========================================================= Gears of War 2 Games Radar Exclusive Guide ========================================================= This FAQ may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. Written by: Daniel Acaba GameFAQS ID: Misfit119 Contact me at: eternalmisery718@yahoo.com System: Xbox 360 This FAQ Copyright 2008 Daniel Acaba ========================================================= Index ========================================================= 1 - Introduction 2 - Controls 3 - Weapons 4 - Walkthrough 4.1 - Tip of the Spear 4.2 - Denizens 4.3 - Gathering Storm 4.4 - Hive 4.5 - Aftermath 5 - About the Author ========================================================= 1. Introduction ========================================================= Gears of War 2 is one of the most eagerly awaited games to come out in 2008, a game absolutely overrun with top tier titles coming out. Most modern developers are content to simply release sequel after sequel without any real improvements besides slight improvements to the graphics. Well Epic, developers of Gears of War, weren't happy to let things be like that. Not only does GoW 2 look a fair bit better than the first it's also an impressive change from the first title. Everything here is bigger, better and more enthralling. There are more weapons, enemy types, levels and story - basically every aspect of the game has been enhanced. It's rather impressive to see literal dozens of Locust Horde moving all over the place and fighting. Prepare to be amazed by the sights and action that will be all over the place. More important than that, be ready to survive the fight of your life. ========================================================= 2. Controls ========================================================= Left Analog - Move Character Click Left Analog - Crouch, when attached to cover Right Analog - Control Camera Click Right Analog - Zoom, when using appropriate gun D-Pad - Change equipped weapon Blue X Button - Action Button Yellow Y Button - Look to Point of Interest Green A Button - Dodge Roll / Stick to Cover / Cover Actions Red B Button - Melee Attack / Tag With Grenade / Chainsaw Rev with Lancer Left Bumper - See Objectives and Squadmates Right Bumper - Reload Left Trigger - Enter Aim Mode Right Trigger - Fire Gun or Throw Grenade Back Button - Skip Cinematic / See Multiplayer Scoreboard Start Button - Enter Pause Menu ========================================================= 3. Weapons ========================================================= Boltok Pistol -------------- Perfect Reload: Increases rate of fire Zoom: Yes The Boltok is an incredibly effective pistol doing lots of damage and capable of staggering foes. However it has a very low rate of fire and it doesn't reload particularly fast. Try to stick to using it only at medium or long range and try to aim for headshots so as to stop them from retaliating. If this isn't possible aim for the legs to knock them down. -------------- Boomshot -------------- Perfect Reload: Missile shot causes extra explosions on strike Zoom: No These are gotten almost exclusively by killing the powerful Boomers. Having only one shot before it needs to be reloaded the Boomshot makes up for this with raw power. Each shot is capable of reducing almost every basic Locust to pieces with even a non-direct hit. The secondary, or tertiary, explosions are incredibly dangerous as well to both you and the enemies. Lastly bear in mind that the missiles have weight and will arc down as they fly. -------------- Gnasher Shotgun -------------- Perfect Reload: Increases damage Zoom: No Any person who is familiar with action games or first-person shooters knows how to use a shotgun. Get close and blow them away. The rate of fire isn't spectacular and the range is horrible but it can tear enemies apart in close range. One shot is more than enough for most of the regular enemies and even if it doesn't kill them it should stagger them enough for a follow up shot to do them in. Try to aim for headshots whenever possible because this will ensure that enemies die off quicker. -------------- Gorgon Pistol -------------- Perfect Reload: Enhances reload speed considerably Zoom: Yes Every time you fire the Gorgon you will fire off a four round burst in a close cluster. They spread out more the further away your target so it's very hard to get headshots with all four bullets. Every four clusters you will have to reload and this is the major weaknesses of this gun. It reloads very slowly and each bullet doesn't do enough damage to kill enemies rapidly enough to make up for this. This means that the enemy is better at close range than it is at any further ranges. -------------- Hammer of Dawn -------------- Perfect Reload: N/A Zoom: No Only useful in very particular areas where you have satellite coverage the Hammer is useless otherwise. It's also pretty useless in indoor areas where the satellites cannot reach you. When you are outside in specific areas though, this is the most devastating weapon in the game and perfectly capable of killing even the biggest enemies almost instantly. It takes a bit of time for it to lock on though and its very easy to get killed while doing so. -------------- Hammer of Dawn -------------- Perfect Reload: N/A Zoom: No Only useful in very particular areas where you have satellite coverage the Hammer is useless otherwise. It’s also pretty useless in indoor areas where the satellites cannot reach you. When you are outside in specific areas though, this is the most devastating weapon in the game and perfectly capable of killing even the biggest enemies almost instantly. It takes a bit of time for it to lock on though and its very easy to get killed while doing so. -------------- Hammerburst Assault Rifle -------------- Perfect Reload: Increased Rate of Fire Zoom: Yes Standard issue weapon of the Locust Drones, the Hammerburst is an incredibly effective weapon. It doesn’t fire as rapidly as the Lancer, and it’s missing the trademark chainsaw bayonet, but it makes up for this with its increased damage and accuracy. Whether you prefer this or the Lancer will depend on what fighting style you prefer; putting lots of bullets in the air or carefully aiming each shot. This gun is ideal for both mid and long range combat. -------------- Lancer Assault Rifle -------------- Perfect Reload: Increased Damage Zoom: Yes Standard issue weapon of the COG Soldiers, the Lancer is arguably the most effective weapon in the game. The Lancer fires incredibly rapidly and each bullet does a fair bit of damage. Due to this rapid rate of fire it has some pretty horrible accuracy and the kickback of the gun makes sustained fire incredibly difficult. Mostly designed for short to mid range combat the Lancer isn’t very useful beyond that. Should an enemy make the mistake of closing to melee range the chainsaw will put an end to them rapidly. Just make sure not to get hit while revving it up or you will stop. -------------- Longshot Sniper Rifle -------------- Perfect Reload: Greatly enhances damage done with headshots Zoom: Yes, Greatly enhanced The Longshot is the sniper rifle of Gears of War and that is the only time it should ever be used. However in this capacity it excels quite admirably capable of killing enemies at an incredibly rapid rate. Most enemies will die to a single headshot with the weaker ones dying to a single body shot. If you can hit the perfect reload and then land a headshot you can kill almost any basic enemy outright even dealing crippling damage to enemies like Boomers. -------------- Scorcher Flamethrower -------------- Perfect Reload: Increases the distance the flame reaches Zoom: No Not a terribly powerful weapon and basically useless beyond mid-range the Scorcher is very useful for flushing enemies out of cover. The flames will roll over and around cover to burn and punish those who are hiding behind it. Flush an enemy out of cover and let your allies take him out but don’t count out a burning enemy until they’re on the ground and not moving. It’s still possible to get shot up, smacked in melee or even cut down with a Lancer chainsaw while the enemy is burning to death. -------------- Snub Pistol -------------- Perfect Reload: Enhances damage Zoom: Yes This is the basic pistol in Gears of War and it’s not terribly special. It fires rapidly, does mediocre damage and doesn’t have the most stopping power. The best time to use the Snub is as a long range weapon when your only alternative is the Lancer. In this capacity it works just fine but it’s still not the ideal choice. Generally if you plan on using the pistol at long range you’re better of using the Boltok and if you’re going to be in close range make use of the Gorgon. -------------- Torque Bow -------------- Perfect Reload: Greatly increased damage Zoom: Yes, Slightly enhanced The Torque Bow is a slightly more complicated weapon to use than the others in the game. Firing it from the hip is pretty much useless and serves no purpose, you have to aim it at them. Aim it with the Left Trigger first and then pull back the arrow with the Right Trigger. As you hold the arrow an arc will appear and slowly straighten out into a line. This arc details where the arrow will strike when released and if you hold it long enough it will go perfectly straight. When it goes perfectly straight the arrow will stick in any enemy or surface hit. If you’re clever you can use this to set up traps for the enemies or to place explosives behind cover near them. =============== Large Weapons =============== The difference between large weapons and regular guns is that large weapons do not replace one of your weapons. Instead you pick them up off the floor and they are automatically equipped. When you attempt to change weapons you will drop these large guns and pull out one of your others. You cannot store ammo for these weapons and they must instead be discarded and a new one entirely gotten when ammo gets low. -------------- Boomshield -------------- Perfect Reload: N/A Zoom: N/A Not actually a weapon per se the Boomshield is actually more like portable cover. You are slowed down while carrying it and can only fire over it with your pistol. It can be placed in the ground by pressing Left Trigger and you can then use it as cover. To pick it up approach it and use the A Button to pick it up. In a co-op game you can make good use of this shield by having a second person follow closely behind you with a more devastating weapon like a Boomshot and using your Boomshield as cover. -------------- Mortar -------------- Perfect Reload: Enhances reload speed greatly and increases mortar damage Zoom: No One of the more irregular weapons in the game the Mortar is also incredibly devastating when used right. Use the Left Trigger to place it on the floor or lean against cover and press LT to attach it to the cover you’re against. Now press the Right Trigger to pull up the range meter, the longer you hold the RT the further the mortar will go. Once you release the RT it will fly to the specified distance and explode, dropping a bunch of smaller explosives in an area. Those caught in the radius of this explosion will take a severe amount of damage. -------------- Mulcher -------------- Perfect Reload: N/A Zoom: Slight Zoom This is the single most devastating of the guns available to you in the game essentially acting as a mobile Troika. Use the Left Trigger to place it on the ground or, preferably, lean to cover and then press LT to attach it to the cover you’re behind. From here you can begin firing it at an incredibly rapid rate and watching it shear through the enemies at a ridiculous rate. It does an incredible amount of damage and it will cut through multiple foes with each bullet if they’re in close range. -------------- Troika - Mounted Only -------------- Zoom: No The Troika is a very devastating offensive and defensive tool. Not only can it deal a ridiculous amount of damage in a very short time but it also has no ammo limit. It can just keep firing and firing and never run out leaving you to only be mindful of it overheating. Due to the barrier on the front of the Troika it’s very hard for frontal enemies to attack you but your sides and back is wide open to enemies and are thus quite vulnerable to any highly mobile enemies. Wretches are an abnormally high threat while you’re on a Troika. -------------- Frag Grenade -------------- One of your more devastating weapons the Frag Grenade can kill multiple enemies due to their explosive radius. These can be thrown over cover to flush out enemies and kill those who don’t move fast enough. The most effective use of the Frags is to close Emerge Holes and they’re able to kill anyone who is near or emerging from said hole. -------------- Smoke Grenade -------------- When thrown this grenade produces a short range shockwave that can knock down any enemies who are too close to it. After this it begins pouring out smoke that severely limits sight in the radius of the smoke. Unlike most games with a weapon like this the enemies in Gears of War actually have a problem finding you when they’re in the smoke cloud of these grenades. -------------- Ink Grenade -------------- Upon detonating the Ink Grenade begins to expel a disgusting greenish black smoke cloud. Anyone in this cloud begins to take damage from exposure to the toxic cloud and will eventually die. Enemies will usually move incredibly rapidly to get out of the cloud leaving them wide open to gunfire. ========================================================= 4. Walkthrough ========================================================= Gears of War is organized into several acts composed of a number of chapters each. You will gather up achievements as you complete each chapter of an act and then for completing the act itself. Due to this the guide will take note of all chapter breaks for ease of organization. =================== 4.1 – Tip of the Spear =================== Welcome to Delta -------------- As befitting an opening chapter you are given the option of taking a tutorial now. Should you feel that you need the tutorial then simply agree to show Ben Carmine the ropes of being a COG. If you don’t feel like doing this then you can simply choose to skip the tutorial. This is very similar to how Gears of War 1 was set up. There is no reason for this guide to cover the tutorial so we will skip ahead to the start of the storyline. -------------- Desperation -------------- This chapter starts off with you talking to Anya and then going through a door to meet another COG soldier, Tai. Follow Tai and he will lead you through a reception room and up a flight of stairs. At the top of the stairs there are two ways to go, follow Tai or through the blue door. Go the opposite direction that Tai and Dom go in and take cover along the balcony ledge. While you’re waiting on the Locust to come into your ambush take note of the oxygen tanks in the lower area, blowing these up will annihilate any nearby Locust. However you will want to wait until they’re as far into the room as you can get them before you open fire on the tanks. Getting rid of the Locust should be no issue at all due to this trap. You will want to use your pistol, not the Lancer, to get rid of any stragglers due to the distance they’re likely to be at. But it isn’t the most important to get any of them who happen to live since they aren’t really going to be your problem. If you search the hallways along either side of the central area you can find rooms with some ammo. Grab that and continue to the far end of the room and go through the door here. Take cover and start shooting at the Locust who are running around the lower level. They aren’t going to really try too hard to start shooting at you so it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. After you’re done dealing with those you can see along the lower level make your way to the left side of the balcony and start shooting at the enemies here. Once they’re dead make your way through the door at the end of this hallway and make sure to pick up a Hammerburst Assault Rifle as you go. There’s a lot of ammo for this gun through the level since it’s what the majority of Locust carry and it helps to have it as a backup. Now continue through the door in front of you, Dom and Tai will go along the lower level. ***************************** Marcus Route ***************************** As soon as Marcus head through the door some Locust will charge him, don’t bother attacking them. Very shortly a gunship will fly up to the window and gun down the enemies. Once that’s done you have a free run to the far end of the corridor. When you get there you will note enemies firing at you through a door to your right so hug the wall and move that way. Make your way to the table in the middle of the room and attach to it as cover before pressing the cover button again. This will flip it on its side and allow you to use it as actual cover. From here you should have an easy vantage point to take out the enemies. Once they’re dead search the room for cover and go through a door on the right-hand side of the room. Pass through this room and head down the staircase here. This will put you on the left side of a large room nearby Dom once again so join him in taking out the enemies in this room. ***************************** Dom Route ***************************** Follow Tai down the stairs and to a door here. Some Locust will come running down the hallway here at you so take them out and start moving forward. The enemies will move to the left into a room over here. Go through the door to your left and pass through this room to the end of the hallway. At least one of the enemies will probably be waiting for you hiding along the side of the doorway to exit this room so be careful. You have a straight path from here to a pair of double doors that leads out into a large room with several Locust in it. Marcus is in an area to your left through the large room, take out the enemies before you two try to regroup. ***************************** Once you’re done in this room follow Tai through a doorway and make sure to pick up ammo along the way. The door at the end of this hallway will lead you out into a large courtyard area with several Locust hiding behind a column and others behind a planter full of grass. The safe way to handle this area is to stay in the same area as the COG soldiers and fire at the Locust. If you’re feeling a bit more daring you can run up one of the sides and get the drop on them, be careful if you