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(Toc) - Table of Contents (Toc) ---------------------------------- Table of Contents (Updts) ------------------------------- Updates (Htu) ---------------------------------- How to Use (Dsclmr) ----------------------------- Disclaimer (Ctrls) -------------------------------- Controls (O/CI) ------------ Opening/Closing the Inventory (Sty) ---------------------------------- Story (Wlkthru) ---------------------------- Walkthrough Episode 1 –The Nightmare Begins (1.1) – Wake Up (1.2) – Vertigo (1.3) – Fire Escape (1.4) – Collapsing World Episode 2 – Close Encounters (2.1) – Don’t Look Down! (2.2) – Off the Beaten Path (2.3) – Lifeless Reception (2.4) – Car Park Nightmare Episode 3 – Dark Central Park (3.1) – Flat Out on 59th Street (3.2) – Life Line (3.3) – Blood Thirsty Rampage (3.4) – Skyride Assault Episode 4 – Sewage Refuge (4.1) – Deadly Underground (4.2) – Draft to Survival (4.3) – Flaming Desire Episode 5 – Unexpected Expeditions (5.1) – Blood Sucking Chase (5.2) – Monstrous Hitchhike (5.3) – Mind the Gap Episode 6 – The Manic Museum (6.1) – Playground Peril (6.2) – Egyptian Art… or Disaster (6.3) – Terror Exhibition (6.4) – No Forkin’ Brake! Episode 7 – Seeking Room 943 (7.1) – The Maze of Antiquities (7.2) – A Medieval Execution (7.3) – Deeper Underground (7.4) – Darkness in Room 943 Episode 8 – Location is Key (8.1) – Air Crash Survival (8.2) – Dead End Track (8.3) – The Belvedere… Free Entry (8.4) – Astronomical Revelation Episode 9 – Concealed by the Park (9.1) – Alchemists on Our Tail! (9.2) – Beat Around the Bush (9.3) – Come to Light Episode 10 – The Light Carrier (10.1) – Light Initiation (10.2) – Light Progression (10.3) – Light Confirmation (10.4) - Revelation (TT&S) ---- Tips, Tricks and Secrets (Spcilthnx) --------------------------- Special Thanks (Updts) - Updates Date of most recent update: September 19, 2008 09/02/08 Added Episode 1 Walkthrough Added Episode 2 Walkthrough 09/04/08 Added chair trick and alternate carpark escape method to 2.4 Added Updates to disclaimer Added Tips/Tricks/Secrets section Added tip submission guidelines Added dates for most recent updates Changed formatting to meet gfaqs guidelines & to facillitate ease of reading Added supercheats to allowed list 09/05/08 Corrected minor errors irrelevant to game play 09/07/08 Added spoiler warning! 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It is my attempt At preventing automated e-mail bots from sending me junk mail. ** My e-mail may be changing if it does the FAQ will say so I will answer questions if and only if the subject says “Alone in the Dark Wii question” (Ctrls) - Controls Due to the large number of control schemes, I will not list them here. The ability to view the controls and how they are performed are available Under the options menu on “Alone in the Dark’s” main menu. Note: This is where you switch the controls from right-handed Left-handed. Another note: Left handed players place the Wii-mote in your left hand and The Nunchaku in your right. Yet another note: The instruction booklet has the controls as well (O/CI) - Opening/Closing the Inventory For this section things are a bit different I’m going to tell you how to Open/Close the Inventory first (because it’s not easy the first couple of times) This technique works every time Here is what to do to open the inventory: Hold your arms straight out with both hands next to each other, now it gets Tricky, Twist your left hand over like you are trying to see your palm, Twist your right hand over as if you are trying to see your palm, now it gets Even trickier, you want to do that with both hands at the same time. Remember you are twisting your hands/wrists over not pulling them apart You do not need to twist too far. Here is what to do to close the inventory: Simply, do what you did before except this time you want to see the back of Your hands. Do it a few times until you get the hang of it Did you practice? Good! Because I am not repeating it. Well let us say you cannot open/close the inventory still using my technique, (If you are doing the technique right, it will work every time) If not return to the Wii menu, eject the disc, put it in its case and go lie down >_< laughs. But seriously, just keep trying to open it using the technique Eventually you will figure it out and you will be able to open it all the time. (Sty) - Story The story is about Edward Carnby and a few other people he meets. One night in NYC, he is beaten, interrogated and drugged for information. Eventually you discover he is the only person that can save New York From the vicious tremors that appear. You follow him in his quest to regain His memory and solve the mystery of tremors using cars, a chick and a gun. (Wlkthru) - Episode 1 –The Nightmare Begins (1.1) – Wake Up You