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Probeprobe407@Hotmail.com AIM:FishyProbe Playstation Portable This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use.It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. All trademarks and names belong to their respective owners. Copyright 2006-2007 Table Of Contents ------------------ 1.Introduction 2.Controls 3.Walkthrough 4.Empire Building 5.Weapons 6.Vehicles 7.Cheats 8.Easter Eggs 9.FAQs 10.Credits ------------------ Version 0.2-Guide Uploaded Version 0.25-Added Brian Forbes Missions, added some credits and vehicles, answered emails, added FAQ section. Version 0.3- Due to multiple emails, I have made a special exception to handing out my save file. Added new vehicles, finished off Forbes' section, added Reni's section. I've added the DomestoBot SAFE CODE for anyone who needs it in the FAQS section. Version 0.35- Added more missions Version 0.4- Added more mission, updated vehicle list Version 0.45- Added lots of missions Version 0.50-Story missions finished 1. Introduction ================ Your game package should have come with the case, UMD disk, instruction manual, and a map of Vice City, with a poster on the back of it. This is be referred to as the paper map from now on. --------------------- Vice City, 1984. Opportunity abounds in a city emerging from the swamps,its growth fuelled by the violent power struggle in a lucrative drugs trade. Construction is everywhere as a shining metropolis rises from the foundations of crime and betrayal. As a soldier, Vic Vance has always protected his dysfunctional family, his country, himself. One bad decision later and that job is about to get much harder. Kicked onto the streets of a city torn between glamour and gluttony, Vic is faced with a stark choice-build an empire or be crushed. 2. Controls =========== On Foot --------- X-Sprint O-Attack Square-Jump Triangle-Enter vehicle Analog Nubby-Walk/run L Button-Center camera behind player/Fine Tune aim in free aim mode R BUtton-Auto Aim Start-Pause Menu L directional button-cycle weapons left R directional button-cycle weapons right L Button and Nubby- Move camera around manually Down and R Button-Free aim In Car/Bike/Boat ---------------- X- Accelerate/Tap on BMX to pedal faster O-Fire SMGs Triangle-Exit/get off vehicle Square-foot brake R BUtton-Hand Brake L Button-Center Camera behind vehicle L Button+Left or Right Nubby-Look left and right/Aim SMGs Analog Stick-Steer Left/Right directional buttons-Change radio Down-Horn 3. Walkthrough =========== Sgt. Jerry Martinez ---------------- 1. Introduction -------------- Get on Martinez's Streetfighter bike, and head toward the V.I.P terminal at the Escobar International Airport. Follow the pink dot on the radar. Exit Fort Baxtar through the iron gate, which will swing open for you when you go near it. Note that you can attention a wanted level already, unlike in LCS, where you had a grace period during the first mission. If you like, you can go ahead and explore a bit first, before continuing the mission. Once you arrive at the V.I.P terminal at the airport, drive or walk into the pink marker. Watch the cutscene, where you'll get the drugs, then have your boat blown out of the water. After the cutscene, you'll be in the water. Head for the shore, while tapping the X button as fast as you can. This will let you swim faster. Note that Vic has stamina bar above his health bar on the heads up display. This will disappear once you've reached the shore. On shore, you'll notice that Vic has his pistol equipped. Shoot back at the men on the boat if you like, but you dont have to kill them to pass the mission. You'll get a message on your pager from Martinez telling you to return to Fort Baxter and hide the drugs. Walk into the gate in front of the base to get back in. Sprint to the pink marker in front of your barracks. Enter the barracks by walking into the blue marker in front of the door. After the cutscene, the mission will be complete. Reward: $50 ----------------- You can save your game at the barracks. Also note that you can pick up a pistol or ammo beside a footlocker. When you're ready, head back to Martinez's office for more work. The stripes bar on the radar represents his billet. It is alright to take any of the vehicles on the base. Yes, there is a Rhino tank in the hangar, but its locked. 2. Cleaning House ------------------ Watch the cutscene, where we learn about Vic's dislike of drugs for the first time. After the cutscene, head over to Phil's place at the Vice City docks. If you need transport, there are 2 Patriots, a Mesa Grande, and a Streetfighter free for the taking right on the base. As soon as you arrive, enter the pink marker. Watch the cutscene, then get into the truck with Phil. Drive down the street to the pink marker. Watch the cutscene, then get your pistol out. Shoot the two Cholos with the pink arrows above their heads, and collect their pistol ammo. Go inside the building by stepping into the blue arrow. Put your pistol away, and start attacking the two Cholos with your fists. Use circle to light punch, X to use a heavy punch, and square to block. Kill both of the Cholos in here. After the cutscene, walk outside and take one of the Cholo cars. Drive back to Fort Baxter, and devlier the cash to Martinez's billet. Reward: $100 ----------------- You can just get out of the car and do the next Martinez mission. 3. Conduct Unbecoming --------------------- Find some transport(most likely Martinez's bike), and head over to Phil's old place. His place is at the house where you killed the Cholos on the last mission. Get into the Stinger, and pick up the hooker you will meet along the way to the blip. Drive to the blip on Starfish island, and stop in the pink marker. You will arive at a party. Once the cutscene is over, shoot the two men with your pistol, or if you want to save your ammo, you can beat them up with your fists. Get back into the Stinger afterwards,and drive back to Fort Baxter. It appears that the drugs have been discovered under your bed. You have been kicked out of the army. You'll get a message on your pager from Phil, telling you he has work for you, and a place to stay. To Vic's right is a motorbike leaning against a wall. Take it, and drive to Phil's old place. Once you arrive at the pink marker, you'll be able to use Phil's old place as a safehouse. Inside, you can save your game, collect some health, and change Vic's clothes. ---------------------- Note that you cannot enter Fort Baxter freely anymore, and that you have lost all your weapons. Phil Cassady ------------- 1.Cholo Victory --------------- Watch the cutscene, as Phil almost blows your head off with a shotgun. Since Phil is too drunk, you're going to have to drive. Drive to the pink marker in front of the police station. After the cutscene, drive down the road, and drive to the pink marker in front of the hospital. Phil will tell you to drive close to a Cholo so that he can perform a drive by on their car. Just stay close to the car, and avoid hitting oncoming traffic. FOllow the car until Phil has set the car on fire, then pull away. Drive Phil's truck to the Pay N' Spray shop marked on the radar by the red paint can. Drive the truck into the garage and get it repaired and sprayed. Normally, this would cost you $100, but this time, Phils paying. Drive Phil back to his place by the docks. Stop in the pink marker to finish the mission. Reward:$200 -------------- You will get a message from Phil on your pager, telling you that his sister's husband Marty could give you some work. 2. Boomshine Blowout ---------------------- Phil's boomshine is apparently about to be blown up. YOu and him have got to go and save some of the boomshine before it goes up in flames. So drive to Little Havana in Phil's truck with him, and stop at the pink marker. Drive the truck around back. After the cutscene, you will have to drive a forklift and lift some crates to Phil's truck.Use the right button to raise the fork and the left button to lower it. Take each crate and load it up to Phil's truck. Eventually, the warehouse will start falling apart, and you will have to drive around the crates to get to the Boomshine. Be sure to keep the Boomshine out of the fire, or it will explode and end the mission. Once all the BoomShine has been loaded onto Phil's truck, the mission will end. Reward:$350 ------------ 3. Truck Stop --------------- Drive with Phil in the car to the airport to pick up Phil's back up. After the cutscene, drive near the truck so that Phil and his men can open fire on it. After the guards on the back of the truck have been killed, drive in front of the truck and block it's path. Phil will get into the truck. You will now have to protect the truck until it arrives at Phil's place. A damage meter will appear. Soon, an Admiral will appear with enemies inside it. Keep up with Phil and allow the men in your car to shoot at the enemies. If they get too close to Phil's truck, ram the car to make them spin out and lose Phil's truck. Stay close to Phil. He is represented on the radar as the blue blip. Be sure not to be too close to enemy cars when they explode. Try your best to ram enemy cars into walls and light poles so that they are away from Phil and not causing damage. Once the truck arrives at the docks, the mission will be complete. Reward:$300 ------------ After the mission, you will get a message on your pager from your little brother, Lance Vance. 