PlayStation 2 PlanetPlayStation 2 PlanetXbox PlanetPC PlanetNintendo DS PlanetPlayStation Portable PlanetGameboy Advance PlanetGamecube PlanetPlaystation PlanetNintendo 64 PlanetDreamcast Planet Begin Document---------------------------------------------------- StarCraft FAQ Version 1.00 by John Miaso ICQ #8419684 There are two files to this FAQ, The Races, and Strategy. This file covers the Races. ------------------------------------------ Table of Contents i. Introduction 1. Terran 1.1. Terran Buildings 1.1.1. Command Center Comsat Station Nuclear Silo 1.1.2. Supply Depot 1.1.3. Refinery 1.1.4. Barracks 1.1.5. Engineering Bay 1.1.6. Missile Turret 1.1.7. Academy 1.1.8. Bunker 1.1.9. Factory Machine Shop 1.1.10. Starport Control Tower 1.1.11. Science Facility Covert Ops Physics Lab 1.2. Terran Units 1.2.1. SCV 1.2.2. Marine 1.2.3. Firebat 1.2.4. Ghost 1.2.5. Vulture 1.2.6. Siege Tank 1.2.7. Goliath 1.2.8. Wraith 1.2.9. Dropship 1.2.10. Science Vessel 1.2.11. Battlecruiser 2. Zerg 2.1. Zerg Buildings 2.1.1. Hatchery Lair Hive 2.1.2. Creep Colony Spore Colony Sunken Colony 2.1.3. Extractor 2.1.4. Spawning Pool 2.1.5. Evolution Chamber 2.1.6. Hyrdalisk Den 2.1.7. Spire Greater Spire 2.1.8. Queen's Nest 2.1.9. Nydus Canal 2.1.10. Ultralisk Cavern 2.1.11. Defiler Mound 2.2. Zerg Units 2.2.1. Larva Egg 2.2.2. Drone 2.2.3. Zergling 2.2.4. Overlord 2.2.5. Hydralisk 2.2.6. Mutalisk Cocoon Guardian 2.2.7. Scourge 2.2.8. Queen Broodling 2.2.9. Ultralisk 2.2.10. Defiler 2.2.11. Infested Terran 3. Protoss 3.1. Protoss Buildings 3.1.1. Nexus 3.1.2. Pylon 3.1.3. Assimilator 3.1.4. Gateway 3.1.5. Forge 3.1.6. Photon Cannon 3.1.7. Cybernetics Core 3.1.8. Shield Battery 3.1.9. Robotics Facility 3.1.10. Stargate 3.1.11. Citadel of Adun 3.1.12. Robotics Support Bay 3.1.13. Fleet Beacon 3.1.14. Templar Archives 3.1.15. Observatory 3.1.16. Arbiter Tribunal 3.2. Protoss Units 3.2.1. Probe 3.2.2. Zealot 3.3.3. Dragoon 3.3.4. High Templar Archon 3.3.5. Shuttle 3.3.6. Reaver 3.3.7. Observer 3.3.8. Scout 3.3.9. Carrier Interceptor 3.3.10. Arbiter ------------------------------------------ i. Introduction Welcome. This section of the FAQ contains information on the units and buildings of the three races in StarCraft. I have also included some of my thoughts about the various units, so this is not just a drab listing of abilities and hit points. So, select where you want to go, and thank you for reading. Also, if you wish to post either of these files on your webpage, please let me know. I do this to prevent anyone from plagiarizing my work, and also so I can compile a list of sites where you can find this FAQ. ------------------------------------------ 1. Terran The Terrans are the most like the Orcs and Humans of WarCraft II of the three races in StarCraft. You have SCV's instead of Peasants, Marines instead of Footmen, etc. An experienced WC2 player will easily pick up on this race before the others. 1.1. Terran Buildings All Terran buildings can be repaired by an SCV. Also, when a Terran building is heavily damaged (hit points are shown in red), it will slowly lose hit points until it is destroyed. 1.1.1. Command Center 400 Crystals Produces: 1500 HP SCV Provides 10 Supply Comsat Station Has flying ability Nuclear Silo The Command Center is the Terran Center of Crystal and Gas production, and also the cornerstone of any Terran settlement. It produces SCVs for 50 crystals each, and has two different attachments. The Command Center can also lift-off and fly about the map. Comsat Station (Requires: Academy) 50 Crystals, 50 Gas Sensor Sweep 500 HP - 75 Energy 200 Energy Command Center attachment The Comsat Station is used as one-time reconaissance in any area. Also, you can use the Comsat Station to detect cloaked units, so I suggest keeping this hotkeyed. Nuclear Silo (Requires: Science Facility with attached Covert Ops) 100 Crystals, 100 Gas Produces: 600 HP Nuclear Missile Command Center attachment - 200 Crystals, 200 Gas, 8 Supply This stores Nuclear Missiles, which are used in conjunction with Ghosts for nuclear strikes. This is rather expensive as well, so use carefully. 1.1.2. Supply Depot 100 Crystals 500 HP Provides 8 Supply 1.1.3. Refinery 100 Crystals 750 HP Gas production 1.1.4. Engineering Bay 125 Crystals Research: 850 HP Upgrade Infantry Weapons Has flying ability - 3 levels Upgrade Infantry Armor - 3 levels This place allows you to upgrade the weapons and armor of your Marines, Firebats, and Ghosts. This is well worth the resources, especially if you are stocking many bunkers. But, if you are using the bunkers, armor is not as important. You will need a Science Facility for upgrades to levels 2 and 3. 