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Click to recommend it to other GameFAQs users. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- __ __ __ __ ___ | \/ | | \/ | / _ \ | \ / | ___ __ _ __ _ | \ / | __ _ _ __ | (_) | | |\/| |/ _ \/ _` |/ _` | | |\/| |/ _` | '_ \ \__, | | | | | __/ (_| | (_| | | | | | (_| | | | | / / |_| |_|\___|\__, |\__,_| |_| |_|\__,_|_| |_| /_/ __/ | |___/ ____ ______ ____ | _ \ | ____/\ / __ \ | |_) | ___ ___ ___ | |__ / \ | | | | | _ < / _ \/ __/ __| | __/ /\ \| | | | | |_) | (_) \__ \__ \ | | / ____ \ |__| | |____/ \___/|___/___/ |_|/_/ \_\___\_\ (long life to ASCII title creators... lol) Mega Man 9 Boss FAQ By Maxime Gendron ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Greetings, welcome to my Boss FAQ for Mega Man 9. This guide simply has for objective to help you beat the different bosses of the game, starting with the 8 Robot Masters, to 4 bosses of Wily's fortress. I will provide several tips to help the average and the good players overcome most of the bosses with ease. This guide is not perfect but since I beat all of the bosses without getting much hit, I believe it should be enough to help most of you overcome the difficulties of this game. Have fun reading this guide. If you find anything that could really improve this guide, feel free to email me at . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Summary (Ctrl+F is your friend) 1- Suggested Order (001) 2- Splash Woman (002) 3- Concrete Man (003) 4- Galaxy Man (004) 5- Jewel Man (005) 6- Plug Man (006) 7- Tornado Man (007) 8- Magma Man (008) 9- Hornet Man (009) 10- Wily Boss 1 - The Four Statues (010) 11- Wily Boss 2 - The War Ship (011) 12- Wily Boss 3 - The Blob Devil (012) 13- Final Boss - Dr. Wily (013) 14- Conclusion (014) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Suggested Order (001) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Suggested Order Splash Woman Concrete Man Galaxy Man Jewel Man Plug Man Tornado Man Magma Man Hornet Man While the game itself can be considered pretty hard for the casual gamer that didn’t play old school games, most of the bosses can be mastered quite easily with the normal mega buster (why did they remove the charged shot anyway? I think it made a nice addition to the game...). I suggest you start with Splash Woman because her stage is pretty easy and herself are pretty easy. Too bad for the first robot master girl. Other good choices would be Galaxy Man and Tornado Man who are pretty easy with the normal shot, although Tornado Man’s stage is without a doubt the hardest of the game. If you don’t get the hand of those spinning platform, you might want to wait for Rush Jet. For the purpose of this FAQ, I will start with Splash Woman,but feel free to do as you like. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Splash Woman (002) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Splash Woman Difficulty: 3/10 Suggested Weapon: Hornet Chaser As I mentioned earlier, Splash Woman is not really difficult. Her pattern is so well defined that once you learn it, you can beat her without getting hit. Her pattern: She will start by signing (she’s a mermaid after all) and swimming upward in a wave pattern, closing the two walls. Doing so, she will call three waves of three fishes to attack you. The first wave will come from the side she is, the second from the opposite side and the last from the side the first wave came. When she reaches the roof, she will send 6 Laser Tridents downward to hit you. After that, she will rush downward, to the floor, trying to pierce you with her trident. Then she will repeat the pattern. Easy to remember. How to deal with her with the Mega Buster: Since she takes 2 damage per normal shot, you can afford to be patient here. Start the battle by shooting her twice while jumping over the first wave of fishes. If you don’t mind taking a hit, you might take chance hitting her while she summons the two other waves, but it’s a bit more difficult to evade them while being in the air. So I suggest you let the last two waves of fishes pass over your head. When she starts shooting Laser Tridents, run away from her. She will follow you: just time your movement carefully and run under her, between two shots. You will have to do this once or twice. After that, she will rush to the floor. Just remind never to be under her and you will evade her easily. Shoot her once two or three times by evading the first wave of fishes (try not to get hit by her too while jumping). Rince and repeat. Easy as that. The weapon of choice against her is the Hornet Chaser. Keep shooting a hornet every second and she will die incredibly rapidly. The best thing with hat weapon is that you don’t even have to aim at all. