the other side, evade all obstacles, and when you get close to reaching the fountain with the big blue ball at the top get to the left side (don't fall in the foiuntain) then enter the path marked by traffic cones and you'll finish the race. 7.- Undying horror - ** - Submachine gun, pizza, well-done steak, 100 submachine gun ammo, small chainsaw D: 3900 - IB: 100% You know how zombies aren't supposed to die because they are already are dead? Well they found out about that, you'll have to face lots of immortal zombies for 3 minutes in the warehouse, the best tip that I can give you is don't use the food, I was on the brink of dead when I won and I didn't use any food and I got an S so it should work for you too, when you start go to the corner on the right, be careful with running zombies, then stay there until they get too near and then go to the corner on the left side, between these two things you should have lasted between 30 to 45 seconds, now when zombies get too close to do something run to the other side of the warehouse and go to the left, you can find a Chainsaw here, grab it and turn it on, now wait on the corner where you found the chainsaw and wait for the zombies to come, instead of using the chainsaw just stay put and let it work by itself, just move to aim at other zombies, if things get to complicated then attack the zombies and then go to the corner of the warehouse near where you found the chainsaw and stay there, wait for the zombies to come and slash 'em when they get too close, now when things get too complicated run to the other corner on the right side of the warehouse, most of the zombies that were chasing you will stay where you found the chainsaw making things easier for you, now hold your position there until the zombies that did notice you get close enough to cause you trouble, now run to the corner where you first went when you started and stay there, you'll notice more of the zombies don't follow you ans they stay on the corner you where a few seconds ago, now it's almost time the mission ends so wait there until the timer runs out our your overwhelmed by the remaining zombies, if the latter happens to you, run to the last empty corner and stay there, if by some reason you are overwhelmed here and you still have time in your timer, just head to the center of the warehouse and evade the zombies. 8.- Zombie meter maid - ** - Handgun (15), apple, cabagge, handgun ammo (30), baseball bat. CT: 1 min 09 sec, D: 0, IB: 100% In this mission you'll have to protect 3 survivors from 5 JO's (When you kill the first the second one appears and so on) when you start run towards the first JO, don't worry if one of the survivors gets hit it doesn't affect your score, however they only tend to take two hits before they did, anyway head forward until you can attack the JO's face, now shoot the JO's face two times and she'll get stunned, never shoot more than once when they growl because they wont get stunned when they do that, wait until the start walking again to shoot them and always aim for headshots after a minimum of three headshoots done right they fall on one knee weakened, this is your time to attack get near then and an action command will appear, you can swing the baseball bat to attack them, now wave the wiimote to charge and then deliver the final blow, repeat with the other four JO's. 9.- Animal kingdom - ** - handgun(15), apple, well-done steak, molotov x5, saw blade x5, hunter's knife CT: 58 sec. 99", D:1400, IB: 100% There are 16 animals you have to kill, don't worry PETA doesn't know about this game yet, you'll have to kill 8 zombie poodles and 8 zombie parrots, you'll start in leisure park in the center of something that looks like this + so as you can see there are 4 ways to go, now when you start change the handgun for the molotov cocktails, the poodles will notice you and will try to surround you quickly choose a path and run, evade the dogs there and turn around, all the dogs 8 dogs will be together so this is your chance to throw a cocktail to kill them at the same time, if you don't then change to your handgun and kill any surviving poodle, now you'll have to kill the parrots, kill any of the flying parrots, now all of the other parrots are resting on the wooden buildings next to the + where you started, when you approach one of them all of the parrots that were there are gonna fly and attack you so prepare to shoot them all, now go to the other one and do the same, if you missed one or to it probably returned to the other one. 10.- Meat processing area - ** - Semi-auto(12), cooking oil x6, shotgun ammo #36, cleaver, Book: how to use knifes. CT: 1 min 15 sec D: 650 IB: 100% CT: 1 min 07 sec D: 2625 IB: 100% Well in this mission you'll have to kill the Butcher and 3 JO's, so start by shooting the JO in front of you, try to aim between it and the Butcher to kit the two, be careful the Butcher throws knifes and hunks of meat at you so prepare to avoid them, keep shooting until the JO from the left gets too close, then run all the way to the left and start shooting the closest JO, keep that tactict when they get to close go to the other corner, Butchers can grab you and then they'll hook you up like meat so wave your wiimote to free yourself then quickly use the shotgun or cleaver against him before he damages you, keep on going to corners until you win. 11.