Stranglehold Created 01/07/08 Version 1.0 =============================================================================== Table of Contents =============================================================================== 1. Introduction.................................................[INT] 2. Version History..............................................[VER] 3. Weapons......................................................[WPN] 4. Walkthrough A. Chapter 1: Hong Kong Marketplace..........................[CH1] B. Chapter 2: Tai O..........................................[CH2] C. Chapter 3: The Mega Restaurant............................[CH3] D. Chapter 4: Zakarov's Penthouse............................[CH4] E. Chapter 5: Chicago History Museum.........................[CH5] F. Chapter 6: Slums of Kowloon...............................[CH6] G. Chapter 7: Wong's Estate..................................[CH7] 5. Legalities[LGL] =============================================================================== 1. Introduction =============================================================================== Welcome to my Stranglehold walkthrough. This guide is intended to get you through each of the seven chapters of the game. The strategies described in this guide are the same ones I used to get through the game. These strategies are not the only way but it worked for me. In this guide I do not point out the location of every enemy and I also expect you to know you are supposed to kill enemies not mentioned by the guide. I hope you all enjoy! =============================================================================== 2. Version History =============================================================================== Version 1.0 -Complete Walkthrough -Weapons Section =============================================================================== 3. Weapons [WPN] =============================================================================== Weapon: Pistol Availability: This seems to be the most common weapon throughout the game a lot of enemies use this weapon so you are sure to find plenty of ammo for it. Effectiveness: Since it is the most common weapon it is not the most powerful but it does have a great use. It is the most reliable weapon because it is the most readily available. Since these pistols are not very powerful they do not make a great choice for boss fights These pistols should always be one of the two weapons you are carrying. Weapon: Golden Pistol Availability: The ammo for the golden pistol is hard to come by. You can find ammo throughout the levels but the enemies do not use this weapon so that also factors into the lack of ammo. Effectiveness: With ammo for this weapon being so hard to come by one would expect for it to be powerful. The golden pistols do not disapoint in the power department. They can kill any regular enemy in one shot. Use these guns to quickly clear out a room. The only negative aspect of these pistols is they do not work well against bosses. Weapon: Assault Rifle Availability: There always seems to be an abundance of ammo for the assault rifle. It seems every group of enemies has at least one member in the group using the assault rifle. Effectiveness: This is an excellent long range weapon. When fired in short bursts the assault rifle can easily take out enemies at a distance. The only drawback to the weapon is it is not effective at close range. Since most boss battles need to be fought at long range this is the most effective weapon for boss battles. Weapon: Submachine Gun Availability: Much like the assault rifle as you progress through the game more and more enemies are using submachine guns. Therefore there is never a shortage of ammo for them. Effectiveness: At close range the submachine gun is the second most effective weapon next to the shotgun. The fast fire rate helps stun enemies whlie you are getting ready to finish them off. The submachine gun is not always the best choice when facing bosses but they can get the job done if there is no other alternative. Weapon: Shotgun Availability: Shotgun ammo can be found in almost every enemy group and is available from chapter one on. Effectiveness: The shotgun is the best close range weapon in the game. If at anytime you need to participate in close range combat the shotgun should be your weapon of choice. In boss battles it is not the most effective because it loses its power at long range. Weapon: Heavy Machinegun Availability: This weapon is not very common therefore you do not find a lot of ammo for it. There are only a couple of missions where this weapon is found so that really hurts its availability. Effectiveness: This is the best long range weapon in the game. You do not get to use the heavy machinegun very often but when you do it shows its power. This is my favorite weapon in the game and always should be in your inventory if possible. If you can use it against bosses you should but the opportunity does not usually present itself so you have to rely on other more available weapons. Weapon: Rocket Launcher Availability: This is another weapon that is only available in the later levels. There is never and abundance of ammo for the rocket launcher so it is not really an important weapon. Effectiveness: The effectiveness of the rocket launcher is low because it is not readily available. When used however it will instantly kill normal enemies and greatly damage bosses. The problem is finding ammo for it. Weapon: Grenade Availability: Late in the game grenades are available in great quantity. Thus later in the game the importance of grenades increases. Effectiveness: When you finally gain access to grenades their effectiveness is clear. They can take out groups of enemies without much a problem. It is also great that in later levels grenades seem to be everywhere. Grenades are not very effective against most bosses but are very effective against regular