Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Walkthrough Cheat Page (C) Copyright 1999 Marilyn J. Caylor Email: This walkthrough may be reprinted on other walkthrough sites without permission, so long as the original content remains unedited and intact, and proper credit is given to the author (which would be me). I would also prefer if you kept the walkthrough in printable condition (i.e. no funky background or text colors). If you would like an html version or most up-to-date version for your web site, email me. ---------------------------------------- Introduction and Tips ---------------------------------------- The Phantom Menace is a wonderful action/adventure game (heavy on the action). It does take a bit getting used to the odd, overhead view (but that can be changed with a cheat). The beginning levels are fairly easy, and allow you to get used to moving your character around. This walkthrough is for the PC version of the game. As of this writing the PSX version has not been released, and it is unknown if it will vary from the PC version. There are several skills you will have to learn to become good at. You need to learn the running double jump (run, jump, and jump again in mid-air). This skill is vital to getting onto overhead vines and ropes, and jumping onto platforms and pillars. You can't get through the game without learning this skill. You will also need to become good with your saber. There are times when regular weapons won't do. Learn the overhead saber move, the twirling saber move, and the jump and slash technique. You can also reflect an enemies blaster shots off your saber and back towards them. If your gameplay is slow during battles, try turning off some of your performance options. The game may not look quite as pretty, but you'll be able to move around and fight more quickly. When you are protecting a character, make sure you don't stray too far from them. Enemies can show up and try to take them out while you're off scouting ahead. Sometimes when you cross an invisible line, the game will say that the protected character has died, even if there are no enemies around him or her. This is the game's way of telling you that you are not to go into this new area without that character following behind you. There are several different strategies for beating boss monsters or droids. I've tried to provide the strategies that have helped me through the game. But your gameplay may vary because of what you have told characters (such as "wait here" or "follow me" at certain times) or how you have moved into enemy territory. The strategies given here are rough guides to what you should do. Destroyer droids (the droids that roll around and have personal shields) are a pain in the butt. They have a distinct sound so you know when one is in the area. The most effective way of killing them is using a couple of proton missiles on them. Try to get the first shot in before they get their shield up. Another way of getting them, if available, is to use a heavy repeating cannon. Sometimes the non-player character you're travelling with can take out the destroyer droids. Other times they'll get killed. Keep your eyes open. If you see a battle tank, avoid it at all costs. You can't take them out, or at least not without a lot of weapons, ammo, skill, and the right timing and in the right situation. In other words, don't try. So run around it or do what you have to do around it very quickly. Everything necessary to complete the game is included here. If I missed something major, made a bad error, or if you have a fantastic and easy strategy, please let me know. -------------------------------------------- Level 1: Trade Federation Battleship Mission: Get to the hangar bay ------------------------------------------ In this level you play Obi-Wan. As a droid enters, you notice the conference room fill up with poison gas. You can talk to the droid if you want, but do it quickly. Exit the room, and have your lightsaber handy. Kill all the droids in the immediate area. Qui-Gon will help you. In the room to the left of the conference room, you can find a thermal detonator in a compartment ("use" the handprint icon). There is also a full health powerup in the little round room that looks like an elevator. In the room to the right, the compartment has a blaster with 250 shots. At the end of the hallway, there is an R2 unit fixing a broken door. Be careful, to the right of him are 2 battle droids waiting in ambush. Kill them, then go through the small door and use the control panel to open the broken door. If you need it, grab the full health powerup in the compartment to the left of R2 droid. Go through the newly opened door and end up in a hallway. To the left are destroyer droids (these guys are a nightmare!) and a dead end. There is no point in going that way unless you want to die (or you're a whiz with hand/eye coordination). It is possible to kill the destroyer droids by having their shots reflect off your lightsaber back at them, but this takes practice. The thermal detonator will hardly put a dent in them, so don't waste it. You really need a proton missile launcher, which you don't have yet. If you are quick when you first go left, go beyond the destroyer droids to the worker droid and kill it before she can release them. If you chose not to go left, go right, down the hallway, and your path is blocked by a locked door. Go into the open control room near the locked door and use the handprint. It will open up a hidden area with a droid in it directly across from you. Again, use the handprint to unlock the big door. Follow Qui-Gon and go straight ahead all the way to the next door. The trade federation viceroy closes the door on you, and you are ambushed by more destroyer droids. These guys have personal shields and are hard to kill. So follow Qui-Gon's advice: tuck your tail between your ass and get the hell out of there! Go right, and another locked door blocks your path. Take the small opening to your left. You run down a long hallway, but the floor gives way and you fall into a shaft. You are separated from Qui-Gon and on your own for the rest of this level. Follow the path into a hangar and you watch as your ship is blown to bits. Keep going down the path. Maintainance droids are cleaning this area, and can kick your butt if you're not careful. Avoid walking too close in front of or behind them, or they will zap you. This area is a bit of a maze, but it's not very big. Keep to the right side of the maze until you come to a door with a red, double triangular (sort of) symbol on it. Face the door. Then go to the area to the left where there is a handprint control panel which opens it (near the fan). Use it, and run as fast as you can back to that door. There is a maintainence droid inside, so let him pass first. Go inside the room, and use the handprint (notice the double circle symbol -- it opens a door with this same symbol on it). Exit the room, go straight until you hit a wall, then right into the newly opened door. The doors are timed so if you don't make it, you'll have to do it all over again. The control panels and two doors are in such close vicinity so you can't get lost too easily (I hope). Follow the path past the fan into another cramped hallway. The path to the left will take you to a room with 3 battle droids and a full health powerup. After you're done taking them out, go back down the hallway. The floor gives way again. Go straight until you reach an intersection with 3 blue doors and a red door. There are a lot of battledroids here to kill. Directly across from the red door is a room with two boxes and a pit in the floor. Jump down into the pit and kill the battle droids here. Turn around and use the handprint to open up the big doors. Talk to the old guy. Go into the round room in the corner, and use your lightsaber to destroy the power source to the red door. To get out of the pit, just jump up onto the ledge or wait for the platform