1.1.5. Barracks 150 Crystals Produces: 1000 HP Marine Has flying ability Firebat Ghost The Barracks produces all of your lesser units. The Firebat is not as useful as the Marine, but you may want to use them when fighting against Protoss or Zerg. 1.1.6. Missile Turret (Requires: Engineering Bay) 100 Crystals 200 HP Cloak Detection Longbolt Missile - Targets air - 20 damage You should definitely place Missile Turrets around your base, for they serve not only as cloak detection but also air defense. Don't forget to put these by any back doors you may have, too. Remember that air units can go anywhere. 1.1.7. Academy (Requires: Barracks) 200 Crystals Research: 600 HP U-238 Shells (Increase Marine attack range) - 150 Crystals, 150 Gas Stim Pack Tech (Marine and Firebat ability) - 100 Crystals, 100 Gas The U-238 Shells are a _must_ when you get an Academy. These will extend the range of your Marines' guns, which will tighten your defense and better your attacks. Also, the Stimpacks are excellent when you have a large group of Marines or Ghosts. 1.1.8. Bunker (Requires: Barracks) 100 Crystals 350 HP Holds up to 4 SCVs, Marines, Ghosts, or Firebats The Bunker is the key to Terran defense. The ability to switch types of weapons and upgrade them make this the best (and most expensive) of any of the three races' defenses. Mix these with Missile Turrets and you will have a formidable defense. 1.1.8. Factory (Requires: Barracks) 200 Crystals, 100 Gas Produces: 1250 HP Vulture Has flying ability Siege Tank Goliath Machine Shop The Factory is the production facility for the large Terran ground units. A Machine Shop should be added on the to Factory as soon as possible to allow for research in Siege Tanks and to produce Siege Tanks. Machine Shop 50 Crystals, 50 Gas Research: 750 HP Ion Thrusters (Faster Vulture movement) Factory Attachment - 100 Crystals, 100 Gas Spider Mines (Vulture ability) - 150 Crystals, 150 Gas Siege Tech (Siege Tank ability) - 150 Crystals, 150 Gas The Machine Shop will allow you to research the powerful Siege Mode for Siege Tanks, and will also improve the speed of your Vultures and equip them with Spider Mines. 1.1.9. Starport (Requires: Factory) 200 Crystals, 100 Gas Produces: 1300 HP Wraith Has flying ability Dropship Science Vessel Battlecruiser Control Tower The Starport is where you produce all of the Terran air units. 3 of these units also require an attached Control Tower. Control Tower 100 Crystals, 50 Gas Research: 500 HP Cloak (Wraith ability) Starport attachment - 150 Crystals, 150 Gas Apollo Reactor (+50 Wraith energy) - 200 Crystals, 200 Gas The Control Tower allows you to produce the Dropship, Science Vessel, and Battlecruiser. It also is where you develop Cloaking for the Wraiths. 1.1.10. Science Facility (Requires: Starport) 150 Crystals, 200 Gas Produces: 950 HP Covert Ops Has flying ability Physics Lab Research: EMP Shockwave (Science Vessel ability) - 200 Crystals, 200 Gas Irradiate (Science Vessel ability) - 150 Crystals, 150 Gas Titan Reactor (+50 Science Vessel energy) - 150 Crystals, 150 Gas The Science Facility will allow you to produce the Science Vessel at the Starport. Also, the Covert Ops attachment provides for Ghosts and Nukes, while the Physics Lab provides for Battlecruisers. Covert Ops 50 Crystals, 50 Gas Research: 750 HP Lockdown (Ghost ability) Science Facility attachment - 200 Crystals, 200 Gas Personnel Cloaking (Ghost ability) - 100 Crystals, 100 Gas Ocular Implants (Increase Ghost sight range) - 100 Crystals, 100 Gas Moebius Reactor (+50 Ghost energy) - 150 Crystals, 150 Gas Covert Ops is the center of research for Ghosts. If you want a Nuclear Strike, you need to develop at least the Cloak. Physics Lab 50 Crystals, 50 Gas Research: 600 HP Yamato Gun (Battlecruiser ability) Science Facility attachment - 200 Crystals, 200 Gas Colossus Reactor (+50 Battlecruiser energy) - 150 Crystals, 150 Gas The Physics Lab will allow you to produce Battlecruisers at a Starport. It is a good idea to develop the powerful Yamato Cannon, and you will realize the necessity of the extra energy as well. 1.1.11. Armory (Requires: Factory) 100 Crystals, 50 Gas Research: 750 HP Vehicle Weapons - 3 levels Vehicle Plating - 3 levels Ship Weapons - 3 levels Ship Plating - 3 levels The Armory will increase the defense and power of all of the large units in the Terran army. Fully upgraded units will do a lot better than slightly or not upgraded ones. You will need a Science Facility for upgrades to levels 2 and 3. 1.2. Terran Units All Terran units but the Terran infantry units (Marine, Firebat, Ghost) can be repaired. 1.2.1. SCV Produced at Command Center 50 Crystals Abilities: 1 Supply Gather 60 HP Repair Build Structure Fusion Cutter Build Advanced Structure - Targets ground - 5 damage Infantry Armor - 0 base armor - +1 per upgrade The SCV is responsible for building all of the Terran buildings, repair, and gathering of resources. 