start in what seems to be a small interrogation room. Someone is speaking a Strange language. No matter. Push down on the d-pad to blink and clear up your Vision. It is not necessary unless you want to watch the old man Paddington get Pimp slapped. After the -CUTSCENE- is over you will be told to move. You will Only be able to go on one path the man behind you will stop you if you try any Other directions –ANOTHER CUTSCENE- After the fall take the door on your left And follow the hallway until you come to a room with a mirror on the wall. Hang a right. ---CHAPTER END--- (1.2) – Vertigo Go to the wall and wait for the elevator to arrive. –CUTSCENE- You'll hear a woman asking for help. You can't help her now but you will later on. Pull yourself up to the ledge follow the wall towards a ladder and climb up it. At the top is a fire Hose Press a to have the hose unwind and provide a method to escape. Climb down the wall and once you get to the fan push minus to prevent being blown away. Dodge the debris exit to the door at the bottom-right. ---CHAPTER END--- (1.3) – Fire Escape You’ll begin a conversation with Anna, she wants you to save her husband. On the right Is a doorway go ahead and walk through it and at the back left is Another room go there. Grab the extinguisher because it is going to get hot. Put the fire out to start a dialogue with the husband. Afterwards, either use the extinguisher or the other object a canister perhaps and break down the door by swinging the remote or stabbing. Switch to over shoulder view to use as weapon. After leaving the room head down the blazing hallway extinguish flames You want the first open door on the right. SURPRISE! The floor breaks Jump over it using whichever technique you want I like minus myself It is easier. Take two lefts and then a right. ---CHAPTER END--- (1.4) – Collapsing World Walk around in the room until it collapses then head for one of the large holes watch the –CUTSCENE- ---CHAPTER END--- Episode 2 – Close Encounters (2.1) – Don’t Look Down! After you've exited the doorway to the right there will be a cable. You need to grab this cable and climb up it walk back and forth on the fall to build momentum, once you've begun moving quickly keep going to the left and press the b button. If you've done this part right you'll land on a ledge take the ledge to the left and after a few seconds something will fall and break the ledge you'll fall but Edward is no slacker or rather he doesn't feel like dying he'll grab the ledge to survive. You need to go back to the right to find an alternate route after you've gone far enough an action icon appears push minus to pull yourself up and then minus again to grab the next ledge above you. Keep going to the left dodging debris that falls it can kill you. Once you've gone far enough you'll fall onto a platform below. Again go left until you come to the next wire sitting on some sort of bump on the building. Push minus to free this cable. Afterwards, you want to run left and right on the wall. Do that until you are moving the fastest Edward can. You want to go to left (Surprise, shocking isn't it) push b to let go of the cord once you are near the platform on the left. Push minus to grab a ledge. SURPRISE! As you go the left the wall pops off the building. Keep going left. SURPRISE!! The wall comes farther off the building and Edward loses grip with one hand (YOu DIE kidding but that bit with the wall shocked me). Keep going to the left and land on the balcony. Walk into the doorway head to the rear left corner. Push minus to grasp the ledge then minus again to get up on it. Follow the path and exit out of the window. Once you've got out the window you'll see another cable grab it and go up. (Here I thought I was trying to get down and out of the building not up) Upon reaching the top you'll meet a brood that resembles Anna she comes out the window. Wait for her to pass over to the next ledge or so via the cable your climbing. Head up so the cord falls and you move to the right. This will happen a few times.At the end once the cable is near the ac units climb up and like before head left and right to build speed and then push b to land on the balcony. Go through this door to continue. ---CHAPTER END--- (2.2) – Off the Beaten Path You'll be in a fancy schmancy office. Grab the globe or canister and bust the door down. Walk around in this lavish penthouse. SURPRISE! The floor crumbles grab the table and bring it towards the right of the big hole in the wall. You want to get it as close as you can to the ledge. Once there push minus to get up on the table. Push minus to grab the ledge, and then minus once more to pull yourself up. you'll see another hole and some dude talking about how the electricity is out. If you listen long enough he'll tell you what to do. (You're using