Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix Cammy Guide Version 1.0 December 03, 2008 By: DanRyoga (DanTheTimid) Contact: Contents: (1) Intro (2) Why should I play Cammy (3) Changes from ST to STHDR (4) Cannon Drill Tactics (5) Thrust Kick Tactics (6) Spinning Back Fist Tactics (7) Hooligan Throw Tactics (8) Spin Drive Smasher Tactics (9) Normal Tactics (10) Credits ******************************************************************************* (1) Intro ******************************************************************************* Welcome to my first ever fighting game character guide. As some one whose never won a major tournament I make no claims that any of this advice will win you a tournament either, only that I have spent a ridiculous amount of time playing Cammy and these are the findings I've come across. For experts most of this advice probably will be common sense but for beginners to intermediate I hope some of my tips will prove of use to you. ******************************************************************************* (2) Why should I play Cammy ******************************************************************************* Theres alot of characters in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix, and they each seem to have something going for them. Why then should you choose to play as Cammy, a character considered by many one of the worst in classic ST? Well for one thing, because of her status in many peoples minds as the worst character she isn't played very much. Play Ryu/Ken/Akuma and almost every opponent you face is going to already know your every move because they've been facing shotokons all day. Play Cammy and you may be the first or one of only a handful of Cammys they've played all day, that means they're going to be alot less use to your style and prepared for countering it. For another thing, she's different. Alot of the other characters share many similarities, but outside of maybe Thrust Kick (although the back flip on block is unique its still basically just a dragon punch) cammy's moves are nothing like anything else the other characters have. Combine that with my first point and you'll find opponents often don't even know what happened when you hooligan throw them. If you want specific game play advantages, she's both strong and fast. She has one of the fastest foot speeds in the game and has damage outputs that will often trade in your advantage with the other fast characters and fair trade with some of the medium speed characters. Yeah she may have been the worst, but she got a fresh start with this game and at least for the moment people are still hopeful that she can be a real contender this time around. ******************************************************************************* (3) Changes from ST to STHDR ******************************************************************************* As a long time Cammy player I was ecstatic when I heard that they intended to make Cammy more playable in this new version of the game. Now that we have the game in our hands player's feelings on just how helpful the changes were are mixed. She improved in at least one, possibly 2 areas, but she also suffered alot of downgrades as well, pretty rough for a character consider by many to be the worst or among the worst in the original Super Turbo. First 2 changes that will make a big difference to long time players: Hooligan throw is now quarter circle forward + Punch Spinning Back Fist is now quarter circle backward + Punch Both of these moves used to be incredible difficult to do and as such these changes have made Cammy much more accessible to the average player. Considering she's a roll character (rolls the stick rather then charges to do moves) I feel the new motions make sense and suit her nicely. Next we have her Upgrades: Cannon Drill now has much faster recovery and thus is more safe. Spinning Back Fist is invulnerable to sweeps and fireballs during start up. Spinning Back Fist's second hit has a larger hit box I'll address how these changes have affected the way both of these moves work in their respective sections but needless to say they helped alot. Lastly we have the Downgrades: Thrust Kick now is much less safe when blocked Short Cannon Drill's priority has been reduced Jumping Strong punch can no longer hit slides The always sake Thrust Kick was something I loved about Cammy so I was sad to see that go but it can still be safe from certain distances. The reduced priority on her best Cannon Drill also hurt alot but its worth while exchange for her faster recovery. Lastly her losing the ability to hit slides, most notably dhalsims hurt ALOT more then the average player will ever realize but for average players and not top ones the difference isn't THAT noticeable. ******************************************************************************* (4) Cannon Drill Tactics ******************************************************************************* Cammy's signature self-projectile move got upgraded in a big way in STHDR and I strongly suggest you take advantage of it. Her quicker recovery means you don't have to pray it lands anymore but can actually set yourself up at distances so that you can poke with it with out fear of punishment. Input: Down , Down/Toward , Toward + Kick For beginners I STRONGLY suggest you spend significant time just practicing this move. Not just the input, which as a typical hadouken motion only with a kick really shouldn't be too hard unless this is your first fighting game, but the spacing on where you can and can't connect with a cannon drill and still recover before your opponent can hit you if he blocks it. Don't become infactuated with the cannon drill. Yes its does decent damage, hits quickly, knocks down, and once you get the distances down is basically always safe on block. Trust me, you will be using this move and you'll be using it alot. But it is not your only move. Cannon drill has its weaknesses, for instance its vulnerable from above allowing it to be hit by jumping opponents and well timed dragon uppercuts. It doesn't go through projectiles. It also only controls the ground area, making it very hard to connect with against largely aerial opponents. Its worth nothing that cannon drill does link up well with several of Cammy's normals allowing you to poke with something else, then deliver the actual knock down with a cannon drill. My personal favorite is crouching forward kick into cannon drill as the C.LK comes out quickly and has good range. Because of the improved recovery its also actually possible to do a short cannon drill and immediately follow it up with another