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Once the whole walkthrough is done, a lot more information will be added but for now it’s simply a walkthrough. .-----------. | Also Note | '-----------' This walkthrough will not be updated anymore until the release of this game in North America. A week or two after the release, you'll see an update for this game! .-------------. | Walkthrough | '-------------' If you want to go to a specific point in this walkthrough, press 'CTRL + F' on your keyboard, copy the letters in the brackets beside the location in the list below, press 'CTRL + V' in the Find Box, and press 'Find Next'. (DQW0) - Prologue (DQW1) - Chapter 1 (DQW2) - Chapter 2 (DQW3) - Chapter 3 (TMMS) - Torneko's Money Making Scheme (DQW4) - Chapter 4 (DQW5) - Chapter 5 (DQWA) - Part 1 (From beginning to obtaining last party member) (DQWB) - Part 2 (Not yet complete) (DQWC) - Part 3 (Not yet complete) (MMLG) - Mini Medal Location Guide (LDTL) - Locked Doors with Treasures List (CMLL) - Character's Magic Learning List .-----------------. | (DQW0) PROLOGUE | '-----------------' LOCATION: NAMELESS VILLAGE You'll start off in a basement, being attacked by your trainer. You'll lose. Just press a button to get back up. Your trainer will leave the room, saying enough training for today, and you'll be able to move. You're the hero. Although you won't be able to do much at the present, you can speak to NPCs and gather various items by breaking pots and barrels. To start with, take the medicinal herb, seed of strength, and the 3 pieces of gold in that basement right now. Use the seed if you want, and then exit the basement by taking the staircase north. A frog will jump out of the water, will speak to you, and then will walk back into the basement. Follow it. It turns out that the frog is your best friend, Celia, transformed with the Morph spell. She'll tell you she's just trying to play with you but didn't want to be seen as a talking frog to the villagers. She'll say that your mother is looking for you before leaving. Now its your turn to leave the basement. Exploring around town will reveal an antidotal herb and medicinal herb in the pots and barrels around town. Speak to the NPCs if you want, but when you're done, go speak to your father in the southwest house of town. If you enter the wrong house it's because you changed the camera angle. This walkthrough will always assume that the camera is always in the normal position. Speak to your father. Your mother will set supper on the table and the two of them talk about how you've never left the village since you were born. It seems all is truly peaceful... ~End of Prologue~ .----------------------------------------------------. | (DQW1) CHAPTER 1: | | Ragnar McRyan and the Case of the Missing Children | '----------------------------------------------------' LOCATION: BURLAND CASTLE You'll start off in Burland Castle, in a room full of other knights, as Ragnar McRyan. The king explains that children have gone missing and that he wants all the knights to go looking for them. After that's done, take some time and talk to the NPCs if you want. It's not necessary so don't read what they have to say if you don't want to. If you head south after the cut scene with the king, you'll exit the castle. LOCATION: BURLAND --- SHOPS: INN: 4 gold coins per night ITEM SHOP: Medicinal herb - 8G Antidotal herb - 10G Holy water - 20G WEAPON SHOP: Oaken club - 30G Copper sword - 100G Divine dagger - 200G Chain sickle - 550G ARMOUR SHOP: Leather armour - 180G Chain mail - 350G Leather shield - 90G Scale shield - 180G Leather hat - 65G Hardwood headwear - 120G --- The first time entering this town you'll be exiting the castle. Heading south, you'll see the weapon shop and the item shop side to side. Break the barrels near the item shop. You'll receive 3 pieces of gold. It's small, but any bit will always help. Break the pots in the house cross from the armour shop; you'll get a medicinal herb in one of them. Go into the house across from the inn and you'll find a treasure chest with a seed of strength. Give this to Ragnar or keep it in the bag for the hero. This town is fairly small and some of the NPCs have things to say. Again it’s not necessary to talk to them. However, there’s a woman NPC near the inn, named Aigneas, who will mention that her husband, Angus, has gone off somewhere and hasn't returned yet. Make sure you speak to her. The church is near the weapon shop; save when needed. Now, you'll only have 103G at this point (assuming you broke those barrels mentioned above). 103G isn't a lot of gold so let's go and leave town and beat up some monsters. LOCATION: BURLAND REGION (SOUTH) --- MONSTERS: Air rats *NEW* (6 EXP, 7G) Bubble slimes *NEW**NIGHT* (6 EXP, 8G) Scissor beetles *NEW* (1 EXP, 4G) Slimes *NEW* (1 EXP, 2G) Wigglies *NEW* (3 EXP, 6G) --- Time to level up now. It's recommended to stay in this area until night time. This is when bubble slimes come out and you can get the most gold from these monsters. Keep battling until you get Ragnar to level 3. You'll have enough gold to buy one hardwood headwear from the armour shop. If you've fought a lot of monsters and got passed the recommended level of 3, then buy all the best armour you can. However, it's recommended not to buy any of the weapons. A few hours into the game will net you the strongest sword in this chapter for free so it'll be wasteful to spend all of your money on weapons when you'll need armour and healing items. Buy some medicinal and antidotal herbs too. At least three medicinal and two antidotal. After that, head for the cave northwest of Burland. LOCATION: BURLAND CAVE --- MONSTERS: Air rats (6 EXP, 7G) Healsimes *NEW* (7 EXP, 11G) Scissor beetles (1 EXP, 4G) Slimes (1 EXP, 2G) Wigglies (3 EXP, 6G) --- This cave will have more monsters appearing during battles than the over world, so make sure to level up. It's a small cave, just go north to exit. However, make sure to pick up the medicinal herb to the southeast and the 60 pieces of gold to the northwest. After exploring for a bit, head north to exit the cave. LOCATION: BURLAND REGION (NORTH) --- MONSTERS: Air rats (6 EXP, 7G) Bubble slimes (6 EXP, 8G) Scissor beetles (1 EXP, 4G) Stump chumps *NEW* (7 EXP, 13G) --- For now, head northeast to the town of Strathbaile. LOCATION: STRATHBAILE --- SHOPS: INN: 6 gold coins per night ITEM SHOP: Medicinal herb - 8G Antidotal herb - 10G Holy water - 20G WEAPON SHOP: Copper sword - 100G Divine dagger - 200G Hunter's bow - 350G Chain sickle - 550G Iron lance - 880G ARMOUR SHOP: Chain mail - 350G Bronze armour - 700G Iron armour - 1200G Scale shield - 180G Iron shield - 650G Hardwood headwear - 120G --- The inn and item shop are right above you and the weapon and armour shops are directly north. The church is to the east of those shops. Right now, it's not too important to buy new equipment. You'll be able to buy some later. Break the barrels to the left to find 3 pieces of gold. A drawer in the inn has some plain clothes to sell for extra gold. The closet in the school has a medicinal herb hidden in it. The well to the northwest will have 25 pieces of gold in it. Break the barrel in the jail cell to get another medicinal herb. The NPCs here are all panicking about their missing children. Some of them also talk about a man named Angus locked in jail because of stealing some bread. Does the name sound familiar? Speaking to Angus in the jail cell will reveal that he's lost his memory. Oh brother. Well, we found her husband, so let’s go back to Burland to go tell the news to Aigneas. If needed, head to the inn to rest up and head to the church to save. LOCATION: BURLAND Just go speak to Aigneas. She's worried that her husband has wound up in jail so she asks you to go take her to see him. She'll then join your team. Well, let's head back to Strathbaile. LOCATION: STRATHBAILE Immediately head to the jail and watch the cut scene between Angus and Aigneas. Aigneas will give Angus a Puff Puff to restore his memory and he'll tell you to check out the forest southeast of town. At this point, you should be at level 5 and should acquire a scale shield. The dungeon you're about to enter will be a little tough, so make sure to meet these requirements. Save and heal when you're ready, and head to the forest southeast of here. Walk around there and you'll eventually enter a hidden dungeon. LOCATION: MYSTERIOUS WELL --- MONSTERS: Healsimes (7 EXP, 11G) Mad moles: *NEW* (9 EXP, 10G) Stump chumps (7 EXP, 13G) Winksters *NEW* (11 EXP, 13G) --- As soon as you enter, you'll see a well in the middle of the area. Get near it and a voice will tell you to enter the well. Do so and you'll end up in a cave. Follow the voice until the very end. You shouldn't encounter any monsters if you do so. When you get to the end, you'll see a treasure chest containing a pair of shoes called talaria. This is what you're here for. Now that you've gotten these shoes, it's time to explore! After exiting the room with the shoes head directly east to the end of the path to find a treasure chest. Inside, you'll find 560 pieces of gold! You'll also see a healsime. We'll be able to get to him soon enough, just head back to the road fork where you found the talaria. Heading south, you'll see a three-way fork. Don't bother going through the east or west roads; they just loop back to this fork. Continue heading south and then turn east. At the end of the road you'll see that healslime you saw earlier. His name is Healie and he wants to become a human one day. How cute. Let him join your team when asked; you'll now have a temporary party member. He's like a normal one, except you can't control him, and he’ll eventually leave the party. He'll be able to cast heal during and outside of battle, making him very useful. Head west back to the fork and exit this floor. On the next floor, heading east at the fork will lead you to a treasure chest with a medicinal herb inside. Head west and then north, but ignore the staircase, it just leads to a dead end. Go north around the pond and head west at the fork (heading north will take you back to where you fell from when you first entered the dungeon). Fall through the hole and then take the staircase. Break the pots for 15 pieces of gold, a medicinal herb, and a seed of agility. The barrels hold nothing and the treasure chest has a seed of life in it. Put the seeds in the bag if you want to keep it for your hero. Take the staircase and then exit the dungeon. Head back to town to heal up and save. You're soon going to head off into the last and hardest dungeon in this chapter. Using the mysterious well, level up to at least level 8 and buy the best armour you can. Again, save your money for items and armour, you'll soon get the best weapon in this chapter. Once you're ready, fully heal up, save, and then leave town. Use the talaria and you'll be teleported to the isolated tower. LOCATION: ISOLATED TOWER --- MONSTERS: Bantamweights *NEW* (20 EXP, 9G) Blinksters *NEW* (18 EXP, 20G) Bodkin archers *NEW* (13 EXP, 15G) Healsimes (7 EXP, 11G) Splatypunks *NEW* (14 EXP, 10G) --- The moment you enter, you'll see a monster hauling a boy off. So, this is where the children have been getting kidnapped to, eh? Well, one thing to note, the monsters are quite tough here so watch your HP. Also, you'll finally get that weapon that I've been talking about here. Head down the stairs and then head north and around the corner to find a chest. Inside is a chimaera wing. Take it and go back to the stairs. Head south and speak to the solider if you want. Go east and then north, going down a staircase in the process. This room has a... room in the middle of it. For now, ignore it, and take the staircase right above you. In the new room, take the seed of strength in the treasure chest. Do what you want with it, and then head back down. There's a door on the east side of that room in this room. Turn the camera angle if you can't see it. Inside there will have a chest with 640 pieces of gold. Exit and then go around the room to enter it from the south door. Take the scale shield in the chest and put it in your bag. Go north and then down the stairs. Open the door above you. The path to the west will have a chest containing a seed of resilience. The path to the east will have a chest with a cautery sword inside of it. THIS is the weapon I've been talking about! Equip it right away. You shouldn't have any more trouble with the monsters here anymore. Keep the copper sword in your bag. Head back to the staircase going up. Go south and go downstairs. In here is a healing spring. Use this opportunity to heal and go back upstairs. Go west, south around the corner, heading east, and finally north to a solider laying on the ground. Talking to him reveals that the Lord of the Underworld is going to reawaken and that a hero will stop them. And that's why the monsters are kidnapping the children! The hero is still a child at this point and this is the only chance the monsters have before the child is strong enough to fight them. Now, before heading down the staircase, make sure you're at level 10, with the best equipment you can possibly get at this point. Cautery sword, iron armour, iron shield, and hardwood headwear. If you don't meet any of these requirements, then fight the monsters around the healing spring. You should level up and have enough money for the equipment in no time. If you need to escape from the tower, head to the second floor (the one with the room in the middle of it) and fall off the south side. Make sure to save when you're in town. Once you're ready, go on. Down the stairs, you'll only move east just a little bit before being able to go north. Before doing so, make sure you're at full HP. Go up and then watch as the child comes towards Ragnar. You can move around and talk to the child, monsters, and the other child in the cell. When you're done that, speak to the monster on the altar and prepare for your first boss battle! .