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Concrete Man (003) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Concrete Man Difficulty: 8.5/10 Suggested Weapon: Laser Trident Without a doubt the hardest of the 8 Robot Masters (ex-aequo with Plug Man) in this game since his pattern is variable. You’ll have to learn how to anticipate his moves if you want to beat him with the Mega Buster. The most frustrating part of this fight is his Concrete Shot, which will cement you on place (dealing damage) and giving him the time to hit you a second time. So one error can cost you two hits, which is bad. His pattern: Concrete Man has no definite pattern, although he only has three different moves. He can use all of them at any time, in any order. So you will have to learn how to react to each of them. First, he can charge at you. He will place is elbow toward you for a half second, then will start charging forward. Once he hits the wall, he will bounce off a couple of squares (Mega Man is 1 square width) away. With his second move, he will jump very high and will land right where you were when he started jumping. Once he lands, he will make the floor shake, stunning you for 2 seconds if you were standing on the ground when he landed. With his last move, the most frustrating by far, he will shoot between one to three Concrete Shots, which will cement you on place if you get hit. You will have a hard time getting out of the cement (hit all the buttons quickly), and most of the time, he will have the time to hit you a second time. Even more frustrating with this attack is the fact that he will often shoot without warning right after one of his other move, giving you very little time to react. How to deal with him with the Mega Buster: First things first, learn to evade his moves. The easiest way is to stay half the screen away from him at any time, but never immediately next to a wall (always at least a block away from the wall. If you do so, it will be pretty easy to avoid his charge because he always waits a few instants before actually charging, and you will have the time to see him preparing this attack. Simply jump over him and get away from the wall he’s charging, of you will get hit by his body when he bounces off the wall. Try to him once or twice when he’s charging, another time when he’s bouncing off the wall, and a last time when he gets back on the floor. For his jump crush, if you were standing in the middle of the screen like I told you, it will be pretty easy to avoid by walking away from him. If you hesitate between walking away from him or right under him, choose as you do not get cornered after he lands. If there will be more space to his right after he landed, go right. If you get cornered, you won’t be able to evade his next attack. As he lands, jump in the air so Mega Man is not on the ground when Concrete Man hits the floor, or Mega Man will be stunned. Then hit him once and run away from him to stay half a screen away from the brute (but not directly next to the wall). Ok, now the tough part: the concrete shot. Your best way to avoid this attack is by staying away from him, like I told you, and to jump backward away from him, just after he shot his weapon. This way, he will aim for you, and his shots will hit where you were and in front of you, and you will often evade them. If you were standing too close to him or got cornered, forget this: you will be hit and cemented. If you successfully evaded his shots, try to him before he starts his next move. And don’t try to shoot through the cement he made, for your shots will bounce off. So the key to win with fight is to stay always a good distance from him and to concentrate on your positioning before your offense. If you don’t manage to get the hang of him, use the Laser Trident from our beauty queen of the sea. The good thing with that weapon is that it will go through the cement he created. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Galaxy Man (004) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Galaxy Man Difficulty: 2/10 Suggested Weapon: Concrete Shot Galaxy Man is a wimp. Even your little brother can beat him if he’s a tiny little bit cautious. His pattern: Galaxy Man will start on the ground and can do two different things. First he can charge at you by flying slightly upward. He can repeat this two or three time. Secondly, he can fly to the ceiling, then shooting a Black Hole Bomb toward you. Then, once the bomb explodes slightly above you, he will reappear right under it, trying to hit you with his body and the suction of the explosion. After the Black Hole disappears, he will reappear in the air and after a few seconds, will rush down to the ground. Then he will restart one of his two moves. How to deal with him with the Mega Buster: Easy. If he charges at you, run toward him while shooting and jump over him near the middle of the screen. If you jump over him next to the wall, you’ll get hit for sure. Then turn around and shoot him while he prepares his next move. If he charges again, shoot him while jumping over him again in the middle of the screen. When he goes upward and shoots his Black Hole Bomb, there’s not much you can do. Run around the screen, never too close to the walls (try to stay in the middle), and once the bomb explodes, run