N N t d NN N i t d N N N t d N N N i n nnn ttttt eee n nnn dd d oo gg g sss N N N i nn n t e e nn n d dd o o g gg s s N N N i n n t eeeee n n d d o o g g ss N NN i n n t e e n n d d o o g g s s N N i n n tt eeee n n ddddd oo ggggg sss g g g g g ggg An FAQ and general guide by Sandy87 ASCII art by Sandy87 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This guide was created by myself, through my own work. If you take it, claim it as your own, redistribute it without my permission, or otherwise make mischief with it, you are sTEALING my work. And that isn't right...or legal. This guide is authorized to be posted at the following locations: GameFAQs.com Supercheats.com Neoseeker.com Cheatplanet.com If you see it somewhere else, please let me know so I can take the appropriate action and ask to have it removed. I don't mind others using my work, but I want to know where it is posted. You may print this guide for your personal use, or use it online, or copy it to a text document, but please do not redistribute it without my consent first. Thanks. NOTE: I wrote this guide playing the Laborador version. However, the only difference between the versions is the breeds available at the start of the game (they are all unlocked eventually), and a few exclusive items unique to each version that can only be gotten by trading with another user. NOTE 2: I tend to make use of these little "NOTE" tags to make a comment. These are my personal assessments, not things which have been taken directly from the game. They contain info that I've decided should be of use to you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Guide begun: August 26, 2005 Guide first submitted to GameFAQs on: September 5, 2005 Version 1.1 uploaded to GameFAQs on: September 11, 2005 Version 1.2 uploaded to GameFAQs on: September 19, 2005 Version 1.3 uploaded to GameFAQs on: September 29, 2005 version 1.4 uploaded to GameFAQs on: October 13, 2005 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ++++++++++++++++++ +STARING THE GAME+ ++++++++++++++++++ When you first insert the cartridge and begin to play, you will be taken to the kennel (it is neat to watch the kennel door grow larger on the touch screen, then become so large as to take up both the top and bottom screen). You will be prompted to "Please knock!", so tap the touch screen a few times and the door will open. You'll then be taken to the breed selection screen. ++++++++++++++++ +RESETTING DATA+ ++++++++++++++++ Should you ever wish to reset ALL game data (owner information, items, puppies - EVERYTHING), you can do so by starting up the DS, touching the Nintendogs startup bar, and then QUICKLY hold down L, R, A, B, X, and Y. The game should now ask "Reset all game data?" Tell it yes, then wait a few minutes as it deletes all the data (DON'T turn it off while it's doing this - it says so itself this could screw things up). You'll now have a blank cartridge just as it was the day it came out of the box, ready to be played like new. +++++++++++++++++++ +BREEDS OF PUPPIES+ +++++++++++++++++++ NOTE: All breeds become available over time, either by linking with other versions of Nintendogs or by obtaining Owner Points for caring for your dog. "Starting Breed" simply means the breed is available as a first puppy. NOTE: A pink circle with a plus beneath it denotes a female puppy, and a blue circle with an arrow above it denotes a male. There isn't a real difference, except that the female squats when she pees and the male lifts his leg. *BEAGLE* $510 Starting Breed in: Dachshund and Friends "Although small in stature, this sporting English breed boasts a densely muscled frame." Colors: Tan w/ Black & White *BOXER* Starting Breed in: Chihuahua and Friends "A valiant German breed, the boxer's musclar frame was used to its advantage as a fighting dog." Colors: Brown w/ White, Black Brindle w/ White, Brown Brindle w/ White *CAVALIER KING CHARLES SPANIEL* Starting Breed in: Chihuahua and Friends "Thought to be the oldest breed in all of Britain, the cavalier is a knight among dogs." Colors: White w/ Brown, White w/ Tan, Brown *CHIHUAHUA* Starting Breed in: Chihuahua and Friends "The world's smallest dog originated in latin america. Its sparkling pupils and large ears give it its charm." Colors: White *DALMATIAN* Starting Breed in: must be unlocked "A Croatian breed, the dalmatian has been used for military, hunting, security, and firefighting purposes." Colors: White w/ Black Spots (three face patterns) *GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG* Starting Breed in: Chihuahua and Friends "This herder hails from Germany. Its high intelligence makes it a good rescue dog, among other things." Colors: Tan w/ Black, Sable w/ Tan face, Sable w/ Grey face *GOLDEN RETRIEVER* $550 Starting Breed in: Dachshund and Friends "This large breed originates in England and boasts a lovely, wavy coat and a fine temperament." Colors: Cream, Gold *JACK RUSSLE TERRIER* Starting Breed in: must be unlocked "Coming Soon!" Colors: coming soon! NOTE: The "Jack Russel Terrier" is correctly known as the Parson Russel Terrier by the American Kennel Club (AKC). However, Nintendo used the more common name for these dogs. *LABAORADOR RETRIEVER* Starting Breed in: Laborador and Friends "Originating in England, this breed is highly intellegent, kind in nature, and great as assistance dogs." Colors: Black, Brown, Yellow/Cream *MINIATURE DACHSHUND* $540 Staring Breed in: Dachshund and Friends "Originally bred in Germany, the elongated torso and short legs of this breed give it a comical air." Colors: Red/Tan, Black w/ Tan *MINIATURE PINSCHER* Starting Breed in: Laborador and Friends "This German breed has a very appealing build and gait." Colors: Black w/ Tan, Brown w/ Tan, Red/Tan *MINIATURE SCHNAUZER* Starting Breed in: Laborador and Friends "Originating in Germany, this breed carriest itself with dignity. Its beard and eyebrows define the breed." Colors: Black w/ Grey, Grey w/ Silver, Brown w/ Grey *PEMBROKE WELSH CORGI* Starting Breed in: Laborador and Friends "This sheepdog hails from Britain and is beloved by English royalty. It has stamina on par with larger breeds." Colors: Tan w/ White, Black w/ Tan & White, Tan w/ White + face stripe *PUG* $590 Starting Breed in: Dachshund and Friends "This breed originated in ancient China. Its wrinkly face and curly tail are its identifying features." Colors: Black, Tan w/ Black, Silver w/ Black *SHETLAND SHEEPDOG* Staring Breed in: Chihuahua and Friends "Bred in England as a herding dog, its elegant, long-haired coat and kind face make it a popular breed." Colors: Brown w/ White, Tan w/ White, Tricolored *SHIBA INU* Starting Breed in: Laborador and Friends "A breed originating in ancient Japan, its small, muscular body and curly tail are its best features." Colors: Cream, Red w/ White, Black w/ Tan & White *SHIH TZU* $585 Starting Breed in: Dachshund and Friends "This exotic breed originates in Tibet and was long favored by Chinese royalty for its refined posture." Colors: White w/ Black, White w/ Brown, White w/ Tan *SIBERIAN HUSKY* $528 Starting Breed in: Dachshund and Friends "Originally bred in Russia, the husky recalls its ancestor, the wolf. Its trademarks are power and stamina." Colors: Black w/ White, Grey w/ White, Silver w/ White *TOY POODLE* Starting Breed in: Laborador and Friends "French in origin, poodles are highly intelligent and physically capable. They make excellent show dogs." Colors: Black, White, Brown *YORKSHIRE TERRIER* Starting Breed in: Chihuahua and Friends "Coming Soon!" Colors: Tan w/ Grey, Tan w/ Black, Tan w/ Silver +++++++++++++++++++++ +PUPPY PERSONALITIES+ +++++++++++++++++++++ NOTE: The wording for males and females may differ slightly. I've organized this list from the puppies I find easiest to care for to the ones who are most difficult (though none of them are *very* hard). This is my personal preference, however, as I find the more cuddly or human-oriented puppies to pay me more attention than those who're always wanting to play with their toys instead of listen to me. ^_^ "This (male/female) pup has a very bright personality. (He's/She's) recomended for first-time dog owners." "This (male/female) boasts an excellent temperament. (He's/She's) patient and will grow very attatched to (his/her) trainer." "This is a very kind and gentle (male/female) dog. (He/She) loves people of all sorts and is very friendly." "This laid-back young (male/female) has a very calm personality and is easy to love." "This quiet (male/female) puppy is very considerate, and rarely gets into fights." "This (male/female) pup is full of love. (He/She) can get lonely at times but is still the perfect pup for family life." "To a trainer with a kind and open heart, this shy young (male/female) could become a member of the family." "This young (male/female) has a very laid-back attitude. (He/she) won't bark much and loves to sleep." "This (male/female) has a bright, warm personality, but can be selfish. Approach (him/her) with an open heart." "This spoiled young puppy doesn't like strangers, but will absolutely love (his/her) trainer." "This mischievous (male/female) is quite active and curious. (He's/She's) a very healthy and active pup." "This naughty little (boy/girl) just can't stay still and loves getting into things and causing trouble." "This naive young (male/female) can't seem to settle down. It'll take patience to get (him/her) to focus on you." "This fiery young (male/female) is a bit naughty, so (he/she) requires constant attention and supervision." "This reckless young pup can be very stubborn, so (he'll/she'll) require persistant training." "This daring (male/female) puppy can be stubborn, which makes training (him/her) challenging." "This (male/female) knows no fear and is always very active. A good owner will work herd to keep (his/her) attention." "This wild (male/female) is very active and has a strong will to go with (his/her) boundless energy." "This young (male/female) is full of zeal and enthusiasm. (He's/She's) a bit devilish, so patience may be necessary." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ++++++++++++++++ +YOUR NEW PUPPY+ ++++++++++++++++ Once you've selected a pup, the game will ask you if this is the one you want. Say yes, and you'll have yourself a new puppy! (of course, if you clicked a pup by mistake, say no and you can select another) You'll appear back at your home, and your puppy will be mincing around whimpering. It's frightened, being alone in a new place. The game asks you to pet it until it is happier. So, rub your stylus on the pup's body (anywhere but the tip of the nose, the paws, and the tail is a good place - yes, this pup even likes its butt scratched!). You'll see some sparkles, and the game will say your puppy looks happy, and that you should give it a name now. Touch the area marked "Begin Audio Input" and speak your dog's name clearly into the microphone. If you hold the DS too close to your mouth, the dog will hear nothing but your breath hitting the mic, and will think its name is "pfthfthfth" (it will still respond, but it certainly won't sound right if you actually wanted to name it properly). A good judgement is to put the heel of your hand against your chin, and then bring the DS up to where it touches the tips of your outstretched fingers. A hand's length seems to work well as a distance for me. The game recomends six inches (which is just a tad shorter than a hand), so I just use a hand as a "handy" measuring tool (hardy-har-har, pardon my puns). If you did it right, your pup will bark and a lightbulb will appear over its head. It got the idea! Now repeat the name in the same tone of voice (if you said "De-LAI-la" the first time, don't say "De-lai-LA" this one). Do this a few times until the puppy's head sparkles, meaning s/he really understands what you want this time, and then you'll be able to enter a written name. This written name doesn't have to match your spoken name at all. You can say "Flower" into the microphone, write down "Water", and the puppy won't care a bit. Simply write down the name of your choice, and the game will give you a tutorial on teaching tricks. Your first trick is to teach the puppy to sit down. Take your stylus and touch the top of your puppy's head between its ears. Rub between its ears for just a moment, then quickly slide the stylus to the bottom of the DS screen. If you did it right, your puppy should sit. A small icon should now appear in the upper righthand corner of the touch screen. Tap it, and then say the command that you wish your puppy to respond to. I personally like "Have a seat", as it doesn't sound too much like "Shake" (as "Sit" does) or "Lie DOWN" (as "Sit DOWN" does). You may use any command you like - some people even have "covert" commands using phrases they often say at the office so that they can play with their dog at work. ;) If your puppy heard you right, it will get the lightbulb above its head again (note: the lightbulb IS edible - touch and drag it to your puppy's mouth to hear a chomp-crunch-crunch sound :D). If the puppy couldn't understand you, you'll see a red question mark or three pop up. You'll learn to hate that red question mark later. ^_~ Keep repeating the sequence of "draw line down with stylus, touch training icon, say command" until your puppy's head sparkles again and you're allowed to write down the name of your trick (limited to ten letters only). This is how you teach every trick, from shaking hands to breakdancing! Once your puppy has learned the trick, you'll be asked to prove it can really do it. So, ask your puppy to "Have a seat" (or however you decided to tell your puppy to place his rump on the floor) and see if your pup understands. If it does, be sure it give it a good, long rub between the ears and around the chest until you see happy sparkles. This tells the dog you're pleased with his obedience. After this, the game turns you lose to have fun with your pup! ^_^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +++++++++++++++++ +CHECKING STATUS+ +++++++++++++++++ One of the first things you should do is to check the status of your puppy. Make sure that your pup is running around the top screen (if it isn't, tap the red arrow in the upper left corner until it is). You should see a picture of your puppy's head on the touch screen, and the pup's name with a question mark next to it. You can touch the picture and get the camera centered on your puppy (you can also do this by pressing A, B, X, or Y), but the name and question mark are what you want. Touch them, and you'll be taken to the status screen. The first thing you'll see are your puppy's name and breed, as well as the symbol for male or female, depending on what it is. It will also list your name and the time you've spent touching your puppy. Beneath that is the coat condition, then the dog's hunger and thirst, plus the last thing it ate (which may have an effect on its mood). *COAT* A clean pup makes a good impression on the neighbors (they'll give you complements when you talk to them on a walk), as well as the judges of the Obedience Competition. Plus, it's cute to see your puppy all sparking clean! Fur status can be: - Beautiful - Clean - Normal - Dirty Your puppy can also get fleas, so be sure to clean it up if you see a creepy-crawly hiding in the fur! *HUNGER* This measures how much food your puppy has in its tummy. If she needs food, she won't listen to you very well until she gets some! Hunger status can be: - Full - Normal - Hungry - Famished *THIRST* This measures how much water your puppy has drank. If she's thirsty, she's not likely to listen very well, either (and it can keep her awake if she's sleepy). Thirst status can be: - Quenched - Normal - Thirsty - Parched ++++++ +FOOD+ ++++++ If your puppy is hungry, it's a good idea to give him some food. He'll be much happier and more obedient if you do. Your pup can't starve to death, so if you miss a feeding it's not the end of the world, but your puppy will sulk until he's fed. *DRY KIBBLE* This is the diet I recomend, as it's the one I've found makes my dog most obedient. However, your results may vary. Anyway, this is a simple, dry, crunchy kibble, available from the beginning of the game. *CANNED FOOD* I've found this makes my dog behave more rebeliously than the dry kibble (she's such a stinker after I let her have it!). I suspect the higher protein content of the "real" meat has something to do with it. Unlike most foods, this one is served in a green dish rather than a silver one. This becomes available shortly after the beginning of the game. *ADDITIVE-FREE FOOD* Said to "improve the dog's mood." I recomend