The Sims 2: Castaway Walkthrough for the Nintendo Wii Copyright 2008 Ross Ramsey The following guide may not be reproduced under any circumstance for commercial use. Permission to use the guide on a web site may be obtained by email at the address listed above. Any unauthorized use of this guide is strictly prohibited and a violation of copyright. Version History 1.00 - Basic information and walktrough completed. Must update plan section at my next opportunity. 1.10 - Updated FAQ. ================ Table of Contents ================ i. About The Sims 2: Castaway [abts] ii. Starting the Game [strt] a. Careers [crrs] b. Skills [skll] c. Personality Traits [pstr] d. Motives [mtvs] iii. Walkthrough [wlkt] a. Shipwrecked! [shpw] b. Life's a Beach [pier] c. The Second Island [tsib] d. After the Rope Bridge [atrb] e. Island of the Volcano [iotv] f. Temple of the Llama People [tolp] g. Approaching the End [ateg] h. Crystal Island [cici] i. Pick a Path [papb] iv. Treasure Map Sections [tmsc] v. Hieroglyphics [hier] vi. Llama Family Statues [llam] vii. Plans [plan] a. Tools [tool] b. Firepits and Stoves [fpas] c. Seating [seat] d. Lighting [lght] e. Beds [bsds] f. Tables [tbls] viii. FAQ [fqaf] ix. Credits [crds] =============== i. About The Sims 2: Castaway [abts] =============== The Sims 2: Castaway is a continuation of one of the best selling video game franchises of all time. It was developed by Maxis, published by Electronic Arts and released for the DS, PS2, PSP and Wii. It is EA's third attempt at a console version of The Sims and they seem to be getting better with each addition. The Wii release is rated T for Teen. =============== ii. Starting the Game [strt] =============== To begin, you will make a crew of six sims. Customize their appearance to your heart's desire. You will be able to edit their Body, Fashion, Personality and Name. You'll also be able to choose from a list of career opportunities for each sim. Each profession offers different advantages to your sim. a. Careers [crrs] Doctor - adds to Mechanical and Logic attributes. Musician - adds to Creativity attribute. Chef - adds to Cooking attribute. Executive - adds to Charisma attribute. Teacher - adds to Logic attribute. Ranger - adds to Body attribute. Mechanic - adds to Mechanical attribute. b. Skills [skll] Skill: Mechanical Improve by: Making a camp-fire or other outdoor activities Required to: Be able to craft more complex objects Skill: Charisma Improve by: Talking to other sims Required to: Facilitate positive interaction with NPCs Skill: Body Improve by: Gathering resources, climbing trees, physical activities Required to: Accomplish any strenuous feats (catch a shark, etc) Skill: Cooking Improve by: Making simple meals over a fire Required to: Use better cooking items (fancier stoves, etc) Skill: Logic Improve by: Intelligence-stimulated activities like chess. Required to: Use better furniture Skill: Creativity Increase by: Make clothes, play musical instruments Required to: Make objects, implement bungalow plans c. Personality Traits [pstr] Different zodiac symbols result in different character profiles. Sloppy --------- Neat Shy --------- Outgoing Lazy --------- Active Serious --------- Playful Grouchy --------- Nice d. Motives [mtvs] Hygiene Unlocked by: First social interaction. Improved by: Swimming in the sea or hot springs. Hunger Unlocked by: Beginning of game. Improved by: Well...eating. Comfort Unlocked by: Sitting down Improved by: Obtaining nicer furniture. Bladder Unlocked by: Cooking a meal Improved by: Toiletries (toiler paper) Social Unlocked by: "Shoo the chimp" Improved by: Interaction with chimps, crewmates, sand buddy Fun Unlocked by: Sleeping twice Improved by: Anything etertaining. Music, games, talking, etc. Room Unlocked by: Entering the Airplane Island Jungle Improved by: Keeping your shelter clean and packed with ammenities. Energy Unlocked by: Sleeping Improved by: Sleeping ============ iii. Walkthrough [wlkt] ============ Let's begin, shall we? a. Shipwrecked! [shpw] You and five of your friends decide that you are going to take a joy ride on your luxurious speed boat. Unfortunately, a storm hits (no one checked the weather?). All six of you are washed up on a tropical island somewhere in the middle of the ocean. You (the captain) must start a new life from scratch. Upon arriving you will receive your first survival tutorial book entitled "Moneywell's Big Book of Survival". How convenient. It comes with a series of goals that you'll need to complete if you have any hope of uniting your crew members. One important thing to remember as you begin life on First Beach is that you should collect or identify everything you see. -First Beach Collectibles- Fish, Clams (gold, jade pearls), Driftwood, Shells, Coconuts, Bamboo, Soft Wood, Pokeberries, Palm Fronds Book 1, Section 1, Goal #1: Build a Workbench You need to head over two the large rocks to have the 'Build Workbench' option appear. Do so using Driftwood. Book 1, Section 1, Goal #2: Cook a Fish Use your workbench to craft a spear. Run over to the ocean to find an area where the fish are swimming. When one jumps out of the water, stab it with the spear. Head over to the fire pit and choose the "cook meal" option. Book 1, Section 1, Goal #3: Explore the Jungle Explore the thorny plants along the path to the middle of the jungle. Easy enough, no? Book 1, Section 1, Goal #4: Make a Shelter All you need is a roof, which you can find under the "Plans" tab in the menu. At this point, you can head into the Deep Jungle. -Deep Jungle Collectibles- Rumberries, Pokeberries, Rattan, Bamboo, Palm Fronds, Soft Wood, Coconuts, Coconut Palm, Cucumbers, Starfruit, Manchineel Fruit, Hard Woord, Guarana, Cannonball Fruit 1 Hieroglyph near where the paths intersect 1 Llama Family Statue Not much to do here. Proceed down the path to Pier Beach after collecting the hieroglyph. b. Life's a Beach [pier] -Pier Beach Collectibles- Cherries, Driftwood, Grass, Shells, Fish, Clams, Stones, Blackberries, Ginger, Almonds, Privet, Messages in a Bottle, Bananas and Banana Leaves, Palm Fronds, Coconuts, Soft Wood 1 Hieroglyph near the Ancient Pier. Locate your second Lost Book, "Shipwrecked" by Lord Reginald Stickywick. There are a few things that you can do here. Inspect the Ancient Pier to reveal the fact that there is another island. You should also unlock the Comfort and Fun motives. To figure out how to do that, see the motives section of this guide. Construct a roof and assemble a cot to keep your sim out of the elements. You should also notice a few chimpanzees on Pier Beach. Book 2, Section 1, Goal #1: Befriend a Chimp Shoo the first Chimp you see and then give it a banana. This will unlock your Social motive. Keep interacting with it to achieve the friend status. Book 2, Section 1, Goal #2: Use Chimp to Gather If a Chimp is your friend, it will deliver you different resources throughout the game. When one appears carrying a leaf-covered packet, accept it to complete this goal. This is the only way that you can obtain a certain part of the treasure map. Book 2, Section 2, Goal #1: Light the Home Torch Head over to the fire pit to accomplish this goal. Easy enough. Book 2, Section 2 Goal #2: Build a Bed Do this under the "Plans" menu. You should have at least one bed plan at this point. Book 2, Section 2, Goal #3: Build a Table Also under the "Plans" menu. If you do not have a table plan (I can't remember if you start with one or not) then wait until you do. Book 2, Section 2, Goal #4: Craft a Shirt If you have the materials you need, you can do this at the work bench. Go to the "Fashion & Grooming" menu to wear the top that you have created. Book 2, Section 3, Goal #1: Build a Raft You can build a raft with 50 Bamboo, 30 Vines and 10 Palm Frond. Do this by the Ancient Pier. Book 2, Section 3, Goal #2: Reach the Second Island Enter your raft