CCC OOO N N DD EEEEE M M N N EEEEE DD 222 C C O O NN N D D E MM MM NN N E D D 2 2 C O O NNN N D D EEEE M M M M NNN N EEEE D D 2 C O O N NNN D D E M M M N NNN E D D 2 C C O O N NN D D E M M N NN E D D 2 CCC OOO N N DD EEEEE M M N N EEEEE DD 22222 BBBB L OOO OOO DDD SSS H H OOO TTTTT B B L O O O O D D S S H H O O T B B L O O O O D D S H H O O T BBBB L O O O O D D SSS HHHHH O O T B B L O O O O D D S H H O O T B B L O O O O D D S S H H O O T BBBB LLLLL OOO OOO DDD SSS H H OOO T ********************** *Condemned 2: Bloodshot* ********************** ********************** Condemned 2: Bloodshot FAQ/Walkthrough For Xbox 360, PS3 Version 1.0 (6/1/08) Written by Brad Russell "TheGum" Email: Website: ********************** Version 1.0 - finally beat the game and finished up this guide. (6/1/08) ***************** Table Of Contents ***************** Use Ctrl + F to quick find in this guide. Section: Code: 1. A Brief Foreword 2. Controls CON2222 3. Starter Tips TIPS333 4. Walkthrough FAQ4444 Rock Bottom ROCK111 Preston Hotel PRES222 Commuter Tracks COMM333 Doll Factory DOLL444 SCU Building SCU5555 City Museum CITY666 Black Lake Lodge BEAR777 Trenton District BOWL888 Magic Theater TRICK99 Junk Barge JUN1010 The Peninsula END1111 5. Combat Help FISTS55 6. Fight Club CLUB666 7. Author Info / Copyright ***************************************************************************** * 1. A Brief Foreword * ***************************************************************************** Well, have yet to play Condemned 1, but I actually own the game, so I'll get on it ASAP. This game is made by the people that made FEAR, and I think are involved in making Project Origin, the "true sequel" to FEAR. So aside from at least one similar level to the FEAR franchise in this game, you can see the obvious similarities right down to the concept. I liken this game to Perseus Mandate, a FEAR expansion pack. The reason is because this game is probably not as popular as the first game, and having played this game it was a little empty of an experience. I mean, it was nice, but it's not like I'm not considering trading this game in for some store credit. That being said, there are flashes of something great in this game that just doesn't come to fruition. I loved the CSI parts, but of course there are just a few of those early in the game. The fighting is solid at times, and then at others it just seems like there is no sense to the fighting. And who will ever forget the bear? That is probably one of the top gaming moments of this year, and some of the lesser bosses are done really well too - of course there are just about five, so doesn't last long. The only real negative is how much trial and error gameplay goes into getting through. Other than that, this is a good game, not a great game. Worth the renting. TheGum. ***************************************************************************** * 2. Controls ( CON2222 ) * ***************************************************************************** PS3 Controls ------------ X - pick up gun, open doors, use things O - flashlight Square - hold for forensic tools, press to bring up the last tool used (LS to select a tool) Triangle - check status R1 - fire primary, double press for chain attack L1 - fire alternate, double press for chain attack R1 + L1 - block, grab defeated opponents R2 - throw weapons L2 - sprint R3 - kick L3 - hook, just press and attack to do a hook RS - look/aim LS - move D-Pad UP - fire stun gun D-Pad DOWN - holster START - pause menu SELECT - objective menu *NOTE: If you have the 360 controls, I'd sure appreciate them.* ***************************************************************************** * 3. Starter Tips ( TIPS333 ) * ***************************************************************************** #1. Getting dizzy? - seriously, change the look speed to a lower number than what it starts at. There are enough reasons for you to lose your lunch with this game, no sense throwing in motion sickness. #2. Don't block on purpose - this is because blocking damages your weapon, and that is not good. The only good block is a block that just misses as a parry. #3. Patience after taking damage - you'll notice that you have viles of health in the corner? Well, so long as you don't lose a whole vile, if you just sit around a while it will refill. #4. Weigh your options - usually there are times when you have a couple of items to choose from, and the choice usually comes down to either speed in attacking or damage. Damage means you will kill the enemy faster, while speed means every miss won't mean you're exposed (even though hitting sometimes leaves you exposed anyway). Damage usually wins out, and always go for the guns over the implements. #5. Keep the signal - some of the antennas require you to actively keep moving them in order to maintain the signal. If you see the words fade or hear the static that usually means to move the antenna a bit in one direction. #6. Fists only - in order to use your chain attacks you have to have your fists empty. This is useful for the big enemies and the monsters later in the game. #7. Holster tactics - once you have the holster you really need to learn how to use it and your other weapons at the same time. Of course two guns means no problems, but once you only have one that means you should probably holster your gun and carry an implement. You can either toss the weapon to draw your gun, or just pull out the gun. ***************************************************************************** * 4. Walkthrough ( FAQ4444 ) * ***************************************************************************** Condemned 2: Bloodshot Walkthrough First thing you must do is adjust the brightness so that the eyes on the walls are barely visible, and you can do this at any time during the game in the options menu. I recommend you keep it at 50, or maybe even brighter, as this game is naturally very dark. =========== Rock Bottom ( ROCK111 ) =========== You learn about the flashlight and that you have a limited amount of time to press the button to talk. And once you move and look around, the next thing you may want to do is pause the game and go to the options menu. I set the subtitles to on, and then I set the look speed to 20, but you can go lower if you want. Anything above and you may need to have a trash bin nearby as you play (heck, you might need one regardless). Okay, so the first thing you do is follow him through the narrow path of junk, which requires you to press the use button to slid through. Go up the stairs and help him open the fence. In this "cage" area you will fight with a stream of bums. The first you has you praticing your attacks; just jab left and right, careful not to let him regain himself. Then you have to use the block and parry, which is just holding down both attacks buttons right before the enemy attacks; if you hold up your arms and his attack doesn't hit and he staggers backward, you did it, then kill him. The third guy has you using a combo, and the fourth has you do a parry and then combo. After that, you are told to pick up the 2x4 in the trash can, which is on the left of the dumpster. Then you need to fight some enemies who also have 2x4's, but the combat is the same: smack them, parry, and combo for quick kills. Kill all three, which is almost difficult, but isn't. Then you are taken for a spin. Once everyone is gone, go to the red light by the gate in the corner, and go through once it opens. Go to the TV and grab the antenna, twirl it to the right spot so you can see the channel, but DON'T let go or you will miss it. After that, go through the door and grab the Electric Conduit on the wall. The TV's in here will turn on when you're close after the lights go out, but there's nothing for it. On a shelf is a Pipe that offers just a bit more power, but a loss of speed (the speed you swing the weapon). There is also a Pipe Lever at the end of this shelf, but for it's reach you don't get the power of the Pipe, so keep the Pipe. With the weapons sorted out, go into the back room and look right to get a scare. There is a stairs leading up on the right, so go up there first to run into a locked door, but also a TV antenna for a message. Then come back down and take the steps to the basement. There is a guy down here, and if you swing around to the left of the shelf you'll run into him. Kill him and he is holding an AC Support, which swings faster but has lower everything else; don't get it. You'll also learn about the Sonic Emitters, which cause crime for some reason. *NOTE: There is a med kit on the wall down here, if you need it. Break the glass to use it.* Go to the left around the metal sheet wall to hit another antenna TV, then go left of it to hit the Sonic Emitter on the wall. Pick up the Crowbar on the floor and then you'll hear someone is upstairs. Nothing else of interest down here, so go to the steps and look at the fellow toss TV's at you, so just stay off to the side of the steps as he throws them at nothing. When he's out of TV's he will run into the storage area and pick up any weapon he can and most likely come back to throw it at you, so at any time feel free to throw your crowbar at him and then run up for some hand to hand combat, or keep your weapon so as to not let him pick it up and just take his hit. Basically, just run up and kill him. Now the door up the steps is open, so go up. In the upper room, a guy will try to scare you and then he disappears. Go over and push the shelf to get into the main area, and note that there are two med kits on the wall, so break the glass and use them if you need to. For the first enemy you learn about how to use the Chain Attack, which is just like any other button-press sequence from many other games. Double tap an attack button to enter the Chain Attack mode, and then be ready to follow the prompts, which are your two attacks and even both combined as a finisher. There is a second enemy, and then a third who you can perform a finisher on. Just hit him and he will be stunned, so grab him (press both attack buttons) and take him over to any item with a white skull around it (like a TV, or maybe even the toilet in the closet around the corner) and you will kill him with that object. After the fight, climb through the