NFL Blitz 2000 FAQ Version 1.0 11/7/99 E-Mail: Sections: 1. Introduction 2. Update History 3. Controls 4. Game Modes 5. Codes 6. Reviews 7. Personal Strategy 8. Frequently Asked Questions 9. Credits 10. NFL 2K vs. NFL Blitz 2000 11. Legal Information --------------------------------- 1. Introduction --------------------------------- Welcome to my NFL Blitz 2000 FAQ/Walkthrough. In this FAQ you will learn the basics plus the Strategy that I use to win all the games I play. If you don't believe me, you should go check out the wonderful FAQ I made on NFL 2K. I have gotten all good comments on it. I will be updating this FAQ at least once a week so be sure to come back and read what I updated. Please go read my NFL 2K FAQ and please go buy NFL 2K if you haven't, because it is a better game then NFL Blitz 2000. --------------------------------- 2. Update History --------------------------------- November 7, 1999 - Welcome to Version 1.0 of my NFL Blitz 2000 FAQ. I hope you enjoy the FAQ because it took a while to make. You probably know who I am if you enjoy football games because I have made the biggest and best FAQ on NFL 2K. Please check back at least once a week because I will be updating it a lot. Also, please check out my NFL 2K FAQ that is wonderful to read. --------------------------------- 3. Controls --------------------------------- The controls for this game can not be more straight forward. After about one game, you will have the controller memorized and it will be so easy to pick who you are going to throw to. Initial Game Controls A................................Hurdle/Tackle B................................Pass/Change Player D-Pad............................Move Player L Trigger........................Turbo R Trigger........................Blitz Passing/Audible --------------------------------- 4. Game Modes --------------------------------- NFL Blitz 2000 has a lot of modes to keep you busy. Here I have listed all the modes and have listed a brief description of each one. Arcade Mode - Up to four players can play. The regular straight forward Arcade mode. Tournament - Play with up to 8 teams competing to see who wins. Season - Play a regular season. Only one person can play. Play Editor - Make your own plays and save them to play with. --------------------------------- 5. Codes --------------------------------- All of these codes were taken off and If you have any other codes for NFL Blitz 2000 please e-mail me them. Bonus Players To activate a bonus player, go to the "Enter Name for Record Keeping" screen and enter their corresponding name and personal identification number (PIN). The phrase, "Lights out baby!" confirms correct entry. Name PIN Alec 1197 Alien 1111 AOB 1111 Aubrey 7777 AZPOD 4777 Beth 7761 BILLZ 0526 Boxer 2111 Brian 1111 Brian 2221 Brian 0818 Caleb 0996 Carltn 1111 Curtis 1111 Daniel 0604 David 3333 DBN 6969 Dino 1111 Ed 3246 Eddie 3333 Forden 1111 Franz 1010 Gaston 1111 Gene 0310 Gentil 1111 Grinch 0222 Grinch 2220 Guido 2222 Guido 6765 Gamby 8698 Japple 6660 Jason 3141 Jeff 1111 Jenifr 3333 JimK 5651 John 5158 Josh 4288 Jove 6644 Lex 7777 LT 7777 Luis 3333 MarkA 1112 Mike 3333 Mitch 4393 Monty 1836 Moose 1111 MXV 1014 Nathan 0515 Nico 4440 Paula 0425 Paulo 0517 PIRATE 1111 PunkB 2112 PunkR 1221 RAIDEN 3691 Ralph 1111 RandU 6666 Rog 8148 Root 6000 Ryan 1029 SAD 1111 Sal 0201 Shinok 8337 SHRUNK 6666 Shin 0530 SKULL 1111 SMILE 1111 THUG 1111 Todd 1122 TREX 1111 Turmel 0322 Van 1234 WHODAT 1844 ZZ 1221 Cheat Codes To activate a cheat, enter its corresponding code on the VS screen. Numbers indicate how many times Turbo, Jump and Pass buttons should be pressed. For example, 5-2-5 means: Press TURBO 5 times. Press JUMP 2 times. Press PASS 5 times. Cheat Code Always receiver*** 2-2-2 RIGHT Always quarterback*** 2-2-2 LEFT Big football 0-5-0 RIGHT Big head mode 2-0-0 RIGHT Display field goal % 0-0-1 DOWN Display punt hang-time meter 0-0-1 RIGHT Fast turbo 0-3-2 LEFT Field (asphalt) 3-0-1 UP Field (astroturf) 3-0-3 UP Field (grass) 3-0-0 UP Field (snow) 3-0-4 UP Hide receiver name 1-0-2 RIGHT Hyper blitzing* 5-5-5 UP Infinite turbo 5-1-4 UP Invisible receiver highlight 3-3-3 LEFT Late hits 0-1-0 UP No first downs 