Grand Theft Auto IV: Car FAQ by Carlo Ravelli (e-mail: Version: 1.25.2 Date: 20-MAY-2008 Copyright 2008 Carlo Ravelli -----------------| Table of contents| -----------------| -Introduction -Legal -Version History & Updates -Credits -Cars -Checklist -How to use -Ordinary -Special -Emergency -Trucks -FAQ -Contact _____________________________________________________________________________ ------------| Introduction| ------------| This guide is all about the cars in Grand Theft Auto IV. It will tell you where you can find the car, what it looks like, how rare it is, how fast I think it is, and go on. I will try to make this guide as spoiler-free as possible, but if you can only get a car in a certain mission, for example, I will put a warning. If you can't find a certain car, just email me and create a clear title for it. And a handy tip: If you are looking for a car, and can't find it (there are quite a lot cars in GTA IV) just press Ctrl + F. This will bring up a console in which you type the name of the car. This will (hopefully) redirect you to the part in this guide that tells you all the things about that car. The first search result will be the checklist. If it ain't the checklist, you are either past the checklist, or the guide doesn't have that car (yet). Note that this is NOT a guide about bulletproof cars. This is just about the stats, where to find them, and what they look like. The checklist can be used to check all the cars you have found. So if you have gotten a 100% but still want to play, then try to find all the cars on the checklist! And to make sure you don't think it's copying and pasting, I hereby declare that I type EVERYTHING in this guide by myself. If not typed by myself, I will put a note, and credit. All cars will be checked personally or by a close contact to make sure there isn't false information. And please, if you think information is wrong, contact me! Also if you think you don't see a vehicle in the list, which you have driven before. Have fun reading! -----| Legal| -----| This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission to me, Carlo Ravelli. If permission is given, you may NOT edit this guide in any way. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. This guide may only be viewed and printed from the websites listed in the Credits list. -------------------------| Version History & Updates| -------------------------| -1.00.0 Date: 16-MAY-2008 Info: First complete version Updates: *Ordinary cars section completed *Emergency cars section completed *Special cars section completed *Trucks & Semis section completed but might need another one *Checklist completed -1.25.0 Date: 19-MAY-2008 Info: Second version Updates: *Police Cruiser has been added *Packer has been added *Faction has been added *Phantom has been added *Mr. Tasty has been added *A motherload of mistakes has been corrected -1.25.2 Date: 20-MAY-2008 Info: Third version Updates: *Links to multiple hosts have been added -------| Credits| -------| If you get a credit, I will display your full name, or nickname if put. |-------------------| Websites: - (master-host for this guide) - (host for this guide) - (host for this guide) - (host for this guide) - (host for this guide) - (pictures) |-------------------| Users: -Carloravelli (Creator of this guide) -Justin Chamberlin (Police Cruiser, Moonbeam and Banshee) -Max Armstrong (Banshee) -Dan Glasser (Banshee) -Koolguy104 (Faction) -Coyote (Information on vehicles and what they are based on, screenshots) -problemchild045 (Information on Where to find) -Silvyrian (Information on what vehicles are based on) -Brendan O'Brien (Info on what cars are based on) -Chase Roberts (Cognoscenti) -fauxreigner (Answer on FAQ question) -scifigiant (Banshee) -JAKstriked (Mr. Tasty) -Benjamin Levine (Information on what vehicles are based on) -deuxv (Answer on FAQ question) -Delta Logan (Answer on FAQ question -Koolkids2 (Corrected some mistakes for me) _____________________________________________________________________________ ----| Cars| ----| Finaly, we can check out which ride is the fastest and which SUV is made for escaping a police chase. Two more things before you can check out the stats, are the checklist, containing all the cars that are in this guide so far, and the How to use, which will explain everything you need to know to use the guide. ---------| Checklist| ---------| ------------------- --Ordinary Cars: Admiral Banshee Blista Compact Bobcat Boxville Buccaneer Cavalcade Cavalcade FXT Chavos Cognoscenti Comet Contender Coquette Dilettante Dukes Emperor Esperanto Faction Feltzer Feroci Fortune Futo Habanero Huntley Sport Infernus Intruder Landstalker Lokus Manana Marbelle Merit Minivan Moonbeam Oracle Patriot Perrenial Peyote Premier Presidente Primo Rancher Rembla Ruiner Sabre Sabre GT Schafter Sentinel Solair Speedo Stallion Stretch Sultan Sultan RS Super GT Turismo Uranus Vigero Vincent Virgo Voodoo Washington Willard ------------------- --Special cars: Cabby Laundromat Mr. Tasty Roman's Taxi Trashmaster ------------------- --Emergency cars: Ambulance Enforcer FIB buffalo Firetruck N.O.O.S.E. vehicle N.O.O.S.E. patriot Police Cruiser Police Patriot Police Patrol Police Stockade ------------------- --Trucks & Semis: Biff Flatbed Packer Phantom Securicar Steed ----------| How to use| ----------| The car categories: -Ordinary Cars: These are cars without gadgets, you can spray them, and they have a boring paintjob. -Special Cars: These are cars with a special paintjob, these most of the time have special functions. -Emergency Cars: Call 911 and you will see what I mean. -Trucks: The roadkings with their loud horns. The Cars are sorted in alphabetical order. Then we have the statistics: -Type: This gives the size of the car. (Sedan, Coupe, Convertible, SUV, pick-up, van, hatchback) -Speed: I give the speed of the car, by the way I think how fast it is. (Very slow, slow, average, fast, very fast) -Weight: How much does it weigh (Light, average, heavy, very heavy) -Rarity: How hard it is to find, with this I mean both finding it driving around, and finding it parked up somewhere. (Very common, common, rare, very rare) -Picture: If you can't find out what this means by yourself...just select the link then paste it into your webbrowser. -Info: I explain a couple of things about this car. What it looks like, what it can be used for, and all that kind of stuff. -Where to find: I tell you in what missions you can find it, and where it has a static spawning point. -------------|--------------------------------------------------------------- Ordinary Cars|--------------------------------------------------------------- -------------|--------------------------------------------------------------- _____________________________________________________________________________ Admiral -Type: Sedan -Speed: Average -Weight: Average -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: Looks very much like the Audi 80. -Where to find: - _____________________________________________________________________________ Banshee -Type: Coupe -Speed: Very Fast -Weight: Little bit heavy -Rarity: Little bit rare -Picture: -Info: Sharp, sporty, speedy, awesome coupe. It looks like a Dodge Viper, and sometimes has a racing stripe on it. -Where to find: You need to drive it in one of the side missions in Algonquin _____________________________________________________________________________ Blista Compact -Type: Coupe -Speed: Average -Weight: Light -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: Also very average, it looks much like a honda civic CRX. If you own copies of GTA like San Andreas or Vice City, you should know it when you see one. -Where to find: Very easy to find driving around in any part of Liberty City, and it is also found in one of Vlad's missions where you have to steal a silver blista compact. _____________________________________________________________________________ Bobcat -Type: Pick-up -Speed: Average -Weight: Heavy -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: Sporty looking pick-up. It has, just like in all GTA games it appeared in, got the word BOBCAT embossed in the rear. -Where to find: You get to drive it at the end of the mission which unlocks the appartement in algonquin. _____________________________________________________________________________ Boxville -Type: Van -Speed: Slow -Weight: Heavy -Rarity: Rare -Picture: - -Info: Lives upon it's name. It's got no single soft bend on it's body. -Where to find: - _____________________________________________________________________________ Buccaneer -Type: Sedan -Speed: Average -Weight: Average -Rarity: Rare -Picture: - -Info: Muscle classic with awesome handling, if it just had a more powerful engine...Looks like a 70's Monte Carlo. -Where to find: - _____________________________________________________________________________ Cavalcade -Type: SUV -Speed: Average -Weight: Heavy -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: The name says it. It looks like a Cadillac Escalade. -Where to find: They drive everywhere. You should find one parked up when you are near the end of the Three Leaf Clover mission. _____________________________________________________________________________ Cavalcade FXT -Type: Pick-up -Speed: Average -Weight: Heavy -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: The cavalcade, but they chopped the top of the rear. -Where to find: Harder to find than the SUV version, but you will recognise it easily, its the most modern version of all pick-ups and has a FXT decal on the side. _____________________________________________________________________________ Chavos -Type: Sedan -Speed: Average -Weight: Average -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: Looks like a Peugeot to me, especially the rear. -Where to find: - _____________________________________________________________________________ Cognoscenti -Type: Mini-Limousine -Speed: Average -Weight: Average -Rarity: Rare -Picture: - -Info: The italian pride. It's a mini-limousine in my opinion. Not long enough