and explore until you find Airplane Island. Wait until you have explored Shipwreck Lagoon before you do this so that you don't have to come back. -Shipwreck Lagoon Collectibles- Driftwood, Bananas and Banana Leaves, Clams, Fish, Crafting Bench, Snowberries Soft Wood, Raspberries, Shels, Palm Fronds, Coconuts 1 Hieroglpyh on the ship deck Get into your raft and head to the second island. You will need lots of Energy for this. c. The Second Island [tsib] Welcome to Airplane Island. West Beach to be more specific. You'll come across the third Lost Book here, "The Log of the Final Voyage of Beard Beard the Pirate". -West Beach Collectibles- Cherries, Soybeans, Taro, Papayas, Soft Wood, Ginger, Yams, Bell Peppers, Soft Wood, Palm Fronds, Coconuts, Grass, Yellow Hibiscus, Fish, Clams (Gold Jade, Pearls), Driftwood, Crates (Clothes, Helmets, Gnomes), Shells, Messages in a Bottle, Stones 1 Treasure Map Section inside one of the clams in the oceans Book 1, Section 2, Goal #1: Greet a Crewmate You'll see one of you crewmates as soon as you reach the island. This will reveal the Hygiene motive, which is easy to keep in check (especially as you progress in the game). Book 1, Section 2: Goal #2: Befriend a Crewmate You went on a pleasure cruise with them and you aren't friends already? Weird. Engage in positive, light-hearted social interaction for a little bit until you achieve the friend status. Book 1, Section 2, Goal #3: Invite Sim to Join Tribe Once that sim is your friend, invite them to your tribe so that you'll be able to control more than one player. Click the switch icon on the bottom of the screen in order to alternate between them. Book 1, Section 2, Goal #4: Find all Crewmates You will meet the rest of your sims in random locations throughout your adventure. You don't have to put forward any extra effort into finding them. Don't worry. You will come across them. After you have done this, establish a home by building the Home Tiki near your fire pit. You can assign tasks for your Sims to accomplish while you're not controlling them. Locate the Conch shell as well. It is useful for gathering your sims. Book 3, Section 1, Goal #1: Find the Jungle Enter the path to the Airplane Jungle. This revelas the Room motive. -Airplane Jungle Collectibles- Vines, Manicheel Fruit, Soft Wood, Hard Wood, Okume Tree, Ti Leaves, Coconuts, Palm Fronds, Bananas and Banana Leaves, Bamboo, Mandrake Root, Guarana, Orange Hibiscus, Red Hibiscus, White Hibiscus, Papaya, Indigo Leaves, Cucumbers, Sugarcane 1 Radio in the crashed Airplane Book 3, Section 1, Goal #2: Find the Cave It's located in the Airplane Jungle. Locate it and go inside. -Dark Cave Collectibles- Fish, Stones, Obsidian 1 Llama Person Statue Once inside the cave, you can use the puddles of water to improve your Hygiene motive and can even construct a cot to sleep. Obsidian can't be harvested until you have a hammer. You can use a bamboo crafting bench in order to assemble one (later). You'll come across an Ancient Door that you won't be able to unlock yet. Once you're satisfied with what you have done here, head through the Steep Passage. Like with rafting, you are going to need quite a bit of energy to make it through. You will emerge in the Skull Rock Jungle. -Skull Rock Jungle Collectibles- Bamboo, Hibiscus Flowers (white, red, orange, yellow), Snowberries, Rumberries, Ti Leaves, Hard Wood, Soft Wood, Papaya, Bananas and Banana Leaves, Vines, Cucumbers, Mangoes, Brazil Nuts, Grapefruit, Breadfruit, Tomatoes, Onions, Rattan, Garlic, Long Beans, Sisal, Rice, Sugarcane, Lychees, Clay Not much to do in Skull Rock Jungle except for collecting resources. Book 3, Section 1, Goal #3: Find the River Plains When you emerge from the Steep Passage, head left to find the West River Plains. -West River Plains Collectibles- Physic Nuts, Carrots, Tumeric, Chili