========================================================= Two Worlds Walkthrough ========================================================= This FAQ may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. Written by: Daniel Acaba GameFAQS ID: Misfit119 Contact me at: eternalmisery718@yahoo.com System: XBox 360 Version 1.0 - 10/16/2007 This FAQ Copyright 2007 Daniel Acaba List of Sites that may host this FAQ: www.ign.com www.gamefaqs.com www.gamerstemple.com www.cheatcc.com www.gamesradar.com / www.cheatplanet.com ========================================================= Index ========================================================= 1 - Update History 2 - About This FAQ 3 - Controls 4 - Gameplay 5 - Walkthrough 6 - Trainer Information 7 - Magic Spells 8 - Cheats 9 - About the Author ========================================================= 1. Update History ========================================================= Version 1.0 - 10/16/2007 - FAQ Completed. Main story done, side quests next. Version 1.5 - 10/16/2007 - Side quests completed. ========================================================= 2. About This FAQ ========================================================= Recently I came into the possession of an XBox 360. To celebrate this happy occassion in my gaming life, I have decided to write a FAQ for it. Two Worlds is a rather large game so if anything is found missing and you would like it added, or to have me add your hints and tips, simply send me an e-mail. ************************* Two Worlds ************************* Enter the land of Antaloor, where magic andmosnters are a way of life. You are a lone warrior who will shape not only the face of the land of today but also the very future of the land with your actions. Side with good or evil and choose to be a savior or a destroyed in this epic quest. ========================================================= 3. Controls ========================================================= Left Analog - Move character, Select Location, Select Quest Right Analog - Rotate camera, Switch spells, Zoom map D-Pad - Select Hotkey X Button - Draw / Sheathe weapon, Select Skill, Use Spell, Toggle Map Y Button - Jump A Button - Action B Button - Evade (jump backwards) L-Trigger - Use Hotkey L-Bumper - Mana Refill R-Trigger - Attack R-Bumper - Heal Click Left Analog - Call Horse Click Right Thumbstick - Zoom view Back Button - Menu Screen Start Button - Pause Menu ========================================================= 4. Gameplay ========================================================= Two Worlds can be be described as an open world, similar to Oblivion, but with a bit more of a slant on action than the storied Elder Scrolls games. That is not to say it is inferior to them in any real way, the two should not be really compared since they are, in essence, two totally different animals. ========================= Melee Combat ========================= This is going to be the basic way that you will be dealing damage throughout the game. However the major problem with the melee combat is that you can be really easily overwhelmed. A good idea is to face an enemy, attack him and then be ready to evade whenever he tries to attack you back. Do take note that the combo does nice damage and can stagger an enemy but they don't remain that way through the whole attack. Some enemies are easier to keep staggered than others, so always be on your toes. However towards the later portions of the game, the larger groups of enemies and obnoxiously agressive enemies will make it nigh impossible to fight in pure melee, so it is a good idea to pick either magic or archery and stick with that so that you will have that to help thin the enemy ranks. As a note, melee is much more effective at killing spellcasters than archery since melee is simply more damaging and, thusly, more efficient at killing them at a rapid pace. ========================= Archery ========================= Using a bow can make your life easier in a number of ways but it is really tough to go with just a bow. It wouldn't be hard to say that going with just archery is much more difficult than going with just melee. You can hit the enemies from far away but the damage is laughable. The main uses for ranged attacks is to take out the weaker enemies without letting them hurt you, to weaken a horde of enemies before it gets to you and to take out archers. Level up your archery skills to make this easier to do and your life will be a lot simpler. ========================= Magic Combat ========================= Magic can be used in one of two ways, as a replacement for a bow or as Summon magic. I'll get a little into both of these. Some magic can be used to attack enemies from a range. If you are going to be using this type of magic then do not bother with a bow. The attacks are going to be more damaging than a bow but not quite as fast. You will need to train this skill up, much like archery, before it becomes all that useful. Summon magic isn't as directly powerful but it can still be incredibly useful in the right situation. It is fairly uneccessary early on in the game but later on, as the enemy hordes grow, you will find it to be much more useful. The main boon to these is that the summon monsters will distract the enemies from going after you, letting you worry about picking your targets and drawing some of the attention off yourself. ========================= A Horse is a Horse of Course! ========================= Don't even ask. Moving on... The horse is one of the most useful aspects of the game, which is likely why he is featured on the cover of the game. You can move around the world map of the game at a rapid pace while on the horse, so make as much use of it as you can. It will make a long trip far less tedious. ========================= Mini-Map is your Friend ========================= Don't ignore the mini-map, it is very useful for helping you figure out where you need to go next. Sometimes the world can be a big place and this little tool will make it all the easier to navigate. ========================================================= 5. Main Quest - Tainted Blood ========================================================= When the game starts you will appear outside of Throglin Temple. Follow the instructions and then you can leave. Go forward until you meet a man named Tago, he will inform you that a stranger named Gandohar is looking for you. Make your way to the south and you will find the stranger. Gandohar will tell you that you need to speak to Reist Tungard in Goat's Cave. Before you leave for Reist's location make your way over to the teleporter and talk to the Ferid Redismos. It is very important that you get the teleport stones so that you can activate the other teleporters you find. It is far easier to travel this way. Make your way to the east to Goat's Cave to meet Reist. After chatting with him you will meet Gandohar outside, chat with him and he will direct you to a means with which you can speak to your sister. Look for the Thalmont node in the nearby valley and keep searching until your screen turns blue. You need to find the circle of obelisks to actually chat with her. Once you are done there, head back to Gandohar and chat with him again before going to see Reist again as well. Now go chat with Gandohar one last time (too much back and forth). You will now be informed of what your goal is and directed towards another man, named Ho. Head to the south to Ho's house and he will give you enough tips on what you need to do to put together the relic. Technically you can go after any of the relics at this point, but I have found the relic frame to be the easiest to go after. ========================= Relic Frame ========================= To start this quest make your way to the Karga Camp which is located to the northwest. Allying with the Karga clan is easier but you can also ally with Skelden, however much of this walkthrough is going