to be a limo, but bigger then the average saloon. It looks a bit like a Bentley, but also Maybach. -Where to find: Most Ray Boccino missions lead to this car, but outside these missions, its very hard to find. Ofcourse, you can use cheats to get this luxury vehicles if you REALLY want to. _____________________________________________________________________________ Comet -Type: Coupe -Speed: Very fast -Weight: Light -Rarity: Very Rare -Picture: -Info: Sports car, looks very much like a porsche when you see its nose. The back looks more original. -Where to find: You get to drive and keep it during the No.1 mission from Brucie. It's rare so be sure to store it. _____________________________________________________________________________ Contender -Type: Pick-up -Speed: Little bit slow -Weight: Heavy -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: One of the 3 pick-ups in Liberty City. Looks like...umm...a pick-up. You can recognise it by its rear lights. Each side has two round lights, one orange, and one above it red. -Where to find: - _____________________________________________________________________________ Coquette -Type: Coupe -Speed: Very fast -Weight: Light -Rarity: Rare -Picture: - -Info: Looks very much like a corvette C6. It has similar headlights and taillights. Though the taillights look more square-ish. -Where to find: - _____________________________________________________________________________ Dilettante: -Type: Hatchback -Speed: Average -Weight: Average -Rarity: Common -Picture: -Info: Rockstar has done a remix on the toyota prius. They even made a trailer for this car. But believe me, its nothing special. -Where to find: - _____________________________________________________________________________ Dukes -Type: Coupe/Convertible -Speed: Fast -Weight: Average -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: Sometimes its a coupe, sometimes its a convertible. And sometimes its got a supercharger. This mighty muscle car is one of the coolest vehicles in the game: It's got power, great handling, and it looks nice. It's based on the Dodge Charger. -Where to find: - _____________________________________________________________________________ Emperor -Type: Sedan -Speed: Average -Weight: Average -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: Sometimes this car has an awful paintjob, like it has been partially sanded. But sometimes, you see a Cadillac with a wonderful colour. -Where to find: - _____________________________________________________________________________ Esperanto -Type: Sedan -Speed: Average -Weight: Average -Rarity: Common -Picture: -Info: A very average car. You can easily find it, as it drives around in every part of liberty city. It's similar to roman's taxi, except it doesn't have that round red light on the trunk. This would be a good car for the first missions of the game. -Where to find: If you can't find it, just call roman, then select the "cab" option. A Roman's Taxi will arrive soon after that call, and you can't tell the difference in model. _____________________________________________________________________________ Faction -Type: Sedan -Speed: Average -Weight: Average -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: Looks just like the Sabre, but with rectangle-shaped rearlights. -Where to find: - _____________________________________________________________________________ Feltzer -Type: Coupe/Convertible -Speed: Fast -Weight: Light -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: A sporty version of the Schafter. It looks best with the roof down, but it isn't really that special since the engine doesn't sound too exciting. Looks like a Mercedes-Benz coupe. -Where to find: I'm sure you will drive it in a mission sometimes in the beginning. _____________________________________________________________________________ Feroci -Type: Sedan -Speed: Average -Weight: Average -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: No, it's not based on a ferrari, but why then the cool name? I dunno. It looks a tiny little bit more sporty than the average car. And it's got Feroci spelled between the rearlights. -Where to find: - _____________________________________________________________________________ Fortune -Type: Sedan -Speed: Average -Weight: Average -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: Looks like the fortune in GTA San Andreas. Other than that, this is an average car. -Where to find: - _____________________________________________________________________________ Futo -Type: Sedan -Speed: Fast -Weight: Average -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: This looks much like the old VW Jetta. And just like the Jetta, it tries to be a street racer. It has good speed and good handling. -Where to find: - _____________________________________________________________________________ Habanero -Type: MPV -Speed: Average -Weight: Heavy -Rarity: Common -Picture: -Info: See the picture, it's the car with the black rear window. -Where to find: - _____________________________________________________________________________ Huntley Sport -Type: SUV -Speed: Average -Weight: Heavy -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: My personal favourite SUV, it looks sharp, drives sharp, and has the best name. -Where to find: - _____________________________________________________________________________ Infernus -Type: Coupe -Speed: Very fast -Weight: Average -Rarity: Very rare -Picture: - -Info: The best car ever made. It has the front AND rear of my two personal favourite cars, the Lamborghini Murcièlago, and the Pagani Zonda. -Where to find: Complete all Bernie Crane missions, but be sure to park it, it still is a very rare car. _____________________________________________________________________________ Intruder -Type: Sedan -Speed: Average -Weight: Average -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: This is one of the luxurious cars, although the rear looks rather ugly. -Where to find: You will drive it in the second Phil Bell mission. _____________________________________________________________________________ Landstalker -Type: SUV -Speed: Average -Weight: Heavy -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: The biggest SUV after the Patriot, this is a quite long car. And it wobbles when you make powerful turns. -Where to find: - _____________________________________________________________________________ Lokus -Type: Sedan -Speed: Average -Weight: Average -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: This looks very much like the sultan, except that the Lokus is luxurious, and the sultan is sporty. -Where to find: You will drive and keep one of these during the first Gambetti mission. _____________________________________________________________________________ Manana -Type: Sedan -Speed: Average -Weight: Average -Rarity: Common -Picture: -Info: This car is confused if it's either muscle or modern. The picture shows a grey manana. -Where to find: I find them often in Bohan _____________________________________________________________________________ Marbelle -Type: Sedan -Speed: Average -Weight: Average -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: This is one of those cars you'd rather push of a cliff, because it's boring. It's got two square headlights on each side, and two big braking lights. Based on an 80's Lincoln. -Where to find: - _____________________________________________________________________________ Merit -Type: Sedan -Speed: Average -Weight: Average -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: This is one of the vehicles that is also used as a cab. It looks like an Impala. -Where to find: You drive it during Michelle's First Date mission. _____________________________________________________________________________ Minivan -Type: MPV -Speed: Average -Weight: Average -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: This is Rockstar's version of the Chrysler Voyager. It's got a boring engine, and it looks boring too. -Where to find: - _____________________________________________________________________________ Moonbeam -Type: Van -Speed: Slow -Weight: Average -Picture: - -Info: The opposite of cool. This oh so boring van has nothing cool on it. It is slow, has sucky handling, just avoid it. -Where to find: - _____________________________________________________________________________ Oracle -Type: Sedan -Speed: Average -Weight: Average -Rarity: Common -Picture: -Info: Half luxury, half sports. One of my favourite cars, especially in red. -Where to find: - _____________________________________________________________________________ Patriot -Type: SUV -Speed: Fast -Weight: Heavy -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: This is a hummer with an american flag vinyl on the side skirts. -Where to find: You can find this car in various missions, for example, you can get one during all of playboy X his missions. _____________________________________________________________________________ Perennial -Type: MPV -Speed: Average -Weight: Average -Rarity: Common -Picture: -Info: This is clearly a remix on the 2006 honda civic. In the picture, it's the car on the right. -Where to find: - _____________________________________________________________________________ Peyote -Type: Coupe -Speed: Average -Weight: Average -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: A vintage classic. It has two round headlights on each side, and those classic cadillac brakinglights. Based on the mid-50's Chevrolet Thunderbird. -Where to find: - _____________________________________________________________________________ Premier -Type: Sedan -Speed: Average -Weight: Average -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: This car looks a bit like the Schafter. Except that it has chromed rearlights. -Where to find: - _____________________________________________________________________________ Presidente -Type: Sedan -Speed: Fast -Weight: Average -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: A luxury car, with some speed on it. It is