4. Marked Men ----------------- This mission will not be availible until you have completed "Got Protection?" for Marty. Drive Phil's truck to the lock up. Try to keep the truck in perfect or near perfect condition. After you arrive, you will see that Martinez has sent you into a trap. Move the truck after the cutscene so that you can perform a drive by on some gang members, and Phil will also help. After you have taken care of the first group. Get out and equip your pistol to finish the rest of the gang members. Collect their SMGs before getting back into Phil's truck. Ram one of the Stallions blocking the alleyways, and drive out onto the street. Head back to Phil's place. You will soon see more enemies following you in cars, but Phil will start lobbing Molotov cocktails and keep them under control. After you arrive at the docks, the mission will be over. Reward:None --------------- You will recieve a message from Martinez telling you to leave town. Marty J Williams ----------------- 1. Shakedown ------------- Marty wants you to drive him to a store so that he can take care of some business. Drive to the pink blip in Marty's truck. After the cutscene, use your fists to beat the two Cholos outside the shop. Then proceed through the blue arrow into the shop. Beat the Cholo right in front of you first, and when he is dead, he will drop his pistol. After you pick up the gun, use your fists and beat up the other Cholo. After the cutscene, go to the Cholo store. When you arrive, grab the baseball bat and start smashing the stuff around the store with the green arrows above it. When the Cholo gang members arrive, take out the pistol you acquired earlier, and shoot them. Take their pistol ammo, and finish smashing up their store. Reward:$500 ------------ 2. Fear The Repo ----------------- Marty wants you to "Repo" some stuff for him. First, take him to his lockup, just down the street from his trailer. Follow the blue blip after you've dropped Marty off to get to the first car. It is just down the street from the lockup, and it is parked. After taking the car, drive it back to the lockup, but be careful not to damage it, or you will have to bring it to the Pay N' Spray to get it repaired. Drop off the first car, and get in the Admiral parked at the lockup and get to the second car. Drive you Admiral in front of the car, pull the owner out and drive the car back to the lockup. Back at the lockup, get into the new Admiral, and find the delivery van. When you near the van, drive straight into the two men guarding the truck, ramming them into the wall. Afterwards, with them taken care of,get out of the car and get into the truck. You will obtain two wanted level stars, but ignore the cops and drive to the lockup. If any police cruisers get in your way, just ram through them. After delivering the truck to the lockup, the mission will be complete. Reward:$500 ----------- You will recieve a message on your pager from Louise, telling you to drop by if you have the time. 3. Waking Up The Neighbours ---------------------------- Marty will tell you to go destroy some Cholo vans. Take Marty's grenades and get into his truck. You will have 6 minutes to destroy three trucks. Drive to the nearest one. Toss a grenade at the van, ignoring the Cholo in front of the truck guarding it. Quickly get back into Marty's truck and move onto the next van. This time, you will want to run over the two guards. Get out of the truck and take their SMGs, then grenade the truck. The game will inform you that the Cholos are onto you. Make your way to the last truck, and drive by or run over the guards. Ignore any Cholo re-enforcements and grenade the last truck to pass the mission. Note that if you run out of grenades, you can always shoot or smash the trucks until they explode. Reward:$500 ----------- 4. Oh Brothel, Where Art Thou? ------------------------------- Marty wants to get into the whoring business, and take over a brothel. Stop by Stonewall J's and pick up the Stubby Shotgun Marty has reserved for you. Equip the shotgun and head over to the brothel. Manual aim at the gang car and destroy it with the shotgun, being careful to stand outside the range of the blast once the car explodes. After you have destroyed the car, you will have to shoot a few gang members that come out of the building. After they are all dead, take the pistol ammo and enter the building with the shotgun equipped. Shoot the first gang members you see as soon as you can, as he has a baseball bat and can stun you and cause quite a bit of damage. After he is dead, proceed into the side room with a hooker inside, and take out your baseball bat to destroy the bed. Reward:$700 -------------- It is recommended that you start picking up body armor before missions. A free suit spawns in an alley north of Stonewall J's. 5. Got Protection? ------------------ Marty wants you to go and help check the brothel. Get into Marty's truck and drive to the brothel. After the cutscene, quickly get into the car in front of you or behind the brothel, and drive the to closest girl to you. It is a good idea to simply just run over the Cholos shooting at the girl, then get her to get into the car. Repeat this for all three girls. A cholo car might try to follow you and ram you, but the girls will perform drive bys on the car when it gets within range. Try your best to avoid them. Once you have picked up all three girls, quickly drive them back to the brothel. Reward:$500 ------------- Louise Cassidy-Williams ------------------------ 1. When Funday Comes --------------------- Louise wants to go have some fun. Get into the station wagon and drive to the trailer park. Onve you arrive, you will be promted to get onto an ATV and compete in an ATV race. Take turns careful, and use the handbrake. Be careful not to crash into the trailers or fall into the pit at the construction site. Let go of the gas if you feel you are going too fast for a few seconds. Reward:$500 ------------ You will unlock street races at Sunshine Autos after completing this mission. 2. Takin' Out The White Trash ------------------------------ Louise wants to go get her stuff from Marty's house. YOu may have to deal with Marty at the trailer park. Get into the station wagon and drive to the trailer park. Stop in the pink marker and watch the cutscene. Get the shotgun out and shoot the men who come and attack you, though be caerful of hitting Louise, as she will start attacking the men with a baseball bat. If you want to be more careful, use the pistol instead. Use the directional buttons to scroll through the targets as you kill each one. Afterwards, drive back to Louise's sister's house. You shouldn't have any trouble with the men on the dirtbike chasing you down. Avoid any of the Bobcats that attempt to stop you. Reward:$200 --------------- 3. D.I.V.O.R.C.E ---------------- Marty has taken Louise. You have to go and get her back from him. Drive to the trailer park to get Louise. When you arrive, you will see Marty drive off with Louise. Ignore the men that try to attack you, and get back into your car. Follow Marty's truck to the Brothel, ignoring the men that follow you in a pick up truck and try to shoot you. When you arrive, Marty will get out of his truck with a stubby shotgun. Kill him before he kills you. Then get into Marty's truck. Drive to the safehouse with her by following the pink marker on the radar. You will now be able to use the Compound as your safehouse. Reward:$500 ------------ You will unlock the trailer trash clothes. 4.To Victor, The Spoils ------------------------ Louise thinks that you should take over Marty's business. Get into a car and take Louise to recruit some muscle. Follow the blue blip on the radar. Take the Uzi, recruit both men, and get into the Admiral parked inside the lot. Drive to Marty's loan sharking business. After Louise drives off, take out all the guards. Then drive to Marty's protection racket in the car in the lot with your men, if they are still alive. Drive there, and run over and drive by all the men outside the business. Afterwards, go inside and shoot the remaining two guards. You will acquire the business. Reward:$1500 ------------------- After finishing this mission, you will recieve a message on your pager telling you that you have a guest waiting for you at the airport. 4. Hose the Hoes ---------------- You will only able to access this mission after you have completed the first of Umberto Robina's missions. When you arrive, it seems that the Brothel you took from Marty is on fire. Get into the station wagon, and drive down the street to the accident spot. Steal the firetruck and pull away quickly, or the firemen will try to pull you back out. Drive to the brothel and start hosing down the cars that are on fire in front of the building. After the fires are out, aiming the stream of water at the roof of the building under the pink arrows, and fire the water cannon at it. After the fire has been put out, you will see one of Marty's relatives trying to escape. Chase him onto the roof of a nearby building, and shooting him with the shotgun. Reward:$300 ----------------- Robbing The Cradle ------------------- A government employee is trying to take Mary-Beth away from Louise, and Louise in turn has sent out some hitmen to kill the man. Get into a vehicle and drive to the blip on the radar. Ram and drive by the truck attacking the station wagon until the drivers stop. Chase the man, and ram him until he stops and gets out. He will promise to not report Louise, and you will complete the mission. Reward:$300 ------------------- Umberto Robina ---------------- 1. Nice Package ---------------- So Umberto thinks Vic has no balls, and we have to prove otherwise. Get into the Hermes, drive towards the package downtown. It is likely that someone else will get the package first, so ram and drive by the enemy car until the driver gets out. Run him over and quickly jump out and get the package. You will obtain a 3 star wanted level. Drive to the Pay N' Spray before heading over to the docks, and handing the package over to Umberto. 