,b2AIZAZAZIAInYoU8AZAZ66U9zti ,16WQ$0Qb6b#$@#@#W$@$EX: 8. . :cz; . ;Yi. ..,.. .it. .M. MM# . iMMQWMMMi ..::i. WU. ..@. . 8MMM: ....... :MMM@M, ...,:.. MC ,WM M@M. . . . MM@MM :::.0@@@MMMMMMM@M6 .. W@; 7MM v;b@#@MBz . . MMMMM .. cMMMMMMMMMMMMMM .:. 6M@i iMM . .MMM@#$#@MMM ....:..MM@MMSIb2Z6oMMMMMMMMMMMMMMW .... 8MMW EMM 7MM@##$#$#$@Mn ..,:,,i: MMMMMMMMMMM#0Xc;;i,.,.i. ... MMM; Y@M. .. zMM@###@##$#$MM:.i.:.. 8MM@MMM0, . .. . ...... :MM8 .bM ... @MM@@#@#@#@#@@M$ .,i:Y8MMMMMMMt ,::,i,.,;.. ...... .zMM#8: t@M..... ;MM@@@@@@@@@MMZ .;v;iS#MMM@MM .ii;i:..:vi;vYXotUSA60W@MMMMMM@v iMM...,. tMM@@@@@@@@M@:i:i.... tMMMMM..,i:i.6MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. .@M..i::.. MMM@M@M@MMMMM@@M6.,,, .MMMMM..ii;::8@0QEQ00bbb0E08E98ZbUUbMQi 7MM.,:iii, vMMMMM@MMM2zMMMMQt,i,..MMMMM.,i;iii,.................... cMB. .bM;,i:i,: #MMMMMMMMMW . ;i.,..,..MM$@M,.i:i,i:i:i:i:i:i:::i:i:i:i:,UM: .M09A8UbZ6AMMMMMMMMMMv7nYtSIoUozIM##@M6A989b6ZU8Zb9E69U9A9A89Z60bE6MQ Yzn6nE#Wb0AA#@@M@MMMMMMMMMMMMM@MMM#0o0BBMMMMMM@M#@@MMMMM#@MM@B0W$Qc. . . . . . . .:... Resistance 2 Walkthrough Written by xXDar7h4nakinXx Last Update v2.1 11/18/08 =============================================================================== TABLE OF CONTENTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I. VERSION HISTORY IVH II. GAME INFO IIGI III. WALKTHROUGH IIIWT PROLOGUE A. SRPA STATION IGLOO, ICELAND IIIA 1. INDIA EIGHT-TWO CRASH SITE IIIA1 2. DETENTION WING IIIA2 3. SRPA AIRFIELD IIIA3 CHAPTER 1 B. SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA IIIB 1. TACTICAL COMMAND IIIB1 2. MOONPOOL ROOM IIIB2 3. MED CLINIC IIIB3 4. SAN FRANCISCO BAY IIIB4 5. LANDING PLATFORM IIIB5 CHAPTER 2 C. ORICK, CALIFORNIA IIIC 1. GRAY TERRITORY IIIC1 2. REDWOODS IIIC2 3. TOWN OF ORICK IIIC3 4. LUMBER YARD IIIC4 D. BATTLESHIP IIID 1. HANGAR BAY IIID1 2. EAST CORRIDOR IIID2 3. BRIDGE IIID3 4. WEST CORRIDOR IIID4 CHAPTER 3 E. TWIN FALLS, IDAHO IIIE 1. 115 WARRINGTON DRIVE IIIE1 2. MAIN STREET IIIE2 3. TRAIN YARD IIIE3 4. TOWER ENTRANCE IIIE4 CHAPTER 4 F. BRYCE CANYON, UTAH IIIF 1. STATION GENESIS PERIMETER IIIF1 2. STATION GENESIS ENTRANCE IIIF2 3. EXCAVATION SITE IIIF3 4. CONTROL ROOM IIIF4 5. GENERATOR PLATFROMS IIIF5 CHAPTER 5 G. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS IIIG 1. CHICAGO OUTSKIRTS IIIG1 2. CORNFORTH HOTEL IIIG2 3. MICHIGAN AVENUE IIIG3 4. UPTOWN IIIG4 5. LEVIATHAN IIIG5 CHAPTER 6 H. HOLAR TOWER, ICELAND IIIH 1. North Entrance IIIH1 2. Landing Platform IIIH2 3. SOUTH COURTYARD IIIH3 4. HOLAR BATTLEFIELD IIIH4 5. HOLAR TOWER IIIH5 6. THE NODE IIIH6 CHAPTER 7 I. COCODRIE, LOUISIANA IIII 1. FIELD HQ IIII1 2. THE DOCKS IIII2 3. STEEL RIVER BRIDGE IIII3 4. THE SWAMP IIII4 J. CHICXULUB CRATER, MEXICO IIIJ 1. HANGAR BAY IIIJ1 2. INNER SANCTUM IIIJ2 3. ENGINE ROOMS IIIJ3 4. EXTERIOR DECKS IIIJ4 5. DAEDALUS IIIJ5 IV. WEAPON INFO IVWI A. HE .44 MAGNUM HE44 B. M5A2 FOLSOM CARBINE M5A2 C. BULLSEYE MARK II BMII D. XR-13 BELLOCK SEMI-AUTOMATIC XR13 E. L23 FAREYE L23 F. L210 LAARK L210 G. AUGER MARK II AMII H. MP-47 PULSE CANNON MP47 I. ROSSMORE 238 R238 J. V7 SPLICER V7S K. MARKSMAN MSM L. HVAP WRAITH HVAPW M. XR-42 PHOENIX XR42 N. FRAG GRENADE FMG O. AIR-FUEL GRENADE AFG P. HEDGEHOG GRENADE HHG Q. SPIDER SPG R. XR-87 PROXIMITY MINE XR87 V. ENEMY INFO VEI A. HYBRID HBRD B. STEELHEAD STLHD C. RAVAGER RVGR D. GRIM GRM E. LEECH LCH F. PATROL DRONE PTRLD G. HUNTER DRONE HNTRD H. ATTACK DRONE ATTKD I. LEAPER LPR J. CHAMELEON CMLN K. TITAN TTN L. STALKER STKR M. MARAUDER MRDR N. GOLIATH GLTH O. KRAKEN KRKN P. MOTHER SPINNER MSPNR Q. SWARM SWRM R. LEVIATHAN LVTHN S. DAEDALUS DDLS T. HELLFIRE TURRET HFT U. SPINNER SPNNR V. FURY FRYEI VI. INTEL DOCUMENTS VIID VII. BONUS OPTIONS VIIBO VIII.TROPHY INFO VIIITI IX. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS IXA X. LEGAL / CONTACT INFO XLCI =============================================================================== I. VERSION HISTORY IVH ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- v1.0 – 11/11/08 Complete walkthrough with intel locations Weapon information Trophy information and tips v1.5 - 11/13/08 Made some minor changes to the walkthrough Changed formatting of a few sections Added enemy information Added a bonus options section v2.0 - 11/15/08 Made some minor changes to the walkthrough Added tips for playing through on Superhuman difficulty v2.1 - 11/18/08 Added a couple weapon locations Fixed intel documents search acronym Added acknowledgements section =============================================================================== II. GAME INFO IIGI ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It’s 1953. The Chimera have invaded America. Entire U.S. states lie in smoking ruins. Chicago and San Francisco are overrun. Mankind’s fate once again rests in the hands of Army Lt. Nathan Hale – an infected soldier who is becoming the enemy he despises. Description taken from the back of the game case. This walkthrough was written while playing through the game on difficult. =============================================================================== III. WALKTHROUGH IIIWT ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ********************************************************************* SRPA STATION IGLOO, ICELAND IIIA ********************************************************************* =========================================================== INDIA EIGHT-TWO CRASH SITE IIIA1 =========================================================== July 15, 1951 6:19 P.M. ----------------------------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: ACCOMPANY MAJOR BLAKE TO THE DETENTION WING. ----------------------------------------------------------- After the crash, follow Major Blake around a few curves. It won't take long to come upon a small building. You're forced to go inside. To move through the building you need to use the magnum's primary fire on the propane tank on the floor opposite the entrance. Shoot it once and then use secondary fire to detonate the round causing a hole to be blown in the wall. Before proceeding there will be three Hybrids to kill. Should take one shot per hybrid or with secondary fire maybe just one. No need to worry about using more as there is plenty of ammo on the table in the middle of the room. Now follow Blake into the next room and walk up to the LAARK (you'll automatically pick it up because you only have the one weapon). You only have one round, but that's all you need at this point. Shoot one of the exhaust ports on the back of the Goliath. Don't worry about it if you miss, just move to where you picked up the LAARK, and you'll get another rocket. Hitting one of the ports causes the Goliath to lock onto your location, so you will need to hurry after Blake. He kicks through a door and then leads you into a culvert, where there is a Bullseye waiting for you, pick it up and continue following Blake. You now end up underneath the Goliath's leg. Wait until the Goliath moves. There will now be a half dozen or so Hybrids waiting to shoot at you. After you take them out you can grab a carbine on the left before heading after Blake. You follow him around a corner to your left and then immediately to the right. =========================================================== DETENTION WING IIIA2 =========================================================== Now follow him out onto a catwalk where there are two Hybrids shooting at you from a slightly higher catwalk. Finish them and move around the next two lefts and get ready for another seven or eight Hybrids to come around the corner of the path you just took. Prior to following Blake through the gate there is some ammo for your Magnum if you still have it or you can pick one up if you want to. Follow Blake down the damaged catwalk and around the corner to the right. ------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: LOCATE DAEDALUS. ------------------------------- He opens a gate allowing for your first encounter with Patrol Drones (four of them). Destroy them and proceed through the doorway. Continue through the next doorway and on your left is some ammo for your Bullseye. Turn right and wait for Blake to open the next gate. While your waiting you should probably shoot the ten or so Patrol Drones that decide to shoot at you. Once they're destroyed, the gate opens and you're free to follow Blake some more. Continue around the corner to the right. Through the next doorway there's one Hybrid on the ground by the doorway and two more on the catwalk on the back wall. Take them out and follow Blake through another gate and into a room. While Blake is at the control panel, three Hybrids come around the corner you just did. You now get your first look at Daedalus as he escapes. -------------------------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: ACCOMPANY BLAKE TO THE AIRFIELD FOR EVAC. -------------------------------------------------------- Once again follow Blake. He moves into the room Daedalus just escaped and up onto the catwalk. First take the catwalk to the left, follow it all the way to the end, and pick up your first piece of intel (INTEL02). Now proceed up the other catwalk. Once you reach a glass wall, turn left, and fall down a hole in the floor. Get ready for about six Hybrids down the hall. There is a propane tank by them, if you get lucky you can take them all out with an explosion. Before moving on there is some ammo for the Carbine in the corner you dropped into and some Magnum ammo on the right at the beginning of the hallway. Then obviously, there's some Bullseye ammo down where the dead Hybrids are. Just at the end of the hallway there are a couple more Hybrids. There are plenty of explosive tanks around, you should be able to blow them up with one shot. =========================================================== SRPA AIRFIELD IIIA3 =========================================================== Follow Blake up a set of stairs to another LAARK. You need to wait until the Goliath turns around so you can shoot another exhaust port. Get ready to move down the steps to the left once you shoot him, as he will turn and shoot at you. If he hits you, you're dead. Immediately after firing at him, grab the gun you dropped when picking up the LAARK and follow Blake around some corners, then out behind some tanks. Keep close to Blake as he leads you to a destroyed bridge that you need to cross. Continue around some corners and you'll end up in an underground passageway. Blake turns right but continue straight for some intel (INTEL01), then turn around and follow him. After taking a right followed by two lefts, you'll come to five or six Hybrids. If you get the first couple with the Magnum and then detonate as the others get to them, you should take them all out. Move to the ramp, pick up the LAARK, and fire one last time at the Goliath's exhaust ports. Follow Blake through the building and onto your plane. ********************************************************************* SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA IIIB ********************************************************************* =========================================================== TACTICAL COMMAND IIIB1 =========================================================== May 15, 1953 6:38 A.M. ---------------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: MEET BLAKE AT TACTICAL COMMAND. ---------------------------------------------- Move a little ways down the hallway and hang a left. There's another cut scene and you're back in the hallway. --------------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: FIND AND SECURE THE MOON POOL. --------------------------------------------- Take a left at the end of the hallway and make your way to the room at the end. The room is flooded and there are Furies in the water. If you end up in the water, you better have a plan to get right back out as the Furies will kill you instantly if they get to you. By the way, Furies are invincible, so don't waste time and ammo trying to kill them. Now, proceed across the destroyed catwalk, being careful not to fall in the water. Once across, take a left and before moving down the hallway, grab the Magnum and air-fuel grenade on the right side of the doorway. Follow the hallway around to the right, where three Hybrids are patrolling. Kill them and grab a Bullseye. If you want a Carbine there is one in the second room on the right as well as some intel (INTEL06). It comes with a couple of 40mm rounds, so it's not a bad idea to grab it. Move down the hallway and take a left. Watch Hawthorne kill a Hybrid and then move through the door that opens on your left. Move around the catwalk and down the stairs on the opposite side. Hawthorne opens the door on your right. Move through the doorway, but watch out for patrol drones. Move up the stairs on the left, follow the catwalk to the right, move up the stairs, grab some ammo, and follow it the rest of the way around. Peek through the window and take out the Hybrids in the next room. Go through the doorway on the right and make your way to the back of the room, where you need to wait for a door to open. Move through the door, down the hallway, and take a left. =========================================================== MOONPOOL ROOM IIIB2 =========================================================== Grab some grenades and ammo on the left and go through the door. Use the Fareye to take out a couple of Hybrids in the back of the room and any on the left and right that you can get. You should be able to get six or seven without really entering the room. Pick up the weapon you traded for the Fareye and move up the stairs on the right. There should be only one or two Hybrids left, take them out, and move to the marker and hit the switch. Grab the intel (INTEL05) on the back right of the center console. Now move to the left side of the room. Again, there should only be one or two Hybrids left, take them out, and hit the other switch. ------------------------------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: RENDEZVOUS WITH DR. MALIKOV AT THE MED CLINIC. ------------------------------------------------------------- Following the cut scene, you're in another hallway. Follow it into a large room. Move down the stairs, take a left, and hop on the lift. The door on the right opens once you're at the bottom. Move through it and follow the path around to the left. Grab some Carbine ammo and an air-fuel grenade back by the wall. In the next area grab the intel (INTEL04) between the farthest two stacks of crates and then proceed into the circular hallway. Continue around to the right and be ready for about a dozen Patrol Drones. Take them out and go back for some more ammo if you want as there is plenty to be had. Drop down out of the circular hallway and take a right. Be ready to be told what to do and do exactly that. Crouch and move up to the crates. Wait till you're told to move to the left and sprint to the crates and crouch. Get ready to run to the left again when you're told. This time sprint to the crates and work your way through them on the left so that you are able to go right. Move to the end and take another right. Jump in the water and hide like you're told. When you're told to, move up the stairs on the other side, take a left, and sprint for the door straight ahead. The next room is full of water with a platform in the middle and a lift on the opposite side. Wait until the Fury is on the opposite side of the platform, then jump in the water and make your way to the platform quickly. Once there, look up and you'll see a lift coming down with half a dozen Hybrids. You could toss a grenade up there to take them out quickly, or you could pick them off one at a time while watching out for hedgehog grenades. The quicker you take them out the better though. Wait till the Fury is on the opposite side again and jump for the stairs. Move up them and to the elevator. Move straight down the hallway, through the door, and say hello to Dr. Malikov. =========================================================== MED CLINIC IIIB3 =========================================================== ------------------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: ESCORT DR. MALIKOV TO THE SURFACE. ------------------------------------------------- Before leaving the med clinic there is some ammo for the Magnum on the left side of the room towards the exit. Move through the door and take a right. There will be four or five Hybrids. You can take them out with the Magnum if you're using it, then just pick up some extra ammo from the med clinic before moving on. Move around the corner that the Hybrids came around. There may be one left waiting for you so be careful. There's Carbine ammo in the back right corner, then move to the door on the left. Once up the stairs, a Ravager is going to come from the hallway on the right. Be ready to move back down the stairs if your health gets low. Move down the hallway on the right. You'll come to a room with about a dozen Hybrids spread out on two levels. About half up top and half on bottom. Take them out pick up some ammo and be ready for the next wave. There are only about four Hybrids, but there's another Ravager. If you stay on the bottom you can take them out without them shooting at you. Now move up the stairs and across to the other side. The door to the next area is all the way at the end. Move straight ahead and drop off the walkway. Grab a Pulse Cannon. Wait for Dr. Malikov to open the door. There’s some intel (INTEL07) on the right side of the console in the middle of the room that you can get while you wait. Move through the door, up the stairs, and through the next door. You are now in a battle with the Kraken. Stay out of the water, because as Dr. Malikov tells you, there are Furies in the water. The only way to hurt the Kraken is to shoot it with the Pulse Cannon. Hide behind the crates in between shots. It only takes three to get the Kraken to retreat. Jump over to the fallen walkway on the right and follow it up to Dr. Malikov. Follow him to the elevator. =========================================================== SAN FRANCISCO BAY IIIB4 =========================================================== ---------------------------------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: RENDEZVOUS WITH ECHO TEAM AT THE MAIN BATTERY. OBJECTIVE: PROTECT WARNER WHILE HE RECONFIGURES THE BATTERY. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Walk out of the elevator and take a look at what you're up against. Move down the stairs to the right and then the little set of stairs on the left. Once down move to the left and go back inside. Follow the hallway to a battle with a couple dozen Hybrids. You can use the Pulse Cannon to take out quite a few, even with only four shots. Then use whatever other weapon you still have or you can pick up a Fareye. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: ESCORT DR. MALIKOV TO THE LANDING PLATFORM FOR EXTRACTION. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Move just outside the building and take a left. Follow the path to another battle with Hybrids. If you can aim grenades well, use them. There's plenty of Carbine ammo, there's some Fareye ammo, and there's an Auger leaning up against the building in between the two paths. Once you take them out, grab some ammo before moving on as there is another wave of Hybrids coming. You need to move down the first ramp and then down to where the car is on the next ramp before the next wave comes. There's only about six, they come from the second floor of the building in front of you if you're on the ramp on the right side. There are also a couple of Patrol Drones. Get some more ammo and move down the ramp and to the right. If you go down the path to the right, there is a LAARK on the right and a little Carbine ammo and a grenade on the left. There are only four or five Hybrids to take out here. A couple of them might be on the catwalk around the corner to the left. If you didn't already grab the LAARK, you may want to go back and grab it. Continue around the next left and move down the path till there's a ramp on the left. Before going up the ramp grab the intel (INTEL08) that is directly in front of you. There are a few Frag Grenades near the building to the right of the bottom of the ramp. Proceed up the ramp and move to the VTOL for evac. =========================================================== LANDING PLATFORM IIIB5 =========================================================== -------------------------------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: RETRIEVE THE INHIBITORS FROM DR. MALIKOV'S LAB. -------------------------------------------------------------- Once you drop off the landing platform, two Titans (one at a time) come from down the path you're about to take. If you didn't grab the LAARK a little ways back there is another one in the far right corner. Otherwise it takes quite a bit to take them down. Grab some Carbine ammo and Frag Grenades if you need them. Also, there is some Magnum ammo in the next big area before you get on the lift. Once you're ready take the lift in the back left corner down to another flooded area with Furies. On the left you'll notice some rocks sticking out of the water, follow them around to the other side of the room. Make your way across the fallen catwalk and up the pile of debris. There's a lone Hybrid that comes running out of the area to the left. Once he's taken care of, carefully move down the beam and jump to where the Hybrid is. Move through the door and up the stairs. Take a left, a quick right, and then a quick left. In this hallway you have the option of a Fareye, a Rossmore, or a Magnum. Grab the Rossmore. If you continue straight and take a right at the end of the hallway, there are some frag grenades. There are a few Patrol Drones and a few Hybrids that foolishly get in your way (these don't seem to show up if you don't go to the back corner for the frag grenades). Take them out and move into Dr. Malikov's lab. --------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: EVACUATE THE BASE. --------------------------------- Move up the two sets of stairs, but be ready for three Hybrids and about five patrol drones. The rossmore makes quick work of them. You can go back and get more ammo if you want. Take two rights, move down the ramp, and take a left. Keep an eye out for intel (INTEL03) on the left before moving through a doorway on the left. Go up some stairs and take out the three Hybrids that come from the upper left. Switch to your Rossmore and continue around the crates to find two more Hybrids. Make your way up the series of ramps and watch out for a couple patrol drones. Continue around to the right. Take out another patrol drone, a couple of Hybrids, and a Ravager. Make your way around some crates and up a few sets of stairs to a small lift. ------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: NEUTRALIZE THE KRAKEN. ------------------------------------- You still have your Pulse Cannon, right? You're given a Pulse Cannon on the way to the landing platform in order to take out the Kraken. Watch out for its attacks as it doesn't take much to kill you. Make sure you stay on the platform as well. After you shoot him a couple times, he'll pop out of the water a ways away from the platform. He will then move towards you and get partially on the platform. Move to the back of the platform and wait for it to scream at you, when it does shoot it. It may do that three or four times before you kill it. Its attacks are easy to dodge, just be paying attention to them and move to the side. When it screams at you, all you can do is stand there and take it. It won't kill you but it will bring your health down so watch out for follow up attacks. It will then stab the platform with either its left or right claw and drag it across the platform. Just move to the side to dodge it. ********************************************************************* ORICK, CALIFORNIA IIIC ********************************************************************* =========================================================== GRAY TERRITORY IIIC1 =========================================================== May 15, 1953 10:07 A.M. ------------------------------------ OBJECTIVE: FIGHT OFF THE AMBUSH. ------------------------------------ You're thrown right into a fire fight after the cut scene. There's a nice layer of fog, so it's a little tough to see your enemies. There's about six on the ground once you move around some vehicles and around four on an elevated platform in the distance. You start off with only the Magnum again, but you can quickly pick up a Carbine. Try to use your Magnum to hit a couple of the Hybrids. Even though you can't see them, the aiming reticule turns red. Just be sure to stay close to cover in between shots. If you just peak around the corner of some cover you should be able to find a target without taking too much damage. Once you hit a few Hybrids with the Magnum's primary fire, don't forget to use the secondary fire. You may want to pick off the guys on the elevated platform in the distance first. If you don't move too close to the ones on the ground they won't rush you, so you will have time to find targets. After you've gotten most of them, pull out your Carbine and finish off the rest. You have your choice of a Bullseye or a Marksman. If you have the Marksman the next wave is pretty easy. As you move up the road, a few Hybrids make it past your fellow soldiers. Just be ready for them. They'll be one first then a couple after a little bit. Proceed up to where the other soldiers are and pick off the remaining six or so Hybrids. About half stay behind cover on either side of the road while the other half try to rush you up the middle. You have plenty of time to shoot them as they come into the open a ways away from you. Stock up on ammo and replace your Marksman with a Bullseye. You need to move up the road a little bit and just after a car on the left is path you need to take. If you miss it, there will be a soldier standing in front of it, telling you to go this way. =========================================================== REDWOODS IIIC2 =========================================================== --------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: REACH THE TOWN OF ORICK. --------------------------------------- Once you drop off the road, you'll have the option of a Magnum a little ways up on the right. Stick with a Carbine and Bullseye for now. A little way further up the path and you see your first Chameleon. These guys are tough, you can't see them until they rush you. Pay attention to where the growling sounds are coming from as this is your only indication. Continue moving up the path until you reach the trees. In front of the middle tree there is a Rossmore, grab it. Move through the trees a little way and you'll be attacked by more Patrol Drones. There's about ten of them, so pop in and out of cover to destroy them. As you move along the path, one member of your squad gets attacked by a Chameleon. You are unable to save him, so prepare to be rushed by two of them. The first one comes from the direction you were just moving and the second one comes from about two o'clock. It only takes one shot with the Rossmore to bring one down. The path moves right and then back around to the left. You'll come to some ammo for the Rossmore, grab it, and get ready for another Chameleon. If you're on the path, it will come from just off the right side of the path shortly after the Rossmore ammo. Now, proceed to a small clearing and drop off a little ledge. Move straight towards the big tree stump in the middle. The first Chameleon comes from about one o'clock. Move around to the left of the stump. Once on the side, another will come from the right next to the stump. Move towards the next big tree stump in the middle of the path. They'll be another that attacks from your three o'clock. Now, just continue up the clearing and jump off another small ledge into the next area. Move up towards the lumber truck on the left. Replace your Rossmore with a Bullseye and continue around the building. There will be three patrol drones once on the other side. Take them out and you're free to kill around ten Spinners before moving on. Move toward the bridge and drop off the right side into the water. Just before you drop off the bridge there’s some Intel (INTEL09), you should get while moving to jump off without trying for it. When in the water all you can do is swim, so just make your way to the other end. Once out of the water, go around the corner to the left to get the patrol drones to come to you. There's only three this time. Take them out, pick up the Marksman, and peek around the corner to take out the three Hybrids on the distant bridge. Just follow the path past the bridge and around the corner to the right. You'll come to a motel, drop into the parking lot. ----------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: RENDEZVOUS WITH ECHO TEAM. ----------------------------------------- There's some marksman ammo in between the first two cars on the right if you want it. You're going to make your way to the right side of the motel, but first you'll want to take out the two Hybrids on the roof. Use your Marksman to make quick work of them as you'll need to turn your attention to the two that come running around the building on the right. By the way, they're accompanied by a Ravager. Take out the two Hybrids quick if you can while they come around the building. Then use your Carbine to fire a 40mm grenade at the car behind the bus on the left. Wait till the Ravager is next to it and you should be able to take him out with one shot. If not, just do whatever you need to kill him. Then move around the right side of the motel. Make your way to the only building in the area that's not green. Go up the stairs and inside. Make your way through the house, leave the Rossmore but grab the Intel (INTEL10), and drop out the other side. Turn right and you'll see a demolished building. Two patrol drones and a Titan come through the opening. If you're lucky, the two patrol drones will come through first, at least one will. You can pick up the magnum, shoot the titan, and detonate the rounds. Then finish him off with your carbine. Make sure you stay away from the cars in the area as they can kill you pretty quick. If you can use the spires for cover as they won't explode. If that doesn't work, you could always move around to the other side of the gas station and grab the LAARK. =========================================================== TOWN OF ORICK IIIC3 =========================================================== Once you finish him, there is a steelhead shooting at you from the right. You can use the Marksman to take him out with about four shots. Then use your carbine to take out the two patrol drones that come from the same area. Make your way to the wrecked train cars. Move up through the one on the right. Follow the path around, through another car, and then underneath a final one. You might see one or two spinners in this area if you're interested. Get ready to move quick. There is a hellfire turret waiting to shoot at you when you come out from behind the train cars. Quickly jump down, turn left, and sprint off the ramp. Move behind the large crate in the middle to the right. Pull out your Marksman, peek around the right side, and take out the Hybrid up on the right that peeks out from behind a wall. With that done, crouch and move to the left side of the crate. While crouched, move straight toward the turret. When you reach the palettes sprint to the stairs at eleven o'clock. Once there make your way around to the back of the turret to disable it. Quickly move up to where the Hybrid that you took out earlier was. Turn around and prepare for a couple dozen Hybrids. You can take a few out by shooting explosive barrels. Move away from the edge of the platform and pick them off as they rush you up the stairs. You just need to hold them off for a little while until backup comes. Follow the drone around a couple of corners where six or seven Hybrids wait for you. Make your way through the area, around the corner to the right, and through the path provided. You'll go up some stairs and join Echo team. ----------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: HIJACK A CHIMERAN SHUTTLE. ----------------------------------------- Take out as many of the Hybrids as you can with marksman. Then carefully proceed around to the other side. Be ready for four or five more Hybrids as you couldn't get them all. Follow your team around the corner to the left, take out a few more Hybrids, and prepare for a couple ravagers. Shouldn't be too hard as you have three guys helping you. =========================================================== LUMBER YARD IIIC4 =========================================================== Now, move into the warehouse. There's five or six more Hybrids and one steelhead. Again, this won't be too hard as your team helps out a lot. But be careful because the Hybrids just pop out from around cover and rush you. Make your way up some stairs, take out a couple of patrol drones, and go back outside. Drop off the platform to the left. Make your way to the right and up a ramp. Hop over some 4x4's and once you reach a fence turn left. Hop up the small bundles of lumber. Take out a few Hybrids before you drop down and disable the turret. There will be a couple more Hybrids and a ravager. Use the bullseye to tag the ravager and shoot him from behind cover. Once they're taken care of, move to the chimeran shuttle. ********************************************************************* BATTLESHIP IIID ********************************************************************* =========================================================== HANGAR BAY IIID1 =========================================================== -------------------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: INFILTRATE THE CHIMERAN BATTLESHIP. -------------------------------------------------- Move down the hallway, take the second right, turn left, and then right again. Shoot the chameleon that charges at you from straight ahead. Now move straight ahead. There is a small duct that you need to crouch to walk through, but first there are eight to ten leapers that come out that you need to kill and a couple more once you get inside. Follow the duct all the way