INTRODUCTION If you bought a DBZ game chances are you already know who Goku is so I won't waste any time with a lengthy introduction telling his story from DB to DBGT. This is a guide to help you get better with Goku, I'll be covering combat tactics and techniques so if you are looking for a capsule list or an expanded list of moves that can be found in the command list, look somewhere else. If you want an explanation of the battle system, methods of countering real time ultimates, the charge cancel system explaned, and combos that deal 2000+ damage without stat boosting capsules then you came to the right place. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ UPDATE HISTORY 1/30/09 - Version 1.5 completed. Fixed typos, added a special move rating section, and expanded the combo section and frequently asked question section. 1/7/09 - Version 1 completed. Fixed typos, added a brief comparison section, and expanded the combo section. 12/28/08 - Finished and submitted first draft, will expand combo section and add comparison section in future updates. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TABLE OF CONTENTS Simply search the IW number with ctrl+Z to quickly jump to the desired section SECTION IW00: Z Goku or GT Goku SECTION IW01: Goku's Advantages SECTION IW02: Goku's Disadvantages SECTION IW03: Basic Techniques SECTION IW04: General Strategy SECTION IW05: Charge Cancels SECTION IW06: Goku's Main Strategy SECTION IW07: Combo Section SECTION IW08: Goku's Special Move Ratings SECTION IW09: Frequently Asked Questions SECTION IW10: Contact Information SECTION IW11: Special Thanks SECTOIN IW12: Legal Info ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SECTION IW00: DBZ GOKU OR DBGT GOKU Aside from height, there are no note worthy differences between DBZ Goku and DBGT Goku. They have the same melee strings, the same death moves, and the same ultimate. GT Goku does get an extra death move and ultimate but loses a transformation and the SSJ4 Gogeta fusion (which makes no sense but isn't a big deal) so it rounds out. While the lose of SSJ4 Gogeta may seem like a devastating blow to GT Goku, given the nature of fusions in Infinite World, it really doesn't matter. Gogeta is a timed fusion and is easily avoided by even the worst of players so it wasn't a good capsule to have in the first place. In any case, neither version of Goku has anything that makes him better or worse than the other. With that said, this guide can work for either Goku but it was written with DBZ Goku in mind. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SECTION IW01: ADVANTAGES - Goku's 5 transformations allow him to constantly break the opponent's guard and raise his base line ki through the match. Since Goku can transform even from his starting base line of 3 ki bars, it makes it next to impossible to defend against him. Even if Goku gets fatigued and is sent back into his base form, it just means that the opponent has to deal with even more guard breaks from a transformation. Once Goku reaches SSJ4, the match is pretty much over. - Goku has an insane rush down game with his PKK punch rush. PKK, while not as good as P+K for example) so if they teleport counter it, they are in no position to attack you. For characters that don't have lunging attacks, you will have to combo cancel a two hit charge attack but I'll cover that in a different section. Oh and just as a reminder, Ki Burn is a VERY stupid technique to use since you are giving the opponent the ki advantage for free. Even if the opponent triggers Ki Burn, all you have to do is run away until it wears off then rush in and kick their ass. *Fatigue management* See that little half circle bar under your character's picture, that is the fatgiue bar. When that bar maxes out, you will become fatigued at the next attack reguardless of how weak it is. Fatigue raises as you get hit but it also raises when you use teleporting techniques. This means that if you teleport too much, even if the opponent is getting hit more, you might risk raising your fatigue bar faster than theirs which is not a good thing. The fatigue guage SLOWLY decreases over time, there is nothing else you can do to lower it. With that in mind, the only real way to manage your fatigue is to make sure that the opponent's is raising faster than yours. Pummel them senseless, go on the offense, bait teleport counters, and take them out. Fatigues do reset transformations, and while that sounds pretty bad for you, it can actually work in your favor. Transformations guard break when done at point blank range so even if you get fatigued and are sent back to base form, at least you have an extra guard break. For characters like Goku, Frieza, and Cell who have multiple transformations, fatique actually works in their favor since thats another 4 or 5 guard breaks the opponent has to worry about. Since Heavy Slams can guarantee a combo after a guard break, a single transformation stun can turn the match around. *Dealing with Real Time