1.2.2. Marine Produced at Barracks 50 Crystals Ability: 1 Supply Stim Pack 40 HP -Improves speed and firing rate -Costs 10 HP per use Gauss Rifle - Targets air and ground - 6 damage - +1 per upgrade Infantry Armor - 0 base armor - +1 per upgrade The Marine is the basic Terran attack unit. It is the only basic unit of the three races that can attack both air and ground. Also, they are extremely effective in large groups, especially with Stim Packs. 1.2.3. Firebat Produced at Barracks Required: Academy 50 Crystals, 25 Gas 1 Supply Ability: 50 HP Stim Pack Flamethrower - Targets ground - 16 damage - +2 per upgrade Infantry Armor - 1 base armor - +1 per upgrade The Firebat is not as useful as the Marine, but it can deal a lot of damage at close range, beating out Zerglings and a better match for a Zealot. However, it still does not have a lot of life and is beat by air units. 1.2.4. Ghost Produced at Barracks Required: Academy, Science Facility with 25 Crystals, 75 Gas attached Covert Ops 1 Supply 45 HP Abilities: 200 Energy Cloak - 25 Energy, constant drain C-10 Canister Rifle Lockdown (Stops mechanical units) - Targets air and ground - 100 Energy - 10 damage Nuclear Strike (Loaded Nuclear Silo required) - +1 per upgrade Infantry Armor - 0 base armor - +1 per upgrade The Ghost is a great infantry unit, not even taking into account his Nuclear Strike ability. Ghosts have a long range, powerful weapon, and various abilities. When you get a Covert Ops, you should research Cloaking and Ocular Implants for Nuclear Strikes. 1.2.5. Vulture Produced at Factory 75 Crystals Ability: 2 Supply Spider Mine 90 HP - 3 Spider Mines per Vulture - 125 damage Fragmentation Grenade - Planted in ground - Targets ground - 20 damage - +2 per upgrade Vehicle Plating - 0 base armor - +1 per upgrade Vultures are fast, hit-and-run vehicles that have a decent attack. They also have the Spider Mine ability, which provides for a good base defense. Ion Thrusters (at Machine Shop) are also recommended if you use Vultures. 1.2.6. Siege Tank Produced at Factory Required: Attached Machine Shop 150 Crystals, 100 Gas 2 Supply Abilities: 150 HP Siege Mode (while in Tank Mode) - Loses mobility for powerful cannon Tank Mode Tank Mode (while in Siege Mode) - Tank can move again with weaker cannon Arclite Cannon - Targets ground - 30 damage - +3 per upgrade Siege Mode Arclite Shock Cannon - Targets ground - 70 damage - +5 per upgrade Vehicle Plating (both modes) - 1 base armor - +1 per upgrade The Siege Tank is an interesting unit. It can move about and attack for a fair bit of damage, or it can stop and unleash a powerful cannon with splash damage. Be careful, though, and escort any Siege Tanks with air defense. 1.2.7. Goliath Produced at Factory Required: Armory 100 Crystals, 50 Gas 2 Supply 125 HP Twin Autocannons - Targets ground - 10 damage - +1 per upgrade Hellfire Missile Pack - Targets air - 20 damage - +2 per upgrade Vehicle Plating - 1 base armor - +1 per upgrade The Goliath has two different attacks, the air attack definitely being better. This makes the Goliath a better air support vehicle, and an excellent complement to the Siege Tank. 1.2.8. Wraith Produced at Starport 200 Crystals, 100 Gas Ability: 2 Supply Cloak 120 HP - 25 Energy, constant drain 200 Energy Flying Burst Laser - Targets ground - 9 damage - +1 per upgrade Gemini Missiles - Targets air - 15 damage - +2 per upgrade Ship Plating - 0 base armor - +1 per upgrade The Wraith is a better air attack ship than ground attack ship, like the Protoss Scout. But the Wraith's main strength is its Cloaking ability. If you opponent does not have good cloak detection, you can easily sneak in a base and do a great deal of damage before help arrives. 1.2.9. Dropship Produced at Starport Required: Control Tower 100 Crystals, 100 Gas 2 Supply 150 HP Transporting Flying Ship Plating - 1 base armor - +1 per upgrade The Dropship is just a transport unit, it's rather slow, so you definitely need some escort with it, especially since it has no weapon. 