short cannon drill, but watch out as the shorts priority is not as good as it used to be. ******************************************************************************* (5) Thrust Kick Tactics ******************************************************************************* This used to be my favorite move of Cammy's, it had great range and its back flip and recovery allowed me to always be safe if it was blocked, I was only really in trouble when I missed entirely. STHDR decided that was too good however and now you have to be a little more careful when using your Thrust Kicks (or Cannon Spikes if you prefer, I know I do). Input: Toward, Down, Down/Toward + Kick For beginners I suggest sticking with the short version at first. Her forward and round house versions don't just go up but also forward which has some very interesting uses, BUT if you miss with them they often leave you in a world of hurt and it can take some time to become good at judging where you and your opponent will be when aiming at something that far away. That said once you do get more familiar with things do take the time to get down all 3 versions of her thrust kick as knowing when to use each version can be extraordinarily useful, especially against some of the more aerial opponents you may face. This time around landing the Thrust Kick isn't all thats too the move, you also need to pay attention to spacing. Thrust Kick does still have a back flip and as such it is still safe on block from many distances and many opponents but it takes time and practice to get a feel for where each of those are. For whatever reason beginner or mediocre players tend to love to jump... ALOT. Because of this, if you plan to play online its EXTREMELY useful to have already mastered this move before hand, even if its just the short version. The fact that your cannon drill is so hard to punish now and attacks so low will most likely only further fuel players to try to jump in on you so using Cammy as much or more then any other character this is truly important. ******************************************************************************* (6) Spinning Back Fist Tactics ******************************************************************************* Spinning back fist was always a move I wanted to do in older SF games but just couldn't pull off with any consistency. The new easier motion has done wonders in alleviating that problem for me. As for usefulness, previously only the jab version went through fireballs and thus for me at least was the only useful version. Now all 3 versions go through, but honestly so far it still seems like the jab version is the only useful version. Input: Down, Down/Away , Away + Punch For beginners I STRONGLY suggest only using the jab version of this move. Maybe there is a way to effectively use the strong and fierce versions but so far I haven't found it and I suspect if they are useful that only the best of the best are going to find and use them in those moments. Why not use the strong and fierce versions? The problem has to do with how long the moves are. The strong and fierce versions may go farther, but they also take longer to complete and only the start up and middle of the move is invulnerable, the very end is EXTREMELY vulnerable, especially to sweeps. This means if you attempt to strong or fierce spinning back fist through a fireball the opposing Ryu for example can just sweep you before the punches of the move connect. Another thing to keep in mind is that your not entirely invulnerable, only your mid section and feet. While you can go through most fire balls and sweeps, any high attack will stop you in your tracks and Sagats high fire balls can not be spinning back fisted to avoid them. This is another reason I find the non-jab versions less useful since once you start the move your committed to finishing it and that means your head is just sitting out their waiting to be smacked for an excruciatingly long period of time. So when and how should you use the SBF? It takes a little practice to get the exact spacing down but my favorite spot to use the move is at such a distance that only the very end of the move will connect with my opponent. From here I can respond to a fire ball on reaction and maybe connect, at worse block and now I'm right up next to them further limiting their fire ball potential. Any farther then this distance and I only use it if I'm trying to get in on a fire baller whose firing them at me. From any closer and I try not to use it unless my opponent is being fire ball happy in which case I try to use it before they actually use their fire ball. If you correctly guess a fireball is coming from this distance you'll not only avoid it but get both hits from the SBF, but it is risky so I wouldn't suggest it against everyone. Against non fireballers I tend to use it less. In theory you can bypass sweeps with it but in reality most of the time they'll recover from the first sweep before your attack comes out and hit you with a second one so its really mostly used when I predict something is going to happen that I know the SBF will get me through. ******************************************************************************* (7) Hooligan Throw Tactics ******************************************************************************* Heres another move I used to be unable to do with any consistency. With the new input it was almost as if I was given an entirely new move to my arsenal. That said, its a tricky move that seems more useful against beginners then advanced players, but even there it does have its uses. Input: Down, Down/Toward, Toward + Punch Couple things to remember, first off the throw isn't automatic, the default action Cammy takes is a sweep, a move thats only useful in very rare situations as she stays in the air for an incredibly long time before she lands and sweeps. To get the throw you need to hit either away or toward and kick as Cammy gets within throw distance of your opponent. Beginners, though starting the hooligan cannon ball might be easy, you may find that getting the throw to come out is not quite so easy. I know I did when I first tried using this move. I however learned a little trick that made things much easier. After inputting the move, do not release "toward". Keep holding it and then hit kick as you near your opponent. Using this method I've found I can get the throw to come out every time. Something else worth knowing, hitting up or down with the kick will instead cause Cammy to come out of her cannon ball and just land with out doing anything. It might not sound like thats all that great but there are often situations where