///////////Theives guild FAQ\\\\\\\\\ /////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ /////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ /////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\ (Armand Christophe`s Quest.part 1) <:::::::::::::::::::::||xxxxxxx 1.Entry to theives guild 2-5.Armand Christphe`s Quests Entry to theives guild--- Raly this part is simple- get caught doing a crime anywhere stealing,trespassing,pickpocketing,murder(which will lead to a the dark brotherhood) any crime will do.Dont pay the price go to jail to enter.Soon A dark elf lady will visit you. She will hand you a note containing info about a secret meeting in the waterfront district at midnight.(It should pop up on your map and quest journal). When you find a guy with a torch,an elf lady and an argonian- congadulations youve found the theives guild. 2.--Armand Christophe`s Quests-- May the best theif win-- You get this Quest when you talk to Armand Christophe behind his house. To prove your good material for the theives guild.He wants you to steal the diary of Amantius Allectus. Her house is in the Temple district, and if you dont know where that is follow Methredhel she basicly goes straight there . Dont bother with the argonian he just wanders around minlessly and never finds it.The diary should be in a Drawer in a desk in the right of the house when you walk in. Be sure to buy some lockpicks from Arrmand, you will need to pick the lock on the desk. After you get it return to Armand. If you failed to get the book before Methredhel pickpocket it from her and return it if its your Last resort. Remember you cant kill anyone so just pickpocket, dont kill. 3.Theivery on your own-- Now its Easy Armand wants you to steal on your own here before he gives you a Quest.There is a fence(someone who buys stolen goods) is in Bruma, Armand will tell you where and who he is.But all you have to do is sell 50 gold worth of loot to him and You can continue. Any house is fine just dont kill anybody.You might want to go ahead and get about 500 gold worth of loot because inbeetween quests you will need to fence more, so its best if you go ahead and get alot. 4.Untaxing the poor--- For this quest Armand teels you tois get The Tax money and records the gaurd.Talk to Puny Ancus , he is a beggar, he will tell you thatthe gaurd captain has an office in the south watch tower.It will be upstairs which is tresspassing so hurry up. The recors and tax will be in a desk in his office soget it and get out. 5.The elven maiden-- you will have to fence 100 gold to do this quest if you havent fenced alot already. Armand wants you to get the bust of Llathasa Indarys.It will be in The undercroft in the chapel of Arkay. There will be a ghost in the undercroft so be sure to have magic, a magic weapon, silver weapon or daeric weopon.when you get ou in the waterfront there will be many more gaurds looking for the bust and Armand.Your journal will tell you to ask other theives guild members where Armand is. He is in hiding because of all the gaurd activity in the waterfront.But you will find out Methredhel wants to see you.When you talk to Methredhel she wants you to put the bust in a cabinet in Myvrynra Arano`s house so she will get blamed for the theft of the bust. It may be hard to get in the Myvrynra`s house because gaurds are constantly passing by. When you place the bust in Myvrynra`s house you need to persuade Hermiony lex to check her house so you will need to raise his diposition to 70 and when she gets blamed wait until midnight and meet Armand in the usual place. You will get promoted along with a 100 gold reward. You also Learn about your new quest giver , Skrivva which I will write about next. For suggestions contact me at pds1995@gmail.com --------------------------------------- Special thanks to: Bethsada Softworks,for making such a great game Gamesradar,for letting me post this FAQ ======================================= Soon to come hopefully...... Theives Guild quests-(part 2 and 3) And Wilderness Quests</p>