2-1-0 UP No fumbles 4-3-2 DOWN No interceptions 3-4-4 UP No out-of-bounds 2-1-1 LEFT No punting 1-5-1 UP Play book (current team) 1-0-0 UP Player (big head) 2-0-0 RIGHT Player (headless) 3-2-1 LEFT Player (huge head) 0-4-0 UP Player (invisible) 4-3-3 UP Power-up Blockers 3-1-2 LEFT Power-up Defense 4-2-1 UP Power-up Teammates 2-3-3 UP Power-up Offense 3-2-1 UP Smarter CPU opponent* 3-1-4 DOWN Stadium (City) 5-0-1 LEFT Stadium (Day) 5-0-1 DOWN Stadium (Night) 5-0-2 DOWN Stadium (OFF) 5-0-0 LEFT Stadium (Old Day) 5-0-1 UP Stadium (Old Night) 5-0-2 UP Stadium (Old Snow) 5-0-3 UP Stadium (Roman) 5-0-3 LEFT Stadium (Snow) 5-0-3 DOWN Super blitzing 0-4-5 UP Super field goals 1-2-3 LEFT Super passes 2-5-0 LEFT Team (big heads) 2-0-3 RIGHT Team (big players) 1-4-1 RIGHT Team (tiny players) 3-1-0 RIGHT Time (night game) 0-2-2 RIGHT Tournament mode** 1-1-1 DOWN Turbo (fast) 0-3-2 LEFT Weather (clear) 2-1-1 LEFT Weather (fog) 0-3-0 DOWN Weather (rain) 5-5-5 RIGHT Weather (snow) 5-2-5 DOWN Weather (thick fog) 0-4-1 DOWN * 1P game only ** 2P game only *** Requires 2 player entry Hidden Plays While playing a game of Blitz using a VMU you can hide the cursor by going to the top left corner and then by pressing up twice. You can then look down at the VMU screen to see which play you have highlighted even though it is hidden to everyone else! submitted by Zach NFL Playbooks To use a team's playbook, enter its corresponding code on the VS screen. Numbers indicate how many times Turbo, Jump and Pass buttons should be pressed. For example, 5-2-5 means: Press TURBO 5 times. Press JUMP 2 times. Press PASS 5 times. Cheat Code 49ers 1-5-1 LEFT Bears 1-1-0 -none- Bengals 1-1-2 LEFT Bills 1-0-4 LEFT Browns 1-1-3 LEFT Buccaneers 1-5-4 LEFT Broncos 1-1-5 RIGHT Cardinals 1-0-1 LEFT Chargers 1-4-5 LEFT Chiefs 1-2-5 LEFT Colts 1-2-3 UP Cowboys 1-1-4 LEFT Dolphins 1-3-1 LEFT Eagles 1-3-3 LEFT Falcons 1-0-2 LEFT Giants 1-3-5 LEFT Jaguars 1-2-4 LEFT Jets 1-4-1 LEFT Lions 1-1-1 LEFT Packers 1-2-2 LEFT Panthers 1-0-5 LEFT Patriots 1-4-3 LEFT Raiders 1-4-2 LEFT Rams 1-5-3 LEFT Ravens 1-0-3 LEFT Redskins 2-0-1 LEFT Saints 1-3-4 LEFT Seahawks 1-5-2 LEFT Steelers 1-4-4 LEFT Titans 1-5-5 LEFT Vikings 1-3-2 LEFT --------------------------------- 6. Reviews --------------------------------- Personal Review: I bought the first NFL Blitz for Nintendo 64 a while ago. When I saw NFL Blitz 2000 as a release for Dreamcast I was excited. But I saw NFL 2K and wanted that game a lot more. So I bought NFL 2K on 9/9/99 and I got Blitz for my birthday. Blitz is a great game for people who don't really like the simulation that NFL 2K brings to you. I am really happy that I got the game. It is pretty much like the first version but the graphics are better, there are more plays, and the layout is better. If you are thinking of buying NFL Blitz 2000 for Dreamcast and already own Blitz 2000 for N64 or Playstation then I highly suggest you don't. All this game has over those games is the graphics are slightly better. But if you own the first Blitz for N64 or Playstation I highly suggest you get this near arcade perfect game. Its worth the 50 bucks. Please send in any reviews you have for this game to me at --------------------------------- 7. Personal Strategy --------------------------------- If you play me at NFL Blitz 2000 you will get killed. I am very good at this game. For offense, all I use is Da Bomb. I pretty much use Da Bomb for all my plays. If I don't see any of the three recievers open, then I will run with the Quarterback. Usually if you run to the left there will be no one there and you will get at least 15 yards. On defense, I use Deep Zone and Middle Zone. I use Middle Zone on 1st and 2nd down. I use Deep Zone on third down and long. If it is third down and short I usually use Middle Zone. You should never punt if you want to win. It is a big mistake because the returner will usually get half the yards back. Just try to go deep. If you use this strategy I use then you will probably win all of your games except when you are playing me. --------------------------------- 8. Frequently Asked Questions --------------------------------- Question: Should I buy NFL2K or NFL Blitz? Answer : You should buy both but NFL2K is surely the better game. Question: What is the best team to use? Answer : I like the Dallas Cowboys the most. Question: How old are you? Answer : Probably the same age as you. Question: Is there anything wrong with this game? Answer : Nope. Question: How much is this game? Answer : Around $50.00. Question: Do you own NFL Blitz 2000? Answer : Yes, I got it for my birthday with another game, skis, and a light gun. That should answer all of your questions. If you have anymore questions feel free to contact me. --------------------------------- 9. Credits --------------------------------- This FAQ is made 99% by me. I would like to thank: GameSages ( for supplying the codes for this FAQ. GameFAQs ( for hosting all my reviews and FAQs. --------------------------------- 10. NFL 2K vs. NFL Blitz 2000 --------------------------------- Thinking of buying a good football game for Dreamcast. Well, right now there is one extremely good game and one average game. NFL 2K has to be the best football game ever. NFL Blitz 2000 isn't bad either though. I got NFL 2K on 9/9/99 and NFL Blitz 2000 on 10/23/99 and I play both of them. I probably play NFL 2K more just because it is more fun. In this long paragraph, I have listed what game is the better choice to buy. Hope you enjoy it, and hope you buy at least one of these games. Graphics First off, NFL 2K is a great game graphics wise. When you first walk into the room and you see someone playing NFL 2K, you think you are watching T.V. This game has the best graphics next to Soul Calibur. On the other case, NFL Blitz 2000 graphics are simple. They are pretty much the same as the Playstation version. While NFL 2K has differen't faces, jerseys with wholes in them, dirty pants, and stuff like that, NFL Blitz 2000 has the basics. So if you are looking for a game with good graphics, then make sure you get NFL 2K over NFL Blitz. Graphics Results: NFL 2K = 10 NFL Blitz 2000 = 7 Sound This is a tough category. NFL 2K has really nice sounds. You can hear the players talk, the three announcers talk, and the crowd noise. There is on the field coverage about the weather and stuff like that. The announcers have funny things to say, but sometimes they say the same stuff twice in a game. Most of the time the announcers are right about the stuff. On the other hand, NFL Blitz 2000 also has good sound. The announcers mostly say funny stuff that never gets old. The players talk and say funny stuff also. You can't really rate these games head to head on sound because they are a lot different. I tried to thought. Sound Results NFL 2K = 9 NFL Blitz 2000 - 8.5 Gameplay NFL 2K has to be the best all around game. The gameplay is awesome. You have to get use to running but once you get that down the gameplay is solid. The games are usually pretty close when you play on All Pro with 1 or 2 minute quarters. The Al is pretty good. NFL Blitz 2000 gets a bit old after a while. The gameplay is more like WWF wrestling. All you have to do is make sure you don't get body slammed or stuff like that. Basic running and throwing. The games are usually scored real high. The Al is also fairly good for NFL Blitz 2000. Gameplay Results NFL 2K = 10 NFL Blitz 2000 = 8 Replay Value Both of these games have the same amount of replay value. When you have a friend over, you will probably play NFL 2K over NFL Blitz 2000. But if you have three friends over, then you'll probably play NFL Blitz 2000 over NFL 2K for two reasons. One, Blitz is much faster and it has a great 4 player opition. Also, it is more of a party game then a real football game. Overall, both of these games are going to last you a long time. Replay Value Results NFL 2K = 10 NFL Blitz 2000 = 10 Overall Overall, NFL 2K beats out NFL Blitz 2000. If you only have the money to get one football game, get NFL 2K, but if you can get both, please get both. Overall Results NFL 2K = 10 NFL Blitz 2000 = 9 --------------------------------- 11. Legal Information --------------------------------- This FAQ is for private use only. It may not be sold nor used in anyway to earn a profit. You may not use this on your website without my written permission. Copright 1999.</p>