PlayStation 2 PlanetPlayStation 2 PlanetXbox PlanetPC PlanetNintendo DS PlanetPlayStation Portable PlanetGameboy Advance PlanetGamecube PlanetPlaystation PlanetNintendo 64 PlanetDreamcast Planet Begin Document---------------------------------------------------- WALK THROUGH for ULTIMA UNDERWORLD 2 : Labyrinth of Worlds ---------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.4 Mitch Aigner Throughout this text, the following abbreviations will be used to reference which level of which world something is on: Worlds: Britannia (B1 - B5) Prison Tower (PT1 - PT8) Killorn Keep (KK1 - KK2) plus Alternate Dimension (KKA) Ice Caverns (IC1 - IC2) Talorus (T1 - T2) Scintillus Academy (SA1 - SA8) plus Vault (SAV) Pits of Carnage (PC1 - PC3) Loth's Tomb (LT1 - LT4) Ethereal Void (EVR, EVB, EVY, EVP) Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple Okay folks,... here we go. It starts with a Hint Sheet, to answer the most Frequently-Asked- Questions while giving away as little as possible. After that, you are on your own. HINT SHEET (what to do if you get stuck) and FAQ's -------------------------------------------------------------------- * Be extra sweet to Nanna to avoid "Servant Strike" bug in earlier versions. If the servants are not officially all "on strike" you are fine. LB never does resolve the unrest, but the servants are willing to wait forever. * Be nice to Praecor Loth to avoid "endgame" bug. Do not attack him. He can be persuaded to give you what you want peacefully. * The only speech in the entire game is when the Guardian taunts you. * You cannot auto-map alternate dimensions like KKA, SAV, and the Ethereal Void. Sorry. * Progress in the game is event-driven. Waiting around won't help if you get stuck. If you have explored every bit of every level that you can access, and talked recently with everyone who will talk, you are bound to find some clues that you haven't tracked down yet. * Items needed for quests are often not in the world where the quest was first mentioned. You will have re-visit many worlds. * Talk to everyone (dead or alive) who isn't actively trying to kill you. * Re-visit all of the above very often for clues. Especially your friends in the castle. Altara, Mokpo, and Zoranthus are often helpful. * Spells above the 4th Circle cannot be cast in Britannia. Nystul tells you why this is the case in one of his early conversations. * More LORE skill will allow you to identify magic scrolls, wands, potions, armor, and weapons much more convieniently. * More skill with your weapon of choice (Sword, Axe, Mace, Missile, or Unarmed) will quickly improve your combat capabilites. Generally, you will want to pick one type of weapon and stick with it. * More CASTING skill will greatly reduce "spell backfires". * Skill levels in any category will not exceed 30. There is no limit on experience points (or training points). * If you see a purple flash, your screen starts rocking, the color map goes nuts, and your health goes down,... it's not a bug. You're under psionic attack by a hostile "Brain Creature"! * If you see a yellow flash, either a spell has backfired on you, or you have picked up a "cursed" item. If you are wearing a cursed item, you will take damage each time that you change levels or worlds. Use the "Name Enchantment" spell, or pay Merzam (KK1), to identify which item is cursed, if your LORE skill isn't high enough. * The strange object at the center of B5 is your transportation to the other worlds. Notice how at least one of its facets is always a bit brighter than the others. * The "massive" double door on PT2 does not open. You cannot get outside of the Prison Tower. * The "Listener" is found in Britannia (not Killorn Keep). * There are no keys to open any of the doors in Anodunos. Re-explore the waterways after the flood. * You find the wild dreams of Mokpo so bizarre that you have the sudden urge to write them all down. * No,... you never do find out what's the deal with the Eleomosynator. * Turn the pyramid all one color and look around. Many times. * "Use" the small Blackrock Gems on the larger one on B5. * In each world, you will hear of a particular place where the Guardian has worked some magic, or has some special influence. These locations must be purified! * Be sure to check out all of the sewer pipes, and the waterfalls. * The key to the Armoury is hidden in a pile of debris, in a pit, behind the Reaper on B4. It is VERY hard to find. You must be standing in just the right place, and be looking at the pile of debris at just the right angle. Be patient. -------------------------------------------------------------------- This space intentionally provided so above fits on exactly 2 pages. SUMMARY: -------- In each of the 8 alternate worlds (not Britannia) there are always two things you have to do: A) Find the small Blackrock Gem B) Destroy the Guardians place of power * - indicates what you absolutely gotta have % - indicates optional ventures, usually worth the reward >T< - indicates quests that cannot be completed right away (i.e. you must travel to other worlds, or wait for certain events to occur) Brittania --------- * - Get the key to the Sewers from Dupre * - Find the large Blackrock Gem on the lowest level * - Talk to everyone in the castle often * - Kill the "Listener" >T< Prison Tower ------------ * - Free Bishop % - Free Milenus % - Get the Cornucopia from Felix (a "box" which generates food) % - Free Garg Killorn Keep ------------ * - Make friends with Altara often (she is helpful throughout the game) * - Recover the Spellbook of Mors Gotha for Nystul (appears near end) >T< % - Talk to Relk (make sure no one is around at your second meeting) % - Have a drink with Lobar % - Find the blue Banner of Killorn for Ogri >T< % - Discover the history of the Trilkhai for Blackie >T< Ice Caverns ----------- * - Find the lost city of Anodunos and talk to Beatrice the "dire ghost" % - Talk to Mokpo (he has some interesting visions of the Ethereal Void) Talorus ------- % - Replace the Bliy Skup Ductosnore with an improved model Scintillus Academy ------------------ * - Pass the Final Exam % - Raid the Vault Pits of Carnage --------------- * - Deal with Dorstag (many ways to do this, not all of them violent) * - Find the Sceptre of Deadly Seeker for Zoranthus >T< % - Find a spare "Flam" runestone for Zogith % - Play a few games with Blog Tomb of Praecor Loth -------------------- * - Recover the Horn of Praecor Loth % - Find the 7 pieces of map (makes level 3 a lot easier)(No 8th piece!) Ethereal Void ------------- * - Conquer all four colored worlds * - Break into (and out of) the Shrine of Spirituality GENERAL NOTES: -------------- First, a word of warning: Everything doesn't happen the same way each time you play a new game. Some conversations and events in the castle vary (so talk to everyone often,.. yes everyone). Also, the locations of Runestones varies, sometimes they are not found where indicated (this seems to depend on the character type that you selected,... my Druid seemed to find them all where they should be,... my Fighter didn't). Trainers don't always award the same number of points per Skill Point (and sometimes using two skill points in one conversation will pay off better than using one point in each of two conversations). All in all, there seems to be quite a bit a variability. A