based on the Cadillac CTS. -Where to find: You drive it during the last mission of Derrick McReary. _____________________________________________________________________________ Primo -Type: Sedan -Speed: Average -Weight: Average -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: Looks a bit like the old Audi Quattro, but has really weird braking lights. -Where to find: - _____________________________________________________________________________ Rancher -Type: Pick-up -Speed: Average -Weight: Heavy -Rarity: Common -Picture: -Info: The basic pick-up. In the picture, the four cars in the lower left corner are ranchers. -Where to find: - _____________________________________________________________________________ Rembla -Type: MPV -Speed: Average -Weight: Average -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: A weird MPV with rims too big for its body. It looks like it has been squashed by two patriots, it's not wide at all. -Where to find: - _____________________________________________________________________________ Ruiner -Type: Coupe -Speed: Fast -Weight: Average -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: Looks a little bit like the chevrolet camaro in the eighties. -Where to find: - _____________________________________________________________________________ Sabre -Type: Sedan -Speed: Average -Weight: Average -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: Doesn't look like the sabre GT at all. Looks like a Willard with square rearlights. -Where to find: - _____________________________________________________________________________ Sabre GT -Type: Coupe -Speed: Fast -Weight: Average -Rarity: Common -Picture: -Info: The coolest muscle car in the game. It's got a traditional racing stripe on it's body, and is one of the fast cars. -Where to find: It's parked for you next to the basketball field in the Photo Shoot mission. _____________________________________________________________________________ Schafter -Type: Sedan -Speed: Average -Weight: Average -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: This car looks very much like the Feltzer, but then it isn't available as a convertible. It looks a bit sharper than the premier. Also based on a Mercedes-Benz. -Where to find: During the Easy as it gets by brucie, these cars chase you. If you manage to take one, you also have one of the special black rimmed Schafters. Another way is during the mission The master and the molotov. It's parked outside Perestroika for you to take. _____________________________________________________________________________ Sentinel -Type: Sedan -Speed: Fast -Weight: Average -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: This car has got the real BMW M3 headlights. It looks sporty, and it is fast. This car is common, and most of the time drives around in a dark paintjob. And it's also got a more sporty version, driving around in the italian part of Algonquin. -Where to find: - _____________________________________________________________________________ Solair -Type: Station Wagon -Speed: Average -Weight: Average -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: A family car, this Solair (looks like the one in GTA San Andreas) is lump and steers slowly. -Where to find: - _____________________________________________________________________________ Speedo -Type: Van -Speed: Slow -Weight: Heavy -Rarity: Rare -Picture: - -Info: Another stupid van. They are slow, and...If it's only to collect all vehicles in the game... -Where to find: You need to steal one during one of the Faustin missions. Hint for this mission: If you see boxes through the front window, you know it's the right van. If you don't see any boxes, go to the next van. _____________________________________________________________________________ Stallion -Type: Coupe -Speed: Fast -Weight: Average -Rarity: Common -Picture: -Info: Another great muscle car, which has the body of an oldsmobile 442, but '69 Camaro lights. -Where to find: You find one during the first Manny Escuela mission. _____________________________________________________________________________ Stretch -Type: Limousine -Speed: Slow -Weight: Heavy -Rarity: Rare -Picture: - -Info: This is the limousine version of the admiral. With the exact same lights and model, this is in my opinion the most ugly limousine in the GTA series. -Where to find: You have to destroy one during the third or fourth assasin mission. Just make it stop then jack it. _____________________________________________________________________________ Sultan -Type: Sedan -Speed: Fast -Weight: Light -Rarity: Common -Picture: -Info: This car looks just like a Lexus IS300, except that it has BMW M3 rearlights. It's quite fast and light, so it's suitable for city racing. It sometimes comes with a spoiler, but only in Middle Alderney. -Where to find: - _____________________________________________________________________________ Sultan RS -Type: Sedan -Speed: Very fast -Weight: Light -Rarity: Very rare -Picture: - -Info: This is my favourite