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Version History --------------- Thursday, 9th October 2008 Version 0.1 - Started the walkthrough Friday, 10th October 2008 Version 0.3 - Continued from File 03 Friday, 10th October 2008 Version 0.8 - Submitted to GameFAQs Saturday, 11th October 2008 Version 0.9 - Continued from File 11 Saturday, 11th October 2008 Version 1.0 - Finished Version 1.0, will edit more in the future Introduction ------------ To be honest, this is my very first walkthrough/FAQ I have submitted, however I've written walkthroughs for other games such as Shadow of the Colossus and Suikoden 4 but I've never submitted them for the public. This walkthrough contains tiny spoilers such as guessing who the killer is, I've opted to choose the correct 'hunches'. This walkthrough is quite simple and hopefully quite clear to understand. English is not my native language, so if there are any English mistakes, my apologies. If there are any problems or queries regarding this walkthrough, you are welcome to e-mail me about it. =========== Walkthrough =========== _____________________ 00 Learning the Ropes --------------------- Crime Scene: Off-street - Go to the exit door - Check the trash in the middle of the place - 'Appointment Book' obtained. - QUERY 01 ~ The Graffiti: "Go to hell Clarke" Where is the graffiti? Between the ladder and the exit door. - QUERY 02 ~ Who Owns the Book?: "K. Baker" + "K. Brown" - QUERY 03 ~ Who Lied?: "K. Baker" - FINAL REPORT: 1) "K. Baker" 2) "KB" _______________________ 01 Death In The Suburbs ----------------------- Crime Scene: Residential Area - Go into the kitchen and check the black box, read the leaflet - Check the knives next to the box - Exit the kitchen and go to the living room - Check the paper bag full of fruits - Check the broken pottery along the furniture, you'll notice one that is intact, examine that one. - Check the broken glass on the floor - QUERY 01 ~ The Broken Window: "Broken from the outside" - QUERY 02 ~ The Pieces of Glass: 1) "When the windows were broken" 2) "After the murder" - Who's the killer? "A. Loman" - QUERY 03 ~ The Purpose: "So the killer could fake a robbery" - REPORT: 1) "The robbery was faked" 2) "GLASS" - Check Evidence File -> The Knife -> 'Bassary' and 'Audran' engraved on the knife's handle - QUERY 04 ~ The Knife: 1) "Belongs to this house" 2) Point to the black box - REPORT: 1) "Where the weapon comes from" 2) "Audran" - QUERY 05 ~ Elimination: "I. Parks" - QUERY 06 ~ Estimated Time Of Death: "10:30" - QUERY 07 ~ Ruling Out A Suspect: "K. Davis" - QUERY 08 ~ Something Unusual: 1) Point to un-smashed teacup 2) "Not everything is been smashed" - QUERY 09 ~ The Shopping Bag: Examine the apple between the orange and the banana, rotate to find bloodstains. - 'The Apple' obtained - QUERY 10 ~ Bloodstains: 1) "It contradicts a testimony" 2) "Her husband was dead when she got home" - FINAL REPORT: 1) "A. Loman" 2) "She doesn't have an alibi" __________________ 02 Dead Man's Hand ------------------ Crime Scene: An Apartment - Check the torn pieces of paper on the floor next to the chair - Walk towards the red sofa, examine the bullet hole above it - 'The Bullet' obtained - Examine the study desk, check the pencil holder and the lamp - Check the safe - QUERY 01 ~ Piece Together: "Leave it to me!" It's kinda like a jigsaw puzzle, take your time, piece them properly and they will automatically join neatly in the end. - 'Memo' obtained - QUERY 02 ~ The Memo's Missing Piece: "From Evidence files" "The piece of paper with 400 on it" - QUERY 03 ~ The 4 Letters: "Names of people" - QUERY 04 ~ The 2 Names: "Baseball team names" - QUERY 05 ~ Find A Clue: Check under the study desk for a piece of paper - 'Combination Hint' obtained - QUERY 06 ~ Opening The Safe: Rotate 3 full circles to the left, then rotate 4 full circles to the right, stopping at the red mark. Pull the handle of the safe. - 'Bills' obtained - 'Gloves' obtained - QUERY 07 ~ The Memo's Meaning: 1) "Watching sports" 2) "Betting on a baseball game" - REPORT: Show Abbot the gambling memo - QUERY 08 ~ Mickey Snyder: "Left-handed" - QUERY 09 ~ Snyder's Hands: "Mickey Snyder's glove" - QUERY 10 ~ An Odd Feeling: 1) "He was murdered, to make it look like suicide" 2) "The gun was in his right hand" - REPORT: 1) "Shot through his right temple" 2) "Put a gun into the victim's hand" - Who's the killer? "B. Maguire" - QUERY 11 ~ The Motive: 1) "He begrudged paying winnings" 2) "Because he lost the bet" 3) "The memo for the bet was torn up" - QUERY 12 ~ The Outcome of the Bet: 1) "W. Cannon + B. Maguire" 2) "R. Flynn" - QUERY 13 ~ Find The Bullet: Point to the hole on the wall above the red sofa - QUERY 14 ~ The Bullet Trajectory: Draw a line from the EAST chair to the BOTTOM LEFT CORNER of the room. - QUERY 15 ~ Recreating The Crime Scene: 1) North chair 2) West chair 3) East chair - FINAL REPORT: 1) "B. Maguire" 2) "Bullet" ________________ 03 Breaking News ---------------- Special Investigation - Car License Plate: It's a random number, so... get yer memory workin' for this one. - Car Colour: "White" ___________________________ 04 Death's Examination Room --------------------------- Crime Scene: A Medical Exam Room - Walk towards the desk and check the tray of unopened syringes - 'A Tray Of Syringes' obtained - Still on the desk, check the small yellow-topped bottle - 'Insulin' obtained - Examine the cup with a syringe inside - 'Syringe' obtained - Examine the tablets - 'Cold medicine' obtained - Moving away from the desk, check the toppled IV unit - 'IV Drip' obtained - Under the bed is a key, get it - 'Key' obtained - Moving back to the desk, check the small drawer on top of it, right next to the pen holder -> "Let's use the key!" - 'Johan Hilton's Report' obtained - Head to the sofa and use the test kit - Test the syringe for both Blood and Neurotoxin - Test the IV Unit for Blood - QUERY 01 ~ The Murder Weapon: "Syringe" - Who's the killer? "E. Green" - REPORT: 1) "The medicine was not used" 2) "Ebrahimi's medical records" - QUERY 02 ~ The Poison And The Syringe: 1) "It was already in the cylinder" 2) "No, that's not possible" 3) "Syringe needle" - QUERY 03 ~ Cylinder: "They coated the cylinder's interior" - QUERY 04 ~ Rosario Esteban: 1) "No she isn't" 2) "Tray of syringes" 3) "The syringes were all wrapped" - QUERY 05 ~ Location: "Kept the poison in the room" - Examine the cabinet - Move all the jars and boxes on the bottom row to the left, you'll find on the very right, the poison. - 'The Killer Drug' obtained - REPORT: 1) "It had been doctored" 2) "During the examination" - QUERY 06 ~ The Murderer: 1) "Yes" -> "E. Green" 2) "She was lying" 3) "That she was with Hilton all the time" 4) Show "Visitor's record" 5) "01:15 - 01:20" - QUERY 07 ~ Johan Hilton's Report: "Whistle-blowing" - QUERY 08 ~ The Motive: 1) "Ordered to" 2) "V. Moltisanti" 3) "Hilton's report" - QUERY 09 ~ Willhelm Hospital: 1) "J. Willhelm" 2) "Hilton was trying to blow the whistle" 3) "Accomplices" - FINAL REPORT: 1) "E. Green" 2) "She did it with him watching" 3) "He didn't know it was poison" ________________ 05 A Tangled Web ---------------- Crime Scene: Park - QUERY 01 ~ Map: 1) Check the 2 benches marked with a picture and the text THIRTEEN, to the left of where you started 2) On the map, you should mark them on the North West corner. The NW tree will be in the middle of the benches. 