to be done with the easier or, in the event that there is no easier path, the path that is going to be the most profitable. With that in mind, we are going to ally with the Karga. When you reach the Karga camp itself you will probably be denied entrance due to your lack of reputation. Go and do some work for the Giriza Clan so that you can gain entry to the camp. Whenever you have gained enough of a reputation to be allowed inside of the camp they aren't going to trust you all that much. This is kind of obnoxious but it's just the beginning of the game so it should not be that big of a deal. Start doing some more quests for the locals to raise your reputation, it doesn't matter which one. A good side effect of this forced side questing is that you will gain some equipment and gold from doing quests. Eventually you will be allowed in to speak with Ultar Karga. Ultar wants Ebrat Skelden gotten rid of but he doesn't want to resort to something as base as killing the man so things are a bit more complicated than your usual run in and kill everything most other quests in these sorts of games ask for. What you can do is try to find something to prove that Skelden isn't necessarily what one might consider an upright citizen. Make your way to the east until you come across the Skelden encampment. Once inside you are looking for a man named Sano Moon. You need to use a lockpick to make your way into his house. Once you are inside, search around, eventuall you will find a strange item on the floor in the back. This is your evidence so snatch it up and get out of there. Make your way back to the Karga camp and take the strange items back to Ultar Karga to finish off this quest. From here you can move on to one of the other quests, I prefer to go for the Earth Element. This one has a lot of experience and loot for you to get and it isn't too hard to complete so long as you are careful, so make your way in that direction. ========================= Earth Element ========================= This quest is the first real example of this game offering you much in the ways of quest flexibility. Working for Mayor Gordar is simpler but you can get much more out of working for Captain Hograd here, so I heavily suggest that you go that route. To start this you will want to make your way to Windbreak which is located to the west of Cathalon. Look for Captain Hograd and, as a first quest, he will send you out looking for a lost caravan. Leave the town via the southern road and take it heading towards Cathalon. When you find the unfortunate caravan you will also see the orcs that have destroyed it. You can either kill them or just leave, however you will need the epxerience soon so I strongly advise that you take them out to acquire more gold and equipment and go back to Hograd to make your report to Captain Hograd. Now Hograd will send you out to take out an Orc encampment where an infamous Orc known as White Head. The orcs are located up to the north and he wants you to go rooting them out. Be careful, this is going to be pretty rough if you aren't prepared for it. Make sure that you have some form of ranged attack at the ready and head to said encampment. Once you actually reach it look for the shrine nearby and make note of it. Then begin using your bow or a magic to lure out the enemies and try to take them out one or two at a time. You should be able to wipe out the lot of them by using these tactics, just try to take it slow and don't rush it. Report back to Hograd after you have cleared out the area. Of course he has a new idea as to where White Head is, now he is lurking in the Kings Barrows. This place is located way to the west of where you are so be ready for a heck of a trip. You are looking for a small cave, it will be marked on your map so make sure to use that as a guide for where you need to go. Once you make your way inside you will find White Head, however he isn't an enemy right now. Talk to him and he will send you right back to Hograd. This is going to be a bit of a back and forth but it all pays off soon. Soon enough White Head will agree to allow you entry to the Kings Tomb, through their tunnels. You can probably see where this is leading already. When you head to their tunnels you will be greeted by White Head and his army of Orcs. To only real way that I have found to take them out is to try and keep your distance from them and try to weaken them with some form of ranged attacks. You can try moving into melee and taking out weakened ones but back off and don't let yourself get overwhelmed. When it's just you and White Head you have to be twice as careful since you are probably weakened from the previous fighting. Take him out however suits you. Once they are all good and dead you can loot their bodies for a fair amount of good armor and weapons, which will come in handy. When you actually move to enter the King's Tomb you will find that they are rather thoroughly infested with skeletons. I personally cannot stand having to fight these pains but if you do, take your time and be careful. It shouldn't be all that hard after the melee you were just in. Make your way deep inside and you will find the Earth Element, so snatch it up and get on out of there. ========================= Water Element ========================= Let me just preface this one by saying that I heavily suggest that you complete the quest to get a horse before you do this one. You are going to be traveling quite a distance and the free horse will be quite a boon in getting to your destination without driving yourself crazy. To find the Water Element you are going to have to travel to the city of Ashos, which is a really far off place. It is located way, way to the east lying on the River Gon. To get there you are going to have to head to Qudinar, take the road south and follow it to the west when it forks. To get to the Water Element here you will need to get into the Great Temple in the town but of course actually getting the Element is going to be a quest or two, you're not going to be allowed to just walk in and grab it. While there are, as always, two ways to get into the temple, there is one that is a fair sight easier than the other. Look for a guard named Hajime. You can find him near the entrance to the city. Talk to him and he will send you out looking for a man named Kenji Sahashi who is currently in one of the inns. Go and follow your map to find the man and speak to him only to be pointed in the direction of another man. This one, his contact, can also be found by following your map yet again. After talking to this man you will have to return to Hajime and report on your findings. Now talk to him again and he will mention a man by the name of Kano. Time to go speak to him, he lives close by so this isn't a big deal. Once you speak to him you will be asked to check out the temple here to see if you can figure out what the problem is. Yeah, don't expect this to be easy. Make your way towards the side door to the temple to make your way inside. Before you complete this quest make sure you are done with Ashos, there's no going back after you finish this quest. When you actually get into the temple you are going to find Serpents. These guys are no joke, they are really powerful and both myself and others I know who played the game couldn't actually defeat them. If this is the case for you as well, run for it. Make your way into the Water Element chamber and grab up the Water Element. When you get back outside you will find that the city has been taken over by the orcs. You can either fight them for the Experience and equipment or simply get the heck out of town, I chose option 2. ========================= Air Element ========================= We are going to take a small break from the other quests right now and just take a breather to get this relic. This one is really simple to reach but it is fairly well guarded by some really dangerous enemies, mostly Scorpions. All you