Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots Boss FAQ By: - Honkytonkkid007 ( ---------------------------------------------------------------- *This is my first FAQ, so if anyone has any comments or thinks my FAQ could be improved in any way please contact me! I am open to comments. I will try my best to not give many spoilers, but I will give necessary info on where and how bosses are fought. AND REMEMBER, this is my work; it is strictly prohibited to copy or to call this work you�re own, reproducing it or putting it on A web-site is also prohibited. It�s in your best interests. Copyright, Honkytonkkid007, if anyone would like to take extracts from my FAQ, get in touch with me via E-mail. If anyone has any other MG/MGS questions, contact me also, these games are my faves and I would be happy to give out any extra info. ============================================================================ Okay let�s get started! [FROGS] Some people wouldn�t call FROGS bosses, but they are a lot better than your average PMC, and have lots of different grenades too. After meeting up with rat Patrol in the Advent palace in Act 1, you will be ambushed by a swarm of FROGS, Go onto the roof and fire at the frogs, if you are trying for the Big Boss Emblem, make sure you use the Mk.II tranquilizer gun or the Mosin Nagant tranquilizer rifle, otherwise, just use the M4, Mk.17 or AK-102 rifles to swamp them. Then follow Meryl through the whole house doing the same thing, make sure you stay close to the team or they�ll be doomed. Eventually you reach a ruined bathroom, Johnny being Johnny, walks right into a trap and sets off a bomb blowing a hole in the wall. He will be knocked out for a minute, so protect him from the front, and then give Meryl, Jonathan and Ed support from the back, soon you will have reached a group of Infrared sensors connected to a bomb again, Johnny will disable them and you follow the team down the hole. The next time you see the FROGS is in South America, in the Research lab with Laughing Octopus, this time there�s only four of them, in groups of two. Just tranq, kill or stun them and there out of the way again. In the �Twin Sons� act on Shadow Moses, they also appear, fighting alongside Crying Wolf, there�s quite a few of them, they are organised and they have some heavy weaponry on them as well. So taking them on in a gunfight while fighting a major boss wouldn�t be a great idea, so either go under that Truck at the start of the battle, or avoid them by bushwacking through the woods, after Wolf is beaten they disappear anyway. Finally, they make another appearance on Outer Haven; there are hundreds of them here. Patrolling the bow and stern, and they are backed up by GEKKO too. In the command centre, when Meryl is knocked out, beat the Frogs on the ground floor, then beat the ones on the upper level, there�s about twenty of them to beat, and you�re pretty vulnerable running around the room, so watch your sides. But gladly after that, you�ve finally beaten the Frogs! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Laughing Octopus] Laughing Octopus is the first REAL boss in the game, like Snake, she has an OctoCamo suit on, and can easily make herself one with the walls. As well as that she can mimic stuff laying around the Lab, like a dummy, a box with rope hanging from it and even the Mk.II. But don�t buy it, keep your cool and keep your brains, she can�t hurt you while hiding, when you find her, NAIL her with some heavy weapons, she will come out from her hiding place or disguise and start shooting at you, just hide behinds crates or something and then shoot at her again, she might disappear in a cloud of black smoke, or she might jump out the windows, if she disappears into a cloud of Smoke, it means that she is hiding again, use night vision on the Solid Eye and follow her trails, they are black splodges on the floor, pretty soon you�ll have found her again, and just nail her again, but if she had jumped out of the window, she will wait about five seconds before ambushing you by breaking through another window or through the ruined roof, her attacks aren�t that bad, her most common move is when she takes out her P90, she takes about five seconds before firing, and her shot is terrible, but nonetheless, still take cover, be professional. Octopus has one annoying move that pisses lots of people off; she might roll into a ball and roll towards you, in which case, get up high, on top of a bed or something, and either aim accurately at her body, or wait until she de-rolls back into herself. Overall Laughing Octopus makes an enjoyable boss fight, not too tricky and not too hard. [Laughing Beauty] After beating Laughing octopus, you have 95% of the fight finished, there is one final part left, fight her inner beauty, it�s a creepy fight, but apart from dodging your bullets, and choking you worthlessly, Laughing Beauty is a pushover, just use an automatic weapon like the M4 and hit her every three or four seconds. Extra: - Beat laughing Beauty by non violent means such as tranq, punch or kick and if it�s your first time, you can use laughing Beauty�s face as a disguise on your new Facecamo. The Facecamo is rewarded to you after you beat Laughing Octopus, regardless of violent or non violent means. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Raging Raven] First of all, you have three floors of cover to use so use them wisely, Raging Raven is furiously easy, if you use the right weapons, unlike octopus, there is well over a 90% chance that Raven will go for her grenade launcher when she breaks into the tower, if you have it, use a fully charged rail gun or the Stinger, Javelin, RPG-7, or M72 missile launchers to NAIL her before she gets a chance to blow part of the tower and part of your health away, By using a missile launcher, it takes five accurate hits to beat her, three with a charged Rail Gun, and about 15 M4 magazines. If you don�t beat her early on, she might send her other fliers in to blow chunks out of the building, she can also fire missiles at you, go to another floor to avoid getting damaged by them, when you hear an approaching beep, make sure you go to either a higher or lower floor, the stairs also protects you anyway. [Raging Beauty] Same as Laughing Beauty, she will walk towards you and try to choke you, just open up with a heavy weapon and let her have it, or if you want her cute Facecamo just beat her by non violent means. Extra: - After beating Raging raven, you get her grenade launcher, a handy piece of kit, useful for bringing down GEKKO. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p>