2. Balls --------- It seems that the Cholos are casuing trouble for Umberto around town. Get into a car with with Umberto's men, and drive to the spots indicated on your radar. When you arrive at each location, try to run over as many Cholos as you can. Let Umberto's men take care of the rest. If you car becomes too heavily damaged, change cars before moving onto the next spot. When you encounter Cholo cars, ram them, then perform a drive by on their cars. When all the Cholos are dead, drive back to Umberto's house and drop off his men to complete the mission. Reward: $800 3. Papi Don't Screech ------------------------ Umberto wants you to go pick up his father at the downtown stadium because he thinks he is about to be killed. Drive to the stadium and wait for his father to get in. It appears that he wants to go and open his cafe. The problem is that he has a weak heart, and that driving too fast or being involved in a collison could increase the stress put on it. It also seems that he did not bring his pills. Drive back to the cafe,there is no rush, as you get lots of time, being careful not to hit anything or go too fast. When you start encountering Cholos, drive around them, and try not to be seen. Take alleyways, as there are no Cholos there. When you arrive at the cafe, you will complete the misson. Reward:$1000 4. Havana Good Time -------------------- Umberto wants to take out the Cholos. He wants to raid their warehouse. Take the Hermes and head into the warehouse. Drive straight into the warehouse, running over any Cholos if you can. Then start using the drive by to finish any Cholos remaining. When they are all dead, you will see a cutscene where the Cubans arrive in vans. You must now cover the Cubans while they load up their vans. Patrol between the front entrance and back entrance, shoot any Cholos with your Uzi. Manual reload before attacking each group by quickyl switching weapons to avoid reloading in the middle of a firefight and losing health. Eventually, some Cholos will pull up in cars. Shoot them as they get out. Afterwards, the Cubans will tell you that they are finished. Get into the truck and drive back to Umberto's house. Cholo cars will attempt to stop you, but they can easily be outrun or outrammed by the truck. After you have dropped off the truck, you will complete the missions, and all of Umberto's work. Reward:$1500 --------------- Brian Forbes ------------- 1. Money For Nothing --------------------- Get into the Sentienal, and wait for Forbes and Lance to get in. Drive to the decoy van marked on your radar as the blue blip. After you arrive, switch your car for the van, and drive to the warehouse. When you arrive, your van will be painted. Drive South and away from Lance. Just keep making turns. Head towards the docks. When you arrive, just drive around the docks in circles until Lance tells you it is alright to lose your wanted level. Then spray your car at the nearby Pay N' Spray. Reward:$1500 -------------- 2. Leap And Bound ------------------ Lance thinks he can use info from Forbes Your job is to watch over Lance when he makes the deal with the dealer. Drive to the lookout point. Use your binoculors to watch over Lance until he goes down. Jump down and head down to the pier. When the dealer takes off in his boat, chase after him in the Comet. You will end up outside the docks at the end of the chase. Use the ramp and jump onto the ship. Enter the inside of the ship, and shoot your way to the hold. You should use your shotgun to take down enemies quickly. Free Lance, then shoot your way back up to the surface of the ship and collect the the packages scattered. There are 3 packages on the tower above you, and one at the front of the ship. After you have all the packages, jump off the ship. Reward:$1500 ------------ 3. Bum Deal ----------- Drive to the White Stallionz Bar with Lance. Enter the bar and watch the cutscene. When it ends, blast all the bikers in the first area of the barwith your shotgun. Shoot the rest of them with your pistol, and switch to your shotgun. When you go outside, shoot the bikers and get back into your car. Drive back to Forbes. Chase him and drive by him. Take his MP5. Drive Lance back to his hotel to finish this mission. Reward:$0 Lance Vance ------------ 1. Jive Ride ------------- Watch the cutscene, then get ready with your circle button. Shoot any Cholo cars that come after you and any Cholos standing on street corners ready to shoot at you. After you get to the brothel, Lance will take a jump and start a cutscene. After the cutscene, get your Uzi out and kill all the Cholos, being careful not to hit Lance. Grab a car after they are all dead, and drive quickly to Lance's hotel. If you have more then one wanted star, you might want to use the Pay N' Spray to make your job easier. Reward:$0 ------------- You will recieve a message on your pager from Umberto Robina, who wants to talk business with you, as you now run Marty's gang. 2. The Audition ------------------ Lance has a contact named Forbes who will set the Vance brothers up with some business. It appears that Forbes is hanging around the Donut shop down the street, so get into the Cheetah and drive down the street to the Donut shop. When you arrive, it seems that a couple of crooks will come in and attempt to rob the place. Shoot them with your Uzi and go outside. Get a car and drive to the Pay N' Spray to get rid of your wanted level. You will now have to go pick up Forbes' impounded car. Drive to the pink marker at the docks, and get onto the Sanchez leaning against the wall. Drive up the stairs and make the jump. Drop down into the yard, and drive toward the vehicle, foward shooting any guards in the way. Get out, and kill all the guards near the vehicle with your Uzi. Get into the car, and jump the ramp nearby to exit the yard. Watch the cutscene where Lance ditches you, and the mission will be complete. Reward:$750 ------------- 3. Caught As An Act -------------------- You can only access this mission after you have completed the Forbes mission "Money For Nothing". Sprint towards the Cheetah and chase down Forbes. When you catch up to him, ram him into a wall. Drag him out of the car. Be sure to get him out before the Cash Bar runs out. Reward:$750 -------------- 4. Snith Hitch ------------------- Drive to the airport. You have to make it there within a certain time. Take the highway to get their quickly. After the cutscene, go and get the files back from the goons. Remember to get your weapons back first. Shoot all the goons, and let get inside the plane. Shoot all the bikers with your MP5. When they are all dead, Lance will emerge from the plane with the files. Reward:$1000 5. From Zero To Hero ----------------------- "Ladies and Gentleman, Lets Pop!" Lance wants to steal Martinez's coke. Drive to the docks in Little Haiti. After the cutscene, follow Lance and rush in. Kill all of the guards. Make sure that Lance does not die. Beware of the guard on the back of one of the trucks, as he can be hard to hit. Do not damage the trucks too much either. After Martinez shows up in his Hunter, get into the truck and follow Lance. Watch out for the two cars that will come out of the docks and try to ram you. If the pull up beside you, ram them and spin them out to stall their progress. When you reach the bridge, Martinez will start firing on your trucks. When he fires on the right, steer to the left. When he fires on the left, steering to the right. Try to avoid the fire left by the bombs, as well. Martinez will stop attacking you after the reach the end of the bridge. Drive through the police barracade with Lance. Keep following him as before. Make sure you are not distanced too much from Lance by the police. Reward:$2000,The Clymenus Suite Safehouse Lance Vance part II ------------------- 1. Brawn Of The Dead --------------------- You will have about 6:30 to get to the Vice City mall. It should be enough time. Take the Ocean Beach strip down, as the streets are wider and gives you more room to avoid traffic at high speeds. When you arrive, you will have to engage in a variety of Mini-Games to help the director finish the stunt. The first one is easy. Just scroll through each zombie and shoot them quickly. This will keep the Gore Meter high enough. The next minigame involves slicing zombies with a katana and making sure they do not enter the store. They will not attack you. Use a running attack on each one after locking on to him. Walk between the two sides the zombies can come from to make sure none make it past you. After the cutscene, get into your car and bring Lance back to his apartment. Reward:$850 ------------ You will now recieve a message on your pager from Spitz telling you to go see Reni Wassulmaier if you want to sell some drugs. Reni is located in the film studio on Prawn Island. 