Peppers, Taro, Garlic, Onions, Mangoes, Vines, Lemons, Peaches, Limes, Breadfruit, Cotton, Tangerines, Yams, Sisal, Wheat, Grass, Rice, Tomatoes, Soybeans, Snowberries, Raspberries, Sugarcane, Mangosteens, Grapefruit, Bell Peppers, Lychees, Cannonball, Corn, Hard Wood, Hibiscus Flowers (white and orange), Chicken (feathers, egges, meat), Boar (tusks, meat, leather), Strawberries When you arrive, you'll receive Moneywell's Big Book of Survival Vol. 2. Explore the plains until you see the giant chasm. To cross it, you are going to have to build a bridge using 10 Soft Wood, 10 Rope and 25 Bamboo. You can also "Explore" the chasm if you have enough Body attributes. You meet your second missing crew member in the West River Plains. Use the same technique you used to befriend your first crewmate and induct him or her into your tribe. You can construct a fire pit and Home Tiki here if you wish to assign jobs to each sim. Book 3, Section 2, Goal #1: Catch a Chicken Build a Chicken Trap at your bamboo workbench. Set it up in an area where there are a lot of chickens. Leave and come back later to see if your labor has paid off. Build a chicken coop to domesticate your new pet. It comes in handy for producing eggs. Book 3, Section 2, Goal #2: Hunt a Boar There are a few boas on Airplane Island but it may be necessary to wait until you've reached the third island before you catch one. If you find one here, follow it around for a little while. Don't let it leave the area. Do whatever you can to get it to charge you. If you have a large number of attributes in the Body category, you'll be able to defeat it and gather a number of useful resources. Remember that boars can also be found near gardens or food scraps that you leave around. Book 4, Section 1, Goal #3: Collect an Egg We haven't covered the first two goals yet, but you should just complete this one while you have your chicken coop. Select the "Serenade" prompt on your chickens to coax them into laying eggs. I don't think there is a limit to how many times you can do this. Harvest them afterwards. Book 4, Section 1, Goal #1: Plant a Crop Hopefully you have been collecting the ashes from fire pits throughout the game. Craft a hoe and select "Cultivatable Soil Patch" under the "Special Plans" menu. Book 4, Section 1, Goal #2: Harvest a Crop After you have planted the crop, just sit back and wait. It takes anywhere from ten to twenty minutes. You may need to try different spots if nothing comes up. After you are done here, build a rope bridge to access the East River Plains. I think you can also proceed through the canyon to get there. d. After the Rope Bridge [atrb] -East River Plains Collectibles- Cotton, Tumeric, Grass, Carrots, Peaches, Vines, Watermelons, Chili Peppers, Sugarcane, Rice, Sisal, Pineapples, Taro, Limes, Coconuts, Palm Fronds, Soft Wood, Physic Nuts, Wheat, Rice, Chicken (feathers, meat, eggs) 1 Hieroglyph along the outside edge of the area Proceed to the South River Jungle -South River Jungle Collectibles- Chicken (feather, eggs, meat), Rattan, Rice, Garlic, Onions, Tomatoes, Brazil Nuts, Hibiscus, Blood Oranges, Breadfruit, Limes, Bananas, Rumberries, Ti Leaves, Starfuit 1 Hieroglyph near the river 1 Llama Person Statue 1 Transmitter in the crashed airplane Book 3, Section 1, Goal #4: Find the Other Beach Proceed through the South River Jungle to East Beach -East Beach Collectibles- Pumice, Soft Wood, Papaya, Bamboo, Taro, Grapefruit, Watermelon, Privet, Ginger, Yams, White Hibiscus, Mangosteens, Coconuts, Hard Wood, Palm Fronds, Tumeric, Driftwood, Fish, Clams, Stones, Shells Book 4, Section 2, Goal #1: Build a Canoe Inspect the second Ancient Pier. This is where you will build a canoe once you obtain the correct resources. Book 4, Section 2, Goal #2: Reach the Third Island This task is another one that takes quite a bit of energy. Build your canoe at the Ancient Pier, get into it and select "Explore". You need to have 10 Body attribute points in order to make it there. e. Island of the Volcano [iotv] -South Volcano