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The ONLY sites that have permission to host this FAQ as of June 1, 2008 are: http://www.gamefaqs.com http://www.neoseeker.com http://www.supercheats.com http://www.gamesradar.com http://www.cheatplanet.com As for you, the reader, you may NOT copy any or all of this FAQ and post it anywhere or use it in any way other than for your own personal use, whether you give me credit for it or not, without expressed written permission. You may absolutely not claim it or any part of it as your own or use it for any sort of personal gain (including financial). However, you CAN save it to your hard drive or print it or write it out by hand--as long as you don't use it for anything other than your own personal use. Okay, now that we've got that cleared up, read on, and enjoy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Version History ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ June 1, 2008: Version 1.0 --First full version uploaded. I don't expect to update or change any of the current information since it is, the the extent of my knowlege, complete and correct. But that's not to say I won't add something new to the guide later. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Table of Contents ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To skip directly to a specific section, hit Ctrl+F and then type in or copy and paste the five-character code at the end of the line you're looking for. The bachelors are arranged alphabetically by where they're from. The rivals are arranged in the order of the normal bachelor they correspond to. Introduction.............................................................INTRO1 Getting Married..........................................................INTRO2 Love Points...........................................................INTRO3 Proposal Requirements.................................................INTRO4 After You Get Married.................................................INTRO5 Normal Bachelors..........................................................NORM1 Carter..................................................................CART1 Likes and Dislikes....................................................CART2 Heart Events..........................................................CART3 Griffin.................................................................GRIF1 Likes and Dislikes....................................................GRIF2 Heart Events..........................................................GRIF3 Gustafa.................................................................GUST1 Likes and Dislikes....................................................GUST2 Heart Events..........................................................GUST3 Marlin..................................................................MARL1 Likes and Dislikes....................................................MARL2 Heart Events..........................................................MARL3 Rock....................................................................ROCK1 Likes and Dislikes....................................................ROCK2 Heart Events..........................................................ROCK3 Normal Rivals.............................................................NORM2 Flora (Carter)..........................................................CART4 Likes and Dislikes....................................................CART5 Rival Events..........................................................CART6 Muffy (Griffin).........................................................GRIF4 Likes and Dislikes....................................................GRIF5 Rival Events..........................................................GRIF6 Nami (Gustafa)..........................................................GUST4 Likes and Dislikes....................................................GUST5 Rival Events..........................................................GUST6 Celia (Marlin)..........................................................MARL4 Likes and Dislikes....................................................MARL5 Rival Events..........................................................MARL6 Lumina (Rock)...........................................................ROCK4 Likes and Dislikes....................................................ROCK5 Rival Events..........................................................ROCK6 Special Bachelor Skye (formerly Steiner)..................................SKYE1 Likes and Dislikes.....................................................SKYE2 Schedule...............................................................SKYE3 Heart Events...........................................................SKYE4 Proposing..............................................................SKYE5 Mineral Town Bachelors....................................................MINT1 Cliff...................................................................CLIF1 Likes and Dislikes....................................................CLIF2 Heart Events..........................................................CLIF3 Gray....................................................................GRAY1 Likes and Dislikes....................................................GRAY2 Heart Events..........................................................GRAY3 Kai.....................................................................KAI01 Likes and Dislikes....................................................KAI02 Heart Events..........................................................KAI03 Rick....................................................................RICK1 Likes and Dislikes....................................................RICK2 Heart Events..........................................................RICK3 Trent (formerly Doctor).................................................TREN1 Likes and Dislikes....................................................TREN2 Heart Events..........................................................TREN3 Credits...................................................................BYE01 Contact Info..............................................................BYE02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Introduction INTRO1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Welcome to Forget-Me-Not Valley! Ever since the series first debuted on the SNES in 1997, one of the main components of virtually every Harvest Moon game has been to interact with your neighbors and eventually find someone to marry. Harvest Moon DS Cute is no exception; in fact, in this game, you have eleven bachelors to choose from! When you start out, you'll have five potential husbands scattered around the valley. These are the "normal" bachelors, and they were just regular characters from the boy version of the game (and also your rivals for the girls' affections). If you stay up late at night, you'll also meet the town thief, a special bachelor you can marry. You won't have any rivals for Skye, but he does take a little extra effort since he doesn't even show up in the town until at least 10 pm. If you plug a copy of Friends of Mineral Town or More Friends of Mineral Town into the GBA slot on the bottom of your DS, you can also marry one of the five Mineral Town bachelors. (See that section for more information on connectivity.) Unlike the male version, though, your game does not end if you marry someone from out of town, so feel free to woo a city boy if you want. *NOTE* Kai will come to your town every summer whether or not you connect to the GBA. But because he's different from the normal bachelors and because he is technically from the Mineral Town game, he's listed in the Mineral Town section of this FAQ. If you have the Japanese version of the game, you can also choose a Best Friend from among the special girls from the boy version (Harvest Goddess, Witch Princess, Keria the sleeping princess in the third mine or Leia the mermaid) instead of a husband, but since I don't have the Japanese version and therefore can't confirm any information about the best friend system, I'm not including it in this FAQ. It has been repeatedly confirmed that none of the bachelorettes are Best Friend-able in the North American release. However, you can see their love points and heart color, and trigger the heart scenes with Leia and Keria. The Witch Princess doesn't appear to count the number of animals that you kill so you can't see all of her scenes. I'm not sure about the Harvest Goddess. I haven't personally tested this other than to confirm that you can gain love points with Leia. If you're interested, check out the FAQs for Harvest Moon DS, the male version, because the Best Friend system is exactly the same as the marriage system was in that game. You're not the only husband-hunter in the valley, though! Watch out for your rivals, as well. All five of the normal bachelors are also being wooed by someone else. If you trigger all four of a bachelor's rival scenes with the other woman, he won't be available to you as a potential husband and eventually he will marry the rival. Fortunately, you can only trigger one rival event a year, which gives you at least four worry-free years to snag your sweetie. If you're really worried about losing your favorite suitor to another woman, save frequently and if you do accidentally trigger a scene, you can always reload and make sure not to trigger it again. You also can't trigger a rival scene if the guy involved his a higher heart level than is required. For example, you can't trigger the black heart scene once you've gotten him to a purple heart. (For more on love points and heart colors, see the section below.) You can continue to trigger rival events after you're married, although you can't see the one(s) that involve your husband, if you marry a normal bachelor. You cannot use the teleport stone to trigger any event. For events that start with you entering or exiting a building, you can teleport to the map screen where the building is, but for ones that involve walking to an area, you must teleport to an adjoining map screen and then walk to the area in question. (You could also use this to your advantage: If there's a scene you're trying NOT to trigger, especially a rival scene, teleporting to that map screen ensures that the scene will not start but leaves you free to do whatever you need to in that area.) For clarification purposes, the excavation site refers to the room where you can find the four mine entrances. "Excavation items" would mean the choker, bracelet, brooch, earrings, perfume, facial pack, etc. that you can dig up in the ground there with your hoe. Mine items would be things you find inside the mines themselves, namely ores, gems, and the like. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Getting Married INTRO2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Before you can get married, you'll have to make some preparations. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Love Points [INTRO3] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First, you'll have to have 60,000 love points with your future groom. You gain love points (LP or AP, which stands for affection points) and friendship points (FP) by giving people gifts that they like. You can give him as many gifts as you want each day, but only the first gift will affect his love points, so make sure to give him something he really likes. Items have a specific number of points attached to them, and there are items that your man loves, likes, dislikes, and really hates. I've included some of each bachelor's favorite and least favorite items in their individual sections. You can find a complete list at the Ushi No Tane site listed in the credits. After you give him the first gift, any additional gifts will go to his friendship points, but you won't get the full value for it. A +9FP item will get you 3 additional friendship points, a +3 one will only get you one point. Everyone in the valley has a birthday and knowing when is can be very useful. The gifts you give a person on his or her birthday will gain you 5 times the usual number of LP and FP! So if you give your guy his favorite item on his birthday you can gain 4000 love points in one day. (You can also give as many gifts as you want to gain the increased friendship points, as well. But be aware that the increase applies to ALL gifts you give the person. If you give a guy his most-hated item, you can lose 25,000 love points in one shot!) You can also gain 300 LP a day by changing your clothes (there are extra out- fits in the box by your telephone; you start out with three and can buy more by calling May's Tailoring on the telephone when your farm degree goes up). If a bachelor is present during a festival, usually you'll gain points with him for going to the festival. During his heart events you'll be asked at least one question; giving the "correct" answer will gain you additional love points, but a wrong answer will cost you! You can purchase the love bangle at the Sprite Casino for 5000 medals, or you can tell approximately how many points you have with any bachelor just by talking to him. The image of his face will have a small heart somewhere near the bottom. The color of the heart tells you how many points you've got. 0-9,999 LP: Black heart (although it looks gray to me!) 10,000-19,999: Purple 20,000-29,999: Blue 30,000-39,999: Green 40,000-49,999: Yellow 50,000-59,999: Orange 60,000-65,535: Red He will accept the blue feather any time after his heart turns red. PLEASE NOTE!! If you litter you will lose love and friendship points with everyone in the valley! I've seen message boards flooded with topics like "OMG I'm losing points PLEASE HELP!!1!11!!!" If you throw an item on the ground anywhere in town except on your own farm, this is littering. If you throw a weed on the ground, this is littering. If you accidentally drop something, it still counts. (After all, the game can't read your mind.) If you are annoyed that Carter and Flora get in your way and throw things at them in the mine, it still counts. Dropping things in the bar, the inn, or any other building counts. Tossing something you don't want on the ground counts. Throwing any- thing that's not a seed onto tilled soil to see if it will grow counts. And no, garbage cannot be buried, recycled, or left lying around for Murrey, and fish do not appreciate if you throw fish bones into the water for them to eat! You do not need to feed the wild animals. You can also lose friendship and love points by letting your animals die or donating a toadstool (p. mushroom) to the Harvest Festival. (Although the Witch Princess loves naughtiness, so doing bad things around town will actually *raise* points with her.) If you write to me and ask why you're losing points, all I can do is copy and paste what I just wrote into an e-mail and send it back to you, so please don't even bother. If I sound cranky, well, I was much nicer the first 10,000 times someone asked. Go to practically any message board and the #1 question people are asking is likely to be about why they're losing LP/FP with all the villagers. (#2 is how to marry Skye, but I'm about to answer that one, too.) Okay, now that we've got that cleared up, let's move on... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Proposal Requirements [INTRO4] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In addition to having a certain number of love points, there are a few other things you need to do before you can say "I do." The blue feather is the engagement ring of the Harvest Moon universe. You can buy it from Karen at the Supermarket any time after you have at least one bachelor at an orange heart or higher. (Karen can be reached on the telephone in your house any day but Tuesday, Sunday, or holidays.) Just because the blue feather is available doesn't mean you're ready to get married, though. He still won't accept it if you haven't met the rest of the requirements. You'll also need to have rescued at least 60 Harvest Sprites so that the Harvest Goddess returns to the valley. This is by far the hardest requirement to meet and also the most time-consuming. I'm considering making a guide for that, as well, but in the meantime, there's a complete guide at the Ushi No Tane site and a stickied post on the message board there about the 60 easiest sprites to get. Personally, I got 60, 61, 62, 63 and 64 on Winter 9 of my first year, so while it's challenging, it's not unreasonably difficult. Many of them you'll find just in the natural course of doing your farm work or going about your business around town. You'll have to have seen all four of the guy's heart events. Unlike the rival events, you can trigger a heart scene even if he has passed the corresponding heart color. In fact, I triggered Gustafa's blue scene while he still only had a purple heart and around 15,000 love points! (Skye also has an additional green heart event since he's the special marriage candidate for this game. You will have to have seen all five to marry him.) Also remember to introduce your- self to any other participants in the scene, since you can't trigger a scene with someone unless you've met the person at least once. It may seem obvious, but it's easy to overlook the fact that you need to have said "hello" to the bachelor himself, also. The exception is Skye, the one person in the entire valley that you *can't* meet until the start of his black heart scene. Finally, you'll have to have the big bed. There are several steps involved in this, some expensive, but none too complicated. First, you'll have to buy something from Karen's shop for ten days in a row. It doesn't matter what you buy, but ordering two or more items on the same day doesn't count. On the tenth day, you'll unlock channel 2 of the Sprites Station, the TV shopping channel. (At the beginning of the game, you'll be able to use the Weather Channel. That sprite will explain how to use the Sprites Station channels.) Eventually you'll be able to buy the round table from this channel. It's *supposed* to be the first thing they sell, but they don't always go in order. Once you've got the table, you can purchase the first house upgrade from Gotz Construction (also on the phone). It requires 200 pieces of stone (you can only use Material Stone for house upgrades) and costs 3000G--or 43,000G if you want Gotz to provide the stone. The second house upgrade takes 700 pieces of stone and costs 10,000G for labor or 150,000G for labor and materials. After you have the second house upgrade, the big bed will be available from the TV shopping channel. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After You Get Married [INTRO5] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After you have the wedding scene, your new husband will move in with you and live on the farm. (If you married someone from Mineral Town, your game will NOT end after the wedding. Also, in the Japanese version, if you choose a Best Friend, she doesn't move in with you.) None of the husbands are really any better or worse than any of the others, so it's just a matter of your own personal preference. They won't help you out with your work. They all stick to the same basic schedule, although what they do during the day depends on where they came from before you were married. About a season or so later, as long as you've kept his love points at 60,000 or above (red heart) for at least 30 days, you'll wake up feeling sick one morning and he'll take you to Dr. Hardy's clinic, where you'll find out you're going to be parents! Sixty days later your child will be born. (Your husband will remind you the day before your due date.) The game will then skip ahead three years to the time when your child becomes a toddler. Two years later he or she will turn into a child (about 8-9 years old) and then two years later into a teenager (15 or so). He or she will never grow any further than that. You can have either a son or daughter in this game. The gender is randomly generated at the time of the wedding and you can't do anything to influence or change it. The appearance is a different story, though. Your child will have one of five possible appearances. Each child's appearance corresponds to one of the normal bachelors. If you marry Skye or someone from Mineral Town, your son or daughter's looks will be randomly generated from one of the five normal ones; if you don't like what you got, just reload and try again! Here are the possibilities: Carter: Golden blond hair, purple eyes, as a toddler wears red and blue striped clothes and orange when (s)he gets older Griffin: Light brown hair, brown eyes, always wears orange and brown (teen's shirt looks red) Gustafa: Red hair, blue eyes, always wears light blue or teal Marlin: Medium brown hair, brown eyes, always wears green Rock: Light blond hair, green eyes; baby wears red shirt and blue and white striped hat and overalls; child wears red checked shirt, teen boy wears bright yellow shirt, teen girl wears lime green The children all have the same general personality, regardless of who the father is. On important days, your husband will ask you when you wake up if you remember what day it is, and you'll be able to choose your answer (your birthday, my birthday, child's birthday, anniversary). On the off chance that you were both born on the same day, your choice will be "our birthday." Otherwise, your life doesn't change much after marriage. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Normal Bachelors NORM1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There are 5 potential bachelors living in Forget-Me-Not Valley. They are the easiest to marry. Each of them has a rival for his affections, though, so you'll have some competition if you fall in love with one of them. Or you can marry them off to the rivals if you're not interested. (None of the men in this game are especially difficult, so if you're expecting something complicated like the special girls in the boy version, even Skye is only a mild challenge, and only because he comes out so late at night.) _ _ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _ _ /` \/ `\_ _ _ _/` \/ `\ \ /` \/ `\ CARTER /` \/ `\ / '. .\ / [CART1] \ /. .' \/ '. .' '. .' \/ \/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \/ Carter the archaeologist can normally be found in the dig site in the far northeast corner of the valley. If you visit him with a hammer equipped he'll help you open the entrances to the four mines. In the evenings he often visits the Blue Bar before going home to the tent he shares with Flora. You can also find him outside the tent early in the morning doing his stretching exercises. Flora is a terrible cook and Carter would love to be rescued from having to eat her cooking for the rest of his life. But working closely together also gives them plenty of time to get to know each other, and if you don't choose to marry him, he may hook up with her instead. His birthday is Spring 11. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Likes and Dislikes [CART2] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +800 LP/ +9 FP: Candied potatoes +500 LP/ +9 FP: Lithograph +300 LP/ + 3 FP: Matsutake, Eggplant, Cheese, Wool, Yarn, Any of the suns, wine, riceballs -500 LP/ -3 FP: Strawberry, any colored grass, any of the items you can dig up from the floor of the mine entrance (guess he can get those himself any time ;) -800 LP/ -9 FP: Poisonous mushroom, Shiitake, anything you can catch with your fishing pole besides fish, forage items (weeds, branches, stones) -5000 LP/ -20 FP: Ultimate Curry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Heart Events [CART3] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You'll need to introduce yourself to Flora, Ruby, and Griffin to trigger some of Carter's heart events. --Black Enter the excavation site between 8am and 5 pm on any day but Tuesday after you have the first mine unlocked. Carter will be there by himself. He'll talk about accessories and will show you one of his own. Compliment him on it to gain some extra LP. --Purple Walk from Vesta's farm toward the waterfall area next to the excavation site between 10am and 4pm on a sunny day. As soon as you walk onto the map screen where the waterfall, tent and excavation site are, the event will start. Carter will be outside doing his stretching exercises and will talk about how much he enjoys the sun. Agree with him when he asks if you think the sun feels good. --Blue Enter the excavation site between 11am and 2pm on any sunny day other than Tuesday. Flora will ask Carter what to have for lunch and offers to make curry rice (Carter doesn't like curries). He'll tell a little fib, and if you go along with it, the two of you will go on a lunchtime date to the Inner Inn. --Yellow Walk into Carter's tent between 6:20 and 10 pm, any sunny day but Monday or Tuesday, and Carter will ask you to the bar. Another date! Agree to go with him to finish the scene. *Note* When the scene is over, you'll wake up back at your farmhouse the next morning, so be sure to finish anything you need to do before you go to the tent to meet up with him. _ _ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _ _ /` \/ `\_ _ _ _/` \/ `\ \ /` \/ `\ GRIFFIN /` \/ `\ / '. .\ / [GRIF1] \ /. .' \/ '. .' '. .' \/ \/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \/ Griffin owns the Blue Bar in the center of town. He's also a musician and is passionate about his ancestors. He rarely leaves the bar that the ancestor built and left to him. He looks like a bad country music cliche, and your big- haired, scantily-clad blond rival doesn't help matters any. Muffy lives in the loft above the bar. She REALLY wants a husband, and Griffin is available and in close proximity... Griffin's birthday is Summer 13. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Likes and Dislikes [GRIF2] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +800 LP/ +9 FP: Fish Stew +500 LP/ +9 FP: Wine (of course!), Fish, Red Magicgrass (the flower that grows wild in the fall or can be grown on your farm, not the poisonous colored grass) +300 LP/ +3 FP: Moondrop or Blue Magicgrass flowers, Eggs, Perfume, Rice Cake, most things you can find inside the rocks in the mines -500 LP/ -3 FP: Matsutake, colored grass, stones, wood or stone lumber -800 LP/ -9 FP: Poisonous mushroom, lithgraph, non-fish items that you can catch with your fishing pole, gold lumber, weed, branch, bird feed or fodder -5000 LP/ -20FP: Risotto ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Heart Events [GRIF3] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You'll need to stop by and say "hi" to Dr. Hardy, Ruby, and Vesta to trigger some of Griffin's events. --Black Enter the Blue Bar between noon and 3pm. When Griffin tells you they're closed, tell him you're just there to rest, not to drink, and he'll offer you a new kind of drink. If you accept it, he'll talk with you for awhile before you leave. --Purple Walk into Dr. Hardy's clinic between 6am and noon, when it's not Wednesday or Sunday. He'll ask you if you need an examination, which you'll automatically decline before being distracted by Griffin's entrance. Ask him if he's okay to successfully complete the scene. --Blue Enter the Inner Inn between 11am and 2pm on any sunny day but Wednesday. Ruby will greet you and say that Griffin is coming. The three of you will get to talking about marriage and Ruby ends up embarrassing Griffin. When he asks you what you're looking for in a man, tell him you want a good person. --Yellow Walk from your farm toward the main pathway by the Inner Inn between noon and 3pm any sunny day but Wednesday. When you bump into Griffin, ask him if you can come along. As you walk all around the valley, someone once again embarrasses Griffin with talk of romance. It turns out that he's concerned that he might be too old for you, but he'll be happy if you tell him that you can see him in the role of lover. _ _ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _ _ /` \/ `\_ _ _ _/` \/ `\ \ /` \/ `\ GUSTAFA /` \/ `\ / '. .\ / [GUST1] \ /. .' \/ '. .' '. .' \/ \/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \/ Gustafa is, by any account, a hippie. He lives in a yurt decorated with '70s symbols, spends all his time outside, loves peace and flowers and nature, and plays folk music. He is probably the easiest bachelor to marry, partly because his favorite items are fairly easy to come by and partly because his cutscenes are easy to trigger and may even trigger before he gets to that appropriate heart color. He loves flowers and milk and hates fish. He is the late-to-bed, late-to-rise type, so you can usually find him at home in his yurt during the mid-morning hours. When he's outside he often hangs out near the Goddess Pond by the waterfall or the Turtle Pond near the beach, especially in the after- noons, and frequents the bar at night. Like Gustafa, Nami is a loner and a nature lover, moody, sensitive, and artistic. Gustafa is bold (in three of his heart events, *he* pursues *you*) and Nami is shy, so they complement each other that way. Gustafa was born on the 3rd day of Spring. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Likes and Dislikes [GUST2] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +800 LP/ +9 FP: Hot Milk +500 LP/ +9 FP: No normal items +300 LP/ +3 FP: Peach, any flower, relaxtea leaves, milk, rice cake, almost any mine item (not perfume or lithograph) -500 LP/ -3 FP: Matsutake or shiitake (maybe he only likes *magic* mushrooms ;P bamboo shoots, tomato, any color grass, perfume, any type of lumber but gold, your dog's ball -800 LP/ -9 FP Poisonous mushroom, anything you can catch with a fishing pole (including fish--he's probably a vegetarian), lithograph, weed, stone, branch, gold lumber, fodder or bird feed -5000 LP/ -20 FP: Sashimi (he hates fish) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Heart Events [GUST3] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You won't have to introduce yourself to anyone to trigger any of Gustafa's heart events, since no one is involved except the two of you. --Black Walk from the beach toward the Turtle Pond between 9am and 5pm any sunny day but Tuesday. Gustafa will call out to you and ask you if you'd like to chat with him a bit. Tell him that you would. When he asks, say that you take pride in your work and he will burst into song. --Purple Exit your house between 6 and 8 am on a sunny morning and Gustafa will be wait- ing for you. He wants to go bird-watching so agree to go along. I don't remem- ber the rest of this scene. According to the Ushi No Tane site, you go to the beach and look at the waves. Gustafa asks you if you ever have wordless images float into your mind and the appropriate response is to tell him that you do. That doesn't sound familiar to me so the North American version of the scene may be different. --Blue Walk from the main pathway by the Inn toward your farm from 7pm to 10pm on a sunny day that isn't Tuesday. As you enter the map screen where your farm is, Gustafa will come up behind you and ask you to go for a walk with him. If you agree, you'll end up at the Turtle Pond and he will sing you a song before walking you back to your farm. *Note* This event triggered for me while he was still at a purple heart and afterwards, I equipped the love bangle and he only had 15,000 points. --Yellow Visit Gustafa at his yurt between 6 and 8 am for a chance to act as his muse. He just wrote a song and is trying to compose the music to go with it. He asks you to be his inspiration and wants to know if he can observe you at work on your farm. Tell him that's fine and he'll follow you back home, where you'll demonstrate various tasks until Gustafa becomes inspired. He also comments that he thinks he'd like to live on a farm, too (hint, hint). _ _ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _ _ /` \/ `\_ _ _ _/` \/ `\ \ /` \/ `\ MARLIN /` \/ `\ / '. .\ / [MARL1] \ /. .' \/ '. .' '. .' \/ \/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \/ Although he doesn't have blue suede shoes, Marlin could pass for the local Elvis impersonator, at least until he opens his mouth. He isn't a hypochondriac like in previous games, but he's still very health-conscious. He lives with his sister Vesta and Vesta's ward Celia. In the morning the whole group starts out inside Vesta's house, then moves outside for the day. If it's sunny Marlin will usually be standing around in the fields. If the weather is bad, and during most of the winter, you can usually find him in the shop between Vesta's house and the greenhouses. Most nights he goes to the bar. He and Celia don't seem particularly interested in each other but they'll get married anyway, if you see all four of their heart events. Marlin's birthday is Spring 24. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Likes and Dislikes [MARL2] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +800 LP/ +9 FP: Elli Leaves (which are the same as Elli Grass) +500 LP/ +9 FP: Wine, Wild Grape Wine, Rice Cake +300 LP/ +3 FP: Wild Grape, any tree fruit -500 LP/ -3 FP: Anything you can get from the excavation site, lithograph, dog ball, branch -800 LP/ -9 FP: Poisonous mushroom, any color grass, any non-fish item, stone, gold lumber, fodder or bird feed, weed, any type of tempura (although if you remember Another Wonderful Life, tempura was one of his favorites) -5000 LP/ -20 FP: Butter ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Heart Events [MARL3] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In order to get ahead with Marlin, you'll need to meet several people: Vesta, Celia, Kassey and Patrick (the pyrotechnicians who live in the house on stilts near Daryl's lab and Cody's trailer; you won't see much of them except inside their house and sometimes at the bar), Gustafa, Griffin, and Muffy. --Black Walk into Vesta's house between 6am and 8am or 9pm and midnight, when all of the occupants are inside the house. Marlin thinks you're there to see Celia and says she's taking a nap, but offer to talk with him instead. Ask him a simple question about his favorite food, and he'll be too surprised to answer, since no one's ever asked him that before. --Purple Enter Vesta's shop between 8:10 and noon on a rainy day. (It can't be winter so a snow day won't work.) Marlin will be working inside; Vesta and Celia worry about him being outside in the rain because of his delicate health. Celia comes in to get some seeds. She won't let Marlin help her because of the rain, which makes Marlin feel completely useless. Give him some encouragement to make him feel better. --Blue Go to the Blue Bar between 6:30 and 10pm on Monday to find several of the valley men living it up. The other customers head home shortly after you arrive, leaving you alone with Marlin, who invites you to have a drink with him. Griffin will pour you Marlin's favorite drink. When Marlin asks you how you like it, respond that "I want to drink more." at the end of the scene you fall asleep and Marlin will carry you home. You then wake up at your house the next morning. --Yellow Go to Vesta's house on a rainy day when everyone's inside (between 8:20pm and midnight) to witness an unhappy scene. Vesta tells the younger two not to go out because it's raining, which upsets Marlin (remember, he's sensitive about his health and doesn't want Vesta and Celia worrying about him) and he storms out the door. The other two worry that he's angry so you go after him. When you find him, tell him that you worried about him and that you came to search for him. He'll explain why he's upset. When he asks if you think his health will ever be fully restored, tell him "Absolutely!" and then take him back to his house. _ _ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _ _ /` \/ `\_ _ _ _/` \/ `\ \ /` \/ `\ ROCK /` \/ `\ / '. .\ / [ROCK1] \ /. .' \/ '. .' '. .' \/ \/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \/ Rock is Forget-Me-Not Valley's resident playboy. He's brash and even arrogant, and he sees no point to working when you can have fun instead. He isn't inten- tionally rude, just thoughtless, but his self-absorption can be irritating. If you're looking for a fun-loving, lighthearted playmate, Rock just might be the guy for you. His cockiness is a turn-off for Lumina, but his relentless pursuit eventually wears her down and they'll fall in love if you don't intervene by marrying Rock. Fortunately, he's pretty easy; you can even give him your dog ball for 300 LP a day! (I'm not sure why you'd want to, though; during his heart events he keeps going on and on about Lumina!) Rock's birthday is the 9th of Spring. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Likes and Dislikes [ROCK2] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +800 LP/ +9 FP: Cheese Fondue +500 LP/ +9 FP: Matsutake, Cheese, Yogurt, Yogurt, Choker, Bracelet, Ear- rings, Brooch, Diamond or Pink Diamond +300 LP/ +3 FP: Wild grape, any tree fruit or flower, dress, sunblock, facial pack or skin lotion, Emerald, Ruby, Topaz, Peridot, or Amethyst, chocolate, wine, dog ball -500 LP/ -3 FP: Wool, yarn, colored grass, agate, weed, stone, lumber -800 FP/ -9 LP: Poisonous mushroom, fishing items, lithograph, fodder or bird feed -5000 LP/ -20 FP: Elli Leaves ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Heart Events [ROCK3] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Before you trigger some of Rock's events, you'll need to meet Ruby, Nami, and possibly Lumina. (She's not actually in any of his scenes, but he talks about her in two of them.) --Black Go to the beach between noon and 3pm on a sunny Monday, Wednesday or Friday to meet up with Rock. When he asks why you're there, feed his ego by saying you're there to check him out. --Purple Go to the Inner Inn between 11am and 4pm on a rainy day when it's not Tuesday or Friday. No one is around but Nami, but soon Rock bursts in wanting lunch. Nami scolds him for not being more responsible for the inn, since he's Ruby's son, but Rock claims she just doesn't want to do any work herself. If you take Rock's side she'll get even more angry, but Rock will be happy. --Blue Walk from the main pathway to the Goddess Pond on a sunny Tuesday between 1pm and 5pm. Rock calls out to you and asks if you're looking for him. He starts telling you about a date he just had with Lumina. Tell him that's a strange thing to say and he'll be confused, and changes the subject by asking if he can kiss you! Tell him he can, and he'll play a trick on you (Lumina fell for the same thing), but he doesn't understand why you're mad about it. --Yellow Enter Rock's bedroom on the second floor of the Inner Inn (his is the one at the bottom of the screen) when he's in there, between 6 and 11am. After some small talk he starts in on Lumina again. Tell him he seems to get along well with her, and once again he's confused. (Hey, no one ever said he was smart!) He'll explain that you're the one he really likes, he just talks about Lumina because he never noticed you before. Whether or not you're totally insulted by this point, your character accepts his apology. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Normal Rivals NORM2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Each of the five normal bachelors has a rival for his affections. If you see all four of a bachelor's rival scenes, shortly after the fourth one is trig- gered, the couple will get married and you can no longer see any remaining heart scenes with him or attempt to marry him. Fortunately, it takes a little bit of effort to get a couple to marry, so it's not likely that you'll marry someone off by accident. For starters, you can only trigger one rival event a year for each bachelor so for the first four years they're all available no matter what. You also have to see them in order. Second, the rival events, like his heart scenes, are tied to his heart color, and you can't trigger one unless he has the appropriate color heart. So, for example, you can't see Rock's purple heart scene if he's at a blue heart or higher, and not unless you're in your second year and have already seen his black rival heart event. Like any other scene, you'll have to have met the villagers involved before you can trigger it. If you've already befriended him past the heart color that you need, you'll have to give him things he doesn't like until you get his LP back down to where it needs to be. (That's why I've included dislikes in this FAQ.) One week after the orange event, the guy will come to your house to invite you to the wedding. You don't have any choice but to go and spend the whole day there. It counts as a festival day so the Harvest Sprites won't do any work, but since you spend the whole day at the beach, you won't be able to do any work. It isn't necessary to befriend the rivals, although some of them may reward you for doing so. Some people think it's easier to trigger the rival events if you're friends with the girls. _ _ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _ _ /` \/ `\_ _ _ _/` \/ `\ \FLORA/` \/ `\ FLORA /` \/ `\FLORA/ '. .\CARTER/ [CART4] \CARTER/. .' \/ '. .' '. .' \/ \/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \/ Flora may seem like a ditzy blonde, but she's really just preoccupied with her work. She really gets excited about archaeology and about her colleague Carter. One thing about her that doesn't excite Carter is her cooking! Feed her almost anything involving curry to make her be your friend. You'll usually find her either working late into the night at the excavation site, or in the tent nearby. Her birthday is Winter 16. *Note* If you befriend Flora to 250+ FP, you can unlock the hot spring by the circus by walking from the pathway by Vesta's Farm toward the waterfall map screen between 11:20 and midnight on a sunny night when it's not Sunday. You must do this before Carter is married (either to you or to her) or wait until after your child is born. (This was the same as Flora's blue heart event in the boy version.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Likes and Dislikes [CART5] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +9 FP: Rainbow curry, fish fossil, diamond, pink diamond, lithograph +3 FP: Matsutake, any crop or tree fruit, any farm product, any size fish, any sun, wine, curry powder, chocolate -3 FP: Any color grass except red, anything from the excavation site except perfume, any type of lumber except gold, stone -9 FP: anything you can catch with a fishing pole except fish or fish fossil, poisonous mushroom, perfume, gold lumber, fodder or bird feed -20 FP: Red grass ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rival Events [CART6] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ --Black Go to the excavation site between 9am and 11am when it's not Tuesday. Flora will ask Carter if it's okay to have curry rice for dinner. This is similar to Carter's blue heart event. There are a couple of differences, though: The meal in question is dinner, not lunch; she hasn't already started cooking in this one yet, and most obviously, since this is their event, not his with you, he won't ask you out to lunch. --Blue Walk into the excavation site between 11am and 1pm when it's not Tuesday to see a brief scene about Carter's ancestors. --Green Go to the excavation site between 1pm and 3pm when it's not Tuesday (are you seeing a pattern here yet?) to see an embarrassingly personal scene when Flora makes an important find. --Orange You know the drill: The excavation site between 3pm and 5pm any day but Tues- day. You'll get yet another embarrassing scene revolving around something Flora finds buried in the ground. This one ends with Carter proposing--and not to you! _ _ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _ _ /` \/ `\_ _ _ _/` \/ `\ \MUFFY/` \ / `\ MUFFY /` \/ `\MUFFY/ '. .\GRIFFIN/ [GRIF4] \GRIFFIN/. .' \/ '. .' '. .' \/ \/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \/ Muffy may first strike you as a ditz of a different sort. But while digging deep with Flora won't reveal much more than what you see on the surface, Muffy is more complex. More than anything, she wants a husband and family, but even though she puts on a brave face, she's afraid of getting hurt. (In Another Wonderful Life, she talks about a boyfriend she had in the city who dumped her and how she's now afraid of getting involved with someone else in case he broke up with her, too.) But Griffin is also looking for a serious relationship, and they do spend a lot of time together. During the daytime Muffy can usually be found near the Goddess Pond (she seems to have motherly feelings toward Hugh) and in the evenings she works at the bar. Her birthday is the 5th of Summer. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Likes and Dislikes [GRIF5] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +9 FP: Apple pie, matsutake, large fish, choker, bracelet, earrings, brooch, perfume, diamond, pink diamond, wine +3 FP: pineapple, tree fruits, flowers, flour, chocolate, dress, sunblock, facial pack, skin lotion -3 FP: Colored grass, lumber -9 FP: poisonous mushroom, mine items (except diamonds and pink diamonds), fishing items (except fish), most forage items -20 FP: Small fish ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rival Events [GRIF6] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ --Black Go to the Blue Bar late on a rainy morning (9am-11am, not Wednesday) to hear a conversation about a guitar that belonged to Griffin's ancestor. --Blue Exit your property between 10am and 11am when it's not Wednesday. The aforemen- tioned boyfriend from the city (presumably) is getting married and Griffin comforts Muffy. --Green There's a pattern here, too: Blue Bar, 9-11am, rainy day, not Wednesday. Muffy is whining as usual about her poor track record with men. Griffin suggest she look for a boyfriend among to local eligible bachelors. (Gee, Griff, couldja be any more obvious?) --Orange Blue Bar, 9-11am, rainy day, not Wednesday. Muffy is still thinking about what Obviousman had to say in the last rival scene. This proposal is a little out of the ordinary because Muffy is the one doing the asking. (If you've seen your own love scenes with him, you know that Griffin is easily embarrassed by roman- tic talk and is probably too shy to ask a girl to marry him.) _ _ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _ _ /` \/ `\_ _ _ _/` \/ `\ \ NAMI/` \/ `\ NAMI /` \/ `\NAMI / '. .\GUSTAFA/ [GUST4] \GUSTAFA/. .' \/ '. .' '. .' \/ \/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \/ Nami is quiet and thoughtful. She's close to Ruby at the Inner Inn, but other- wise she's pretty much a loner. She's also artistic and is drawn to Gustafa's appreciation for beauty and nature, passion for freedom, and enjoyment of traveling. (Of the five couples, these two are the only ones who really seem to like each other from the start.) If she's not at the inn, Nami is usually at the Turtle Pond and sometimes at the beach. Her birthday is Fall 24th. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Likes and Dislikes [GUST5] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +9 FP: Gratin, wild grape, grape, red magicgrass flower, suns, lithograph +3 FP: Fish, wine, dog ball, emerald, ruby, topaz, peridot, fluorite, agate, mythic stone -3 FP: Toy flower, Pinkcat flower, yarn, colored grass, excavation and mine items (except those listed above), lumbers -9 FP: Poisonous mushroom, wool, fish items (except fish), fodder or bird feed -20 FP: Grape jam (even though she loves grapes and likes wine and juice) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rival Scenes [GUST6] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All Nami x Gustafa events take place 12pm-3pm, sunny day, not Tuesday or Thurs- day. Like Gustafa's heart events, these are easy to trigger unintentionally. I triggered the black one before I'd even met Nami. --Black Exit the beach map screen to see a conversation about two lovely hearts. --Blue Go to the beach area. Gustafa and Nami are talking about the ocean, their travels, and why they keep returning to the valley. --Green Back at the beach again, Nami is wondering if it's okay for her to stop wander- ing around the world, settle down, and start putting down roots here in the valley. (Hmm...wonder if there's a particular person she's thinking about set- tling down with?) --Orange We end up right back where it all started. Exit the beach to see the couple at their favorite spot: the Turtle Pond. This one isn't exactly a proposal scene. They both agree that they've traveled enough now that they've found the place they're supposed to be--with each other. _ _ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _ _ /` \/ `\_ _ _ _/` \/ `\ \CELIA/` \/ `\ CELIA /` \/ `\CELIA/ '. .\MARLIN/ [MARL4] \MARLIN/. .' \/ '. .' '. .' \/ \/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \/ Celia moved from the city to Vesta's Farm as a child because of her health. She isn't related to Celia, but refers to her as "aunt" anyway. She's shy and keeps to herself. She never leaves the farm. During the day she'll be outside in the fields or in the shop, and at night she goes home to Vesta's house. Perhaps it's their shared health issues that draws her and Marlin together. Celia's birthday is Spring 6. