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Game Synopsis New in this FAQ Basic Gameplay (QFG) Spoiler-Free Walkthrough: Aiden (QFW) Day 1 Day 3-10 The Forest Day 11-20 Day 21-30 Day 30-40 Day 40-50 Tools (QFT) Tool uses / notes Carpentry (QFC) World Carpentry (QFL) Accessories (QFA) Materials Locations (QFM) Cooking Recipes (QFE) Prepare Roast Boil Steam Pan-Fry Deep-Fry Mini-Games (QFI) Keeping Hobo Happy (QFH) Secrets (QFS) Album Pages The Ruins Puzzle (QFR) Stone Tablet Locations Sliding Puzzle Solution Ruins Puzzle Solutions ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GAME SYNOPSIS/FAQ META-INFO If you haven't played other Lost in Blue games (such as the ones for the Nintendo DS), then you can think of this as an adventure game. You're shipwrecked on an island and are looking for a way off. You explore a 3D environment and use the Wiimote's motion controls to gather food and resources to make your stay more bearable and work towards getting home. It is similar to the old adventure games by Sierra, except that there's fewer puzzles to solve and more of a focus on survival and free-roaming. There are multiple endings to the game, and playing it through several times will be necessary to understand the full story. The latest version of this FAQ can be found at GameFAQs: http://www.gamefaqs.com/ If you found it somewhere else, make sure to get the latest version before sending me any questions or comments. Other sites are free to post it without asking me so long as: 1) It's posted in it's entirety 2) You don't charge people to see it NEW IN THIS FAQ: Version 1.4 Recipes, Mini-Games, Updated descriptions, misc Version 1.2 More tools & accessories, descriptions of stuff, secrets. Version 1.0 Tools, Accessories, Materials, Carpentry, Walkthrough ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QFG - BASIC GAMEPLAY The first thing you need to understand is that this game can be very difficult. You are constantly managing the health, hunger, thirst and sleepiness stats of your characters. While slowly starving to death, you'll also be trying to explore and find the new areas as they appear. Additionally, it's possible to save the game in a state where you can no longer "win" (get the 'best' or 'okay' endings). This leads to the basic Save strategy: use all 10 save slots. After every cut-scene, start saving to a new slot. Additionally, when new areas open up, take 2 or 3 game days to explore them and learn what's there. Then reset and load an earlier save once you know what to do. Have a 'scratch' save where you just explore or try new things. Try to always keep a save spot at least 15-20 days back from your main game in case you need to redo a lot of actions. There is a time limit of 100 game days. If you haven't found one of the other endings by then, you'll be forced to stop playing (this is one of the game's multiple endings). Additionally, the final end-game sequence takes a day or two, and the 'best' ending game sequence can take several days, so you must allow for these problems. In my first play-through, I completed the game with the 'Best' ending by day 51. I also wasted a lot of days, so it should have been easily completed a few days earlier. Once you know what to do, the 100-day limit shouldn't be a huge concern, but always keep it in mind. For many players, a large part of the enjoyment of the game comes from finding their way around this island and exploring, so you may want to use the quick- find tags to jump around this document and avoid the walkthrough and puzzle solutions. The most spoiler-ish stuff (like puzzle solutions) are at the bottom of the document. Tips: - To see the time and name of your location, press '+' and look in the lower left corner. When people say the 'Craggy Place', they don't mean some random area with cliffs, they mean the location called 'Craggy Place'. - Pressing '+' also skips most cut-scenes, including the one that appears every time you cook something. [thanks 5thof7] - Pressing 1 and 2 (the buttons near the bottom of the wiimote) take away the map and the status indicators. Press them again to get them back. - During a mini-game, '+' brings up the rules again (and pauses). '-' will exit the game early. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QFW - SPOILER-FREE WALKTHROUGH (Aidan) I'll be telling you what to do, but won't ruin any of the story elements. For starters, lets introduce Aiden. He's the leader of your team of 2 on your first run through the game. He gets hungrier faster than your partner, but doesn't get thirsty as fast. Additionally, he has a small monkey friend named Hobo. Hobo can be sent to retrieve items from trees and high areas that Aidan can't get to. Hobo's skills will be required to get the 'best' ending of the game. Additionally, Aidan is some sort of super-genius who can be told he needs to build something and magically know what components he needs to do it. He somehow has access to a hammer for pounding stakes and a saw for cutting wood. All that brainpower comes at a cost, however. Aidan and his partner have the freakish metabolisms of champion sumo wrestlers. They can eat 20 coconuts in a sitting and not feel full, or an entire wild boar or deer. Fish and fruit are barely snacks to them. This makes exploration very costly as their needs will constantly be dropping. You'll be eating dozens of fruit throughout the day to stay fed and trying to get back to your base every day before nightfall so they can sleep. Note that you have a time limit of 100 days, and it's easy to "waste" whole days exploring and never finding where to go next. Always save onto a scratch file when you're exploring, then reset when you know what you need to do. Glass Bottles are scarce in the beginning. Every day after a storm (that doesn't let you leave the area of your base), you can often find them on the beaches. The "Day 3-10" numbering system is just a guideline. You can probably achieve the stated goals by the end of that timespan, though if it takes a bit longer or shorter nothing bad will happen. Day 1: Tutorial Island Your goal for this day is to be ready to get off the island as soon as you can. Don't bother collecting twigs or vines yet, just collect coconuts, fruit and the plastic bottle, then walk along the beach, climb the vines by the watering hole and walk to the shore. Now walk north along this new beach to a series of ledges where you climb up. Push down the log and get a cut-scene. Approach the suitcase on the ground for another cut-scene. Now you'll have your first building goal. You need to collect the following: 2 driftwood (laying around on beaches where you started) 4 tree vines (you should get them all from the tree at the top of the vines