SUPER SMASH BROS. BRAWL PIT --------------------------------------------------------------------- 3/27/08 I finished maybe 97% of this FAQ. This is my first one to make ever, so I might still need a lot of work. 3/28/08 Trying to fix the margins. I don't know if it will work this time. --------------------------------------------------------------------- CONTENT - 1. About this FAQ - 2. Basic Info and Stats - 3. Controls - 4. Brawling - As Pit - Against Pit - Other Characters - Mario - Donkey Kong - Link - Samus/Zero Suit Samus - Kirby - Fox - Pikachu - Marth - Mr. Game and Watch - Luigi - Diddy Kong - Zelda/Sheik - Pit - Metaknight - Falco - Pokemon Trainer - Ike - Snake - Peach - Yoshi - Ganondorf - Ice Climbers - King Dedede - Wolf - Lucario - Ness - Sonic - Bowser - Wario - Toon Link - R.O.B. - Olimar - Captain Falcon - Jigglypuff - Lucas - 5. Misc. - 6. Credits --------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. About this FAQ --------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey everyone! This is my first FAQ! This guide contains some basic knowledge for beginners and in-depth info about the character Pit! He is one of my favorite characters, and I hope my FAQ will be helpful for everyone! --------------------------------------------------------------------- Basic Info and Stats --------------------------------------------------------------------- PIT Strength: Weak - Medium Speed: Medium - Fast Weight: Light - Medium Game(s): Kid Icarus, Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters - Character Pit is the hero of the Kid Icarus series. He is Palutena's most loyal servant. He serves as captain of her army and leader of her royal bodyguards. - Games Kid Icarus "In Kid Icarus, Pit began as a young angel trapped in the underworld. He had been tasked by Palutena, the imprisoned Goddess of Light, to defeat Medusa, the Goddess of Darkness. Already wielding the Three Sacred Treasures (the Pegasus Wings, Mirror Shield, and Light Arrows), Medusa commanded an army of terrible power, which threatened Angel Land and Palutena's Palace in the Sky. Gifted with a magical bow, Pit set out to reclaim the Three Sacred Treasures and restore peace to Angel Land." Wikipedia Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters "In Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters, Pit is charged with training for the defense of Angel Land against an invasion of demons led by the evil Orcos. His training also involves uniting the Three Sacred Treasures, but due to a dire emergency Palutena entrusted them to the fortress guardians. Thus, in order to prevent Orcos's campaign, Pit goes forth in pursuit of Three Sacred Treasures." Wikipedia -Appearance Pit is based on gods of Greek mythology. He originally had a cartoonish look to him, but has been redesigned to a more anime/manga-like appearance in Brawl. He holds a bow, which he can separate into dual blades, which he holds in each hand. -Stat-wise Pit is not very strong to begin with, but he has a very fast attack speed, so he can bring up damage quite quickly. He's easy to handle and is pretty fast. He is kind of light, so it is somewhat easy for him to get KO'd, but his recovery is one of the best in the game, so don't overlook that. A good character for beginners. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Controls --------------------------------------------------------------------- I will be referring to the gamecube controllers. I find that they are the most efficient to handle in brawl. This section will describe basic controls and specific controls made for Pit. - Move Analog Stick: Slowly tilting - Slow walk Tilt - Walk Tap - Dash Tilt down - Crouch Tap down - Drop through a platform Notes: Tapping means you hit the control stick quickly. For beginners, it takes a bit to get used to. - Jump Tap up (you can turn that off in options) or X button or Y button (you will have to use either of these buttons for midair jumps) Pit is one of the characters that have wings. He will be able to flap his wings to go higher, but there is a limit. Jump + flap + flap + flap He can only flap his wings 3 times after you jump. If you hold on the X or Y button on any of those flaps, Pit will be able to glide forward. You can direct him with your analog stick up or down. If you tap up too hard, he will flap his wings again. If Pit glides on his last flap and you let go of the X or Y button or tap up, he will not be able to move. Notes: If you press the jump button above a character, you will be able to use them as a footstool. - Basic attack A Button (also picks items up) or A Button + Control Stick Neutral attack Damage: 3% Combo 1: A+A+A (you can hold A) Damage: 3%-3%-5% Combo 2: A+A+A-A-A... (press A really fast, attack is continuous) Damage: 3%-3%-1%-1%- 1%... Side attack Damage: 12% Down Attack Damage: 11% Up Attack