============================================================================= Monster Hunter Freedom 2 FAQ/Walkthrough For the Portable Sony Playstation By Thomas Gazay aka Darksun45230 (qwerty45230@yahoo.com) Version 1.00 (Most Recent Update: 4/17/2008) Copyright (c) 2008; Thomas Gazay 80 Characters Per Line Font/Style/Size: Courier New/Regular/10 ============================================================================= "A Hunters Life for Me!" Introduction----------------------------------------------------------------- |My name is Thomas Gazay aka Darksun45230 of GameFAQs. So here's the story, I |got bored one day and started writing this FAQ. I didn't stop; guess it must |have been a boring several weeks. This guide's purpose is to give beginning |Hunter purpose. The starting people have the most difficulty when it comes |to Monster Hunter. It's my job to make sure that they find themselves, by |providing cutting edge strategies, important information, and provoking |critical thinking. That's how a Monster Hunter survives. +---------------------------------------------------------------------------- TABLE OF CONTENTS [1] FAQ [2] Walkthrough on the Basics [2.1] Don't rush in. [2.2] Be prepared. [2.3] Choose the right weapon. [2.4] Choose the skills you'll need. [2.5] Don't be greedy. [2.6] Use your noodle. [3] Armor and Weapons [3.1] "What's a good armor set when starting out?" [3.2] "What are better armors when advancing the Elder Ranked Quests?" [3.3] "What armors do you recommend for HR4 and above?" [3.4] "What are some weapons I should get?" [4] Pokke Farm, Ruststones, and Items! [4.1] "What is Pokke Farm?" [4.2] "What are Ruststones and where do I find them?" [4.3] "Where do I find...?" [4.4] "When does my Monster drop shiny items?" [5] Elder Quests [5.1] Elder * [5.1.1] Hunt the Carnivore [5.1.2] Sinking Feeling [5.1.3] Slay the Blangos [5.1.4] Urgent: The Carnivorous Leader [5.2] Elder ** [5.2.1] Reckless Bulldrome Hunter [5.2.2] Jungle Menace [5.2.3] Rarest of the Rare Beasts [5.2.4] Liver of Legend! [5.2.5] Urgent: Shadow in the Snow [5.3] Elder *** [5.3.1] Blango Slaying Tactics [5.3.2] The Lurking Desert Giant [5.3.3] Gypceros: The Venomous Terror [5.3.4] A Killing from Mushrooms [5.3.5] Urgent: The Ruler of the Snow [5.3.6] Optional: Water Wyvern in the Desert [5.4] Elder **** [5.4.1] Battle of the Blos [5.4.2] Basarios: Unseen Peril [5.4.3] Commander in Flames [5.4.4] More Coal Please [5.4.5] Urgent: Absolute Power [5.4.6] Optional: The Lone Black Garuga [5.4.7] Optional: The Frozen Dictator/The Elder Dragon of Wind [5.5] Elder ***** [5.5.1] The Poison Siege [5.5.2] The Runaway Diablos [5.5.3] Ultimate Crab Dinner [5.5.4] Terror of the Gravios [5.5.5] Urgent: Troublesome Pair [5.5.6] Optional: The Legendary Kirin [5.5.7] Overseer of Ancients/The Empress' Blazing Throne [5.5.7] The Elder Dragon of the Mist/Towards the Silence [5.6] Urgent Quests [5.6.1] A Sun with Fangs/Emperor of Flame [5.6.2] A State of Crisis [5.6.3] The Final Invitation [6] Hunter Rank [6.1] 3* Guild Quests [6.1.1] Giadrome Assault [6.1.2] The Land Shark [6.1.3] The Lurking Desert Giant [6.1.4] The Mischief Maker [6.1.5] Urgent: Blangonga [6.2] 4* Guild Quests [6.2.1] Master of the Giant Lake [6.2.2] Evening Hermituar Sonata [6.2.3] Pincer through the Sky [6.2.4] Trouble in the Forest [6.2.5] The Ioprey Leader [6.2.6] Urgent: Tigrex [6.3] 5* Guild Quests [6.3.1] The Runaway Diablos [6.3.2] Valor in the Swamp Zone [6.3.3] The King's Domain [6.3.4] The Queen's Descent [6.3.5] Urgent: Shen Gaoren [6.4] 6* Guild Quests [6.4.1] The Poisoned Fang Duo [6.4.2] Ultimate Crab Dinner [6.4.3] Trapped by Yian Kut Ku [6.4.4] Conga Counterattack [6.4.5] Urgent: Lao Shan Lung Draws Near! [6.5] 7* Guild Quests [6.5.1] Two Roars in Snow [6.5.2] Red Shadow in the Swamp [6.5.3] The Underwater Terror [6.5.4] Slay the Rathalos [6.5.5] Basarios: Unseen Peril [6.5.6] Urgent: Land of Tremors [6.6] 8* Guild Quests [6.6.1] The Fierce Black Horn [6.6.2] Black Rock of the Swamp [6.6.3] Blue Sky, Pink Earth [6.6.4] Silver Rathalos [6.6.5] Gold Rathian [6.6.6] Urgent: Shen Gaoren [6.6.7] Urgent: Akantor [7] Online: The Do's and Don'ts of Xlink Kai [8] Where you find Wyverns [9] Strategies, Additional Information, ect. [10] Things I'm going to add...\ [11] Credits ============================================================================= [1] FAQ ============================================================================= "I have a few questions for you..." Q: Will this guide make me a better Monster Hunter? A: No. Close this window... Yes of course read on. Q: What is Monster Hunter? A: Monster Hunter is an adventure game created by Capcom. You are a Hunter in a world full of monsters. In order to fight off these creatures you forge armor, through fishing, mining, combining items, creating weapons, and making gems to further enhance our armor. We do this because we want to become Monster Hunters. Q: How does the gameplay work? A: The game itself is entirely mission based. You take Quests from the village Elder at first, then when you become stronger you tackler the harder quests available at the Guild Hall. You choose your armor from Gauntlets, Tassets, Mails, and Boots; each item is customizable so you can mix and match whatever you want. With a plethora of weapons ranging from Lances, Gunlances, Bows, Swords and Shields, Dual Swords, Greatswords, Longswords, Bowguns, Hammers, and Hunting Horns; it's a hunter's life for me. Q: How hard is this game? A: Hard. Very Hard. This guide will help you deal. Q: Will what you teach me make my game easier? A: Who knows? You can't MAKE the game easy. This guide teaches strategies to take on different wyverns. Not everything is covered, but most of it and in great details. Just read on. Q: Do I need to play the first MHF? A: No. Monster Hunter Freedom does not have a storyline. Now quit asking! Q: I started a new game, why is it giving me an error? A: Don't worry, this is normal. It's informing you that there is no save data yet to be created on your memory stick. Q: How do I change my avatar's name/gender? A: Note: The following requires Custom Firmware and CWCheat. Name Change (requires CWCheat) posted by auslander: http://forums.maxconsole.net/showthread.php?t=90044 Sex Change (See Above) Posted by auslander: It is important that you have run-able CWCheat!! Add below lines on MHF2 US games section of cheat.db file in \seplugins\cwcheat folder. ------------------------------- _C0 Gender to Male _L 0x010C3855 0x00000000 _C0 Gender to Female _L 0x010C3855 0x00000001 ------------------------------- This is for EU users. ------------------------------- _C0 Gender to Male _L 0x010C4B55 0x00000000 _C0 Gender to Female _L 0x010C4B55 0x00000001 ------------------------------- You can see the changes, when character's armor is changed. Do not change gender and open character info (which is activated by start menu) when he/she wears male, or female only armor. Q: I'm a beginner, what weapon should I use? A: Read "Choose the Right Weapon." Q: What is the best weapon? A: Read "Choose the Right Weapon." Q: What are Decorations? A: Gems that attach to your armor that give you skill points. When you have met the requirements to activate the skill it will add to your "Status" screen. Example: You have Hermituar Armor. The helm gives you 1 point, the torso armor gives you 1 point, the gauntlets give you 2 points, the tasset gives you 2 points, and the greaves give you 2 points (these aren't the actual stats I'm just using this for sake of clarity.) You have a total of 9 Skill Points applied to Guard however you need one more skill point to activate the skill. What do you do? Each piece of armor has slots for a Gem from one slot to three. Most armor pieces have at least one slot. If we make a Guard Gem and attach it the Hermituar armor, that makes a total of 10 skill points and the skill Guard activates. Got it? If not don't worry, it's simpler then it sounds. Q: What are Secret Areas? A: They are places that allow you to collect special items. However they are only available during HR4+ Quests and only on the Snowy Mountain, Desert, Swamp, and Volcano maps. You can't find them normally; instead you must start there at the beginning of the mission. The chances of this happening are 3%. However the Felyne Explorer Whim skill can make that 100%. Q: What are Treasure Hunts? A: They are quests that involve collecting items in order to gain points. The more points you gain, the more that transfer over to Pokke Farm after. Usual Treasure Hunts involve teaming up with more then one person to 'farm' for materials and items to deposit in the supply box. You kill monsters and collect various items that you wouldn't normally find in regular missions. They all add up to points down the road, the rarer they are, the more points they're worth. Q: Where do I get (Insert Coin Here?) A: Coins can only be acquired when beating a Training quest. The school is located near the Guild Hall to the left. These coins unlock a special type of armor called "Black Belt," the Training Instructor is wearing a full set of this. Q: What's the difference between Guild Hall and Elder Quests? A: Elder = Solo Guild = Group Many solo the guild hall quests as well in order to challenge themselves. If that isn't your thing, then see next question. Q: What is Xlink Kai? A: Xlink Kai is software that allows you to communicate with other players across the world. However you need Wifi Max (or any wireless usb unit) in order to do this, since there is no online mode. Their site: http://www.teamxlink.co.uk/ ============================================================================== [2] Walkthrough on the Basics ============================================================================== "I'm a beginner to Monster Hunter. And it's hard..." Let me give you some tips on how to defeat any Wyvern/Monster. [2.1] Don't rush in ---------------- Monster Hunter is about anticipating your opponent's next move. In this case the Wyvern itself. Each Monster has a subtle 'tell', or the lack of a 'tell' that shows you what the Wyvern will do next. Don't rush in. If the monster is about to use a move and you're stupid enough to NOT notice it then why are you playing? [2.2] Be prepared. ---------------------- Items you get from the Supply Box don't last forever. In your long career of Monster Hunter you will need to use everything at your disposal. The beginning Elder Quests shows you what you should already be carrying. Some of those things include the basics. ~Potions~ There are Potions ranging from First Aid to Max Potions. In many situations you can get by with Potions and Mega Potions. Obviously, these are to restore your health. Unless you have Gluttony Skill don't eat these during a fight. Or else you'll end up losing more then you gain. If you need a Potion, retreat, then eat. Potions = Herb + Blue Mushrooms Mega Potions = Potions + Honey ~Paintballs~ Paintball is the basic tracking system. It can be replaced by Autotracker and the skill is necessary for Chameleos however you'll use Paintballs till then. Paintball allows you to track a Wyvern by throwing it at them. You label them and are able to track them into other areas. This is useful when you weaken a Wyvern. That Wyvern will go to a designated Area to sleep and restore health. The Elder Dragons are the exceptions of this rule; they simply retreat into another area. Paintball = Sap Plant + Paintberry. Psychoserum = Buy from Old Lady (Shows monster location for a few seconds.) ~Traps & Tranq Bombs~ Stun/Pitfall Trap is always a must for most Wyverns. Those exceptions are the Elder Dragons like Kirin, Fatalis, Akantor, Teostra, Lunastra, and the others. The Elder Dragons cannot be captured like most Wyverns. Wyverns have a 'tell' for when they are close to death. Most Wyverns limp, like Yian Kut Ku, Gravios, and Rathalos. Some monsters will show signs of weakness like Daimyo Hermituar will ooze purple bubbles from the mouth. Moving on, when that monster exhibits the 'tell' or flees to the designated area it will most likely fall asleep. Travel to that area (sometimes they will move from one point to another and eventually to the designated point. For example, Rathalos moves to Area 4 before moving to Area 5 to sleep.) Tranq Bombs are your best friend when it comes to capturing Wyverns. You need these in order capture them, how does it work? When you make it to the designated Area you'll see the Wyvern/Monster taking a snooze. No, don't wake them yet. First, we clear the area of other monsters (make sure you don't wake the monster up during your extermination.) Then set up your trap. Which will you use? Certain traps work and others don't on different monsters. Most however are susceptible to Stun Trap. Next, we wake the Wyvern. Kick him; throw a stone/paintball/whatever to get its attention. Lure that monster to your trap and let if fall. When it's trapped throw two Tranq Bombs. That's it. Stun Trap = Genprey Fang + Trap Tool Pitfall Trap = Net + Trap Tool Net = Spiderweb + Ivy Tranq Bomb = Tranquilizer + Bomb Material Summary: 1. Weaken Wyvern. 2. Watch it fly to the 'sleep Area.' 3. Follow Wyvern. 4. Give it a few seconds to fall asleep in 'sleep Area.' 5. Enter Area. 6. Set up Trap near Wyvern, preferably right in front of it. 7. Wake Wyvern. 8. Have Wyvern rush into Trap. 9. Throw two Tranq Bombs at Wyvern. 10. Congratulate yourself, you just captured a wyvern! Why would anyone go to this much trouble? One, it's not as complicated as it sounds; and two; you get better rewards for capturing then slaying. ~Combination Books~ Combo Books in particular are vital. See that little menu tab that says "Combination" whenever you press start? This is how you turn Honey and Herbs into Potions and Mega Potions. Genprey Fangs and Nets into Stun Traps and Pitfall Traps. There are a total of five in the set. The more combination books you have in your inventory at the time you combine materials, the less likely the combining would fail. We need these whenever a need comes up. Say you want to bring more then one Stun Trap with you, but your inventory only allows you Stun Trap. Well, here's a thought, why not bring the materials? This is no secret; most good hunters bring these items with them on Quests. With Combo Books, you'll be able to have a more successful combination. Note that for most combinations, you will need only Combo Books 1, 2, and 3. You will use Book 4 only to make Lg Barrel Bombs+ during the missions you want to use them. Combo Books 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 = All available at the shops. The more quests you beat the more books that appear. ~Attack Enhancers~ Attack Boosters are a fickle thing. Power Seeds, Mega Demondrugs, Power Pills, Powercharms, and Powertalons all increase your attack power to almost demonic levels. Defense Boosters work in the same way. Late in the game you'll find yourself hankering for that expensive Powercharm from the Guild Hall shop. We arrive at "Stacking." Stacking means simply stacking Attack or defense items. Some items cannot add to your attack power as long as the effect of one other item is still in play. These types of items increase your attack/defense certain amounts, here is an example of stacking those items: Felyne Attack Boost "Small" = Equivalent of Demondrug (+3x) Felyne Attack Boost "Large" = Equivalent of Mega Demondrug (+5x) Power Seed or Demon Flute (+10x) Power Pill (+25x) Powercharm (+6x) Powertalon (+9x) {Demondrug or Mega Demondrug} (+3x or +5x) + {Powerseed/Demon Flute or Power Pill} (+10x or +25x) + {Powercharm} (+6x} + {Powertalon} (+9x} Defense works the same way; Just replace Demondrug with Armorskin, Power Pill with Armor Pill, ect. It's nice to carry at least a Power Seed every once and awhile. There is no downside to stacking, so why not try it? Power Seeds = Buy from Old Lady, if your frugal why not plant them in Pokke Farm? Power Pill = Immunizer + Power Seed Demondrug = Catalyst + Power Seed Mega Demondrug = Demondrug + Pale Extract. Immunizer = Catalyst + Dragon Toadstool. Catalyst = Buy from Old Lady. Armor Seed = Buy from Old Lady. Armor Skin = Armor Seed + Catalyst. Armor Pill = Armor Seed + Immunizer. Mega Armorskin = Armor Skin + Pale Extract. ~Stamina Restorers~ Stamina Restorers are basically food. What kind of food do Monster Hunters eat? Nothing special, just meat. How it works is that you harvest Raw Meat from non- boss creatures, like Mosswine, Popo, and Apceros. You can cook them using a BBQ Spit, or take them back to your Felyne Kitchen and have your chefs take care of it. Note though, the lower the level of the Felyne cooking your Raw Meat; the more likely you'll end up with Rare or even Burnt Meat. Why does one do this? Heck, it's to get your Stamina bar up. This is extremely important because when Guarding, or Running, or just about everything requires stamina. If you're stamina goes to zero, it will turn red and you will be unable to run, Wyverns will be able to break your Guard, you won't be able to Charge for very long with your Hammer, it makes it harder if not impossible to roll. If you don't care for those things...why are you playing? Raw Meat = Carve from Monsters listed in the above or buy from Old Lady. Rare Meat = Cook with BBQ Spit and pull out meat early. Well-Done Steak = Cook with BBQ Spit and pull out just as meat turns dark. Gourmet Steak = Cook with BBQ Spit and pull out at the right time. Mega Juice = Well-Done Steak + Power Extract (allows infinite stamina for short time.) ~Cool Drink & Hot Drink~ Cool/Hot Drinks are as important as anything. Be sure you know which Map you're going to. If you're going to the Desert or Volcano, take a Cool Drink. Going to the Snowy Mountains or an area that's just plain cold? Take a Hot Drink. If you don't you take Heat Damage, or Cold Damage. Heat Damage slowly drains your Health, while Cold Damage takes away your Stamina. Cool Drink = Buy from Shop. Hot Drink = Buy from Shop. ~Flash & Sonic Bombs~ Flash and Sonic Bombs are your tools against the worst of Monster Hunter. What's the difference between these two? Flash Bomb sends out a large flash that temporarily confuses the Wyvern/Monster, incredibly useful against Tigrex, Rathalos and even Akantor. By confusing your enemy it'll use random attacks or taunt; neither of which are aimed for you. This gives you time to strike! Sadly, we're limited to 5; also, using Flash Bombs is considered "cheap" and "broken." If you're a beginner who is just trying to get by anyway you can, then don't listen to them. They developers wouldn't make Flash Bombs so obtainable if they considered it "cheap." Sonic Bombs act differently. Mostly, they are used to draw out enemies like Plesioth or Cephadrome out of the water/sand. Throw them at Yian Kut Ku and he'll freak out. They can't damage them; only enable you to damage those enemies. Thankfully, you get a max of ten of these making Cephadrome Hunting (which you'll need to do for Piscine Liver) too easy. Flash Bomb = Flashbug + Bomb Material Sonic Bomb = Screamer + Gunpowder ~Barrel Bombs~ Barrel Bombs come in three types; Small Barrel, Large Barrel, and Bouncing Barrel Bombs. You won't use Bouncing Barrel Bombs very often, but the first two a lot. Small Barrel Bombs are the ignition to Large Barrel Bombs; the method is that you plant a Large Barrel Bomb and then a Small Barrel Bomb. Because of the fact that Large Barrel Bombs do not ignite on their own, you need to plant a Small Barrel Bomb or ignite it some other way using your Bow to shoot it or throw something from Paintballs to Tranq Bombs. Why is it that many suggest using Large Barrel Bomb +? One, it does a heck of a lot of damage on its own. Two, when combined with the proper strategy it can be deadly. Deadly. They are a favorite against Fatalis, Rajang, and many others. It's because they do a fixed set of damage, which is increased with the Bomber Skill. Without a doubt bombing has become a fun alternative to regular hack and slash. ~Whetstones~ Whetstones are eternally useful for the ever dulling weapon. The more you use your weapon, the more wear, tear, and rust it takes. A whetstone (for some reason) magically fixes this when used. The sharper your weapon, stronger it is, plus you'll be able to pierce a Wyvern's hide easier the stronger the level of your sharpness is. Specifically, this weapon is for Blademasters as Bows and Bowguns don't have sharpness. Summary: A normal endgame inventory looks something like this. Combo Book 1 Combo Book 2 Combo Book 3 10 Potions 10 Mega Potions 5 Cool/Hot Drinks Powercharm Powertalon Armorcharm Armortalon 10 Well-Done/Rare/Gourmet Steak 5 Flash Bombs or 10 Sonic Bombs or both 99 Paintballs 3 Psychoserums Stun Trap or Pitfall Trap 8 Tranq Bombs 99 Genprey Fang or 10 Net Optional for Bow users: Power/Stun/Poison/Sleep Coating (Depending on what your bow can handle.) 99 Empty Bottle (for combing with the below.) 20 Nitroshroom (for Power Coating.) 