Ultimates* Real Time Ultimates are hands down the most over rated attacks in the game. While they are powerful, they are nowhere near as game breaking as people make them out to be. Each one is blockable, and thanks to aura dash, they are easy to dodge even at close range. Real time ultimates may be scary the first time you encounter them, but once you see their weaknesses, you realize that they aren't anything special. There are only a few Real Time Ultimates in the game so lets take a closer look at them. Broly's Gigantic Slam This is the easiest real time ultimate to get around, it is close range only and the second attack can miss if the first doesn't connect properly. This ultimate isn't too damaging nor does it hit for that much fatigue so even if you do get caught by this one, it isn't a big deal. Just aura guard or dash away if you feel that this one is coming. In any case, this attack is only slightly better than Broly's normal death moves. Goten, Kid Trunks, and Cooler's Rapid Ki Barrage High damage, massive fatigue build, and harder to dodge due to the number of hits but each ki blast from this ultimate can be teleport countered. So unless you have less than 3 ki bars and utterly ignored everything I said about ki management earlier, this attack should never pose a huge threat. Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon Good damage, decent fatigue, and it is the quickest ki blast in the game so what is it's down fall? It came at a huge trade off to Piccolo, Piccolo has NO good combo starters or combo cancels. This means that Piccolo has poor ki building and trouble fighting at close range, which is where you should stay at all times. This isn't so much a flaw of the Real Time Ultimate as it is the character, SBC is the only good attack Piccolo has on him. Considering that most characters can get over 1000 damage easy off of a combo cancel, Piccolo's lack of good cancels far offsets any benefits he gains from having a real time ultimate. Unless Piccolo ends a combo cancel in SBC, he isn't going to get any real high numbers for damage. Even then, he has to waste 4 ki bars to get in an area of damage that most other characters can reach in just 2. Teen Gohan's Super Kamehameha Scary damage, 100% fatigue, very fast, and only 4 ki bars, this is the ONLY real time ultimate worth a look at. Unlike Piccolo, Teen Gohan has amazing combo cancels and even a physical death move on par with Goku's Dragon Fist making him an extremely dangerous character to go up against. So how do you avoid it? Well thats it, you just dodge it. Aura Dash is fast enough to dodge Super Kamehameha unless it is done at point blank range in which case you just block it. Even if Teen Gohan tries to land Super Kamehameha through a transformation stun, you can aura guard the stun making a follow up Super Kamehameha pointless. The only way Teen Gohan can land a guaranteed Super Kamehameha is if he combos into it and you can teleport counter the strikes before the Super Kamehameha connects. Super Kamehameha is just a really powerful blast, there is nothing really game breaking about it. If you were to take Super Kamehameha away from Teen Gohan, he would still be able to pulverize you and take away well over 2 bars of health in a single combo since his Soaring Dragon Strike can be looped into an infinite much like Goku's Dragon Fist can. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SECTION IW05: CHARGE CANCELS Charge cancels are what separates the novices from the experts, once you know how to charge cancel you will be able to stomp the A.I. senseless without any stat boosting capsules or recovery items even on Z difficulty. Charge cancels can chain together combos that do well over 2 health bars of life, easily surpassing ultimates in terms of damage and ki costs. Charge cancels are the pivot point of which all advance tactics in the Budokai series stem from, they add tremendous amounts of depth to the fighting engine. Okay so how do you charge cancel? Just charge an attack in a melee string and then guard. Only a few attacks can be held down and charged up so be sure to check through the command list to find them. When you combo cancel you return the character to their neutral state which means that they can follow up with any attack that they want. Once an attack is charging, it can be canceled at any point, even at the beginning of the charge so an immediate follow up is possible when you get fast enough. This is important for several reasons. First, the vast majority of melee strings in the game are unsafe on block meaning that you are open to attack immediately afterwards. By canceling an attack before the combo ends, you remove the recovery time and make it so that the opponent can no longer punish you. Take Goku's KKKK for example. Normally if the opponent blocks Goku's KKKK they can land a free combo once the final K ends. By canceling it at the forth K, Goku can block any counter attack that he would have normally be hit