to lower/raise and exit the room. Fight more droids. Go through the red door. Immediately go to the elevator to the left and use it. If you need the small health pack sitting on top of the boxes on the ground, wait for it. There is an enemy on the ground (I don't know what to call it since the manual neglected to mention this enemy) that will kick your butt if you wait on the ground too long. Once on the upper platform, go just a little bit into the hallway. The enemy will leave when it sees it has nothing to shoot at. Then you can kill whatever battle droids are on the ground, go back down, and get that small health powerup. Back on the upper platform, go into the dark hallway, and follow it until you hear Qui-Gon say "Obi-Wan." Walk forward and look to your left. Qui-Gon is on a lower catwalk. Walk forward until he initiates conversation with you. You need to find another ship to get offplanet. Keep walking until you reach a dead end. There is an elevator here, but no control panel. You need to find a way to reveal the control panel. Go down the path near the elevator, and it's time to play the moving platform game. There is a purple wall blocking one of your paths. Go left, press the control panel to move the wall (it's now blocking the path that you just came from, and freeing the path that was blocked before). Follow the path until you get to another control panel. Press it, and it will activate a moving platform to your left. Quickly cross it, press the control panel, and haul ass off the platform before it moves again. Go back to the purple wall, turn right and use this control panel again to move the wall the other way. You are now free to use the elevator. You are now on the lower platform that Qui-Gon was on. There is only a dead end that way. So go the other way (right). A couple of platforms with droids on it will start rising up towards you. You can fight them or just keep running forward. A platform on your left (near the dead end you're coming up on) will have a control panel on it. Walk onto this platform, and the level will end. -------------------------------------------- Level 2: Swamps of Naboo Mission: Find Qui-Gon -------------------------------------------- You start this level on a mound of water. Turn left, and start swimming. There should be a dry land opening on the left. If you can't find it, just keep swimming along the perimeter of the swamp until you find it. There are several battle droids here, and a blaster with 250 shots. After you kill the droids, get into the water, go left, and keep going straight until you run into Jar Jar Binks. Talk to him. Follow him (turn around, then take the left path). You will eventually end up in a pitted area, and see Jar Jar high up on a rock. In one corner of this area, there is a full health powerup near two droids. If you do a double jump onto a nearby rock from this area, you can snatch the thermal detonator. To reach Jar Jar, go around the rock and move the big, square hollow log to it (the indentation in the grass serves as a path showing you where you should put the log). Jump up, cross two logs, and jump up onto a higher ground. You'll cross a third log, but don't cross it all the way. Turn left, and look down. You should see Jar Jar on the ground. Jump down (grab the thermal detonator on the rock on the way down if you can) and follow Jar Jar. Have your saber handy, there are more droids to fight. Jump into the water, and to the right there is an alcove with a small health powerup. Follow Jar Jar (despite what he says there is no safe place!) and watch out for a group of those little round creatures. In groups, and if you stay put too long, they'll start munching on you. Jump into the water. To the upper right there is a small alcove with a full health powerup. Go back out and continue forward. Kill a couple of droids, and then you'll reach a series of staggering earth platforms. Do what Jar Jar says and jump to the top. Once on top, you'll see Jar Jar run away from the Maccaneks. Follow him (watch out for falling trees!) by going straight to the end, then left and you'll find a little rock with a small health powerup on it. At this rock, turn right. You should now be at a pond with a couple of big (and killer) fishies. There are several patches of dry ground sticking out of the water that you'll need to jump over. On the last patch of ground is a rock. You'll need to make a running double jump off this rock to reach the next platform. Keep going, and you'll have to make a running double jump off the log onto the next platform where Jar Jar is waiting. Talk to him. You'll have to make two more running double jumps to reach Jar Jar on the other side. Or, you could jump onto the vine and try getting across that way. The vine is a bad choice at this point because the flying droids overhead can shoot you and knock you down. The quickest way for me was to just run and jump. Either way, it will be good practice. You will absolutely NEED to know how to do a running double jump, and how to reach overhead vines/cables/ropes later on in the game. If you get knocked down, just find the pond and start all over again. Once on the other side, follow Jar Jar again. You'll come to an area with a deep pit and a moveable log. Push the log into the pit. Pull and push it to the other side, then jump up. And here is where you need to do a running double jump to reach the vines. Once on the vine, go all the way right and press the spacebar to let yourself down again. You'll meet up with Jar Jar and a buttload of droids. You can kill them with whatever weapons and ammo you have, but the quick and fun way is to use the heavy repeating cannon to the left. Get behind it and press the spacebar. You have to positio yourself just right or it won't work. There are destroyer droids hiding the boxes, so try not to shoot the boxes if you can help it. There is also a full health powerup near one of the boxes. After the battle has ended, follow the path on the right side and you'll find Qui-Gon and Jar Jar. That's the end of this level. -------------------------------------------- Level 3: Otoh Gunga Mission: Rescue Jar Jar Binks -------------------------------------------- You start in Boss Nass's chambers. Talk to Qui-Gon. Exit the room. Go left into the next bubble and grab the gungan energy balls. Exit, and go straight past the aquarium into a small transport bubble. Press the button. Exit the bubble, and your only path out of there is blocked by guard Gungans who don't like outlanders. There are two ways out of this situation. You can follow Qui-Gon's advice and not kill any of them, or you can go on a shooting rampage. If you want to preserve ammo, then take the former path. Because once you shoot one Gungan, you'll have to shoot all of them. To get past the guards, use force push on them (the nice way). Some guards may still occasionally attack, but just use force push on them. Keep following the path until you come to an area where there is a passageway with a closed glass door. Talk to the Gungan in front of it. He will give you a pass to help open some doors. Keep continuing forward down the open path. Here's where you get to hone your double jump skills. If you drop to the ground, just stop onto to the white circle on the ground and it will raise you back up. Once on the otherside (and past the guards), push the button in the next transport bubble. Exit, and talk to the Gungan if you want. This jumping puzzle is evil. Not only do you have to double jump, but you have to double jump onto the next platform quickly because the one you're standing on will sink. After you get past this puzzle, continue forward. The bubbles on the left and right will have energy balls. Continue all the way to the end and use another transport bubble. Exit, follow the path, and you'll come to a timed puzzle. You need to press that button, and run up the circular ramp to the door that it opens. If it's not open when you get there, you'll