=============================================================================== _______ _______ _______ _______ ( ____ \( ___ )( ____ )( ____ \ | ( \/| ( ) || ( )|| ( \/ | | | (___) || (____)|| (_____ | | | ___ || __)(_____ ) | | | ( ) || (\ ( ) | | (____/\| ) ( || ) \ \__/\____) | (_______/|/ \||/ \__/\_______) Mater-National XBOX 360 ACHIEVEMENT GUIDE By: MajorBlackout Gamertag: Maj0r_Black0ut E-Mail: Hummer1114@Gmail.com =============================================================================== =============================================================================== DISCLAIMER AND LEGAL INFORMATION =============================================================================== The following Cars: Mater-National Achievement Guide can be posted on the websites listed below. - GameFAQS.com - GamesRadar.com/CheatPlanet.com - Neoseeker.com - SuperCheats.com This includes all their associates. If you do happent to NOT be listed on the above list and really want to, then PLEASE E-Email at the above E-Mail. However please put the heading "Your Cars: MN Achievement Guide..." That could help me identify you MUCH quicker. If you also come across a website that is hosting my guide WITHOUT permission, please notify me. It will help me out a lot. After all, I'm just one kid. I can't be everywhere all the time (or can I?). NOTE: The Cars: Mater-National Achievement Guide, like TONS of others on the Internet contains SPOILERS so if you want to resolve the ending of the game (which is nothing), do NOT continue. Also, if you could possibly offended by this guide then do not continue. =============================================================================== TABLE OF CONTENTS =============================================================================== NOTE: To search MUCH quicker, following better results, please press / after clicking anywhere on the screen in front of you. A. Contact Information B. Introduction C. Achievements (In order of appearance) 1. Stick it to McQueen------25GS 2. Rust Bust----------------75GS 3. Golden Gas Can-----------75GS 4. Frank Slash--------------75GS 5. High Draulics------------75GS 6. Ghost Light-------------100GS 7. James P. Sullivan Cup----75GS 8. Race 'n' Chase Victor----75GS 9. Unlock Tailfin Pass------25GS 10. Find all Paintjobs-------25GS 11. Find all wheel sets------35GS 12. Build Monster McQueen----25GS 13. Build Monster Mater------40GS 14. Win all Stadium Races----50GS 15. Win all Road Races-------75GS 16. Beat the Game!----------150GS D. Conclusion =============================================================================== A. CONTACT INFORMATION =============================================================================== Yo people, I'm Hunter. If you have any questions regarding my guide, which you shouldn't, then don't hestitate and send me an E-Mail or (preferably) a message over Xbox LIVE with your question. I will most often respond to you as quick as I can. =============================================================================== B. INTRODUCTION =============================================================================== Yeah, well this is the second game of Cars. And personally I like this game a lot more fun than the original Cars game. It's just a landslide more fun to play. Whether you like it or not, it's still a fun game to work towards Achievements on as they're easy to get and not a problem. You're mostly Lightning McQueen most of the time, and (obviously) Mater. Hence, the name: Mater-National. I highly reccomend reading taking a look at my Overall Rating of this game, it could determine whether you rent/buy (rent!) or not. Hunter's Overall Ranking of Cars: Mater-National: 8.5/10- A good game if you love those "racing" type of games. A good challenge to get into racing games. All the races are easy so you don't have to worry about spinning out or running off the track. This campaign will, however, keep you busy and entertained to the end. I give it an 8.5 instead of a 10 because the races are actually TOO easy. That, and the mini-games are pretty un-original. Beat your opponent to the rings, collect the canister before your opponent does, yeah yeah. =============================================================================== C. ACHIEVEMENT GUIDE =============================================================================== ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. Stick it to McQueen (25GS) Beat the three Radiator Springs road races and the Relay Race, then place in the first Stadium Race. When you unlock the road races, play them, beat them. Then finally, when you get the Relay Race beat that too. Try to get first in all these races. You will unlock the first Stadium Race, a sticker, and Ornament Valley. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2. Rust Bust (75GS) Qualify in the first three Rustbucket Series races, then win the final. After unlocking Ornament Valley, search around for the Rustbucket stadium. After completing all three Rustbucket series, winning first place each time, you will go to the finals. Play that, win first, and you will unlock a sticker along with this Achievement. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3. Golden Gas Can (75GS) Win each of the nine levels of Fillmore's Fuel Frenzy. You will unlock each of the nine levels of this minigame through playing the game. When you get to one, race around collecting gas cans to prevent losing your gas. When you have one, try purposely running out of gas to finish the race. Oh, and pick up gas cans wisely. Try not to pick up a 3 gas can after only losing a small amount of gas. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4. Frank Slash (75GS) Tip all tractors before the time limit in each of the six levels of Tractor Tipping. This is like the overall best minigame in the game. Funny, but it kind of reminds me of Splinter Cell. Standing in the open and still not being seen. Okay, well anyways, simply unlock these as you play, play it, and beat it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5. High Draulics (75GS) Score well playing along with each of the seven songs in Ramone's Rhythimic Rumble. Very simple and fun to get along the way. Simply press the button as they come onto the screen. Do this with all seven of this minigame and voila! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6. Ghost Light (100GS) Scare Mater home in each of the seven Ghosting Mater levels. Drive along the roads as Mater and when you slow down, try to run into a beacon to speed you up again. Please take note that the X-Axis (left and right) is inverted so press left to go right and press right to go left. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7. James P. Sullivan Cup (75GS) Qualify in the first two Waypoint Race Series races, then finish in the top three of the final. Just another one of those racing Achievements. Win the first two Waypoint races then when you get to the final finish in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8. Race 'n' Chase Victor (75GS) Tag your opponent then zoom to your goal without being tagged in all nine Race 'n' Chase levels. As soon as the minigame starts, quickly drive to your opponent, run into him, and do a U-turn. Quickly go to your goal without him tagging you back. If it occurs that he does, restart. All nine of these will unlock as you play your way through the game. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9. Unlock Tailfin Pass (25GS) Beat the three Ornament Valley road races and the Relay Race, then place in the second Stadium race. Same thing as the "Stick it to McQueen" Achievement except in this one your in Ornament Valley and the races will be a little more challenging. Simply beat them, play the Stadium Race, and you will get this Achievement along with Tailfin Pass. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10. Find all Paintjobs (25GS) Find all 8 new paintjobs for Lightning McQueen. These can be found in the world of Cars: Mater-National. Use the URL below to be linked to a map to find these paintjobs. The Paintjobs are the purple dots. Radiator Springs: http://img444.imageshack.us/img444/3770/carsmaternationalsrshl7sp2.jpg Ornament Valley: http://img442.imageshack.us/img442/2410/carsmaternationalsovyl6wu6.jpg Tailfin Pass: http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/4569/carsmaternationalstpzv3xt4.jpg NOTE: These maps [could] be missing a few paintjobs so USE THESE AT YOUR OWN RISK! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 11. Find all wheet sets (35GS) Find all 8 new wheel sets for Lightning McQueen. See "Find all Paintjobs" Achievement (above). This time, the wheel sets are the yellow dots. IMPORTANT NOTE: These maps ARE missing some wheels sets so USE THESE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12. Build Monster McQueen (25GS) Find two monster truck pieces, plus a new horn, so Luigi can build Monster McQueen. You have to ask Luigi for this task or you won't find these items. After you do, the items can be found at the below URL. The Monster McQueen parts are the white. URL: http://img444.imageshack.us/img444/3770/carsmaternationalsrshl7sp2.jpg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 13. Build Monster Mater (40GS) Find six monster trucks parts in Radiator Springs so Luigi can build Monster Mater. Use the URL from "Build Monster McQueen." This time the Monster Mater parts are green. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 14. Win all Stadium Races (50GS) Finish first in all four races conducted in Lightning McQueen's new Racing Stadium. All you have to do is race in Lightning's new stadium he is building. After you finish the third race you will see creits. Simply hit a button and race this final race. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 15. Win all Road Races (75GS) Radiator Springs, Ornament Valley, Tailfin Pass -- win all three races in each area. Road Races are marked with a white star on the map. There are three Road Races in each location. Simply win them all. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 16. Beat the Game! (150GS) Collect every Bolt Banner and earn every sticker in the game. You will need to win every mini-game, evey race, and earn every sticker in winning first in all races getting you the maximum amount of bolt banners same with the mini-games. Win them to get the max. amount of bolt banners. There are seven stickers that are awarded for winning each of the following events: - Monster Waypoint Races - Ramone's Rhythimic Rumble - Fillmore's Fuel Frenzy - Ghosting Mater - Tractor Tipping - Rustbucket Race Circuit - Radiator Springs Race Circuit =============================================================================== D. CONCLUSION =============================================================================== Well, I hope you enjoyed my Achievement Guide. It literally took me about 3 hours to do only 16 Achievements. If you had the choice of renting/buying one or the other: Cars or Cars: Mater-National, I would pick Mater-National. It's Achievements are easier to get and it's a lot more fun than the original one. But that's your choice. Anyways, you can STILL send me an E-Mail at Hummer1114@Gmail.com or (preferably) a message on Xbox LIVE to Maj0r_Black0ut. Well, cya! Version 1.00: Achievement Guide created, edited, and posted to GameFAQS. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CREDITS & COMMENTS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. Rainbow Studios- Good game, still following the good ol' movie. Still could have been a little bit better, though. 2. ASCII Generator (http://www.network-science.de/ascii/)- Your work is amazing! Keep that website up! 3. Xbox360Achievements.org- Awesome website. Use it as a reference to all my Achievement Guides. Keep that baby awesome! 4. GamesRadar.com- Unbelievable site, people. Couldn't be better! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Copyright Hunter Webb 2008</p>