you climbed up) 1 stick (from shaking non-coconut trees) Collect all these, then approach the suitcase and assemble them all. Now you'll get another cut-scene. Day 3-10: A new island, and a new partner Your partner will give you a goal, then there's a cut-scene. The day after, all your motives should be close to 100. This is the PERFECT day to explore, so save here, then save onto a scratch file while you explore. When you know what to do, reset and reload the save and try to get all this done the next day: Talk to your partner at the start of the day, they'll tell you about how nice it'd be to have a shelf. Now leave and take your partner with you. Shake any dark-brown trees you come across, but don't worry about the coconut trees. From the beach area, take the sloping exit north. Gather all the fruit and white mushrooms you see. Give sticks, twigs, tree bark and any other non-fruit to your partner. Don't fish, spear fish, or play the clam mini-game on the beach, it wastes too much of the day right now. This is what you want to collect today: Sticks 6 Twigs: lots Wooden Bark: 2-3 Big Rock: 2 Hard Stone: 1 If it's not on the list, or it's not food, leave it on the ground. Until you build a shelf, you won't have much room to carry anything but essentials. After you get to the area where your partner found you, keep climbing the ledges, shaking trees and collecting fruit. If you get a full inventory, eat fruit so you can collect more. Eat the red fruit first, then mushrooms, blue fruit and breadfruit. Breadfruit restores 15 water, so it's good to save for your partner. Exit through the red line in the cave on the wall. Now you'll be in the 'Mountain Path'. Walk to the end, climb up, then go left along the grass. At the end, climb up and stop. As you look ahead you should be seeing a big ledge with a bush, some fruit and a nasty-looking boar walking around. Walk forward a bit to a dark rock on the ground, it should be 'hard rock'. Pick it up. Now open the 'make tools' menu and make a 'sharp rock' (materials), then stone knife (other). Equip it, then exit the menu. Now that you've used a stick and a hard stone, you only need 5 more sticks (for now) and no more hard stones. Press 'C' (upper button on the nunchuk) to disengage from your partner, then fight the boar. Here's how animal combat works with aggressive animals: 1. As soon as they see you, they'll charge you 2. After they charge, they'll turn to face you 3. After they've taken either a certain amount of damage, or a certain amount of time has passed, they'll turn again, then charge again 4. Then they'll repeat from step 2. To make an animal tougher, they make it do more damage when it hits you, and they shorten step 3. So here's how to fight them without getting hurt: 1. Walk toward them slowly, when they see you and charge, run to the side 2. Approach the SIDE of the animal and start attacking with your weapon 3. After a few hits, the animal will turn to face you... 4. IMMEDIATELY run to the side again 5. After the animal charges, go back to step 2. The boar is fairly easy, you can get 3 hits in on it while it's waiting in step 3. About 7 hits from the dagger should kill it. For now, just take the boar meat. Leave behind bones, skin and oil. Rejoin your partner and push the block down. Jump down onto it, then onto the ground below. As you run around a bit (this area is fairly linear) you'll see another block to push down at the edge of a cliff. It will go down a long ways. Then climb the vines, push down the third block. Trees in the uppermost area can be shaken for breadfruit, which is great since you don't have much water. You should come to an area with a stone ramp leading to a cliff face. If you get close to the cliff face you can see a red 'exit' area in the north. Ignore it. Don't climb up. Instead, at the beginning of the ramp, there should be another ramp leading down. Climb down a ways till you get to an area with yellow crystals (you can't do anything with them yet). In the north-east part of this area is a tree next to a chasm. Push the tree down, but don't cross it. Instead, exit the area through the south exit nearby. You should appear in a northern exit of a new area. Keep to the north wall and head east. You should go out a new exit right away. Here, climb down a bit and push down the log. You have now created a shortcut back to the new craggy area. You probably need a drink, so climb down. If you have room in your inventory, load up on clams. If you're still not tired and have time, make a spear out of a stick and fish right next to your base. Start a fire, cook, then toss all your remaining twigs onto the fire (unless it hits it's max of 48 hours) The next day, climb up your new shortcut to the new area. There's not much to do here, but you'll have to push one block against the wall (you don't push it down a cliff, like the other blocks), so you have to approach it from the correct side. High up in a grassy area, you can jump across a gap to a big grassy area with a big rock. Up here, collect the large stone on the ground to enable new cooking recipies. As you're jumping down onto a rock you've pushed, you'll have a cut-scene and a mini-game. After this, you'll open up a blocked tunnel to a new area- the forest! The Forest Some of the trees look a bit... stringy. You've finally found the trees that give you vines again! Add this to the collection of non-edible things you've been carrying around: Tree Vines: 5 (on the ground near vine trees, vine mini-game) Rock Slab: 1 (on the ground near a ledge you can't climb up to) Keep left, but don't go down any ledges yet. At the top of a high ledge will be another log that needs to be pushed down from the back. You'll have a cut-scene about it. After that, look around the base of that ledge for a flat-looking rock, the Rock Slab. Once you get it, you can make an axe and finally cut down those dead trees! There are three trees you can cut down in this area. Two are in the north part, by the watering hole. Cut them all down. Here's the entire shopping list you should be trying to get: Logs: 4 (one is going to be by the beach, 3 are in the forest) Tree Vines: 6 (turn extra vines into rope to save space) Sticks: 4 Wooden Board: 1 (by the beach) Big Rocks: 2 (in the area with the crystals, or by the boar) Leaves: 2 (forest) Twigs: lots It seems like a lot to carry... but drop everything else that isn't food or one of your tools. The board and one log you can pick up last when you get back down to the beach. Once you have them, go to your camp and to the big rocks near the fire (the carpentry station). Create a small shelf. Now leave, go make the signal fire on the beach and light it. If you did this all by day 10, you're doing