this after you get it. It can make your puppy a little happier, as well as being more interesting to look at than plain dry kibble. It's served in a nice white dish with red trim. It's expensive, but by the time you have 10,000 owner points, at least one of your puppies should be able to win championships fairly well, so money shouldn't be a problem. *TRASH* This is found on the side of the road on a walk in bags, boxes, and piles. It could be anything - meatballs, orange peelings... It's not good for your puppy to eat it, so shame on you if you let it! Pull the leash away quickly to convince your puppy to leave it alone. NOTE: Treats such as biscuits and jerky will not fill your dog's belly no matter how many you give them. +++++++ +DRINK+ +++++++ Having a drink is just as important as having food. Though I've not found the KIND of drink to be so important, I've noticed that the dogs won't even take a nap if they're a little thirsty. *WATER* Bottled water...boy these pups are pampered, eh? This is available at the start, and is very cheap. *MILK* Only slightly more expensive than water. I'm not sure what the real purpose of it is, other than to provide variety. I like to give mine a sip of milk before bedtime. ^_^ +++++++++++++++++++ +BATHS & BRUSHINGS+ +++++++++++++++++++ Your puppy will have either long or short fur, and you should buy a shampoo that suits it (the long-haired shampoo is in a green bottle, and the short-haired shampoo is orange). Use the shampoo to soap up your puppy with the stylus until the shower head begins to flash and beep at you. When this happens, take the shower head and rinse the puppy from head to tail. If nothing happens, switch back to the shampoo and lather your pup up again, then rinse it off. Eventually, the game will say "Someone looks beautiful!" and prevent you from batheing your pup any more, as it's already as clean as it can be. After you bathe your puppy, it's a good idea to take a brush through its fur (long-haired puppies will need a Wire Brush, and short-haired puppies use a Rubber Brush). Rub the brush over your puppy using the stylus until the game says "Someone looks beautiful!" again. It is possible to use the brush alone to obtain the beautiful message, but money is easy enough to come by that you can afford some shampoo. ;) Batheing and brushing your puppy's fur will keep fleas away, as well as make the neighbors and judges sit up and take notice. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ++++++++++++++++++ +GOING FOR A WALK+ ++++++++++++++++++ Of course, what goes in, must come out! After eating and drinking, it's likely your puppy will need a potty break, as well as a chance to stretch his legs. So, touch the "Go out" button on the same screen as your puppy's name, and then touch "Walk". Now you'll be presented with a map of your neighborhood. Use the D-pad to look around. The large green areas with an arrow at their entrance are the park. If a dog is in the park, you'll see a little dog icon there (this is a chance for your puppy to socialize). There's also a gymnasium, which looks like a large building with a picture of a dog jumping on it, and the Discount Stores, which are small brown buildings with a bone on the roof. They sell the same items as the regular store, but cheaper. There are also question marks randomly scattered about. These are surprises - they will either be a present wrapped in a box, or another puppy out on a walk. On the lower left corner, you'll notice a yellow bar. This is your puppy's stamina (it increases with each walk, so don't mind that it starts off so low). It's also the "ink" you'll use to draw a path to walk along. If you wish to enter the gym or a store or park, simply draw your path right up to the entrance, and then draw it coming back out again (you can cross and retrace your own path). Any place you're going to make a stop at will have a red dot at its entrance. NOTE: Your path absolutely MUST begin and end at home, no exceptions. You're not even allowed to end it in front of your house - you have to be able to get the dog inside. *POOP* This is the most important thing you'll do on your walk. As you're going along, your puppy may stop, and the music will change to a "patta-pat-pat-pat" beat as your puppy sniffs the ground. The pup will squat down with its head and bottom tucked inwards, and leave a nice little pile on the ground. Quick! Tap it with your stylus, or the neighbors will get angry and scold you, and you'll lose some points for being a sloppy dog owner. *PEE* This is more useful to your puppy than you. When your puppy goes, the music will change to the "patta-pat-pat" sound again, but the pee puddle doesn't need cleaning off the sidewalk. Instead, this spot will be marked on your map as a blue circle, and your puppy will be happy to pee there again another time. Females will squat with their head and rear pointed up (rather than the roachbacked possition they take when pooping), and males will lift their legs. If you get near another dog near a pee puddle of yours, it will flash, signalling that your puppy owns this area. NOTE: Pee puddle scent gradually dissappears over time, and if you walk past it again, your puppy may "renew" the smell by peeing again. *TRASH* This can be just about anything lieing on the side of the road. It could be a garbage bag, a cardboard box, or a paper sack with some leftover food. What's inside is also random. It may be meatballs, or chicken, or a banana peeling. However, one thing is universal: it's NOT puppy food. If your pup gets into this and eats something, you'll see a trash can displayed on the map, and the music will become very wobbly and sick-sounding (it reminds me of the music in the Harvest Moon games on GBA when you're about to pass out). Your puppy will walk very slowly for a few minutes, looking nausious, before it can shake off the effects of the trash. For this reason, when you near trash on the road, you should quickly jerk the leash all the way to the right-hand side of the screen. This will make your puppy run, leaving the garbage behind. If your puppy won't come, bring the leash close to it and jerk it away again. You may topple your puppy when you pull so hard, so let the puppy get up before you give the leash another pull (you wouldn't like someone dragging you along on your back over cement, would you?). *PRESENTS* Sometimes, when you find a question mark on the map, your puppy will dash offscreen and come back with a gift box in its mouth. The pup has found a present, and wants you to have it! You'll get a random item (a toy, accessory, music record, or the like). You may also see a gift box just laying on the ground, unmarked. When that happens, quickly tug the leash to the left to stop your puppy. It will pick up the gift box and give it to you like a normal present. These gifts tend to contain more valuable items, though you may still find a stick in one. XP NOTE: Missed a present? Back that puppy up! If you realize that a gift just scrolled off the screen (you can't back up far, but you can do it about a screen's length, give or take), QUICKLY pull the leash to the left REPEATEDLY. Yank like a madman on that leash, and your puppy will begin to scoot backwards. Continue doing this until you're back to a point before the present and let your puppy grab it as normal! This can be very tricky to pull off, but it can net you a present if one took you by surprise! If you care to, you can look at this link to determine where your question marks will appear. "Hidden" question marks (containing either presents or trash) will only appear at these locations. With this, you can plan to walk where you're most likely to find presents lieing around! ^_^ http://www5d.biglobe.ne.jp/~mint-f/dogs/map.html Now, I know the page is in Japanese, but the text is unimportant. Simply click on the numbers until you see the one which looks like your neighborhood (surely you know your own walking map?). It will then give you a picture of all the places question marks may appear! Neat, huh? *OTHER DOGS* When you run into a question mark on the map, you may meet another dog. The game will tell you the dog's name, and then their owner will have a few words for you. They may mention how smart or pretty your dog is (I've even had one owner ask if my dog could be friends with