============================================================================= | The creator of Forbidden Siren 2 Walkthrough presents: | | (Forbidden) Siren: Blood Curse Walkthrough | | Written by Víctor González (aka McCunyao) - pajaroloco_2 en hotmail com | | English version 0.99 - August 6th, 2008 | ============================================================================= ============================================================================= 1.- Content Index [S01] ============================================================================= 1.- Content Index [S01] 2.- Introduction [S02] 3.- Walkthrough updates [S03] 4.- Game controls [S04] 5.- First advices [S05] 5.1.- Basic hints [S0501] 5.2.- Sightjack [S0502] 5.3.- Ingame map [S0503] 5.4.- Archive items [S0504] 5.5.- Enemies [S0505] 6.- Game Walkthrough [S06] 6.1.- Episode 1 [EP01] 6.1.- Episode 2 [EP02] 6.1.- Episode 3 [EP03] 6.1.- Episode 4 [EP04] 6.1.- Episode 5 [EP05] 6.1.- Episode 6 [EP06] 6.1.- Episode 7 [EP07] 6.1.- Episode 8 [EP08] 6.1.- Episode 9 [EP09] 6.1.- Episode 10 [EP10] 6.1.- Episode 11 [EP11] 6.1.- Episode 12 [EP12] 7.- Archive Item List [S07FXX] 7.1.- Archives [S07FXX] 8.- Similarities between games [S08] 9.- Credits & Legal Info [S09] ============================================================================= ============================================================================= 2.- Introduction [S02] ============================================================================= Welcome to my Siren: Blood Curse walkthrough, also called in Japan Siren: New Translation, for PlayStation 3. This is the fourth guide I wrote, and the second in English (First one was for Siren 2), although that has only taught me that I can be better writing walkthroughs in English, and that writing first the text on my native language helps a lot to the English version. That's why I ask you, if you see anything out of place or that looks weird, please contact me and I will read with no trouble whatever you have to tell to me. This Walkthrough is based on the version downloaded from the European PlayStation Store, and I've played on Spanish, so some names might not be correctly written. The game has been played under Normal difficulty. This document has search helpers to guide you to specific sections under this guide, which are the text written between brackets. Copy those on your web browser or text editor's search feature to reach quickly whatever you are looking for. If you can help finishing this walkthrough, please contact me at Pajaroloco_2, on hotmail, and don't forget to write on the Subject "Siren Blood Curse FAQ", or your mails might end on the garbage can. These websites have the permission to upload this document on their websites: www.gamefaqs.com www.supercheats.com www.neoseeker.com www.cheatcc.com www.gamesradar.com www.cheatplanet.com www.mycheats.com www.cheatmasters.com Anyone else interested should contact me on the email address that I've mentioned before. ============================================================================= ============================================================================= 3.- Walkthrough updates [S03] ============================================================================= v0.3 - First public version of this walkthrough. Added introduction, game controls, first advices, Episodes 1, 2, 3 and 4 walkthroughs, 34 out of 50 archive files and the credits. v0.7 - Added walkthroughs for Episodes 5, 6, 7 and 8, fixed the walkthroughs of Episode 2 and 4, added more archive items, added the word "Noodles" where I meant in some places "food" or "restaurant". Added a list of similarities between characters from the old Siren game. Changed many errors on the location of some archive files. Three new websites have been added to the authorized website list. v0.99 - Main game walkthrough is complete. Fixed many episodes with extra information. Found out almost all the archive items (I'm missing a few, from here I request the help of you, the readers), and added a bit of stuff to the similarities list. Added two more websites to the authorized websites. ============================================================================= ============================================================================= 4.- Game controls [S04] ============================================================================= (This controls are based on the default settings from the European version) Left Analog Stick - Move your character forward, backward. Turn left or right without aiming with a weapon, walk sideways when aiming with a weapon. Scroll through options on menus. Push the stick towards a low obstacle to jump over it. Right Analog Stick - Look up, down, left and right. Search manually for a vision in Sightjack mode. Digital Pad - Inside the game, perform a secondary action. (Press Up to turn on and off the flashlight, Left to Shout in order to attract enemies, Right to give orders to your partners such as Wait, Follow Me or Hide; and Down to use hunting traps or flares) Scroll through options on menus. X Button - Do any action that's on the upper area of the screen. Square Button - Attack or fire a weapon. Whip with a firearm if you are not holding L1. Circle Button - Crouch or get up. Triangle Button - Block doors. Reload firearms. L1 Button - Aim with a firearms. On the Status screen, change tabs. On Sight Jack, search for a sight automatically. L2 Button - Turn On/Off Sight Jack. R1 Button - Attack or fire a weapon. Whip with a firearm if you are not holding L1. On the Status screen, change tabs. On Sight Hack, search for a sight automatically. R2 Button - Switch between First and Third Person View. Select Button - Open/Close Status Screen (In the game). Start Button - Open/Close Pause Menu. SixAxis Motion - Shake to get up when you are thrown to the ground. While grabbing it with the left hand, turn counter- clockwise to reload any firearm. Sometimes it doesn't read the movement. ============================================================================= ============================================================================= 5.- First advices [S05] ============================================================================= 5.1.- Basic hints [S0501] This is a survival game, so if you don't have a weapon, don't bother trying to know a shibito down with your fists (which you can use), since 90% of all the situations you will lose. Avoid fighting against shibitos. Shibitos can see in the dark, so using shadows is out of the question. If you approach them with the flashlight on, they can see you from some distance. If you move crouched (press the Circle button), they won't hear your steps. In some cases, while on a fight, the game will take control and you will see your enemy getting executed, which happens when you caught the bad guy by surprise. If it's a firearm execution, the shot that was made won't count down your current ammo. Under Normal and Hard difficulties, the shibitos can perform executions as well if you stand in front of them, so try to be quick and stay as far away as you can from them. Attack from the sides or the back if you can. This game has a "realistic" life system, which means that under Normal difficulty, only two or three shots are needed to finish you off, and three or four hits if we're talking of a melee weapon. 5.2.- Sightjack [S0502] From Episode 3, all the characters can summon at will the SightJack feature, which allows you to see what other beings do (Both humans and shibitos), which can help you make strategies to go through areas without being detected, or searching for any partners that had to hide. Press L2 on any moment ingame to turn on and off Sightjack. You can move the Right Analog Stick to search for sights of the people near you, or you can use L1 and R1 to search for sights automatically. You can save up to three sights holding the Triangle, Circle or the X button. These sights will show up on different screens. Press the button that already has a sight assigned to go quickly to it. While using Sightjack you can't move, unless you get off the Sightjack mode or pressing Square while looking through someone, which will allow you to see what that person can see and move like in normal game. After pressing the Square button, press L2 to get out of that sight. An useful detail is that some shibito are looking at important stuff, whether for main objectivers or to get files, whether they are keys or other objects. It's a good idea to do a quick overview of all the sights around you before moving on. 5.3.- Ingame map [S0503] From Episode 2, you can see the stage's map by pressing the Select button. That map can show you all the levels of the stage. Doors that can be open will show as white lines, and the ones that can't, with black lines (Merged with the wall. The blue squares are helpers the game give you to tell you where you should go next. A small detail is that if you don't see a clear exit, you should look for thin black lines with the edges thicker, which represent ladders you can take to go upwards or downwards. (You will see them on the Nest, the mines and in the Haradayori watch tower). 5.4.- Archive items [S0504] While you progress in the game you will get objects that can help you understand the story better, these are the so-called Archive items. On this game, you have two types of items: 50 documents (That can help you understand the story) and 50 weapons (which is just a list of all the weapons that are on the game, which has no known use). Some files are given to you automatically while you progress on the game, but some others have to be searched for, and most of them need a certain series of actions in order to get them. Some even need you to do something in one episode so in another episode you can get the item. Another feature from Siren Blood Curse is that some files receive updated info while you progress through the chapters. Some items will show again in blue to give you the hint, but others (Like Sam Monroe's Voice Recorder) do not give a hint, so you need to examine them again to see the new stuff. 5.5.- Enemies [S0505] The enemies of this game are the Shibito, japanese name for their particular version of our Western zombies. They are beings that attack to anyone that is not dead already, and they also retain a piece of their memories before they got killed. There are different types, while time goes on. 5.4.1 - Police officer from Episode 1. This particular subject has a special point since it has some differences from the rest of shibitos. Since his change is not completely done, he can't see in the dark, so you can use shadows to approach to a certain distance from the cop in order to hit him from the back. Since he's got a gun, it's very dangerous to step in front of him, because he only needs two shots to kill you. On Normal and Hard difficulty, he can also execute you if you stand in front of him, which makes him more dangerous. 5.4.2 - Human Shibito This shibito moves like a normal human while he's not on alert, normally patrolling some areas or doing some work. They can use all kinds of weapons they can get, just like the game's main characters, and if they carry firearms they are really dangerous. If this is the case, your only way to stop them is by hitting them from the back, or, if you do have a firearm, getting close to them and shooting them before they do. They can also see in the dark, so in order to hide from them you have to rely on physical objects, such as corners, doors, bigger obstacles... Unless you have a firearm, your best choice is to hit them on their back and keep hitting them until they fall down. Be careful since some times they will fall but not unconscious yet, so make sure they are K.O. A frontal assault has some risks, since you need to hit them before they can do so, which was already mentioned some lines above. 