really need to do here is to ride to the place located on your map, dodge the Scorpions here and grab the Air Element. Once you have it, it is time to get out of here and head on for the final Element. ========================= Fire Element ========================= Yeah, I hate this quest. It took me forever to find out about the stealth route to get through it since I couldn't just storm the keep. Every time I tried I died. If you just try to charge Gor Gammar then you will have to battle your way through a freaking army of Orcs and their allies. The outside isn't that bad but once you get inside... They don't call this place an orcish stronghold for no reason. Do take note that if you are going to be taking this route then you will need 7,000 Gold to spare. To make your life easier, or if you flat out can't beat the place, make your way to Cathalon and head to the east. You are looking for a man by the name of Creo. Creo will mention that there is a magic armor that lets you disguise yourself as one of the orcs. If you look around you should see a man by the name of Othis nearby. Talk to him and he will offer to give you an order to take to Creo for the armor but this is going to cost you 2,000 Gold. Pay for it and then head back over to talk to Creo he will offer to sell you the armor for 5,000 Gold more. With that in hand head on off to the south. Eventually you will reach the northern gates of Gor Gammar. They are locked so go ahead and make your way to the left around the castle walls until you find an entrance to a subterranean path. This place is filled with orcs. While it might seem bad down here, it is nothing compared to what's going on inside of the stronghold itself. If you came here ready for a fight you are definitely going to get it. There is a shrine down here so either fight them or make your way past them using your disguise. I prefer to kill them for the Experience. You will eventually find your way into Gor Gammar itself, don't go starting any trouble at this point unless you are sure you can handle it. The enemies are really powerful and plentiful here. If you are disguised then you will have no problems down here. The Orcs will pay you no mind and you literally walk around the place and find the Fire Element. Just snatch it up and get out of here. If you aren't disguised then you are going to have a harder time of it cutting your way through the enemies. I advise you to be careful, try to lure out the enemies so you are fighting as few as possible at a time and then try to cut them down. Don't be afraid to retreat if you have to, it's better than dying. All of the various pieces of the Relic have now been put together, it is whole once again. It is time to move into the final stretch of the game. If you have not leveled up a fair amount I suggest you do so before you do anything else. ========================= Endgame ========================= With the Scepter itself in hand, it is time to meet up with Gandohar now. You will want to save your game before doing so, just as a tip. Head to Qudinar and head north from there to meet up with him. A series of "plot twists" will soon ensue and you will be knocked out. When you wake up you will be greeted by a group of Paladins and they will explain what you need to do... it has something to do with that giant freaking Pentagram in the sky, holy crud. You will be told that you must travel to one of the towers and take out the Tower Keeper there to bring down the pentagram. They will suggest that you take out the Death Claw tower to the east but I heavily suggest that you do all of them since the rewards are rather nice and you will want to level up since you are nearing the end of the game fights. While you can try to go after the final bosses at your current level you will most definitely have some problems if you are below level 35 in the least, 40 if you want to not go crazy. In either case, most of the Tower Keepers are remarkably similar. They throw a magical projectile at you that is easily dodged and they will attack you with their sword, also easily dodged. Just take them out however suits you and you will bring down the pentagram. Now that the pentagram is gone you will have lowered the defenses of Oswaroth. To reach it you will need to head to the northeast of Death Claw Tower, which is probably another reason they suggest you do that one. You might want to save that one for last with this information. In either case, you will have to cut your way through a large number of undead soldiers as you make your way towards the sotuhern gate of the courtyard (pentagram shaped too, how quaint). Save your game before you enter the final dungeon or you will be having some problems if you want to replay the game. There is no ability to continue the game after beating it like in Fable or Oblivion, so save here if you intend to go around completing quests. You will encounter Reist here and he is going to have a surprise in store: He is going to hulk out on you and transform into a gigantic monster. If you are going to try to slug it out with him it is imperative that you are in your mid-40's in the least. There are two ways to handle this fight, the cheesy way or the hard way. If you want to fight it the hard way all you need to do is slug it out with him by going toe to toe. This is a rough way and you might have some problems. Use your summons to distract him for a few moments if this is the way you are going to go about it. The cheesy route however is a bit easier; use his size against him. All you need to do here is to lead him into an area where he is too big to pass through but you are fine on the other side of the rubble. From here you can either pelt him with ranged attacks and magic or you can move forward, attack him and then retreat when he tries to return fire on you. This may not last too long as sometimes he will move around a bit and wiggle his way through so be ready to move away and head to another portion of the arena. After you have defeated him you will move on to fighting Gandohar. If you should choose to oppose him you will have to fight him and this leads to the good ending. If you join him Balor and his paladins will attack you and you will have to take them out. This is the harder of the two since a group of strong enemies is obviously harder than a toe to toe fight with one moderately hard boss. When fighting Gandohar there really isn't anything special to say about it. He isn't all that special compared to Reist, so if you have beaten Reist then you will have little problem here. Balor is a lot tougher since they are numerous, powerful and Balor can heal himself. I have never actually figured out a way to defeat him before he kills me off, so I have yet to see the bad ending outside of friends showing me. Game clear! ========================================================= 6. Side Quests ========================================================= This is a quick list of some of the side quests in the game that we have done and how to solve them. The quests are listed by alphabetically for ease of finding the quest in question, not in the order that you actually can get them so don't use it like that. Another note is that you are best off gathering as many quests as you can and trying to solve as many as you can at once. Sometimes you may find the item you need to complete one quest while doing another one entirely. Be mindful of this and you will have an easy time about it. Lastly these were compiled by myself and several friends, if there are any discrepencies, please e-mail me and I will fix it. They submitted the lions share of the information to me and I made it more readable by humans so I will not hesitate to fix any problems. -------------------- Name: A Dangerous Rebel Organization: Karga Clan Located: Covengor Contact: Berud Description: Berud wants you to kill Conn, a member of the rival Karga clan. This will force you to choose sides, but it can be helpful