LOT depends upon your character type. For Example: FIGHTER: Found 3 Runestones and a Short Sword in secret room (bedroom) PALADIN: Found 5 Runestones and a Short Sword SHEPARD: Found 5 Runestones and a Short Sword DRUID: Found 6 Runestones and a Dagger FIGHTER: Found 1 Runestone and a wand after killing Liche (PC3) the first time. Replaying the battle from the prior saved game produced 1 runestone, a wand, and a scroll. Re-playing the same scenario the third time produce a wand and a scroll. The fourth time yeilded 2 runestones, a wand, and a scroll. The game is very non-linear. This means that you can't necessarily complete each level and go on to the next. Instead, you will find that you spend a lot of time re-visiting places. Examples are the nasty monsters in the first few levels of the Britannia sewers (you will have to bypass some of these battles and return when you are strong enough to deal with them), or the requirement that you return to the first three alternate worlds to destroy the Guardians place of power once you gain the Wand of Altara. In addition, re-visiting these early worlds later in the game can result in conversation options with the residents that were not available previousely. There is no time limit in the game. All occurances in the worlds are event-driven (not time dependent). If you are stuck at some point, waiting around or sleeping won't help. The game progresses only as certain quests are fulfilled. Spells of the 4th Circle and above may not be cast in Britannia. This is due to the fact that giant Blackrock gem impedes the operation of magic (Nystul tells you about this in your 1st conversation with him). Magic works fine in all of the other worlds. Upon start-up, the contents of the secret room attached to your bedroom will vary according to the type of character selected. The large Blackrock Gem on level 5 will transport you to the other worlds. Look for one facet of the gem that is brighter than the others. If you walk into the lit facet, it will take you to that world. Only one facet at a time is illuminated, and it will change to another if you watch it for a while. Not all worlds are accessible at first. As certain quests are completed, more worlds will become available to you. If you are killed while in an alternate world, you are sent back to the large Blackrock Gem in Britannia. You are also given full health and Mana points. However,... lots of Experience points are deducted (up to 500). So save your game often. Skill levels will not go above 30 in any given category. You would be well advised to: 1) Improve your Search skills early in the game. (10 to 20 points should be adequate). 2) Save your game before talking to someone. 3) Talk to all of the folks in the castle often. (and be REALLY nice to Nanna !! --- see "BUGS" section below). 4) Visit with Altara (KK1) often. YOUR MISSION: ------------ 1) Find the small Blackrock Gem in each world. Have them treated by Nystul, and then "use" them on the large Blackrock Gem (B5). 2) Find the place where the Guardian draws power in each world (and disable it with the Wand of Altara). 3) Find the Horn of Praecor Loth. 4) Trap an air-Djinn within your body. 5) Destroy the massive Blackrock Gem which surrounds the castle. THINGS TO DO: ------------ Use a "torch" on "corn" to make popcorn. Use an "oil flask" on a "piece of wood" to make a torch. Use "pole" (not fishing) to activate switches you cannot reach. Use some "thread" on a "pole" to make a "fishing pole" (fish for barter) (warning: only do this if you have a second "pole"). Use "rock hammer" to reduce boulders to sling stones. Use "lump of wax" on "thread" to make a candle. POTIONS: ------- Yellow - Healing Red - Cure Poison or Restoration Purple - Protection (Fire, missile, shield, etc.) Brown - Speed or Freeze Time Black - Invisibility Colorless - Restore Mana or other (not listed above) Green - Hallucination or Poison Note: "Basilisk Oil" appears as a "colorless potion" until identified. GEM ENTRY - Approach Blackrock Gem from just left of: --------- from N : Prison Tower - Small Round Gem from NE : Killorn Keep - Square Gem from E : Ice Caverns - Diamond gem from SE : Talorus - Large Round Gem from S : Scintillus Academy - Circular prism (OK,.. it's a cylinder) from SW : Pits of Carnage - Triangular prism from W : Loth's Tomb - Rectangle gem from NW : Ethereal Void - Heart shape gem TRAINERS: --------- NOTE: Some trainers are better than some of the others some of the time. You may wish to save your game before training sessions to try to shop around for the best deal. One Skill Point can be worth anywhere from 1 - 3 improvement points. Castle: Syria - Sword, Unarmed Nystul - Mana, Casting Julia - Traps, Picklock, Repair Lady Tory - Charisma (do it quick, she may not be around long) Patterson - Charisma Dupre - Axe, Mace Nelson - Lore, Search (do it quick,.. ) Iolo - Swimming, Appraise, Missile Geoffrey - Attack, Defense Fissif - Picklock, Stealth, Traps, Acrobat (in prison) Goblin (B4) - Track (not Rogwump, not Dripper,.. the other guy) Tower: Garg - Unarmed Keep: Lobar - Sword (seems better than Syria) Altara - Mana, Casting Ogri - Lore Pits: Fighters - Axe, Mace (after earning their respect) ARMOR/WEAPONS ------------- Listed from worst to best: Swords : Dagger / Short Sword / Long Sword / Broad Sword Maces : Cudgel / Light Mace / Mace Axes : Hand Axe / Axe / Battle Axe Missiles : Sling / Bow / Crossbow Shields : Buckler / Small Shield / Wooden Shield / Tower Shield Armor : Leather / Mail (Chain) / Plate Weapons/Armor condition (from worst to best): Badly worn / Worn / Servicable / Excellent Jewelled weapons/sheilds are more powerful than regular. In addition, a "black" long-sword is better than an ordinary one. Magical Armor/Weapons rating (from worst to best): Minor Protection/Toughness/Damage/Accuracy Protection/Toughness/Damage/Accuracy (no adjective) Additional Protection/Toughness/Damage/Accuracy Major Protection/Toughness/Damage/Accuracy Great Protection/Toughness/Damage/Accuracy Very Great Protection/Toughness/Damage/Accuracy Tremendous Protection/Toughness/Damage/Accuracy Unsurpassed Protection/Toughness/Damage/Accuracy THINGS TO KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR: ----------------------------- "Pole" (comes in handy for flippimg remote switches, levers, etc.) "Fishing Pole" (unlimited free food + use fish for barter) "Rock Hammer" (reduces boulders to sling stones) "Black Eggshell" from a spider "Amethyst Rod" "Grey Rock" "Basilisk Oil" (looks like a "colorless potion" at first) Anything made from "Fraznium" "Horn" "Banner" "Purple potion of Iron Flesh" Dream "plants" (unusual looking plants found at gravesites) RINGS (magical): ----- Ring of Protection - IC1, Fall off Dam Control tower and enter pipe Ring of Regeneration - LT3, In large pit with fireballs (secret room) Ring of Poison Resist. - LT4 (1st Liche room - Morphius) RUNES: ------ Note: not all runes are at the locations given, there seems to be some variability in the game, which may be somewhat random (or may depend on the type of character created: my personal theory). If a rune isn't found where indicated, try one of the other places. A - KK1 (Altara after quests), PC2 (pentagram room), SA8 (pentagram) B - PC1 (after death of Zaria), SA8 (in 3529 puzzle area) C - T1 (among all the Kal stones), KK1 (Altara after quests) D - B2 (Nystul's lab), PC1 (after death of Zaria), PC1 (Zaria's chest) E - B3 (in chest with two Gazers), LT3 (by exit to level 4) F - PC3 (From liche), SAV (chest), LT4 (Lord Umbria), LT4 (Lethe) G - IC2 (Anodunos), SA8 (pentagram), PC2 (Earth Golem) H - PC3 (from Liche), SAV (pentagram), LT4 (Lord Umbria) I - IC2 (Anodunos), PC1 (after Zaria's death) J - PC2 (Earth Golem) K - T1, PC2 (pentagram room), PC1 (after Zaria's death), B1 (Tory dead) L - B3 (by Fissif), IC1 M - IC2 (Anodunos), PC2 (pentagram room) N - PC1 (after Zaria's death), LT4 (Morphius), B3 (chest near "haunt") O - IC1, PC1 (after Zaria's death), B3 (chest near "haunt") P - B2 (Nystul's lab), PC1 (Zaria's chest), B5 (above waterfall) Q - IC2 (Anodunos), KK1 (Altara after quests) R - PT5, IC2 (Anodunos), B2 (Nystul's lab), PC2 (Earth Golem) S - PT5, SA8 (chest in bedroom) T - SAV U - IC2 (Anodunos), B2 (Nystul's lab), SA8 (pentagram) V - PC3 (behind grey Reaper), SAV, LT4 (Lord Umbria) W - IC1 (pack by skeletons),SA8 (pentagram), LT3 (by exit to level 4) Y - PT5, B2 (Nystul's lab), SA8 (pentagram) UNLISTED SPELLS --------------- NOTE: Unlike the UW1 walkthru (which listed all spells), this version does not list all spells. This is in the interest of discouraging piracy. 1st Circle: UDP - Bounce (from Nystul's Lab) elastic collisions jumping/moving BWE - Locate (from scroll in Anodunos) Puts you back on the map if lost (Note: typically, this occurs when telporting to new area) 2nd Circle: QMY - Dispel Hunger (PC1 - from Zaria) gives you that "well fed" feeling QAC - Valor (PC1 - from Zogith after "Flam" stone) improves combat 3rd Circle: AKC - Repel Undead (KK1 - from Merzan) 4th Circle: IAF - Frost (PC1 - from scroll) shoots "cold" balls at multiple opponents IS - Thick Skin (from UW1) provides medium protection 5th Circle: ITJ - Rune of Stasis (KK1 - from Merzan) sets time trap RSY - Mending (PT5 - from scroll) repairs armour/weapons to "excellent" 6th Circle: WE - Map Area, puts your immediate surroundings on your map 7th Circle: VPY - Tremor (from UW1) causes small earthquake KAM - Summon Demon (creates hostile demon i.e. Hordling, Destroyer) VOY - Enchant Item (KK1 - from Altara) turns weapons/armour "magical" Note: "Enchant" can be cast multiple times on the same weapon or armor for improved effects, also works to recharge wands. 8th Circle: VKC - Armageddon (from UW1) destroys everything, everywhere (not good) VJM - Smite Foe (kills just about anything) IMPORTANT NOTE: When using the "Levitate" or "Fly" spells: Press "E" key to go UP Press "Q" key to go DOWN SHOPPING: (Prices may be lower, depending on Charisma skill rating) -------- Merzan (KK1) Spells: $175 Repel Undead $175 Rune of Stasis Potions: $75 Invisibility $50 Restore Mana $35 Greater Heal $30 Mana Boost $20 Resist Blows $15 Lesser Heal Services: $60 Recharge Item $25 Identify item Note: Merzan will also sell you a Potion of Iron Flesh ($100), or Flameproof ($60 + 10 bottles of water) if you ask for it special. Note: Merzan will also accept gemstones, goblets, and sceptres in place of cash. Beware of anyone peddling "Dragon skin boots". CHARACTER CREATION ------------------ I would suggest spending some effort up front in creating a good character. Pay particular attention to the Strength attribute. If you do not have a Strength of 25 or more, you will not be able to wear a full set of neat "Plate Armor", and still have enough carrying capacity for all your other nifty stuff. Create some characters and throw them all away, until you get an idea of what a "good" set of stats looks like. I found Druids, Paladins, Shepherds, and Fighters to be pretty good bets. NOTE: When you create a character, you will start with certain skills at certain levels. There is a rumor to the effect that if "Casting" is your highest initial skill, a "Mani" runestone will be in your secret room upon game start-up. This will allow you to cast the popular "Lesser Heal" spell right away. Recommended Skills: ------------------ This is MY opinion about what skills to concentrate upon developing. Your opinion will certainly be different. Attack - LOTS Defense - LOTS Weapon - LOTS (choose only 1 of Sword / Axe / Mace / Missile) Mana - LOTS Lore - LOTS (so you can identify all these neat magical items) Casting - LOTS (so you don't get so many "backfires") Search - Little Acrobat - Little (so you don't get hurt in falls) You can win the game with no weapons (UNARMED skill only). Note: Weapon skill is very important (especially in the early game). When you are engaged in battle, your effective attack, and defense are both based on your Weapon skill (in addition to Attack and Defense). In other words, extra points in Weapon improve BOTH attack and defense, in battle. It also lessens the chances of damaging your weapon. EXPERIENCE LEVELS: This lists how many experience points you need to reach each character level. You cannot get above 15th level. You can, however, continue to get experience points (and thus Skill Points) beyond this level. There appears to be no limit. After you hit 15th level, you continue to get 1 Skill Point for every 150 Experience Points. Level Exp. Points Exp./Skill pt. ----- ----------- -------------- 1 0 50 2 50 | 3 100 | 4 150 | 5 200 \|/ 6 300 100 7 400 | 8 600 | 9 800 \|/ 10 1200 150 11 1600 | 12 2400 | 13 3200 | 14 4800 | 15 6400 \|/ BRITANNIA --------- 1) Get Sewer Key from Dupre (B1) 2) Convince Fissif (B3) to go quietly (he then becomes a Trainer). 3) Get Armoury Key - In debris pile in pit behind Reaper (B4) (It's there,.. keep looking), also a magical longsword (pick up the plants). 4) Find large Blackrock Gem (B5). This is used to teleport to the other worlds. There are two locked "massive" doors on level 3. One you can get to both sides of easily, the other requires a key which Charles will find for you about midway through the game. Castle Events: Water shortage (resolved after you visit IC2) Servant's strike (avoided by taking complaints of Nanna to Lord British). NOTE: See "BUGS" !!! Lady Tory murdered (unresolved until later) Charles finds a key Nelson murdered (murderer obvious) PRISON TOWER ------------ Quests: Free Bishop and Milenus Free Felix and Marcus (and get the Cornucopia) Free Garg FAQ: No you can't get through those big double doors on PT2. 1) Pick up the "Food Delivery Voucher" and pass yourself off as the grocery boy. 2) Talk to Felix (PT4) about eliminating Freemis. 3) Talk to the goblin armourer. Many possibilities here. One option is to tell him how to make Fraznium gauntlets the easy way (without asking anything in return). After this, he will lend you a pair on subsequent conversation. 4) Talk to Borne (PT6) and pass yourself off as the new interrogator that he is expecting to arrive. He will give you a pair of "Fraznium Gauntlets", and the password (password varies from game to game). 5) Talk to Borne again and demand the set of keys. He will give you another password and send you to Janar (PT4). Go to Janar and get the set of keys. 6) Talk to Bishop (PT8), using the Fraznium Gauntlets to penetrate the force field. Give him the second pair of Fraznium Gauntlets. Bishop will then tell you about the Gem that you are looking for. 7) Go back down to Borne and demand that he hand over the Blackrock Gem. 8) Use the keys to release Garg (PT6). Garg will kill every goblin in the entire tower. You may now pillage at your leisure. 