do this since it’s easy to die in a place your fellow soldiers can’t get to you. After you get rid of the last of the Locust you will get your first taste of fighting a Reaver. Unlike in the first game you will notice that the Reavers actually land now and attack you on the ground. The pilot doesn’t attack but the Reaver itself can do so by stabbing at you with its legs so keep your distance. The rider is more of an immediate threat than the Reaver itself since he will be firing at you with some sort of semi-automatic weapon that does a lot of damage. Aim at the back of the creature and take out the rider before going after the Reaver and pilot, they go down pretty soon after. Head up the small flight of stairs, grab up any ammo in sight and then go through the doors. This will eventually lead you to a large room with a pair of Locusts and several stretchers in it. Take out the Locust and start moving through the room. Follow the hallways and you will reach yet another large room with some more Locust running around in it. Tai will get pretty aggressive in here most of the time and help you take them out so provide him cover and clear the room. As you make your way to the far end of the room one of the gunships will crash through a skylight and mostly fall into the main area. Numerous Locust Drones are going to infest the upper area and start firing down on you. Fighting from below really isn’t an ideal situation so make your way teither to the left or right and up the stairs. Knock over one of the tables and start firing at the three Locust here. When they’re dead pass through the door with Tai and restock on ammo before going down the stairs here. Shortly after going into the room here you will be under siege by the Locust. They will start blowing through doors and coming from all sides. Try to stay in the desk area in the middle area and use the central wooden structure as cover from enemy attacks. So long as you don’t let anyone get too many shots on your back you should be perfectly well protected here. There shouldn’t even really be much in the ways of danger for you here especially in co-op. Once they’re all dead make your way to the hallway in the far end of the room where you will encounter Carmine again. After a bit of conversation you will pass through the door here and end up on the outside with a number of COG soldiers and plenty of Locust in the streets below. One of the most dangerous parts of this is that any tutorial pop-ups will stop you from moving but not stop you from taking damage. Be mindful of this and seek cover immediately. From here you will have three different places from which to attack the Locust. You can either stay on the upper level and shoot at them from the center, left or right staircase or run down into the streets from the middle or left staircases. It’s suggested that you stay on the upper level at first and fire down at the Locust. Shoot at the cars they will try to use for cover at first if necessary, this will either flush them out or kill them outright when it explodes. Once you’ve thinned them out a bit you can move down to the streets and use those very same cars for cover. Just be mindful of the fact that they can blow up on you just as easily as on the Locust so you have to be careful. Reavers will start falling into the battlefield so make them a priority. Don’t bother blowing up cars near them though it doesn’t seem to have the biggest impact so they’re better saved for regular troops. Eventually you will kill enough of them to force them to retreat so take the fight fully into the streets. Move forward and look to your left for a window you can mantle on through to enter a bookstore. Run through the bookstore and jump over the counter to get a good vantage point from which to shoot at the Locust on the streets. Clear out the enemies in front of the doors and then head out into the streets. There is a large number of Locust infesting the streets and you will be getting backup from a fair number of COGs so this is going to get a bit crazy. Try to stay behind cover as much as possible, leaving yourself out in the open is almost guaranteed death. Take a meat shield if you’re in dire need of mobile protection and aim for the head with your pistol. Just stay alive until pretty much all of the enemies have been taken out to complete this chapter. -------------- Rolling Thunder -------------- Take note of your surroundings once this level starts; there’s an ammo box stashed in one of the corners and a Troika up a ramp. Both of these will be necessary to complete this level. After a bunch of destruction occurs it’s going to be up to you to protect Betty from the Nemacysts. Mount the Troika and start blowing them out of the sky as they fly towards you. You can be killed pretty easily by these things as they fly straight at you. Just be careful with your shots you don’t want to overheat the gun and be left defenseless. This section is even easier in co-op since one person can man the Troika while the other uses their Lancer or Snub to help shoot them down. Don’t get too comfortable when you’ve managed to take them all out because you’re now going to have to fend off Reaver attacks. This isn’t as bad as it might sound since the worst part of the Reavers is their semi-automatic gun of the passenger. Either make use the Troika or your Lancer to blast away at the rider and then take out the Reaver. Unfortunately things were going “too smoothly” so there’s about to be a complication. While Betty is being repaired you’re going to have to protect Dizzy. As soon as you get control of your character make your way over to the fallen logs and use those as cover. An emergence hole will soon erupt from behind where the logs are and a bunch of Drones will come crawling out. If you’ve got a grenade toss it into the hole to seal it up before too many Drones come out. Otherwise simply stay here and keep on firing at the Drones. Once you’ve taken out enough of them on the lower level more will come out on the areas above you. Stay on the move and try to stay safe long enough for Dizzy to finish his repairs. The moment he finishes repairs rush back to the Derrick and climb the ladder to get back on the move. -------------- The Big Push -------------- That last one wasn’t so bad was it? Well if that wasn’t this one most certainly is. This one starts off with a Brumak and a horde of Drones with grappling hooks emerging from the ground to attack one of the other Derricks. There isn’t much you can do at this point but it does feel good to unload Troika rounds into the face of that Brumak. The real trouble begins once you’ve gotten away from the big guy. Remember that other Derrick that was being attacked by the Drones with grappling hooks? Well it’s now coming right for you and it’s totally infested with those Locust. The enemy Derrick is going to repeatedly ram into yours while Locust are shooting at you. This level presents a number of challenges due to this, you’re trying to shoot at the Locust while the two machines are banging into each other throwing your aim all over the place. It’s agonizingly difficult so it’s best if you man the Troika and do most of your attacking from here, this spares you a lot of wasted ammo as you desperately try to kill the enemies. More importantly than just killing the regular enemies make sure to shoot down any of the Locust who move towards the turret on the other Derrick. You do not want them getting that advantage so any that move in that direction should be an extreme priority. After a bit of back and forth some Drones will attempt to board Betty with grappling hooks. If you’re still on the turret this gets a bit tricky. Take out your shotgun and run down to handle the boarders before getting back on the turret. If you’re having serious problems managing this section you will probably want to have a partner join up with you for this, having a second person to stay on the lower level with a shotgun and repeatedly kill the boarders’ makes life much simpler. Keep this up until you get to the point where the Derrick begins ramming into Betty again while heading for a bridge. There’s only space for one of you on that bridge you’re rolling towards and you’ve got to do something to stop Betty from flying off said cliff. You’re going to have to take out the driver of the other Derrick to stop this from happening. While it might seem hard to figure out what needs to be done at first it’s actually very simple. Get off the Troika and go down to the lower level, very front of the platform you’re on. Dizzy will ram the Betty into the enemy Derrick several times and eventually the drivers’ side window shatters revealing the driver. One or two shotgun blasts will kill him rather easily and you will find yourself crossing the bridge as the other Derrick plummets to its doom. After you get the checkpoint things will stay calm for all of thirty seconds before you’re under attack again, this time by a Brumak. This isn’t the most difficult section to be honest; all you need to do is deal enough damage to the Brumak that comes up on your side that he falls behind. If you get on the Troika you can deal a serious amount of damage to it in a very short time and make it fall all the way behind before it even hits the Derrick more than once. Just remember to aim for the face for maximum damage or the guns if that’s not possible. There is a second Brumak that will come up from off to the left in front of Betty. Aim for the face of this one as well and with the support of the gunships and other soldiers on the field you will take it down in no time. You don’t really need to kill this one off but there is a good chance that he will attack you if he isn’t attended to. All it takes is one good shot of the gun mounted on his back and you will find yourself dead before you know it. It’s actually safer to not be on the Troika if you’re going to leave this Brumak be since you’re quite vulnerable to his attacks if you’re on that raised platform. As soon as you’re past the second Brumak the boarders’ will begin to climb onto the Betty again using their grappling hooks. Use either the shotgun or the Lancer to take them out as quickly as you possibly can and stay on the move. After you’ve attended to a few of the boarders you will noticed that there’s yet a third Brumak in the area. Don’t waste your ammunition on him since he gets hedged out by a Derrick and forced to stop pursuing you. But of course things go from bad to worse. A Corpser will burst out of the ground in front of you to provide another impediment to your progress. But he’s actually not all that difficult if you remember how to fight them from Gears of War 1. Take aim at the Corpsers’ face and just start firing away with the Troika to chase him right back underground incredibly fast. Thought that was the final impediment to your progress? Not quite, there’s a final Brumak to deal with. This one is going to be coming straight on with you and guns a blazing if given enough time. Well don’t give him that time he needs, immediately open fire on the big guy. If you’re by yourself get on the turret and aim for the guns on his wrists and back to blow them right off of his body. However you don’t even have to bother with this if you’ve got a partner. The two of you should take aim at the Brumaks face and just open fire on him. You can kill it in a matter of seconds with one on the turret and the other with his Lancer. On higher difficulties don’t even try this trick, just aim for the guns and take it apart piece by piece before it kills you. -------------- Roadblocks -------------- Now that we’ve actually made our way into the town of Landown we’re going to need to clear the path for Dizzy to drive Betty to the deployment zone. This place isn’t actually all that difficult and serves as a nice breather from the craziness that was the past few areas. Search the area for ammunition and then look to the left of the Derrick for the door you need to enter. As you enter the bar you will notice movement off to your right, these are Tickers. They’re the explosive cousins of the Wretches although they’re a bit more dangerous. They charged right up to you and explode in a fashion similar to the Lambent Wretches in the last game. However they die pretty easily all things considered so don’t stress too much over them. You can even melee them pretty easily without it being too big of a threat. After you’ve dealt with the Tickers you can hop over the bar for ammo and search the upper area for yet more ammunition. Now make your way back out onto the streets but be careful. The Tickers are going to come through a hole in a fence and come at you, take them out to allow Dizzy to drive up a bit. Move forward and use the Lancer to cut through the wooden boards blocking your path so you can get onto the streets again. Make sure to take cover behind the sandbags and use them as cover from the Tickers that attack. So long as you’re behind a sandbag you will take no damage from an explosion and your partners will provide excellent cover fire when dealing with these guys. You’re going to be at this for a bit, there are a fair number of these little buggers running around the area. Once you’ve taken the lot of them out Dizzy will be able to drive ahead yet again. Proceed forward carefully, when you turn the corner here things are going to get hectic. Nemacysts are going to be dropping into the area while a Locust sits on a turret up above you. The turret is the lesser threat as you can take cover from it behind the destroyed wall off the right of the hill. Try to avoid the Nemacysts that you see coming and take out the Locust on the turret before moving up. A number of Locust will be running around a gas station type area, fire at the gas pumps to blow them up and kill any Drones who are close to them. Once you’ve cleared the area search it for ammunition before you jump over the wall near the break in the fence. Follow Carmine and Tai to reach a long tunnel that you boys are going to have to navigate to reach the deployment area. Anyone who played the first Gears of War is likely none too happy at the prospect of hanging around in pitch black areas due to those freaking Kryll. Well it’s hard to blame you so continue through the tunnel slowly and let Dizzy use the headlights on the Betty to light your way. This tunnel is actually very simplistic consisting of you moving a bit, fighting some Tickers and then continuing to move. The area is very straightforward and won’t really require very much from you considering you’ve got two partners to help you out here. When you reach the gate to leave the tunnel you will be attacked by a Reaver, he doesn’t really stand a chance with all four of you opening fire on him at this short of a range. Once he’s dead you can make your way out onto the streets. Unfortunately you get immediately besieged by mortar fire and this means that Dizzy can’t bring the Betty out onto the streets, guess we have to do something about that right now. You’re going to have to split up now, one of you will go into the Hotel while the other will take the rooftops. The rooftops are a bit easier and put you in a good position for a bigger fight later on. -------------- Rooftop Route -------------- Head up the stairs and pick up the ammo box before heading around the corner here. There’s a pair of Locust Drones just waiting to be killed, help Carmine take them out and turn the corner here. There’s a ladder here, climb up this to reach the uppermost rooftop. There’s a single Drone up here and a pair of Mortars just waiting to be used. Pick one up and look at the rooftop across from where you’re standing. You need to blow open the damaged roof here to allow Dom to get through into the room here. If you happen to get up here before the other group gets to this point in the hotel you can fire off mortars to help thin out the enemies over here. With that all done go back down the ladder and wait for Jack to cut the metal bar off of the door here and go through the door here, pass through to the second door. There is a number of Locust here so hide behind the sandbags and take them out as they emerge from cover. Once they’re all dead pick up one of their mortars and start firing at the rooftop across from you. This is where the largest portion of the enemies that would be attacking your partners in the hotel is holed up. You’ve got a great vantage point to just start lobbing mortars at them and hopefully thin out their numbers before your friends get too close, or killed, by them. Make sure to save some of the mortars left when all of this is over, there’s something you’re going to need them for coming your way. -------------- Hotel Route -------------- Make your way up the stairs, restock on ammo and stop at the doorway here. There’s a group of Drones waiting on the other side of the doorway and they’re pretty dangerous. Tai is likely to get himself killed here rushing forward at the enemies so you can’t really rely on him for much assistance here. Stay at the door and keep on firing at the Drones very carefully, throwing grenades at them can help flush them out. Once you’ve cleared out all of the enemies in this area move on and you will see a door that’s blocked off. You need the other group to fire off a mortar to blow open the doorway to this area. With that done you can now go through the door and search the area for ammo. Whenever you’re ready to proceed kick open the white door and start taking out the enemies here. A grenade or two might help clear the path for you before you go inside and start shooting the remaining Locust. To your right is a doorway to the next area stay at the doorway and start shooting at the Drones who are out there. If your partners on the roofs are making good progress they will be able to assist you by firing off mortars at your position. This will help thin out the enemies for you and help you make good time through this area. Once they’re all dead run out there and grab a mortar, you’re going to need it for what’s coming up. As soon as you’ve taken out all of the enemies on both of the rooftops and have mortars in hand a Brumak will start closing in on your position. The group on the rooftops will have an easier time hitting it due to being much closer so just keep firing shots on it and it will die rather quickly. On higher difficulties this is going to be quite hard and it takes plenty of hits so be careful and stay on the move. -------------- Digging In -------------- We’re back on the Betty and you’ve got to defend it while