very well. Now that you have a shelf, you can pick up everything you see. It's not worth storing stones, big rocks, or wooden boards though. You can store both tree vines and rope, since both are used a lot. Make a replacement knife or two, store one on your partner and the rest on the shelf, but don't store the hard/sharp rocks. If you see any extra rock slabs, make them into axes, store one on your partner, and the rest on the shelf (axes break a lot and you'll be cutting down lots of trees). Day 11-20: Several cutscenes later, you should be scratching your head about the new guy. Play out this day conservatively, eat lots of food and come back to camp well-rested and fed. You'll have another cutscene and a new mission: to get medicine for someone sick. ***** THIS IS URGENT!!! ***** Although the game makes no indication that you need to do this in a hurry, you MUST complete it in 2 days, or you'll get a Game Over when you return to camp. Save in a new slot to be safe. It's possible you know how to make an 'antidote' at this point. That's not the thing you want. You need to return to the forest, climb up the log that's been pushed down and to a new beach. Walk around the beach, then around a grassy patch. To the north, you'll see an exit. Go there for a cut-scene and the medicine. Go east some more to the watering hole, drink up. Then go north of the hole a bit and climb the vines. Push down the log here, then climb down the vines, go up the log and back to the forest. Do not collect any food that needs to be cooked (meat, fish, clams), since you won't have access to your campfire for a few days of game time. Once you return with the antidote, you'll get another cutscene, then have to head back to your camp afterward. Now you have a new area you can explore: the Jungle! The Jungle has a better class of materials all around. The trees here drop 'Sturdy Sticks' instead of regular sticks (they can't be used in place of regular sticks though), and the huge vine trees have Supple Vine. There's absolutely no use for Supple Vine itself though, so turn every two of them into Supple Rope. There is one accessible exit from the jungle, it leads to a dock and another cut-scene. After this, you'll have a new goal: Build a raft. From now on, see the 'World Carpentry' section for what you need for goals. Collect the materials for your raft. Also note that now that you have a shelf you can make a fishing pole, bow and arrows and have room to collect and store spices (rock salt, chili). In the forest area, near a tree that can be cut down in a sunken area, there is a semi-hidden western exit. Go out the exit to collect Bamboo, a useful material. After 18:00 (6:00pm), there is sometimes a tiger in the bamboo area. I'd suggest not going there or fighting it for now. There's also some cool freebies you can pick up in other places after 6:00pm: Stand on the rocks on the western beach and look at the cliff in 1st- person mode. You should see a flashing light. Send hobo to get it to collect a red medicine. This heals 50 health (not hunger). In the forest, above the tree with Arnoglossa there's another flashing light. There's a fruit that restores 100 health and water. I'd also suggest working on your medium shelf and hard bed. Talk to your partner every time you make a new thing for your camp. She'll tell you the next thing to make. I never used the drying rack, but making it lets you make the smoker (which came in handy for me at the end of the game). Before you complete the raft, I'd suggest having at least one Large Trap in your inventory. To make it, you first need to make a bamboo spear, then basket, then small trap. Sail the raft for another cut-scene. If you have a large trap, drop it by the big rock, between the rock and the tree. In a few days, you can check it in hopes of catching a sheep. Then head back toward the beach for yet another cutscene. Day 21-30: Now you'll have yet another goal; make a wooden house. Again, check the World Carpentry section. After that, you'll have yet another cutscene, and be told to make the Large Raft. You should now have access to the cave at the top of the jungle. Don't pick up any green pebbles, and avoid any rocks you don't need to make the smoker or some other tool. Just before the water you can jump across is a fork to the right. Head that way to the dead end, then climb the vines. If you're lucky, you'll find a black mushroom up here. If you do, grab that and the brown herb (and anything else you want up here, there's often a sturdy stick in one of the trees), then climb back down. You can come back to this vine area with a torch after 18:00 to get a tablet piece with your pet's help. At the other end of the cave is a watering hole and another exit. Out this exit, turn to your right and face the wall at the end. There's a beach ball in the wall you can get with a torch and your pet's help after dark. With the beach ball, return to this area later to play a mini-game with the dolphin. At any rate, jump down a ways and if it's still daytime you can go to the water and play a diving mini-game. Get the tablet piece. Then grab one red and one yellow herb. With brown, yellow and red herb and the black mushroom, you can make deadly poison. Apply this to your arrows and you'll be able to face the tiger, crocodile, lizard and other nasty animals. It's also good for taking down deer. Don't waste it on boars, wolves and birds though. Day 30-40: After an event with the large raft, you'll get a new key item. If you can make a pick-axe, now's a good time. Go to the back of the cave, in the dead end by the watering hole. Another cutscene should occur. If you use your pickaxe on the nearby crystal, you'll get Iron. You should probably collect iron until you can make an Iron Pickaxe, then an Iron Axe. Now go back to the dead-end area with the vines and the black mushroom... Cross the bridge, go left and push the new rock into place. Then go back and out the new exit. You're in the Old Field. The Old Field has Sturdy Bamboo, a Supple Vine tree and a fair amount of food. Cross the bridge and go south to a new area. Investigate all the ruined houses here for another cutscene. Now head out the western exit for another cutscene and a new goal. Building the Stone House will be rough on your pickaxes. There's stone for it in the craggy area and the cave, Although all the mineral deposits look alike, they'll always give you the same thing when broken. So if you got a Black rock from a certain deposit, that's what it'll be next time too. If you're planning to eventually make the Fluffy Bed, I'd suggest collecting the 3 soft fur needed before moving on to the stone house. Once you move there, it's a long way back to the forest. Day 40-50: With a stone house, you'll get a new key item. Take it to the barred cave to open it. This cave is fairly short. At one point you'll have to climb up a vine to a ledge, then push a block down to climb down the other side of a chasm. Most of the crystals in here give you pebbles, but one gives you iron. It's in a dead end with a set of three crystals, it's the one on the left. Push a block down to make a shortcut before you leave the area, then exit to the Pirate Dock. There's two ways to go at the beginning of the pirate dock, up to your right and down to the left. Go up first, into the big square room and grab the tablet. Then stay up and follow the path around to the big ship. There will be another cutscene... go up the to the end of the path then down onto the ship. Enter through the door, grab the tablet piece and go down the smashed floor into the middle of the ship. There's another cutscene and you have a new key item! Go back all the way to the beginning of the dock area and go left. It's a short path that leads to an exit. There, push down the block to make another shortuct. It takes you back to the beginning beach, so rather than going just go back to your stone house and rest. With the key item from the old town and the one from the ship, you're ready to trigger the end of the game. Save a new slot. Take the shortcut from the pirate dock to the craggy place, go back to the mountain path at the top and climb up. After a bunch of cutscenes and events you'll get the Okay ending. For the better ending, collect all 12 tablet pieces, solve the monolith puzzle, wait for the day after a big storm, then go to the north cape (with the dolphin, where the diving game was) and enter the Ruins. There are 6 puzzles in the ruins. To avoid ruining them for you, the solutions are in a later section. Complete the ruins, get the cutscene at the end, and THEN go to the mountain with your key items. The ending looks pretty much the same, but the last scene is different. With either the Okay or Great ending, you can now replay the game as your partner! You'll learn more about them and they have slightly different pet mechanics. After you've beaten *that* game, you can replay as the two wierdos you met on the island. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QFT - TOOLS If you can't make a particular tool on the list, wait till you pick up one of it's components. For example, you can't make a Stone Knife till you've found a Hard Stone and turned it into a Sharp Stone. If a tool is indented below another one, you need to make the one above it to get the new one. Stone Knife: Sharp Stone, Stick Stone Axe: Tree Vine, Rock Slab, Stick Wooden Bow: Stick, Tree Vine, Animal Skin Wooden Arrows (x10): Stick, Leaf Wooden Spear: Stick Wooden Pole: Stick, Tree Vine, Twigs Lure A: Twigs, Bark Lure B: Tree Bark, Twigs, Wooden Board Lure C: Tree Bark, Wooden Board, Stick Lure D: Tree Bark, Wooden Board, Green Bamboo, Yarn Lure E: Tree Bark, Wooden Board, Sturdy Bamboo, Yarn Special Lure: Tree Bark, Wooden Board, Sharp Iron, Yarn Bamboo Spear: Green Bamboo Bamboo Basket: Green Bamboo, Tree Vine Fish Trap: Bamboo Basket, Rope Small Trap: Bamboo Basket, Twigs Large Trap: Stick, Rope Bone Spear: Sturdy Stick, Sharp Bone, Tree Vine Bamboo Pole: Green Bamboo, Rope, Sharp Bone Bamboo Torch: Twigs, Green Bamboo, Oil Bamboo Bow: Green Bamboo, Rope, Animal Skin Slingshot: Sturdy Stick, Rope Sling Bullet (x10): Stone 2, Big Rock Bamboo Arrow (x10): Green Bamboo, Feather Poison: Purple Mushroom, Red Mushroom, White Mushroom, Yellow Mushroom ARROW-poison: Any set of arrows, poison Rope: Tree Vine 2 Fire Starter+: Tree Bark, Twigs, Stick, Rope Iron Axe: Iron Lump, Sturdy Stick, Supple Rope Sturdy Bow: Sturdy Stick, Sturdy Bamboo, Supple Vine, Rough Skin Stone Arrows: Sharp Stone, Sturdy Stick, Feather Bone Arrows: Sharp Bone, Sturdy Bamboo, Feather Sharp Iron: Iron Lump Iron Rod: Iron Lump 2 Iron Spear: Iron Rod, Supple Rope Iron Pickaxe: Iron Rod, Sturdy Stick, Tree Vine Iron Bow: Iron Rod, Yarn, Rope, Supple Rope Iron Arrows (x10): Sharp Iron, Sturdy Stick, Feather Supple Rope: Supple Vine 2 Sharp Bone: Large Bone Sharp Stone: Hard Stone Sharp Horn: Antler 2 Sturdy Pole: Sturdy Stick, Yarn, Sharp Horn, Rough Skin Special Pole: Sturdy Bamboo, Iron Lump, Yarn, Supple Rope Drum: Log, Green Bamboo, Animal Skin, Supple Rope Maracas: Sturdy Bamboo, Coconut 2 Flute: Sturdy Bamboo, Large Bone Antidote: Arnoglossa, Green Herb, Red Mushroom, Glass Bottle Cold Medicine: White Mushroom, Brown Mushroom, Brown Herb, Glass Bottle WonderMedicine: Black Mushroom, Blue Mushroom, Yellow Herb, Glass Bottle HerbalMedicine: Arnoglossa, Red Herb, Orange Mushroom, Glass Bottle Deadly Poison: Black Mushroom, Red Herb, Yellow Herb, Brown Herb ARROW-deadly: Any set of arrows, deadly poison TOOL USES / NOTES Axes These are used to cut down trees. Equip and wield the axe, then approach a dead tree (the short ones with no branches) from the side it's leaning away from. Then press A and swing the wiimote back and forth a bunch to cut it down. The Iron axe isn't any faster, but it lasts longer. Bows / Arrows You use these to hunt animals. Aggressive animals can be killed by staying far away and pelting it with arrows. As long as it doesn't get within range of you, you can wear it down. If you get too close, switch to a spear. Arrows are affected by gravity, so to hit something far away, aim above it. Non-aggressive animals will run away when hit, so you usually need poisoned arrows to kill them. All birds can be killed in one hit from the weakest non-poisoned arrow, so don't waste poison on them. Fire Starter You need one of these to light the campfire and the signal fire. The '+' version can be used more times than the regular one. If you always keep the campfire stocked with fuel, it's possible to get through the game with only the first starter you got. Most people will probably make at least 1 'Fire Starter+' though. More if you let the fire go out during the days (saves twigs/firewood, but wears out your starter eventually). Instruments ( Drum / Maracas / Flute ) Each instrument has a stone stage where you can play the instrument mini-game. The drum's stage is in the forest (you probably already ran into the big rock on the ground and got a scene where your characters wondered what it was for). The maracas stage is at the top of the vines in the cave, and the flute stage is in the old field. If you succeed at the mini-games you get a random reward, often fruit. One of the random rewards from each stage is a tablet piece, so you can save before playing and reset till you get it. After that you can replay the stage as much as you want for fruit. Knife Consider it a spear with strength between