have to do it all over again. If you fall into the pit blow, just move the box near the ledge and jump up. Once through the door, you'll come to a bubble with a Gungan guard and a locked passageway. Talk to him. Use your force mind powers (it will show up in pink) to get past the guard. Go through to the next bubble, and you'll find a locked door with a red swirl symbol on it. Go to the other side into the bubble with a forcefield that's covering the swirl control panel beneath your feet. There are pillars in 3 corners, and one corner is open. In the open corner is a button up high but you can't reach it. Move the box to this area and push the button. Turn around, and you'll notice one of the pillars has lowered, and you can move the box to it and push that button as well. Continue this with the other two corners. Once the forcefield is open, jump on top of the swirl control panel in the pit. Exit, and go straight through the newly opened door. Jump down into the pit, and move the box to the pillar with the button on it. Press the button, then quickly jump on top of the pillar (from the top of the box) and make a running double jump to the platform and through the door. If the door closes on you, start over. Go through the door, and talk to the Gungan. He will help you control the bubble lifts. Continue down the path to the next transport bubble. Get past the guard, and you'll come to a bubble where you can either go left or right. First you need to get Jar Jar out of detention, so go left, down the ramp, and into Jar Jar's bubble. Talk to him. Follow him and he'll lead you to another transport bubble. After you arrive, exit, and you'll meet up with Qui-Gon. End of level 3. -------------------------------------- Level 4: Gardens of Theed Mission: Reach the palace gates -------------------------------------- Let me start out by saying that this level and the next one are very evil!! There will be lots of killing and dying (yes you will die!). I would have cheated on this one but the cheat codes weren't available yet when I played the game. You start the level on the wrong side of the bridge to the palace. On the balcony across from you a battle tank is shooting at you. You'll have to navigate the outer gardens in order to reach the palace gates. Be careful, there's a waterfall to your left that will kill you. You can try to take a running double jump onto the big pillar and jump down onto the smaller pillars, but I found it easier just to swim. Jump into the water, and quickly swim upstream. On the right are some steps. Go up, then you'll find a small pond area. Jump into the water as far away from that small waterfall as possible (or it will suck you into it and you'll have to swim upstream again). There are a couple of concrete blocks in the water that you can jump onto for a little bit of relief from the big killer fishies. Against one wall are 3 tiny waterfalls. Face it. One the left side of the waterfalls is a small platform and a set of stairs. That's where you want to head. Once up the stairs and against the wall, you will have to jump across the 3 waterfalls. Once past it, you come to a seemingly dead end. There is no way you can jump onto the next platform. But there is a tiny release mechanism (it's black/silver) slightly to the right. Shoot at it with your gun several times and it will release the bridge. In the next area, there is a pink forcefield surrounding the bridge. To the left is another control mechanism that you can shoot to release it. Cross it, follow the path, and you'll come to an area that will make you cry. A small in-game movie sequence shows tons of droids and ships and you have to take on all of them!! On the right side there is a battle tank. It's best to avoid these at all costs. So you are forced to take the left path, and taking the long way around to get back to the right side (behind the battle tank). There are no words of wisdom or strategies for this one. Either cheat or learn to be good with your lightsaber and other weapons. If you come upon a downed guard, talk to him and get the passcode to the gate. Eventually when you reach the security gate, a man will ask you if you know the passcode. If you do, tell him. If you don't, he'll lead you to another way around (you'll have to go inside a building with droids, push a button, and go through a door). Either way, you'll end up in the same place. Once you're past the security gate in the new area, follow the path until you come to a small pond with a big fish and a set of stairs. Go up the stairs, press the button, and this will release water so you can swim. Jump in, and once out, go up another set up stairs and press another button. This will lower the water again. Go back down the stairs and a button that was previously underwater is now dry and accessible. Press it to release a bridge nearby. Go up the stairs and look at the new bridge. If you want some extra goodies ignore the bridge for now, and keep going past it. You'll come to a dead end with a bench, two balconies, and a button. Press the button, and the windows in the balcony open. Pull and push the bench near one of the balconies and jump up. In one, you'll find a thermal detonator (always handy). Cross the vine to the other, and you'll get a proton missile launcher with 5 shells (you need these to kill destroyer droids) and a small health powerup. Go back to the bridge and cross it (you'll notice this is where you were when you first started this level, but you couldn't access this platform). Shoot the release mechanism on the platform across from you and release another bridge. Cross it, and watch out for the bomb on the ground. Around a couple of corners, there is a battle tank guarding the palace gates, so you'll have to be quick. The release mechanisms for both palace gates are up high, there's one to the left and one to the right. Jump up on top of the concrete block to the left of the stairs and shoot the mechanism. There is a small path on this side that leads to a full health powerup. For the mechanism on the right side of the stairs, you will have to jump and shoot and the same time, or jump and use force push at the same time in order to release the last door. Go through the gates, and the level ends. ---------------------------------------------------- Level 5: City of Theed Mission: Protect the Queen; Reach the hangar ----------------------------------------------------- In this mission you have to make sure the Queen is not killed, otherwise the level automatically ends. You both need to reach the hanger safely. If you are separated from the Queen because you are scouting ahead, and you get a message that she has died, next time check back on her more often, or don't stray too far from her. You start the level being separated from your comrades, and the Queen is running from gunfire, so follow her. The queen will lead you down a series of steps down to the garden. She'll tell you there's a secret path behind the statue. If she doesn't lead you to the statue or she's still somewhere behind you, go back to her and let her lead you. Pull the statue back or push it forward and make sure there's a big enough path for her to get through or she won't follow you. Once through, keep going until you come to a dead end where the door is jammed. You'll have to make a running double jump to the balcony on the other side. Let her through the door, and go down a couple of steps. The queen will tell you that she'll stay there while you look around. Remember to come back and check on her from time to time during your battle, because even though you can clear the area of droids and go a little further, more droids will come back later to try to kill her. Go forward and you'll eventually come to a courtyard with a big battle tank shooting at you, and a locked gate to the right. You need to open that gate, and the button to open it is behind the battle tank. You'll need to get up on the bridge (you can go left up the stairs