Damage: 13% (2 hits: 6%-7%) Neutral Air Attack Damage: 11% (8 hits: 1%-1%-1%-1%-1%- 1%-1%-4%) Forward Air Attack Damage: 13% Backward Air Attack Damage: 15% Up Air Attack Damage: 12% (6 hits: 2%-2%-2%-2%-2%- 2%) Down Air Attack Damage: 12% Notes: None - Smash A Button + Tapping the Control Stick (Hit it the control stick and press A quickly right after. You can hold the A button to make your smash stronger.) or C stick (You cannot charge with this.) Side Smash Damage: 19% (2 hits: 7%-12%) Down Smash (opponent is hit in front of Pit) Damage: 13% (opponent is hit behind Pit) Damage: 10% Up Smash Damage: 13% (3 hits: 3%-2%-8%) Charged Side Smash Damage: 26% (2 hits: 9%-16% "I know it doesn't add up but that what training mode says" Xen0nex) Charged Down Smash (opponent is hit in front of Pit) Damage: 18% (opponent is hit behind Pit) Damage: 14% Charged Up Smash Damage: 18% (3 hits: 4-2-11) Dash Attack Damage: 12% Ledge Attack (attack as you come up from hanging from a ledge) Damage: 8% Glide Attack (attack while gliding) Damage: 12% Notes: Smashing is a very strong attack that can cause your opponent to fly out of the arena if they have enough damage. Remember, the more damage you take, the higher you will fly. And when you are able to make people fly out also depends on how strong your character is and how light your opponents are. You can only do this on the ground. - Special Attack B Button or B Button + Control Stick Neutral B: Palutena's Arrow Damage: 5% (11% if fully charged) Pit can shoot the arrow left, right, or up before you release it. After the arrow is released, you can control it with the control stick (but it moves fast). Side B: Angel Ring Damage: 1% or 2% (attack is continuous) You can keep doing this as long as you want as long as you keep pressing the B button. It can reflect projectiles. Down B: Mirror Shield Damage: ? If you do this as someone attacks you, I believe that the first time they hit, they are turned around (I am not exactly sure about this though). If projectiles are thrown or shot at you, the shield will reflect it back at your enemy with more damage. Up B: Wings of Icarus Damage: none This is not used for attacking at all. This is solely used to recover or avoid enemies, although you can attack opponents while floating. Use the analog stick to control Pit. It only lasts about 5 seconds, and when it runs out, you are not able to attack at all, so be careful. - Final Smash: Palutena's Army B Button An image of the goddess Palutena appears. Pit raises his hand, yelling "ALL TROOPS! MOVE OUT!" Centurions will appear and dive-bomb your enemies. If your enemies damage is high, this will probably KO them right away. It does take a few hit to KO an enemy though. If you are brawling just one oppenent, this is a really good attack, but against more than one person, this will not work as well. Another note: After Pit says "move out", he will be free to move and attack, but that also means he well be vulnerable to attacked as well (but I don't find that too much a problem). What I find useful that you knock your enemy out of the stage (if you can) and have the centurions take care of the rest. -Shield L or R button When holding the shield button, the shield will slowly shrink. When it disappears, you will be stunned. -Evade L or R button + tap right or left -Sidestep L or R button + tap down -Grab L or R button + A or Z button Press A to Damage them or throw them using the analog stick. Forward Throw Damage: 10% (2 hits: 6%-4%) Backward Throw Damage: 8% Up Throw Damage: 11% (2 hits: 4%-7%) Down Throw Damage: 6% (2 hits: 2%-4%) - Throw Items Z button (and control stick if you want to throw them to damage a character) -Taunt Control Pad Up: He spins his blades around in each hand, and then crosses them together, saying "The fight is on!" In the Japanese version he says "Shoubu da" (Let's fight/beat). Side: He slashes at the air, saying "You're not ready yet!"In the Japanese version he says "Mada mada" (That's not enough). Down: He opens his wings and poses angelically. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Brawling --------------------------------------------------------------------- GENERAL -Fighting as Pit Since Pit is fast, you can charge at your opponents when they are unprepared for an attack, but still have to be careful because it is easy for Pit to fly a good distance. Use your arrows on far away enemies, but don't be stationary. They will catch up to you. Since you can fly (somewhat) you can knock other players away as they are trying to get back to the stage. Be careful when you're shooting arrows and using Angel Ring in a multiplayer battle, because people can hit you before you have a chance to stop attacking and dodge. If projectiles are thrown/shot at you, use your Mirror Shield (although not a lot of people remember this because 1)Projectiles are