they set up the pods to dig down into the enemy tunnels. If you’ve still got the mortars from the last chapter this will actually be pretty easy all things considered. The turret is destroyed though so that’s off limits. Move to the front of the Betty and start firing off mortars wherever you see any enemies. Eventually you will run out of mortars, this really can’t be helped. So start firing at the Locust wherever you see them and pick up the ammo box nearby if you should need it. You’re at a great advantage here and should never be in any real danger. Well not in much danger until the Reavers start landing in the combat zone and open fire on you. Just take aim and start blasting away at them, once you’ve destroyed two of them the game moves on to the next act. =================== 4.2 - Denizens =================== Scattered -------------- After the cutscene ends you will find that you need to meet back up with Carmine. Follow any of the lower paths to find Alpha 7 drilling down into the Hollow. Marcus will speak to their leader for a bit and then you will have to head deeper into the tunnels. Head back the way you came and look around for a ladder, go on up. Continue until you reach a fork in the road and take the right hand path that goes upwards, this is the way to go deeper into the tunnels. The path here is pretty linear and forces you to go in a straight line for quite a way. Eventually you will get a radio message from Carmine and up ahead there are some vines and moss covering a doorway. Take your Lancer and cut through the vines and walk through to find Carmine fighting off a bunch of Locusts. Help him out and kill them all off before you head inside to regroup with him. Jack will begin to repair the damaged Grindlift but while he’s doing that some more Locusts are going to come out of Emergence Holes and attack. This is pretty easy, make use of the convenient cover nearby and take them out slowly but steadily. Keep this up until they’re all dead and search the area for ammunition and grenades. Carrying a Hammerburst instead of a shotgun is a very good idea; you will always find plenty of ammo for this gun down here. When they are all dead head on over to the Grindlift and activate it to drill a hole through the wall here. Follow the lift through the tunnel that is slowly but steadily digs and you will emerge in a new area of the Hollows. In this new area you will find Omega Squad being attacked by a large squad of Locust. You will be on an upper level where a few Reavers are flying around and some ground soldiers on the lower level. Proceed as you like here although it will help to keep on shooting the Reavers until they fly off or go down and then head down with Carmine and help out the other COGs directly. This shouldn’t be too dangerous since you’re well backed by troops here. The only real threat here is the pair of Boomers that come out towards the end of the battle. Be very careful since even one hit will blow you away and if it’s a direct hit it might blow you to pieces. When those two finally go down the section is complete. Should you choose you can even pick up the Boomshots and use those to help make later areas a bit easier. The only problem with this is you don’t get much ammo for the weapons so that can be a problem. Whenever you’re finally ready make your way forward underneath the stone arch towards the red glow in the distance. You must investigate the seismic activity now so be careful. Other than the red glow you will only have Jacks’ flashlight to help you see here. Be very careful because some Wretches are going to come barreling out of the darkness at you, Dom and Carmine. Hang back, wait for them to come to you and only fire when you have a clear shot at them. It can be fairly long stretches without much in the ways of ammo pick-ups so be pretty judicious in your gunfire. At the end of the area you will reach a vine covered doorway, clear it away with the Lancer. Search the ground nearby for a Lancer on the floor for ammo or if you need to clear the doorway. -------------- Indigenous Creatures -------------- Meet the Rockworm; he’s going to be a good friend of yours down here whether you like it or not. You cannot harm these guys nor do pretty much anything to faze them in any way. If they’re blocking your path the only way to move them is by knocking down the bright red fungus-like plants from the ceiling. This will cause the worm to move over to the plant and eat it. The primary purpose of these things is to provide mobile cover. You can stick to them like cover, mantle over them and move along them like they’re a low brick wall, very useful whenever they happen to come up. Keep going but watch your left hand side, there is a small cave with vines. Cut through the vines here and pick up the ammunition from near the Grindlift. Leave and continue forward, there’s another Rockworm here. By shooting down the red fungus you are once more able to make him move, it’s not really all that important here though. Just keep moving and you will reach a fork in the road, you and Dom will split here. ***************************** Left Route ***************************** Marcus will take the left path leading him to an upper level towards an enemy checkpoint. If you’ve got the Boomshot you can launch rockets into the checkpoint and blow away any of the Locust who make the mistake of trying to man the turret. It’ s hard to get too close to the checkpoint without getting shot up so stay back and fire away. When you start having problems hitting the enemies from this distance follow the path down to the lower level. There’s a Rockworm that will cross the area, attach to it and follow it as it moves. This works as great cover to finish off the last of the Locust. Sometimes there will still be one or two Locust that stay on the upper level and don’t come down the ladder; they can hit you even if you’re behind the worm. Stay mindful of them and take them out with your partner. ***************************** Right Route ***************************** Dom’s path will take him toward the enemy outpost along the ground path. There’s a Rockworm down here, shoot down the red plants to get it closer to the enemies. Hop over the worm and rush forward to the cover down here. Lean out and start blowing away any Locust that the guy up on top hasn’t taken out and keep closing in. From your vantage point you will likely see that there are enemies on the upper level, try to take them out if you can since it’ll make your life easier. You should have no problem taking out the other enemies and meeting up with Marcus by now. The two of you can proceed to finish off the lower level and then go to the upper level and get the last of the Locusts up the ladder. ***************************** Now you can restock on ammunition from the dead bodies and the red boxes back here. Go up the ladders and start moving but be careful of the Tickers. A trio of them will come rushing out at you so take them out and then keep going. You will pass a checkpoint and some heavy seismic activity will begin. Up ahead there is a Rockworm emerging from the wall to your right while enemies start attacking from the front. Take cover behind the worm and start shooting, there’s an emergence hole that they will crawl out of. If you can close it with a grenade you might only have to fight one or two of them, otherwise you’re going to have to deal with up to five of them. Make your way forward and you will have yet more enemies to deal with past the Grindlift. After killing them off you’re going to have some enemies firing at you from the distance, you’re going to need to snatch up one of the Longshots and start sniping them off. There are a surprising number of them hiding up near the turret so take them out slowly but carefully. Don’t try to shoot the one on the turret until you’ve taken out all the other Locust, the one on the turret is a bit harder to hit due to the shielding and you don’t want a second one running onto it and then being hard to hit again. If you don’t feel like doing this then you can simply run ahead and hit the Locust Explosives behind where they stand. There’s a Rockworm you can use for cover to do this easier. You can now head either to the left or the right up the pathways here; they both pretty much lead to the same location. As you head up the path there is a Locust patrol moving down below you. Both you and Dom can pick up a Longshot sniper rifle and start sniping them down. They’re pretty weak so just go for body shots to take them out, don’t worry about too much precision here as it isn’t necessary. Swap out your weapons if necessary and start heading further back up the paths here. From the right path you will reach an enemy setup shortly after dealing with the patrol. There are a few turrets up here and a number of Locust that you will have to fight off while climbing up the hill to the plateau that it rests on. The person on the left path will take a bit longer to get up to the top but they will emerge immediately up onto the plateau and able to get the jump on the enemies up here. By moving in on the enemies with this pincer formation you should cut them down with little difficulty. After clearing out the enemy encampment make your way over to one of the turrets and turn your turret in the direction of the large doors here. When the Locust burst through the door open fire on them, they should go down pretty quickly and you can now pass through. Head through the doors here and make your way down the hill to the left. You will eventually hit another checkpoint and get a cutscene with another group of COGs being deployed in Grindlifts. They’re under siege by a mortar team from almost the moment that they land so you’re going to want to rush ahead before they all die. Take out the guys on the turret first and then get the others. Once they’re dead you can restock on ammo, grab up a mortar and start firing down onto the enemies that are still attacking the COGs. If you still have any enemies left alive after you’ve used up all of your mortars then you will want to get on the turret and open fire on the Locusts. Once you’re done with the enemies a cutscene will play that gives you a hint as to what’s going on down here. Turn around and start moving down the tunnel here to hit a checkpoint. -------------- Disturbing Revelations -------------- Keep moving forward and you will pass through some water with blue mushrooms in it. When you emerge from this a large staircase will be in front of you, atop it is a large building. As you go up the stairs you will get a cutscene that introduces a new enemy, the Locust Priests. These intense nuisances are able to revive Locusts from a distance rather than having to go near them. Plus they use their Gorgon Pistol with extreme accuracy so be very careful when fighting with them. When his little introductory cutscene ends prepare for a fight. A whole slew of regular Drones will come out after you. Try to find some cover and start taking them out. If you need to get the Longshot it’s at the bottom of the steps, take out the Priest first. When all of the Locust are dead go through the large doors that have opened up and head through into this temple area. After a bit more walking you will come to a split in the path, the high road is considerably easier than the lower road. ***************************** Left Path ***************************** It’s going to be up to you to shoot down the red fruits for the group on the right path. Move along slowly and start shooting at them, you have to drop three fruits for the lower group before anything else can occur. As soon you do drop the third fruit a group of Wretches are going to attack you so be ready to deal with the horde of them. Once you’ve taken them all out you can pull the switch here to open the stone door. If you’re playing co-op then you have to pull the levers at the same time. When you go through the door there will be a Locust on a turret across from you, if you still have the Longshot it’ll be easy to take him out. Now continue forward to reach a path that goes downwards, be careful of the Tickers that emerge from the ground here and keep going down the ramp. You will be able to reach the ground level and start taking out the enemies down here. Be mindful of the Priest that is running around here, he can be a problem. Once they’re all dead the doors behind them will open and allow a Boomer and some more Locusts into the room. If you find yourself having difficulty fighting from this distance make your way down the ramp and use the Rockworm that emerges from down here as cover. Try to be careful since you’re entirely alone and all it takes is one rocket to take your face off and force you to restart. ***************************** Right Path ***************************** You will immediately be under fire when you head forward, use the Rockworm here as cover and hunker down. It’s nearly impossible to hit the turrets from this angle so just wait on the person above you. Eventually the Rockworm will be moved enough to allow you to get behind it and shoot the guys that were on the turrets and shoot them down. Once you’ve taken them all out you can pull the switch here to open the stone door. If you’re playing co-op then you have to pull the levers at the same time. Pass through the door and climb the ladders here to reach an upper level. Kill the enemy up here and start moving through the upper level, you will have a good vantage point to start shooting down at the enemies on the ground level. Start making your way down the stairs here, firing at the enemies. When the last of this group of enemies are killed the doors will open and you will have more Locust and a Boomer to take care of. Be mindful of the Boomer but the rest of them aren’t really too much of a threat. If you’re taken out then Carmine can revive you. ***************************** Once you have taken out the rest of the enemies a cutscene will start, this explains why the cities have been sinking and is generally bad news. -------------- Sinking Feeling -------------- Start moving until you see the King Raven fall out of the sky. There’s an ammo pick-up to be found shortly after seeing that happen so grab that and head down the ramp here. As you head forward you will see a stranded running away from something and then being eaten. This creature, the Bloodmount, is essentially a Locust on the back of a weird dog creature. If you take out the rider first then the creature will attack you rather rabidly, if you get the dog first then the Locust will attack you with a gun. Upon killing the Bloodmount you will hit a checkpoint and can proceed forward. Continue on and you will soon come across more Stranded being chased by several Bloodmounts. Don’t stay too close to the cars here since their shots will blow them up a little too fast for comfort. Besides their attacks don’t do all that much damage that you need to hide from them. Even on harder difficulties you can still take them out just as fast as they deal damage to you just be ready to dive for cover if things get too dangerous. Once you take out the first group of enemies some more Locust Drones will attack before another wave of Bloodmounts attack. After this yet more Drones and Bloodmounts will come after you, this is pretty much a non-stop battle here. You will notice that there are a pair of Locust behind a wall a fair bit away from you, take them out and then look to the right to see a sniper. Kill him and then a Reaver will land… the fun never stops here. Take out the Reaver and you have more enemies to deal with so don’t stop moving. Past where the Reaver landed another group of Locust will be hiding behind a ruined wall. Make your way forward and take them out as you go, they aren’t actually very hard to take out. With the final group of enemies killed you will finally catch a breather in the combat. There will be a bunch of radio dialogue back and forth as you continue along the path and you will hit a checkpoint after you turn the corner around a car. A Corpser will emerge from a hill and clear a path for a group of Locust to emerge from the hole it leaves in its wake. You will definitely want to get behind the cover here because the group is going to be pretty dangerous. There’s a very large number of Locust that will come pouring out of the hole, at least five or six of them, and a Reaver will land to your right hand side after the battle begins. The Reaver can hit you even if you’re hiding behind cover so don’t take him for granted and make sure that he’s a high priority or he might kill you. After you take out the Reaver you just need to finish off those Drones that are still running around across the gap. The signal that you’ve finished them all off is that a building near them will collapse. When they’re all dead you can go down the path near where the Reaver landed and make your way into a ruined building. There are some grenades down the path to your left and an ammo box near the door you need to go through to the right. Inside of the building you will find the gunships crew dead already and a trap has been set by the Locust for you. Plenty of enemies are going to be circling along the railing on the upper level and firing down at you. It’s hard to survive if you stay out in the open or even try retreating towards the doorway here so you will want to hide in the corner. If you look around there’s a somewhat enclosed area that you can hide in and it will reduce the amount of enemies who can shoot down at you at once. Getting into this enclosure will give you enough cover where you can emerge to fire back at the enemies without much threat of harm. After you have killed enough of the Locust soldiers a cutscene will play. It’s like a reunion of the old school Delta Squad from the days of Gears of War 1. Cole is actually very useful, he’s incredibly aggressive and will often charge enemy positions with little provocation. After the cutscenes end you will find yourself in another portion of the ruined building. Make your way forward and grab up the ammo box as you’re going. Exit the building, go along the street and turn right into an uphill area. As you climb up the hill a Reaver will land in front of you and begin the attack. Take cover behind the debris dotting the hill and start firing away at the passenger first and then the Reaver itself. Once the Reaver is down some more Locust will come cresting over the hill and start firing down at you. Stay behind cover and be careful while firing at them, it’s pretty easy