enemies. =============================================================================== 4. Walkthrough =============================================================================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A. Chapter 1 Hong Kong Marketplace [CH1] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After the opening scene you are in control of Tequila. Take out the two guys at the top of the stairs and pick up the ammo lying around. Head up the stairs and dispose of the guys who rush out. Shoot the shining crates above the enemies head to drop the items on him. Continue up the next set of stairs and pick up the health pack if needed. Make your way down the ally and you will be prompted with mission information. Slide down the banister shooting the enemies as you go down. Then kill the enemies waiting for you on the stairs. Move up the next set of stairs to reach a checkpoint. Continue down the ally and head inside the door. Head through the kitchen and pick up the purple crane by the three crates. Continue out the door for a cut scene. Quickly dispose of the shotgun wielding enemy and pick it up to easily take out the remaining men who run to your position. If you have trouble there is a Health pack on the wall if needed. After the initial rush of enemies you are treated to more shot gun wielding enemies. Take cover and dispose of this new threat. Take cover at the corner and take out the enemies in a timely fashion. There is a crane among the shining crates so shoot them down to recover it. Finish the enemies at the end of the alley for another checkpoint. Make your way through the building and into a standoff. To be effective in this standoff you need to shoot the enemies while dodging the bullets they are shooting at Tequila. Look for the flashing lights in order to kill these enemies quickly. Once all three are taken care of you are at another checkpoint. Kill the two enemies rushing down the stairs and then dispose of the shotgun wielding enemy near the top of the stairs. Three more shotgun wielding enemies will rush you so take cover and pick them off one at a time. There is another crane on the slanted roof by the health pack so shoot it down and continue on. Shoot down the pole and climb to the other side to continue on. Shoot down the large neon sign to kill the enemies without much problem. Move through the building and grab the health pack before leaving. Kill the two enemies here then head to the corner and enter Precision Aim mode. Use precision aim to kill the four enemies on the catwalk. It is possible to take out all the enemies here with Precision Aim because of all the cranes sitting around. It is not required to kill these enemies with Precision Aim but it is easier and it helps you get a feel for it. Either way finish the enemies and head inside the building. Head through the building and you will be in another standoff. Shoot the flashing objects located above and beside the enemies to get through this standoff easily checkpoint. Continue through the alley and you will get a glimpse of the first boss. Head through the alley and kill the guys who rush through door at the other end. Before heading through the door destroy the boards on the left side of the alley and pick up the submachine gun. Head through the door and get ready for the first boss battle. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boss Battle Kwong Fang ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When the battle starts take cover behind the last pillar to your right. Enemies will very rarely come out of the door to your left but it does happen Keep checking on the door every time you hear one is opened. The enemies will run into the open which leaves more than enough time to kill them before they even get a shot off. Every time you come out from cover you will start Tequila time which makes it even easier to kill the charging enemies. After you have killed enough of the bad guys Kwong Fang makes his appearance. Do not run up to Kwong because one melee hit with his rocket launcher kills you. The best strategy I found was to run into the kitchen and Kwong will stay in the doorway shooting rockets at you. Just run back and forth at a distance in front of the doorway. When he shoots a rocket move to one side or the other and begin shooting him. Also in this position if you continuously fire on Kwong it is possible to destroy his rockets before they get to you but it is a tough thing to do. Use the precision aim to shoot Kwong in the head which will dwindle his health very quickly. This spot is also great because there is a health pack on the far right wall if needed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B. Chapter 2 Tai O [CH2] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This chapter begins with a new enemy one with a sniper rifle. The important thing to do is not to stand still while facing off against these enemies. Head up the dock and you will encounter guys shooting at you from inside the building. Take cover at the corner of the building and pick off the guys one by one. After they are defeated you will be asked to Search and Destroy 9 Drug Tables. Head upstairs and into the building and make your way to the first drug table. There is a golden pistol in the corner of the room so pick it up and destroy the first drug table. With the wall destroyed you see the second drug table so dispose of that one too. Take cover by the doorway and take out the three guys shooting at you. Three more guys will rush into the room so grab a shotgun and take care of them. Make your way to the house with black smoke coming from it and proceed up the stairs. Shoot the poll to proceed to the roof. When on the roof shoot the yellow boards again to gain access to the house. Destroy the third and fourth drug tables inside and proceed to the next house. Kill the two men on the docks and then the men at the top of the stairs. Take the small