1) Trader Massacre</b> This quest is very very simple.....just go to Barrow Feilds and kill everyone! There are 25 people for you to kill. At the end of the mission, there is a small choice you have to make between good and evil. You get to decide wether you want to execute a trader or not. 2) Trader Rescue</b> Along with the Trader Massacre quest, the Guild will offer you this job once you have dealt with Twinblade. Surprisingly, taking one of these quests does not eliminate the other and you can complete them both. The quest itself requires that you rescue three traders being held captive in Twinblade's Camp. Once you get there you will be met by a rather inexperienced guard who, after giving you some information regarding the traders whereabouts, will pretty much leave you to it. The first trader can be found in this area, with the other two held in the Twinblade's Elite Camp area. To liberate a trader simply talk to him, you'll want to have cleared the area first, and keep him close as once you release him more bandits will appear. In the Elite Camp it's probably a good idea to have the first trader wait near the entrance while you clear the area, if you do have him wait be sure to collect him again before freeing the second captive. Dispose of the hostiles who suddenly appear and proceed to the third and final hostage. Once again, keep the traders close and eliminate any new threats before making your way back to the previous area. There will be a few more enemies here to deal with before you can lead the captives to safety. Nothing too difficult there as long as you remember to keep the traders close. 3) Darkwood Disturbance</b> This quest is also fairly simple. With the Archaeologist rescued you can take this silver quest from the Guild. The quest calls for you to investigate a disturbance in Darkwood Lake. Upon arrival you will be met by Briar Rose who will tell you that Minions are using an ancient shrine in some "wacked out ceremony" to summon something. Luckily, Briar knows an incantation that will close the portal, providing you provide cover and keep the Minions off her while she recites it. Un-luckily, she'll need to recite it in old kingdom speak, which apparently contains very few words but lots of long pauses. Enflame works well here. Once she's done the portal will close and "whatever the hell that was" will be vanquished. 4) The Ransom Victim</b> Available following your victory over Jack of Blades, this quest asks that you return the Knothole Glade Chief's son who is being held for ransom. Outside his hut in Knothole Glade the Chief will tell you kidnappers are holding his youngest son in a cave in Witchwood and are demanding 7500 gold. The Chief will give you the money, telling you to either pay the bandits or kill them all. Immediately following this the Chief's elder son will approach you and offer you some serious gold in exchange for the boy. The cave in question is the Witchwood Cavern, where we found the Archaeologist. Once there the bandit leader will demand the ransom. If you refuse and kill him you will have to fight your way through a series of bandits on your return to the village. If you pay the demands then you'll have to fight your way through a host of enemies consisting of Balverines, Nymphs and Trolls. The latter is by far the tougher challenge, especially with the boy in tow, so pocket the 7500, kill the bandit leader and make your way back to Knothole Glade. There is now the matter of who to return the boy to. The elder son can be found up the secluded path, opposite the Demon Door, with some bandit friends, though the serious gold he mentioned never seems to materialize. If you return the boy to his father you will get the option of revealing the elder son's plan, but it doesn't make any difference to the rewards.</p>