2. Blitzkrieg -------------- Your businesses are being attacked. After the cutscene, Lance will head off to defend the business. Follow him, and when you arrive, try to run over as many enemies as you can. Be careful not to run over Lance. Get out and use an assault rifle on the enemies. Make sure that you do not hit Lance, as his meter will decrease quickly. Kill all the waves of enemies that come to attack your business. When the enemies stop coming, you will complete the mission. Reward:$500 ------------- 3. Turn On, Tune In, Bug Out ----------------------------- It appears that you and Lance have caught the attention of the DEA, and they have bugged all your places. It is too late to try and go find all the bugs, so the only way to stay out fo trouble will be to destroy all the transmitting towers on top of police stations across Vice City. When the cutscene ends, get into Lance's Infernus and fly down the street to Ammu-Nation to pick up the rocket launcher. Drive to the Washington Beach police station and blow the two towers by aiming from the ground at the front and back of the police station. Get back in your car and head over to the police station in Little Havana. Blow the two towers here. By now, you should have 4 stars. Head over to the Pay N' Spray on the highway on your way to the downtown police station. Spray the car until you lose your wanted level for a while. While the stars are still flashing, head over to the downtown police station as fast as you can. Drive around back with your assault rifle ready. Shoot the waiting SWAT cops, and blow the tower. Take the waiting police helicopter here, and fly towards Louise's sister house. Land there, and take the station wagon. Drive down the road and into the Pay N' Spray to complete the mission. Reward:$300 ------------- 4. Taking The Fall ------------------ Lance thinks the bikers are responsible for all the missing coke,and he wants to deal with the problem. Get into the helicopters and fly over to Starfish Island, and deal with the bikers there. Fly low so that Lance can take them out quickly. Head toward downtown, where the hotel is still being built. Hover while Lance shoots the bikers. After killing all the bikers on the roof, you will have to take care of the bikers on the ground, too. Fly close and hold the helicopter steady while Lance kills this wave of bikers. After they are all dead, a biker with a rocket launcher will shoot down your helicopter. Both of the Vance brothers live, but Lance is surrounded by bikers. Use the assault rifle to kill the bikers near you on the ground, and use your sniper rifle to take out the farther targets, using the L button to refine your aim. Take out the guard on the ramp agaisnt the building and go up two floors. Shoot all the bikers between you and the Lance. After they are all dead, Lance will appear, steal a motorcycle, and the mission will end. Reward: $300 -------------- 5. White Lies --------------- Lance is stoned, and he's mad at you for yelling at him. Get into the hovercraft and stick close to Lance's helicopter. Tap the handbrake for tight turns. Keep up with Lance, grabbing packets of the drugs as he drops them on the ground. Lance will drop more packets then is needed to fill the meter, so just keep close and try not to get into a collision with a tree or a rock. After the meter is filled, you will complete the mission. Reward: $1500 (Hovercraft availible at your apartment dock) 6. Where it Hurts Most ----------------------- Louise will call you, apparently being bothered by Martinez's men. Drive down to where the burger joint is, and see that Louise is not there. You will now have 3 different markers telling you possible locations of Louise. You will have to search them to be sure. No matter which one you search first, the first one will not be the one where they took Louise. Search the one closest to the burger joint first, with a motorcycle, so you can simple avoid the goons and continue onto the next one. The next location will also be empty, so quickly drive off to the last location. Get through the goons with your assault rifle, then quickly get to Louise. Get into the car she is in, and quickly drive her to the downtown hospital, being careful to avoid collisions, as this wastes time,and Louise's health will be decreasing rapidly. Reward: $500 ------------- Reni Wassulmaier ----------------- 1. Accidents Will Happen ---------------------- Reni wants you to be the stuntman for her lastest commercial. Get into the Stunt Infernus. Drive to the starting line. You will have to drive through the checkpoints before time runs out. You will recieve an extra few seconds for each checkpoint you drive through. Hit stunt cars to keep your action meter up. If the action meter reaches zero, you will fail the mission. Don't be afraid to hit them, as they will not cause you to spin out. The resulting explosion will not damage your car, either. The stunt cars are marked by the pink arrows above them. At the second last checkpoint, you must hit the last checkpoint with enough speed to use the ramp and slam the car into the window. Back up along the street, then head straight for the ramp. Reward:$850 -------------- 2. The Colonel's Coke ---------------------- Head over to the pier used in Leap and Bound. You will then have to get into the Sea Sparrow and defend the boat. Keep close to the boat, and keep the Sparrow steady in order to let the men shoot Diaz's boat. Keep following the boat until you reach the docks. When the boat safely makes it inside the boat garage, the mission will be complete. Reward:$850 -------------- 3. Kill Phil ------------- Get into the car with Barry, and drive over to pick up the bullet-proof limo. When you pick it up, be careful not to damage it too much. Drive the limo to the marker to pick Phil up. After the cutscene, take out your assault rifle or sub machine gun and kill all the targets quickly,before they kill Phil. When they are all dead, get into the limo and drive toward the marker. You will get attacked by more targets in cars, but the limo is bullet proof. Just remember not to crash the limo too much, and you will finish the mission. Reward: $1000 -------------- 4. Say Cheese --------------- Get down to the pier and get on the Jetski. The Jetski has horrible handling, so get ready to use the handbrake a lot. Follow the markers through the water. Be sure to lean foward on the Jetski before you make the jumps, or you will get stuck on the patches on land that you're supposed to jump over. If you do get stuck, after 5 seconds, you will be returned to the course by the game, though you will probably have to turn around and get some speed before atempting the jump again, wasting lots of your time. After the final Jetski jump, you will end up on land. Get onto the PCJ600, and follow the markers around the streets, until you see a green marker appear. Drive to it to end the mission, and watch the closing of the commercial. Reward: $850 ------------- Kill Phil:Part 2 ----------------- Phil Collins will arrive at the area at 1730, and it is your job to get to the arena ahead of time and make sure there are no threats when Phil arrives. Grab a vehicle and drive quickly over to the arena, and enter the building. You will see 5 different points you have to check before it can be declared safe. Get on the dirt bike, and drive to each location, stopping short just before you see the goons, and take out your assault rifle to kill them all on foot. At the last checkpoint,kill all the goons and take the keycard one of them had, and head for the basement. Staying inside the doorway, use the assault rifle and kill as many as you can before you enter the room. Use an SMG to kill the rest inside of the room. Reward: $1500 ---------------- Ricardo Diaz -------------- 1. Steal The Deal ------------------ Diaz knows the Gonzales is stealing from him, and wants to find out where the drugs are hidden. Follow Gonzales' man. Be careful not to get too close or to stray too far, or you will fail the mission. Be extra careful when making corners, as you might get closer to the car when you do. When you arrive near your apartment, the man will get onto a Jetski. Get onto the other Jetski, and follow him as before, being careful not to gain too much speed, or you will get too close. When you've gone a distance, you will see some buildings on stilts and docks, and the man will stop there. Zoom toward a dock, and climb onto the dock. Shoot all the goons guarding the boat with your assault rifle. Use your sniper rifle, or manual aim with your assault rifle to kill the guard with an assault rifle up on a tower. From the docks, manual aim and destroy the two enemy boats circle around the docks. When they are all dead, get into the boat and drive it to the dock behind Diaz's mansion. Reward: $1500 --------------- 2. The Exchange ----------------- Get a laser scope sniper rifle from the Ocean Beach Ammu-Nation before you start this mission. Diaz is going to trade the DEA drugs for weapons. When you arrive, you will be ambushed by Gonzales' snipers. Use the sniper rifle you bought and zoom in on the targets, shooting them quickly before they duck out of sight and you have to wait 10 seconds before they appear again. While you have a timelimit, you are given more then enough time to take out all the snipers. After they are all dead, get into the truck with the weapons in it. Gonzales will send goons in cars after you, and you should drive quickly for the main highway. Hold down the acclerate button all the way until you reach the Starfish Island bridge, then turn and head to Diaz's mansion. Drive the van into the garage to end the mission. Reward: $1750 ---------------- Mendez Brothers ---------------- 1. The Mugshot Longshot ------------------------ Lance thinks he can convince the Mendez brothers that it was Martinez who ripped them off. Drive to the pink marker on the radar to get to the police station. Take the picture of the DEA Agent with Martinez through the car window. Folllow the car to the pier, but do not get too close or too far away from them, or you will fail the mission. When you arive at the pier, get out and snap a picture of Martinez. Get onto the PCJ 600, and quickly head to the Pay N' Spray. Lose your wanted level, then head over and get Forbes' DEA badge. Drive to the pink marker on the map to get to the print works. When you arrive, the mission will be complete. Reward:$0 ---------- 2. Hostile Takeover ------------------- The Mendez brothers want you to take care of some rivals for them. Drive past the mall and toward the business. Get out of the car near the hospital, and make your way on foot toward the business with your assault rifle ready. Shoot the bikers that come out of the building. It is a good idea to manual reload in between waves of bikers(change weapons and switch back quickly). When you've killed all of them, a group of bikers will attempt to escape on Angels. Quickly grab one of the remaining bikes, and chase after them. As you near the group, perform a drive by on each of them. When they are all dead, you will complete the mission and you will also be in