9) Go back to Felix to collect the Cornucopia (box). This box will generate food each time that you open it (food will appear on the floor in front of you). The box will operate only for a limited number of uses. Super shorcut: Talk to Felix (PT4). Kill Janar (PT4), and take his keys. Use keys to release Garg (PT6). You now have free run of the Prison Tower. KILLORN KEEP ------------ Quests: Find the Blue Banner of Killorn for Ogri (Praecor Loth's grave). Find out the history of the Trilkhai for Blackie. (Wisp in EVB) Find Amethyst Rod (T1) and Black Eggshell (B4 or LT1) for Altara. FAQ: "The Listener" is to be found in Britannia (not KK). If you pay close attention when Altara gives you the special dagger, she will pinpoint the spot. Blow out candles and throw away to avoid trap to alternate dimension. An alternative is to cast an "Open" spell on the locked portcullis. This will allow you to explore the Alternate Dimension later, without destroying the trap. DON'T kill any Brain Creatures that you may find. They are what is keeping the Keep up in the air. If you crash the Keep, you can still win the game (assuming that you have the Wand of Altara), however if you do, Altara will be dead, and you will miss some of the other nice things that she can do for you. Talk to everyone (keep in mind that all but one works for the infamous Guardian). You will have fun with Relk (he attacks you on your second meeting). Kintara and Lobar can help you to answer the questions of Mystell. Ask Altara if she knows Bishop. Altara is helpful throughout the game, you will want to go back to her many times. She provides you with: A) A magic dagger, with which to kill the "Listener" in Britannia. B) A special wand (made with a "black pearl", "amethyst rod", and a "black eggshell" from a spider). This wand will destroy the place of power in each world. C) Some nice runestones. (A, C, Q). D) The "enchant item" spell. E) Lots of good advice. NOTE: Fans of the game "Wing Commander" may notice a striking resemblance between the story of the Trilkhai (Blackie), and the Kilrathi cat-warriors of WC. In fact,... if you re-arrange the letters in Trilkhai,...... KKA: There is a trap (carpet with candles) that will teleport you to an alternate dimension. This place is designed solely to kill you, and there is nothing of value to be found (except maybe a little experience and a couple of coins). The first part is a narrow hallway with rising/falling pillars. The hazard here is that they rise all the way to the ceiling and squash you (dead). The second part has numerous fireballs flying around. Since you will not have a "Flam" stone at this stage of the game, you cannot cast the "Fire protection" spell (result: death). If you ride the pillar up in the fireball area, there are two buttons and a chain. If you manipulate these correctly, a third area opens up,... filled with slippery floors and hostile imps. Walking into the large pit you find will teleport you back to the beginning of this nightmare. Walking into either one of the lava-falls will get you out. ICE CAVERNS: ------------ Quests: Find the lost city of Anodunos FAQ: There are no keys to open any of the doors in Anodunos. You will have to bash down the "sturdy" ones, and lockpick or use the "Open" spell on the "massive" ones. Jump up and down to stop slipping on the ice. "Walk on Water" spell comes in really handy in this world. 1) Find your way down to level 2 and visit with Mokpo. He has some interesting visions. When you get to the Ethereal Void, you will wish that you had written these down. 2) Find the Dam Control Tower and make your way through the maze to find the key, and the door (A two step process). Release the floodgates. 3) Re-explore the waterways to find the Lost City of Anodonus. Talk to the "dire ghost" there,... and keep an eye out for a secret door. Use the Orb many times, for a clue. (Note: the many visions you see in the Orb are not all from the past,... one of them is of the very near future,... and tells you of your ultimate objective). 4) Pick up the Blackrock Gem on the ice plains by the river in the south-central areas. Don't forget to locate the Filanium deposits. You will need to know where they are later. (Note: they appear as "watery mud"). Dam maze controls - Key: Chain, switch, lever all up, pushbutton light (flip switch & push button to achieve this) Door: Chain still up, Switch & lever down, button dark (flip lever & switch down, and push button) Instructions for Dam control: "Manipulating the controls causes the maze to change in a two step process. To get the key, make sure the lever, switch, and chain are all up. To reach the door, lower the lever and switch, and press the button. Walk through the force field to get to maze. Destroy this note afterwards, else we'll both hang." TALORUS ------- FAQ: No,... you never do find out what's the deal with the Eleomosynator. The brass plates in the floor propel you upwards. This is used to travel between levels, and to leave Talorus. You just have to run over the plates at the right speed. Don't forget to pick up any "Nutritious Wafers" you find (light weight,... and very filling), or any "Light Sphere"s (brighter than the lantern,... but shorter duration). 1) Talk to the Historian 2) Talk to the Futurian and get Control Crystal M4Y8 3) Talk to the Data Integrator (this conversation doesn't go well) 4) Talk to the Dialogicians and get scroll 5) Talk to the Data Integrator again (goes much better this time) 6) Go down to level 2 and get the Delgnizator, and crystal E0Y2 7) Go to Bliy Skup Chamber and kill Bliy Skup Ductosnore 8) In chamber: place M4Y8 control crystal in yellow input hopper place E0Y2 pattern crystal in purple input hopper place Delgnizator on blue repulsor circle pull the chain 9) Go back to the Historian, and he will teleport you to the gem that you are looking for (if you haven't found it already). NOTE: There is a small room with a switch and a brass plate, located right next to the Bliy Skup chamber. This is the "Light Sphere" re-charging station! Real handy! SCINTILLUS ACADEMY (Final Exam) ------------------------------- Note: Mana will NOT regenerate on levels 2 thru 7. These levels CAN be solved without it,... but it sure makes life easier in a few places. You will need some magic in the Vault, but that is on level 8 (where Mana DOES regenerate). Interesting stuff: Try out the vending machines. (bring some coins). Level 1: Drop the Gold Coffer on the Pressure Plates to open the three Portcullises. The right-hand Portcullis is the exit. The other two are traps. Level 2: Push button to open Portcullis. In hallway with arrow traps, timing is everything. Level 3: Use "Telekinesis" (wand provided in hallway as you enter). First, jump on the pillars and head to the west wall, push the button. Then, jump north 2 pillars,.... then west 2 pillars. Then, use "Telekinesis" to activate the pushbutton for the row NEXT to the one you are in. You must be standing on the very edge of your pillar to reach, and look around in the dark (or use "Daylight" or a "Light Sphere") to find the button. Then jump to exit. Unfortunately, the cool Wand of Telekinesis disappears when you exit this level. Level 4: Find the two keys on the NW and SE corner towers. Exit in NE. Level 