10 Toadstool (for Poison Coating.) 10 Stunshrooms (for Stun Coating.) 10 Sleep Herbs (for Sleep Coating.) Optional for Blademasters: 10 Whetstones. [2.3] Choose the right weapon. -------------------------- The above says it all. But let's explore this. Believe it or not choosing the right weapon isn't exactly critical. Why? I believe that any decent weapon type can take down any Wyvern/Monster. We just haven't found a good enough strategy. I wouldn't even dare to suggest that Iron Dagger could be used to take down Fatalis (even the good weapons take at least 40 minutes.) Most people tend to take the advice of the first person who says it's easy. It may have been easy for them, but what about you? You are NOT them. Experimentation is fun if you know the weaknesses of your weapon and how to compensate for it. For the longest time, I was convinced that the only way to beat Monster Hunter was to use Longswords and Longswords only. Because of that I lost a lot of variety on my way to HR 6. I neglected precious weapons and only now I'm catching up. Never limit yourself to one weapon type. Why? It gets boring. You may not agree with using a Lance against a Garuga or Demon Dancing a Tigrex. For all you know it could be fun. Or not. There are weapons however that make fights so much easier. Such as using Onslaught on Silver Rathalos, or Bowing a Gravios to death. And they do, make the fights much easier. Let me ask you though, is there a weapon type that could do better? [2.4] Choose the skills you'll need. -------------------------------- We adore skills lovingly. No; it's not just the fact that you know the exact moment to dodge an oncoming Rathian fireball. I'm talking about armor skills. Whether they be something as simple (yet efficient) as increased health/stamina/attack/defense or Reckless Abandon which adds affinity. Skills are the Hunter's bread and butter and heck; it's almost the entire meal. We sacrifice the fact that our armor looks like it belongs in the trash to obtained needed skills (I mean Tigrex Armor, it's fugly.) So what the most useful skills? Lucky for you I have a list: ~Blademaster Skills~ High Earplugs (Hearing Protection) - Prevents Wyvern Roar from working. Autotracker (Psychic Vision) - Monster shows up on map. Sharpness (Artisan) - Adds visible weapon sharpness ESP (Fencing) - Prevents weapons from bouncing off. Sharp Sword - Weapon sharpness decreases less. Reckless Abandon (Expert) - Adds weapon Affinity. Sharpening Skill Inc. - Sharpen a weapon 5x faster. Fast Eating (Gluttony) - Food is eaten quicker. Adrenaline (Potential) - Boost ATP/Def when Health is low (Adrenaline +1 only adds Defense.) Wind Press - Negates Wyvern Winds. ~Blocking Weapons~ Guard Up - Blocks unblockable attacks such as Gravios Beam. Guard - Reduces damage from Stamina/Damage/Pushback. Auto-Guard - Automatically guards if possible. ~Gunner/Bow Skills~ Speed Fire - No reload for new ammo type, increases the charge of Bow. Recoil - Decreases the recoil from Bowguns, Bows are not effected. Loading - Adds an additional bullet slot, enables Bow fourth level charge. There you have it. But how do we sort this all out? I mean what armors have these skills and what Gem/Armor combinations optimize these skills to their fullest? Links? You bet! http://skiesofcrimson.com/forum/topic/7827#comment-78919 [2.5] Don't be greedy. ------------------ I guarantee the main reason you're having trouble with a Wyvern is that you don't care enough to hold back. You need to hone your instincts when it comes to attacking Wyverns. Instincts like knowing when to attack and when to stop. Always be aware that you have only a small window of time to attack said enemy based on the weapon you have before they counter. Say that you are facing a Yian Kut Ku, and that Yian Kut Ku does a taunt. A taunt is where it will stand around doing nothing. Eventually, you'll gain a sense of how long it does this after witnessing it a few times. Also you must note that the timing will be off when Yian Kut Ku is in rage mode. Which means you must analyze two sets of the same attack. Since every monster has rage mode, you'll always need to do this. Luckily for the human mind it's not has hard as it sounds. Don't be greedy with your attacks. Don't ignore that little bell going off in your brain telling you to dodge. Attacking too much doesn't solve anything; Monster Hunter is not supposed to be a game where you trade blows. YOU are supposed to be attacker, not it. YOU are supposed to dodge its blows, not endure them. If you attack too much, you run the risk of getting hit. And to be honest, it's not the end of the world. Just remember this simple rule. The battle will end faster the less you get hit. Why? Because when you get hit you need time to recover from the blow, take a minute to heal or else risk dying...and so on. In all seriousness it's not that vital, but it is faster, just a bit. So remember to time your attacks and then dodge or block in order to avoid damage. [2.6] Use your noodle. ------------------ I would have used "Don't be an idiot" but that would have sounded negative. Basically, you want to stop acting like a Noob, a beginner, a complete dunce. This is done by research. Where are your targets favorite Areas? What map are you going to and will you need something extra (Hot Drink, Cool Drink, Pickaxe?) You need to face a Gravios in order to unlock the next Elder Quest Rank? Go on YouTube a watch a few videos. What are his attacks? What's his weakness? What works best? Will this work better? Should I bring Pitfall or Stun Trap? Should I bring a Cool Drink/Hot Drink? You want to be prepared. That's what I'm trying to tell you. If you don't exploit every single factor that this game allots then you're bound to fail. Visit Pokke Farm, use Felyne Kitchen before every mission, and go out of your way to combine items before a mission. Check out the "..." over the people heads often, they have something to say to you. Go that extra mile to obtain Power Extract so you can make Mega Juice and use during the Fatalis fight. If you don't, you'll be sent shuffling back with the words "QUEST FAILED" etched on your screen. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [3] Armor and Weapons ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [3.1] "What's a good armor set when starting out?" ~Battle Armor~ When first starting I used Battle Armor until I beat YKK (Yian Kut Ku.) Sped through the Elder 2* Quests using Kut Ku Armor. Kut Ku Armor ain't the best looking, but the extra attack power appeals to beginners. ~Ceanatuar Armor~ An excellent armor set comes from the skills that they bring to the table. Ceanataur Armor provides Sharpening Skl Inc and Sharp Sword which can be a lifesaver for weapons that dull too easy. ~Hermituar Armor~ Hermituar is for starting Lancers and Gunlancers. It offers Guard +1 which can reduce stamina and health damage. ~Blango Armor~ Blango Armor is useful when fighting enemies in Cold terrain. A full set can get you Cold Reduced by Half, Snow Resistance, Quake Resistance (good when facing Shen Gao Ren.) ~Tigrex Armor~ Tigrex is for more advance armors and requires a little fine tuning before actually using it. For a Blademaster, Tigrex armor provides Autotracker, Quick Eating, and if you have the right decorations Earplugs. However, despite all these good traits you'll have to deal with Demonic Protection, and your fugly appearance. [3.2] "What are better armors when advancing the Elder Ranked Quests?" ~Monodevil Armor~ Monodevil Armor is a great addition to anyone's armory. If you're diligent enough, you can hunt them for the Monoblos Heart. Believe me it's worth the skills you get. (Loading for Gunners, and Expert for Blademasters.) ~Kirin Armor~ I found Kirin Armor useful for two reasons. One, once you get the hang of slaying Kirin, the armor is really easy to make. And two, Elemental Attack Up and Autotracker skill really helped during the Elder Dragon fights. ~Death Stench Armor~ Three letters, ESP. With ESP, we can pierce the hide of any monster without the worry of it bouncing back. I found Death Stench armor highly useful for this reason. Plus, it looks really cool. How do we get it? We're limited to Death Stench Cloths delivered by Trenya the traveling Felyne. Trips to the Desert (for 500 points I believe) take a mission to complete (with the exclusion of gathering quests) so be sure to have a lot of points to send Trenya on trips. ~Rathalos Soul~ Rathalos Soul is possibly the best armor for Elder Rank Quests. With Earplugs, Expert and a great attack boost it's always worth going out of your way to make it. Plus, it doesn't look half bad. The armors listed above are also best used for the starting Guild Hall Quests until you get to HR4. [3.3] "What armors do you recommend for HR4 and above?" ~Ceanatuar S/U~ Ceanataur Helm S, Ceanataur Mail U, Ceanataur Vambraces U, Ceanataur Tasset S, Ceanataur Greaves S. Why? Because with combination it makes for an astounding armor set that lasts throughout the rest of the game. It is possibly one of the best all around offensive armors which rivals that of Rathalos Soul U Armor. This set requires you pack a few gems here and there but when you finish, the Ceanataur becomes a magnificent addition to your armory. ~Borealis Armor~ Borealis Armor set is one of the best Gunlancer/Lancer sets in the game. With Guard +2, Guard Inc included, Lancers will drool over this set. Also, for male characters it doesn't look half bad. ~Tigrex S~ Tigrex S is optional but useful nonetheless. Especially if you want Earplug for your Blademaster/Gunner. Literally, Gunners need Earplugs to stave off Gravios roars. That with Autotracker makes for a delightful set. ~Rathalos Soul U~ Rathalos Soul U is one of the best and easiest (easy when you compare it to Akantor, Fatalis, and Rajang fights) to get. Both sets have Hi-Earplug, Expert, and upped Attack. Most definitely the most useful armor in-game, get it. ~Silver Rathalos Armor~ Silver Rathalos Armor is great for a few reasons. One, with the right Gems, you could turn it into an exceptional Lancer set. What makes this armor so appealing is the skill ESP which allows ones weapons to not bounce back. Combined with Guard Gems it has potential to be fierce armor. ~Akantor Armor~ Akantor Armor, though difficult to get, has the best all around skills for the game. Including Artisan, Expert, and Earplug skills; there is not much else to say about this set. [3.4] "What are some weapons I should get?" On that long road to becoming a Monster Hunter, it's nice to have a quick cheat sheet of some of the best weaponry available. While this list is far from complete, this is the bread and butter of a Hunter's Armory. +Eternal Strife (SnS) (see Ruststone) - A fabled weapon used against Elder Dragons. Weapon Path: Rusted Sword -> Tarnished Sword -> Eternal Strife +Onslaught Hammer (Hammer) - Easily, the best in-game Hammer and easiest to acquire. Weapon Path: War Hammer -> War Hammer + -> War Mace -> Iron Striker -> Iron Striker + -> Anvil Hammer -> Onslaught Hammer +Sakura Bell (HH) - Earliest Dragon weapon, that's it. Weapon Path: War Hammer -> War Hammer + -> War Mace -> Iron Striker -> Iron Striker + -> Anvil Hammer -> Sakura Recorder +Devil Slicer (LS) - Often called broken, the Devil Slicer is a very common and easy to make Longsword. It's okay but often overestimated. Try to limit its usage. Weapon Path: Iron Katana -> Iron Katana "Grace" -> Iron Katana "Gospel" -> Eagle Cleaver -> Devil Slicer +Gun Chariot (GL) - A Gunlance of superior quality. Armed with the Dragon Element, it can take down Ankantor with gusto. Weapon Path: Iron Gunlance -> Iron Gunlance + -> Steel Gunlance -> Special Ops Gunlance -> Imperial Gunlance -> Silver Rook -> Gun Chariot +Sandman Pike (SnS) - Used against Rajang in order to put him to sleep; we could upgrade it to High Sandman Pike but it's not necessary. Sandman Pike is enough. Weapon Path: Bone Kris -> Bone Kris + -> Chief Kris -> Weary Finsword -> Sandman Finsword -> Sandman Pike -> High Sandman Pike +Diablos Chaos Broker (Hammer) - Runner up for best Hammer of all, bad affinity can easily be fixed with reckless abandon. Slightly stronger then Onslaught. Weapon Path: Bone Club -> Cyclo-Hammer -> Atlas Hammer -> Kut-Ku Jaw -> Kut Ku Pick -> Hard Bone Hammer -> Hard Bone Hammer + -> Diablos Hammer -> Diablos Chaos Broker +Ankantor Bow (Bow) - One of the best bows, mostly used as a Fatalis killer; constructed solely from Akantor parts. Weapon Path: Akantor Bow +Glorious Victory (Bow) - The better bow after slaying White Fatalis; gotten from White Fatalis parts. Weapon Path: Glorious Victory +Smolder Dragonsword (LS) - Dragon Element Longsword considered to be one of the best Longswords. Weapon Path: Bone Blade -> Bone Blade + -> Bone Katana "Wolf" -> Bone Katana "Shark" -> Bone Katana "Dragon" -> Fire Dragonsword -> Red Dragonsword -> Smolder Dragonsword +Azure Ogre Sword (SnS) - Best Dragon Elemental SnS In-game. Weapon Path: Flaming Pair -> Crimson Lotus Blades -> Blue Ogre Sword -> Azure Ogre Sword +Siegmund (GS) - Best Raw Greatsword. Weapon Path: Bone Blade -> Bone Blade + -> Bone Slasher -> Golem Blade -> Golem Blade + -> Valkyrie Blade -> Spartacus Blade -> Siegmund +Ultimus Heaven & Earth (DS) - Best Dragon Elemental Dual Sword. Weapon Path: Black Sword -> Double Dragon -> Dual Dragon Ultimus -> Ultimus Heaven & Earth +Eternal Schism (DS) - Second best Dragon Elemental Dual Sword, but much easier to obtain. Weapon Path: Worn Blades -> Weathered Blades -> Eternal Schism ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [4] Pokke Farm, Ruststones, and Items! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [4.1] "What is Pokke Farm?" Pokke Farm will be a major contributor when it comes to collecting materials. In the beginning however, you'll need a lot of Pokke Points in order to make it into something. As for the best method of acquiring them, I did well just farming Coal and bringing back Sootstones from the Volcano Map (during Day Gathering Hall Quest of course.) But check out Boldrin's Pokke Farm FAQ listed on the Resources. So what can we farm from ole Pokke Farm? Is it really worth taking a few minutes out of each mission to farm for some Ores, Bugs, Plants, Fish, Honey, and whatever? Yes. Those Ores help you forge most of your weapons, especially at the beginning where weapons like Paladin Lance need many Iron Ores and Machalite. The bugs can be used for future weapons and armor, especially Orbitor and Butterfly armors later on. The Fish are an easy way of getting Spear Tuna for a GS, Scatterfish to combine with Large Barrel Bombs, and Small Goldfish to...just sell. From the Fields, you can plant Herbs, Power/Armor Seeds, Red/Green Seeds, and get back Fire Herbs, Dosbiscus, and Dragon Seeds. [4.2] "What Are Ruststones and Where Do I Find Them?" Earliest Way: Best way is to, buy every kind of Pickaxe available, and buy a Few Cool Drinks. We will begin our search starting at Elder 4* Gathering Volcano quest. 1. Start in Area 4* which has two Mining points. 2. Move onto Area 5* which has two more Mining points. 3. Next go to Area 6* has two more and the 'pile of charcoal' which is used to retrieve Sootstone. 4. Dash to Area 8* which has three Mining points but watch out for Felynes. From here on you can follow this path until you find the Ruststone you're looking for. 5. You want to move from Area 4, to 5, 6, then 8. Rinse and repeat until you get your Ruststone. If you don't want to find them now, I suggest farming them off of Lao later. +Ruststone - Demonlock +Ancient Stone - Island of the Gods +Flat Ruststones - Greatsword +Small Ruststones - Sword and Shield +Ancient Flat Ruststones - Greatsword +Sm Ancient Ruststones - Dual Swords +Lg Ancient Stone - Hammer +Ancient Stone Rod - Spear +Large Ruststone - Hammer The Ruststone Method, borrowed from Croda's guide, involves the practical method of obtaining the "Ruststone Weapon." You see when one obtains a Ruststone; it doesn't automatically mean we get the "Ruststone Weapon." There is a fixed digit hidden somewhere that tells us this. It changes every-time we either make a Ruststone into a weapon (not a "Ruststone Weapon" but a normal weapon made from the Ruststone) or return from a mission. Are you with me so far? Since we're not in the business of throwing away a perfectly good Ruststone (at least I'm not) we're going to try going on a mission. When we return from that mission (hopefully you saved...) try making the Ruststone into something. It's different right? If it's not the "Ruststone Weapon" you're looking for then reset and go on another mission. Rinse and repeat. Notable Ruststone Weapons, Eternal Strife. A Dragon Element SnS that makes the Elder Dragons (Teo, Luna, Cham, and Daora) on the Elder Quests a lot easier. [4.3] "Where do I find...?" Note: Not all things are listed here; in fact, I've barely scratched the surface. This is a quick list of obtainable items for reference. If you can't find what you're looking for check the FAQ's. +Vibrant Pelt - Congalala; just break its face with a fire weapon and be patient. +Thunderbug Juice - Remobra slaying quests at the tower, in Area three there are glowing bugs that attack you. I find firing Gunlances at them gives you a better chance of them dropping some. +Monster Bone + - Beat the Remobra slaying quest (Elder 5*) and sometimes get one as a reward. Now stop asking! +Commendation - Beat the Shakalaka slaying quest and sometimes they are a reward. +Ceanataur Claws - You have to break it's claws during the fight to get any. +Electro Sac - Khezu, Red Khezu (drops more,) Khezu Whelp Quests. +Flashbugs - Buy them from Old Lady, or Gold Hammer at Bug Tree and Area 9 in Forest and Hills. +Rare Scarab - Insect Thicket +3, Bug Tree after upgrade. +Piscine Fang - Defeat either Cephadrome or Plesioth. +Large Monster Bone - Plesioth, Khezu, or trade Battlefield Jewels to Jungle Elder. +Medium Monster Bone - Yian Kut Ku. +Ancient Fish - Casting Machine which you get after beating "Troublesome Pair." +Giant Bone - Bulldrome, Congalala. +Expand Pickaxes - Battle Training with Kirin, Gravios, Diablos, Los, Rajang, Special Training, and Treasure Missions. +Carbalite Ore - Mining Upgrade +3. +Rare Scarabs - Volcano Gathering in Area 2 (G-Rank), Forest and Hills 1 and 12. +Novacrystal - Mining in the Swamp, Mining Point +3, Kill Gypceros (G-Rank.) +Elder Thank You + - Get to HR 4. +Speartuna - Randomly found in Jungle Fishing spot (Elder **.) Making Frozen Tuna GS the strongest obtainable weapon without fighting, however it lacks sharpness. +DragonWood/Moss - Trenya is the only one who can get these for you. Chances are Rare, but the more points you spend the better the chance. +Khezu Whelps - In the swamp they are by some grass in Area 7. As for the Snowy Mountains, you can find them by entering Area 8 and finding your way to a small crawlspace near the entrance to Area 6. If you manage to find that, you'll drop down and climb up to find the skin of a dead Wyvern. Use a pickaxe to mine Khezu Whelps. Word of warning; Khezu Whelps drain health as long as you carry them. +Sinister Cloth - Trenya again. +Pale Bone - Khezu. +Union Ores - Mining Upgrade +3. +Black Pearl - Daimyo Hermituar, or Guild Jungle Gathering in Area 10 (1st area left to the camp.) +Flame Sac - Yian Kut Ku, Rathalos, Rathian, and Trenya. +Inferno Sac - Rathalos, Azure Rathalos, Gravios, Black Gravios (G-Rank) +Great Hornflies - Bug Tree, Insect Thicket +1. +Monster Fluid - Old Granny, or Vespiod (Poison with Poison Bomb.) +Dragonite Ore - Volcano Gathering quest, not as reward but the area is packed with Dragonite. +Light Crystal - Send Trenya to the Swamp, break Gypceros head crest, G-Rank Swamp Mining. +Master's Skull - Forest and Hills in the floors of Area 5 (G Rank.) +Gastronome - A rare drop from a Melynx (the black cat.) +Fire Dragon Powder - Teostra (G-Rank.) +Lost Umbrella - Found in Secret Area of the Desert. +Felyne Ruby - Found in the Secret Area of the Desert. [4.4] "When does my Monster drop shiny items?" +Yian Kut Ku - Use a Sonic Bomb. +Cephadrome - Sonic Bomb out of the sand. +Gypceros - Carve while playing dead. +Rathalos/Rathian/Gravios - Wake them up. +Basarios - Make him pop out of the ground. +Diablos/Monoblos - make them get their horns stuck. +Daimyo Hermituar/Shogun Ceanataur - Let them finish eating. +Congalala - Attack his tail. +Khezu - Drops from his dangling acid attack. +Tigrex - When he gets his teeth stuck in the wall. +Plessy - Fish him out. +Chameleos - Sonic Bomb while he is attacking. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [5] Elder Quests ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "The Elder Quests are tough, any tips?" Here we are the bulk of the guide. You need to understand that I will only be covering the important quests that advance you or quests that cover a new wyvern. [5.1] Elder * --------- [5.1.1] ~Hunt the Carnivore~ Mission: Slay 5 Giaprey The Giaprey are found in Areas 5, 6, 7, and 8. [5.1.2] ~Sinking Feeling~ Mission: Deliver 3 Popo Tongues Popo's are those Yak-looking docile monsters. Kill three or more of these to acquire three Popo Tongues. [5.1.3] ~Slay the Blangos!