Manhunt 2 -------------------------------------------------- | NOTES | | | -------------------------------------------------- Hello readers.Today I am here to provide a walkthrough for Manhunt2.This is my first walkthrough so please mind any spelling errors or mistakes I might have made.Any questions regarding this game please fill free to email me at I will answer any questions you might have. --------------------------------------------------| CONTENTS | | | -------------------------------------------------- 1-0:Controls 1-1:Things to Know 1-2:Walkthrough-Awakening 1-3:WT-Ghosts 1-4:WT-Sexual Deviants 1-5:WT-Red Light 1-6:WT-Best Friends 1-7:WT-Safe House 1-8:WT-Bees Honey Pot 1-9:WT-Assassination 2-0:WT-Most Wanted 2-1:WT-Ritual Cleansing 2-2:WT-Origins 2-3:WT-Broadcast Interupted 2-4:WT-Altered State 2-5:WT-Domestic Disturbance 2-6:WT-Personality Clash 2-7:WT-Release Therapy -----------------1-0 Controls--------------------- In this section i will walk you through the basic controls you will need to get you through the game. X-Run/Sprint Square-Attack O-Climb/Action/Pick up body Triangle-N/A L1-Lock on to enemy L2+R2-Quick turn around R1-Execute/Attack/Shoot Left/Right Dpad-Switch weapons Up-Reload L3-Look behind -----------------1-1 Things to know--------------- Executions: White=Hasty,Yellow=Violent,Red=Gruesome Thanks to the filters it is sometimes harder to tell what color your execution level is. Game can get confused between actions you are trying to perform during gameplay so pay attention to your surroundings. Relive episode option is available on the main menu after you have succesfuly completed the game. After game completion the bonus level Release Therapy becomes available in the relive episode menu for play. ------------1-2 Awakening------------------------- When the level loads up Leo tells you to sneak past the 3 Crazies that are in their cells.This part isnt that important.Depending on how good you sneak past you either get a positive response or negative response from Leo.Now walk down the hall where the guy hung himself in his cell.Pick up the syringe in the next area and walk up to the Asylum guard.Take your pick of what execution you want to perform on him.Walk through the gate and up the 2 sets of stairs.When the crazy guy shows up do as Leo tells you and kick his ass.If he hurts you walk into the room on the left and pick up the painkillers and the syringe.Walk through the gate and after the cutscene hide in the shadows and hit a wall to get the guards attention.The guard will walk out of his station and stand in between the gate you just came in through.Attack him then or follow him as he walks down the hall.After you have executed him go into his station.Pick up the pen and hit the button on the wall.Run through the newly opened gate and hit the button on the wall next to the elevator.When you enter the room with the elevators a crazy will run past you but dont bother running after him he just kills himself on a wall anyways.Go in the elevator and press the button to make it go up.When the elevator opens again climb over the ledge and pick up the pen from the dead body unless you already had one.Go through the door and trigger the cutscene.Run into the nearby shadows and wait for the guard to run past you.Follow him down the hall and execute him.Run into the room that the crazy guy ran into during the previous cutscene.Pick up the pen and exit the room and run down the hall until you get to the locked door with the button next to it.Press the button and run into the open door and hide in the shadows.Make some noise and get the guard to come investigate.Wait for him to loose interest and follow him then perform your execution.Walk down the stairs and wait for the crazy to run out of the room.Get his attention and run back up the stairs and hide.Wait for him to run past you then execute him.Walk back down the stairs and close all the doors down there by pressing the buttons next to the doors.Once you close all of them a cutscene will trigger showing a gate open.Grab the nearby syringe and exit the room through the newly opened gate.When you get to the double doors use the windows on the doors to watch the patrolling guard leave the area.Walk through the doors and execute the guy at the monitors.Grab the pen and hide in the shadows.Wait for the patrolling guard to come back down the stairs,turn around and start to head back to the stairs.Execute him and head up the stairs.If you dont already have a weapon search the lockers for one.Go through the double doors at the top of the stairs.Trigger the cutscene and walk back out of the room.Make some noise to attract the guard.Hide in the shadows and wait for your chance to execute him.Walk back into the room and break the glass and jump out the window.After the cutscene showing the truck study the two patrolling guards routes and wait for a chance to get one alone and execute.Follow the last one and execute him then run to the truck to end level. -------------------1-3 Ghosts--------------------- When the level starts stay in the shadows and press the appropriate buttons as the watchdog investigates the shadows.Wait for the watchdog to leave and cross the room and grab the plastic bag.Retreat into the shadows and make noise to make the watchdog come back.As he looses interest sneak up behind and perform the