control of this business. Reward: $1000 --------------- 3. Unfriendly Competition -------------------------- Mendez says he wants more rivals killed. Be sure to pick up full health, body armor, health and an assault rifle before attempting this mission. Drive toward the first marker. Perform a drive by or a hit and run on these targets. Switch cars. Drive over to the hotel and get to the marker with your assault rifle ready. After the cutscene, shoot the targets with your assault rifle quickly, changing targets with the directional button. If you lose all your armor and need some health, a health icon will start spawning behind where you started after the cutscene. Pick it up as frequently as possible. Make sure you take out the targets inside the pool as well. When all the targets are dead, one will take off on a Quad across the beach. Quickly get on the Quad and perform a drive-by on him. When he is dead, you will complete the mission. You are now able to purchase Quads at the Hotel. Reward: $1500 -------------- 4. High Wire ------------- Drive to the marker near the Junkyard to meet Diego. Get into the helicopter and steal the first container. Drop off the container. The second container will appear on on your radar. You have to take the container off the back of a truck. The truck moves fairly slowly and stops often. Use these stops as a chance to pick up the container, or simply just get ahead of the truck and position the magnet to grab the container when the truck passes. Drop off the container. It appears that Diego is being attacked, and you have to go and pick him up before he is killed. The easy way to pick him up is wait till they or on the Ocean Beach hotel strip, and grab the car then, as no trees or light poles will get in your way. Pick up Diego's car the same way you picked up the container off of the truck. Drop off Diego at the parking garage to finish the mission. Be careful not to swing him into the building quickly, or he will take damage. Reward:$1500 -------------- Gonzales --------- 1. Home's On The Range ----------------------- Get to Gonzales inside the golf course, and play golf with him. All you have to do is stop the meter inside the green bar, and you will hit the buoy. Free money for Vic. Reward: $1000 -------------- 2. Purple Haze --------------- You are supposed to help Gonzales sell some coke that he stole from Diaz. You have to go to the meet for him. Drive to the lockup where thr truck is, and pick it up. Drive the van to the marker where you're supposed to meet the buyers. After the cutscene, you will be rammed by a truck, and heavily drugged. Run to the phone and call Gonzales. Get a vehicle, preferably not a motorcycle, and get to the marker on Starfish Island. Take out your assault rifle and mow down all the targets, once you're there, and take the van back. Drive quickly to the lockup, as you will have two stars. Drive the car back into the lockup to end the mission. Reward: $1000 ----------------- 3. Farewell To Arms -------------------- You can only do this mission after you have completed the mission "The Exchange" for Diaz. Gonzales will take the weapons to the airport, and you must protect him from the sharks while the weapons are loaded onto the plane. You will begin hovering over Gonzales' truck in a helicopter with a minigun. Shoot the incoming attacking sharks. When you arrive at the airport, Gonzales' goons will block off the entrance with their cars. More sharks will arrive while the weapons are being loaded. Keep shooting the Sharks that attempt to bypass the barricade, and you will soon have to move over and protect the other gate. The pilot will fly you over to the gate, and you will have to elimate the Sharks. Shoot as many as you can while they enter. The trucks will start trying to take down the plane as it takes off, so try to kill them before they do too much damage to the plane. When the plane takes off, the mission will end. Reward: $2500 -------------- Mendez Brothers:Part II ------------------------- 1. Burning Bridges ------------------- The Mendez brothers want you to give them everything you own, and hit the road. Vic protests, and soon both Vance brothers find themselves knocked out. When you wake up, you find out that the Mendez brothers are about to have you executed. Vic and Lance dodge the bullets, only to have the bullets make the gas works explode. You will now have to save Lance, who is trapped behind the flames. You will see some of your weapons in a corners. Take them, and equip your pistol if you have an Equalizer, or your SMG if you don't. Head over the ramp, and shoot any of the Mendez goons you see with the SMG. When you can target the valves, shoot them with your shotgun until they run out of health. Continue following the path until you shoot the final valve, and you will find Lance. Get on the motorcycle with Lance, and make the ramp jump to pass the mission. Reward: $0 ------------ Lance Vance:Part III ---------------------- 1. Blitzkrieg Strikes Again ---------------------------- The Mendez brothers are really, really pissed that you survived. Lance has got all your allies together to defend your businesses. You will have to defend your 3 closet businesses in 7 minutes. Get your assault rifle ready, and toward toward the first business. Shoot all the goons that appear. Be careful not to accidently shoot Lance, as his health meter appears on the screen. When the goons start appearing in vehicles, try to take it out with manual aim before the car stops and the goons get out. Move onto the next business, which will be a repeat of the first one. The last one will be the same. Make sure Lance does not die, and that time does not run out. When you have defended all three businesses, the mission will be complete. Reward: $700 ------------- 2. Lost And Found ------------------- Louise needs to be picked up from the hospital, and Lance has business to do. Drive to the hospital and watch the cutscene. Lance will page you and you find out that he needs to be saved. He tells you to bring a helicopter. Get into the helicopter at the top of the hospital and fly toward Lance. Land the helicopter quickly and pick Lance up. Take off, and you will find out that Martinez is trying to steal from you. Fly toward the red markers showing Martinez's boats. Hover low above them so that Lance cna quickly take the goons out. Start from the last boat and make your way up to the top boat. Hover low above the boat to let Lance drop down. You will now have to take Louise back to her sister's house, so fly there, land the helicopter, and drop her off. Reward: $1500 --------------- 3. Light My Pyre ------------------ This mission is availible after "In The Air Tonight". Make sure you buy a Spas 12 and some ammo before you start this mission, as you will need it. Louise has been kidnapped by Mendez, and you and Lance will be attacked outside his house. Lance will burst into a rage, and get onto his motorcycle to chase after the assailants. Sprint toward the street, to the left of a sign post, you will see a PCJ 600. Get onto it, and go after Lance. Catch up to him, and drive by the car he is chasing, being careful not to shoot Lance in the process. When the car has been blown up, you will ecounter two cars at the Malibu club. A final car will appear on the bridge as you head for Prawn Island. Heading towards the Mendez mansion, you will see lance enter the mansion. As you near it, a hail of gunfire should rain down upon you. Aim the bike for the baracade, and bail out. Stay near the fountain and take down as many goons as you can with the assault rifle. When you are done, make sure your health and armor is maxed before you enter the gardens. Take out any goons on your way to the back door of the mansion. Equip the Spas-12 before you enter. As you get inside, you will see a cutscene where Mendez confronts you with a flamethrower. As you regain controls, sprint back towards the wall, then aim the Spas 12 at Mendez and fire. When he is knocked down, manual reload and keep shooting up. Keep shooting him until he is dead. Reward: $3000 ----------------- Reni Wassulmaier:Part II -------------------------- 1. So Long Schlong ------------------- Mendez is pissed at Reni for introducing you to Diaz, which is resulting in lots of trouble for him, so he wants Reni killed. Reni will leave you at the studio to take care of the goons while he goes for a sex change. Get your assault rifle and now down the goons as they come through the front gate. Remember to check the gate on the other side of the studio as well. Manual reload in betweens waves of the goons. When they are all dead, you will get a call from Reni saying that he is trapped near the Malibu Club. Drive there quickly, and you will see that Reni is trapped behind his car. Do not stand behind his car, as it cannot take much more damage. Instead, step into the middle of the square and shoot all the goons with your assault rifle, letting your armor take the damage instead. Steal a car from the street, and head toward the hospital. You will find that more Mendez goons are after you in cars. Do not try to hit them, instead keep driving toward the hospital. Once you reach there with Reni, the mission will be complete. Reward: $1000 --------------- 2. In The Air Tonight ---------------------- Reni needs to be picked up from the hospital, and she needs a ride to the airport. After you drop Reni of at the airport, you will need to head over to the arena for the Phil Collins concert. When you arrive, you will be transported onto the light rig after the cutscene. You will only have your fists, and you must kill all the assasins before they cut the support beams and the light rigging falls on Phil. Once you have killed all of them, the concert will continue without attack, and you are able to skip the rest of it if you want to. Reward: $3000 (You will be able to buy