to the next room. Grab the fareye and go down the hallway to the right. Make your way to the back left if you need carbine ammo, if not take the hallway to the right. Follow the path to the left and a lift that takes you down. Move off the lift and up the ramp to the right. There are quite a few Hybrids on other platforms and one ravager. Use the fareye to take out the ravager. Take out the hybrids farther down as well, and then pull out your carbine to take out the ones closer. Continue moving down the walkway until you come to another small ramp. =========================================================== EAST CORRIDOR IIID2 =========================================================== Be ready for a few hybrids to rush you as well as a few that stay back. Just at the top of the ramp is a small room that works well for cover. There are two on a path farther up, use your fareye to take them out. If you're out of ammo for the fareye, pick up the marksman and trade your carbine for a bullseye if you're low on ammo. There should be a couple of spinners at this point if you want to kill them. There are quite a few hybrids on walkways below you. You shouldn't need to worry about them though. When you move from the small room on the right to the platform on the left, another hybrid pops out from a small platform on the right. Take him out and then move around to the left and into the hallway. Take out the hybrid coming from the hallway to the right. Then move up the hallway and turn right to face two steelheads. One of them tries to rush you, just throw a grenade out there and he'll try to dodge it. Use the marksman to take them out quickly, then move across the walkway. ------------------------------------------------ OBJECTIVE: PLANT DEMO CHARGES ON THE BRIDGE. ------------------------------------------------ At the first four-way intersection you'll have to shoot down another chameleon that rushes you from directly in front of you. Take the second right, then a left. Another chameleon rushes you from the corner. Follow the path to the right and another small duct. Follow it all the way to the end. At that point you'll fall through the floor, quickly turn to the left and shoot three leapers. Then continue following the path. =========================================================== BRIDGE IIID3 =========================================================== You'll see a few more leapers but don't shoot at them as you immediately fall through the floor again. This time coming face to face with a steelhead. Once you kill him, pick up his auger and get ready to be rushed by a couple hybrids and a steelhead. Throw down a shield from the auger and take out the steelhead. Then take out the remaining hybrids, around five of them. As you proceed forward, you'll see three steelheads coming down an elevator. It won't come all the way down until you shoot at them. Make your way up to the ramp and get ready to throw a grenade after you take a couple shots at them. You could kill them all with the grenade, if not they only take a couple more shots to bring down. If you don't kill them quickly they're going to rush you. After you're done grab some ammo for your guns (bullseye and auger) and hop on the lift. Move straight ahead after it stops and you're at the bridge. ---------------------------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: EVACUATE THE BATTLESHIP BEFORE IT EXPLODES. ---------------------------------------------------------- Move carefully down the hallway to the left as you'll be rushed by two chameleons. Move through the next room to the hallway on the opposite side. Before the next room you'll be rushed by another chameleon. Once in the room, move to the right, and another one will rush you. Then proceed down the hallway on the right to the lift at the end. =========================================================== WEST CORRIDOR IIID4 =========================================================== Once the lift reaches the top you have about 120 seconds to reach the shuttle. Move down the path to the right, cross over to the left, up a ramp, then back to the right, and up another ramp. Move into the hallway on the right and follow it around. You'll run into three hybrids, just don't let them kill you in the few seconds it takes for a team member to bring them down. Sprint along the path until you move back inside and join more of your team. Stay behind cover and pick off the hybrids that rush you. There are a couple dozen at this point. You are given some hedgehog grenades, use them. Be careful when throwing them as you could hit the top of your cover and have them stay right next to you. You only have to hold out for a few seconds or so. Then you can move around a path to the left and get to your ship for evac. ********************************************************************* TWIN FALLS, IDAHO IIIE ********************************************************************* =========================================================== 115 WARRINGTON DRIVE IIIE1 =========================================================== May 15, 1953 12:22 P.M. ----------------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: SEARCH THE HOUSES FOR SURVIVORS. ----------------------------------------------- Turn on your flashlight and move into the dark hole. Proceed through the first doorway, then through the doorway on the right, and up the stairs. Turn right at the top and melee your way through the grim pods and through the door to the outside. Go to the passenger side of the car in the drive way for some intel (INTEL13). Move into the garage and out through the side door. Go into the next house. Make your way up the stairs, do a 180 and go into the room on the right to get a magnum. Now, go out through the door and drop into the yard. There are a half dozen or so spinners in this area if you want to kill them. Otherwise just head through the yard, be prepared for grims to bust out of the pods. Go through the opening in the fence and around to the left. ----------------------------- OBJECTIVE: RESCUE WARNER. ----------------------------- Head toward the car, turn on your flashlight, and move into the building behind it. While you move through the house be prepared for grims to jump out at you. You don't need to shoot them because there will only one or two, you can just melee them. Move back outside and hang a left. Head into the garage for some ammo and grenades. Then continue through the yards until you wisely enter the dark cellar in back of the yellow house. Turn on your flashlight, kill a few grims, and head up the stairs. There might be a grim waiting for you to the left at the top of the stairs. Then if you head right and go through the doorway on the left, you'll pick up some intel (INTEL12). Head up the stairs and help kill a few more grims. Go into the room directly in front of the stairs and in the closet is some ammo. Then go out the side door and drop into the yard. When you get around back of the house you're rushed by a couple dozen grims. Just wait till they get close and blast them with your rossmore. When they're done, head back to where you landed after exiting the house to get some ammo. Proceed back to the garage and a few more grims will rush you. This time you can either shoot them with your rossmore and refill your ammo in the garage or just melee them as they are far enough apart to only have to deal with one at a time. Continue back through the next house, but be prepared for grims upon exiting. There's another dozen or so that rush you. There's rossmore ammo right by the door you came out. ----------------------------------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: RENDEZVOUS WITH HAWTHORNE AT USED CAR LOT IN TOWN. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Run past the car and follow Warner up the fire escape and around the corner. Drop down and move through the trailer. Take a left and navigate through the cars. Take another left shortly after two police cars. =========================================================== MAIN STREET IIIE2 =========================================================== Move through the alley and join the firefight at the used car lot and gas station. Grab the marksman on your way. There are a couple hybrids on top of the gas station to your right, take them out with the marksman. Keep an eye out for hybrids who decide to rush you. Just take your time and pick them off one by one. You can also cause some of the cars to explode, hopefully killing a few. Once done there, move toward the diner and four steelheads. If you use the magnum, you just need to shoot each one twice and then detonate. Their shots are easy to dodge as they pause when passing through a wall. Once they're killed move down the street to the right and grab the intel (INTEL11) behind one of the military vehicles. You have a few weapons to choose from; a bullseye, an auger, a bellock, or a carbine. Move through the diner and out the back door. ---------------------------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: RENDEZVOUS WITH CAPELLI IN THE TOWN SQUARE. ---------------------------------------------------------- There are more spinners in this area if you need to kill them. Otherwise follow your team to the left, up a ramp, and through an alleyway. You end up in a dark room with half a dozen or so hybrids and a steelhead. If you grabbed the bellock it will go pretty quick. Otherwise target the steelhead with your auger and then pick off the hybrids one by one. Move through the back door and kill the two hybrids that run out the door to your left. Then move through the door. Again, move through the back door and into the next building. There are another six or seven hybrids and a couple steelheads. If you still have the bellock you can make quick work of them, just watch out for hybrids rushing you. When you get towards the back of the room, three hybrids run around the corner and come straight for you. Have a bullseye ready for them or the bellock if you still have a couple shots. Follow your team outside to the left, then hang a right, go up the stairs, and enter the door. You’re now in an auditorium with a few dozen grims. Stay near the door because they're going to rush you and you might not be able to keep up with them depending on your weapons. You can just back through the doorway causing them to come at you single file making it easier to kill them. As long as you didn't die you can run back to the previous building and grab some ammo. Make your way to the back of the auditorium and out through the front doors. You will now need to kill three titans. There's plenty of carbine ammo around the courtyard. Drop a barrier with the auger and shoot a whole clip into one of them. Then switch to a carbine and finish it off, it won't take much. Repeat with the next two. Just be careful to not get blown up by a nearby car. Run around getting ammo for your guns. There's a couple hedgehog grenades in the back left corner as well as some frag grenades hidden in the grass in the front right and back left corners. Then move to the right side by your team and go over the debris down the street. There are three hybrids behind some cover on the left. If you can angle a hedgehog grenade off the wall, you can kill all three. Then there's three more on top of the building on the right. =========================================================== TRAIN YARD IIIE3 =========================================================== --------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: HEAD TO THE NORTH TOWER. --------------------------------------- Follow Capelli over to the right. You’re going to be in very dark places and be attacked by many grims. Turn on your flashlight and have your rossmore ready. After the first wave, grab some ammo between the wall on the right and the wrecked train car. Keep close to Capelli as he helps out a little. After the second wave return to the rossmore ammo to refill. Then move further down the tunnel. After the third wave there are some green crates in the middle of the tunnel with carbine ammo. Grab some if you need some. If you continue over to the left side from there, there's some grenades and rossmore ammo. After restocking move over to the right side of the tunnel and move up a destroyed train car. Enjoy the enemy running away from you for once. Move down the tracks a little ways and several hybrids and two ravagers start shooting at you. The hybrids like to try and flank you on the right, so keep an eye out for them. The two ravagers rush you, hit them with grenades or 40 mm rounds from your carbine. Trade you rossmore for the marksman on the left and take out the remaining hybrids further down the tracks. Before moving on trade your marksman for the rossmore, then proceed down the tracks and into the next tunnel. If your carbine ammo is low, grab a bullseye on the way by. Shortly after entering the tunnel, head up some stairs on the left, move further into the tunnel until there is a hallway on the left. Grab some rossmore ammo and grenades off the desk and go to the right. Follow the hallway around till you drop into a room with a foot of water. =========================================================== TOWER ENTRANCE IIIE4 =========================================================== --------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: RESTORE THE NORTH TOWER. --------------------------------------- Get ready for a dozen leapers to attack. Grab some carbine ammo or pick one up from the middle of the room on your way by. Follow Capelli up the stairs on the right and into the next room. Get in behind Capelli and follow him to the opposite side and a sealed door. You'll need to turn around, head up the stairs right in front of you, and hit the switch. Easy, right? Don't hit the switch right away, if you do Capelli will go through the door and provide less cover fire for all the leapers that attack you. Once you finish them, hit the switch and go with Capelli through the door. Make your way to the other side of the room, on your way you could shoot some more leapers if you want. Get on the lift at the end and go up. Follow Capelli around the corner and up some stairs. Continue around the corner and up another set of stairs to a lift. Take it up to fight the mother spinner. --------------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: NEUTRALIZE THE MOTHER SPINNER. --------------------------------------------- There is plenty of carbine ammo around the platform. The mother spinner will come up the middle, shoot it with the carbine until it leaves. If it's in the middle, you don't need to worry about it killing you as long as you aren't in front of it. If it's on part of the structure on the outside of the platform, it's going to shoot leapers out at you. There's only five or six. It sometimes jumps onto the platform and chases you, striking at you with its claws. This should be easy to dodge, just make sure to keep your distance. It takes around five clips from the carbine and a couple 40 mm rounds, if you got them, to bring it down and restore the north tower. ********************************************************************* BRYCE CANYON, UTAH IIIF ********************************************************************* =========================================================== STATION GENESIS PERIMETER IIIF1 =========================================================== May 15, 1953 5:42 P.M. ------------------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: CLEAR A LANDING ZONE FOR THE VTOL. ------------------------------------------------- I hope you’re good with the fareye, as you now have to clear out four hybrids on the landing platform and a few more on the ground, all from the inside of a VTOL. On the landing platform, one hybrid hides behind a crate with a propane tank in front of it. There's also a couple hybrids near propane tanks on the ground, if you’re working for trophies. You also need to look out for a half dozen patrol drones that you need to take out. Use the fareye and secondary mode to take out the hybrids and patrol drones. If you run out of ammo someone will hand you a clip and after you exit the VTOL you'll have full ammo. ----------------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: FIND A WAY INTO STATION GENESIS. ----------------------------------------------- After you land, trade your carbine for a bullseye if you'd like, there's also some carbine ammo further up the path if you used some. Then follow your team down the stairs on the back of the landing platform. Eight to ten patrol drones come from around the corner a little ways up the path. They're joined by four or five hybrids. You can use your fareye to take out a few of the hybrids before they retreat again. Move up to where the hybrids came from. Be ready for a chameleon to charge you from straight ahead. Take it out and start sniping the hybrids in the next area. After you take out a few, someone says there's a chameleon, quick switch to your bullseye or carbine. There'll be another one after a few seconds, you have time to snipe a couple more hybrids if you want. There's also some ammo for the fareye leaning against a rock to the right. Take