to get taken out here. Go up the hill and cross the wooden bridge, to your right is the first place you can pick up Ink Grenades. They’re not terrifically useful though, better suited for indoors combat than outdoors, so you’re probably better off leaving them be for now. -------------- Captivity -------------- Start making your way through the tunnels and you will eventually head up a dirt ramp to reach an area with some canisters. You will find Bairds drop companion Tanner here and a little further up Bairds voice can be heard coming from a canister. Head on over to it and Delta Squad will open it up and free everybodies’ favorite smartass, Baird. After hitting another checkpoint a fight will break out with Locust that come off the Beast Barge. The Beast Barge docks here and it will begin to unload those riding it. If you’ve got the Longshot you can easily start sniping at the enemies as they’re coming off the barge. There’s a Boomer that will be coming off so you’re going to need to be very careful here. Now you will want to board the Barge and once you’re on the deck walk towards the back of the ship. There’s an elevator that will raise up out of the belly of the ship and bring a Grinder, essentially a Boomer equipped with a Mulcher, a heavy gun that’s incredibly effective at cutting enemies to ribbons. Step into the elevator and press the switch to be raised up to where the elevator came from. Inside of here hit the switch and make your way up onto the deck of the ship using the ramps. There’s a number of Locust up here that are easily dispatched if you’ve still got the Mulcher. When they go down move towards the front of the ship and either get on the turret here or place the Mulcher down, a Reaver will begin to fly around in front of the Barge. Open fire on it and try to take it out of the sky as quickly as possible. Shortly after you get rid of the Reaver you will notice another Barge moving around near the rear of your Barge. It will ram into you and some Locust will attempt to board your Beast Barge. Using the Mulcher in this sort of wide open area will to cut them down in record time so find a good vantage point and do so. It shouldn’t take very long for you to clear out this area of enemies which allows you to board their Barge. Cross onto it and take out any stragglers that are still running around over here. When you go down below deck here you will find another area with a lever to flip, doing so will initiate a rather shocking cutscene. Poor guy, they may as well have named him Captain Scary Redshirt for the treatment that he got in this game. When the cutscene ends you’re going to be attacked by enemies with the high ground so you will have to be very careful here. Seek cover immediately because as the Barge comes in to dock you will have enemies on the upper level firing down at you. If you have the Mulcher still on hand you can set it up on top of some of the cover here and open fire on them. This will clear the area incredibly quickly and allows you to cut down any who try running down the ramp towards your Barge. Another Grinder will come to the top of the ramp eventually and start raining bullets down on your position. Aim for the head and try to take him down as quickly as possible. Head up the ramp and finish off the rest of the enemies here before you restock on ammunition here. Proceed forward and you will have some Bloodmounts on the level beneath attacking you. Don’t try firing down on them with the Mulcher since it can’t fire over the ledge very easily. Simply drop it and aim down at them with the Lancer or other convenient weapon. They can run to the left and come up the ramp over here so try to get as many of them as you can before picking up the Mulcher again. Head over to the ramp, set up the Mulcher on one of the barriers and blow them away as they try to come at you. Some Locust will come to back up the Bloodmounts so you’ve got a whole group of enemies to deal with here. Cut through them and make your way down the ramp. After passing a large wooden ramp to your right there’s another ramp down the left side however there’s also a huge group of enemies waiting here for you. The most dangerous one of the lot is the Priest so make sure that you focus on taking him out as soon as possible. After taking out this group you will hit a checkpoint and be on yet another ramp that’s going downwards. There’s another group of enemies here so take cover and start blasting them with your automatic weapon of choice. At the bottom of the hill turn to the left and get ready to take cover, more enemies will come from the right side into this area. There’s another Priest here so make him a priority as usual and finish off the rest of them as you’re going. Finish them off and then search both of the areas that you just cleared and restock on ammunition. There is a fork here; you can either take the left or right paths through these next few areas. The left path generally has few to no enemies and some ammo pick-ups while the right path has plenty of enemies to handle ranging from Drones to Reavers. Your friends will almost always go right and you will eventually have to loop around to help them out or they won’t be able to move forward. The whole area is actually fairly linear, the split is mostly for restocking on ammo and providing a way to pincer the enemies between you and your allies. The two areas will eventually combine into one path again. You will have a whole bunch of enemies to deal with here and not the best cover. It might help you to make your own by knocking down an enemy to use as a meat shield. These are actually surprisingly effective at keeping you alive even under extreme gunfire. With all of that handled start making your way to the extraction point, a large burnt out building, and Delta Squad will light up their flares. Unfortunately the Locust see it too and manage to respond to it before your squad is able to be extracted. You’re going to have to hold out here for a number of minutes. The enemies are going to be coming from every direction here so you will want to find the large middle area with ammo boxes and hole up here. Try and let your squad take the worst of the heat here while you stick to the cover here, firing on enemies as you see them. You will want to make priority of the Priests while you’re holding on here and just generally try to stay alive until the timer appears and goes down to zero. -------------- Intestinal Fortitude -------------- Start making your way through the stomach of this beast, things will be mostly quiet until you reach a rather bizarre looking area. These things that are slamming down are some sort of digestive teeth of this worm and they’re one shot kills if you’re caught underneath them. So to handle them you’re going to want to get close to the first tooth, run through and stop before the second tooth slams down. Once that one lifts up you can run through that one as well. It seems pretty simple, and it is, but it is also fairly hair-raising thanks to the fact that it can kill you so easily. Generally speaking so long as you proceed through them carefully and don’t get too overzealous about trying to run through them more than one at a time you should be fine. The next tooth is actually a bit harder to get past due to how it’s placed. Whereas the other two teeth were being crossed from left side to right this is a long tooth that you will be running the length of and it’s very long. Wait for the tooth to start to rise and roadie run all the way over the tooth but swing to the right towards the end; this is where the safe ground is located. The next set of teeth are very easy to get past, all it requires is that you’re good with the roadie run. Due to how the teeth slam down if you stop roadie running you will die but if you’re able to keep up the run for the length of this section you’ll be fine. Hand to the left to avoid the first gap in the wall and move to the right to avoid the walls that are in your way. There is a Lancer on the floor to your left after getting through this area but the way you need to go is to the right. Over here you will find that the teeth are moving a bit more complicated fashion, it’s a good thing you just passed a checkpoint. This is a very easy area to get yourself killed in and you will likely die here a few times getting the timing down. Wait for the one in front of you to open up and roadie run through quickly but stop in front of the next tooth, don’t try rushing through or you will get crushed. When this one raises up you have two choices, you can either run forward and stop between the two which is safe or try to roadie run past them which does work but can get you killed. The last set of teeth are very easy to get past, you have plenty of safe space to stand in while waiting on them to open. Run through when they finally open and you’re done with this section. As you move forward some strange white creatures will emerge from the ground here through a hole in the creatures’ stomach lining. They die easily enough to a few rounds so use either your Lancer or a Snub nosed Pistol to take them out with ease. Proceed forward once they’re dead to start a cutscene which is… rather sad really. Once it ends though things are going to get a bit dangerous once more. That rolling wall of debris will kill you if it happens to reach you so you will want to rush forward as quickly as you can. This whole area is dangerous since everything is trying to kill you. The strange Villi looking projections from the ground can hurt you so you need to avoid them. In addition those swinging tentacles can hurt you if you don’t run through them fast enough. Rush forward and turn to the right, heading up the hill before turning left and running along this path. Towards the end of it there’s a weird sphincter looking opening, fire on it to force it to open up. The moment it has opened wide enough for you to move through roadie run on through and hang to the left. After you swing to the right a thin membrane will be called to your attention, take out your Lancer and head on over. Any of these you find need to be sliced open with the chainsaw so slice it open before rushing on through. Once the membrane has been shredded run through it and continue forward, avoiding the villi as you go. There is another flesh opening here so fire away on it until it opens before heading on through as soon as possible. Keep running until you reach a weird rock structure to your left and the path seems to end. A Point of Interest will show you a vehicle teetering on a ledge higher up on the stomach, shoot at it a few times to force it to fall on the villi which gives you a ramp to continue on the path so get moving! At the end of this path you will find a second thin membrane so run up to it and slice it open with the Lancer to finally escape the wall of debris. Phew! Now that we’ve finally escaped the debris we’re going to need a new environmental hazard to contend with every step through this section. Oh look, acid spewing nozzles are just what the doctor ordered. To get past these you will want to shoot at the bright green spot on the tip that is actually throwing off the acid. By hitting the bright green spot it will eventually darken and the acid will stop spraying for a few moments. In this time window you will want to run past as quickly as possible. There are a number of these to get past but they’re not all that difficult. Even if you make a mistake in the timing of it all the acid doesn’t actually deal all too much damage to you so just power on through the area. Once you actually escape the acid nozzles you will have gotten past the nozzles you will be in what appears to be the stomach proper. Stay on the ground and don’t get too close to the green pools to either side, these acid pools do a whole lot of damage and you don’t want to step into that or you might die. As you head forward make sure to search near the dead body for some Lancer ammo, you probably need it at this point. Reaching the end of this area there’s an entirely brand new environmental hazard to deal with, poison gas. This whole winding area is full of poison and if you don’t get out of it fast enough Marcus will die. While it can seem really confusing it’s actually very simple; you can see light through the paths you need to take while the other ones will be incredibly dark and hard to see in. Keeping this in mind makes it very easy to get through this place in enough time to survive. When you reach the thin membrane at the end of this path cut through it to escape the tunnels. Head forward and cut through the thin membrane here as well to reach the area where the giant worms’ heart is located. Moving forward you will actually see the heart and four thick arteries that are connected to it; the two horizontal ones need to be cut to sever the heart. After cutting both of the arteries continue forward and you will be attacked by more of the small creatures Take them out, continue forward and cut through the thin membrane to reach… a second heart? Oh damn it, earth worms have more than one heart why wouldn’t this guy. Fine, start heading along the left side of the room and you will see a ramp with a pair of arteries resting on it. Begin heading up the ramp and cleave the three arteries to disconnect this heart as well. There’s probably more to get so keep moving, the blood level is starting to rise. When you reach the end of the path you will find another thin membrane you have to cut open to reach the final heart. This is essentially the boss room so be ready for some complications. As you attempt to cut the four arteries in here the little creatures will be attacking you and, after cutting the first artery, the room will begin to flood with blood. Ugh. Find the other arteries and keep cutting, if you get overwhelmed by the blood you die so don’t let that happen. Stay at what you’re doing and let your squad handle the creatures, getting the last artery kills the worm at last. =================== 4.3 – Gathering Storm =================== Dirty Little Secret -------------- Oh jeeze, this isn’t going to go very well. The ruined factory area in Gears of War 1 was one of the hardest areas in the game thanks to all the Wretches, I wonder how they’re going to top that with this ruined building. Well might as well get this mess underway. Start making your way through the outside area until you reach an almost courtyard area with a staircase that leads up into the building and head on inside. There isn’t much to find here except for a shotgun in one of the side rooms if you want to use that so just keep heading forward until you initiate a cutscene. When the cutscene ends you will hit a checkpoint and be in a new area, start following Jack through it as you look for a power switch. Just before you enter the room with the power switch Jack will focus his flashlight on a Scorcher Flamethrower. This is actually very useful in this area and you will find plenty enough ammunition to make bringing this with you a very good idea. Once you’re ready hit the power switch in the generator room to get the energy going. Start following the path that Jack moves along and you will reach a switch, hit the button to open the door next to it and head on through. You can stay on the ground or take the upper level; make a decision and start heading that way. If you’re playing co-op it’s a good idea to split up because Wretches are going to start attacking after you travel a bit deeper into the room. There are flamethrowers on both levels so one of you can restock on ammo for it or both of you can have one of your own. Regardless, there are a lot of Wretches here so be careful. Even if they only attack three at a time they can still overwhelm you pretty easily. Once the whole lot of them are taken out continue forward until you reach a large garage type door that has to be opened with a wheel. Turn the wheel to open the door outside and head on over to Baird and Cole to retrieve the bomb that you asked for. This area is pretty difficult; you’re going to have to carry the bomb back to the security door within the facility. The problem while doing this is that you only have one free hand to fight with and you’re going to have to use your pistol to fight off the Wretches that attack. Movement is also similarly restrained due to the bomb messing up your ability to move. You’re restricted to mostly forward and backward movement, side to side isn’t possible. If you should move forward, or backward, too far on your partner you will start to spin in a circle so try to stay with them and don’t move around more than you need. Moving through the area is actually pretty linear since Jack will be showing you the way to go and there’s really no chance to deviate from it. Just keep moving, watch your sides and don’t let the little guys gang up on you. If you’ve got the Gorgon or Boltok you will likely have a pretty easy time getting rid of them with your partners help. This is even easier in co-op since you can both be using these sorts of guns and chew through the opposition as it comes. When you reach the door that rejected you due to your lack of security clearance a cutscene will play showing you just exactly how Marcus Fenix knocks on a door. Rather subtle if you ask me. Access granted indeed. -------------- Origins -------------- Make your way through where the door once was and start heading up the stairs into some sort of control room or something. There’s a door that Jack will open while you talk to command, once that’s over continue along the path. Before you go through the door and down the stairs there is a shotgun in the small room to your right, if you don’t have the flamethrower it will be useful. At the bottom of the stairs there are some Wretches behind a door to your left, don’t go that way just yet. Kick open the door to the right and hit the switch here to activate the security system. Watch it tear the Wretches to pieces and then disarm it. Make sure to disarm it! This is going to be a running theme through this place, always shut down the security systems as you see them or they will attack you. You’re considered a hostile and they will attempt to kill you just like they do to the Wretches. With that done head back to the door you ignored just before, kick it open and go through the room. You will emerge into a hallway where the path branches left and right. There isn’t much to the left, a security turret to deal with and a room with the switch to shut it off. To get past these turrets you’re going to have