fast and its hard for you to use this in time 2)Projectiles are not thrown that often 3)People can hit you still from behind or above). Use Wings of Icarus to avoid damage and to recover. Be aware of your enemies while recovering, because if they hit you, you will not be able to move. Rack up damage against your enemies; Pit's smashes aren't very strong. But something I would like to bring up is Pit's back air smash; it can smash your opponent out of the screen, so remember that! For Heavy and Strong Characters: YOU MUST BE VERY CAREFUL. You don't want to be smashed away before you're able to do anything. It's also hard for you to smash them away because they are so heavy and your smashes are not very strong. Most of their recovery moves don't go so high, so knock them down while they're in the air as much as you can (still be careful of their recovery because they will hurt you). Apply this strategy to any character. Special information about fighting or just information you should know about certain characters will be stated below in the Other Character section. - Fighting Against Pit People are prone to spamming arrows or Angel Ring. Its kind of hard to avoid that if your going one-on-one, but with multiple players, those attacks might not occur too often since Pit will be hit if he doesn't stop. If he shoots arrows, try sidestepping or shielding against it and edge toward him so he will stop. If Pit uses Angel Ring, stay close to him, but not too close that you get hit, or get behind him to attack. You can also when he starts to stop, hit him. Remember, Pit is light, so you don't need too much to KO him. Final Smash: Palutena's Army Instant KO?: No Target: Multiple You can't really dodge this final smash. It make KO you, but it will take some time. If you are hit only a few times, you'd probably survive, but it causes quite some damage. OTHER CHARACTERS Key - Character Name Strength: How strong the character is percentage-wise. The stronger they are, the more damage you take and the easier it is for you to fly farther away. But it doesn't mean that weaker characters can't knock you out as fast as a stronger character. Speed: How fast the character moves. This includes foot speed and usually applies to attack speed as well (but not all the time). Weight: How heavy the character is. The heavier the character is, the harder it is to make them fly away. Any character info or extra notes are added in this area. Final Smash: name Instant KO?: If the final smash knock you out right away or not. Target: How many people it can hit. Notes on how the final smash works are added in this area. - Mario Strength: Medium Speed: Medium Weight: Medium Final Smash: Mario Finale Instant KO?: Maybe Target: Multiple Mario's final smash is quite huge, and it has a huge range I have to say. The longer you stay in the fire, the more damage you take (obviously XD). It is hard to avoid, but it is possible. - Donkey Kong Strength: Medium-Strong Speed: Slow Weight: Heavy Notes: Donkey Kong is heavy weight. His attacks are somewhat slow, but his smashes are very strong. He has a bad vertical recovery, so try to knock him downwards if possible while he is coming back toward the platform. Final Smash: Konga Beat Instant KO?: No Target: Multiple His final smash draws in any nearby character, so try to stay away. Although, the range is quite large, and its easy to get hit on a small place (like final destination). If you do get caught, its not going to KO you, so try not to worry too much. - Link Strength: Medium Speed: Medium-Fast Weight: Medium Notes: Link's attacks have very good range, especially his spin attack. It will knock you away instantly on contact. You can repel all his projectiles (but his bombs against your mirror shield, I'm not quite sure). He also has his clawshot,, so when you get close to Link, he can grab you at a range, but you can side step this, and it takes a moment for Link to bring back his clawshot, so you have the opportunity to hit him. The clawshot is also used as a tether recovery, so Link has more than one way to get back onto the stage. His shield can also reflect some projectiles if positioned correctly. Final Smash: Triforce Slash Instant KO?: Maybe(if at very low percentage); Yes (if higher percentage and if not blocked by something) Target: One Link can only target in a certain range in front of him, and he has to stay on the ground. You can avoid the final smash by staying behind him, below him, staying in the air, or being far enough away from him. You can also get hit by being close to the character being trapped in the final smash or getting hit by the character themselves as they fly away. - Samus Strength: Speed: Slow-Medium Weight: Heavy Final Smash: Zero Lazer Instant KO?: No Target: Multiple This one goes pretty far. This can also aim up or down. It's hard not to get caught in