this faq so maybe you're impatient or hate his whinny voice) Either a) grab the chair take it to the fire and catch it on fire or b) use the lighter in your inventory (consult the controls portion of this faq if you need help doing that). Soon you'll discover a tiny broken path carefully walk on this path to get to where the guy was. In the hallway theres something that will remind any Tomb Raider player of the action in Tomb Raider. You'll see some sort of floor swinging it will deal death. Jump across the gap timing it carefully. Theres a hole at the end of the hallway and thats where you need to go. So fall down that hole, grab the extinguisher and bash the elevator dooropen. Walk in and meet Sarah. - CUTSCENE & SURPRISE! - The elevator crashes down. ---CHAPTER END--- (2.3) – Lifeless Reception Help Sarah up the hatch using the action button. Push minus to grab the hatch and then minus again to pull yourself up. Go to the rear right corner where the broken elevator and a man's body is caught in rubble (look familiar?) You'll grab the flashlight. Go back a little bit and to the right up the broken elevator. There is a hole fall into it. Welcome to the lobby of the building equipped with somewhat docile zombie tour guides. You should automatically grab a chair use the chair to go WWE: Smackdown style on them. Go behind the reception desk into the back room and pick the gun up off the ground near the corpse.Either use your chair or the gun to dispatch of any new enemies that may have appeared.Once they are taken care of, go to where Sarah is cowering. Shoot the lower panel of the keypad off. Rotate the wires using the nunchuku and remote until you see a current arcing between any two wires. Then cause the wires to touch by pushing z and b at the same time. The door will open. I suggest grabbing your chair and heading down the steps into the carpark. ---CHAPTER END--- (2.4) – Car Park Nightmare -CUTSCENE- Head through the door to the left marked Authorized Personnel only. It is next to the big metal grating.Take a left and walk down some zombies will appear dispatch of them however you see fit. Just remember the door you want to gothrough is on the left past the zombies where the exit sign is.Take the stairs down to floor -3. -Cutscene- to escape this fissure lean to a side that has something you canhold a car, a white pole with a red stripe. Push a to grab it then push minus to escape the fissure. You can avoid the fissure by jumping or hiding in a car you also are safe from zombies in the car. Everytime you enter a car check the glove compartment. Two vehicles at least have an ammo clip in them. There is a car you can enter to get to the other side of the car park. This car is to the right of the door you entered this area from. On the other side you are safe from the fissure. Head to the red area on the left and grab the extinguisher use it to defend yourself from the massive amounts of enemies here. On the right is a burning car once you have the extinguisher put the car fire out. Afterwards, push the car away from the metal grating. To the left of where you grabbed the extinguisher is a car that looks different and has its headlights on. Grab that carand ram the metal grating the burning car was blocking. Two rams should take care of it. Either A) After you've broken down the grating take the car up the ramp to the left and park infront of the burning pathway. Head down this ramp on foot and grab the fire extinguisherin front of the ramp in the red area. Go back up with the extinguisher and put as much of the fire as you can out. Then get in your car and drive through the blaze. Or B) Just drive through the blaze at the ramp top in the car completely. (Nothing bad occurs as far as I can tell) -CUTSCENE- After the cutscene smash through the grating that is next to the Authorized Personnel Only door. Then take a right and then a left and smash the final grating open. ---CHAPTER END--- Episode 3 – Dark Central Park (3.1) – Flat Out on 59th Street The first driving mission... hopefully you've played some Mario Kart Wii or have the Wii wheel.You'll have plenty of obstacles to dodge. To pass this level follow this. Stay in the right lane for a bit, a car will come towards you. A white car will be in the middle of the road either go to the left or right. If you go left another comes towards you, if you go right a car roars up behind you most often it will push you into the fissure. Two cars will smack into each other avoid them. You can do that by getting over to the right lane. After you pass these cars some building chunks will fall down thats your cue to move into the left lane. Otherwise you'll smack into a car. A big chunk of building will crash to the ground. Head to the left at this point. A gentle turn should come up stay in the left lane otherwisw a car