from the courtyard). Up on the bridge is a wounded man asking for water. If you want to help him, jump off the bridge near him where there's a broken side railing and you can see a small path. Follow the path around the corner and up the stairs. There's a shield here, but if you pick it up you can't talk to anyone while it's active. There's also a flask of water. Push the red button to open the door and you'll be back on the bridge with the wounded soldier. Go across the bridge, and follow the path through several rooms, and you'll eventually end up in a small courtyard behind the battle tank. Whack the lone droid behind the tank, and whack the tank if you have to to make it move. In a small corner is a red button you need to push to open the locked gates. If you go up the other set of stairs in this area, you can free a prisoner and he'll give you a thermal detonator. Find your way back to the queen, and when tell her to follow you. Despite what she says about keeping up, if you don't walk slowly, she won't keep up. So if you have to, go back for her and lead her to the left area of the courtyard. Talk to her again, and she'll tell you that you need to go through the gates to reach the hangar. Tell her the gates are open and make a run for it. Watch out, there are 2 droids in the window above you in the next area. Here is one strategy I used to get rid of the troublesome destroyer droids in the area, and it may or may not work for you. Leaving the queen at the bottom of the stairs may work better for you. I've tried both methods and get different results each time, so it just all depends. You may have to die several times before you figure out a strategy that works for you. After the queen leads you to the stairs, tell her to follow you up the stairs. You'll come to a room once you cross the bridge. Don't turn around and talk to her. Take the proton missile launcher off the floor, and there's also a full health in a compartment there if you need it. Go down ONE set of stairs and turn right. The destroyer droids are rolling around in a circular pattern. Don't go after them, just wait for them to come to you. Turn right, and wait for a destroyer droid to roll to your line of sight. Two shots with the proton missile should take it out. You always have a quick escape up to safety in the room up the stairs as well. Go down another set of stairs on the left, turn right, and walk forward just a little bit (don't walk too far forward or the droids under the bridge will start shooting at you). There is another destroyer droid moving around in a circular pattern. Wait for him to be in your line of sight, and get him with your proton missile. Try to get the first shot in before he has his shields up. Go back into the room, and the queen should follow you. If you keep out of her way, she'll walk all the way forward to the locked blast doors. She may also stay put if there's other destroyer droids or battle droids trying to shoot at her. If you're lucky, she'll just get to the locked gate scot free. In order to open the blast doors, you need to go up another set of stairs (look for the star symbol on the ground) with the rude woman in it. There's a full health in the bedroom if you need it. Go out the window, hang a right, and you'll see a rope above you. Once across, jump onto the platform and go through the door. Find the red button that opens the blast doors. Get the queen through the blast door, and tell her you'll scout ahead. When you come to a bridge that's raised, jump over it and into the boat. From there, go into the room (get the blaster rifle) and up the stairs into the balcony. Across the balcony, shoot the release mechanism to make the bridge go down. Now the queen can cross. Go back for her. You'll come to another area where the queen stops. Around the corner are some battle droids and a droid using a heavy repeating cannon. You can try to take them out head on, but if you look up above you where the queen has stopped, you can jump up into a hallway above. Go to the end, and you can take the droids out from above. Be careful, there's also a destroyer droid in the are. Continue forward, and you're almost near the end. There are a few soldiers hanging about, talk to them if you want. Also on the right side is a room with a man in it. If you ask him for help, he'll open the room next to it with a couple of goodies. Don't forget to check on the queen from time to time. Go into the hangar bay, and fight a few droids. Once done, go get the queen, and lead her to the end of the hangar bay. She'll stop outside the hangar bay so you'll have to tell her to follow you in. Go to the end of the bay where your party awaits. End of level (thank god!). ------------------------------------------------------------- Level 6: Mos Espa Mission: Find Anakin, Jar Jar, Podracer parts ------------------------------------------------------------- This level is fairly easy as you don't have to fight a lot of people. Avoid getting too near a party of Jawas or they'll start shooting at you to protect their precious junk. Once you shoot one Jawa, you'll have to shoot them all. Try to keep your hands free of weapons, so people don't think you're about to attack them (although you will still occasionaly be attacked regardless). Keep walking forward (kill any sand people) until you reach the city. Talk to everyone that you can in this city. There are 4 major streets in the city, and although you can't read the language, they are in 4 different colors: red, black, blue, and orange. The red street is the one you are on when you enter the city, and is the "main" street. On the right side of red street you will first find black street, and if you keep going further down, blue street. On the left side of red street you'll find orange street. (Of course "left" and "right" right now refers to your beginning position on red street.) At the end of orange street is Watto's shop, who has the T-14 hyperdrive generator that you need. But you can't get into his shop that way until after Anakin leads you to him. And you have to find Shmi so she can lead you to Anakin. Go down blue street. It curves to the left. Before you go left, talk to the merchant in the corner who says "stand back because I'm going to slash all my prices!" Talk to him. Then continue down the road to the left. The road will curve again to the left. Keep going until you see a big beast on the left, and Padme will be right across from it on the right. Talk to Padme. You have to find Anakin, while she searches for Jar Jar. Remember where that beast is across from Padme. In the building next to it is a blue elephant man creature taking a bath. Later on in the game this is where you'll find Jar Jar (because Padme is NOT quite capable of finding him herself). Continue on your path past Padme and you will come upon the slave quarters with a bunch of little slave boys running around. Keep going until you reach a dead end, and there will be a little street to the left, where you'll find Shmi. Talk to her, then follow through the door and talk to Anakin near the podracer. He'll take you to Watto, so follow him through the small door (where the metal just fell on the ground) straight ahead to the junkyard. You will need to do some running double jumps in the junkyard. You'll come to an area where there's a big whitish pillar and a droid operating a machine with some nasty looking blades in the front. You need to get onto the lower platform, and make a running double jump onto the pillar in the center. Then you have to make another double jump onto the roof (looks like metal grating) on the right. Follow Anakin across a beam, and it falls beneath your feet. Don't go left, because the droid with the machine will come at you from that way. Walk towards the right, and some jawas should break down the wall. Follow them about 2 feet and there's a small hallway to the left. If you want, follow the Jawa's out into the desert for a full health powerup