window and then drop over the side to the left. Be ready to smack a dog, then go to the right and push the gate to knock over a barrel into the fire, then stand back as it blows (health kit in the locker on the left if you need it). Go through the gate and head down the alley to your left. Not sure about you, but a dead guy on the streets is not a good sign, especially seeing three demons run away from the body! Go around the corner on the right and grab another antenna on a TV before you go through the door. Get the clue? Look to your feet and sure enough, there are birds, and if you go through the door you get the effect as if an emitter is nearby, but none are in sight. Come back out through the door and look up. Stand back and press the button that tosses your weapon to smash the device. Go through the door and straight down to another door ahead as the doors on the side lead to nowhere. After the cheap scare, go through the door surrounded by black blood and look through the doorway on the left to respond. Then go right for a door that you probably don't want to open. Enter the alley and go forward to run into an enemy from the left. You had better keep your flashlight on, and try for the parry combo attacks, and after you kill the first guy you should quickly grab his pipe to fight the next guy. Kill both and then go to the right behind the dumpster for a box with a med kit inside. Proceed down the ugly path to hit the fence. *NOTE: If things are very dark, go to your options menu and change it to make it brighter. If you can barely see, that is not good.* Something stirs behind the fence and a barrel of liquid spills out and will run to the burning car. Step way back and let the barrel explode, then be ready for some demons to come after you. There are five in total as you move down the path, and just one hit will kill them. Aim low too as they can drain your health in a hurry. Once you kill them, go to the metal bars by a fence and get close to them to climb up and be on the walkway. Follow it and you will drop, then you will be scared by a dog, but if you listen you will hear Rover meets an untimely end. Climb up the next "ladder" and then hop down on either side. There is a conduit on the corner of the wall, so grab it if it is in better condition than what you got. Go along the rail of the steps and be ready for a demon to emerge from the behind the trash cans. Then if you look down the steps, poor old Rover is being picked dry by a demon, but if you go down the steps the thing will run away. You want to go down here for the med kits in the locker, but then come back the way you came and continue down the alley. Go around the corner to be where Vanhorn took the door, but it's locked. Go under the ladder shaft and toss your weapon to hit's bottom, then pick it up, or the fresh conduit on the wall, and then climb the ladder. Four demons up here, and you can stand in the middle of this roof to anticipate where they drop. Then squeeze through the gap by the vent and smack the demon in the wall before it pops out. There is a med kit in the locker, then go move the boards over the hole in the roof and drop down. *NOTE: Missed an emitter, so stay on the roof if you want it. Go to the left edge and toss some bricks at the emitter across the gap.* There is a Prosthetic Arm on the shelf, so grab it and go around the corner. After you see the wheelchair move, there is a Brace on the wall, but it's the same as you arm. If you go to what is the left side of this room, where the demon runs to, there will be a Crutch and an antenna on a TV. Through the other open doorway will be a lever as well as a med kit. Pull the lever and then three enemies will come through the gate you just opened. You will run into all three, so feel free to toss arms and whatever other weapons you have in the area. You can also use the hook, which is click the stick and then press an attack button. Fight all three on your way to the nursery, where you will have to fight one that is hiding, and you should know that you can block their thrown weapons. Once all three are dead, go through the gate and the next doorway to save your game. Go down the stairs and respond at the guy in the window. Seems like a bad idea, but climb into the room. Go around the corner to the right and when you go to the center of the room the ceiling sack monster will grab you, or just toss your weapon at it first. Two other demons will rise, one on the left and one slow one on the right. Kill them, then slip around the left corner, around the shelves and be ready for more demons from anywhere. Watch out for the sacks and make your way to the stretcher that has the bricks on it. Use these to pop the sacks all over the ceiling, and be ready for more demons to pop up and come after you. Just take your time, use the bricks to clear a path around the clutter and hit the save point. Don't forget to keep that weapon you had. *NOTE: Again, if things are very dark and hard to see, may want to adjust the brightness in the options menu.* On the wall will be some meds, and if you look to the left there are two sacks to bust. When you bust one, slow demons rise on the right. Kill them and go into the first room on the right for a pipe. Go down the hall and at the first fork in the road go either left or right, but going right just has one demon, so go right. In the surgery room, look right to see a slow demon approaching. Kill him and the sack on the ceiling, then look on the shelf for a Shotgun, which isn't as strong as your pipe, but bring it anyway. Go into the next surgery room and things get hazy, but fight the two demons, then go around and use the ledge by Vanhorn to trigger the cutscene. End level, in a deus ex machina kinda way. ----- You should get the fist weapon. *NOTE: All reward are relative to how well you do, but it's just upgraded versions of the same item.* ============= Preston Hotel ( PRES222 ) ============= You are given a Riot Gun, which is a shotgun. After everyone is done talking, follow Dorland. Go with him into the room and you'll run into an SCU Lockbox which has just some ammo. Grab them and go down the steps. After you hop over a small gap in the stairs, go into the hallway and stop where he stops. Go down to investigate the person, but no one is there. Come back and proceed down the hall, and you can go into room 513 if you want, but there is nothing in the room. *NOTE: That all rooms have a bathroom, and most have a medicine cabinet with meds, duh!* Meet your team at the meth lab room and blast it, then stand back. There is some booze for you in the hall, and it steadies you out a bit (but not in real, life, no, any alcohol makes you bleed out of every orifice, this is just make believe here). Nothing in 511 but a bird scare, then go to the end of the hallway where a board will be moved to enter the next room. Duck under to hit a speedhead, so blast him or else you'll have to follow the button presses, which are alternating your attack buttons and pressing the ones that blink on screen. Kill him and then go around to the opening in the wall to blast another enemy with a shotgun; you can take his ammo, but I don't think it adds to your ammo at all. When your friends catch up, follow them; nothing in room 508. Go into the next room by Dorland and you'll hit a TV antenna. Then go into the bathroom and drop down the hole. Take the door on the right and your team will run ahead of you in the hall. At the elevator you run into a conversation where you have some choices. Choose "Any officers reported..." and then "Is there a commuter train..." as your responses to get a perfect rating. Dorland then jumps down the shaft, but when it's your turn, go around the corner down the hall and look to the left. Go down toward the TV and it blows up. Go into the room and be ready for a guy with a 2x4 to jump out from the right corner and smack you. Kill him and then go into the next area to open the door to the bathroom. There is a speedballer sitting on the toiler, but he doesn't jump up to attack you. Just blast him and then go chase the other guy in the middle set of rooms. That should use up your bullets, so go grab that 2x4 or something else and go back to the hallway that leads to the elevators. Stop by room 404 and go into the bathroom on the left, and through the mirror you should know to turn and nail the speedhead. Make your way back to the elevator and drop down. Pry open the doors after you fall before you die. Now go forward and in the hallway be ready for a big, beefy speeder. He isn't as hard as you think, and there is an extra conduit on the wall by the doors if you need it. After you kill him, go down the hall on the right and then go left to hit an open set of door where you will learn about the Spectrometer. Just hold down the button that brings up your tools menu and press in the direction of the spectrometer to use it. The Sonic Emitter is just around the corner to the left, so press the tools button again to put the device away and smack the emitter. Then go to the other side of the room and into the tiny room where you have a view of the meth lab. Use the bricks on the floor in here to smash the lab, then open the locker for a med kit. Now come back into the hallway where the door to the dining hall is open. Go in and go grab the Baseball Bat on the table in the center, and get ready for a fight with three enemies, and your bat can take them all out pretty easy; there are conduits on the columns if you need them. Up the steps and through the doors and you get a quick message about riots in the streets. Go outside and up the steps to learn of your withdrawals and how to aim down the sights. Pick up the shotgun and go over to the locker to swap it for the Riot Gun, then pick your shotgun of ammo (which I guess does add to the riot gun). Proceed as the sounds get louder. There are four enemies up the way, and they seem to not like each other; one has a shotgun and the others can have handguns. There are tons of items all around: bricks, shovels, handguns, and 2x4's. Kill the enemies and go to the steps. Look up to see the Sonic Emitter and either shoot it or try to toss something up there. Go through the doors and go left to slide through the counter and cart. Now you run into an investigation scene. Start the CSI game. Go to the face and select "adult male." Now look at the clothing and select "police uniform." The last thing is to pick up the badge near his hand and select "police badge #46." Submit the evidence. Next is the cause of death. Go to his back and look at the trauma point. Select the following: torso, gunshot wound, and exit wound. Last thing is to see if the body was moved. Bring up your inventory and get out the UV light. Look to the back of the body to see the blood trail with hand prints to indicate the victim crawled, so select both. Then go move the piece of furniture over the blood trail. At the fork in the hall is a message on the wall saying "gun in 106", but what it doesn't tell you is there is a guy holding that gun. So you probably need one yourself. 