will smack into you. once you've passed this car launch yourself up the ramp on the left to finish this level. -CUTSCENE- ---CHAPTER END--- (3.2) – Life Line You have a limited amount of time to complete this level. You'll have between two to seven minutes until you die. Walk forward down the grassy knoll. In front of you is a car and a dead body. Grab the clip of ammo next to the body. Run past the two zombies towards the right and the turn left and go up the hill. You'll see a building go into it. -CUTSCENE- Grab the ammo next to the cop's body. Get your gun out and shoot the doorknob of the door near the crumbling wall. Grab the medkit and other goodies. -CUTSCENE- Heal yourself. Exit this room grab the canister next to the door and bash the crumbling wall. Pass out the wall and grab the wire you'll see in a moment. Your next goal is to land on the little pole with a wire. Once your there Edward should grab the wire automatically if not grab it yourself. Press minus to unhook the wire for more slack. then climb up and push minus again to get your last bit of wire slack. Build up a lot of speed, head all the way to right, make sure you have Edward moving fast jump off the wire onto the grass. ---CHAPTER END--- (3.3) – Blood Thirsty Rampage You start out near the cliff. Once you head towards the men swarms of mutant bats will attack you relentlessly. Run to the school bus for safety. If the bats pull you up Edward will bust a knife out. Hack and slash at the tentacles until you are free. Once in the bus catch your breath, try to use to the camera to look outside the bus so you can see where to go. Grab the medkit if you'd like. Hop out of the bus and dash to right of the emergency exit. Eventually, you'll end up in the plaza with a food stall with an open door. That's where you want to go. So go seek shelter inside. - CUTSCENE & SURPRISE! - Grab the medkit and ammo again if necessary. Take a right when you get outside and head to the truck on the road. ---CHAPTER END--- (3.4) – Skyride Assault Head to the truck get behind it and push the truck until it starts. Once it starts hop into the passenger side and get your gun. You'll need to shoot the tentacles that attach to get passed this. There are about twelve to shoot. The car will drop when you finish. Switch to the driver's seat and drive the car to the man that runs to the right. Get out and go into the manhole he walks near. You'll end up in the sewers once you reach the bottom. ---CHAPTER END--- Episode 4 – Sewage Refuge (4.1) – Deadly Underground Walk forward a bit. -CUTSCENE- Follow the hallway take a right and then another right and fall into the hole. You can explore if you'd like before you fall down. (Consult sewer map by me). On the lower level walk until you come to a left and right fork. Take a right then left. Watch out for the zombies. After these guys is another fork take the right. Then take a left follow this path all the way to the end. Take a left. Then a right shortly after. Head to the end of the hall. Watch out for more zombies.Take a left, then a right at the intersection until you come to another intersection take another right, then a left under the broken barred gate. Watch out for Zombies. Kill them take a left grab the medkit at the end of the hall then a left and fall into the hole. ---CHAPTER END--- (4.2) – Draft to Survival Now you're knee deep in sewage. Your flashlight won't work so use the lighter instead if its too dark. Walk until you come to your first intersection. Take a right, then follow it to the next intersection take a left. Go to the next intersection take a right. Go to the next intersection take a left. Pass under the gate take a left go to the end of the hall, take a right then a left and you'll come to a brightly lit area. Take a right head to the end of the hall then one final right and climb up the ladder. Grab the nearby ammo when you reach the top. Fall into the area below. Either use the first aid spray and lighter or shoot the shiny spots on the zombie that will attack. Remember you can only see the shiny spots if you hold down blink. Head under the only open gate. Jump up with minus and pull the ladder down then climb it. You are back on the first floor where the barred door was. Except you are on the other side. Theres first aid in the gap in the wall on the left and an axe on the right side in the gap. Shoot the padlock off the door first though. Grab the axe go through the door and chop the electric wires. Yay you killed electricity!! Now you can safely pass by these wires. Take a right and on the right hand side you'll see a clip of ammo with a first aid kit and additional ammo behind the door. shoot the panel behind the door to get into that room and grab the loot. Finder's keeper's after all. Follow this hallway to the end, climb up the