set of stairs to the right into the next house. Destroy the fifth and sixth drug tables inside and head up the stairs to the next house. Destroy the remaining three drug tables and take care of the guys in the back of the house. There is a crane in the second room of the house so take it if needed. Take cover by the doorway in the next to last room and kill the guys as they rush across the newly lowered bridge. Grab the health pack in the next house and zip line down. Grab the crane from this house and continue around to the back of the house. Zip down to the next area and shoot the rocks to easily kill the enemies below. There is golden gun ammo on the wooden structure behind you so grab it and continue up the path. Kill the enemies inside the building then jump inside. Shoot the yellow poles to make your way across the water. Shoot down the supports holding up the bridge and continue on. Take cover then shoot down the rocks on the right side of the path to kill the next set of enemies. Take cover by the metal wall and take out the guy with the laser sighted gun. Head up the next set of stairs and grab the crane. Continue through the level until you arrive at what appears to be a small town. Here you will be prompted to find and destroy 16 Kane Drug tables. You will also unlock your next power, Barrage. Use your Barrage attack and make your way into the first house. Take out the guys inside and destroy the first three Drug tables in the next house. Head up the ramp and enter the house on the left. Destroy the boards blocking the path and grab the crane and health pack. Head out of this room and proceed up the pole into the next house. Shoot the yellow poles in order to make your way across. Kill the guy inside the first house and continue to the next. Stand by the doorway and wait for the enemies to rush you then kill them. Head inside and grab the health pack then destroy the next seven drug tables here. Kill the enemies shooting through the window and destroy the eleventh and twelfth drug tables inside this next room. Head upstairs and destroy one more drug table. There are two more drug tables on the roof so destroy them and continue on. Head to the final room on the top of the roof and destroy the final drug table but keep in mind there will be some resistance. When you destroy the final one the bridge will lower and enemies will rush you. Follow the path until you approach a wooden bridge with four yellow pole supports. At this point you should already know what to do but shoot them down and head up the newly formed path. You can destroy the drug tables here but I donÂ’t think it has any relevance for the mission only to cause destruction. Shoot through the boards and shoot down the yellow supports and zip over to your next objective. With the next group of enemies is one with the sniper rifle so be careful. Take him out first then concentrate on the rest of the group.Head around the back of the house and up the stairs then shoot the drug table inside the building to kill the enemies. Grab the crane and head down the path and get some unfortunate news. Shoot the tanks inside the house to blow up the entire thing. Continue down the path taking out the enemies as you go. During this next part you will need to destroy 10 more Golden Kane Drug Tables so get started. Drop down and head through the first house killing enemies along the way. Head up the set of stairs to the right and destroy the two buildings at the top and in the process destroying the first four drug tables. Head through the newly blown up house and go across the bridge to reach the next house. Blow it up just the same to destroy tables five and six. Head back down the stairs you came up and up the next set of stairs to the next house with black smoke. Destroy it like the others to mark off tables seven and eight. Zip line to the final house and destroy it like the others to finish off the mission and to reach the next checkpoint. Head up the stairs and zip over close to the ship. Enter the ship and head up the ramp to the top of the ship. You are in another stand off where you should know the routine by now. There are no shiny lights to bail you out so you have to be accurate. Now we are aboard the helicopter and this is not going to be easy. You are on the machine gun aboard the ship and basically all you have to do is aim for the yellow barrels and each enemy threat will be destroyed. After the checkpoint you will be stopped in front of a vessel where you have to kill all the enemies aboard. Some of the enemies some of the enemies use missiles so use Tequila time to take care of them. On the next tanker the missiles will come from three different places so listen for the missiles to launch then destroy them. On the next path destroy the fuel tank at the top to cause major damage to the enemy. As soon as this tanker is swept clean of enemies the next one is directly after. Three enemies at once are shooting rockets at you so use Tequila time to take them out. The camera will pan back to the right with three more rocket launching enemies. On the next tanker blow up the fuel tank and keep your eyes open for many enemy rockets. Again use Tequila time to take them all out. Overall this is not a very hard part of the game I managed to get through this my first time without being hit by any rockets so I do not think this should be a problem. One more group of enemies then you are rewarded with a checkpoint. Your next objective is to plant mines on the hulls of the large tankers. During this next part there are many enemies which spawn on these tankers. The good news is if you set the bomb then leave the boat to set it off you never have to kill anyone on board because they will die in the explosion. Head down the wooden platform and jump on the pole and head all the way up the stairs. Zip down to the other side and onto the tanker. Plant the first mine then exit the same way you came and