and a fuel convertor. Then go back to the small hallwy, and continue straight until you come to an area with a box. Move the box agaist the wall that has a "see-through" box and you'll see Anakin on the other side. Jump up, and keep walking until you reach Watto's shop. Talk to Watto (the flying creature). Try to trade for a T-14. When he says he'll take the Naboo fuel coil for a fuel convertor, make sure you say "perhaps two fuel converters?" and you'll get two of them. Don't forget to pick them up off the ground. Outside Watto's shop, talk to Anakin. He needs parts for his podracer, which you'll have to do some trading to get. Next, talk to Padme. You'll have to find Jar Jar 'cause she couldn't do the job right. Talk to one of the blue girls standing nearby. Jabba will loan you money, and in you'll meet this blue girl at the beginning of the next level. Now let's find Jar Jar, and do some trading along the way. You are on orange street right now. Go forward until you come to another street (red street), then go left. Keep going until you find blue street on the right. Follow it until you come to your first left turn (but don't go left!) and talk to the "slashing prices" merchant in the corner again. Trade your two fuel convertors for a mass coupler. Continue down blue street, through the turns, until you come to the big green beast you came upon earlier (before you get to the slave quarters). Go into the building next to it, and you'll find Jar Jar and elephant boy still taking a bath. Talk to Jar Jar and tell him to go to Watto's. Follow Jar Jar out the newly opened door, and you find yourself at the end of red street. Ahead on the left is a lady in a pink dress next to some stairs. Talk to her. Find her son. You can't just go up the steps and through the door to get to him. Look up, there's a rope leading to a balcony that will allow you access to this building. Go back to orange street. There is an area where you can go up the stairs into someone's room. Go up, through the room, and come out on the other side. You are now on a ledge. Follow the ledge all the way around until you come to a rope. You'll have to jump to this rope to reach another balcony. Once across, you find yourself in Selbuba's room with a couple of his whores. Exit, and you find yourself on another ledge. Follow it until you get to another rope. This rope leads to the balcony and building that you need to get inside. Cross it. You may get knocked down from the rope by a bad guy on the ground who comes out a side door. If that happens, kill him so you don't get knocked down on your next try across. Once you're across, go through to the back. There are 2 cages, one has a monster in it that breaks free. You'll have to kill him. Watch his movement patterns on the ground and it's possible to kill him from the stairs using your blaster and saber. Once done, free the boy. Go around to the side and use your saber on the power generator that's keeping the door closed. Follow the boy through the door and around the corner to his mother. Talk to her and she'll give you a repulse booster. There are 2 ways to get the servo control system. You can go to the slave quarters (blue street) and help the guy who's house is being invaded by thugs. Once you kill the thugs, go towards the back, jump down the balcony and kill the thugs who are trying to steal from a merchant (don't kill the merchant in the corner!). For your help, he'll give you an engine binder. Go down black street to the bar. There's a drunk little fellow (Sebulba) in there. You can trade him your engine binder and repulse booster for a servo control system. Alternately, you can talk to him and use your mind powers (words show up in pink and in brackets) to make him take your 500 republic credits. He'll take your 500 credits, but in exchange for a fuel converter. You can then take the fuel converter and repulse booster and go back to orange street. There's a building next to Padme. Go inside. If Barbo the merchant isn't there, go over to the stairs where he's at and bug him. Go back to his store and wait for him (or go right outside his store door and wait for him). He'll come eventually, sometimes you have to prod him. Trade your fuel converter and your repulse booster for a servo control system. If you need an extra fuel convertor because you did your trading a little bit differently, there are other ways to obtain it. After you get a servo control system from Barbo (near Padme and Watto's shop), go back and talk to him and ask him if he has anything else. He should let you out back behind his shop where you can kill this person and get a fuel convertor. Or, the merchant behind the podracer that an R2 unit is fixing (down blue street, before you get to the big green beastie) will give you a fuel converter for a hydrospanner. You can get the hydrospanner from Watto's shop. Also, out by the Jawa's in the desert (as you were going through the junkyard) is a fuel convertor. You should now have all the parts Anakin needs for his podracer. Talk to him outside Watto's shop to end the level. --------------------------------------------------------- Level 7: Mos Espa Arena Mission: Find Jabba; Find Watto; Find Anakin --------------------------------------------------------- Go forward and find the blue lady with the tails coming out of her head that you talked to in the last level. Talk to her, follow her up the stairs. Do what she says and just follow the path. Eventually you'll get dropped into a pit. Walk towards the money, and Jabba will say some things. Now it's time to fight Jabba's Champion. What a nightmare! There are quite a few strategies to beating him. You may have to die several times, observing the monsters movement, before you find a strategy that's right for you. You can try the jump and slash, jump and slash technique with your saber. If you have any grenades, you can try using force push, throw a grenade, and repeat that process until it's dead. Once he's dead, exit the room and you find yourself in a bar. You can go into Jabba's throne room if you want, but it's not necessary. Talk to Teemto (across from the band that's playing). He's not very helpful. Talk to his friend next to him. Go to the bar. Make sure you're right up against it, and at the corner (I couldn't get the droid to talk to me unless I was near the corner). Wait for the bartender droid to initiate conversation with you, and get a drink. Take it to Teemto. Go back to the bar and get another drink for his friend. Teemto will now talk to you. He'll take you to Watto. When he says "wait here" don't wait. Follow him up the stairs and through the newly opened door. Keep going until you reach Watto on the balcony. Talk to Watto and place your bet. Exit back to the bar. Go around the bar, past Jabba's throne room, and the arena stands that were previously blocked is now accessible. Go down into the arena. Jump over the wall into the arena, and go straight and you should find Anakin near his podracer. Anakin yells at you that a thief just stole his ignition capacitor (if he doesn't, just run after the little blue creature that just took off). It will lead you near some sand people, and then turn around. Follow him up the set of stairs near Anakin's podracer. At the top, go into the building. The creature is there, but doesn't have the part (don't bother with him). There is a block on the back wall that can be moved. Now it's time to beat another boss monster. One strategy to beat him is to stand just barely in the doorway until you can just see the boss guy and start shooting. This is the best and quickest strategy. You can use other strategies (I did it the hard way) if you want to test your skills. If you're low on ammo or have already run out, this is the strategy I used (because I didn't know about the easy way at the time). Use your saber and draw the boss man to one of the corners where a gun will come up out of the floor. Whack the boss, and when the gun comes up, you