in regards to actually finding Conn. Do these quests however you like. -------------------- Name: A Delicate Issue Organization: Skelden Located: The Excavations Contact: Sano Moon Description: Sano will ask for you to retrieve a package from Gorellin. This requires you toh ave some reputation with the Giriza, if you do not have it go and do some quests to get it. Now talk to Estar Gren, this will get a Karga warehouse out on your map. Head on over there and talk to the guard. If you are siding with the Skelden then he will have to be killed. If you are siding with the Karga or playing both sides down the middle you can simply walk on inside. Get the cure for Sano and return. -------------------- Name: A Dragon Scale Organization: The Society Located: Tharbakin Contact: Daron Moreti Description: Make your way to the northeastern part of Thalamont and look for a stronghold being guarded by a paladin. You will find the required dragon scale in a cell here, so snatch it up and then leave. -------------------- Name: A Problem With the Scapulari Organization: N/A Located: Clovelly Contact: Verno Description: Talk to Verno and he will send you to Hesmar Bratyar. Go talk to Broven and his neighbor and then return to Hesmar again. Head back to Brove and then talk to Hesmar once more. Now look for Amerleen, then talk to Broven. Gah! Too much back and forth! -------------------- Name: A Troubled Horse Breeder Organization: The Brotherhood Located: Koromin South Gate Contact: Lucius Drax Description: This one is simple, just head to the south until you see Vesit's Coral. Done and on to the next quest. -------------------- Name: Alcohol Shortage Organization: N/A Located: Tharbakin Contact: Brog Ardna Description: Brog wants some booze to keep his troops happy and drunk. You can buy some liquor from Dras after completing the Alcohol Trail quest and give them over to Brog. -------------------- Name: Alcohol Trail Organization: N/A Located: Convengor Contact: Dras Beclem Description: A bandit seems to be stealing Dras' liquor and he wants it to stop. Head south of the village to locate this bandit and convince him to stop stealing. This will net you a bottle of booze. Now you can buy booze from Dras. -------------------- Name: An Agreement Organization: Merchant's Guild Located: Cathalon Contact: Samon Veller Description: All you need to do here is bring the package from Cathalon to Garrid Swan. He can be found in Qudinar. -------------------- Name: Arrow Maker Organization: N/A Located: Cathalon Contact: Mellor Description: You are going to have to find, and kill, ten dodos to complete this quest. I found the ten dodos while doing other quests but it took me a really long while to do so. If you know their locations or tips on finding them send me an e-mail and I will include it here. -------------------- Name: Arrows for Rigwell Organization: N/A Located: Cathalon Contact: Mellor Description: All you need to do is take the arrows from the previous quest "Arrow Maker" and bring them back to Rigwell. -------------------- Name: Association HQ Organization: N/A Located: Tharbakin Contact: Pol Getber Description: Pol wants you to visit the Association HQ. Weird how this is even a quest when it's no more than twenty feet behind him. Go to it to get rid of this gimme quest. -------------------- Name: Black Magic Organization: N/A Located: Northern Border Contact: Basil Tyral Description: You will have to take the dolls you are given to the cave that is marked on the map. When you get there an... interesting situation will occur and then you are done. -------------------- Name: Black Shadow Organization: The Society Located: Four Stones Village Contact: Juna Evrist Description: You wil be tasked to head to the nearby Earth Claw tower. Head to the northeast to get there. Once you have found it you will have to fight your way through a rather togh group of necromancers here so you may need to put a hold on this one while you level up some. -------------------- Name: Bring Me Some Taint! Organization: Giriza Clan Located: Orm's Hut, Northwest of Covengnor Contact: Orm Varagor Description: After you complete the Clear out the Cave from Tyco you will be able to do this quest. Essentially you are going to find the Taint Shoots in the cemetaries across the land. Most of the graveyards will have a number of Shoots to be found in them so keep looking. 1. Covengor Graveyard: Located northwest of Covengor. 2. The Covengor Old Graveyard: Head west from the Convengor graveyard. 3. Ruined Graveyard: Head southeast from the Brotherhood outpost and you will reach the Devils Chamber teleporter. It is nearby. 4. Ho's Graveyard: This is located next to Ho's hut. 5. Tharguls Graveyard: Go to the Windbreak teleporter and head off west. Stay going in that direction and you will find Thargul so head a bit north to the graveyard. 6. Windbreak Graveyard : once again this one is pretty self-explanatory, just go a bit south from the Windbreak teleporter. 7. Servants' Graveyard: After you retrieve the Earth Element from the King's Tomb you can search nearby for it. 8. Thieves' Graveyard: Head south from Qudinar and you will see a smaller side road, take that path. -------------------- Name: By All Means Organization: The Society Located: Koromin Village teleport Contact: Ferid Redismos Description: Look for the location of the teleport on your map. Start heading out for it and simply walk up to it and activate it. Use the now activated teleporter to take you back to Ferid. It is imperative that you do this quest since it will give you acess to all of the other teleporters in the game. -------------------- Name: Charity Organization: N/A Located: Four Stones Village Contact: Laza Larat Description: Laza will ask you for some money, should you give it to her she will give you some herbs the next time that you speak to her (some time must pass I believe). -------------------- Name: Check Up on the Guard's Brother Organization: The Brotherhood Located: Northern Border military camp Contact: Eskel Oldrot Description: Don't do this quest unless you have a spare lockpick on your person, I'll explain why in a bit. Once you take the quest, Eskel will allow you to head north. Keep going until you reach a stronghold, with a Paladin guarding it. Go on into the dungeon and look for Ton Nakiri's cell. When you talk to him you will learn what has happened to Loth Oldrot. Now you can leave but if you want to boost up your reputation with the Brotherhood, give him the lockpick. Now you can head on back to Eskel Oldrot. -------------------- Name: Collecting Evidence Organization: Karga Located: Karga Camp Contact: Ethan Description: You are going to need two reputation points with the Giriza to do this quest, so you've been forewarned. Make your way to Gorellin and look for Zed Masara to collect the documents off of him. -------------------- Name: Extortion Organization: The Brotherhood Located: Vesit's Coral, south of Koromin Contact: Vesit Description: This is a quest you should move to do as early in the game that you can. If you complete this one you will get a horse, incredibly useful for making your way all over the map. To actually complete this one, it's fairly simple. Head to the northeast until you see a lake, take them out to complete this one. -------------------- Name: Cahal Karga Organization: Karga Clan Located: Karga Camp Contact: Cahal Karga Description: Unlike his father, Cahal wants you to knock off Ebrat Skelden. You will need reputation with the Skelden to enter Ebrat's home. If you talk to him you will be offered a quest by him, Prove Your Loyalty, or you can take him out to complete the Karga Quest. If you would like to make things more interesting, there is a girl in a prison in the area. If you free her with the key that you can find on the floor, all of the Skelden here will attack you, letting you kill them however you like and complete the quest. -------------------- Name: Disposable