- Faster than a speeding zombie - *** - Cooking oil(30), W-D steak, Pizza, Lead pipe. CT: 2 min 20 sec D: 2200 IB: 100% (whats with the 2's?) In this mission you'll have to kill fast zombies, OK so when you start quickly throw cooking oil at your feet and the zombies will run towards you and fall because of the oil, it's an instant death when they get caught in the oil, anyway if some manage to get past the cooking oil hit them with your lead pipe, only use the cooking oil when you sure that two or more zombies are together or they're gonna run towards you, then kill the first 9-10 zombies from that part and head to the other part of the mall, keep on setting traps for the zombies and use the lead pipe for those who didn't "fell" for the trap, keep that up until you win. 12.- All your bombs - *** - Lettuce, Skateboard - CT: 1 min 27" D: 500 IB: 100% The cultists have set up 5 bombs and you must get them all, there are two cultists guarding every bomb so you'll know when one is close, first head to the cosmetics store to the right, the bomb is at the end of the store to the right, grab it and then go back, the next one is at the roller coaster so head to the stairs and avoid the cultist there, now go upstairs and when your at the exit turn to the left, there's a cultist there, ignore him and jump to the bombs location, then grab it and go back downstairs, the next bomb is at the store to the right of the store that's straight of the bottom of the stairs, go there and head to the dressing rooms at the end of the store, grab the bomb and head back outside, now go left and you'll some kind of jewelry store at the middle of the mall head to the entrance at the back of it and head to the end of it, go to the action command to get up some of the display cases and then jump again to reach the place where the bomb is, grab it and head back down, now your last bomb is almost at the end of the mall, head to the front part of the giant bunny and grab the last bomb. 13.- Invisible zombie - *** - Lettuce, Melon, Frying pan CT: 2 min 15 sec D: 500 IB: 100% Well you'll have to kill 20 invisible zombies at Steven's store, zombies have shadows, they moan when you're close and they're semi transparent, it still is difficult to identify them, start off by killing the zombies to your left and to your right, the zombie on the left is near the cash registers, then kill the two zombies between the fruit displays at the right of the store, now kill 4 zombies between the frozen food displays, then kill the zombies at the meat, seafood and wine sections of the left side of the store, there are other two zombies at the bread section near the wine section, now go to the cash register near the pharmacy and kill the zombie there, there's also another zombie between CASH REGISTER 6!! And 5, the only zombies you need to kill now are the zombies at every aisle, kill them all to finish. 14.- Zombie rush - *** - WD steak, Semi-auto (12), machine pistol (100), book: giant swing, Skill: Serious swords, sword. CT: 2 min 09 sec. D: 0 IB: 100% You'll have to kill 100 zombies in paradise plaza, don't worry there aren't exactly 100 zombies, it's like the real game, when you go back the place is full of zombies again, so at the start ignore your left side, go to your right and kill everything with your machine pistol, kill the 2 JO's then change to your semi-auto, now this weapon is good for this mission, now keep heading straight but don't go to the other side of the mall, turn right instead and use that path to go back, all the zombies you killed earlier reappear so kill them again and keep on killing and going back. 15.- Frank vs. the cult - *** - Semi-auto rifle (12), machine pistol (100), zuchini, WD steak, Skill: God hand, Book: Blade history CT: 1 min 12 sec D: 2400 IB: 100% There are 30 cultists and the cultists leader in the theather so kill them all, you'll only target should be the leader, don't move from where you start, it's perfect for using the semi-auto there, shoot the leader and if any cultist gets in the stairs shoot him, keep shooting the cultists and the leader and don't let anyone get upstairs, if they do however use your blade to kill them, just shoot from that position and you should be fine. 16.- Crawling terror - *** - Orange, grapefruit, sledgehammer CT: 2 min 45 sec D: 0 IB: 100% There are 40 crawling enemies in your area, it sounds easy but there's a catch, there's many JO's crawling too, they can kill you in two attacks and they're faster than normal zombies, anyway go behind the counter and kill 2 zombies, then go to the other side of it to kill a JO, JO's are difficult to kill so get behind it and wave your wiimote to hit it, don't let them have a chance to attack you, anyway kill all the zombies in that part of the store including another JO, you should have 12 enemies killed by now, now get behind the collumn near the shopping carts and kill two police zombies, use the lawnmower to kill the JO that noticed you from the other aisle and also another JO that noticed you when you attacked the first one, after that keep killing the zombies with your sledgehammer or keep the lawnmower, both of them have little stamina left and they should get destroyed by now, if the sledgehammer breaks then use the lawnmower to kill remaining JO's, grab a bowling ball at the corner to kill normal zombies so you don't waste the lawnmowers. 17.