it, so try to stay behind Samus before she uses her final smash. - Zero Suit Samus Strength: Weak-Medium Speed: Fast Weight: Light Notes: She has a long range with her special attacks and smashes. Final Smash: Power Suit Samus Instant KO?: No Target: Multiple This is very short ranged, and it only traps opponents that are around her. Probably not too hard to avoid. - Kirby Strength: Medium Speed: Medium-Fast Weight: Light Final Smash: Cook Kirby Instant KO?: No Target: Multiple It's another "you get close, you get sucked in" sort of thing. After Kirby is done cooking, items and food will come out. Any items will be sucked in and made into food. - Fox Strength: Medium Speed: Fast Weight: Light-Medium Notes: FOX IS REALLY FAST!!! But he can fall down fast, too. Weird isn't it? He has a blaster, so you can reflect that with your Mirror Shield. He can use his reflector too at the right time, so be careful when getting close to Fox. Final Smash: Landmaster Instnt KO?: Maybe Target: Multiple Landmaster is very hard, almost impossible, to avoid (except on some stages). If the tank rams into you, you can get knocked off the screen. The blaster can also do that too. And if you think your safe riding on top of it, you'd better think again. The Landmaster can rise into the sky and send you flying. - Pikachu Strength: Weak-Medium Speed: Fast Weight: Light-Medium Final Smash: Volt Tackle Instant KO?: Maybe Target: Multiple People may find this hard to control. But it's very strong. You can probably avoid this (somehow), but if the user is good at controlling that volt tackle, it will be hard. - Marth Strength: Medium Speed: Fast Weight: Light-Medium Final Smash: Critical Hit Instant KO?: Yes (unless blocked by something) Target: Multiple This attack is SUPER FAST. Marth dashes across the screen and hits the first person that he comes across. If more than one person is next to each other, it can hit all of them. The range is pretty far. In final destination, Marth can go all the way across the platform. Although, you can avoid this attack by jumping, or by being behind him. - Mr. Game and Watch Strength: Medium Speed: Medium Weight: Light Final Smash: Octopus Instant KO?: No Target: Multiple Mr. Game and Watch turns into an octopus! It can extend it's tentacles to damage you, and the body itself will hurt you too. It moves like any other character, so try not to get hit (if possible). - Luigi Strength: Medium Speed: Medium Weight: Medium Final Smash: Negative Zone Instant KO?: No Target: Multiple Luigi's Negative Zone has a range of area. On small stages, it is almost impossible to avoid. On larger scaled stages, it will not be as effective to other players. Some things that change while you're trapped in negative zone are: * Drastically reduced attack power * Greater launch distance when hit * Increased likelihood of slipping * Steady increase in damage percentage * Flower growth on head * Dizziness * Uncontrollable taunting * Sudden sleepiness * Decreased movement speed (info from Smash Bros. Dojo: The area of the negative zone will get smaller as time passes. Try to stay in the air while you're in the negative zone. You wont sleep, slip, or taunt while in the air. - Diddy Kong Strength: Medium Speed: Medium-Fast Weight: Light Final Smash: Rocketbarrel Barrage 1 Hit KO?: No Target: Multiple While Diddy Kong is flying around in the air, he can charge right into you and cause damage. He can also attack with his peanut popguns, which are now supercharged! Try to stay as far as possible. - Zelda Strength: Medium Speed: Medium Weight: Medium Final Smash: Light Arrow Instant KO?: Maybe Target: Multiple This final smash is very strong, and can KO enemies at low damage percentages. But it is easy to avoid, since it only goes in a single straight line and is not very large. - Sheik Strength: Speed: Medium-Strong Weight: Light Normal attacks aren't very strong, but his/her smashes on the other hand, can cause quite some damage. Final Smash: Light Arrow See Zelda - Pit Strength: Weak-Medium Speed: Medium-Fast Weight: Light-Medium Fighting yourself? Remember to reflect your opponents arrows with your mirror shield! Be careful for Angel Ring spamming, too. Apply the "Fighting against Pit" section above to help. Final Smash: Palutena's Army Instant KO?: No Target: Multiple (repeating what I said earlier XD) You can't really dodge this final smash. It make KO you, but it will take some time. If you are hit only a few times, you'd probably survive, but it causes quite some damage. - Metaknight Strength: Weak-Medium Speed: Medium-Fast Weight: Medium-Light Metaknight's attack speed is even faster than yours. It might even be the fastest in the game. His neutral and side special attacks are very annoying since they can hit several times, but after Metaknight performs any special attack, he cannot move at all, so there's one