out a few more before they again retreat. Chase after them. Be careful when you pop out from behind the big boulder as there could be around eight of them. If you have a hedgehog grenade, toss it into the group. You should be able to take most of them out, if not just start shooting them. They're going to retreat around the corner. Go around it and finish them off. But get ready for a couple ravagers. As you follow what remains of your team towards the rocks blocking the path, two ravages come busting through. If you have a couple of grenades you can bring them down pretty quick. There's also going to be three hybrids up on the left and two on the right. If you still have a few rounds left in the fareye, you might want to hold on to it for a little longer. Move through the opening left by the ravagers and drop down. Grab some grenades, carbine ammo, and intel (INTEL14) in the tent to the left, then move down the path to the right. Make your way up to the left, but be ready for four or five hybrids and a couple more ravagers. After you get a little way around the corner, they come after you. Retreat back so you team can flank them. Throw some grenades and 40 mm rounds at them if you got them. They should come down pretty quick. Or if you held onto the fareye, you can back up quite a ways and take out the ravagers with headshots and any hybrids you can with what ammo you have left. Now, continue around the path, grab some carbine ammo if you need it. =========================================================== STATION GENESIS ENTRANCE IIIF2 =========================================================== A little further up the path on the right is a wraith. Grab it if you want and move around the cliff on the left. After a brief cutscene, you're going to move down the path a little way and come to an opening. You'll be attacked by a dozen or so leapers a little ways around cliff. Shortly after that you'll be attacked by some more that come from the tunnel you're heading for. Continue down the path, take the tunnel to the right and follow it around to pick up a spider grenade. Go back to the main tunnel. Walk through the door at the end and throw the spider grenade at the door on opposite wall on the left. Have your wraith ready. A couple ravagers and some hybrids come through the door, most will get killed by the spider grenade, just mow down the rest with the wraith. Move through the door and around the corner. You'll notice the next door open "by itself." It's a chameleon; take him down with your second weapon, don't waste wraith ammo on it. A second later another one comes through the door. Take him out and move on. Go around the corner and take the lift down. Have your wraith ready once you get to the bottom. Throw the air-fuel grenade you just picked up directly behind the hybrids and ravagers. Use your wraith to take out the rest. There's also going to be four hunter drones, you can take them out one by one without having to worry about them shooting at you. If you only shoot at one the rest usually focus on your allies and not you. Shortly after that, the elevator will come down with reinforcements, all four of them. They're just hybrids, so take them out quick and hop on the elevator. =========================================================== EXCAVATION SITE IIIF3 =========================================================== ---------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: LOCATE DR. MALIKOV. ---------------------------------- Once at the bottom, there will be two steelheads shooting at you from behind a wall. You'll have to flank them on the right. If you still have wraith ammo, it makes quick work of them. Pick up an auger and a carbine and make your way around to the left. Move through the door and take a right. Move down a little ways and take another right. There's going to be around six steelheads shooting at you through the walls. Throw down a shield and shoot back. Then follow the path around to another door. Your going to need to flip a switch, but be ready to run from the swarm, as you can't kill it yet. If you throw down a shield from the auger in front of the swarm you'll get a trophy, assuming you haven't already gotten it. You need to quickly turn around and sprint back the way you came. Just follow the cable on the floor. Take the shortest route possible, as you'll just barely make it. Move out of the elevator and around the path to another set of tunnels. Around the first corner, the swarm comes back and gets inside the tunnel you're in. Run back through the previous door and it'll exit the tunnel via a vent. Turn around and sprint down the hallway toward the marker. If you take the hallway to the right you’ll find some intel (INTEL15). Once you reach the marker, you'll find Dr. Malikov. =========================================================== CONTROL ROOM IIIF4 =========================================================== --------------------------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: ESCORT DR. MALIKOV OUT OF STATION GENESIS. --------------------------------------------------------- Simply follow Dr. Malikov until he takes a right when you could also go left. Go left to find some intel (INTEL16). There's also some frag grenades, but the main thing is the intel, right? Now go back to Dr. Malikov and learn a little bit about the chimera. Follow him through a door, grab the fareye and shoot the three hybrids on a platform to the left. A ravage will rush up the path to your left, you can try and get a headshot with the fareye or throw down a shield and shoot him with your auger. Another one comes shortly after the first. Follow Dr. Malikov down the path to your left. You'll probably want to keep the fareye. Now get on a lift and take it down. Follow Dr. Malikov onto the walking bridge and drop into the generator. After the swarm moves away, follow him into the tunnels and onto the platform on the other side. Dr. Malikov hits a switch and a bridge extends. Run up it and the swarm comes back with a ravager. Get back to the generator and take out the ravager. If you have the fareye try for a headshot, if not you can grab the bullseye that's inside the generator and use tags to shoot him from behind cover. Get ready to sprint for the door when Dr. Malikov takes off. Having a fareye would come in handy about now. There is a spider grenade on the right just inside the door. After moving through the next door, three waves of two hybrids attack you, followed by two ravagers. Take out the hybrids with the fareye if you have it, if not bring them down with a carbine or bullseye. Quickly pick up the wraith to finish off the ravagers or take them out with a couple headshots and then pick up the wraith. Now follow Dr. Malikov to another door on the opposite side of the room. Move through the doorway on the right. =========================================================== GENERATOR PLATFORMS IIIF5 =========================================================== ------------------------------------ OBJECTIVE: NEUTRALIZE THE SWARM. ------------------------------------ Hop on the lift and take it down. Once down you need to jump over to a tube, follow it to the end, and jump to another. Once you reach the platform grab the pulse cannon. Wait till the swarm gets close and then sprint through the generator. Dr. Malikov will trap it inside allowing you to shoot it with the pulse cannon. Once you do, move toward the next marker and repeat. Proceed to the third and final generator to finish it off. It might take a few tries to get it inside the generator, just make sure its close enough to follow you but not so close that it gets you before you get out. --------------------------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: ESCORT DR. MALIKOV TO THE EVACUATION SITE. --------------------------------------------------------- Move up the walkway that Dr. Malikov extends and follow him to an elevator. Then follow him out to a cliff to see a titan take out one of your VTOLs. Then move through the rocks on the right to an open area. You'll have to drop down and quickly trade your pulse cannon for the LAARK sitting there. Fire two shots at each of the titans in the area and finish them off with a couple clips from a bullseye or carbine. If you have a bullseye, tag them and shoot them while moving around the big rock in the middle of the area. Also, watch out for some leapers, around a dozen of them. Follow Dr. Malikov up a path that would be in the far left of the area from the point you entered, basically straight ahead. You follow it around to a platform for extraction. ********************************************************************* CHICAGO, ILLINOIS IIIG ********************************************************************* =========================================================== CHICAGO OUTSKIRTS IIIG1 =========================================================== May 16, 1953 7:13 A.M. --------------------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: LEAD ECHO TEAM TO THE CHIMERAN NODE. OBJECTIVE: SURVIVE THE ALLEYS. --------------------------------------------------- Move down the alley to the right. Go straight and pick up the Splicer. Take a left at the end of the alley. Get on top of the pile of debris and prepare for an onslaught of grims. Use the splicer until you're out of ammo, then switch to the carbine. Once they stop coming, go back the way you came but instead of going right go straight. Trade the splicer for the rossmore. Turn around and go back to the pile of debris and move right. Kill the last several grims that pop out. If you want a magnum make your way down the first street to the right. Keep moving and take a left at the next street. ----------------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: NEUTRALIZE THE HELLFIRE TURRETS. ----------------------------------------------- Move up the fire escape and into the building. Drop down a floor and deactivate the turret. Pick up the fareye and take out the three steelheads on the bottom floor across the street. Wait till Warner deactivates the second turret and move out the door to the left and into the next room. Turn left and head around to the right. Pick up the fareye and head out the door to the right. Go up the stairs and deactivate the third turret. You need to take out five hybrids across the street. Watch out for a lone grim that climbs up to where you are. He'll be right in front of you, so you can't miss him. Wait till the fourth turret is deactivated and jump across the gap to the next building. Deactivate the fifth turret. Grab the magnum and shoot each of the three hunter drones four times and detonate, or just use the carbine. --------------------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: LEAD ECHO TEAM TO THE CHIMERAN NODE. --------------------------------------------------- After Warner gets the last of the turrets deactivated, head to the left across a walkway and into a building. Drop through the floor and melee your way through the green door. =========================================================== CORNFORTH HOTEL IIIG2 =========================================================== Make your way down the hallway and turn left. Jump in the water and head for cover out in the middle. Move from cover to cover to the right. There's a ramp in the water that you need to get to before the fury that is for the moment out of the water gets to you. Once out of the water, kill the two hybrids and turn your attention to the other side of the water. There's two more hybrids, a steelhead, and around five patrol drones you need to take out. Take out the first two patrol drones, then use your magnum to hit the hybrids once and steelhead twice. Detonate the rounds. Switch to your carbine and take out the remaining patrol drones. Go back behind the counter and into the back room. There you'll find some intel (INTEL17). If you want to keep your carbine, go through the short hallway and into the other back room for some ammo. Walk back out the hallway and take a left. Jump onto the white truck in the water. Make your way from car to car, being careful not to fall in the water. When you get to the next white truck, five patrol drones attack you. If you jump on the front of the white truck, it provides decent cover for taking them out. Take them out and continue to follow the line of cars. Move up the train car and onto the tracks. Follow them to the end and get on top of another train car. Follow the train cars for a little bit. You then fall into another area and the train car allows the water into the area. Sprint straight ahead until you see a ramp on the left. Follow it to the end, then jump to the left, turn right and jump, then turn right and jump again. Sprint to the end, turn right, and jump again. Turn left and follow the ramps around till you go through a train car. Jump up onto the little wall on the left and carefully walk down it to another ramp. Follow it around for a little bit making your way to a more vertical ramp that you need to jump to. Make your way into the room on the right. Grab the splicer if you want to. Head up the stairs. When you can't go up anymore go through the doorway. Turn right and fall down a floor. First a single grim rushes, melee him, then six more rush you at once. use your carbine to bring them down. Move down the hallway, check to the right to make sure there aren't any grims coming, and then go left. When you come to an open door on the left go in. If you want a rossmore, carefully move inside the door and to the right. It'll be on a counter around the corner to the left. Watch out for grims on your way back to the hole. Now, fall to the floor below. There will be one grim in front of you and one to the right. Then a couple more from in front of you. There might be more that pop out, so just be on alert. Make your way to the back right corner, there's a magnum on the left, then go right. Make your way down the hallway and go around the corner. There's nowhere to go so you'll have to go back and check the doors. Lucky for you some grims kick a door open so you don't have to. There's around five. Take them out, move through the door, and take a right. =========================================================== MICHIGAN AVENUE IIIG3 =========================================================== --------------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: RENDEZVOUS WITH GROUND FORCES. --------------------------------------------- Head up the stairs, drop down a floor, and join the fight. Take out the hybrids in the middle of the road. Then move out of the building and to the right. Stay right next to the building, you should be able to hide behind some debris. Just move far enough to have a good angle to the stalker. Throw a frag grenade under it, this is sometimes enough to bring it down, if not throw another or hit it with a couple 40 mm rounds from the carbine. Once it’s down go grab some carbine ammo and a bullseye and start taking down the hybrids. Towards the end four ravagers come at you. Throw some grenades at them if you got them. Otherwise just shoot them; they go down quick either way as you have a lot of help at this point. -------------------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: CLEAR AN AIR CORRIDOR FOR THE VTOL. -------------------------------------------------- Around twenty patrol drones come at you next. You can just sit back and let everyone else take them out. They don't last long. Next two hunter drones come out. You need to destroy their shields by shooting them. Once they're down you just need to shoot them a little bit more to destroy them. If you have a bullseye, go around behind them and tag them where their shield is down, then just shoot them. Go to the green truck on the left and grab a LAARK. Head for the fence but don't jump over yet. You can take out most of the nearby hybrids and take a few shots at the stalkers then head back and reload. Now, head over to the other side. Move to the left and take out the hybrids and leeches on your way to the buildings. Once you get inside the buildings around ten grims rush you. Take them out and start shooting the stalkers with the LAARK. If you run out of LAARK ammo, grab two other weapons and then grab one of the LAARKs lying around. This should give you full ammo, even if you couldn't get any ammo from it when you were carrying the LAARK. Once they're taken care of move out of the building to the left and up the stairs across the street, take out a few more hybrids. A couple rounds for the LAARK might come in handy a little later on, if you want to grab one. After the Leviathan goes past, you’re alone inside of a building. =========================================================== UPTOWN IIIG4 =========================================================== ---------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: NEUTRALIZE THE LEVIATHAN. ---------------------------------------- Follow the hallway till there's a hole in the floor, drop through. Melee through the green door. Take out a couple of hybrids on the other side, then move up the debris on the left. Make your way across the street and go right up the debris. Two hybrids and two ravagers are across the