to wait for the beam to not be aimed in your direction and run into the room or take some cover to avoid it. You can find some grenades in the room but that’s about it so there’s no real reason to go this way. Going to the right will lead you to a hallway where the security system is enabled by the nutjob over the speaker system. Rush for cover against the white dresser near the door. Wait for the laser to be pointing away from you and then rush to the cover closest to the turret. Inside of the room here is the switch to disable the turret in the hallway, hit it so your partner can catch up to you without getting shot full of holes. Don’t go any deeper into the room until you have your partner with you though, there are more enemies here. As you move deeper into this room some flamer turrets will activate on the far wall and begin firing on the Wretches that charge your position. If you have a flamethrower or shotgun this is as simple as can be, just wait for them to try coming through a doorway where their mobility is limited and take them out. After finishing them off start moving forward to the area just before the flame turrets with the green lockers and the white desk. The easiest way to get past these turrets is to stick to the right green locker and watch the turret to your right. When the beam aims towards the right corner of the room roadie run over to the wall and stick it making sure to crouch down. While you’re down here you can easily move under the beams of the traps, never setting them off and letting you move to the switch on the left side of the room with ease. After hitting the switch go through the door and head to the right to reach another hallway with a veritable lattice of turrets. The laser that is facing you can actually hit you from where you are so be careful. Wait for the beam to face fully into the left wall and run to the door straight to your right. Kick it open and go into the bathroom. Head through to the door on the other end of the room and wait for the beams to move away from the door before you step out, go over to the switch and disarm the security. Go through the door at the end of the hallway for a checkpoint before kicking open the door here to reach an inner courtyard. There are some Wretches out here and when you approach the right door they will come lunging through it at you. Dodge roll away from the door the moment they come out at you and open fire on them with your close range weapon of choice. You can even melee them if you like just be careful that you don’t get overwhelmed by them. In the area behind the door the Wretches came through you will see another beam of light in your way, dodge roll across the hallway and through the open door to reach a mess hall. The moment you enter this place you’re going to see more turrets activate and begin shooting away at the Wretches in here. The turrets likely won’t be able to kill them before they reach you so be ready to shoot them down as they approach you. After taking out a surprising number of them you will now have to make your way past the beams of the turrets yourself. Wait for the beam to face fully to the left and move to the container to the right of the beam. If you can make your way here you’re in the perfect position to attach to the wall near the turret. Duck down and start making your way along the wall to the left, make sure to do the SWAT turn when you reach the gap in the wall to keep yourself hidden from the turrets. Once you get underneath the left turret wait for it to face away from you and run to the open door on this side of the room. The switch to turn off the security is on the other side of the doorway. Continue forward and you will reach a room with a bunch of gurneys and turrets on the ceiling. The switch to shut it off so you can proceed through the room is along the outer path here before you go into said room. Hit the switch to turn off the security system, wait for a moment and then turn it back on. When you hit the switch a group of Wretches will come barreling towards you through the traps in the far end of the room and if you turn the traps back on that’s more damage they will take before they even reach you. Once you’ve taken out the Wretches shut the security system here off again and head toward the next room. There’s a pair of turrets here that you can easily run under if you wait for them to face to the right and you run up along the left side of the room. There’s no way to shut them off but they should pose no difficulty to getting to the stairwell going down. Head down the stairs and through the long hallway until you reach a checkpoint. You will see some turret beams waving around in the hallway, as you approach it some Wretches will come busting through the door here. Kill off all of the Wretches before taking cover along the same wall that the beams are on. Crouch walk your way towards the door, dive through it and then attach to the wall here before making your way to the corner. When you get there Jack will have to open a door for you before you can proceed further. After heading down the stairs you will have to split up again, one will mess with the turret controls while the other gets to walk through the laser beams of said turrets which is always fun. ***************************** Turret Controls ***************************** Move forward and hit the first green switch so that you lower the first set of lasers. As you shut off the switches the next one in sequence will activate so keep moving down the line. The two of you have to hurry here since the lasers behind the guy in the tunnel will start to reactivate and search for targets behind him which is trouble. Once you’re done press the switch at the end of the tunnel with your partner to allow you two through the sealed vault doors here, this is where the two of you join up together again. ***************************** Laser Bait You’re going to have to stand your ground, wait for the guy up in the room to hit a switch to shut off the turrets near you and then walk forward a bit. Stay as close to the laser beams as you can without actually touching them, doing so is really bad news. Shortly after your partner turns off the lasers in front of you a few more will activate behind you and start swaying from side to side searching for a target. Do yourself a favor and make sure the two of you keep moving. Once you’re done press the switch at the end of the tunnel with your partner to allow you two through the sealed vault doors here, this is where the two of you join up together again. ***************************** After passing through the vault doors you will have hit a checkpoint, continue forward through the hallways and go up the stairs. You will end up in some sort of central computer room. Marcus orders Jack to hack into the terminals here to see what sort of information he can gather while you guys flip a lever because you have nothing better to do with yourself. This moves the game into the next chapter and a cutscene. -------------- Rude Awakening -------------- Make your way forward and go down the staircase into an area full of stasis tanks. As you begin to move through this area one of the creatures in the tank will emerge and leap out to attack you. The easiest way to take out these guys is to use the Lancer. They come out at you one at a time and if you just rev your chainsaw and approach them you will slice them to pieces before they even get a chance to attack you. It’s entirely possible to make your way through this area without being hit a single time by them if you use this method. Proceed through this room and into the next one making sure to search around for ammo pick-ups, they will be necessary soon enough. When you enter the next room you’re going to need to be a bit more careful, the Sires in here come out a bit more often. They’re not all that much harder to take out in here they just come out a bit more often sometimes even in pairs. This means that you’re going to be having to watch your back. In the next room the Sires will come out pretty rapidly but there’s a definite bottleneck near the doorway that you can use to hold them off easily. Just stay near the doorway and make them come through the pipes here before you open fire on them. Don’t try to use the Lancer here since you will end up getting attacked by at least one more Sire. If you hang back with your shotgun or flamethrower you can devastate the enemies as they try to come at you, they go down surprisingly easily to these sorts of attacks. Fight your way through the Sires until you reach a door with two valves that need to be turned to open it up. Wait until the enemies stop rushing at you and then turn the valve with your partner to get it opened up. Dom and Marcus will sprint under the door as it slams shut behind them, sealing itself up with a large metal shutter. After the checkpoint search the room for the lever in the middle of the room, flipping the switch will shut off that obnoxious AI that’s been rambling. When the door to leave this room opens head on out and proceed forward. The real fun begins after you reach the next checkpoint. As you pass by the first little room over here you will be directed to look at a Point of Interest. Some Locust will blow through the wall here, their offensive charge led by the equivalent of a Boomer with a flamethrower. After a short bit more Locust will come running into the room backed up by another flamethrower Boomer. The easiest way to handle this chaos is to go look to your right hand side of where you come into the area from, there’s a room here with a security switch. Hit the switch and you will activate a security turret that will help take out your enemies. After you turn on the switch here stay in the doorway and look out, firing at any Locust that try to approach your hiding spot. If you’re going to fight them then go straight after the flamethrower Locust. When they are taken out the packs on their back cause them to explode, damaging all other Locust in the area. If you’re lucky and manage to kill both of them in short order they might kill off the other Locust for you, saving you some ammo and a fair bit of frustration. Move in and take out any enemies that remain with your close range weapons go through the hole they left in the wall. As you head through the hole in the wall some more Locust will come into the room, notably another with a flamethrower. This guy will usually rush at you due to how small this room is and his flames will get you rather easily. Make him a priority, aim for the head or the container that he wears on his back and take him out ASAP. Finish off the other enemies and then pass through the room but stop before entering the hallway. Take cover near the doorway and lean out to see the turret that’s set up in the hallway. There are also enemies in the room to the right of its location, at least two Drones and one flamethrower. Stay back and try to get a grenade in through one of the large glassless windows, if it explodes near the one with the flamethrower the ensuing explosion will take out all of the enemies in the room. This means you only need to worry about the turret, wait for it to aim at the wall to the left and run to the room the Locust were in and enter the room. After you enter the room the switch to shut off the turret is in a small room to your right, hit that and keep going. In the next hallway you will see some Locust coming towards you, one with a flamethrower, take them out and keep going. There’s another set of enemies in the room up ahead, yet another with a flamethrower. Continue forward and you will hit a checkpoint, kick open the door here enter the large reception area. A group of Locust will come running through the door here with a Grinder as their backup. Make him your priority, any Frag grenades you can spare will help out in this situation. As you’re battling it out with them the glass ceiling with eventually give way and the central area will be filled with razorhail. This bizarre naturally occurring phenomenon is immensely dangerous. If you spend more than a few seconds in it you’re going to die. There’s a good chance that it will kill off any remaining Locust the moment it comes raining down. Make your way around the razorhail and pass through the door that the Locust came through. As you can see when you get outside there’s razorhail everywhere here and you’re going to have to be very careful when navigating out here. There is a train car over here and you’re going to have to get over to it. Directly to your left is a small shed-like building, this is where you need to go to reach the train. Roadie run through the razorhail and get into the building, grab the ammo box and rush for the train. Take cover near the open door of the train and mantle up into the train. Once the two of you are inside of the train there is a brake release lever, activate that switch and the train will start rolling. As it’s moving Locust will come out and start shooting at you from the platform on the side of the train. You don’t actually have to fight them, simply stay under cover and none of them will likely be able to hit you. If one or two of them is hitting you take them out and hunker back down behind cover. When the train stops moving exit through the same door you came in through and another grub hole will open up across from you. You can either try to fight them from the distance, not a great idea since they have Longshots, or circle around to the right. There’s a train car that you will have to travel through to get to the other side where they are. Normally you would wait until later to go this route but forget about that, circle around this way and get on the side of the troops here giving you a perfect vantage point to take them out. Once all of the enemies here are dead grab up the sniper rifles, these will be helpful in the coming area, and continue along the path. To your left is a small room that Marcus declares a dead end, there are two enemies across from you. Take them out but don’t move too close in their direction, there’s razorhail in the way. Once the two Locust are dead there are garage doors to your left that are opened by using the valves. Open up the first valve but be careful, there are plenty of enemies outside that are going to attack you. To make your life easier here there’s an explosive canister straight across from you here, blow it up to take out most of the enemies over there. To the right of those enemies are some other Locust using the barriers as cover. They will sometimes run off behind the cover and not emerge, don’t worry about this just start moving again. Don’t go outside, instead go under the garage door you opened and hop the brick barrier here. Turn the valve here as well to raise up this garage door and step outside. There’s a concrete barrier near the side of the building, hop over this and stick close to the wall. There’s a valve over here that, when turned, will open the garage door and allow you back inside. Head in and around the corner, through the door here you can see more razorhail, this is the way forward. Roadie run through the hail and get under the cover here. There is another train car here, climb into it and hit the brake release to go for another little ride. You have to be very careful here since there are plenty of enemies on both sides of the train this time. Everything from Drones, Boomers and Grinders will be attacking you so staying mobile against the cover and kill enemies as you go to make your life easier. Hop out of the train and look around the corner, there’s a ladder here that you need to climb. At the end of the path here you will have to run through some more razorhail to get under an awning. This large open area will have plenty of enemies attacking you so be careful as you move forward. You will need to roadie run between awnings to move forward so try to line up your run before actually leaving the safety of your cover. Near the end of this area some Maulers will come out, these are Boomers with Boomshields and maces, very dangerous. Killing these guys isn’t actually very hard since you’re outdoors right now. Take aim at their chest areas and start shooting, they can’t use their shields to stop your shots since they’re using it to stop the razorhail from cutting them down. After you’ve taken the two of them down grab up one of the Boomshields and move forward a bit, this will cause the hail to finally stop falling. Either keep or discard the shield, you no longer need it but it’s still pretty effective. Continue forward taking out the Locust as you go and you will eventually reach Baird and Cole hanging out near the Centaur. This prompts a new objective; protect Baird while he repairs the damage that the Centaur from took from the razorhail. Way simpler than it sounds all you need to do is kill off a pair of Reavers and then you’re ready to get the heck out of here finally. -------------- Ascension -------------- It’s time to drive the Centaur through the snowy region of Mount Kadar to find the Locust stronghold. Start driving forward and you can either head to the left or the right, they both lead to the same place it’s just a matter of how you get there. For purposes of this guide we will be going to the right, it’s quicker. The controls here are a bit frustrating, the Centaur doesn’t control as well as other similar vehicles in some other games do. However it is pretty fast able to move rather rapidly especially if you perform the speed burst. Be careful when doing this as it takes a bit to be able to do another and if you find yourself seriously under fire you will have problems. When manning the turret take note that it fires cannon shells at a fairly rapid pace and needs to be reloaded every six shots. There’s no real noticeable benefit to the perfect reload here so don’t worry about it, just reload the gun and keep firing. After you pass the first enemies you will cross a bridge, take a right here but be mindful of the Reaver. Speed boost up the ramp here to get good distance on the jump and turn left but be mindful of the two Reavers here. Follow the mountain along the right side until you reach an area where there is some debris scattered around that the Locust will use as cover. Get past it before turning to the right between two metal towers, speed boost through the scrap that is blocking the path here to proceed. Follow the road until you reach a Locust outpost. Either take out the Reaver or just barrel onward, you need to bust through another scrap barrier. Hit the