his), or give you a little advice about raising your pooch (if you've neglected to pick up some poop, they'll scold you at this point). You may also have "special moments" in which the trainer confides a little secret in you, such as their wish to live in a Designer Condo. ^_^ After the intro, your dog and theirs will be able to interact. If you keep tugging your leash to the left, your dog won't be able to sniff or touch theirs. This will keep two agressive dogs from fighting (or prevent an agressive one from beating up a more laid-back pup), but it will also keep two friendly dogs from playing and cuddling. I'd recommend letting them get close (by holding the leash in the center of the screen) until you know who your dog does and doesn't like. Once you've learned this, you can keep the leash held back for the dogs yours tends to fight with, and encourage playtime by tugging the leash to the right for the dogs that yours plays nicely with. When the dogs fight, the music will become more agressive, and the two dogs will run around. This is a good time to touch the red arrow in the upper left corner, as this will end the meeting. When the dogs fight, the meeting will end with the message "It seems [your dog] doesn't like [the other dog] very much." When the dogs first meet (before any actual interaction takes place, or if the interaction is neutral), the music will be anticipatory and upbeat. If you hear quick pat-pat-pat drumbeats, the dogs are likely to start a fight (leaving now is a good idea). If you hear a softer guitar strumming, the dogs are likely to become good friends. The dogs may bark at each other, hop foreward on their hind legs tugging at the leash, or lay down facing each other and staring. A meeting which ends like this gives the message "It seems [your dog] is still curious about [the other dog]." When two friendly dogs meet, they will first sniff each others' noses before sitting or laying down together with a head or paw on one another's backs. The music will become very soft and sweet, and the dogs will generally be cute together. ^_^ A meeting like this ends with the message, "[Your dog] is in a great mood after playing with [the other dog]." NOTE: I recommend memorizing where you tend to meet your puppy's friends, and then make it a priority to hit those question marks. Playing with a neighboor's dog will leave your puppy in a good mood, which makes it more agreeable and eager to do tricks, among other things. ++++++++++ +THE PARK+ ++++++++++ If there are other puppies at the park, there will be a little dog icon or two on the map. If there are no icons, the park is empty. As there are two parks in town, one will always be empty (or at least in my experience - I've never gone on a walk where both parks had a dog in them). At the park, you have plenty of space to run and play. This is a great time to take out the old flying disc and give it a good throw. If there are other puppies in the park, any one of them may grab the disc, so I recomend doing your serious practicing when the park is empty. When there's another puppy, however, it's a great chance for your dog to have a playmate (this is especially nice if you only have one pup, as they may get a little lonely). NOTE: The last frisbee you throw will be the one that you use in the next Disc Competition you enter, so try ending with a fancier frisbee. Also, don't let your pup get used to chewing on the frisbee. You don't want it to lay down and chew at the competition! So, as soon as the puppy has the disc, tap the screen and call its name. When your dog is offering you the frisbee, pet its head until it sparkles before you take the disc back. This way, it will learn to bring it back IMEDIATELY and to not play tug-o'-war with you at the competition. ;) +++++++++++++++++ +DISCOUNT STORES+ +++++++++++++++++ This store is exactly the same as the regular shopping store, except that the prices are different. Normally, they are lower, but I *have* seen a $6.00 ribbon being sold for $8.50, so be careful! They do have some really great bargains, though - shampoo for $1.00 a pop, and brushes for only $10.00 or less! The prices change each time you go to the store, and the items present are dependent on your owner points. If you have the money and find a great bargain, I recommend you stock up, especially if it's an item you use often like food. +++++++++++ +GYMNASIUM+ +++++++++++ This is where you can practice your agility. It is just like a trial, but you may complete the obstacles in any order you choose, and you can run through them as many times as you please. As you advance up the ranks in agility, the gym will begin placing out the higher-level equipment + Jump - a simple jump. Slide your stylus over it to make your puppy jump it. There are also double jumps which require a longer leap present on the higher levels. + Tunnel - a blue tunnel. Touch the beginning of it, then slide your stylus through it out the other end. + Weave Poles - a slolam. Begin on the left side (you must start on the left, or you will miss the obstacle), and weave through the poles. This is an upper-level obstacle. + See-Saw - a teeter-totter. Walk your puppy up the ramp. When its paws reach the white part on the other end, move your stylus behind the puppy, since walking off the end before it hits the ground is a miss. Once it's on the ground, lead your puppy off it. This is an upper-level obstacle, and it may scare your puppy the first time. NOTE: You must practice agility at least once before you will be allowed to enter a competition. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ++++++++ +TRICKS+ ++++++++ Your puppy is smart as well as cute (and perhaps stubborn), so try and teach it a few tricks. I've suggested a voice command or two beneath each trick, but you can call them anything. I simply find that whole phrases are easier to get the puppy to understand. However, it's most important that your commands sound different from one another, and that you speak clearly (you'll get the dreaded question mark if you don't). It's also important to not have a head cold or larengitis when you work on teaching your puppy, as the difference in your voice can be very confusing. You'll have to learn to talk like that all the time. ;) Here are some you can try: *SIT* "Have a seat" When your puppy is standing in front of you, touch between its ears, rub just a slight bit, and slide your stylus down to the bottom of the screen. The pup should place its rear on the floor. Touch the training icon that appears in the upper right corner and tell it your voice command. *LIE DOWN* "Lie down" / "Lay down" / "Drop flat!" When your puppy is sitting, rub the top of his head again and slide the stylus to the bottom of the screen. Your puppy should now lay his whole body on the floor. Touch the training icon. *PLAY DEAD* "Play dead" / "Bang bang!" (play dead after a "gunshot") When your puppy is laying down, touch its chest and move the stylus either left or right. The puppy will lay on its side. NOTE: Playing dead to the left counts as a separate trick from playing dead to the right. *ROLL OVER* "Roll over" / "Belly up" When your puppy plays dead, touch her belly near the ground and then slide the stylus to the top of the screen. She'll roll onto her back. NOTE: As with playing dead, left and right are different tricks. However, the obedience contest doesn't care which one you do, so long as it's a roll over. *BOW* "Take a bow" / "Shake your booty" You can't coax your puppy to do this, but since they're always so playfull, they'll naturally come up and do this a lot. Just touch the training icon when they do. NOTE: Bowing facing you and bowing away from you are different. *EAR RUB* "Wash your face" / "Be a kitty" / "Rub your own ears!" Touch and hold one of your puppy's ears, and eventually it'll rub at it with a paw. NOTE: Left and right ears are different, as are rubbing when standing, sitting, and laying down. There are six ear- rubbing tricks in all. *SHAKE HANDS* "Shake hands" / "Gimme your foot/paw/hand" Pick up and hold your puppy's foot, and then touch the training icon. NOTE: There are also six hand shaking tricks, just like the ear rubbing one. *BEG* "Beg" / "Beg up" / "Stand" / "Stand up" When your puppy is standing, touch its belly and then slide the stylus up. It will beg for