Tools Organization: Giriza Clan Located: The Excavation Contact: Set Kistor Description: Look for the quest, Shadows Over the Family. These two should be done at the same time since the man you are about to see gives you information on both at the same time. Set is looking for a man by the name of Finch, he leads a group of bandits who have a dwarven artifact that he wants back. Make your way to the bandits hideout and talk to Finch, who is their leader. Talk is the operative word here, don't get violent. He will give you the dwarven artifact that you were sent here for. Grab it and return to Set. -------------------- Name: Earning Trust Organization: Merchant's Guild Located: Thorbakin Contact: Ion Furvo Description: Ion wants you to deliver a package to Samon Veller in Cathalon. Do so and return. -------------------- Name: Final Strike Organization: Karga Clan Located: Karga Camp Contact: Ultar Karga Description: This is the quest that was mentioned in the main quest walkthrough to retrieve the Relic Frame. You are looking for proof that House Skelden is doing something illegal. Lockpick you way into Sano Moons house, located at the Skelden Excavations, and pick up the "Counterfeit" item on the floor, bringing it back to Ultar. If you have reputation with the Skelden then you will not need to pick the lock. Also be aware that doing this quest seals off all Skelden quests for you from that point onward. -------------------- Name: Find Necromancers Organization: The Society Located: Qudinar, near the Teleport Contact: Argos Moraios Description: Another simple one, this one just takes some time. Look around the city for a mage dressed in black. Once you find him, quest complete. -------------------- Name: Find a Necromancer's Spell Organization: The Society Located: Qudinar Teleport Contact: Seloth Brotun Description: Simply head for one of the Claw Towers and start knocking off the Necromancers there. Eventually you will find a spell, so take it and go back. -------------------- Name: Find a Necromancer's Staff Organization: The Society Located: Qudinar Teleport Contact: Seloth Brotun Description: Meh, easy peasy. Get back to one of the Claw Towers and start to beat on the locals. You will eventually find the Senior Necromancer Staff. -------------------- Name: Fisherman's Problem Organization: N/A Located: Clovelly Contact: Etar Description: Apparently there are some pirates that need to be gotten rid of. Now head to the north and talk to Virgul who apparently needs his compass back. Go to the Stico Cave, which is located to the east of Clovelly and talk to Greston. Go back to Clovelly and talk to his mother for him before you go back to Greston. Talk to him, get the compass, bring it back to Virgul and then talk to Etar again. Whew, love the back and forth. -------------------- Name: Follow the Thief Organization: The Brotherhood Located: South of Convengnor in Western Thalamont, the Thieve's Cave Contact: Ash Lorus Description: Simply go into the cave and look for Tyco. He will give you the ring without a fight after you kill the skeletons in the cave and he will mark a Necromancers hut on your map, this leads to the Bring me Some Taint line of quests. -------------------- Name: Following the Shadow Organization: N/A Located: Thorbakin Crossroads Inn Contacted: Keshi Lono Description: Finch will have indicated that the man you are looking for goes by the name of Scar and is in Corthalon. Go there and get rid of him before you return to Keshi. -------------------- Name: Forgotten Lore Organization: N/A Located: Northern Border Contact: Elmeir Tanenn Description: Elmeir will give you a key to open the gates back at the Throglin Temple, where you started off at. Go inside with the key and a weapon that has spirit damage. You will need to take out all of the ghosts in here. -------------------- Name: Friend's Favor Organization: Karga Clan Located: Lone Woodsman Shack Contact: Conn Krannach Description: When you talk to Conn he will want you to get your hands on a dwarven artifact for him. The dungeon that he wants you to go into is located directly to the north of here, so keep your eyes peeled. If you are having problems finding the Lone Woodsman Shack, pick up the Dangerous Rebel quest. This should help you find him, simply do not complete it if you don't want to. -------------------- Name: The Hangman's Rope Organization: Giriza Clan Located: East of Koromin, Mage's Tower Contact: Basic Tyler Description: You need to make your way to Gallows Hill, so head to Tharbakin or Gorelin and head for the other one of the two. Now look for a trail that runs to the north as you move along the road and you should eventually reach it. Look for the rope and take it back to Tylar. -------------------- Name: Haunted Ruins Organization: N/A Located: Gorellin Village Contact: Jar Description: Apparently there are some haunted ruins located to the south of Gorellin. Head on over there, kill off all of the undead, look for any treasure and then head on out. -------------------- Name: Healer's Meeting Organization: N/A Located: Four Stones Village Contact: Mostrol Mirra Description: Mostrol wishes to have a healers meeting and he wants you to find three other mages for a meeting. One you can find in Windbreak and two can be found in the town of Clovelly. Hunt them down and then return to Mostrol for a real surprise. -------------------- Name: Hunt Down the Mage Turned Necromancer Organization: The Society Located: Qudinar Teleport Contact: Origen Ormaios Description: Who didn't see that coming? Seloth will be found in the graveyard, just outside of the town. Find him and kill him. -------------------- Name: Insect Egg Organization: The Society Located: Northeast Windbreak Village Contact: Master Oldrin Description: The sandpit that you are looking for is located near the forest to the east of the windmills. You can find the egg here, on the edge of the forest located in the ruins here. Just grab it and go. -------------------- Name: Isa Organization: Karga Located: Karga Camp Contact: Barra Gall Description: Leave the camp towards the east and keep your eyes peeled for a cave. Go down into the cave and you will find Isa's body inside of it. Head on bakc to report the news. -------------------- Name: Karga Organization: Karga Clan Located: Karga Camp Contact: Cahal Karga Description: Once your reputation is high enough Cahal will allow you to speak to Ultar Karga, his father. That's all there is to this quest but you will need to do other quests to raise your reputation high enough. -------------------- Name: Lost Patrol Organization: The Brotherhood Located: Northern Border military camp Contact: Holi Description: Head to the East of the Yarrut Gate to find the Dwarven village and the mine. Go on inside and look for the body of Holi's brother. Head on back to Holi to complete the quest. -------------------- Name: Missing Son Organization: N/A Located: Tharbakin Contact: Ged Sammra Description: Ged's son is working in some mining and he wants you to check up on his boy. Make yoru way to the mine and look for a man by the name of Hagrast. He will have the information that you need. Now return to Ged and he will swear to kill Ebrat Skelden and ask that you warn him. The quest however ends here. Nice resolution guys! -------------------- Name: Missing Staff Organization: The Society Located: Rama Erendar Contact: Tharbakin Description: Head northwest from the town of Convengnor and make your way to the Grom Camp. You will be able to find the staff somewhere in the camp. -------------------- Name: Moon Eye Organization: N/A Located: Komorin Contact: Veran Korstill Description: To complete this quest all you need to do is head to Brumhill village. When you reach the village search the ground for a crystal. This is what you need to complete the quest. -------------------- Name: More Rope Organization: N/A Located: Northern Border Contact: Basil Tyral Description: Basil