Resident Evil Outbreak File 2 Kevin FAQ Probester/Sam C. Character Guide ---------------------------- Table of Contents 1. Kevin Bio 2. AIPC Relationships 3. Kevin's Items 4. Kevin's Moves 5. Kevin's Walkthrough/Hints/Helpful Hints/ Secret Move 6. Kevin's Files 7. Special Moves And Actions 8. Kevin NPCs And Costumes 9. Special Items 10. Kevin Unlockables 11. Legal Information --------------------------------- - First Draft ( Lots More Info Coming In Next Update) This guide was created because Kevin is one of my favortie characterds to use in this gameand I noticed that there was no current guide for him. A lot of people have been complaining about noobs using him online and not being good, and the lack of goodKevin players is astounding. If you are reading this guide, then you are most likely seeking information on how to become a better Kevin player. I hope that this will be useful. 1. Kevin Bio -------------------- Officer Ryman works for the Raccoon City Police Department. He possesses superior athletic abilities and is an outstanding shot. An all around good guy, he's a dyed-in-the-wool optimist who doesn't dwell on petty matters. His happy go lucky personality sometimes works against him. He has failed the S.T.A.R.S. selection process twice. Kevin is the fastest of all the characters, which is useful for hurrying through scenarios in the fastest possible time. His powerful custom 45 Auto and unique unarmed attacks make him an excellent character choice for beginning players and action oriented players alike. Occupation: Police Officer, Raccoon City Police Department (R.P.D.) Vitality: 2300 points Viral Infection Rate: 1.19% per minute, 84 minutes to 100% Crate Move Speed: Average 2. AIPC Relationships ----------------------------------- Here is a list of all the characters and their relationship with Kevin as AIPCs. Mark: Bad Jim: Bad George: Good David: Medium Alyssa: Medium Yoko: Good Cindy: Good Good: AIPC will follow Kevin around and share items, as well as help when in need. Medium: AIPC's relationship with Kevin can be improved by sharing items, aidingeach other, and rescuing. Once you do this enough, the relationship will turn "good". Bad: AIPC will rarely listen to Kevin's requests. The AIPC will not follow Kevin aroundand will not help him often even if he is in danger. These relationships are much harder to improve. Kevin Bot: Prefers to move around by himself. Likes to take as many items as he can. He uses his .45 ammo quickly, so it is best if you found another weapons and asked him to use that instead if the Auto. Never give any NPC your .45 automatic clip. They will not keep it for long as they cannot use it and will seek to drop it quickly. A good team for online is a Mark/David, so they can defend you will you are potshoting. 3. Kevin's Items -------------------------- 45 Auto For Kevin: This is Kevin's personal item. It cannot be given to anybody else.This is a very power weapon best used for boss fights and when encountering a dangerous enemy, though don't hesitate to use this on regular enemies if it means the difference between life and death. Reload this weapon with the rare but useful 45 rounds or 45 auto magazine. 45 Auto Magazine: This is a clip for Kevin's 45 Auto. Press L1 to use this whilestanding with the gun equipped. Kevin slides this into the gun, taking the empty one out. This can be instantly refilled by combing it with 45 rounds. 4. Kevin's Moves --------------------------- Kick: Hold the R1 button and press Cancel to execute a swift kick. Use it to knock enemies backward just as they are about to attack. When used properly, it creates enough room to aim a firearm or prepare a knife attack. The kick can also be used to kick down locked doors and open locked wall panels. Critical Shot: Hold the R1 button for a long moment while equipped with a Handgun or the 45 Auto. Soon, Kevin will readjust his aim. If you wait to fire until after Kevin has readjusted, his aim is better and the resulting shot causes more damage to an enemy. This is not effective for rifles. The downside to potshoting is that it reduces damage of long range shots by at least 30 percent of the normal damage doubled. Elbow Tackle: Hold the R1 button and press Circle when no weapon is equipped. Kevin lunges further and knocks down enemies more easily with this move than other player characters can accomplish with standard Tackle attacks. 