you if it is happy and loves you a great deal. If not, it will simply rear on its hind legs a moment, which doens't count as a trick. NOTE: If your puppy is fed, watered, clean, and happy, it will be more likely to beg. This is one of the most difficult tricks simply because the puppy must love you so much, and it takes time to make a bond that strong. *SPIN* "Spin around" / "Get your tail" Grab your puppy's tail and hold it. It will spin, chasing its tail. NOTE: Spinning left and right are different. *BREAKDANCE* "Breakdance" Tell your puppy to roll over, then ask it to spin. If it is happy, it will spin on its back, breakdancing. NOTE: Your puppy must first know the "roll over" and "spin" tricks. It also helps to have a fed, watered, and clean puppy. *JUMP* "Jump!" / "Jump up!" / "Spring!" When your puppy bows, touch above its head. It will leap into the air. NOTE: Don't use "jump up" with "beg up" or "stand up". Your puppy is likely to confuse them. *BACKFLIP* "Backflip!" / "Turn a flip!" Ask your puppy to sit, then tell it to jump. If it is happy, it will do a backflip for you. NOTE: This is another "happy/fed/watered/clean" trick. *FOOT TAP* "Tap tap tap!" / "Gum on your foot?" When your puppy is standing, touch its back foot. It will shake it. NOTE: "Gum on your foot" and "give me your foot" are too similar to use together. *JUMP FROM BACK* "On your feet!" / "Recover" Have your puppy roll over, then have it jump. It will spring up onto its paws like a fighter recovering from a fall. It'll lose interest in being told the name of the trick almost as soon as it's done, though, so touch that training icon quick! NOTE: This is a "happy/fed/watered/clean" trick. *DANCE* "Are you a person?" / "Dance for me" Have your puppy beg, then grab a paw and pull it to the top of the screen. Your puppy will now stand on its back paws and fidget around. NOTE: The left and right paws are counted different, though once your puppy's up, there's no difference in the appearance of the trick. *ROTATE ON BUTT* "It's a puppy top!" Have your puppy beg, then have it spin. It should now turn around on its haunches, looking like a crazy version of a toy top. XD NOTE: Your puppy also needs to be even happier than it was when it learned beg - this trick is more difficult. It may just get down and spin on all fours. *HANDSTAND* "Handstand!" / "Walk on your hands" Have your puppy lay down, then beg. It'll get up on its front two paws in a handstand. NOTE: This is another difficult trick, requiring happy, clean, well-fed puppies. *BUNNY HOP* "Hop like a bunny!" Make your puppy dance, then ask it to jump. It'll hop around on its back legs like Peter Cottontail. NOTE: Probably the most difficult trick to get, just because the dog's happiness must be through the roof. NOTE: When a command requires a puppy to do two other commands, you cannot pet the puppy after the first command. For example, you can't ask the puppy to roll over, pet it, and then tell it to spin and get the breakdance trick. Petting is a signal to the puppy that it's done the whole trick. Instead, give both commands in succession; the second should come as soon as the first is completed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ++++++++++++++ +COMPETITIONS+ ++++++++++++++ Competitions are a fun way to show off what your puppy can do, as well as win some money. There are three types. If you place third or better, you will move up a class. If you do not place, you will be moved down one class. The announcers, Ted Rumsworth and Archie Hubbs, provide commentary (though Archie's is much, MUCH crazier XD). And, for the record, I personally love the music that plays at the championship. ^_^ NOTE: In this game, a tie still counts as a win. So, if you tie for third, you'll still move up a class. And if you tie for first, the game still counts it as a win just like if you had won alone. The only difference is that Ted will comment about having two winners. *DISC COMPETITION* This is a simple game of catch the frisbee. You throw, your dog will catch it and bring it back (hopefully). If the dog won't return, call its name and tap the screen until it does. The farther you throw the disc, the more points you will get. You also earn an additional point if your dog jumps and catches the disc in the air. Practice at the park when it's empty before entering this competition. NOTE: Even if you have only one second on the clock, and you throw the disc, it will still count if your puppy catches it after the time runs out. This "icing on the cake" throw can make all the difference in the higher levels, so make sure you throw right up until the game refuses to let you! NOTE 2: When throwing the disc, be sure to allow your dog time to turn and get it. Take the frisbee from your dog, wait one second, then throw it. Tossing the disc too soon means that the dog must spend time that it is in the air turning around, and this one extra second of turn-time is enough to make the puppy miss every throw, no matter how straight. So, take a moment to let it turn around before giving it a toss. You can still earn 50 points in a round, which is the highest I know how to get (and is almost guarenteed to win every competition - I haven't seen even a Championship round require more than 50 to win). Payouts~ Beginner: 1st - $100 2nd - ? 3rd - $30 Open: 1st - $300 2nd - ? 3rd - ? Expert: 1st - $300 2nd - ? 3rd - ? Master: 1st - $400 2nd - ? 3rd - ? Championship: 1st - $600 2nd - $300 3rd - $180 *AGILITY TRIALS* This is an obstacle course. The objective is to make it through in as little time as possible, with as few mistakes as possible. The top screen shows a map of the objectives and numbers to show the order in which to complete them. Slide your stylus around the touch screen to guide your dog; it will run to where ever you point at. Don't lift your stylus, as keeping it on the screen makes it easier to get better scores. You have to practice at the gym during a walk before you'll be allowed to compete. + Jump - a simple jump. Slide your stylus over it to make your puppy jump it. There are also double jumps which require a longer leap present on the higher levels. + Tunnel - a blue tunnel. Touch the beginning of it, then slide your stylus through it out the other end. + Weave Poles - a slolam. Begin on the left side (you must start on the left, or you will miss the obstacle), and weave through the poles. This is an upper-level obstacle. + See-Saw - a teeter-totter. Walk your puppy up the ramp. When its paws reach the white part on the other end, move your stylus behind the puppy, since walking off the end before it hits the ground is a miss. Once it's on the ground, lead your puppy off it. This is an upper-level obstacle, and it may scare your puppy the first time. Payouts~ Beginner: 1st - ? 2nd - ? 3rd - ? Open: 1st - ? 2nd - ? 3rd - ? Expert: 1st - ? 2nd - ? 3rd - ? Master: 1st - $600 2nd - ? 3rd - ? Championship: 1st - $1,000 2nd - $500 3rd - $300 NOTE: In the higher levels, particularly the championship, the obstacles will be placed very close together (particularly the jumps). This may result in your dog attempting to jump the wrong objective. This is a MISS and will result in point deductions, so make sure to keep an eye on your dog! If it begins to swerve to the side to try and do another task, tap your touch screen to get it to go in the proper direction. *OBEDIENCE TRIAL* This is a chance to show off your dog's tricks and fur condition (see? I told you that shampoo was useful!). You will be asked to have your dog perform a certain trick or set of tricks, and then given a short amount of time to have your dog perform them. Sometimes, you will have to hold the trick for a certain amount of time. After the required tricks, you will be given a "free performance" period in which you can ask your dog to do any and all tricks it's learned. Before going, it's a good idea to groom your dog as thoroughly as you can. This means using shampoo until the dog is beautiful, and then giving it a good brushing. The extra sparkle will win over the judges and net you some extra artistry points. Tricks needed for each level~ Beginner: Sit, Shake hands, Lie down Open: Sit, Shake hands, Lie down, Spin Expert and above: Sit, Shake hands, Lie down, Spin, Jump, Beg Payouts~ Beginner: 1st - $100 2nd - ? 3rd - ? Open: 1st - $200 2nd - ? 