can just whack it because it's within reach right there (that way you don't have to run towards it and lose precious health from the boss shooting you in the back and the gun shooting you as you run towards it). After you destroyed one gun, go to another corner where another gun will come up and draw the boss man to that and so on. You may have to die a few times to see which guns will pop up first, or to fine tune your strategy. The overhead saber twirl move may come in handy, if you're any good with it. If you have to run away from the boss to safety to one of the 2 small health packs in the area, be careful. There are also 2 guns in the pit. Once you've got the part, return it to Anakin (he's in his podracer now), talk to him and end the level. ------------------------------------------------- Level 8: Encounter in the Desert Mission: Distract Darth Maul ------------------------------------------------ You can't kill Darth Maul in this level, so don't try. This can be a quick or painfully long level depending on your skill with the saber. There is not much to do here. Your main purpose is to distract Darth Maul while your crew tries to get themselves and the hyperdrive generator to the ship safely. If one of your people dies or the hyperdrive generator is destroyed, the level ends. Now is a good time to start practicing your saber moves on Darth Maul, because you'll need to be good at it to beat him during the last level. Try some jump and slash, overhead saber, and saber twirl moves on him. First, exit the city. Right outside the city are some flying machines that shoot at you. It's best to take these out before you go any further and come to Darth Maul, because it's very troublesome trying to fight Maul with these little buggers shooting at you at the same time. You'll come to a mountain pass, and Darth Maul will cause the rocks to fall and block your path. Nothing but a saber will work on him, so don't waste your ammo. You need to injure him to about half way on his health bar, and then he'll run to the other side. Grab the full health powerup in the speeder in the corner. There is an area near the fallen rocks that you can jump onto. Jump up, and push a big rock out of the way to reveal an opening. Go through to the other side. Here's part 2 of fighting Darth. When you have Darth in your sights, don't walk forward anymore. If you get too near the hyperdrive generator, Darth will fight you, then take a few whacks at the generator or one of your people. Just stay put and fight him right there. You only need to distract him a couple of minutes, long enough for the crew to get the generator to the ship. After you think enough time has passed, go towards the ship and if it's the right time, you will automatically board and the level will end. ---------------------------------------------------- Level 9: Coruscant Mission: Find Senate Chambers, Protect the Queen ---------------------------------------------------- In this level you play Captain Panaka. I didn't particularly like this level because Panaka and the Queen are both weak characters to play (I miss my saber!). You need to protect the Queen in this level, so remember to check up on her if she's behind you somewhere. You start the level on a air platform. Take the ammo near you. Your taxi is destroyed. In one of the corners, there's more ammo. Take out any enemies, and make sure the queen is not hurt. Quickly get to the moving platform with the droid and talk to him. Have him take you across the way to the tourism office. Go inside and talk to the droid. Keep going and talk to the guy behind the counter. He's not very helpful. Keep going until you come to the droid selling tickets for the tour. It costs money, and you don't have any. Go back to the area with the R2 unit and the man behind the desk. There is a door here that leads to a platform outside. Talk to the man on the right, and he wants to sell you tickets. Go to the other side to the man in blue. Sell him your electrobinoculars for 100 credits. Go back to the other guy and buy the tickets, but he wants them for a different price. Keep talking to him until he sells it to you. Go back to the ticket droid, and she should open the door for you. Go through, and you have to fight another air speeder that's shooting at you (it also destroys the tour ship). You'll have to find another way to the Senate Chambers. Keep going forward and you'll see a pit with a lift in the lowered position that's preventing you from getting across to the platform on the other side. You need to get this lift in the upper position because the queen won't go into the pit. There are 2 moveable boxes in the pit. One box is behind a blue forcefield, and the other box is in a far corner (colored slightly lighter than the other boxes). You will need both boxes to complete this puzzle. Move the accessible box to the wall on the far side with the broken railing. Jump up, and go to the control room. There are 2 levers here you can press. One lever will move the lift into the upper/lower positions, and it will also turn off the blue forcefield. The other lever will give a nasty electric shock to the R2 unit encased in glass and piss him off. He'll come out and shoot at you for doing that to him. Use the left lever to move the box into the upper position, and in the process it will turn off the forcefield. Wait until the panel is green again, and then use the lever again to move the lift back into the lowered position. Go to the corner in the pit where the blue forcefield was. You now have access to a second box. Push this box onto the lift itself. Go back to the control room and pull the lever again to make the lift go up. Now you have one box on the lift (where you need it). Move the remaining box to the lift, and use it to jump on top of the lift. In the process of moving the box, you may hear the queen scream for help, but you can't save her at this time (she's being kidnapped, not killed). Once on top of the lift, move the box forward. Move it to the area that drops off to your death. There's a panel here that controls a moving platform. The platform is high up though and you can't reach it without the box. Move the box into position, use the panel, and jump onto the platform when it arrives. Once on the other side, there are more enemies and airships to fight. You can't get through the door, but there is a ledge to the right of the doors. You can access the second window, which will take you to a handprint panel. Use it, then exit the window right next to you. You end up on another ledge. You'll have to jump to get to the next ledge and another window. Follow the path to the storage room. There are two boxes here you can move. One box is on the ground, and reveals an area behind it with a small health powerup. The other box is stacked on top of another box. Push it to the ground and you'll get some ammo. Exit the storage room into a merchant area. You can talk to them if you wish. Go up the stairs, and use the only available lift (the open one on the far left) which will take you to a dark area with several doors. Behind one of these doors you'll find some ammo and other goodies. Be careful though, because behind the other doors are enemies. You'll have to kill a couple of them for the forcefield guarding the lift to go down. Once done, use the lift and end up in the dredges of the city. Follow the dark hallway to a huge door. Beyond the door is the forbidden area, where outlaws rule. Once through the doors, you'll come across a lot of beggars wanting money and food, none of which you have. They'll start attacking you later for being "mean" so you may as well just kill them now. Follow the path, and you come to a seemingly dead end. Use the handprint control panel, and the wall will lower. Quickly run on top of it and wait. It will soon raise you to an upper level. Use the control panel, and when the wall comes down, run straight across it into another room. There are two control