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ALERT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! © 2007 Crytek. All Rights Reserved. Crytek, Crysis and CryENGINE are trademarks or registered trademarks of Crytek. Electronic Arts, EA, and the EA logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. This document is © Justin Ang, 2007. CRYSIS CRYSIS CRYSIS CRYSIS CRYSIS CRYSIS CRYSIS C R R Y Author: Justin Ang Y S S I I S Version: 1.13 S C C R R Y E-mail Address: fieryspirited1@hotmail.com Y S S I I S CRYSIS CRYSIS CRYSIS CRYSIS CRYSIS CRYSIS CRYSIS /------------------------------------------------------------------------\ ( A: Introduction [secta] ) \------------------------------------------------------------------------/ Suit up and keep this guide handy for your playthrough of EA and Crytek's CRYSIS. Crysis puts you into the place of 1st Lt. Jake Dunn, codename Nomad of U.S. Special Forces, Raptor Team. Your unit is sent to the Lingshan Islands in the South China Sea on a search and rescue mission. However, the moment you leap out of the plane, you realise something down there isn't right... We'll get on with the comprehensive guide soon, but first... 1. About me ============ My name is Justin Ang and I'm from Singapore. My hobbies include: Gaming, Surfing the Net, playing online and offline games, playing my NDS, PSP and Wii. I'm hoping to get an Xbox 360 sometime, Halo 3 is just too fun to pass up! This is my fourth guide (I think). If you want to check out my other guides, scroll down to the bottom of this guide. Anyway, let's go on! 2. E-mailing Rules =================== 1. Do not e-mail me asking silly questions or irrelevant things, because, chances are that your questions are answered in the guide. 2. If you have anything to say, comment, criticize or contribute anything at all, you can e-mail me then. Full credit will be given of course. 3. If you put the subject as 'Crysis Question' there is a better chance that I will respond to you. 4. Any rude comments in the mail will be instantly deleted. Ok? 5. That's it... /-------------------------------------------------------------------------\ ( B: Legal Crap [sectb] ) \-------------------------------------------------------------------------/ This FAQ was solely intended for the public use. It cannot be reproduced, retransmitted, or re-written in any other form except by the notice of the author. Any violation of this code will result in strict penalty and high fines susceptible by law. If this legal document is portrayed in any commercial use, you are therefore restricting under the code of law- and will be punished. In full contrast, this document is to be used and only used by the public itself and cannot be sold. 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This FAQ is in no way possible to be plagiarized, doing so not only damages the person you had intentionally forged, but it also damages yourself in terms of self-guilt or in terms of law, whether the punishment be civil or criminal law. To put it at best, DON'T DO ANYTHING WITH THIS OR ANYTHING INVOLVING PUBLISHING THIS FAQ WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! YOU ARE ONLY ALLOWED TO PRINT OR SAVE ONE (1) AND ONLY ONE (1) COPY. Sheesh, legal mumbo jumbo sucks. /------------------------------------------------------------------------\ ( C: Table of Contents [sectc] ) \------------------------------------------------------------------------/ To quickly jump to a section, press Ctrl+F and enter in the 5 character code beside it in the [] brackets. For instance, if you wanted to jump to the walkthrough, you would enter "secte". ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- A: Introduction......................................................[secta] 1. About me 2. E-mailing Rules B: Legal Crap........................................................[sectb] C: Table of Contents.................................................[sectc] 1. Guide History 2. Guide Permissions D: Game Basics.......................................................[sectd] 1. Controls 2. Your Nanosuit E: Walkthrough.......................................................[secte] 1. Contact........................................................[crys1] 1.1 Divided We Fall.............................................[1divd] 1.2 First Light.................................................[1firl] 1.3 The Lusca's Call............................................[1lusc] 2. Recovery.......................................................[crys2] 2.1 Trespass....................................................[2tres] 2.2 Crossings...................................................[2cros] 3. Relic..........................................................[crys3] 3.1 Left Behind.................................................[3lefb] 3.2 Departure...................................................[3dept] 4. Assault........................................................[crys4] 4.1 Bradley.....................................................[4brad] 4.2 Incursion...................................................[4incu] 4.3 Calvary.....................................................[4calv] 5. Onslaught......................................................[crys5] 5.1 Team Idaho..................................................[5idah] 5.2 Phase Line Alpha............................................[5phla] 6. Awakening......................................................[crys6] 6.1 Tremors.....................................................[6trem] 6.2 Descent.....................................................[6desc] 6.3 Guardian....................................................[6guar] -> Boss Fight: General Kyong...................................[wimpy] 7. Core...........................................................[crys7] 7.1 Laws of Nature..............................................[7laws] 7.2 Abyss.......................................................[7abys] 7.3 Legion......................................................[7legi] 8. Paradise Lost..................................................[crys8] 8.1 Frozen......................................................[8froz] 8.2 Passage.....................................................[8pasg] 9. Exodus.........................................................[crys9] 9.1 Stronghold..................................................[9stro] 9.2 Hunter......................................................[9hunt] 9.3 Strickland's Order..........................................[9stri] 10. Ascension......................................................[cry10] 10.1 Turbulence..................................................[10tur] 11. Reckoning......................................................[cry11] 11.1 Good Intentions.............................................[11int] 11.2 To Hell and Back............................................[11hel] 11.3 Last Stand..................................................[11las] -> Boss Fight: Alien Exosuit...................................[exosu] -> Final Boss Fight: The Warship...............................[zomgs] F: Tips and Tricks...................................................[sectf] 1. General Tips 2. Cheat Codes G: Emailed Questions.................................................[sectg] H: Last Words........................................................[secth] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Guide History ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ver 0.1 - 18/12/07 - Completed walthrough up to the beginning of Chapter 3. Ver 1.0 - 19/12/07 - Guide complete, submitted to GameFAQs. Ver 1.1 - 19/12/07 - Made some revisions, more spelling errors slayed. Added the ASCII art logo. Discovered a description error, now fixed. Ver 1.11- 20/12/07 - Added two new websites to "Guide Permissions" Ver 1.12- 20/12/07 - Added one more site to "Guide Permissions" Ver 1.13- 21/12/07 - GamesRadar and Cheat planet offered to host this guide! I am deeply honored to be hosted there. Thanks! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Guide Permisions ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The latest version of this guide can always be found at: www.gamefaqs.com The websites permitted to host this guide are: GameFAQs www.gamefaqs.com CheatCodeCentral www.cheatcc.com Game Revolution www.gamerevolution.com The Gamers' Temple www.gamerstemple.com GamesRadar www.gamesradar.com Cheat Planet www.cheatplanet.com Email me if you wish to post this guide on your own website. Include your website name and address for listing here. /-------------------------------------------------------------------------\ ( D. Game Basics [sectd] ) \-------------------------------------------------------------------------/ 1. Controls =========== OK, here are the default controls. There is a load of controls you can use, so I'm dividing it up into sections. You can also view these controls in game by clicking on Options > Mouse and Keyboard Setup. Look/Move `````````` Forward: W Backward: S Strafe Left/Strafe Right: A/D Lean Left/Right: Q/E Stand up/Jump: Spacebar Sprint: Left Shift + W Crouch: Left Ctrl Prone: Z Night Vision: I Weapons ```````` Shoot: Mouse 1 Zoom/Alt Fire/View Mode: Mouse 2 Fire Mode: X Reload: R Drop Weapon: J Binoculars: B Weapon Customisation Menu: C Next/Previous Weapon: Scroll mouse wheel Melee: T Grenade: G Toggle Grenades: H Interaction ```````````` Use: F Quick Save: F5 (you might rely on this one often) Quick Load: F8 Access Nanosuit Controls: Hold Down Mouse Wheel Map: M Objectives: Tab Pause Menu: Esc Vehicles ````````` Switch Seats: 1,2,3 Toggle View: F1 Zoom: Scroll Mouse Wheel Horn: H Lights: L Primary/Secondary Weapons: Mouse 1/Mouse 2 Accelerate: W Decelerate: S Turn Left/Right: A/D Brake: Spacebar Boost: Left Shift Hell, that's alot of controls. All keys are rebindable to suit yourself. The game is compatible with an Xbox 360 controller, but hell I'm not going through the controls. :P 2. Your Nanosuit ================= Your Suit has 4 different modes. Use them to survive in the field. Armor ------ Icon: Shield Your suit's default and best mode. It will fully absorb damage for you until its 100 points of charge is depleted. Then you start to lose health. The sheilds will regenerate over time, so will your health. Speed ------ Icon: >>> Use this mode to run. Fast. Your suit's energy will drain rapidly if you sprint while in this mode, but it gets you around very fast. Strength --------- Icon: Fist You will be able to carry heavier objects and punch harder. This mode also steadies your hands when sniping, so use it. It also lets you jump higher, but comes at a cost of suit energy. Cloak ------ Icon: Silhouette This mode is the next most used. It effectively hides you from enemy view for as long as your suit's energy can last. When moving, energy is depleted fast, so keep an eye on that counter. If you find yourself ambushed by a patrol that you didn't detect, switching to Stealth allows you to put enough distance between you and the patrol, giving you a second chance to kill them undetected. Just remember, shooting a weapon or attacking with a melee attack pulls you out of stealth. The last one (a rifle icon) is just to access the Weapon Modification View (alternatively, press C to open it). /-------------------------------------------------------------------------\ ( E. Walkthrough [secte] ) \-------------------------------------------------------------------------/ Okay, before I begin the walkthrough, let me give another alert: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALERT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This guide contains a liberal amount of SPOILERS. DO NOT read this if you hate those nasty things. You have been forewarned!