by. Even a teleport counter at the third K will be blocked by a cancel at the forth K. Second, charge cancels allow you to string multiple melee strings. When a charge cancel is used strictly to chain combos together, it is referred to as a combo cancel. Aside from damage, combo cancels build ki at a phenominal rate. It isn't hard to max out all 7 ki bars from just combo canceling. Since blocking adds to the fatigue bar, combo canceling also ramps up the opponent's fatigue. Combo cancels are invaluable to ki and fatigue management. Finally, combo cancels give you a guaranteed way to connect death moves and ultimate attacks. Given the cost of death moves and ultimates, it is too risky to use them on their own against a skilled opponent unless they happen to be fatigued at the the time. With combo cancels, any punch can lead into any death move or ultimate. Nothing sucks more than to go for an ultimate only to have the opponent avoid it and see 5 of your ki bars go down the drain. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SECTION IW06: MAIN STRATEGY *Rush down* Goku's PKK- and follow into a combo. P+K and = Towards opponent < = Away from opponent ^ = Up on the D-pad v = Down on the D-pad >> = Dash - = Cancel * = Stun ~ = Side Step Cancel ' = Fully charge upcoming move Best Combo Starters: PKK- Stuns: >KKK* PKK- KKKK- E [Kamehameha] 3 Hits, 429 damage 2) PPPPP>E [Kamehameha],L1 L1 L1 10 Hits, 797 damage 3) PKKE [Dragon Fist] 9 Hits, 568 damage, Kaioken or higher required 4) >>PPP>E [Kamehameha] 4 Hits, 428 damage 5) >KKK*, v[Transform], HS*, PKK>E [Kamehameha] 10 Hits, 770 damage Intermediate Section No quick cancels needed 1) >PKK-, KKKK-, PPP>E [Kamehameha] 11 Hits, 623 damage 2) >PKK-, KKKK-, HS*, E [Kamehameha] 19 Hits, 1230 damage, 75% fatigue, Kaioken or higher required 3) KKKK-, PKK-, E [Dragon Fist] 18 Hits, 1050 damage, 50% fatigue, Kaioken or higher required 4) >PKK-, VE [Transform], HS*, KKKK-, E [Dragon Fist] 19 Hits, 1167 damage, 50% fatigue, Kaiokn or higher required 5) KKKK-, >PKK- ^E [Super Spirit Bomb/Super Dragon Fist] 8 Hits, 261 damage *before ultimate* 2310 Damage (Super Spirit Bomb) 1650 Damage (Super Dragon Fist) Advanced Section 1) PKK-, KKKK-, HS, ^E [Super Spirit Bomb/Super Dragon Fist] 10 Hits, 453 damage *before ultimate* 2310 Damage (Super Spirit Bomb) 1650 Damage (Super Dragon Fist) 2) PKK-, HS*, KKKK-, PPPPKK-, vE [SSJ], HS, KKKK-, >PKK-, vE [SSJ3], >PKK-, vE [SSJ4], PPE [10x Kamehameha] 34 Hits, 2337 damage, 100% fatigue!!! What really makes this last combo note worthy is that all of Goku's strengths are put on full display. From base form, Goku builds enough ki to reach SSJ4 then cycles through 2 sets of Dragon Fist juggles and ends in a painful 10x Kamehameha for full fatigue. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SECTION IW08: SPECIAL MOVE RATINGS Kamehameha: 7/10 Thankfully, Goku's signature attack is fairly good this time around. This ki blast is fairly reliable and is still a good option in battle in case you want to save some ki over using Dragon Fist. Ki Blast Cannon: 8/10 There aren't many moves in the game that can't be teleport countered and yet Goku ends up with one right off the bat. The range leaves something to be desired but the damage and ki cost are pretty solid. Dragon Fist: 10/10 In all of Dimp's DBZ games there are few moves that are as useful as Dragon Fist. It hits hard and fast and it can be comboed into and out of so well that it is its own infinite. I've already spent a good deal of this guide talking about this attack so I'll just leave it here with a 10/10. 10x Kamehameha: 8/10 Great damage and fatigue build but horrible recovery time. If you miss or the opponent hits a wall and quickly recovers expect to take a beating. Still, given that this attack isn't available until SSJ4, chances are the opponent won't have much life left anyway when you are in a position to use this. Spirit Bomb: 7/10 This is one of the better cinematic ultimate in the game. The starting uppercut is pretty quick and unblockable and the damage is extremely high if you win the ultimate struggle. Super Dragon Fist: 4/10 Definately a downgrade from Spirit Bomb, the damage isn't anything special if you win the ultimate struggle and down right pitiful if you lose. Don't even bother going for this, just save your ki for a few sets of Dragon Fist loops instead. Super Kamehameha: 9/10 Low ki cost, good damage, and guaranteed 100% damage every time, Super Kamehameha is a no brainer for GT Goku. The only down side is that this ultimate isn't useable in GT Goku's higher transformations. Gogeta Fusion: 1/10 Yeah a successful fusion puts Goku in god mode but the time limit runs out fairly quickly and you are left wide open when the fusion ends. Any smart opponent would just aura dash away until you are left defenseless then rush back in and pound the living daylights out of you. To make matters worse, Goku's movelist goes back to his Budokai 3 set meaning that he is slower and he loses his