3) Check the huge monument, mark it on your map. The 3 trees on the North side of the map, the monument will be just below them. 4) Check the elephant slide, mark it on your map. The 3 trees to the South side of the map, it'll be just above that. 5) Lastly, the bench behind the slide marked "BOMB", mark it on the South side of the map, between the trees just below the slide. - Optional: You can test out the elephant slide. - QUERY 02 ~ Verifying Testimony 1: 1) From the West gate (Red) to the East gate (Yellow) 2) Point to the place behind the North side chair (labelled THIRTEEN earlier) - QUERY 03 ~ Verifying Testimony 2: 1) Put the square on the bench to the North (labelled THIRTEEN) 2) Point directly to the South side (outside the park) - QUERY 04 ~ Verifying Testimony 3: 1) Point to the bench on the West side (the one with the picture) 2) Point to the South side again (outside the park) - QUERY 05 ~ Witnesses: "Only one testimony conflicts" - Who's the killer? "C. Michaels" - REPORT: 1) "Contradictory testimonies" 2) "Voices arguing" - QUERY 06 ~ Otto & Michaels: "Presence of Michaels" + "Car Position" - QUERY 07 ~ Michaels & Priestly: "Didn't See Each Other" + "Voices Arguing" - QUERY 08 ~ Priestly & Otto: "The Occupied Bench" + "Car Position" - QUERY 09 ~ Herschel Otto: "The 'Thirteen' Bench" - QUERY 10 ~ Misunderstanding: 1) Point to the bench behind the elephant slide tagged with the graffiti 'BOMB'. 2) "B" - QUERY 11 ~ Thirteen: 1) "He could only see 'B'" 2) Stand between the monument and the elephant slide, under the elephant's nose, you'll see the bench with the letter 'B' only visible. If you still can't get it, try moving closer to the slide. - REPORT: "THIRTEEN" - QUERY 12 ~ Settlement: "Otto & Priestly" - QUERY 13 ~ Set Up: 1) "C. Michaels" 2) Point to the monument - FINAL REPORT: 1) "C. Michaels" 2) "MONUMENT" _______________ 06 House Search --------------- Special Investigation - Move forward, next to the TV are piles of magazines and books, next to that are 2 bags of rubbish. Behind that is a lipstick, point to that. "This is what we're after" From Chloro Phyll: "I'd just like to point out that on "06 House Search" the lipstick's location is random. For me it was next to the toilet seat in the bathroom. :)" __________________ 07 A Deadly Theory ------------------ Crime Scene: Math Lab - Check the only locked bookshelf - Go behind the desk, check the fallen clock - Check the fallen bloodstained papers on the floor - 'The False Nail' obtained - Go to the coffee table/visitor's table and examine the newspaper - QUERY 01 ~ Unusually Late: "Waiting for someone" - QUERY 02 ~ Memo: 1) "Commemorative notepaper" 2) "The crime date" 3) "02:00" - QUERY 03 ~ Who Wears False Nails?: "E. Coates" - Who's the killer? "M. Dyer" - REPORT: 1) "When the memo was written" 2) "02:00 - 06:00" 3) "Yes" 4) "M. Dyer" - Check the locked bookshelf again - 'Notebooks' obtained - QUERY 04 ~ Time Of The Murder: "10:00" - QUERY 05 ~ A Collaborator: "E. Coates" - QUERY 06 ~ Hinze And Coates: 1) "Lovers" 2) Show "Coates' Notebook" - QUERY 07 ~ Hinze's Theorem: "K. L. Yang" - QUERY 08 ~ Finger Injury: "The 15th before 10am" - QUERY 09 ~ Handwriting: Select "K. L. Yang", and square her letter 'A'. - REPORT: 1) "K. L. Yang" 2) "From the handwriting" 3) "A" - Check the updated testimonies - QUERY 10 ~ Doubtful Testimony: 1) "M. Dyer" 2) "I was playing football at 2pm" - QUERY 11 ~ Knowing About The Memo: "After 9:30pm" - QUERY 12 ~ The False Nail: 1) "After the murder?" 