execution.Run down the alleys until a cutscene shows another watchdog heading your way.Jump over the wall and hide in the shadows.Wait until the watchdog cant see you and leave the small area into the next nearby shadows.The watchdog will walk past you then turn around and walk back up to the wall you previously jumped over.Sneak up behind him and execute him.Grabs his crowbar and advance down the alleys.Crawl under the fence and then climb over the dumpster and wall and into the backyard.A cutscene will show an exterior view of the old Lamb Residence.Use the crowbar on the chain and lock and enter the house.Strange flashbacks appear in certain sections of the house.If you scare easily by stuff like that then try to avoid exploration of the house.Search the place like you normally would until you find the drug.Once you find it a cutscene will trigger and Leo will tell you to look in the bathroom for a syringe.Try to get to the shadows as quick as you can because a few watchdogs are entering the house.One of them will enter the basement and the other will stay upstairs.Kill the one downstairs and lure the next watchdog down stairs.Execute him then go up stairs to the second floor.Upon entering one room a watchdog will burst in through the window.Either kick the guys ass or take to the shadows and lure him in for the execution.Climb out the window that the watchdog just shattered and stay on the porch roof and walk to the next window.Break it and enter the bathroom.Grab the syringe and climb back out the window.A cutscene will show a watchdog approaching the house.After learning how to do a jumping execution from the roof perform it on the watchdog.Now enter the house to end the level. ----------------1-4 Sexual Deviants--------------- Once the level starts grab the brick and break the window.Climb into the club and wait for the cutscene that shows one pervert entering the bathroom.Use the environmental execution and leave the bathroom.A cutscene will show a a girl dancing like a maniac and Leo will tell you they cant hear you with all the music playing.Run to the end of the hall and hide in the shadows.Another cutscene will show the bartender open a door by standing on a pressure pad and the dancer will leave.The club is now shutting down.Wait for the first pervert to walk past you then execute him.Grab the next glass shard in the shadows near you.Hide the body if you want to.Attract another guards attention.When he has his back turned to you execute him.Run back to the bathroom and grab the syringe from in there.Get the bartender or perverts attention and execute him.Go into the oepn area and grab the chained baseball bat.Pick up a body and lay it down on the pressure pad.When the door opens climb up on stage.A flashback will trigger and Danny will remember who he is looking for.Execute the pervert standing at the counter and walk down to the double doors.Walk through them and trigger the cutscene that shows a pervert telling the other perverts to enter the dungeon.DO NOT ENTER THE DANCE AREA!!Make some noise and get one guard to come investigate.Run back to the counter area and make noise along the way.Hide in the shadows and wait for the pervert to investigate.Execute him.Make more noise and get the next pervert to come investigate.Execute him as well.Run into the dance area and into the area on the right.Run up the stairs and break the glass to get the axe.Hide in the nearby shadows and wait for the pervert to come investigate.Execute him and if the execution does involve his head being chopped off then cut it off.Go back downstairs and go through the door thats open on the stage.Equip the head and walk up to the next door.Press O to show the head to the pervert and the pervert will open the door.Sneak up behind him and execute.Walk to the stairs in the next room and trigger the cutscene.Wait for the first perver to enter the hallway.Walk up behind him and execute.Run into the room with the open door and run up to the glass.If the guy doesnt shatter it then you should.Attack the guy as much as you can while he is behind the broken mirror.Back up a little and wait for him to climb over the ledge.While the guy is climbing over attack him until he dies.Jump the ledge and read the note.You have to open all the doors so you can advance through the locked door.Open the next door and kill the pervert who is torturing the guy in the next room.Run through the open door into the next area.Open the door and perform the next environmental execution.Leave the torture room and go to the next one.The wont open so go into the third room.Wait for the pervert to walk away from you and shove him in the Iron Maiden.Break the window and jump over the ledge.Walk through the door and press the button in the next room.The button will open the locked door.Now go back through the window and walk to the previously locked door.Open it and and perform the next environmental execution.Once all doors are open a cutscene will show a door open.Run to that door and enter it to end the level. ------------------1-5 Red Light------------------- As the level begins run all the way to the end of the street.Take note of Leo's advice about the lights.At the end of the street there is a shovel floating around.Grab the shovel and hide in the shadow being casted by the truck.A cutscene will trigger introducing a new