106 is to the right, and the guy is in the bathroom, so be ready when you approach the door. Kill him, grab his gun if you want, and then watch the TV. Come back and the blood goes left, where you'll be attacked by a bad guy with a bat in the room. Go around into the hallway and you will get the icon to use the spectrometer. You don't have to, just go into the hole in the wall on the right, kill a bad guy, and the emitter is in the next room high up on the wall to the right. Some meds in the first bathroom through the hole. Come back out into the hall and go right only if you want the next antenna. You will pass room 101 and once you do a big bad guy will break through the wall. Fight him off, noting the bedposts and meds through the first hole in the wall, and then go in room 101 for the antenna. Once again, come back down the hall, take the offshoot into the middle area and you'll fight one junkie. There is a radio on the ground to listen to, then take the door to the service elevator for a quick investigation. Just look at the blood spatter and choose "outward pattern" and "dropped from above". Grab the 9mm and go through the door. After the long scene, just turn around. Head left and through the hole, but either run to the cover on the right or go for the locker on the left side of the room. There will be a guy that closes the hole and will start shooting at you with a shotgun. The locker has a shotgun, med kits, and ammo, so take him out however you wish. But you also need to keep in mind that another big guy will crash through the wall and attack; hopefully you can be as lucky as I was and shoot him in the head. Refill at the locker before going back to the hall. Go back and follow the blood trail, which goes right of the service elevator door. Go through the double doors and go left to kill a junkie in a closet in the room. A bad guy comes out of a door down the hall, so kill him. Head straight down this hall and be ready for a guy with a SMG and a junkie to attack from the red glowing light area, so kill them fast. There is a meth lab in this room, so blast it before trading your shotgun for the sub gun. Come back a bit and go up the steps and to the main lobby area where you get a quick jolt, then you will have time to shoot down the big guy coming at you. If you go down the hall on the right and through the door on the left you can chase a bad guy or try to shoot him, but if you approach through the rooms I believe he has no where to go. Either way, follow the hallway that goes left, left from the lobby anyways. Inside room 208 is a locker full of med kits and an antenna. Room 209 just has med kits in the medicine cabinet. In the dining room is a quick scare, then go out into the hallway with the junkie. Keep moving and after this next scare you need to turn to kill a guy and then the one in front of you. Head right down the hall and move the board over the low hole in the wall, but then back up as a guy will shoot at you and will somehow manage to hit you. Your only choice it to go back around the corner, wait for him to reload, look through the hole in the wall, and shoot him when he is in view. After, if you feel the need to run back the way you came for med kits, be warned a bad guy will chase you down. If you proceed down the hall you will hit another crime scene in front of door 212. Look at the policeman's cap on the chair and the exit spatter on the door, selecting both as evidence for Rosa. Just go into room 212 and go right to see Vanhorn through a hole in the floor. Go to the right side and drop down. Another three-part crime evidence scene. You first need the room number. Go out the door to the hallway and look at the front of the door to see two numbers missing. Well, if you go down the hall you see the next room is 121, and since the only number close is 119, it must be 119. Look at the front door again and select "#119." Now go back in the room and look at the body. You now need to take a perfectly clear shot with your camera. Bring up the menu and grab your camera when in view of the dude's chest. Take a clear picture of his chest and you should get a perfect. Last one is the same thing but this time on his face. Now snap a photo of his face from the side and the level is ova'. ----- You should get the flak jacket, which protects from gunshots. =============== Commuter Tracks ( COMM333 ) =============== Yeah, never good when you get left behind. Your best bet is to start running immediately, be sure to hit the response while the guys are talking, run across the "bridge" on the left, and you'll be safe as the guys cannot follow you. Grab the track light on the chair and go around the corner but not into the hallway. You'll see a spec icon, so whip that thing out. The emitter is in the adjacent room, not in the hall, and you can toss your light at it. Now go into the hall and at the end of it is a radio antenna. Go into the room and go left to hit a meth lab. Now go through the bathroom go meet the mannequin, and feel free to look behind you a few times as you make your way to the next door. *NOTE: If a chair blocks your path, smack it to move it.* Go up the stairs and in the hall you are teased by a big guy. Follow him into the rooms, noting the locker in the first one that has med kits, and follow him to kill him; also note the rebars on the walls of the second room which make great killing points. Use the locker in the first room if you need it and then go destroy the meth lab; feel free to read all the writing on the wall. Around the corner is a door that reveals a TV antenna. You can go out and look at the bad guys on the tracks, but then go back into the previous room with the meth lab. Go on the right side and you'll see a hole in the wall and some bricks. Chuck one at the chair holding the door up to move it. Now go back to the hallway and through the door. Up the stairs and through the door you get another spec icon. Go through the door, turn left and in the room you fight two bad guys, and there is another rebar in the hallway. After you kill them go into the bathroom at the top of the room and the emitter is in there. *NOTE: Best way to deal with those enemies is to hold up at the doorway and they may fight each other a bit. Enemies see to get stuck on doorways pretty easily.* Now go through the doorway and out onto a balcony where you see a chopper fly overhead. Turn right to see a zip line and use it to get across. Go through the door and try to toss your rebar at the head of the guy in here with the gun, otherwise just run up and beat him to death. You want his gun because if you stay in the doorway you can look out and down a bit across the tracks to see an emitter behind the fence. You can jump down onto the tracks and quickly go shoot it, or use the bricks that are by the sparking wires. As far as proceeding in the level, a train will run by the tracks and hopefully take out some enemies, then the guys will fight it out for a while, but if you stay too long at the room where you fought the one guy they will come after you. So what you need to do is quickly move the boards over the railing, jump down, and sprint down the left end of the tracks. Run to the gate and respond to Le Rue. Now come back and run to the left side where there is a guy throwing molotovs up above and the fence should be down. If you missed the emitter before, you'll hit it as you cross the boards. On the other side you speak to Le Rue again, then climb up the ladder. Drop down across the board and then you'll fight what looks like that one guy from the start of the game. There is a handrail on the vent nearby that helps kill him off. After you take him out, go around the path and up the next board to end the level. ----- You should get the 5 shot stun gun. ============ Doll Factory ( DOLL444 ) ============ There is a steam pipe behind you. Yes, you're now talking to Le Rue. You start this level off with an investigation. To find the name, just look on the wall for the Placard and choose "Walker Doll Factory." Now go through the door and out into the big room. You must identify the tanks in this room, all six of them. On the left side is a chart that tells you what the two types look like: mixing tanks have pipes in them and settling tanks have no pipes coming out of them. But just mark the four standing tanks as 7a and the two in the corner as 7b. *NOTE: The voices are from the other side of the rollup door.* Now go around the mixing tanks to find the stairs to the catwalk and go up, and please look through the windows on the right - yeah. Keep going and you'll see a control for the rollup door on the railings. Use it and then enter the next investigation. However, keep following the catwalk to the office at the end. Use the UV light to find the numbers on the walls in front of the desk. Go back to the controls and enter 17, then 23, and 10 into the padlock on the panel. Open the rollup door and watch the guy get blown up by the doll. Now quickly run back down to the ground and you should kick the dolls over so you can get by; you can be quite a ways from them and kick them, so don't get TOO close. Run to the door and duck under and it will close. *NOTE: It's actually best to get close to a doll, jab backward to avoid their attack, and then let them blow up. This is because kicking them only puts them down and not out. Their blast radius is quite large, so stand a good ways back when they blow.