~ Mission: Slay 3 Blangos Instead of Giaprey they've been replaced with Blangos. They appear in Area 8. [5.1.4] ~Urgent: The Carnivorous Leader~ Mission: Slay the Giadrome. Despite what you think, this isn't an easy fight despite the fact that it's just a Giadrome. One, it's pretty darn fast and if you bring a sluggish weapon you'll find yourself having a difficult time. Try a SnS, Longsword, Bow, Bowgun or Dual Swords for this mission. Literally, any weapon can bring down Giadrome, but you have something that allows you to dodge quickly. Giadrome travels between Areas 6, 7, and 8. And he's pretty quick about it. In every area now there are Giapreys lurking. What you want to do is kill all the enemies in Area 6 and wait for the Giadrome to rear its ugly head. It should be only you two at this point making the fight a good one on one. Now we can attack with whatever weapon we choose. Follow the "Don't be Greedy" section at this point. Now after you've weakened Giadrome considerably (he won't show it but he will flee the area in the midst of battle) you go for the kill. Once you've got it corner in the next area be quick to finish him off because I guarantee there are more Giaprey waiting on the other side. [5.2] Elder ** --------- [5.2.1] ~Reckless Bulldrome Hunter~ Mission: Hunt the Bulldrome Bulldrome is hard sucker for beginners. For experts like me...he's pretty annoying still. Ah, the best weapon you ask? Anything, seriously, a Hammer does best with me. One, his head is basically the only body part other then his backside. And two, I love to see him flip over with the stars above his head. Any speedy weapon will do, however I don't recommend using a Bowgun or a Bow. Bulldrome tends to 'get-in-your-face' a lot because his only attack is tackle. Besides, using a melee weapon is just more convenient. You encounter in the cold mountains in Areas 6, 7, or 8. Just pick an Area, clear it, and wait for Bulldrome to walk by. When he's close to dying he'll flee the area in the middle of battle. Pursue him and finish him off. [5.2.2] ~Jungle Menace~ Mission: Hunt the Yian Kut Ku Lo and Behold gentlemen and lady gamers, the wall. In runner terminology the wall is the barrier you can't get past. Yian Kut Ku is the first Wyvern you encounter and he is the wall. Why is he so hard? Because people don't care enough to memorize its attacks. So care. Fast. SnS's are very balanced when Kut Ku fighting. Hammers/Hunting Horns are also pretty awesome because our maneuverability with them is equal to that of an SnS. If you can time it right, you could seriously damage it before it realizes what happened. You can't cut off its tail so Greatswords aren't as needed here. Longswords are okay, they aren't nearly as good as a Greatsword. As for range, it's very possible to Gun or Bow him. *If you're using SnS, aim for the head and attack with Triangle, Triangle, X unless you have more time. Let your instincts decide this. *Greatswords should be handled carefully. Regular attacks take a while to execute, but if you catch it in a good place you can either use a Charge blow or a quicker Circle, Circle + Square Combo. *So Hammers are your thing? Charge, charge, charge! When it does a non-rage mode taunt you can try Triangle, Triangle, Triangle combo on him. *With Bows bring Power Coatings and whatever the bow you have allots you. With Bowguns, bring whatever shells you can combine/buy. Tranq Shots are useful for capturing Yian Kut Ku. Where are Lancers/Gunlancers? I use them often when I farmed for Yian Kut Ku armor. But should you use them? I don't think so. For one, it has a pecking attack that can seriously deplete your stamina Guard. Lancing it is probably the hardest thing to do. It needs good timing, and a careful planning. Yian Kut Ku's elemental weaknesses include ice, water, and thunder. Its Breakable Parts are the ears and beak. A Yian Kut Ku ear will be extremely useful for Earplug Gems in the not-so-far-off future. Flash Bombs, Stun Traps, Large Barrel Bombs, Small Barrel Bombs, and Sonic Bombs all work on Yian Kut Kut. He's is perhaps the most versatile Wyvern in weaknesses because he's vulnerable to everything. Armorwise, bring Battle Armor. Decent defense with a small attack boost makes for an easier and fun fight. It can be bought from the Felyne armor salesmen for a fair price. It makes for excellent beginning skills. Now that we're set it's time to head over to the Jungle. By default Yian Kut Ku begins in Area 3. So head over there are wait for him to fly to either Area 1 or 5, both are next to the camp. It's up to you. Now that we've found him let's battle him. Here is a small list of his attacks. It's up to you to decide how you counter it. Fireball: Yian Kut Ku will spit a fireball at you; his "tell" is that he jerks his head upward and almost immediately spits a flaming ball of fury out. It is block- able no matter what, and easy to dodge. Sometimes when fighting in an Area with other monsters the fireball can lock onto them. This Fireball travels in a single line and not very far before disappearing. Peck Attack: In a split second Yian Kut Ku will launch his body forward with his head held high and peck at the ground like a chicken. Sometimes he will turn to face you and try a Peck Attack the second time. This covers more range then a fireball, don't get hit. As long as you're not greedy with your attacks you'll do fine. Tail Whip: Yian Kut Ku spins its tail around. This is a sort of anti-melee move in order to force you to roll away from him. And it works. If you block this, you'll be pushed back a good amount and chances are you won't be able to block the second tail whip or you'll lose a lot of stamina doing it (though it recharges right away.) Just roll. Taunt: Yian Kut Ku will scratch the ground and cry softly. This is a perfect time to attack. You have at least a second to attack him, so go crazy before he recovers. This might be a good time to throw a Paintball at him or a Sonic Bomb even a Flash Bomb if needed. Set up a Stun Trap, Pitfall, seriously, he's all yours for a single second. Backward Brush: As the name states, the Yian Kut Ku will brush the ground stirring up some air and if you were close enough get knocked back. Its wings will expand and mouth will open emitting a non-damaging scream. It does this to create distance between you and itself, it might be preparing for another round of pecking or tackling. Rage Mode: Yian Kut Ku will jump up and down with fiery smoke coming out of his mouth. When he activates this mode he can use other attacks. His movements will become much faster and less predictable. His damage would increase as well. Remember for all Wyverns there are two sets of movements you must memorize, normal mode and Rage mode. There are few exceptions to this rule. Tackle: Yian Kut Ku will rush at you with the fury of thousand generations of wyvern inbreeding. Now is the time to tackle, this is a bad blow and he can run across the field all the way from the other side to get to you. Find a way to avoid this. I for one, decided to put away my weapon and Lunged for it (R + X) bringing a few moments of invincibility. He recovers quickly, and as should you Multi-Fireball: Yian Kut Ku will shoot many fireballs out of his mouth at random. It sounds less threatening then it actually is. He will dump them in a left-right interval as shown below. By advised, if you are anywhere near the path of assault that fireball will hit you (duh.) ================================================= =============================X=================== ============================/=\================== ===========================/===\================= ==========================/=====\================ =========================O=======O=============== ================================================= Legend: X = Yian Kut Ku /\ = Path of assault O = Where it lands Okay, so my diagrams suck. Theoretically it's possible to attack Yian Kut Ku down the middle, however the closer you are the better chance you have of getting hit. Sonic Bombs are actually more effective then Flash Bombs. See those hulking ears? They aren't just for decoration. Yian Kut Ku is extremely vulnerable to noise. A single Sonic Bomb can knock it into a daze. Its head will remain aloft meaning you can't hit it. Instead use this opportunity to lay down some Bombs or just aim for the legs. Got a Hammer? Triple Pound. Got a Greatsword? Charge it. Flash Bombs confuse the daylights of a Yian Kut Ku. Meaning in this dazed state it's entirely possible to execute a few charge attacks from a Hammer or run through him with a Triangle + Circle Lance Charge. I've told you all the secrets of Yian Kut Ku. It's up to you know. Use all the skills to defeat Yian Kut Ku, Be prepared. Don't be greedy. And choose the right weapon for you. [5.2.3] ~Rarest of the Rare Beasts~ Mission: Hunt the Congalala Congalala isn't that much a challenge, the again he can be annoying to those who don't know what they're doing. Here we put what we learn about Yian Kut Ku into Congalala. Don't get greedy, be prepared, and don't for god sakes be an idiot when it comes avoiding his attacks. You rarely want to stay directly in front of a Wyvern for very long. Congalala has a triple-swipe combo that you need to watch out for. It covers a lot of ground. Speaking of ground, Congalala falls to the ground often which causes the ground to shake. This is the "Quake" effect. Also he roars. So where do we aim for? The head, but didn't I just tell you not to stand in front of him? So what are we supposed to do? Timing for one. There is a small window of opportunity between every attack that you can attack the head. For Congalala I use a SnS and usually go for the legs but the head is most vulnerable. Congalala has two status attacks, Sleep Breath which he uses seldom, and Fart. Yeah, he blows a gas bomb. Don't look too surprised, it's a primate after all. You already know the effects of being put to sleep would have, what happens when you're farted on? You gain a smelly status that makes it impossible to use certain items, it acts like being frozen but you can run and use weapons. Use Deodorant to heal this but I'm going to say this again as this is the only you're going to get it. We want to focus on avoiding damage altogether. To finish up, as long as you avoid its butt and its front (only go near to attack) you'll survive another day. Longswords are also an easy choice. They have good range and they are as fast as a SnS. Remember to follow the same rules, don't be greedy with your attacks. Time how fast your weapon swipes and the earliest time you can roll away. Congalala starts in the Jungle of Area 3. So let's start our search there. Sometimes Congalala runs to Area 5, or Area 9. So if you moved a little later then you should have and don't find him in Area 6, then try those areas. Now that we find him, once again, check for other monsters in the area and try to eliminate them. I believe they are either Ceanataur or Hermituar or Conga. During your fight, eventually Congalala's butt will turn a shade of red. How do I know this? Before you call me a creep, this is the only way to tell if Congalala has gone into Rage Mode. All his attacks heighten to a degree; he will become faster and stronger. When Congalala is weak he will limp for several seconds and then flee to Area 6. Follow it and capture. Congrats! [5.2.4] ~Liver of Legend!~ Mission: Deliver 3 Piscine Livers Bring Sonic Bombs and Small Bombs then go Area 2 of the Desert. Throw a Sonic Bomb at those fins swimming across the floor to bring them to the surface. These are Cephalos. Cephalos are mean shark-looking sonavaguns that quickly retreat back to their sandy pool. It's your job to kill them before they jump back in. Bring your favorite weapon, Raw or Thunder or Ice Element will do. Follow the same rules as you would a normal Wyvern. Don't underestimate their size, they pack quite a punch if you become careless. If they jump back into the sand use another Sonic Bomb to bring them out. Take advantage of the moments you have and attack them while they flop around. If you run out of Sonic Bombs use Small Barrel Bombs. How they work is that you lay a Bomb near a Cephalos Path. They have a set pattern where they swim. If you memorize this pattern you can time when to plant a Small Barrel Bomb. Once you kill a Cephalos carve its body and hopefully you should receive a Piscine Liver. If not kill as many Cephalos as you need to. If you get really good at it, you can collect more then the required amount for extra Pokke Points. Don't linger too long here; there are easier ways to get Pokke Points. [5.2.5] ~Urgent: Shadow in the Snow~ Mission: Hunt the Khezu This is Khezu. And yes, we all hate Khezu. Why? One, no breakable parts. Two, he's slow and looks like he belongs in a horror game. And three, his "Electric Coat" attacks are almost laughably unfair. Go with any strong Bowgun or Bow. You could try him with a SnS (make sure it has Fire Element.) Make sure you have some kind of protection from his roar attack (preferably a Bowgun with a shield.) When you're at the best, precede to Area 6, 7, or 8. These are Khezu's territory. Sometimes he'll appear in Area 1 which is...weird because I've never seen any other Wyvern go to that place (with the exception of Kushala Daora.) Paintball that sucker; Khezu has this habit of changing areas for no reason. Also note that Khezu is especially slow when flying to a new Area. This may be a good time to memorize where he is about to land. Then think about what I said about Large Barrel Bombs...see the opportunity? Especially with a Bowgun, you can shoot the bomb from afar just as Khezu is about to land. If you decided to use a blade then throw a stone/paintball. Ordinary melee combat with Khezu should act something like; Triangle, Triangle, X. It's tough to predict what this creepy worm is about to do next so we become cautious. With the Bowgun we get a little more latitude. We can shoot him up all we want; it's just not going to be as effective unless we apply all the Large Barrel Bombs to the equation. Bowguns do a little less damage, just a little. *Aim for the legs if you're using a Blademaster Weapon. *Don't stand in one place too long if you're Gunning him. *In Rage Mode, all of Khezu's attacks are stronger. Plus, he will have an "Electric Coat" on for a lot of his attacks. *Learn the blind spots Khezu has when using certain attacks. Exploit that weakness then go for the kill. When Khezu picks up and heads to Area 3, you know that he's almost down for the count. Apply the capturing strategy and you've caught him. Nuff said. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCRImOULC1M (All credit of that video goes to KaizerMH2 of YouTube) Deocricius wrote: Honestly, you can use the same tactics as Blangonga, except replace Wyvern Blade "Fall" with Bone Katana "Shark". Take 3 Shock Traps, 3 LBB's, and 1 SBB. Use Bone Katana "Shark", and attack him in the head and side/leg area. Use your Traps as desired. After a while of combat, he should go into rage mode. Now is the time to attack with care. After a while more of combat, he should start to limp away. Track him down, and wait for him to go to sleep. Use two Large Bombs on his head, but don't make the detonation of the Small Bomb wake him up. If this doesn't kill him, attack him until he is dead. [5.3] Elder *** ----------- [5.3.1] ~Blango Slaying Tactics~ Mission: Slay 10 Blango [5.3.2] ~The Lurking Desert Giant~ Mission: Hunt the Daimyo Hermituar It's Hammer Time! That's right, we meet our first giant crap monster. Nah, it ain't no Gaoren. Daimyo Hermituar has big claws, and an almost unbreakable shell. You have two easy choices, by now if you've been working your way through Longswords, you should have a Thunder Element Longsword. That works well. If Longswords aren't your thing (like me) then get a Hammer. Hammers are cherished by the community as a valuable weapon. Once you've chosen your weapon take the mission and head to Area 3 (or 9 depending if you're facing two of them.) Later on during the HR4+ Quests you'll need a very valuable item that can be acquired from Daimyo Hermituar. The Monoblos Heart. Why not just take it from a Monoblos? Well, according to Kawakami_Hanabi's Carving guide it is indeed faster to get if off a Hermituar. For now don't bother with this, since we cannot acquire Monoblos Hearts from Elder Hermituar's. Hermituar Armor makes good beginning lancing armor for starting Gunlancers/Lancers. Though not necessary, if you plan on using a Gunlance anytime soon, the Hermituar armor is your best friend. Moving on, the Hermituar has good ranged attacks. From the front, the side, and even the back; wow, are we safe at all? =====================D===================== =====================D===================== =================S-S-X-S-S================= =====================C===================== =====================C===================== =====================C===================== Legend: X = Daimyo Hermituar S-S = Range of Side-Swipe C = Claw Attack (frontal) D = Monoblos Horn (Back) O = Attack Spots Looks confusing right? I told you my graphs aren't the best. The above is basically telling you the areas that Daimyo Hermituar is able to cover within an instant. So how do we damage him without him taking a swipe at us? It's not easy, but do you see those empty spaces on his sides? We want to attack his corner, specifically his legs. Daimyo Hermituar's legs are like jelly under the power of a well placed Hammer. If you have a Longsword, that's good to. Remember, you want to stay on the corners listed in the above and only for a small amount of time. Because it moves you'll have to reposition yourself on the corner every time it moves. Now what can we break? In order to get the Monoblos Heart (ignore this part if you're on non-HR4+ Quest) you must break the Monoblos Shell TWICE! The first time you will break the Monoblos skull's eye socket, then the second time you will break the horn. The broken horn will tell you that you can do no more. When you finally have done enough damage to its legs, Daimyo Hermituar will trip leaving him open to your attacks. *For Hammers use Triangle, Triangle, and Triangle. *For SnS go crazy with a full combo, maybe two. *For Dual Swords, use Demons Dance as many times as you can. *Greatswords should charge. *Longswords should aim for the claws. *Hunting Horns should aim for the head and try to knock them in a daze. *Gunlancers should hit Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, and Circle then repeat. *Lancers should just go for it. Repeat tactics. If you want, you can trap the Daimyo Hermituar set up a Stun Trap near the Hermituar when it's tripped or using it's defensive attack (pulls claws close to it's face making it impossible to do decent damage.) You can apply and Stun Trap and use Barrel Bombs. It works so why not? Daimyo Hermituar will retreat to Area 7 (moving through either Area 3 or Area 9 to get there.) Either way he'll end up trying to restore his health. He doesn't sleep, rather he'll try to eat something. While he's doing this, set up a Stun Trap and get out those Tranqs. Make sure he sees you and rushes towards you. When you got him, throw the Tranqs and end the quest. [5.3.3] ~Gypceros: Venomous Terror~ Mission: Hunt the Gypceros The second bird Wyvern, and god is it annoying. Gypceros is the flasher, it works its annoyance by flashing every so often a bright flare that makes it impossible to attack. There are a few ways to counter this; bring a weapon that blocks, any will do. Or the moment he moves his head back and forth chirping softly, you un-equip your weapon, turn the opposite direction and start running. When it unleashes the flash go into a dive and you should avoid getting the effects of this. Or, the third option, break the flashing part on its head. Gypceros is designed similar to that of Yian Kut Ku. Same peck attack, same fireball attack (instead of fire though it uses poison,) and the same tail whip it's put in the same category as our flying big-eared foe. There are a few differences. When using its tail whip, Gypceros tail whips out longer meaning greater range. Here is a small diagram explaining the difference. Imagine the following is an overhead view of the two attacks. Yian Kut Ku Tail Whip: ===================================== ===================================== ===============\\|//================= =================X=================== ===================================== ===================================== ===================================== Legend: \|/ = Range of Tail Whip. X = Yian Kut Ku. Now compare with Gypceros Tail Whip: ===================================== ===============\\|//================= ===============\\|//================= =================X=================== ===================================== ===================================== ===================================== Legend: \|/ = Range of Tail Whip. X = Gypceros. Note this is slightly inaccurate as Gypcero's Tail Whip isn't double the length of Yian Kut Ku's. Just a bit longer. Also, Gypceros has a poison attack when in Rage Mode. It's similar to Yian Kut Ku's Multi-Fireball only in the fact that they only do it in Rage Mode. Gypceros will lunge in a zig-zag formation out of control spitting poison balls which have almost no chance of hitting of as long as you don't get in its way. Other then that it's the same fight. Here are some tips: *Greatswords have great reach plus they can Guard against Gypceros flash. They are the natural crest breaker. *Aim for the legs, Gypceros is easy to topple when tripped. *If you are hit by Gypceros peck attack, he will steal something from your inventory. *Only Pitfalls work on Gypceros. Stun Traps, Sonic Bombs, and Flash Bombs are ineffective. *If you have a Bowgun aim for head to break its crest. *Gypceros starts in Area 8 and favors Areas 4, 2, and 1. Gypceros will sleep in Area 2. [5.3.3] ~A Killing from Mushrooms~ Mission: Deliver 10 Special Mushrooms [5.3.4] ~Urgent: The Ruler of the Snow~ Mission: Hunt the Blangonga The snow lion of the...snow. Blangonga is not a pushover in any sense of the word. While Khezu was slow and powerful, Blangonga is fast a deadly. Blangonga walks on four legs; he's a different species altogether from a Wyvern. So what do we use? A fast weapon works best. I used a fire SnS in this scenario. Bring Flash Bombs and Stun Traps. We're going to learn to use these together. Armorwise, I'd go for good attacking armor like Yian Kut Ku. If you feel skittish about your skills try more defensive armor. You may need Thawer as Blangonga can freeze making you unable to use items or attack. But we're not trying to fix the effects of getting hit, we're trying to avoid collision altogether. By now you have a few victories under your belt, Congalala, Khezu, and Yian Kut Ku. Blangonga is nothing different. Head up to Area 6, 7, or 8 (you may need Psychoserum to nail down his exact locale.) After spotting him you have a few seconds to set up your first Stun Trap. Yes, we're going to use more then one trap. Why? Well, you'll like this outcome. We could, this is optional, lay down a few Large Barrel Bombs near him when we trap him. And watch them go off. Or if money isn't your biggest asset, you can just attack him like a crazy man on steroids. If you are using a Hammer or a Hunting Horn you want to aim for the head. A Greatsword? Charge it. But if you went with my suggestion on the Fire SnS, we want to aim for the legs. Why? To trip him of course. Note; if you want his fang aim for the head then after its broke go after the legs. Now back up! How are we supposed to trap him? Will we have enough time? Truthfully, yes. Many have used a surefire way to get enough time AND deal considerable damage on top of that. How do we do this? The answer is Flashbombs. Flashbombs confuse the living daylight out of our snow lion foe. A Flashbomb is thrown and ignited between you and the Blangonga, while not blinding you; the Blangonga is surely to have stars around its head. Literally. You can get a few hits off when he's confused, but be careful. He can still attack, just not you directly. It's kinda random. Now during his bewilderment, you plant a Stun Trap and if you have a few seconds take a small chunk of his HP. Get him to fall into your trap and hit him where it hurts. While this is a good strategy the rest of the fight should consist of you Aiming for either its legs or its head depending on what weapon you have, and what you want in the rewards. Blangonga Fangs can be used for the Ice Elemental Bow, really useful for Diablos fights. After a few bouts he'll run into Area 3. Now be careful, just because he runs into Area 3 doesn't mean he's dying. Blangonga's "tell" is he will limp, not always but mostly, he will limp and then move to Area 3. Hopefully you saved one last Stun Trap and Tranq Bomb. If not, oh well. There are going to be Blangos in Area 3, so remember to kill them and try not to wake Blangonga in the process. If you've followed my words closely, you should not only walk away from Blangonga (of course with a few scratches) but with a nice fang to go with it. Congrats. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqendGtm7wI (All credit of that video goes to Psychol0gist of YouTube) Deocricius wrote: Take 3 Shock Traps, 3 LBB's, and 1 SBB and Flashbombs if desired. Use Wyvern Blade "Fall", and attack him in the head and side/leg area. Use your Traps as desired, as your Flashbombs. After a while of combat, he should go into rage mode. Now is the time to attack with care. After a while more of combat, he should start to limp away. Track him down, and wait for him to go to sleep. Use two Large Bombs on his head, but don't make the detonation of the Small Bomb wake him up. If this doesn't kill him, attack him until he is dead. Optional Quests: [5.3.5] ~Water Wyvern in the Desert~ Mission: Defeat Plesioth Good news. Plesioth travels only between Area 6 (bring Hot Drink) and 7; the bad news is that he's underwater. How can we fight a Wyvern we can't even see? We have two options, Frogs or Sonic Bombs. Wait a sec! How are Frogs going to help us surface a water wyvern...? By fishing. You are going to find a Frog and to use as bait in either Area 6 or 7 and lure Plesioth to you. The wait is surprisingly short. Go by the water in either Area (you may need Pyschoserum to track down his exact location) and find the spot on the water that allows you to fish. Throw the Frog down and wait for Plesioth to show up. Don't take it out yet! You need to get Plesioth to bite. Wait until he takes a bite on your Frog and pull like any other fish. Congrats! You just fished a Plesioth! We're not done yet. We just fished him out, he's pissed about this. Rush over to the floppy fish (he'll be on his legs soon.) *If your using a Greatsword be sure to use a charge attack, you have enough time for a single one. *Every weapon at this point should be aimed for his Fin. It's a breakable part we get seldom opportunity to hit. I wouldn't recommend going under his legs. I myself couldn't find a spot where his legs didn't bat me. Also, because of his size Plesioth has a nasty range with his Tail Whip. But his legs are the weakest reachable part, if you have a ranged weapon or one with great reach you'll want to aim for his neck. Plesioth has a few attacks we've seen already, Tail Whip and Hip Check, but he's armed with Water Beam. It's a small beam of water that's deadly if it connects. You'll want to avoid being hit with this obviously. Luckily for us, his range with Water Beam is pitiful, plus every time he uses this it leaves him open to attack. If only for a short moment. *Hammers should aim for his legs with a charge. *Thunder Elemental weapons work best. However Stun Status weapons work even better when facing Plesioth. By paralyzing Plesioth, he'll stay on land for a little longer. *We'll need Plesioth Fin for Sandman's Pike in the future. *Bows and Bowguns can damage him and bring him out of the water. However if you get carried away you'll end up killing him and you won't be able to carve. [5.4] Elder **** ------------ [5.4.1] ~Battle of the Blos~ Mission: Hunt the Monoblos See Ceanataur First for armor requirements. If you already have the Ceanataur armor then we can move on. Monoblos comes in two forms, White and Normal (sandy) with one horn protruding from its head. This horn is its most dangerous weapon, which can be nullified once we break it off. How? A Greatsword or a Hammer could, however for cutting the tail you need a cutting weapon (Longsword, Greatsword, Dual Sword, SnS, or even a Gunlance can do the job.) If you plan on forging Monodevil armor (a good investment no doubt) you need a Monoblos Tail. More important then the tail is the actual Monoblos Heart. The Monoblos Heart is THE hardest item to acquire. I mentioned it earlier when fighting Daimyo Hermituar. A Monoblos Heart has a 2% chance of ending up in your inventory. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah... *Greatswords do wonders against Monoblos depending how it's used. *With a Greatsword, you want to attack from underneath. *Longswords are fun for slashing up foes, and make for an even substitute, especially if it is Thunder Element. *Monoblos and Diablos have basically the same attacks. *Monoblos is weaker to Thunder, Diablo is weaker to Ice. *Monoblos and Diablos are physically the same, with the exception of the second horn on Diablos. *Under the belly or the legs are the best attack spots. Also it just happens to be their blind-spot giving Greatswords a clear advantage. *Sonic Bombs force them out from the ground when they dig into the sand. Flash Bombs confuse the living daylights out of them. However neither work when they are in Rage Mode. *In the Desert they rest in Area 7 (like they always do.) *They have two types of tackles, one done with the horn in a straight line and one done short range but the chances of getting hit are higher. *They have two types of Tail Whips, one sweeps at a 90 Degree angle while the other sweeps somewhere around 180 Degrees. Here is an example, once again imagine you are viewing this from overhead. =========================================== ==================\\|//==================== ====================X====================== =========================================== This is a diagram of a Normal Tail Whip. =========================================== ==================\\|//==================== ==================--X--==================== =========================================== This is an Extended Tail Whip, the Tail Sweep as it goes lower then a Tail Whip. Legend: \|/- = Range of Tail Whip/Sweep X = Monoblos/Diablos *Bring anything that can block Roars. Earplug is a good (available with Tigrex Armor.) *Rage Mode increases their attack power greater then that of other Wyverns. Watch out. Remember, Wyverns are faster when they are in Rage Mode. *Stun Traps can be destroyed if the Monoblos/Diablos emerge from the spot where you laid the trap. *Monoblos/Diablos can get their horns stuck in certain walls leaving them open to attack. However after a period of time, their horns break off. Strategies against him include the ole Stun Trap salute. The downside to this is Monoblos unique attack. Monoblos digs into the sand pops up. This can be countered by throwing a Sonic Bomb. This will make Monoblos pop out of the ground half-way, leaving you time to set up a Trap whether you want to capture him before he leaves the Area to rest or just get a few good hits off of him. I wouldn't recommend bombing him because he seldom stays on the same spot for very long. http://youtube.com/watch?v=aLOBNKZwQ8Q (All credit goes to CarlosHathingy of YouTube.) [5.4.2] ~Basarios: Unseen Peril~ Mission: Hunt the Basarios Basarios is the most pathetic Wyvern compared to all the others. Plus, his armor isn't half bad (Defense + Skill,) but bad looking (unless rocks are your thing.) Bring a Bow. With a Bow, specifically a Daimyo Bow, you can down Basarios in no time. This is also a good place to handle the Bow as time goes on you might be using the Bow to take down high-end baddies. Why is Basarios so sore? It's because he doesn't have a variety of attacks you might expect. First of all it's cousin, the Gravios, is much more a threat while a Basarios is just a downgrade. When you compare the two, you can't help but laugh. Basarios has few attacks. Basarios will tackle you. Basarios will shoot out poison and generate poison mist near him if you are too close. And Basarios has what we call "Basarios Beam." What is this? Basarios Beam is a Beam that works only 10% of the time, the rest of the time Basarios opens his mouth and tries to make a beam emerge (they even have the beam sound effect.) Not only does this add to our window of opportunity to shoot him up, everything he does can be countered with a barrage of arrows. *After you avoid Basarios Tackle, aim for his tail and shoot, shoot, shoot! *During Basarios Beam, simply move out the line of fire because there is still a chance of the beam producing and shoot. There's not much more I can teach you about this odd creature. He hides in the Volcano Map in either Area 6 or 4 as a rock. It's your job to find this rock and bring him to justice! And what better tool then a few Large Barrel Bombs? Remember, idle hands are the devil's plaything... Basarios will try to in the ground as a rock when it's been weakened severely. Go to either Area's to find him and trap him. Easy right? [5.4.3] ~Commander in the Flames~ Mission: Hunt the Shogun Ceanataur Shogun Ceanataur should be the first Monster you tackle. Why? Because we want his armor, badly. Ceanataur armor will set us up with some of the best Elder Rank armor aside from Rathalos and Tigrex (more on that later.) Also, Ceanataur Armor S/U is some of the best offensive armor in the game. So you can always count on this armor brand to take the battlefield by storm. So what is a Shogun Ceanataur? A mean player, you may think it's similar to that of Daimyo Hermituar. It's not. While Daimyo Hermituar has large grating claws, Shogun has long and much sharper claws. When it goes into Rage Mode its claws will extend into scythes, giving him even more range. *Shogun uses its claws a lot more then anything else. *Shogun doesn't have water blast attack like Hermituar does. *In Area 7 or Area 9 Shogun will sometimes jump and latch upside on the ceiling It will use a high powered water beam that hits everything directly below it. It's just for show since it has no real range. *Sometimes when on the ceiling Shogun will start eating something. Shogun's slobber washes down and turns into a shiny drop; be careful because the drool is acidic. *Hammers are your best bet. They can break his shell like nothing. *Shogun has three shells, Gravios, Shell 1, and Shell 2. Only the Gravios Shell produces the Gravios Shell Material. *Shogun's Claws have longer range. *In the Swamp, Shogun starts in Area 7. *In order to get Shogun Claw Material for your Ceanataur Gauntlets you must break one or more of its claws. A difficult task. *Shogun's corners are just as vulnerable as Daimyo Hermituar; however his legs aren't nearly as weak. *You can break Shogun Ceanataur's shell completely. When this happens he will travel from Area 7, 9, and 3 to retrieve a new shell. In Area 3 he gets a new shell, plus he will drop a shiny item. *When Ceanataur is close to dying, a dark shade of bubbles will froth out of his mouth. [5.4.4] ~More Coal Please~ Mission: Deliver 15 pieces of Coal Go to Pokke Farm section for more information. [5.4.5] ~Urgent: Absolute Power~ Mission: Hunt the Tigrex See Ceanataur First for armor requirements. If you already have the Ceanataur armor then we can move on. There is no easy way to beat Tigrex. Many have become accustomed to calculating the flinch-rate against a Tigrex. However we won't dive into such depths. Mainly due to the fact that math really confuses me. Ummm...moving on we need to choose a weapon. *If you believe in the power of love, you will not use Devil Slicer (use Devil Slicer *wink*) Weapon Path: Iron Katana->Iron Katana "Grace"->Iron Katana "Gospel"->Eagle Cleaver->Devil Slicer *If you wish to learn the timing and where to stand, use a Greatsword. I can help you with this. ======================================== ====================O=================== =====================V================== ======================================== ======================================== Legend: V = Direction Tigrex is facing. O = Position you should be at when you start charging your Greatsword. Our methodology is that given the right timing we should be able to execute a charged at with our Greatsword the moment he turns to face you after an attack. If you can master this, you can defeat Tigrex and hell lots of high-end monsters including Akantor. *Why not become the rebel? Taking on Tigrex with a Hunting Horn is hilarious. The trick is to get him dazed using Triangle and super pounding him with Triangle + Circle. *I never tried Tigrex with a Hammer. To be honest I can see how it could be done, but you'll be using Hammers a lot later (if you follow my suggestions.) I believe it works the same method, occasionally pound its head whenever you see an opportunity then roll away. *Gunlance's/Lance's are great against Tigrex. Why? Tigrex has good teeth. Nice and sharp dentures that love to sink their teeth into anything, including walls With your tremendous guarding capabilities, Tigrex can launch himself right at you and only take a stamina hit. Now, combine this fact with the one above. Say! Let's get Tigrex to get stuck on the wall! And since we're there anyway, we might as well use this to poke the living **** out of him! Before careful, if you hit the wall instead of Tigrex you'll bounce back and lose the small window of time you'd have to poke him. Good luck. *SnS is a really balanced weapon. But, when it comes to dealing damage, it falls below par. Try using one of the weapons listed above. Grow to love the other weapon types. Even Dual Swords have their appeal. *Should you Bow/Gun Tigrex? I don't see why not. Just avoid his long range attacks. Tigrex is in the mountains. Alright rookie hunters, this is your moment. This is the battle that defines you from beginning hunter to intermediate hunter. Bring everything you think you need. Flash Bombs, Large Barrel Bombs, Large Barrel Bombs +, Stun Trap, and everything you need to combine them (all optional.) The law of the snowy mountains tells us already that Tigrex is in one of the three areas, 6, 7, or 8. Usually I find him in Area 8. When we get around to finding him we have a few choices depending on the weapon that we choose. *If you chose Devil Slicer, you may apply the "Flash Bomb + Stun Trap" Strategy and/or "Stun Trap + Large Barrel Bomb" Strategy. You can do this with any weapon. It's just Devil Slicer has no other advantage over Tigrex when compared to the dizzying effect of the Hammer/Hunting Horn, or the guarding capabilities of the Gunlance/Lance. *Speaking of the Gunlance/Lance, the wall of ice in by your side (if you are in Area 8, otherwise there are ice walls surrounding you) is perfect for when Tigrex tries to take a bite. You can use the times where he just tackles you to stab him once or twice at the most. When he does lunge at you with his teeth you want to be standing in front of the wall facing him. Here is an overhead diagram: =====================V=================== ========================================= =====================^=================== ==============|---------------|========== ========================================= ========================================= Legend: V = Tigrex and his direction. ^ = You against the wall but facing Tigrex |---| = The wall *With a Hammer it's easier to execute a charge attack. Why? Because unlike a Greatsword you can release your charge whenever you want to; it eliminates the need to time your blows. Hammers should work just like Greatswords in this situation so check the diagram for Greatswords. Remember, we still have to time the hit so that we don't end up being hit. Got it? *Dual Swords a huge challenge and they require a great deal of timing. I don't recommend anyone try this strategy without first having Mega Juice. Dual Swords can be really strong, but they need to be applied with precision or else you'll end up getting hit more times then you can count. You can win time the same way a Greatsword can when Tigrex turns around after attacking. Mostly you want to be in Demon Mode (Press R) and press Triangle + Circle when Tigrex is turning around. The advantage here is with Dual Swords you can roll away at any time, where as Hammers and Greatswords need just a little bit extra to do their work. You can add Circle attack, just one press will do, to get him during the moments he's preparing for his next attack. Quickly dodge and continue the strategy. Refer to the Greatsword Diagram for more info. Now we finally move onto attacks. Roar: Tigrex Roar is actually different compared to others. Instead of causing damage to the ear, Tigrex's Roar will damage anyone near him. He will stand up on his hind legs and scream. Here is a quick diagram of the area of fire: ========================================= ====================XXX================== ====================XVX================== ====================XXX================== ========================================= Legend: X = Area of fire V = Tigrex You have one of three choices depending on what weapon you have. First option, roll away from the area of