city racer. It's got a carbon fibre spoiler and hood, awesome bodykits, and alot of speed. It makes quick turns, even at high speeds, and....I just love this car. -Where to find: The only place to get it is at the old mansion in Alderney. It's hidden in the bush just behind the garage. _____________________________________________________________________________ Super GT -Type: Coupe -Speed: Very fast -Weight: Average -Rarity: Very rare -Picture: - -Info: Looks abit like the newer Aston Martins. It's handling and speed are similar to the infernus and the comet. -Where to find: When you do the mission where you kill Chubby Charlie, it's parked outside the old sprunk factory. _____________________________________________________________________________ Turismo -Type: Coupe -Speed: Very fast -Weight: Light -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: This is a common supercar. It's got the speed of a Super GT, a monster engine in the rear, and it looks like a ferrari. -Where to find: Lot's of locations, and it spawns as common as a taxi when you first drive it. One location is in front of Mikhail Faustin's garage, and another is the Grotti dealer in Algonquin near your safehouse. _____________________________________________________________________________ Uranus -Type: Coupe -Speed: Fast -Weight: Light -Rarity: Rare -Picture: - -Info: This looks much like a futo, but with a massive spoiler on its trunk. -Where to find: They only appear in Bohan, Dukes, and Broker. _____________________________________________________________________________ Vigero -Type: Coupe -Speed: Average -Weight: Average -Rarity: Common -Picture: -Info: This car often has a completely corrosed body, it misses a panel, and it has an exhaust that pops every couple of seconds. If it ain't rusted, it's body is nice like all other cars. -Where to find: - _____________________________________________________________________________ Vincent -Type: Sedan -Speed: Fast -Weight: Average -Rarity: Common -Picture: -Info: Definately a Mitsubishi Galant. It's appeared in several GTA games, and the fastest vincent is in GTA 4. -Where to find: - _____________________________________________________________________________ Virgo -Type: Sedan -Speed: Average -Weight: Average -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: This is the car that represents the jamaican's. This is classic and the default radio station says reggae. -Where to find: You drive it during all Little Jacob's missions. _____________________________________________________________________________ Voodoo -Type: Coupe -Speed: Average -Weight: Average -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: This is the vehicle that could also have been used to represent the jamaicans. But it got used for Elizabeta Torres. It's a '59 Impala. -Where to find: You get to drive one in her last mission, and deliver it with two bodies in it to a "doctor". You can just keep it and park it, you will never notice there are two bodies in it. _____________________________________________________________________________ Washington -Type: Sedan -Speed: Average -Weight: Average -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: Luxury ride. This would be suitable for rich people that don't like the stretch. -Where to find: - _____________________________________________________________________________ Willard -Type: Sedan -Speed: Average -Weight: Average -Rarity: Rare -Picture: -Info: This is another of the more average cars, though I rarely see one driving past. -Where to find: During the second mission in the game, you will have to escape from albanians, but before they get to chase you, steal their vehicle ------------|---------------------------------------------------------------- Special Cars|---------------------------------------------------------------- ------------|---------------------------------------------------------------- Taxi/Caddy/Cabby -Type: Sedan/Sedan/MPV -Special Feature: Function's as a taxi. You can enter as a passenger by holding Triangle when near one. You can make a taxi without a passenger stop by pressing L1. -Speed: Average -Weight: Average -Rarity: Very common -Picture: -Info: Do I really need to put something here? *sigh* then here it goes. The ultimate transport is the yellow cab! Am I done now? -Where to find: Common! (Algonquin is LOADED with cabs) _____________________________________________________________________________ Laundromat -Type: Van -Special Feature: None -Speed: Slow -Weight: Heavy -Rarity: Very rare -Picture: - -Info: Why in the name of Pegorino is this car special? Well, there's only ONE SINGLE CHANCE to get it. -Where to find: That only single chance leads you to the mission Hung out to dry, by Vlad. _____________________________________________________________________________ Mr. Tasty -Type: Van -Special Feature: The most awesome horn in the galaxy. -Speed: Slow -Weight: Heavy -Rarity: Rare -Picture: - -Info: Hurray, we've got an ice cream van! Too bad you can't buy/sell any. -Where to