Sega GT: Homologation special CHAMPIONSHIP FAQ GUIDE Last updated 27/2/00 Sega GT championship FAQ: Scott Wright E-mail: *Intro. As a Ridge Racer fan I was a bit unsure about this game and its real life physics but after learning how to play it properly it's turned out to be a real gem. As you'll know this is Sega's answer to Sony's Gran Turismo and plays very similar. Most of the game is in English but what Japanese there is can make it hard to progress. The guide is also to help other Ridge fans as to what car they should maybe pick next which when you have little money can seem mind boggling. So here's a little guide to get you started. Note: I am not a car tech head. THE DRIVER LICENSES. The licenses in the game are similar to time attacks. They range from Entry class to SA class. You only have to pass one test in each class to get your license for that class. You shouldn't have much of a problem doing this. THE WORKS CHAMPIONSHIP. This area is like the main championship as it also has entry to SA level cups. I haven't entered these cups yet but I believe you can only compete in these cups once you have gained 1st place in the appropriate license for the class cup you want to enter. Beating the 1st place record is tough and has a lot to do with sticking to the racing line to make corners have less impact on your car's acceleration. THE EVENT RACES This area of the game allows you to gain sponsors by winning races. It's a good idea to finish some of these like the McDonald's open race on the Deep rock road track early on as it's very easy and makes gaining money for tuning that bit easier. THE OFFICIAL RACES. *Entry class cup. I've finished this with two different cars, the Suzuki Cappucino and the Honda Z turbo. Because The Z turbo has 4WD it handles better but it will need a lot of tuning to get it up to a competitive level. The courses are, 1). Sky Peak Track 2). Sky Peak Hill 3). Night Section A *Entry class special cup. To enter this cup you'll have to build your own car in the carrozzeria. Make a 1000cc Favor RS with a front engine layout, turbo and 4WD for better handling then tune everything on it to a sports level and step 2 level. Doing all this saw me through no problem and the course "Night Ground" is very easy. Once you've mastered it uses this track for quick cash. *B class cup. You can only enter this cup once you have successfully completed both Entry class races and can only enter with E or B class cars. The car I had best results with was the Honda Civic R again tune it up with everything sports and step 2 and with a bit of deceleration on the harder corners you should be okay. The 4 courses are, 1). Sky Peak Hill 2). Great Rock Road 3). Snowy Mountain 4). Night Section B *Factory B class License. To enter the B class special you'll first have to get your B class factory license. This is different to the driver tests. What you have to do is beat the record set by the computer on a short stretch of track and unlike the driver tests you have to past all the tests to get your license. The car I used here was my 4WD Favor RS again but I tuned the turbo boost and everything else up to step 3 and racing level. The handling wasn't the best but it was good enough to get me through these short stretches. Once you've done this you'll be able to make a 1600cc car in the factory for use in the B class special. *B class special cup. The course is Night section A reverse and is actually easier playing it this way. The car I made was a 1600cc Criketz with turbo, front engine layout and as always 4WD. Tune this up with everything sports and step 2 as long as you use the break and deceleration effectively you should hammer the competition. Once you've completed this you'll win a Nissan Silvia spec R AERO (SI5). Note that only cars made in the factory can enter special cups. *A class cup. For this cup I've used my old favorite from Sega Rally 2 the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI. As your now racing with the big boys sports and step 2 is no longer good enough so you'll have to tune up to a racing and step 3 level to beat the competition. This is very expensive so it might be a good time to get some more sponsors. The courses for this cup now take place over 3 laps and are quite easy. The courses are, 1). Solid Circuit 2). Sky Peak Track 3). Deep Rock Road 4). Sky Peak Hill 5). Night Ground *A class factory license. For this license just use your B class 1600cc Cricketz that you made earlier, this is so easy you shouldn't even have to upgrade your car anymore than you already have. Again once you've passed all the trials you'll be rewarded with the A class factory license. In the factory I chose to make a 654x2cc Proof with turbo, front engine layout and 4WD and tune this to a racing/step 3 level for the next race. *A class special. The course is solid circuit reverse, using the car I've suggested and as long as you use deceleration and the break sensibly you'll win very easily. *SA class cup. The SA class cup is harder than previous cups. Mistakes count here so try not to make many. The best car I found to compete with was the Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo. Yet again tune it your car up to a step 3/racing apart from weight reduction which I didn't touch and suspension which I left on a sports level as I found it the car handled better. The courses are, 1). Night Section A 2). Deep Rock Road 3). Night Ground 4). Snowy Mountain 5). Solid Circuit 6). Night Section B *The Industrial 0400 Tournament The best way I've found to win easy money for the expensive SA Factory is to enter the 0400. Use the Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo that you just used in the SA cup. This car can complete the 4 heats easy and the prize money big, 10.000.000 to be exact. *SA Factory License. You know the score by now. Use the 654x2cc Proof you used for the A class special. Complete the 5 trials, which are easy when you use the car I've suggested and its on to the factory again. *SA Class Special. In the factory make a 654x3 Amble with turbo, front engine layout and 4WD and tune it up to a sports level. You'll find that winning is very easy. More coming soon Now that I've finished all the official races I'm going to concentrate on the event races and getting in to the works cup. Q&A How do I enter the Wonda Coffee event race? To enter the race you'll have to use an Entry Level car that you've bought (factory cars cannot enter). Also engines and mufflers cannot be upgraded and must be on normal set up. SEGA GT HOMOLOGATION SPECIAL (c) Sega 2000 This FAQ (c) Scott Wright 2000 Anyone wishing to publish this guide on a web site should e-mail me first (if I like your site there won't be a problem!) This FAQ cannot be sold for profitable purposes.</p>