------------------------. | BOSS BATTLE: | | Psaro's Pawn and Winky | | Reward: 100 EXP, 100G | '------------------------' Winky has only a little bit of HP, but when it's down to its last breath, it'll make a desperation attack. Very devastating. Healie should heal you immediately on the next turn but if he's down then heal Ragnar with a medicinal herb. Psaro's Pawn will occasionally attack but will prefer to do things such as coughing up fireballs, which will hit both Ragnar and Healie, and cast Sizz, a strong fire spell. It's much simpler to take out Winky before killing Psaro's Pawn, as it's the weaker monster of the two. Be careful of its desperation attack though. After killing Winky, go and continue hitting Psaro's Pawn. He shouldn't be able to hit you too hard, and if the going gets tough, Healie will just heal you. He'll always move first, anyway, and will most likely heal when your HP gets low. .------------. | BATTLE END | '------------' After a few turns, Psaro's Pawn will fall and you'll be the victor! Psaro's Pawn will say the usual threats before dying, and both kids will be free. There's no need to break the pot or barrel in the cell, there's nothing in them. Leave the tower by jumping off the first floor, and head to Strathbaile. The journey will be safe; the monsters will all have disappeared. LOCATION: STRATHBAILE Upon entering the town, the children will leave you for their mothers. At this point, all you need to do is talk to the king back in Burland. However, it's heavily recommended that you buy all the expensive equipment you can afford and put them in your bag. It's a great way to make money for the hero later in chapter 5. Stick all of them items Ragnar is holding, except for his equipment, into the bag. He'll need his equipment for when he joins the hero. Once you're done your shopping spree, go to the king or talk to the NPCs. They'll all say something different now. Most of them will thank you. LOCATION: BURLAND CASTLE King Burnard will thank you and will offer you anything. However, Ragnar will ask to go on a journey to look for the hero. King Burnard will be a little sad but will reward you with experience (which should get you to level 15). Ragnar will now leave the castle with Healie. ~End of Chapter 1~ .--------------------------------------. | (DQW2) CHAPTER 2: | | Alena and the Journey to the Tourney | '--------------------------------------' LOCATION: ZAMOKSVA You'll start off at Zamoksva, this time as Tsarevna Alena. Your father, Tsar Stepan, will prohibit you from leaving the castle. Talk to the NPCs (required if you want to continue, make sure you talk to Boyra and Kiryl downstairs too), and then head for Alena's room on the top floor of the castle. By the way, if you explore the lowest floor of the castle, you'll find holy water, and a medicinal herb. Checking the closet in your room will reveal a feathered cap and another medicinal herb. Make sure to equip the cap. Then, check the board on the wall of Alena's room. She'll knock it down (if you say yes) and you'll have the chance to escape! Do so. You'll appear on the castle rooftops. When you try to escape, Borya and Kiryl will appear and request that you do not leave the castle alone. They'll then join your team! Leave the area to the overworld. Immediately head to Zelenagrad, the town directly west of Zamoksva. LOCATION: ZELENAGRAD --- SHOPS: INN: 2 gold coins per night ITEM SHOP: Medicinal herb - 8G Antidotal herb - 10G Holy water - 20G WEAPON SHOP: Oaken club - 30G Copper sword - 100G Divine dagger - 200G ARMOUR SHOP: Plain clothes - 10G Wayfarer's Clothes - 70G Leather armour - 180G Leather shield - 90G Leather hat - 65G Medicinal herb - 120G --- The inn and armour shop are right above you. The church is north of those two buildings, and the weapon shop is fused with the church, to the west of it. There some doors here you can't open, including a door going east of the church to some strange building. In the weapon shop, break one of the barrels for a seed of agility. Give it to the party member you feel like giving it to or put it in the bag. A bard named Josef Starling is on the roof of the church. Remember him, you'll need to talk to him later in this chapter. There's nothing much else in this town. Leave for now. LOCATION: ZAMOKSVA REGION (EAST) --- MONSTERS: Bagworms *NEW* (5 EXP, 18G) Foo dogs *NEW* (7 EXP, 20G) Lickspittles *NEW**NIGHT* (4 EXP, 10G) Mischievous moles *NEW* (2 EXP, 4G) Mouseflaps *NEW* (3 EXP, 5G) She-slimes *NEW* (2 EXP, 5G) Walking sticks *NEW* (1 EXP, 2G) Wigglies (3 EXP, 6G) --- You'll want to train and level up for now. So do so! Train until you get enough gold to buy all of the best equipment in the shops (at which point Alena was level 7 for me) for each character... except, only buy one leather hat for now. Kiryl's heal spell is useful when your HP runs low. Heal at the inn when Kiryl runs out of MP. Also, when the monsters around Zelenagrad get too easy to kill, trying fighting the monsters north of Zamoksva, in the mountains. They're the same monsters, but more appear during battle, as well as Lickspittles, instead of appearing at night around Zelenagrad. Plus, bagworms and foo dogs appear around there, and those monsters drop the most gold at this point. After you've gotten all of the best equipment (leather armours, divine daggers, etc... and make sure you buy only one leather hat) you should head for that village northeast of Zamoksva, Taborov. LOCATION: TABOROV --- SHOPS: INN: 9 gold coins per night ITEM SHOP: Medicinal herb - 8G Antidotal herb - 10G Chimaera wing - 25G Divine dagger - 200G Hunter's bow - 350G Leather armour - 180G --- The inn is right above you, with the church a little higher north. You can't save at this church, however. There's an item shop here, but its closed at the moment. Break the barrel in the house above the inn for a seed of agility. In the house across from the inn has an antidotal herb in the barrel and a leather hat in the closet. That's why you make sure to listen to my walkthrough so you get the best equipment for free. :) You can also find a mini medal in the well. It'll be sent to the Medal King for safe keepings. So, this village seems to be under attack by a monster who wants girls to be sacrificed to him. Speak to the village chief and say yes to his request. He'll tell you to go see the priest. Tell him you'll take the place of Anastasia for sacrifice. Make sure you saved before telling him you're ready (you would've had to save at Zelenagrad, though). When you're ready, enter the box, and prepare for the boss battle. .------------------------------. | BOSS BATTLE: | | Master Kung and two Foo Dogs | | Reward: 150 EXP, 100G, and a | | Seed of Life | '------------------------------' You would be a fool not to take down the two foo dogs first. They're normal monsters you've encountered before. So, take them out as fast as you can. Psaro's Pawn... I mean, Master Kung will only attack you for the most part and his attacks are pretty weak. He'll start to cast heal once his HP gets low. If one of your party members start to get low on health, heal using Kiryl's heal spell. If you want to speed up the battle, use Borya's Crack spell. In a few turns, this blue pawn will fall. .------------. | BATTLE END | '------------' After the battle, you'll immediately rest at the inn. If you talk to all of the villagers, they'll thank you. The item shop will be open too. Try to get enough money for the hunter's bow for Borya, for it's his strongest weapon for a while in this chapter. You can save at the church now. Do so, and then leave town by exiting the north exit of the church. LOCATION: ZAMOKSVA REGION (NORTH) --- MONSTERS: Carnivine *NEW* (7 EXP, 18G) Bullfinches *NEW* (7 EXP, 17G) Firespirits *NEW* (6 EXP, 16G) Fungouls *NEW* (6 EXP, 15G) Healsimes (7 EXP, 11G) Lickspittles (4 EXP, 10G) --- Head northeast for the small town of Vrenor. LOCATION: VRENOR --- SHOPS: INN: 12 gold coins per night ITEM SHOP: Medicinal herb - 8G Antidotal herb - 10G Chimaera wing - 25G Chain mail - 350G Hardwood headwear - 120G Bronze armour - 700G WEAPON SHOP: Copper sword - 100G Divine dagger - 200G Hunter's boy - 350G Chain sickle - 550G Iron lance - 880G --- The moment you enter, you'll find that everyone is looking at the inn, hoping to get a glimpse of the Tsarevna. But wait a minute, aren't you the Tsarevna? Hmm, something's fishy here. Let's go to the inn and see who this imposter Tsarevna is. Upon entering the second floor of the inn, you'll find the fake Tsarevna being kidnapped by two guys. They'll run away the moment they see you. Let's check out what the buildings here have inside. In the house north of the inn, you'll find an antidotal herb in the barrel. East of that house has another house, with some pots. One of the pots has 10 pieces of gold in it. There are plain clothes to sell at the inn. That's about it. There's something shining in the priest's garden, but we can't get that unless you save, shut off the game, and load your save again. This way, the priest will be moved and you can enter his garden. It's a seed of life, by the way. Also, the weapon shop is closed so we can't do anything there. Speak to the boy near the animals and he'll say that his dog found a letter. The letter says to bring the armlet of transmutation to the kidnappers at night or else the Tsarevna will not be returned. Since the boy won't show the letter to anyone else, we might as well get that armlet for the kidnappers ourselves. But first, train around town until you get enough money for bronze armour and a hardwood headwear; both for Kiryl. When you're ready, heal up, save up, and head for the cave south of Vrenor. Also, make sure to buy some new equipment, like the bronze armour for Kiryl. LOCATION: VAULT OF VRENOR --- MONSTERS: Bedbugs *NEW* (12 EXP, 15G) Blinksters (18 EXP, 20G) Crested vipers *NEW* (18 EXP, 25G) Firespirits (6 EXP, 16G) Funghouls (6 EXP, 15G) Pickayunes *NEW* (15 EXP, 30G) Thorny devils *NEW* (15 EXP, 25G) Vampire bats *NEW* (11 EXP, 23G) --- From the enterance, head south. Keep heading south at the fork and you'll find a chimaera wing. Head back up and then head west at the fork. Take the treasure chest ontop of the stairs. It's a seed of agility. Go north to get the other treasure chest. It holds 360 gold coins. Go around the corner and walk through the path that leads you through several stairs. Head north, east, and down the staircase. From the staircase, head all the way south while hugging the eastern wall. You will eventually get to the bottom where you'll have to head west. Head all the way west and you'll find a treasure chest holding the armlet of transmutation! Well, we're done here, let’s go... ...Not. If you haven't noticed, there's a treasure chest on the top screen, waiting to be opened up. So, let’s head back east and north until the first fork and then head west to open the chest. It contains a phial of magic water. And... that's it. Time to head back to town, but make sure its night before entering. LOCATION: VRENOR Head west, across the bridge, into the house. Exit the house from the back end and go towards the kidnappers. He'll requests the amulet. Saying no won't do you any good so just say yes. Alena will throw the amulet at the kidnappers and they'll leave the fake Tsarevna behind. She'll thank you and will admit that she's not the real Tsarevna. Who could've guessed that? Her real name is Anya and she's just a traveling entertainer. Blah, blah, more back story, and she'll leave with her group. She'll give you the thief's key before leaving. Well, at least we got rewarded in the end. Your party will wake up in the inn. Talk to the villagers if you want. Also, the weapon shop is finally open so buy an iron lance for Kiryl and a chain sickle for Alena. You should have enough money, providing you haven't run away from any encounters. The little boy in town will have even more story progressing news; there's a market in the desert, to the south. Leave town and start heading southwest. LOCATION: ZAMOKSVA REGION (SOUTH) --- MONSTERS: Armoured scorpions *NEW* (38 EXP, 44G) Crested vipers (18 EXP, 25G) Komodoes *NEW* (25 EXP, 39G) Lugworms *NEW* (22 EXP, 27G) Pickayunes (15 EXP, 30G) --- You'll be at this location after walking across the hills near the Vrenor cave. Head west through the forests until you reach a desert, with a tent in the middle of it. Enter that tent. LOCATION: THE DESERT BAZAAR --- SHOPS: INN: 18 gold coins per night ITEM SHOP: Medicinal herb - 8G Antidotal herb - 10G Holy water - 20G Chimaera wing - 25G Moonwort bulb - 30G WEAPON SHOP: Hunter's bow - 350G Chain sickle - 550G Poison moth knife 750G Iron lance - 880G Holy lance - 1250G ARMOUR SHOP: Leather armour - 180G Chain mail - 350G Bronze armour - 700G Leather shield - 90G Scale shield - 180G Hardwood headwear - 120G --- Sooooooo many things to buy, not enough money... It should be noted that Borya will finally have another new weapon to get, the poison moth knife. Make sure to get that for him as soon as possible. It can also occasionally paralyze its enemy... which doesn't make sense. Shouldn't a poison knife poison the enemy? Ah, whatever. The only new armours to get are scale shields, for both Kiryl and Borya. Get those because they're pretty cheap compared to the other armours here. Break the pots behind that woman south of the armour shop for some horse manure (lol), medicinal herb, and a seed of strength. The tent north of those pots has MORE pots with a seed of agility in it. There's a Zamoksvan guard here, near the eastern exit. When you speak to him he'll tell you that the Tsar is sick. Oh dear. Time to head all the way back to Zamoksva. You can use a chimaera wing or walk all the way there. Or use Borya's Zoom spell if