3rd - ? Expert: 1st - $600 2nd - ? 3rd - $180 Master: 1st - $1,000 2nd - $500 3rd - ? Championship: 1st - $2,000 2nd - $1,000 3rd - $600 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +++++++ +ITEMS+ +++++++ NOTE: Some items have more than one description. One is displayed at home, and the other is displayed when selling it or similar. In those cases, the home description is first, and the selling one second. *SPORTS* Sports items are playtoys for your puppy. They can be thrown, fetched, caught, chewed, gnawed, swatted, and generally made mischief of. Rubber Bone "This toy is great for strengthening a puppy's jaw and helping it relieve stress." Colors: White, Red, Bicolor (red + yellow) Tennis Ball "This toy is great for games of long-distance fetch." Bark Ball "This ball makes noise when it bounces. Rambunctious puppies love it!" Rubber Mushroom "When thrown or chewed, this delightful little toy makes a lot of noise. (Do not eat.)" Soccer Ball "Dogs that like soccer are sure to love this ball." ? Block "Even if you hit it, nothing pops out. Too bad!" Dice Cushion "This convenient cushion doubles as a die." Terry Cloth Cube "This cubic cushion made out of towel fabric feels great on the gums." Flying Disk "Touch the disc with your stylus and slide it from bottom to top to toss the disc into the air." Colors: Red, Blue, Yellow Camo Disc "This toy is great for play in wide-open areas. There are two camouflage patterns." Colors: Khaki, Blue Sponsor Disc "This toy is great for play in wide-open areas. The official disc comes in two colors." Colors: Yellow, Green Aerodisc "This toy is great for play in wide-open areas. Aerodiscs comes in two colors." Colors: Pink, White Shower Cap "This shower cap can be used in disc competitions." "This bizarre little shower cap keeps its shape, even when thrown." Life Ring "This ring can also be used in disc competitions." "This flotation device makes even landlubbers feel safe in the water. Give it a toss." Broken Clock "Coming soon!" "This simply disigned wall clock doesn't appear to work." UFO "This spaceship can also be used as a flying disc in disc competitions." "This spaceship is most likely made of rare metals not found on earth." *TOYS* These are items designed to encourage up-close and personal interaction with your pooch. They have you playing directly with the pup by controlling the toy rather than simply tossing it. Balloon "Blow into the microphone to inflate the balloon. You can also throw it by simply tapping it." "It's fun to watch puppies interact with this floating toy. (Note: It may pop.)" Bubble Blower "Blow into the microphone to blow bubbles. Try different blowing methods to see what happens!" "Dogs of all breeds will enjoy this fun little toy." Pull Rope "Once a dog bites down on this rope, tug it swiftly up into the air to start a tussle for rope supremacy." "This light, yet sturdy bone- shaped rope is ideal for dogs that like tugs-of-war." Jump Rope "Grab the handle, start swinging, and the dogs will join in." "This toy is great for playing with multiple dogs simultaneously." Windup Toy "Wind this up and let it go to watch it walk around." "This retro toy is highly collectible and valuable among toy collectors." Talking Bird "Hold the button on its chest and talk to it. Release the button to hear it mimic you." "This simple toy is good at mimicing things." Peach Kart "D-Pad Left/Right: Steer A Foreward B Reverse L Change Camera Perspective" "This radio-controlled kart features tight controls and a princess at the wheel." Mario Kart "Coming soon!" "Coming soon!" Bowser Kart "Coming soon!" "This radio-controlled kart boasts speed and Bowser in the driver's seat." RC Helicopter "A Propellor D-Pad Foreward/Reverse D-Pad Turn L Change Camera Perspective" "This radio-controlled helicopter lets you fly in your own living room." *ACCESSORIES* Things for the puppies to wear. ^_^ Leather Collar "This ageless design of rich leather is perfect for pets. It comes in six colors." Colors: Red, Black, Purple, Green, Pumpkin, Blue Dot Collar "This colorful, pop-art-style collar is perfect for adding a flair to your puppy's neck." Camo Collar "This collar is for the puppy that wants to show the world its tough side." Rainbow Collar "This saucy collar is perfect for dogs with colorful personalities." Denim Collar "This durable collar survives the wear of everyday use and shrinks to fit!" Platinum Collar "The platinum buckle on this collar instantly boosts the wearer's cool factor." Woven Collar "This collar is make of woven strands of supple leather." Lucky Collar "This collar features a special stone that brings good luck." Flower Collar "This pink-and-white design is very popular with female puppies." Spiked Collar "This collar is a must-have for all wild, punk-rock puppies." Japanese Print Collar "This collar is popular among Japanese dog breeds." Ribbon "This simple design suits boys or girls. It comes in two standard colors." Colors: Red, Yellow Checked Ribbon "This red gingham check pattern is popular with female puppies." Polka-Dot Ribbon "This plan design recalls simpler days. The polka-dot design comes in two colors." Colors: Red, Blue Pearl Ribbon "This high-quality ribbon lends class to its wearer. Pearl ribbons come in two colors." Colors: Purple, Green Striped Ribbon "This gorgeous ribbon is perfect for taking your pup out on the town." Tricolor Ribbon "This fashionable multicolored ribbon gives off a destincly French flavor." Rose "This decorative flower helps set a romantic mood." Lily "This beautiful flower is very eye-catching." Hibiscus "The perfect flower for giving you and your puppy a tropical air." Pair of Scholar Glasses "Just wearing these handy glasses makes your puppy look much smarter." Pair of Huge Sunglasses "These huge retro lenses are back in style. They're only for the hippest of puppies." Pair of Party Glasses "Put these on a puppy that longs to be the life of the party and let it rock!" Pair of 3-D Glasses "These groovy glasses boast different-colored lenses. For adventurous types..." Pair of Business Glasses "These glasses leave a real impression. People will know your pup is all business." Pair of Sport Sunglasses "These sporty, futuristic-looking glasses make their wearer look mischievous." Ten-Gallon Hat "Put this on to experience the rootin', tootin' atmosphere of the old west." Cap "A standard baseball cap, this timeless design is available in two different colors." Colors: Yellow, Red & Blue Beret "This European hat instantly gives your pet a sassy, Parisian feel." Straw Hat "This hat is perfect for a dog that longs for country life." Newsboy Hat "This classic pauper's hat is a timeless piece of headgear." Red Hat "This hat is standard gear for mustachioed master plumbers." NOTE: Mario's hat. Green Hat "This hat is standard gear for mustachioed apprentice plumbers." NOTE: Luigi's hat. Knit Hat "This warm little hat and its decorative pom-pom bring back memories of youth." Pirate Hat "Put on this hat to make your puppy feel like the scourge of the high seas!" Crown "With this impressive crown, your puppy can rule the kingdom every day" Part Hat "This fun hat will make you the life of the party!" Top Hat "This hat is only for the most distinguished and discerning puppy..." Sombrero "Pups who have a fondness for siestas in the sun will have to have this hat!" Viking Hat "The perfect hat for the puppy who loves to pillage and rampage all over town." Santa's Hat "The perfect accessory for a puppy who wants to stay up waiting for you-know-who!" Rack of Deer Antlers "The perfect accessory for the puppy that always wanted to be a deer." New Year Tiara "Ring in the new year with the perfect headgear for your own party animal." Fireman's Hat "Just wearing this hat makes your puppy feel like everyone's friendly neighborhood fireman." "The kennel in your town now has dalmatians available for purchase!" Rainbow Wig "This is the headgear of choice when you really want to stand out in a crowd." Lion's Mane "With this fabulous head of hair, your pup will feel like the king of the jungle." *CARE* These items concern your dog's basic needs, such as food, water, and cleanliness. Books on dogs are also here. Dog Biscuit "This low-calorie digestive treat makes for the perfect doggie snack. (Single Count)" Jerky Treat "This chewy dried beef makes