opening you can wait for. Final Smash: Galaxia Darkness Instant KO?: Maybe Target: Multiple Anyone (even teammates) will be damaged as long as they touch metaknight's cape. It can cause high damage and everyone receives the same amount of damage (except for teammates, they get less). As long as you keep a distance from metaknight, you should be alright. - Falco Strength: Medium Speed: Fast Weight: Light Falco is another very fast character. He also has a blaster, and his special attacks are similar to Fox's, except his Reflector (down B) can reach out in from of him and cause damage. Final Smash: Landmaster See Fox Falco's Landmaster can do more damage to characters in the sky than on the ground. It's also faster in the sky, so try to avoid getting on top of the tank. - Pokemon Trainer Final Smash: Triple Finish Instant KO?: No Target: Multiple The beam of attacks are more powerful when your near the pokemon rather than when your farther away. Plus, if you're farther, you will be able to get out of the attack, so of course, stay as far away as possible. At a certain point, the pokemon will become "tired" as they receive more damage. Their strength will be cut when this happens. You should be able to see it when the pokemon trainer switches out pokemon. - Squirtle Strength: Weak-Medium Speed: Fast Weight: Light - Ivysaur Strength: Medium Speed: Medium Weight: Medium-Heavy - Charizard Strength: Medium-Strong Speed: Slow Weight: Heavy - Ike Strength: Strong Speed: Slow Weight: Heavy Oh boy, here comes Ike! You REALLY don't want to mess with him. Ike is amazingly strong and can knock you away even at a low damage percentage. His strikes ARE slow, so try to let him strike first. Evade him if you're close and grab that chance to attack. Try to stay away from staying above him, his Aether attack is strong and he is invincible while he is doing it. His Eruption can also knock you quite far, and his Counter will hurt as much as well, so when your close, try grabbing him instead of attacking. Final Smash: Great Aether Instant KO?: To the person being attacked, Yes (unless blocked by and obstacle) To other players, Maybe Target: Single (can be multiple) Ike will need close targets, preferably in front of him because his range doesn't go completely around him. If he does this in the air, his range expands. If your stuck in his attack, your pretty much done for. - Snake Strength: Medium-Strong Speed: Slow Weight: Heavy Whenever I'm Snake, I like to use his side smash. It's pretty sweet and causes quite some damage (it can even knock you out of the screen at about... say 50%-70%?), but it takes a bit for it to hit. His attack speed is somewhat slow, but still it's not too bad, so don't wait too long when attacking him. Final Smash: Grenade Launcher Instant KO?: No Target: Multiple Snake will target and shoot grenades at you. It is still possible for you to dodge them. It takes a bit of time for the grenades to reach you anyways. - Peach Strength: Medium Speed: Medium Weight: Medium Side B is a spammable attack. It's very annoying and can knocks you quite a distance away, so don't get too close. Evade or side step it if she's about to do it. Her up smash is a good finisher, so avoid staying above her. Final Smash: Peach Blossom Instant KO?: No Target: Multuple There is no way of avoiding this final smash, unless your pretty high in the air. Peach starts dancing and everyone around her falls asleep, with the addition of peaches falling out of nowhere. If your too close to Peach while she's dancing, you will take damage. You fall asleep for a good amount of time, so you can't stop her from eating those peaches to heal her or smashing you away. You will wake up after she hits you though, and if there are any peaches left, you can use those to heal you as well. - Yoshi Strength: Medium Speed: Medium Weight: Medium-Light Yoshi can swallow you and trap you in an egg, and during that time, he can damage you. His down B move is similar to Kirby's, where he will smash you as he dive bombs straight down from the air (unless he's on the ground, then he moves slightly). His side B move (Yoshi turns into and egg and rolls around) can also knock you away, so you want to stay up in the air as long as possible, or stay on a platform. Yoshi can jump high, but he has no recovery move, so remember that. Final Smash: Super Dragon Instant KO?: No Target: Multipl Yoshi sprouts wings! And now he can shoot giant fireballs at you. As Yoshi flies around, he can hurt you by just hitting you. You can dodge this, but it will be hard - Ganondorf Strength: Stromg Speed: Slow Weight: Heavy Final Smash: Beast Ganon Instant KO?: Maybe Target: Multiple Ganondorf turns into his beast self and rams into you. He creates and earthquake first, stunning all earthbound enemies. Beast Ganon is very large; it's hard, almost impossible, to avoid if