find: - _____________________________________________________________________________ Roman's Taxi -Type: Sedan -Special Feature: You can call it by selecting the "Cab" option under Roman in your cellphone. -Speed: Average -Weight: Average -Rarity: Very rare -Picture: - -Info: This is the albany, but then with a funny red light (like all cabs got) -Where to find: Call one with your cellphone, you can't get to it in any other way. Thats why it got a Very rare for rarity. _____________________________________________________________________________ Trashmaster -Type: Truck -Special Feature: You can operate the mouth-thing in the back by pressing X. -Speed: Very Slow -Weight: Very Heavy -Rarity: Common -Picture: -Info: Yay! A garbage truck! -Where to find: There's a big depot near fishmarket south in Algonquin. --------------|-------------------------------------------------------------- Emergency Cars|-------------------------------------------------------------- --------------|-------------------------------------------------------------- Ambulance -Type: Van -Special Feature: None -Speed: Average -Weight: Heavy -Rarity: Rare -Picture: - -Info: This is the fastest ambulance in all GTA games, and it's got great handling. But still, your friends will laugh at you when you arive with an ambulance at the gun club. -Where to find: It's outside every hospital, and you can call one anytime by calling 911, then following the instructions. _____________________________________________________________________________ Enforcer -Type: Van -Special Feature: None -Speed: Slow -Weight: Very heavy -Rarity: Depends on your wanted level -Picture: - -Info: The black version of the Stockade and NOOSE Enforcer. -Where to find: Get a high wanted level _____________________________________________________________________________ FIB Buffalo -Type: Sedan -Special Features: None -Speed: Fast -Weight: Heavy -Rarity: Depends on your wanted level -Picture: - -Info: Very cool police vehicle, its always in black, and it has got two small sirens in the back. The big difference with the old police patroller is that the buffalo has got more power, and more weight, making it an excellent police chasing vehicle.....for the cops. -Where to find: You will be able to fight three buffalo's during one of Phil Bell's missions, I think the mission is called flatline. But you can also use cheats, if you really want to. _____________________________________________________________________________ Firetruck -Type: Truck -Special Feature: Water cannon on its roof, fire with R2. -Speed: Slow -Weight: Very heavy -Rarity: Rare -Picture: - -Info: The big red firetruck has a cool water cannon on its roof, like in all GTA games. Firing it on people makes them fall, and damages them. -Where to find: It's outside every firestation, and you can call one anytime using your phone. Call 911, then follow the instructions. _____________________________________________________________________________ N.O.O.S.E. Enforcer -Type: Van -Special Feature: None -Speed: Slow -Weight: Very heavy -Rarity: Depends on your wanted level -Picture: - -Info: This is the boss of all police vehicles. With its massive weight, this is THE getaway vehicle. Except it isn't really fast, so you can't lose your pursuers. Looks much like the Stockade. -Where to find: I believe in the Three Leaf Clover mission, but by the Special Vehicle FAQ, you can't jack it. Otherwise, get yourself a high wanted level, but watch out, as the driver has an SMG. _____________________________________________________________________________ N.O.O.S.E. Patriot -Type: SUV -Special Feature: None -Speed: Average -Weight: Heavy -Rarity: Depends on your wanted level -Picture: - -Info: This looks much like the Police Patriot, but it's got more blue on it. -Where to find: Get yourself a high wanted level (I believe 4 stars is enough to make this car spawn) _____________________________________________________________________________ Police Cruiser -Type: Sedan -Special Feature: None -Speed: Average -Weight: Average -Rarity: Very common -Picture: -Info: Based on the Crown Victoria like you see it in NYC. -Where to find: _____________________________________________________________________________ Police Patriot -Type: SUV -Special Features: None -Speed: Average -Weight: Heavy -Rarity: Depends on your wanted level -Picture: - -Info: It's the Patriot version of the police patrol. Only seen in wanted levels of 3 or more stars. They are either in a blockade, or they try to ram you. -Where to find: If you see a blockade, you can jack one. _____________________________________________________________________________ Police Patrol -Type: Sedan -Special Feature: None -Speed: Average -Weight: Average -Rarity: Very common -Picture: - -Info: Do I really need to give information on a police vehicle? Common! It's a Merit with a police paintjob. -Where to find: Method 1: Kill 50 people. Method 2: Fire an RPG at a traffic jam Method 3: Call 911, then 1. Kill both cops, then jack it. If you still don't