1.2.10. Science Vessel Produced at Starport Required: Science Facility 25 Crystals, 300 Gas 2 Supply Abilities: 200 HP Defensive Matrix (Places temporary shield on one 200 Energy unit) Cloak detection - 100 Energy Flying EMP Shockwave (Reduces shields and energy to 0 in target area) Ship Plating - 100 Energy - 1 base armor Irradiate (Constantly reduces HP of one unit) - +1 per upgrade - 75 Energy The Science Vessel is the only Terran unit for mobile detection, but it also has several useful abilities. EMP Shockwave is very useful against Protoss, while Irradiate is useful against Zerg. 1.2.11. Battlecruiser Produced at Starport Required: Science Facility with attached Physics 400 Crystals, 300 Gas Lab 8 Supply Control Tower 500 HP 200 Energy Ability: Flying Yamato Cannon (Great damage on one target) - 150 Energy ATA Laser - Targets air - 25 damage - +3 per upgrade ATS Laser - Targets ground - 25 damage - +3 per upgrade Ship Plating - 2 base armor - +1 per upgrade The Battlecruiser has a lot of armor and HP, making it very durable. It does not do a great deal of damage with its Laser, but its Yamato Cannon can do a great amount of damage, but this is why it takes so much energy. If you research the Yamato Cannon, you probably also want the Colossus Reactor. ------------------------------------------ 2. Zerg The Zerg are very different from the Terrans in many aspects. First, all of the units are produced at one location, the Hatchery (which may be mutated into a Lair or Hive). All of the buildings produced are support buildings, which can enable production of certain units. Remember that all Zerg buildings may only be produced on the Creep, a purple substance found on the ground surrounding Hatcheries. 2.1. Buildings All Zerg buildings except the Hatchery must be built on the Creep. All Zerg buildings regenerate. To build a building, you must mutate a Drone into one, and you lose the Drone in the process. 2.1.1. Hatchery 300 Crystals Produces: 1250 HP Larva Provides 1 Control Mutate: Lair - 150 Crystals, 150 Gas (requires Spawning Pool) Evolve: Burrow (Zerg ground unit ability) - 100 Crystals, 100 Gas The Hatchery is the center for Crystal and Gas production, and also produces Zerg larvae, from which all Zerg units are mutated. Only 3 larvae may be out a one time. Lair 1800 HP All abilities of Hatchery Provides 1 Control Evolve: Ventral Sacs (Overlord transporting) - 200 Crystals, 200 Gas Antennae (Greater Overlord sight range) - 150 Crystals, 150 Gas Pneumatized Carapace (Faster Overlord movement) - 150 Crystals, 150 Gas The Lair opens up the ability to build a Spire and Queen's Nest, and to evolve your Overlords. I don't think the Antennae is as important as the other two evolutions. Hive 2500 HP All abilities of Hatchery and Lair Provides 1 Control The Hive allows you to produce a Nydus Canal, Ultralisk Cavern, and Defiler Mound. 2.1.2. Creep Colony 75 Crystals Mutate: 400 HP Spore Colony (requires Evolution Chamber) Extends Creep - 50 Crystals Sunken Colony (requires Spawning Pool) - 75 Crystals Spore Colony 400 HP Cloak Detection Extends Creep Weapon: Seeker Spores - Targets air - 15 damage The Spore Colony is much like the Terran Missile Turret, only it has more HP and less of an attack. Sunken Colony 400 HP Extends Creep Weapon: Subterranean Tentacle -Targets ground -30 damage The Sunken Colony attacks ground units very slowly, but it does provide some defense. It seems too slow to be an effective defender, and I, in my opnion, would rather have 8 Zerglings with the 200 Crystals spent here. 2.1.3. Extractor 50 Crystals 750 HP Gas production 2.1.4. Spawning Pool 150 Crystals Evolve: 750 HP Metabolic Boost (Faster Zergling movement) - 100 Crystals, 100 Gas Adrenal Glands (Faster Zergling attack, requires Hive) - 150 Crystals, 150 Gas The Spawning Pool allows you to produce Zerglings. It also has two extremely good evolutions for your Zerglings that you should get as soon as you can. 2.1.5. Evolution Chamber 75 Crystals Evolve: 750 HP Melee Attacks - 3 levels Missile Attacks - 3 levels Carapace - 3 levels The Evolution Chamber is where you will do all of your damage and armor upgrading for all of the Zerg ground units. You will need a Lair for level 2 upgrades, and a Hive for level 3 upgrades. 2.1.6. Hydralisk Den (Requires: Spawning Pool) 100 Crystals, 50 Gas Evolve: 950 HP Muscular Augments (Faster Hydralisk movement) - 100 Crystals, 100 Gas Grooved Spines (Greater Hydralisk attack range) - 150 Crystals, 150 Gas The Hydralisk Den will allow you to produce Hydralisks. Again, both of these evolutions are very good, and you should do them. 2.1.7. Spire (Requires: Lair) 200 Crystals, 150 Gas Evolve: 600 HP Flyer Attack - 3 levels Flyer Carapace - 3 levels Mutate: Greater Spire (Required: Hive) - 100 Crystals, 150 Gas The Spire will allow you to create Mutalisks and Scourges. You can also upgrade all Zerg flying units here. You will need a Lair for level 2 upgrades and a Hive for level 3. You will also need a Hive to mutate the Spire into a Greater Spire. Greater Spire 1000 HP All abilities of Spire The Greater Spire allows the Guardian Aspect command for Mutalisks, which allows them to mutate into Guardians. 