2) "M. Dyer" 3) "Coates had injured her fingers" - FINAL REPORT: 1) "M. Dyer" 2) "The false nail was on the bloody commemorative paper" ____________ 08 The Chase ------------ Special Investigation - Swerve the obstacles by going left or right. Simple. ___________ 09 Blackout ----------- Crime Scene: Old Hotel - Between the bed and the small cabinet, pick up the tweezers - 'Tweezers' obtained - Check the ax on the floor - QUERY 01 ~ The Victim's Belongings: 1) "Clothes and Shoes" + "Purse" 2) "She didn't plan on staying at a hotel at all" - QUERY 02 ~ Killed With The Ax?: 1) "No" 2) "From Evidence files" -> "Victim's head" - Examine the wet stain on the bed, spray luminol on it. - Go into the bathroom, spray luminol on the shower handle, you're getting there. >_< - Spray the drain outlet - REPORT: 1) "Yes, in the hotel room" 2) "BATHROOM" - QUERY 03 ~ Bloodstains On The Bed: 1) "The victim on the bed was wet" 2) "From Evidence files" -> "Victim's head" - QUERY 04 ~ Dismembered While Alive?: 1) "Dismembered dead" 2) "From Profiles" -> "F. Cheng" 3) "There are no bloodstains on the bed" - QUERY 05 ~ Acquaintance: 1) "Yes" 2) "From Evidence files" -> "Victim's torso" 3) "Nothing" 4) "F. Cheng" - QUERY 06 ~ Graffiti On The Wall: 1) "After Cheng's patrol" 2) "The particles of paint from the ax in the wound" - QUERY 07 ~ Carvings On The Back: 1) "After Cheng's patrol" 2) Point to the stains on the bed 3) "From Evidence files" -> "Victim's torso" 4) "The heart was removed" - Who's the killer? "B. Smith" - REPORT: 1) "Carving Words On Back" + "Graffiti On The Wall" 2) "They left the room and later returned" - QUERY 08 ~ Heart: "Right after the killing" - QUERY 09 ~ Was It Planned?: 1) "It was planned" 2) "From Evidence files" -> "Victim's torso" 3) "Cuts around the heart" - QUERY 10 ~ Plans And Accidents: 1) "The victim was stalked" 2) "The killer didn't know she would come" 3) "Schwartz wasn't planning to stay at the hotel" - QUERY 11 ~ Severed Body Parts: 1) "To frame someone for the crime" 2) "C. Bateman" - REPORT: "HEART" - QUERY 12 ~ Tweezers: 1) "Manufacturing number was scraped off" 2) "Disguise the owner" - QUERY 13 ~ Alibi: 1) "Yes" 2) "B. Smith" + "E. Cooper" 3) "From Crime Scene" 4) Point to broken window 5) "The time printed on the X-ray" 6) "There wasn't power at that time" 7) "Benjamin Smith" - QUERY 14 ~ Things Left Behind: 1) "Tweezers" + "Ax" 2) "Can't identify the murderer" 3) "No, there were more" 4) "The murderer did the same thing to all the tools" 5) "Check the suspects' belongings" - REPORT: 1) "Killer's belongings" 2) "B. Smith" 3) "Yes" (or No) - QUERY 15 ~ Preservative Solution: 1) "To do a heart transplant" 2) "Daughter" 3) "Didn't have time" - FINAL REPORT: 1) "B. Smith" 2) "To avoid wasting time" 3) "To prepare for the heart removal" 4) "BLACKOUT" 5) "Failing to find a heart" _____________________ 10 The Secret Meeting --------------------- Shoot, reload, shoot, reload, til they're all dead. _________________ 11 Poetic Justice ----------------- - Check the back of the boxes for the soaked cloth - Check the wine rack and the bottles, one of them is put backwards - Behind the wine rack is a small wooden block - There are white flowers near the door - Touch the door handle to open the door - Go outside and check the box, "Look closely" and "Look closely" - 'The Shipping Slip' obtained - Check the shipping slip, rotate it to find a red petal - QUERY 01 ~ The Suicide Note: 1) "Yes" 2) "Number" 3) "It's marking page 324" - QUERY 02 ~ The Page Number: 1) "It's part of a novel" 2) "Taylor was the name of the character" - QUERY 03 ~ The Bleach: 1) "Trickled