panels here. Turn around and face them. The panel on the left controls the blocked wall in front of you. The panel on the right controls the blocked wall on the other path that you passed on the way to this room. Quickly press the panel on the left, the press the panel on the right. Run towards the wall coming down, and then quickly run to the right twice. The path should be clear, but if you run into a blocked wall, you'll have to push the panels all over again (it's timed). Press another control panel. When the wall comes down, run straight ahead. You should be in a room with some stacked boxes. The box on top has a white key pass that you need, so push the box onto the ground to reveal it. Push the lever, and when the wall comes down, take the path to the right. Use your key pass on the white panel. Enter the room, take out the bad guy, and rescue the queen. Don't forget to take the red lift key that the bad guy dropped when he died. Use the panel, and when the wall comes down, run straight ahead. Use the red lift key on the red panel. Get onto the lift. At the bottom, go forward until your path is blocked by a bottomless pit. This may seem like a diabolical puzzle, but it's not that hard. Turn right, and use the lever. The door across the pit closes, but it reveals a lever in the other corner. Go to that lever and use it. The bridge moves and now you can cross the pit. Cross the pit, and turn left. Use the lever the queen is standing next to. The bridge moves again. Go to the other opposite corner and use that lever. The blocks move. Go to the next lever (the one you pushed when you first started this puzzle) and use it. The door opens, even though you can't see it (you should hear it though). Go back to the other lever (don't cross the bridge) and use it again to move the blocks. Now the open door is revealed. Go through it. Keep going forward and you'll come to a lift that will bring you to a password protected door. The answer is "Coruscant has lovely sunsets." Inside is another boss man. This guy is a Coruscant Mercenary. This guy is tougher than sin, especially since you're playing Panaka, who's a fairly weak character. I don't have many words of advice on getting him. He will block your laser blasts, so you need to get him when his back is turned. (If anyone has any good strategies on beating him, let me know). When you're done with him, go forward, get on the lift, cross the moving platform, and the level ends. -------------------------------------------------------- Level 10: Assault on Theed Mission: Queen - Get into the palace Obi-Wan - follow and fight Darth Maul -------------------------------------------------------- In this level you play both Queen Amidala and Obi-Wan (you keep switching between characters and scenes, which is kind of annoying). The Queen is a weak character (anyone without a saber is!) and this is evidenced by the fact that her starting weapon is a wimpy droid stunner. As the Queen, you need to protect Captain Panaka, because if he dies the level ends. As Obi-Wan, your mission is to just fight and follow Darth Maul where ever he goes. First you start out as Obi-Wan. Lead the crew forward into the hangar bay, and you meet up with Darth Maul again. As suddenly as it began, you are no longer Obi-Wan. Now are you the Queen. Getting through some of this level should be easy, because you've been here before (only now you're following the path in reverse). Go forward, fight some droids, and somewhere on the left is a room with a man in it that you've seen before. Talk to him, and he will open the room next to you, with more goodies in it. Exit, and keep going forward. Here is the first "stop" checkpoint near a fountain. Panaka will say it's too quiet. Talk to him and tell him to wait there while you scout ahead. Continue forward a little bit. There's quite a few droids to kill. Pretty soon, Panaka will start running forward, and that's because there's a destroyer droid in the area around the fountain. Haul ass out of there, you'll cross a bridge (going over water) and you'll see more droids. Kill the droid using the heavy repeating cannon, then get behind it and blast everything in sight. Make sure you get the 3-4 destroyer droids rolling around in front of you. When the path is clear, go around the corner to the blast doors. You will switch characters. Now are you Obi-Wan in the hangar bay. Help Qui-Gon fight Darth Maul. There's a full health powerup off to one side if you need it. You need to get Maul about halfway down on his health bar, and then he'll escape through a side door. Follow him. Now you're the queen again. The blast doors are now open. Go through. There may be a destroyer droid on your tail, so run like crazy (straight). Off to the right before you reach the archway blocked by droids is a safe haven. Go up the stairs into the room, and there's a health pack in the compartment. If Panaka is still down below, go talk to him and tell him to follow you. Go up through the room, across the bridge, and down the stairs. Kill any droids shooting at you. The security gates are locked again. Off to the right is an R2 unit and a wounded soldier. Talk to the wounded soldier. Talk the the R2 unit and have him open the door near the soldier. Go into the tiny room, and destroy the power generator. The gates are now open, go through and kill any droids. Your path is blocked by a pink force field. Talk to the wounded soldiers if you want. Go through the archway directly opposite the pink forcefield (where the battle tank used to be), go up the stairs on the right and talk to the freed prisoner (if he was freed earlier). He'll give you some weapons. Go back down to the courtyard with the forcefield, and take the stairs near the wounded soldier. Find your way to the bridge and jump down where the railing is broken. Go around the corner and you'll have to kill the evil R2 units, as much as it may break your heart (they should have made it evil C3PO droids). Meet up with Panaka, and follow him down/up stairs, through the garden (with the statue), and to a small balcony with other soldiers. Now you're Obi-Wan again. Fight Darth a little bit, then he'll run across a black catwalk. Follow him, and Qui-Gon will say the choice is yours. Jump over Qui-Gon if you have to and try to reach Darth Maul. The catwalk will give way under your feet, but Qui-Gon will make it. Turn around. There's an alternating blue forcefield. When it goes off, walk into the next circular area. Don't go any further. Walk to the left and a small compartment will open up and you'll automatically enter. End of level. ---------------------------------------------------------- Level 11: The Final Battle Mission: Queen - Find throne room Obi-Wan - Defeat Darth Maul ---------------------------------------------------------- There are a lot of destroyer droids on this level for the Queen to fight. Go forward and talk to the soldier standing near 3 doors. Listen to what he says and DON'T open the door behind him. There's no way you can take on all the droids. Instead, go into the room on the right and move the colorful box to the room on the left. Move it right under the green button you can't reach. Use it, and enter the area where the prisoners are being kept. One of them has the white pass key, talk to him. Exit back out to the main area, and go to the door with the white control panel. It's inaccessible right now. In the corner next to the panel is a pass card reader that you have to use in order to reveal the white control panel. Once that's done, use the control panel. You are now Obi-Wan. Go through the door, and prepare for a jumping game made from hell. Believe it or not, you will have to navigate most of these circular platforms and elevators from one side of the room to the other in order to reach the catwalk that Qui-Gon and Darth Maul are fighting on. There is a droid on this circle. Kill it. Your goal in this part of the game is to get onto the left side of the room. Go