jump in the road with a speed boost to reach the first checkpoint of this area. As a note your tank will be repaired whenever you hit a checkpoint, this makes the level considerably less frustrating than it might have been otherwise. Like that driving level in the last game… stupid Kryll… Head to the left and you will reach an iced over lake that you have to drive the Centaur over. As if this wasn’t dangerous enough mortars will be slamming into the ice, blowing holes in it. If you fall into one of these it’s a one way trip back to the nearest checkpoint. You’re going to need to be really careful if you plan on getting through this alive. Drive forward slowly until the first mortar blows a hole in the ice, turn to the right and head that way. A second mortar will hit the ice and expand the first hole further to the right and a third will blow up the ice further ahead. Navigate between the two gaps carefully and drive to the left. Mortars will be falling all over now, watch for a mortar will slam into the ice in front of you as you drive left. Stop, turn right and head for the ramp back up onto solid land. A pair of Reavers will land and begin to attack, blow them up before attempting to travel across this frozen pond. On this patch of ice drive towards the large hole in the ice in front of you and go around it to the right. The ice in front of you will be obliterated by a mortar and shortly after the ice to the left of it will be similarly hit. Unfortunately this is the direction you need to go so wrap around to the left, driving slowly to avoid accidents. Turn to the right and drive along the hole in the ice, stay close to it since another hole will be blown to the leftmost part of the lake. Keep on driving in a straight line towards the ramp, slowing down only to take out the Reaver in your way. Drive along the path, taking out Reavers as you go but be ready to speed boost as you pass under the third arch here. There’s a large group of enemies waiting to ambush you including a Boomer, if you’re caught off guard they can take you out in no time flat. Follow the road here and you will eventually reach a Cliffside road with Seeders firing down at you. This area is fairly annoying since it requires a bit of luck and a bit of skill. Start driving along the road up the path but do not use the speed boost. Only speed boost when you can either see a mortar incoming or are a short distance away from the rocks on the left side of the path. If you aren’t lucky, or accidentally run into a mortar, you will be taken out in one or two hits depending on difficulty level. Once you reach the safety of the rock wall Reavers will land in your path, take them out quickly or they will finish the job the Seeders started. Continue forward until you reach a destroyed bridge, head to the right through the trees and you will see a ramp just waiting to be jumped. Make sure to hit it at max speed and you will reach the other side without difficulty. From here you have a straight drive up Mount Kadar so this one path is pretty much how you’ll spend the rest of the trip. After a bit of driving you will pass under an overhang with ice stalactites, speed boost under these to avoid being damaged by them falling on you. There are some enemies to contend with along the way but nothing too troublesome. Nothing too troublesome until you reach the Locust stronghold out here that is. This place is real bad news; plenty of Drones, a Troika, Boomers and some Reavers all looking to tear you apart. Oh and be mindful of how you’re oriented when the cutscene ends, it usually leaves you facing straight off a cliff so be careful with that. Drive down the path slowly, take out the Reaver and stop near the bottom of the ramp. Fire your turret at the tower three times to make it collapse; this will kill the guy on the Troika, a Boomer and some of the troops. You can thin out the rest of the enemies if you like but there’s no real imperative to do so. If you simply drive through where the gate was and up the road as quickly as you can you will reach a cave, and a checkpoint, leaving the enemies in the dust. This cave is really difficult to drive through as pitch black darkness lit only by a spotlight paired up with cliffs doesn’t do good things for your lifespan. It’s made especially worse that by the fact that you need to jump off ledges to reach lower levels. Keep on driving through the darkness and you will eventually reach a drop that damages the Centaur and knocks the lights out. As you fight to get the Centaur running again you will be cornered by three Corpsers. If you aren’t careful here they will destroy you in a single hit. Wait for them to raise up their legs to attack you and fire a shot at their face or lower area. This will kill them in a single shot allowing you to turn your attention to the next one. Once you’ve taken all three of them down you can continue onward. The caves will get brighter and you will hit a checkpoint after another jump. After the checkpoint you get to have a bit more excitement courtesy of a pair of Brumaks. One will attack from the right side and another comes at you from the left. They’re really not very difficult to kill when you’re inside the Centaur so long as you remember to aim for the face. Four direct shots will take one of them down and you will have enough time to blow away the second before he takes you out. -------------- Displacement -------------- Follow the path along the Cliffside down to the lowest level. As you reach what appear to be ruins you will be attacked by a Theron Guard wielding a Torque Bow. These guys are just as dangerous as they were in the first game, on the higher difficulties you will be die in a single hit of the bow. Once you’ve taken him out you might want to get his bow, it will come in handy during this level. Continue forward and a gunboat will drive by, these things are going to be a constant nuisance during this level. Don’t attack it just yet, seek cover from the turrets on it and keep moving forward. Take out the enemies and keep moving forward. As you pass by some steps to your right Wretches will attack and a little past that are more Locust led by a flamethrower wielder. As you’re fighting off the enemies here you will get an objective update to disable the gunboat. If you’ve still got the Torque Bow this is incredibly easy to do. Wait for the gunboat to come close to the shore and take aim at the bright yellow spots along its side. These Imulsion containers are highly explosive, blow one of them up to disable the boat and kill all those on it. Once the boat is disabled kill off all of the enemies in the area that are left. Search the area for ammunition and then use the boat to cross the water here. When you cross to the other side of the water another gunboat will appear. Start making your way along this watery pier area but stay hidden from the gunboat. If you’ve got the Torque Bow you can hit the Troikas to kill the guy on the turret but otherwise there isn’t anything you can do to the ship. Unfortunately you can’t disable it like the last one. Just keep killing the enemies as you go but watch your left side, there’s a priest there that will revive your enemies. Restock on ammunition once you’re done and continue forward. Pass through the arches and continue along to end up on a dock area where the gunboat will dock to leave some enemies out on the dock. Make sure to use the cover so that you can advance without being shot to pieces. The boat will begin moving around after letting some enemies off so you have to worry about the Troikas onboard shooting at you from the front as well as the enemies that are moving in on you. There’s a Grinder enemy so make sure to grab his Mulcher after you’ve killed him and move to the end of the dock. When you reach the rowboat a cutscene will play that leaves you adrift on a piece of the dock. Hide behind the cover from the turrets on the boat and use the Mulcher to chew them apart surprisingly fast. The boats will be moving around you here while you try to hide behind cover so try to stay hidden while shooting at any vulnerable enemies. Keep this up until the enemies break off the attack while you drift through some Imulsion fumes. A gunboat with a flamer Boomer will pull up alongside you and he will begin to torch your boat along with you. Kill him off as quickly as you can before rushing onto their boat, a cutscene will ensue showing your poor little raft smashing against the rocks. You’ve got your very own gunboat now to help get through this area. As you’re moving along more enemy gunboats will attack you from the sides. Take cover and shoot as many enemies as you can to eventually chase off their boat. Enemies will begin to attack from both sides and even once from the rear. Take out the vulnerable enemies as quickly as possible before you try dealing with the guys on the Troika. Just remember, grenades are your friend here. This will continue until you fall over a waterfall. -------------- Brackish Waters -------------- Welcome to one of the bigger boss fights in Gears of War. That huge creature you’ve been seeing moving under the water is about to attack after eating the two creatures that are pulling your boat. Watch to your right side as a tentacle is going to slam down on the middle of the boat deck. You can either shoot it or chainsaw it off with your Lancer, cutting it is the better idea since it saves you ammo. Several more tentacles will slam into the boat, get them off as quickly as possible. Once that’s done the real boss fight will begin. A giant fish type monster is going to emerge from the water and chomp down on the front of the ship, make sure you aren’t standing there when he bites down. After a moment his eye will open up and be vulnerable to gunfire. Shoot him in the eye to chase him off the boat. Once he’s off Marcus will explain how you need to defeat it, from the inside out. Grab up grenades from the front of the boat and wait for it to bite down on again. Shoot it in both of its eyes to force it to open up its mouth and roadie run inside while it’s wide open. Getting in here is the only way to hurt it but be careful; if you aren’t near the front of the ship you will die when it closes its mouth. Once you’re finally inside of the mouth of this big mackerel you will see a number of blue feelers inside of the mouth. These will extend out to lash at you if you, they must be shot enough to force them to retreat into the lining of the mouth. As soon as the last of them has pulled back an inner mouth will begin thrashing around and generally drawing your attention to it. Take out your grenades and fling them into the open inner mouth of this thing, just keep throwing them until you get it in there. Eventually a grenade will explode inside the mouth and cause the creature to retreat underwater. Search the area for some more grenades before retreating to the rear of the boat. When the big guy bites down on the boat this time he will take more of it into his mouth killing you immediately if you’re not out of the way. Now just repeat the previous strategy and you will kill him without much difficulty. Eventually the big guy will go down in a messy bubble of blood and you’ll be able to move on. =================== 4.4 – Hive =================== Priorities -------------- This level is fairly linear; there aren’t many places that you can’t find your way forward. So this guide will instead focus on pointing out when the encounters happen. Head off the boat and follow the straight path until you reach a cutscene. From here you will have a fair distance to travel, going up the elevator until you reach a large room with a wheel. This is the dam that the Stranded mentioned. Turn the wheel here to get the water drained so that you can head over to the other door. As you attempt to cross things are going to get ugly. A number of Locust will burst through the door firing at you while an engineer goes to turn the valve on their side. If you don’t kill him quick enough he will open the dams and flood you away. Make your way forward but be sure to not get right on top of them or they will shoot down on you from a position that you can’t protect yourself from. Take them out and then you can continue moving. In a room a little further ahead you will be attacked by a group of Wretches and some Maulers. Since these are all melee enemies cover isn’t actually all that important here. You can stay right out in the open shooting at the Wretches before they get too close. Make them your priority first and then turn your attention to the big boys. If you’re feeling daring you can even get a grenade on one of the Wretches when it’s close to the Mauler and watch the fireworks. It will make your life much easier if you grab up the Maulers Boomshield now, the room that comes after this is kind of difficult without it. You will likely be startled by the spotlight that turns on in here and the group of enemies that come after you. The Boomshield will work wonders here allowing you to simply duck down behind it and start shooting peoples’ faces off with your pistol. Be careful of the Troika, if it gets you from the side it can cut you down in no time. Once everyone is dead there’s a Locust Terminal off to the left, head on over and use it to find some information on Maria. When the cutscene ends Dom will want to take point so follow him as he goes. There are a number of terminals you will have to activate along this path so keep your eyes open for them. At one point you will see a patrol moving in front of you, don’t bother attacking them just yet. Let them pass and then move forward to check the terminal here. This also puts you in a great position to sniper shot someone in the face. Get rid of the enemies and continue on, there are a few more consoles you will activate before you reach your target. A cutscene will play that shows just how imperiled your position is about to get. Hunker down behind cover and watch your right side as this is where the first wave will come from. The first wave will consist of some Wretches and a Bloodmount, nothing too difficult. When they’ve been dispatched a second wave will come from the left and is much the same as the first was. However as you’re fighting the second wave another will come from the right side, this one is several Drones and a Grinder. Once you’ve managed to take out the last of them a rather sad cutscene will start. If there’s ever been anything to make you want to kill some Locust then this most certainly is it. -------------- Hornets’ Nest -------------- There’s an ammo box in this room so grab that up before you do anything else. The switch here bears special notice. Using the switches will bring up metal barriers from the ground. You’re going to be doing this often in this level so always look for switches in new rooms where you expect an ambush. Go down the stairs and kick open the door here to finally reach Nexus. Things are only going to get hairier from here on out so be very careful and don’t go rushing forward. Heading down the stairs you will be attacked by a couple of Drones on the upper level, take them out and move forward slowly. A pair of Drones will come out from behind the stone columns to the left so take them out as you go forward but be mindful of the Theron Guard to the right. Moving up a bit more another pair of Drones will come up on the left side while a second pair will start shooting down from the area above you. The ones on your level are easily dispatched but the ones above you are best handled with a grenade. There is a Theron Guard in the tower here who will catch you in the head with a Torque Bow arrow if you’re not careful. If you can make your way up the stairs you will be able to chainsaw him to pieces with the Lancer. A couple of snipers will come down the stairs as you near them, Longshot and all, so get rid of them before you get a headshot. Once you’ve taken the enemies here out make your way to the upper level and enter the tower. There is a switch here that will open a door on the lower level. Two flamethrower Boomers will emerge from the door you just opened, use the high ground to take them out. Aim for the backpacks for an easy kill and head through the door. Oh thank you, a checkpoint. When you move forward several Drones will attack you as well as a Bloodmount, take them out and continue. There is a large tower type building with a staircase down. There’s just some ammo down here, take the other door out of the tower. Move slowly as you head for the door and start sniping off the enemies in the open courtyard. Once they’re all dead you can head out and run for the lever here to raise up some cover. You don’t have much time before a Reaver lands in the courtyard and begins firing on your position. In these close quarters it’s actually quite dangerous so stay behind cover and blow him away. After a bit one of the walls will blow out and some more Drones will come running into the yard. Take them out and move forward a bit, a pair of Grinders will emerge from the door. If you’ve still got the Longshot you can go for headshots, it should only take two of them to kill one off. When they’re done you should pick up at least one of the Mulchers before you continue. From here you can continue forward, past a room where the doors will close on you and herd you through a specific door. There are plenty of enemies through this door so be ready for a brawl. The first thing you will fight is a flamethrower Boomer but the rest of the room is infested with Drones. However due to the size of the room they aren’t too hard to fight but things get more fun in the next room. Drones will rapidly infest the room, a Mauler will come down the stairs on the far side of the room and a flamethrower Boomer will be walking around on the bridge above you with some more Drones. Pull back and aim for the flamers backpack, if you can make it blow up it will take down the entire bridge and kill everyone on it. The next room is a large open area with plenty of the lever controlled barriers. When you enter the room there will be a few of Drones moving around the barriers across from you. Take out the sniper rifle if you still have it and start taking the enemies out. The only real threat here is that these guys are a bit grenade happy so try to stay on the move so you don’t get blown to pieces. Once they’re all dead sprint on over to the circle of barriers they were using as cover and a cutscene will play, be ready for a fight once it’s ended. The large doors near where you came through will open