BIOHAZARD -CODE:Veronica- PUZZLE GUIDE: by Scott Wright (13/2/2000) E-mail This is not a walkthrough but a guide to some of the more puzzling moments of the game. I've missed out some of the dead easy bits to keep it short so there are large sections of the game missing but this guide should allow you to finish the game without losing your hair and your mind. DISC 1: Claire at Rock Fort Prison *Copying the gold medallion After the second cut scene of Steve check the desk to get the gold medal and flick the switch Steve was looking at. Place the gold medallion on the 3D scanner in the previous room then head back out side. Flick the switch out side the building to get the fire extinguisher and take this to the flaming car where you first started. Pick the suitcase up and investigate it to find TG-01 item and take it to the 3D scanner to get the replica medallion. Use it on the big gates where you first met Steve. *Helping Steve To get Steve out of the room he is trapped in early in the game select the two guns on the computer they should be C and E. *The Two Shields The first shield is found just after the cut scene of Steve killing his zombie dad in a room with a model of the military base and a picture on the wall. Use it where the guillotine is. The second is found after using the silver key in the ground floor of the palace. Use it at the rear of the military building. *The Lock Pick Take the bottle of medicine to the guy from the very start of the game. The lock pick can be used on locked draws and suitcases. One of the suitcases contains a gun modification kit. *The family tree picture puzzle If you don't understand Japanese your going to have a hard time working this out. 1). Young Alfred Ashford. 2). Mrs Ashford 3). Ashford with candles 4). Ashford next to baby twins 5). Grandfather Ashford with baby twins 6). Grandfather Ashford 7). Ashford next to grandfather on his own The correct order is 2, 5, 7, 4, 6, 3, 1 This will reveal a vase, which has to be investigated to find the red bug. *The Blue Bug After using the first shield you will access a new area where you will find a suitcase and a cut scene of two zombies eating each other. kill them both to get an eye ball use this on the biology dummy to open a secret passage, find the stairs to the stone garden and remove the sword from the statue, now quickly push the statue with the shield two face the first statue and place the sword in the hole to get the piano music, use the in the games room on the first floor of the palace. The blue bug will be revealed. *The Grenade Launcher After using the second shield you will get a blue card with the Ashford symbol on it. Use this in the area you played as Steve to find the grenade launcher. Note : If you don't have this towards the end of disc one god help you as you have to fight a Tyrant boss twice. *Some Key and Card Locations and uses Biohazard access card: - found after the crane puzzle in the airport and used in the military building. Blue Family Crest card: - found when the second shield is in place use on blue card slots in the military building. Silver Key: -Found on Alexia Ashford's bed and used in the palace Gold Key:- Found in the model base room after the skeleton picture is up. Dragon Fly key:- found in the private residence roof area the dragon fly has to be investigated in 3D to make it a key it is used on the ant picture in the same room. *Air Port Medalions 1).in front of the Palace. 2).in the CCTV room found in the military building. 3).above the carousel in the private residence under the diary. *The Tyrant boss I've included this bit because it's a little bit complicated. When Claire and Steve finally take off you'll have to fight the Tyrant in the back of the plane. As soon as you get control again hit the switch to Claire's left to see a crate bash the Tyrant to the back of the plane. After this fight him but keep your distance to avoid his attacks and wait for the machine to make a beeping noise. When you hear this you can press the switch again, it should take about three presses of the switch to knock the Tyrant off the plane. DISC 2: Claire at the Antarctic base *Getting the Power on Go to the weapons room and take the red key, use this in the previous room with the locked door to gain access to the power area where you have to find two switches to get the power back on. *The AK-47 This gun is found in the weapons room in a green locker and takes up two inventory spaces *The Blue Key After the power is on go back to the save room and push the bookcase and check the lockers to find a hidden room and a spooky cut scene. Take the plant pot and investigate it to find the blue key. Use the blue key on the locked door on the floor above to get a cut scene of Steve. *The gas mask go to the B.O.W room to get the B.O.W. warehouse sticker and use it on the crate on the conveyer belt found in the previous room. After turning the conveyer on flick the switch and head back to the B.O.W. room which is now flooded with gas take the gas mask which is right next to the door. *Stopping the toxic gas Get to the room above the boiler room and take the valve. Take this to the pipe next to the digger on the level below. Claire will see that she needs an 8 sided valve and not the 4 sided she has. Take the valve to the room with the caged zombie and use the machine on the valve to get the 8 sided valve. Take it to the pipe for a cut scene of Alfred Ashford. *The sniper rifle Take it after the cut scene where Alfred drops it. Use R to aim and L to zoom in. The sniper rifle is the best weapon for the next boss which has to be shot in its heart house of the dead style. Chris at Rock Fort Prison *The shield puzzle Use the door knob in the area where there was a biohazard level 