ladder, activate the panel and climb up the next ladder to be back on ground level. Once you are at the top turn halfway and walk towards the man. ---CHAPTER END--- (4.3) – Flaming Desire Go into the building. SURPRISE Grab the canister and break the door open. Head into the next room grab the fuel tank nearby. Switch to 1st person view. Press B to ignite the tank and have a flamethrower with unlimited ammo! Find the file cabinet in the room and burn it. The fire will spreadand burn down a wall giving you an escape.I hope you like zombie Smores XD. In otherwords burn the zombie crispy. Almost Every enemy in the game can be subdued with fire. Head to the gate SURPRISE!An ambulance will crash through the gate. YOU WILL NOT GET HURT...unless you somehow get too close before it stops. Who could that be I wonder? Go to the ambulance. -CUTSCENE- ---CHAPTER END--- Episode 5 – Unexpected Expeditions (5.1) – Blood Sucking Chase Your in an ambulance after some dialogue some bats will tear off the doorbegging for you to pump their mouths full of lead. Shoot the small batsor throw a bloodbag then shoot it to lure them away. When the queen appears throw alcohol spray (You have to get it close) and shoot it to damage her. After about 3 or 4 hits (that hit). You'll go to the next part. Note: If you run out of ammo the medic will give you some. After some time he'll stop giving you some. Wait a bit until you use some ammo or maybe after some time passes.He'll resume giving you ammo. You probably won't need to ask him too much, unless you aren't a good shot maybe when the Bond game Ouantum of Solace comes out you'll do better? ---CHAPTER END--- (5.2) – Monstrous Hitchhike Moving along after you've completed the first phase of the ambulance. Another will start. You'll have to worry about bats, Queen Bat and a muscle serial killer. You should stare at him if possible he is quite an impressive model he has good detail. You'll only know you're being attacked by him if you hear a swiping sound. He'll appear on either the right side of the ambulance, the rear of the ambulance or the left side of the ambulance I've played through that segment about 15 times he never seems to come behind me. Just shoot him a few times and enjoy the ragdoll physics. He'll appear about three times. Remember though you're main target is the queen bat. If you run out of ammo ask the medic by looking down the hatch and pressing a. You'll need to shoot the part of the queen bat where her wings meet. The middle part of her body. About a dozen shoots will tame the foul beastie. -CUTSCENE- ---CHAPTER END--- (5.3) – Mind the Gap To the left of where you start on a pillar is ammo. Grab it. Walk towards the tow truck. Shoot the red thing on the truck. A car falls go behind it and push it as far as you can. Follow the road to another car that you can drive. Theres no keys or item hidden in the glovebox. Open the console and hotwire the car. Touch the wires together till you find one a combination that sparks there are 9 combinations and all 9 are always used. Of those 9 a combination is randomly selected each time. Once you get the spark push Z and B until the car goes vroom. As soon as you start the car hordes of zombies appear but remember in a car you're almost invincible. Your ultimate goal is to drive this car up the tow truck ramp at top speed to jump the gap. feel free to run over zombies.... if you are cozy with driving controls. ---CHAPTER END--- -CUTSCENE- Episode 6 – The Manic Museum (6.1) – Playground Peril On the other side of the gap start jumping, otherwise a fissure will pull you into the ground. You want to head to the Gazebo on the opposite of where your car wrecked. Once you get to the gazeboyou'll spot something you can use as a zipline to get across do it usingminus. Remember to be running otherwise you will fall. On the other sidewalk up the hill to the left. Find the yellow lift controls and press a. Use the entrance at the end to get on the lift.Head towards where the controls are remaining on the lift. Use the controls you find at the end and exit to your right. -SURPRISE CUTSCENE- Sarah teleports into the building Theres a corpse that appears to be dead but when you walk close it leaps up and attacks. kill with your knife, gun (use blink shooting glowing spots on his body),canister whatever. In the room next to the corpse is a medkit, another canister and a fuel tank. To exit the bathroom shoot the handle or bash the door down. ---CHAPTER END--- (6.2) – Egyptian Art… or Disaster Dispose of the zombie that charges at you. If you don't have the fuel tank grab it and light it with the blaze in the corner. Inthe room is ammo. Take the hallway down and burn the logs blocking your way at the end. I hope you liked the smore you made last chapter because you'll be making more. Take the elevator