access to the concert anytime) --------------------------------------------------------- Ricardo Diaz: Part II ---------------------- 1. Domo Arigato Domestoboto ---------------------------- You are tasked with destroying Mendez's bearer bonds, which he keeps inside his safe in his mansion. Drive to Mendez's mansion and get into the truck. You will be control of a Domesto-Bot that Diego purchased for use in the mansion. Simply go down to the first floor, enter the closet and go through the door on the right. You will end up in the basement, and you will see the safe ahead of you. if Mendez tells you to perform a task, ignore him, and simply enter the code 8423. After the safe opens, set the papers on fire with the lighter arm. Reward: $2000 --------------- 2. Over The Top ----------------- Diaz wants to take out the remaining Mendez brother, but he is hiding out at his building downtown. Diaz wants you to go steal a new military attack helicopter. Drive to Phil's place, where you will encounter a Mendez car. Drive right past him, and pick up Phil. In his truck drive toward the military base. Stop the truck inside the marker, and Phil will ram his truck into the base's gate. Jump over the shed, and equip your Equalizer. Ignore the game, and instead of tryign to dodge the spotlights, just sprint for the admin building. The soldiers will barely damage you, if at all. When you're inside, take out your Spas 12 and clear the building of the guards. Grab the armor inside the room on your right. Step into the marker to open the gate to the Hunter helicopter. Equip your assault rifle and step outside. Shoot all the guards in your way,and sprint for the Hunter. Pull the pilot out, and get in. Take off and leave the base as soon as you can. Land the helicopter on Diaz's helipad on top of his mansion to complete the mission. Reward: $3000 --------------- 3. Last Stand ----------------- This is the last mission of the story. You should buy these items and ammo if you don't already have them: Equalizer (.357) M16 Spas 12 Shotgun MP5 SMG Rocket Launcher Also be sure to be fully stocked on health and armor before you attempt this mission. Fly towards the building in the Hunter. As you approach, you will see the targets appear on the radar. Either launch missle at the guards with O, or shoot the gun at them with square and X. When all the guards in the building are dead, you will be shot down by a guard with a rocket launcher. You will see a scene where Vic is walking away from the helicopter, and it explodes behind him. Grab the rocket launcher, and enter the building. Equip with your .357 or your Spas 12, and take out all the Mendez goons on this floor. Be sure to keep close to the walls for cover. When all the goons on the floor are dead, enter the next area. As you get there, equip your assault rifle, and sprint out into the room. Autoaim and kill all the goons in this room and the next. Grab the armor, and head onto the next area. Use the Mp5 and M16 to clear out this next room,then switch to the Spas 12 to clear out the adjoining room. When they are all dead, you will see a cutscene. Enter the next area with your Spas 12 fully loaded, and grab the armor. Sweep the floor of goons, and the helicopter will start firing it's guns at you. Take cover when it fires,and shoot the helicopter with a rocket when it stops, before it flies out of sight. Repeat this until the helicopter goes down. Occasionally, you will be attacked by some guards, but you should take care of them with ease with any of your weapons. Pick up the armor the guards dropped, and step into the marker with your spas 12 equipped. When you arrive on the roof, you will see both Mendez and Martinez. This is going to be the final showdown. As soon as you regain control, autoaim at one and shoot him once, then autoaim at the other and shoot the other one. The Spas 12 should have knocked both down. Quickly manual reload, and kill one. Reload, and kill the other. When they are both dead, you will see the final cutscene. Story Complete! ------------------ Side Missions -------------- Taxi ----- This can be activated in either the Taxi or the Cabbie. You job is to pick up passengers and drive them to the destination before the timer expires. Do not wreck the taxi too much or you will scare away the passenger. If the taxi sustains too much damage, you will either have to get a new one, or Pay N' Spray it. You will get more money if you arrive at the location faster. Once you have earned $2500, you will have completed this missions. Note that this does not all have to be done in one sitting. vilgilante ----------- This side mission is activated by enter any law enforcement vehicle and pressing the Up Button. Your goal is to chase down the criminals, and kill them before the time expires. You will get more bonus time when you complete each level. You must complete all 15 levels in one sitting. Once you have completed all 15 levels, you will recieve an armor boost upgrade. Paramedic ---------- This side mission can be activated by pressing the up button while in an ambulance. Pick up the passengers and drive them back to the hospital before time runs out. If you crash the Ambulance too much, the patients will die, so be careful. In later levels, you will have to drop off some patients at the hospital, then go back and get more patients. The Ambulance is repaired slightly after each level. Once you have reached level 15, you will have completed this mission. This must all be done in one sitting. Firefighter ----------- This side mission can be activated by getting into a fire truck and pressing the up button. You will have to rush to locations and put out the fire. These fires involving vehicles and people. Move the water cannon with the direction buttons. These must all be done in one sitting. Onve you have reached level 15, you will complete the mission and Vic will be fireproof. WaterSports ------------ Get on the Jetski after completing the Jetski mission for Reni. You will bring up a menu of different challenges you can take while on the Jetski.Complete all the challenges once to complete this mission. When you hace completed all the challenges, you will recieve the wetsuit challenge. Vice Sights ------------ This is activated by getting into the Maverick near the entrance of the Escobar Airport. You will have to fly through all the rings. Be sure that the fun meter does not run out, or you will fail the misson. Playground On The Town ----------------------- This is activated by getting onto the PCJ600 behind the downtown police station. You will have to try to beat the record time. The timer will begin counting down once you do through the first checkpoint. Phil's Shooting Range ---------------------- YOu will have to complete shooting range challenges for the Pistol, Uzi, Shotgun, Assault Rifle and Sniper Rifle in a row. You must score 2000 points. Hitting civillian targets will deduct points so aim carefully before firing. You will recieve discount prices at Ammu-Nation after completing this. Civil Asset Foreiture Impound ------------------------------ List 1 ------- Streetfighter Sanchez Oceanic Cuban Hermes Polaris V8 Stallion Pony Boxville List 2 ------- WinterGreen Freeway Banshee Cheetah Comet Phoenix Sentinel XS Mule List 3 ------- PCJ 600 Deluxo Infernus Sabre Stretch Stinger Maverick Sparrow Boats ------- Dinghy Jetski Marquis Rio Reefer Violator Squallo Tropic 4.Empire Building ================== After you have sucessful attacked a rival's site, it will become availible for purchase. You can buy sites by standing near the "For Sale" sing and using the Up Button. You can choose to develop the business in Protection Racket, Prostitution, Loan Sharking, Drugs, Smuggling and Robbery. There are also 3 different sizes for the businesses. Small Venture, Medium, and High Roller. High Roller generates the most cash, but also costs the most to develop. You can make changes to the business or repair the current one by walking into the pink marker in front of the message board inside the business. To start missions involving the business to earn respect and business for that business type, stand near a gang members with a blue arrow above his head and press the Up Button. Sometimes your businesses will come under attack, and you will have to get there and help your men defend the business. If the building becomes heavily damaged in the attack, you will have to pay to have the business repaired. Your businesses will also come with spawning vehicles and save points inside that you can use anytime when not on a mission, just like any of your safehouses. 