- Helicopter patrol - **** - Saw blade(50), apple, zuchini CT: 2 min 55 sec, D: 1000, IB: N/A There are 10 helicopters to kill in this mission (there's also lots of soldiers) but your only weapon are saw blades so I hope you have decent aim, ok there are two ways two beat this mission, the first is to do it normally and the second is to ignore the soldiers and run , yeah the second is the best option, so start of by destroying the helicopter at the other side of the construction thing, then turn left and kill the one on the left, don't trigger the alarms or you'll alert the soldiers, kill them from a distance, anyway get out of there and kill the third one in the next area, now there are other two helicopters, one's to your right and the other one's front of you, go forward without alerting the one on the right and kill that one, now go back and kill the one on the right, you'll notice another path near you, take it and destroy the two helicopters in that area, be careful there's a soldier there that you can't evade so kill him, go all the way to the other side and this is the part where it get's tricky, if there's a lot of soldiers in the other are kill them all, but if you managed to do this mission a little bit quietly then the area should be soldier free, now kill the 8th helicopter near the entrance of the hallway that leads to Cletus shop (don't enter the hallway) and head to the end of that Plaza, the 9th helicopter can be near you or near the fountain, so look carefully for him, now the last helicopter is near the fountain so use the fountains "bridge" and kill it. 18.- The phalanx - **** - Handgun(15), WD steak, pizza, bat, ammo(60) CT: 2 min 33 sec, D: 4000, IB: 100% This and all the next missions are about killing multiple psychopaths so prepare yourself, in this mission you'll have to fight Carlito (with his sniper) and Sean the leader of the cult (with his sword), OK you're target should be Sean, just evade Carlito's shots (wave the wiimote when the action command appears) you should take care of Sean with your baseball bat, shoot him with your handgun when he's far away, but when he gets near get near him then wait till he swings his sword, when he swings just walk backwards and then hit him with your bat, this will stun him, take advantage of this and continue to pummel him with your bat, until he falls down to his knees, keep on hitting him until he gets up again, now retreat and get near him again until he swings again and repeat the whole process until he's defeated, now approach Carlito until he starts running, be careful with his grenades, now from shoot him from afar but don't let him get too far or he'll turn around and he'll shot you too, repeat until he's finished. 19.- Sniperfest - **** - Semi-auto rifle(10), ammo(60), WD steak, pizza, skateboard. CT: 3 min 09 sec, D: 2250, IB: 100% It's you against the Sniper family and Carlito, the sniper family is in the same position as they were in the game, Carlito's in one of the bridges, he must be your first target, use your skateboard to go near Carlito, when your near him or when he starts running get inside one of the nearby stores, from there you should shoot Carlito without having to worry about the sniper family, just hide and shot and you'll be fine, for the family just head to they're location until they start running, pick off the nearest one and use him as a human shield (this means that when the other two turn around they can't pick you because your target is blocking them) so shot him until he dies, do the same for the second one, use him as a shield while the other one is running, for the last one just get near him and shot him while he's running, he'll get wounded and he'll stop running and he won't turn around so this is our opportunity to finish him off. 20.- A very special forces cult - **** - Pizza, molotov(30), WD steak, machine pistol(100), magnum(6), machine pistol ammo(100), magnum ammo(36), book: serious swords, katana. CT: 1 min 41 sec, D: 7300, IB: 100% So you'll have to fight Brock (the special forces commander) and Sean (the leader of the cult), when you start the two of them come at you but first a lot of cultists come at you and when you kill them more cultists come, don't worry there's a limit to the cultists, anyway stay near the start, you don't want to attract any special forces soldiers, to finish the mission you'll have to kill the leaders, so anyway, kill the first bunch of cultists, if they corner you or something change to your molotovs, you should use the machine pistol instead of the magnum because the magnums speed isn't appopiate to fight all those cultists, so use mainly your katana to attack Sean and the cultists, Brock doesn't give you much trouble so keep away from him, when you have the opportunity (when there's almost no cultists bothering you) change to magnum again and shot Sean, keep like this until you kill the cultists or Sean, when you kill all the cultists it may happen that some of the special forces units notice you, shot them and keep focusing on the leaders, now after you kill Sean your next target is Brock, he's better handled hand-to-hand so when he tries to kick you, an action commmand appears, use it and you'll knock him down, now get near him while, he's on the ground and another action command appears, use it and Frank will attack him again, repeat the process, along the line Brock might get up but instead of fighting he'll be stunned from all the damage, you'll have to be fast and get near him and use the action command that appears, keep that up until you beat him. 21.