away from it. Wimp Man will appear right under it and will hope to hit you while you’re getting sucked by the Black Hole. If you’ve you got the twist of this game, you can attempt to turn around and shoot once and start running again away from the bomb. It’s a bit tricky, but I often manage to hit him two or three time doing so. If you don’t feel confident with him, simply run away from him. After that, when he’s the air, just don’t stand under him, and shoot him once he gets to the ground. Prepare yourself to avoid his charge, but he can also immediately get back into the air. Just be a bit patient and you will never get hit at all. To deal with him quickly, use the Concrete Shot. The bad thing with this weapon is that you have to stand pretty close to him to hit him. You can use the Hornet Chaser while he’s in the air. It doesn’t damage him much, but it’s the only way to deal damage while he’s in the air. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jewel Man (005) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jewel Man Difficulty: 5/10 Suggested Weapon: Black Hole Bomb Jewel Man is pretty lame, but avoiding all of his jewels and his body at the same time may be a bit tricky. However, you shouldn’t have much difficulty dispatching him with the Mega Buster. His pattern: He will always run from a wall to the other. He will start by summoning his Jewel Satellite around him (4 jewels that will circle around him) while running to the other wall. If you attempt to shoot him while he has his barrier, about one of three shots will actually hit him while the others will hit the jewels. Once a jewel is hit by one of your shot, it will charge toward you. After a while of running around, Jewel Man will stop and throw all his remaining jewels at you. He will start running again and will summon his jewels after a couple of seconds. Note that he will only jump when YOU jump. If you never jump, he’ll keep running on the ground. How to deal with him with the Mega Buster: It’s not hard to deal him more damage than he will deal to you, but it’s pretty difficult to avoid all of his attacks. First thing, learn to avoid his body: once he’s getting close to you, do a small jump and he will jump pretty high. Use this time to run under him. You will always have to run in the opposite direction he runs. Practice a bit and you’ll learn the timing. The difficulty is that once you hit one of his jewel and it flies right at you, will have to jump to evade it, which will trigger Jewel Man’s jump, and might screw your timing to run under him. However, I found a trick to evade his jewels easily. Let him run toward you and a do a small jump so he leaps over you. Run under him and just before he hits the wall and turns back to you, do a normal high jump and shoot all your shots: some will hit the jewels while Jewel Man is in the air. The jewels will then start flying toward you, but will fly over your head. When he lands on the ground, stop shooting, and do a small jump so he jumps over you, and repeat the same strategy once he’s near the other wall. You should be able to damage him and to dispatch 2 or 3 (or sometime even 4) jewels, while not getting hit. Once he tries to send all his remaining jewels toward you, he will only have 1 or 2 jewels to send at you, making them really easy to avoid (when he’s got 4 jewels though, it will be pretty hard to avoid them all). Then he’ll start running toward you, without his jewels protecting you. Use the opportunity to damage him 4 or 5 times. Rinse and repeat. With this strategy, you can easily beat him without getting hit at all. Use the Black Hole Bomb for a laughable fight. The Bomb will not only damage Jewel Man, but will also suck all his jewels away. One bomb can hit Jewel Man 3 to 4 times. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Plug Man (006) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Plug Man Difficulty: 8.5/10 Suggested Weapon: Jewel Satellite One of the most entertaining fight thanks to a weird landscape and attacks coming from above and below. Arguably the most difficult Robot Master of the game with Concrete Man. The casual player will probably not be able to beat him with the Mega Buster without using an E-Tank. Good players will be able however. His pattern: He only has one type of attack, but since you never know when he’ll jump and when he’ll shoot, you’re gonna have fun evading all of his Plug Balls. When he shoots a Plug Ball, it will follow on the ground the weird landscape then climb the wall to the ceiling. Once on the ceiling, the Plug Ball will continue its way and one it passes over you, it will head directly down, then disappears. There will often be two Plug Balls at the same time, so evading the once passing below you, the one falling above you while evading Plug Man jumping at you all the same time will be so much fun. How to deal with him with the Mega Buster: The good thing is that you have plenty of opportunity to attack. In fact, you should almost always keep shooting at