next street. Take out the two ravagers with a couple of rounds from the LAARK, then pick off the hybrids with a carbine or bullseye. Make your way across the street, if you turn left and head back across the street you'll find a hedgehog grenade. Then go back and up the debris. Trade the LAARK for the fareye and start picking off hybrids across the street. Watch out for leeches running across at you. When everyone is taken' care of, move across the street and go left. You'll come to another walkway, make your way back across the street. A dozen grims rush you, back up to the previous building while shooting them. Once they're taken care of, turn your attention to the 4 steelheads across the street. Use the fareye’s secondary mode to allow you time to line up a head shot, then quickly hit fire to take them out. Now move across the street. Once on the other side, five grims come rushing at you. Take care of them and move into the building. A leech comes around the corner at you, shoot it before it gets too close. Go up the stairs and take out the hunter drones, there's five or six of them. Watch out for patrol drones that come from the back right of the room, there's seven or eight of them. There is a wraith and a carbine in this room if you want them. Alternatively, you can bypass the hunter drones and just take out the patrol drones on your way by. When your ready move around the hole in the floor in the back right of the room and go up the stairs. Drop into the next room. Go up the stairs, turn right and go up some more stairs. Melee through the door at the top. =========================================================== LEVIATHAN IIIG5 =========================================================== You are now on the roof. Go to the left and grab a LAARK. Wait till the leviathan grabs you. When he opens his mouth shoot him and hope he throws you before you run out of ammo, it should only take three shots. You land on the roof of another building. Quickly run inside and up the catwalk to a higher roof. Head a little to the left and sprint across to yet another building. Make your way down the stairs, grab some ammo for the LAARK and head out the window. Run around the building to the right, he'll grab you again. Wait till he opens his mouth and shoot him. He throws you to another building. Make your way out the door and down a ramp. Go inside and around to another door. Run down the path. Around the corner there are four hybrids are waiting. Take them out and move on. Turn left and take out two more hybrids. Start running down the spiral ramp. ------------------------------------------------------------ OBJECTIVE: LURE THE LEVIATHAN UNDERNEATH THE SKY BRIDGE. ------------------------------------------------------------ There's one hybrid at the end of the path and two just outside. Take them out, grab some ammo for the LAARK, and get the leviathan’s attention. Shoot at him once to get his attention, while he moves toward you switch to the carbine and take out four patrol drones. Then switch back to the LAARK and shoot the sky bridge. When the leviathan lowers its head, shoot the giant hole with another round. ********************************************************************* HOLAR TOWER, ICELAND IIIH ********************************************************************* =========================================================== NORTH ENTRANCE IIIH1 =========================================================== 13 hours later --------------------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: PLANT DEMO CHARGES ON CHIMERAN AAGS. --------------------------------------------------- Follow the road around until you come to some steps on the right. Go all the way up to the top and drop into the area on the right. Pull out your Marksman and take out seven or eight Hybrids. You can go in close with your Bullseye if you want, but it’s easier to stay back and pick them off. There’s some Marksman ammo in a little nook on the left. Don’t’ forget about the secondary mode of the Marksman, it comes in handy. Move up while keeping an eye on the left. Three more hybrids come out of the second nook on the left. Move toward the steps at the end of the area, when you start to go up them a ravager comes around the corner. Hit him with the marksman’s secondary fire and follow it up with a headshot or two. If you’re low on marksman ammo pick up a bullseye mark II and head up the stairs. Make your way around to the AAG and plant some explosives. Proceed down the stairs to the left. Go down the stairs to the right and make your way to the other side of the room. Trade your bullseye mark I for the magnum by the desk in between the two doors. Sprint across the hallway through the door on the right. Move a little ways down the hallway and a hybrid runs across in front of you. Shoot him quick and sprint back to the room you came from. A ravager comes around the corner the hybrid just came around. Take cover behind the wall. If you hit him with four or five shots from the magnum and then detonate, you’ll take care of him. Now move back down the hallway. Turn left at the intersection. Take out the steelhead behind some bars at the end of the hallway. Two more hybrids come around the corner, take them out as well. Move to the end of the hallway and take a left. Go to the left in between the wall and the first row of lockers then take a right. You’ll find some intel (INTEL18) and a Spider Grenade. Continue straight to the wall, take a right, and then through the door on the left. If you want to keep your magnum there’s some ammo to the left. Otherwise grab the Auger the steelhead dropped on your way into the room on the right. Have your bullseye ready when you drop into the room. Twelve patrol drones come from the hallway you just dropped out of. =========================================================== LANDING PLATFORM IIIH2 =========================================================== Make your way outside to where the stalker is. Go straight out the door and down underneath the stalker. You’ll find a LAARK down there. Now just pop out one of the four openings and shoot the stalker till it explodes. There is additional LAARK ammo in the shadows of the front right side of the tunnels, if you consider the ramp you ran down the front left. There will be one hybrid on each side of the area. They’ll be up on a walkway. One on the building you came out of and one on the opposite side of the area. Once the stalker’s down, there will be a steelhead shooting at you. Take him out and move into the room he was in. There will be a hybrid up on a platform to the right, once inside the room. Make your way through the doorway and up the stairs on the right. ----------------------------------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: RENDEZVOUS WITH ECHO TEAM IN THE OBSERVATION ROOM. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Move straight ahead and back inside. Follow the hallway to the right and kill some more spinners if you need to. Make your way through the grim pods. There is a bellock all the way to the left when you first enter the room. Then go to the far left corner and through the doorway. Take a right, move down a little ways and take a left. Follow the hallway around to meet up with your team. =========================================================== SOUTH COURTYARD IIIH3 =========================================================== ---------------------------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: CLEAR CHIMERAN DEFENSES FOR AERIAL ASSAULT. ---------------------------------------------------------- Have your bullseye ready for six patrol drones outside the windows. Switch to the bellock and prepare for some hybrids and a couple ravagers. You can throw that Spider Grenade down one of the two tunnels, takes out quite a few. The ravagers go down fairly quickly with the bellock. Stay close to cover, since there’s a lot of hybrids in the area it doesn’t take long for you to lose all your health. Pick up a marksman and a bullseye on your way down the tunnel on the right. Follow your team through the hallway on the right and back outside. There are three hybrids waiting for you just outside. =========================================================== HOLAR BATTLEFIELD IIIH4 =========================================================== Go outside and move around to the left. Take out some of the hybrids with the marksman while you move behind the sandbags on the left. There you will find a fareye and plenty of ammo. Start taking out the chimera. Most of them are up on some walkways in the back hiding behind cover, so wait till they pop up and take them out. After you take all of them out a hunter drone comes along. Let your team shoot at it for the time being, there’s a hybrid in the doorway to the left. You can’t see him because it’s dark, but after he shoots at you target him and take him out. Now use the bullseye to help bring down the drone. You can also use the fareye, each shot takes quite a bit of the shield down and there’s plenty of ammo around. --------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: ENTER HOLAR TOWER. --------------------------------- Move through the doorway on the left. Wait for Warner to open the door, and then move through. Run into the middle of the room and grab a rossmore. You’re going to be rushed by a few dozen grims. There is also a splicer on the left if you want to grab that. Help your team take out the few that are left once the doors close. Then hop on the lift. =========================================================== HOLAR TOWER IIIH5 =========================================================== ----------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: RESCUE FOXTROT UNIT. ----------------------------------- Hop off the lift at the bottom and make for the marker. On you way grab the Air-Fuel Grenade and a little further and around to the right grab the marksman. If you brought a fareye from the previous firefight, you can take out most of the upcoming hybrids without them even shooting at you. If you stay on top of the hill you should see six to eight hybrids and a steelhead toward the marker. All it takes is one shot per hybrid and headshot to the steelhead. Seems a little cheap to shoot them in the back though. So, make your way down the hill to the right. There is one steelhead on top of the hill to the left along with around six hybrids. Pick them off with the fareye or marksman as you make your way to the marker. Pick off the four or five hybrids in front of you as well. When you get close to the marker, a few more hybrids come to the edge of the hill on the left. Take them out quick and make for the downed VTOL. Once there, around a dozen more hybrids come from the back right of it. The come from a narrow path, so you could shoot a couple electrical orbs from the marksman toward them to soften them up quite a bit. You should at least grab a bullseye before moving on. ------------------------------------------------ OBJECTIVE: CLEAR OUT CHIMERAN GROUND FORCES. ------------------------------------------------ A little way up the path, you get rushed by three chameleons. All three pretty much straight in front of you. Move up the hill in front of you. Tag the titan moving toward you with the bullseye and unload on it. You should be able to bring it down with three clips from the bullseye and a 40 mm round from the carbine once it’s close to you. Now take out four hybrids on a rock to the left a little further up. If you move down the hill to the left side of it, you’ll find a LAARK, grab it and move on. --------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: ENTER HOLAR TOWER. --------------------------------- Move up to join your team at the edge of the path. Then retreat back a little way to fend off the leapers. If you are running back the way you came, look for a rock on the right. If you jump on top of it, the leapers have a hard time getting to you. After a little bit another titan comes over the hill. Use your LAARK to bring it down while staying away from the leapers. Your team should have finished off the leapers by the time you bring the titan down. Grab a bullseye if there is one and the wraith on the way to the elevator. =========================================================== THE NODE IIIH6 =========================================================== ----------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: TRACK DOWN DAEDALUS. ----------------------------------- Move through the door to the left. Around the first right is a steelhead with his back to you. Take him out quick before he gets a chance to kill you. Grab the Auger and move into the next room. Throw down a force barrier and take out the two ravagers, a steelhead, and some hybrids. Some additional hybrids and a couple more steelheads come from the right. Make sure to grab some ammo for the auger before moving on. You go up a ramp to the right. There is a steelhead inside of a room in the middle. It’s easiest to throw down a force barrier and shoot him through the wall. You can go inside the little room and top off your auger. Then move around to the left. Before moving through your first door, you have the option of a carbine or a magnum. Grab the carbine. Move into the next room and turn right. After you move a little way you’ll be rushed by twelve leeches. Take them out and move on. Go to the right and through a little doorway into a room. Take another little doorway to the left back out. Shoot the chameleon that rushes at you. Reload, move ahead, and take a right. Follow the hallway around. Take out the steelhead patrolling in front of you and the two hybrids around to the left. Grab the Auger and move through the doorway on the left. Continue straight ahead. You’ll be attacked by three hybrids at the top of the ramp. Take them out and grab the high ground. Turn around and take out the two ravagers with the Auger. Then grab a bullseye, to pop in and out of cover to tag and take out the six or seven hybrids below. You’ll also be rushed by two leeches. After you take them out, move to the side and allow Capelli to get the next wave. Take out any enemies that make it by. Grab some bullseye ammo and move through the doorway to the right. Run through the hallway to help Warner. ********************************************************************* COCODRIE, LOUISIANA IIII ********************************************************************* =========================================================== FIELD HQ IIII1 =========================================================== June 26, 1953 5:39 P.M. --------------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: FIND THE FISSION BOMB. OBJECTIVE: CLEAR OUT THE PLANTATION HOUSE --------------------------------------------- Make your way straight ahead. Go to the end of the destroyed dock. Jump over to the boat and then to the land on the other side. Move up the path a little way and take aim at the ravager. Use secondary mode to line up a headshot to bring him down. A hybrid will cross the front of the house, take him out. Shoot the hybrid through the window on the right and then the one through the first window on the left. You might not be able to see them through the windows, if not just be ready for two more to come out the front doors. Another hybrid runs out the front doors. Make your way to the front doors. When you get close enough a steelhead and two hybrids come running out. Trade your magnum for the auger and head inside. Go up the stairs straight ahead. Take out the three hybrids at the top and the one in the room to the right. Head out the doors in the front of the house. Two steelheads will come from the clearing straight ahead. Take them out with headshots. Next there will be two ravagers and around six hybrids. Take out the ravagers with headshots before their shields are up. Then turn you attention to the hybrids. Take out as many as you can with the fareye. If there’s any left, they’ll try and get in the house. Switch to your auger and take them out through the floor. =========================================================== THE DOCKS IIII2 =========================================================== --------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: NEUTRALIZE THE MARAUDER. --------------------------------------- Head upstairs to the attic and around the corner to the right. Grab the LAARK and the intel (INTEL19). Head back to the second floor. Head out the doors in the front of the house onto the porch that surrounds the house. The Marauder should be in the back. Run around to the right side and shoot him with the LAARK. Quickly turn around and run away. Wait till he gets to the side of the house and do the same thing again. You need to watch out for his only attack which is similar to the spider grenades but covers a much larger area. You’ll need to hit him one more time and he’s done. Now head outside and around to the back, climb over the dead marauder. ------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: NEUTRALIZE THE TITANS. ------------------------------------- Make your way up the stairs and through the door on the left. Turn right and head inside. Before leaving out the back, grab