that can be useful, such as bluffing a hooligan throw/slide or just stopping yourself if you mispositioned yourself and you can see you won't connect. As for how to use the move itself, first off, use if sparingly. Hooligan throw has a huge weakness in that just about any attack your opponent throws out will smack you out of it. That means you need to either catch your opponent guarding or recovering from one of their moves. Advanced players will almost always knock you out of it on reaction so against them your probably best to avoid using it for anything but a counter to something else. What does it counter? Well a popular favorite is to counter non-high tiger shot fire balls. The hooligan cannon ball goes just high enough to get over most projectiles and allows you to either close the distance, or if you predicted the fire ball, maybe even get a free hooligan throw during their recovery. How else can you use it? Well like I said its hard to use it against expert players but against most players the trick is to make your opponent defensive. By applying lots of pressure with your cannon drills and other attacks you can often train an opponent to block on reaction to your moving. Now their set up for an easy hooligan throw. Don't get greedy, however, you can get away with one, maybe even two if your opponent is especially gun shy, but each hooligan throw you perform makes your opponent more likely to counter it next time you try. Heres the true beauty of hooligan throw though. Even if you use it only once, it gets in your opponents head. Now every time you do anything your opponent has to worry that it might be a hooligan throw. This can often lead to them attack when they should have blocked allowing other attacks like your cannon drills to land when they normally wouldn't. In the end the trick to the hooligan throw is to use it JUST enough to make sure your opponent knows you could do it, and not anymore then that. In many ways the threat the hooligan throw presents is much more useful then the actual move itself. ******************************************************************************* (8) Spin Drive Smasher Tactics ******************************************************************************* Maybe its just my play style but I tend to find I build super meter incredibly fast with Cammy, its very rare I don't get at least one full super meter, some times I even get two! As such I find that more so then some of the other characters who fill up their meter more infrequently that its very important that you know how to make use of Cammy's super. Input: Down , Down/Toward , Toward, Down , Down/Toward , Toward + Kick For beginners, performing this move may be a little tricky, but then all supers are for beginners. Its definitely worth practicing this motion as using a spin drive smasher at the right time can be the difference between victory and defeat. Another thing beginners often do is use it the moment they get it. I know I said its possible to get 2 supers with Cammy, but it rare and not something you should be aiming for, don't be afraid to save the super for a moment when you can maximize its benefit. So what makes it so good? As you may have noticed its basically just a cannon drill linked to a thrust kick, doesn't seem all that great right? But there are 2 things that make this move special. First, like most supers, if you can connect with all of it (and that means being relatively close range upon activation) it can do some huge damage. Second, and in my mind even more important and useful, cammy is invulnerable during the move! Thats right, you can actually spin drive smash right through a fireball into the fireballer. Its also worth mentioning that since you can poke with it like a normal cannon drill you can also use it to do some what decent block damage, nothing incredible but enough to finish off an already near dead opponent and outside of dodging it theres really not much he can do about it do to your invulnerability. ******************************************************************************* (9) Normal Tactics ******************************************************************************* I'm not going to go into a great deal of detail about her normals, like most characters she has alot. I will go over a few of my favorites though and my favorite inputs to use them with. Crouching Forward Kick Input: Down + Forward (medium kick) As I mentioned previously this attack comes out quickly and has good range. It also links well into a short cannon drill. Outside of cannon drill itself this is the move I find most useful for poking. Jumping Strong Punch Input: Up, Strong (medium punch) Her jumping forward and jumping back strong punches got weakened but her straight up and down strong punch did not. The range may not be great and the attack might not look like much, but the priority it has is amazing, allowing you to beat out all sorts of attacks (including E. Honda's hundred hand slap) Jumping Short Kick Input: Up/Toward, Short (light kick) This is my favorite move for crossing up an opponent. When you've knocked an opponent down jump just over them and light kick. If you do it right two things will happen, one the back of your kicks hit box will hit your opponent, and two, your opponent will have basically a 50/50 guessing game as to which direction he has to press in order to block depending on if the hit registers from the front or back. From there your in close to either continue pressure or possibly even throw depending on what your opponent did. ******************************************************************************* (10) Credits ******************************************************************************* This was the first character guide of DanTheTimid (Danryoga on gamefaqs). If you have any tips/suggestions you'd like to give me for this guide please contact me at I'd like to thank capcom for making the original game, backbone for making this remixed version, and Sirlin for putting all the work he did into making this version as balanced as it is. Oh and Udon too for making Cammy look as awesome as she deserves to. I'd also like to thank anyone whose posted on a forum lately and made a comment about Cammy, I've been reading everything about her I can and testing everything I read out. Some things panned out, some didn't, but in the end the experiences helped me learn her alot better which allowed me to even consider making this. Oh, and please don't steal this guide with out my permission, I can't imagine why you'd want to since I'm a relative unknown in the world of street fighter but if you do want to use it just ask.</p>