* Respond to Le Rue as you move up, and enter the room on the left for a locker. Now go to the right side, through the door, push the shelf, crawl through the vent, and then you got a radio antenna to use. There is also a pipe wrench on the table. Go through the door and you will fight two bad guys; use the stun gun by pressing UP on the d-pad. Go into the next room and there will be med kits on the right, and a rip hammer on the left. Go into the next big room and kick over the many dolls, or get close and run away to let them explode. Straight ahead of the door is a a dead- end in the conveyor belt, but on the left is a flap you can open, watch out for more dolls, and then go left to the corner of the room if you need meds from a locker. Otherwise come back to the belt and open the next flap that is in front of the first one. There is a button on the column to push, but it's red until you close both flaps. Close the first, one then the second, and then push the button, all the while avoiding the dolls that lurk around. Each time you press the button you will send a few boxes of toys along the line, and you must follow the toys along the outer side of the belt so you can use the boxes to block the fire and let you pass. If you do, go into the hall and enter the room on the right. There is a locker on the right side of this room with meds, and on the left will be the emitter low on the wall. Once you take out the emitter be ready for two dolls, and one more may be waiting in the hallway. Come back to the hall and enter the door on the left. One bad guy to kill; use the stun gun. There is a TV in the corner, then go through the door. Be ready for a guy to jump out from the wall and attack you, so try to smack him or follow the buttons if he grabs you (you'll have to tap them if so). Then fight another dude and after that go through the doorway to turn the valve. Now the hole with fire will be open, so go up the stairs. On the right you will find a doll, so grab it and go through the door. You'll hear a guy call to you, but you can't help him yet. Take the doll to a hole in the wall on the left and toss the doll toward the blocked door, and stand back because the explosion is kinda big. After that, go through, be sure to pick up your rip hammer if you got it, and enter the office. Talk to Le Rue and feel free to get the golf club on the desk. In the corner cabinet is a drawer with the word "MASKS" over it, so open and then respond. Now go around the desks to find a drawer on the side of the fire and in this one is the mask - put it on, duh. Then turn and be ready for a guy to attack, so smack him. Go back out to the stairs and another fire guy will attack, so smack him as well. Enter the big room and help the guy up, then he runs away. Go left and through the door until you hit the next stairwell, which is on fire and broken of course. Fall over to the left side to get on the path. Through the next door is another emitter. Go further up the room, no enemies, and there will be clutter in your way. On the left by the window is a plank, so pick it up, stand back from the shelves, and toss the plank at the gas tanks to blow away the clutter. Pick up the golf club and go into the open area. Turn the valve on the wall, then go around the corner for some dolls to come from a metal thing. Let them blow up and if they blow up near the metal thing they will take out the emitter. The emitter is on the wall on the left. Now go back the way you came to find a ladder by the railing. Take it down and you'll hear stuff happening around you, but no enemies to fight. Go through the door in front of the ladder and listen to the radio; drinking the alcohol is your choice. Go around the wall and there will be a valve to turn to open the path. Go through, notice the other gas line that you cut from the valve up above, and past the conveyor belts will be a burning guy that pops out from the right, so pop him one. There is a locker with meds on the right too. Follow the path to the next room where you hit another flaming dude, then the game saves. Go into the middle of this room and press the green button to activate the conveyor. Now get ready for the doll girl to appear. You only need to hit her a few times to get her to go away. But soon after you must get a doll from either the conveyor belts or from a box on the left. She will now be in on a walkway up above and continuously toss dolls at you, and yes they will explode. Her supply comes from the left side, so tossing dolls that way is best. It takes about four hits to get her to go away and reveal the path. *NOTE: Remember, you spring in the direction you are looking, so watch to see where she throws the doll, look in another direction, and then sprint to avoid the blast.* Go up the belt on the left that falls and go through a few doors. There is a steam pipe on the wall and a locker around the corner on the left. When you go to the right be ready for two fire guys. Go to the elevator ahead and Le Rue asks for your location. Study the evidence, but the 4C sign on the right is a trick. The actual sign is on the left, at the top of the steps. The fallen sign is for 3B, so select that as your response. Next you will notice the emitter icon on your screen. Go right and there is a pile of bricks in the corner by the steps. Grab one and go up the steps to see the emitter high on the wall, beyond the fire. So aim a bit high and toss the brick and once you hit the emitter a flame guy will charge you. Grab your steam pipe and enter the elevator. Start the elevator with the panel on the left, but it messes up. Study the evidence again and you must now wire the panel correctly. The solution is on the panel in the opposite corner. The order goes: 1 - bare wire, 2 - thick wire, 3 - striped wire. After the elevator messes up again, to to the doll boxes and look up to climb up to the top. Down to the right is a guy to fight and a second chance to get the emitter, if you need it. Go up the and around on the left to hit a flame guy, then go up and duck under to get to the door. Go in for health and the fuse on the table. Grab it and come back out to see a doll blow the wooden floor. You have to duck under and then you fall through. Yes, the doll girl is back up above you. Now you fight to the death. There is a steam pipe on the column and a plank in the corner of the wall, and in that same corner will be some meds. The fight is just like with any other bad guy, so it should actually not be that bad. Just attack, jab backward to avoid, or counter, and then attack. Repeat until she is down, then grab her and take her to the press machine on the side for a brutal kill. Again, meds and the other weapons, including her lollypop saw, but it's real weak. You actually don't need anything. Just duck back under the boards, go to the top of the elevator, fall back in, replace the fuse, and level over. ----- You are rewarded with a holster for any weapon if you get gold. ============ SCU Building ( SCU5555 ) ============ Ah, if you've played FEAR, this level should look very familiar. Respond to Rosa, then turn around and look at the x-rays on the wall. Get close to study the evidence, then bring out your camera and take a focused picture of the x-ray with the black box over the throat. There is also an antenna radio you can do before or after you take an x-ray. Now get on the x-ray table for Rosa. Two responses while inside, and yep, things don't go so well, no they don't. Go out and yell "hello!" Then go into the room on the right for another response. Come back out and go down the other hallway, past the elevator, and through the double doors (just wait during the black out and things will be okay, just stay cool now). Go up and look through the windows of the double doors to see a little scare, then follow the path into another room where you saw that thing run, and keep going until you hit a room where you see Vanhorn's body through some windows. Through the next set of doors you can go straight and swing around through a snack room area, then you'll be at the place where you saw that creepy vision. Go down the hallway toward the bathroom and it closes. Come back to the place with the vision and only one door will open. After a series of frights, the second room on the right has more x-rays to take. You want to focus on the top one. Now come out and look to the window nearby, and even through it's hard to see, just keep going down the hallway and into a room with a walkie talkie. Listen and then talk straight ahead into the rooms and you will call out to Rosa. Go into the next room and you will find a gun in the locker. Then you'll talk with a friendly in front of the door. Try to open the door and just watch until he opens it. Follow him along and up the steps. After another guy dies, you will arrive in an office where you will run into two enemies that have guns. You can shoot as best you can, but with the shaking screen and the bad aim it can be tough. There is another gun in a locker nearby. Once you kill those guys they drop Assault Rifles, so pick one of those up and holster the other if you want to. At the next intersection you will fight two more enemies, but be ready for those creeping monsters to come at you, the ones from the first level. Your friend can see them too, and he will help shooting them. As for the guys with guns, just go into a little room on the right and you can shoot them easily, if you can them that is. Proceed into the office space and there will be more monsters and at least one more bad guy around the corner. Now just follow the guy (he may glitch up and be part of the floor, though I wouldn't be surprised if that's not a glitch), and you'll soon hit a gooy area just like the first level; use the flashlight. Just follow the guy and soon you'll blackout where he stops, and he will be gone. Then just fight off the monsters, but I think it's a losing battle that you have to lose. You'll blackout once more. You wake up back in the x-ray room with Rosa to see that your vision and the game is just fine. Now go out the doors and head to the elevator, but before you get in there is a radio on the right of it. Then ride the elevator up. You'll notice an emitter icon. Go left and into the office, but nothing is in sight. Go to the picture on the wall, knock it down, and then punch the emitter. Farrell's office is in the upper right corner, and as soon as you enter look right for another radio antenna. Now go to Farrell respond, sit, and then respond once more before going into the questions. For the questions, choose these responses: "We carried Vanhorn's body away from the hotel." "Yes." "Dorland shot a power transformer creating a small explosion." A Response. "I was in an apartment complex next door." "The helicopter started taking fire." "Dorland." ----- For a gold you get rubber soles, which allow you to sneak up on people. =========== City Museum ( CITY666 ) =========== Stick around for a while and the cop will turn over a wheelbarrow and you will have another investigaion. Get out the UV and look for the tire marks that go to a door, and then indicate as such. Respond and then follow the cop to the wall where he boosts you over, and respond once more. You are told to not kill any cops, so only fight with your fists and just grab them once they are down to knock them out. This will remain constant, and is the only way to get gold. *NOTE: Feel free to grab the paper cutter in the first office, not for any guards but for a fight with rioters later on.