5: Use pole provided to flip all switches up. Be careful not to step on the Pressure Plates in front of each switch. Then go through the door and jump for the Key. Do not hit the button or pull the chain. Also, don't forget to pick up the Moonstone. Level 6: Walk over plates to get key (arrow traps). Stepping on any of the plates results in a "headless" appearing at that plate. The arrow traps are triggered when you attempt to take the items in the center. The peacful headlesses will get hit by the arrows meant for you. After that, it's just a matter of good mapping notes (and determination). Level 7: "Levitate" spell is nice,... otherwise: MAP: Exit | P| First swim for the Key and the potion. X-X-X X X | K - Key X X X X X P - potion K| X - Pillars North <- X X X-X-X | | | Save your game after each successful X-X-X X X jump to avoid irritation. The "Shift-J" | key combination makes these jumps much X X X X Enter easier (Read about it in your manual). Each column has an arrow symbol on the top. The arrow points to another column, which will disappear permanently once you step on the first column. If you can land on the very edge of a column (this is difficult, but not impossible) without stepping on the arrow, then the column it points to will not disappear. Level 8: Count the alcoves from the red carpet (clockwise) Don't miss the key behind a bed, or the secret room. Vault : Yikes! First, cast "Dispel Rune" to avoid time trap, or use the "Flameproof" spell, or toss a coin through. Then, cast "Telekinesis" to activate button. Or you can shoot the button with a "Magic Arrow" spell. Then, swim to find a switch, then swim to find the door. Hint: take a left initially, then a right at the first intersection (This gets you close). Then, walk through walls to find the door switch. Hint: go straight in, and straight out. Then, swim into the Red Moongate. (Or, you may use "Fly" or "Bounce" here to bypass the next step). Then, cast "Flameproof", open all 3 doors, and go through purple Moongate in the center building. Then, swim to the path and find the hidden room, go too far and you will hit a nasty teleport trap. Then, find the hidden room behind the hidden room, if you have some form of "Fraznium". Examine the floor here carefully. PITS OF CARNAGE --------------- Quests: Get a Flam Runestone for Zogith (see Runestone locations) Get Sceptre of Deadly Seeker for Zoranthus (EVR) There are several ways to do this world: EASY WAY: 1) Talk to Dorstag (he refuses to give you the stone) 2) Play the game with Blog (PC3), use a "Grey Stone", and he will become your friend (or pick up one of his "black stone"s you see laying there and let him win a few). Ask for his help in obtaining the Gem. 3) Talk to Dorstag again, and ask for the stone. HARD WAY: 1) Talk to Dorstag (he declines your challenge) 2) Talk to Krilner 3) Challenge Zaria (and defeat her) 4) Challenge Dorstag (and defeat him) Note: You may have to challenge a few more fighters in order to establish your reputation as a bad dude. REAL HARD: 1) Push Dorstag out of his rooms and down the hallway 2) Kill him (Hint: He has trouble with Flame Strike, as well as Frost). 3) Repeat with all of his guards. If you push them far enough away from Dorstag's Quarters, the others will not attack you. 4) Raid the secret room in his quarters. Don't forget to visit Zoranthus (PC2). Just hit the silver button (the second one you find). You will need the Djinn-bottle he has. Pay close attention to the instructions. Note: I was able to kill Dorstag and all his guards in his quarters. I used up two Wands of Frost while standing in one of the doorways. By the time both wands had been used up, the only one standing was Dorstag (and he was in really rough shape). Note: check the graffiti on the walls in the central area of level 1 after you defeat Dorstag! Note: Jospur will arrange arena fights for you. Winning a few of these will improve your social standing, as well as provide lots of experience points. Not to mention $$$. TOMB OF PRAECOR LOTH -------------------- Quests: Find Trystero's bones for him (by jewelled axe and Gem) Talk to Praecor Loth for Helena Get Horn and Banner Level 1: Get all 8 pieces of the map for level 3. * By skeletons * By Fire Elemental * Golem has one (on him) * Push button by stairway * Behind secret door by locked door * Behind door with 5 switches (flip all down, right-to-left) * Behind locked Portcullis (note press. plate on pillar nearby). * There is no 8th piece (sorry). Level 2: Talk to the ghosts, and then do a little "Walk on Water" Level 3: Hope to hell you have most of the map. Exit is at North- center edge of level. Life is much easier if you have a key,.. Head for the NE quadrant, and two places with water. One place has a hidden switch on the opposite wall (near water-level), which will open a secret door (key). The other place has some buttons,... push them to unlock secret door (or just bash it). This second water area provides a shortcut through level 3. NOTE: You have to activate the Flood control switch in the Southeast quadrant in order to do this, else the second water area doesn't have any water in it, eliminating the shortcut. Level 4: Kill the "Three" (Morphius, Lord Umbria, and Lethe). Throw away candles from pentagram to get through "Outer Space" To get across pillars, use "Fly" or locate the four pillars that aren't teleporters (Southmost, then NE, then E, then SE). There is a teleport trap in the water to take you back to the start, if you should fall in. Switch in area behind waterfall will open the big double doors. The "Despoiler" has the key that you will need. Fire Pit: just walk right over (invisible walkway). Talk to Praecor Loth and convince him that he's really dead. He will give you the Horn. Pick up the blue Banner while you are there. ETHEREAL VOID ------------- If you have any LSD,... this would be a good time to take it. FAQ: If your screen starts rocking, the color map goes nuts, and your health goes down,... it's not a bug. You're under psionic attack by a hostile "Brain Creature". The levels are divided into colors (Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple) When you complete each color, you will be dumped on top of a white pyramid. Each time you step on one of the blocks of the pyramid, it will change colors. When all of the blocks are the same color, a moongate of that color will appear on the ramps above. This will take you to some interesting places. When all 4 basic colors have been completed, a fifth color (orange) becomes available. Do the pyramid thing one more time, in orange, and the moongate will take you to the base of the Shrine of Spirituality. Die-hard fans of the arcade game "Q-bert" may find this whole pyramid thing strangely familiar. Also, in the treasure area found as a result of turning the pyramid red, Underworld 1 fans will recognize Rawstag the troll. RED: Cast "Flameproof" before entering. A "Destroyer" guards the "Sceptre of Deadly Seeker" that you will need. Lots of Imps and Fire Elementals around. This is definitely the nastiest level in the Void,... so prepare. You will also need some form of "Cure Poison". YELLOW: Climb up on top of the maze. There is an "etched brass wall" where this is easy to do. Cruise around the highest level of the maze until you see a pillar/elevator in one corner (just