down. -CUTSCENE- Once down walk forward. ---CHAPTER END--- (6.3) – Terror Exhibition After Sarah pretty much tells you to fuck yourself and breaks up with you enjoy the new exhibit. Theres respawning ammo on the statue and respawning alcohol in the back right corner. After you pass the statuejump so the fissure doesn't eat you. He'll pop out and you finally see what has been pulling you into the ground. Hmmm look familiar? Wasn't he what tried killing you on the ambulance roof? There are many things to do, pump lead into him, pump lead into the glowing spots when you hold blink down (shoot his torso if no glowy thing is visible), let him grapple you and fight him off with that magical knife you can produce out of nowhere, run, run and scream, let said terrible beastie kill you behind your back. OR grab the alcohol throw it towards him and shoot it and pray. All that effort is worth 1 measley smores. After you've disposed of him find your exit. OH SHIT there isn't one panic sets in and madness takes over you in the museum. Just kidding. Take the alcohol throw it at the cocoon on the ladder and shoot it so it burns away. Go up the ladder grab the medkit to the left. Fend off Tiny.Grab the ammo downstairs if your low and grab another alcohol. Go up the ladder and burn the cocoon at the hallway's end. Go down stairs to the cafeteria. There are chairs for weapons, ammo, motolov cocktails a medkit and fuel tank in the kitchen. Unfortunately it seems impossible to make a flamethrower. After you've gotten goodies head down the bluish hallway fight the fissure dude again. Theres ammo in the center of the room on the info booth one in each corner.Let him know play time is over. The elevator what is the code easy peasy its 6288. If you want the way you find the code look at the sticky note and go to the exhibit 23. At first glance nothing is unusual. But look closely at the other exhibit whats missing? Go back to 23... do you SEE it yet. Geeze you look so hard at the painting for so long you forget to BLINK! Take the elevator down follow the red hallway to go to the next room try to use the panel. The guard appears outta nowhere and opens the door what did he use? Once you figure it out be like I gotta get me one of those. Go activate and take the elevator down. ---CHAPTER END--- (6.4) – No Forkin’ Brake! Use the forklift to your left to remove the boxes from the burning passage. On screen directions tell you how to work it. Take the forklift down the passage and be extremely careful. Avoid the holes, boxes, pipes, and other random junk. Once you've gone far enough it will automatically accelerate quickly. Avoid all obstacles. and Avoid any extremely dark areas as they are often times holes. The right side is relatively safe, just be aware because once you accelerate you need to stay in the middle. Best of luck for the driving part. Once you make it to the end. Grab the medkit to the left of the ladder if you want, and then the ammo on the crate next to the ladder, climb up. on the shelf is Motolov cocktails. Follow the passage to the mob of critters. These critters are pretty tame they like to circle you. If you want to kill them I suggest those cocktails. The hammer, shovel and pipe will do no good. OR just activate and take the elevator up. If you get some sort of puke on your screen blink to clear it. ---CHAPTER END--- Episode 7 – Seeking Room 943 (7.1) – The Maze of Antiquities (7.2) – A Medieval Execution (7.3) – Deeper Underground (7.4) – Darkness in Room 943 Episode 8 – Location is Key (8.1) – Air Crash Survival (8.2) – Dead End Track (8.3) – The Belvedere… Free Entry (8.4) – Astronomical Revelation Episode 9 – Concealed by the Park (9.1) – Alchemists on Our Tail! (9.2) – Beat Around the Bush (9.3) – Come to Light Episode 10 – The Light Carrier (10.1) – Light Initiation (10.2) – Light Progression (10.3) – Light Confirmation (10.4) - Revelation (TT&S) - Tips, Tricks and Secrets I will only accept a tip/trick/secrets via email. I will only accept thes if the formatting is met Guidelines (must be followed for consideration) I want a Episode and chapter combination like I use in the guide. It needs to be titled with a description on how to use it. For example I found an alternate escape in the carpark, If this was an email I'd want to see; 2.4 (This is the episode/chapter combo I want) Alternate escape (This is the title I want in Subject box) Just drive up the ramp and charge through the flames in the car. (this is the description/how to use instructions I want) If you met the requirements, they aren't too bad I think. It will be posted here and you will recieve credit for it. I will not post repeats. or something obvious. (Spcilthnx) - Special Thanks Atari Nintendo http://www.gamefaqs.com http://www.supercheats.com http://www.gamesradar.com http://www.cheatplanet.com</p>