the spider grenade to the right up a few steps. You may want to conserve your grenades for later, so don't get grenade happy. Now drop out the back and head left. Make your way to the end and up some stairs. Move across some crates and palettes. Drop down to the left and navigate your way through the crates. On the other side you’ll have to bring down three titans. Take aim at one of them with your auger, if you have three full clips, you’ll be able to bring him down. Make your way toward the titans and take the first right. Turn left and head up the stairs on the right. Head down stairs and take out two or three hybrids that run into the room. Pick up the fareye in the middle of the room and take out a couple of hybrids through the door. Then try to line up a headshot on the ravager straight through the door. Grab a carbine on your way out the door. Head to the other side. Once inside the building, go up the stairs on the left. There could be a few hybrids at the top, take them out and grab the LAARK. Fire both rounds at what is hopefully the last titan. This should finish him off. Make your way through the door in the far left corner of the room (when facing the boat the titans were on). There’s a hybrid and six or seven patrol drones in the next room. Head through a doorway and over some debris to get outside. Make your way onto the boat. ----------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: CLEAR THE RIVERBOAT. ----------------------------------- Once on the boat, grab a couple frag grenades from the second room on the left. If you have less than five frag grenades at this point head left down the middle of the boat and grab another frag from inside the second room on the right. Now head over to the stairs around to the right. There are three hybrids at the top of the stairs, kill them then head right. There is a wraith and some intel (INTEL20) in the first room on the left if you want it, otherwise head up the next set of stairs. Don’t go up all the way. Stay just on the small set of stairs and the titan a little to the right shouldn’t be able to hit you. Unload a few clips from the carbine and 40 mm round or two to bring him down. Go down the small set of steps in front of you to grab some more carbine ammo and an air-fuel grenade. =========================================================== STEEL RIVER BRIDGE IIII3 =========================================================== ------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: FIND THE FISSION BOMB. ------------------------------------- Get on top of the boat and head to the left. Go across to the rooftop of the nearby building. Move right and drop down a floor to meet up with Capelli. You may want the bellock from the middle of the room and the pulse cannon from the corner of the floor below you. Follow Capelli out the back and head for the marker. ----------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: SUPRESS THE ASSAULT. ----------------------------------- Hybrids are going to come from across the street and down the street. There’s going to be a couple dozen, so just stay behind cover a pick them off as quick as you can. Use the bellock to take out most of the hybrids, then pick up a carbine to pick off the rest. If you still had ammo for the bellock, go back and grab it. Now move down the street to trigger the second wave. The second will come from down the street. It mostly consists of hybrids and as many as the first wave. There are also two ravagers. You should be able to take out the ravagers with the two shots you have in the pulse cannon, just remember that it takes a little while to charge before a shot. Now just stay close to cover and pick them off one by one. There is also an auger and a marksman in a small nook on the right side of the street. There are a lot of grenades lying all over the place. When it’s over grab all the grenades you can find. If there's still ammo for the auger, grab it. Now head up the ramp on the left at the end of the street. There may be a hybrid waiting for you on the other side. ---------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: LOCATE MAJOR BLAKE. ---------------------------------- Move around the support and up the stairs. Head up the under structure of the bridge. On your way to the other side you find a few grenades, they are on the right side. Go over to the left on your way down, get on the platform and move to the other side, and head up some more stairs. =========================================================== THE SWAMP IIII4 =========================================================== ----------------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: NEUTRALIZE THE CHIMERAN OUTPOST. ----------------------------------------------- Follow Major Blake and the rest of the soldiers through the swamp land. Wait for one of them to blow the gate and move through. Grab the carbine on your way by and look out for leapers. Once they’re taken care of, get in behind the others again and move to another gate that needs to be opened. Pick up the rossmore and be on the lookout for six chameleons. You can see their wake in the water if you’re looking for it. Follow your team out of the water and up a small hill. Trade the rossmore for the fareye and start picking off the chimera. After you take them all out (about twelve) grab a bullseye and an auger before following your team to the far left corner. If you are low on hedgehog grenades there are a couple on the ramp that leads to the top of the wall you just walked around. Move up to the gate and wait for someone on the other side to blow it open. --------------------------------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: ESCORT THE FISSION BOMB ONTO A CHIMERAN SHUTTLE. --------------------------------------------------------------- This is where you'll want to use those grenades you've been saving. The first wave of attackers consists mostly of hybrids. There are three or four ravagers as well. You can take out most of the hybrids with a single well placed hedgehog grenade. You should throw a couple grenades at the ravagers to soften them up, also. Just stay back close to cover while you take them out. It’s a heck of a lot easier if you can take out a bunch of them with grenades while they’re making their way down to you. If not, just keep shooting them with whatever weapon you have. There is a marksman on the left of the platform and there should be plenty of carbine ammo. If you turn around to face the elevator you can find a pulse cannon up the ramp to the left. If you can get to it quick it can be very helpful, just don't forget about the recharge time in between shots. The second wave is a couple titans and a few more hybrids. Focus on taking the titans out. If you can hit them with a couple grenades before they get too close they go down a lot easier. If not then just stick behind cover and throw everything you’ve got at them. Grab the marksman before heading up the ramp. There are four hybrids at the top, two on each side. You can use the marksman to pick them off before you get too close. After you take them out continue up the ramp but not too quickly. Around eight more hybrids are up there waiting. Just be patient and take them out from a distance, as you'll go back to the beginning of the fight if you die. ********************************************************************* CHICXULUB CRATER, MEXICO IIIJ ********************************************************************* =========================================================== HANGAR BAY IIIJ1 =========================================================== June 26, 1953 8:27 P.M. ------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: FIND THE CONTROL ROOM. ------------------------------------- Follow Capelli around a hallway on the left. You can use your fareye to take out the four hybrids down by the shuttle or you can move down the left side of the room and take them out with the carbine. If you go up the ramp to the left, you'll find some fareye ammo if you need it. Don’t forget about the patrol drones. Move toward the marker and hit the switch. After you flip the switch head for cover. A few steelheads and a titan come out of a door behind you and to the left. You can use the fareye to take out the steelheads and then use the rest on the titan. Then switch to the carbine or bullseye to finish him off. Grab an auger and follow Capelli into the elevator. Wait till the patrol drones move by then follow them into the next room. Move around the room to a door on the opposite side; head through and up the ramp on the left. Head around the room to the door on the other side. When you move through the door, there are a couple steelheads below you. Use the auger to take them out as well as the two hybrids that run up in front of you. Then go down the ramps and through the door on the right. Head through the next door shortly after and follow the walkway straight and then to the right. Make your way up a ramp and through another door. =========================================================== INNER SANCTUM IIIJ2 =========================================================== ------------------------------------------------ OBJECTIVE: CLEAR OUT CHIMERAN GROUND FORCES. ------------------------------------------------ There are a couple hybrids across a small gap, take them out and move left. When you get about halfway through the room a steelhead and two hybrids shoot at you from across the gap. Take them out and continue on. Take a left at the end and then another left right away. There are a few hybrids and a steelhead down a ramp. Take out the hybrids that rush you and then toss a frag grenade to the bottom to clear out the rest. Move down the ramp and take a left. Kill half a dozen hybrids, two steelheads, and a ravager. The auger makes quick work of them or you could toss a grenade into the group bunched in the corner. Grab some ammo and move to the center of the room. Two more ravagers come out a door in the back. If you stay to the right side of the room, they may not shoot at you. You can just tag them with the bullseye and take them out from behind cover. There should be plenty of ammo around to refill before leaving. Hop on the elevator and take it up. =========================================================== ENGINE ROOMS IIIJ3 =========================================================== ------------------------------------ OBJECTIVE: FIND THE CONDUIT HUB. ------------------------------------ Move through the door, across the bridge, and up a couple of ramps. Wait for Capelli to open the door and go through. Make your way to the left side of the room. When you reach the door at the top of the ramp Capelli tells you that somebody is behind you. Its two hybrids and a steelhead. Go back and take them out, then proceed across the catwalk. Go through the door on the other side and then through the door on the left. Move across the bridge and take the door on the left. Have your bullseye ready for the chameleon on the other side. Then move to the next door straight ahead. Have your auger ready this time. Throw down a force barrier just inside the door. Take out the three steelheads on the other side of the room. Make your way over there and through the door. Head right and kill the three chameleons that rush you from straight ahead. Continue ahead, up the ramp, and to the right. Take out another chameleon right in front of you. Then move around to the right and across the catwalk. Move straight ahead and around the wall. You’ll see a couple holes on the side of the room you entered on. Fifteen or so patrol drones will come out of them. Duck behind the wall if you need cover. When they’re taken care of, grab some ammo from behind the wall on the left, and then drop through one of the holes. Move down the hallway to your left. -------------------------------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: ENGAGE THE MANUAL OVERRIDE FOR THE BLAST DOORS. -------------------------------------------------------------- Take the ramp immediately to your left up two floors. Then take the first doorway on the left. Follow this around to the right, head over and hit the switch. You can grab a wraith or a marksman before going through the door to the left of the switch. Head down the ramp taking out four hybrids on your way. A ravager is going to come through the door you’re headed for. Throw down a barrier from the auger and take him out. Move through the door and onto the elevator. =========================================================== EXTERIOR DECKS IIIJ4 =========================================================== ---------------------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: LOCATE DAEDALUS AND THE FISSION BOMB. ---------------------------------------------------- Exit the elevator and up the ramp to the left. There is a spider grenade at the bottom of the ramp on the left, next to the marksman. Grab both. Go up the ramps and turn left. Take out the steelhead quickly. Switch to the marksman and take out the four hybrids. A ravager is going to come toward you. Throw a hedgehog to soften him up then use your bullseye to bring him down. Take out three more hybrids that come down at you. Pick up the auger on your way to the next ramp. There will be a hybrid on a catwalk to the right around the next corner. Continue along the path and take down the two titans. There is a LAARK to the left on the platform where you meet the titans. Or you could toss a couple hedgehogs at them to soften them up a little. Then use your auger to throw down a barrier and take them down. On the platform with the titans there is a carbine immediately to the left of the ramp you came up. Grab it and move on. Move up the ramp on the opposite side of the platform and through the door at the top. Through the next door there are a couple hybrids to the left. Take them out and then shoot the four patrol drones. There are two more hybrids to the right. After you take them out you can grab the wraith that’s directly in front of the door you came through. There are a couple spider grenades near the wraith, so grab them as well. Go to the right and up a small ramp toward the left. Head through the doorway at the back of the room. Head down the ramp to the left, grab the marksman on the way if you want to. Then make for the marker. Follow the path for a little bit and you’re right behind them. Take out the two ravagers. Soften them up with a grenade and then take them down with the wraith. Grab some carbine ammo and a fareye if you want it. Then head to the door on the other side of the room. The door is locked so jump off the walkway on the left to a ledge. Follow the ledge around till you see a ravager, a steelhead, and a few hybrids. Use the fareye in the nook on the right to take them out. Once that’s done continue down the ledge to the platform and head through the door. --------------------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: BATTLE YOUR WAY TO THE FISSION BOMB. --------------------------------------------------- Just through the door there’ll be two hybrids at the bottom of the ramp. Take them out and move on. Move through the doors and into a room. There’s a frag grenade on the right. Then look out as Daedalus rips the ceiling off. After he rips the ceiling off he pokes at you. They aren’t hard to dodge, just stand on the opposite side. After he rips four pieces off you can move on. Head out the door a little way and throw a spider grenade at the next door. Five or six hybrids come out the door. If you throw the grenade right it should take care of most of them. Then move into the next room and wait while Daedalus rips the ceiling off again. Exit out the room a little way and throw another spider grenade down the path a ways. There’s another eight or so hybrids at this point. Be careful when moving through this area. Daedalus can throw debris at you that kills you instantly and you have no way to dodge it. It doesn’t happen every time, just sometimes. In the next room, he only rips off two parts of the ceiling before you can move on. Just outside the room throw another spider grenade to take care of most of the hybrids. Finish off the rest and grab the auger outside the room to the left. You don’t need the auger but it makes the next part extremely easy. Head to the marker and a showdown with Daedalus. ------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: DEFEAT DAEDALUS. ------------------------------- Move into the area and head left. Keep moving to stay away from Daedalus. Sprint around the room and use the auger to shoot the electrical orb with the marker. It only takes three shots from the auger but keep moving while you shoot it. You only need to hit a few of them to take him down. =========================================================== DAEDALUS IIIJ5 =========================================================== ------------------------------------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: EVACUATE THE SHIP BEFORE THE FISSION BOMB DETONATES. ------------------------------------------------------------------- You have four minutes to evacuate the ship. Simply follow the markers. You probably noticed you don’t have any weapons; you’re