Beach Resources- Bananas and Banana Leaves, Chili Peppers, Papaya, Soft Wood, Grapefruit, Shells, Stones, Fish, Clams Book 5, Section 2, Goal #1: 1 Llama Person Statue on the beach When you reach Volcano Island, you will find the next Lost Book which is entitled "The Biscuit Isles" by Lord R. Stickywick. You will also come across two of your crewmates. Befriend them and coax them into joining your tribe. After you have increased your party size, explore the beach to find the second Llama Person Statue. Gather your energy and head up to Cliff Trail in order to access the island's jungle. -Volcano Jungle Resources- Soap, Honey, Lychees, Onions, Macadamia Nuts, Garlic, Hard Wood, Avocados, Vines, Cherries, Guarana, Pokeberries, Carrots, Papaya, Soft Wood, Bananas and Banana Leaves 1 Hieroglyph along the cliff near the Hot Springs 1 Treasure Map Section in the Hot Springs Here you will find the sixth and final Lost Book, A Pirate's Guide to Retirement. When you first reach Volcano Jungle, head to the tree with the beehive. Using the torch, smoke the bees out in order to obtain a honeycomb. Book 5, Section 1, Goal #1: Find a Hot Spring Enter the springs to obtain a piece of the treasure map. The Hot Springs can improve your Hygiene as well as your Social motive (if there are multiple sims present). When you are finished here, enter the Geyser Plains. -Geyser Plains Collectibles- Taro, Cotton, Chili Peppers, Soybeans, Pineapples, Tomatoes, Grass, Wheat, Onions, Sisal, Corn, Sandalwood, Garlic, Chicken (feathers, meat, eggs) 1 Hieroglyph next to the Ancient Door Climb around until you are looking down at the geyser and use a chisel to drop a large chunk of rock onto it. Go back down and head past the geyser to the Volcano Overlook -Volcano Overlook Collectibles- Persimmons, Kukui Nuts, Rap, Soap, Hard Wood, Grass, Pumpkins, Raspberries, Avocados, Bananas and Banana Leaves, Sandal Wood This area is good for setting up shop because it connects to four separate areas. If you have obtained every Hieroglyph until this point, you will be able to craft the Hieroglyph Stele from your workbench. Book 6, Section 1, Goal #1: Build a Cabin If you have the appropriate resources, do this via the "Plans" menu. Book 6, Section 1, Goal #2: Build Two Cabin Chairs Same technique as above. Deck out your cabin with two fancy cabin chairs from the "Plans" menu. Once you have inspected everything here, head back to the Geyser Plains. Proceed to the Ancient Door. You can unlock it if you have obtained all of the hieroglyphics up to this point (nine of them). Do what you need to in order to maximize your energy and proceed to explore the Temple of the Llama People. f. Temple of the Llama People [tolp] Book 5, Section 1, Goal #2: Find the Llama Temple You just did that by unlocking the Ancient Door with your Hieroglyphics. -Temple Interior Collectibles- Chicken (feathers, eggs, meat) 1 Llama King's Crown 1 Monkey Horn Book 5, Section 2, Goal #2: Find the Llama King's Crown It is easy to find. It's in the middle of the temple floor. Book 5, Section 2, Goal #1: Repair the Cermonial Forge Your sim will need to have at least 5 Body attribute points and 5 Mechanical attribute points in order to fix this. You can use this machine to craft glass. Head through the interior to the summit of the volcano. Book 5, Section 1, Goal #3: Reach the Volcano Summit From the Volcano Overlook, head up the Volcano Summit Trail. The trail is to your right when you enter the area. You will need quite a bit of energy to be able to climb all the way to the top of the volcano. -Volcano Summit Collectibles- Sisal, Metal Ore, Obsidian 1 Treasure Map Section While you are here, assemble a Bungalow Stove (using the metal ore here). Book 6, Section 2, Goal #4: Use a Bungalow Stove To Make a Feast When it is built, select the "Group Meal" prompt. Head back into the Temple Interior and take the pathway to the Temple Exterior. -Llama Temple Exterior