all the way left, past 2 circles with pink forcefields, until you come to a dead end circle with a droid on it. Kill it. When the elevator comes, get onto it. Ride it all the way to the top cirlce, and get off. From this vantage point, you can see Darth Maul and Qui-Gon fighting. Look around, and you'll see a door against a wall just below you. There is a circle (with a pink forcefield coming out of the center) that leads to the door. This circle is on a level below the circle you're on now, and you'll have to double jump onto it. Go through the door, and kill 2 droids. Open the next door, and you're on a catwalk. The first control panel you come to on the left turns on the light. Go to the end of the catwalk, and this control panel will get rid of the blue forcefields. Go back to the first control panel. Opposite of this is a small area that juts out. Get onto it. You need to get across to the other catwalk. At this point the platforms are too far apart for you to jump across. You can throw a gungan energy ball onto the platform on the other side, and it will short out the control panel and cause that platform to extend a little. Or, you could go to the middle control panel on your side (it looks like a box initially, so go around to the other side and you'll see the button) and use it. The platform on your side will extend a little bit. Now you can run and double jump across. Go through the door and there 4-5 droids in there, kill them. Go through the next door and you'll end up on a dead end circle. Walk forward a little bit, and you'll switch characters again. Now you are the Queen. There's a buttload of droids up ahead, including one using a heavy repeating cannon. The first room on the left (near the second cannon) has a stash of weapons. After you take out all the droids, go to the door on the left at the end of the hallway. In the new hallway: The door to your left has the blue pass card reader machine. The door to the right has a full health powerup in a compartment. Go all the way down the hallway to another blocked door. On the left is a room with the blue pass, but it also has a destroyer droid. Let Panaka take it out if he can. The door on the right also has a destroyer droid, but there's nothing useful in there, so don't open it. Once you have the blue pass, go back to the room with the pass card reader and use it. Then go back to the blocked door and use the blue control panel. In this area, you need to get the red pass card that's hiding on on a tiny ledge of a pillar. Down the hallway to your right is the red pass card reader at the end. There's also a room here with a box. On a pillar near this room is the red pass card. Downstairs is a box near an elevator, move it onto the elevator. Go back upstairs to the room with the box, and move it all the way around to the elevator. What you want to do is stack the boxes, one on top of the other, but you don't want to stack them perfectly. So drop the upstairs box on top of the elevator box. You need a little bit of room so you can jump on the bottom box, and then jump on the top box. Move the two boxes to the pillar with the red pass card on it. Once you have it, use it on the reader, open and go through the big door with the red control panel. You are Obi-Wan again. Your goal in this part of the game is to make your way to the other side of the room. Walk onto the circle. Look down. There's a droid walking on a circle just below you with a pink forcefield in the center. You want to get on the circle just below him. Get on the elevator. There are 3 levels to the elevator you're on now, but the elevator only stops on the top and bottom circle. Get off on the middle circle. From here, you need to make a running double jump onto the next nearest circle below you (with the pink forcefield). It may not seem possible, but it is, so keep trying. Go forward, and you'll reach another dead end circle (pink forcefield) with a droid on it. Kill it. Right below you is a circle with an elevator. Again, make another running double jump. You may want to wait until the elevator is in the down position because when I jumped, I barely made it and actually rolled onto the elevator. Had the elevator not been there, I may have gone through the hole in the center to my death. Take the elevator to the top. Kill the droid at the top, and then go through the door. There is a box behind the grate against one wall (near the control panel). You need access to it. Use the panel to call the elevator up. Use it again and quickly get on the elevator to get down. Against one wall is a small ledge. You'll have to run and double jump to get up there. Push the button, and it will move the grate upstairs to one side. Go up the elevator, and pull the box out of the wall and onto the elevator. Use the control panel again to make the elevator go down. You need to move the box to the area where all the blue forcefields are blocking your path. Off to one side is a small ledge. Move the box to it and jump up. This control room will operate the blue forcefields. You need to maniuplate them so you have a clear path to the room on the other side. Pretend the controls are the faces on a clock. Starting on the wall with 3 panels, and going left to right, it should be: 9:00, 9:30, 3:00. On the other wall with the 5 panels, from left to right, it should say: 9:30, 3:00, 9:30, 3:00, 9:30. The path should now be clear. Go to the other side, up the elevator, and out the door. Now you are the Queen again. Kill the droid behind the heavy repeating cannon. Use the cannon to kill a buttload of battle droids and destroyer droids. Go up the stairs. If you have any proton missiles left (you better hope you do) use them on the destroyer droids up here. Once up the stairs, go through the door on the left. You'll have to go out the window and walk along the ledge until you come to another window. Get the full health powerup. A door on the side leads to the throne room (the other leads back to the area with the big stairs that you were just at). Go through the door and kill a few droids. Before you talk to the Viceroy, open the door opposite of where you just came in. Talk to Panaka and make sure he follows you into the room. Talk to the Viceroy, and he'll sick a few droids on you. Kill them. Talk to the Viceroy, and you switch characters one last time. Now you are Obi-Wan, and the level is almost done. Walk out onto the right side of the circle. Look down. There's an elevator. You have to jump onto the elevator either as it's coming up or going down. If you do it as it's starting to come up, it may be easier. If you do it as it's going down and you wait too long, you may die because the jump "down" is too far. This elevator has 3 levels. It'll stop on the top and bottom circle, but you need to get off on the middle circle. Once on the middle circle, follow the path (past 2 circles with pink forcefields) until you come to another dead end circle. Get on the elevator. There are 4 levels to this elevator. You want to get off on the circle that's just below the top circle. Walk forward onto the last circle, and from here you can jump onto the catwalk (finally!!). But Qui-Gon and Darth Maul are no longer fighting on the catwalk. Go through the door to your left, and watch out for the red forcefields alternating on and off. Go through to the end where Darth Maul and Qui-Gon are fighting. Here's the final battle. Up on ledges on both sides of the pit are full health powerups in hidden compartments (they are blue, and have a faint outline). "Use" them to open it. One strategy to kill Maul is to use force push to push him into the pit. If you're lucky, you can position yourself in one of the corners and take him out with a couple of proton missiles. Or you can go the old fashioned route and duel him saber to saber. Watch out, he'll use red lightning and throw boxes at you. After Darth Maul dies go talk to Qui-Gon. End of game. (C) Copyright 1999 Marilyn J. Caylor Email:</p>