him. Concentrate on evading his attacks and you won’t have to worry about damaging him. There’s not much I can tell you for this fight, for a lot of practice is required to get through this fight healthy. Jump over the Plug Balls, always keeping in mind when they’ll be above you, and once they do, jump away. But the Plug Balls aren’t the only concern. Avoid his big body is a bigger threat to your self preservation. The trick is to stand on one of the highest platform (the one farthest to him, obviously). Even if you cannot hit him from there, it doesn’t matter. Jump over the Plug Balls and try to avoid those falling on you by slightly walking away. But often, his jump will coincide with his Plug Balls falling from above. If he’s far away from you, he will jump very high to your exact position: run toward the middle, between the platforms, then jump on the other high one. Turn around, shoot and jump over his Plug Balls. Sometimes, he will do several small jumps toward you: wait for him to be very close and jump from the highest platform to the other, turn around then shoot. This way, you can almost always avoid his big purple body. NEVER GO IN THE CORNERS OR YOU’LL BE TOASTED. Always stay on the highest platform, evading his high jumps by running to the middle, then placing you again on the other high platform. If you can manage to avoid his big body all the time and avoiding a couple of Plug Balls, you’ll be victorious. So concentrate on evading his jumps at first, then focus on the Plug Balls. If you can’t manage to defeat him, use the Jewel Satellite to repel the Plug Balls. They won’t even hurt you! Then throw your barrier at him 7 times and he’ll die. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tornado Man (007) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tornado Man Difficulty: 4/10 Suggested Weapon: Plug Balls Yay! Spikes on the ceiling! Bad habit Capcom took from Bubble Man. Oh well, you shouldn’t worry about them too much, unless you have difficulty managing your jumps. His pattern: Again, he doesn’t have a definite pattern, but since he can only do two different things, that’s not too bad. He will always jump in the sky, fly, then summon tornadoes from below or jump where you are. Once he’s on the ground again, he can fly upward or immediately summon tornadoes from below. He’ll alternate between flying, jumping at you and summoning tornadoes. When he’ll start summoning tornadoes, he’ll raise his fist in the air. If he doesn’t, run toward him or you’ll get crushed. The Blowing Tornadoes he summons come in a group of 5 from below, each one will deal damage. Try to walk away from them with a combination of running and jumping (if you cannot evade them by running, jump). Be careful: when he summons tornadoes, you will jump WAY higher and it will be possible for you to hit the spiked ceiling quite easily. When you confront him again in Wily’s Fortress, all of the ceiling will be spiked, so be careful there. How to deal with him with the Mega Buster: The trick is to watch his fist: if he raises his fist, watch out for tornadoes, if he doesn’t, move away from him for he’ll land on the ground (or start flying in the air if he’s on the ground). He does that pretty quickly so stay alert. To evade the tornadoes, the best way I found is to do small jump away from the first tornado (who is ALWAYS below you) then move back right under it. I don’t two tornadoes will come at the same place, so once you’re standing below the first tornado, you’ll be fine. A small jump is enough, so don’t worry about your height. If Tornado Man is high in the sky, don’t worry about attacking him. Instead, let him summon his tornadoes and wait for him to come back on the ground or at a low altitude. When he’s summoning tornadoes on the ground, you can hit him at least 5 times without getting hit. When he’s summoning tornadoes just above the ground, evade the tornadoes then try to hit 2 or 3 times. Pretty easy. The Plug Balls is the weapon of choice against him. It might hard trying to hit with it, but since the balls follow the walls and the ceiling, they will often end up hitting him when he’s in the air. So shoot a ball per second and you will have a quick fight. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Magma Man (008) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Magma Man Difficulty: 5.5/10 Suggested Weapon: Tornado Blow Another weird landscape for this fight, but it will be way easier than Plug Man if you know where to place your Blue Bomber. I can beat him without getting hit rather easily, though it’s easy to make a small mistake. His pattern: Incredibly simple: jump then shoot in the air. His Magma Bazooka will send three flames forward, two in diagonals (upward and downward) and one straight forward. The only thing that changes is very he’ll land. That’s all. How to deal with him with the Mega Buster: At first, you might have a hard time dealing with him while evading his shots and his jumps. But if you always stay near him, he’ll never