now able to send something like a shockwave out that explodes enemies. Follow the path back the way you came. You’ll run into four hybrids at the door, just use primary fire to destroy them. Go through the door and to the left. Crouch to move under the next door. Take the ramp on the right, up and around the corner. Take out some more hybrids on your way. Move around the left and up a narrow ramp. Head left then right. Through the door you’ll be on a bridge. Jump to the one on the right and then the next. Head left and take out some more chimera. Crouch under the door and run up the ramp. Kill some more chimera and move to the right up the ramp that’s straight ahead. You’ll then need to jump down to the next platform. There is a short ledge along the wall to the right next to the railing jump on this to get over the ledge. Head for the marker while killing some more chimera. Move out the door and to the left. There’s chimera all along the path at this point. After the ravagers head right. Go along the little ledge to the left and up the ramp. Cue dramatic exit. =============================================================================== IV. WEAPONS INFO IVWI ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Weapon descriptions are taken directly from the in-game intel. ----------------- HE .44 MAGNUM HE44 ----------------- The High Explosive .44 Magnum fires armor-piercing rounds useful for close- quarter combat scenarios. It is the only weapon in the SRPA arsenal certified for use with glycerin rounds. Each slug caries a small, explosive charge that can be remote-detonated from a switch near the trigger guard. ----------------------- M5A2 FOLSOM CARBINE M5A2 ----------------------- In December of 1951, SRPA adopted the M5A2 Folsom Carbine as the standard-issue weapon for its Sentinel program. The carbine is the most dependable on the market, firing .303 rounds with an underslung M200 40 mm high-velocity grenade launcher. -------------------- BULLSEYE MARK II BMII -------------------- This upgraded Chimeran battle rifle fires high-velocity ion bursts which perforate victims. While not accurate at great distances, a secondary modification allows the user to deploy a "homing tag" which attracts every subsequent shot. The weapon is also capable of setting explosive "traps" which have small - but lethal - blast radiuses. To set a trap, deploy a homing tag by pressing and holding the secondary fire. Once the tag is established on a surface, press the primary fire button to bait the trap. To shift its position, tap the secondary fire. To detonate the trap, press and hold the secondary fire. -------------------------------- XR-13 BELLOCK SEMI-AUTOMATIC XR13 -------------------------------- The Bellock was initially designed by Captain Ronald Murray of the New York State Police during the spire attack of August 1951. Though the area was doomed to become the country's first gray territory, the weapon survived as an effective tool against spinner infestation. Each round contains a napalm charge that ignites on contact, setting fire to anything in its blast radius. A secondary mode fires a self-detonating canister of pressurized explosives. -------------- L23 FAREYE L23 -------------- The weapon of choice for elite sniper teams worldwide, the L23 chambers a .303 Mk 10 round with a muzzle velocity of 3400 feet per second. Once used exclusively by the British Royal Marines, the United States Military recently acquired its specs thanks to an intelligence sharing program spearheaded by President McCullen in 1952. Press the aiming button to use the scope. Up and down on the d-pad adjust the magnification. Press and hold the secondary fire to trigger Focus Mode. this activates a special attachment designed to accelerate neural activity with tailored electromagnetic pulses. This frequently creates the perception among snipers that time has slowed while in Focus Mode. -------------- L210 LAARK L210 -------------- The L210 LAARK (Light Anti-Armor Rocket) has been significantly improved since its design was acquired by SRPA Research and Development in 1951. Increased range and accuracy has made it a formidable weapon against Stalkers, Goliaths, and other heavy vehicles. A special modification fires dozens of explosive shredders capable of reaching fortified areas. ----------------- AUGER MARK II AMII ----------------- This Chimeran assault rifle fires heavy blasts of radiation capable of tunneling through solid matter. The Mark II upgrade employs the use of a transparent particle visor which reveals the thermal signature of any hostile entity, creating the illusion of seeing through walls. An added benefit to the Auger is its unmatched shield technology, which can temporarily resist and type of munition known to man. ---------------------- MP-47 PULSE CANNON MP47 ---------------------- Originally designed by Dr. Howard Nash at Station Genesis, the weapon was engineered as a means of splitting rock wit powerful beams of ion energy. During its first live trial, a miscalculation on Nash's part caused a massive blast that injured 36 military contractors. The cannon was repurposed as an offensive weapon and green lit for active use in 1953. The MP-47 fires a focused, long-distance energy beam with unparalleled stopping power. The secondary mode fires a powerful, short-range concussive blast capable of shredding most biological enemies. ---------------- ROSSMORE 238 R238 ---------------- Designed and engineered by allied forces in Britain, the Rossmore 238 Combat Shotgun is adept at close-quarter warfare. This pump-action assault weapon fires 12 gauge slugs at extremely high velocities, perforating anyone - or anything - within range. -------------- V7 SPLICER V7S -------------- In October of 1951, SRPA engineers at Ft. McCabe began tweaking the portable saws used in conversion center rescue operations to fire blades at high velocity. After a highly destructive competition resulting in the loss of an army jeep, General Murray refrained from court-martialing the participants and put them to work on a military application for the tool. Nine months later, the first Splicer received a green light for active use. The V7 Splicer uses an electro-magnetic propulsion system to fire razor-sharp blades at extremely high velocities, slicing through anything unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end. Its secondary mode locks the spinning blade in the chamber, building momentum for a supercharged attack while acting as a deadly melee weapon. ------------ MARKSMAN MSM ------------ This Chimeran sniper rifle was first recovered by Specter Team Corporal Marshall Webb in Kirkwall, Scotland, and modified for human use by SRPA Research and Development. It fires multiples ion bursts across great distances, and has a significantly higher rate of fire than any human sniper rifle to date. The Marksman also utilizes a secondary mode which disperses a small, autonomous drone that electrifies nearby enemies. --------------- HVAP WRAITH HVAPW --------------- The HVAP (High Velocity, Armor Piercing) Wraith fires 1200 rounds per minute, and is the deadliest of all hand-held weaponry. It also boasts the first successful infusion of human and Chimeran tech, deploying a force barrier capable of stopping any type of munition. The weapon's secondary mode increases the weapon's accuracy. however this feature forces the user to remain stationary while firing. ----------------- XR-42 PHOENIX XR42 ----------------- Recovered from a conversion center in Shanghai, China, the Phoenix is widely considered to be the most significant find in the Specter arsenal. Its ability to regenerate human tissue on a cellular level has made it a mandatory apparatus across all SRPA field teams, although technicians admit they know very little about how it works. Press the primary fire button to deplete the energy field of any non-human. To convert the stored energy into a healing energy, press the secondary fire button. ---------------- FRAG GRENADE FMG ---------------- The No. 60 fragmentation grenade is the standard issue anti-personnel munition used by Sentinel teams, primarily due to its light weight and increased blast radius. A dual-plated shell allows the grenade to bounce off of hard surfaces without misfiring, thus making it one of the most dependable explosives in the U.S. military. -------------------- AIR-FUEL GRENADE AFG -------------------- The No. 60 Air-Fuel Grenade has been issued for combating Chimera in tight spaces commonly found in urban conflicts. The grenade will adhere to almost any surface, biological or otherwise, and deploy a cloud of flammable vapor. Once released, the cloud is ignited, creating a massive explosion. The resulting heat and pressure wave will cause vast injuries to anything caught within the blast radius. With their reliance on external cooling systems, Chimera are especially susceptible. -------------------- HEDGEHOG GRENADE HHG -------------------- The Hedgehog Grenade is a Chimeran anti-personnel munition. Thrown like an ordinary hand grenade, it springs up upon landing and expands into a spiny cluster. At its “kill height”, the Hedgehog fires spines in all directions with enough force to pin targets against nearby walls. The effect is especially deadly in confined quarters. ---------- SPIDER SPG ---------- Each grenade contains an air-tight vial of concentrated necrotoxin harvested from the salivary glands of Marauders. Once the substance hits oxygen, it catches fire and propagates at an alarming rate, causing severe tissue damage to anyone who comes in contact with it. The toxin’s only drawback is its lifespan; fire consumes it after short periods of time. ------------------------ XR-87 PROXIMITY MINE XR87 ------------------------ This MIL-SPEC incendiary device contains a tremor-sensitive mercury switch that picks up seismic activity within a fixed area. Even the lightest footstep is enough to set off the device, making it SRPA’s most dangerous proximity explosive to date. =============================================================================== V. ENEMY INFORMATION VEI ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------- A. HYBRID ------------- These are the enemies that are the first to attack you. They are also the most widely found throughout the game. There are two types of hybrids; regular hybrids and elite hybrids. You don't encounter elite hybrids until later in the game. They look slightly different than the regular hybrids, are tougher to bring down, and use the Bullseye Mark II instead of the Mark I. ---------------- B. STEELHEAD ---------------- Steelheads are slightly bigger than hybrids and have black armer. Their weapon of choice is the Auger. They go down about as quick as the elite hybrids. You encounter a fair amount of these throughout the game, which is good because the Auger is a very effective weapon when you can pick one up. -------------- C. RAVAGER -------------- Ravagers are bigger than steelheads and wear little armor. They carry a powerful weapon and have a force barrier they can use to protect themselves. You can bring them down quickly with a headshot from the fareye, as long as their barrier isn't up. If you have an auger you can throw down a force barrier and shoot through their barrier to kill them, all while you are protected from their shots with your own barrier. ----------- D. GRIM ----------- Grims are the enemies that come out of the pods that you see in various places throughout the game. They don't wear any armor and they always move in close to attack. You can bring one down with a single melee hit. It doesn't take much from any weapon to bring a single grim down, but watch out for multiple grims to rush you at once. If you let a few get right next to you, you won't last long. ------------ E. LEECH ------------ Leeches are similar to grims except they have a bigger upper body and explode when they get close to you or you shoot them. Unlike grims, leeches never stand around, they are always running for you. If you can take them out while they are near other enemies, the explosion will soften them up a little. -------------------- F. PATROL DRONES -------------------- You will see quite a few patrol drones throughout the game. They can be rather annoying sometimes. These are the smallest of the three flying drones that you encounter. They don't take much to bring down if you can hit them. They usually come at you in pairs but occasionally you'll face six to ten at once. If that's the case stay close to cover as a group of them could bring you down quick. ------------------- G. HUNTER DRONE ------------------- Hunter drones are about twice the size of patrol drones. You only encounter a dozen or so in the game. If you have a magnum, hit them with three or four shots and then detonate. ------------------- H. ATTACK DRONE ------------------- Attack drones are the largest of the three drones and have a protective barrier around them. You need to shoot the barrier to force pieces of it on the back to move to the front. You have to take down most of the barrier before you can destroy it. Use a bullseye to tag the exposed section in the back and then unload a clip on it. Do this until it's destroyed. Watch out for their attack, around eight to ten little missiles. It should be easy to dodge as the missiles are kind of slow. Just don't get stuck in a corner or near a car. ------------- I. LEAPER ------------- You almost always encounter large numbers of leapers at a time. They are the little crawling creatures that try to jump on you to attack with their teeth and claws. They also sometimes shoot an acid like substance at you. When you see them hopefully you have a carbine or bullseye. A well placed grenade or 40 mm round can take out quite a few as they are usually in a big group. ---------------- J. CHAMELEON ---------------- Chameleon's are a fun new enemy. They are 100 percent invisible until the get to within 20 or 25 feet of you. They are easy to bring down if you're ready for them and know where they are coming from. You are given a little bit of a warning, as they growl and the ground shakes before they attack. If you have good surround sound, you should be able to tell where they are coming from. There is also one part of the game where you are in water when they attack. Keep an eye on the water looking for their wake. ------------ K. TITAN ------------ Titans are a fairly large enemy with zero armor. They take quite a bit to bring down and have a powerful weapon. A lot of times you can find a LAARK in the area to help out, but not always. Grenades can soften them up a great deal if they are thrown right. The auger is very effective against them as well. The force barrier protects you from their blasts allowing you to focus on shooting them and not running. -------------- L. STALKER -------------- Stalkers are the giant spider-like machines. Make sure to stay behind cover in between shots as their attacks can be quite devastating. Their attacks consist of anti-air and anti-personnel rounds. Stalkers usually move a short distance, stop for a few seconds, and then move again. --------------- M. MARAUDER --------------- You only get to fight one marauder in the campaign and it's fairly easy to kill. Its only attack is like the spider grenade but one that covers a larger area. It is very easily avoided. -------------- N. GOLIATH -------------- The goliath is the giant machine you take down in the prologe. There are four large exhaust ports on its back. ------------- O. KRAKEN ------------- The kraken is like a giant killer octopus. You only face one of these and the only way to kill it is to use the pulse cannon. It takes several shots to bring it down. It has three different attacks: 1-it stabs at you with its tentacles, once it hits the ground move to the side to avoid it. 2-it'll scream at you, you should be able to survive this but your health will be depleted. 3-it grabs the platform you are on and tips it so that you fall towards it, simply shoot it in the face to have it retreat. --------------------- P. MOTHER SPINNER --------------------- You encounter the mother spinner at the top of a tower at the end of the Twin Falls, Idaho level. There are three attacks and positions the mother spinner will use: 1-if it's in the middle of the tower it will scream at you, simple move to the side of it to avoid this attack. 