5. Weapons =========== Fists --------- The most basic of weapons, you'll always have these by your side. With the new and enchanced melee attack system, you'll be able to dominate your opponenets in many different ways. Brass Knuckles -------------- The bouncer's weapon of choice, these steel knuckles will add some power to your punches. Once acquired, these will occupy the fists weapon slot in your inventory. Butterfly Knife --------------- One of the most basic melee weapons, this two part, snap together folding knife is availbile at Stonewall's. It's is slow and weak, but it should serve it's purpose until you are able to aquire better weapons. Knife ------- A grip guard equipped knife. This is a really effective weapon for bringing down your enemy quickly. Baseball Bat ------------ The classic Grand Theft Auto melee weapon. You can use this to knock opponents onto the ground, and beat them senseless. This is quite a good melee weapon for muggings. Crowbar -------- Found on many Cholo gang members, this blunt weapon is good for knocking people down and hitting them, though it does not cause as much damage as a baseball bat. Golfclub --------- This sporting tool can be found around the Leaf Links golf course, and in Caddy vehicles. A good long melee weapon, it does decent damage, but it is a little slow. Nightstick ------------ The policeman's melee weapon, this can be found by killing a cop and taking it off of the body. Machete -------- A flora slashing knife, this large weapon is quite effective at causing lots of damage to an enemy in a single attack, though the following attacks are rather slow. Katana --------- A Japanese warrior style longsword. Quite useful for slicing the heads of your enemies' off. Also very fast. Axe ----- A powerful, yet extremely slow sharp melee weapon. It can quite useful for knocking people down and hitting them while they are on the ground. Best used with auto-target, it is also useful for destroying assets within businesses. Chainsaw ----------- Can be found during the mission where Lance is captured on the boat. The "best" melee weapon, though it is extremely weak and is quite slow. Very akward to use, it is advised that players use other melee weapons instead. Camera ------- For mission purposes only, this is a standard photo snapping camera with a zoom lens. You cannot save any photos you take. Pistol ------ The first and most basic firearm you can aquire, the pistol can be bought at Ammu-Nation for $180. Equalizer ---------- A .357 revolver equipped with a pistol scope. The best, and only other choice for a handgun weapon. One hit kills on most targets, except those with body armor, such as SWAT and the FBI. Can be purchased from Ammu-Nation for $1500 Scorpion ---------- This exotic sub-machine gun can be found from some Cholos, and can also be purchased at Ammu-Nation for $270. Relatively weak, but it has a 50 round magazine and can be used while moving. Micro SMG ---------- This Uzi is the favored weapon by many gang members of different varieties, as well as S.W.A.T. team members. It can be purchased at Ammu-Nation for $450. Grenades --------- A set of frag grenades. You first acquire these from Marty on a mission to destroy some Cholo cars. They can be bought at Ammu-Nation for $270. Remote Detonated Explosives ---------------------------- The same idea as the hand grenades, but it can be detonated by hand remote at any time by the player after being thrown. SMG ---- This is the ultimate SMG in the game. It is the choice for FBI agents. This can be bought from Ammu-Nation for $1875 AK --- The granddaddy of assault rifles, this can be found on gangmembers frequently. It can be purchased from Ammu-Nation for $3150. Assault Rifle -------------- These automatic rifles are the same ones you will find the soldiers using around Fort Baxter. The only other alternative assault rifle, you can purchase one of these at Ammu-Nation for $4050. Shotgun -------- Pump action shotgun. Can be found in police cruisers with 5 shells. Can be purchased from Ammu-Nation. Stubby Shotgun --------------- A sawn off pump action shotgun. Can be purchased from Stonewall J's after Marty's mission where you are introduced to the store. Spaz-12 -------- Automatic combat shotgun equipped with a folding stock. Can be purchased from Ammu-Nation for $3000. Sniper ------ A basic bolt action sniper rifle. Extremely useful, can be purchased from Ammu-Nation for $4500. Press the R BUtton to zoom in, instead of auto-target. Square zooms in, while X zooms out. Laser Sniper ------------- This is a laser sighted, high powered scope equipped automatic sniper rifle. Press the R BUtton to zoom in, instead of auto-target. Square zooms in, while X zooms out. Can be purchased from Ammu-Nation for $6000 Rocket Launcher ---------------- Launches a rocket. Useful for taking down vehicles such as cars and helicopters with ease. Can be purchased from Ammu-Nation for $6750. Availbile after the Turn On, Tune In, Bug Out mission from Lance Vance. M249 ----- A Squad Automatic Weapon, this is a heavy duty military grade machine gun. This gun is very good at destroying cars, and is dangerous even to helicopters. It is also one hit kill on most people. Minigun -------- Usually mounted on aircraft, this weapon will unleash a hail of bullets towards your enemies once used. This can be purchased from Ammu-Nation. Flamethrower ------------- This large flamethrower is really useful for crowd control, though not really effective against vehicles, as it takes a long time to damage them by fire. This weapon is useful for destroying Rhino army tanks. 6.Vehicles =========== Patriot ------- The military all terrain vehicle. This 4 wheel drive truck is quite durable for use in the game. It is much rarer outside Fort Baxter. Mesa Grande ----------- A 2 door 4 wheeled jeep used by the military, as well as civilians. Not as durable as the Patriot, but much faster and lighter. The military version comes in a dark green only, but the civilian versions come in a variety of colors. Perennial ---------- A four door station wagon with a large trunk. It is extremely durable, though also very slow. It is quite common in both Little Havana and Downtown. Regina ------ Basically a modern, faster and more durable version of the Perennial. Idaho ----- An extremely common 2 door sedan with a soft black or beige top. It is long, heavy and slow, but also quite durable. Can be seen cruising the streets almost anywhere on the map. Admiral -------- This 4 door sedan is quite common in and around Vice City. It is durable, fast and reliable. It is used in many missions, and is useful for missions where you may need 4 seats so that you can have people use drive bys for you. Walton -------- A farm style pick up truck found around the Vice City docks. Quite durable, but slow. Seats two people. Bobcat -------- An industrial style pick up truck more suited to driving on paved roads then off roading. This two seater is not very durable, and it is also extremely easy to flip accidently. Try not to take sharp corners at high speeds when using this truck. Landstalker ------------ A four door SUV with a spare wheel on the truck door. The gangs often use this as an alternative to their standard sedans. It is durable and fast, but extremely easy to flip, and not really suited for off-roading. Blista Compact --------------- A small, yet heavy coupe. The speed is medicore, and due to it's weight, it is extremely hard to turn quickly. Deluxo ------- A extended version of the Blista Compact, this car is equipped with a sports car engine. It is much easier and faster to handle then the Blista Compact, and is also much more durable. You can find this beside the first hotel on the Ocean Beach strip, or occasionally outside Reni's studio, when the Stinger does not spawn there. Boxville --------- A armored security-style van. Can occasionally be found around the airport and the docks. Used the the main story as the vehicle with controls that allowed Vic to manipulate a Domesta-Bot. Mule ------ An industry style cargo truck with a rising door. Seats too. Spawns and can be seen driving around the docks and airport frequently. Yankee ------- The same as the Mule, except with a different logo. It is slightly faster, and has different wheel rims. Stinger -------- A flashy, 80s style convertible with the top drawn back. The player is able to jump right into it if the door is closed on the side where the player chooses to enter. Can be seen near the airport and Ocean Beach frequently, and Starfish Island. Used in many mission, most notably, Jive Ride. Comet ------ Another flashy, 80s style convertible with the top drawn back. The Comet is slightly slower then the Stinger and not as common. Can be seen driving around Starfish island and occasionally around Downtown. Infernus --------- An 80s style low riding sports car. It is one of the fastest vehicles in the game, and one of the most expensive, as many rich characters can be seen owning on. Can be seen frequently along the Ocean Beach strip and the Starfish Island area. Cheetah -------- A low riding, two door sports car. Extremely fast, but not durable, this can frequently be seen driving around Starfish island, and it spawns in front of Diaz's house. A police undercover version of this is also availible. Phoenix --------- A muscle car with a super-charger on the hood. Some version of the car come with stripes running down the center of the car. It is a common sight on the second island. Seats two. Fast, but not durable and hard to handle at high speeds. Cuban Hermes ------------- The gang car of the Cuban gang run by Umberto Robina. He is like a regular Hermes, except the body has been painted with a flame pattern from the front towards the back. The speed and handling has also been improved from the regular Hermes. Seats two people. Can often be found driving around Little Havana. Cholo Sabre ------------ The gang car of the Cholos. This looks like a Sabre Turbo, except painted in the beige color of the Cholos. Can be seen spawning around the Little Havana area before the "Havana Good Time" mission. Sabre Turbo ------------ A 70s style sports car with a solid color body and a stripe going down the middle of the entire car. Can spawn outside some of your businesses. Unlike in Vice City, you can change the main body color of the Sabre Turbo with the Pay N' Spray. Virgo ------ Much like an Esperanto, except with a hard-top style back window. Esperanto --------- An old, 70s style coupe. Quite slow, but extremely durable, and handles well. Seats two. Can be found around the highway area. Streetfighter ------------- Likely the first vehicle, as well as bike you will encounter in the game, this is a new addition to the series in general. It is a fast motorcycle with side mirrors on both sides, and no windshield. PCJ 600 -------- A superbike with the fastest acceleration in the game, it is not as common as in in other Grand Theft Auto games. It can occasionally be seen spawning in the parking garage at the Vice City Mall. Sanchez -------- A dirtbike built for offroad handling, this vehicle is quite common in Vice City Stories. It also handles