hit you at all. When he jumps and shoots, all his shots will pass over your head so... The only thing you have to worry is not to stand where he lands. Place yourself on ledge next to him (never in the corner, as always) and if he jumps where you are, move backward, and if he jumps above you, stay there then stand where he was. Try not to stand in the middle of the screen for it’s a bit harder to move under him if needed. Just concentrate on avoiding his hot body and staying close to him and you’ll beat him without getting hit at all. Keep shoot at him and he’s on the ground. If you use Tornado Blow, you’ll deal about 6 damage. So after four shots of Tornadoes (which will empty your ammos), you will only have to attack him four times with your normal shots. Easy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hornet Man (009) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hornet Man Difficulty: 7.5/10 Suggested Weapon: Magma Bazooka If you’re not able to shoot quickly in the air, you’re gonna have fun!! If you’re a quick shooter however, this fight is pretty easy. His pattern: Again, not too complicated: he jumps, summon three hornets, lands on the ground then run from a wall to the other. Meanwhile, the hornets will try to attack you, and after 4-5 attempts, will disappear. Once all hornets are gone, Hornet Man will summon more from a wall. How to deal with him with the Mega Buster: The only difficulty here is to deal with the hornets. Each one will take 2 normal shots to be dispatched. The trick is be where Hornet Man summons his hornets and to shoot them right when they are summoned. This way you can kill two of them before they even get the chance to move. Always stay on the upper platform and when he prepares to call his bees, stand on the edge and jump while shooting. You won’t be able to dispatch the higher one, so evade its first attack and kill after. Meanwhile, watch out for Hornet Man running around, by jumping over him in the middle of the screen, and shooting him in the process. Always concentrate on the hornets first and it will be pretty easy. However, if you have trouble killing them all, this fight will be hard as hell. But the trick I’ve told you, you can destroy them before they even get the chance to attack. The Magma Bazooka does a great job here, not only on Hornet Man, but on his hornets too. One hit will kill them and if you shoot from the right spot in the air when he summons them, you can kill the three of them with one shot. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wily Boss #1: The Four Statues (010) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wily Boss #1: The Four Statues Difficulty: 6/10 Suggested Weapon: Mega Buster (I don’t think you can damage them with another mean) This fight is weird. There are four layers with a small statue at its end. Between you and them, there’s a spiked ball (that kills you the moment you touch them, be wary). All the statues will keep shooting at the spiked ball to push it toward you. Meanwhile, you can shoot at the spiked balls to push them toward the statues. If a spiked ball reaches your end of the room, it will come back to the center and the statue will start shooting bullets right to you, and they’re difficult to dodge. And once a statue has been hit by a spiked ball (after you pushed it with your shots), it will become red and will push the ball farther with each shot (but will shoot less often). So the trick here is to concentrate your shots on the balls that already reached your end of the room, so its statue stops hitting shooting at you. Start by shooting one spiked ball (any), and once it hits the statue, quickly move to another ball and make it hit the statue. The other balls will probably be close to reach your end. Let them do so (don’t risk your life by being too close to them) and shoot at the first spiked ball you shot to damage the same statue again. After that, quickly move to the spiked balls that reached your end and deal damage to the two statues, so they stop shooting at you. Then continue forward by giving more attention to the statues shooting at you. It’s not a hard fight. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wily Boss #2: The War Ship (011) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wily Boss #2: The War Ship Difficulty: 8.5/10 Suggested Weapon: Laser Trident for the first part, Hornet Chaser for the second part and a combination of Black Hole Bomb and Laser Trident for the third part. This fight is separated into three parts. The first one is easy: Stay on your end of the room and shoot down the missiles coming at you. Since they don’t move fast and always downward, you won’t have trouble destroying them (one shot is enough). Then hit the missile trap when it’s opened. You will deal two damage per shot, so 14 shots are enough. You shouldn’t get hit during this fight. Use the Laser Trident to speed up the process. The second part is trickier. You will be beneath the ship and the bottom of the ship will be spiked (not spike that one hit kills, but they do damage you enough so you want to avoid them). Meanwhile, two hatches (one on the left, and one on the right), will shoot thingies at you. They can be killed with 3 normal shots. Your goal is to hit each hatches 7 times with a normal shot. The problem is that you cannot jump to full height without touching the spiked ceiling, so you will have to do small jumps while shooting at the hatches. Also, the height always varies, so you will have to change your jumps every time. And if the hatch is opened (to release a thingy at you), your shot won’t hit it... It’s pretty hard to shoot at the right height without getting hit, there is no trick besides practice. At least, do not get hit by the thingies following the ground with a couple of quick shots, then try to jump at the right height to damage the hatches. If you get tired of the spikes, use the Hornet Chaser: the little hornets will aim directly for the hatches and you won't have to jump besides to avoid the thingies. The last part is hard too. The front of the ship is equipped with a giant cannon that will fire laser beams at you. Your goal is to hit the cannon 14 times with your Mega Buster. Of course, you will want to shoot at it right before the cannon trap opens (if it’s closed, your shots will pass through) and just before it closes. Don’t take too many risks there for the laser beams hurt a lot. Take it carefully and let most of the beams pass over your head. However, you will have to jump sometimes to avoid the beams. Try to jump over the first one and land between the first and the second. It’s pretty hard though. If you didn’t take too much damage from the second part and you managed to evade all the laser beams of the third part except for the lowest ones, you’ll get through this fight. The Laser Trident deals a lot of damage and will make this a quick fight. If you're not confident with evading the lasers (they're hard to evade when they're low on the ground, use the Black Hole Bomb which will suck all the lasers! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wily Boss #3: The Blob Devil (012) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wily Boss #3: The Blob Devil (how would you call that thing anyway?) Difficulty: 9.5/10 Suggested Weapon: Black Hole Bomb Urgh... That one is a toughie. If you’re trying a quick run, it can be the nail in your coffin. There are two blobs on each side that will exchange together parts of them to eventually reform at the other blob’s place. It might sound confusing, but you’ll understand quickly enough once the fight starts. So basically, you have to avoid pieces going in and out of the blobs and wait for the CPU core (or whatever it is, the grey thing) to get out of the green blob. Then shoot it as often as you can without getting it. 14 normal shots should suffice, but since it’s so painful (literally for Mega Man) to wait for it to get out, you won’t want to use the normal shots. Instead, use the Black Hole Bomb for a quicker fight. The downside with that weapon is that it takes a LONG time before you can shoot another time with it but I’ve found a little trick: shoot the bomb and make it explode near the core to damage it, press start then get out of the menu and your Black Hole will have disappear. Doing so, you will be able to shoot another time at the core. You must be pretty quick though because once the core reenters the safety of the blob, you will have to wait. This battle is really painful because it is pretty difficult to be able to understand well where the parts are going. You can let some pass over your head, but you need to jump over the good ones. There’s not much I can tell about this in this guide to help you, except that you will often be able to jump over the green and the orange parts at the same time. Practice is the key to win this fight, but using the Black Hole Bombs trick, the average gamer should be able to get the better of this thing with one E-Tank. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Final Fight: Wily (013) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Final Fight: Wily Difficulty: 8/10 Suggested Weapon: Mega Buster for the first part, Concrete Shot for the second part and Plug Balls for the third part. The last boss is neither too hard nor too easy, but once you get the hang of him it becomes pretty easy. The fight is split into three parts and you won’t have an energy capsule between the fights to help you, leaving your E-Tanks alone to do the healing job. The first part is weird and might give some headache to some players. Wily will shoot some eggs at you while moving back then forward. The eggs will damage you and will bounce off Wily’s robot. When you shoot a normal shot at an egg, it will bounce off toward Wily, until it touches him, then goes back to you. Once ou shot the egg three times and the egg touches Wily’s robot, the egg will explode. If it explodes near the mouth of the robot, the boss will take damage. If it explodes beneath it, the