bamboo and bone. You can't catch fish with it, but it's a better weapon than the early spears for fighting the boar at the beginning of the game. Medicine The Antidote cures poison (such as from eating red mushrooms). Cold medicine cures the cold from sleeping without stocking the campfire or going out in the rain. WonderMedicine cures infection (if you get hit when fighting an animal, it's possible to start bleeding and then get an infection that drains health). HerbalMedicine cures a stomachache from eating spoiled food. Poison, Cold and the stomachache can be cured by just resting though. Poison Once you've made a packet of poison and a set of arrows, go to 'make tools'->arrows and make the relevant 'arrow-poison' or 'arrow-deadly' to turn your set of regular arrows into poisoned ones. Deadly poison on a wooden arrow can kill boars, wolves, sheep, goats, deer and any bird with one hit. It takes about 3 hits from a wooden-deadly arrow to kill lizards, 4 for the crocodiles and 5 for the tiger. Iron-deadly arrows can kill the tiger in 2 hits. I've not tested the regular poison since deadly poison is easier to make (all the ingredients are close to each other in the cave). Poles / Lure These are used to catch fish. You must first equip the pole and a lure, then approach any body of water to start the fishing mini-game. More advanced lures will attract more fish. Slingshot Consider it a bow with arrows you can make out of rocks. The sling bullets can't be poisoned, so use it mostly for taking out birds. Spears These can be used to fight any ground animal. To attack the non-aggressive animals (such as deer, goats, sheep, turkey) you must walk slowly up to it, then attack normally. Additionally, spears can be used to hunt fish. Equip it and wield it, then approach any body of water. Press A to start the spearfishing mini-game. Torch A use for that oil you keep getting. You need torches to find some of the tablet pieces and other hidden items. It also helps in the ruins with one of the puzzles. If you know where the hidden items are and how to solve that puzzle, you can get by with only one torch for the whole game. Go to where the item is after dark (18:00 / 6:00pm), equip torch, wield it, go to first-person view and send your pet to get the glowing item. Traps You can set a small trap anywhere. In about 3 days you can check it and play a short mini-game. It will have four or five animals (mice, rabbits, crabs) in the trap and you have a limited time to catch some. The fish trap goes in a watering hole. In about 3 days you can check it and play a mini-game to catch a few fish. To place a trap, equip it and then use it where you want it to go. One of each kind of trap can be on the same map. The large trap is the most interesting. Place it where you see animals walking around. If an animal appears in the area while your trap is there, it will get caught. An aggressive animal can be approached and killed in one hit (it won't fight back or move). Goats, Sheep and Chicken can be approached without a weapon and domesticated. Domesticated animals move to your base. Each must be talked to and fed a glass of water every day to keep them from leaving. Goats can be milked (Milk: restores 50 water and 10 food). Chickens drop one egg on the ground every day (5 food, used in cooking). Sheep can be sheared every three days or so, giving 1-4 wool. This is by far the best way to get wool, since getting out to the lake is a pain. You can only have one of each kind of animal (if it appears again while your trap is there, it will just be wandering around). The simplest way to catch a particular animal is to see it wandering around, kill it, then place a trap exactly where it was standing. Sheep, Goats and Chicken all appear at the lake, on the opposite side of the rock from the monolith. Goats also appear sometimes in the old field, but that can also be a lizard or wolf. After it rains, your trap is washed away. Thankfully, the weather is random so if you really want to catch that sheep, just save before sleeping and reset if it's raining. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QFC - CARPENTRY Talk to your partner at the camp to have them suggest carpentry items to build. After you've built one, talk to your partner again to get the idea for the next item category. Shelves let you store items at your camp. Each shelf can store a certain number of different items in three categories: materials, food and tools. Additionally, up to 20 of the same material can be stored in the same 'slot' in the materials category. Thus, the small shelf can simultaneously hold 20 each of twigs, branches, vines and 6 other stacks of stuff AND 9 spare tools AND 9 lunches / salt / spices. Shelves are probably the most valuable carpentry item, so they are usually the first thing everyone builds, even before the first signal fire. Small Shelf (9 items) - 3 Stages Stage 1: 2 logs, 2 tree vines. Stage 2: 2 logs, 2 tree vines. Stage 3: Wooden board, 2 sticks. Shelf (15 items) - 4 Stages Stage 1: 2 logs, rope, stick. Stage 2: Wooden board, 2 sticks. Stage 3: 2 logs, rope, stick. Stage 4: Wooden board, 2 sticks. Large Shelf (21 items) - 5 Stages Stage 1: 2 logs, 2 sturdy sticks. Stage 2: 2 wooden boards, 2 sturdy sticks. Stage 3: 2 logs, 2 supple ropes. Stage 4: Log, sturdy stick, 2 wooden boards. Stage 5: Log, sturdy stick, 2 supple ropes. Beds let you restore more tiredness when you go to sleep. I don't personally see much difference in the amount of tiredness restored between the hard and soft bed. The hard bed restores at least 50 tiredness. The soft bed seems to be about 10 better, assuming you always go to sleep around 23:00. If you go to sleep earlier on any bed, you restore more tiredness. The Fluffy bed is a huge pain to make since the animal that drops soft fur (tiger) is freakishly rare. If you plan to make it, I'd suggest at least collecting all the soft fur before moving to the stone house. Hard Bed - 3 Stages Stage 1: 2 logs, 2 tree vines. Stage 2: Log, 2 tree vines, wooden board. Stage 3: 3 leaves, tree bark. Soft Bed - 4 Stages Stage 1: 3 feathers, animal skin. Stage 2: 2 logs, 2 supple ropes. Stage 3: 3 feathers, animal skin. Stage 4: 2 logs, 2 supple ropes. Fluffy Bed - 5 Stages Stage 1: 2 logs, animal skin, soft fur. Stage 2: 3 wool and 1 soft fur. Stage 3: 3 wool and 1 soft fur. Stage 4: 2 logs and 2 supple ropes Stage 5: 2 logs and 2 supple ropes You can place fish and mushrooms in the drying rack. This will take a couple days to dry them out (during which time you cannot retrieve them from the rack), then turn them into dried food. Dried food seems to last quite a while on the shelf, at least 5 days (haven't tested the limit yet). Small Drying Rack (3 items) - 3 Stages Stage 1: 2 logs, rope, stick. Stage 2: Rope, 3 sticks. Stage 3: 2 ropes, 2 sticks. Large Drying Rack (5 items) - 3 Stages Stage 1: 2 logs, sturdy stick, supple rope. Stage 2: Sturdy stick, supple rope. Stage 3: 2 sturdy sticks, 2 supple ropes. Most kinds of meat can be stored in the smoker (not fish for some reason). This is basically the same as the drying rack; in a few days you'll have dried meat that lasts a long time on the shelf. Small Smoker (3 items) - 3 Stages Stage 1: 4 leaves. Stage 2: Rope, green bamboo, 2 big rocks. Stage 3: Rope, 3 green bamboo. Large Smoker (6 items) - 3 stages Stage 1: 4 leaves. Stage 2: Supple rope, sturdy bamboo, 2 big rocks. Stage 3: Supple rope, 3 sturdy bamboo. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QFL - WORLD CARPENTRY Suitcase Raft (2 stages): 1. Driftwood, Tree Vine 2 2. Driftwood, Stick, Tree Vine 2 Signal Fire (2 Stages): Stage 1: Stick, tree vine, 2 big rocks. Stage 2: Stick, tree vine, 2 leaves. Small Raft (4 stages): 1. Log 3, Sturdy Stick 2. Log 2, Sturdy Stick, Rope 3. Log 2, Green Bamboo, Rope 4. Log, Sturdy Stick, Green Bamboo, Rope Wooden House (8 stages): 1. Log 2, Sturdy Stick 2 2. Log 2, Sturdy Stick, Supple Rope 3. Log, Study Stick 2, Wooden Board 4. Log 2, Supple Rope 2 5. Log, Sturdy Stick 2, Wooden Board 6. Log, Supple Rope 3 7. Log, Supple Rope, Leaf 2 8. Log, Study Stick, Supple Rope 2 Large Raft (6 stages): 1. Log 4 2. Log 2, Sturdy Stick, Supple Rope 3. Log 2, Supple Rope 2 4. Log 2, Wooden Board, Animal Skin 5. Sturdy Stick, Wooden Board, Supple Rope, Animal Skin 6. Log 2, Supple Rope, Animal Skin Stone House (8 stages) 1. Black Slab, Red Slab, Brown Slab 2 2. Black Slab, Red Slab 2, Brown Slab 3. Black Slab, Red Slab, Brown Slab 2 4. Log 2, Supple Rope 2 5. Black Slab, Red Slab 2, Brown Slab 6. Black Slab 2, Red Slab, Brown Slab 7. Black Slab 2, Red Slab, Brown Slab 8. Log, Sturdy Stick 2, Supple Rope ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QFA - ACCESSORIES Accessories are given to your partner to make them happy. The pebbles are mostly found in the pirate cave, green ones are from the regular cave. Shells can be found on the beach. Earth Necklace: Green Pebble, Yellow Pebble, Brown Shell Dusk Bracelet: Red Pebble 2 Sky Bracelet: Blue Pebble 2, Brown Shell *Night Bracelet: Yellow Pebble, Blue Pebble, Black Pebble, White Shell Moon Necklace: Yellow Pebble 2, Green Pebble, White Shell Sun Necklace: Red Pebble, Black Pebble 2, Brown Shell * The Night Bracelet accessory became available for me after making the Sky Bracelet, however I had also previously made all the other ones. So you either have to make the Sky Bracelet or All 5 other accessories to get the Night Bracelet option. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QFM - MATERIALS LOCATIONS This isn't a complete list of locations. Feel free to send more in if the item is not so common it can be found everywhere. Twigs: Many trees near the first base camp, the craggy place and the forest Stick: Many trees near the first base camp, the craggy place and the forest Hard Stone: By the first boar, in some parts of the cave Wooden Bark: Tree closest to the first base camp, occasionally on the ground Wooden Board: 1-2 On the eastern beach (the first one you start on) Coconut: Eastern and Western beach Big Rock: Some near the boar in the craggy place, near the minerals in the craggy place, cave Leaf: Some trees in the forest and the jungle Animal Skin: From a killed boar, wolf, deer or goat Large Bone: From most killed animals Rock Slab: Forest: Near the base of the cliff with the tree trunk gord pushes down On the path between the ox and the forest In the craggy place, in the mineral area near the log bridge In the pirate cave, near the exit to the pirate dock. Log: 1 on Eastern Beach 3 in Forest 3 in Jungle (lower area), 3 more in upper area after building a house 3 in Old Field Arnoglossa: Forest, island on Lake Tree Vine: Two viney trees in the forest, also on the ground near these trees Green Bamboo: In the grove at the western exit of the forest Ground spawn in old field Feather: Ground in the bamboo grove, or from any killed bird Soft Fur: From killed tigers in the bamboo grove or ruins Supple Vine: Two viney trees in the jungle, One viney tree in the old field near the town entrance Rough Skin: Crocodile at the lake, lizard in the old field Wool: From sheep on the monolith island, or domesticated sheep Sturdy Stick: Trees in the jungle, cave, old field and monolith island Stone: In the forest near the water, at the top of the jungle, in the cave Mushrooms: Purple: In the lower jungle Red: On eastern beach, forest Yellow: In the jungle, after the first set of vines you climb up In the craggy place, near the log bridge White: On eastern beach Black: Up the vines in the first cave, sometimes in Old Town near the cave ledge (up the vines) in Pirate cave Brown: Raised area at forest exit to western beach, Outside the cave, Up the vines in first cave Iron Lump: In the cave, in the dead-end past the watering hole (every day!) In the cave, in the dead-end past the jump-over stones at the beginning Pirate cave, the left one of 3 in a dead end left fork past the jump-across Pirate cave, the middle of 3 in a southern fork near the exit to the bay Antler: From a killed deer Herb: Brown: At the entrance of old town, up the vines in the cave Red: Northern cape, monolith island, jungle Yellow: Northern cape, jungle Green: Forest Pebbles: Green: Cave Blue: Cave (in dead-end by the water at the north end) Pirate Cave Red: Eastern shore, as buried treasure near jump-over area to forest Pirate Cave All other colors: Pirate Cave Stone (Black, Red, Brown): From crystals in the craggy area and cave [thanks rainmaker59 for some materials locations!] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QFE - Cooking Recipes Once you've learned a recipe, you can choose to cook from it for an automatic 5-star meal. Additionally, the recipe will satisfy a fair amount of hunger. Recipes are listed below in the order they appear in the Notebook. Prepare 1. Potato Salad - potato, carrot, yellow seeds. 2. Arowana Salad - arowana, onion, carrot, yellow seeds. 3. Carrot Salad - carrot, chives, yellow seeds. 4. Radish Salad - 2 daikon radish, onion, herbs. 5. Burdock Salad - 2 burdock, chili. 6. Seaweed Salad - 2 seaweed, yellow seeds. 7. Mushroom Salad - mushroom (any), mugwort, fern, herbs. 8. Sashimi - bonito, mackerel, olive flounder, rock salt. 9. Veggie Plate - carrot, daikon radish, chives, rock salt. 10. Fruit Plate - papaya, guava, banana, passion fruit, yellow seeds. Roast 11. Char Roast - char, lemon, rock salt. 12. Shellfish Roast - oyster, scallops, abalone, herbs. 