he's at level 10. LOCATION: ZAMOKSVA Enter the castle and the guards will let you in. Head upstairs and talk to the Tsar. You'll notice he won't be able to say anything. Speak to the chancellor. He'll tell you that the Tsar lost his voice but old Starek might be able to help you. To get to Starek, get to the back of the castle by jumping out of Alena's room. You'll be able to open the locked door now thanks to the thief's key. Starek will tell you to go see Josef Starling for he's lost his voice at one time too. But before heading to Zelenagrad, break the pots in Starek's room to get a seed of magic. Also get the chimaera wing in Starek's closet. LOCATION: ZELENAGRAD I imagine you haven't saved for a while, so do so. After saving, head upstairs, and then out the south door to speak to Josef. He'll tell you that he recovered his voice by drinking birdsong nectar, an elf potion the item shop owner in the desert bazaar sold him. Well, let's Zoom/chimaera wing there... LOCATION: THE DESERT BAZAAR The item shop is at the west end of the bazaar. You have to talk to the owner by walking around the counter. She'll tell that she just sold the last batch but there's probably more in the tower to the west. Let's head there. It's actually a little more southwest than directly west. LOCATION: BIRDSONG TOWER --- INN: 18 gold coins per night --- --- MONSTERS: Crested vipers (18 EXP, 25G) Erazor blades *NEW* (30 EXP, 46G) Flying doctors *NEW* (38 EXP, 60G) Flyguys *NEW* (35 EXP, 47G) Killer gilas *NEW* (18 EXP, 21G) Peepers *NEW* (31 EXP, 62G) Pteranodon *NEW* (36 EXP, 50G) --- The red door north leads to the inn mentioned above, which is good if you want to level up here. If you think you're at a good level then open the blue door and head up the stairs. If you can't open the door then that means you don't have the thief's key meaning you haven't followed this walkthrough very well. Good job. Don't go through the doorway south, go through the one a little to the west. It'll take you to a staircase. Up the stairs, walkthrough the path to find two treasure chests. One contains a seed of magic and the other one contains 1200 gold coins. Head back downstairs and this time go through the doorway to the east. Head south, around the few corners, until you go up a staircase. Head north, through the doorway, until you reach a treasure chest, containing a chimaera wing. Head back to the stairway and then head west while hugging the wall. You can fall down that hole so be careful. At the end, head up the staircase. Head a little east and then head south, through the doorway. Head up the stars. At the top of the tower you'll find two elves. They'll... fly away the second they see you. They'll also drop some birdsong nectar. Pick it up. Now you can head back to Zamoksva by using Zoom or a chimaera wing here. Or you can walk outta of the tower if you want... it's just faster from the top of this tower. LOCATION: ZAMOKSVA Head to the throne room and use the birdsong nectar on the Tsar. The Tsar will start to talk and will tell you about a dream he continuously has about a monster from the underworld destroying everything. When he tried telling the chancellor about this dream, he suddenly couldn't talk anymore. He now tells you to leave the castle to see the world for yourself and will ask Kiryl and Borya to travel with you. W00T, let's leave. But, uhh, first, go upstairs. You can enter the Tsar's bedchamber now, so take the 30 gold coins in the closet. Now leave the castle, heal up and save at Zelenagrad, and Zoom to the Desert Bazaar. LOCATION: ZAMOKSVA REGION (SOUTH) Don't bother getting the best equipment at this point (unless you already have it). It's just a waste of money. From your location, head directly east and a little south and enter the shrine. You might've came here before but couldn't go through, but now you can. Enter the portal and exit. The new location you're at will have an inn near (24 gold coins per person). Rest if you want and then exit to the overworld. LOCATION: ENDOR REGION --- MONSTERS: Armoured scorpions (38 EXP, 44G) Cyclowns *NEW* (32 EXP, 34G) Healsimes (7 EXP, 11G) Metal slimes (1350 EXP, 5G) Pteranodon *NIGHT* (36 EXP, 50G) Restless armours *NEW* (55 EXP, 49G) Skeleton swordsmen *NEW* (53 EXP, 54G) --- Head southeast and enter the castletown of Endor. LOCATION: ENDOR --- SHOP: INN: 18 gold coins per person WEAPON SHOP: Chain sickle - 550G Poison moth knife - 750G Iron lance - 880G Holy lance - 1250G Astraea's abacus - 1600G ARMOUR SHOP: Chain mail - 350G Bronze armour - 700G Iron armour 1200G Iron apron - 1500G Scale shield - 180G Iron shield - 650G ITEM SHOP: Medicinal herb - 8G Antidotal herb - 10G Holy water - 20G Chimaera wing - 25G Moonword bulb - 30G Hardwood headwear - 120G --- Lots of expensive things... and its highly recommended to buy all the best stuff. It's a good thing the monsters around here drop plenty of money, so train as much as you can and buy all the best stuff (although, you won't have much to buy... only Kiryl can equip the better armour here). Also, to gain GREAT experience fast, fight around that desert west of Endor. You'll occasionally spot metal slimes here. When you do... kill it as fast as you possibly can and hope you can actually hit it. It only drops a little gold... but it'll give over 1000 EXP, as noted above. They also only have 4 HP. The reason why do this is because they have a LOT of defense and a LOT of speed. You'll rarely hurt it more than 1 damage, you'll miss it a lot, and it'll run away a lot. Fight as many as you can while trying to get a good amount of gold. When Alena and the party is at level 12, you're ready to continue on. In Endor, break the barrels east of the entrance, hidden unless you turn the camera. One of them has 5 gold coins hidden in it (yay). The house beside the inn has a silk robe in the closet upstairs. The inn itself has a seed of resilience, and 16 gold coins inside the barrels. The pots beside the weapon shop holds an antidotal herb. The barrels in the house beside the item shop has 40 gold coins in it. That's it. There's also a casino in town, but I won't get into too much details for now. If you want, try to win some good stuff. Speaking to the villagers, you'll find out that there's a tourney going on, and that Psaro the Manslayer is murdering all of the tourney entrants. Hmm... Alena's journey to the tourney? I guess this is the tourney we've been looking for. Go north of the town to enter the castle. In the castle basement, there's 3 gold coins in the barrel. That's... it. The king has been waiting for you. He tells you that he made a promise to whoever wins the tournament gets to marry the princess and wants you to win. No, not for lesbian purposes, you pervert. If a woman wins, then the princess doesn't have to marry anyone. So the king wants you to win so that nobody gets to marry the princess. Well, let’s register for this tournament. Exit the castle but enter it using the side door to the west instead of the main gate. The left one is also fine but the right one has a seed of life hidden in it. Search the west wall until you find a door (or just change the camera angle). Take the staircase down and open the chest for said seed. Now go back into the hall, get to the end, and head down the staircase. Go east/west, enter the door to the north and head up to the staircase. The stairs to the east lead to the spectator's ring, where you can talk to people. Talk to the solider to the west and he will allow you to enter the tournament. Go through the door. There's an inn (24 gold coins per night), an item shop (BUY THE IRON CLAW FOR ALENA!!) and a priest. Heal up, stock up on medicinal herbs (Alena has to fight alone) but you can't save. When you're ready, go up the staircase in the middle. Time to fight! .------------------------------. | BOSS BATTLE: | | Attila the Hunk, then | | Quick Draw McGore, then | | Prima Donna, then | | Samson Knight, then finally | | Abominable Showman | | Reward: A bunch of medicinal | | herbs | '------------------------------' Attila isn't too hard. Just hit and heal whenever you get low on HP. He has no special attacks. He should go down in three turns. Mr. McGore is pretty fast and a little stronger. Just keep on attacking and healing when you need to. He should go down in six to seven turns. Prima Donna is a magician but her only spells are Crack and Midheal. At first, keep on defending and healing yourself. Eventually, she'll run out of MP and she'll only attack or defend, making the battle far too easy. Samson will hit you hard but he has no special skills. But again, he hits very hard. You'll have to hope that you got enough medicinal herbs to help you out because it'll pretty much be 'Attack, Heal, Attack, etc.' He's nothing special, though, and he'll go down in a few hits. Just make sure to keep your HP above 30. As soon as this battle starts the Showman will split into four. This means that only one of them is real. If you miss, he'll split up again, changing his position. Also, he likes to cough up fireballs. In order to hit the Showman, just keep attacking the one on the left. There's a one in four chance that you'll hit him and he won't always not go to that spot. Keep attacking that spot and you'll eventually hit him. Hit him thrice and you should win. .------------. | BATTLE END | '------------' Here it is... Alena VS Psaro the Manslayer. This guy is going to be tough... That's why I've decided to create another battle set up just for this guy... Get ready... and... Huh? Oh, he's gone. Huh. Guess you win. LOCATION: ENDOR Both the king and princess will thank you. Well, time to leave the castle. Upon entering the town, a Zamoksvan solider will up come to you, will tell you to head to Zamoksva, and will die in front of you. This is that time where you stock up on expensive items and put them in your bag, along with the items you're not equiping. When you're ready, Zoom to Zamoksva. LOCATION: ZAMOKSVA Hmm. Something strange is going on... no music... lets enter the castle... Where is everybody? Maybe the king's here? Lets go upstairs... Nothing here either... maybe in the bedrooms? Nothing up here...? Lets jump onto the roof... Even the old man is gone... Let's leave... Very strange indeed... ~End of Chapter 2~ .----------------------------------------. | (DQW3) CHAPTER 3: | | Torneko and the Extravagant Excavation | '----------------------------------------' LOCATION: LAKANABA --- SHOPS: INN: Can't sleep there at this point... WEAPON SHOP: Oaken club - 30G Copper sword - 100G Divine dagger - 200G ARMOUR SHOP: Wayfarer's clothes - 70G Leather armour - 180G Chain mail - 350G Bronze armour - 700G Leather shield - 90G Leather hat - 65G ITEM SHOP: Medicinal herb - 8G Antidotal herb - 10G Holy water - 20G Chimaera wing - 25G --- Enter Torneko Taloon, a fat man who lives with his wife and kid. Your wife will wake you up, will tell you to go to work, and will give you your lunch. The closet near your bed will earn you a leather hat. Equip it. The pots near your house will hold a medicinal herb. The pots by the item shop has an antidotal herb in one of them. The house above the weapon shop has a leather shield in the drawers. Equip that too. That's that. All the way east, at the other end of town, is where you work. So, work... and work, and work... and work... Very boreing life, isn't it? Eventually it'll be night and you can go home to sleep. Then you go back to work, and work... and work... One good thing comes out of this: If you work long enough, someone will eventually offer to sell a cautery sword. Buy it from them and make sure to NEVER sell it to anyone who wants it. Keep it for yourself until you have enough money to buy it from the shop. If someone wants it, keep on saying no. They'll persist, but will eventually give up. In fact, when you buy the cautery sword from whoever sells it to you, that means it's time to stop this boring life and live Torneko's dream job: To own his in shop. ...Just be patient about it. You might get the cautery sword the first time you work or the 100th time you work there. It all depends on luck. Also note: The day ends when you earn 100 or more gold coins. You get 10% of the profit. When you've finally get that cautery sword, you should have a bit of gold coins on hand... Probably not enough to re-buy the cautery sword from the shop but enough for a good item. You may be even able to get a hunter's bow if someone's sold it to you at the shop. Just make sure you get a good weapon. And some good armour if you still have enough gold coins. Also, make sure to get some medicinal herbs. Finally, the inn keeper will tell you about a steel strong box. It'll keep your gold from being stolen when you've wiped out in battle. Hmm... Well, time to leave town... LOCATION: BALLYMORAL REGION --- MONSTERS: Scissor beetles (1 EXP, 4G) Slimes (1 EXP, 2G) Mischievous moles (2 EXP, 4G) --- You might want to level up a bit. Also, when fighting monsters, you may randomly encounter a shop. It just sells basic items, good idea to stock up if you're running low. When you're at level 3, it's time to head for the cave far north of Lakanaba. LOCATION: CAVE OF THE STEEL STRONGBOX --- MONSTERS: Bubble slimes (6 EXP, 8G) Scissor beetles (1 EXP, 4G) Slimes (1 EXP, 2G) Mischievous moles (2 EXP, 4G) Wigglies (3 EXP, 6G) --- If any monsters happen to drop any strong equipment (Torneko in the party increases drops), just stick it in the bag (unless you can equip it). Note; the moles here might drop an iron lance. A good alternative for the cautery sword for now. Go east to the staircase heading down. Head south and then around the corner through the hall. There's no point in pressing that button so head south up one of the two staircases. Head north, around the corner, and down to go down the staircase heading down. Don't press that button just yet. For now, head west and