Collectibles- Cocoa, Cantaloupe, Coffee Beans, Guavas, Peppers (Bell and Chili) There isn't much in here. Advance to the Ancient Theater through the portal. -Ancient Theater Resources- Cocoa Beans, Coffee Beans, Orchids (Purple, White, Red), Sisal, Hard Wood, Obsidian, Mangos, Persimmons Book 5, Section 2, Goal #3: Perform a Ceremonial Cliff Dive Walk down to the ceremonial platform and examine it. Dive into the Tidal Pool below. While you are here, fish around for a shark. It will contain another section of your Treasure Map. Book 5, Section 3, Goal #1: Enjoy the Palace Head back to Airplane Island and walk up to the Ancient Door in the Dark Cave. Your sim will place the Llama King's Crown onto his head and a cut scene will ensue. -Hidden Lagoon Resources- Cashews, Hibiscus (white, red, yellow), Orchid (purple, white), Papaya, Soft Wood, Iris, Palm Fronds, Coconuts, Grapefuits, Indigo Leaves, Bell Peppers, Soybeans, Watermelons, Bamboo, Kukui Nuts Head through to the exit leading to the East River Plains. When you're there, head over to the left pillar to obtain a section of the Treasure Map. g. Approaching the End [ateg] When you repaired the forge, the volcano should have erupted thereby revealing Crystal Island. That is an eventual destination. Book 4, Section 1, Goal #4: Find the Other Beach Go back to the Volcano Jungle to discover a new access point. It leads to North Volcano Beach. -North Volcano Beach Collectibles- Dates, SoftWood, Bananas and Banana Leaves, Ginger, Soap, Raspberries, Almonds, Palm Fronds, Coconuts, Soybeans, Bamboo, Yams, White Orchid, Fish, Clams, Shells, Sharks Book 6, Section 2, Goal #1: Build a Bungalow It is wise to build a Bungalow here. Choose from one of your Bungalow plans. Make sure you have enough resources and attribute points in the appropriate categories. Book 6, Section 2, Goal #2: Build a Lavish Shower It will be a healthy addition to your bungalow. Book 6, Section 3, Goal #3: Create a Shell Shirt Craft one of the shell tops under the "Clothing Plans" menu. When you have finished those goals, head to West Beach. Cross the water to access Crystal Island. h. Crystal Island [cici] -Crystal Island Collectibles- Clay, Fine Sand, Fish, Shells, Clams, Sharks 1 Treasure Map Section on the ground Book 3, Section 2, Goal #3: Fish a Shark This takes more patience than most goals. Take your fishing pole to deeper waters (like the tidal pools) and wait. This is pretty much the only thing that Crystal Island is good for. It is also good for quick transportation between islands. If you have fixed the radio transmitter by now then you can use it to get abducted by aliens (not even joking here). Head back to North Volcano beach when you've obtained the Treasure Map piece. If you have all nine sections of the Treasure map at this point, you will receive a message telling you that you have done so. If this happens, proceed to West Beach. Analyze the suspicious boulder, revealing a tunnel that leads to Pirate's Cove. -Pirate's Cove Collectibles- Coconut, Palm Fronds, Rattan, Shells, Coffee Beans, Sugarcane, Cashews, Raspberries, Soap, Clams, Bell Peppers, Ginger, Onions Beard Beard's Treasure! It is located near the ship's stern. You can deck yourself out in full pirate attire. Aaaaaaaaaaargh matey! (or something like that) i. Pick a Path [papb] ***Option 1: Sail Away*** Book 1, Section 2, Goal #3: Build a Sea-Worthy Boat While you are at North Volcano Beach, head over to the Ancient Pier to reveal the "Craft Catamaran" prompt. You are going to need: 50 Soft Wood, 50 Cotton, 30 Hard Wood, 30 Sandalwood, 15 Rope. You also have to max out your Body attribute points. After you accomplish this, you can leave the island for good. Select the "Escape Island" prompt to view a few cut scenes and bring your game to a close. If that's not for you and you feel like playing still, head back up to the top of the volcano. ***Option 2: Send an SOS*** Book 1, Section 2, Goal #1: Assemble a Radio Transmitter Put the radio on the ground to reveal the "Repair" prompt. I think that you will need at least 5 Mechanical attribute points to do this (maybe more). Book 1, Section 2, Goal #2: Send an SOS from High Ground Select the "Send SOS" prompt while you have the transmitter in your hand. This will bring about your rescue and also end the game. ***Option 3: Build a Paradise*** Avoid the other two options if you want to stay and customize your islands. After all, what's waiting for you in the real world? =P ================ iv. Treasure Map Sections [tmsc] ================ 1. Airplane Island - West Beach - Harvest Clams. 2. Volcano Island - Volcano Jungle - On the ledge by the Hot Springs. 3. Volcano Island - Volcano Summit - Volcano Summit Trail. 4. Volcano Island - Tidal Pool - Catch a tiger shark. 5. Volcano Island - Tidal Pool - After performing the ceremonial dive. 6. Crystal Island - Crystal Island - Pick up off the sand. 7. Airplane Island - East River Plains - Next to the left pillar. 8. Random - Random - Delivered by a chimp. 9. Random - Random - Message in a bottle. ================ v. Hieroglyphics [hier] ================ 1. First Island - Shipwreck Lagoon - On the beached ship. 2. First Island - Deep Jungle - Found where the path splits. 3. First Island - Pier Beach - Near the Ancient Pier. 4. Airplane Island - Dark Cove - Next to the Ancient Door. 5. Airplane Island - Skull Rock Jungle - Next to the Skull Rock. 6. Airplane Island - East River Plains - Near the quicksand. 7. Volcano Island - South River Jungle - Next to the river. 8. Volcano Island - Volcano Jungle - By the Hot Springs. 9. Volcano Island - Geyser Plains - Next to the Volcano Overlook entrance. ================ vi. Llama Family Statues [llam] ================ 1. First Island - Pier Beach - King Loofalava is next to a pillar. 2. Airplane Island - Dark Cave - Prince Loofalava is next to the pool of water. 3. Airplane Island - South River Jungle - Princess Loofalava is on the beach. 4. Volcano Island - South Volcano Beach - Queen Loofalava is behind a rock. ================ vii. Plans (Incomplete) [plan] ================ a. Tools [tool] Sewing Kit Required: 5 Twine, 5 Soft Wood Skills: Bamboo Spear Required: 5 Driftwood Skills: Machete Required: 35 Metal Ore, 5 Hard Wood Skills: Shell Axe Required: 4 Clam, 5 Bamboo, 5 Vines Skills: Metal Axe Required: 25 Metal Ore, 5 Hard Wood Skills: 8 Mechanical Metal Chisel Required: 15 Metal Ore, 5 Hard Wood Skills: 8 Mechanical Torch Required: 5 Soft Wood Skills: Chicken Trap Required: 10 Soft Wood Skills: 5 Mechanical Metal Hammer Required: 35 Metal Ore, 5 Hard Wood Skills: 5 Mechanical Fishing Pole Required: 5 Soft Wood, 5 Twine, 5 Hard Wood Skills: 5 Mechanical b. Firepits and Stoves [fpas] Emergency Firepit Required: 5 Driftwood Provisional Firepit Required: 5 Clay, 3 Stone Skills: 4 Mechanical Fortified Firepit Required: 20 Stone, 15 Clay Skills: 6 Mechanical Hut Stove Required: 10 Bamboo, 10 Soft Wood, 10 Vine, 8 Stone Skills: 2 Mechanical, 2 Cooking Cabin Stove Required: 30 Stone, 10 Clay, 10 Soft Wood, 5 Hard Wood Skills: 4 Mechanical, 4 Cooking Bungalow Stove Required: 25 Metal Ore Skills: 6 Mechanical, 6 Cooking c. Seating [seat] Hut Dining Chair Required: 5 Bamboo, 3 Vine Skills: 4 Logic Hut Living Room Chair Required: 5 Bamboo, 5 Driftwood, 3 Vine Skills: 4 Logic Hut Loveseat Required: 8 Bamboo, 5 Vine, 4 Grass Skills: 4 Logic Hut Couch Required: 10 Bamboo, 5 Vine, 4 Grass Skills: 4 Logic Shack Dining Chair Required: 5 Driftwood, 5 Vine Skills: Shack Living Room Chair Required: 5 Driftwood, 5 Vine Skills: Shack Loveseat Required: 10 Vine, 5 Driftwood Skills: 1 Mechanical, 1 Logic Shack Couch Required: 10 Driftwood, 15 Vine Skills: 1 Mechanical, 1 Logic Shack Stool Required: 5 Bamboo, 5 Vine Skills: Cabin Dining Chair Required: 10 Rope, 10 Soft Wood, 10 Rattan, 5 Hard Wood Skills: 6 Logic Cabin Loveseat Required: 20 Rope, 20 Soft Wood, 