up and allow some Drones and Tickers in. Pull the switch to raise the barriers up again before doing anything else. Be mindful of the Tickers while you take out the Drones from the distance. As they close in on you a pillar will fall across the area giving the enemies more cover and some snipers will enter the area from the same direction. Keep fighting them until a Reaver lands in front of you, take it out and then a second will land behind you. Use the barriers for protection and take this one out as well. As soon as the second Reaver has been destroyed move from your position and watch the wall behind where it landed. The wall here will lower which allows a Locust to attack you with a mortar. This is fairly startling since it can take you by surprise and kill you before you even know what happened. After you kill this Locust off you will complete this objective. Start heading forward grabbing the mortar as you go. There is a lever here, pull it before you go any deeper into the room. The wall right near the lever will lower after a bit and more Drones will come out at you. If you’ve still got the mortar ready you can fire off a few rounds to wipe out the Drones. There are a bunch of Drones and another mortar Locust around the corner here. Take them out from a distance if you’ve got the Longshot and they won’t be able to hit you with the mortars so the only real threat is the Lancers the Drones are using. Finish them off and continue moving forward where yet more Locust will attack you. There are yellow Imulsion crates here you can destroy to help take out the enemies. The barriers will drop on you as you go forward so pull the lever to raise them back up if you need them however the biggest threat is a mortar Locust so they’re not the most helpful unless the Grinders that come at you are posing a problem. Restock on ammunition as you move forward and grab a Mulcher to help with the enemies coming up. After reuniting with the rest of Delta squad you will hit a much needed checkpoint. Hit the switch here to open the doors to the next area. -------------- No Turning Back -------------- The cutscene will end with Delta on a moving platform as it heads for the palace. Much like the boat earlier you’re going to need to defend this thing from enemies. Watch the left side and you will see a Reaver starting to fly straight at the platform. Should they be able to ram into the platform then two Locust will be dropped off, don’t let this happen. If you’ve still got that Mulcher from earlier set it up along the left side of the platform and then wait until you see the Reaver. The moment your reticule turns red start shooting at it, it shouldn’t take too many hits to shoot them down. After you’ve taken three of them out of the air an enemy platform will ram into yours. Take out the enemies with your Mulcher, it shouldn’t be very hard. The enemy platform will move up alongside yours, you’re going to need to get on it. Drop the Mulcher if you’ve got it and mantle over onto the enemy platform. Your attention will be drawn to a switch so press it to get this platform moving towards the palace. Of course as soon as you do that you’ve got yet more Reavers to contend with. Keep taking down Reavers and your platform will eventually reach the other side. Hop off the platform onto the docking area, there’s a cutscene and a checkpoint around the corner a bit up ahead. Continuing forward you will see the enemies fighting before heading down a flight of stairs. At the bottom of these steps enemies will attack you so either hunker down where you are to take them out or head to the left. There’s a small path with some ammo over here that gets you on the side of the enemies where you can freely open fire on them with whatever weapon you like although the Longshot works best. Just make sure to target the Priest first if at all possible to avoid him resurrecting fallen enemies repeatedly. A little further after this fight you will have a switch to hit, this causes Delta to split up into two groups. ***************************** Platform with Troika ***************************** On the platform you actually have a very simple job; ride the platform all the way down while taking out as many enemies as you can. You will be clearing the path for the other team to make their way down to the bottom level and pull switches for you as they go. These switches let your platform continue its descent. Until you reach the very bottom level here that’s about all you will do. Once you have reached the bottom there is a switch you must pull up ahead that will open a door that allows the two squads to reunite and continue forward. ***************************** Staircase Path ***************************** It will be up to you to follow along with the platform and find the switches that need to be operated. Start making your way down the stairs and as you reach the next floor a fight will break out. The guy on the turret is more than capable of wiping out the enemies without using any of his own ammo so you might want to let them clear out the enemies before you move forward. Use the switch to the right of the large open double doors to get the Troika platform going down again and continue along this path to find more stairs that lead to more enemies. You’re once again better off letting your compatriots on the turret do the lions’ share of the fighting. There are however some Boomers down here that you may want to shoot at, they can and will kill the person manning the Troika rather easily on any difficulty higher than casual. From your higher vantage point you should have an easy shot at their heads and any Imulsion containers near them, hopefully taking them down in record time. Head towards the platform your partner is on and go down the stairs to the right of it. Flip the switch as you go to start the platform moving again. Here you will find yourself on a higher ledge overlooking the enemies that your buddy on the Troika is trying to clear out. If you’re going to help him aim for the Grinders and take them out first. You can’t proceed any further due to the large double doors here so you will have to wait for your partner to flip a switch. Once that’s done the two of you can meet up once again. ***************************** Continue forward and you will be on a balcony overlooking a battle between the Locust. Wait for them to notice you until you start firing down at them; you want to give them time to weaken or kill each other before they even notice you. The moment that they do notice you open fire on them preferably with a Mulcher. After you’ve taken out the enemies that are down there you can find a switch to the left. Hit that and it will extend a bridge to your right, run over across it. Over here there’s another switch that you need to hit. This lowers most of the barriers on the lower level in addition to raising up a staircase from the door to this room to the ground floor. After the cutscene you will get a checkpoint just before being attacked by a pair of Grinders. Once the two Grinders are down a door behind you will open and allow some Locsut Drones into the room. As soon as they’re dead you can go through the door that they came in through. Follow the path until you reach a balcony where you are overlooking yet more Locust, rain death down upon them with the Mulcher before going down the stairs. Restock on ammo here before continuing into the next room. Shortly after arriving in this room a platform on the right side will come up to your level bringing a whole bevy of enemies up to your level. Tickers, Boomers, Drones and Priests are all on this thing so you’re going to have your work cut out for you. If you’ve got a Mulcher it’s a bit easier for you, all you need to do is set up behind cover all the way to the left. Enemies will have to come that way to you and can summarily be shot full of holes. However if you don’t have the Mulcher you will want to make sure to kill the Priest first while he’s still on the platform. When you have the Mulcher you can kill enemies faster than he can revive them, without it things get tougher. Once you’ve taken him out turn your focus on the Mauler then the Boomers and lastly the remainder of the enemies. Taking out the last of them allows you to take their platform and enter the palace proper. -------------- The Best-Laid Plans -------------- Hop off the platform when it stops moving and continue forward. You will find a lever here just before going through the doorway. Unfortunately as you approach it the door closes and some shuttered windows on the upper level open up allowing elite guards to fire down at you. Pull the lever to raise up the barriers for some cover before trying to return fire. There will be one at each of the windows so keep moving, shooting at the enemies as they emerge. Take out the last of them and then head back towards the platform you came in on. To the left of the platform you came in on is the way you need to go. Follow this path until you come across a Bloodmount and some Drones, kill them off so you can keep moving. A little further ahead you will see a switch to your right as a Locust Lift rises to your level. Stepping on the switch will bring up some barriers you can use for cover as you take out the hostiles. Get onto the platform and pull the switch to reach a lower level. In the next room you will find a number of Bloodmounts inside of some cages, kill them if you like but they don’t present any threat. Continue going forward until you reach a switch, pulling it causes your path to split again. ***************************** Upper Path ***************************** Move to your right where there are some small balcony areas. You will see that your partner down below is under attack by a number of enemies including a flame Boomer. If you can get a clear shot hit his tank to take him out and potentially kill some other nearby enemies with the explosion. After that turn your attention to the Grinder on the balcony across from your position. If you don’t take the Grinder out fast enough he might kill you or your partner so be quick about it. Once all the Boomer type enemies are dead your partner can move forward, this will call out a Bloodmount so help them dispatch this as well. With that done find the switch down the stairs so you can reunite with the rest of Delta squad. ***************************** Lower Path ***************************** The very first threat that you will have to fight off is a flame Boomer moving towards you. Try to shoot the backpack of his flamethrower to take him out with ease. There is also a well shielded Mauler to contend with so you’re going to have to rely on your buddy on the upper level for some assistance here. Once you’ve finished off these enemies you can move forward a bit. This, of course, prompts a Bloodmount to attack you so take it out and then move forward some more. There are gates in your way that the person on the upper path has to lower before you can reunite with the rest of Delta squad. ***************************** After the checkpoint your squad can continue moving forward. There is a ramp that you will start heading down as it circles around the tower that you’re on. Plenty of enemies will be coming up the ramp to attack you as you go so make judicious use of cover here as you descend. You will be traveling down the ramp for quite some time until you reach a large room with some sort of Locust technology all over the place. Here you will find a number of Drones along with a Priest defending the room. Kill them off and watch the cutscene. -------------- Royal Inquisition -------------- There’s plenty of weapons and ammo here so you can restock up on whatever weapons or grenades you’ve been using. Heck, there’s a Mulcher here as a special birthday surprise. Get armored up and move on out COGs, there’s work to do! Keep moving until you reach another split point in the path. ***************************** Left & Right Path ***************************** Both paths proceed pretty much exactly the same as you start moving along them. You will start off fighting an elite guard who has a Mauler as back-up. Then, as you move forward, more and more enemies will begin attacking you from all sides. There isn’t a whole lot of strategy to this area, simply keep moving and shooting them as you go. Don’t stay out in the open when possible; you need to make good use of cover if you’re going to stand a chance here. ***************************** Always be mindful of the enemies across the ways from you as well, your partner might not have caught up to them yet and they’re all too happy to shoot at you until then. The fighting will continue until you reach the far end of the room where your paths intersect. Use the Locust lift at the end of the corridor to reach the lowest level of the palace. As you start heading out into the room some more elite guards will come out along with a Theron Guard who has a Torque Bow. The barriers in the ground will spring up as you near them so take cover and make sure to prioritize the guy with the bow before you start shooting the others. If you really want to make your life easier there’s a mortar to the right of the doorway. With that in hand you can stay hidden behind cover while raining death from above on them. Keep on blowing them away until you’ve gotten rid of them the ground will move into place allowing you to move forward. This is pretty much the gist of this area; kill enemies, watch ground move into place and then move forward. Nothing special is going to occur until you reach an area where the ground drops down with you on it. You’re going to have to fend off enemies from every side down here and the walls don’t provide much cover. To escape simply run over to the valve and keep turning it, this will raise you to safety slowly but steadily. Time for a bit of talky-talky with the Borg… Locust Queen and then you’ll have to fight her bodyguard, Skorge. This rip-off from a Predator movie is fairly dangerous but not actually all that difficult. Fighting him consists of a few stages, none of which are very difficult. The battle opens up with him leaping at either Marcus or Dom and initiating a chainsaw duel. If you succeed in this you will cut his weapon in half but if you fail then you make no progress in the fight. Failing two of them in a row seems to be a death sentence as well. After the chainsaw duel he will leap off into the air, disappearing entirely from view for a bit. Popping up from one of the raised sides of the room he will start strafing along behind the pillars while firing what appears to be a Gorgon pistol at you and throwing exploding projectiles. While this is going on there will also be Tickers that attempt to blow you to pieces so you have to be mindful of Skorge, his explosives and the Tickers. In addition he will randomly knock down pieces of the ceiling on your head. This is incredibly hectic and requires you to be constantly on the move and mindful of your surroundings. Don’t waste bullets on him as this isn’t how you hurt him, shoot at the Tickers when they appear but nothing else. Eventually he will reappear and use his chainsaw to cut down a freaking stone pillar to fall on you. Start moving away from it as soon as you see him doing it and leap to the side as it collapses in your direction to guarantee that it doesn’t fall on you. With all that craziness over he will now leap back down and engage someone in a chainsaw duel. Beating him at this will send him leaping for cover again starting the process over. You need to beat him in three chainsaw duels before you actually get to slash him. Of course as a really impressive looking main bad guy he doesn’t die, instead he gets a really cool escape scene. =================== 4.5 – Aftermath =================== Escape -------------- From where you start simply begin running forward. Skorge will begin bombing the area you’re on with explosives from his huge Reaver monstrosity. By using the roadie run to move as fast as you can avoiding the explosives he’s flinging your way and you will eventually reach a pair of Reavers that are waiting for riders. Well now, who wants to ride one of these bad boys? Controlling the Reaver is actually fairly simple. Right Trigger is still your attack button, Left Trigger is your zoom button and Right Bumper cools down the guns like a turret. You can pivot the turret you’re on a full 360 degrees; when facing forward you fire rockets while firing backwards gives you a gun that fires like a Troika. To quickly swap between them press the Blue X Button. For the most part you don’t actually control the Reavers movements, you can make minor adjustments using the left stick but don’t worry about that for now. You will now be racing through the tunnels having to fend off anti-aircraft turrets and Brumaks as well as regular Locust firing on you. Switch between the two gun positions as necessary while firing on the enemies. This area isn’t particularly complicated. If you’re finding things to be a little difficult then start using the left analog stick to move around and avoid enemy attacks. After some time of this you will eventually reach an area where some COG soldiers are fighting Locust. Start attacking the enemies with the rockets on the front of your Reaver. After you’ve taken out enough of them a Brumak will come bursting through a wall to your left side. Destroy it by aiming for the face, it should go down rather quickly. As soon as you take it out Skorge appears on his Giant Reaver to attack so you’re going to be dealing with him now. The Hydra, Skorges’ huge Reaver, will be attacking from the rear as you desperately try to escape. It’s going to be up to you to fend it off while Cole tries to find an exit from the area. There are only two places you can shoot to hurt the Hydra; the first is the turret on top of it and the second is its mouth when it opens it up. Only target the turret when Skorge starts shooting at you from it. It helps if you move around while shooting to avoid the rockets. Firing at its mouth will be necessary whenever it looks like it’s’ trying to bite your Reaver. If you don’t fend it off with shots in the exposed mouth it will kill you in one shot with a bite attack. After a bit you will chase him off and escape from the caves. If you think that you’re safe now think again. Numerous Locust will begin flying at you from the rear and sides to attack you. This part of the level isn’t actually all that difficult so long as you watch out behind you. Whenever you can so much as see a Reaver