@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@ @@ @@ Tony Hawk's Underground @@ @@ @@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ ********************************* * For PS2, Gamecube, and XBox * ********************************* ================================================================ = Table of Contents = ================================================================ Important I.I. Copyright I.II. About Author I.III. Information Sources I.IV. What this FAQ/Walkthrough Contains I.V. Easy way of finding Troubles I.VI. How to use if you are using a different Console I.VII. Which version is right for you? I.VIII. Version History I.VIX. Contact Gameplay II.I. Chapter 1: New Jersey: Hometown Hijinks |____Help Eric Walk Charles Eric's Challenge Get in Tight with the Street Warriors Flyer for the Muska Demo FINAL: Impress Muska II.II. Chapter 2: New Jersey: Impressing the Locals |_____Impress Shawn Demo the New Playground Setup Impress Joey Do Chris' Best Lines FINAL: Get the Stolen Items Back from the Dealers II.III. Chapter 3: New Jersey: Gettin' Outta Dodge |______Get the Scrapmetal for the Tombstone Maker Get Access to the Train Station Impress the Bratty Kid Catch Ollie's House FINAL: Rescue Eric! II.IV. Chapter 4: Manhattan: Skate the Big Apple |_____High Score Hold Grind Combos Help the Student Kill 5 Famous Skatespots Nut Vendors Unite! II.V. Chapter 5: Manhattan: Skating with the Locals |____Filming the Local Hit the Killer Banks Line Crash and Burn the Car Help the Local Skater FINAL: Gap the Burning Taxi II.VI. Chapter 6: Manhattan: Favors for a Ride |_____Help Stacy's Relative Old School Skating Techniques Find the Stolen Skateshop Goods II.VII. II.VIII. II.IX. II.X. II.XI. II.XII. II.XIII. II.XIV. II.XV. II.XVI. II.XVII. II.XVIII. II.XIX. II.XX. II.XXI. II.XXII. II.XXIII. II.XXIV. II.XXV. II.XXVI. II.XXVII. Cheats, Tips, and Secrets III.I. Tips III.II. Codes III.III. Secret Levels III.IV. Secret Tape Locations III.V. Old Skool Levels III.VI. Secret Videos III.VII. Secret Characters III.VIII. Suggested Specials ################# ### ### ### Important ### ### ### ################# ================================================================ = I.I. Copyright = ================================================================ This strategy guide is copyrighted by Tarik Hamilton (c). You may not use this for your own site WITHOUT permission. This is for personal use only. You are responsible for reading this. Remember this is a Strategy Guide/Walkthrough so be aware of spoilers. This FAQ is copyrighted by Tarik Hamilton (c). If you choose to steal it, you become vunerable to legal action. So beware. use it at all without permission. This FAQ is for the following sites so far: www.GameFAQs.com. You know the charges. DO NOT STEAL. Do not use without my credit or permission. You may not use parts either without permission. I don't own Tony Hawk or T.H.U.G. (except my copy.) But I do own this guide. ================================================================ = I.II. About Author = ================================================================ Hi my name is Tarik Hamilton. I'm in the 7th grade and I'm 13 years of age. I enjoy videogames, girls, and some sports. This is my first FAQ. So wish me luck. ================================================================ = I.III. Information Sources = ================================================================ Codes are from: this is bs bltsob TheHangingMunchkin lowgonn sybastard TSROCKS DKCountryRox GenDV138 hiroravenblade actingsquirrel9 PunkSmurf ================================================================ = I.IV. What this FAQ/Walkthrough Contains = ================================================================ A clear strategy guide for sick mode and tips for normal mode. (Sick mode just makes it harder, don't worry.) Codes, Secrets, and tips. ================================================================ = I.V. Easy way of finding your Troubles = ================================================================ Sick of scrolling? Well for window users only (I think) hold CTRL then tap "F" and it should show find. Put the chapter name it should show the next time its shown. Thats an easier way of finding the chapter. ================================================================ = I.VI. How to use if you are using a different console = ================================================================ I was going to write controller comparisons, but instead I decided for tricks I was just going to put FLIP or GRIND or GRAB. For controls off your board, I will say OB-GRAB, for Off Board Grab. And OB = Off Board. Remember that. ================================================================ = I.VII. Which version is right for you? = ================================================================ Well here are the specs. Do by the following: Most comfortable controller for YOU. Do you like online play? Anyways, here are the exact specs. PlayStation 2 = Online Play, Alot of people have the PS2. Gamecube = Said to have best controls for most people, nice graphics. (I have GC version.) XBox = EXCELLENT graphics, customize your soundtrack. Especially since people said the soundtrack isn't as good as before.) ================================================================ = I.VIII. Version History = ================================================================ 0.1.5. Chapter 1. All codes and secrets. 