egg will explode, dealing no damage. Wily will shoot another egg right after the last one exploded or disappeared behind you. The trick of this fight is to time your shots so the egg bounces directly into Wily’s mouth. Shooting the egg in the air or on the ground will change its bouncing timing. You will have to play with that accordingly to the situation to damage Wily. It’s really hard to describe the proper to shoot the eggs, but experiment by shooting the egg in the air and on the ground to see how it behaves. Practice and learn the pattern, for it’s the only mean in your possession to deal damage to the boss. Once you get the hang of it, you can easily pass this part without taking any damage, although the average player might have some problems. The second part is more simple: shoot Wily directly. He has two types of attacks. With the first, the robot will open its mouth and will fire a line of flames toward you (just like that cat thingy in Wood Man’s stage in Mega Man 2). If you jump at the last second, the flames will pass right under you, leaving you unharmed. However, the timing is pretty difficult to get, so you might get hurt a lot at first. If you don’t feel confident, you might always use Rush Coil to get over the flames (good old dog doesn’t mind the heat!). Sometimes, Wily will go really far backward and will rush toward you, stopping really close to you. Then, he will shoot fire at you, but since the area is so small, it will really hard to find the good place and the good timing to avoid the flames. The trick to avoid the flames in that position is to be in the air, in front of the mouth, the moment it opens: Wily will aim toward that spot and the fire will pass over your head. If you’re able to master this move, you shouldn’t have a problem passing the second part. With his last move, Wily will go really high in the air and will follow you. After a few moments, he will drop on the ground, trying to damage you. Not much to say here, just run to the right, a little passed the middle and run left when he stops moving. You should never get hit by this technique. Once you get the hand of these moves, you shouldn’t have any problem beating that part. Use the Concrete Shot (if you have any left, stupid short stage before the bosses) to kill him faster, but the normal buster works well. The last part is a classic: Wily’s saucer. Every Mega Man since the fourth ends with a fight with that legendary saucer. This part is rather tricky, and you will probably have to use an E-Tank because he hits rather hard. Wily will appear and disappear into the air, leaving you about 5-6 seconds to hit him in the face. While waiting for Wily to reappear ALWAYS stand in the middle of the screen, then move slightly away from him once he appears. Meanwhile, he will shoot two different things at you. The first weapon is the purple balls, which I find easier to evade than the other weapon. These balls will move toward you, then stop, then move a second time toward then disappears. Once the balls appear, move away from Wily and stop a few length from the end of the screen. Once the balls start their second movement, jump toward the wall with the good timing and you should avoid them all. Depending of the position of Wily’s saucer, the operation might become a little more difficult, but most of the time, you will have the possibility to avoid the purple balls. His other attack is composed of 6 orange balls: 3 will follow the ground and three others will go upward, then fly over you. Once the flying balls pass over you, they will head toward the floor, trying to hit you. The difficulty here is that you have to jump over the orange balls on the ground while the flying one will try to hit you. And all of that happens within 1.5 sec., so it’s pretty hard to avoid them all. The only trick I can give you is to try to jump at the last second over the floor balls and place Mega Man between two flying balls heading to the ground. It’s pretty hard and you will get hit most of the time, but eh, it’s the final boss. The only weapon that deals more than 1 unit of damage is... the Plug Balls, yeah. Wily is always weak to the short ranged weapons (Bubble Man, Snake Man, Top Man, Ring Man...). But since you must shoot Wily in the head and the range of this weapon is terrible, you will have to be directly next to him to deal damage. It will therefore be nearly impossible to avoid his attacks while damaging him with that weapon. If you have one or two E-Tanks left and do not mind getting hit, you can hit Wily with the Plug Balls two or three times per appearance. Otherwise, use your normal Mega Buster to deal with him. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Conclusion (014) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That's it folks. I hope this guide helped you overcome all those meanies in this short but sweet game. If you find anything good that deserve to be added in this guide, feel free to email me at . 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