across the floor to it" 2) Point to the trail of spilt bleach next to the soaked cloth - QUERY 04 ~ Setting A Trap: 1) "Yes" 2) "J. Taylor" 3) "On a business trip" - QUERY 05 ~ No Escape: 1) "He was asleep" 2) "From Evidence files" -> "Wine glass" - REPORT: "It's still not clear" "Part of a novel" - "Yes" (or No) - Check the wine rack again - QUERY 06 ~ Liquid Stain & Wine Bottles: 1) "Moved the same way" 2) "Room's not level" - Roll the marbles, in front of the wine rack and behind the wine rack should do. - QUERY 07 ~ The Wine Rack: 1) "Yes" 2) "Removing a bottle makes other bottles roll" 3) "Pulling out the far left bottle" - QUERY 08 ~ Experiment: Put the bleach on top of the small wooden block, slightly to the left - QUERY 09 ~ Time-Lag: 1) "Doctored the bleach bottle" 2) "The cloth stuck into the cap of the bottle" 3) "To make it fall quietly" - Who's the killer? "L. Yancey" - REPORT: 1) "Wine Bottle" + "Victim's Routine" + "Bottle of Bleach" + "Structure of Room" + "Wine Rack" + "Small Wooden Block" - QUERY 10 ~ Salvia: 1) "July 20th" 2) "From Crime Scene" 3) Go outside and point to the shipping box - QUERY 11 ~ White Flowers: 1) "They were bleached white" 2) "Chlorine gas" - Check the new testimonies - REPORT: 1) "L. Yancey" 2) "The color of the flowers" 3) "Taylor never drank white wine" 4) "From Profiles" -> "K. Atwood" - QUERY 12 ~ Different Colors: 1) "No" 2) "From Crime Scene" 3) Point to the door (not the handle) - QUERY 13 ~ The Sedative: 1) "She handed the glass to him" 2) "The killer was in the room with the victim" 3) "From Profiles" -> "K. Atwood" - QUERY 14 ~ The Bottle Of Soda: 1) "Going to give it to someone" 2) "The victim held it when the killer left from the room" 3) "Before the victim fell asleep" - FINAL REPORT: 1) "L. Yancey" 2) "Sedatives" + "Bottle of Soda" + "Flowers Delivery Time" 3) "Suicide Note" ____________ 12 The Truth ------------ - The 1st floor is pretty easy - The 2nd floor you'll see to the North side, there is a narrow path to the 3rd basement, you will have to go from the right side of the path. - On the 3rd floor of the basement, you'll have to go to the North room first before proceeding the East room. Good luck! ___________ 13 Dead End ----------- Crime Scene: Sewer Note: When you're in the sewers, be sure to click on anything you come across, boxes, boulders, whatever, anything that's clickable. It'll be useful later on. :) - QUERY 01 ~ Four Ladders: Turn left, turn right, at the cross-section turn left (open the barred door), turn left and walk along the purple water, turn right, then turn left and you'll come across a rusted iron door. Skip that and continue left, turn left again and turn right. You'll come across tires and the first ladder. To mark it on your map, you see the entrance where you came from, right? Go directly south of that to a T-like shape. Mark it there. It's at the East side of the map. Go back to the iron door you skipped before, open it by turning the crank. After that, turn directly right. Walk along the path and turn right again. You'll set off something. Turn left, then when you can, turn right to face an unbarred door. Enter that. Turn left and you'll see your last ladder (with a box near it). To mark it, it's directly West of the East ladder, at the very edge of the map. - Now you can examine the boxes and boulders if you haven't done so. From the last ladder, go back through the iron door and turn right. Turn left and you'll face another iron door. Go through that and you'll be in a small room. You'll find a valve, a ladder, a boiler, a desk, an oil drum and a red tool box. Be sure to examine all of