gang called the kings.After the cutscene ends lure one king to you and execute.Lure the next one and let him see the dead body so you have a couple of seconds to sneak up behind him.Grab the pliars that one king drops and use them on the fence.Stay to the right in this next area walk to narrow area.A cutscene will show 2 kings coming out of a doorway.Hide in the shadows right next to the sewer environmental execution.Make noise and one king should come stand next to the sewer.Take him out there and lure the next one in.The environemental execution wont be available anymore so go head and execute him as you normally would.Run into the door where the kings came from.Walk down the stairs and hug the wall right next to the open doorway.Make some noise and lead the king towards you.When he is almost right in the doorway have you shovel equipped so you can swing out and instantly kill him in one hit.Go into the next area where you have to climb on some objects.Walk onto the shadowy balcony and watch the cutscene with the two cops.Wait for one cop to walk under the balcony and perform a jump execution.Hide in the shadows and wait for the next cop to come by and either use the environmental or regular execution. Walk to the door of the pornography shop and enter it.A watchdog is in there waiting for you.Run out of the shop and hide in a shadow.Wait for the watchdog to loose interest and execute him.Run into the shop and hop over the counter.The pervert will run like a bitch to get away from you.Chase him and attack him.Im pretty sure he doesnt fight back so no worries here.Go back into the shop and go behind the counter again.Enter the door and climb the stairs.Watchdogs are in pursuit so run like hell.When you get to the open door run across the wooden plank.A cutscene will show the plank fall down and some watchdogs with revolvers spot you.Run up the stairs and avoid the bullets to the best of your ability.At the top of the stairs there is a mising wall that you have to fall through.Run through the new area to a brown door to trigger a cutscene that ends the level. ----------------1-6 Best Friends------------------ First off this is not one of my favorite levels.I am going to try to explain as quick as i can.When the level starts stay following the blue points on your radar until you get to an area that shows a cutscene of Micheal shooting at you then running away just to get caught my some of the Mercenaries.There is a door to the right of the double doors that Micheal exited out of the building.Run in there quick and find the sickle.When the Mercenaries run in to look for you lure them in one by one to execute them.There are environmental executions but trying to use them will give away your position.USE THEM AT YOUR OWN RISK!After killing the Mercs one of them should drop a pistol.Go through the double doors that Micheal exited through earlier.There is another set of double doors.This part could decided whether you pass the level or have to restart.Run through the double doors and target the Merc holding Micheal hostage.Blow the mercs brains out leaving Micheal to once again run.Follow him until another cutscene shows Micheal run through a door on top of some stairs and some Mercs being dropped off by helicopter.Dont bother running to the door Micheal went through its locked.Hide in the shadows and wait for the Mercs to run up.Pick them off one by one.After killing them all run to the left and there is an alley.Run up the alley.Another cutscene should start but its not that important.Kill all the guys in this new area and stay advancing.Go through the single door at the end of the open area.When you get through the door hide behind the the structure protruding from the ground.Pop up from behind the metal object to stay shooting the Mercs that run through the next door.After killing them run through the door they come out from.A guy will jump out from behind a pillar so be prepared to take him out quick.Pick up the body and put it on the weigher.A note will appear at the top of the screen.Go to the controls for the machine and turn it on.The conveyor belt will take the body away.Climb up the conveyor belt and follow the blue mark on your radar.A cutscene will show Micheal shooting a flare at you.Follow him and use the rolls of hay as cover.TAKE CAUTION AS IF YOU ARE DIRECTLY HIT BY A FLARE IT WILL KILL YOU!Stay following him and unloading round after round on him.There are 2 sections to follow him through.On the third one stay hugging the wall to your right.Pop out quick and let him shoot.After he shoots pop out again and finish him off.A cutscene will show a helicopter closing in on you. Jump over the ledge and run like hell.When you run down the stairs stya to the right.Run up the hall towards a door.A Merc will run out of the door so kill him.Dont go through the door.On the right there is a conveyor belt you have to crawl on.While on the conveyor belt look at your surroundings.You should be familiar with them.Kill all the mercs and jump off the conveyor belt.Retrace your steps from the beginning of the level.Once you get outside to some stairs there are Mercs on the ground.Kill them.Run back to the boat and end the level. -----------------1-7 Safe House------------------- Ok i will continue this walkthrough later seeing as i am getting tired of all this typing.Check back soon.</p>