- Clown circus - ***** - Riot gun(7), shotgun ammo(49), fire extinguisher, cooking oil(30), molotov(30), mixed drink (blue), mixed drink (green) CT: 2 min 01 sec, D:4900, IB: 100% If you thought Adam the clown was a difficult boss you're in for a surprise, this time there are 5 clowns that need to be killed, this is a pretty difficult mission if you don't know how to deal with them, also I don't recommend using the mixed drinks, the blue one may cause you to turn into Mega-man (it has random effects after all) but the catch is this will lower you'll Item bonus score and it's randomness makes it difficult to actually turn into Megaman, my recommendation for this mission is to use Molotovs and the Riot gun, the fire extinguisher is only useful to fight off the ballons or to make a quick escape, and the cooking oil's difficult to use against that many opponents, so my recommendation is to get the attention of all of them and run to a corner, they're pretty fast so it's difficult to outrun them, if you managed to get to the corner and the clowns aren't that near you can use the shotgun to hold off for a while, what I want you to do is to get them all together (or at least three of them) and attack them with a barrage of molotovs, this was very helpful when fighting them so try to get them together and punish them with all your firepower (literally fire-power) 22.- Otis challenge - ***** - Handgun(15), handgun ammo(60), riot gun(7), shotgun ammo(49), killer7(7), magnum ammo (49), molotov (25), baseball bat. CT: 6 min 58 sec, D: 3302, IB: 100% This is the last Odd jobs mission, you're probably wondering why do we need so much ammo, or you probably already know but you came here because you don't know how to use it right, so basically you'll have to beat all the psychopath battles (10 battles to be precise) without any healing items, sounds difficult at first but once you get the hang of it it's pretty simple, and you should waste less than a minute fighting each psychopath (except Brock), so first I'll give you my recommended weapons to fight each boss: My recommendation: 1.- Carlito the Luis Sera clone - Handgun, football tackle 2.- Cletus the gun shop owner - Handgun(first part) baseball bat(second part) 3.- Adam the clown - Molotovs 4.- Carlito the sniper - Magnum (yeah, I hate this psychopath battle) 5.- Steve the store manager - molotovs 6.- Isabela the motorcyclist - Magnum (yeah, hate this one too) 7.- Roger, Jack and Thomas the sniper family - Shotgun 8.- Sean the cult leader - Shotgun 9.- Larry the butcher - Magnum 10.- Brock the soldiers leader - hand-to-hand Carlito 1 Let's start shall we? OK so the first challenger is Carlito, go to the food court and look for him, he has 4 attacks, he can throw grenades, start shooting (when he does this just run to the sides, he shoots mainly in front of him), then he has 2 kind of kick attacks, he can do a spinning kick or kick twice, the spinning kick is what we want him to do, that's because you can counter it with a football tackle, so it's pretty difficult to make him do the spinning kick but I got my method, first shoot him in the legs until he drops and then get in front on him (not to close) when he gets back up he'll do the spinning kick, an A action command will appear, press it and Frank'll do a Football tackle, knocking Carlito down, now get in front of him again, Carlito will do the same spinning kick again, just press A again and repeat the whole process until he's down, you should finish this between 40 and 45 sec. Cletus the gun shop owner Cletus is a pretty simple psychopath, when you start you can do two things you can hide or you can attack him head on, so you can use the stands to hide from Cletus and shoot him when he stops to drink or something like that (this is an alternative for people that aren't very fast shooters) or the other way is to shoot him in the head in the start and then he'll move to a different place, when he stops shoot him again and repeat the process until he laughs and jumps over the counter, now just swing your bat and hit him until he charges, wave your wiimote to dodge and then look for him, he should be in the ground nearby (he crashes and falls when he does this attack) now aim down and start hitting him with your bat, dodge again if he gets up and charges again and repeat the process, you should finish this around 1:30 in your timer. Adam the clown OK, the thing with the fight with Adam is stay near the entrance of the roller coaster (The area where Adam starts) and DON'T go anywhere else, this place is perfect to fight Adam, so change to molotovs and go upstairs, if Adam starts inflating a balloon throw a molotov at him, now probably Adam will dodge backwards or to the sides, his evasiveness is perfect against him, he can try to attack you (Judo throw him or attack him with your bat, be careful if he falls he'll throw flames at you) or you can make him dodge you to a corner, now when he's in the corner attack him with your molotovs don't dawdle, you can finish this mission without using more than 10 molotovs, this way is perfect to fight Adam, you can finish in less than 30 seconds this way, also be careful his ballons stun and he can