will want you to get him more rope. To make this quest as simple as can be, simply putter around somewhere for a while and just wait until you get a quest update. Head back to Basil's cottage and a guard will be there. Talk to him and tell him you weren't searching for the rope and he will simply leave you be. -------------------- Name: Edwin From Brumhil Organization: N/A Located: Komorin Contact: Nalax Conga Description: To complete this quest all you need to do is head to Brumhill village. When you reach the village the quest will complete itself. -------------------- Name: Insect Egg Organization: N/A Located: Windbreak Village Contact: Oldrin Description: This and the below quest should be done at the same time. Head out to the east from the village and head towards the abandoned teleporter. Look for the insects nearby, they are very strong so do be carful with them. Kill them off and grab the egg nearby. Return for your reward. -------------------- Name: Insects Organization: N/A Located: Windbreak Village Contact: Sigyor Description: This and the below quest should be done at the same time. Head out to the east from the village and head towards the abandoned teleporter. Look for the insects nearby, they are very strong so do be carful with them. Kill them off and grab the egg nearby. Return for your reward. -------------------- Name: Orc Camouflage Armor Organization: N/A Located: Cathalon Contact: Creo Description: This is the armor mentioned during the Fire Element quest. When you get it made, I strongly suggest that you save it for the Gor Gammar quest (Fire Element). -------------------- Name: Orc Catapults Organization: The Brotherhood Located: Cathalon Training Camp, southwest section of the city. Contact: Raul Dang Description: Let's get one thing out of the way here, take your time going to do this quest. This place is some seriously bad news, so do yourself a favor and don't go rushing over there without being careful. The castle is located to the north of Gor Gammar. When you try to take Hadeborg Castle by force you will have to fight off a veritable army of Orcs and a few Cyclops. This is, as you might guess, the harder of the routes and will require a good many reloads if you make even a single mistake. Grab up the triggers when you are done. -------------------- Name: Orcish Prophecy Organization: The Society Located: Road between Four Stones Village and Cathalon. Contact: Amber Description: When you talk to Amber your reputation will be improved. -------------------- Name: The Orna Mine Organization: The Brotherhood Located: Northern Border Military Camp Contact: Alfron Dekar Description: This is the same dwarven mine as the Lost Patrol quest. Head on inside and you will have to cleave through a huge number of dwarves. Fighting through it won't be easy but it's safer than leaving dwarves at your back. Get inside however suits you and find the Dwarven Chief, just look for the large spiked shield. Take him out but do be careful, he can dish out the pain pretty easily for a little guy. -------------------- Name: Ogre in the Windmill Organization: N/A Located: Windbreak Village Contact: The Mayor Description: Look for the windmill on your map and find the ogre. Be careful since they are fairly powerful. Now kill the ogre and return to town. -------------------- Name: Paid Murder Organization: Necromancers Located: In the middle of the two Military Camps. Contact: Tidar Shog Description: Find the Rusty Ogre Lodge and speak with Darat. Here you will be given the opportunity to turn on Tidar, do so to boost your reputation with the Giriza Clan and collect the extra that he offers you. If not then you can kill him and return to Tidar. -------------------- Name: Personal Teleport Organization: The Society Located: Koromin Village Teleport Contact: Ferid Redismos Description: You will now need to bring him some Mangnesite. You can find this in the Grom Camps, however actually getting it can be a chore. I happened to have one on hand from adventuring. If that's not the case, there should be a Grom Camp somewhere to the east. Go there, get it and bring it back. I strongly suggest completing this quest since it provides you with a Personal Teleporter. You can complete this quest a second time to get some more teleport stones but that will be the end of him so much as talking to you. -------------------- Name: Public Enemy Organization: N/A Located: Cathalon Contact: Sygius Destrus Description: While you may wish to pick this quest up early, you are not going to be able to complete for quite some time. Keep this in mind. For this quest you will have to head to The Enclave and find a Necromancer by the name of the The Flame. The Enclave is located to the south of Cathalon but it is going to be a heck of a trip to get there. Once you do so there are going to be other Necromancers between you and him, so proceed however you like. -------------------- Name: Rivals in Love Organization: N/A Located: Clovelly Contact: Aias Moratos Description: This one has a lot of back and forth. Look for Theron Hloos in the middle of the village, go talk to him. Now go talk to Jemma Moratos before you go back to Theron. Now find Tomal Aikos before you look for Tomal's friend who is located to the east. Beat him down and get the ring back. You can either give the ring to Aias, the not-nice ending, or you can give it to Theron and then talk to Jemma and Maya. You will lastly need to find Solan Murban, who will perform the wedding for them, this is the nice ending. -------------------- Name: Ruining the Groms' War Organization: House Skelden Located: A camp north of the Excavations Contact: Meno Hagarard Description: Meno will want you to collect three Grom totems. Once you have acquired the three of them, simply go and return to him to finish the quest. -------------------- Name: Safe Neighborhood Organization: House Skelden Located: The Excavations Contact: Harban Description: Harban will ask that you kill off some wolves located in a den nearby. Head on over to the den, it should be on your map, and kill them off. -------------------- Name: Satrius' Crown Organization: N/A Located: Windbreak Village Contact: The Mayor Description: Once you have the key to the Kings Tomb, make your way over there and fight through the skeletons inside of the Tomb to get the crown. This quest should be done at the same time as the White Head quests to maximize experience and loot gains. -------------------- Name: Shadows Over the Family Organization: Giriza Clan Located: Thorbakin Crossroads Inn Contact: Keshi Lono Description: Look for the quest, Disposable tools. These two should be done at the same time since the man you are about to see gives you information on both at the same time. The Giriza clan are look for a mercenary and a man by the name of Finch should know about him. Make your way to the bandits hideout and talk to Finch, who is their leader. Talk is the operative word here, don't get violent. He will give you information about the mercenary that you are looking for. This leads to the following the Shadow quest. -------------------- Name: Sources Drying Up Organization: Karga Located: Karga Camp Contact: Antrai Description: This one is basically a "gimme" quest. All you need to do is give Antrai a few health potions and he will be happy. -------------------- Name: Taint in the Graveyard Organization: N/A Located: Windbreak Village Contact: The Mayor Description: Head on over to the graveyard and wipe out all the enemies there. While you are here you may as well pick up any of the Taint that you find since it will help you with the Bring Me Some Taint quest. -------------------- Name: Woodcutter's Camp Organization: N/A Located: Windbreak Village Contact: Sigyor Description: Head out to the east from the village and look for the bandit camp around here. Kill off all of the bandits to complete the quest. -------------------- Name: Work Withheld Organization: N/A Located: Thorbakin Crossroads Inn Contact: Stork Description: Stork wants to know why the work on the Excavations has stopped. Head to the east and look around for a worked by the name of Armin. Talk to him before you head back to Stork. -------------------- ========================================================= 7. Trainer Information ========================================================= It is important that you find the trainers as soon as you can if you wish to have access to all of the skills in the game. To learn some of these skills and to improve them you will need to find a variety of different trainers. There are eight types in total and can be found spread across the land. =================== Archer =================== * Cathalon - In the southeast area of town with three other trainers. * Eastern Camp - Head east of Quidnar to find the camp. You will see three trainers, he is one of them. * Qudinar - Look in the southeastern portion of town to find him and two other trainers loitering about. =================== Captain =================== * Brotherhood Camp - Northern area of the camp. * Cathalon - In the southeast area of town with three other trainers. * Eastern Camp - Head east of Quidnar to find the camp. You will see three trainers, he is one of them. * Qudinar - Look in the southeastern portion of town to find him and two other trainers loitering about. * Western Camp - Look around near the inn. =================== Mage =================== * Cathalon - Located near the Central Fountain, look around for him. * Qudinar - Look in the eastern portion of town, near the center of the area. =================== Mercenary =================== * Qudinar - Look in the southwestern portion of the town. =================== Necromancer =================== * Enclave - You must find the Enclave to reach the two Necromancer trainers located there. Find it south of Hadeborg Castle. * Qudinar - Near the graveyard outside of the city. =================== Night Walker =================== * Koromin - Head south to Vesit's Coral and then head northeast from there. * Qudinar - Look in the southwestern portion of the town. * Western Camp - Look around near the inn. =================== Ranger =================== * Cathalon - In the southeast area of town, head further east past the four other trainers. * Koromin - South of Koromin, near Vesit's Coral. =================== Seargant =================== * Brotherhood Camp - Northern area of the camp. * Cathalon - In the southeast area of town with three other trainers. * Qudinar - Look in the southeastern portion of town to find him and two other trainers loitering about. =================== Swashbuckler =================== * Cathalon - In the southeast area of town with three other trainers. The skills you can learn from them include the following: Alchemy Balance Berserking Blinding Arrow Burn Deadly Pirouette Death Strike Disarming Arrow Double Blade Earth magic Feint Knock Down Multi-Arrow Necromancy Overdrawing Piercing Pull Shield Strike Starting Draw Stealing Stone Skin Stun Sword Break Strike Unhorse Strike Water Magic As you can see it is an impressive list of skills so it is definitely worth your while to find them all. ========================================================= 7. Magics ========================================================= What I will do here is list all of the spells in the game, a minor description of their effects and give it a rating of 1-5, one being the worst. This is all fairly subjective so your mileage may differ. They are all listed by their class of magic and alphabetically. --------------- Air Magic --------------- Name: Aid Effect: This grants you a bonus to your hit point total for a short time. Rating: 2 ------- Name: Destroy Undead Effect: This destroys any undead you come across. Rating: 3 ------- Name: Heal Effect: As you might expect, spend some mana get some hit points. Rating: 4 ------- Name: Lightning Effect: Fires a blast of electricity at your enemies. Rating: 2 ------- Name: Lightning Shield Effect: This reduces the damage you take and shocks your enemies. Rating: 3 ------- Name: Lightning Storm Effect: A lightning storm will strike all enemies in the area around you. Rating: 5 ------- Name: Push Effect: They might as well call this force push. Everyone around you gets pushed backwards away from you. Rating: 3 (4 if you use ranged attacks or need to keep melee baddies of you). ------- Name: Push Wave Effect: This is the push spell but in a radius around you. Rating: 4 ------- Name: Regeneration Effect: This will allow you to heal over time. Rating: 3 ------- Name: Resurrection Effect: Not at all what it sounds like, with this you bring dead enemies back to life as minions to fight alongside you. Rating: 4 ------- Name: Shield of Mana Effect: If you've played Diablo, you know this spell. You will use your Mana in the place of Hit Points. Rating: 3 / 4 ------- Name: Strength of God Effect: This gives you a rather heavy boost to your strength. Rating: 3 ------- Name: Summon Soul Defender Effect: This spell calls in a Soul Defender to help keep the enemies off you. Rating: 4 ------- --------------- Boost --------------- * - Note: These spells vary in usefulness depending on your playstyle. The number after the / is what the rating is if you are playing a character this spell is more relevant to. An archer will care more about Damage Booster than a melee character. ------- Name: Damage Booster Effect: This increases the damage of your missile weapons. Rating: 2/3 ------- Name: Duration Booster Effect: This increases the duration of your spells. Rating: 3/4 ------- Name: Mana Saver Effect: This reduces the amount of mana used to cast magic. Rating: 3/4 ------- Name: Spell Booster Effect: This increases the power of all spells you cast. Rating: 3/4 ------- Name: Summoning Booster Effect: This increases the power of all creatures that you summon. Rating: 2/4 ------- --------------- Earth --------------- Name: Adamantium Shield Effect: This spell conjures a shield that halves all damage you take for the duration of the spell. Rating: 5 ----- Name: Blessing Effect: This spell raises your strength, mobility & vitality for a short time. Rating: 2 ----- Name: Chains Effect: This creates magical chains that immobilize all creatures in range. Rating: 4 ----- Name: Earth Blessing Effect: This raises resistance to piercing, bludgeoning & slashing attacks. Rating: 3 ----- Name: Earth Eruption Effect: This causes the ground to explode upwards under your target. Rating: 2 ----- Name: Grapple Ivy Effect: This creates a batch of spiked ivy that slows your enemies. Rating: 2 ----- Name: Iron Skin Effect: This provides you with a resistance to physical damage. Rating: 3 ----- Name: Magic Hammer Effect: A magical missile that you can throw at your enemies. Rating: 3 ----- Name: Reflection Shield Effect: Creates a protective shield that halves all magical damage attempted on you and reflects it back at the caster. Rating: 4 ----- Name: Rust Armor Effect: This spell weakens an enemies armor by rusting it. Rating: 2 ----- Name: Rust Weapon Effect: This spell weakens an enemies weapon by rusting it. Rating: 2 ----- Name: Spikes Effect: Conjures spikes to shoot out of the ground and damage enemies. Rating: 2 ----- Name: Stone Wall Effect: Conjures a wall of stone around an enemy imprisoning them. Rating: 2 ----- Name: Summon Adamantium Golem Effect: This golem is very powerful and quite useful. Also quite expensive. Rating: 5 ----- Name: Summon Iron Golem Effect: A powerful golem to distract and damage your enemies. Rating: 4 ----- Name: Summon Stone Golem Effect: A powerful monster although not as good as the later ones. Rating: 3 ----- --------------- Fire --------------- Name: Chaos Rage Effect: This spell berserks one of your enemies, causing them to attack anyone within their range. Rating: 2 ----- Name: Fireball Effect: This powerful attack damages enemies rather seriously. Rating: 4 ----- Name: Firebolt Effect: A small fire missile, reminds me of Diablo. Rating: 2 ----- Name: Fire Field Effect: Sets an area on fire, damaging all who enter it. Rating: 2 ----- Name: Fire Shield Effect: Conjures a shield that protects you and burns your enemies. Rating: 3 ----- Name: Fire Spray Effect: This creates a wave of fire that damages all caught within it. Rating: 3 ----- Name: Fire Wall Effect: Conjures a wall of fire in front of you that damages all who enter it. Rating: 3 ----- Name: Fire Wave Effect: This is essentially a moving wall of fire that damages all it touches. Rating: 2 ----- Name: Meteor Effect: A seriously powerful attack, drops a burning meteor on all enemies in an area, doing lots of damage. Rating: 5 ----- Name: Overpower Effect: Increases the effects of an attack spell. Rating: 2/4 ----- Name: Ring of Fire Effect: Surrounds you in a small ring of flames that hurt all who near you. Rating: 2 ----- Name: Summon Devil Effect: This summons a rather powerful devil to pound on your enemies. Rating: 5 ----- Name: Summon Hell Master Effect: I never really used this spell too much; brings in a Hell Master to fight your enemies. Rating: 3 ----- Name: Summon Hell Warrior Effect: Conjures in a moderately powerful Hell Warrior to fight your foes. Rating: 3 ----- Name: Summon Octogron Effect: Conjures a fairly powerful Octogron to fight for you. Rating: 2 ----- --------------- Necromancy --------------- Name: Aura of Death Effect: Lowers the stats of all creatures who enter the raidus of the aura. Rating: 3 ----- Name: Bone Armor Effect: Creates a barrier that absorbs damage for you via its own hit points. Rating: 3 ----- Name: Corpse Conversion Effect: Turns allows you to turn a dead body into Hit Points, healing you. Rating: 2 ----- Name: Dead Hands Effect: Skeletal hands emerge from the earth, holding your foes in place and dealing damage to them. Rating: 3 ----- Name: Death Dance Effect: This increases your dexterity when cast. Rating: 2 ----- Name: Disease Effect: Any creature so afflicted has their stats lowered. Rating: 2 ----- Name: Leech Aura Effect: This drains the Hit Points from all creatures around you for the duration of the spell. Rating: 3 ----- Name: Necro Power Effect: A strong magical attack that damages your foes and heals you. Rating: 4 ----- Name: Poison blade Effect: Poisons your weapon, allowing you to poison others. Rating: 2 ----- Name: Poison Cloud Effect: Conjures up a cloud of harmful toxins to damage foes. Rating: 2 ----- Name: Poisoned Dart Effect: Conjures a magical missle to damage and poison foes. Rating: 2 ----- Name: Poison Shield Effect: This conjures a protective shield that lowers the damage recieved from attacks and poisons your attackers. Rating: ----- Name: Summon Skeleton Archer Effect: Conjures a skeleton with a bow to fight beside you. This is useful on ranged enemies and spellcasters. Rating: 3 ----- Name: Summon Ghoul Effect: Conjures a ghoul to fight at your side. Rating: 4 ----- Name: Summon Skeleton Effect: This calls up a melee skeleton to fight alongside you. Rating: 2 ----- --------------- Water --------------- Name: Blizzard Effect: This spell creates a snowstorm dealing heavy damage to your foes. Rating: 4 ----- Name: Confusion Effect: Afflicts enemies with lowered dexterity and mana. Rating: 2 ----- Name: Freezing Wave Effect: This creates a wave of ice that freezes all enemies near you. Rating: 3 ----- Name: Icebolt Effect: A large blast of ice that damages foes when it explodes. Rating: 3 ----- Name: Ice Ray Effect: Fires off a ray of ice to injure your enemies. Rating: 3 ----- Name: Ice Shield Effect: Conjures a protective barrier that inflicts cold damage and lowers the damage you take. Rating: 4 ----- Name: Protection from Fire Effect: This gives you full protection against fire attacks for the duration. Rating: 5 ----- Name: Summon Ripper Effect: Conjures up a Ripper for you that can kill your enemies double quick. Rating: 5 ----- Name: Summon Scorpion Effect: This summons in a large scorpion to fight your foes. Rating: 4 ----- Name: Summon Spider Effect: Conjures a fairly strong spider to fight at your side. Rating: 3 ----- Name: Summon Wyvern Effect: A powerful spell, this calls up a strong Wyvern to fight alongside you. Rating: 5 ----- Name: Summoning Aura Effect: This spell augments your summoning skills, letting you summon in two creatures at the same time. Summon a Wyvern and Adamantium Golem for fun. Rating: 5 ----- Name: Unsummons Summoned Creatures Effect: This banishes your opponents summoned creatures. Rating: 4 ----- ========================================================= 8. Cheats ========================================================= This is a list of cheats that I have gotten from experiment and a variety of posts on the inside two worlds messageboards and the posters on the two worlds GameFAQs messageboard. Thanks go out to them. To open the cheat menu press down the LB + RB and then hit the A button. A text box will appear, so press X to open the keyboard menu. These five codes can be entered without affecting your Achievements. ----------- Bonuscode 9728-1349-2105-2168 = Armor of Darkness BonusCode 9470-4690-1542-1152 = Aziraal's Sword of Fire Bonuscode 9470-6557-8820-9563 = Great Shield of Yatolen Bonuscode 9144-3879-7593-9224 = Spear of Destiny Bonuscode 9447-1204-8639-0832 = The Great Bow of Heaven's Fury ----------- These next codes will prevent you from getting any Achievements on that save game so use at your own risk. ----------------- twoworldscheats 1 AddExperiencePoints X = = Gives you X number of Experience Points. ----------------- twoworldscheats 1 AddGold X = X here will equal how much gold you get. ----------------- twoworldscheats 1 AddParamPoints = Gives you X number of Param Points. ----------------- twoworldscheats 1 AddSkillPoints X = = Gives you X number of Skill Points. ----------------- twoworldscheats 1 Create Lockpick = As expected, makes a lockpick. ----------------- twoworldscheats 1 Create Personal_Teleport = Creates a teleport stone for you. ----------------- twoworldscheats 1 Create Teleport_Activator = This gives you back your teleport activator should you lose it. ----------------- twoworldscheats 1 ec.dbg levelup = This automatically levels you up. ----------------- twoworldscheats 1 ec.dbg skills = This automatically unlocks all skills in the game for you. ----------------- twoworldscheats 1 ResetFog = This uncovers the map. ----------------- twoworldscheats 1 ec.dbg levels X = This automatically brings you to whatever characte level that X indicates. ----------------- In addition you can use many, if not all, of the codes that work in the PC version on the XBox 360 version. Trial and error is key here, however do take note that all codes, except the bonus ones, will cause your achievements to lock up for that saved data, so do not save your game unless you already have all the achievements you want. ========================================================= 9. About the Author ========================================================= My name is Daniel Acaba, I live in New London, Connecticut and I am 24 years old. Im a huge video game fan, although I dont have the time to play as much anymore. I love writing reviews, but Im going to start trying to do more FAQs as well. So far Ive written the following FAQs: Genji: Days of the Blade - PS3 Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom - PS3 Bloodrayne 2 Boss FAQ - Xbox Sims 2 Career FAQ - PC TES IV: Oblivion - PS3 Resistance: Fall of Man - PS3 Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus Boss FAQ - PS2 Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony - PSP Brave Story New Traveler - PSP Super Star Soldier - Wii Ninja Gaiden Sigma - PS3 Lair - PS3 Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army - PS2 Dawn of Mana - PS2 I am currently working on: Two Worlds - XBox 360 Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 - PS2</p>