you're on a small stage. It usually KOs small, light characters, but larger and heavier characters have more of a chance of surviving this (if they have a low percentage damamge). This final smash HURTS; it usually brings up about 55% damage (10% for the earthquake, 45% for actually ramming into him). Beast Ganon goes almost all the way across the stage. Only way to avoid this is if your high enough or far enough behind him. - Ice Climbers Strength: Medium-Strong Speed: Medium-Fast Weight: Light Hey, they're two of them, so it's two attacks in one! Something to remember is to go for Popo (the bluish purple one). He's the one that the opponent controls, and all damage goes to him. If he's KO'd, then your opponent loses their life/score. All this does not apply to Nana (the pink one). Final Smash: Iceberg Instant KO?: Target: Multiple This final smash can bring up damage really fast if you keep staying close it. Yes, it even damages you if you're close, so if it's possible, try to run away from it. Of course, small stages like the battlefield or final destination, it's pretty much impossible. And touching the iceberg can cause you to freeze. It can bring up to about 120%-130% damage. Popo and Nana are also free to move after they start the final smash. - King Dedede Strength: Strong Speed: Slow Weight: Heavy Final Smash: Waddle Dee Army Instant KO?: No Target: Multiple King Dedede starts by summoning his army. These things rush at you after they start appearing. I think I saw one jump before, too. They can appear anywhere near King Dedede, and they appear out of the sky, so platforms can be safe, but not all the time. I'm not too sure how far this goes, but I'm guessing those things he summons can go out pretty far, but they do fall off the stage afterwards. Once the final smash ends, they all disappear. - Wolf Strength: Medium Speed: Fast Weight: Light His blaster is not as fast as Fox's or Falco's, but his down B move can reflect things a greater distance around him. His smash can also go across some distance too, so watch out. Final Smash: Landmaster See Fox. His Landmaster is fast both on the ground and in the sky, and his blaster is stronger. The only downside is that it has a shorter time that Fox's or Falco's Landmaster. - Lucario Strength: ? Speed: Medium-Fast Weight: Medium-Light Lucario doesn't even need to hit you directly. Aura coming from his body can hit you even if your not that close. One thing about Lucario is that his attack power and aura grows as he is more damaged. He's pretty weak at the beginning, but as he reaches about 160% damage, he gets pretty strong, so you should try to smash him out as soon as possible. Final Smash: Aura Storm Instant KO?: Maybe Target: Multiple Lucario fires a giant beam at you as he's in the sky. The beam can be controlled by the player and is more powerful near the end. That extra power at the end of the final smash can KO you. - Ness Strength: Medium Speed: Medium Weight: Light Side smash is very strong. That's all I have to say XD. Final Smash: PK Starstorm See Lucas. Ness's comets come down at a slight angle. - Sonic Strength: Weak-Medium Speed: Speed Weight: Light Sonic from Sega? Two rival companies, Sega and Nintendo join forces! Sonic is a super fast character, but he isn't very strong I have to say. Final Smash: Super Sonic Instant KO?: No Target: Multiple This attack CAN send you flying, even at a low damage percentage. It's almost like Pikachu's Volt Tackle, except it can't go through walls. - Bowser Strength: Strong Speed: Slow Weight: Heavy Final Smash: Giga Bowser Instant KO?: No Target: Multiple Bowser turns gigantically HUGE! All his controls are the same. He is not invincible during this time, but he doesn't flinch if you hit him. If you get too close to him, you will get damaged. Giga Bowser should be able to KO you very easily, so run! - Wario Strength: Weak-Medium Speed: Medium Weight: Medium-Heavy Wario's biting and bike is really annoying. Stay a bit farther from him. Final Smash: Wario-Man Instant KO?: No Target: Multiple Okay, so Wario turned into Wario-Man! He's super charged and has the ability to fly! His attacks are more powerful now, so avoid him as much as possible. He isn't invincible, but it's probably not wise to get close to Wario. - Toon Link Strength: Medium Speed: Fast Weight: Light Everything is almost the same as Link. Toon Link's hookshot is slightly shorter than Link's clawshot, and his bow is as powerful or as fast, but it can travel farther. Toon Link's bombs (explosion and all) has a cartoony look. His spin attack has a shorter range (since his blade is shorter) but can trap the enemy for the duration of the spin attack for multiple hits and knocks them away at the end, just like Young Link's in Melee. Final Smash: Triforce Slash See Link. Toon Link's Triforce Slash has less strikes and doesn't go out as