throw knives at you (you can change your bat for a knife on the ground but I don't recommend it). Carlito 2 This and Isabela's battles are my least favorite so I use the magnum against them, if you're having trouble with a particular psychopath you should use the magnum, but who are we kiding with this walkthrough you won't need another strategy right? Anyway, change to your magnum and run to the left (the right's blocked if you've forgotten) so run and evade Carlito's sniper rifle if the Wave action command appears, anyway get near Carlito (but not to near, if you're in front of him he'll attack you) if he starts running he'll throw grenades so shoot him in a place where his grenades can't hurt you, if he turns around and aims at you, evade and get near him again, taking him down takes less than 2 clips and you should end it around 3 min. Steve the store manager Turn around and run! If you give him even one second Steve'll hit you with his shopping cart, just run and get in the aisle next to the one where you start (left or right doesn't matter) and then run to almost the other side of the aisle and turn around, Steve will keep running towards you but he'll probably get tired before he reaches you, if you don't want to take your chances just put a little more distance between you two, but not too much or he'll shoot you with his shotgun, anyway when he gets tired throw him all the molotovs you can! I mean it, you won't even waste them all, it's that simple (remember to aim at Steve himself not the cart) Isabela Remember how I told you to immediately turn around and run last battle? Well this one is quite the contrary, stay where you are and don't aim, Isabela will charge towards you with her motorbike, grant her the first attack (she's the only lady after all, be a gentleman...except if you're a girl, if you're a girl be a gentlewoman or something) anyway, dodge her attack and change to your Magnum, shoot her in the head (What? Haven't heard of same rights between sexes? If you scored headshots with all the other psychopaths this girls no different) anyway after some shots she'll drive away, follow her but be careful she doesn't hit you, anyway she'll jump to another area, so follow her (or try) up the ramp until the camera changes view, she'll jump and you'll have to wave to evade (don't get to high on the ramp or it will be impossible to evade) anyway, keep shooting her, chances are you didn't weaken her that much and she'll try to charge again, don't take your chances and stop shooting and prepare to evade again, repeat until she's finished. Sniper family Run to the left and evade they're shots, remember to equip your shotgun on this one, now go all the way to they're location until they start running, the best way to handle them is pursuing two or if you can the three of them, what do I mean? Simple, if one runs to one side and the other two to the other then chase the two guys, then use your shotgun to shoot them, the thing is, if they're really close you can shoot between them to hit them both, now if someone aims at you stop shooting and evade, repeat the process and chase the ones that get away, the three of them actually have different stats, the father has the best accuracy and runs pretty slow, the big son is in between he has a worse accuracy but runs faster, the little son has the worst accuracy (because of the fact that he doesn't really want to shot you) but he runs very fast and is difficult to catch up so it's better to stun him with your shots. Sean the cult leader Reload your shotgun, now shoot him 4 times and he'll drop to his knees, now get close until the action command appears and wave your wiimote to charge and swing your bat, reload, when he gets up don't shoot him, wait until he dodges and then shoot him again 4 times and attack him with you bat again, when he gets back up wait until he dodges again and shoot him, it will take around 3 shots to kill him, yeah it's a pretty simple battle. Larry the butcher Larry's a very weak boss for his size, just run and get behind the table at the right and shoot him with your Magnum (remember we want headshots) use the time you have when he drops to his knees to reload and repeat the process, it takes less than 2 clips to bring him down, you don't really need more info on this battle. Brock the soldiers leader You don't need weapons against brock (except your bat sometimes) they're pretty much useless, now when you start get close to him but not to much, if you get to far he'll swing his arm and say "This is gonna be fun" and charge towards you, or he could try and tackle you, anyway when he tries to kick you an action command appears, it can be either B or A+Z so be prepared, this will cause a round-house kick, that will make Brock fall, when he's down get near him until the action command appears and press A+B to perform a Knee drop, you can hit him with your bat once but it's better to make distance between you while he's down, if he fails during his first kick he can try and do another right after that, you can counter this kick to if the action command A+Z appears, you'll do a suplex that will also knock him and you can do a Knee drop too, one of the times he's down he'll get back up but he'll be stunned, hurry up and get near him and move your wiimote forward very fast to Double leg tackle him, Frank'll tackle him and then you have to wave your wiimote a lot to punch him many times while he's on the ground, after a while Brock grabs you and pushes you away, when the both of you get back up, run or Brock will be too near, anyway repeat the process until he's dead. Bonus-Otis locations: Otis will be a expectator in all the battles, as a plus I'll tell you his locations in all missions (you can't do anything to him though) although you wonder how did he managed to get in all those places. 