* Follow the tire marks up to some double doors, then take the door on the right for a response for Rosa. Then come back and keep following the marks through a filing room and then you should get the message to watch your steps. Just go out the door and slowly move straight ahead, not toward the guards on the right. Just go straight, feel free to keep your UV light on, and then you'll get a scene at the blood stained-area. Rosa then asks a few questions, so choose "finger prints" and "nursed his nephew." Then stand around and wait for the cue to take a picture of the saw in the blood. Remember, focus. Then get a picture of the handle as well. When you talk to her again, choose "you said it looked medieval?" After that, go up the metal steps and you get another investigation. You need to determine the number of the camera looking to the scene, and if you look to the bottom you'll see the number 1501. Now jump over the wall atop these steps and follow the walkway all the way to the end; I believe you don't have to sneak. Jump down and you'll land next to a radio antenna, so use it. Slowly go out the door and tip toe down the right hallway, and enter the room in front of you marked "surveillence room." Feel free to shut the door. Now study the evidence and go to the desk. The second-to-the-bottom one is the backup drive for 1501. Examine and then watch the video on the screen. Go out, right after you sneak by the snack room guard, then take the door on the left to enter the galleries. Go around the left corner to see the t-rex skeleton and some rioters (why are the guards just standing around?). So fight the one guy the remains, and remember you have a stun gun. After that, go right of the stairs, not on them, and you'll see a museum directory on the wall. Study it and select 13A. Then go up the stairs and you will see a guard, so just quietly follow behind him. Watch as he gets to the end of the room and is attacked. Then grab the TV antenna behind the desk. Feel free to grab the baton the guard dropped. Now proceed until you hit a walkway, then just look below and wait as people run away, nothing should happen to you if you wait a bit. But once you move across the walkway a guy will pop out from around the corner, so stun him and hit him to take him out quickly, or else he will cause you a lot of damage with his war hammer. You should also notice the emitter icon, and if you look to the left side of the walkway you will see it. Toss your current item at the emitter and use your flashlight as a crosshair if you need to, and then grab the war hammer. *NOTE: Don't forget about your flashlight if it's too dark.* There are also short swords and battle axes in these cases, but they are all of the same strength, so doesn't matter really. The broadswords in the next room are the best, so grab one of them. In the third weapon room you will run into the spray painter, but he/she doesn't appear to want to fight. Then you must fall into a large exhibit room where there are two guards and about four or so rioters. You want the guards to fight the rioters for you, because you don't want to kill them, but you also don't want to toss down a weapon for the rioters. If you can lure the guards to the rioters, great, otherwise you'll have a tough time fighting everyone with fists. Your best bet is to run around the area to lure out both guards and let them fight with the bad guys, and once the guards are dead you can fight the rioters with your sword. *NOTE: If you do have to fight the guards, toss away your weapon and hit them with your fists only, and when they are on the ground you need to make sure you grab them and use the left attack button to take them out.* So, once all the enemies are taken care of, there is an emitter on the column near the side of the room where you entered from, way up high. Then go into the side room to get a message from Rosa to picture some artifacts. The first one is in this side room, a statue. You need a pic of the mouth of this statue, the metal thing over it. Now go up the stairs, but I imagine you are out of stun gun batteries and low on health. So instead of going up through the stairs inside, go around the corner on the right and out the doors to be outside. You should see some guards come down the steps and a rioter, but let the rioter take out the guards, then you finish off this weak rioter. There is a locker near these steps that has new batteries and health. *NOTE: Had you gone through the stairs in the museum you would have fought a big rioter, and without the stun gun I just don't see a way you can beat him unless you just know how to block every attack, and I do not.* Go up the steps and you'll see many statues up here. Go left from the steps and you'll get the "study evidence" message by this statue. Snap a photo of the mouth. Now come back and you'll see a pile of bricks on the ground. Grab one, stand back a bit, look up to see the emitter on the brick wall, turn on your flashlight, aim a bit above the emitter, and you'll hit it; try again if you miss. Past the crow scene is a door to go through to hit a gruesome scene. You first need to take a photo of the metal tools on the table. Next you need to collect a blood sample. So just look at the blood on the table and collect some of it. Then look at the tools and collect one of those as well. Then you will need to choose a question, so choose the "came from Mar's body" question, should be the top one. Now come back out and stun the two guys that attack you and smack them for easy kills. A guard and rioter will come up the steps and then another joins them, so kill the two rioters when they come after you. Go down the steps to that locker for batteries and health. Come back up and go through the door at the end, then climb through the boards to get introduced to a knight. You cannot fight him, so just sprint down the path and once you are over the walkway you will lose him. In this room there are three enemies in here to fight. Once you kill them there is a locker in one corner, and even another artifact on the statue near the locker. And yes, that is a crossbow you can pick up. Oh yeah, don't miss the extra batteries in the locker. Step over the boards and you meet another knight, or the same one. The key to beating him is to bait him into slashing into the ground, then quickly dash behind him, shoot his back, and then just shoot his torso. He will fall over and you can finish him up close. There is a locker and some alcohol in the center of the room, if you need them. ----- You get the ability to drop waypoints on the GPS device, which is one of your gadgets, FYI. You press the left attack button to bring up your GPS and then you drop the waypoint where you are standing. It's almost completely worthless, almost. ================ Black Lake Lodge ( BEAR777 ) ================ Go around the plane to find the steps, and as you walk over the ice pond (you can't fall through so don't worry), there are two reponses. Keep going until you hit a bridge where you fall through. Investigate the blood on the right and then look at the chunk. Notice the watch on the wrist and call it an arm. Then you need to get a time. Look to the watch again, pick it up, select "February 24" and "0003", and submit both. Then just examine the arm again, collect a sample, and submit that. Now you just move forward, but turn on your spectrometer to help you find your way. You will basically go left to cross over a log and Rosa will keep talking to you as the number goes up. Across the log you will need to ask the question "Dehydration? With all this snow?" Feel free to run the rest of the way until you hit the ice. Go right and into the lodge. You will see the guy who is missing an arm. You need to choose: male, SCU, and D. Payant, and you get those from looking at the head, the left side of his jacket, and the wallet on the ground by his right leg. Then respond to Rosa. *NOTE: Again, don't forget about your flashlight if it's too dark.* Now follow the path (it all leads to the same point), and you'll hit some steps. Go up and through the door, and yes, you should be pretty afraid at this point. Head left from the door and look through a hole in the wall to see what you're up against - bear. Go through the next door and look around the right corner to see a guy crawl away. Drop down the hole nearby. The game will save, but you need to locate the exit sign behind you. Once you hear the bear appear, run down this hallway, at the corner is a room, run inside, run to the corner of this room, enter the closet, go left in here, and you should be stuck in a narrow crawlspace. Just wait and you'll hear him get close, and eventually he will bust through and open the path. *NOTE: Getting caught is a cool death animation, but nothing you HAVE to die to see.