know how to get it, you should shame on yourself! _____________________________________________________________________________ Police Stockade -Type: Van -Special Feature: None -Speed: Slow -Weight: Very heavy -Rarity: Very rare -Picture: - -Info: Similar to the N.O.O.S.E. vehicle but then it's blue and white. -Where to find: Get it in the Derrick McReary's last mission. _____________________________________________________________________________ --------------|-------------------------------------------------------------- Trucks & Semis|-------------------------------------------------------------- --------------|-------------------------------------------------------------- Biff -Type: Truck -Speed: Very slow -Weight: Very heavy -Rarity: Rare -Picture: - -Info: This quite big truck weighs alot and packs no speed. It's boring. Except for the fact that it has one awesome horn, like all trucks and semis. -Where to find: You will drive one during Derrick McReary's last mission. _____________________________________________________________________________ Flatbed -Type: Semi -Speed: Very slow -Weight: Very heavy -Rarity: Rare -Picture: -Info: A Biff, but then a little bit bigger and straight pipes. -Where to find: You drive it in the mission called Rigged to blow. _____________________________________________________________________________ Packer -Type: Semi -Speed: Very slow -Weight: Heavy -Rarity: Rare -Picture: - -Info: This semi has a square-shaped cabin, and often has a car-carrier on it's back. -Where to find: - _____________________________________________________________________________ Phantom -Type: Semi -Speed: Very slow -Weight: Very heavy -Rarity: Rare -Picture: - -Info: This is the ultimate semi. It size masters all other vehicles, and so does it's weight. But it is hard to find. -Where to find: - _____________________________________________________________________________ Securicar -Type: Van -Speed: Slow -Weight: Very heavy -Rarity: Rare -Picture: -Info: This is the smallest brother of the trucks. I call it a van because it doesn't look like a truck. It does pack a truck sized weight, and that's why I put it in the Trucks & Semis section. -Where to find: You can find it during one of Phil Bell's missions on Charge Island. _____________________________________________________________________________ Steed -Type: Truck -Speed: Slow -Weight: Very heavy -Rarity: Rare -Picture: -Info: This is just a stupid slow truck. Sometimes it's got graffiti on the side. -Where to find: You drive one during one of Phil Bell's missions. ---|------------------------------------------------------------------------- FAQ|------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---|------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: I think your information on is wrong, what should I do? A: Send me the proper information via e-mail. If that information is also wrong, I will try to find it out myself. Ofcourse if it is right, I will correct the mistake, and you will get credit for it. Q: I know something about a car, where you haven't got any description. A: If you want to share it, be my guest! I love expansion, and you will get full credit for it. Q: I can't find , what should I do? A: If you have done what the description says and still can't find it, and if you REALLY need it, you can use a cheat if it is available for that car. If there isn't a cheat for that vehicle, read the "where to find" section again. Still can't find it? Send me an e-mail and I'll do my best for you. NOTE: If there isn't an explanation in the Where to find part of a vehicle I haven't found a mission where it appears in, or a static spawning point. Q: How many cars can I store? A: Amount of wheels, parted by 4, round down. You can store anything, as long as it's completely in the yellow space. Q: I really wanted to drive and when I first drove it, suddenly a whole bunch of them appeared! How is that possible? Simple Answer: its to speed up rendering speed. If every car you passed by was 100% different than the car behind it and infront of it dont you think it would slow the game down? they place alot of variations of the same vehicle your driving to prevent the game from slowing down due to loading. Complex Answer: Basically, the car models are too detailed for the RAGE engine to keep all of them cached and available to show up at any given time. So only a few cars are loaded into memory to spawn. But since the game has to have the car you're driving in cache, that puts it on a relatively short list of available cars to spawn, so all of a sudden everyone's got an Infernus. YOUR QUESTION NOT HERE? SEND ME AN EMAIL! -------|--------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact|--------------------------------------------------------------------- -------|--------------------------------------------------------------------- For information on vehicles, Personal help, or anything else (except spam!) just send an email to: I check very often so you will sure get an answer soon!</p>