moving around begin shooting at it until it falls out of the sky. If you see a Reaver closing in on your sides switch priority to them, the closer the enemy the more damage it can deal to you. When attacking the Reavers aim for the passenger if you can, that’s the person who deals the most damage to you. Once you’ve taken them out you can hit the Reaver proper. It’s fairly likely that you will kill the Reaver while aiming at the passenger which works out well anyway. The only other note about this part of the level is that it can be frustratingly difficult on the higher difficulties. Taking down the pairs of Reavers that fly around near you can be a bit much especially on the insane difficulty level. It’s highly suggested that you get a partner to play co-op with you for these difficulty levels. The Hydra will appear again for another round with you. While he has picked up a few new tricks he isn’t particularly difficult to defeat. His first form of attack will be to stab at your Reaver, holding it close and then bite it to death. To get him loose shoot at the tentacles that holding you still. Secondly Skorge will man the turret and start firing rockets at you, move the Reaver out of the way of the attacks and fire at the turret to chase him off. Last but most certainly not least Skorge will fly the Hydra past you while firing attacks back at you. While he’s firing these rockets the Hydra will slow down and attempt to force you to ram into it. Avoid this by moving your Reaver out of the way and continue firing on the big boy. This is pretty much all you need to keep doing to take the Hydra down. Say goodbye to Skorge! -------------- Desperate Stand -------------- It’s going to be Marcus, Dom and Colonel Hoffman for this part of the chapter. He’s a pretty good shot who will be helpful for the short time he’s with you. Another note about this level is that it resets whatever equipment you may have had, giving you a Longshot, Lancer, Snub Pistol and absolutely no grenades. Thanks for that guys. The level begins with a Reaver right in the courtyard in front of you. Take cover behind the barriers in front of you and take it out. Continue forward to reach an outdoor area with several landing pads. Locust will begin to grapple up onto the platform which is exactly what you were given the Longshot for. Start popping them off as they’re climbing up onto the platform. After a bit of fighting them a Reaver will land, use the Lancer to take it out quickly and then clear off the platform of other enemies. Follow Hoffman as he moves forward to engage more Locust. Your attention will be drawn to a collapsing clocktower, this is the same direction the enemies are in. Take them out to prompt another Reaver to land. Wipe out the Reaver and the remaining Locust so you can continue on to the courtyard that’s apparently in need of back-up. Moving forward you will eventually reach what appears to be a parking garage. In the streets below there are plenty of Locust moving about just waiting to be shot in the head so oblige them. Taking out enough of the Locust will prompt yet more Reavers to land. Luckily you get back-up in the form of a King Raven attack helicopter that blows the enemies away. Once you’re done with the enemies here search the area for a weapons cache including Mulchers. Grab all that you need, watch the chopper get taken down and then head across the newly extended bridge. Hoffman will rush up the stairs in this garage to the communications tower. When you reach the comm. array a Reaver will start to land to attack it. Don’t waste the Mulcher here, instead get on the Troika and start shooting. After you take out the one on the ground more will start flying around the area while attacking you and the comm. dishes. Now move with Hoffman to reach the streets that are under siege by the Locust. Drop your Mulcher for a moment and pick up the mortar from nearby. Begin launching mortars into the streets wherever a Locust so much as twitches to thin them out incredibly fast. Once you’re out of mortars pick up the Mulcher and have yourself a blast. Between using these two weapons you can take out most of the enemies here, whatever you don’t get with those you can get with the Longshot. Just try to save about 200 rounds in that Mulcher for what happens next. Once you’ve cleaned out all of the basic enemies on the streets a Brumak will come barreling into view. This guy is pretty tough but the Mulcher can make pretty quick work of him. Make sure to aim at his face area on the lower difficulties to take him out as quickly as possible. On the higher ones he won’t go down fast enough to make aiming at the head a good option. Instead focus on the guns on his back and wrists. By taking these out you cut off his offensive capabilities and can then take him out at your leisure. -------------- Free Parking -------------- As soon as the level starts there are a bunch of enemies to deal with in this area. Take cover and make use of your Longshot to start dealing with them. While there are several enemies on the ground with you the real threat is the snipers on the upper level. Make sure one of you gets them as soon as possible or they will take your head off. Once you’ve revealed yourself by taking an enemies head off more Locust will come running out to attack you so be mindful of them. Finish off the enemies out here and then search the area for ammunition. Once you’ve finished with that you can make your way into the building by going up the stairs. Dom is going to take the one path while Marcus goes along the other. Once inside there are plenty of enemies to deal with, notably the flamethrower Boomer and a Grinder. Marcus will be on the lower level which means he is usually a distraction while Dom, on the upper level, has a good vantage point to attack the enemies. While Marcus gets rid of the flamethrower make sure that Dom takes out the Priest, you don’t want to have to deal with him reviving the Locust. A Grinder comes out after you defeat the others, take him out to continue. Search the area for ammo so that you can restock, grab up the Mulcher, it’s very useful, and continue into the courtyard up ahead. There is a Troika in the center that will pummel your position while Drones, Priests, Maulers and Tickers try to kill you. Whichever side your partner is on be sure you move to the opposite side. From here you two should be able to catch the enemies in a cross-fire between you. When using the Mulcher be mindful of the Tickers since they can kill you surprisingly easily and take you totally off-guard. There isn’t much in the ways of strategy for this part besides to keep enemies away from where you are. If they get too close they can get shots in on you without you being able to hide behind cover which is something you definitely don’t want. This is especially true for the Maulers who will kill you in close range. Should the Troika be proving troublesome a well placed grenade will kill the Locust on the turret as well as everyone around him. When everyone else is dead some Bloodmounts will come rushing at you. They aren’t much of a threat so take them out and keep going. Keep going forward to find a narrow room with a closed gate. Turn the valves on either wall with your partner to open the doorway up so you can head through into more fighting on city streets. This street has a Grinder and some Drones to deal with so take cover behind the concrete barriers. If you’ve still got a Longshot it makes short work of the Grinder if you go for head shots. The Drones will be circling your position, getting behind cars all around you to make your life difficult. Be careful, finish them off and scour the area for plenty more ammunition. Once you’ve finished hunting down ammo make your way forward some more to reach another fork in the road. ***************************** Streets ***************************** Take cover behind the car and look to your left hand side. There is a small store here full of enemies with a fuel tank near it. Blow up the tank to destroy the store and kill everyone in it. Proceed forward and an explosion will occur inside a parking garage up ahead, tossing some cars into the street that can be used as cover. A Reaver will land to attack you here so be careful, stay behind cover and take it out. With the Reaver gone you can keep heading forward. Your partner can push a car down from their garage to help you out with cover so be mindful of that. Take out your Longshot and shoot the explosive canister along the right side of the street to take out some Locust before ducking down behind cover. Finish off the rest of them, jump into the sinkhole and wait for the Grinder to come to attack you. Use the Longshot to snipe him in the head to make short work of him. ***************************** Garage ***************************** Head up the stairs here, take out the Locust at the window that’s likely shooting at your partner and continue forward until you enter a parking garage. There are enemies on the other side of a chain link fence, notably a flamethrower Boomer. If you can hit his backpack you will take him out as well as any Drones near him. If that’s not possible just shoot through the fence or toss a grenade over the barriers to the side of it. When they’re dead push the car to your left into the street to help out your partner. You now have a clear run to the other side of the garage and the ramp down to the street. Stop near the car and shoot down at the enemies to clear the way. Before going down to the street make sure to take out the Grinder here to clear the way to the next area. ***************************** Once the Grinder is dead you can reunite with your partner on the streets and continue forward. Enemies will start shooting at you from the right hand side as Anya talks to you about heavy Locust activity. Grab up the Hammer of Dawn from the corpse nearby the car and continue forward. From this point on encounters with the Locust will be a breeze, simply aim the Hammer at their feet and watch the enemies explode. After killing the two Drones a Reaver will land to attack. Take this out as well but don’t move forward. A building will collapse into the streets, tossing dust everywhere which totally messes up your vision. Through the dust cloud a Mauler will emerge, marching towards you with a purpose. Blow him away with the Hammer as well as the Drone accompanying him and keep moving. Eventually you will reach the Sinkhole where you can drop down to reach the crane. Enter the crane so that you can carry Dom to the other side. As you’re moving him he will be attacked by enemies from near the second crane and the ground nearby it. If you Dom has either the Longshot or the Hammer of Dawn he can make short work of them. Bring him all the way to the right and then lower him to the building top. He can run off the platform, climb to the upper level and attempt to use the crane. It crashes into the ground bridging the gap over to near Dom. Run across the gap and use your weapons to blow the enemies apart as you go. They will be on the building near where you lowered Dom, coming up one by one using grappling hooks. When the two of you finish off the rest of the enemies and go to the lower level a Mauler will come out to attack you, defeating him causes a Reaver to land. Getting rid of both the Mauler and the Reaver will be a snap if you’ve still got that precious little Hammer of Dawn. As you continue forward and turn the corner some Tickers will attack. Continuing forward will prompt a flamethrower Boomer to attack, hit the tank to take him and any nearby Tickers out. Pass through the ruins of a building but take cover in the doorway since there are a few enemies out there. Take them out before you move forward to take cover behind the edge of the roof. Lean over the cover and use the Hammer of Dawn to take out the enemies on this rooftop. Head over to the other roof and take cover behind the metal here. The building you’re on top of will collapse as you fight off the enemies, dropping you several levels deeper into the Sinkhole. Move on over to the windows here and start blowing up the enemies here using either grenades or the Hammer of Dawn. After you’ve taken out the last of them hop out the windows. Out on this ledge you can find a ramp that goes down to a lower level. If you head this way enemies will attack you, take out the one that attacks and pull back. If you look over the edge to the right of the ramp you will see the building here is missing a wall and that there is some Locust hiding in here. Toss one of your grenades in there to get rid of them before heading down the ramp. Follow the path until you reach the building where you blew up the Locust. There’s a fair chance that one of them is hiding behind a corner in here so kill him before you go out onto the rooftop itself. With him out of the way go out onto the rooftop and cut the two thick cables that are holding onto the metal lattice. Stepping out onto the lattice you will be attacked by an enemy across the way from you. Rush out into the lattice and it will collapse underneath you, sending you plummeting into the darkness underneath you. These guys are having a serious issue with not falling down constantly. First doing it in Gears of War 1 repeatedly and doing it in this one now… I think these guys need better shoes or something. After your plummet start moving forward and you will see a Priest standing there. Kill him off and you will see some more Locust grappling themselves up to your level. If you’re lucky enough to still have the Hammer of Dawn you can use it to make mopping these guys up really easy. Run into the building and a cutscene will play that shows an army of Locusts running forward backed up by a Brumak. There’s not much you can do here to affect either the Locust or the Brumak, nor is there a reason to do so. With the Hammer you can blow some of the closer Locust to pieces but the Brumak is safely out of range of any attacks you might throw its way. Eventually the Brumaks rockets will knock the part of the building you’re in down to the ground. These guys are getting ridiculous… You now need to escape the burning building so turn to the right, hop the barrier and turn left. Hop the barrier to the left here, go over the second one and then activate the elevator. Once the door opens you need to get inside before the building collapses in on you. When you jump out of the elevator you will be attacked by the Brumak again, firing its machineguns into the building. Move to the broken wall near where the bullets are flying in from and use the SWAT turn to keep getting all the way to the right. As you make your way up the ramps here you will see a single Locust running around. Kill him, jump through the window and head over to the Brumak to end the level. -------------- Closure -------------- For the very final chapter of the game this isn’t actually very hard. Part of that might be due to the Brumak that you’re riding, not entirely sure. Controlling the Brumak is rather simple; move with the left stick, aim with the right stick, the B button initiates a melee strike, Left Trigger enters the aim mode and the Right Trigger fires the guns. The only thing of note is that the Right Bumper will cool the guns instead of reloading. Start making your way forward blowing the Reaver out of the sky and slaughtering the troops on the ground level. A Grinder and sniper will come out on the raised ledge to the left, aim for the Imulsion crates to make taking them out a bit easier. Continue forward while shooting at the enemies on the ground. When the Reaver lands give it a face full of machinegun ammo to take it out quickly and then get the second one when it lands. A third will begin flying around and hitting you with rockets, blow it out of the sky. Nearing the door a pair of Reavers will fly in, kill them off and approach the door. Use your melee attack to bang the door open. In this next room immediately focus on the destructible pillars and spotlights. By destroying these you will reduce the amount of enemies attacking you while also killing off plenty Locust in the meanwhile. Once you’ve destroyed all of the pillars you can take out the turret before you finish mopping up the enemies. Keep moving forward, taking out the Boomers on your right side and the Reavers directly in front of you. As you continue moving a Corpser will burst through the wall to engage you in a grapple. Abuse that melee button to take out the Corpser and keep moving. Destroy the enemies to the right on the ledge up there before you take out the Reavers on the bridge. Bust through the door in front of you and into a huge ambush. To your left is a Grinder that needs to be blown away as well as a spotlight, destroy those before turning to the right. Take out the pillars here to cause this area to collapse and kill off the enemies here. Now continue stomping your way forward blowing away the enemies. There isn’t too much past this point that can really threaten you. You will see a Torture Barge moving around in front of you ferrying more humans. It needs to die so aim at the red lights on it to knock the thing off the ceiling. Bust through the door right into the primary cavern that you’ve been looking for. Enemies will begin attacking you as you’re targeting the three support pillars. Once you’ve destroyed them this part of the level will end. The final boss of this game is a Lambent Brumak and is ridiculously easy to take out. All you need to do is use the provided Hammer of Dawn, aim the beam at the creatures base to burn it away. Just keep on doing this and the big boy will be destroyed. Congratulations, you’ve completed Gears of War! Now try that again on a harder difficulty. ========================================================= 5. About the Author ========================================================= My name is Daniel Acaba and I’m a native New Yorker currently living in Connecticut. I work as a freelance writer and have written for a number of sites. Recently I came on staff as a game reviewer for GamingExcellence. I am still pursuing a job in video game journalism, preferably as a game guide writer. You can catch me on pretty much any internet site under the handle Misfit119 even here at Games Radar. Any mistakes, tips or corrections can be sent to my e-mail address at misfit192000@yahoo.com . --------------------------------------- Games Radar Game Guides: ------------------- Guides to Everyone in Super Smash Bros. 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