2-if it's on the outside of the tower it spits leapers onto the platform, around six each time. Not too difficult to deal with. 3-it sometimes lands on the platform and takes a couple swipes at you with its claws. Just sprint away to avoid. ------------ Q. SWARM ------------ The swarm is encountered in Bryce Canyon, Utah. It's made up of hundreds of little particles that rip people apart. Shooting at it doesn't hurt it but it does slow it down. The first few times you see it you can only run from it. ---------------- R. LEVIATHAN ---------------- The leviathan is the giant chimera destroying the city of Chicago. It doesn't really have any attacks unless you let it eat you after it picks you up. --------------- S. DAEDALUS --------------- Daedalus is the creature that you see break out of its holding cell during the prologue. ---------------------- T. HELLFIRE TURRET ---------------------- Hellfire turrets are stationary turrets with a limited attack angle. Their attack can kill you fairly quickly but only if you are out in the open. You should have a couple seconds to get behind cover. -------------- U. SPINNER -------------- Spinners are the little armadillo looking creatures scurrying around the grim pods. ----------- V. FURY ----------- Furies are the invincible creatures in the water at various points of the game. If you are in the water long enough for one of them to get to you, you're dead. =============================================================================== VI. INTEL DOCUMENTS VIID ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Directions to each piece of intel are given in the walkthrough. This is just a breakdown of the level and checkpoint each piece of intel is found in. ------------ PROLOGUE ------------ 1 - SRPA STATION IGLOO, ICELAND – SRPA AIRFIELD INTEL01 2 – SRPA STATION IGLOO, ICELAND – DETENTION WING INTEL02 ------------- CHAPTER 1 ------------- 3 – SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – LANDING PLATFORM INTEL03 4 – SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – MOONPOOL ROOM INTEL04 5 – SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – MOONPOOL ROOM INTEL05 6 – SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – TACTICAL COMMAND INTEL06 7 – SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – MED CLINIC INTEL07 8 – SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – SAN FRANCISCO BAY INTEL08 ------------- CHAPTER 2 ------------- 9 – ORICK, CALIFORNIA – REDWOODS INTEL09 10 – ORICK, CALIFORNIA – REDWOODS INTEL10 ------------- CHAPTER 3 ------------- 11 – TWIN FALLS, IDAHO – MAIN STREET INTEL11 12 – TWIN FALLS, IDAHO – 115 WARRINGTON DRIVE INTEL12 13 – TWIN FALLS, IDAHO – 115 WARRINGTON DRIVE INTEL13 ------------- CHAPTER 4 ------------- 14 – BRYCE CANYON, UTAH – STATION GENESIS PERIMETER INTEL14 15 – BRYCE CANYON, UTAH – EXCAVATION SITE INTEL15 16 – BRYCE CANYON, UTAH – CONTROL ROOM INTEL16 ------------- CHAPTER 5 ------------- 17 – CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – CORNFORTH HOTEL INTEL17 ------------- CHAPTER 6 ------------- 18 – HOLAR TOWER, ICELAND – NORTH ENTRANCE INTEL18 ------------- CHAPTER 7 ------------- 19 – COCODRIE, LOUISIANA – THE DOCKS INTEL19 20 – COCODRIE, LOUISIANA – THE DOCKS INTEL20 =============================================================================== VII. BONUS OPTIONS VIIBO ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Character Concept Art - 4 Bronze Trophies to unlock Vehicle & Weapon Concept Art - 8 Bronze Trophies to unlock Level Concept Art - 12 Bronze Trophies to unlock Motion Blur - Complete the single player campaign Control the amount of motion blur. Off - Low - Med - High Depth of Field - Complete the single player campaign Control the Depth of Field of the game camera. Off - Low - Med - High Screen Tint - Complete the single player campaign Select a new tint for the game. Off - Black & White - Sepia Tone - Nuclear Winter Arcade Mode - Complete the single player campaign Play the game with a limited number of lives, start a new game to enable this mode. Mirror Levels - Complete the single player campaign to unlock Flip the levels and play through their mirrored reflections. Super Hybrid Weapons - 5 Silver Tropies to unlock Superhuman Difficulty - Complete the single player campaign on difficult to unlock =============================================================================== VIII. TROPHY INFORMATION VIIITI ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This section only deals with the single player campaign trophies. ********************************************************************* BRONZE TROPHIES ********************************************************************* ------------ Rampage! ------------ Kill 40 hybrids in the Single Player Campaign. You shouldn’t have any problems getting this if you are playing through the entire campaign, as after a single play through I had killed over 900 of them. -------------- Covert Ops -------------- Collect 5 pieces of Intel in the Single Player Campaign. You shouldn’t have any problems getting this one either, just search for intel in this document and follow the steps to find them. ------------------- Nowhere to Hide ------------------- Tag and kill 30 enemies with the Bullseye in the Single Player Campaign. Just use the Bullseye secondary fire to tag an enemy and shoot them till they’re dead. You’re given plenty of Bullseye tags so don’t be afraid to use them often. ---------------- Sharpshooter ---------------- Get 30 headshots while scoped in with the Fareye or Marksman in the Single Player Campaign. Anytime you are using a Fareye or Marksman you should be aiming to get headshots, as it is the quickest way to bring down an enemy and uses less ammo. When using the Fareye don’t forget about the secondary mode that slows time. --------------------- Explosives Expert --------------------- Get 150 kills with the Carbine 40 mm, LAARK, or Frag Grenade in the Single Player Campaign. Every time you pick up a fresh Carbine, you’re given two 40 mm rounds. They’re good for when you’re being rushed by multiple enemies. It might be a little harder to get kills with the LAARK, as every time you’re given one there are tough enemies around to use it on. A good place to get kills with the LAARK is in the Chicago level after you bring down the first Stalker. I would recommend working on landing grenades where you want them, it will make a lot of the fights really easy. ------------------ They Go “Boom” ------------------ Get 30 kills with the Magnum secondary fire in the Single Player Campaign. Try to hit an enemy in a pack with a couple rounds and then detonate. Also, if you see an enemy rushing you and there’s a body between the two of you, shoot the body and wait for the rushing enemy to get to it, then detonate. -------------- Pyromaniac -------------- Set 100 enemies on fire with the Bellock Semi-Automatic, Air-Fuel Grenade, Spider Grenade, or environmental hazard in the Single Player Campaign. When using the Bellock, make the shots count, as you don’t have that many and you don’t get it that often. Remember that the Air-Fuel and Spider Grenades take a little while to go off. If you’re trying to set enemies on fire, this won’t be hard. I wasn’t trying for it and got it a third of the way through my second play through. ----------------- Spitting Lead ----------------- Kill 50 enemies using the Wraith with the force barrier engaged in the Single Player Campaign. Just remember on this one, kills only count if the force barrier is engaged. Again, if you’re trying to get this one it won’t be hard. You can get quite a few kills with it on the Bryce Canyon, Utah level. ------------- I See You ------------- Kill 50 enemies through solid matter with the Auger in the Single Player Campaign. You’re going to have plenty of opportunities to shoot through walls. When you can pick up an Auger, it’s almost always a good idea to grab it. -------------------- Talk to the Hand -------------------- Use the Auger force barrier to stop 150 incoming enemy shots in the Single Player Campaign. Throw down force barriers when facing a lot of enemies; you should have plenty of them. A really quick way to get this is on the Excavation Site checkpoint of the Bryce Canyon, Utah level. When you first run away from the Swarm, throw down a force barrier before running. You’ll get it as soon as the Swarm goes through it. ------------------------ For Close Encounters ------------------------ Get 10 one-hit head-shot kills with the Shotgun in the Single Player Campaign. Whenever you have the Rossmore just aim for their heads. This can be easy when fighting Grims because you know they are going to rush you, so just aim high, shouldn’t take too long if you’re trying for it. -------------- Pincushion -------------- Get 50 kills with the Hedgehog in the Single Player Campaign. Like I said earlier, work on aiming grenades into large groups of enemies and use your grenades as they help out a lot. ------------------------- Up Close and Personal ------------------------- Get 50 melee kills with any weapon in the Single Player Campaign. Anytime an enemy gets close to you, you can try to melee him. Grims work well for this as they only take one hit to kill. -------------------- Wrecking Machine -------------------- Destroy 40 vehicles in the Single Player Campaign. Rather than waste ammo trying to destroy 40 vehicles, I waited till I finished the campaign and went back to the checkpoint Michigan Avenue in the Chicago, Illinois level and the checkpoint Redwoods in the Orick, California level. -------------------------- Mind Your Surroundings -------------------------- Get 50 indirect kills using explosive objects in levels in the Single Player Campaign. You should always be looking for ways to get quick kills. Propane tanks and cars don’t take much to explode and can kill multiple enemies. ------------ Recycler ------------ Defeat the Goliath in the Single Player Campaign. Simply shoot the exhaust ports on its back when you’re told to. ------------------ Fried Calamari ------------------ Defeat the Kraken in the Single Player Campaign. Look out when it attacks with its claws, should be easy to dodge if you’re paying attention. Shoot it a few times with the Pulse Cannon and it will come up and grab the platform. Wait for it to open its mouth and shoot it. It doesn’t take very many shots to bring it down. ---------------- Exterminator ---------------- Defeat the Mother Spinner in the Single Player Campaign. Look out for the three different ways that it attacks you. When it’s in the middle of the tower it screams at you which does some damage but is easily avoided. Sometimes it’ll be on the outside of the tower, when here it shoots Leapers at you. You have plenty of ammo to take them out so just blast away until they’re dead. Occasionally it will jump onto the platform and swing claws at you. If you need to, turn away from it and sprint away. All three attacks are easy to avoid or take care of. When it’s in the middle of the tower, fire a couple 40mm rounds at it. If you do that and hit it with four or five clips from the Carbine, you should beat it. -------------- Flyswatter -------------- Defeat the Swarm in the Single Player Campaign. This one’s a little tricky. If you let it get too close to you it kills you, but if you don’t let it get close enough it doesn’t follow you into the generator. I choose to err on the side of not letting it close enough so it doesn’t kill me. Just keep working at it till you get it inside. Once you do, shoot it with the Pulse Cannon and make your way to the next generator. You need to do this three times. ----------------------- The Bigger They Are ----------------------- Defeat the Leviathan in the Single Player Campaign. After you grab the LAARK, let the Leviathan pick you up. Shortly after that he’ll open his mouth, use the LAARK to shoot into his mouth. Hit him with a couple and he’ll throw you to another roof. At this point you need to run up some stairs and across a walkway to another building. Go down the stairs, grab some ammo for the LAARK, and jump out the window onto the roof. Let him pick you up again and when he opens his mouth shoot him. He throws you to another roof. Make your way down this building, watching out for Hybrids. Once back outside you need to lure the Leviathan under the bridge. Shoot him once and reload. Take out the Patrol Drones. When he’s under the bridge shoot the bridge. He’ll lower his head giving you a clear shot at a hole in it. Shoot into the hole and you’re done. ------------------- Big Game Hunter ------------------- Defeat the Marauder in the Single Player Campaign. You need to make your way up to the attic, grab the LAARK, and hit him a few times with it. Move around the outside of the second floor. Shoot him and then run for the other side of the house. Watch out for his attack, it’s like a Spider Grenade that fills up about half of the house. If you’re on the outside you shouldn’t have a problem avoiding it. ********************************************************************* SILVER TROPHIES ********************************************************************* ------------- Salute Me ------------- Achieve the rank of Lieutenant. You need to accumulate enough experience through playing the campaign to reach the rank of Lieutenant. You can check your progress in the community page under profile. I’m not sure how much experience you need as I haven’t gotten there yet. I can tell you it’s more than 1,250,000 exp. --------------------------- Exotic Weapon Collector --------------------------- Get 20 kills with each weapon in the Single Player Campaign. Most weapons you should easily reach twenty in one play through. Those that you don’t, do a search of the walkthrough to find locations of the weapon, and replay that part till you get it. -------------- Master Spy -------------- Collect all the Intel documents in the Single Player Campaign. Check the intel documents section for a breakdown of what chapter, level, and checkpoint they are found in. Then refer to the walkthrough for locating it. -------------- Snipe Hunt -------------- Kill 30 Spinners in the Single Player Campaign. Spinners are only found in areas with Grim pods. They are the little armadillo looking creatures running around. If you need some places to find them, do a search for Spinners in the walkthrough. There are a couple places you can get around ten. ------------ Xenocide ------------ Kill 1000 enemies in the Single Player Campaign. You’ll get this one in one play through. ********************************************************************* GOLD TROPHIES ********************************************************************* -------------------------- R.I.P. Jordan Shepherd -------------------------- Defeat Daedalus, Complete the Single Player Campaign. This is fairly simple. All you need to do is keep your distance from him and shoot the points indicated by markers. If you have an Auger, it takes three shots for each one. Just keep moving away from him while you shoot the targets and you shouldn’t have a problem. ------------- OMGWTFBBQ ------------- Complete the Single Player Campaign on Superhuman. To unlock Superhuman difficulty, beat the campaign on Difficult. Some tips and things to expect when playing through on superhuman. - There could be a few more hybrids is some of the battles, but I didn't notice any in new areas. - Most hybrids are the upgraded elite hybrids. - Not all hybrids drop ammo. You still should't have a problem but it doesn't hurt to be more accurate in order to use less ammo. - In your final battle with the kraken, it takes about twice as many shots as in difficult. - It now takes two melee hits to kill a grim. There also seems to be a few more grims when there are large numbers of them. - The mother spinner takes about twice the ammo as in difficult. Its attacks are also improved. when it screams at you from the middle of the platform, you need to be farther to the back of it. If you are directly to the side of it, you will take damage and possibly die. When it jumps on the platform and swings its claws at you, it seems to move quicker and you probably need to focus on staying away from it. - At the beginning of the Chicago level, when you fight off the grims in the alley, it seemed like there were more and it took a lot of ammo. - At the checkpoint Holar Battlefield in the Holar Tower level, There are a couple additional ravagers in the first firefight. Shouldn't be a big deal because of the amount of fareye ammo. - At the end of the game when you are running to your ship, you might need to take cover and let the three ravagers right at the end come to you. Barring any glitches they're most likely going to kill you before you get close enough to kill them. - Occasionally a hybrid will be replaced with a steelhead. Just look out for the auger, as it can kill you with only two shots. - Other than that, it's just the general upgraded enemies that take more to bring down. If you beat it on difficult, this won't be hard at all, really. =============================================================================== IX. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS IXA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks to the following people for pointing out my mistakes/omissions. MrDiamondJ - for the location of the pulse cannon at the end of the Cocodrie, Louisiana level Olivier - for the mistake in the intel documents search acronym =============================================================================== X. LEGAL / CONTACT INFO XLCI ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This FAQ may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. This walkthrough copyright 2008 Derek Bentz This walkthrough has been approved for the following sites: gamefaqs.com gamespot.com cheatcc.com supercheats.com gamerevolution.com neoseeker.com gamesradar.com cheatplanet.com Send any questions, comments, or suggestions to xxdar7h4nakinxx [@] hotmail.com with a subject line pertaining to this walkthrough or I will disregard the email. Any feedback is appreciated.</p>