then north to reach a chest. It contains a chain sickle. Equip it if you have no stronger weapon equipped. Now press that button. Head north and take the route leading to the staircase heading down. Go north, and head south if you want to speak to the NPC down the staircase. Keep going west and then south. The boulder will eventually start to follow you. Turn at the first fork, head south, turn west at the next fork, and finally head north. The boulder will stop following you, and will make a bridge for you to cross. Head down that staircase. Head north, and then west. Push the rock with you while you're doing this. Head north and nab the steel strongbox. Use the rock to open the gates again. And we're done. Let's head out of the dungeon now. LOCATION: BALLYMORAL REGION Time to head aaaaaalllll the way south. If you want, stop by Lakanaba to save and heal. Also, sell any worthless items to try to get that cautery sword, but DON'T sell too much! Try to keep as many items you've salvaged from the monsters as you can. You'll want to keep it in the bag for later. If you don't have enough money, well, you're just going to have to buy it later. When you're heading south, stop at that village in the middle of the woods. LOCATION: SHINNOCK --- SHOP: ITEM SHOP: Medicinal herb - 8G Steel broadsword - 10G --- ...Don't buy any steel broadswords. You'll see why if you do. Head north at the fork to enter the actual village. The pots behind the item shop house a medicinal herb and... horse manure. The house up north has some boxer shorts to sell. Make note of that Archie O'Tect guy in that house to the southeast. That's it. Speak to the man in the house to the northwest. He'll ask if you want to sleep there for the night. Do so. When you wake up, the town will be gone, as if there was nothing there in the first place... It's not like some magical fox creatures tricked you into believing that the town was real, right? Hahaha... LOCATION: BALLYMORAL REGION Keep heading south and you'll eventually reach a castle and a broken bridge. Enter the castle. LOCATION: BALLYMORAL --- SHOPS: INN: 10 gold coins per night ITEM SHOP: Medicinal herb - 8G Antidotal herb - 10G Holy water - 20G Chimaera wing - 25G WEAPON SHOP: Copper sword - 100G Hunter's bow - 350G Chain sickle - 550G Iron lance - 880G Steel broadsword - 2000G --- You won't be buying any stronger weapon ever again in this chapter if you have the cautery sword. But, the weapon shop has 70 gold coins in one of the pots so get it if you want. Armour shop is closed for now, but you can still break the barrels inside for a seed of life. The king will be wondering where Archie O'Tect is. Sound familiar? Also, speak to the prince. He'll ask you to go meet him behind the castle after nightfall. So, battle around the castle until nightfall... Go to the east side of the castle, to the north. Prince Regan wants you to go to Endor and give the letter to the princess there. But we're going to have to wait for the bridge to get fixed first... And to get that fixed we need Archie O'Tect. And to get him, we need to pull him outta Shinnock... and how do we do that? Well, first, let's go into the prison of the castle, in the basement. In here you're going to have to avoid the guards, nothing too hard. Just make sure they don't look at you. Speak to the man in the jail to the east. He'll recognize you and requests a chimaera wing. Give him one (or go find one) and he'll fly outta there (wut). Head back to Lakanaba. LOCATION: LAKANABA Talk to the man again, in the northeast corner of town (near the jail with the dog in it). He'll give you the dog for rescuing him. Let's head to Shinnock now... LOCATION: SHINNOCK The second you enter town, the dog will go nuts. It'll head to the northwest house. Talk to the guy inside, and he'll say he's losing his powers. The village will dissapear and the man will turn into a fox (I was lying before). That said, the fox will give you a suit of full plate armor (you can't equip it so just put it in your bag) and then give the dog back to the man in Lakanaba. Then, head back to Ballymoral. LOCATION: BALLYMORAL The bridge is all fixed up now. Head to Endor! LOCATION: ENDOR REGION Cross the bridge then head south to reach Endor. --- MONSTERS: Bodkin archers (13 EXP, 15G) Firespirits (6 EXP, 16G) Healsimes (7 EXP, 11G) Mad moles: (9 EXP, 10G) Splatypunks (14 EXP, 10G) Stump chumps (7 EXP, 13G) --- LOCATION: ENDOR --- SHOPS: INN: 6 gold coins per night WEAPON SHOP: Chain sickle - 550G Poison moth knife - 750G Iron lance - 880G Holy lance - 1250G Astraea's abacus - 1600G ARMOUR SHOP: Chain mail - 350G Bronze armour - 700G Iron armour 1200G Iron apron - 1500G Scale shield - 180G Iron shield - 650G ITEM SHOP: Medicinal herb - 8G Antidotal herb - 10G Holy water - 20G Chimaera wing - 25G Moonwort bulb - 30G Hardwood headwear - 120G --- Buy an iron apron and iron shield if you can. Sell some stuff you got from monsters if you need the money, just don't sell it all! There should be nothing in the pots and barrels around here because you already got them with Alena. The guy in the northeastern house in town wants a silver Goddess statue and will pay anything for it. Make note of that. A solider named Hardie will join you for five days if you pay him 400 gold coins. If you don't think you can stand the big harsh world alone at this point then hire him. He's standing near the church if you want. Also, in the building across the church, the old man will tell you that nobody can buy his shop without King Norman's approval. So... let's go talk to the king! You remember where the castle is, right? We have business with the princess here too... read her the letter and King Normal will hand you the royal scroll. The king will let you open your shop if you manage to help prevent war. Well, let's go to the king of Ballymoral then... LOCATION: BALLYMORAL Read the royal scroll to the king. The king will like the idea of his son marrying Norman's daughter so... the war is off. Lets go back to Endor now... LOCATION: ENDOR Norman has already heard of the news and he'll let you open your shop! Alright now, go to the house where the shop is supposed to be and speak to the old man. He'll tell you that he'll sell the shop for... 35,000 gold coins. o_o Well, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have that money at this point. Remember the silver Goddess statue? Well, the cave containing this statue just happens to be near here... LOCATION: ENDOR Head across the bridge and head north, passing the first cave you come across. Keep heading north until you see a cave in a pool surrounded by poisonous swamp. Enter it. LOCATION: CAVE OF THE SILVER GODDESS STATUE --- MONSTERS: Bantamweights (20 EXP, 9G) Elepi *NEW* (14 EXP, 18G) Flyguys (35 EXP, 47G) Killer gilas (18 EXP, 21G) Lugworms (22 EXP, 27G) Splatypunks (14 EXP, 10G) Vampire bats (11 EXP, 23G) --- Go north and avoid the staircase; no point in using it just yet. Head east onto the raft. Follow the trail and fall down the waterfall. Continue on the trail until you can get off. Go east. The treasure chest to the north contains a chimaera wing. You can't get the other chests here. Just keep on heading east and then south, up the staircase. Follow the only trail until you get to press a button. The water will drain from this room. Time to reap the benefits! Head down the stairs. The treasure chest to the very south has a medicinal herb in it. The one in the middle of the room has 760 gold coins in it. The pots near-by contains an antidotal herb and a chimaera wing. The chest to the very east has an iron lance in it. To the east, under the bridge, the chest has a holy lance in it. That's it. We have to take the staircase leading down to continue on. We can get the chests now. The one closest to you has iron armour in it. The next one to the east has an steel broadsword in it. The two chests right next to each other are empty so just head down the staircase up north. This fancy room has the silver Goddess statue in the end of it. Time to leave. Take the raft to the staircase to the very west in the room above. Take the staircase heading up next. Head south and then you're out! Head back to Endor and rest if you want. LOCATION: ENDOR Save up, lets go sell that silver Goddess statue now. He'll sell it to you for 25,000 gold coins for it. 10,000 more to go... What we can do here is sell our armour to the man in Ballymoral. He'll buy your armour at a higher price than what's norm. Only sell enough armour to the point where you have enough money. You'll need excess armour for yourself later... If you still don't have enough money... then, fight in the Goddess cave. Thanks to Torneko, monsters will drop armours and weapons at a much higher rate. You'll eventually have enough money for the shop, so don't worry. When you do, buy the shop! Torneko Taloon will finally own his own shop, and his family will move here Lakanaba. But the chapter isn't over yet. Let's go speak to King Norman in the castle. He'll place an order... six steel broadswords and six suits of iron armour. You should have a few broadswords and armours from fighting the monsters before. With any excess armour and weapons you have from keeping it in your bag, you'll be able to give to your wife back at home. She'll sell all the stuff at a profitable price so you'll eventually get enough to buy all the stuff the king wants. How this works is, you give the item to your wife. Your wife will sell it for you. She'll usually have some sold after going to sleep (talk to your wife behind the counter for a night's rest). Ask to restock on items and she'll give you the profits earned. You can use this money to buy twice as much of the same item as before. Rinse and repeat and you'll eventually become a millionaire! ...if you have the patience, that is! When you're done, you can give your stuff to the guys on the first floor of the castle. The king will pay you 60,000 gold coins for doing this. O_O W-w-wow... I wonder what we can do with all of this money... At this point... you have a choice... either use the money to get tons of cautery swords and sell them at your shop for large amount of profit or continue the game. If you're interested in this strategy, read on. Otherwise, skip the large box. .-----------------------------------------------------------------------------. | (TMMS) | | Torneko's Money Making Scheme | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | This is one hell of a money making scheme... you can possibly make enough | | money to last you through the entire game. What to do is, buy as many | | cautery swords as you can from Lakanaba's shop (see why it's so important | | not to sell them now?) and then sell them at your shop. | | | | After that, continue going right to sleep until your wife has sold them | | ALL. You would've made so much money that you could probably buy 99 of them | | from the shop (if not then one more try should be enough). | | | | Buy 99 of them, keep 50 in your bag, and sell 49 of them at the shop. After | | that, buy as many of Astraea's abacuses as you can. Sell those at the shop | | too. | | | | The point of this is to get 99 cautery swords and 99 Astraea's abacuses. | | The only time consuming part is the fact that you can only give one item at | | a time. Sleeping isn't that much of a big deal, since a lot of items can | | get sold over night. | | | | Once you get 99 cautery swords and 99 of those abacuses, then you should | | put them all in your bag. Remember items in the back carry over to the | | hero's chapter? Once you meet Torneko as the hero, you'll have these items | | in your bag and you'll be able to give your hero a strong item early in his | | or her story AND you can sell those cautery swords and abacuses for so much | | money... that you'll pretty much never run out. | | | | It's very time consuming but oh-so-worth-it. Unless, of course, if you want | | to have a challenge in the game. XD | '-----------------------------------------------------------------------------' Well, why don't we leave town now? LOCATION: ENDOR REGION Head across the bridge, as if you're going to the cave of the silver Goddess statue. Go to the cave I told you to pass before. Inside, there is an old man who needs 60,000 gold coins to build a tunnel to the new world. Well, what-do-you-know? Give him the gold and then head back to Endor. *Please note that if you give him the money, you won't be able to do the money making sceme because your wife won't accept anymore items* LOCATION: ENDOR The Casino's opened, and visiting it is the only way to progress the story. So do so... and then visit home. Your wife will tell you that the tunnel's done. Well, go back. The old man will thank you and you're free to go to the new region... Do so. ~End of Chapter 3~ .