watch the explosion. Zip across again and head along the path to the next tanker. Head down the stairs and plant the next mine. Move to the right onto the wooden platform and watch this one explode. Head around the backside of the mountain and pick up the heavy machine gun and continue on to the tanker in front of you. Plant the explosive then exit on the other side. Head up the platform and you should be right in front of the final tanker. Head to the back of the first floor of the tanker and set the mine. After the final explosion you will reach a checkpoint. After the cut scene you will be prompted to plant 14 c4 charges throughout the dock. Head up the ramp and shoot the yellow markers to plant the first three c4 charges. Head down the pole and plant the fourth charge. Destroy the yellow barriers to make the barrels fall and continue to the other side. Head up the ramp to the right and plant the fifth charge. Plant the sixth one on top of the shipping container. Head along the path and shoot the yellow marker and move to the right to plant the seventh charge. Blow up the barrel behind the pile of metal to knock down the next path and plant charges eight and nine here. Head across the metal bridge formed in the water to the other side. There will be four guys on the ship to the right so take them out then head to the other side. Take cover by the orange shipping container and take out the four enemies rushing you. Move towards the next charge location then back track to the same shipping container and take cover. There will be many enemies rushing you yet again so take them out. Plant the tenth and eleventh charge then head up the stairs. At the top of the stairs you will be greeted by a Sniper straight ahead. Take the path down to the ship and take cover by the shipping container. Kill the enemies here then plant the fourteenth charge. Again take cover here and wait for the next enemies to run at you. Take cover yet again at the end of the red shipping container and kill the Sniper. There is an abundance of enemies waiting for you around the next corner so be careful. Take cover behind the newly dropped shipping container and kill the attacking enemies. Plant the thirteenth charge then head up the stairs shoot the yellow marker on the bottom floor of the structure and blow up the container to lower a bridge. Head across the platform and plant the final charge to finish the level. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C. Chapter 3 The Mega Restaurant [CH3] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At the beginning of chapter three you need to place your two guitar cases at different points in order to go back to them later for ammo and health. I placed my first guitar case by the big lion statue and my second case on the opposite end by the stairs. Upon placing the cases you will unlock the spin attack. When you regain control stand by the staircase you placed the second case and wait for the enemies to approach you. The enemies cannot surround you so you stand the best chance to survive. Look slightly up the stairs in order to watch every possible way enemies can get to you. Use Tequila time in order to get the jump on enemies if you are feeling overwhelmed. Also if you stay by the guitar case you can get more ammo/health much easier. After a while you will get a cut scene and you will have to fight off more enemies. Use the same strategy as before and things should go smoothly. After another scene more of the same continue using the same strategy. These guys in the trench coats are much tougher than any of the other enemies so far so shoot them in the upper body to take them down. Before you kill the last enemy head to the opposite stair case and finish the battle there. You will see why in a minute. After you kill all the trench coat enemies you get a checkpoint. See why we moved away from the doorway. The easiest way to kill these enemies with the rocket launchers is to use your barrage attack or precision aim. If you do not have these attacks available simply move back and forth while shooting at these enemies from a distance. Kill the final trench coat enemy and you will reach another checkpoint. Take the elevator up and you will need to place your guitar cases on the ground again. I placed one right by the elevator and the other by the bar on the left side. There is a crane behind the left and right bar so pick them up and get ready for a firefight. Stand by the elevator and wait for these enemies to charge you. When they do use close range weapons like the shotgun or Submachine gun to take them down. Stand in the corner and wait for the enemies to approach you then pop out and strike them down quickly. Enemies will now begin coming down the stairs so use the same strategy as before. Keep battling these enemies until you are prompted to take the elevator up to the next floor. Before you leave grab the cranes by climbing up the dragons back then swinging onto the items hanging from the ceiling. Take the far elevator to the next floor. Head down the hallway and proceed to the doorway and look inside for something terribleÂ…well not really itÂ’s just a band playing music. Head into the room and into a standoff. Typical standoff here with no flashing points to exploit instead you have to rely on your skills. Some of the enemies have submachine guns so the bullets come out faster so be ready to dodge quickly. At the end of the standoff kill any enemies you did finish in the standoff. You are given a mission alert to protect the musicians and at least one must survive. There are health packs all over the place so do not worry about getting hit instead focus on killing the enemies. After the initial wave of enemies you will then be forced to kill some enemies in red suits. This part is very hectic. You want to continue running around the level killing all the enemies and praying the band does not get in the crossfire. The final three guys will come out of the elevator so take care of them and take the elevator up. Luckily I finished this area with one member left in the band so this was easily the toughest part of the game to this point. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boss Fight Lok ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This boss fight is against Lok who is wielding the heavy machine gun we picked up earlier. Hide behind the columns provided around the area but note the columns will break apart with his rapid firing. Be sure to move away from the column before it breaks up completely or you will take damage from the column falling. In between the second and third column on the right there is a place where LokÂ’s machine gun fire cannot hit you because it does not travel through the staircase. Stand here and fire on LokÂ’s head until he wants to give you a closer look at his toy and now moves around. When LokÂ’s health gets low enough he will begin throwing grenades. Keep running around until you are able to build up a Barrage attack then unload on him with your shotgun or submachine gun. It would be ideal to wait until the third cut scene before you use this attack because it will be interrupted by the cut scenes otherwise. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- D. Chapter 4 ZakarovÂ’s Penthouse [CH4] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After the scene take cover by the cement column and take care of the attacking enemies. Be sure to take out the snipers first because they can be a real annoyance. Make your way up the ramp picking up ammo as needed. At the top of the ramp head left more enemies will rush you so take care of them and head through the open door. Checkpoint Head up the stairs and you will be greeted by two guys coming down. Make your way up the stairs taking out guards as you go. When you reach the top one guy will rush out wielding a shotgun. Take cover and dispose of him. Grab the crane then head through the door he opened. You are now in a standoff so shoot the fire extinguishers to put and end to the enemies quickly. After the standoff take cover behind the closest column and take out the rushing enemies. There is a health pack on the wall to the right so use it as needed. There is another health pack on the far wall to the left. When you finish all the enemies in the garage you will automatically head to the elevator. As soon as you regain control take cover behind the statue in front of you and fire upon the enemies. Shoot at the flashing lights on the ceiling in order to disable the laser grid. Kill all the enemies that spawn here and continue to shoot through the glass wall on the left. There is a health pack on the wall just to the right of the glass wall grab it and head into the next room. Shoot the large structure in the middle of the room to knock it over and disable the laser grids. Shoot down all the lights in the next area to disable the laser grids. Also shoot down the metal holding the lights to gain access to a crane. Blast through the glass wall or climb over the top either way enemies will rush you. Again shoot down all the lights in the next room to disable the laser grids. Use a barrage attack to take care of the guy with the heavy machine gun on the helicopter then focus your attacks on the enemies behind the blockade. If you do not have a barrage attack take cover behind the bar and attack the enemies while taking cover. There are two health packs here so this should be no problem. Head into the next room and prepare to face another helicopter. Use the same strategy as before with a barrage attack. Be careful because the helicopter has machine guns mounted on the front so it will attack you also. Again if you do not have a barrage attack take cover behind the column with the fire extinguisher and take him out checkpoint. Head upstairs and take care of the enemies that just rushed in. Grab the two golden pistols and take cover by the doorway. The enemies will begin shooting up the place so let them. When they reveal their location take them out. Carefully make your way through the room making sure not to trip the laser grids and blow up the fire extinguisher at the end. Jump on the rail and over to the chandelier and swing across to the other side. Grab the first aid kit and enter the elevator to the next floor and prepare for the next boss battle. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boss Battle Vlad ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- During this battle all you are doing is chasing Vlad around this room. Head upstairs and take out the two body guards then focus your attacks on Vlad. When he begins to run follow him and continue to kill enemies and take off a little more health at a time. Take cover at the next point and continue the trend. As you run into the next area stay to the middle because Vlad will activate the laser grids which will kill you if you trip them. Continue your pursuit of Vlad until he is at the end of a laser grid hallway. Make your way through the laser grids timing your charge to when they are disabled. Grab the crane and health then continue pursuing Vlad and you will be in a standoff with his guards. Vlad then makes his escape onto a helicopter and trades his assault rifle for a rocket launcher. Collect all the cranes in this room because you will need them to take down this menace. Use the Precision aim to take down VladÂ’s health quickly. Aim for his head to do the most damage. After three or four hits Vlad will be dead and you will be finished with the level. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E. Chapter 5 Chicago History Museum [CH5] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As soon as the level begins take cover by the column and take out the four guys. Continue though the museum and take cover on the right side of the wall. Make your presence known then back out to the previous doorway and pick the guys off as they rush you. Head upstairs and take cover behind the wooden case and kill all the enemies that rush you checkpoint. Head through the newly opened door and take cover by the first aid pack. Head to the dinosaur exhibit and take cover by the entrance. Lots of enemies begin to spawn so take them out as they rush you. Head inside and upstairs and a large firefight breaks out. It seems like the enemies constantly respawn so try to take cover and pick them off without much trouble. Another approach would be to get you assault rifle out and just run and gun. I would not recommend this strategy because the enemy can overwhelm you at times. It may work because of all the health packs lying around but it is safer to take cover the best you can and take them out. Also upstairs there are grenades lying on the ground. Use these as much as possible because it is an easy way to take out the enemy. Eventually the doors will blow open and more guys will come in. Take them out then head through the newly opened door and down the hall up the stairs. Head into the next room and you will be in a standoff. After the standoff grab the grenades which are right in front of you and take out the guys on the roof. Grab the two golden guns here and head through the door and proceed down the stairs take out the guys behind the desk then continue on. Take cover at the next corner and kill the two guys waiting for you checkpoint. Use the golden guns on the guys who crash down from the ceiling. Take cover and take them out with one shot from the golden guns. Shoot the dinosaur bones once and climb up to get the crane. When there are no more enemies downstairs head upstairs and to the path behind you to take cover in the corner. Kill the enemies here and grab more grenades. After the checkpoint head to the far left door the last enemies came through and take cover at the last corner. Kill the rushing enemies and you will get another checkpoint. ItÂ’s funny how stupid these enemies actually are as they continuously rush you while all of their associates died trying the same thing. Anyway head up the stairs and to the end to get a cut scene and a boss battle. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boss Battle Damon ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When the battle starts Damon runs up stairs and starts shooting at you. Take out his guards and concentrate your fire on him. He will call for reinforcements every now and then so take them out as they approach you. A metal beam will fall from the ceiling enabling you to make your way up to Damon be careful though because he has a shot that can knock you off the beam. This shot can also knock you down so steer clear of him when he loads a different weapon. Use the precision aim with the shotgun to take large amounts of health from him. This is actually one of the easier boss battles in the game. His attacks do not do a lot of damage the only annoyance is the guards he calls in every now and then. After the battle run down the hall and follow it until you run directly into a standoff. After the standoff head back down the hall and take cover at the corner. Kill the enemies as they rush you then head to the other side and down the next hallway. In the next room the enemies come down from the ceiling again but this time they also use smoke grenades. Use a shotgun barrage attack to quickly dispose of these enemies as well to destroy the displays which will get in your way of future attacks. Grab the golden gun from the corner and take out the enemies as they rope through the glass ceiling. Head upstairs and to the other side and enemies will bust through the door and throw another smoke grenade. Use your shotgun barrage again to kill this threat easily. Head through the open door and make your way down the stairs killing enemies as you go. Take cover at the bottom of the stairs and kill the enemies rushing out. Grab the crane, grenades and health pack here then head down the hall. Continue taking cover as you make your way down the hallway. Enter the next room and prepare for a boss battle against Jerry ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boss Battle Jerry ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Take cover to start the battle and begin firing on Jerry. Use precision aim to hit him hard and to cause him to run away. Take care of the other enemies in this room then grab the cranes and finally head up the stairs after Jerry. Stay at the bottom of the stairs and let the enemies rush you. I used the submachine guns to take out the majority of the enemies. Head upstairs into the next room and use your precision attack to take Jerry down quickly. Jerry uses submachine guns in this fight so keep your distance. Barrage attacks do not work very well here because of all the artifacts that get in the way of hitting him. There are 3 cranes around the room so find them and use the precision aim to take him down once and for all. Jerry has a lot of moves similar to Tequila so he will jump and shoot at the same time. With the abundance of health packs and cranes around the level this battle should be no problem at all. E. Chapter 6 Slums of Kowloon [CH6] Start the level by heading through the open gate and behind the stairs to get the crane. Head up the stairs and enter the building dive to the other side and chase the person through the houses. Continue through the next set of houses and run into a standoff. After the stand off take the metal walkway to the other side. Make your way down the metal ramps and into the room at the bottom. Head through the alleyway and through the falling water. Move up the stairs and you will get a cut scene. Fall to the ground and take cover behind the shipping container. Hit the yellow marker above the enemies to lower barrels into position. After you shoot the barrels kill the two guys in the house and grab the crane and golden pistol