far as Link's, but his last strike is stronger than Link's. It also looks more cartoony. - R.O.B. Strength: Weak-Medium Speed: Medium Weight: Medium Final Smash: Diffusion Beam Instant KO?: No Target: Multiple This beam doesn't go out so far, but sometimes, R.O.B. can shoot out a beam farther than the range of the diffusion beam. R.O.B. can move normally and use all moves (except for Robo Beam). Damage from the beam can bring up the damage counter fast. - Olimar Strength: Medium Speed: Fast Weight: Light Most of the attacks and smashes depend on what type of Pikmin Olimar uses. I went to Smash Bros. Dojo to look up info on the different types of Pikmin. Red Pikmin * High attack power * Attacks imbued with incendiary properties * Immune to fire Yellow Pikmin * Range of attack slightly larger than usual; easy to hit enemies with * Travel in slight arcs when thrown * Attacks imbued with electrical properties Blue Pikmin * Strong when thrown * Slightly more durable than average Purple Pikmin * Doesn't fly far when thrown * Slow * High attack power * Slams into enemies instead of latching on when thrown White Pikmin * Quick and light * When latched onto opponent, poison does additional damage Final Smash: End of Day Instant KO?: Maybe Target: Multiple Olimar starts off by getting into a space ship. If you're next to the space ship, you'll be stuck on the ground (like when your stuck when someone throws pitfall at you). When Olimar flies away, enemies start to attack you on the ground. Some characters, like Pit (which I ASSUME you are using XD) can avoid this by flying around. But it might be harder to avoid Olimar's landing back toward the ground. That landing can KO you, so try your best not to get hit. - Captain Falcon Strength: Medium-Strong Speed: Slow-Medium Weight: Heavy Final Smash: Blue Falcon Instant KO?: Maybe Target: Multiple When C. Falcon starts the final smash, he will knock whoever is in his way. All opponents are transported into a racetrack. He will hit anyone in the track. - Jigglypuff Strength: Medium Speed: Medium Weight: Light Final Smash: Puff Up Instant KO?: Maybe Target: Multiple When the final smash activates, Jigglypuff will start growing. Once it reaches the height of its growth, it will start puffing up and down. Anyone that touches will fly away. Far, far away. It is possible to survive this if you don't touch Jigglypuff at all. -Lucas Strength: Medium Speed: Medium-Fast Weight: Light Up smash is made in two hits, and is very strong. Down smash is even stronger, but is made up of three hits. The first hit usually knocks you away. Final Smash: PK Starstorm Instant KO?: Maybe Target: Multiple It is possible to avoid this, but you could start getting hit by multiple comets, causing lots of damage and a possible KO. If anyone would like to donate to this section, please feel free to email me at --------------------------------------------------------------------- Misc. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Entrance into a Brawl Pit floats down from a beam of light from the sky. Victory Lines English Japanese "You can't defeat me!" "Makerarenai ne" (I wouldn't lose here) "Great Palutena, victory is ours!" "Parutena-sama, kachimashita yo" (Palutena-sama, I've won) "Too easy." "Rakushou, rakushou" (Too easy, too easy) Some Dos and Don'ts DO - Glide! Don't forget that! Use your recovery if you can't get back UP to the stage. - In the air, use a backward attack. It's the strongest and you will be able to smash opponents away quite far. - Pit's Angel Ring (side B) is a good edge guard. DON'TS - If you are having items in battle, don't get the metal boxes. Yes, it will make you fly less farther, but if you happen to fall off the stage, you will fall even faster and you will not be able to get up, even if your flapping your wings. - Try not to rush in. Keep a good distance and attack when you have the opportunity. You want to avoid as much damage as possible since Pit is a light character. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Credits --------------------------------------------------------------------- Character Pit and game Super Smash Bros. Brawl is copyrighted by Nintendo. All damage calculations and some attack/special attack info comes from Xen0nex's Character Damage FAQ. Thanks so much! Final Smash info is from GreenMage7's Final Smash Guide. I thank you as well! Some info also comes from the Super Smash Bros. Brawl handbook (also made by Nintendo XD). Tease info and, victory lines, misc. info, some Dos and Don'ts, and other info is from Smash Wiki. Some info from Smash Bros. Dojo Many of the basic info comes from Wikipedia. This guide was created by TsenRoku. Please credit me if you are copying this guide. Any pieces of information may freely be used. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please email me at Thank you for reading!</p>