2.1.8. Queen's Nest (Required: Lair) 150 Crystals, 100 Gas Evolve: 950 HP Spawn Broodlings (Queen ability) - 200 Crystals, 200 Gas Ensnare (Queen ability) - 100 Crystals, 100 Gas Gamete Meiosis (+50 Queen energy) - 150 Crystals, 150 Gas The Queen's Nest will allow you to produce Queens. If you want to use Queens, I suggest you evolve, at least, the Spawn Broodlings. This can destroy some of the larger units, like Siege Tanks and Dragoons. 2.1.9. Nydus Canal (Required: Hive) 150 Crystals Ability: 250 HP Build Nydus Canal Exit Transports ground units The Nydus Canal is a perfect way to link your expansions. Sending a unit into a Nydus Canal will instantaneously transport it to the other end of the Canal. You must build the Canal with a Drone, and then create an exit anywhere on Creep. 2.1.10. Ultralisk Cavern (Required: Hive) 150 Crystals, 200 Gas 600 HP All this does is allow you to create Ultralisks. 2.1.11. Defiler Mound (Required: Hive) 100 Crystals, 100 Gas Evolve: 850 HP Plague (Defiler ability) - 200 Crystals, 200 Gas Consume (Defiler ability) - 100 Crystals, 100 Gas Metasynaptic Node (+50 Defiler energy) - 150 Crystals, 150 Gas This allows you to create Defilers. If you are to use Defilers, definitely evolve the Plague ability, and you will find that the Metasynaptic Node will be necessary since the Defiler abilities are high in energy consumption. That is also the reason for the Consume ability, where you can sacrifice one of your units to replenish 50 energy of a Defiler. 2.2. Zerg Units All Zerg units regenerate, and all Zerg ground units (except the Ultralisk) burrow. Also, all Zerg units are mutated from Zerg Larvae, which are only found around Hatcheries, Lairs, or Hives. 2.2.1. Larva Found around Hatchery, Lair, or Hive Can mutate into all Zerg units 25 HP Carapace - 10 base armor - +1 per upgrade One Larva may mutate into a Drone, 2 Zerglings, an Overlord, a Hydralisk, a Mutalisk, 2 Scourges, a Queen, an Ultralisk, or a Defiler. Any larva that is mutating turns into an Egg first. Egg 200 HP 2.2.2. Drone No requirement 50 Crystals Abilities: 40 HP Gather 1 Control Basic Mutation Advanced Mutation Spines - Targets ground units - 5 damage Carapace - 0 base armor - +1 per upgrade The Drone gathers Crystals and Gas, and mutates into all of the Zerg buildings. 2.2.3. Zergling Required: Spawning Pool 50 Crystals 35 HP 1 Control 2 Zerglings per egg Claws - Targets ground units - 5 damage - +1 per upgrade Carapace - 0 base armor - +1 per upgrade Zerglings are quick, deadly little creatures and are the most basic Zerg attack unit. They can evolve to have faster movement and faster attack as well. However, their low HP makes them very susceptible to long-range attacks. There are 2 Zerglings produced for every Larva that mutates. 2.2.4. Overlord No requirement 100 Crystals 200 HP Cloak detection Transporting (must be evolved at Lair or Hive) Provides 8 Control Flyer Carapace - 0 base armor - +1 per upgrade The Overlord serves three purposes: (1) sources of Control, (2) mobile cloak detection, and (3) transporting. This makes the Overlords very valuable, and they fact that they are cloak detectors make them quick targets of attacks. 2.2.5. Hydralisk Required: Hydralisk Den 75 Crystals, 25 Gas 90 HP 1 Control Needle Spines - Targets air and ground - 10 damage - +1 per upgrade Carapace - 0 base armor - +1 per upgrade The Hydralisk is probably one of the better units in StarCraft. It has a quick attack that does a decent amount of damage and can target air and ground units. It is also a rather cheap unit, and is hard to kill easily at 90 HP. 2.2.6. Mutalisk Required: Spire 100 Crystals, 100 Gas Ability: 120 HP Guardian Aspect (mutates into Guardian, 2 Control requires Greater Spire) Flying - 50 Crystals, 100 Gas Glave Wurm - Targets air and ground - 9 damage - +1 per upgrade Flyer Carapace - 0 base armor - +1 per upgrade The Mutalisk is the weakest air unit in StarCraft. They are the cheapest as well, and large groups of them do just as well as large groups of Scouts or Wraiths when attacking ground units. However, Wraiths and Scouts have stronger air-to-air attacks, so you have to rely on Scourges or Hydralisks for escort. When you get a Greater Spire, you can mutate a Mutalisk into a Guardian, but it first changes into a Cocoon. Cocoon 200 HP Guardian 150 HP Flying Acid Spore - Targets ground - 20 damage - +2 per upgrade Flyer Carapace - 2 base armor - +1 per upgrade The Guardian's Acid Spore has a very long range, so it is an excellent unit for destroying base defense. It can only attack ground, so escort it with Mutalisks or Hydralisks. 2.2.7. Scourge Required: Spire 25 Crystals, 75 Gas 20 HP 1 control Flying Suicide - 110 damage Flyer Carapace - 0 base armor - +1 per upgrade The Scourge are just bombs that destroy air units, the trick is to use them before they are destroyed by the unit they are destroying. 