3 out break. In the room you'll find a model tank. Use this in the model base room to access a hidden switch. You have to go to the airport via the cargo lift to get the three medallions back and solve a quick puzzle to lower the bridge. Take the medallions back to the model room to access a new area where the Shield lies in a pool of water. *The chemicals Change the code on the freezer door to 12.8c (the date from the model room) this will make the yellow chemical turn blue. Mix this with the green chemical you find later to get the purple chemical. *Chris's re-modelled gun Where you find the green chemical you can re-model your gun by checking the table. *The Draw Blue, Green, Red, Blue, Orange This gets you the golden gun. *The gold axe Mix the purple chemical with the shield to remove the gold axe from it. Use it in the area under the real tank like Alfred did to get access to a harrier jet. Chris at the Antarctic base *Getting the power on Take the valve from where Claire left it and use it in the high voltage room. Flick the switch to get the power back on. *The green gem Take the valve socket you find when you take the Tiger's eyes out and combine it with the 8 sided valve to get the 4 sided valve and take it to the area with the two lifts to drain the water to get the crane key. Take it to the frozen conveyer belt room and use it, you'll get a cut scene of Alexia Ashford and a massive spider. Take the green earring from the boss from Claire's game. Investigate it to get the green gem. Use this on the picture at the top of the stairs in the room from Biohazard 1. *The blue gem Go to the save room from Claire's game and use the gold axe, you will get the dice, take it to the room near all the fly's you'll see the puzzle on the right hand side of the room the code, which you get from investigating the dice should be, 1). AA symbol 2). Crown symbol 3). Heart symbol 4). Spades symbol A draw will open, place the dice inside and Alfred's dead body will be revealed take his ring and investigate it to find the blue gem. Use this on the same picture as the green gem. *The magnum To get the magnum take the fire extinguisher to the room above the weapons room and refill it by using it on the barrel that you raise up. Take the full fire extinguisher to the weapons room below and put the fire out. The magnum is on top of the box on the conveyer belt. *Getting Claire back Use your knife on the yellow goo under the stairs to reveal Claire, during the cut scene she will tell you she is poisoned. Go to the weapons room and you'll find the cure, which was not there before. Take it back to Claire for another cut scene of Alexia. You now have control of Claire again. (Note: give Chris strong weapons as he has to fight a harder boss soon after the next bit). Playing as Claire again. *Finding Steve. Investigate the cannon and select "yes" a card in a glass ball will appear and a stone trap will drop. Now quickly run under it and drop the glass globe to shatter in then quickly take the card. Take the card to the room next to the cell's and use it to access a new area and a cut scene of Steve being turned into some mutant hunter type thing. Fire a grenade to buy you some time then run away until you see a cut scene where Steve dies. As soon as this is over, its back to playing as Chris. Playing as Chris again. *The T-Veronica monster. After Albert Wesker runs away you'll have to fight Alexia, if she grabs you you'll be killed straight away. Keep your distance and use strong weapons like the magnum. When you defeat her take the red gem, investigate it and use it on the portrait at the top of the stairs to reveal a hidden door. *The dragon fly key. After finding the biohazard key in the save room go back to the large biohazard 1 hall room and unlock the double doors to the tiger room. Now go back to the save room with the power on/off switch and turn the power off. Make your way back to the tiger room via the biohazard 1 hall and take both the tigers eyes and go back upstairs. And go to the room that looks like the Ashford twins bedrooms. Use the tiger's eyes on each music box take the music disc to the blue music box to reveal some ladders. Go up them to get the base for the dragon fly key. Combine the base of the key with the 4 insect wings you should have found to get the dragon fly key. *The self-destruct code Make your way to the area Claire was last to get a cut scene where she tells you to activate the self-destruct sequence to unlock all the electric doors. She slides a folder under the door, investigate it to find the self-destruct card she just had. Use the dragon fly key on the door that's up the stairs round the corner. Use the card on the computer. The self-destruct code is VERONICA (I suggest you get your strong weapons before you do this) go back out side to see Claire and a cut scene of the Veronica monster. *The last boss. This boss is easy to kill but annoying because of its little helpers. Avoid them as best you can and hit the boss hard with strong weapons like the magnum and grenade launcher. After a while of this you'll get a cut scene of the boss taking to the sky and the B.O.W. launcher will be released aiming is difficult but one hit and the boss is dead. *Battle game After the end credits the Battle game will be saved on to your VMU insert disc one to play it. The battle game can be played in 1st person mode if you picked up Alfred's sniper rifle or 3rd person mode characters available to begin with are Claire, Chris and Steve. Albert Wesker and Hunk are both secret characters. I've unlocked Wesker by finishing the battle mode with Chris but I haven't found how to get Hunk yet. Biohazard Code Veronica copyright 2000, Capcom This guide copyright 2000, Scott Wright</p>