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Likes and Dislikes [MARL5] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +9 FP: Cake, yarn, diamond, pink diamond, perfume +3 FP: Wild grape, apple, peach, grape, any flower, any excavation item except perfume, milk, yogurt, curry powder -3 FP: Eggplant, wool, colored grass, fodder and bird feed -9 FP: Poisonous mushroom, fish items, weed, branch, stone, any type of lumber -20 FP: Pickled cucumber ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rival Scenes [MARL6] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All of Marlin and Celia's scenes together take place between 5 and 6 pm on any day but Monday. --Black Pay a visit to Vesta's shop (between the house and the greenhouses) to eaves- drop on a conversation about farm work. --Blue walk from the main pathway across the bridge to Vesta's to watch Marlin over- react because a customer was rude to Celia. --Green Drop in at the shop again to see Marlin doing the overprotective thing again. This time Celia is trying to lift some heavy bundles and he wants her to let him do it so she won't get hurt. --Orange Cross the bridge again. Celia is talking to Marlin, who's too preoccupied to pay attention to her. He thinks living in the valley has been good for Celia and tells her she should stay there forever, and he will take care of her. _ _ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _ _ /` \/ `\ _ _ _ _ /` \/ `\ \LUMINA/` \/ `\ LUMINA /` \/ `\LUMINA/ '. . \ ROCK / [ROCK4] \ ROCK / . .' \/ '. .' '. .' \/ \/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \/ Lumina is being raised as a lady from a well-to-do family and spends her morn- ings practicing piano at her grandmother's mansion. In the afternoon she often visits the Goddess Pond, where she might bump into Rock. At first these two are polar opposites, but as they get to know each other better, Rock will come to see that Lumina isn't just another girl and she's looking for more than just a flirt. Her birthday is Spring 29. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Likes and Dislikes [ROCK5] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +9 FP: Relaxtea, perfume, diamond, pink diamond +3 FP: Any flower, any excavation or mine item except diamond, pink diamond, or lithograph, sweet potato, bread, chocolate -3 FP: Colored grass, wood or stone lumber, dog ball -9 FP: Poisonous mushroom, fish items, weed, branch, stone, fooder or bird feed -20 FP: Elli Leaves ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rival Events [ROCK6] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ --Black Exit the sprites' tree near the Goddess Pond between 11am and 1pm on a sunny Tuesday to see Rock acting arrogant. He claims that Lumina had a crush on him in the past, even though she denies it. --Blue Go to the beach between 11:10 am and 1pm on Saturday. Rock is trying to flirt with Lumina, but she's still not interested. --Green As you leave the tree again, 11-1 on a sunny Tuesday, they're back by the pond again. Rock claims that he once saved her life when she fell into the pond. --Orange Back to the beach again, 11:10-1:00 on Saturday. For once Rock isn't being a jerk. He's actually nice to Lumina, who admits that she's fallen in love with him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Special Bachelor Skye [SKYE1] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Skye (originally named Steiner) is a new addition to the game. He's a smooth- talking thief (at least, he thinks he is) with gray hair and a penchant for purple, animal print, and curry. He fancies himself a ladies' man but he's much smoother (and smarter) than Rock. He won't appear in the valley until you see his black heart event, which in turn won't trigger until you've introduced yourself to Lumina (because you have to meet everyone involved in a scene at least once beforehand). After that it may take a few days before he starts making a regular appearance. He only shows up late at night, and gets around pretty quickly, so check out the section on his schedule, below, for more information on when and where to find him. He also will only come to the valley on sunny days, and never on the day after you've seen a heart scene with him. Because he has no particular special requirements and no rivals, the game makers added a green heart scene, bringing his total to five. If you're interested in marrying him, he's not too picky. Give him almost any cooked curry item or anything from the excavation site. His birthday is Summer 10. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Likes and Dislikes [SKYE2] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +800 LP/ +9 FP: Finest Curry +500 LP/ +9 FP: Ultimate Curry, Rainbow Curry, any colored curry +300 LP/ +3 FP: Any excavation site item, Curry Rice -500 LP/ -3 FP: Any flower, any mine item -800 LP/ -9 FP: Curry Bread, Dry Curry, Curry Bun -5000 LP/ -20 FP: Curry Noodles ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Schedule [SKYE3] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A few days after triggering his black heart event, Skye will start to appear in the valley on nights when it was a sunny day. On Sundays he wanders all through the town. Other days he enters the valley from the Mineral Town road and goes past Vesta's Farm up to the Goddess Pond by the waterfall area. He has a fairly predictable schedule, but these times may be off by a few minutes. You may or may not see him walking from one location to another; sometimes he just appears in the designated area. SUNDAY: 10:00pm: Enters the valley from Mineral Town and heads toward Vesta's Farm 11:00pm: On the bridge 12:15am: Walks around the fountain at Romana's Mansion 1:40am: Walks south on the path between the pyrotechnicians' and Daryl's Lab 3:00am: Walks up the Main Path from the Turtle Pond and past the Inner Inn 3:20am: Back at the bridge again, heading north toward the mine area 4:30am: Outside Carter and Flora's tent, sometimes near the waterfall pond or mine entrance 5:30am: Leaves the valley by way of Mineral Town MONDAY-SATURDAY: 10:00pm: Enters the valley from Mineral Town and heads toward Vesta's Farm 11:00pm: On the bridge 12:20am: At the Goddess Pond across the river from Carter's tent, where he stays until you wake up at 6am. You will not see him leave on these days. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Heart Events [SKYE4] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Remember that Skye is never around the day after you trigger a heart event. He will not show up until you see his black event (even though with every other character in the game, you must meet everyone in the scene before you can see it). Because his scenes are long and involve several residents, in this section I've listed the people that you have to meet under each scene. Except for the black heart event, each scene has two parts. First you visit his next target to find out that he's sent them a notice ahead of time that he's going to rob them. They'll tell you that the letter said he would be there between 10pm and midnight, so you'll have to return at the appropriate time to finish the scene. --Black Special requirements: You must meet Lumina before triggering this scene; you will not have met Skye until the scene starts Walk onto the map screen where Romana's Mansion is located between 10pm and and midnight on a sunny day. Skye initially introduces himself as a prince, until Lumina comes out and recognizes him. He then admits that he's a thief and sweet-talks his way out of getting caught. --Purple Meet: Griffin, Muffy Go to the Blue Bar between 6-11 am on a rainy Monday to find out that a phantom thief has sent them a letter. He's going to rob them tonight at midnight! She asks you to come back and help them, so tell her that you will, and Griffin will ask you to come back between 10pm and 12am. If you come back at the appointed time, Skye will show up as scheduled. Ask him about destiny, then why he steals and why he enjoys it so much. --Blue Meet: Flora, Carter Special requirements: To trigger the second half of the scene, Flora has to have joined Carter in the tent. She often doesn't leave the dig site until 11:30pm. Walk up the main path toward the dig site to meet Flora and Carter. Skye has been writing letters again. Agree to help them catch him and Carter will tell you to come back between 10pm and midnight. When Skye finally shows up, he'll say that he came to see you! Tell him that's fine and you'll end up at the beach, where he'll tell you about his dream of being a curry chef. When he asks tell him that it's good to eat food given to you by others. --Green Meet: Vesta, Marlin, Celia Walk from the Main Pathway across the bridge to Vesta's Farm on a sunny Friday when it's not winter, between 6am and 10am. Yup, you guessed it, Skye sent yet another letter! They, too, want your help to try to overpower the thief and keep him from stealing their crops. So return somewhere between 10pm and 12am to Vesta's house (on the right, not the shop next door) to finish the scene. This time, you overstep your bounds a bit. Try again to get him to stop steal- ing. --Yellow Meet: Ruby, Nami, Rock (you should have met the others in previous scenes) You know the drill by now. Stop by the lobby of the Inner Inn between 11am and 3pm on a sunny Wednesday to see the latest letter. Volunteer to help, then come back at the appointed time. When you catch Skye, he'll ask if you'll let him go so tell him that you'll let someone else catch him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Proposing [SKYE5] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Unlike the other bachelors, Skye will not take the Blue Feather when you show it to him. He's a free-wheeling thief and a ladykiller, so he's got to do things his own way, y'know? You can show him the Blue Feather and he'll say something about you giving your love to someone else. However, it is not necessary to show him the feather at all. The proposal scene triggers randomly on a night when you go to bed with the feather in your rucksack. (Some say you have to have it equipped, but others claim it doesn't matter.) If you have him at a red heart but are not ready to marry him, either don't buy the feather or put it on the shelf until you're ready to use it. It has not been confirmed that you'll get another chance if you tell him "no" the first time. When you wake up one morning, there will be a note on the table saying that he's coming to steal your heart. When you go to bed that night you'll trigger an event where he comes to your house and asks for your heart. Choose to give it to him to finish the scene successfully. He'll say that you'll choose the time to get married later, but you never do. The wedding takes place about a week later just like all the others' do. Some say the scene is more likely to trigger if you actually show him the Blue Feather. Others claim that if you have another bachelor at a red heart, he may panic and come to you before you have a chance to give the feather to someone else. (If you show it to him, he does seem paranoid that you're going to get together with another guy, and for a guy who's supposed to be so suave and macho, during the actual proposal scene he is adorably unsure of where he stands with you.