for a delicious snack. (One Serving)" Water Bottle "This distilled water is easy on a puppy's digestive tract. (Single-Use Bottle)" Milk Carton "This milk is very easy on a dog's stomach. (One Serving)" Dry Food "This is a well-balanced meal with all necessary nutrients. (Single-Use Pack)" Dog Food Can "This delicious food includes real meat to whet a dog's appetite. (One Serving)" Natural Dog Food Bag "This all natural dog food uses no artificial additives or preservatives. (One Serving)" Short-Hair Shampoo "This gentle, all-natural shampoo is great for short-haired dogs. (Single Use)" Long-Hair Shampoo "This treated shampooo is great on long-haired coats. (Single Use)" Rubber Brush "This brush removes dirt and pretties up your dog's coat. Ideal for short-haired dogs." Dog Care Book "This book contains all the important information you need to care for your dog." Dog Training Book "This book teaches you the basic tricks that you can teach your dog, like shake, lie down, and roll over." Bark Mode Book "This book contains important information about wireless communication." Disc Competition Book "This book explains the basic rules of disc competitions, as well as the best methods for throwing discs." Agility Trial Book "This book explains the basic rules of agility trials and methods for getting past the various obstacles." Obedience Trial Book "This book explains the basic rules of obedience trials and the commands your dog will have to perform." *MUSIC* These items play music, either with input from you or simply by being turned on. Someone needs to remind Nintendo that we use CDs now, not vinyl records. ;) Keyboard "Touch the icons for different instruments, then play music! Touch the camera button to switch the dog you want to play for." "This electric piano boasts impressive functionality for those who enjoy music." NOTE: Your puppy can learn simple songs in this way, such as the opening line to "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" or "Joyful, Joyful." The judges at the Obedience Trial seem to like hearing your pup sing during its free performance. "Mario's Theme" Box "This music box plays the famous theme song." (4 boxes in all) "Puppy Waltz" Box "This is Chopin's famed tune played on a music box. Turn the handle to play it." "Dictionary" Box "You've heard this sound before somewhere... Turn the handle to play it." NOTE: Plays whatever you recorded on your White Record. "Street Marker" Record "The walking theme from the five-song Nintendogs soundtrack." "Growler" Record "The fighting theme from the five-song Nintendogs soundtrack." NOTE: The original name of this record was "Mounting Boy", from what I've read of translations. I suppose Nintendo decided that wasn't quite appropriate for America. ;) "Smilin' Dog" Record "The playing theme from the five-song Nintendogs soundtrack." "Friendly Wiff" Record "The meeting theme from the five-song Nintendogs soundtrack." NOTE: From my translation readings, this one was originally called "Falling in Love with Your Bottom". I guess that was too long. XD "Chow" Record "The eating theme from the five-song Nintendogs soundtrack." "Surprise" Record "Composed by Haydn, this is one of six mystical records that evoke nature." NOTE: Spooks your puppies when it gets to a certain part. XD "Naptime" Record "Composed by an unknown, this is one of six mystical records that evoke nature." NOTE: Makes your puppy sleepy, so play it for her before you turn off the game for the night. ^_^ "Colonel Bogey" Record "Composed by Alford, this is one of six mystical record that evoke nature." NOTE: Makes your puppy walk in a circle. Around and around and around... "Toreador" Record "Composed by Bizet, this is one of six mystical records that evoke nature." NOTE: Makes your puppy VERY beligerant and angry. It will fight with other puppies in the room (or at the park, if you play it there), and also bark angrily at you. Not a nice record at all. "Flower Waltz" Record "Composed by Tchaikovsky, this is one of six mystical record that evoke nature." NOTE: Makes your puppy dance in a really cute way, chasing its tail and even doing a backflip at the end of the song! "Nintendogs" Record "The Nintendogs theme song, this is one of six mystical records that evoke nature." NOTE: This tends to act as a "reset" button for your puppy's personality, as it'll cancel the effects of other records. It also reforms some of the pup's persona back to the way it originally was when you first got it. However, the effect isn't totally permanent. Your pup may also bark along to the music. "Shedded Fur" Record "This song sounds oddly familiar... It's one of Archie's four secret records." "Modest Decor" Record "This song sounds oddly familiar... It's one of Archie's four secret records." "Giant Socks" Record "This song sounds oddly familiar... It's one of Archie's four secret records." "Waves" Record "This song sounds oddly familiar... It's one of Archie's four secret records." White Record "Use this record to record any message you like." *CLOCK* These are various decorative clocks that you can have to tell time. Modern Clock "This clock features a simple, modern design that works in any home." NOTE: This is the clock you start out with. Marine Clock "With a cool-blue color tone, this clock helps create a simple yet cool atmosphere." Clover Clock "This four-leaf-clover clock and its leaf green color brings luck to the unlucky." Marble Clock "The purple numbers get swallowed by this clock's psychedelic design." Silver Clock "The sleek, metallic look of this clock highlights its slick, high-tech design." Wall Clock "This simple clock features easy-to-read numbers, making it a very practical clock." NOTE: This clock has a digital readout instead of hands like the others. Cube Clock "This compact digital clock is perfect for when you need accurate time" *ETC* These are items that don't fit anywhere else... Stick "This is just a broken branch from a tree. It appears to be of little value." Tissue Box "This is just a box of tissues. It's good for runny noses, not wet puppy noses." Dog Photo "Dogs apparently don't really care much for this photo." Disposable Camera "It appears to be broken. And there's no film left, anyway." Juice Bottle "This is just an empty bottle that once held juice. It has virtually no value." Pump "This high-quality shoe exudes a feminine aura." Leather Shoe "This shoe's leather makes for satisfying chewing." High Heel "This elegant shoe shows off its beauty with flare." Black Boot "This stylish boot must have been worn by a beautiful leg." White Boot "This fashionable boot must be from a spring line. It looks quite fancy." Lisa Doll "This cute doll is all the rage with young pups!" Stuffed Dog "This stuffed animal is the perfect playmate for a lonely puppy." Stuffed Bear "This stuffed animal is the perfect playmate for a lonely puppy." Moai Statue "Nobody knows when or why these mysterious statues were created." Globe "This academic token of appreciation must have made its recipient quite happy." Shuttle Model "This model was released to herald 20 years of shuttle flight, making it a collectible." Meteorite "This space rock most likely contains rare metals not found on Earth" Wierd Alien "Its large, pale eyes are enchanting. It looks like a doll, but maybe it's real..." Promise Ring "This beautiful diamond ring scintillates. It costs three months' salary." Gold Bar "This bar is made of 99.9% pure gold, making it quite valuable." Piggy Bank "There appears to be something inside the piggy bank. (Note: Piggy bank is fragile)" "This cute little piggy is full of happiness." Vase "There appears to be something inside the vase. (Note: Vase is fragile)" "This simple vase is not very valuable." Fine Vase "There appears to be something inside the vase. (Note: Vase is fragile)" "This beautiful vase is fairly valuable." Very Fine Vase "There appears to be something inside the vase. (Note: Vase is fragile)" "Coming soon!