them. Bring the toolbox with you. - 'Toolbox' obtained - QUERY 02 ~ The Middle Point Of The Ladders: You can easily find this if you draw a line from the North ladder to the South. Then the West ladder to the East. Where it intersects, that's where it is. - Do you remember where there are purple filthy waters? Go back to that place. When you get there, you'll see a square that's different shade of purple. Click on that. When prompted of 4 choices of dialogue, umm, you can pick whatever you wish. - Since you've got the toolbox earlier, you can do the next Query. - QUERY 03 ~ The Bomb Box: 1) Pick the wire cutters and cut the wires. 2) Next get the wrench, and use it on the hexagonal nuts 3) Next using the pliers, get the nails off. 4) Finally, use the screwdriver to unscrew the screws. *swt* 5) For the crushed screw, use the pliers to get it off. - Observe the bomb box - 'Letter' obtained - Check the coded letter - QUERY 04 ~ This Place?: "The place where filthy water runs into" - QUERY 05 ~ Bomb Design: "The structure of the sewer" - QUERY 06 ~ Marking The Map: If you've done like I said earlier, you should have clicked on the boulders and boxes and things earlier. Marcy will automatically mark them in this Query. If you've missed anything, search for them. :) The two heaps of rubble can be found on the North side of the map. - QUERY 07 ~ Defusing The Bomb: Read carefully. 1) Pick up the wire cutter, cut the green wire that is above the South yellow thing. 2) Get the wrench. Twist the middle hexagonal bolt to the right until ALL 3 bulbs light up. 3) Get the pliers, and smash the NORTH light bulb. 4) Get the wire cutter again, cut the green wire that's to the very West, it's quite long. 5) Using the pliers again, smash the blue horizontal thing at the South side of the map, it's near the wire that you recently cut. 6) Get the wire cutter, above the thing that you just smashed is a vertical-like path. Cut that. Directly NE of that is another vertical path, cut that. NE of that is another vertical path, cut that as well. 7) Now get the copper wire. Connect it to the Eastern yellow electrical thing (not the light bulb) to the Southern yellow thing. 8) Get the wire cutter and cut off ALL the remaining green wires. 9) Get the copper wire again and tie it from the North yellow electrical thing to the Western electrical thing. (Sorry for the unprofessional terms) 10) Use the wrench to turn the left-most hexagonal bolt ANTI-CLOCKWISE until you can't anymore. 11) Get the wire cutter and cut off that thick black cord a.k.a. the Power Cable. - Check the real bomb. Examine the weird yellow symbol. Inspect the bomb on the right and left, then check the blue and red wire. - QUERY 10 ~ Profile Of The Bomber: "Knows the layout of the sewer" - QUERY 11 ~ Narrow Down The Suspect: "M. Ponzini" - Read the new testimonies - QUERY 12 ~ Testimonies: 1) "J. Willhelm" 2) "The wooden box for the bomb" - QUERY 13 ~ Profile Of The Bomber 2: "Knows about viruses" - Getting back to the earlier Query - QUERY 08 ~ Cutting The Wire: ...But before that. >_< - Check the letter again, check the newspaper article. - QUERY 09 ~ Which Wire?: 1) "Both" 2) "From Evidence files" -> "The Letter" 3) "The article in the newspaper" 4) "The color of the train lines" - QUERY 08 ~ Cutting The Wire: You'll either cut the red or blue, depending on Marcy. So pay attention. When you want to cut the wire, be sure to do it at a downward-like stroke. - FINAL REPORT: 1) "J. Willhelm" 2) "VIRUS" Credits ------- ~> Publisher of Unsolved Crimes: Empire Interactive ~> Developer of Unsolved Crimes: Now Productions ~> GameFAQs ~> Um, myself? 8D</p>