1.- Carlito 1: In the food court, above the sign with the red bull (no, it's not THAT red bull) 2.- Cletus: Outside his shop in a chair 3.- Adam: At the top of one of the buildings in the play area 4.- Carlito 2: In the shoulder of a giant rabbit 5.- Steve: Inside the pharmacy 6.- Isabela: inside Seon's food and stuff 7.- Sniper family: On the black things front of where you start 8.- Sean: Front of the screen 9.- Larry: On the meat processing machine 10.- Brock: On top of the tanks cannon ____________________________________________ -------------------------------- 10 .- Second amendment. [SAM] -------------------------------- After you beat four Odd job missions you'll unlock another extra, the Second amendment, in this extra you'll have to complete missions that are basically sniping missions. Name - Difficulty - Score (I'll add one or more scores that got me an S rank) You'll be ranked depending on three factors Clear time: How much time did it take to complete the mission. Bullets Used: How much ammo you wasted on the mission. Accuracy: Perfect score? You missed once? You missed twice?! 1.- Target practice 1 - * CT: 21 seconds, BU: 1, A: 100% This is the where's Waldo of Dead rising, you'll have to kill a specific zombie and its location changes each time you play so the only thing I can help you with its with tips, first of all the zombie we're looking for has the mall employee uniform that Otis and Greg use, the uniform is dark blue so you shouldn't have much trouble finding it, start at the three at the left part of the map (it was actually there one time I played) then just move your aim to the right, it can also be on the roofs so check them out as you gradually look for them, just do that until you find it, like I told you before his location is at random so your score could be too, keep looking for it until you get an S. 2.- Bodyguard 1 - * - CT: 11 sec. 53" - BU: 5 - A: 100% You'll need to protect a girl from some zombies (and poodles) from a distance, don't worry it doesn't affect your score if she takes damage, first off try to score double or triple kills this saves a lot of time and bullets so its good for your score, try to kill the poodles when they growl before they attack, this is the best moment to attack them, then kill the zombies that attack our protege and leave the far away ones for last. 3.- Ducks in a barrel - * - CT: 15 sec 17" - BU: 8 - A: 100% There are 8 zombies in the theather distributed at random, you'll have to shoot them down really quickly so don't dawdle, since this is just a shoot-zombies- appearing-at-random mission then I don't have other tips besides the ones you already know like aim right, don't waste bullets, etc. 4.- Make it rain - * - CT: 10 sec. 20" - BU: 6 - A: 100% There are six helicopters attacking two people, you'll have to destroy all six, the persons in danger are very low on health so they don't withstand much damage, the six helicopters are hovering above the two and they're almost at the same height so you'll have no problem with this mission. 5.- Naughty poodle - ** - CT: 10 sec 94" - BU: 3 - A: 100 % You have a view from above the leisure park and you have to kill three poodles, be careful though, there are propane tanks and survivors everywhere so if you shoot one tank one of the survivors is gonna blow up, start off by killing the right poodle, then middle and the left one for last, I recommend you to aim where the poodle will pass instead (see badly done graphic below) of aiming at the poodle directly or shooting it when it stopped to growl. Running poodle> ==& O 0 o < these are other zombies. ooo0ooo //// oooooo Note: the times I played he was there, while you play he may appear somewhere else, anyway be sure to look for it and when you retry he'll be in the same part that's how it worked for me. 8.-The impossible is possible - ** - TC: 12 sec 00", BU: 1, A: 100% In this mission you'll have to kill 75 zombies under one minute, sounds hard huh? Well the area is full of propane tanks, used right they could make a chain raction, that's great, now we only need to use one bullet, how do you do this you say? Easy, just aim at the leftmost propane tank, this PT is located at the left side of a collumn near the big pink rabbit, just shoot it and it will cause a chain reaction that'll kill all the zombies. 9.- Roller coaster rampage - ** - 2 min. 06 sec., BU: 12, A: 100% You'll have to kill 12 zombies while riding the roller coaster of wonderland plaza, sometimes it gets difficult to aim because the ride's moving but you'll just have to aim correctly (for example it your aim is moving to the right then move it to the left so when it moves you can use the opportunity to get the target in your sights) now sometimes the zombies will change places so I'll provide locations where they can possibly spawn: 1.- At any of the four playpark signs, 2.- at the top of any of the soccer balls, 3.