-----------------------------------------. | (DQW4) CHAPTER 4: | | Meena and Maya and the Mahabala Mystery | '-----------------------------------------' LOCATION: LAISSEZ FAYRE --- SHOPS: INN: 6 gold coins per night. WEAPON SHOP: Oaken club - 30G Copper sword - 100G Divine dagger - 200G Hunter's bow - 350G ARMOUR SHOP: Wayfarer's clothes - 70G Silk robe - 110G Leather dress - 250G Leather hat - 65G Hairband - 110G Medicinal herb - 8G --- Now you're Meena and Maya, two sexy twin sisters. The two of them are looking for a man named Balzack, and want to kill him to avenge their father. You'll start the chapter off with Maya dancing for the crowd. Afterwards, the two sisters will be paid 100 gold pieces for Maya's performance. After that, the two will get out of bed to start their quest for revenge. First, grab the medicinal herb from the closet. Leave the room using the left exit, which will take you to the theater. Head downstairs and break the pots behind the man who paid you your money. You'll find a seed of strength in one of the pots and a silk robe in the closet. Give the silk robe to Maya. In the theater itself, you'll find 80 gold coins laying on the ground. Yay, free money! Exit the theater, and enter the house in the southwest corner of town. Inside, you'll find pots, closets, and barrels with 5 gold coins in one of those three. Enter the same house using the other door and go upstairs. You'll find a leather hat in one of drawers. Equip it if you want. The inn in the southeast corner has 20 gold coins in the closet. Upstairs, there's some wayfarer's clothes in the closet. Sell the wayfarer's clothes and the dancer's costume. At this point, you'll have scrapped enough money for some equipment. I suggest a hunter's bow for Maya and hairbands for the both of them (selling the leather hat will give you JUST enough money). Of course, you can grind some gold coins outside until you buy all the best stuff (plus, you'll gain some levels :D). It seems like town will be more lively at night... but for now, let's leave. LOCATION: LIBECCIO REGION (SOUTH) --- MONSTERS: Foo dogs (7 EXP, 20G) Horny devils *NEW* (7 EXP, 11G) Lickspittles (4 EXP, 10G) Platypunks (3 EXP, 8G) She-slimes (2 EXP, 5G) Walking sticks (1 EXP, 2G) Winksters (11 EXP, 13G) --- Battle around until night time. Then, go back inside Laissez Fayre. LOCATION: LAISSEZ FAYRE Go in the inn. You may have noticed the priest was blocking the door. Now he's asleep. Go into the room he was guarding (you'll notice a bunny girl running away). The girl's name is Blondelle and she seems to be afraid of going to this place called 'Palais de Léon'. She'll also mention that the Marquis is experimenting with Alchemy. Full Metal!? Anyway, the pub's open now. The people here will talk about Mahabala's alchemy and such. There's an antidotal herb upstairs. And that’s about it. Rest at the inn and head out again. LOCATION: LIBECCIO REGION (SOUTH) Anyway, head north. Keep going north until you reach a town... Meena's and Maya's hometown, to be exact; Aubout du Monde. LOCATION: AUBOUT DE MONDE --- SHOPS: INN: Free ITEM SHOP: Medicinal herb - 8G Antidotal herb - 10G Chimaera wing - 25G Leather dress - 250G Chain sickle - 550G --- This is a pretty dead beat town... well, anyway, the house in the middle of town has a leather shield in the closet. In Meena's and Maya's house, you'll find 35 gold coins in the closet and a seed of magic in a pot. There's nothing in the basement; don't bother harming yourself to check out the well. Outside, in front of Mahabala's grave, you'll find a seed of life. An old man here will say that Mahabala's other student (Balzack is his first student), Oojam, is hiding in the cave west of town. Before heading there, I recommend leveling up to level 5 and then buy the strongest equipment you can. There’s foo dogs around town, and they're the strongest monsters at this point. When you're ready, leave. LOCATION: LIBECCIO REGION (SOUTH) Go north, across the bridge, and then following the path until you find a cave. Enter it. LOCATION: CAVE WEST OF AUBOUT DU MONDE --- MONSTERS: Dirty dogus *NEW* (12 EXP, 17G) Firespirits (6 EXP, 16G) Funghouls (6 EXP, 15G) Wimps *NEW* (15 EXP, 28G) --- Follow through the path. The man here will ask you if you're looking for the 'sphere of silence' too. He'll tell you to give up because he can't go on. Good thing for us, we're not stupid. Keep following the path, taking a chimaera's wing in the chest, until you reach an elevator. How did that guy miss this? Down a floor... follow the path until you get to a large puddle. Go south and then west for a treasure chest containing 240 gold coins. Then go west for a chest with a seed of life in it, continuing on to an elevator that takes you down... but don't take it yet. Go back to the puddle and take the other elevator that goes down. There's a lake down here... go east and around the lake to a bridge with a chest and Oojam on the other side. Talk to him and he'll join your team too, because he too wants revenge against Balzack. You'll find a night light in the chest, which will make it night at will when you use it. Head back up the elevator and then take the elevator I told you not to take. Oojam is a pretty strong temporary party member. He'll help you out in a jam... Pun intended. >_> Anyway, continue on the path to the other elevator. This is a pretty straight path to the sphere of silence. Nab it, and get the heck outta there. LOCATION: LIBECCIO REGION (NORTH) --- MONSTERS: Crack-billed platypunks *NEW* (18 EXP, 30G) Dirty dogus (12 EXP, 17G) Fire beetles *NEW* (16 EXP, 21G) Frolicker *NEW* (28 EXP, 61G) King slimes *NEW* ( 102 EXP, 150G) Paralyslicers *NEW* (25 EXP, 18G) Ratatattack *NEW* (43 EXP, 18G) Slimes (3 EXP, 1G) Weartigers *NEW* (30 EXP, 50G) --- Now, its time to storm the Palais de Léon. It's best to buy all the best equipment available at this point, as well as to level up to at least level 8. When you're ready, head for the castle north of Aubout du Monde. LOCATION: PALAIS DE LÉON The doors will be locked but Oojam will be able to pick 'em open. So, enter through either door. In the chancellor's room, the closet contains 200 gold coins. Upstairs, the closet in the east room has a dancer's costume in it. It seems like Marquis Regent is hiding and only the chancellor knows where. The chancellor is also afraid of loud noises, so afraid that he'd run to the Marquis if he heard one... and a man in the port town north of the castle knows how to make loud noise. Let’s go there. LOCATION: HAVRE LÉON --- SHOPS: INN: 18 gold coins per night WEAPON SHOP: Chain sickle - 550G Iron fan - 620G Poison moth knife - 750 Holy lance - 1250G Poison needle - 1300G ARMOUR SHOP: Leather dress - 250G Fur coat - 600G Iron armour - 1200G Leather shield - 90G Scale shield - 180G Feathered cap - 280G ITEM SHOP: Medicinal herb - 8G Antidotal herb - 10G Holy water - 20G Chimaera wing - 25G Moonwort bulb - 30G --- Expensive things here... get the money to buy them if you want. There's nothing much here except for 15 gold coins and a medicinal herb in the shipyard. Anyway, in that tiny box-shaped house is a prison. The jail mate will tell you where to get some gun powder- the mine northwest of town. Let's go there! LOCATION: MAMON MINE --- SHOP: INN: 24 gold coins per night --- A very sorry town... with a poisonous mine at the top. The house to the west has an old man who says there might be gunpowder left in the mine. The same house has a medicinal herb in the closet. The inn also has a leather hat in it. The house beside the gate has a phial of holy water in it. Alright, lets enter the mine... --- MONSTERS: Featherweights *NEW* (50 EXP, 51G) Jinksters *NEW* (27 EXP, 52G) Lost souls *NEW* (20 EXP, 28G) Metal scorpions *NEW* (59 EXP, 38G) Vampire battlers *NEW* (36 EXP, 24G) Venus guytraps *NEW* (40 EXP, 34G) Weartigers (30 EXP, 50G) --- Right in the entrance, there’s a pot with a seed of magic in it. Anyway, the monsters here are TOUGH. Don't be surprised to die a few times. If you want, level up in the entrance and leave when you're about to die. Head up north past the corpse. You'll find silver tarot cards all the way up north... they do random things in battle (for better or worse) so equip them if you think the random events are worth it. Go east down the stairs. Head north, turn west to see a room with a bunch of crosses. The shine spot is a seed of life. East has nothing. The barrels to the northeast has 50 gold coins in it. Head west from there to go down another floor. Down here, you'll find a powder keg. That's all we're here for, so lets leave, and head back to Havre Léon. LOCATION: HAVRE LÉON I only said to come here so that you can heal up, save up, and prepare to storm the Palais. Buy all the strongest equipment and make sure to be in level 10 for both Meena and Maya. When you're ready, head south! Also, there's a shrine to the west of town, but its useless for now... LOCATION: PALAIS DE LÉON Go to the hall right beside the chancellor's and use the powder keg. Follow the chancellor, but make sure he doesn't see you. You'll eventually see him open up the wall. Examine the wall and press the button. Enter the new room, and speak to the king. GASP! It's Balzack! He'll talk about the Secret of Evolution, evolve into a monster, and will attack you. .-----------------. | BOSS BATTLE: | | Balzack | | Reward: 500 EXP | '-----------------' Balzack will cast crap like Sizz and Fulheal, but we can just zip his trap with the ol' sphere of silence. After that, he'll only be able to attack you and cough up fire balls. Heal when you need to, and make sure you use the sphere again every few turns, to prevent this guy from Fullhealing himself when the opportunity approaches. .------------. | BATTLE END | '------------' Balzack will be down and Marquis de Léon will approach. .-----------------. | BOSS BATTLE: | | Marquis de Léon | | Reward: Death | '-----------------' No, you didn't read "Death" wrong. There's no way to win this battle, just keep attacking or defending until he wipes your party out. .------------. | BATTLE END | '------------' You'll wake up in a prison with the real king. The king will tell you that its no use fighting Léon, his son, so you might as well set sail. He'll tell you that you can escape in the hole in the wall. Make sure to get that seed of strength in that one barrel. Take the boarding pass in the chest and then leave this place. Upon exiting, the castle guard will notice you and will summon a bunch of other guards. Oojam will protect you, so make a run for Havre Léon! Also, if you go back to the castle, Oojam will be on the ground. He'll tell you his last words, and will die. :'( LOCATION: HAVRE LÉON There's not much else to do 'cept set sail. You can buy a bunch of items and then put it in the bag, though. Go to the shipyard, when you're ready, and present your boarding pass. Speak to everyone, then speak to the captain to set sail. ~End of Chapter 4~ .-------------------. | (DQW5) CHAPTER 5: | | THE CHOSEN | '-------------------' (DQWA) PART ONE: COMPANIONS LOCATION: NAMELESS VILLAGE You're now the hero again. Your mother will give you some packed lunch to give to your father, who's fishing. Speak to everyone. It's a good idea to before you continue on. Speak to Celia and the... poet in the inn. Ahem, anyway, when you're done talking, go give your dad the packed lunch. Go home and speak to your mom. She'll give you food and... oh dear. The village is being attacked. You'll be taken to the place you started in ever since you created your file. Everyone will talk to you, your father will reveal that he's not your real father. Your trainer will leave you in a secret room, giving you the Big Book of Beasts before doing so. Celia will come in the room, saying she'll always protect you, and will cast Morph to turn into you. The fighting will stop. The monsters will talk to Lord Psaro, and will tell him that the hero has been eliminated. The monsters will leave. Go upstairs and witness the destruction. There's absolutely nothing to do here, except getting the feathered cap where Celia once stood. After that, high tail out of there. LOCATION: CASABRANCA REGION (WEST) --- MONSTERS: Firespirits (6 EXP, 16G) Scissor beetles (1 EXP, 4G) Stump chumps (7 EXP, 13G) Wigglies (3 EXP, 6G) --- Head south, into the hut. LOCATION: LONE HUT Grab the seed of life in front of the grave. Inside of the house, you'll find a medicinal herb in the pot and 50 gold coins. There's also some leather armour in the closet. Best to equip it. The dwarf will tell you that there's a castle southeast. Let's go there for now. LOCATION: CASABRANCA --- SHOPS: INN: 3 gold coins per person WEAPON SHOP: Oaken club - 30G Copper sword - 100G Divine dagger - 200G Hunter's bow - 350G ARMOUR SHOP: Leather armour - 180G Chain mail - 350G Leather shield - 90G Scale shield - 180G Leather hat - 65G Hardwood headwear - 120G ITEM SHOP: Medicinal herb - 8G Antidotal herb - 10G Holy water - 20G Chimaera wing - 25G --- Upon entering, you'll see a group of four people heading off to kill the Lord of the Underworld. In the house beside the inn, you can find plain clothes in the drawer. The king in the castle will ask you to search the world to gather information on the Lord of the Underworld. Not much else to do... although, I recommend selling the leather hat, feathered cap, and the two plain clothes you should be owning, and then buy a hardwood headwear and a scale shield. This will get you through for now. There isn't much of a need to level up right now. You should leave town. LOCATION: CASABRANCA REGION (WEST) From the castle, head west, southwest, until you reach a cave. This is the same cave Torneko helped make a while ago. Remember the two sexy twins? We need to get to Endor right now, because that's where they were heading. So, from the cave, head west until you reach the castle town of Endor. LOCATION: ENDOR --- SHOPS: INN: 6 gold coins per person WEAPON SHOP: Chain sickle - 550G Poison moth knife - 750G Iron lance - 880G Holy lance - 1250G Astraea's abacus - 1600G ARMOUR SHOP: Chain mail - 350G Bronze armour - 700G Iron armour 1200G Iron apron - 1500G Scale shield - 180G Iron shield - 650G ITEM SHOP: Medicinal herb - 8G Antidotal herb - 10G Holy water - 20G Chimaera wing - 25G Moonwort bulb - 30G Hardwood headwear - 120G --- West of town, near the church, you'll find Meena, giving out fortunes. Ask her to read your palm and she'll figure out that you're the hero. She'll tell you that there are others who need to join you, and then will tell you to go look for Maya in the Casino. Downstairs the inn, is the casino, remember? Again, I won't go much detail here but anway, talk to the pretty girl using one of the slot machines. Meena will tell Maya that you're the hero and then she'll join your team. Items from Maya's and Meena's adventure from the bag will now be in your bag. If you had any seeds for yourself to use, USE THEM NOW! Also, sell any equipment you