like the moving pillars in Britannia level 3) Past this pillar is where you want to be. Remember what old Mokpo told you in the Ice Caverns? ("golden maze" "climb up on top of the walls"). BLUE: Barter with Prinx (he wants 2 "eyeballs" from a flying Brain). Talk to a Wisp (white sparkles) to find out the history of the Trilkhai. Cruise down the exit hallway (more moving pillars) to the outer ring. Nasties await,... so prepare. In the center of the ring is an orange moongate on a pillar. Jump into the central pit, and use the "Bullseye" to bounce up to the gate. Mokpo: "an endless walkway, glowing blue" "jump and you are thrown high in in the air". PURPLE: Swim up the slippery hill and over the edge, follow the double arrow and use the "Bullseye"s to travel straight ahead. You will wind up on a narrow, slippery path,... that will lead through an image of the Guardian,... and into the Stick Maze. Past the maze (keep to the left,.. mostly), lies the goal. SHRINE: For some reason, you are not put in the Shrine of Spirituality, but are teleported to the base of the tower that it lies on top of. There are several ways to get in (and out): A) Use "Levitate" of "Fly" to get to the top of the tower. Lower yourself until you are standing at floor level of the Shrine. Cast "Portal" to get through the bars (and back out). B) "Levitate" or "Fly" to the top of the tower. Throw one of the Moonstones through the bars. Throw the other Moonstone on the ground at the base. Cast "Gate Travel" on this Moonstone to get in (and "Gate Travel" again on the moonstone at the Shrine to get out,.. after remembering to pick it up). C) Use the "dream" plants just before bedtime. In your dream, pick up the blackrock gem at the Shrine and throw it through the bars. It will be there when you arrive later. To disable the Shrine with Altara's wand, you must merely get close to the bars. ENDGAME: ------- Okay, now that you have found all 8 gems (and "used" them on the big gem on B5),.... and destroyed all 8 places the Guardian was drawing power from (with Altara's wand),... and you have the "Horn" of Praecor Loth,... and the Djinn bottle from Zoranthus,... we're ready to go: 1) Cruise to the Filanium mud deposits (IC2, SE corner, "watery mud") and toss in a "colorless potion" of Basilisk oil. You will notice that "the thick oil permeates the mud". 2) Take a swim in the mud ("The oily mud coats your skin"). 3) Cruise to EVR (Ethereal Void - Red) and take a bath in the lava pit you are dropped into ("The oily mud bakes on your skin"). You can also do this in the lava pit in the Brain Creature room on KK2, or anywhere else that there is lava to stand in. 4) Cruise to the "Sigil of Binding" (go through a few White moongates in the void until you get there,... there is a sign). 5) Cast an "Iron Flesh" spell, or drink a potion if you have one. ("The baked mud hardens into a clear glaze"). 6) Stand in the center of the pentagram and set the Djinn bottle down. Break it with your weapon. If all goes well, the Djinn will enter your body,... otherwise you're dead (so SAVE before you try this). 7) Cruise to Killorn Keep and check out the soldiers barracks. Behind the door on the north wall you will find Mors Gotha. After a little verbal banter, she will attack you (along with about 6 guards). Once you have beat her up some, the Guardian will teleport her out of there (but you still have to deal with all of the guards). NOTE: if you haven't bashed down this door yet,.. it's about time. NOTE: If Mors gives you trouble, just crash the keep (by killing the Brain Creatures in the basement). 8) Pick up the Spellbook she leaves behind, and return it to Nystul. He will ask two questions. Nell has the answers ("Throne room" and "4:00"). Note: Fissif said 4:15 ("4:15" or "4" also work). 9) Mors Gotha will re-appear in YOUR castle, and you will have to deal with her again (in a permanent fashion). She will also have a few more guards with her,... who will also have to be dealt with. 10) Cruise to the Throne Room of Lord British. You will find the whole castle crew assembled. Tell Nystul that you are ready. 11) The rest is automatic,... Nystul casts a major spell, while you blow the horn (with the added "Oomph" provided by the air-Djinn). The castle is free, and Britannia is once again safe for Democracy. At least it would be except for that pin-head Lord British. Oh well,.. you never really did care for politics anyway........ GEM LOCATIONS: ------------- Prison Tower - Borne has it (PT6) Killorn Keep - guarded by headlesses (KK2) Ice Caverns - On ice plain by river in south-central area (IC2) Talorus - Island in center of lava lake (T2) Scintillus Academy - In pentagram (SA8) Pits of Carnage - Dorstag has it (PC1) Loth's Tomb - Behind row of boulders (LT1) (use "rock hammer") Ethereal Void - In Shrine of Spirituality GUARDIANS' POWER LOCATIONS: -------------------------- Prison Tower - Bishop's cell (PT8) Killorn Keep - lava pit in Brain Creature room (KK2) Ice Caverns - fountains of Anodunos (IC2) Talorus - Bliy Skup Chamber (T1) Scintillus Academy - Pentagram (SA8) Pits of Carnage - room with bloodstained walls (PC1) (Northmost) Loth's Tomb - Behind row of boulders (LT1) (use "rock hammer") Ethereal void - Shrine of Spirituality INTERESTING THINGS ------------------ Get Mokpo hooked on drugs! After you have used the dream plants in your sleep, take some to old Mokpo. He will provide you with more clues as to how to conquer the Ethereal Void. Find out what old Nystul is hiding in his locked chest in the Library. Talk to all of the folks at the castle after you have been dipped in Filanium mud / Basilisk oil. Re-visit Garg on PT6 later in the game, he has a letter for you. You will find some dream "plants" in your travels. These are typically found at gravesites, and have little pale green flowers that look like "X"s. Eat one of these just before sleep for visions of the Ethereal Void. WARNING: You CAN die in your dreams. Check out the graffiti on the walls in the center of PC1 after you defeat Dorstag. Cast "Tremor" in the Ethereal Void. The best place I found is on the multi-colored floor area right at the exit. Cast "Mending" (RSY) on an empty lantern to re-fill it. Dorstag has an unlimited supply of "crossbow bolt"s. The problem is that to get them, you have to let him shoot you for a while. The "missile protection" spell works well for this. Fissif (once in jail) has an unlimited supply of "lockpick"s for sale. If the screen flashes: RED - You have been hit (injured) BLUE - You are drowning (get out of the water,... fast) PURPLE - You are under psionic attack by a Brain Creature (yikes!) YELLOW - You have picked up a "cursed" item, or a spell has backfired on you. Cursed items cannot be used (or "uncursed"). If you are wearing a "cursed" item, you will take damage each time that you change levels or worlds. Get rid of the item! You may have to have high LORE skill, or use an "Name enchantment" spell to find out which items are cursed. Be sure to check out the area above the waterfall on B3. It seems that nobody in any of the worlds knows how to swim, except you, and the Lurkers. Try pushing a monster into any nearby water. TRAP DOORS - every once in a while, you will discover a trap-door in the ceiling somewhere. You can do nothing with these. Should you fall into a bottomless pit elsewhere