13. Sweetfish Roast - 2 sweetfish, rock salt. 14. Clam Roast - 2 clams, rock salt. 15. Chicken Roast - bird meat (any), onion, chili. 16. Salmon Roast - salmon, seaweed, rock salt. 17. Eel Roast - eel, herbs. Boil (All recipies also require one water bottle) 18. Pot-Au-Feu - bird meat (any), carrot, onion, rock salt. 19. Duck Stew - duck meat, onion, taro, chili. 20. Salmon Stew - salmon, carrot, daikon radish, rock salt. 21. Boar Stew - boar meat, bamboo shoot, burdock, chili. 22. Meatball Stew - animal meat, egg, chili. 23. Rabbit Stew - rabbit, chives, onion, chili. 24. Mixed Stew - freshwater fish, bird meat, mushroom, chili. 25. Veggie Stew - carrot, potato, chives, yellow seeds. 26. Tropical Soup - coconut, pineapple*, grapes*, herbs. Steam (All recipies also require one water bottle) 27. Steamed Potatoes - potato, taro, rock salt. 28. Steamed Crab - coconut crab, sand crab, rock salt. 29. Steamed Octo - 2 octopus, purple fruit, rock salt. 30. Steamed Turkey - turkey meat, daikon radish, yellow fruit, herbs. 31. Steamed Seafood - saltwater fish, shellfish, seaweed, herbs. 32. Steam Meat/Veg - animal meat, bamboo shoot, carrot, herbs. 33. Steam Sea Bream - sea bream, seaweed, lemon*, yellow seeds. 34. Steamed Flounder - olive flounder, lemon*, yellow seeds. Pan-Fry 35. Crab Omlette - sand crab, hermit crab, egg, yellow seeds. 36. Mushroom Omlette - mushroom, red fruit, blue fruit, egg, yellow seeds. 37. Potato Omlette - potato, onion, egg, yellow seeds. 38. Fried Meat/Veg - animal meat, potato, daikon radish, rock salt. 39. Fried Mix - bird meat, carrot, pineapple*, papaya, rock salt. 40. Mushroom Saute - mushroom, bamboo shoots, herbs. 41. Mixed Saute - bamboo shoots, burdock, chives, herbs. 42. Huchen Saute - Japanese Huchen*, shellfish, rock salt. Deep Fry (all recipies also require one Oil) 43. Deep Fried Onion - 2 onions, herbs. 44. French Fries - 2 potatoes, rock salt. 45. Deep Fried Shell - oyster, abalone, scallop*, yellow, seeds. 46. Deep Fried Mack - 2 mackerel, arnoglossa, rock salt. 47. Deep Fried Mix - sillaginoid, potato, onion, rock salt. 48. Deep Fried Fowl - 2 bird meat, herbs. 49. Deep Fried Patty - 2 animal meat (large?), onion, rock salt. 50. Deep Fried Marlin - Marlin, rock salt. 51. Deep Fried Lamb - goat meat, sheep meat, rock salt. * Rare Ingredient Locations Lemon, Grapes, Pineapple: Instrument & Dolphin mini-games Scallops, Oyster: diving mini game Japanese Huchen: fishing in the lake [thanks rainmaker59 and Kozak Family for this entire section!] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QFI - Mini-Games Nearly every minor action in the game starts a mini-game. Digging up clams? Crossing a bridge? Yanking a vine down from a tree? They're all mini-games, and all timed. Failing a mini-game usually means you fail at whatever you were trying to do. If you had to put up some materials to start the mini- game (like Carpentry), the materials are gone. If you were trying to get somewhere (like the log bridge or rowing games) then you're back where you started. Additionally, each mini-game consumes time in the game. The same amount of time will be used regardless of whether you quit early (like in the buried treasure game), fail, or let the timer run out. This makes some games a bit costly to play. No indication is made that a lot of time has passed, but the clock will have advanced and the characters needs will have dropped automatically when you return to the main game. The #s are from the mini-game list available at the game title screen. In order to have a mini-game added to the list, you must play it in the game and then save the game afterward. If you play it, but reset afterward, it will not be added. ## Name Min Reward/Notes -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Fire Starting 0 Fire 2. Fire Starting 2 0 Fire, w/ Fire Starter+ 3. Buried Treasure 20 Clams, Shells, Worms, Plants by Location 4. Vine Grab 40 Up to 5 vines/supple vines depending on location 5. Harpoon 60 2-8 fish depending on skill, luck (4+ is good) 6. Fishing 60 fish 7. Fish Trap fish 8. Basket Trap crabs, mice, rabbits 9. Diving tablet, iron axe, scallops, other rewards 10. Raft Paddling successfully reach main island 11. 2P Raft Paddling 1 60 successfully reach lake island 12. 2P Raft Paddling 2 (unlocked in Gord & Fiona mode) 13. Log Bridge 20 cross area at start of mountain path 14. Volcano Slide 15 escape volcano (failure = try again) 15. Cutting Board 0 prepare a 4-5 star meal 16. Grilling 0 prepare a 4-5 star meal 17. Pan-Frying 0 (unlocked in Lucy's walkthrough) 18. Boiling 0 prepare a 4-5 star meal 19. Steaming 0 prepare a 4-5 star meal 20. Deep Frying 0 (unlocked in Lucy's walkthrough) 21. Splitting Logs 5 Up to 8 logs 22. Carpentry 1 40 House/Large item stage completed 23. Carpentry 2 40 House/Large item stage completed 24. Carpentry 3 40 House/Large item stage completed 25. Making Jewelry 5 Jewelry item completed 26. Map Puzzle (unlocked in Gord & Fiona mode) 27. Coin Collecting (unlocked in Gord & Fiona mode) 28. Goat Milking 20 1 Milk: restores 50 water/10 food 29. Sheep Shearing 40 Up to 4 wool 30. Rodeo 80 3 Guavas 31. Drum Dance 60 Tablet piece, fruit (random) 32. Maraca Dance 60 Tablet piece, fruit (random) 33. Flute Dance 60 Tablet piece, fruit (random) 34. Chest-Beating Contest 60 Story progression, then fruit 35. Fun with Hobo 40 Hobo's happiness increases 36. Fun with Max Max's happiness increases, unlocked in Lucy mode 37. Dolphin Ball Rally 60 Tablet piece, fruit (random) 38. Mural Cleaning Mural becomes readable to solve ruins puzzle 39. Tablet Puzzle Story progression ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QFH - KEEPING HOBO HAPPY Having a happy Hobo is required to collect some of the tablets and win the game with the best ending. He gets angry at you if you eat a 3-star meal or worse, get hit by animals or (possibly) go days without having a prepared meal. To make him happy, eat 4 or 5-star meals. If he's really unhappy because he was neglected for a while, you may have to cook lots of meals (2 ingredients at a time). I had to cook about 15 or so meals at the end of the game. It's possible that sending him up trees makes him happier, but he has to already be happy to do that. If you have a torch, go to the eastern beach at night (the same beach where you started out on the island). On the cliff wall furthest from your base is a glowing spot that appears at night after 6:00pm / 18:00. If Hobo is already happy, he can retrieve a jump-rope for you. Once you have it, you can talk to Hobo at the camp to play the jump-rope mini-game. If you succeed, Hobo will get a lot happier. Contrary to popular rumor, Hobo does NOT knock down everything in a tree all at once. If the tree has more than one thing in it, you have to send him up more than once. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QFS - SECRETS There are several glowing spots that can be seen at night in first-person view. Your pet can be sent to get them if he's happy. Some are tablet pieces (see the Ruins Puzzle section for these), and others can make the game a LOT easier. It must be dark (after 18:00 / 6:00pm) to see the glow, and some also require a torch to be equipped and wielded before switching to first-person view. Eastern Beach - Cliff wall furthest from camp - Pet Toy Forest - *Tree with Arnoglossa - ??? Fruit (restores 100 water/food) Bamboo Grove - *Cliff wall at top of area - ??? Lure (best fishing lure) Western Beach - *Cliff wall close to beach - ??? Medicine (restores 50 health) Jungle - Right of cave entrance when facing it - YellowMedicine Yellow Medicine restores 20 food/water/tiredness Northern Cape - Eastern cliff face - Beach Ball (for Dolphin mini-game) Lake - Entrance area, tree past mushrooms - ??? Medicine (restores 50 health) * No torch required [thanks BladeKill990 for most of these, Kozak family for ??? Lure tip] Misc Secrets: - At low tide, you can walk around a normally-impassible bush on the western beach to see your raft and play a diving mini-game. It's possible to get the Iron Axe and other stuff from this game. Album Pages In the 'Options' page of the game's title screen is an Album. Game endings you've found will appear in the album and can be watched again anytime you like. Here's the album page#s and how to unlock them. Some pages are known, but the conditions for unlocking them are not. 1. "Aidan's Island" - *Spend 100 (?) days without leaving the first island 2. "Beach Queen" - *As Lucy, spend 100 (?) days without meeting Aidan 3. "Adam and Eve" - Spend 100 days on the island 4. "Rescue Team?" - *Visit the Monolith at night (random event?) [1] 5. "One With Nature" - Don't get Gord's medicine back to him within 2 days 6. "Can't Remember" - *Unknown [2] 7. "Home on the Sea" - *Spend 100 days on the island in the wooden house [3] 8. "Gord and Fiona?" - Find the Large Raft and sail it away. 9. "Our Deserted Isle" - Get off the island without solving the ruins puzzle 10. "Let's go see Mom!" - Get off island as Lucy without solving ruins puzzle 11. "To Protect Lucy" - Solve ruins puzzle before getting off the island 12. "Happy Together" - Solve ruins puzzle as Lucy before getting off island 13. "Pirates now?" - Finish Gord & Fiona's adventure 14. "The Creators" - The credits screen & mini-game from an "official" ending. [thanks Bladekill990 for #10,11 and 13!] [thanks Kozak Family for #3!] * The conditions for unlocking these endings have not been confirmed [1] The ending shows Aidan & Lucy approaching the monolith at night. It is glowing and lights are in the sky. The mast can be seen on the ground, implying that the wooden house has not been built yet. [2] The ending shows the wooden barrel near the first signal fire, which is lit. Aidan sees a ship and tries to swim out to it using the barrel. Lucy is not present. This is probably the day Lucy wakes up late. [3] The scene shows all four islanders living in the wooden house. The language in the voiceover is similar to the language in #1-3, suggesting that you may need to spend 100 days in the wooden house. Since all four islanders are there, you may have to do this before building the large raft. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QFR - THE RUINS PUZZLE There are 12 stone tablets. 1. Gorilla game (can't miss this) 2. Diving spot at the dolphin site, Each of the three instruments can be taken to one of the stone stages and played. At the end of the game you MIGHT get a tablet. It's random, so you can save and reset till you get it. Also, your instruments can break, so if you don't want to make more, just make sure to get the tablets first. 3. Maracas site 4. Flute site 5. Drum site You'll have to use your pet to get the next four. It must also be after dark (18:00 / 6:00pm), and you must have a torch equipped and active. 6. bamboo area on the old field, on the wall 7. the house where you got the radio, far corner on right as you enter 8. bridge on the cave, wall near the vines 9. dolphin game, need pet to get the beach ball (on the wall nearby) These are just laying on the ground in the pirate dock area 10. in the pirate ship, 11. at the lower pirate base storage room. 12. at the upper pirate base storage room. Take the tablets to the monolith, and solve the sliding puzzle. If you're having trouble, use the Hint button to see the numbers on the tiles. Numbers 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12 and 13-15 are in order in rows when the puzzle is completed. The top square in the center will be empty. Multiple tiles can be 'pushed' at once; if there's an empty square and two tiles above it, clicking two tiles up from the empty square will push both tiles down. This still uses only 1 move. The shortest solution to the puzzle is: 11(D), 15(R), 8(U), 11(L), 9(D), 3(R), 10(U), 14(L), 6(D), 3(R), 2(D) That is: Click those numbers to push them in the indicated direction in that order. Now wait for a storm. The next day, take some pickaxes, a fresh bow and deadly arrows, plenty of food and water and then take the path in the dolphin area to the hidden area. There are 6 puzzles to solve. Puzzle 1: Get Hobo to retrieve the red gem, then take both gems to the top of the altar. Puzzle 2: Go down the steps on the left, push the bridge, then go back up and across it. Puzzle 3: Take your partner to the green platform on the left and make her wait there. Then go stand on the right platform. Puzzle 4: Push the mural immediately right of the door, then immediately right of that one. Skip the one right of that and push the one on the right side of where you came in. Now push the one on the left of the door. Puzzle 5: Kill the tiger. Then make your partner stand on one green block while you stand on the other. Repeat. Both go stand on the big green block. Puzzle 6: Push down the big block to return to the entrance. Smash all the minerals in the room. Then go back up to the other room and jump from platform to platform till you get to the end. S,S,S,S,E,E,N,E will get you through [thanks BladeKill990] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QFD - CREDITS Thanks to everyone who contributed to this FAQ! I read the GameFAQs forum a lot when playing, so if I ripped off that thing you discovered and didn't give you credit, please let me know so I can enshrine your name here. BladeKill990 - Glowing Locations, Ruins Puzzle #6 solution, endings Kozak Family - Most Recipes, ending #3, FAQ answers Rainmaker59 - Most Recipes, some materials locations 5thof7 - Gameplay tips</p>