quite well on paved roads, and is one of the best motorcycles. Quad ----- An ATV 4 wheeler built for off-roading. It can first be seen in the trailer park mission with Louise during the fun day. The Quad is extremely hard to control, and it is recommended that you use the handbreak for corner, but tap rather then hold. Wintergreen ------------ A slow civillian version of the VCPD's motorbike It is slow but extremely easy to control, and takes sharp corners with ease that the other motorbikes lack. BF Injection ------------- The Dunebuggy that would later become a common sight on the streets of Vice City, it is much rarier in 1984. It handles well on grass and sand, as well as dirt. It seats two and is quite durable. Can be found for use for the Beach Patrol missions at Ocean Beach. Also availible for purchase at Sunshine Autos after completing Level 15 of the Beach Patrol missions, with a bullet-proof upgrade. V.C.P.D. Wintergreen --------------------- The Vice City Police Department's motorbike. It is not as fast as many of the other motorcycles availible, but it can easily be stolen and driven away without getting arrested by the police officer riding it. V.C.P.D. Cruiser ---------------- A standard four door police squad car. When the player enters the vehicle, the obtains the shotgun from the car if the shotgun inventory slot is already empty, or 5 shells to any shotgun the player already has. V.C.P.D. Enforcer ----------------- An armored VCPD SWAT Team van. When the player enters this vehicle, he obtains body armor from the van. If the player already has a damaged suit equipped, it is replaced by a brand new jacket. THis van is extremely durable and useful for ramming objects. Rhino ------ This heavy duty military tank has appeared in every single Grand Theft Auto game, and Vice City Stories is no exception. It can be seen at the very beginning of the game, though the player will not have access to it. The Military will show up in these if the player attain a six star wanted level. To fire in cannon while in the tank, press the O button. To rotate the cannon, use the directional buttons. Taxi ----- A four door seadan taxi. This is quite easy to drive and considerably fast, as well as durable. It is common on both islands, around town. Cabbie -------- An older, 50s style taxi as a rival to the standard Taxi. The car is extremely easy to turn but slower then the normal taxi. The car is also easy to flip, so take care when taking sharp corners at high speeds. Stallion -------- This is an old, coupe with either a hard cover or convertible. This can be seen driving around the docks and around the airport area. Maverick -------- A standard helicopter. It is a civillian vehicle with four doors. While to extremely fast, the player can tilt the analog nubby slightly foward to put the Maverick on an angle and make it move foward faster. It can also be used for people with assault rifles to shoot out of, provided you do not disturb the balence by tilting the Maverick too much. Sea Sparrow ----------- First seen in the Gonzalez mission, this helicopter is equipped with floats so that it can land on water. It is equipped with a chaingun mounted below the cockpit, and it can be fired by pressing the O button. Seats two people. Hunter ------- A new military attack helicopter equipped with missles and a chain gun. Press the X and Square buttons together to fire the chaingun, and press o to fire the missles. The chaingun and missles cannot be used at the same time. The Hunter is the most durable helicopter in the game. Bovver '64 ----------- A futuristic hovercraft run by the fan on it's back. One seater, and not very durable. 7.Cheats ========= UP, UP, UP, TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, Left, Right -100% of MP Content UP, UP, UP, SQUARE, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, Right, Left- 25% of MP Content UP, UP, UP, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, X, Left, Right-50% of MP Content UP, UP, UP, X, X, SQUARE, Right, Left-75% of MP Content L1, R1, L1, R1, LEFT, CIRCLE, UP, X- All Cars are Black UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, SQUARE, SQUARE, L1, R1- Armor UP, UP, RIGHT, LEFT, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, SQUARE- Cars avoid you RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE, L1, R1- Chrome Cars LEFT, DOWN, R1, L1, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, X- Clear Weather RIGHT, RIGHT, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, L1, R1, DOWN, X- Commit Suicide L1, R1, R1, LEFT, RIGHT, SQUARE, DOWN, R1- Destroy All Cars R1, L1, L1, DOWN, UP, X, DOWN, L1- Faster Clock LEFT, LEFT, R1, R1, UP, TRIANGLE, DOWN, X- Faster Gameplay LEFT, DOWN, TRIANGLE, X, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, L1- Foggy Weather UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, X, X, L1, R1 -Get $250000 RIGHT, L1, DOWN, L1, CIRCLE, UP, L1, SQUARE- Guys Follow You UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, L1, R1- Health UP, RIGHT, TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE, DOWN, LEFT, X, X- Never Wanted LEFT, DOWN, L1, R1, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, SQUARE- Overcast Weather DOWN, TRIANGLE, UP, X, L1, R1, L1, R1 -Peds Attack You UP, L1, DOWN, R1, LEFT, CIRCLE, RIGHT, TRIANGLE- Peds Have Weapons R1, L1, L1, DOWN, LEFT, CIRCLE, DOWN, L1- Peds Riot DOWN, LEFT, UP, L1, R1, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, X -Perfect Traction LEFT, DOWN, L1, R1, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, TRIANGLE -Rainy Weather UP, RIGHT, SQUARE, SQUARE, DOWN, LEFT, CIRCLE, CIRCLE- Raise Wanted Level LEFT, LEFT, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, DOWN, UP, TRIANGLE, X -Slower Gameplay UP, L1, DOWN, R1, LEFT, L1, RIGHT, R1 -Spawn Rhino DOWN, UP, RIGHT, TRIANGLE, L1, TRIANGLE, L1, TRIANGLE -Spawn Trashmaster Right, Right, Circle, Circle, L, R, Down, X -Suicide LEFT, DOWN, R1, L1, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, CIRCLE Sunny Weather LEFT, RIGHT, X, UP, DOWN, SQUARE, LEFT, RIGHT- Weapon Set 1 LEFT, RIGHT, SQUARE, UP, DOWN, TRIANGLE, LEFT,- RIGHT Weapon Set 2 LEFT, RIGHT, TRIANGLE, UP, DOWN, CIRCLE, LEFT,- RIGHT Weapon Set 3 8.Easter Eggs ============= Ammu-Nation Equalizer Poster -------------------------- At the downtown Ammu-Nation, on the wall Vic faces after entering the shop is a poster that shows the Equalizer, and below it, it says "Its the only replacement!". This means that there is only the Equalizer as a second choice to replace the Pistol. Money For Nothing ------------------ A term often heard in the game,"Money For Nothing" was one of the most popular songs in the 1984/1985 year. Miami Vice References ---------------------- Like the original Vice City, VCS draws much from the 1980's television show Miami Vice. The voice actor for Lance Vance played Ricardo Tubbs on the show. The cars the main characters drove around in Miami Vice are also in VCS, the Stinger and the VCPD Cheetah. Miami Vice's most noteable scene included Phil Collin's "In the Air Tonight", which is prominant in VCS. 9.FAQS ======== Q.I was having trouble saving cars in the apartment at 101 Bayshore Avenue was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem? I have a PAL version here in New Zealand. A. It appears that the garages do not work properly in Vice City Stories. Occasionally, the game will store them if you save and turn off your game right afterwards, but most of the time the cars will disappear from your garages. Update: One solution seems to be to ram the car against the wall. This is not a 100% solution. One thing that has always worked for me is to save my game at the same place my cars are saved. They have always reappeared when I checked the garage after loading. So far I have only tried this with the apartment on the second island and Phil's old house with the flamingo on the first island. If you try this and have results, please email me and let me know. Q. Also where do I find the oceanic for the civil asset forfeiture? A. The Oceanic is a 50s style car that can be found driving around Little Havana and Ocean Beach. Q. What is the code for the safe for the Domestabot mission? A. 8423 Q. Can you take over all of the gang buildings right when you get to the second island? Currently I have 29 of 30 gang buildings in my possession but at one of them, located just across the street of Shady Palms Hospital in Vice Point in possession of the bikers, doesn't have a vehicle spawn in front of it, thus not allowing me to engage in an attack to take it over. Is this suppose to happen or is it a glitch? A. That building must be taken over as part of a story mission later on. Q. how do you use multiplayer content on gta vice city stories? A. Press start to enter the menu. Scroll over to the multiplayer section, and make sure your WLAN switch is on. Q. Why do my cars always disappear when I drive them to a pink blip, after the cutscene is over and I start my mission, the car is gone. A. Parking too close to the blip will make your car disappear. Also, leaving the door open on your car will increase the chance that your car will remain in place. 10.Credits ========== Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Walkthrough/FAQ Probester/Sam C. Probeprobe407@Hotmail.com AIM:FishyProbe Playstation Portable Thanks to the following people for their emails: A-Lex,Methy,Toxic.Turd,Antwon035. Thanks to Alex Hungeling for providing some of the Civil Assets lists. Note-If you prefer to be credited differently then you are, please email me. People Who Have Asked For Save Files ------------------------------------- Psp468-Recieved DangaGangsta-? This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use.It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. All trademarks and names belong to their respective owners. Copyright 2006-2007</p>