5.4.3 - Flying Shibito The first shibito evolution you will encounter has insect wings. These guys usually patrol over wide areas, which makes them hard to avoid. The worst ones are the ones with firearms, because they can hit you from a long distance before you can even try to return the fire. The best way to kill them is with a firearm, because they keep themselves at some height from the ground, and unless they are going to attack you with a melee weapon, they won't come down to earth. If you need to hit someone with a melee weapon, wait until they come down to enough distance so you can reach them. If you don't have a firearm and they do, don't bother trying. 5.4.4 - Spider Shibito The most common evolution on the second day. They look like the Exorcist's girl, and they can walk over walls and ceilings too. But, they have two big weak points: they can't carry any sort of weapon and they can't open closed doors, so if you lock a few of them inside a house, they won't be able to get out of there. They can hit you and grab you by surprise, which is troublesome, but they are not too difficult to kill. They can also climb over you and drop you to the ground, then you'll have to shake the SixAxis for that purpose. 5.4.5 - Brain Shibito Normally these shibitos have some sort of ugly face, but they don't carry any weapon at all. If they spot you, they will run for it, and although you could follow their speed, you won't be able to hit them with any melee weapon. It's very useful (and some times an objective of the stages) to knock them down, since they control all the other shibitos. If you kill the brain shibito, all the others will fall down too. The best choice to kill them is by using a Hunting Trap. In the scenario where their elimination is an objective, you will probably find one of them unless you got a firearm, in which case it shouldn't be hard to kill them. Normally, the plan is to follow the path the brain uses to run away, plant a trap on his path, and chase the idiot until he falls in it. In that moment you will have to eliminate him. ============================================================================= ============================================================================= 6.- Game Walkthrough [S06] ============================================================================= ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6.1.- Episode 1 [EP01] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- --- Howard Wright, August 2nd, 23:33:33, Lower Arato --- After watching the intro, you will get archives 01, 02 and 03. Use the Left Analog Stick to move Howard out of the shed. Then you will face a strange cop, that wants to kill you. Turn around with the Right Analog Stick. (OPTIONAL: To obtain archive 04, you have to turn off your flashlight, then run to the bus stop near the path, pick up the sake bottle inside it, and hide at the end of the road. When the officer forgets about you and gets back to his area, use the shadows to hide and hit him with the bottle on his back. He should drop down archive 04. Grab it before he can shoot you and carry on with the stage.) When you turn around, you should see a path with stairs, at the left of the area that has a light (The bus stop), go up the stairs running, ignore the dying person and you will see a house, next to another body there is a place where if you get closer, you should see on the screen "X: Hide". So, hide on that place (before the cop can see you hiding), wait until the cop arrives, shooting the wounded man and then leaves. Before leaving, the officer will open a window and then he will leave, now you should enter the house through that window. Move forward a few steps, turn left and enter the room with light. There, on the left of the TV, you should see a locker where you must hide until the cop enters and leaves from the same spot (It will take a while). Go through the door he just opened, keep moving and grab the shovel. Turn around so you can get back and the cop should smash through the wall, which leaves you no other option but to kill him. Attack him pressing R1 or the Square button. On the Easy difficulty is simple, but on Normal you have to hit him on his back, because if you stick to his front side he will execute you and you'll have nothing to avoid that. Knocking down the cop will complete the stage. When you finish this episode you will get archives 05 and 06. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6.2.- Episode 2 [EP02] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- --- Sam Monroe, August 3rd, 01:18:04, Gojaku Peak, Hanuda Mine --- Before starting this stage you will obtain archive #07. If you have played the demo, you should know this stage. Go up the left path to see a cutscene. Now turn off the flashlight pressing Up on the D-Pad, crouch pressing the Circle button and go through the right side of the trolleys to avoid the shibito. When you have passed it, stick to the left wall and grab the pipe that's hanging on the wall. A bit ahead, next to the mining office, in front of a window, there's another shibito. Get close to her back and attack her so you can execute her. Go to the door of the mining office, which is locked with a padlock, smash the padlock with your weapon and enter the office to finish the stage. (OPTIONAL: Before entering the mining office, climb the ladder that is outside the other building and check out the pile of rubble next to the antenna to get archive #08.) --- Howard Wright, August 3rd, 02:00:36, Harayadori Settlement --- This is a tutorial stage for sightjack. Press L2 to turn it on and off. Press L1 or R1 to search automatically other people's sights and Square to select a sight and move your character as usual at the same time. Now follow Amana. When you move a bit forward, you'll have to turn right, go down the stairs and keep going forward until the end, around the building. Follow Amana climbing the obstacles, until you reach Mitamura's House. At some point, the ceiling will crack and you will fall to the ground level. On the same room you landed there is a locker where you can hide. When the coast is clear, get out, turn left, go to the corridor that's next to the locker, turn left, and go through the left exit. (OPTIONAL: You can also go to the second floor of the building where you are, exit to the balcony, turn right and jump to the other house so you can then drop down on the southwest side. You have to go around the building until some stairs, but the path is watched by a shibito, so use sightjack to see when she's not looking where we don't want to look and go up the path to the chapel. Climb half of the stairs and look for the sight of the shibito that is guarding this area. When he gets up and leaves, go up the stairs, get the sake bottle he left and attack him with it when he's looking to the well. Pick up the sledgehammer, then climb the watchtower up and pick up archive #09. Now, you must return to where we started, but you should kill the other shibito with the sledgehammer, then proceed to the place marked with a blue square on the map to return to the current objective.) Head to the southwest side of Mitamura's House and climb over the obstacles, following Amana. Keep following her until you reach a truck. Wait near the truck until the game points you to the sign you must throw. Open Sightjack to search the only shibito that is near Karibna's Noodles Shop and when you see he's not looking, get into the building and go to the second floor. When you see the shibito looking at the sign, use it to throw it to him. Get out the building and go to the nearby stairs to meet Amana. Follow her, crouch when she does, and keep following her until you reach the graveyard. Next to the shed where Amana is waiting you have Hunting Traps, a new weapon. Pick one up, approach the shibito while you are crouched, and when you are almost next to him, press Down on the D-Pad to plant the trap. Move a few steps back and press Left on the D-Pad to Shout. Wait until the shibito falls on the trap to run for the road until you finish the stage. --- Sam Monroe, August 3rd, 02:03:11, Gojaku Peak, Hanuda Mine --- Although now comes a tutorial on how to block doors, it's a stupid thing to do since you've got a pipe. Let the Shibito in so you can knock her down. Follow Melissa through the back door, going to the bridge, and you will see a cutscene. You need to go to the other side of the bridge. When you enter that tunnel, you should see a lever on your right, use it (for archive #10). Next to the elevator shaft there is a shibito with a revolver, you have to execute him like you did before to get his gun. (OPTIONAL: When you kill the first shibito, instead of going upstairs, use the phone and dial the number that is on a note, below the phone. Later, when you deal with the revolver guy, go through the Pump Station door and pick up the can opener from the shelf in order to be able to obtain a file on Episode 7, Chapter 4.) To use a firearm, raise your gun with L1, aim with the Right Analog Stick and shoot with R1. If you don't hold L1, you will whip your opponent, which is not too strong. Reload with Triangle or moving to the left the SixAxis. Now you need to go to the other side of the bridge, but now half a dozen of Shibitos know where you are. Keep killing them until they stop coming, then cross the bridge. When you enter that tunnel, you will see the exit on the right and a trolley on the left, a bit forward. (OPTIONAL 2: If you have used the lever I told you before, push the trolley by holding the Triangle button until it starts moving, then hop in pressing X and press X again when you see the beginning of the other tunnel. You will see that the van has opened a door, you can find on that room archive #10, then finish the stage.) When you finish this stage you will get archive #11. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6.3.