20 Cotton, 10 Hard Wood Skills: 6 Logic Cabin Couch Required: 30 Rope, 30 Soft Wood, 30 Cotton, 15 Hard Wood Skills: 6 Logic Bungalow Dining Chair Required: N/A Skills: 8 Logic Bungalow Loveseat Required: N/A Skills: 8 Logic Bungalow Couch Required: N/A Skills: 8 Logic d. Lighting [lght] Shack Floor Lamp Required: 4 Vine, 2 Driftwood, 1 Bamboo Skills: 1 Logic Shack Table Lamp Required: 1 Vine, 1 Clam Skills: 1 Logic Hut Floor Lamp Required: 2 Bamboo, 1 Vine Skills: 4 Logic Hut Table Lamp Required: 3 Grass, 1 Shell Cabin Floor Lamp Required: 10 Bamboo, 5 Rattan, 5 Twine, 5 Cotton Skills: 6 Logic Cabin Table Lamp Required: 5 Rattan, 5 Twine, 5 Cotton, 5 Bamboo Skills: 6 Logic Bungalow Floor Lamp Required: N/A Skills: 8 Logic Bungalow Table Lamp Required: N/A Skills: 8 Logic e. Beds [bsds] Improvised Cot Required: 4 Driftwood, 4 Vine Skills: Improvised Bed Required: 5 Driftwood, 4 Vine Skills: Provisional Cot Required: 7 Bamboo, 5 Vine Skills: 4 Logic Provisional Bed Required: 8 Bamboo, 6 Vine Skills: 4 Logic Sturdy Cot Required: 20 Rope, 20 Cotton, 10 Soft Wood, 5 Hard Wood Skills: 6 Logic Sturdy Bed Required: 20 Rope, 20 Cotton, 20 Soft Wood, 10 Hard Wood Skills: 6 Logic f. Tables [tbls] Small Shack Table Required: 5 Driftwood, 4 Vine Skills: Standard Shack Table Required: 10 Driftwood, 8 Vine Skills: Large Shack Table Required: 15 Driftwood, 12 Vine Skills: Small Hut Table Required: N/A Skills: 4 Logic Large Hut Table Required: N/A Skills: 4 Logic Small Cabin Table Required: N/A Skills: 6 Logic Large Cabin Table Required: N/A Skills: 6 Logic Small Bungalow Table Required: N/A Skills: 8 Logic Large Bungalow Table Required: N/A Skills: 8 Logic ================ viii. FAQ [fqaf] ================ Q: There is a geyser blocking my path! A: Go around and chisel the rock directly above it. You need to be in exactly the right place to do this. It's very sensitive so keep trying. Remember that you need a stone hammer and a chisel. Q: I can't get through the door in the Dark Cave. What is wrong? Where is the key? A: You have to wait until later in the game when you have the Llama King's Crown. Q: Can I get rid of my sim's beard by shaving or something? A: You can adjust this by crafting the necessary tools or making changes under the Fashion and Grooming menu. Q: What is the Death Daisy? A: It appears on the grave of dead sims. Q: What is the Death Daisy Potion? A: It can revive your sims. The plans for it are unlocked when you first meet another sim. Q: How do I make friends with my crewmates? A: Tell them jokes. It is the easiest way and the other sims will almost always enjoy your jokes. Q: Does this game feature a multiplayer mode? A: No. I'm sorry. Q: How do I collect Hard Wood? A: A stone axe works best for this. I believe you get the stone axe plans when you enter the Dark Cave for the first time. Q: Can you have multiple save files? A: Nope. Sorry again. =( Q: Where do you get Iron or Metal Ore? A: At the Volcano Summit, which is accessed by climbing the Volcano Summit Trail or going through the Llama Temple. Q: How do you get your sims to marry? A: You can craft special wedding apparel for them at your workbench. Try wearing those while you propose. Q: Where do I get clay? A: Clay is found in deposits along the ground. It is on Crystal Island and Skull Rock Jungle as well as a few other places. Q: My sim can't make it through the Steep Passage! A: Get lots of sleep (preferrably the maximum amount in a decent bed). Then cook some guarana as it helps more than anything. Hooray for unsustainable energy bursts! Q: How can I build a radio transmitter? A: You need 1) a radio and 2) a transmitter. They are found in separate airplane crashes on separate islands. Put the radio on the ground and you should be prompted to repair it. ================ ix. Credits [crds] ================ Author - The Return of Hylian SBallen and Gamefaqs Electronic Arts Freyashawk for help with Resource Listings</p>