wanted to sell for the hero. Time to start saving up. The you're weak, so the sexy sisters will be able to protect you against any harsh beasts around Endor. Fight until you can buy the some good equipment for the yourself. A good place to gain levels and gold fast is the cave of the silver goddess statue (you remember where that is, right?) When you're ready, leave Endor. LOCATION: ENDOR REGION --- MONSTERS: Air rats (6 EXP, 7G) Bubble slimes (6 EXP, 8G) Lickspittles (4 EXP, 10G) Winksters (11 EXP, 13G) --- Lets head back to Casabranca. You know where to go... through the cave and such. If you're lucky, you'll be claimed to be the 1000th person to go through the cave and will be awarded 2000 gold coins of tokens (which is only 100) for the casino. It's random though. If you want to, keep going through the tunnel. LOCATION: CASABRANCA REGION (WEST) You don't actually need to go to Casabranca, but you can heal and save if you want. Go past the castle east until you reach a desert with a mountain entrance. LOCATION: DESERT There's a house RIGHT in front of the desert. So, enter it. LOCATION: DESERT INN --- SHOP: INN: 6 gold coins per person --- You can't go on without a wagon, so you might as enter the inn. There some packed lunch in the pot and 15 gold coins in the drawer. Speak to a man named 'Hank Hoffman Junior'. He'll tell you that he was looking for treasure in a cave with a friend and his friend backstabbed him. Well, if we go into that cave and get the treasure for him, he'll give us that wagon outside, right? Leave, go back north to the Casabranca Region. LOCATION: CASABRANCA REGION (EAST) --- MONSTERS: Bodkin archers (13 EXP, 15G) Jinksters (27 EXP, 52G) Mandragores (26 EXP, 17G) Picksies *NEW* (16 EXP, 20G) Thorny devils (15 EXP, 25G) --- Go north, east across the bridges (or around, since there isn't much of a difference...), until you reach a cave. LOCATION: CAVE OF FAITH When you enter, the cave looks sealed off, but if you touch the stone, the wall will break, granting you entry. Follow the path until you reach an iron door. Keep going and a hole will appear in the ground... Meena and Maya will fall but you will jump to safety. You can't open either iron doors without the other two, so go down the staircase. You'll see Meena and Maya run off. Follow them to the dead end. Speak to them and they'll both attack you. This isn't a boss battle... but they're two frolickers. They're not too strong, but just keep attacking and healing when you get the chance. Once you beat them, the floor below you will open up again, and you'll fall. In this new room, you'll see Meena and Maya again, being chased by two demons. Heal before speaking to them again. They'll attack you... again. .----------------------. | BOSS BATTLE: | | Two tricksies and | | two vampire bats | | Reward: 922 EXP, 86G | '----------------------' Its a good idea to take down the vampire bats first. They'll just annoy you by dealing small amounts of damage if you don't. Heal every second turn, until you've done so, because the tricksies hit pretty hard. They'll also cough up fireballs. After the vampire bats are down, you'll only need to heal every second turn. Each tricksy should go down in two-three turns. .------------. | BATTLE END | '------------' Go up the staircase, then go down the other staircase. You'll see Meena and Maya again, running south. Follow them to another dead end. Maya will think that you're a monster but Meena doesn't think so. They'll ask you a simple question and if you purposely answer wrong they'll just re-ask you (the answer is 'No' by the way). They'll rejoin you. Go up the staircase, follow the path through the iron door, south to go up more steps, and then open the iron door you couldn't before. Go through the staircase leading down south from there, north to the staircase heading down, and you'll be in a room full of stone walls. Break the stone walls until you reach the north part of the room, with the stone wall right against the wall. Break it, and go down. You'll enter a room with a chest. Nab the treasure (dubbed 'symbol of faith') and high-tail out of there. LOCATION: CASABRANCA REGION (EAST) Go back to the Desert Region. You know where that is, right? Go to the Desert Inn when you get there. LOCATION: DESERT INN Give the symbol of faith to Hoffman. He'll realize that the Cave of Faith is a ...Trial of Faith. Huh, didn't think of that myself! Anyway, he'll join you and will give you his wagon. You'll now have a temporary party member (Hoffman), a horse (Mary Lou) and a wagon to carry your excess party members. You'll leave the inn now. LOCATION: DESERT --- MONSTERS: Bodkin bowyers *NEW* (47 EXP, 16G) Crested vipers (18 EXP, 25G) Metal slimes (1350 EXP, 5G) Restless armours (55 EXP, 49G) Stump grumps *NEW* (25 EXP, 20G) Sweaty yeties *NEW* (70 EXP, 68G) --- Head south, and a little east, to exit this desert. You'll find a town called Bath immediately outside of the desert. Oh, and there's metal slimes around here so kill 'em if you see 'em! LOCATION: BATH --- SHOPS: INN: 4 gold coins per person/10 gold coins per person WEAPON SHOP: Hunter's bow - 350G Chain sickle - 550G Iron fan - 620G Poison moth knife - 750G Iron lance - 880G Holy lance - 1250G ARMOUR SHOP: Fur coat - 600G Bronze armour - 700G Iron armour - 1200G Iron shield - 650G Hardwood headwear - 120G Feathered cap - 280G ITEM SHOP: Medicinal herb - 8G Antidotal herb - 10G Holy water - 20G Chimaera wing - 25G Moonwort bulb - 30G --- A small town. There's two inns, one of them opened after talking to the ox guy near the town's entrance. He'll give you a tour of this place, including showing you off the town's hero, Bladud's, special armour. Don't sleep in his inn though, it's expensive and nothing special. The closet in there will hold a leather shield to sell, though. There's a mini medal in the drawer near the hot springs. There's a seed of strength in front of one of the tombs in the graveyard, a seed of agility in the house behind the church, 50 gold coins in a pot in the item shops, and that's about it. The guard/swordsmen dude near the hot springs will say that the special armour looks like a substitute and another NPC will tell you that there's ghosts in the graveyard. Oooooh. Time to go ghost huntin', and ghosts come out at night, so fight around town 'til night! Is it night yet? Of course it is. :) At the graveyard, you'll see... A GHOST! The ghost of Bladud to be exact. He'll tell you that the armour he once wore was the Zenithian Armour and that someone took it. He requests that you put the armour back in its resting place once you find it. Well, that's all there is to do in this town. Before you leave, make sure all of your equipment is up-to-date. LOCATION: PHAROS REGION --- MONSTERS: Armoured scorpions (38 EXP, 44G) Bodkin bowyers (47 EXP, 16G) Crested vipers (18 EXP, 25G) Cyclowns (32 EXP, 34G) Crack-billed platypunks (18 EXP, 30G) Featherweights (50 EXP, 51G) Lugworms (22 EXP, 27G) Pteranodon (36 EXP, 50G) Weartigers (30 EXP, 50G) Winkies (27 EXP, 40G) --- Head south until you reach another town by the name of Porthtrunnel. LOCATION: PORTHTRUNNEL --- SHOPS: INN: 6 gold coins per person WEAPON SHOP: Chain sickle - 550G Poison moth knife - 750G Iron lance - 880G Holy lance - 1250G Steel broadsword - 2000G Bronze armour - 700G Iron armour - 1200G Iron shield - 650G Feathered cap - 280G Golden tiara - 540G ITEM SHOP: Medicinal herb - 8G Antidotal herb - 10G Holy water - 20G Chimaera wing - 25G Moonwort bulb - 30G --- Outside, there's a mini medal in one of the barrels near the church. One of the houses has wayfarer's clothes in the drawer. There's a mini medal and boxer shorts in the first ship in the dockyard. The second ship, Torneko's ship, just has 7 gold coins and an antidotal herb in the pots and barrels. The pots and barrels in the dockyard itself has a seed of strength, mini medal, and 15 gold coins. The people in this town are complaining about monsters in the lighthouse near- by. Guess where we're going next!? LOCATION: PHAROS REGION Go east, and then north into the forest. It's pretty straight forward to the lighthouse... you can cross the bridge or go around (srsly, what's the point in programming games like this?) and then go south into the lighthouse, or Pharos Beacn to be exact. LOCATION: PHAROS BEACON --- MONSTERS: Erazor blades (30 EXP, 46G) Featherweights (50 EXP, 51G) Jinksters (27 EXP, 52G) Komodoes (25 EXP, 39G) Metal slimes (1350 EXP, 5G) Skeleton swordsmen (53 EXP, 54G) Thorny devils (15 EXP, 25G) Venus guytraps (40 EXP, 34G) --- We can see some treasure in the middle of this room... to get it, turn the camera. There you go. 400 gold coins and a seed of resilience. Go north and we'll find ol' Torneko Taloon waiting for youse. He'll tell you that he was going to get rid of the monsters here but can't so he'll leave you to do it. Yese gotta get some of them embers to get rid of the evil fire the monsters made. He'll then leave. That fat mo'fo... Anyway, go up to the second floor. West of where you are, there's a chest with a mini medal in it. Go south of the staircase, and then go west, south, then east for a seed of strength. Go back but head more east before going south. You will find another staircase going up. Up here is a treasure chest with magic water. MP RESTORATIVE TOOL GET! Now go back and then take the other stairs up. Careful not to fall. Speak to the mini-demon. He'll Zoom out of there but wil hit his head on the ceiling (unlike that guy in Endor...). Follow the path and nab the treasure chest up north. It's a moonwort bulb. Follow the path some more and grab the hunter's bow near the staircase. Head up. Go south and open the chest with the holy embers in it. Go up the northeast staircase, the other two are dead ends. From here, go west and grab the treasure in the chest: A golden tiara. Head to the center of the room and heal up before going up the steps for a boss battle. .------------------------. | BOSS BATTLE: | | A tigergram and | | two flamethrowers | | Reward: 2220 EXP, 454G | '------------------------' Get rid of that thar flamethrower. Both of them, first. They like to cast Sizz to hit all of your party members. They can also cough up weak fireballs. While you're taking the flamethrowers down, Sap the tigergram with Maya. Tigergram will mostly heal and will roar an intimidating scream (which will freeze party members for one turn). Once the flamethrowers are down, he'll be easy peasy, even if he heals himself. Just keep healing (Midheal with you and Meena if you both have them) until the pussycat goes down. Easy, right? .------------. | BATTLE END | '------------' Use the holy embers on the evil flame and the lighthouse will be restored to normal! Jump off the building, or zoom back to Porthtrunnel. LOCATION: PORTHTRUNNEL Torneko will be waiting for you in front of the dockyard. He'll thank you and will join your team (YAY!). You'll all set off now, and you'll have a ship to explore the world with too. But, for now, we should head south, for Mintos. It's directly south for Porthtrunnel (check the top screen to see where you're going). LOCATION: MINTOS --- SHOPS: INN: 6 gold coins per person Iron lance - 880G Holy lance - 1250G Steel broadsword - 2000G Cautery sword - 3500G Astraea's abacus - 1600G Iron armour - 1200G Iron apron - 1500G Full plate armour - 2300G Iron shield - 650G Golden tiara - 540G Iron helmet - 110G ITEM SHOP: Medicinal herb - 8G Antidotal herb - 10G Holy water - 20G Chimaera wing - 25G Moonwort bulb - 30G --- Hoffman will leave you the moment you enter town, saying he's going to learn from some Conrad fellow to open up an inn. If you did the money making scheme in chapter 3, then you should have 99 cautery swords and 99 Astraea's abacuses... so give one cautery sword to yourself, and sell everything else. You'll have tons, TONS of money. If you're afraid of losing half of them, give 'em to Torneko's wife in Endor, and take it out when you need money for later. You'll probably never run out. :P Anyway, the well here has a mini medal. The pots and barrels around town hold a seed of resilience, a moonwort bulb, and another mini medal. The most eastern house has a scale shield inside. The inn only has a seed of wisdom. While in the inn, you may see some familiar faces... Borya's and Kiryl's to be exact. Borya will tell you that Tsarevna Alena went to go look for something to help Kiryl's sicnkess. He'll ask you to help him find Alena. Say yes and Borya will join you and will head for the wagon outside. The people here mention about a Princess going to the Empire of Parthenia and will also mention the feverfew root coming from that place. Put the two together and you know where we're headed next! But first, make sure you speak to old Conrad Ilton... answer no to his question and he'll give you a treasure map. When you use it, a point on the map on the top screen will be marked 'X'. Anyway, leave town. LOCATION: SIROC REGION --- MONSTERS: Imps *NEW* (80 EXP, 75G) Metal scorpions (59 EXP, 38G) Musroom mages *NEW* (45 EXP, 30G) Salamander fries *NEW* (59 EXP, 58G) Skeleton swordsmen (53 EXP, 54G) Thorny devils (15 EXP, 25G) Vampire battlers *NIGHT* (36 EXP, 24G) Whizzards *NEW* (70 EXP, 21G) --- When you use the treasure map on the overworld, an 'X' will appear somewhere impossible to go to at the moment, so ignore it. Anyway, Parthenia is on the opposite end of the continent... and there’s nothing else in between. When you get there, the place will look like a castle. You can sail or walk there, though I walked so that I could uncover the areas on the top screen. LOCATION: PARTHENIA --- SHOPS: INN: 10 gold coins per person ITEM SHOP: Medicinal herb - 8G Antidotal herb - 10G Moonwort bulb - 30G --- This place is so poor that even the king has to help farm food. Anyway, there's only a seed of magic in a barrel in town, and that's it... unless you want 3 gold