- Episode 3 [EP03] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- --- Bella Monroe, August 3rd, 03:09:39, Hirasakai, Saiga Hospital --- Go through the door in front of you, then turn off the flashlight and crouch, then go right until you reach the B Stairs. Now you can turn on the flashlight. Go down that stairs, turn left, switch off the light and look through the operating room's door. You will see a Shibito, wait until he switches off the EKG machine and leaves to the other room. You have to go through that room, so you'll have to distract her. Before proceeding, check out the space in front of the door, which you can use to get through. Now, turn on the EKG machine, get back to the door, and wait until the Shibito passes over the hole. Go through it, to the room where the shibito was and go through the door, closing it behind you. Then go down the C Stairs to the basement. Keep going forward until you reach the northeast corner, where there is a nearby shibito. Wait until she gets into a room to go to the incinerator. There is a key there, but when you go next to her you will make some noise, so grab the key and hide on the door next to it. When the shibito leaves, climb up the A Stairs to the next ploor, and open the left-most door with your key. (See the next paragraph for getting archive #12 if you don't have it already before entering) Use the machine and you should obtain archives #13 and #14. (OPTIONAL: In order to get archive #12, before using the machine climb up the A Stairs until you almost reach the third floor. There's a shibito watching that hallway, search for her sight and wait until she gets inside the nurse room, then quickly go to Room 303 to press the Nurse button in front of the TV, and then quickly hide on the gurney that is on the hallway, next to Room 303's door. When the nurse enters the room, get out, go to the nurse room and pick up archive #12 right in front of the door, on a desk. To get out of the third floor, go out of the nurse room, then straight to the outside. Drop down the hole pressing the Left Analog Stick twice when on the edge. On the second floor, find the A Stairs and return to the mission.) Now you will meet your first hunting Shibitos. These guys, to put it straight, wake up sooner and they will wander around the entire area, without an specific route, until they hunt you and kill you. Go down the A Stairs to the basement, but be careful because there is another shibito that can see you and your light. Follow her at some distance until she enters the administration office. Head to the kitchen, and you should see a alarm clock. Use it and run to the hideout of the incinerator, since your hunter will go down to this floor. When the alarm rings, get out of the hiding spot, run to the administration office via the right door, and run to the employees stairs to finish this stage. --- Howard Wright, August 3rd, 05:13:56, Karuwari --- Press Right on the D-Pad to make Miyako follow you. Go without being seen to the tree at northwest of the East field, and press X to climb over the tree. The tree will break and Miyako will stay on the ground, but she'll get spotted and she will run to the ruined cabin, where she will lock herself. While all this happens, keep going through the path to the church, and go down to the West field. When you get there, run to the equipment shed and find the Straight Axe (Over a barrel). When you deal with the shibitos you attracted, pick up all the weapons to add them to the weapon archive, then pick again the Straight Axe. Return to the church, from there climb down to the fuel shed, cross the bridge and go through the path until you see a red barrel. Shortly after you will see a shibito digging, knock him down. (OPTIONAL: Climb the edge in front of this shibito to obtain archive #15, then get back to the stage objective.) There are three shibitos in front of the shed, and although a front attack is possible but risky, you should approach from their backs. There is another patt, the right path, which you should take to get to the shibito's backs (Check the map). When you are near the shed, start killing the three shibitos one by one, then get Miyako out of the cabin and head to the fuel shed, to return to the equipment shed. Once you arrive, go through the south path next to the shed. You will see a gap and a tree, throw the three and move a bit forward until you see another shibito you must knock out. (OPTIONAL: Instead of taking the left path, to Tabori, go where the last shibito was and find the nearby path (It's a bit hidden by the bushes), go to the end of it and turn the valve to unlock the possibility to obtain an archive on Episode 6, Chapter 4.) Go to the Road to Tabori to finish this stage. You will get archive #16. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6.4.- Episode 4 [EP04] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- --- Seigo Saiga, August 3rd, 12:22:58, Hayaradori Settlement --- Aim with your shotgun to the shibito that's too close from Sam, and kill him. Follow Sam with your weapon, and you will see him getting inside some fence. Kill a shibito that will come from the river, and a possible flying shibito that should come from above. Then, climb down the tower. When you finally get down, a flying shibito will see you, so take him out quickly. Go down the stairs and take a left to the river, kill the nearby cop shibito, then search for Sam on the second floor of Mitamura's House. (OPTIONAL: Go to Karibna Noodles to get archive #18, and if you managed to arrive before the police officer, after getting the archive, hit it with your gun to unlock another archive on Episode 7, Chapter 2.) Get out of Mitamura's House through the other door and run to the Road to Hirasakai. Be careful, because there is a sniper sitting in that way, so kill him first (Shouldn't be hard to do) before getting away from the area. --- Howard Wright, August 4th, 00:09:33, Tabori, Ito Residence --- Run to the left, to the SouthEast, until you see another shibito approaching that corner to start digging. Turn off the light and stick to the house's wall, going forward until you see on screen "X: Duck". You will get inside the house. Behind you there is a small altar you can't open right now (But it's only relevant if you need archive #19). Go to the East, through the open door, and follor the hallway with the light off until you see some stairs at your left, go up them. (OPTIONAL: To help getting archive #19, pick up the first half of the wire cutters from the Guest Room, on the second floor.) Keep going on through that corridor until you reach the balcony marked on your map. Jeez, the door is locked. The key is on the ground floor, on the Front Study, with a shibito with a gun. Your only choice is to create a distraction. Enter the Daugther's Room, on the second floor, and kill the shibito inside. Here you will find some rare weapons for the Weapons Archive. In any case, pick up the clock's key from the desk, hide Miyako in the Guest room and get near the stairs to the ground level. Search for the sight of the patrolling shibito, and when she's going through the hallway, go down the stairs crouched, find the clock hanging on the right wall, and hold the Triangle button to start it. Then go upstairs crouched, place yourself somewhere where they can't see you and wait for the clock to ring. When it does, the armed shibito will get out of the room. With the light off, crouched and without being seen, grab the dormitory key from the study and get back to the upper floor. If you took some time, it's possible that the shibido that you knocked out gets up and finds you, so be quick. Go get Miyako, open the dormitory and get out to the balcony. Get outside and follow the roof to the North side, while being crouched. When you get to the northwest corner, you should see a path at your height that you must go to, so you can get up now. (If you have fallen to the ground, get back into the house from the same place you used to get in, then deal with the shibito and get back to the dormitory) (OPTIONAL: In order to get archive #19, if you have taken the Wire Cutters B, run through the north side of the roof until it cracks down. Then go to the Outside Room, with the light off, knock down the shibito that is inside, grab his sledgehammer and the closet key. Now get back inside the house using the same method you used before, turn left, go to the hallway, turn left and open the closet with your new key. Grab the Wire Cutters A to have the Wire Cutters, then open the altar to get archive #19. To return to the objective, deal with the shibito if she finds you, but if she doesn't, try to get back to the dormitory while you avoid getting spotted, and get back to the roof to the place where the roof broke, then jump over that gap. What happened to me was that I caught the family watching TV and I had to run for it until I found Miyako.) Follow that path until you reach the entrance to the house, then go down the path to end this stage. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6.5.- Episode 5 [EP05] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- --- Melissa Gale, August 4th, 00:10:41, Saiga Hospital --- You start outside the hospital. The only way to get inside is going forward and climbing the locker in front of you, from there to a edge, and there to the open window of Room 203. Once you are in, open the door to meet the spider shibitos. These have two flaws I must remember to you: They can't carry weapons and they can't open doors, which can help to trap them into some room. When the nearest one heads to the door to the balcony, proceed crouched to the A Stairs, and go to the ground floor. You need to pick up a key from the Recon Room, but there's another spider inside hanging on the wall. Turn off the flashlight, open the door and throw inside a flare pressing Down on the D-Pad. This will make the shibito fall and stop attacking, so make use of the few seconds you have to get the key and leave the room, closing the door when you exit the room. If the shibito stands between you and the key, hit him twice and he will move. Now go up the A Stairs to the roof, while trying not to be seen by the local fauna on the second and third floors. Open the door of the roof and close it behind you. Go to the southeast side to watch a cutscene. On your left you should see a broken fence, climb down that hole. Before going inside the other wing of the hospital, search for Seigos's sight and watch his conversation. In some moment, Seigo will get up and will look at the phone that is next to him, unveiling you the number you need to call to. If you look around you will also see a shibito pointing you to where you have a phone to use so you can call, on the Pre-Operating Room. Enter the building using the C Stairs. (OPTIONAL: When you go down to the third floor, turn left and go down the hallway until you find a door, open it and look for a cart on the left side to obtain archive #20.) Head down to the third floor and proceed to the B Stairs to watch another cutscene. You need to knock down the brain shibito in order to go to the room where the phone is, but you need a weapon to do that. You need to go to the basement, but the only way is through the elevator, and there's some baddies patrolling the area. When you see the coast is clear, head to the basement's kitchen and pick up the knife on the cart in front of the door. Now, the brain shibito is the thing that was on a wheelchair, so run for it and kill quickly the brain (Sometimes her "nurse" will abandon him on the corridor next to the employees stairs). When he's down, all the other shibitos will fall as well, so go kill him with no mercy. After capping him, go up the elevator to the ground floor, go to the Pre-Operating Room, find the phone and dial 201 to finish this stage. You will get archive #21 and update #11 too. --- Amana, August 4th, 06:06:06, Harayadori Settlement --- Follow the shibito we are interested at some distance and crouched until you get to the chapel. Get in, climb the step and pick up the flares that are over a pillow. If you follow them you will end on a tunnel and next to it there's a statue, where the brooch is. Do not get close to the stairs, instead get back outside. Approach the nearby well and press X to throw a flare, then run back to the statue, then drop another flare where the three shibitos are, and use the distraction to find a beer bottle and kill the three shibitos. Once they all are out, you will watch a cutscene and obtain archive #22. Before going up to the chapel, get close to the statue and press X. You will see a puzzle where you need to place the discs on the right way so his seal gets broken. This is an easy one to make, you have only 18 combinations and those are easily checked out. I solved it moving the Right Analog Stick twice to the left. (Those who read this, take a note of what you had to move and tell me what did you moved if you want, please). Get back to the chapel, you will notice an alert warning, which is not, now it's a warning for a past sight. Search on Sightjack the image of a map that will guide you to Mitamura's House. Go down to the river and enter the house through there, being careful of not getting caught by the shibito on the bus stop or the one that's flying around. Inside the house there is another of them, try to avoid her and go to the room on your left. Search the sight the vision from the past. Now you'll need to go to the graveyard. The quickest way is via the bus stop, but there's a shibito working next to the stop, so use some discretion. The best way to get there is waiting for the shibito that's patrolling on the river starts going to the other way, and then go to the bus stop (You can climb it with the stone on the left side). Once on the graveyard, you need to search among the graves Koichi Takemoto's one. To do so, when you get near a grave, search for his sight to find out who's grave belongs to who. When you find out the one we are interested, use it and you'll need to break another seal. (OPTIONAL: If you look at the front of the tomb with the seal, at your right you should use twice the nearby grave to get archive #24.) Go through the path back to Karibna Noodles. Stay at some distance, because there's a couple of shibitos on patrol, and one of them flies. To be honest, you can just run for it and finish this stage without a hitch. Head towards the broken road and look at the left side. You should be able to see a path. Before going through the doorway you can look for another sight from the past, but since we've finishted that path, move along to end the stage. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6.6.- Episode 6 [EP06] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- --- Howard Wright, August 4th, 08:08:08, Gojaku Peak, Hanuda Mine --- Before starting you will get the archive #24. Go upstairs, turn left and push the trolley to the office, to shortly get inside, and then jump out when you see the small tunnel. This will make the sniper flee, since it will run to the mines. Get inside the mining office and through the back door, go up the path a bit and pick up the sledgehammer, then go up to the bridge. Turn right and go up to the tunnel until you see a trolley and a spider shibito, kill the spider and push the trolley. The trolley will knock out the sniper on the other side of the bridge, go there and grab his shotgun. Now go back to the mining office, go downstairs for a floor and turn on the elevators. To the left of the power switch there is a workbench where you should make a choice: if you turn your shotgun into a sawed-off one or not. The difference is big, since if you do so you will aim with that gun like you aim with a pistol, without a "scope", which is useful for close encounters. Cut the barrel if you want to add this to the Weapon Archive. Go down one floor and kill the couple of shibitos behind the door. Head to the B Elevator and go down the ladder that is placed before the elevator. Your next goal is to kill the brain shibito, which is a shibito hanging from the ceiling, but his location is random. Some times he's on the north tunnel of Level 2, other times he's on the Central Well on Level 4. Look for it on the first tunnel, if you don't see it, keep moving. There's a shibito guarding a key on Level 2's East Well, but now you have the shotgun, so take him down quickly and grab the key that is nearby. Now you need to go back to the mining office, and from there to the Siren Control Room to turn it on. When the siren is on, get in front of the mining office door, aim with your shotgun there, and when you see the sniper, bang, dead, and stage completed. (OPTIONAL: When you turn on the siren, you can also run to the bridge and from there go down the A Elevator back to the mine. Then, get the shibito that was guarding the key, kill him and grab his shovel. Now go up the ladder to Level 4 and go to the ladder that is closest to the door that takes to the basement of the mining office. Go up that ladder and search around the area to obtain archive #25. Then, go get your shotgun back, go to the mining office, stay a bit back from the last stairs that take to the surface, and wait for the sniper to show up to shoot him. If he doesn't come, go get him.) --- Bella Monroe, August 4th, 17:04:44, Karuwari --- After the cutscene you will get archive #26. On this stage you don't need to worry about the shibitos since if they find you, they will not attack you (You'll see the reason later). Go down a few steps and when you see the monolith, turn left and go forward until you need to go crawling under a fallen tree. As soon as you leave it, turn right and drop down to the river. Turn left and go under the bridge. Keep going over the river side, then drop down again and as soon as you see a bridge and another place to drop, turn right and find the stairs to go up that path. (OPTIONAL: At the top of these stairs, before heading to Irazu Valley's Church, you will see a monolith, check it out to get archive #27. Of course, you will get it if you have used the water valve with Howard Wright on Episode 3.) Head to the church to finish this stage. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6.7.- Episode 7 [EP07] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- --- Howard Wright, August 4th, 19:11:01, Upper Arato, Shibito Nest --- You will start with only two shotgun shells, so let's use them. Move to the right until you see a shibito with an axe, shoot him with your first shell, then go around the building in front of you, go up the stairs and turn left to see a sniper. Get close to him and shoot him so you don't have to worry about him. Do not pick up the rifle, it just has one bullet. Take the axe from the other shibito instead. Go back to the main road and head west until you see a door blocked with planks, start hitting the planks until all of them fall and then get inside the house. Inside there is another dude with a sledgehammer, deal with him too. Go to the second floor and you will see a open door, wait a bit behind. You should also see a shibito in front of you, wait until he turns around to apporach him and knock him out. That shibito was carrying a mullet, a rare weapon, for the Weapon Archive. Follow the south path and through the corridor. Go through the TV's room and drop down to the ground. The brain shibito you need to take out is inside the house, but since you carry melee weapons and he won't stop running while you chase him, he needs a bigger reason to stop. There's also two flying shibitos near the house, but since you're after the brain, you don't have to worry about them unless they stand on your way. The way to stop him is to plant a Hunting Trap somewhere around the close outside perimeter of the house. Be careful, as there are some traps already in place near the house. Place a trap next to a wall of the abandoned house, then chase the brain shibito, and when he falls on the trap, knock him out to forget about the flying threats. (OPTIONAL: If you have broken the noodles bowl with Seigo Saiga on Episode 4 DO NOT KILL THE BRAIN SHIBITO, instead kill the two flying shibitos that are near the house. Deal with the sniper like I say on the next paragraph, grab his shotgun and go up the stairs next to Irazu's Stop, drop down to the lower hallway, turn around the corner and shoot the sniper that you have in front of you, on the second floor. Follow the road until you reach the restaurant. If you haven't killed the brain shibito, the door should be open and there should be an armed shibito inside. Kill him and search on the counter the archive #28.) Get close to the bridge to activate a checkpoint. On the other side is our good old friend the sniper, ready to kill you with two bullets. Search for his sight and wait until he's not looking at the bridge to run with the flashlight off to the southwest side of the building. He will detect you, but he won't move from his spot. On the corner you have the crank for the sun shield, use it to be able to go underneath the sniper without being seen. Use the sight from the sniper to climb the obstacles, approach him and then kill him. Head to the heart of the nest to end this stage. --- Howard Wright, August 4th, 23:24:24, Shibito Nest, Heart --- Get in the bus quickly, crouch and go through the bus until you reach a room. Inside, at your right there is a wrench you can use as a weapon. Get out to the other side and head to side of the Rebirth Market shop, where you can climb over a few things to get to the roof. Your weapon should help killing all what stands in your way. Once on the roof, move forward, and go to the door on the left, skipping the police car. Behind that door is a ladder you must climb up. Follow the straight path until you see the side of a soda vending machine, go to the other side of the machine and use it to block the way to all the spiders we've left behind. Head towards Fujimi's Barber Shop, climbing some other obstacles, and from there climb the ladder to the watchtower. Before climbing that ladder, pick up the crowbar next to the ladder and then go up. Go out of the tower moving forward and climb down. You will find many shibitos around here, including the inmortal shibito maggot. You need to reach the chimney and climb it up, so drop down and search the chimney. Kill anyone that stands in your way (except the maggot) and go up the ladder. (OPTIONAL: After being thrown off the second big ladder, you will meet Sam, transformed into a spider. If you have picked up the can opener on Episode 2, at Sam Monroe's second stage, kill Sam and grab his can opener. You will see him in an unreachable roof, but don't worry, he'll come down, either to go somewhere or to hunt you. After that, climb down to Tomizo's Tobbaconist. On your map you should see a square close to the house, there is a fridge there with a can inside, which is archive #29.) After the cutscene, you must go back to the chimney. Go straight, turn right and start climbing down to the Tobbaconist. From there, get back to the ladder and climb to the top of the chimney. Once you're there, climb down to the other side, drop down to the Warehouse, and once there, smash the padlock with your weapon to finish this stage. You will get archive #30. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6.8.