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mineral Town Bachelors [MINT1] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you plug a copy of Friends of Mineral Town or More Friends of Mineral Town into your DS's GBA slot, you can also marry the five bachelors from that game. The exception is Kai, who shows up every summer regardless of whether you have a GBA cartridge or not. (Gotz also visits the town every Saturday with or with- out the connection, unless he's working on your house, but you can't marry him in this game.) The other bachelors are Rick, Trent (the doctor, who now has a first name), Gray, and Cliff. Connecting is simple. Just insert the GBA game into the slot on the bottom of the DS. The next time you turn the game on it will connect automatically. (If you already have your game on, nothing will happen until you turn it off and back on again.) That's supposed to be all you have to do, but a lot of people have had trouble getting the connection to work. Nothing happened for me the first time I tried it. The second time I just left the GBA game in until I met one of the Mineral Town visitors and Cliff showed up almost immediately. After you've met the day's visitor, just save your game and then you can remove the GBA cartridge. The Mineral Town visitors have a specific schedule. All of the boys start out on the top floor of the inn, in the back row of rooms on the right-hand side. The girls, except Mary, start out in the room on the left. Mary spends her day at Romana's Mansion. The weekly schedule is as follows: Sunday: Rick and Popuri Monday: Mary Tuesday: Karen Wednesday: Elli and Dr. Trent Thursday: Gray Friday: Ann Saturday: Cliff, Gotz Kai comes every day of the summer season. Mineral Town men don't have rivals for their affection (although you may get some interesting comments from Rick in the summer; he *thinks* Kai is inter- ested in his sister Popuri), but they're more challenging because they're only in town one day a week or one season out of the year. The game does not end if you marry a city boy. _ _ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _ _ /` \/ `\_ _ _ _/` \/ `\ \ /` \/ `\ CLIFF /` \/ `\ / '. .\ / [CLIF1] \ /. .' \/ '. .' '. .' \/ \/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \/ Cliff may look like a rugged outdoorsman, but he's actually very shy and quite the loner. If you're familiar with the Mineral Town games, you know that he has a bit of a backstory--his mother died and his sister has disappeared. So if he seems a little down sometimes, it's for good reason. But he wants to make friends and he's one of the few who seem genuinely interested in you right from the start, and once you get to know him, he's actually very sweet. You can find him at the inn on Saturday mornings (usually the lobby) and in the afternoons he walks up to the waterfall. He's got a soft spot for your home cooking, so work your way into his heart by offering him curry and rice dishes. His birthday is Summer 06. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Likes and Dislikes [CLIF2] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +800 LP/ +9 FP: Finest Curry +500 LP/ +9 FP: Any type of curry, most rice dishes +300 LP/ +3 FP: Many types of regular and tree crops, milk, cheese, yogurt, riceballs, bread, chocolate, wine, dog ball -500 LP/ -3 FP: Wool, colored grass, mine items, wood or stone lumber, fodder or chicken feed -800 LP/ -9 FP: Poisonous mushroom, oil, flour, forage items and non-fish fishing items -5000 LP/ -20 FP: Fish bones ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Heart Events [CLIF3] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *Note* All of Cliff's events must be triggered on a Saturday when he's visiting the valley from Mineral Town. --Black Enter the kitchen at the Inner Inn between 8am and 1pm to surprise Cliff. Ask him to chat, and tell him that you feel lonely. He'll understand. --Purple Meet: Muffy Go to the lobby of the inn on a rainy afternoon between noon and 4pm to find poor Cliff cornered by Muffy. She means well, but she's gotten him so flustered he's tongue-tied. He thinks he gives off an appearance of being emotionless, so put his fears to rest and tell him that he doesn't. --Blue Meet: Sebastian, Lumina, Patrick, Kassey Exit your house on a sunny morning between 6am and noon. You're making so much headway in your friendship with Cliff that now he wants you to introduce him to some of the other valley residents! Agree to go with him, then take him first to Romana's mansion and then meet up with Kassey and Patrick, who tease Cliff about being on a date with you. He'll be embarrassed and take you home, but apparently he likes the idea of dating you. --Yellow Meet: No one, but you'll need to have access to the Sprite Co. tree (which hopefully you do by this point!) Exit the Sprite Co. tree between 10 and 6 on a sunny Saturday. Cliff is feeling down again and needs some cheering up. Tell him you consider him a friend even if he doesn't live in the valley, and he'll open up a little bit about his family. _ _ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _ _ /` \/ `\_ _ _ _/` \/ `\ \ /` \/ `\ GRAY /` \/ `\ / '. .\ / [GRAY1] \ /. .' \/ '. .' '. .' \/ \/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \/ Gray is the grandson of Saibara the blacksmith in Mineral Town. You can talk to him by calling the blacksmith on the telephone, or wait until Thursday when he visits the valley on his day off. He loves mine items and spends a lot of time up at the dig site with Flora and Carter. In the evenings sometimes he goes to the bar. His personality is nothing like it has been in previous games. He does occasionally comment on his problems with his grandfather (Saibara is very hard on him and they don't get along well) but most of the time in this game Gray is actually happy and very sweet to all of your neighbors. His birthday is Winter 06 and he will be in town on his birthday in Year 1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Likes and Dislikes [GRAY2] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +800 LP/ +9 FP: Baked Corn +500 LP/ +9 FP: Mine items except mythic stones, necklace, earrings, bracelet, brooch, chocolate +300 LP/ +3 FP: All other excavation items, banana, potato, tomato, corn, egg, mayonnaise, cheese, yogurt, large fish, wine, bread, rice cake, branch, wood or stone lumber -500 LP/ -3 FP: Bamboo shoots, turnip, pepper, carrot, yellow grass, mythic stones, dumpling powder -800 LP/ -9 FP: Poisonous mushroom, red grass, fishing pole items (except fish), weed, stone, gold lumber, fodder or bird feed -5000 LP/ -20 FP: Pickled turnips ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Heart Scenes [GRAY3] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All of Gray's scenes must be triggered when he visits the valley on Thursdays. --Black Meet: Carter, Flora Requirements: Have the first mine unlocked Go to the excavation site between 10 and 5 to talk to Gray. Tell him your work is tough to commiserate with him and encourage him to keep working hard at his own job before Flora and Carter return to interrupt you. --Purple Meet: Vesta Requirements: Have a tool equipped in the red slot of your backpack Stop by Vesta's house for a chat in the late evening (7:30-10pm) of a sunny day and Gray will dash in with a tool he fixed for Vesta and forgot to deliver. She isn't mad, but since he forgot, he won't charge her for it. (Aww! How chival- rous!) Since he's there anyway, he offers to check your tools for you and if you agree, he'll be impressed by how well you take care of them. --Blue Meet: Possibly Carter (he isn't in the scene, but Gray talks about him-- although you should already have met him for the black heart event) Exit the excavation site from 8-5 on a sunny Thursday and Gray will ask you if you have time to rest. Tell him you do, and take a break outside Carter's tent. He tells you how much he admires Carter and how much he wants to be good at blacksmithing, but he's hinting around for some encouragement, so tell him you support his dream and he'll say that he thinks everyone should help each other achieve their dreams. --Yellow Drop by the Inner Inn on a rainy evening between 7 and 10pm. Gray is feeling bad again so encourage him to talk about it. He'll tell you that he's having problems with his grandfather and that he's afraid he'll never be as good a blacksmith as Saibara. Tell him that's not true to cheer him up. _ _ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _ _ /` \/ `\_ _ _ _/` \/ `\ \ /` \/ `\ KAI /` \/ `\ / '. .\ / [KAI01] \ /. .' \/ '. .' '. .' \/ \/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \/ Kai hates the cold! Unlike the other bachelors, instead of visiting the town on the same day every week of the year, Kai will be in Forget-Me-Not Valley every single day of the summer but no other time. (He moves around a lot because "it's always summer somewhere!") On sunny days he'll set up shop at the snack shack on the beach. He's miserable when the weather is bad so on rainy days he stays inside the inn. He's happy-go-lucky and seems oblivious to the fact that Rick wants his head on a platter. He will visit your town every summer even if you don't have a Mineral Town cartridge. His birthday is Summer 22. Obviously, he'll be in town on his birthday every year. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Likes and Dislikes [KAI02] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +800 LP/ +9 FP: Pineapple +500 LP/ +9 FP: Eggs, yogurt, medium or large fish, wine, bread, oil, flour, perfume, diamond, pink diamond +300 LP/ +3 FP: Wild grape, grape, orange, apple, tomato, corn, onion, pumpkin, mayonnaise, milk, cheese, small fish, excavation items, curry powder -500 LP/ -3 FP: Any type of mushroom (except toadstool), turnip, sweet potato, wool, yarn, mine items -800 LP/ -9 FP: Toadstool, colored grass, fishing pole items (except fish) -5000 LP/ -20 FP: Chirashi sushi (it's served cold...) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Heart Events [KAI03] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All of Kai's heart events take place on a sunny summer day. The snack shack is open from 8-6 every day of the summer season unless it's raining. --Black Go to the beach to find Kai at his snack shack. He addresses you very formally, as is the custom for people in the service industry in Japan (where the game was made), gives you a free sample of his wares, and asks if you mind if he just calls you by your first name. To get your friendship off on the right foot tell him you don't mind. --Purple Go to the beach again, and find Kai taking a break from his work. He'll strike up a conversation and ask you what your favorite season is. Obviously, he's hoping you'll say "summer" so the two of you will have something in common. --Blue Meet: Murrey Go to the beach between 2:30 and 5pm for another handout. But this time Murrey smells the food from a mile away and comes running. If you let him have the baked corn that Kai gave you, Kai will be impressed with your kindness. --Yellow Meet: Ruby Go to the Inner Inn from 6:30-10pm after Kai gets off work. Ruby was just telling him about the Goddess who might live in the pond, and he asks you to go for a walk and check it out. Agree and the two of you will end up by the pond. When you're prompted to make a wish, wish for friendship with him, and he will admit that he secretly wished for the same thing, and believes that surely your mutual wish will be fulfilled. _ _ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _ _ /` \/ `\_ _ _ _/` \/ `\ \ /` \/ `\ RICK /` \/ `\ / '. .\ / [RICK1] \ /. .' \/ '. .' '. .' \/ \/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \/ Rick mans the phone lines for Yodel Ranch in Mineral Town. You can call him on the phone, but he and his sister Popuri visit the valley on Sundays. They stay overnight at the Inner Inn, and you may get an earful if you visit Rick in his room during the summer! He has a one-sided rivalry with Kai over Popuri. You can usually find him at the inn in the mornings and the waterfall in the after- noons. His birthday is Fall 27. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Likes and Dislikes [RICK2] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +800 LP/ +9 FP: Spa boiled egg +500 LP/ +9 FP: Corn, egg, cheese, mayonnaise, large fish, wine, chocolate, bird feed +300 LP/ +3 FP: Shiitake, orange, pineapple, red or blue magicgrass flower, yogurt, blue/green/purple/indigo/black/white grass, medium fish, excavation items, wood or stone lumber, riceballs -500 LP/ -3 FP: Pumpkin, yellow grass, rice cake -800 LP/ -9 FP: poison mushroom, wool, yarn, red grass, fishing pole items (except fish), mine items -5000 LP/ -20 FP: Mythic stone ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Heart Events [RICK3] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All of Rick's heart events must take place on Sunday. --Black Requirements: Own at least one chicken Leave your house and Rick will come to visit you. He heard you raise chickens. Ask him for his help; he'll be flattered and even give you some bird feed. --Purple Walk from the waterfall area down toward Vesta's farm between 11 and 4 on a sunny afternoon. Apparently you've been telling Rick about the excavation site and he wants to chat with you while he checks it out, so agree. He's been learning about raising crops from Vesta, so tell him that you raise your crops and animals with love. --Blue Meet: Ruby, Popuri Go to the Inner Inn on a rainy evening from 5:30-9pm. Ruby is cooking, and Rick invites you for dinner. Unfortunately, Popuri shows up and wants to help with the meal. Rick warns you that she's not a very good cook, but say that you'll eat it anyway. You automatically tell everyone how good it is, then Rick helps you make your escape and checks to make sure you're okay. The food wasn't that good after all, but he's impressed that you put on a brave face for his sis- ter's sake. --Yellow Meet: Popuri, but you should already have met her for the blue heart scene Pay an early-morning visit to the boys' dorm room at the Inn (top floor, right- hand door). Rick is glad to see you, but clueless Popuri bursts in because she heard voices in her brother's room. He's embarrassed, but she doesn't even notice and plows right ahead, talking about what a cute couple the two of you are and even mentions children! As poor Rick completely dies of embarrassment, she even has the audacity to ask if you think of Rick in a romantic way! Say that you do, and she will be thrilled but finally realizes she's in the way and floats happily out of the room. Rick is still speechless from shock. _ _ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _ _ /` \/ `\_ _ _ _/` \/ `\ \ /` \/ `\ TRENT /` \/ `\ / '. .\ / [TREN1] \ /. .' \/ '. .' '. .' \/ \/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \/ Trent is the doctor from Mineral Town (he was previously known only as "doctor" in the Mineral Town games) and he's totally obsessed with staying healthy. (I wonder if he's met Marlin...) You won't get much time alone with him, either, between his work at Dr. Hardy's clinic in the valley and his nurse Elli playing the part of mother hen, but like some of the other available bachelors, he becomes more appealing the more you get to know him. He's very intense, he's passionate about health, and he feels responsible for keeping the residents of Mineral Town and Forget-Me-Not Valley in tip-top shape. You can't talk to him on the telephone, but he'll be in the valley every Wednesday. His birthday is Fall 19 and he'll be visiting on his birthday in Year 3. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Likes and Dislikes [TREN2] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +800 LP/ +9 FP: Any size milk +500 LP/ +9 FP: Toadstool, bamboo shoots, red or blue magicgrass flower, yogurt, colored grass, medium or large fish, wine +300 LP/ +3 FP: Most crops, egg, cheese, small fish -500 LP/ -3 FP: Excavation and mine items -800 LP/ -9 FP: Pirate treasure, fish fossil -5000 LP/ -20 FP: French fries (they're really unhealthy!) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Heart Scenes [TREN3] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All of Trent's scenes must be triggered on Wednesday. --Black Walk toward the Goddess Pond from 3-8pm on a sunny Wednesday evening. Trent thinks this is a good place to relax. Taking time for yourself is good for your health, but he feels bad for people who are sick or disabled and wants to use his powers as a doctor to heal them. Tell him that's a great idea. --Purple Meet: Elli, Dr. Hardy Requirements: Fatigue at 60 points or less Drop in at the clinic for a visit on a sunny morning before 1pm. The whole team is studying medical books together. Dr. Hardy thinks the younger two need a break, so tell them "Let's go!" But Elli wants to study a little longer and sends you off to the beach with Trent. The two of you discuss ways to stay healthy. Mention that moving around is good for you, and he will compliment you on all the exercise you get while doing your farm work. --Blue Meet: Should already have met Dr. Hardy and Elli Requirements: 60 Fatigue Points or less Visit the clinic on another Wednesday and once again everyone is there, but Dr. Hardy is about to make a house call. He takes Elli with him but tells Trent to stay behind to mind the shop. Since you're there alone together, why not strike up a conversation? Trent starts talking about nutrition. He worries about you, but you can put his mind at ease by telling him you eat complete, healthy meals. --Yellow Meet: Should already have met Dr. Hardy and Elli Requirements: At least 60 Fatigue Points One last time, stop in at the clinic before 1pm to see Elli and the doctors. Trent has something on his mind. When you walk in, his face is all red. Ask him if he's sick and you'll all have a good laugh. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Credits [BYE01] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ushi no Tane at http://www.fogu.com/hm For such a terrific, informative site and the great message boards; it's where I double-checked information I didn't have in my game yet GameFAQs For hosting this guide and having such a great website in the first place Neoseeker, SuperCheats, Games Radar, Cheat Planet For liking my guides enough to ask if they could post them on their sites You, the reader For reading this guide; what would be the point of doing it if no one read it? Marvelous Interactive and Natsume For making such a great (if occasionally aggravating) game and translating it to English ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact Info [BYE02] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have personally checked the information in this guide with other sites or my own game, but if you find a mistake or have any questions or comments, feel free to drop me a line. My e-mail address is: star dust and sun shine at Yahoo dot com Take out all of the extra spaces and put it all on one line, written like a normal e-mail address. (I write it out this way because I already had to close out one e-mail address because I posted it on one website and a bunch of web crawlers got hold of it and I ended up getting so much junk mail my computer couldn't handle it all and died trying. so far, I haven't had any problems with my current address getting spammed.)</p>