0.2.2. Chapter 2 + 3 + 4 + 5. And smaller details, and more stuff. ================================================================ = I.VIX. Contact = ================================================================ e-mail: gotenks@cfl.rr.com (Will not accept if has attachments) AIM: TarikGokou ################ ### ### ### Gameplay ### ### ### ################ ================================================================ = II.I. Chapter 1: New Jersey: Hometown Hijinks = ================================================================ Simple, skate around, do some goals until you get to the skate demo to watch Muska. Read on for a guide. This is just a brief description of each chapter. **************************************************************** * Help Eric * **************************************************************** PART 1 What you need to do is jump. Hold the the OB-GRAB button in the air. You should always do this. because most of the times not all your jumps are easy. Grab the icon. Now go jump again and OB-GRAB. Climb up and then turn (from the direction you jumped) left. Jump and continue, just run straight and jump and you should eventually get the rest. PART 2 Follow the directions, I feel I do not need to tell you how, because they tell you. **************************************************************** * Walk Charles * **************************************************************** Everyone new usually dislikes Charles. If you can't seem to get it. Follow this little tip. Don't look at the dog. He just will get you lost. Stare at your balance meter. Make sure it stays in the middle. The sudden movements in Charles can mess you up, make sure you look at the balance meter. **************************************************************** * Eric's Challenge * **************************************************************** PART 1, PART 2, PART 3 Follow the directions given. PART 4 Do specials alot. You are limit. Use the revert to your advantage. Good luck. **************************************************************** * Get in Tight with the Street Warriors * **************************************************************** Follow the simple path of cones. Use BRAKE (not HANDBRAKE) at turns to make quick turns at high speeds. You should have no trouble with this since they give you excessive time. Good luck. **************************************************************** * Flyer for the Muska Demo * **************************************************************** Go straight and grind the white cement part. Thats 2/8. Ollie while going down the street (3/8) Grind the the ledge on the walkway on the building ahead (4/8) Then the pipe. (6 or 7/8) Then you should find the rest like in front of you. **************************************************************** * FINAL: Impress Muska * **************************************************************** Change your tricks to "Indy 900" 11,000/13,200 (normal/switch stance). Now in the halp pipe. Boneless off into the air, flip trick, then grab, and spin. Then revert. You should have special now. You should have atleast 3,000 x4 mutiplier. Then... the climax... Indy 900. Thats a whoppin' total of (with a boneless) 16,600 x5. Revert, flip, short grab, then grind. You should almost have 150,000. If Muska moves, you have a Quarter Pipe. Here you should be done. ================================================================ = II.II. Chapter 2: New Jersey: Impressing the Locals = ================================================================ Since you a deck from Muska, and props by him. Time to get in the big leagues. Try to impress the locals and get sponsered. **************************************************************** * Impress Shawn * **************************************************************** PART 1, PART 2, PART 3 Follow the instructions. No challenge here. **************************************************************** * Demo the New Playground Setup * **************************************************************** With the pipes you can spine to boost your points. 100,000 is quite easy. If your playing Normal mode don't worry. Just need to get 10,000. **************************************************************** * Impress Joey * **************************************************************** PART 1, PART 2 Simply follow instructions. PART 3 Try to get air. Make your tricks SHORT and QUICK. If you do them. If you get air, you can do 3-4 flip tricks or 2-3 grab tricks. You have plenty of time. **************************************************************** * Do Chris' Best Lines * **************************************************************** PART 1 Grind the thing, then the jump the the gate, then the thing in the middle of the street. Don't stop there. Manual or even jump far enough to the police things and grind it. Then you will see the rest of the combo items to grind. PART 2 Grind the ledge and go into the manual. Wait till you see the flashing curb. Jump onto the flashing ledge. Stay on, until you reach the street area. Then manual and go grind, manual, then grind. Ta da! **************************************************************** * FINAL: Get the Stolen Items Back from the Dealers * **************************************************************** Simply go over to the left and walk. Past the little intersection, turn right PAST the house and walk where you spine the dumpsters. Walk inbetween or past the other homes and you should see the homes. But when your at the dumpsters basically its just northeast from the area. ================================================================ = II.III. Chapter 3: New Jersey: Gettin' Outta Dodge = ================================================================ After Eric burning the Dealer's SUV. Eric is now wanted from the Dealers. You guys got to get out of town! **************************************************************** * Get the Scrapmetal for the Tombstone Maker * **************************************************************** Ride down the street until you come to the first house to the right. Climb up the roof. Jump across. Then jump to the left. Continue... Until you reach the end of the roof. You should have 4 pieces so far. Now turn left and jump the roofs. And the last one is across the street. Jump from the ground and climb up. **************************************************************** * Get Access to the Train Station * **************************************************************** If your bad at grinding you can just go around once. Jump off and do it again. If your experienced you can probably grind the thing in one grind. Do whatever you can. Good luck. **************************************************************** * Impress the Bratty Kid * **************************************************************** 140,000 is alot. But all you got to do is grind the side all the way till the end. Jump off and go to the little quarter pipe. Get off your board in mid air and get back on in mid air onto the wire. The purpose of this when your off the board you have more control. Now you should go left or right. If you go left. You can simply grind straight through into an area with a Quarter pipe. Ta da!!! And bust mad tricks. Now if you went left. Your on a platform. You can go to the ledge and grind and land into the same area of the left wire took you. **************************************************************** * Catch Ollie's House * **************************************************************** Since his house moves it's hard. Well jump back and forth. Stay on the track at all times. You will hit his "house" sooner or later on the train track. Sometimes you will get lucky and they will be aligned. **************************************************************** * FINAL: Rescue Eric! * **************************************************************** Stay behind the SUV at all times. You may be far behind, but thats all you need. Then at a point. You will have to drive. Now this is annoying and easy. Just use the BRAKE button alot for sharp turns. ================================================================ = II.IV. Chapter 4: Manhattan: Skate the Big Apple = ================================================================ Your now in the Big Apple. Lets skate! **************************************************************** * High Score * **************************************************************** The waterfront area is good for this score, but you have to becareful if you skate the high line areas over water. Its almost death. Grind benches from reverts from the vert. Mix-up for combos. **************************************************************** * Hold Grind Combos * **************************************************************** Go slow and tap (don't hold if you have a habit) don't jump to the next. You will most likely miss the bench. Since your at speed, you will jump automatically. Good luck! **************************************************************** * Help the Student * **************************************************************** Purse Item 1: Grind the ledge and at the end you will fly up. Grind it. Purse Item 2: Go straight from "Purse Item 1" and you will see a tower near the "$" building. Make sure your straight and boneless up and then LIP trick it. Purse Item 3: Then at the intersection (from coming from "Purse Item 2") you will see a wall like struction, but works like a quarter pipe. Get air to get it. Purse Item 4: Go into the pool (turning left from "PI 3" at the intersection) and lip or grind the banner at the pool. Its noticable. Purse Item 5: Facing left from the water, go down the street till you see a dumpster. Grind it and at the end it will launch you to "PI 5" Purse Item 6: Turn left and on a glass building you should see it. Climb up and grab it! Purse Item 7: Finally... Now, when you were going to "PI 6", you saw you could of turned left. Well turn left and its a small street. Go up the quarter pipe on the left side in an angle and grind the rail. And you should have them all. **************************************************************** * Kill 5 Famous Skatespots * **************************************************************** Pyramid Ledges: 5,000? SIMPLE. Flatland trick them or grind. 78 Water: Grind or Flatland. 