- Episode 8 [EP08] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- --- Sol Jackson, August 3rd, 01:28:04, Gojaku Peak, Hanuda Mine --- Climb down the ladder in front of you and move forward to watch a cutscene. After that, move back to the wall where the ladder is and search the sight of the closest shibito you have around. When you see turning around, follow him while crouched until he gets into the Storage Room. Once he gets in, climb the nearby ladder down. You must head to the East Well, Level 2, but there is a shibito in your way and you have no weapon with you. Near the ladder you have two useful things: A flooded corridor at the southeast and a light switch in front of the entrance of the corridor. Use the switch and get into that corridor, wait for the shibito to pass by and gets away to move yourself to the East Well. Go up the nearby steps to find Sol's video camera, smashed. Well, it should come in handy as a weapon. Go up these steps with the light off and you will see a decent sparring to use your camera with. Now you must go over your steps to the ladder that took to the storage room with a shibito wandering around. On your path you will find the shibito you just distracted, be careful with his pickaxe because it packs a punch, and your camera isn't one of the fastest weapons on the game. When you kill him, grab his pickaxe. (OPTIONAL 1a: Before climbing up the ladder, look in a nearby tunnel for a sitting shibito, who is drinking. Kill him, and then pick up a sake bottle nearby. If when you move it makes a noise, hit the bottle against a wall to get the Pump Station Key to use it later. If the bottle doesn't make any noise, try another one, there are more than one near the shibito.) (OPTIONAL 2: Wait until the shibito opens the door to the Storage Room to climb up, kill him, and enter the room. Over the table you can get archive #31.) Climb up the ladder back up, but wait until the shibito goes one way or the other to finish climbing and kill him too. You have to go to the east well, level 4 to continue, but right after passing through the central well there is a shibito with a rifle, so crouch down and kill him without being seen. Grab his rifle and climb up the nearby ladder to use the elevator, and finish this section of the stage. Now you control Sam. Crouch, go up the stairs to the top of the mining office without being seen by the shibito that's next the elevator's switch, going through your right. Once you are up, don't leave the building, because there's a sniper on the bridge that will kill you if you get careless. There is an axe on the side door of the mining office, but that door's locked. You need to run to the outside, grab the axe near that door and get back inside. You might get a bullet while you do so. Now go downstairs and nail down the shibito of the control panel, then activate the elevators. Back to Sol, go up the elevator, and as soon as you end up, the sniper we've skipped before will get Sam trapped in the mining office. Move until you see him and shoot him, then meet Sam to end this stage. (OPCIONAL 1: If you have found the Pump Station Key, get in there before shooting the sniper, and use the panel to unlock another archive on Episode 11, Chapter 2.) --- Melissa Gale, August 3rd, 03:09:39, Saiga Hospital --- You have to take Bella to the same spot as in Episode 2: To the P.A. machine. To begin with, you are unarmed and there is already a shibito that is waiting for you on the stairs you had to take, on the second floor. Instead of going that way, as soon as you leave the room turn left and head all the way through the hallway to the outside balcony. At the end of it there is a hole where Melissa will almost fall, when she does that movement push the Left Analog Stick forward so she drops down. (OPTIONAL 1a: Before going down the hole, leave Bella waiting, then go upstairs to the roof, turn right and you should see an obstacle, climb over it to the top and use the water valve.) Once you and Bella are down, enter the building through the door, taking first the sake bottle near the doorway. You have to go to the B Stairs, but there's another shibito patrolling the area between Stairs B and C. Crouch (remember that the shibito of the second floor A Stairs is still there), search for the sight of the shibito on the hallway, and when she starts going from B Stairs to C, head to B and go downstairs to the ground level. Once there, go down to the basement through C Stairs, and while crouched, grab the Iron Poker on the incinerator. (OPTIONAL 2: Make Bella hide in the incinerator by pressing Right on the D-Pad to watch a cutscene and get archive #32.) Go back to the ground floor through the A Stairs, but don't go up too much, as there's a shibito in the room in front of them, some times looking straight to the stairs, so search for her sight, wait until she looks somewhere else to get into her room and kill her. She carries a weird weapon, if you need it for the Weapon Archive. Head to the hospital's front glass door to watch a cutscene. Your next objective is powering up the automatic doors, so you need to go to the basement, to the Generator Room. The bad news is that the shibito you just whacked has gone to the basement for a walk. (Small advice: If you end up loading the checkpoint, you can go get again the Poker without a hassle.) Go down the C Stairs and turn the power on to make Sol show up, transformed, and to make the nurse start hunting you through the elevator, going up and down when you do that. If you have to fight against Sol, be careful as he can take quite some hits and his camera is painful. Go up the C Stairs, from there go through the Operating Room via the Pre-operating room to the second floor through the B Stairs (Watch out for the elevator girl) to enter Room 203. Inside this room there is a whisky bottle, a weird weapon for the Weapon Archive. ¿Remember the way you used to get into the hospital from the outside some episodes ago? You have to use it again to open the front door. Jump through the window and climb down, then pick up the parking sign from the door, and get into the hospital again to search for Bella. To find Bella, just use her sight to know where she is, search around the building killing or running away from everyone that stands on your way, find her and run the hell out of the hospital. When you finish this stage, you will obtain archive #33. (OPTIONAL 1b: After finding Bella, and right before using the main gate, take Bella near the wall on the other side of the glass door so you can unlock an archive on Episode 12, Chapter 2.) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6.9.- Episode 9 [EP09] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- --- Melissa Gale, August 3rd, 05:29:43, Karuwari --- Through the path in front of you there is a shibito guarding the iron door, so turn around and head to the Fuel Shed. Just as you drop down, look for the sight of a shibito with a rifle that is searching the area (near the monolith you saw with Bella). He will get near your position, and from there he will look to the bridge and the Shed. When he turns away, drop down the shed, grab the Straight Axe and cross the bridge, then keep running past the barrel, when you get there you'll need to crouch. (OPTIONAL: On the closest side to the ruined cabin to your actual position, you should find a cell phone, which is archive #34.) Take down the shibito on the shed and keep going through the East Field to the iron door, taking out any shibito that sees you. There is a couple on the East Field and two more behind the iron door. Now go to the Equipment Shed. After the cutscene you will get archive #35. You can't let the shibito maggot reach Bella at any cost. You need to knock down the three red barrels that are around (There are two near you, and one more in front of the Equipment Shed). First drop the barrel that is close to you, while the shibito picks up a grave as a weapon. When she climbs up to get Bella, hit her twice until she has you on her sights. Now run to the other nearbt barrel and drop it. Be careful as the maggot can kill you with three hits, and can throw you down easily. When she has her attention on you (If you see you lost that, hit her twice again), run to the iron door, until you get to half the way. Wait until the shibito is climbing a big obstacle to run down for the third barrel, first through the left path, then through the small steps on the right. Drop the third barrel to see another cutscene. Press the X Button to finish this stage. --- Seigo Saiga, August 3rd, 05:29:43, Harayadori Settlement --- Start shooting Sol until he falls down. Then, follow Bella with your sight because a flying shibito will show up first, then a human one on the path. When Bella dissapears, climb down the tower and head to the restaurant, because Bella's hiding inside and you have a limited time until a shibito finds her, if that happens, you'll need to load a checkpoint. When coming close to the second floor of the restaurant, Bella will run out of there. Now you need to head to Mutsui's House, and use the cross that's marking the flying shibito to shoot him while he's in the air, before he drops down by himself. If he does, mission failed. Now you must help Bella escape, but she won't follow you, she will just run away from you through other side. You must make her run towards the Road to Hirasakai. It's easy, don't enter the House grounds (Stay in the outside wall at the south of the House) and Bella should just run to the exit of the stage. A fly might chase her, so kill him when Bella has gone out of the stage. (OPTIONAL: If you look for Sol and knock him down, you can take his scythe, a rare weapon for the Weapon Archive. You might find it on the restaurant.) (OPTIONAL 2: Go to the second floor of Mitamura's House, go out to the balcony and walk around until the roof breaks down. Near the place where you have fallen down, you should find archive #36.) Now you should head to Mitamura's House and go to the second floor. Inside that room you will find the key to the chapel, and a nasty surprise inside the closet. Get back to the chapel (killing the drunk shibito if he's in front of the door) and head inside. At the end of the chapel, on your right, is the shelf with the archive #37, which will end this stage as well. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6.10.- Episode 10 [EP10] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- --- Bella Monroe, August 4th, 00:23:03, Tabori, Ito Residence --- Start by saving in your Sight Jack spaces the sights of Mommy Ito, Daddy Ito and Daughter Ito. Mommy will patrol the kitchen and the hallway on the ground floor, the Daugther will go to her room to draw a little bit and Daddy will take a key near the TV to go to the Dormitory and watch the sleeper. When Daddy ito gets out of the Living Room, get out of your hiding spot and follow him until he reaches the Dormitory, then you must enter the Guest Room and hide in the closet. Wait until Daddy Ito leaves the Dormitory key on the drawer near your hideout and leaves to get the key, unlock the dormitory room (But don't get inside) and go back to the closet. Now find Daughter Ito's sight. When she gets downstairs, get out of the closet and into the Dormitory. To reach the balcony, you must go crouched on the right side of the room so the shibito inside doesn't wake up. (OPTIONAL: When Daugther Ito leaves, check out the desk near the white guitar to get archive #39.) Go out to the balcony slowly and reach the outside ground. Now, head to the Road to Karuwari to watch a cutscene. (OPTIONAL 2: Before heading to the Road to Karuwari and finding the shibito, get inside the Outside Room to get the key to the Closet of the ground floor. Get out of the room, leaving the door open. Now you need to get into the house again, to do that head to where the main door should be (now covered with planks), wait until Mommy Ito is watching TV, ring the bell and run to the Outside Room, then look for Mommy's sight. When she's getting closer to the bell, run into the house to the Closet marked on the map, get inside and pick up archive #40. If you want archive #41, don't get caught now, because if you do you'll have to pick up archive #40 again. Wait in the Closet for Mommy to search around the Outside Room, and while you have her sight, run back through the hallway to the kitchen, there crouch and head to the West side of the house. There, in the pond, use the Bug Hunting Kit, and wait in the North area for a couple of real game minutes. After that time, look for the prey that fell in your trap, which is archive #41, and that will also unlock another archive in Episode 11, Chapter 4.) Run back and go around the house. You need to get out through the same way, but your tail won't leave you out of her sight, and she also has locked the door with the knob. You need to put some distance between you and your enemy, then make sure she's as far from the door as possible (On the Northeast side of the house is the best bet) then run to the door, hold the Triangle button to open it and get the hell out of this place. --- Howard Wright, August 4th, 10:00:02, Karuwari --- The goal is to break four seals, which have the shape of monoliths, but I will follow the order the game suggests. Head to the tree you used to jump up a few episodes ago and pick up the Garden Hoe that is on the monolith. Run to the church, kill the flying shibito if you have the chance (Nothing wrong if you don't) and pick up the revolver that's hanging on the right. To break the seals you need Miyako, so you'll have to search for her (Watch out with the ammo, it's real low). Go through the iron door (To break the padlock) and find Miyako. When you meet her, head to the area marked on the map as the first goal. Just before you arrive you will see the sight of a shibito that will run for his life, who his a shibito brain. Use the first seal with Miyako. Go down the other road and use again the valve to close the gate that you know from early episodes. Then, keep going down the way and you should see the brain shibito in a tight position, kill him to get rid of all the flies that are in the area. Now, return to the iron door and use with Miyako the second seal. Now head to the Ruined Cabin, from there to the shrine that is nearby, in higher ground, and use the third seal. You'll probably have to face off against some shibitos around the area. Now head to the river's bed, head through to find the missing seal, use it to finish this stage. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6.11.- Episode 11 [EP11] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- --- Seigo Saiga, August 4th, 18:07:19, Gojaku Peak, Hanuda Mine --- Right when you start Yukie will go straight towards you, so shoot her. Yukie will take only a few seconds before reviving, so she will hunt you around at this section of the stage. Move forward until you almost get out of the tunnel. On your left, in the roof of the Siren Control Room, there is a sniper shibito which needs some lead to be able to move forward. Then go to the mining office, to the basement, and check the left panel to get your new objective. Saw off that shotgun while you are there. Head down to the tunnels. Kill the shibito near the Storage Room, then head to the Central Well and pick up the fuse from the toolbox. Head back to see a cutscene, where the tunnel will collapse and will force you to go through other way. That other way is the hole of the central well, drop down and head to the ladder on the southwest side to return upstairs. Go straight to the elevator control panel, Yukie should be wandering around the mining office, so if she sees you, shoot her. Place the fuse on the left panel, turn on the elevators with the usual lever and go downstairs. Go down the ladder and use the C Elevator. It's broken, but it should be enough to jump down to the next floor. Now head to the nearby central well, where your goal is... and a shibito maggot. You'll have to kill him, but you need for that a brain shibito and a stake, because the maggot can't be killed with any other weapon. The stake is in the lightened area where the maggot is, and the brain shibito, as you should imagine, is Yukie. Grab the stake and head up through the B Elevator. (OPTIONAL: If you turned on the Pump Station on Episode 8, at Sol Jackson's stage, take the B Elevator up, where the door should be blocked by a cable. Wait until the shibito sees you, and he will kindly open the Storage Room, grab some Pliers [rare weapon for the Weapon Archive], and cut the cable before attacking you. You must wait until he does all this before you kill him, then get into the Storage Room and look for a Dynamite Detonator. Head down the nearby ladder to the lower floor and look for the tunnel that was flooded with red water, go to the end of that tunnel and use the detonator on the wall. Check out the wall you just blowed up to get archive #43.) Kill the couple of shibitos of this area and find Yukie's sight. As you can see, she's not dumb, and she has stayed on the bridge, close to a sniper. Go upstairs to the mining office, turn off the elevators, and keep going up, but don't get close to the outside door. Using the sniper's sight, when he's not looking, head through the back way and run to his position to kill him. Yukie will now run like a brain shibito, but because we've turned off the elevator she has no escape. There is a spider near the elevator, so kill the spider first, then shoot Yukie, get close to her and press the X Button. After testing your vampire skills, head back to the mining office, turn on the elevators, take the B Elevator down, go to the well, and with the maggot now dead, look on the left side a ladder to go through the upper path until you find your objective, which will end this stage. --- Howard Wright, August 4th, 19:01:07, Upper Arato, Shibito Nest --- Now you are followed by Bella Monroe, which means that if some shibito gets close to her, time to load a checkpoint. That situation is not so easy to get so don't lose your head with that. Look for the sight of a nearby flying shibito which is near the Lucky Triangle. He should look at a pipe and then fly somewhere else. Grab the pipe and squash that fly. Head to the house you entered the last time, but now get closer to the hole that's on the left. When Bella is close, Send Bella by pressing X. Get back to the door and smash through the planks, but this time you will attract a fly with a handgun, so get into the house quickly. In the door in front of you Bella is hiding. Go get her and move forward through the path that you already know. As soon as you get out of that house, turn left and go to the side path, dealing with two spiders on the way through. At the end of the hallway, on the small room, you can Send Bella to the next area. Head back, and jump over the gap you used the last time. Enter the house on your left and look at the end for Bella. Get out of the house with bella, and you should see in front of the door a hole on the left where you can Send Bella again. Go to the TVs room and drop down to the ground. If you go to your right you will find Bella, but now you don't need to do that. There's a couple of spiders patrolling the abandoned house that you should attract inside the house to lock them up after. Run into the house, turn right and enter the room at the end. When you touch the rope you should activate the Bag-O-Laughs (Small joke to Forbidden Siren 1), which should attract the spiders. Deal with them, then get out of the house and close any door that you see open. There is a bug in the game where if a spider gets into the area next to the closet, he will clip into the ground, and you won't be able to complete the objective until you load a checkpoint. There's another bug where the game takes some time to admit that the two spiders are locked in, so if both of them are fully visible and dead, wait for a bit after closing the doors. If they all are inside, you will complete the objective. Go get Bella and get close to the bridge. Guarding the exit of the stage is the shibito with revolver, so you'll have to hunt a brain shibito. Mysteriously, this particular brain can fly, and he's close to the revolver guy and to another nearby fly, so you'll need to be stealthy to get to him. Make Bella wait you in the bridge. Then crouch and head to the 33 Yen Store, get the sunblocker down, crouch and with your light off take the path you used before to get the sniper, but this time kill the brain before anyone else sees you. If you are spotted, the brain will fly out of your reach, and your best option then is to load a checkpoint. Once he's down, and all the others have stopped bothering you, go get Bella again and head towards the exit to end this stage. (OPTIONAL: When you kill the brain shibito and go back to Bella, instead of getting out head to the stairs at the right side of the road. If you have obtained the Hanuda's Beetle in Episode 10, at Bella Monroe's stage, head that way, go down the hole that takes to the ground, head through that hallway, skipping the spider, and enter the Lucky Triangle. Inside you will see a hole in the floor, on your left. When Bella is inside, check out that hole to obtain archive #45.) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6.12.- Episode 12 [EP12] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- --- Sam Monroe, August 5th, 02:14:02, Heart of the Shibito Nest --- Before starting this stage you will get archive #46. Right when you start, you'll have to face against a special shibito maggot. Run to the bus, don't worry about when she starts shaking it, and go through the bus to the house. Right as you get out of the bus, turn right and take the wrench. Get out of the house so the worm smashes through the wall. (OPTIONAL: If in Episode 8, at Bella Monroe's stage, you got with Bella a key, a cutscene will automatically start. Go through the path Bella has opened and you will find on the right side archive #47.) Follow the route you took before with Howard on Episode 7, climbing over the barrels to the house on the left side of the patrol car. This time the door is blocked with the knob, so hold the Triangle button to get in. If you don't hurry up getting there and the maggot gets too close, get back down, wait until she drops too and then run up. Enter the door and take the ladder. Keep running through the hallway and when you see the vending machine, push it to forget about the extra trouble. Keep running towards the watchtower to climb it up. Once you are up there, you'll have a new objective: Kill the shibito maggot. If you open your map you will see some signs on the nearby roofs, which indicate where there are antennas. You have to throw antennas to the maggot in order to kill her, but your range is a bit short. To get to the antennas, jump to the roofs, not to the ground where the worm is. But, of course, she's not helpless, and she will throw you too anything she finds. Three "received" items on your side and you'll be pushing daisies, so get out of the way when you see she can hit you and you can't. After three hits, the worm will stop bothering you, but Bella will show up, bringing some spiders with her. A shotgun will drop from the sky, take it and run to the roof behind you (Look for the ladder on the map), and get close to Bella. Start shooting spiders before they get to Bella. After you shoot a couple of them, some of the spiders will attack you instead, so when you hear them coming, turn around and shoot them, then get back to guarding Bella. When all the spiders are dead, the stage will end. --- Howard Wright, August 5th, 03:33:33, Hell --- Right when you start, Seigo will give you the Uryen and will "ask" you to terminate with his life or he will terminate yours. You've got a rifle, and he's got his sawed-off shotgun, which is lethal at short range. Right when you start, go round the bus, and shoot him when you see him. If you see Seigo pulling his weapon up, take some cover on the bus. Keep shooting, going round the bus and then shooting again. (OPTIONAL: Shoot Seigo on his head two or three times until you see he drops the archive #48.) After four or five hits you make, he will drop his shotgun and take out the Homuranagi. Shoot him at some distance, because when he's close he can kill you with two hits. After some shots the Uryen will activate. This weapon is controlled like a firearm, but it throws some flames at a couple of meters, and it needs some time to wait between uses. You need to take some distance from Seigo, and when he's a bit far from range, use the Uryen against him. You'll need a few tries to kill Seigo. After you hit him you'll see a scene. Now you'll have to face the monster that created all this hell. Right when you start, search the Sight Jack and you should see the sight of some known person. She will look to an object, get close to it and press X to see a cutscene, and the way you have to defeat the monster. You need to hit Kaiko with your sword three times to finish him off, but some times he will dissapear and some others he will make clones of himself. Use Miyako's sight to know where you should attack. At a few meters from Kaiko, use the Uryen, and if you hit him, Miyako will warn you. Then you should get close to him and hit with your sword. After some hits, he will fall to the ground into pieces. Use the Uryen against what's left of him quickly to defeat Kaiko. Congratulations! You have finished the main storyline of Siren: Blood Curse! When you finish you will get archives #49 and #50. If you have finished the game on the Easy difficulty, I reccomend to go play Normal difficulty or go after the archives you are missing (Or that I've missed and didn't left you time to find them due to the updates ;) ) You will also unlock the stats of each stage you have played. ============================================================================= ============================================================================= 7.