coins, in a barrel in the palace... seriously, 3 gold coins! Anyway, the king says that there’s feverfew root in the Imperial Pantry, a cave southwest of the castle. So let’s head there! LOCATION: SIROC REGION Just go southwest, to the very end of the continent. It looks like a cave in the overworld. LOCATION: IMPERIAL PANTRY --- MONSTERS: Cannibox *NEW* (150 EXP, 25G) Infernal armour *NEW* (77 EXP, 76G) Powie yowie *NEW* (85 EXP, 36G) Salamander fries (59 EXP, 58G) Vampire battlers (36 EXP, 24G) Whizzards (70 EXP, 21G) --- This is a pretty frozen cavern... but anyway, as soon as you enter, you'll see Tsarevna Alena and a few companions. Alena will break the door down (despite owning the key to open it...) and will traverse deeper in the cave. We better follow her! There's a chest near the doorway, and to reach it you'll have to solve the most difficult puzzle in the game. I'm not telling you how though, so figure it out! It's a seed of agility, by the way. Follow the path until you get to the staircase leading down. Down here, you'll see Alena and the other traversing in a circle for some strange reason. Speak to her and she'll tell you that she'll find the root before you will... well, good luck with that. Anyway, west of where Alena is, take the let set of arrows. That'll lead you to a chest with a seed of life. Take the arrows nearby and it'll take you to the other side of the room. Go west from where you end up, and DON'T TAKE ANY ARROWS! Anyway, after a bit, you'll see a bunch of arrows leading to a chest. Take it and you'll get 800 gold coins. Take any set of arrows to get out of there. Go west again, and don't take any arrows... AT ALL. None of them, or you'll screw up. It’s a little hard on a control pad in a 3D world, but you can do it! I believe in yoooouuuu!!!! Anyway, you'll see an opening going down, with a chest in the middle of the land. You'll get a robe of serenity. I'd give it to Maya or Borya. Go south and take the left set of arrows unless you want to take the long way back. Anyway, go west and take any set of arrows, both lead to the same spot, eventually. Go east from where you end up and take the LEFT set of arrows. Go the right way (right, as in the direction) and you'll have to start over. From where you end up, go around the arrows, west, and you'll see a staircase leading down. Take it. We can see a chest in the middle of the room but an annoying way to get to it. This is going to be a little difficult to explain... but I'll try my best. Go all the way north without taking any arrows. You'll see something like this: << <<^ - Take this one or v<^ - This one You'll end up close to where you started. Follow the path all until the bottom set of arrows end. You'll see this: >>v^ >^ << > - Take this one > You'll end up at the chest that contains a feverfew seed. w00t. Time to leave this dungeon, use Evac or walk out, then head back to Parthenia. LOCATION: PARTHENIA Speak to the king. He'll ask you to sow the seed in the soil... and then feverfew plants grow everywhere (which doesn't make much sense). He'll give you a feverfew root as thanks. Time to go back to Mintos! Zoom or Chimaera wing yourself there (or walk). LOCATION: MINTOS Go to the second floor of the inn. Alena will be there, and she'll ask you to give the root to Kiryl. Use the item in front of him, and he'll be good as new! Alena and Kiryl will both join you now, seeing as all of us are looking for Psaro the Manslayer. They'll head to the wagon. Before you leave, a poet will come up to you, saying that a man named Ragnar is looking for the hero. He'll tell you that Ragnar went to Palais de Léon. Awesome, we know where to go next. You remember where the Palais de Léon is, right? On the Libeccio region, the southwest continent. You can only sail there at this point. Also, all of Alena's items are in your bag now. Use any seeds you've kept, sell all the useless crap, and update your equipment with all of the best equipment sold in Mintos. I also recommend leveling up some of your party members to around level 15-17 range. Best place you can probably level up is around the Palais. The monsters here are new and strong, and your wagon members will also be leveling up. When you think you're ready, head on to the Palais de Léon. LOCATION: PALAIS DE LÉON Seems like we can't get in without a magic key. Healie the human (WHAT!?) near the gates says that he has a friend in Aubout du Monde who knows about magic keys. Lets get going... LOCATION: AUBOUT DU MONDE In Meena's and Maya's house, in the basement, a slime mentions that the magic key is in a cave to the west... Cave to the west... sound familiar? LOCATION: CAVE WEST OF AUBOUT DU MONDE --- MONSTERS: Flamethrowers (110 EXP, 52G) Imps (80 EXP, 75G) Infernal armour (77 EXP, 76G) Skeleton soliders *NEW* (106 EXP, 47G) --- (Yes, there are new monsters here) That merchant is still here from last time. He says that the secret alchemist laboratory is hidden by a switch under a chest. That exact chest is the one with the night light in it. No, I'm not telling you where it is, you remember exactly where it is. >:O When you get to that chest, examine it. It'll say that there’s no treasure in it but then it'll tell you that there’s a switch on the bottom of it. Say 'Yes' to press it and stairs will appear. Downstairs, you'll see the laboratory. There's a mini medal and a seed of magic in the pots there. You'll find the chest with the magic key in there. Evac yourself out of there, and heal up at About du Monde or something. Its time to storm Palais de Léon... for the third time. LOCATION: PALAIS DE LÉON Well, you got the magic key. You can go inside easily now. Near where the secret room is, you'll see Ragnar being held by guards. He'll take a deep breath and will... err, kill? The guards will disappear. Ragnar will tell you that he's been looking for you all over the world and will request that you storm the throne room with him. When you enter, the guards will also come in. Ragnar will hold the guards while we go for the main dish. .-----------------------. | BOSS BATTLE: | | Marquis de Léon | | Reward: 5100 EXP | | and full plate armour | '-----------------------' This will be, by far, the hardest battle at this point. Léon can hit twice in a row, and has a very devastating attack: Exhaling chilly breath. With yourself, use Midheal when needed, but attack otherwise. Alena and Torneko can only attack, but pray that Alena gets criticals and Torneko does something useful. With Borya, start off using Acceleratle to make sure that you'll always get the first strike. Use it twice if you want. Afterwards, hit him with Crackle. With Maya, use Sap once or twice to get your attacks to hit Léon harder than normal. Afterwards, use Sizzle or Bang. Borya's and Maya's attacks are weak, so use spells unless you're getting low on HP. Recast Acceleratle and Sap if the 'returned to normal' message pops up. With Kiryl, cast Kabuff twice, then concentrate on healing because Léon will hurt you bad with chilly breath. Maya's attack is stronger than her spells but only attack if you feel that its necessary... because... Léon will hurt you bad with chilly breath. You'll probably want to heal 90% of the time. Léon can also attack and cast Sizz, but these are nothing to worry about, especially if you have Kabuff on. But... pray to the Goddess that Léon won't use chilly breath two times in a row. You'll probably die if he does. .------------. | BATTLE END | '------------' After the battle, Léon will be all like, 'ZIS IZ IMPOSSIBLÉ' and will turn back to a normal human. Everyone in the castle will turn normal, too. And Ragnar will now join your team. Hurray! Before you leave, speak to the chancellor. He'll tell you that he was forced to speak 'like zat' and then will tell you that Balzack has holed himself up at Zamovska. Now that we know where to go next, its a good idea to level up a bit to level 18. I suggest the cave west of Aubout du Monde, your wagon members can level up there too. When you're ready, head to Zomovska. It's pretty much directly north of the Mamon Mine. Well, before you enter Zomovska, stop by Zalenagrad first. (Ahh, doesn't that new overworld music feel triumphant?) LOCATION: ZALENAGRAD --- SHOPS: INN: 4 gold coins per person ITEM SHOP: Medicinal herb - 8G Antidotal herb - 10G Holy water - 20G WEAPON SHOP: Oaken club - 30G Copper sword - 100G Divine dagger - 200G SECRET WEAPON SHOP: Poison needle - 1300G Steel broadsword - 2000G Somatic staff - 2500G Battle-axe - 5500G Cloak of Evasion - 3000G Iron mask - 3500G ARMOUR SHOP: Plain clothes - 10G Wayfarer's Clothes - 70G Leather armour - 180G Leather shield - 90G Leather hat - 65G Medicinal herb - 120G --- Notice the new addition to the shop list? To get there, head north towards the church, but enter the building using the door on the east side; inside theres a door you couldn't open before because you didn't have the right key. Should be easy to find the weapon shop from there. Make sure you get the best equipment you can! When you're ready, head to Zamovska; we have a boss to destroy. LOCATION: ZAMOVSKA --- MONSTERS: Abracadabradors (125 EXP, 81G) Cheater cheetahs (115 EXP, 62G) Cocoon goons *NEW* (80 EXP, 10G) Cureslimes (68 EXP, 43G) Hoodoo gooroos *NEW* (200 EXP, 54G) Rhinothropes *NEW* (126 EXP, 39G) Skeleton soldiers (106 EXP, 47G) --- Hoodoo gooroos give great experience and gold, though a little annoying when they cast them Whack spells... Now, enter the castle. On the second floor, Balzack will be waiting. He'll turn into a monster stronger than the last time, and will claim to be stronger than Psaro. .-----------------------. | BOSS BATTLE: | | Balzack | | Reward: 6500 EXP | '-----------------------' Balzack will be a little tougher than Léon this time... but shouldn't be too difficult. He only does three things, a normal attack, cool breath, and crackle. He also attacks twice, and his cool breath is his only devastating move. You should attack and heal, while Ragnar, Alena, and Torneko should only attack. Ragnar's attack is almost equal to your attack, while Alena can land some pretty nasty critical hits. Again, hope that Torneko does something useful. Medicinal herbs aren't really helpful at this point. Kiryl should really have Midheal now, and that'll be incredibly useful. He should try to get two Kabuffs in, though, to help soften Balzack's attack. After that, Kiryl should only heal unless the 'returned to normal' message pops up. Meena's only usefulness is healing, but if everyone's fine, then she should attack, because she's by far the strongest magic user in the game (other than yourself). Borya's Sap, Acceleratle, and Oomph spells should come in handy at this point. Make sure to Oomph your stronger party members once or twice with him. Crackle doesn't harm Balzack very much, however, so this is Borya's only usefulness in this battle. Maya's Frizzle spell is really useful in this battle, but make sure you Sap Balzack first. Balzack should go down with no troubles, especially if you have done what I recommended above. .------------. | BATTLE END | '------------' Balzack will go down and Imps will appear, telling you (for some reason) that the evolution is nothing without the armlet of transmutation (sound familar?). They'll leave, with no leads to anywhere... Downstairs, the fire blocking the treasure room is open. Make sure you heal yourself before walking on this floor. The chests contain a seed of strength, flute of revelation, and a magma staff (you're going to need this later). Head to Zalenagrad now, we have something to do there. (DQWB) PART TWO: HEAVEN Enter the north building from the east side, and head towards the weapon shop. Take the staircase leading down when you get near it. Exit the building, and then walk around it, to the north side, to see a sign. Reading it reveals that there’s a castle in the sky called Zenithia where Dragon God rules all, and that Dragon God sealed the Ruler of the Underworld with his power. It also tells you to head north to Canalot, a place that 'are knowing many more things of this Zenithia.' Signed by the Tsar of Zamovska. Speaking to some NPCs near-by reveals that the Tsar wrote that when he was a young boy. So, time to head north; on the map in the overworld, it is a small island to the very northwest. Sail there! The island is a mess, but there’s only one location on it (Canalot), and you have to get to it by dismounting on the east side of the island, on the mountains. LOCATION: CANALOT --- SHOPS: INN: 14 gold coins per person WEAPON SHOP: Steel broadsword - 2000G Cautery sword - 3500G Battle-axe - 5500G Somatic staff - 2500G ARMOUR SHOP: Full plate armour - 2300G Cloak of Evasion - 3000G Magic vestment - 4400G Dragon mail - 5200G Iron shield - 650G Iron helmet - 1100G ITEM SHOP: Antidotal herb - 10G Moonwort bulb - 30G Chimaera wing - 25G Musk - 150G --- Two new armours here, dragon mail and magic vestment. Buy them if you can. You have to use a raft to move around this town. Nab the mini medal in the pot next to the well and the other mini medal in the house right beside that pot. When you're ready, head north to enter the castle. In this first room, there’s a pot with a seed of strength in it. Continue on, To the castle with its three entrances. The eastern and western entrances take you around the castle, with rewards to be reaped, such as a mini medal in a drawer, magic water in a pot, and a chimaera wing in another drawer. After getting those things, enter the castle using the middle entrance. Head all the way upstairs and you'll see the king. Wait for the other people to tell their jokes; and then speak to him. You'll attempt to tell a good joke but will fail. So, now what do we do? Well, in the floor below, an Irish bloke tells ye of a man, Tom Foolery, who can make anyone laugh. Where would a famous comedian be...? You guessed it, head there right now! ... Laissez Fayre is that place, btw. LOCATION: LAISSEZ FAYRE Go downstairs to where the Manager is in the theater. He'll be speaking to Tom. Now you speak to Tom. Tell him 'Yes' and he'll come with you to Canalot! Time to go back... LOCATION: CANALOT Before speaking to the king, make sure Tom is in your team. Again, wait for the line to disappear and then speak to the king. Make sure Tom is in the front of the team! Tom will tell the king the reason you want the helm instead of telling him a joke... and then you'll get the Zenithian Helm. I don't know what happened, but you got what you want! Equip it right away! Tom will leave your team the second you exit the throne room. In the Balcony, a poet will tell you that the Zenithian Shield is located in Burland. You remember where Burland is, right? Its pretty much east of where you are, just follow the continent until you get there. LOCATION: BURLAND Go into the castle. The king will tell you that the Zenithian Shield was given to the Queen of Femiscyra way back. Femiscyra is located in the eastern mountains, where only women live (!). The Chancellor will tell you that the road to Femiscyra has been blocked by volcanic ash and that the only way through is to use the magma staff. Hey! We have a magma staff! Time to head there, but first... some NPCs mention that people have had the same strange dream in the Strathbaile inn. Lets go check it out! LOCATION: STRATHBAILE Pay the inn keeper the expensive 42 gold coins to sleep... In the dream, you'll see Psaro play a song in front of the tower, and then he'll enter it using a secret elevator. Psaro will tell Rose that he's going to destroy all of mankind, by using the Secret of Evolution to do so. 