fire. Lancers/Gunlancers will have trouble with this as they cannot roll, so we get to the second option guard. Now we have the third option; this is reserved for experts who have gotten their timing so well down that they can actually activate a moment of invincibility when they role. If you roll toward the sound wave at the exact time Tigrex emits it then you will avoid taking the hit and you gain a few moments to attack him while he is recovering. There is no way I can show you on paper, it just needs to be timed right. Tackle: Tigrex main attack is tackling you with his jaw unhinged. We want to remember one this, you never want to be directly in front of any monster for very long. The same rule applies almost biblically to Tigrex, especially when he tries to tackle. At this moment I would like to bring up that Tigrex loves to overshoot his intended target, you, and actually he'll end up somewhat behind you if you dodged or blocked properly. This is the moment where you can Charge either your Hammer or Greatsword at the right spot and hopefully you weren't too soon or too late and successfully connected the blow. You can do this exact method with Dual Swords as well; we aren't bound by timing or charges here but Tigrex should get a good amount of Demon Dance when he turns to face you. Sometimes, when Tigrex is in Rage Mode he'll tackle again and again. After the third time he'll come to stop, follow the same strategy here but remember all Wyverns are faster when in Rage Mode. Tigrex is no exception. Note for Gunlancers/Lancers that when Tigrex tackles you, you have a slim window to turn around (after guarding the blow) and poking his tail. If you do this a lot you are surely to cut it off. Spin: Tigrex will sometimes spin around in a complete circle. Anyone nearby will get hit. 3-Pronged Shot: Tigrex's ranged attack: ===================================== ====================V================ ==================/=|=\============== =================/==|==\============= ================/===|===\============ ===============/====|====\=========== Legend: V = Tigrex /|\ = Line of fire As the three rocks/snowballs travel the less likely you are to get hit. It's possible to evade them by hiding in-between the gaps of the three rocks. Remember though, you rarely want to be in front of a Wyvern for very long. If you are by his side away from the line of fire you have an opportunity to damage him. Even set yourself up for another charge attack. *Sometimes he'll swipe you with his claw, yet another reason to never be in front of him for very long. *His tail is thick so Gunlances/Lances can cut it off. *Tigrex has breakable claws. *Seeing Tigrex flee means only two things, you're losing and he got bored or (most likely) Tigrex is weakened and will flee to rest up. *Use your Dual Swords to flinch him always aim for the head. *Use your Hammer to Charge him, only when he's dizzy do you Triple Pound. *Use your Greatsword to charge him; this requires the most precise timing. *Use your Gunlance/Lance to block Tigrex attacks (even then you should be moving out of his way) and make sure your back is against the ice wall. *Avoid his Three-Pronged Attack, by either finding the gap between the projectiles or being close to Tigrex blind spot during the attack. *Only if you're confident should you attempt to roll into the Tigrex's Roar. It's easier to just get out of range but you lose the precious moments to attack him. *Expert Gunlancers/Lancers should be able to cut off Tigrex's tail with ease. Hit it once after he tackles you; you must act immediately. *Getting him stuck in a wall of ice isn't just for Gunlancers/Lancers, if you can avoid his tackle while still facing back to the wall you could do it. *Tigrex weakest body part is his head; elemental weakness is Thunder. *Devil Slicer is a good weapon but not nearly as powerful as Hammer or Greatsword. With the Longsword, you'll need to improvise your strategy. That's all I can teach you about Tigrex. Remember everything I stated at the beginning of the Walkthrough. Don't rush in, Be prepared, and choose the skills will need. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t75CHOaIwrA (All credit of that video goes to mxc5012 of YouTube) Deocricius wrote: Use Devil Slicer. Take 4 traps (3 shock, 1 pitfall), 3 LBB's, and 1 SBB. and flashbombs if desired. I would suggest using Ceanataur armor or Hermitaur armor. Attack his tail when he does that roar and biting attack and get his tail off. When he is rage mode, attack him (He take s more damage when he is in rage mode), but be careful, seeing as one combo of attacks can have you Kitty Carted. Use your flashbombs and traps as wanted throughout the fight. He should retreat to sleep soon. Chase him there, but wait to go in for 30-45 seconds. Go in and kill the Apceros, then put two LBB's at his head, and blow it with a SBB,(Make sure you far enough away so that the Small Bomb doesn't wake up the Tigrex, but close enough that it blows the Large Bombs. If that in itself doesn't kill him, continue to attack him. Get him stuck in the wall and use your last Bomb on his head, and attack him till he is dead. Optional Quests: [5.4.6] ~The Lone Black Garuga~ Mission: Hunt Yian Garuga You need to defeat 10 Yian Kut Ku's in order to unlock the Garuga side-quest. If you met Rathian and Yian Kut Ku in battle then there is not much to explain. Just treat Yian Garuga as you would any Rathian. However be warned that Yian Garuga is pretty darn fast, even faster in Rage Mode. *Any good water weapon can take down Yian Garuga. *Garuga spins his tail to the right, always. Meaning we should always run left to avoid getting the brunt of his blows. *Yian Garuga is a strange mix of Rathian and Yian Kut Ku. Expect their attacks coming from him. *Yian Garuga has Rathian's backflip. *Yian Garuga can poison. *You can hide in the brush (by the old tree between the two trunks, upper- right corner of the map) in Area 2 with a Gunlance/Lance. You only have to worry about Garuga's Fireballs. Since hiding here makes you all but invincible it's looked down upon. Plus, it takes longer to kill him then you would have with a Hammer or Greatsword. Your choice. [5.4.7] ~The Frozen Dictator/The Elder Dragon of Wind~ Mission: Kill Kushala Daora Your first Elder Dragon and god is he tough; at least for a beginner. Kushala Daora belongs to the family of Elder Dragons. What does this mean for us? You cannot capture an Elder Dragon; Pitfall and Stun Traps don't work. You have two choices at this point. You can fight the Elder Dragon until they flee the Area and they actually flee the battle. Or you can kill them right then and there. If you can't, don't worry. The damage you deal to it carries over to the next fight; hence the reason why they come in two quests, location change. What must we as hunters do to prepare for such an encounter? Anti-wind armor comes to mind. Thawer for the snowy mountains. Hot Drink. Oh, you might wanna pack a few hundred Flash Bombs or so. I kid, but Kushala Daora is no pushover. Kushala Daora, along with his other Elder Dragon brethren, has a barrier wrapped around him we call a "cloak;" in this case, a wind cloak. As long as this cloak is around Kushala it will be impossible to go near him. Unless you do one of two things, wear Anti-Wind armor or poison him. You get five poison knives from the supply box; it's your job to poison Kushala with these. As for Gunners simply use Poison S. Operating Kushala is difficult, he's not very big but he's fast and can take to the skies at any moment. He has an entire range of attacks while off the ground, plus he's untouchable when aerial. Nearly untouchable. A Flash Bomb will ground ole Daora and let you take a few hits off *Try using any weapon with Dragon Element, particularly Eternal Strife or Eternal Schism. *SnS strategy is simple, aim for the head. Remember the rules "Don't Rush In" and "Don't be Greedy." After a few hits, Kushala will fall unto the ground flailing. It's important to do as much damage to the head before he gets back up. The more we hit the head the more he will flinch, the more he flinches the less likely the wind cloak will return. *With Anti-Wind Armor, you can stay under Kushala's feet while he unleashes his aerial attacks. *If you lack Anti-Wind Armor, send out a Flash Bomb to bring Kushala to ground. *Kushala is too fast for a Greatsword, unless you have perfect timing we should go with another weapon. *Thunder or Dragon Longswords make good here, we should limit ourselves to Triangle, Triangle here. Maybe Triangle + Circle to move back, but I suggest Rolling. *While Kushala Daora is aerial, it is possible to hit him with a long weapon. You want to stick to his left and watch for movement, if he starts to move he's planning on using an aerial tail whip. He will sometimes do an aerial back-step as well. *Daora Beam, Daora's main attack, has wider range then say, a Water Beam does. Just a bit, but watch out. Also Daora Beam can freeze you on the snowy mountains, while the jungle's Daora Beam cannot. *While Kushala is in the air you can use Rocket Barrel Bombs to deal damage. *Anti-Wind > Earplugs. In this case, he uses his wind a lot more then he does Roar. *By hitting Daora's head we make it more likely he'll flinch. If you are using a cutting weapon, now would be a good time to hack away at that tail. *When charging the Hammer, it has Anti-Wind imbued with the technique. If you're proficient you can use this ability in battle. [5.5] Elder ***** ------------- [5.5.1] ~The Poison Siege~ Mission: Hunt the Gypceros and the Purple Gypceros *Make sure you never encounter the in the same Area. If you do, then Paintball them both and flee until one of them leaves. Pick off the one that doesn't. [5.5.2] ~The Runaway Diablos~ Mission: Hunt the Diablos *Refer to the Monoblos Strategy minus the Monoblos Heart and Monodevil armor. Diablos has his own set of armor. [5.5.3] ~Ultimate Crab Dinner~ Mission: Hunt 2 Daimyo Hermituar's *Same advice, make sure you never encounter the in the same Area. If you do, then Paintball them both and flee until one of them leaves. Pick off the one that doesn't. [5.5.4] ~Terror of the Gravios~ Mission: Hunt the Gravios The title should say it all. Gravios is nothing to sneeze at. Gravios is Basarios on steroids. Gravios is bigger then Basarios. Gravios is stronger then Basarios. Gravios Beam works 100% of time. It's legendary for its Roar + Gravios Beam Combo that finish off Bow users in an instant. For Elder Gravios I recommend you Bow him. However if you are feeling adventurous you can get him faster with a Hammer. There's not much to say, you start the hunt at the Volcano between Areas 4, 3, and 5 (starts in Area 7) bring Tigrex Armor in this situation as it brings Earplug to the table (hopefully you gemmed it up.) Moving onto Gravios Attacks, he basically has the same attacks as a Basarios only stronger and instead of poison status attacks, he has sleep. Strategy with a Hammer is simple, Charge away at Gravios belly. Because of his enormous size his stomach is left hanging. This gives us an opportunity to pound. However, we can't rely on tripping him or confusing him so pace yourself. Beware though, his feet tend to move around a lot when you're under him and they could do a bit of damage. Bow users will have no problem. Go with a Water Bow, you can't fail with Daimyo Bow. Beware of the Gravios Beam. Simple strategy, shoot, evade, shoot, evade, shoot, evade, and so on. Neither Flash Bombs nor Sonic Bombs work on him. In order to snag him in a Stun Trap you must set it up in the Area before he arrives in it (Autotracker is really good at this point) Tackle: If you're a Bow user you'll love this attack. Gravios Tackle goes in a straight line, and despite his size this is pretty easy to dodge. With Hammers it's possible to hit Gravios feet as he rushes past, I've done it. It requires good timing though and there's no downside if you don't hit them. Here is an overhead diagram. ==========================X================ ==========================|================ ========================O=V================= ==========================|================ ==========================|================ =========================================== Legend: X = Where Gravios started running O = Where you should be so you have time to charge the Hammer | = Line of fire It's also possible to hit him with a charge before he starts moving it depends where you are and if your Hammer is charged. Tail Spin: Gravios has a large Tail Spin attack with wide range. However do to his size, if you are under Gravios near his legs you can avoid getting hit by this. Also, Hammers are suggested for this as you can pound Gravios belly and avoid taking damage at the same time. Gravios Beam: Gravios sends out a beam that penetrates even the toughest guard (need Guard Inc. to block.) The beam is hardly a threat as long as you aren't standing directly in front of Gravios. The range is hilariously linear and you can easily avoid it. During this time you can shoot him many times with your Bow or if you are using a Hammer walk up to him, during the time he is releasing the beam it's possible to get a charge Hammer attack off. Beware; sometimes after using Gravios Beam he emits a fiery after-burst that damages anyone near. *Gravios stomach can be broken. When this happens he is weaker to Dragon Element. *Gravios can walk on lava and flees the area by submerging into a lava stream. *Gravios emits a sleeping gas from its body occasionally. *Fighting Gravios is about good hits, timing here isn't a huge necessity unless you feel justified fighting him with a Greatsword. *Gravios hide is extremely hard; don't bring weapons without good sharpness. *Later, in the HR4+ Quests, Gravios Beam will sometimes go from side to side. *Along with Stun Traps, Pitfalls work on Gravios as well. *For Greatswords hide under the legs as if you were fighting Monoblos/Diablos. *For SnS bring a sharp Water element weapon and aim for the legs. [5.5.5] ~Urgent: Troublesome Pair~ Mission: Hunt Rathalos and Rathian. They are the King and Queen for a good reason. Troublesome Pair is the first Elder Quest you encounter Rathalos and Rathian, both at the same time. Remember the rules of fighting two monsters on the same map; never fight the two at once and remember to bring Autotracker so you can track them easier. Tigrex Armor (or any armor with Earplugs) is a must. Earplugs block Rathalos and Rathian's Roar. Now that we have armor out of the way, what must we prepare in order to fight the KING of wyverns? *Longswords like Devil Slicer are especially useful if you are having trouble with Rathian. Stay away from over-using this weapon. *Greatswords are a powerful tool as long as you memorize where Rathalos turns to face you. We'll be applying this strategy with all wyverns like Rathalos and Tigrex from now on. *Hammers should aim for the head. I generally go with Hammers. Hammers have some advantages over Greatswords in terms of charging, but Greatswords deal more damage. As for Longswords, I used them once, and they are okay but not nearly as good the other two. We want to wean off the Longswords because they won't be nearly as useful anymore. Both Rathalos and Rathian are vulnerable to Traps as any other Wyvern; as well as Large Barrel Bombs. But my strategies involve a serious damage dealing course, so it may not be needed. Find Rathalos or Rathian. I find Rathalos easier mainly due to the fact that I've studies its movements and know where and when to it. With a Hammer. This godly hulk of metal can and will get us out of a lot of fixes. By now you want to be on the Onslaught Hammer path. We won't be able to use Onslaught until we get to HR4. Until then we will have to settle for Anvil Hammer. Rathalos is like putty in any Hammer user's hands. Why? Rathalos head conveniently sticks out like an amusement park target. Like Tigrex his head charges...head first duh, giving us the advantage of hitting the most vulnerable part of its body. Also, Rathalos loves aerial attacks. He will rise up from the ground and either launches three fireballs at you or he will jab at you with his claws from nearby. Both are avoidable if you run under his shadow. So why does this give us an advantage with a Hammer? Hey, wait a minute! Does this window of opportunity provide us to do something with both a Greatsword and a Hammer that other weapons simply can't do? Charge it. When under a Rathalos you have time to set up a charge whether it be Hammer or Greatsword. A Greatsword needs better timing as you cannot control when you unleash the Charge unlike Hammers. Where exactly do we aim? His head of course! With the proper timing, you can (and should) be aiming for the Rathalos crown. Making the connection is surprisingly simple. There are plenty of opportunities to grand-slam Rathalos with a Hammer. All it needs is good timing. Say when Rathalos starts Roaring, if you followed my advice you have Earplugs correct? Then you shouldn't have a problem. During his Roar you have an opportunity to hit his head just as it drops back down to the ground. (Because Rathalos lifts his head when he roars and it returns to the ground when he's finishing.) If his Roar doesn't affect you, you have an opportunity to score a blow on his head. Rathalos works like Tigrex. It is fully possible to execute a charged attacked using the same position we use in the Greatsword Diagram: ======================================== ====================O=================== =====================V================== ======================================== ======================================== Legend: V = Direction Rathian/Rathalos is facing. O = Position you should be at when you start charging your Greatsword/Hammer. After trying to tackle you, shooting a few fireballs, and even trying to gnash at you with his claws; Rathalos will always turn around to face you. If you Hammer his head enough times, he'll fall over dazed. Exactly what we're aiming for; take out two Triple Pounds on his head. You should have exactly enough time for two. Repeat the above with Rathalos and you'll either kill him before he has the chance to flee or he'll flee to Area 5. He'll go to Area 4 for some reason, then to Area 5. Capture him there and make sure you don't run into Rathian. When you capture Rathalos we'll hunt down Rathian. Similar to Rathalos, however Rathian focus on assaults from the ground. She loves closing the distance between you and her. Plus, her backflip is poisonous. Despite the differences, she is just as weak to your attacks. You need to modify your strategy, maybe add a Flash Bomb or Stun Trap if you're not doing too hot. She's a fierce one alright, but you should down her just as easily as you did Rathalos. She too retreats to Area 5, pursue and capture. Congrats. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsmRMGo4auQ (All credit of that video goes to Bisquick207 of YouTube) Deocricius wrote: Use Devil Slicer and this should be cakewalk. Take 3 shock pits, and 1 pitfall. Take flashbombs if desired. Go for the Rathalos first, because I usually find that if Rathian comes in when you are fighting him she says "He can take him" and flies away. Usually. Attack his tail first, and once you get that off, break his head, and then his wing claws. He should be pretty beat up and dead by the time you have accomplished this. Use the same tactic for Rathian. Use 2 traps on each (total of 4), and you should have no problem finishing this quest. Optional Quests: [5.5.6] ~The Legendary Kirin~ Mission: Kill Kirin I love Kirin. Smexy lady Kirin Armor is enough to inspire a nation to war (not really.) Preparing for Kirin is actually simpler then preparing for the other Elder Dragons. Kirin doesn't have a cloak so we don't have to worry about that. We DO have to worry about a few things, Kirin's speed and size. Kirin is small, seriously small. About the size of a Kelbi, and faster then anything you've encountered. Because of this many tend to overestimate Kirin's abilities. She loves to throw lightening at you, and ram you whether in a straight line or a zig-zag. Believe that Kirin is not as hard as you think. You need the right strategy and you can pound her from existence. But where to begin? Use whatever armor you think you want; Kirin doesn't generate wind or heat. Armor with Thunder resistance is good though. I wouldn't recommend Ceanataur armor for that reason. If you feel confident you won't need to change but remember one or two hits from Kirin while wearing Ceanataur armor or any armor with low resistance to Thunder. Our weapons of choice, Hammers or SnS. SnS are defensive, they make avoiding Kirin much easier. As for Hammers, they make a strong offensive bout. But what about a Hunting Horn? Sakura Bell comes to mind. I choose this weapon because one, Dragon Element, and two, you can knock Kirin in a daze. Not to mention that Kirin is putty when using a Hunting Horn. *With Hunting Horns, you want to use Triangle most of the time. When you think you can score a clean hit go for Triangle + Circle then roll. If you manage to knock Kirin down Triangle + Circle away until she gets up. *With Hammers, you want to save all blows for a charged pound. If you can get to Kirin at the start of her Taunt you can use a Triple Pound. *With SnS, you want to slash and roll. Rinse and repeat. *Bombs are as useful as you make them. The trick to leading Kirin to them is to lay down a bomb, wait until Kirin comes towards you and letting her use her lightening attack. That will make the bomb explode and hurt Kirin. Be sure to be a good distance away from that bomb when it goes off. Remember the rule "Don't Rush In" and you'll do fine. [5.5.7] ~Overseer of the Ancients/The Empress' Blazing Throne~ Mission: Kill Lunastra Remember Kushala? He's nothing compared to ole Luna. Oddly enough they have the same strategy here. Aim for the head with a Dragon Elemental. Since Lunastra and Teostra are so similar we're going to cover them both. *Teostra/Lunastra does not have Kushala Daora's Beam or aerial attacks; they are only similar psychical meaning the same swipe attacks we saw on Kushala. *Teostra/Lunastra has a flame "cloak," that does heat damage and heat damages drains HP slowly. We must poison them in order to stop this. *Instead of a beam, Luna has a flame thrower attack ranges from left to right. ======================================= ===================V=================== ==================/==================== =================/===================== ================/====================== ======================================= ===================V=================== ===================|=================== ===================|=================== ===================|=================== ======================================= ===================V=================== ====================\================== =====================\================= ======================\================ Legend: V = Teostra/Lunastra and their direction. / = Where the flame begins and ends | = Flame, it is traveling right. \ = Where the flame starts rolling back left. Okay, well what can we do with this? Let me draw you a different diagram. ======================================= ====================V================== ==================O/=================== ==================/==================== =================/===================== Legend: V = Teostra/Lunastra / = Line of fire O = Where you should be when the attack occurs. You want to memorize the exact spot out of Teostra/Lunastra's. Why? The advantage here is that you can do anything to Teostra/Lunastra. Anything. Charge a Greatsword/Hammer and wait for the results. You'll like them. *Teostra/Lunastra has a surround bombing attack. They will concentrate with wings spread then they will snap their jaws and ignite an entire circle in fire. There are three types of these attacks, medium range, longer range, and close range. It's been confirmed that Teostra/Lunastra's surround bombing can be predicted based on the shade of the "sparks" that fly up before they attack. So how to do we counter this? We could hide extremely close to them, facing outward we could block this attack with a blocking weapon. We could evade and pray to god we avoid the blow. Or we could predict that it won't hit us and go for their heads. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't... Here's a quick overhead diagram. ======================================= =================XXX=================== =================XVX=================== =================XXX=================== ======================================= ======================================= Close Range. These are darkest. =================XXX=================== ================X===X================== ================X=V=X================== ================X===X================== =================XXX=================== ======================================= Medium Range. They are brighter. ======================================= ==================XXX================== ================X=====X================ ================X==V==X================ ================X=====X================ ==================XXX================== ======================================= ======================================= Long Range. These are brightest. These are inaccurate, as there is spot directly in between both the long range and close range attacks. This "spot" allows us to avoid both blows without putting much distance between us and Teostra/Lunastra. *It's entirely possible to Gunlance Teostra/Lunastra especially at the higher levels when we get Gun Chariot. The trick is to stay close to the head and guard as much as possible. With a Gunlance we can block their surround bombing attack and get a few hits between. We literally want to get under its head when it uses the flamethrower attack. During this time we can poke out even more damage. If you can time it right, Wyvern Fire is not opposed. Be careful about reloading, especially when Teostra/Lunastra is about to attack. Pick your moments. And remember. You rarely want to stay directly in front of a Wyvern for very long. When Teostra tackles you, and you block it, you have a small chance to take a poke at their tail. Take one poke, maybe two depending when you started and how much time you think you have before Teostra turns around. This is exactly like Diablos or Tigrex when it comes to tail cutting. Lunastra jumps when she tackles making it hard, if not impossible, to poke her tail with this strategy. *Strategy with a Hammer is simple. Charge, release. Find a spot between you and Teostra/Lunastra from the attacks I listed above and release. You may need Mega Juice to pull this off. *Greatswords should be self-explanatory at this point. Find the time where you have to charge. Take advantage of the fact that they must turn around. "Don't rush in" and "Don't get greedy," trust me, the damage adds up. Remember that gap I discussed when Teostra/Lunastra uses surround bombing attack? Well remember, if you do exploit that spot, there's a 1/3 you'll get hit. Hard. Teostra/Lunastra will use a Tail Whip attack that sweeps from left to right unlike the other types of tail whips. ======================================= ==================O==================== ===================\|/================= ====================V================== ======================================= ======================================= Legend: O = You charging your Greatsword. V = Teostra/Lunastra and the direction they are facing. \|/ = Tail Whip. *I wouldn't go so far as to recommend Dual Swords but people have done it. Master the times you get to strike, because they are seldom and should be limited to Triangle most of the time. However when Teostra/Lunastra attacks we can hit Circle when they are using flamethrower. Since Dual Swords have no guard you better find the "spot" whenever they use surrounding bomb attack. The trick with Dual Swords is to always aim of the head. Always. We want to master the flinch rate. When Teostra/Lunastra flinch they fall to the ground flailing. By using exactly one Circle then Triangle + Circle attack we can accurately deal a considerable amount before they recover without getting carried away. Why? With Teostra/Lunastra flinch damage adds up, especially counts when they are flailing. We have moments where Teostra/Lunastra turn around to face you. Make sure that you have your blades out, by hitting them once you add to the flinch rate. Be careful not to get caught in their Tail Whip. Remember, with Dual Swords you want to be 10% offensive, and 90% evasive. Using Dual Swords against Teostra/Lunastra is no easy feat. Think it through before choosing this weapon. *Lunastra jumps while Teostra tackles. I hope I taught you well. Defeating Teostra/Lunastra is not easy, but hopefully you learned something here you didn't know before. Apply that to your strategy and you're sure to win! [5.5.8] ~The Elder Dragon of Mist/Towards the Silence~ Mission: Kill Chameleos Let me tell you a little about Chameleos. Unlike his Elder Dragon brethren who have wind "cloaks" and flame "cloaks," Chameleos has an invisibility "cloak." Even with Autotracker, tracking Chameleos can be pure hell if you've neglected Paintballs or Pyschoserum. Since he shows us the general area he's in, not the exact spot, we must play the battle with guesswork. There is only one way to dispel Chameleos invisibility cloak. We throw Sonic Bombs at him the moment he de-cloaks to attack us. Unlike the other Elder Dragons, Chameleos has a full armada of individual attacks, from snapping at you with his iguana-like tongue to emitting a poisonous gas from right under him. Chameleos has the widest range of status attacks I've ever seen on a single wyvern. He can brush you back with Wyvern Wind by slapping his overgrown tail on the ground. He can give you "defense zero" status where white smoke surrounds you and eliminates your defense. Finally, he can poison you by unleashing a mass of poisonous gas from under him. How can we stand up to such a being with power over so many statuses, plus his deranged invisibility? When you get to the map use Pyschoserum and run to that area (most likely Area 8.) You will eventually spot something, whether you run into it or hear it growl. When you got him, Paintball him, it helps a little. *A trick to finding him when that yellow eye is up, is to try running around in circle. The moment your character starts "running away" means that Chameleos is behind you. You notice that you run differently when running from a Wyvern rather then towards it? That's Chameleos you're running away from. You will also notice that Chameleos's cloak will flash for a few seconds. Once you've nailed down Chameleos location, you must memorize where he is and predict where he might move next. If you focus on this, it's not too hard to do. Just sounds complicated. The moment he de-cloaks to attack that Sonic Bomb better be on him faster then he has a chance to attack. Or else I can predict this scenario: -Chameleos de-cloaks. -You throw the Sonic Bomb. -You threw it too late. -Chameleos hits you with an attack. -Chameleos is hit with the Sonic Bomb. -You take a second to recover. -Chameleos re-cloaks. Don't get mixed up with the scenario above. You must not be in front of Chameleos at any time. This is why it's all too important you memorize which direction Chameleos is facing. *With any weapon (I pray you weren't silly enough to bring a Greatsword; it's a good weapon, just not against Chameleos) you need to attack his side between his front and back legs. Why? He can't hit us here, at least not with physical attacks (tongue, claws, ect.) We only have to watch out for Wyvern Wind. *Chameleos can steal things with his tongue. Creepy huh? Despite what you think his tongue has quite a broad range. You want to completely avoid hitting his front and aim for the side. *Chameleos long range attacks include spitting out an acidic compound similar to a fireball. I wouldn't touch it. You shouldn't either. Next we have the "gas" he emits from his mouth. This covers a wide space, and yet again, we should avoid hitting his front. If you can avoid his front, you have nothing to worry about. *Unfortunately for us, Chameleos re-cloaks faster then we would like. Making us blind again, he'll force us to use another Sonic Bomb to draw him out. Remember, only when he is attacking should we use a Sonic Bomb against him. To find out which direction he's going to move to run around a bit. It's critical that you make use of every single Sonic Bomb in your inventory. If you feel unprepared even with 10 Sonic Bombs combine Screamers + Gunpowder to make more. *In Rage Mode, Chameleos emits a fine green smoke. Use this to track down our angry iguana. *It's entirely possible to launch an assault against Chameleos with his invisibility cloak on. You just have to find him, and predict where he will move next. Since we'll be attacking his side, it is assumed that he will face you in order to attack. So whenever he is so bold as to attack, he show himself (just a little if it's a claw attack) and disappear. Use this to roll and reposition yourself at his side. This is tough, but doable. Sometimes he will show more then an attack and actually show where he's turning. Take advantage of this. Our one foe for this strategy is Chameleos's Wyvern Wind. It can knock you away and cause you to lose your positioning. Be careful. *You never want to lose track of Chameleos. If this happens run around until you know which direction he's coming from. Or else he'll find you with a nice tackle. Chameleos tackles are deadly because of the reach his head has. He can come from across the other-side of the map and the time it takes you to throw a Sonic Bomb will still cause him to hit you. Sure the Sonic Bomb will connect. But remember that scenario? *Eventually, you will cause Chameleos to flinch and fall to the ground (this is after a long time of fighting.) Take this opportunity to smash his horn. Chameleos horns are vital for Chameleos armor (not necessary but good looking) and later on Chameleos Ruby. That is all I can teach you about the fatal foe, Chameleos. Good luck and make sure you're prepared to face him. [5.6] Urgent Quests --------------- [5.6.1] ~A Sun with Fangs/Emperor of Flame~ Mission: Kill Teostra See "[5.5.7]" [5.6.2] ~A State of Crisis~ Mission: Kill Shen Gaoren Shen Gaoren. Have we finally gotten to him? Lovely. So what is Shen Gaoren, and why does it have a funny name? Well, let me draw a picture. Imagine you're fighting against a Daimyo Hermituar or a Shogun Ceanatuar, well take away the fancy sharp claws and the defensive claws, and heck take out the claws altogether. Instead, imagine those tiny legs of the two grew longer, and thicker, and larger, and stronger. Imagine that they were so long that they were stories tall. Now imagine if those long legs were marching towards you...That's Gaoren. A massive crab is marching towards your town. How do we counter this? A Fire or Dragon weapon, and Anti-Quake armor (Blango armor if nothing.) Our objective is either to do enough damage to drive Shen Gaoren away, or kill him. We want to kill him. Pick up what you need in the supply box then go to the upper-right area of the map where the spears are to collect the Ballista S. You can collect Supplied Barrel Bombs (equivalent of Large Barrel Bomb +) Run to Area 3 and witness the waves emitting from the construction pillar. If you want you can aim Ballista S to those waves and get a few hits on Shen Gaoren early. Run to the north-western edge of Area 3 and watch as it emerges from the fog. Gaoren has four legs, our objective is damage those legs enough so we can cause him to fall and then we hit his shell. In the town there are many things we can do to damage him. But I'll cover those later. We want to turn his legs dark red (meaning to make them bleed) then move on to the other leg. As soon as we get all his legs red. When Gaoren aims his skull at the town. At the exact moment he opens his jaw, press X (or O depending on which version you're playing) and that will activate the Dragonator. A huge pair of sharp spikes should come out and slice at Gaoren's legs. Remember the skull needs to be open, and you can only use this once so make sure it counts! It's also a good idea to use that ammo you got from the supply box. Ballista S can be used with that turret next to the Dragonator. Aim for the skull and keep going until you run out. If you've done a good deal of damage to Gaoren by now, you could have cracked the shell by now. Congrats. *Bows with Dragon elements are good, however I doubt you have any in your arsenal. If you have a Fire Bow then feel free to try but know a few things. Since we are aiming for the legs, you must be precise with your shots. Remember, any damage is better then no damage. Also think about attack boosters. Learn about Felyne Heroics, and see the stacking section under "Be prepared." When he lowers his body use Power Coatings and aim for the shell. Ignore the legs for now and take advantage of this opportunity. When he lifts his body back up, return to the legs. You should use the Power Coatings on the legs often. If you run low on Power Coatings, use a Farcaster to return to the supply box and collect the extra. You should have taken with you Empty Bottle and Nitroshrooms, these can be combined to make even more Power Coatings. *Now is the time to use all of our Bomb strategies. Try to time your attack to where Gaoren's leg is going to step on. Use your best bombs (preferably Large Barrel Bombs +) and make them explode. You want to aim for the legs with these babies. *Bring your strongest Hammer (in this case Anvil Hammer) and get to work on those legs. It's important you bring any Anti-Quake armor. Go out of your way to get some. Most of the time we want to use Triangle, Triangle then roll. When you see the opportunity, go for a triple pound. Remember how I told you rarely want to stay in front of a monster for very long? Gaoren is the exception. When he lowers his shell to shift movements, you want to be right in front of that sucker Triple Pounding his face. When he goes back up, retreat from inside his legs and hit them from the outside. It's smarter, trust me. This is because Gaoren likes to claw a wide range when he's hitting the town. If you apply enough to the legs they will break and cause Gaoren to fall. Take your anger out on his shell and hopefully you'll break it. Repeat this strategy until dead. *With Longswords you can use Fire, Dragon, and yes, even Thunder. Out strategy is the same. Aim for the legs with your best weapon. Keep outside most of the time. Use the Dragonator when the time comes, and Balista S when going back down. *We want to shift strategies with Greatswords. Particularly, shifted back and forth between Triangle and Triangle + Circle. We should do a good amount of damage to the legs before they step forward. Repeat this strategy until satisfied. When Gaoren lowers his body use a charge attack to do serious damage. *With Dual Swords you want focus on Demon Dancing (Triangle + Circle after pressing R) then rolling. Demon Dancing should be your attack of choice. Hopefully, you should be able to repel or even kill Shen Gaoren with this strategy. Congrats. You've passed the Elder Quests! Or have you... [5.6.3] ~The Final Invitation~ Mission: Kill Dual Rajang Note: Skip this section until you beat Akantor. In order to unlock Rajang you must be Shen Gaoren. Also, I don't recommend you face Rajang until you have the very least reached HR4. Even then I recommend you beat Akantor before facing Rajang. Dual Rajang is the Monster Hunter's wall. If you manage to beat them, congrats you've become a true blue Monster Hunter. Physically, Rajang is like Blangonga. However his attacks are completely different. Rajang uppercuts, he shoots beams from his mouth, and he zigzags sometimes when he tackles (a #1 killer.) It's most likely that you'll die facing Rajang several times, and even fail the mission until you get the hang of him. Now when you face two Rajang's...the trick to avoiding this is simple. You have ten minutes to kill the first Rajang. When you've accomplished this, the second (incredibly large Rajang) will appear automatically. You have many avenues of attack. The most popular include the Sleep Bombing strategy, Bowing with Akantor Bow, and simply going at him with Hi-Frost Sword. You could try others, many have been able to Gunlance, Lance, and even Hammer Rajang. *Sleep Bombing involves one of two things. You have the skill Bomber which can be acquired from Felyne Mask. And that you have a weapon that puts the monster to Sleep. A sleep status weapon. And in this case Sandman Pike collected from Plesioth parts. Our strategy is simple since we're using an SnS. Aim for the legs and keep going. We should do enough damage to put Rajang to sleep. It's your job to lay down two Large Barrel Bombs + (meaning pack Gunpowder, Large Barrels, Large Barrel Bombs, and Scatterfish) and make them go BOOM! Note, when you lay down two Large Barrel Bombs +, be sure to make some more right there because you won't have enough time to make them while Rajang is awake. Repeat this strategy with both and you're sure to win. You don't have to be limited to Sandman's Pike. Any Sleep Status weapon will do. In fact many have reported using Lances with Sleep Status work just as well if not better when applied correctly. *Bowing with Akantor Bow is surprisingly dull. It requires intense focus though. Make sure you have nothing distracting you before committing to this. You want a full set of Rathalos Soul U and Akantor bow. Up your attack anyway you can (Felyne Heroics are useful) and enter the Arena. Your movement should be directly left whenever possible. Only slowing