- at the top of any of the houses, 4.- next to the stairs to get in the ride, 5.- at the rides exit, 6.- on the left side from where you start, 7.- on the right side from where you start, 8.- at the bridge at the start, 9.- left when you turn-around, 10.- left when you're returning. 10.- The adorable servbot - *** - CT: 40 sec. 04", BU: 23, A: 100% In this mission there are humans and zombies but all of them have servbot masks so it makes it difficult to know which one is which, there are 25 zombies that you have to shoot, you may be asking yourself now how am I suppose yo know whose a zombie and whose human? Simple they have they're differences, humans stand straight while zombies don't, also zombies have they're heads like they're gonna fall down any minute, while humans have they're heads straight, and the final difference is that humans stand still while zombies tend to move a little, shoot the zombies and be careful not to shoot a person by mistake because he/she was behind a zombie, remember rifle bullets can kill two targets with a single bullet. 11.- Target practice 2 - *** - CT: 27 sec 58" BU: 2 A: 100% Like target practice 1, except this time you'll have to kill 2 zombies, one of the zombies has a striped violet t-shirt and red shorts, the red shorts can be a life saver when you find zombies with similar t-shirts, the other zombie has a sky blue jacket and grey pants, they're hiding spots are random so I can't help ya' out on this one. 12.- Covering fire - *** - CT: 1 min 16 BU: 22 A: 95% There are 50 zombies and 2 soldiers fighting, you'll have to team up with them and kill them all, don't hit the soldiers, my only recommendation is that you try and score double kills. 13.- Elevator action - **** - CT: 4 sec 14" BU: 1 A: 100% You'll have ten seconds to kill a zombie with some kind of bandanna in the head, look for it and kill it. 14.- Balloon burstin' - **** - CT: 1 min 03 sec BU: 10 A: 100% There are 6 zombies, 2 poddles and 2 parrots with balloons tied up to they're heads, you'll have to shoot the ballons without killing the enemies, the dogs are the easiest to locate because they keep running near the lake, I recommend that you kill the parrots first because you can have trouble later if you don't know where they are, at the beginning of the mission they fly around the place but after that you can lose them in the trees, after killing the parrots and the poodles look for the zombies, the blue balloons are difficult to see so search carefully. 15.- Hide and seek - **** - CT: 1 min 08 sec BU: 5 A: 100% 5 zombies are hidden in leisure park, find them and kill them, the zombies are hidding at random places so I can't help you with locations, however I can help you a little, look at the top of the clock tower a zombie can appear there, also there can be zombies lying on the ground (I found one near the clock tower) so many times looking for zombie movement doesn't help, search between the trees that's were they're usually hiding. 16.- Bodyguard 2 - **** - CT: 51 sec 66" BU: 14 A: 100% Like bodyguard 1 except you have to defend two people from 15 enemies this time, they're 4 JO's, 4 poodles, 4 cultists and 3 zombies, start by killing the JO on the left and then the JO on the right, when you kill an enemy (except for zombies) another of the same type appears (for example if you kill the two JO's another two appear at they're starting spots, but if you kill one of those no more appear) anyway kill the other 2 JO's that appear after you killed the first bunch, now concentrate on killing the cultists and the poodles, I recommend killing the poodles first because some of the cultists tend to be idle, after you kill 4 poodles and 4 cultists the only remaining enemies are the zombies, the two guys defend themselves a little so zombies were the least of our problems, now kill the three zombies but be careful and don't shoot your protege's. 17.- Clear a path - ***** - CT: 48 sec 53", BU: 11, A: 100% This mission takes place in the mall, there are many barricades in it and there's a guy (Jeff) who needs to be reunited with his wife, there's a JO chasing him so you'll have to destroy the barricades so the JO doesn't kill Jeff, at the first barricade destroy the lawnmower and the bench, at the second barricade you can make a path with one shoot, destroy the bench and the garbage can with one bullet, now aim to the right to the third barricade, destroy the umbrella (aim at the center of it to destroy it, then the benches and shooping cart with two shoots, you gotta be fast in the next one, there's a propanel tank to the left of the barricade, destroy it before Jeff arrives or the explosion will kill him, then destroy Steven's shopping cart, at the last barricade shoot at the TV (TV's need two shots to be destroyed, but that doesn't mean you can't destroy things behind it with the first one) that should also destroy the things behind it, now shoot it again and the path will be clear, then Jeff will be reunited with his wife. 18.