10,000 is nothing. Waterfront: Grind straight ahead. Not enough? Do a special in the pools to the the left. Memorial: Trick it out with the vert. Lose speed? Grind from revert, then jump in at angle and you got your speed back. Brooklyn Banks: Hardest, but easy. Grind the cars and then jump and grind the whole ledge. Jump and grind the sub ledge. Should be 40,000. ***************************************************************** * Nut Vendors Unite! * ***************************************************************** Follow the arrows. The tricky ones are 3 and 6. once you 180 or 360 from the number 2, go up the orange ramp. Sometimes you will over look it. Number 6 is in an alley on the small street. ================================================================ = II.V. Chapter 5: Manhattan: Skating with the Locals = ================================================================ You and Eric now are trying to get your sponser video up. Good luck. **************************************************************** * Filming the Local * **************************************************************** Keep tapping down. I mean these skaters go SLOW... just stay behind. Don't grind or you will pass them. Just tap down and keep slow staying behind. **************************************************************** * Hit the Killer Banks Line * **************************************************************** Grind the edge and just follow it. Ollie onto other side and stay on ledge. Then manual to the bench. grind it and get the vert. Its pretty simple. **************************************************************** * Crash and Burn the Car * **************************************************************** The street isn't long enough, so turn at the second right. Then a right. Then at the second right. Then at the second right again, turn. I know its confusing. Just take a full drive around Manhattan. Once the car temperature reaches 300, go to the waterfront and ride off a ramp. **************************************************************** * Help the Local Skater * **************************************************************** I can't help you here, but I can say this. Grind things for speed. Want to save 2 seconds? Do the 180 turn (Down, Down R on Gamecube version) when you need to turn really quick. Don't bail. If so, restart. You need time for this. **************************************************************** * FINAL: Gap the Burning Taxi * **************************************************************** Do the tricks Eric asks you. Do them one at a time and turn quickly. Try not to bail. This is fairly simple, but try not to bail. Don't do more then two tricks. And make sure you GAP the Taxi FULLY. ================================================================ = II.VI. Chapter 6: Manhattan: Favors for a Ride = ================================================================ **************************************************************** * Help Stacy's Relative * **************************************************************** This is annoying. But for best results. Go up onto the higher floors for satisfaction. **************************************************************** * Old School Skating Techniques * **************************************************************** Follow directions through the chef. **************************************************************** * Find the Stolen Skateshop Goods * **************************************************************** 4-5 near the Brooklyn Banks 1-2 Other side of town/North side of town ================================================================ = II.VII. Chapter 7: Tampa: With Syrup or Jelly = ================================================================ Stacy lets you borrow his van after seeing the video. Time for Tampa Am baby! ################################ ### ### ### Cheats, Tips, and Secret ### ### ### ################################ ================================================================ = III.I. Tips = ================================================================ Comboing = Can't get high scores on combos? Manual, then flip trick, then manual, then grind. MANUALS. Remember that. That is your ULTIMATE chain move. GRINDING. Remember that. That is your ULTIMATE speed move, and travel move. GRAB/FLIP in AIR. Your ULTIMATE point ranker. REVERT. Your ULTIMATE way of linking air tricks. Always go big, never little. Use this diagram to help. Here are some little chain/combo moves I do. (The current point value will be next to the move.) Indy 900 (11,000) Revert (12,000 x2) Manual (12,100 x3) Kickflip (12,300 x4) Spacewalk (13,700 x5) Daffy Grind for 3 sec (17,000 x6) *jumps to higher rail* American Tribute for 5 sec (21,600 x7) Misty Flip off (27,000 x8) Manual (27,100 x9) Kickflip (27,200 x10) Nosegrind (27,700 x11) Lands trick... 