2.2.8. Queen Required: Queen's Nest 100 Crystals, 150 Gas Abilities: 120 HP Infest Command Center (Mutates heavily damaged 200 Energy Command Center into Infested Command Center) 2 Control Parasite (Allows you to see around infected Flying unit) - 50 Energy Flyer Carapace Spawn Broodlings (Destroys nonmechanical units, - 0 base armor creates two Broodlings) - +1 per upgrade - 150 Energy Ensnare (Slows down affected units) - 100 Energy The Queen is a quick, flying unit with some special abilities. The Parasite is excellent to use on enemy units inside a base to find out what is going on there, and the Spawn Broodlings is very useful. Also, Infest Command Center is very nice if you manage to get a Command Center or if you are allied with a Terran in a multiplayer game. Broodling Created by Queen 30 HP 180 Energy - When Energy runs out, Broodling dies Toxic Spores - Targets ground - 4 damage - +1 per upgrade Carapace - 0 base armor - +1 per upgrade The Broodling is weaker than a Zergling, attacks slower, and moves slower, but can be very useful if the Broodlings are created in the middle of a group of Siege Tanks. 2.2.9. Ultralisk Required: Ultralisk Cavern 200 Crystals, 200 Gas 400 HP 6 Control Kaiser Blades - Targets ground - 20 damage - +3 per upgrade Carapace - 1 base armor - +1 per upgrade The Ultralisk has the most HP of any StarCraft ground unit, and has a fair attack. The attack is not much stronger than the Guardian's Acid Spore, however. Since the Ultralisk can't attack air, it will need an escort, but you should never just attack with Ultralisks anyway. 2.2.10. Defiler Required: Defiler Mound 25 Crystals, 100 Gas Abilities: 80 HP Dark Swarm (Nullifies ranged attacks) 200 Energy - 100 Energy 2 Control Plague (Reduces HP in target area to low numbers) - 150 Energy Carapace Consume (Sacrifice one of your own units, adds - 1 base armor 50 energy to Defiler) - +1 per upgrade The Defiler has abilities that can be overlooked. The Dark Swarm is good against base defenses (and especially against Terrans), and Plague is good against Protoss, for it reduces their base life while unaffecting the shields that can be regenerated. Consume is an excellent way to replenish energy, since you can consume any of your own units (like a cheap Zergling), and add 50 energy. 2.1.11 Infested Terran Produced at Infested Command Center 100 Crystals, 50 Gas 60 HP 1 Control Suicide - Targets ground - 500 damage Carapace - 0 base armor - +1 per upgrade The Infested Terran is a nice unit when you get it, but if you can infest a Command Center, you're doing very well anyways. 500 damage is a heck of a lot, and remember that it is splash damage, so watch out. 3. Protoss The Protoss are more like the Terrans in the way that the units are produced, but there are several other differences. All Protoss units and buildings have shields that can regenerate. Also, most of the Protoss units have many hit points, and do more damage, but they do cost more. 3.1. Protoss Buildings All of the Protoss buildings must be warped in by a Probe. Once a warp rift has been created, the Probe may do another task, so you don't have to stand by the building while it is being created. Also, all buildings except the Nexus and the Assimilator must be powered by Pylons. 3.1.1. Nexus Produces: Probe 400 Crystals 750 HP 750 Shields Provides 9 Psi. The Nexus is the center for all Crystal and Gas production, and produces the unit that gathers them, the Probe. It also provides 9 Psi, but does not power other buildings. 3.1.2. Pylon 100 Crystals 300 HP 300 Shields Provides 9 Psi. Powers other buildings The Pylon powers other buildings within its Sphere of Influence, and it also serves as a supply source, providing 9 Psi. 3.1.3. Assimilator 100 Crystals 450 HP 450 Shields Allows gas production 3.1.4. Gateway Produces: Zealot 150 Crystals Dragoon 500 HP High Templar 500 Shields The Gateway is where the basic Protoss ground units are produced. You will need a Cybernetics Core for Dragoons, and a Templar Archives for High Templars. 3.1.5. Forge Research: Ground Weapons 200 Crystals - 3 levels 550 HP Ground Armor 550 Shields - 3 levels Plasma Shields - 3 levels At the Forge, you can upgrade the Armor and attack of all of your Zealots and Dragoons. Also, (and even more important), you can upgrade the Shields, which upgrades Shields for all units and buildings. 