5. Kevin's Walkthrough/Hints/Helpful Hints/ Secret Move ------------------------------------------------------------------- Secret Move: Super Tackle ------------------------------------------ To perform this move, you must first hold down both L1 and R1 buttons and be ready to move quickly. As the enemy moves within range of Kevin's kick attack,kick him. After the kick, the enemy will be stunned. Use this opportunity to back up a step.Then, as the zombie gets ready to move again, use the tackle. This will send the zombie flying, giving you the chance to either step on him, or make your escape. Secret Move: Kevin On Ice --------------------------------------- To perform this move, tilt the analog stick in any direction and rapidly tap O. This will result in him moving around like he is skating!!! Helpful Hints --------------------- -save the 45 ammo for the bosses -if theres is not enough time or distance between you and the enemy to potshot, then quick turn and run to make some distance -use the super tackle move on doors to do more damage to it -keep all the 45 rounds you find -give others the larger weapons because Kevin is better with small arms -remeber to ask Kevin Bot to use other weapons because you do not want them using their rounds early in the game. When it is time for the boss fight, request all his weapons, and he will use his 45. -you can use potshot with most of the handguns, so remember this when handing out weapons to the team -Kevin has high health, so he is well suited to guarding low health characters like Yoko Walkthroughs --------------------- These are hints on how to pass the level as Kevin, and how to use his character to the max in this level. These strategies should help you win easily when using him for this level. Wild Things ------------------ - try to save 45 rounds for the last boss - try to find the revolver, as combining the revolver and Critical Shot stuns most of the more problematic enemies in this level -play the game normally, but instead of hoarding the shotgun and ammo,save space for small weapons and the rifle -since there is no 45 rounds availble on this level, the revolver will be your main weapon of choice -if you are fighting the Titan boss, stay in the area where you came in, as he can't attack you there, and Critical Shot with the revolver -if you are fighting theStalker boss, then use the rifle first, then use the 45. If he starts charging at you from a distance, unequip your weapons and tackle in another direction to dodge his attack. -potshot the lion when he opens his mouth -potshot the elephant in the front Underbelly ----------------- -use the supertackle on the locked door if there is no key -use Critical Shot on the boss with the magnum revolver -note that you can't use potshot with the burst handgun -don't try to use the super tackle on Mega-Bites -tackle up the stairs to shake off a megabite -again, no 45 rounds, so save it for the end -collect the magnum revolver if possible -look at Jean's memo Flashback ---------------- -do not use the 45 and axeman, instead, either run, or hit him with something else -if playing the alternate scenario, do not try to tackle the bugs -do not try to supertackle a zombie in this level as the poison will stop you -try to kick if needed -the HANDGUN SG is very weak and rounds are scarce, so use the Critical Shot -Critical Shot the boss in the center with the 45 and then move - do not try to supertackle axeman -if you must shoot axeman, avioding using the 45 unless you are in danger mode -do not try to supertackle vines, you can only step on them -do not try to supertackle the boss, as the falling rocks will hit you while you are stepping back Desperate Times --------------------------- -there is 45 ammo in this level, but save it for the end -take the box of rounds on your desk -open your desk drawer -open Jean's desk drawer with 0325 -collect the resume -take joker key and the 45 rounds from your locker -speak with Marvin and Rita -supertackle is useful here -supertackle any locked doors if you do not have the JK -Critical Shot with the magnum handgun -at the end, do not try to Critical Shot all your shots, but do it once in a bit to conserve some rounds -The Handgun HP stun enemies if you use it with Critical Shot End Of The Road ---------------------------- -save the box of 45 rounds that you find -do not bother trying to Critical Shot Tyrant, he moves too quickly -do not supertackle hunters -use either the bomb switch or your 45 rounds on Tyrant when you need to fight him, but there is no need to Critical Shot -theres is a magnum revolver that you should keep if you are planning on fighting Nyx -Critical Shot Nyx, then Critical Shot his opening -use super tackle on the vent opening 6. Kevin's Files ----------------------- These are files that are for Kevin, or that only Kevin can get. - Resume- Leon S. Kennedy's Resume -Jeans Note- A note from Jean to the other cops 7. Special Moves And Actions --------------------------------------------- These are actions that only Kevin can perform -open Kevin's desk -open Kevin's locker -open Jean's desk -special ad lib with Marvin -special ad lib with Rita -special ad lib with Tony -special ad lib with Aaron -special ad lib with Fred -special ending(desperate times) 8. Kevin NPCs And Costumes ---------------------------------------------- These are secret and unlockable NPCs and costumes that are of Kevin type. Some of these costumes must be unlocked by completing certain events and collecting certain SP Items. These costumes are called Kevin types because theyhave they same abilites as Kevin. Some may start with different items. Some are slower, some are faster, some are stronger, some have fast virusgauges. You should try to master them all to have the unltimate mastery over Kevin's character and all of his costumes. His two actual costumes are no different from his normal statsand do not effect gameplay in anyway. To unlock his C costume,you must recover certainspecial items to complete the set. Once you have the entire cloting set, you will recievethe costume in the collection area, where you can buy it with points. The NPCs can also be bought with points with collection area bonus feature screen. Note that NPC and costumes can still perform the same scenario actions that Kevin can do, as you can still do all of Kevin's event if you are using one of them. These should be thought of more as "Skins" then actually characters. They are all taken from characters in the game, except for the costumes, which is basically Kevin with different clothes on. KevinB- Cowboy Kevin C-Lone Wolf 87 Al B- Unmasked Freak Raymond- RPD Danny B: RFD Karl-UBCS Dustin-UBCS Luke-USS Rodney-Townperson Mr. Red- Stick The best NPC for skilled players is Mr. Red. Though he starts in danger, he has extreme power when performing the potshot.On the normal diffiuclty, he can take down a zombie with two potshots from the handgun. The downside is that he is very slow and he loses health very quickly, so you will have to learn to dodge well as Kevin if you want to be a good Mr.Red player. Dustin and Karl are popular choice for some of the more unskilled players. Starting with a First Aid Spray, they both have excellent health and attack power, though their attacks are not as powerful as Mr. Red's. They move at about the same rate as the regular Kevin does. The only problem is that like Mr. Red, they both do not start with the .45 automatic hangun magazine, which means that you only start with 7 bullets instead of the 14 that Kevin would. On a side note, most people find Kevin's NPC voice annoying, so this is a warning. Also notice that when you use a Kevin NPC, it counts as an "Other" character, not a Kevin point in your character log. 9. Special Items --------------------------- Wild Things ---------------- -Flannel Shirt -Sparkplug Lighter -Ball Cap -"Make Up For Loss" Underbelly ----------------- -Basketball Shoes -Cigarette Warning -Beer Coupon -Portable Ashtray Flashback ------------------- -Hairspray -Dustcloth -Old Baseball -Key Case Desperate Times ---------------------------- -Vintage Jacket -Race Poster -"Hedonism" -STARS Badge End Of The Road ---------------------------- -Used Jeans -Car Air Freshener -"Ultimate Clean" -Strong Glove 10. Kevin Unlockables --------------------------------- You can unlock pictures of the drawing and CG animations in the collection screen for you to look at. You can get all the costumes and NPCs for Kevin there as well. The Kevin sound bank is opened after you collect all of his exclusive special items. This is a collection of all the phrases in the game or some that didn't make it in the game that Kevin says. Finally, there are some pictures of the survivors that include Kevin in them. To unlock some of them, you must collect some SP items. Note that the first item in each scenario section listed is the costume item required to unlock his secret costume. Collect these all to purchase it in the collection screen from the main menu. 11. Legal Information --------------------------------- This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use.It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.</p>