- Archive Item List [S07] ============================================================================= 7.1.- Archives [S07FXX] Now comes the information about the location of the 50 Archive items, and what you need to do in order to get them. In order to search for a particular item number, search for [S07FXX], changing XX with the Archive number you are interested (Per example, [S0705] to search for archive #05, or [S0723] to search for archive #23). Since I can't have an English version of the game, I'll try to translate back to English the content as best as I can. If you see something wrong (And you will probably do), and you played in English text language, please contact me ASAP. Many of these items contain more information if you press X when seeing them on the Archive screen. WARNING: SPOILERS [S07F01] Archive 01: The Holy Revelationss Of: Unknown; Date: August 2, 23:00; Place: Hanuda, Mountains Requirement: Hide and watch the ceremony. On Episode 1, watch the first movie to get this archive. (SPOILER DETAIL): While you progress in the game, more pages will be added to the book. There are seven pages. [S07F02] Archive 02: Video camera Of: Sol Jackson; Date: August 2nd, 23:00; Place: Hanuda, Mountains Requirement: Leave the camera recording by mistake. On Episode 1, watch the first movie to get this archive. [S07F03] Archive 03: Howard Wright's student ID Of: Howard Wright; Date: August 2nd, 23:00; Place: Hanuda, Mountains Requirement: Interrupt the ceremony. On Episode 1, watch the second movie to get this archive. [S07F04] Archive 04: Shuji Shimada's police record Of: Howard Wright; Date: August 2nd, 23:00; Place: Hanuda, Lower Arato Requirement: Hit the police officer with the sake bottle. On Episode 1, at Howard Wright's stage, after stumbling upon the cop, find a sake bottle, hit him on his back and grab the document that he will drop. [S07F05] Archive 05: Episode proposal Of: Sol Jackson; Date: August 3rd, 00:00; Place: Hanuda, Mountains Requirement: Visit Hanuda. Finish Episode 1 to get this archive. [S07F06] Archive 06: Melissa Gale's cell phone Of: Melissa Gale; Date: August 3rd, 00:00; Place: Hanuda, Mountains Requirement: Visit Hanuda. Finish Episode 1 to get this archive. [S07F07] Archive 07: Sam Monroe's college ID Of: Sam Monroe; Date: August 3rd, 01:00; Place: Gojaku Peak, Hanuda Mine Requirement: Recover consciousness at Gojaku Peak On Episode 2, watch the first movie to get this archive. [S07F08] Archive 08: Digital video tape Of: Sam Monroe; Date: August 3rd, 01:00; Place: Hanuda Mine, Siren Control Room; Requirement: Check the roof of Siren Control Room On Episode 2, at Sam Monroe's first stage, check out the junk next to the antenna on the roof of the Siren Control Room. [S07F09] Archive 09: Mysterious tablet Of: Howard Wright; Date: August 3rd, 02:00; Place: Harayadori, Watchtower Requirement: Check the upper section of the tower On Episode 2, at Howard Wright's stage, climb up to the watchtower to get the archive. You have the details to get it at Episode 2's walkthrough. [S07F10] Archive 10: Miner's Diary Of: Sam Monroe; Date: August 3rd, 02:00; Place: Hanuda Mine, East Well, Upper level; Requirement: Check out some cardboard boxes. On Episode 2, at Sam Monroe's second stage, move the lever on the east side of the upper level, then smash through the door on the East Well with the train car on the west side, then check out the room. [S07F11] Archive 11: Bella Monroe's Diary Of: Bella Monroe; Date: August 3rd, 03:00; Place: Saiga Hospital, Room 206 Requirement: Run to Saiga Hospital. Finish Episode 2 to get this archive. (SPOILER DETAIL): While you progress in the game, more pages will be added to the diary. There are three pages. [S07F12] Archive 12: Letter from a hospital's patient Of: Bella Monroe; Date: August 3rd, 03:00; Place: Saiga Hospital, 3rd floor Nurse Room; Requirement: Check out the table. On Episode 3, at Bella Monroe's stage, after getting the reception key from the incinerator, go up to the third floor, and distract the nurse with the nurse button on Room 303 to pick up the file on the Nurse room, right on a table. Check the walkthrough for more details. [S07F13] Archive 13: Melissa Gale's Relicary Of: Melissa Gale; Date: August 3rd, 03:00; Place: Hanuda, Gojaku Peak Requirement: Hear Bella over the P.A. System. On Episode 2, at Bella Monroe's stage, use the P.A. System. [S07F14] Archive 14: Sol Jackson's press card Of: Sol Jackson; Date: August 3rd, 03:00; Place: Saiga Hospital, automatic door; Requirement: Hear Bella over the P.A. System. On Episode 2, at Bella Monroe's stage, use the P.A. System. [S07F15] Archive 15: Hanuda's local guide Of: Howard Wright; Date: August 3rd, 05:00; Place: Karuwari, East field Requirement: Check out the small shrine. On Episode 3, at Howard Wright's stage, check out the shrine (Small house) next to the abandoned cabin, in an area you must climb to reach. [S07F16] Archive 16: Amana's Diary Of: Amana; Date: August 3rd, 06:00; Place: Karuwari, Irazu Valley Church Requirement: Wake up on the church. Finish Episode 3 to get this archive. [S07F17] Archive 17: Seigo Saiga's Driving License Of: Seigo Saiga; Date: August 3rd, 12:00; Place: Harayadori, watchtower Requirement: Cover Sam while he finds some cover. On Episode 4, watch the first movie to get this archive. [S07F18] Archive 18: Karumen Noodles Of: Seigo Saiga; Date: August 3rd, 12:00; Place: Haradayori, Karibna Noodles; Requirement: Check out the table. On Episode 4, at Seigo Saiga's stage, go to Karibna Noodles and check out the table with a bowl of noodles in it. [S07F19] Archive 19: Altar's image De: Howard Wright; Date: August 4th, 00:00; Place: Ito Residence, Hideout Requirement: Cut the altar's seal On Episode 4, at Howard Wright's stage, find the first half of the wire cutters on the Guest Room, then the locker key on the Outside Room, then the other half of the wire cutters on the locker of the residence, then cut the wires of the altar that's close to the mentioned locker. [S07F20] Archive 20: Seigo Saiga's sketchbook Of: Melissa Gale; Date: August 4th, 00:00; Place: Saiga Hospital, laboratory Requirement: Check out the hospital's cart On Episode 5, at Melissa Gale's stage, go to the Laboratory on the third floor and check out the cart next to the big table. [S07F21] Archive 21: Yukie Kobe's Agenda Of: Yukie Kobe; Date: August 4th, 05:00; Place: Saiga Hospital, courtyard Requirement: Die for second time by Seigo Saiga On Episode 5, finish Melissa Gale's stage. [S07F22] Archive 22: Mana Cross Brooch Of: Amana; Date: August 4th, 06:00; Place: Harayadori, Under the chapel Requirement: Pick it up from the base of the statue On Episode 5, at Amana's stage, pick up the brooch from the cave that is under the chapel. Check out the walkthrough for more details. [S07F23] Archive 23: Carved tablet Of: Amana; Date: August 4th, 06:00; Place: Harayadori, Graveyard Requirement: Examine the graves On Episode 5, at Amana's stage, when you find the grave with the seal, look to his front side, then search on one of the right-hand graves twice to get this archive. [S07F24] Archive 24: Sacred parchment - The Gift - Of: Amana; Date: August 4th, 07:00; Place: Harayadori, forbidden land Requirement: Recover the missing memories On Episode 6, watch the first cutscene to get this archive. [S07F25] Archive 25: Gojaku's Giant Of: Howard Wright; Date: August 4th, 08:00; Place: Hanuda Mine, West Well, Level 3; Requirement: Dig through a wall with a shovel. On Episode 6, at Howard Wright's stage, after turning on the siren, grab the shovel from the shibito who was guarding the siren key, then go to the place where the sniper was hiding (West Well, Level 3; Near the door that takes to the basement of the mining office) and examine the area to get the archive. [S07F26] Archive 26: Sam Monroe's Notebook Of: Sam Monroe; Date: August 4th, 09:00; Place: Karuwari, Irazu Valley's Church; Requirement: Investigate the interior of the church On Episode 6, watch the second movie to get this archive. [S07F27] Archive 27: Miyako's offering song Of: Bella Monroe; Date: August 4th, 17:00; Place: Karuwari, Near Irazu Valley's Church; Requirement: Check out the old tomb. On Episode 6, at Bella Monroe's stage, before reaching the church examine the nearby monolith. You may need to turn the water valve on Episode 3, at Howard Wright's stage. [S07F28] Archive 28: 8mm movie reel Of: Howard Wright; Date: August 4th, 19:00; Place: Shibito Nest, Lucky Triangle; Requirement: Check out the bar. On Episode 7, at Howard Wright's first stage, when you reach the abandoned house, don't kill the brain shibito, kill the two flying ones instead. Then, after dealing with the sniper on the other side of the bridge, head to the back entrance to the Lucky Triangle, get in and find on the bar the archive. You need to first break the bowl of noodles on the restaurant on Episode 4, at Seigo Saiga's stage. [S07F29] Archive 29: "Fortune Can" Tin Of: Howard Wright; Date: August 4th, 23:00; Place: Shibito Nest's Heart, Tomizo Tobbaconist; Requirement: Check out the fridge. On Episode 2, at Sam Monroe's second stage, after killing the first shibito go to the phone and dial the number that is below it, then pick up the Can opener at the Pump Station. Then, on Episode 7, at Howard Wright's second stage, after being thrown off the second tower, kill Sam, pick up his can opener and open the can that is on the fridge next to Tomizo's Tobbaconist. [S07F30] Archive 30: Sacred parchment - Uroboros - Of: Amana; Date: 5 de agosto, 00:00; Place: Shibito Nest, Mirror pool Requirement: Not finishing the ceremony. Finish Episode 7 to get this archive. [S07F31] Archive 31: Atlantis Magazine Of: Sol Jackson; Date: August 3rd, 01:00; Place: Hanuda Mine, Storage room Requirement: Examine the table On Episode 8, at Sol Jackson's episode, wait until the closest shibito to the door where you met Sam opens the key-locked door so you can knock him down and be able to check out the table of that room. [S07F32] Archive 32: JOYLiNK - Ultra Network King - Of: Melissa Gale; Date: August 3rd, 03:00; Place: Saiga Hospital, Incinerator; Requirement: Hide Bella on the incinerator. On Episode 8, at Melissa Gale's stage, before reaching the Waiting Room on the ground floor, hide Bella in the incinerator of the basement using the "Hide" command. NOTA: When you check out this archive, you will unlock on the main menu the "MINI GAMES" option, in order to be able to play the now classic 8-bit style minigames that the