in the same world, this is where you will end up. Time and Flame traps: If you see a glowing "Tym" or "Flam" symbol, it is a trap. You can either cast "Dispel Rune" to destroy it,... or just pick any object from your inventory (like a "coin") and throw it at the trap. The trap will be disarmed, and you can pick up your object (with no damage done). Warning: do not throw any weapons/armor that are already in a "badly damaged" state. Moonstones: There are two of these: One on B3 in a chest guarded by a "haunt" (red ghost) behind a locked door, the other just lying in a hallway in the Scintillus Academy (SA5). To use them, you cast "Gate Travel" on one, and it teleports you to the other. A good example of their usefullness is if you ever want to return to SA8 (Scintillus Academy). Drop one stone there, and keep the other one with you. Way to get Armoury key: Walk up to the Reaper (to get its interest) and then lure it back to the entryway (where you came in). Now turn off your light source, and swim around the Reaper to get back to the pit it was guarding. The key is in a pile of debris in the pit (really! it's there! keep looking!). If you're quick, you can get in and out without a fight. Also, there is a nice sword behind a large plant (you have to try to "pick up" the plant, and suddenly the sword falls out where you can see it). Way to get past locked things in Britannia: Since you cannot cast an "Open" spell while in Britannia, you take advantage of the way that targeted spells operate. Go to any alternate world and cast your "Open" spell. The cursor will change to indicate that the spell has been cast, and will then wait for you to target the spell. At this time, run back to Britannia, and find the locked object you wish to open,... then release the spell. Blackrock Gem (B5): You will notice that one of the 8 facets is a bit brighter than the rest. This is the one that you can walk into to teleport to alternate worlds. The active facet is constantly changing (you can see this if you watch the gem later in the game.) Initially, only one facet will be lit (Prison Tower). The next two facets (Killorn Keep, and Ice Caverns) will open up when: A) You have set foot on level 6 of the Prison Tower B) You have talked to Miranda afterwards (where she tells you the servants have become "increasingly rude and irritable"). The next three facets (Talorus, Scintillus Academy, and Pits of Carnage) will open up after the murder of Lady Tory. This event is triggered when: A) You possess the small blackrock gem from Ice Caverns. B) You have killed "The Listener". C) You have talked with Miranda after doing all of the above (this conversation is interrupted by a guard). The last two facets (Tomb of Praecor Loth and the Ethereal Void) become available after the murder of Nelson. This event is triggered when: A) You have talked with Zoranthus (PC2). B) You possess the blackrock gem from the Scintillus Academy. C) You have "Used" the blackrock gem from Talorus on the larger one (B5). D) You have talked with Miranda after doing all of the above (she tells you that Nelson wishes to see you right away). E) Nelson is dead. F) Patterson is dead (No, you can't leave him hanging around). The next trigger-point is the appearance of Mors Gotha in Killorn Keep. This event is triggered by succesfully containing an Air-Djinn in your body. When you return from the Ethereal Void after accomplishing this, you should be met by four soldiers from KK at the big blackrock gem on B5. Once you have dispatched them, go to the soldiers barracks area of KK1. In the room with the locked door, you will find Mors Gotha. When you have defeated her (and her soldiers), she will leave behind a spellbook. Take this book to Nystul. You will also find that Altara has fled from the Keep at this time. The final trigger-point occurs when Nystul has studied the spellbook of Mors Gotha, and asks you to find the answers to some questions. This is triggered by: A) "Using" all 8 small gems on the larger (it will start flashing when this is done). B) Destroying the Guardians place of power in each of the 8 worlds. C) Posessing the Horn of Praecor Loth. D) Talking to the right people after all of the above (however, I am not entirely sure who they are at this writing). The center of level B5 will change to icy walls when you return from the Ice Caverns for the first time. This area will remain frozen until you eliminate the Guardian's influence from Anodunos. Don't forget to "use" the small blackrock gems you find (after treatment by Nystul) on the large gem. This will lock these worlds open, so you don't have to wait around. Quick experience: In the Scintillus Academy (SA1), there are those Portcullises that you opened by placing the Gold Coffer on the correct Pressure Plate. Open the center Portcullis. Inside you will find an endless supply of "hostile mongbat"s to kill. They just keep coming! (and they are pretty easy to deal with by this time). You can keep this up until the game starts to slow down, from rendering all those countless bloodstains on the floor that you are generating (I noticed this after about 500 kills). Also, on SA5, there is a pull-chain near a portcullis which produces skeletons each time that you pull it. Also, on SA8, a new monster will appear in the center of the puzzle each time you screw up (the 3:5:2:9 puzzle). Talk to Jospur on PC1. He will be happy to arrange some fights for you (you make some $$$ as well). Also, if you are really looking for some action,... try the "Summon Demon" spell (KAM). LOCKED DOORS: Unless a door or chest is "massive", it can be bashed in. It is best to remove your weapon (to avoid damage to it), and use your bare hand (which seems impossible to damage). This also works for locked "secret door"s. NOTE: "locked secret doors" are always accompanied by a hidden switch nearby. Search the walls carefully to reveal it. BASILISK OIL: Appears as a "colorless potion". You only need one. B3 - in chest guarded by two Gazers SAV - in chest at the end of the vault PC1 - in Zaria's chest PC3 - in Really Secret room behind Liche Don't forget to check out any sewer pipes that you find, and waterfalls. An extra Djinn Bottle may be found in the Ethereal Void in the bonus area accessed by turning the pyramid all purple. Works just fine. "Grey Stone" (PT1), (T1) Futurians back room, (LT1) near gem. "Amethyst rod" in Talorus (T1), room with many crystals. Don't forget to score the "Nutritious Wafers" here. Lightweight, and filling. Note: another "amethyst rod" can be obtained in the Ethereal Void. "Spider Eggshell" in B4, and LT1 "Horn" (LT4) Loth's gravesite "Banner" (LT4) Loth's gravesite You cannot auto-map alternate dimensions like KKA, SAV, and the Ethereal Void. Sorry. STEALING: If you find something "belonging to a XXXX", tread with caution. If the XXXX is upset, taking its belongings will almost certainly turn it to the "hostile" state,... IF it sees you do it (and that's the trick). If something is "peaceful", you may get away with taking things from under their nose, but I would recommend saving your game first! CRASHING the KEEP: If you kill the Brain Creatures in the room on KK2, the Keep will fall from the sky and crash. You will find that much has changed upon your next visit. Since this results in the death of Altara (very bad), I would not recommend