from behind the wood fence. Kill the rushing enemies and the Sniper and move to the back of the house. Look to the right and take out the Sniper by the explosive barrel. The next area has a guy up high in the buildings shooting a rocket launcher at you. Take out the enemies here and more will blow through the wall. Take out the final two enemies and you will reach a much needed checkpoint. Head down the stairs and shoot through the door to get the crane. Take the path to the end and reach the next checkpoint. After a brief cut scene you are thrown into action. This next part is a bit tricky because there are so many enemies and nowhere to take cover. My advice is to use a barrage attack with your favorite weapon in order to take out as many guys as possible. As you make your way to through this firefight an enemy with a rocket launcher will meet you at the end. Take care of him as carefully as possible then head upstairs to exit and the end of the level. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 7 WongÂ’s Estate ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Take cover behind the rock and take care of the enemy with the rocket launcher first. Take out the enemies here and head to the right and up the stairs. At the top of the stairs take cover by the rock and take care of the Sniper. Head up to the house on the right side and take cover there. Take out all of the laser sighted enemies then focus on the other enemies as they rush you. Patiently shoot your way closer to the mansion and a helicopter will come in to take you down. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boss Battle Broadsword Helicopter ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Head back to the building on the left side of the courtyard and pick up the rocket launcher to stand a chance against this machine. The machine gun fire from this helicopter will cut you down quickly so take cover. You cannot stand in one place for too long or the cover will be destroyed however. The helicopter can also shoot missiles at you so be careful of this as well. Pick up a heavy machine gun the enemies most certainly dropped and use it to fire on the helicopter. The key to this fight is to continue moving no matter what. The helicopter will begin firing missiles more frequently the more damaged it is. It is possible to shoot these missiles out of the air but it makes it almost impossible to attack the helicopter when doing so. The best strategy I found was to shoot the helicopter with the two rockets in the rocket launcher then take cover in the far left or right corner by the rock. The rockets or the machine gun fire cannot reach you here and wait for the rocket launcher to respawn inside the original house. When it has done so pick up the rocket launcher and end this fight. When you gain control reequip your self and pick up the golden pistols from the right side of the stairs. In the far right corner is a crane. There is also a crane in the fountain in the middle of the room so pick them both up and head upstairs. Head inside the door and prepare for a battle. Take cover by the first column and use your golden pistols to easily take out the oncoming enemies. Wait for your Tequila gauge to refill then proceed to the up the stairs. Toss a grenade at the enemies rushing out of the door and kill them instantly. Head inside and watch the cut scene. After the cut scene you will be in the longest standoff so far. You will have more than one chance to shoot some of these enemies in the standoff. Regardless if you kill them all or not the standoff will end and hopefully there wonÂ’t be too big of a mess to clean up. When they are all dead you are thrown directly into a boss battle. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boss Battle Wong & Dapang ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As soon as the battle starts guys begin rushing you from the right. Take them out then grab some more golden pistol ammo and take out the next group coming right at you. After you kill the last guy Wong will attack with a sniper rifle. Use precision aim to shoot him and he will disappear. Enemies will begin rushing you so head back downstairs and grab some more golden pistol ammo to take them out. After they are dead head back upstairs and continue your fight with Wong. Stand behind the big dragon so Wong cannot hit you until it is destroyed and use Precision Aim to shoot him in the head. After each shot Wong will run and hide and the enemies will respawn again. Use the same strategy as before except this time when they are all dead Dapang finally joins the battle. He is holding two shotguns so you do not want to take him up close. Keep running away from Dapang and shooting the enemies as they rush at you. While backing away I continuously threw grenades at him and used my submachine guns to take care of the other enemies. There should be a steady supply of grenades sitting around so you should have no problems with this strategy. Using Barrage with the submachine guns is also an effective way of dealing with Dapang as well as the countless number of enemies who rush you. His shotgun blasts will do no damage to you while you are shooting him and his life drains fast. When your health gets low there are many health packs on the bottom floor so keep moving and heal as needed. After Dapang is dead concentrate on Wong by using Precision Aim attacks. There are cranes sitting all over the map but if you are having trouble charging your gauge take care of the constantly respawning enemies to charge it. After the final blow is dealt sit back and watch the ending and congratulations on a job well done. =============================================================================== 5. Legalities [LGL] =============================================================================== This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. E-mail: Copyright 2008 Joshua Fryer</p>