- Polly wants a cracker - ***** - CT: 28 sec 41", BU: 2, A: 100% This is without question the hardest mission of all the 20 SA missions, there are a lot of parrots and you'll have to kill 4 red parrots the rest of them are blue if you shoot them it's game over, my recommendation for this game is that you play the mission when all the parrots are together and then they come down, if you get the mission when they're randomly distributed then end the mission and start it again until you have the one where all the parrots are together, quickly zoom in and located the red ones, shoot them, if they start to disperse or you lose them restart the mission it's a lot easier this way, try to kill all the parrots when they're together or at least kill three of them and search for the one that got away, if you lost 2 or more then restart because it's pretty difficult. 19.- Give it a shot - ***** - CT: 6 sec 23", BU: 4, A: 100% You're in the tunnels and you'll have to destroy four lights (the yellow ones, not the white ones) in Carlito's truck, you have to be very fast because if you don't he'll run you over. 20.- Clay shooting with Otis - ***** - CT: 36 sec 29", BU: 12, A:100% The last mission, Cletus will throw twelve things in the air (one by one) and you'll have to destroy them, they technically get destroyed when they crash with the ground but this takes time so it's better if you shoot them, he can throw benches, shopping carts, propane tanks and even zombies and kents, I don't have any recommendation besides aiming at the middle right part so the mission can be finished faster, also keep in mind that for example X zombies appears to be running while he's thrown, and Y zombie spins diagonally, be sure to remember which things are thrown at what height and speed, this will help you greatly. ___________________________________________________________________________ ------------------- 11.-Weapons. [WPN] ------------------- The weapons section, still in working process, I'll find all the weapons and I'll add them here with detailed info on them. 1HKO = 1 Hit KO Acoustic guitar: Baseball bat: Medium speed, 1HKO Battle axe: 1HKO, fast, excellent range Bench: Press A to use it, 1HKO, excelent frontal range, good against multiple opponents in front of you, useless when surrounded, slow. Bike: Very small range, press A repeteadly to use Bowling ball: Press A to attack with it, 1HKO (pretty fast for it's weight) and you can also wave the wiimote to throw it. Broom: Good range, 1HKO, when it breaks it leaves you the broomstick Broomstick: Good range, 1HKO Bucket: Good damage. Cardboard box: Decent damage, breaks easily (no, you can't hide in it like in MG). Cash register: Slow, 1HKO. Chainsaw: Hold A button down to activate, just run and chop them till they drop. Chair: Fire extinguisher: Limited ammo, used for diversion, doesn't deal damage, pretty much useless. Frying pan: Pretty good damage, press A to use. Garbage can: Slow but powerful. Golf club: Fast, 1HKO. Green china vase: 1HKO, can only be used once. Katana: Fast, 1HKO Knife: Fast, 1HKO Lawnmower: Hold A to activate, mows zombies down, good damage, don't leave until the zombie is dead. Lead pipe: Mannequin: IHKO, medium speed, press A to attack and wave the wiimote to throw. Parasol: Hold A to charge, excelent weapon for defence, covers a lot of range. Propane tank: Fire at it to make it explode, decent range, makes zombies go boom. Shopping cart: Hold A to use it, fast, useful to get from one place to another safe, it doesn't kill at the first attempt. Sledgehammer: 1HKO Small chainsaw: 1HKO, fast Soccer ball: Good damage, Press A to kick it. Stepladder: Medium speed, 1HKO. Skateboard: Fast, Hold A to use and B to stop, rans over zombies. Toy lazer sword: Traffic cone: 1HKO TV: Slow, excellent damage (the guy who said TV destroys minds...was literally right). ______________________________________________________________________ ======================== 12.- Combinations [COM] ========================= This is a list of what combinations of food create what mixed juices: Mixed juice = MJ Apple + Melon = MJ (Yellow) Lettuce + Cabbage = MJ (Green) Orange + Cabbage = MJ (Yellow) Protein + MJ (Blue) = MJ (White) Protein + MJ (Yellow) = MJ (White) (More to come) =========================== 13.-Version history [VSH] =========================== March 1st 2009, Version 0.25 Pretty much the basics, started weapons section and covered Case file 1. March 4th 2009 Version 0.40 Added two more missions, started books, enemies and skills sections, added more weapons March 7th 2009 Version 0.75 Advanced a lot in the walkthrough. March 8th 2009 Version 1.0 Finished the walkthrough,it stills needs to be polished though. March 9th 2009 Version 1.01 Started Juices, Mixed juices, Secrets and unlockables, Hints & tips, Food, Odd jobs and Second ammendment sections. March 10th 2009 Version 1.02 Added 5 Odd jobs missions and 5 Second amendment missions. March 11th 2009 Version 1.03 Version 1.03 Added 4 Odd jobs missions and 5 Second amendment missions. March 16th 2009 Version 1.06 Added 4 Odd jobs missions, finished Second amendment missions. April 8th 2009 Version 1.07 Finished Odd jobs missions. __________________________________________________________________________ ======================= 14.-Legal notes. [LGN] ======================= I don't own this game or anything related to it besides this guide. I made this guide so I don't want to see it posted in a site that's not: gamefaqs ( cheat code central ( gamers hell ( super cheats ( neoseeker ( games radar ( cheat planet ( 1up ( my cheats ( my wii ( That's right, for some reason I'm desirable. If you want to put my guide in your website you have to e-mail me first 'nuff said. Copyright(c) 2009 Hisham "darkhisham"-"nightmare".</p>