304,700. Simple. ================================================================ = III.II. Cheats = ================================================================ Enter the codes in the Option screen at Cheat Codes. And enter the following. They are also case sensitive. getitup = Moon Gravity (BIG Air and Ollie) noforce = Moon Physics (Not sure) keepitsteady = Perfect Manuals (Manual balance is always in middle) letitslide = Perfect Rail Balance (Rail balance is always in middle) digivid = Unlocks All THUG Videos Don't want to cheat by cheating? Well unlock the cheats the fair way. Unlock the following by completeing all 129 goals. Always Special (Special meter full all the times) Cool Specials (Slow motion specials and slight zoom) Flame (When grinding, flames will come off the rail. No other effects) Kid Mode (Makes your character smaller) Moon Gravity (BIG Air and Ollies) Perfect Manual (Always in middle on balance meter) Perfect Rail (Always in middle on balance meter) Perfect Skitch (Always in middle on balance meter) Rollerskates (Removes deck, and keeps trucks, so it looks like Rollerskates) ================================================================ = III.III. Secret Levels = ================================================================ Hotter than Hell is the only one. You unlock it when you beat all 129 goals. ================================================================ = III.IV. Secret Tape Locations = ================================================================ New Jersey = Under the bridge on a ledge. You can just walk there. Manhattan = On a billboard on the right side of town. You should see a ladder up to it. Climb it up on the ladder to the left and jump it. Tampa = On the right side of town, there are two vert ramps against a building. Skitch a car and you will get mad air off them. Transfer them, and you should get it in mid-air. San Diego = Go to the Concert Area (where you do the grind goal for the kid) and get on the roof of that area. and there is a window in the center area. Jump through it. It should be right in there. Hawaii = On the hotel roof (the one where one of the pools in filled with water before completeing a certain goal) there should be rail you can jump down and grind. Its not easy to spot, because of the ledge, but very easy to obtain. Vancouver = Over the glass dome (the side where Bob gives you a trick slot) which seems impossible, but if you skitch a car and spine the glass bus station thing you will ramp off into the air and grab the tape if aimed correctly. Slam City Jam = Get air on the main Quarter Pipe and grind the SPOT LIGHTS. You could also grab them. Well as you walk or grind, go to the box screen thing and you will go through it. There will be a tape. Moscow = Its near the tall palace place. St. Basil's. Go there and climb up the building. You will see its dang near impossible at a certain point. Well if you double jump onto the slanted area. Before you fall double jump pushing against the wall and climb up. You can grind your way up, but its more simple. Hotter Than Hell = Its on a catwalk. You can get up there by getting air in the corner quarter pipes and you can walk or grab the ledge and pull up. Then jump to the other ones and then get speed and grab the tape in mid-air. ================================================================ = III.V. Old Skool Levels = ================================================================ School II = The level is in New Jersey in the train station. Its on a transfer gap in the middle on the left side of the station. Get BIG air and you shall obtain it. Venice = The level is in Hawaii. From where the default start is. Go onto the main road. Facing the entrance of the mini shopping place. Go right. Follow the street and one you turn left, after your right, go straight. You should see a small Tiki statue. Jump into it. Don't jump near it. Jump INTO it. And you should go into this Hell like world. Jump at the end of the tunnel and if your lucky you will grab it. Hangar = Its quite confusing. Its in Moscow. | |sm. | SECRET LEVEL is in a the secret corridor | building |hall| You must break a window. Its hidden. Tanks |__________| |___ |Red | |Wall| | | ____Quarter Pipe __| | ================================================================ = III.VI. Secret Videos = ================================================================ KISS Video = In Hotter than Hell light up the KISS letters around the level. There is no time limit and they are big and easy to obtain. KISS Playing Concert in Hotter than Hell = Light up KISS letters AGAIN. Bails 1 Video = Find 3 Secret Tapes. Bails 2 Video = Find 6 Secret Tapes. Always Hard Video = Find 9 Secret Tapes. ================================================================ = III.VII. Secret Characters = ================================================================ Iron Man = Beat on Beginner mode or higher Gene Simmons = Beat on Normal mode or higher. T.H.U.D. = Beat on Sick mode. 26 Different Pedestrians = Find every gap in the game. ================================================================ = III.VIII. Suggested Specials = ================================================================ ___________________________________________________________ |MOVE |POINTS(reg/switch stance)|TYPE | |_____________________|_________________________|___________| |Chomp on This |1,000/1,200* |Grab | |Indy 900 |11,000/12,300 |Air | |Assume the Posi... II|1,500/1,700* |Grab | |Barrel Roll |5,000/6,000 |Air | |McTwist |5,000/6,000 |Air | |Quad Heelflip |2,000*/2,300* |Flip | |Double Varial KFIndy*|1,200*/1,500* |Flip? | |_____________________|_________________________|___________| |Rest all special grinds | |___________________________________________________________| * = Not sure if name or points right. Thank you for using this FAQ. Tarik Hamilton 2003(C)</p>