3.1.6. Photon Cannon Requires: Forge 150 Crystals 100 HP 100 Shields Cloak Detection STS Photon Cannon - Targets ground - 20 damage STA Photon Cannon - Targets air - 20 damage The Photon Cannon is the best base defense out of the three races. It does quite a bit of damage, detects cloaked units, and targets both ground and air. But, it is rather weak, it has 100 Shields (Shields take full damage from any source) and only has 100 HP behind that. 3.1.7. Cybernetics Core Requires: Gateway Research: 200 Crystals Air Weapons 500 HP - 3 levels 500 Shields Air Armor - 3 levels Singularity Charge (Greater attack range for Dragoons) - 150 Crystals, 150 Gas The Cybernetics Core will allow you to produce Dragoons, and upgrade their attack range. It is also where you upgrade the attack and armor of Protoss ships. 3.1.8. Shield Battery Requires: Gateway Abilities: 100 Crystals Recharge shields 200 HP - Spends Energy during recharge 200 Shields 200 Energy The Shield Battery allows you to recharge the shields of your forces. 3.1.9. Robotics Facility Requires: Cybernetics Core Produces: 200 Crystals, 200 Gas Shuttle 500 HP Reaver 500 Shields Observer This is the location for producing the Shuttle, Reaver, and Observer. You will need a Robotics Support Bay to produce the Reaver, and an Observatory for the Observer. 3.1.10. Stargate Requires: Cybernetics Core Produces: 200 Crystals, 200 Gas Scout 600 HP Carrier 600 Shields Arbiter This is the warping point for the Protoss ships. You will need a Fleet Beacon to warp in Carriers, and an Arbiter Tribunal for Arbiters. 3.1.11. Citadel of Adun Requires: Cybernetics Core Research: 200 Crystals, 100 Gas Leg Enhancements (Faster Zealot movement) 450 HP - 150 Crystals, 150 Gas 450 Shields You can develop Leg Enhancements for your Zealots here, but this facility also allows you to produce a Templar Archives. 3.1.12. Robotics Support Bay Requires: Robotics Facility Research: 50 Crystals, 100 Gas Upgrade Scarab Damage 450 HP - 200 Crystals, 200 Gas 450 Shields Increase Reaver Capacity (5 more Scarabs) - 200 Crystals, 200 Gas Gravitic Drive (Faster Shuttle movement) - 200 Crystals, 200 Gas This building allows you to produce Reavers at the Robotics Facility. You can also increase Scarab damage by 25, and also upgrade your Reavers' capacity to hold 5 more Scarabs. Gravitic Drive is a good idea if you are going to use Shuttles in a combat situation. 3.1.13. Fleet Beacon Requires: Stargate Research: 200 Crystals, 200 Gas Apial Sensors (Greater Scout sight range) 500 HP - 100 Crystals, 100 Gas 500 Shields Gravitic Thrusters (Faster Scout movement) - 150 Crystals, 150 Gas Increase Carrier capacity (4 more Interceptors) - 200 Crystals, 200 Gas The Fleet Beacon will allow you to warp in Carriers at the Stargate. You should definitely increase your Carriers' capacity, and maybe also develop Gravitic Thrusters. Apial Sensors are not very important, but they are cheap. 3.1.14. Templar Archives Requires: Citadel of Adun Research: 100 Crystals, 200 Gas Psionic Storm (High Templar ability) 500 HP - 200 Crystals, 200 Gas 500 Shields Hallucinate (High Templar ability) - 150 Crystals, 150 Gas Khaydarin Amulet (+50 High Templar Energy) - 150 Crystals, 150 Gas The Templar Archives serve as the research point for the High Templar's ability, and also allows you to warp in High Templars at a Gateway. Psionic Storm is highly recommended, as is the Khaydarin Amulet. 3.1.15. Observatory Requires: Robotics Facility Research: 150 Crystals, 100 Gas Gravitic Booster (Faster Observer movement) 250 HP - 150 Crystals, 150 Gas 250 Shields Sensor Array (Greater Observer sight range) - 150 Crystals, 150 Gas The Observatory has very good upgrades for your Observers, and also allows you to produce them at a Robotics Facility. 3.1.16. Arbiter Tribunal Requires: Stargate, Templar Archives Research: 200 Crystals, 150 Gas Recall (Arbiter ability) 500 HP - 150 Crystals, 150 Gas 500 Shields Stasis Field (Arbiter ability) - 150 Crystals, 150 Gas Khaydarin Core (+50 Arbiter Energy) - 150 Crystals, 150 Gas The Arbiter Tribunal does have good upgrades for the Arbiter, but they are not as useful as the Arbiter's inherent ability to cloak surrounding forces. 3.2. Protoss Units All Protoss units have recharging shields that may be quickly recharged at a Shield Battery. 3.2.1. Probe Produced at Nexus Abilities: 50 Crystals Gather 20 HP Build Structure 20 Shields Build Advanced Structure 1 Psi Armor - 0 base armor - +1 per upgrade The Probe is the Protoss workhorse, it warps in all of the buildings and gathers Crystals and Gas. Note that the Probe does _not_ repair. 