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ++++++++++++++++++++ +INTERIOR DECORATOR+ ++++++++++++++++++++ This is where you can remodel your room into a style you like. There are three initial renovations available at the start of the game, and more can be unlocked. NOTE: After paying for the interior decorator to make over your room, you must wait 24 hours before you will have your new room. Urban Living "With the feel of a classy cafe, this style of house is perfect for retro-themed relaxation." NOTE: This is your beginning house. Designer Condo $500 "With its sun-bathed white walls and simple layout, this room offers the ultimate in hip, modern urban living." Early American $1,000 "Reminiscent of a classic American home, this living space offers a friendly patchwork feel." Tatami Room $5,000 "Coming soon!" Ranch House $5,000 "Surrounded by airy woods, this style offers a relaxing and free- spirited atmosphere." Desktop $20,000 "With a view that everyone is familiar with, this space makes the perfect playground for puppies." Seaside Room $50,000 "Sunlight pours down onto the white sands and blue waters of this private seaside paradise." Outer Space $100,000 "Stretching out below is the blue planet, but the rest of this room feels limitless." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ++++++++++++++++ +TRAINER POINTS+ ++++++++++++++++ This is the nifty little scoring system in Nintendogs. Do something good, get Trainer Points (also called Owner Points). Do something bad, lose points. When you save up more points, you unlock some neat things for you and your dogs. *Things which earn trainer points* ~ Feeding your dog at the same times each day ~ Making friends with other dogs ~ Win a contest ~ Generally be a "good owner" (there are other ways to earn points that haven't been documented yet) *Things which lose trainer points* ~ Neglecting your dog for three days straight ~ Forgetting to pick up poo ~ Generally be a "bad owner" (there are also other ways to lose points that aren't written down) *UNLOCKABLES* ~ 300 TP + Dog Food Can + Milk Carton ~ 2,000 TP + New Breed * Pug - Laborador * Yorkshire Terrier - Dachshund * Miniature Pinscher - Chihuahua ~ 4,000 TP + New Breed * German Shepherd - Laborador * Shiba Inu - Dachshund * Siberian Husky - Chihuahua ~ 6,000 TP + "Desktop" Interior Decorating theme ~ 8,000 TP + New Breed * Shih Tzu - Laborador * Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - Dachshund * Toy Poodle - Chihuahua ~ 10,000 TP + New Breed * Boxer - Laborador * Pembroke Welsh Corgi - Dachshund * Golden Retriever - Chihuahua + Natural Dog Food Bag ~ 12,000 TP + Seaside Room ~ 14,000 TP + New Breed * Beagle - Laborador * Shetland Sheepdog - Dachshund * Miniature Schnauzer - Chihuahua ~ 16,000 TP + New Breed * Shetland Sheepdog - Laborador * Miniature Schnauzer - Dachshund * Beagle - Chihuahua ~ 18,000 TP + Outer Space (room) ~ 20,000 TP + New Breed * Golden Retriever - Laborador * Boxer - Dachshund * Pembroke Welsh Corgi - Chihuahua ~ 22,000 TP + New Breed * Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - Laborador * Toy Poodle - Dachshund * Shih Tzu - Chihuahua ~ 25,000 TP + Ranch House ~ 30,000 TP + New Breed * Husky - Laborador * German Shepherd - Dachshund * Shiba Inu - Chihuahua ~ 35,000 TP + New Breed * Yorkshire Terrier - Laborador * Miniature Pinscher - Dachshund * Pug - Chihuahua ~ 45,000 TP + New Breed * Miniature Dachshund - Laborador * Laborador - Dachshund * Laborador- Chihuahua ~ 50,000 TP + New Breed * Chihuahua - Laborador * Chihuahua - Dachshund * Miniature Daschund - Chihuahua ~ Find a Jack Russell Terrier Book + Jack Russell Terrier becomes adoptable ~ Find a Fireman's Hat + Dalmatian becomes adoptable ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ++++++++++++++ +UNIQUE ITEMS+ ++++++++++++++ Some items are exclusive to one version or another. The only way to get these is to have someone with that specific version give you the item in a Bark Mode linkup. *LABORADOR-ONLY ITEMS* + Bicolor Rubber Bone + Life Ring + Peach Cart + High Heel + "Puppy Waltz" Box + Rack of Deer Antlers + "Shedded Fur" Record + Silk Hat + UFO + Wall Clock *DACHSHUND-ONLY ITEMS* + Dartboard + "Dog's Theme" Box + Graduation Cap + Leather Shoe + Mario Kart + Red Rubber Bone + Shower Cap + Smart Clock + Tiara + "Waves" Record *CHIHUAHUA-ONLY ITEMS* + Blue Rubber Bone + Bowser Kart + Broken Clock + Crown + Cube Clock + "Mario's Theme" Box + "Modest Decor" Record + Party Hat + Pizza Disc + Pumps ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +++++++++++ +BARK MODE+ +++++++++++ This is the wireless connection feature in Nintendogs. To get here, Select "Go out", and then pick "Bark Mode". You will then be asked if you'd like your puppy to take an item along as a gift. If you say yes, you can then pick one item from your inventory to give to the person you link with. If you say no, then you will see your puppy run along the top screen. If you don't have a wireless partner imediately available, then you can close the DS and the game will continue to search. When it finds someone, it will bark to let you know. As you meet up, you'll be given the voice message that's recorded on the other player's White Record (they will also hear yours). You can then play with your puppy alongside theirs. NOTE: After the innitial exchange of information, the two DSes will no longer be in communication. The puppies could then be fighting over a toy on one DS, and cuddling on the other. This is to prevent two users from confusing the poor puppies by both tapping their touchscreen to call them over. It also allows you to leave the wireless range of the person you met, but still play with their puppy. The first time you link to a user with another breed of dog, you will be allowed to adopt that breed from the kennel. Subsequent meetings will not earn you a new breed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ++++++++++++++++ +SPECIAL THANKS+ ++++++++++++++++ Special thanks to: * Nintendo - for making this game * My real dogs - for putting up with me saying "Sit!" over and over when they're already sitting, and generally being very confusing human ^_^; * My mom - for driving me to Gamestop even though the gas prices are rediculous * My brother - for playing the Dachshund version and helping me find more items and breeds * Sheen348 - giving the first place payouts in the Expert and Master Obedience competitions, and the descriptions for the Hibiscus and Meteorite * Shadowari - giving the TP required for the Seaside Room, and reminding me about the Jack Russel and Dalmatian breeds being unlockables * Bloogeyz - the description to the ? Block and Marble Clock. He also sent me the description for the Green Hat and Red & Blue Cap the same day I found them in my own game. ^_^ * Godofhope - giving the descriptions for the Striped Ribbon, Tricolor Ribon, Pair of Business Glasses, Red Hat, Tiara, the "Surprise" Record, and Leather Shoe. Also sent in the one for the ? Block the same day as Bloogeyz, and the ones for the Green Hat, Straw Hat, and RC Helicopter when I'd just found them. * Red - for the exact number of trainer points required for each breed in each version of the game. * Lindsay - for the "Friendly Wiff" and "Waves" records. * Merriam - the first place Beginner payouts in the Disc Competition, as well as the prices of the Beagle, Golden Retriever, Pug, Shih Tzu, and Siberian Huskey, plus some minor spelling corrections. * Emily - minor spelling correction * Clint - The descriptions for the Chihuahua, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Promise Ring, Gold Bar, Pump, Cube Clock, "Modest Decor" Record, "Mario's Theme" Box, Crown, Party Hat, Bowser Kart, Broken Clock, and for reminding me of the Handstand trick. * Luuk - all Dachshund exclusives, all Chihuahua exclusives, all Labrador exclusives after the Peach Kart, and the description of the UFO * lralax - for telling me the number of trainer points needed for the "Outer Space" room * Matthew - for the payouts for Beginner's 1st and 3rd places and Open's 1st place in the Disc competition. * You - for reading this guide ++++++++++++++ +CONTACT INFO+ ++++++++++++++ Got some info I don't? Want to share? Notice a typo I made in the guide? Tell me about it! E-mail: sandychan87@yahoo.com NOTE: You WILL be blocked if you spam me. Saying "I have a new item description" isn't spam. Saying "Send this to five million people in five minutes or you'll die a horrible death by rabid space monkeys!" is (no matter how scary those space monkies are). Yahoo! Messenger: sandychan87 NOTE: I'm not on there much, or if I am, it's usually talking to personal friends and not always available to talk to every person on the planet.</p>