'Soon the world will be ablaze with the searing flames of judgment'... ooh, he seems serious. Rose will try to object, but Psaro will leave. Rose will then call out help to stop him. 'Oh somebody please help! Time is running out!' The dream will end. LOCATION: FEMISCYRA REGION --- MONSTERS: Abracadabradors (125 EXP, 81G) Beleth *NEW* (132 EXP, 70G) Bulldozers *NEW* (121 EXP, 72G) Chicken poxer *NEW* (108 EXP, 40G) Chillanodons *NEW* (104 EXP, 33G) Eoraptors *NEW* (116 EXP, 45G) Grim riders *NEW* (216 EXP, 82G) Liquid metal slimes *NEW* (10050 EXP, 10G) Skeleton soldiers (106 EXP, 47G) --- Well, not yet, but you'll get there by following the river between Burland and Strathbaile. Dismount the ship, and then head south. The monsters here are pretty tough, but nothing special. Beleths get annoying with their Sizzles, though. Anyway, when you see a strange landmass, enter it. LOCATION: FEMISCYRA CANYON Walk up to the pile of rocks and use the magma staff. Sit back and enjoy the show. When its done, go north and exit the canyon. LOCATION: FEMISCYRA REGION The castle is just up ahead. LOCATION: FEMISCYRA --- SHOPS: INN: 16 gold coins per person ARMOUR SHOP: Leather dress - 250G Dancer's costume - 400G Cloak of evasion - 3000G Pink leotard - 6300G Golden tiara - 540G --- You can't enter here at night, so make sure its day. Also, the pink leotard armours are pretty good for the women of your party. Make sure you buy at least one, even though they're expensive... There's a poet in one of the rooms... Don't talk to him yet. But, check the drawer beside him to find a seed of wisdom. In the very southwest of the castle, there’s some pots and a mini medal is in one of them. Upstairs, there’s a seed of agility and a leather dress in the drawers and closet. Now talk to the poet. He'll tell you to look inside the drawer. He'll leave. Do so... When you try to leave, a nun will come in and think that you stole her rosary. She'll call the castle guards and you'll be sent to prison... Wait for a while, and the Queen will summon you. Tell her 'No' and then tell her 'Yes'. She'll then give you the benefit of doubt and will let you find the real thief, but you must leave one party member behind. A random party member will be taken from your party, but you can switch one out if you want. Make sure it isn't a party member who you use a lot. Now, before you leave the castle, go behind the stairs leading upstairs... turn the camera around if you can't figure it out. Down here is a chest containing Alena's best weapon for a long time... The fire claw! Equip it right away and sell that old claw. When you're ready, leave. LOCATION: FEMISCYRA REGION Head south until you reach a cave. Also, you may run across a liquid metal slime. Have fun killing it! LOCATION: THIEF'S HIDEOUT --- MONSTERS: Beleth (132 EXP, 70G) Bulldozers (121 EXP, 72G) Chicken poxer (108 EXP, 40G) Eoraptors (116 EXP, 45G) Humbabas *NEW* (114 EXP, 76G) Spitfires *NEW* (? EXP, ?G) War-ruses *NEW* (128 EXP, 54G) --- Watch out for the War-ruses; they hit hard and twice. From the entrance, head south, west, and then south again at the crossroad to follow a trail to a Mini Medal. Back at the crossroad, go west. This trail will lead you to another crossroad. You'll want to head south because east goes nowhere. Nab the treasure chest near-by (seed of strength). A little south from where you are has stairs leading down and stairs leading up; down leads you to a dead end, so where do you go? Follow the trail and then get off of it to get another chest containing 1050 gold coins. Head back on the trail and then go south. This will just be a straight path to the next floor, no crossroads in between. Down here, go south and take the west pair of stairs. Go south at the crossroads to follow a trail to a seed of resilience. Keep following this path, going down two stairs, and then turn west at the crossroads. Take the stairs or follow the trail; either way, you'll eventually reach a treasure chest containing an iron mask (north) and a treasure chest containing a dragon shield (south). Head back to the crossroads, and follow the south path until you get to another staircase leading down. Enter the room where the thief is sleeping. The pots to the west hold holy water, and a mini medal. You can find Mercury's bandana in the drawer above. Make sure you heal before speaking to the thief. He'll get up and start running away, but speak to him again and he'll fight you. .-----------------------. | BOSS BATTLE: | | Kirk Buzzer | | Reward: 7400 EXP | | and a seed of agility | '-----------------------' This guy is pretty pathetic. He'll cast some Crackle to hit all of your party members, but that’s the strongest he can do. He may also Kabuff himself but a little Sapping will cancel that. Hero, Alena, and Torneko: Attack. Kiryl: Kabuff and then healing duty. Meena: Attack but heal if needed. Borya: Acceleratle, Sap, Oomph. Maya: Sap, and then Frizzle. This guy will go down in no town. .------------. | BATTLE END | '------------' Kirk will be defeated and a guard from Femiscyra will come and said that the Queen ordered her to follow you. She'll take Kirk and will leave. Evac yourself out and then head back to Femiscyra. LOCATION: FEMISCYRA Go speak to the Queen. She'll give you the Ultimate Key (finally!) and will allow you to take the Zenithian Shield from the basement. She'll also tell you that there’s a place called Rosehill in the continent to the south where monsters used to live. Again, we know where to go next. :D Oh, and make sure you get that Zenithian Shield. You really do need it. Since you got the ultimate key, you can now go open cell doors, though the only door that we came across that needed opening was the one in Porthtrunnel. Go get it now if you want; it contains the massacre sword; a really strong sword. Its cursed, but you don't want to sell it yet. Keep it in the bag. (more coming soon!) .----------------------. | (MMCL) | | Mini Medal Checklist | '----------------------' [] Well @ Taborov [] Drawer near hot springs @ Bath [] In a barrel outside @ Porthtrunnel [] In the first ship in the dockyard in a closet @ Porthtrunnel [] In a barrel in the dockyard @ Porthtrunnel [] Chest on the second floor @ the Pharos Beacon [] Well @ Mintos [] In a pot outside @ Mintos [] In a pot in alchemist lab @ Cave West of About du Monde [] In a pot beside the well @ Canalot [] In a drawer in the house beside the pot with the first medal @ Canalot [] In a drawer in the castle @ Canalot [] In a pot in the kitchen @ Femiscyra [] A chest @ Thief’s Hideout - B1 [] Pot @ Thief’s Hideout - B3 .----------------------------------. | (LDTL) | | Locked Doors with Treasures List | '----------------------------------' -Zamovska; bottom floor of the castle; Magic key needed. Treasure: Seed of Strength, Flute of Revelation, and the Magama Staff. -Porthtrunnel; upstairs in the inn; Ultimate Key needed. Treasure: Massacre Sword. -Femiscyra; staircase to the very northeast; Ultimate Key need. Treasure: Zenithian Shield. .---------------------------------. | (CMLL) | | Character's Magic Learning List | '---------------------------------' Hero/Heroine .----------------------------. | Level: | Spell: | |----------------------------| | 1 | Poof | |----------------------------| | 2 | Heal | |----------------------------| | 3 | Frizz | |----------------------------| | 5 | Midheal | |----------------------------| | 7 | Zoom | |----------------------------| | 9 | Sizz | |----------------------------| | 11 | Holy Protection | |----------------------------| | 13 | Evac | |----------------------------| | 15 | Kasnooze | |----------------------------| | 17 | Cock-a-doodle-doo | |----------------------------| | 19 | Snub | |----------------------------| | 21 | Kaclang | |----------------------------| | 23 | Boom | |----------------------------| | 24 | Zap | |----------------------------| | ? | ? | '----------------------------' Ragnar McRyan, Royal Knight Ragnar doesn't learn magic. ...He's strong, wears pink armour, and has a big, blue mustache, though! Tsarevna Alena Alena doesn't learn magic. ...She has a high critical rate, though! Kiryl the Priest .-------------------------. | Level: | Spell: | |-------------------------| | 1 | Heal | |-------------------------| | 4 | Buff | |-------------------------| | 6 | Dazzle | |-------------------------| | 8 | Squelch | |-------------------------| | 12 | Fizzle | |-------------------------| | 14 | Kabuff | |-------------------------| | 16 | Midheal | |-------------------------| | 18 | Whack | |-------------------------| | 21 | Zing | |-------------------------| | 24 | Thwack | |-------------------------| | ? | ? | '-------------------------' Borya the Magician .-------------------------. | Level: | Spell: | |-------------------------| | 1 | Crack | |-------------------------| | 3 | Sap | |-------------------------| | 5 | Snooze | |-------------------------| | 7 | Evac | |-------------------------| | 8 | Bounce | |-------------------------| | 9 | Zoom | |-------------------------| | 11 | Crackle | |-------------------------| | 14 | Acceleratle | |-------------------------| | 15 | Peep | |-------------------------| | 17 | Tick-tock | |-------------------------| | 19 | Oomph | |-------------------------| | 21 | Kasap | |-------------------------| | 23 | Snoop | |-------------------------| | 25 | Drain Magic | |-------------------------| | ? | ? | '-------------------------' Torneko the Weapons Merchant Torneko does not only learn a few abilities, but he'll do tons of whacky stuff when he's fighting, stuff such as singing a lullaby to put the enemy to sleep, gathering his strength, and annoying useless things such as staring into space. .----------------------------. | Level: | Abilities: | |----------------------------| | 2 | Padfoot | |----------------------------| | 5 | Eye for Distance | |----------------------------| | 7 | Nose for Treasure | |----------------------------| | 11 | Whistle | '----------------------------' Random Abilities: Shouting > May cause enemies to be frozen with fear for a turn Gathering his strength > Deal twice the damage on the next turn Singing a lullaby > May put all enemies to sleep Twirling finger > May cause one enemy to be confused Tripping > Hits the enemy with a critical hit Stealing chests > May receive a rare item from an enemy Stare into space > Torneko does nothing for one turn Joke > May make all enemies laugh Meena the Fortune-Teller .-------------------------. | Level: | Spell: | |-------------------------| | 1 | Heal | |-------------------------| | 3 | Squelch | |-------------------------| | 5 | Snooze | |-------------------------| | 8 | Woosh | |-------------------------| | 10 | Tingle | |-------------------------| | 13 | Midheal | |-------------------------| | 16 | Kasnooze | |-------------------------| | 20 | Zing | |-------------------------| | 23 | Swoosh | |-------------------------| | 26 | Fullheal | |-------------------------| | ? | ? | '-------------------------' Maya the Dancer .-------------------------. | Level: | Spell: | |-------------------------| | 1 | Frizz | |-------------------------| | 3 | Sap | |-------------------------| | 7 | Sizz | |-------------------------| | 8 | Zoom | |-------------------------| | 10 | Evac | |-------------------------| | 11 | Bang | |-------------------------| | 14 | Sizzle | |-------------------------| | 16 | Drain Magic | |-------------------------| | 19 | Frizzle | |-------------------------| | 21 | Safe Passage | |-------------------------| | 23 | Boom | |-------------------------| | 27 | Kasizzle | |-------------------------| | ? | ? | '-------------------------' .----------------. | Special Thanks | '----------------' Yuji Horii, Akira Toriyama, and Koichi Sugiyama for Dragon Quest. Square-Enix for remaking such an excellent game. God for being such a challenging boss in Dragon Quest VII. FranckKnight for some Tips and Tricks. ignasia7 for his detailed magic list. ke6drt for giving me a proper strategy for Samson Knight. The n00b Avenger for Torneko's Money Making Scheme. .------------------------------. | COPYRIGHT 2008 MICHAEL COSTA | '------------------------------'</p>