* Yes, it's safe to come out. Go left and in the kitchen is a TV. Now come back out and go up the steps. LOOK OUT! IT'S A BEAR!!! Run up, get through the thing in your way, run left into a room, run into the bathroom, jump out of your seat as I did, and then run into the next room. I believe you are safe for the moment. Move the shelf and go through the door. Run down the left hallway and when in the room you need to close the door by moving the shelf over. Now run to the SCU guy in the corner and respond to him. Pick up the shotgun and you are put in an aiming view. Wait for the guy to say shoot and shoot the gas tanks. After you wake up, respond to Rosa and follow the path back up to the lodge. Sneak up behind the guard, grab him, and take him out with your attack buttons. Pick up his gun and walk a bit up the way to see a bomb on the door. Look at the engraved letters and numbers and submit "DETM-12X." You now need to find six blasters that can be tracked down using your UV light. Go down the hallway and kill the guard, and don't forget you have a holster. In a chest nearby is a lever rifle, so feel free to pick that up. Go down the steps and on the wall by the window is a blaster. Pick it up, look at the window, and toss it. There is a bar area with health and alcohol, then you can either go through the nearby doorway or follow the UV lines, both ways lead you to the next blasters (and yes, there is a cruel bear gag). One blast is in a booth area, but after you throw it out the windows by the pool table, watch out for the two guards that rush you. There will be another in the Bear's Den area. Go around the counter and there are meds and more booze. Down in the freezer will be an guy around the left corner, then more of his buddies pop up behind you, two of them. There is a locker in one of the tiny rooms, and then follow the UV line to the boathouse. The blaster here needs to be thrown out the window further down the way by a door, as when I tossed it through the window above the boat it killed me (maybe just run away). After you toss that one, go through the doors at the end and you'll be near some crazy sketches. Take a photo for Rosa. Through the door and up you will hit another locker, then you emerge back at the first bar area. Go up the steps and now you have one more blaster to toss on this level. From the top of the steps go left and you'll be in an area with lots of tables. When you grab the blaster run to the window nearby and toss it as you are next to the window. Then make your way out of this area through the narrow path on the right and you'll fight three enemies back in the lobby area. Just two more and they're up a level. Go around and take the door to reach the stairs. Go through the door and you'll have a door on the left and stairs on the right. Both lead you to the same spot, so it really doesn't matter which way you go, and I think there are two enemies either way as well. If you go up top there is a riot gun in the first room, and to get across while up here you must use the balcony due to the hole in the hallway. Remember you have a light, and there are tons of items in all the rooms, and you can check all the rooms if you want to. So I'll assume you made it to the guest lounge. Two enemies in here. If you check the UV you'll see that one line goes up and another goes left, so go down the left hallway. Enter room 14 and at the end is a hole to enter the next room where you have a TV antenna; or enter 16 from the hallway. Then come out and enter room 15 and be ready for a guy to drop from the hole in the ceiling, then crawl through that hole using the prompt. Go into the next room and then use the hole in the closet to get to a room with a radio antenna and the blaster. Before you grab the blaster, go open the door to the balcony. You'll grab the blaster, run out the door, and toss. After that, go onto the balcony and climb over to the next one. Go into the hallway and go right to be back in the lounge. Go around this upper walkway and over to the back and above the fireplace, but be ready for enemies to pop up at the stairs. When ready, grab the blaster and toss it out the windows nearby. *NOTE: Now turn off the flashlight.* Now run back the way you came, all the way to the library door at the start of all this. Begin the investigation, which is timed, and yes you need to hurry. Look at the blinking lights and select "3 Blinking Lights." Look at the keypad and select "16 Buttons." Look lower to see the wires and select "2 Long, 1 Short." Look lower to the canisters and select "2 Canisters." Then look right at the power sources on the sides and select select "120v/12v." Quickly submit and you are given the instruction to cut the wire that leads to the 12v source, so look at it and cut. Respond right after cutting it and then go in. Drop down the stairs and then go to the computer in front of the fireplace. Examine it and then select "Vocal Cords" from the list. Watch the video and then the fight starts. You should try to kill the first two guys as they hop down the steps, then run to the side of the fireplace for the alcohol. Ammo is a big problem as the guys will clump up and make it hard to run for a gun. Your best bet is to run around the fireplace to the bookshelves, and there is a med kit on top of one. Then pop out and after killing a few guys Le Rue will pop through the wall near the desk. Once you see that happening you can run to the left side of the desk and get out of this level. ----- You get steel toe boots, which opens a few more combos you can look at in your pause menu. ================ Trenton District ( BOWL888 ) ================ Hmm, we were just flown to a snowy lodge, and now we're just back in the city? Okay. To start off just watch Le Rue take care of the first guards, then slowly walk behind each guard, all three of them, and grab them to take them out; they are all looking away, so it's real easy. Then open the gate to talk to SKX. After you wake up, again, walk out of the bus and look at Le Rue on the ground. Pick up the rifle, drink the alcohol, and then get ready to trade bullets with a few enemies in the area. There are only two with guns, the rest are enemies with regular junk. One around the corner near the steps, two more down the bowling lanes, and if you stay to the left side you should be able to pop the other guy in the doorway while he's still. Oh yeah, you may want to use the 22's the first guys drop instead of your rifle; holster the rifle. Go through the door and respond to Rosa, then watch out for a guy around a corner. Keep going until you hit the next bowling lane area and use the rest of your rifle ammo to take out the guys all over, about five or so of them. The emitter is nearby where you entered this area, behind the shelves and you either have to throw a pool ball at it or shoot it. Once you've taken out all the guys, feel free to take your choice of exotic weapon and then go to the lanes. Look on the right side for a scorecard that is lit. Study it and you need to put names to the people on the card. Go Vanhorn, Mars, Farrell, and Unknown. You'll see a head in the ball return machine, and a guy will talk to you from behind. Another investigation, this for the items around the ball return. Look at the bag on the left of it and enter "Bowling Bag," "Filled With Blood," and "SKX." Then look at the head and enter "Female Head." Then take a picture of the face, hard as it is to focus. Now go down the lane where all of this evidence is and climb under the opening. There is a bad girl in the room along the path, and a radio in this room. One more enemy along the path, then when you go into another building you will notice the spectrometer icon. Toss whatever you wish at the emitter at the back of the room. Take the door nearby and you'll see something wicked crawl around. Go around the lockers and through the doorway to hit another radio as another monster scurries away. Then go around the corner for a locker, but the door is locked. Go back to the locker room and there is a hole to climb through in the ceiling. Proceed along and when you see a hole in the floor while up here, be quick to hit the response. Drop down and it's a pretty messed up area, so just hold on there. Go behind the first device and you'll see the study evidence message pop up. You need to photograph the torture device that has the guy's head stuck in a cage. Go around the corner on the left but be ready for a guy to pop out and attack. Kill him and then snap a pic of the next guy trapped in the cage in the bathroom. Toward the other end a guy will charge in through a door, so kill him. Then take one final pic of a guy in a cage on the left side of the door. Leave this unsettling room and then be ready for a loose dog on the right in this hallway. At the end of the hallway is a radio on the counter. Now come back and go through that hole to enter the laundry area. Move along and you will hit the emitter near the door. Use the liquor bottles to hit it. Come back into the area with the sacks on along the wall is a ramp so you can walk over the machines and get across to another doorway. Follow the path into the kitchen and respond (no worries about the monsters, just a tease at the moment). Go into the next area and at the back you find a body. Examine the body and look at his face to see movement in his eyes. Select "He's Still Alive." Listen to him and then turn around to see something moving in the corner. It's one of those monsters and you have to fight it, and no stun gun shocks work. Just smack him a few times and then pick up the cleaver from the body. Cut Farrell free and then follow him back. In the kitchen you must fight three monsters, all of which require about two hits to kill. I advise you smack, counter, and then smack again to kill them quickly; check all sides of the room to lure them out. Then a single bad guy you can stun will appear. Once they are gone, Farrell will keep moving. Follow him around the corner and he will let you clear the four monsters from the hallway. Then go up the stairs and into the gym and yes, you have to fall into the arena. It's the first two that you should let fight each other, then one guy alone, then stun the flame girl, and then two more enemies. There are rebars along the fences, and dying is about the only way to get more health. Again, the best way to counter is to block, hit, back away to avoid their hit, and then throw your combo hit. Use up all your stun gun battery, but make sure you use one on the spray paint girl. Then just