3.2.2. Zealot Produced at Gateway 100 Crystals 90 HP 90 Shields 2 Psi Psi Blades - Targets ground - 16 damage - +2 per upgrade Armor - 1 base armor - +1 per upgrade The Zealot is the basic Protoss fighting unit. It may be upgraded to move faster at a Citadel of Adun. Notice that a Zealot can take on a lot more than a Marine or a Zergling can. 3.2.3. Dragoon Produced at Gateway Requires: Cybernetics Core 150 Crystals, 50 Gas 100 HP 90 Shields 2 Psi Phase Disruptor - Targets ground and air - 20 damage - +2 per upgrade Armor - 1 base armor - +1 per upgrade The Dragoon is another Protoss ground unit, and it can attack air. It is better used for defense than attack, for it has a rather slow attack. I would rather use a Zealot for a strike against a base. 3.2.4. High Templar Produced at Gateway Requires: Templar Archives 25 Crystals, 150 Gas Abilities: 40 HP Psionic Storm (Damage in target area) 40 Shields - 75 Energy 200 Energy Hallucinate (Makes two copies of unit) 2 Psi - 125 Energy Archon Warp (2 High Templars merge to make an Archon) Armor - 2 Psi - 0 base armor - +1 per upgrade The High Templar's Psi Storm is an excellent weapon to use on incoming attacks, especially of smaller units. Hallucinate creates two copies of a unit, but these copies can't do damage with their attack. This is very useful if your opponent does not look closely at your units during an attack. Archon 10 HP 350 Shields Psionic Shockwave - Targets ground and air - 30 damage - +3 per upgrade Armor - 0 base armor - +1 per upgrade The Archon is a bit slow moving, but it has a quick attack and it has plenty of Shields, that can easily be recharged, or recharge on their own fairly quickly. However, since they are Shields, they do take full damage from any unit. 3.2.5. Shuttle Produced at Robotics Facility 200 Crystals 90 HP 60 Shields 2 Psi Flying Transporting Plating - 1 base armor - +1 per upgrade The Shuttle is slow at first, but its speed may be upgraded at the Robotics Support Bay. 3.2.6. Reaver Produced at Robotics Facility Requires: Robotics Support Bay 200 Crystals, 100 Gas Ability: 100 HP Produce Scarab 90 Shields - 15 Crystals 4 Psi Scarab - Targets ground - 100 damage - +25 damage with upgrade Armor - 0 base armor - +1 per upgrade The Reaver has a very powerful weapon, the Scarab, that it launches, and it finds its target on its own. But, for them to be used, they must first be produced and stored. Originally, a Reaver can store 5 Scarabs, but it can be upgraded to hold 10. 3.2.7. Observer Produced at Robotics Facility Required: Observatory 25 Crystals, 75 Gas 40 HP 20 Shields 1 Psi Flying Cloak Detection Always Cloaked Plating - 0 base armor - +1 per upgrade The Observer is used as a companion for attack forces, and also as scouts for your enemy. If used in an attack, it is very hard to find (especially since it is cloaked), and it will allow you to see the enemy's cloaked units. The Observer's speed and sight range may be upgraded at the Observatory. 3.2.8. Scout Produced at Stargate 300 Crystals, 150 Gas 130 HP 90 Shields 3 Psi Flying Dual Photon Blasters - Targets ground - 9 damage - +1 per upgrade Anti-Matter Missiles - Targets air - 24 damage - +2 per upgrade Plating - 1 base armor - +1 per upgrade The Scout is a rather powerful flying ship. Its Dual Photon Blasters are not very strong, but when it comes to air, the Anti-Matter Missiles are probably the best anti-air weapon. The Scout's sight range and movement speed may be upgraded at a Fleet Beacon. 3.2.9. Carrier Produced at Stargate Required: Fleet Beacon 350 Crystals, 300 Gas Ability: 250 HP Produce Interceptor 150 Shields - 30 Crystals 8 Psi Flying Plating - 1 base armor - +1 per upgrade The Carrier has no weapon of its own, but it launches Interceptors, which attack the enemy. It may produce 4 originally, but it can be upgraded at a Fleet Beacon to hold 8. Interceptor Produced at Carrier 20 HP 30 Shields Flying Pulse Cannon - Targets ground and air - 5 damage - +1 per upgrade Plating - 0 base armor - +1 per upgrade While one Interceptor may not be much to look at, it certainly is a good bargain at 30 Crystals, and are very effective in groups of 8. One of the best things about Carriers is that it can attack base defenses with its Interceptors, and just produce more if any are lost in the attack. 3.2.10. Arbiter Produced at Stargate Required: Arbiter Tribunal 25 Crystals, 500 Gas Abilities: 200 HP Recall (Teleports target units to Arbiter 150 Shields position) 200 Energy - 150 Energy 4 Psi Stasis Field (Stops units in target area) Flying - 100 Energy Cloaks surrounding units Phase Disruptor Cannon - Targets ground and air - 10 damage - +1 per upgrade Plating - 1 base armor - +1 per upgrade The Arbiter's main strength lies in the fact that it can cloak the units near it. You can hide 12 Carriers around an Arbiter, and they would all be cloaked. However, an Arbiter may not be cloaked by another Arbiter, and its weapon is rather weak. Recall is a very good ability. You could fly an Arbiter into the middle of an enemy base and warp in a bunch of Reavers or Zealots, or whatever.-</p>