down to shoot Rajang. If you keep to the left and you're careful I guarantee you won't get hit. Be smart though. "Don't rush in" and "Use your Noodle" here. The bulk of your strategy should surround the fact that we want a piece of his horn by the time he dies (or we capture him.) Rajang Armor isn't as great skill-wise when compared to Akantor armor, but the Gunner armor (Potential) isn't that bad. *As for SnS, Hi-Frost Sword, you'd be surprised how easy it is to work with. We want to apply a basic strategy here. Aim for the legs, and roll when he turns around to get us. The "Don't get greedy" rule was created for situations like these. Hit him then get out of there! *Rage Mode for Rajang consists of him turning gold. Much like certain race from an old anime series. *With any strategy is it always critical that you run in a clockwise motion. This way we can avoid a great number of Rajang's attacks. *Stun Traps work here. Lay down before Rajang notices you and you got a Stun Trap ready for you already. When you trap you get a few free hits off of him. Watch out because he will most likely turn gold on you. A portable Shock Trap (and supply Flash Bombs) can be gotten from the upper-right area of the Arena (where you fish out items during training.) *High Earplugs and Anti-Quake are useful skills. Once again though: High Earplugs > Anti-Quake. First of all, you can avoid the Quake as long as you roll out of the way. Some have even master rolling the exact moment the quake occurs to avoid damage altogether. Secondly, Roar leaves you wide open for Rajang's next attack. Some could argue the effects of Quake does the same thing, but actually, Quake doesn't last as long. I recommend you have both. *A strategy used a few times, but growing ever popular, is to lay down a Stun Trap the moment to get into the Area. Wait for Rajang to fall into it, attack, and then when he breaks off do a round of hits to him. When you feel he's taken enough damage throw a Flash Bomb to confuse him. Then go to the area on the upper-right (where you can collect supplies) and collect either a Supply Flash Bomb, a Portable Shock Trap, or a Portable Pitfall Trap. Lay down one of those or one from your own collection (Net + Trap Tool = Pitfall, Genprey Fang + Trap Tool = Stun Trap) and wait for Rajang's dazed status to wear off. He'll come after you yet again. Repeat this strategy, attack, Flash Bomb, Stun Trap/Pitfall Trap, until you are able to knock him down. This is a clear sign he's close to dying. Make sure he is by adding a few more attacks then once again using a Flash Bomb to confuse him. Hopefully, you've rationed your Traps and are able to catch Rajang. Throw several Tranq Bombs to capture him. And congrats! You've captured your first Rajang. You won't get as many chances on the second one however; also it's fully possible to capture Rajang around eight or nine minutes with this strategy. Even less if you are using one of the strategies above. *Hammers can KO Rajang like other weapons. We have two avenues of attack when it comes to Hammers. Charge or Spin Attack + Golfswing. Charge attack you simply hold R and unleash it. With Spin Attack + Golfswing, you spin around (release the Charge attack while moving) and wait a few seconds before pressing the Triangle button. When you do it should look like the final animation when you do Triple Pound. Hence, the Spin Attack + Golfswing. Pros of Spin Attack + Golfswing is that you do more damage. Cons, is that Spin Attack + Golfswing is kinda hard to perform and also it leaves you open if you don't pick your moment. The pros of Charge attack is that you do damage quickly and can roll away whenever you desire, the cons is that it does less damage then Spin Attack + Golfswing. Both should be used wisely when fighting a Rajang. *Greatswords should be handled with care. We've gone over a hundred patterns involving beams. So why not one more? ======================================= ===================V=================== ==================O|=================== ===================|=================== ===================|=================== Legend: V = V Rajang and the direction he's facing | = Rajang Beam O = You charging your Greatsword. You can also stand behind Rajang and do a charge when he uses Rajang Beam. It's important you bring armor with both High Earplugs and Anti-Quake skills. We'll be really close to Rajang this entire time so Anti-Quake is a must. Remember both are important when it comes a Greatsword. Most of the time you want to do Level 2 Charges with your Greatsword in order to damage Rajang. This can be done before he turns towards you, after his "sweeping" attack, and when he stops to turn after a tackle. I'm told that two normal attacks are actually better then a Level 2 Charge. However there are some places you are able to perform Level 3 Charges. Like for example (and this is where Anti-Quake is good) when Rajang slams to the ground. By charging behind him, we take advantage of the time he takes to turn around to face you. Remember, you can Flash Bomb + Pitfall Trap Rajang. With your Greatsword try to get out three full charges before Rajang recovers. It is easier to attack Rajang from the back rather then from the front. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lO1eBNqweSo&eurl (All credit goes to naijiao of YouTube/Skies of Crimson) If you manage to defeat Dual Rajang. Congrats. You're finally a Monster Hunter...or are you? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [6] Hunter Rank ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "What do I do to increase my Hunter Rank?" We arrive at Hunter Rank. I must note for beginners, they should not attempt the Guild Hall Quests. They are meant to taken on by two people, meaning the Monsters have more HP. If you've beat most of the Elder Quests however, then you can attempt Guild Hall Quests. They are exactly like the Elder Quests up until you get to HR4. I will lightly cover the quests below HR4 because of that. You'll see what I mean. The HR4+ Quests are what we call "Hard Rank" quests. They are easier compared to say "G Rank" not available in this game (see Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G for that.) "Hard Rank" quests include monster's with monstrous amounts of HP, new attacks (sweeping Gravios Beam) and new monsters. In particular, Fatalis and Lao Shan Lung. Let us read on, shall we? [6.1] 3* Guild Quests ------------------ Objective: Get to HR 2 [6.1.1] ~Giadrome Assault~ Mission: Hunt Giadrome See "[5.1.4] Carnivorous Leader." [6.1.2] ~The Land Shark~ Mission: Hunt Cephadrome See "[5.2.4] Liver of Legend." [6.1.3] ~The Lurking Desert Giant~ Mission: Hunt Daimyo Hermituar See "[5.3.2] Lurking Desert Giant" the Elder Quest. [6.1.4] ~The Mischief Maker~ Mission: Hunt Congalala See "[5.2.3] Rarest of Rare Beasts." [6.1.5] ~Urgent Quest: Blangonga~ Mission: Hunt Blangonga See "[5.3.5] Ruler of the Snow." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqendGtm7wI (All credit of that video goes to Psychol0gist of YouTube) [6.2] 4* Guild Quests ------------------ Objective: Get to HR 3 [6.2.1] ~Master of the Giant Lake~ Mission: Hunt Plesioth See "[5.3.6] Water Wyvern in the Desert" [6.2.2] ~Evening Hermitaur Sonata~ Mission: Hunt 20 Hermituars Hunt 20 Hermituars. All you need to know is that some of them like to hide in the Areas. So wait a minute before leaving an Area. [6.2.3] ~Pincer through the Sky~ Mission: Hunt Shogun Ceanatuar See "[5.4.3] Commander in Flames" [6.2.4] ~Trouble in the Forest~ Mission: Hunt 20 Bullfangos Hunt 20 Bullfangos. Yeah, those annoying boar-like creatures. It's nothing to it. Find them in the Forest and take them out. [6.2.5] ~The Ioprey Leader~ Mission: Hunt Iodrome The Iodrome is exactly like Giadrome, Velocidrome, and Gendrome. Except Iodrome spits poison. He's not that tough compared to what we faced so far. [6.2.6] ~Urgent Quest: Tigrex~ Mission: Hunt Tigrex See "[5.4.5] Absolute Power." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t75CHOaIwrA (All credit of that video goes to mxc5012 of YouTube) [6.3] 5* Guild Quests ----------------- Objective: Get to HR 4 [6.3.1] ~The Runaway Diablos~ Mission: Hunt Diablos See "[5.4.1] Battle of the Blos." [6.3.2] ~Valor in the Swamp Zone~ Mission: Hunt Gravios See "[5.5.4] Terror of the Gravios." [6.3.3] ~The King's Domain~ Mission: Hunt Rathalos See "[5.5.5] Troublesome Pair." [6.3.4] ~The Queen's Descent~ Mission: Hunt Rathian See "[5.5.5] Troublesome Pair." [6.3.5] ~Urgent Quest: Gaoren~ Mission: Hunt Shen Gaoren See "[5.6.2] A State of Crisis" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rb1QQhDeEo (All credit of that video goes to mx_703 of YouTube) Congratulations. You've made it to HR4. From here on in Monsters will be tougher. Be prepared for the greatest challenge of your Monster Hunter career. Check out the "[3.4] What are some weapons I should get?" section for more details. You should at least be able to acquire Onslaught. [6.4] 6* Guild Quests ------------------ Objective: Get to HR5 [6.4.1] ~The Poison Fanged Duo~ Mission: Hunt 2 Gendrome Not too harsh for our first Hard Ranked Mission. Our objective is simple, hunt down two Gendrome. Gendrome can paralysis so watch out here. [6.4.2] ~Ultimate Crab Dinner~ Mission: Hunt 2 Daimyo Hermitaurs Ladies and gentlemen, may I present our key opportunity to acquire one of the rarest items in-game? Monoblos Heart. Bring an Onslaught Hammer (hopefully you've been following the guide) for this quest. But wait! Why do we need this Monoblos Heart? If completing the Auroros/Borealis armor or the Siegmund isn't your thing you should just move on. I would recommend the Siegmund though, as it's absolute Raw power makes it one of the toughest Greatswords in-game. Strategy here is simple. Bring a Hammer. Smash the shell twice. Capture. Repeat. Make sure you don't both at once. This is hard sometimes because they travel on the same path. A lot. [6.4.3] ~Trapped by Yian Kut-Ku~ Mission: Hunt Yian Kut Ku and Blue Yian Kut Ku You know how to hunt A Yian Kut Ku. If my detailed walkthrough didn't help you, then my god, why are you playing? [6.4.4] ~Conga Counterattack!~ Mission: Hunt Congalala See above. [6.4.5] ~Urgent Quest: Lao-Shan Lung Draws Near!~ Mission: Hunt Ash Lao-Shan Lung "I'm having a hard time with Lao-Shan Lung..." *Puts on The Unsung War as background...* I love Lao. Not because he's fun or easy. Because of the kick-butt music towards the end of the fight. If there was a battle that defined you most as a Monster Hunter then this is it. First of all, remember Gaoren? Well it turns out that skull we we're aiming for belonged to a creature, Lao Shan Lung. Lao Shan Lung's story is simple, he got attack by Fatalis (more on him later) and ran away. It's our job to kill Lao Shan Lung. Lao Shan Lung is the largest Wyvern in-game, bigger then the biggest Gravios. Luck for us, compared to ole Lung we're small enough to go noticed. Battle will consist of attacking Lao Shan Lung in either his stomach, head, top, and shoulders. Depending on what weapon you're using you want to aim for a body part and destroy it. We want to destroy each body part so we can get the fabled Lao Ruby. What is the Lao Ruby and why is it so important? It's a Ruby for one. Anytime you get something that says "[Insert Wyvern Here] Ruby" you don't ask questions. A Lao Ruby is most useful for creating the Auroros/Borealis armor, if you haven't heard, it gives you some of the best Gunlancer/Lancer skills in-game (Guard, Guard Inc.) The more parts we destroy, the more chances Lao will give us a Ruby. And if you haven't already guessed it, we want a Ruby. So what weapons do we take with us into the unknown? By now you should have Onslaught. If you don't check watch out for Union Ore in Mining Spot 3+ (Pokke Farm.) We need Anti-Wind and Earplug armor, try to get Hi-Speed Gathering. Why? Because when we kill him, we'll have several places to carve from in a single minute. It's impossible to carve all the spots given the time we have. So if you don't care for Lao parts then don't bother. Lao moves through several Areas during the battle. Slowly, but surely he'll make his way to the end of an area. By this time we must retreat by either running back or using a Farcaster if you risk getting hit by his tail. Lao will speed up if you do too much damage to him. It is impossible for him to die in any other Area then the last one where he begins his assault on the town. So no matter how hard you hit, he'll retain a certain number of HP before he gets to the last area. Don't be stupid enough to believe he's not worth the effort until he gets to the last area. Lao has enough HP to keep you busy for several areas and then some. *It's highly recommended you bring Large Barrel Bomb + to use on Lao as he enters the next area. By setting off these babies near his head we can do some serious damage to his horn. Once we've broken the horn aim for the sagging belly and shoulders. Remember, the belly is the weakest part of Lao. *Aim for the shoulders so we get Lao Shan Lung Claw. With this we are able to combine Power Charm (2x) and turn it into Power Talon (5x,) vice versa with Armor Charm. *Once again Ballista Ammo is collectable by the spears. Also, if you want to use the cannon, clear Area 6 of enemies beforehand (you have enough time before Lao enters Area 2.) *You cannot cut of Lao's tail. Period. *Carving Lao does not heal him. Period. *Halfway into Area 2, there is a ramp. Run up this platform and wait for Lao's body to cross halfway under the bridge. Jump down onto Lao's back and plant a Anti-Dragon Bomb (you should have retrieved this from the supply box)! Wait for the bomb to go off (don't worry you won't be hurt) and you'll fall (surprisingly you're still not hurt) onto the ground. There is a similar ramp in Area 4 as well. You could carve him before and after planting the Anti- Dragon Bomb. But remember not to take too long or else you'll fall off. You should be able to grand total of three carves (two before and one after planting the Anti-Dragon Bomb.) *For Longswords, let us go with any Dragon Element Longsword we can find. You may need to think about ESP, which can be gotten from Death Stench armor. Most of the time we want to aim our attacks at the belly, but if we have ESP, the head works just as fine. After taking out the horn find a way to the belly and start attacking until satisfied. *With Hammers we want to exploit the fact that Wyvern Wind doesn't affect us as long as we're charging our Hammer. It's even easier to take away Lao's horn with the Hammer then anything else. I recommend using Onslaught, or any Dragon Element Hammer to take down Lao. You want to follow the same strategy, aim for the body parts, break them, and then aim for the belly. *Get Siegmund if you can, Bronze Coin is a good substitute. If you're a fan of Greatswords in anyway you should bust your butt to get Siegmund. Since your not going to need a lot of timing here, just use Full Charges against his body parts. Anti-Wind is a must. *Dual Swords, go with Ultimus Heaven & Earth and only your highest Raw weapon (Funky Maracas.) Use Mega Juice for this and go crazy on his body parts. And yes, Anti-Wind is a must. *Bows should have Dragon Element. No exceptions. This means we should wait until we've gotten Akantor Bow or Glorious Victory Bow; if you want you could try with another bow. I don't recommend it. http://boards.gamefaqs.com/gfaqs/genmessage.php?board=934395&topic=41770124 (All credit of this sticky goes to noilleberreven of GameFAQs.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FPS7k3MZw4 (All credit of that video goes to Orlean Knight of YouTube) [6.5] 7* Guild Quests ----------------- Objective: Get to HR6 [6.5.1] ~Two Roars in the Snow~ Mission: Hunt 2 Blangonga's Practice the same strategy we've done since our first Blangonga. [6.5.2] ~Red Shadow on the Swamp~ Mission: Hunt Red Khezu Earplugs. Earplugs. Earplugs. Get Earplugs. Khezu has a bizarre amount of HP. Red Khezu is like an unending war. Use the same strategy we've used with Khezu. The difference here is that Khezu has a new bite attack. [6.5.3] ~The Underwater Terror~ Mission: Hunt Green Plesioth Practice the same strategy with Plesioth as we always do. [6.5.4] ~Slay the Rathalos!~ Mission: Hunt Rathalos Do this quest for Rathalos U. I recommend Onslaught. [6.5.5] ~Basarios: Unseen Peril~ Mission: Hunt Basarios Practice the same strategy with Basarios as we always do. [6.5.6] ~Urgent Quest: Land of Tremors~ Mission: Hunt 2 Tigrex Practice the same strategy we do with Tigrex. Avoid fighting the two of them at once. They have more HP and attack power. They can take a huge chunk of HP from you. "Don't rush in" and "Use your Noodle" rules apply, along with all the other rules. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4cv56dvctI (All credit of that video goes to naijiao of YouTube) [6.6] 8* Guild Quests ----------------- Objective: Get to Akantor [6.6.1] ~The Fierce Black Horn~ Mission: Hunt Black Diablos Apply all we know about Diablos here. Black Diablos has a heck of a lot of HP, but we don't have to worry about the damage. Here we want to acquire Diablos parts for Diablo U and S, and especially for Diablos Chaos Broker. [6.6.2] ~Black Rock in the Swamp~ Mission: Hunt Black Gravios Black Gravios has a very different strategy. Because of his constant use of Gravios Beam, Sweeping Gravios Beam, and Roar + Gravios Beam we're limited to few things. Using other weapons, other then Bow or Hammer, is pure suicide. Gravios makes up for his lack of attacks by completely screwing us with his others. He's big, he's strong, and he has a lot of HP. *You won't have time to set up a Stun Trap during the fight. Not only that, but we can't use Flash Bombs to confuse Gravios. Instead, try squatting in an Area around Area 8 (where Gravios spawns in the Swamp,) defeat the monsters there, and then set up our Trap then. When Gravios enters the Area, wait until he charges at you, and then you got a few blows against Gravios. *For Hammers, we mostly want to aim for the wing. Why? Because most of his attack involve him using Gravios Beam and shooting fire out of him to cover himself. We could aim for the head when we seldom get the chance. Then again we can strike a charge attack when he starts to tackle. Just be careful with the Hammer. [6.6.3] ~Blue Sky, Pink Earth~ Mission: Hunt Azure Rathalos and Pink Rathian Nothing different from regular Rathalos and Rathian. But they are much stronger with more HP then Hard Rank Rathalos and Rathian. Practice what you've been taught with "Troublesome Pair" to defeat these baddies. I will also point out, that aside from Fatalis, this quest gives you the most amount of money (Z) in game. We also want Rathalos parts from Azure Rathalos to make our Rathalos Soul U armor. With this armor taking down any Wyvern becomes much easier. [6.6.4] ~Silver Rathalos~ Mission: Hunt Silver Rathalos Climb the Tower and defeat the Silver Rathalos. Silver Rathalos is almost laughably easy for me. I practice with Onslaught on him often. With this Hammer, and a good form, I can beat this guy in less then nine minutes. Of course no one expects you to do the same. What we want from Silver Rathalos is one of two things. His armor, and Rathalos Rubies for both Rathalos Soul Armor (Blademaster,) Rathalos Soul Armor (Gunner,) and Rathalos Silver Armor (Blademaster.) The Blademaster for all around things, the gunner armor to take on Rajang and Fatalis, and just about any Elder Dragon we want; we want the Silver Sol armor to take on Akantor (along with a nice Gun Chariot.) So get cracking on those Rubies and I'll see you in a few hours. [6.6.5] ~Gold Rathian~ Mission: Hunt Gold Rathian A good source of Rathian Rubies. I can't for the life of me see the use of this armor. Have fun. [6.6.6] ~Urgent Quest: Shen Gaoren~ Mission: Defeat Shen Gaoren Our practice is the same as the previous Gaoren's. Aim for the legs, Dragonator, Ballista S, Aim for the shell, kill Gaoren. [6.6.7] ~Urgent Quest: Akantor~ Mission: Defeat Akantor One of the last monster's I'll write about because sadly there aren't many left, just this and Fatalis. Akantor is not my favorite monster. He's not the monster you take home to mom. Akantor is a fire monster who is larger then a Gravios but smaller then Gaoren. He is by all standards, the "Boss" of Monster Hunter Freedom 2nd. And it's quite pitiful. Akantor is a whole new monster on his own. I can't quite classify him as any other Wyvern. But he's like a Teostra and a Lao put together mixed with a little Diablos. Tackle: His tackles cover an enormous amount of ground. He will roar at you, then start pumping forward with his claws to meet you. He'll crash into you hard, and due to his size it's almost impossible to get away from this. So how do we avoid it? Flash Bomb. If at the beginning of battle you see Akantor rushing across the map to tackle you then throw a Flash Bomb to confuse