watch as the level ends. ----- You get more health! Something that is really useful. ============= Magic Theater ( TRICK99 ) ============= You start off with a battle with what is called the "Alcohol Demon." He is hiding behind a pillar nearby, and it seems like one hit is enough for you to grab and then break his neck. After the brief chat with Rosa, there is a baseball bat on the ground, but by the stairs there are things call Stanchions that are even better. Now go up and into the next room for a bit of a show, but no danger as of yet. On either side is an elevator with a lever to pull to go down (get real close to the box). When you are down Rosa calls you and you should choose the one about the Oro's objective. Now, if you took the left lift you will be near an antenna, and if you took the right lift you are near an emitter. There is also an axe on the left side and a shovel on the right. The thing is you need to get to both sides and pull the levers to turn the spinning machine. So get on one side, pull the lever, and then take the lift back up so you can go to the other. However, the girls on the targets will drop down, so be ready to fight them after you pull one lever. Once you've pulled both levers and the spinning machine is open, go back up and down the steps to meet the Trickmaster; may want to toss in an your big weapon and take a stanchion with you as it swings faster. Push in the three swords around his cage and then fight the demons. After you kill them all, wait for the fire to die and go through. Feel free to take the axe or shovel if you tossed it with you. You'll then talk with Rosa again and choose "are you suggesting..." and "sonic generation." Then go through either doorway to enter the main stage area. Go toward the stage and you get two responses to the Magicman's taunting. Then use the steps on the right side to get on the stage and quickly kill the girl that attacks. Now is the boss fight with Magicman. He is terribly easy. Go to the left side to find a chest with a med kit and alcohol bottles. You simply toss them at him three times, then pull the lever to drop him onto the spike bed. He will go from the left platform to the stage, and then to the right platform, then pull the lever. Easy as that. ----- You now have better use of guns all around. ========== Junk Barge ( JUN1010 ) ========== Respond and then go to the left to find the anchor line. Follow it to the end of the barge and in the corner made by the containers is a tire iron. Go around the roons and you'll see the anchor. Press the button in front of you and move forward to respond twice in a conversation. Follow the path made by the anchor and there is a hole in the deck one of the metal covers. Jump down, turn around, and there is the emitter on the wall. There is also a drive shaft, but you may want to keep the tire iron for the fast attack. Now just go forward, and no, the monsters on the blocks of junk don't attack you. When you go around the corner and look to someone shooting the things, one will jump up from below, so fight this one. Jump down and go around the container path and there is a monster waiting for you at the end. The blocks of trash have plenty of rebars, so grab one if you like. Move forward a bit and then turn around to fight a monster that jumps down. Then there is a big guy who is probably hiding to the right, so use the many rebars and dance with him (getting close, attacking, and pulling back is an effective way to beat these guys). Keep going through the containers and there is one more monster at the turn. Proceed to the ladder and get ready for a response to Rosa. Follow the path to a window to climb through, and then you fight a monster while up here. Go along the flat path to get across and there is another monster by the next window. Crawl through, go through the door, and drop down the hole. Down the hall and in the next room is an antenna to the right. There is also a pipe wrench on the shelf near the radio if you want more power. In the other corner of the room is a locker. Go through the door and open the roll up door. Move up a bit and then get ready to respond to the robotic enemy. Quickly go left and along the wall is a slanted metal path to the top path. Follow it and there is a button to push by the door, so push it, jump down, and run through when it opens. You're not safe just yet, keep running. You're going to go to the other side of the open area, then up a ramp and then navigate your way along the path until you get to a ladder; at no point does the robot stop chasing you. Go up the ladder and use the crane. Barely come out of the control area and look left to jump to the bus. There is a crossbow in here, so grab it. Jump out of the bus and you can run away if you want to, like, all the way to the next fight. However, once you jump off the bus there is an optional objective nearby. What you need to do after you jump off the bus is quickly run left and follow the railing to the top and you should see a van door lying against the wall. Quickly get out the camera, get it in focus, snap, probably take some damage from the big guy, and then run around to the right and through the doorway once the photo is received. Then just follow the path to the big room. *NOTE: Upcoming, don't miss the response after you kill the first metal guy.* When you hit the big room and walk along the catwalks you will see Rosa being chased by three of the metal guys. If you have the crossbow, you can shoot the guy at the door from the back and he's dead. Now turn around and run to the other end of the room and up the ramp, and at the top turn around to go up a quick ladder to a magnet control box. Use the d-pad to move the magnet and the activate it when the light is over a metal guy. Then take him over to the trash compactor on the left side of the room. The third metal guy is out of the magnet's range, up here with you, so jump down and there is a hole in the floor to jump through (he can't follow). There are two monsters down here, so fight them off, and toward the opening to get back to the ground area there is a locker on the left. Go out and the metal guy should be nearby. Just run around the blocks and up the ramp, hopefully the dude lost you and he is wandering the floor. Now go to the controls, pick him up, and drop him in the hole. *NOTE: There is a crossbow on the wall across from the locker, if you want to use that instead.* *NOTE: If the guy follows you, go back through the lower area and back up the ladders and you are sure to lose him.* Before you go meet Rosa, there are five sonic emitters in the big open area. 1. One is left of the door you open to meet Rosa. There is a pile of pipe fittings by the door, and remember to use your flashlight as a cursor. 2. This one is right of the door. 3. Go to the magnet controls and there is one to the left on the wall. Use the pipe fittings where you use the controls. 4 & 5. Both are behind the magnets controls on the wall. After you do that, go talk with Rosa and then up the the ladder. Follow the walkway and you'll soon be ambushed, but there is nothing you can do about it. Then you just use the nail gun to fend off the waves of monsters, which isn't hard if you let them get close, but try to get them from long range. Then a guy will walk along the catwalk and you need to send a lot of nails into him. Once you do the level is ended. ----- You get a voice attack that is used by rapidly tapping the attack buttons. ============= The Peninsula ( END1111 ) ============= Start off by either listening to the voice, or just use your new power (it's only if you simultaneously tap the attack buttons). Then go out and there should be another dude on the left, but if he doesn't run away you can either beat him up or pick up a gun and shoot him. There is a pistol on the table, but you want to two assault rifles from the dead guys. Then go use the radio antenna on the table in the back. Proceed along the path and kill the two enemies from behind some cover. Go up and there is a gunner, so either kill him or shoot the barrels on the right. Don't forget the ammo from the dead guys' gun and then drop down. Follow the blue lines to an oro device. Go to the console and grab the antenna. Much like the TV's and radios you need to move this antenna around until you see the lights turn red. You need to constantly move it around to find the red point. Do this long enough and the device will blow, then be ready for the monster to crawl to. Move along and up the ladder. Try to shoot the two guys before they get away. On the right is a table with ammo and a radio. Now go right and there should be a monster and an emitter. Now move along and be ready for a big fight, with enemies with guns in front of you and some monsters from behind. Once everyone is dead, refill your ammo and go up and to the left to find a locker, but be ready for an emeny through the openings. Go to the oro device and overload it, then be ready for a couple of monsters to crawl from directly in front of you. Follow the blue lines and go right. There is a single monster sitting around the corner, so kill him and then shoot the two more that come up and the three behind you. Keep moving and you will fall into a wooden boat. Turn on your flashlight and go to the other end and drop down the hole. Two monsters on the left, then go around the boat and shoot a big guy as he runs down the walkway. Move up and then be ready for two more monsters on the left. There is an emitter on the metal support on the wall on this side of the room. Now go up the stairs and up the ladder. Follow the path and when you reach some doors you should to right and under the stairs is a locker with ammo and a med kit. Out in the open are two monsters you can shoot if you want, then go to the body for another rifle. Dorland's helicopter will start shooting from above, so just shoot it from under this metal barrier. It should go away, so then fight the two enemies through the doorway, and don't miss the locker on the left. There is a slanted piece of white metal in the next area, but don't fall down onto the ground. Kill the two enimies on the ground and the one way up in the distance. Shoot away the helicopter again and then get on the ground. Move up to get ammo and then retreat to the cover near the metal piece you fell from, or anywhere so that the chopper can't shoot you. Kill the guy up on the walkway, then go to where you fell from, away from the compound. Pop out and shoot the chopper so it crashes, but if you are near the compound it will fall to you. *NOTE: It's a really good idea to save at least ten or so bullets after you are done with the lift, because it makes the rest very easy if you can shoot some headshots.