it. But, when Mors Gotha arrives, Altara leaves the Keep of her own accord. At this point, feel free to experiment. In fact, this is a great way to get rid of Mors and her flunkies (her spellbook will remain). LIGHT SOURCES: Tired of torches going out when you least expect it? Having trouble finding more oil for your lantern? Not to worry! Go into the "data" sub-directory and find a file called "shades.dat". Re-name it to something like "shadez.dat" and delete the original. When you fire up the game, all lighting will be like "Daylight". No torches, no lanterns required ever again! SECRET DOORS ------------ B1 - Seven (one in your bedroom, six around perimeter of castle) B4 - One (between rats area and goblins area) KK1 - Two (in barracks area) KK2 - One (in room near portcullis) IC2 - One (Anodunos) (locked - hidden switch) SA6 - One SA8 - One (in one of the bedrooms) (locked - hidden switch) PC1 - Two (Dorstag's quarters) (Zaria's quarters) PC2 - Two PC3 - One (near area with 3 reapers) (locked - hidden switch) LT1 - One (near massive door) LT3 - Three (two by water) (one in bottom of fire pit) LT4 - Two (in Morphius area) REALLY SECRET ROOMS: ------------------- These areas are found if you use the "Roaming Sight" spell. We're talking REALLY secret: KK2 - when you come down the stairs to get to the Brain creature room, walk straight until you are facing the wall (just a few steps forward after you arrive on level 2). Turn 45 degrees to the left so that you face the corner. Cast "Portal". Nothing worthwhile here (unless you need some sling stones). NOTE: this area does become available to you if you crash the Keep. IC2 - Anodunos. Go to NW corner of map (Anodunos). There is a piece of a building in the ice by a table and chair. Go to the SW wall of this building and face North. Cast "Portal". Good scrolls here! PC3 - behind the room with the Liche. Face the east wall and cast a "Reveal" or "Portal" spell. Basilisk Oil, Book, Orb here! SA6 - Teleport maze. There is a rest area in the red-carpet section of the maze (bench, chair, and vending machine). Stand in the SW corner of this area (chair) and face SW. Cast "Portal". There is nothing in here. LT2 - Head for the NE corner of the level. Head directly south, down this hallway until you face a "cave-in". Cast "Portal". Nice wand and magic leather vest! LT4 - Jump down into the fire pit just outside of Praecor Loth's grave site. You will know that you are in the right place when a bunch of "Fire Elementals" attack you. At either end of the pit are "spacey twinkles", which teleport you out of the pit. The twinkles are under a ledge. Walk towards the twinkles until just before you go under the ledge. Cast "Levitate" of "Fly" and rise all the way to the ceiling. There are two of these. The one to the west has neat stuff. COOL WEAPONS AND OTHER STUFF ---------------------------- Note: Not everything appears where it should be. There seems to be some variability from game to game here. All is disclaimed. Sword of Stone Strike - LT1 (in pack behind portcullis) Jewelled Axe of Fire Doom - SAV (under floor tile with Vas, Tym) Jewelled Mace of Undead Bane - LT4 (Loth's gravesite) Cudgel of Entry - PC1 (Dorstag's secret room)("Open") Leather leggings of Stealth - B2 (Armory - in chest) Broadsword of Poison Weapon - IC2 (Anodunos - caution: badly worn) Battle Axe of LifeStealer - EVP (behind hidden wall in stick maze) Leather Boots of Bounce - T2 (among many other boots) Leather vest of Flameproof - LT3 (South-center room by ladder up) Chain Cowl of Valor - B3 (ghost above waterfall) Plate Gauntlets of Missile Protection - LT4 (Morphius area) Leather cap of Missile Protection - PC3 (behind "Dire Reaper") Jewelled Sword of Major Damage - B4 (in large plant in Reaper area) Jewelled Sheild of Unsurpassed Protection - LT4 (Really secret area) Jewelled Mace of Unsurpassed Damage - LT4 (Really secret area) Jewelled Dagger of Unsurpassed Damage - LT3 (room S-SW at map edge) Leather Vest of Unsurpassed Protection - LT2 (Really secret area) Chain Gauntlets of Unsurpassed Protection - LT2 (northmost area) Plate Boots of Unsurpassed Toughness - LT3 (in big fire pit) Tower Shield of Very Great Toughness - LT2 (by stairs to LT3) Black Sword of Great Accuracy - LT4 (Lethe has it) Jewelled Axe of Great Damage - LT1 (next to Blackrock Gem) Long Sword of Great Accuracy - LT1 (in debris pile as you enter) Broadsword of Great Damage - EVB (below orange moongate) Mail Shirt of Tremendous Protection - EVB (below orange moongate) Mace of Major Damage - IC2 (Anodunos - caution: badly worn) Sceptre of Shockwave - T2 (behind wall panel (North), use "Telekinesis") Wand of Flame Wind - LT2 (Really secret area) Piece of wood of Lightning - PC3 (Arm of the "Dire Reaper") BUGS: -------------------------------------------- 1) Jerky motion (display pauses). Solutions: A) Turn of the sound. B) Quit the game, and restore where you left off. C) Wield your weapon briefly (un-verified rumor). 2) Servants on strike. You're out of luck. Start over :-( NOTE: when the servants (Nanna) first start complaining, you must agree with everything they say, and then take their concerns to Lord British. If you do not take care of this quickly, the servants go on strike permanently,... and you are screwed. Fixed by Patch. 3) Game locks up when talking to Wisp in EVB. Make sure that you have talked to Blackie (Trilkhun in KK1) before engaging Wisp. 4) Can't add more notes to map. Solution: Need more free space on your hard drive. 5) Sleeping with moonstone on cursor to break into Ethereal Void. DO NOT do this. It really hoses up the plotline, which can cause you problems, missing conversations, etc. 6) Nystul won't complete the endgame. When given the Spellbook from Mors Gotha, Nystul should ask you two questions. If not, it could be the result of how you obtained the Horn fron Praecor Loth. If you got it by killing him (instead of waiting for him to give it to you), you may get this problem. Fixed by Patch. 7) E001, E002 errors - Need more space on your hard drive. The requir- ments for free hard drive space as published don't seem to be correct. When you do a SAVE, many temporary files are created in the process of making a new SAVE file set. This will require more free space than you might think. 8) Color palette screwed up. Seems to happen primarily on systems with a local bus. Fixed by Patch. 9) Moongate not found (or only half there) in room with two hostile Brain Creatures, in Yellow maze area of Ethereal Void. No fix yet. But you can get to the Shrine of Spirituality another way, and be able to finish the game. When you first fall into the Void, you will be facing a huge orange wall. Just walk right up to this wall and cast "Portal". UNANSWERED QUESTIONS: -------------------- 1) SA6 - The vending machine has a Pressure Plate here, what does it do? (none of the other vending machines have such a plate). 2) Is there any way to up your Search skill after Nelson is murdered? 3) Why does the pile of bones near Krilner (PC1) keep getting smaller? In fact, a lot of stuff on the floors seems to dissappear over time in the Pits. 4) In the Scintillus Academy, level 5; There is a pushbutton high on the wall by the Portcullis. What does it do? 5) How do I get a "lotus turbo esprit", or a "serpent statue"? And where the heck is "Jerry the Rat"?</p>