him. Take this opportunity to heal with a Cool Drink, increase your attack, or whatever. Akantor Beam: His Akantor Beam is like a sound wave actually, that covers a pretty good amount of range. It automatically KOs you if you are anywhere near it, and does serious damage even when guarding with a Gunlance. His throat jiggles out of control when he's about to stop. Dig: Akantor starts a digging attack (he will throw his fangs up a little so stay out of his front) that has three possible outcomes. One, the screen shakes and he pops right under you. Two, fire pillars much like Crimson Fatalis fire pillars (except it doesn't kill you as fast) pop up and Akantor comes out of the middle of all of this. And three, Akantor pops up nearby. Tail Sweep: Much like Diablos, Akantor's tail will swing towards you. You can see it from a mile away, making it extremely simple to predict the tail and intercepting it simple. If you're using a Gunlance, simply block the blow. Others are going to have to learn to avoid it. Try moving under his belly for a moment. Sometimes he'll do this twice in a row so watch out. ======================================= ====================|=/================ ====================|/================= ====================V--================ ======================================= ======================================= Legend: |/- = Range of Akantor's Tail Whip. It will always come from the left. V = Akantor's direction. Roar/Rage Mode: Akantor will lift his entire body to Roar loudly. Usually, this happens when he is Rage Mode. When he is in Rage Mode his attacks do a lot more damage, and his underbelly will glow a fiery red. Always stay to his left, because a fire pillar will appear at the exact spot to the right of his head. Drop Attack: Akantor stand up only to hit the ground. Guard or avoid this. Taunt: Akantor will taunt you be snapping his jaws back and forth. It's not harmful. Take this opportunity to reposition yourself. *Akantor has two types of bite attacks. One involves his right foot (yes, we have to watch for his feet) moving forward. This is a normal bite attack. The second involves his left leg moving forward, this is where he'll bite you and throw rocks at you. *Armor with High Earplugs are essential. *Dual Swords must either be Raw or Dragon. If you can I recommend Ultimus Heaven & Earth because it has White Sharpness. Now let me give you a piece of advice you've probably heard before... You rarely want to be in front of a monster for long. The same applies biblically when facing Akantor. However some of this attacks don't come from the front. We're going to have to get out of Akantor's massive range when he uses Tail Whip. How do we avoid this? Two ways, you could back up far enough so the tail does hit you. Or you can go under Akantor and take a few hits off his belly. Since we're in this business to do some damage, lets do some damage. Be careful though, stand directly inside his belly. It's his blind spot. Our aim will consist of attacking the legs so that Akantor trips. Then we go after the head to break his fangs. Legs, and fangs; and sometimes his belly. Sometime after breaking his fangs, we should be ready to apply this same rule to the tail. By making Akantor trip we can do serious damage to his tail. Apply all the rules here; "Use your Noodle" and "Be prepared." *Gunlance set should be Silver Sol armor with Guard jewels until you get Guard +2. So... go after Gravios shells for this. I believe you need Gravios Skull Shells, which I got from pounding away Elder Ceanatuar's Gravios skull. Once you've got Gun Chariot (hopefully you followed my advice and made this Gunlance from Silver Rathalos parts) you should be set. Some say that using a Gunlance is the easiest way of beating Akantor. Let's see why. Strategy surrounds a word called "turtling," which means you guard 110% of the time and poke him when in guard. We want to guard against 90% of his attacks while poking the heck of his face and just enough times to his tail in order to cut it off. There is a moment when he drops back down after Roaring that would be perfect for a Gunlance to execute Wyvern Fire. You need to get the timing down in order to recover in time. If you do it too early he won't get hit, too late and he'll hit you. When Akantor uses his bite attack that throws the rocks (left leg moving = rocks, right leg moving = no rocks) If your are Gunlancing Akantor move forward as to avoid this blow (because if you don't the rocks will hit you and do serious damage.) Akantor's tackle is another attack we want to avoid. We're not superman, even with Guard +2. Preferably, we should avoid this, but being tackled gives us an advantage much like any wyvern. We are left vulnerable to the fact that we are in range of Akantor's tail. Hmmm...need I say more? Limit yourself to a few blows because Akantor recovers quickly. When Akantor pops up from the ground after a dig attack; attack the tail. You'll get a few hits off before Akantor turns around. That should be all you need. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsok6QtjFkY&e (All credit of this video goes to mxc5012 of SoC) *Hammers are a different story. We always want to go for the head. Why? Flinch rate. Hammers are amazing when it comes to this, especially Diablos Chaos Broker or Onslaught. You should use a few Flash Bombs when needed, but our goal here is to make Akantor dazed so we can get a few well placed hits off. If you master both the flinch rate of Akantor plus the daze rate, you will be able to defeat Akantor around twelve minutes. This is the fastest, but most dangerous and costly strategy. To help, you could bring a full set of Flash Bombs, Felyne Heroics, and make sure you have High Earplugs. If you bring Flashbugs + Bomb Material you could theoretically use about ten or so one Akantor battle. If you can manage the costs then I say go with my blessing. However I won't condone the overuse of Flash Bombs. It's just too much brawn and not enough brain for my tastes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiM9wH5Vb98&e (All credit of this video goes to zaak of SoC.) *Greatswords should follow the time honored "timed blows" strategy. Meaning quite simply, we exploit the chances we have for him to turn. The duration of his attacks and where to strike. Our primary objective, like the Hammer, is to hit Akantor's head. Since we only have the awesome power of the Siegmund at our side we should be able to get Akantor to flinch. We want to land fully charged blows across Akantor's head. ======================================= ===================X=XO================= ====================V=================== ===================X=X=================== ======================================= ======================================= Legend: V = Akantor X = Akantor's legs O = You beside Akantor's back leg getting ready to charge. This should be our basic strategy. Depending on which attack Akantor is using, we should have a charge ready. It's important that we get off fully charged shot. If you cannot do this as of yet, then stick to Triangle, Triangle + Circle. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7iIv3xVcnk&e (All credit of this video goes to wingedcloud of SoC.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHEvHlzvrOo (All credit of that video goes to VehemuZ of YouTube) I've taught you all I know about Akantor. If you beat him then you're a Monster Hunter. It is the highest honor us over-clocked gamers receive. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [7] Online: The Do's and Don'ts of Xlink Kai ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Requirements: You must have a Wifi Max or Planex Wireless adapter in order to play online with other people. I will not covering how to get online. If you need help go to their website at: http://www.teamxlink.co.uk/ With Xlink Kai we have the ability to go online and hunt with other hunters. For beginners, you may not know where to begin. Thus, the link above. This section is reserved for those who may not think he's following all the rules. ~Don't hack on Xlink Kai~ It's fun to use codes sometimes while soloing, however when Online other players find it annoying. Many will ask you to simply shut them off, and a nameless few will ban you from ever hunting with their group. Suspecting someone of hacking without proof is always a failure. If you can try to take screenshots, record it using RemoteJoy + Recording program, ect. The punishment for hacking is...well there is no punishment. All you can do is kick the hackers out, or leave the group (if your leader is unable to kick the hacker or is the hacker himself.) ~Don't leech~ Leeching means you let the other hunters do all the work. On rare occasions there are hunters who hide away while on a quest. They're most likely nearby or faraway depending on what wyvern you're fighting (close if the monster isn't capture-able so they can get the carves.) Some of these leechers will actively try to interfere with your quests. Why? Because they're jerks. ~Choose your weapon wisely~ You're going be fighting the same wyvern with four different people. Think about how that will affect your weapon choice. When deciding on what to bring ask yourself a few questions. Will my teammates be affected by the weapon I wielding? In other words, will your weapon hit other players? While they don't take damage, by hitting another player with any weapon (in particular Greatsword & Hammer) you distract that player and possibly send him flying. Who will bring the Hunting Horn? The reason why many people make Hunting Horns in the first place is so they can feel the effects when they play music. So why not share this gift with other players? For the full effect of Hunting Horn, why not try for Rajang armor? It has Artisan, Potential, and Horn skills that increase the duration of the Hunting Horns effects. There are many other armors (Khezu) that give this skill. So don't be afraid to put on a Hunting Horn when needed. SnS, Hunting Horns, and Heavy Bowguns are good assets for going online. With an SnS there is no chance that you will be able to hit the other player (unless he's right in front of you.) And Heavy Bowguns are useful because of the damage and wide variety of shells you can use on a wyvern (Clust, Paint, Tranq, ect.) +--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------+ | [8] Where You Find Wyverns | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Monster Name | Elder Quest | Guild Hall Below HR4 | Guild Hall HR4+ | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Giadrome | ** | * | ****** | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Bulldrome | ** | * | ****** | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Velocidrom | ** | *** | ****** | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Yian Kut | ** | ** | ****** | | Ku | | | | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Blue Yian | *** | *** | ****** | | Kut Ku | | | | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Congalala | ** | ** | ****** | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Gendrome | ** | * | ****** | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Cephadrome | ** | *** | ****** | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Daimyo | *** | * | ****** | | Hermituar | | | | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Plesioth | *** | ** | ******* | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Green | *** | **** | ******* | | Plesioth | | | | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Gypceros | *** | ** | ******* | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Purple | *** | **** | ******* | | Gypceros | | | | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Iodrome | *** | **** | ******* | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Blangonga | **** | ** | ******* | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Red Khezu | **** | **** | ******* | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Yian | **** | N/A | N/A | | Garuga | | | | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Monoblos | **** | N/A | N/A | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | White | **** | N/A | N/A | | Monoblos | | | | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Shogun | **** | ** | ******* | | Ceanatuar | | | | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Basarios | **** | **** | ******* | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Kushala | **** | ***** | ******** | | Doara | | | | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Tigrex | ***** | ***** | ******** | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Kirin | ***** | ***** | ******** | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Diablos | ***** | ***** | ******** | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Black | ***** | ***** | ******** | | Diablos | | | | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Gravios | ***** | ***** | ******** | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Black | ***** | ***** | ******** | | Gravios | | | | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Lunastra | ***** | N/A | ******** | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Chameleos | ***** | ***** | ******** | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Khezu | Urgent | ** | ******* | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Rathalos | Urgent | ** | ******* | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Rathian | Urgent | ** | ******* | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Pink | Urgent | ***** | ******** | | Rathian | | | | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Teostra | Urgent | N/A | ******** | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Azure | Urgent | ***** | ******** | | Rathalos | | | | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Shen | Kill 2 of | ***** | ******** | | Gaoren | every | | | | | normal | | | | | Wyvern | | | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Rajang | Defeat | N/A | ******** | | | Shen | | | | | Gaoren | | | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Fatalis | N/A | N/A | Clear All | | | | | Training | | | | | Quests | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Akantor | N/A | N/A | Urgent | | | | | (Defeat | | | | | HR6 Shen | | | | | Gaoren) | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Lao Shan | N/A | ***** | N/A | | Lung | | Clear all | | | | | 4* and *3 | | | | | Quests | | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Ash Lao | N/A | N/A | ******* | | Shan Lung | | | | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Crimson | N/A | N/A | Defeat 10 | | Fatalis | | | of every | | | | | Elder | | | | | Dragon | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | White | N/A | N/A | Download | | Fatalis | | | Quest | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Silver | N/A | N/A | ******** | | Rathalos | | | Defeat 100 | | | | | Wyverns | |--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------| | Gold | N/A | N/A | ******** | | Rathian | | | Defeat 100 | | | | | Wyverns | +--------------+--------------+-----------------------+------------------+ * Garuga: Defeat 10 Yian Kut Ku. * Silver Rathalos & Gold Rathian: Defeat 100 Wyverns. * Crimson Fatalis: Defeat 10 of every Elder Dragon including Black Fatalis. * White Fatalis: Download Quest Only. * Lao Shan Lung: Clear all 4* and 3* Quests. * Akantor: Final Urgent, you must defeat HR6 Shen Gaoren. * Elder Shen Gaoren: Kill 2 of every wyvern. * Dual Rajang: Defeat Elder Shen Gaoren. * Black Fatalis: Clear all Training Quests with all weapons (except Special Training which requires you need to defeat those quests only once.) ============================================================================== [9] Strategies, Additional Information, ect. ============================================================================== "Did I miss something?" "Have you anything to add?" Do you have anything REASONABLE to add to my guide? Submit it to my e-mail at qwerty45230@yahoo.com. Here are my requirements. ~Don't send my something I already know~ Sure Kirin can be bombed, but I already know that. Don't send me information I've already covered, especially if not in great detail. ~Dun send meh emailz dat lok liek dis~ Use proper spelling or else I will delete the e-mail right there. I don't care what you have to say unless you can communicate clearly. Some spelling errors are okay (like spelling Plesioth wrong, basic errors are understandable.) Don't use "u" when you can use "you." ~If you don't go into detail then I don't care~ If I open your e-mail and it looks like this: "Use a Longsword against Gaoren." And that's it, I will delete it. I'm looking for details. Strong reasons why weapons work, strategies work, you could draw basic diagrams, anything but a single five-word sentence. ~Don't ask for advice~ This is purely for informational purposes. I don't want you to e-mail me asking for help. I'm providing help with this guide. If I have yet to cover the information, I either haven't got to it or I'm never going to. If you want you can send me information regarding places I missed. ~Here's a good format~ Weapon: Name of Weapon (Weapon Type) Armor: Helmet Mail Gauntlets Tasset/Belt Boots Items: Not everything, just what you will need for your strategy to work. Strategy: How you plan to face the Wyvern. Be as detailed as possible when it comes to strategy. I'm not opposed to diagrams, just make sure I'm able to include it the FAQ (basic drawings, no pictures.) Version History: 4/16/2008 - 0.50 Beta. 4/17/2008 - 0.55 Added Table of Contents, numbering system, strategy against Teostra/Lunastra. 4/20/2008 - 1.00 Completed overall strategies involving all monsters except for Fatalis. ============================================================================== [10] Things I'm going to add... ============================================================================== *ACSII Diagrams of Wyverns (this is a big maybe so don't get your hopes up) Resources +Dedicated Monster Hunter Site: http://skiesofcrimson.com +Fresh's Domanin: http://reign-of-the-rathalos.com/blog/ +Weapon Calculator: http://reign-of-the-rathalos.com/blog/?page_id=218 +Zang_Ba's Longsword/Greatsword Guide: http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/psp/file/934395/50071 +akurixs Gunlance FAQ can tell you: http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/psp/file/934395/49632 +The best list armor/weapons: www.skiesofcrimson.com +Deathslayer31's Bow Damage Formula: http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/psp/file/934395/48311 +Renati's Bows and Bowguns List: http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/psp/file/934395/50196 +DS31x's Hunting Horn FAQ: http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/psp/file/934395/48357 +Rusted Weapons FAQ: http://skiesofcrimson.com/mhf2/rusted-weapons-guide/ +Boldrin's Pokke Farm FAQ is a great resource: http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/psp/file/934395/50112 +Kawakami_Hanabi's Boss Carving: http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/psp/file/934395/50172 Credits: Poster's of GameFAQs, YouTube, and Skies of Crimson account users. I like to think that we all made this guide. Together. +----------------+-------------------------+-----------------+ | [11] Credits | |----------------+-------------------------+-----------------| | KingOfMH | Kawakami_Hanabi | DS31x | |----------------+-------------------------+-----------------| | Renati37 | Lunaredge | VGProdigy | |----------------+-------------------------+-----------------| | akurixs | Boldrin | Ronnomaru | |----------------+-------------------------+-----------------| | OwwMyEye | Scooty_Puff | TTD2005 | |----------------+-------------------------+-----------------| | Zero_1_2 | Deocricius | Ocu_87 | |----------------+-------------------------+-----------------| | Ocelot19 | M0rbid_An6e1 | rigaT0NY | |----------------+-------------------------+-----------------| | Akubarix | SeleniaAngel | Psychol0gist | |----------------+-------------------------+-----------------| | mxc5012 | mx_703 | Orlean Knight | |----------------+-------------------------+-----------------| | naijiao | VehemuZ | KaizerMH2 | |----------------+-------------------------+-----------------| | Bisquick207 | croda7 | DivineChaos97 | |----------------+-------------------------+-----------------| | arth1 | SinirothX (for format) | Orlan | |----------------+-------------------------+-----------------| | Ryzer | Freakonature00 | CloudMcVehemuZ | |----------------+-------------------------+-----------------| | Zelda911 | lunapanther | naijiao | |----------------+-------------------------+-----------------| | noilleberreven | BC2 | zaak | |----------------+-------------------------+-----------------| | wingedcloud | | | +----------------+-------------------------+-----------------+</p>