* From the wreckage goes Dorland and an Oro guy, so just shoot him, grab some ammo, and follow Dorland. Go down the ladder and move along to the lift. Get on and use the lever to go up. There is a rebar on here, but whatever you do, do not use up all your ammo, save a little for a big guy upcoming. Just fight off the waves of monsters and at some point the lift will stop. Get off and go throw a lever, and after you do run back to the lift and keep going to only fight one or no monsters. *NOTE: If you can't kill the Oro, just run past them and don't look back.* At the top, get off and go through the doors and there is a locker with meds and an axe (remember to holster your weapon). There are two guys that are hanging from the ceilings, so run past them quickly, but there is another Oro guy through the doorway. Hopefully you can just shoot his head with a gun, otherwise it's tough sledding. Go around the corner and there is another guy. Go through the door and you'll be in a large room with devices on the floor. Follow the walkway and at the second corner there is a big guy around the corner; if you have just a few bullets left, save them and fight this guy with your axe. Once you kill him, around the corner is a locker. There are two Oro on the floor, so hopefully you can shoot their heads. There are two oro devices on either side, and there is a locker on the right. Destroy both and then kill the two monsters that accompany the destruction of both. Now drop down on either side and you'll be in a hallway with lots of those hanging guys. Your best defense is to aim low and use your sonic attack to knock them down. Drop down the hole you see down the first hall after you pass the first guys and you'll be in the control room. There is a locker on the left, then go forward. Respond to Dorland and then be ready to fight to two Oro guys. Use your sonic attack and then go beat them up, or shoot them. Now follow Dorland using the lower walkway. You'll hit the last oro device, so overload it after a long while. Once you do, run back and you'll get stuck, but that's how it happens. You'll wake up to a quick response to Rosa, then struggle onto the middle platform. You now have to kill the many enemies around, but the big Oro is the boss, so you don't want to focus on him just yet. The key here is your voice attack, which can kill everything, and you also have your stun gun. After all the minions are dead, start using your voice on the boss and watch out for any enemies behind you. After you get three good hits on him you need to be ready for button presses and if you miss one you are dead. It's about six attack button presses, then a voice attack. Hopefully the game will have saved not too long ago, otherwise if you mess up you'll have to do it all again. And that's it, you beat the game. ----- You get infinite ammo in FPS mode for gold. From the outro movies and after the credits, it seems like there is a third game in the future. ***************************************************************************** * 5. Combat Help ( FISTS55 ) * ***************************************************************************** ========== Strategies ========== *NOTE: This segment is from the "Strategies and Tips" section in the pause menu.* The purpose of this section is to help you get the flow of combat down so you don't freak out each time you lose a weapon and have to fight bare-handed. Here is the bread and butter play: the parry. You do this by blocking just before the enemy attacks, and if you pull it off the enemy will be pushed back for a split second and you can counterattack. Use the hook parry for probably the easiest combo. Hook - it is just pressing the LS/L3 and then attack. Block - it damages you if you have no weapon, and if you have a weapon it will damage that a lot. You will probably only block on accident when missing a parry, so don't try to block on purpose. In and Out - basically my best tip is to attack, jab step backwards so his attack misses, and then attack again. Doesn't work flawlessly as the enemy can use quick attacks, but works on slower enemies for sure. Kick - this just stuns the enemy for a split second and is not that useful. Once you have the steel toe boots you can try this attack to a bit more effect. Melee Firearm - if an enemy is close you can use your gun as a melee, for whatever reason, by pressing the hook button. Cheap Shot - hit an enemy from behind and he will go to the ground, which opens him up for a ... Ground Kill - just hit an enemy on the ground to kill them. Trip - throw something at a running enemy to make him fall and feel free to ground kill him. Raging Bull - hitting enemies on the head dazes them for a bit, and that opens them up for a sprint attack among everything else. U Geezy Smoker - throw alcohol on an enemy and use the stun gun to burn them. Good if you actually find a place to use it. Headshots - for the few times you have a gun, go for the headshot to kill them, duh! Gang Related - just get into a big fight with many enemies and they will start fighting each other. Long Shot - if an enemy is on the ground and far away, try tossing something at them to do a ground kill. Chain Attack - double press an attack button to start a chain attack. Follow the buttons for an easy kill. You upgrade the meter with more chain attack kills. Chain Attack Meter - the meter is in the upper right corner, and there are many ways to fill it using your combat skills. It goes: straight kills, hook kills, special attacks, quick finishers, and then environmental kills, in what earns more points for the meter to fill up. Finishers - When an enemy is beaten he will go to his knees and you can kill him with one hit. But if you grab him you can take him to any skull icon in the area for an environmental finisher. You can also press the left attack to incapacitate without killing, or the right attack to snap his neck. ========== Combo List ========== *NOTE: You'll find all of these in the pause menu.* Just a list of the combos. Please note that the last attack is called the "Combo Attack", but I didn't want to write Combo each time. For all of these attacks you cannot be hit while doing them, so you best learn how to avoid hits. Another good way is to use a combo after you've done a parry combo or something to stun them a bit. One-Two Combo x3: Alternate fist attacks and attack again. Parry Counter x3.5: Parry, then attack, and then again. Usually need to back off after the attack and then do the combo hit, there is time for it. Advanced Parry Counter X4: Parry, hook, and then attack. Bum Rush x4: Sprint, attack, and then again. Disarm Attack x3: Hook, attack, and then attack. Stinger x5: Hook, hook, attack, and attack again. Triple Cross x6: Hook, hook, hook, and attack. Either alternate or do the same hooks. Flying Fist x10: Right attack, R. attack, L. attack, and attack again. This is a good one to learn early. Toe Stomp x1.5: Stomp and attack. Need upgrade for this and the next two. Nut-cracker x1.5 + recoil: Stomp and a kick to the bad spot. Footprint x1 + knockdown: Stomp and roundhouse kick when enemy is stunned. ***************************************************************************** * 6. Fight Club ( CLUB666 ) * ***************************************************************************** There are several options here, and though there is really no point to these, I may as well tell you what they do. I believe they all unlock once you beat the game. Practice Arena - Just choose your settings and hone your fighting kills. This is a good place to practice all the stuff you don't know about from the combat section above. Riot Control - You just use long range attacks to kill some thugs as cops fight them too. You get a rifle, pool balls, and bottles behind you, and there are molotovs and a pistol across the way. You may want to instead just use the pile of bricks near where you start as it takes time to grab all the other items. Smoke 'Em - Just kill the three enemies, simple as that. More or less a test of your ability to use combos. There are items around like a molotov and rip hammer, and even a shotgun drop, but you would need to get good with tossing these items at their heads. Deadly Day Care - There is just one level, so you basically have to lure the dolls into the hallway, either smack them or get them to trigger themselves, and hope they take out as many as possible. Not sure how you do this quickly, and watch out for the dogs. Streets of Rage - Again, gotta know how to fight and use all the tricks available. Your best bet is to hit them when they hit the ground, then grab a weapon and parry away. Lockdown - Good luck, just beat as many as you can in five minutes, but you probably won't even last two! There are some meds on the fence near where you start, and just keep an eye out for the many weapons all over. Just get good at fighting the different kind of enemies and once again, good luck. *NOTE: I'm terrible at all of these, so if you have any solid tips I'd love to hear them. Doesn't mean I'll rush to post them, but my ears are open.* ***************************************************************************** * 7. Author Info / Copyright * ***************************************************************************** ------- Credits ----- ----------- Please contact me if you need any help, if you want to praise me, if you want to talk, or if you want to ask a question. ***Please have 'Bloodshot' in the title. Or anything to show it's not spam.*** My email: Extra points for good spelling, and the easier the question is to answer, the more likely I'll reply. Which means the better you set me up, the easier it is for me to knock it down. ----------- ----------- I have other guides floating around too. 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