Siren saga has. In order to play this game you must be logged on PlayStation Network. [S07F33] Archive 33: Seigo Saiga's sketchbook Of: Seigo Saiga; Date: August 3rd, 04:00; Place: Hanuda, Lower Arato Requirement: See a vision from the past. Finish Episode 8 to get this archive. [S07F34] Archive 34: Howard Wright's Cellphone Of: Melissa Gale; Date: August 3rd, 05:00; Place: Karuwari Requirement: Check out the ground. On Episode 9, at Melissa Gale's stage, go to the abandoned cabin, then check the floor on the left side to find out the cell phone. You can save the photos that are on the cellphone to your PS3 pressing the Triangle button, if you are not pausing a stage you are playing. [S07F35] Archive 35: Ligther Of: Melissa Gale; Date: August 3rd, 05:00; Place: Karuwari, West field Requirement: Pick it up when Bella drops it On Episode 9, at Melissa Gale's stage, reach the Equipment Shed. Watch the cutscene to get this archive. [S07F36] Archive 36: Mitamura's family book Of: Seigo Saiga; Date: August 3rd, 12:00; Place: Harayadori, Mitamura's House Requirement: Check out the book over the heater. On Episode 9, at Seigo Saiga's stage, go to the second floor of Mitamura's House, then go out to the balcony and fall when the roof breaks down. Then check out the area where you have fallen to get the archive. [S07F37] Archive 37: Gojaku's strange tales Of: Seigo Saiga; Date: August 3rd, 12:00; Place: Harayadori, Chapel Requirement: Check out the bookshelf Finish Seigo Saiga's stage on Episode 9. [S07F38] Archive 38: Not found yet. [S07F39] Archive 39: Easy-Weaver Of: Bella Monroe; Date: August 4th, 00:00; Place: Ito Residence, Daughter's Room; Requirement: Check out the table. On Episode 10, at Bella Monroe's stage, check out the little table next to the white guitar to get this archive. [S07F40] Archive 40: Bug Hunting Kit Of: Bella Monroe; Date: August 4th, 00:00; Place: Ito Residence, Closet Requirement: Check out the shelves. On Episode 10, at Bella Monroe's stage, get the closet key from the External Room, then get back into the house and look for this item inside the closet. There are more details on that stage's walkthrough. [S07F41] Archive 41: Hanuda's Beetle Of: Bella Monroe; Date: August 4th, 00:00; Place: Ito Residence, Courtyard Requirement: Put some honey on a tree. On Episode 10, at Bella Monroe's stage, get archive #40, then, while you avoid being captured, get to a tree that's next to the outside pond and check it out to set up a trap, then wait for a couple of minutes and you will find a bug trapped, which is the archive. [S07F42] Archive 42: Not found yet. [S07F43] Archive 43: Gojaku's Mural Of: Seigo Saiga; Date: August 4th, 18:00; Place: Hanuda Mine, East Well - Level 2; Requirement: Blow up a wall of the mine. On Episode 8, in Sol Jackson's stage, find the Pump Station Key and activate the station, then on Episode 11, on Seigo Saiga's stage, find the detonator and use it on the wall of the tunnel that was flooded with red water, then check out the wall. More information on the mentioned episode walkthroughs. [S07F44] Archive 44: Sam Monroe's voice recorder Of: Sam Monroe; Date: August 4th, 19:00; Place: Harayadori, under the chapel Requirement: Wander around Hanuda On Episode 11, watch the second movie to get this archive. SPOILER WARNING: This item gets updated while you progress on the game, but the archive menu doesn't warn you about that. [S07F45] Archive 45: Casette tape Of: Howard Wright; Date: August 4th, 19:00; Place: Shibito Nest, Lucky Triangle; Requirement: Check out a hole on the floor On Episode 10, at Bella Monroe's stage, do all the stuff in order to get the Hanuda Beetle (Archive #41), then, on Episode 11, at Howard Wright's stage, get inside the Lucky Triangle and check out the hole on the floor with Bella to obtain this archive. (SPOILER: This is the tape that is missing from the letter of archive #12) [S07F46] Archive 46: Sam Monroe's message Of: Howard Wright; Date: August 5th, 02:00; Place: Heart of Shibito Nest, Red pool; Requirement: Meet Sam Monroe. On Episode 12, watch the first movie to get this archive. [S07F47] Archive 47: Hanuda Legends Of: Sam Monroe; Date: August 5th, 02:00; Place: Heart of Shibito Nest, Storage Room; Requirement: Check out a table. On Episode 8, at Melissa Gale's stage, open the water valve on the roof, then, before leaving with Bella, check out the ground next to the glass door with Bella. Then, on Episode 12, at Sam Monroe's stage, after going through the bus and out of the house, and after the maggot shibito smashes in, you will see a cutscene. Go through the now open path and check the right side. [S07F48] Archive 48: Scroll of the arcane Homuranagi Of: Howard Wright; Date: August 5th, 03:00; Place: Hell Requirement: Shoot Seigo in the head. On Episode 12, at Howard Wright's stage, at the first part of the fight against Seigo, shoot him in the head two or three times until you see he drops an item, pick it up because that's the archive #48. [S07F49] Archive 49: Sam Monroe's Diary Of: Sam Monroe; Date: Year 2007; Place: Tokio, Dumpster Requirement: Send the message to Howard. Finish Episode 12 to get this archive. [S07F50] Archive 50: Portable Music Player Of: Howard Wright; Date: August 5th, 03:00; Place: Hanuda Requirement: Annihilate all the Shibito Finish Episode 12 to get this archive. You can transfer this song to your PS3 pressing the Triangle Button, if you are not pausing a stage you are playing. ============================================================================= ============================================================================= 8.- Similarities between games [S08] ============================================================================= (WARNING: BIG QUANTITY OF SPOILERS) Without counting the village, the red sea, shibitos and the recycled areas, the most interesting similarities are on the characters, because of the change of the cast and the smaller number of characters have forced the script writers to condensate the situations in order to put in most of the facts that were on the original Siren. Another great detail is, probably thinking that we, the westerners, are stupid (And they are not that wrong), have explained part of the story's mithology in a easiest and most visible way to understand rather than on previous games, probably so more people can enjoy of the story's richness. I hope this list helps someone who has a better IQ than me. Now, on to the character similarities: Howard Wright: It's a pretty obvious one that all what he does is the same stuff Kyoya Suda does on the original Siren. Getting on the village by foreign indications, interrupting the ceremony, getting chased by a weird cop and getting shot when the siren sounds, being a fan of heavy metal, and all the stuff Kyoya also went through. Since it's almost all the same stuff, now we'll look for differences: Kyoya didn't received an email that told him to go to Hanuda, but Howard did. Howard ends dead, when Kyoya haven't. He is attacked by Amana and not by Seigo Saiga, when Kyoya is shot by Jun Kajiro. Howard has the stage where Miyako gets shot and you have to kill the sniper, but in Siren 1, that happened to Tamon Takeuchi, and the victim was Yoriko Anno. Sol Jackson: Sol doesn't copy any character at all, he's here only to put a cameraman to give the excuse of the TV filming, and to keep the old american topic, where the black guy is always the first one to die (Possibly a joke to Hollywood). In both cases where he dies he sacrifices his life to save someone elses, which is also remembering Hollywood. Sam Monroe: He has some strokes of Tamon Takeuchi: He's a college folklore teacher, the glasses, being clumsy. He brings Bella with him to Hanuda, and he saves Bella from the wrath of the god on the heart of the nest, like Tamon saved Yoriko Anno. He also ends up with Howard on a red pool. Unlike Tamon, Sam survives the events of the game, unlike Tamon (He stays on the other world, and about to transform). Sam does transform in the game, which happens partially with Tamon. Melissa Gale: Melissa is based on Reiko Takato, but because of what she do, since her job and family have significant changes. Melissa does suicide with a lighter to save Bella's life, because of that she transforms and hunts Bella down on the Ito residencie, and once she transformed into a grotesque shibito, she saves Bella's life again finishing with a known shibito too, remembering her human past. Unlike Reiko, she did not lose her daugther before the game events, and Melissa also tells something to Bella before falling to the Time-Space flux. Bella Monroe: Bella is a mixture of Harumi Yomoda and Tomoko Maeda. She takes from Harumi the escape from the haunted house stage, with the Mommy surprise at the end of it, she is being protected by her mother until Melissa suicides, and she does survive to the game events. Her differences with her are that she survives the events... into other time. From Tomoko Maeda takes the stage where she is dead and has been transformed, but you can still control her in a place where the sky is beautiful, everything looks heavenly, the shibito doesn't attack her, and you don't notice until she is seen by her parents. Bella's main difference is that she lives to tell the story. Seigo Saiga: Seigo takes a lot from Shiro Miyata, a bit from Akira Shimura and a bit from Jun Kajiro. From Shiro he takes his job, the love of a nurse, and her following murder so she transforms into a shibito that will chase forever Seigo. Seigo has a big role on the sacrifice. He also takes the scene with the shibito's "autopsy", the blood exchange (But with Howard), and his last thought before ending his existence was the nurse he did killed. He also gives Howard the Uryen, although in a very different place. From Akira Shimura takes the fact of being a good shooter and the stages where he covers someone from a watchtower. Helps a character to understand some of the events, and when he's got enough, he blows his head off just to become another pretty tough sniper shibito. He also takes from Jun Kajiro being the main responsible of the sacrifice ritual, of going after Miyako and not getting her, and being a mini-boss on the god's world, armed and dangerous. ============================================================================= ============================================================================= 9.- Credits & Legal Info [S09] ============================================================================= To begin with, I'd like to thank the people on GameFAQs.com and ElOtroLado.net forums, for helping me when I got stuck in a couple of places. Thanks also for SCE and JapanStudio for making such a wonderful game (And I hope you release it on a BD in Europe). You've nailed it. There is a Spanish version of this guide, which was used basically to have a starting point to do the English version of this walkthrough. Nobody has the permission to translate this document into any language. (Ask for it if you do want to translate) And thanks to you, the readers, for trying to test my walkthrough. All the content written on this document was created only by myself. All registered trademarks and copyrights included in this document belong to their respective owners. The following sites are the only ones with permission to have this document uploaded on their websites: www.gamefaqs.com www.supercheats.com www.neoseeker.com www.cheatcc.com www.gamesradar.com www.cheatplanet.com www.mycheats.com www.cheatmasters.com This document © 2008 by Victor González aka McCunyao. All rights reserved. =============================================================================</p>