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALERT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, got it? Now read... _______________________________________________________________________ //Chapter 1: Contact // [crys1] \\ \\__________________________________________________________\\_________// _____________________________________________________ //Part 1.1 Divided We Fall // CONTACT // [1divd] \\ \\_________________________\\___________\\___________// Firstly, you are fed some backstory. A research team has discovered *something* on Lingshan Island out in the South China Sea. A week later you and your team are sent to conduct a search and reacuse operation of the arcaeological team. The island is crawling with Korean People's Army (hereon known in this guide as KPA) soldiers. You start off in a plane above the sea. Soon, the pilot gives the green light and you leap out into the night. ______________________________ //!! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Land at the LZ > \\____________________________// While you're falling, you will be introduced to some game controls. Keep looking to your left, you'll spot something flying towards you and crash! Having lost your suit's functionalities and your parachute, you eventually crashland onto the beach. Use your compass (above your minimap) to head southeast onto the beach. Prophet recalibrates your suit and gives you your next objective. ______________________________ //!! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Rendezvous with Jester > \\____________________________// Follow the green marker on your minimap. You'll be introduced to more controls. Press C when prompted to. Equip your silencer. As you proceed, Prophet will inform you that there is an enemy nearby. He's on the ledge to your right. Aim and take him out silently. Ahead, two more KPA wait near the signal flare. Kill em. Loot the bodies for ammo and a new weapon, the FY71. Ammo for this rifle comes easy, so it may be wise to hang onto it. Continue southeast to your objective. The minimap's green arrow should lead you on. Once you reach a cliff, Jester will hail you and jump down to meet you. Soon, some comms come through from another of your teammates, Aztec. Prophet tells you to find him ASAP. So go on. ______________________________ //!! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Locate Aztec > \\____________________________// Switch your suit to Speed Mode. Follow Jester through the trees, or just speed on ahead of him and follow your objective marker. Soon you'll reach a clearing and a cutscene begins. Dammit, Aztec's been killed. Something got him, along with 4 KPA patrols. Prophet vaporises the body remotely and tells you to move on. Before you do, pick up the SCAR ammo near the blood pool on the ground. Reload, and move on. ______________________________ //!! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Get to the Landing Zone > \\____________________________// Proceed on southeast towards the LZ. You will find yourself in a valley with 2 Koreans. Stick to the walls or lay low in the undergrowth in cloak mode. Dispatch the patrol and move on. As you proceed to the ridge a new part of the chapter begins. _________________________________________________ //Part 1.2 First Light // CONTACT // [1firl] \\ \\_____________________\\___________\\___________// As you walk out onto the ledge, you will get a new objective. ________________________________________ //!! NEW SECONDARY OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Disable the GPS Jamming Device > \\______________________________________// To see something amusing, quickly press 'B' after the two black bars indicating the section title (First Light) disappears. Zoom in on the dock. A KPA soldier will walk out on it and pee into the harbour. You just spied on someone taking a leak. ^_^ However, this has a purpose. As you focus on enemies, your binocs will 'tag' them. This means that their location will be permanently displayed on your minimap and tactical map. It can track vehicles as well. This is highly useful, as you'll know when enemies are coming after you. The binocs have anpother function that will be described later in-guide. For now, head down the ridge. I recommend going prone and sniping the KPA from afar. Do so quietly as loud firing will attract the attention of the extremely painful minigun aboard the assault boat out in the bay. If you accidentally raise an alarm, deal with the enemies on land quickly, and find some cover from the boat. A jeep will also drive out towards you so be advised. Once the area is secure, head to the jammer and press F near the control panels to disable it. Alternatively, blow up the jammer. Once the device is dealt with, proceed towards your green arrow objective. You may commandeer a boat to get there or drive an enemy jeep. Or walk. Either ways, you'll be faced with a bunch of enemies. Just kill them or find some cover and go stealth to shake em off you. As you get closer to the objective, you will get a new one: ________________________________________________ // !! NEW SECONDARY OBJECTIVE DETECTED !! \\ < Investigate the North Korean Command Post > (Optional) \\______________________________________________// Read on if you wish to complete this objective. Else, press Ctrl+F and enter this code to skip this section entirely: [skip1] Head northeast along the shoreline of the island. Remember to go stealth when you're nearing the objective. The KPA here are almost impossible to sneak by, so de-equip your silencer and go out guns blazing. There are several targets to watch out for (I counted 7), so be alert. once the area is secure, explore around for some ammo and frag grenades. Switch out your SCAR for a new weapon: the Shotgun. Reload and enter the green Korean trailer. Press F near the laptop and you will complete this objective. Loot all the ammo you can find in there and get out. ====== End of Optional Section [skip1] ====== Proceed southwest towards the green objective carefully. There will be a smal encampment with tons of KPA. Equip a silencer and use the FY71 to snipe. Be sure to find a good snipe spot first though. The jeeps can be taken down in 1 go by shooting at their external gas tanks. But keep in mind that by exploding the vehicles, you will get tons of KPA on you wondering why you blew up their stuff. You can go in and shoot them to bits with the shotgun or do a hit and run: go in, kill, then run back out and kill any that follow. Rinse and repeat. When the area is clear, go south towards the LZ. Prophet will soon radio in to tell you that they ran into a KPA checkpoint. Sure enough, you'll soon see a roadblock with 3 koreans. Toss in a grenade and shoot any survivors. Once the roadblock is down, head in and turn left. Your objective marker will have changed locations, so follow it. Head on east to the new objective. ______________________________________________________ //Part 1.3 The Lusca's Call // CONTACT // [1lusc] \\ \\__________________________\\___________\\___________// Switch to strength mode and jump up the series of rock ledges. Follow the fairly linear path towards your objective. A cutscene then initiates when you reach the location. A ship somehow got stuck right in the middle of the island, and frozen solid to boot. Must have been one heckuva snowstorm. After a bit more yakkity yak, an alien will bust through the side of the ship and grab Jester. ______________________________ //!! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Find Jester > \\____________________________// Once you regain control of Nomad, run forward to the objective marker. You'll see the alien ahead opening a can of whoop ass on some koreans. Follow the marker for a bit more until you reach a high ledge, which is the chapter's end point. How's that for an explosive beginning to the game? _______________________________________________________________________ //Chapter 2: Recovery // [crys2] \\ \\__________________________________________________________\\_________// _______________________________________________ //Part 2.1 Trespass // RECOVERY // [2tres] \\ \\__________________\\____________\\___________// Whew. Barely 2 hours into the game and you've lost two member of your squad. This ain't good, and Prophet shares this feeling too. After he vaporises Jester's body, you can begin the mission. You may like to pick up the SCAR near his body, but I wouldn't if I were you, the SCAR isn't the best weapon you'd like to be fighting with. ______________________________________ // !! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !! \\ < Capture the Communications Trailer > \\____________________________________// Follow Prophet and Psycho down to a Korean comms trailer. The enitre encampment has been taken down by the monster: no soldiers are alive to be killed by you. whatever that thing was, it sure is a tough nut. Prophet will access the Korean radio channels and give you and Psycho a new mission: __________________________________ // !! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !! \\ < Find the hostage in the village > \\________________________________// Psycho goes out on his own path to the village, so once again you're left playing the lone wolf. Switch to armor mode if you're not using it currently. You can either walk there or drive, but I chose drive. Go east down the road. An enemy jeep will drive up along the road and meet you. Use the onboard gun to take them out. If you're playing on Easy or Normal, you can fire from the driver's seat. In Hard or Delta, you must press 2 to switch to the gunner's seat and shoot from there. Proceed on to the village. You will encounter a fork in the road. One is the main road leading into the village, the other a dirt road leading away. Proceed up the dirt road for a bit. ________________________________________________ // !! NEW SECONDARY OBJECTIVE DETECTED !! \\ < Access the North Korean Tactical Network > \\______________________________________________// Once you get the objective, abandon the car and go stealth to proceed. Psycho will radio in to tell you he's there and looking for a good place to provide support. Don't get your hopes up, his "support" is non existant. Head in and follow the marker. Keep up your stealth sneak. You can choose to kill the koreans as you move from house to house (about 10 to 15 koreans in all) or sneak in the whole way. I managed to get right into the objective building on Normal by sneaking. Once you're in, you'll have no choice but to dispatch a few koreans. Make sure the silencer's attached, you dont want a swarm of KPA on you. This building contains the sniper scope attachment, just pick up a rifle with the scope on it to acquire it. Access the laptop on the second floor of the building and your objective will change locations. Head east out of the building and find a good sniping spot. Take out some soldiers on top of the school building, they have machine gun nests up there so watch out. Enter the first floor of the school. silently kill any guards that appear. Search the first floor and you'll find a room full of weaponry. Stock up on ammo and pick up a missile launcher. Remember where this room is, you'll need to return to it later. Proceed quietly up the stairs to the second floor. You'll hear a korean arguing with a hostage as you go upstairs. From the stairwell on the second floor, head right and proceed down the corridor to the last door on your left. Press F on the door to initiate a cutscene. Psycho busts in and slays the korean, and then frees the hostage. You learn that the koreans are holding Dr. Rosenthal at the excavation site. Just as you're about to evac, two tanks show up and spoil the fun. ______________________________ //!! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Destroy the KPA Tanks > \\____________________________// Psycho passes on the task to destroy the tank (lazy pig) and hands it to you. Go up onto the roof of the school and take out the missile launcher. Face the green dots on your map; that's where the tanks are. Fire all 3 rounds of the launcher at the tank. Each tank needs 3 rockets to blow up. Go down and get a second launcher and kill the remaining tank. Obviously your blowing up tanks will attract korean attention, so be sure to have your guns firing as you complete this objective. ______________________________ //!! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Get to the rendezvous point > \\____________________________// Once the tanks are dead, grab another launcher (for later) and get the hell outta there. Follow the objective marker and run run run! When you near the waterfall, a new part of the chapter begins. ________________________________________________ //Part 2.2 Crossings // RECOVERY // [2cros] \\ \\___________________\\____________\\___________// Use strength mode to climb up the rocks beside the waterfall. Once you are clear of the waterfall, a new objective drops in: ______________________________ //!! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Head to Prophet's location > \\____________________________// There are scattered enemy patrols in this area so be advised. Keep the silencer on as you kill or go stealth ans sneak by them. Prophet will keep updating you with enemy positions as you move. I advise folowing the river if you want to sneak. While moving up the river, you will encounter some partols walking along inside the water. Just cloak yourself and DON'T MOVE. Wait till they pass then crawl forward slowly away. When you're at a safe distance, run. Prophet will radio in again when you near the objective. __________________________________ // !! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !! \\ < Head upriver to the cave system > \\________________________________// Damn, can't this guy make up his mind? Move southeast to your new objective marker. Keep near the river at all times. You may choose to go on the high ground but make sure you follow the river's path. You will encounter more guards. Kill them from a distance; prophet will tell you before you encounter patrols. Enemy snipers are on the left bank off the river, two of them. Take them out silently too. After you kill them, cross to their location. Proceed onwards. There will be about 9-10 more guards en route to the objective, so use the cover or kill them quietly. Keep moving southeast until you see Prophet. Follow him into the caves to end the chapter. _______________________________________________________________________ //Chapter 3: Relic // [crys3] \\ \\__________________________________________________________\\_________// _______________________________________________ //Part 3.1 Left Behind // RELIC // [3lefb] \\ \\_____________________\\_________\\___________// The chapter begins with a cutscene. The alien bursts in on you and grabs Prophet. Wow. the mission has really gone FUBAR. Once you regain control of Nomad, Major Strickland will assume command of your mission and gives you a new objective: __________________________________________________ // !! NEW SECONDARY OBJECTIVE DETECTED !! \\ < Disable the North Korean GPS Jamming Station > \\________________________________________________// Keep heading southwest of your position. You'll soon come across a path overlookinga KPA guard post. You can go cloak at this time and use your binocs to tag the enemies and vehicles in the post before you go in. Screw on that silencer and take down all you can see from this position. Move slowly around to the northwestern perimeter of the base, killing koreans as you go. You need to soften up resistance in this village so sniping the KPA now is critical. When you think you've felled a lot of koreans, move into the village. You may choose to scramble a korean jeep to get in, and use it to kill the remaining bastards, or just sneak in by going stealth and crawling in. It's your call. If you run into any trouble, always good to have that gun with you firing. Find the GPS device and press F near the control panels. The device is the same one as the jammer you disable earlier in "Contact". This completes your objective. Strickland will then radio in to give you a new objective: ____________________________________________________________ // !! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !! \\ < Infiltrate the KPA Military Base and gather intelligence > \\__________________________________________________________// Do what the man says. Head out of the guard post south. You may like to get a vehicle to drive this bit in, walking sucks sometimes in this game. As you drive onwards, you'll eventually come up to a split. Drive on the left fork. Kill any patrols you see en route and abandon that car. You must get in as quietly as possible, cos the area is crawling with guards, as Strickland will soon point out. Take out the guards in the towers first with a sniper scope and silencer. Remember, you don't want to raise an alarm. When you have been detected, an alarm klaxon will ring out so you'll know when to hide. Okay, after dispatching the guards in the towers, the only way across seems to be a narrow suspension bridge. Walking across on it will definitely attarct a ton of attention, and your cloak mode isn't nearly enough to cover yourself running across it. So, drop down into the river. Make sure you are in armor mode, your suit will then absorb most of the impact. Make sure you stay low as you proceed west along the river. A helicopter will be on you sharpish if you are spotted, so stay hidden. In the event you are attacked by the heli, use the missile launcher you should have stolen from the school to shoot it down. One good rocket hit is enough. Elsewise, you can shoot at the fuel tanks of the heli (the cylindrical things at the tail end) and if they catch fire, the heli will leave you alone. Keep following the river. There are a number of patrols as well on this side of the river, so use the trees and buses for cover as you make your way to the base. I highly advise killing them at this point. After a bit, you'll find a path winding upwards. Eventually, you'll find yourself on a winding gravel road back up to the KPA base. Cross the road and sneak east into a patch of grass. When you start to get close, go prone and prime your rifle. It should still be sniper scoped and silenced. You will be horribly exposed here, so just shoot down all the guards you see as they come to you. Be warned, there is a machine gun nest facing your location. If soldiers come to man the gun, just kill them fast. Machine gun nests are a good way to exploit a game's AI. Once a soldier manning the gun is killed, another will take his place in a few seconds. So by just aiming at the nest, you can take out a good number of koreans. When you finally enter the base, unscrew the silencer and stick to cover while you eliminate the rest of the koreans. Do note that a helicopter will drop off six more korean soldiers when you are detected. Once the base is secure, search the green trailers for the all too familiar intelligence laptop. Press F while facing its screen to complete the objective. __________________________________ // !! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !! \\ < Proceed to the excavation site > \\________________________________// In the room with the laptop, there is a map on the wall showing your location and the excavation site's location. It can help you chart a path there, so take a good look. Once you head out of the laptop trailer, walk to the trailer directly in front of you, it's an ammo dump. Restock on ammo, reload all your weapons and move on. Strickland will recommend you take a vehicle. Do so. There is a KPA truck in the middle of the base, just begging to be stolen. Do it. Head out of the base and take a left. You will encounter scattered korean resistance as you leave the base. Shoot them, run them over or escape. You will be driving through some fields, and the road winds through them, so you'll be exposed, just drive onwards as fast as you can The road will eventually curve towards an enemy base. Turn the vehicle off road at that point and head east. Drive across the river and use it to shake off any enemies. A little more along you will find a fork. Go right. When you see a blue barrel, abandon the vehicle and go into the bushes.You'll find a path leading to the excavation site. Small enemy patrols dot the grounds near the site. Stay low and dispatch them. It's hard to sneak. When you get near enough, your objectives are updated: ________________________________ // !! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !! \\ < Infiltrate the Research Dome > \\______________________________// There are a ton of machinegun nests here, so go prone and snipe them all Remember to use that AI exploit I told you about earlier. Sure it's time consuming, but this method almost guarantees you'll enter the base with minimal resistance. Once the soldiers stop coming to the nests, head around the perimeter of the base and kill any koreans in sight. Watch out for guards in the sniper towers; you will want to snipe them before they snipe you. The soldiers will probably try to flank you at this point, so remember to watch your six, and stay frosty. When you feel like everyone but you is dead, loot the area for some ammo. Be constantly on the lookout for survivors. The round dome is the place you wanna enter. Look for an entrance via the green korean trailers attached to the dome. There is a ton of ammo in here so pick up all you want. Press F on the electronic lock near the set of white doors in the trailer to begin a cutscene. Dr. Rosenthal explains to General Kyong via video conference that he has found something very odd at the site. Kyong loses his temper and the creature in the dome comes alive, turning the interior into a frostland. Dr. Rosenthal is now dead and the rest of the koreans are fleeing the base. _____________________________________________ //Part 3.2 Departure // RELIC // [3dept] \\ \\___________________\\_________\\___________// Once the cutscene ends, Strickland will radio in again to get a sit-rep. Once your conversation is over, you will have a new objective. __________________________________ // !! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !! \\ < Proceed to the extraction point > \\________________________________// As you head out, you will see koreans fleeing the area. Instead of following them, turn right immediately when you get out of the trailer. You should see a yellow earth mover if you're going the right way. Keep going. You'll come across 3 trailers, the last one contains an ammo dump. Lock and load. Proceed onwards. YOu can choose to drive there, or follow what I did. I went into strenght, and jumped over the low dirt mound barrier into the forested area. Sneak along the forest path, killing any KPA you encounter. You will want to move southwest so check your compass often. You will come across the river soon enough. You should be able to locate a boat easily. Grab it and follow the river down. Zoom out over the waterfall and fall into the river below. If the boat doesn't capsize, fine. Keep driving. Use the boat for as long as possible. When you have to leave it, proceed down the river on foot. There will be another chopper taking a crack at you. Shoot it down, or fire on it long enough to make it leave. There are a ton of enemies en route, so instead of fighting, alternate between Speed and Armor modes to rush by them. You will come across a bridge sooner or later. There is another boat here. Use it to drive to the objective. Soon, you'll encounter some marshes. Abandon the boat here and walk in on foot. You should be moving south so if you're not, you did something wrong. You'll soon reach a creepy looking graveyard. Strickland will radio in to tell you that the area isn't secure. You look around. Nothing in sight. Ghosts maybe? Or close to that. There are four or five koreans here cloaked. Somehow they got nanosuits too. Nomad makes the observation that they look like cheap knockoffs. ^_^ ____________________________________________ // !! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !! \\ < Secure the extraction point for the VTOL > \\__________________________________________// Take out the nanosuited koreans. They take about 3-4 shotgun rounds so be advised. They tend to shoot you from a distance so once you see a bullet fly past, face that direction. You'll see them. Run after the korean and let him have it. Thewy use sniper rifles, so use the forest cover to hide from the Really Painful Bullets. Once the area is secure, the VTOL pilot tells you that he's coming in for a landing. ______________________________ //!! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Get to the VTOL > \\____________________________// Once the VTOL lands and pops its rear door, get inside. After a cutscene where you meet up with Psycho again (Where the hell did he go?), the level ends. _______________________________________________________________________ //Chapter 4: Assault // [crys4] \\ \\__________________________________________________________\\_________// _____________________________________________ //Part 4.1 Bradley // ASSAULT // [4brad] \\ \\_________________\\___________\\___________// The level begins with the VTOL dropping you off at a full blown war zone. The US marines have engaged the koreans and they need you help. You are told to meet Lieutenant Bradley. The area is strafed with artillery fire, so get moving. ______________________________ //!! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Meet Lt. Bradley > \\____________________________// Follow the marine up into a ridge. When he stops, turn left and walk forwards. A cutscene begins where Lt. Bradley hands you a job to take out the triple A guns in the harbor. Your objective is updated. __________________________________ // !! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !! \\ < Destroy the Anti-Aircraft units > \\________________________________// Hop down the cliff to begin. _______________________________________________ //Part 4.2 Incursion // ASSAULT // [4incu] \\ \\___________________\\___________\\___________// You will hit a road soon. Turn left. A jeep drives up and attempts to kill you. Return fire and steal the jeep. Continue northeast down the road. Use the car to kill any scattered koreans you come across. When you first see the base, exit the car and head in on foot; the base is a gas station. Blow up the gas pumps and enjoy the carnage. Move in and kill any koreans the explosion didn't take out. Gather the ammo inside the station. Move on after the base is secure. The first AA is right beyond the gas station you just blew up. Pull out your rifle and silence it, then use the scope to kill the koreans around the AA gun. Search the base once you're satisfied the koreans are dead. You will find some C4 charges sitting on top of some crates, grab all you can, you'll need them. Toss one C4 on top of the AA (just go near the AA gun and click mouse 1). then right click to take out the C4's transmitter and move to a safe distance. Once you're some distance away, go ahead and left click. Watch Explosion. Laugh Madly. Move on. You'll see a bridge near the emplacement. Cross it and use a jeep on the other side to drive onwards. Be warned, a chopper will retaliate after you destroy the AA gun so use the rocket launcher to kill it. Drive along the road until you encounter a fork. Take the one heading right and drive until you reach a small peninsula. Exit the vehicle, and take out your trusty shotgun or an unsilenced rifle. There are quite a number of KPA here, and a few in the sniper towers. Eliminate them all. Look for red barrels, shoot them to create an explosion. Once the troops are down, Use the C4 again on the AA gun and wipe it out. Loot the area for some ammo while Strickland informs you that there is still one more AA emplacement. There will be more C4, a rocket launcher and some FY71 rounds. Go back to the fork in the road and take the other path this time. You will come across another enemy base, prompting a new objective: ________________________________________ //!! NEW SECONDARY OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Search the base for intel > \\______________________________________// Shoot as many humans as you can. A heli will soon arrive to harass you further. Shoot it down. Once all troops and the heli is dead, search the base for ammo and the laptop. Download the data. Once the intel is secured, move on to the final AA gun. You will soon see a HUGE enemy base in the harbor. If you still have a vehicle, drive in, crash the gate and make a dash for the triple A, all while shooting with your shotgun or unsilenced rifle. Subtlety is useless here, so just run in. Find the last AA gun (use your objective marker) and plant the C4. Kaboom. Strickland will then radio in to give you a new objective. _______________________________________________________ // !! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !! \\ < Sabotage the Jammer inside the North Korean Cruiser > \\_____________________________________________________// Fight your way to the south end of the dock. There are a few machinegun nests along the way. Be sure to collect ammo and reload when you can. Things will get dicey. Enter a warehouse on your left when you are nearing the ship. Kill some troops inside it and loot the warehouse for your grenade launcher attachment for the FY71. Head back out and keep fighting to the cruiser. A heli will arrive and shoot at you. Kill it with the rocket launcher you should still have. If not, make a run for it and kill ground troops. You can also use the grenade launcher attachment. Head to the left side of the cruiser. Kill more koreans and switch to strength mode. Jump up into the cruiser. There is a broken bit of railing to indicate to you where to board. Switch back to armor immediately after making the jump. Two koreans will come out of a door onboard. Kill them and go inside. There are some more koreans mid-ship. Kill them all and pick up a rocket launcher lying on a crate. From the door you came out from, turn left immediately (you should see the crate) and then head straight until you find another door on your left. Enter this door and dispatch any koreans who dare to challenge you. Head down into the bowels of the boat and find a laptop. Press F to disable the jammer. ______________________________________ // !! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !! \\ < Paint the target for the air strike > \\____________________________________// Get off the boat and use your binocs to tag the ship. This is the binoc's last useful function. Once the plane destroys the ship, cheer empathically. Then a chopper shows up and spoil the fun. :( _____________________________________________ //Part 4.3 Cavalry // ASSAULT // [4calv] \\ \\_________________\\___________\\___________// _____________________________ //!! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Secure the Harbor > \\____________________________// Use the tried and tested technique of firing rockets at the heli. Bringing it down will complete this rather short objective. __________________________________________________ // !! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !! \\ < Rendezvous with Major Strickland at the tunnel > \\________________________________________________// Follow the marker to a blocked train tunnel. Wait there for the VTOL to land and drop in some heavy armor. Major Strickland pops out of one of the tanks and briefs you and Psycho. Psycho is transferred to another unit, so it's up to you again. Once the tank opens the tunnels, the level ends. _______________________________________________________________________ //Chapter 5: Onslaught // [crys5] \\ \\__________________________________________________________\\_________// __________________________________________________ //Part 5.1 Team Idaho // ONSLAUGHT // [5idah] \\ \\____________________\\_____________\\___________// Talk about giving General Kyong a "Warm Idaho Welcome". You're in control of one of the tanks. Drive forward out of the tunnel and follow the tank in front of you. ___________________________________ // !! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !! \\ < Push ahead to the train station > \\_________________________________// Fight southwest to your objective. Kill any tanks you see. Stay at a distance while you fire the big gun, or you'll be the one absorbing damage instead of dealing it. Soon, Strickland will radio in and shriek something about RPGs on the cliffs. Take them all out. When your tank's damage is at 90% plus, abandon it and go on foot. Kill any walking koreans and scramble their rocket launchers. Use these to shoot down the tanks. There is an abundancy of rocket launchers here so use em. As you near the objective, you will get a new task: _____________________________ //!! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Secure the train station > \\____________________________// If you still have the tank at this point, hooray for you. Use the big guns and the minigun (alt fire) to raze the ground troops. Else if you're on foot, use the shotgun and rocket launcher. Don't be shy to use the launcher as you will get many, MANY more missile launchers in this level. Once the koreans are dead and gone, loot the area for some ammo. Reload all weapons and locate a fresh tank facing the stopped cargo train. Blast the train carriage blocking your advancement and push on. ____________________________________ // !! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !! \\ < Push ahead to the KPA tank depot > \\__________________________________// Head southeast and a new part of the level begins. ________________________________________________________ //Part 5.2 Phase Line Alpha // ONSLAUGHT // [5phla] \\ \\__________________________\\_____________\\___________// You will need to face some tanks and helicopters here. Follow the train tracks and you will be given a new secondary: ________________________________________ //!! NEW SECONDARY OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Destroy the anti-aircraft artillery > \\______________________________________// Be forewarned, tanks *may* appear behind you out in the open so it's easy to get surrounded. keep watching your six and the radar. Follow the train tracks until you reach the first triple A emplacement. These things only take one shot from your tank cannon to blow up. You might have to leave the tank at this point, so stock up on ammo and missile launchers. I'll assume you have left the tank for this section. From the first triple A, jump down the cliff (In armor mode please!) towards a river. Swim across it, and follow the objective to the next triple A. Use a rocket launcher or C4 to blow it up. Once you are done with this tank, follow the remaining yellow marker to the last triple A gun. It would be wise to stock up on ammo often, I cannot stress this point enough. Also pick up fresh missile launchers while you can; each korean killed will usually yield one launcher with 3 rockets loaded. Alternate between speed and armor modes to get to the last AA gun inside the grassy area. Do note that each gun is and will be heavily protected, so use your wits to find cover and weapons whenever you can. Once the final triple A is blown up, Strickland will tell you to paint the munitions dump for ownage. ______________________________________________ // !! NEW SECONDARY OBJECTIVE DETECTED !! \\ < Paint the munitions dump for an air strike > \\____________________________________________// Head to the yellow marker. You should be at a sniper tower. Once there, take out your binocs and look east. When you see a white tower thingy flash in your binoc scope, click the mouse button and watch the koreans get owned, courtesy of the US air force. When the dump is totalled, you will get some comms from strickland telling you to move on to the mine. He also gifts you a Gauss Rifle as thanks. ______________________________ //!! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Proceed to the mine > \\____________________________// ________________________________________ //!! NEW SECONDARY OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Retrieve the Gauss Rifle > \\______________________________________// Heh, I like the way Strickland pronounces "Gauss". "Gorst Rifle." Lol. Anyway, back on track. Follow the yellow marker to the VTOL and enter it to pick up the Gorst, sorry, Gauss Rifle. Reload the rifle and pick up some extra ammo inside the VTOL. The rifle is pretty useless at this point, but it'll soon become your best friend later on in the game. There will be an enemy blockade en route to the green objective marker. Use your Gauss Rifle with a scope to take them out from a distance. Walk in with care, the ground is riddled with mines. Once you're through the blockade, keep moving down the tracks and you will discover the earth has been torn up. After giving this info to Strickland, you are told to proceed by yourself to the mine first. If you fall into the trench, turn left and look for a way up. Else, switch to strength mode and just leap across the gap. Walking further along the tracks will end the level. _______________________________________________________________________ //Chapter 6: Awakening // [crys6] \\ \\__________________________________________________________\\_________// _______________________________________________ //Part 6.1 Tremors // AWAKENING // [6trem] \\ \\_________________\\_____________\\___________// As you walk up the path, Strickland radios in to ramble on about a safe LZ for the VTOLs. ___________________________________________________________ // !! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !! \\ < Proceed to the landing zone next to the crusher building > \\_________________________________________________________// As you near the big korean base, Strickland will ask you to gather intel on our dear friend Mr Kyong's location. ___________________________________________________ // !! NEW SECONDARY OBJECTIVE DETECTED !! \\ < Infiltrate office and retrieve intelligence data > \\_________________________________________________// After this secondary objective comes in, you will see a truck near the base entrance. Use the Gauss to shoot its gas tank, blowing it up. Now you should have the koreans' full and undivided attention. You may attack the base head on but some scouting on the western wall of the base yielded a hole to sneak in from. The koreans sure have tight security set up. yeah. You will be attacked by the KPA inside the base. Just shoot to kill and you'll be fine. Soon, some light armor will roll up and attempt top blow the bejesus out of you. Use a rocket launcher, the grenade attachment or C4 if you can to blow it up. Else, just rush past it with a combo of cloak and speed modes. Get into the building in the east part of the base. It contains the intel you need and a ton of guns and ammo. Kill the fools inside the building and grab all the ammo you can carry while the data downloads itself to Command. Once the data is uploaded, Strickland congratulates you and tells you General Kyong is holed up inside the mine with some hostages. Follow the road southwest out of the base. When you reach the crusher facility, and the objective, find some cover IMMEDIATELY. ______________________________ //!! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Secure the Landing Zone > \\____________________________// The area is crawling with KPA: Some ordinary soldiers and two or three nanosuited KPA. These nanosuited ones have miniguns (kinda like TF2's Heavy) and they are extremely painful. Hold back before jumping in and use the gauss to take out as many as you can find. Once the gauss is outta ammo, switch to your other gun (shotgun preferred) and take out the rest of the fools. Work your way to the southern part of the base. Behind the crusher building is some ammo and a rocket launcher. Right on time, a helicopter shows up. Blow it up. A small tank will also be on site to harass you, so introduce it to your rocket launcher as well. A single launcher should be enough for you. If you miss, there should be another one lying near the crates. When the last of the koreans are dispatched, the pilot will radio in to tell you that the LZ is clear and they are moving in. Strickland demands you head on first to the mining complex. _______________________________________________ //Part 6.2 Descent // AWAKENING // [6desc] \\ \\_________________\\_____________\\___________// __________________________________ // !! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !! \\ < Infiltrate the mining complex > \\________________________________// Move towards your new goal. Something will break out of the mine and attack the koreans. Strickland advises you move. I advise you listen to him. There is a high enemy presence in this area, so go slowly between the different levels of the mine. Proceed southeast into the complex. As you approach the objective, you will be attacked by another light tank. Light him up. If you shoose to use C4 to kill it, run up to it with speed mode and plant the stuff. Search the green trailers for an ammo cache, then follow the road up to the mine entrance. Here there be lots of enemies, so fins good cover. There are many machinegun nests, so you can use the AI exploit again. there are also a few nanosuit koreans here, so watch yourself. Use the trenches to sneak up behind them and put a few good rounds of shotgun ammo in their backs. Once the front area is clear, move forwards. ______________________________ //!! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Locate the hostages > \\____________________________// As soon as you enter the complex, another welcoming party will be on hand. Includes two nanosuited soldiers. Stay at the doorway to the dark room and they will force themselves into a chokepoint. Easy pickin'. Head deeper into the mine shaft. Follow the tracks. Strickland will tell you to use night vision. It's not neccesary to use it, but note that past that point, a single nanosuit soldier will ambush you, so keep your eyes peeled. From here onwards, the road is enemy-free. Follow the path. You will soon come into a cavern. Rocks will fall down from the top, so stay in the tunnel until all seismic activity has ceased. Go onto the ledge and strength jump across. As you head further in, you will hear Helena Rosenthal arguing with General Kyong. Move forward onto the metal platform to initiate a cutscene. As you observe the scene, two nanosuit soldiers ambush you and knock you out. Ouch. ________________________________________________ //Part 6.3 Guardian // AWAKENING // [6guar] \\ \\__________________\\_____________\\___________// This is my favourite part of the level. You'll see why soon. Your nanosuit has been disabled, and General Kyong yaks on and on about the "temple". Helena begs with him to stop what he's doing. Being the pig-headed general he is, he refuses and orders the temple door blown open. As the door opens, a charge blasts out, killing all enemies excpet for Kyong, Helena and you. Your suit has been magically recharged by the surge. Now it's up to you to bring the bad guy down. ==== Boss Fight: General Kyong [wimpy] ==== ______________________________ //!! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Eliminate General Kyong > \\____________________________// Okay, this boss fight is a seriously boring one. He's very easy to bring down, that's why this is my favourite boss fight. I will decribe a few methods to kill him, you can pick whatever you feel like doing. Method 1: Guns Right in front of you is a rifle. Pick it up and reload. Explore the bottom level for a precision rifle and some more ammo. Switch to precision. circle around and find a place where you can get a good headshot on Kyong, but he can't reach you. I suggest the back area near the "temple". He will try to fire on you with the minigun, but can't as it is a blind corner for his weapon. You can score repeated headshots from here. Method 2: WWE Smackdown Yes, you read right. After looting all the guns and ammo you can find, switch to your fists of fury and sneak up behind him and go into strength mode. Proceed to beat the crap out of him. He can't fire at you since the AI doesn't know what the heck to do when you're at close proximity. When your suit energy is depleted, find some cover and let it recharge. Then, sneak behind him again and let fly your fists. He only took me about 10 punches to down him in Delta difficulty. Yes, DELTA. Once Kyong's dead, Helena will call out to you from a mine lift. enter it and you will get some more story to chew on. A VTOL comes in to retrieve her and leaves you behind. The mine lift then drops back down and you black out. End of level. _______________________________________________________________________ //Chapter 7: Core // [crys7] \\ \\__________________________________________________________\\_________// _________________________________________________ //Part 7.1 Laws of Nature // CORE // [7laws] \\ \\________________________\\________\\___________// Okay, this can be one of the more frustrating levels or one of the more fun ones. To me, it's fun. Graphical lag is most noticeable in this level so take note. After you wake up, grab all the ammo you can find. Use the shotgun. Make your way up to the strange entrance and use strength mode to punch through the iron bars blocking your way. the first thing you'll notice is that your faithful compass starts to go haywire, and your tac-map gains a ton of static, effectively cutting yourself off from the rest of the outside world. What have you gotten yourself into this time? Okay a quick side note here before I proceed further. This level tends to let you get disoriented easily, so thank god Crytek made it a fairly linear one. But if you ever find yourself lost, just look for the landmarks I try to describe in this guide and follow my directions from there. You should do fine if you stick with me. Keep moving into the tunnel. You will soon see an alien conveyor belt constructing more of those machines that took Prophet. About halfway down the chamber, you'll lose gravity. Take a moment to get used to it, then float to the end of the room. Turn right and you should see a sparking hole in the wall. Float down this hole and you'll get your first glimpse of an alien creature. The music gets real creepy in here and sets the mood well, kudos to the composer. Follow the tunnel until you reach a chamber with tons of crystals on the wall. ________________________________________ //Part 7.2 Abyss // CORE // [7abys] \\ \\_______________\\________\\___________// Nomad decides to "go against the flow" of the debris in the room. Look out for a vent blasting steam, inside it, an alien will pop out and attack. These guys have a very painful melee, one hit will drop your sheilds fully and reduce your health to 1, so stay frosty. Keep swimming against the flow of debris until you see a orange swirly thing on the right generating the current that is pushing you back. Put one shotgun round into it and destroy it. Ahead, there is a tunnel which loops. instead of goind round and round, look up from the generator about 45 degrees. There is a pentagonal hole in the ceiling. Float through it and a brief cutscene ensues when you are attacked by one of the green aliens. After you get control again, follow the alien along the crawlspace. On your left there will be a destroyable grate, melee it in strength mode to proceed. You will be floating through a series of tunnels that is enemy free. Soon, you will pass through a series of "arches" and come into a large chamber. Nomad asks "what is this place" when you're there. Several aliens reside in this room. You can choose to fight them or avoid fighting. Your objective is to destroy five more of those power cores (the gold/orange swirly thing remember?). Once the cores are disabled, Nomad will comment on it and you may proceed. There is a pentagonal tunnel hole leading onwards in the ceiling of this room. To find the ceiling, just stop moving and Nomad will right himself. Then float up. The pentagonal hole has a yellow light outline. You'll know it when you see it. You will come to another grate. melee it again and float through. It ends at a small hole to a chamber beneath you. Drop in, say hi to the aliens and kill them all. Searching the sides of the room will yield you two ammo dumps, take the opportunity to restock and reload. Once you're done looting, find the tunnel that leads out of the room on the opposite side of where you came in. go through it and stop when you're about to enter another room. Use this position as a chokepoint for the aliens in the room. Lure them with a few shots from your gun. Once the room is clear, make a right out of the tunnel and then turn left towards a series of large blue energy gates. They will cycle through activated shields and non activated. So while you're trapped you will need to deal with some aliens. The good news is that they can't pass through the shields either. Move through the sheilds until you reach the other side. You should see two tunnels pulsing with energy on the wall ahead. Take the left one. _________________________________________ //Part 7.3 Legion // CORE // [7legi] \\ \\________________\\________\\___________// You will be treated to a rollercoaster ride through the bowels of the alien structure. Go stealth for the entire ride; some aliens can see you while you're zooming along inside the tunnel. Once the ride ends, gather some ammo from the dumps around the room. Proceed to the big glass window and check out the aliens' invasion force. This will trigger the aliens coming into the room to attack, but it's the only way to proceed the game. Kill them all, about 10 total, and look for the gold ovular hologram floating in the middle of the room. There should be a control station below it. Face the station then move upwards to a closed pentagonal door. It will open for you as you go near it. In the next long chamber, switch to speed and swim the distance to the other door on the end as fast as you can. Hide behind the ridges near the door as the lights go out. When they come back on, there will be a TON of green guys in the room. Keep a cool head. You can either choose to kill wave after wave of aliens or just sit it out there at your current position in cloak mode. If you choose to fight, be sure to find cover in the left and right extremities of the room. If you choose to stay cloaked, just remain at your position, occasionally alternating between armor and cloak to let the suit energy recharge. After some time, or when all aliens are dead, the door at the end of the room will open. Float there and you will be sucked into it, and the level ends. _______________________________________________________________________ //Chapter 8: Paradise Lost // [crys8] \\ \\__________________________________________________________\\_________// __________________________________________________ //Part 8.1 Frozen // PARADISE LOST // [8froz] \\ \\________________\\_________________\\___________// You begin the level coming out of the alien structure. Gravity is restored and you can walk normally again. Before you can get on the VTOL for extraction, aliens fly out of the building and freeze the land in a huge sphere of energy. Your ride is unable to pick you up, and so you must find your own way out. Strickland radios in for a "No Bullshit" assessment, and gets you to find a platoon of marines left on the mountain. ______________________________ //!! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Find the missing marines > \\____________________________// Head east down the mountain. As you proceed, a large alien craft will fly in and drop off 3 alien soldiers. You can use the shotgun to defeat them: 2 shots per alien is good enough, OR, mash F and walk near them to grab them, then beat the crap out of them like they owe you money. Either way, you will kill them. I suggest the grab method as they die upon release from your grip. Avoid their bodies, they explode a short while after death. Proceed down the mountain, killing any aliens you see. Soon, you will see a shack across a ridge, use speed mode and do a sprint jump. Gather up some ammo and weapons from the shack. Keep moving towards your objective marker. From the shack, drop into the chasm you just leaped over and head north. Remember to be in armor mode when falling, you will get less damage. Soon after fighting more aliens, you will reach the marines' last known position. The sad buggers are frozen solid. You radio in to tell Strickland of their predicament when a wave of aliens attack. Then, like some cheesy superhero, Prophet jumps in and starts blowing the aliens to hell. Help him. ___________________________________________________ //Part 8.2 Passage // PARADISE LOST // [8pasg] \\ \\_________________\\_________________\\___________// He may be carrying a big gun, but it slows him down. Help him out as much as you can with Mr. Shotgun or your fists. When the wave is dead, Prophet will tell you that his suit is damaged and he's gonna get flash frozen soon. He then offers you his gun. Don't take it, it sucks. Or, you may choose to grab it, but it overheats pretty fast and doesn't deal alot of bang for your buck. Your pick. After a bit more talk, more aliens come in for an attack. ______________________________ //!! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Defend Prophet > \\____________________________// A counter will appear on the bottom part of your HUD, indicating Prophet's health. Defend him from the aliens until they are all dead. A new path will be opened, and a new objective is given to you. ____________________________________ // !! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !! \\ < Escort Prophet out of the sphere > \\__________________________________// Head east towards the first heat source. Prophet will try to follow you no matter what so just run ahead to the heat source and camp there. when his suit's juice is fully recharged, head on northeast to the next heat source. Follow the green markers, they will lead you to the next heat source. When you reach the second heat source, you will be attacked by a large alien craft. Use whatever you have to shoot them down. With the threat neutralised, head north to the third heat source. You will face 3 more alien soldiers en route. Move northeast to the next heat source, and sit tight near the downed helicopter. Let Prophet recharge, then go to the green dot on your map. When Prophet reaches the final heat source, let him charge up and haul ass across the broke bridge. Watch your footing on the bridge. When you exit the sphere across the bridge, the mission ends. _______________________________________________________________________ //Chapter 9: Exodus // [crys9] \\ \\__________________________________________________________\\_________// _______________________________________________ //Part 9.1 Stronghold // EXODUS // [9stro] \\ \\____________________\\__________\\___________// ____________________________________ // !! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !! \\ < Meet with Strickland's recon team > \\__________________________________// Once you are outside the sphere, head north to the objective. It's only a short walk away. Prophet will speak to the marine outside and get the CO's name. _____________________________ //! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Meet Sgt. Keegan > \\___________________________// Go inside the house and meet up with the good Sargeant. He will detail plans to get to a VTOL in the valley below your position. Before he can turn words into action however, the aliens attack the encampment. __________________________________ // !! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !! \\ < Defend Strickland's recon team > \\________________________________// Grab the Gauss Rifle and some ammo for it. Dump the alien gun if you still have it. Load up the Gauss and prepare to battle. Remember how I told you the Gauss Rifle will be your best friend? It will show its usefulnes now. The flying alien craft will down in 2 hits from the Gauss, the little soldier aliens in one. Head out onto the patio overlooking the mountains and aim for the big alien craft flying around first. They're the ones with the tentacles. Down them then bring down the soldier aliens. Reload whenever possible. When all threats are neutralised, head in, pick up more ammo for the gauss. ______________________________ //!! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Get in the CTV > \\____________________________// The team yells that they are leaving, and so should you. Get into the CTV that Prophet is idling on the road. You will drive off and have to shoot at some aliens with the onboard gun. As you drive off, look backwards. the last car has a lousy driver. :P As you move down the mountain, Prophet will yell out the positions of the aliens. Shoot down as many as you can. As you proceed down, Helena will radio in to you from the crashed VTOL. Keep gunning the aliens as Prophet brings you down. __________________________________ // !! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !! \\ < Proceed to the VTOL crash site > \\________________________________// When the car stops, get out and jump into the trench below. Move left and FAST, because the CTV you just abandonded will crash into the gorge and explode. Follow the road to the northwest and drop into the valley. Keep going northwest until you reach the crash site. ___________________________________________ //Part 9.2 Hunter // EXODUS // [9hunt] \\ \\________________\\__________\\___________// When you reach the crash site, locate and commandeer the free AA tank nearby. Prime its guns for shooting. ______________________________ //!! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Defend the crash site > \\____________________________// Use the AA gun to take down the aliens while Prophet muscles open the VTOL's jammed door. The tank has both standard minigun fire and a heavy cannon (right click). If your tank sustains too much damage, abandon it and use the Gauss rifle to kill the rest of the aliens. When Helena is free and the aliens obliterated, a VTOL will arrive to pick up Prophet and Helena for extraction. You then have to make your way on foot to Strickland's evac center. ____________________________________ // !! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !! \\ < Rendezvous with Major Strickland > \\__________________________________// After the VTOL leaves, a HUGE monster will crash out of the jungle and proceed to cream the remaining marines ("What is that thing?!!?!?"). Don't try to fight it, keep going north to the evac center. You will encounter some alien soldiers en route, just kill those you HAVE TO. Otherwise just keep advancing to the objective. _______________________________________________________ //Part 9.3 Strickland's Order // EXODUS // [9stri] \\ \\____________________________\\__________\\___________// ________________________________ // !! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !! \\ < Defend the evacuation point > \\______________________________// A series of aliens will come in to attack your position. Find and take another free AA tank and keep the flying aliens out of the air as much as you can. Remember, when the tank is too damaged for your taste, hop out and go Gauss on their alien asses. There will be some Gauss ammo in the base so you won't run out. There are also some rocket launchers strewn here and there, pick them up and use them if you like. When the aliens are clear, a VTOL will land to extract you and the other marines. The big alien monster however has caught up and Strickland volunteers to stay behind to draw its fire. Salute the man, he's going to hell. Once the VTOL is in the air, the mission is over. _______________________________________________________________________ //Chapter 10: Ascension // [cry10] \\ \\__________________________________________________________\\_________// __________________________________________________ //Part 10.1 Turbulence // ASCENSION // [10tur] \\ \\_____________________\\_____________\\___________// Today's weather: Shitstorm. the pilot struggles to navigate you safely out of the island but gets killed, and now you're the VTOL's new pilot. Buckle up for my least favourite part of the game. __________________________________ // !! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !! \\ < Escape to the aircraft carrier > \\________________________________// When you first gain control, hold down spacebar to rise up of the VTOL's nosedive. I recommend using the third person view as you can spot threats easier. Press F1 twice to cycle the view to third person. This level is quite straightforward really. Fly to survive. Soon, someone will radio in to tell you there's a bunch of trapped marines and they require your assistance. ________________________________________ //!! NEW SECONDARY OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Defend the Platoons > (OPTIONAL) \\______________________________________// If you have a heart, follow the order to save the marines. Press Ctrl+F and enter: [skip2] if you don't have a heart. Cover the other VTOLs from the aliens by blowing the alien craft up. The VTOL has primary minigun and a secondary missile launcher. Use these and your crack maneuvering skills to keep the aliens occupied while the other VTOLs extract the marines. ====== End of Optional Section [skip2] ====== From the area where the marines are trapped, fly right into a valley. Mash Left Shift for afterburner. In this canyon, there are two twisters which will kill you instantly if you fly into them. The Ice Sphere is also slowly expanding over the valley, giving you additional time pressure. Stick to the left side of the valley and mash the left shift until you are clear of the gorge. You will get a new objective when you're clear: ________________________________________ //!! NEW SECONDARY OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Investigate the camp > \\______________________________________// When you arrive however, there are no survivors left, so follow the other friendly VTOLs onwards. ________________________________________ //!! NEW SECONDARY OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Defend the VTOLs > (OPTIONAL) \\______________________________________// Press Ctrl+F and enter: [skip3] if you just want to save your own hide. The friendlies will touch down in a camp to pick up more survivors. Same grind, defend them from alien attack while they do the pickups. A good tip is to use Q and E to roll, this will help you avoid alien fire. Also, pressing Left Crtl to dive and then Spacebar to rise will help you evade alien fire as well. ====== End of Optional Section [skip3] ====== ________________________________________ //!! NEW SECONDARY OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Proceed to the convoy > \\______________________________________// Once you are clear of the canyons (watch out for one more twister) and heading out to sea, Pyscho will radio in to tell you he's aboard the ship. While this sequence is happening, you are STILL susceptible to alien fire, so keep on dodging. Once Psycho and Helena are done yakking, the mission ends. _______________________________________________________________________ //Chapter 11: Reckoning // [cry11] \\ \\__________________________________________________________\\_________// ________________________________________________________ //Part 11.1 Good Intentions // RECKONING // [11int] \\ \\__________________________\\_____________\\___________// You land on the ship safely and the marines onbord your VTOL congratulate you for flying so superbly. Exiting the plane, you discover Psycho has brought one of the crashed alien carriers onboard. The alien then sucks some energy from the floodlights on the flight deck and moves! After the alien is subdued again, you are told to proceed to the CDC for debriefing. You are also told that Prophet is onboard, though he seems a bit strange in the head. ______________________________ //!! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Proceed to CDC > \\____________________________// Enter the door on deck to the ship's bowels. Follow the green signboards to the CDC (It has a blue sign above it reading CDC). Admiral Morrison informs you that the US joint chiefs have recommended a limited nuclear assualt on the island, and Helena Rosenthal protests against this, saying that this wasn't the right method to go. After a bit more talk, you are told to visit the armory. ______________________________ //!! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Proceed to the armory > \\____________________________// Follow the signs until you reach the armory. It also has a blue sign like the CDC's one to inform you that you have reached your destination. Enter and you will meet Prophet having his suit repaired. The scientist marvels at how Propet managed to get the alien weapon working by himself. He then leaves in a strange mood with his gun back to the island. Crazy fellow. You are told to sit down in the chair to get your own armor repaired. As you do this, Helena suggests an alternative to defeat the aliens. She has identified a signal used by the aliens when they recharge. She believes that she could use the nanosuit to transmit a scramble signal that will overload the aliens and kill them. Before she can expound on this theory further, Morrison summons her to the bridge. While the scientist finishes up, an engineer brings in a TAC gun for storage. This baby fires a mini nuke at a target, with a lot more bang than a conventional rocket launcher. After you're done in the lab, go to the bridge as well. ______________________________ //!! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Proceed to the bridge > \\____________________________// If the signs aren't enough to lead you there, you will see a soldier running ahead of you, follow him. He'll lead you right to the bridge. As you move to the bridge, Morrison briefs all his men over the PA that he has been given clearance by the White House to nuke the island. As you enter the bridge, you discover that Prophet has gone AWOL, stealing a VTOL to get to the island. The crew onboard are primed and ready to deliver the nuke. Helena begs Morrison to change his mind one last time, but he refuses to listen. Launching the nuke, Helena watches helplessly as the missile heads to target. A loud explosion later, the crew discovers that the nuke has in fact, strengthened the aliens, and the Ice Sphere expands quickly to cover the entire island. Helena does a bit of "I told you so", and then the aliens attack the carrier. _________________________________________________________ //Part 11.2 To Hell and Back // RECKONING // [11hel] \\ \\___________________________\\_____________\\___________// When you wake up, pick up the pistol on the table to the right of the door. ______________________________ //!! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Defend the flight deck > \\____________________________// Use strength mode to punch open the bridge door and head downwards. After the first flight of stairs, go into the room on this floor and pick up a Gauss Rifle. There is a minigun at the base of the stairwell, so you may want to pick it up. I gave it a miss however. Set your suit to strength again and punch through one final door to the flight deck. IMMEDIATELY change back to armor mode; the flight deck's gone to hell. Search the area for Gauss ammo, and use the rifle to take down the aliens. When enough aliens are killed, you are told to go and help out some engineers trapped at the bottom levels of the ship to repair the core. Great. You've been demoted from a US Special Forces operative to a ship engineer. Lovely. Head southwest on the deck and stand in the area with 3 marines. The deck elevator will go down slowly. As you move into the ship, find a smaller elevator in the middle of the floor. Drop into it and go down. Exit the broken elevator and walk further in. Pick up the shotgun and ammo. Move carefully through this waterlogged section; an explosion will be triggered somewhere along the path and you will need to hide. You will encounter a pair of broken doors further on, punch through them as usual. Meet the chief engineer on the small platform above the water in the dark room. He will tell you the core is overloading and you have to override it. He opens a door for you. __________________________________ // !! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !! \\ < Disable the circuit breakers > \\________________________________// Go through the door and follow the waterlogged area to the circuit breaker. It has a red warning light glowing above it so you'll know where to find it. Press F on the circuit breaker and go back down the stairs into the door below the breaker. ______________________________ //!! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Shut down the reactor > \\____________________________// There is a patch of electrified water, just run through it as fast as possible and you won't die. Soon, you'll reach a part of the ship with a hole high in the wall and a dead engineer sitting below it. Use strength mode to jump into the hole, then find a short ladder in the room and ascend. Crawl through the vent and drop into a control room. Proceed through the open door and find another control room with a big red button. The engineer will tell you to press it, so go ahead and do so. After the button is pressed, the rods start to bottom, but 3 are jammed. Before you can do anything, four alien soldiers burst in and start to suck power from the core. Helena butts in an transmits a signal through your suit. It works! The aliens go crazy and die; one crashes through the window and another through the door. Once the aliens are gone, the engineer gives you another task: ______________________________ //!! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Lower control rods > \\____________________________// Let your sheilds recharge and switch to strength. rush into the room and quickly press F while facing all 3 rods. You don't need to hold down F to push the rods in. Once you have pressed all 3 down, run back to the control room and switch to armor, letting your shields recharge. The engineer then opens the locked doors for you to get out. Move through the rooms back to the engineer. You will find one room with electrocuted water in it, use the yellow generator in the center as a bridge across. Once across, use strength to punch through another pair of doors. Backtrack through the area with the engineer. As you are heading back, aliens burst in and attack! Go Gauss on them, then go into the next room. Use the elevator on the west side of the room to get up to the next hangar. Kill any aliens you see and go through the door on the far northwest side. You will be in another hangar with aliens, just deal some smack to them and find a broken door on the east side; just use strength to punch through them. You decide you want to use the TAC gun, so make a small detour to the armory. ______________________________ //!! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Go to the armory > \\____________________________// Head in and kill any aliens you see. Grab the TAC gun from the locker and restock your gauss ammo supply. Once you have got the gun, head out to the flight deck again. ______________________________ //!! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Return to the flight deck > \\____________________________// Follow the ship's signs back to the deck. You will encounter more blocked doors en route; you know what to do. Eventually you will come across a door that the Admiral is behind, break through it to see him killed by the alien. Avenge him by slaughtering that alien and he will tell you to save the rest of the crew. Time to get out there and kick ass. ___________________________________________________ //Part 11.3 Last Stand // RECKONING // [11las] \\ \\_____________________\\_____________\\___________// The gigantic alien that killed Strickland is now advancing onto the deck. You are given the honor to finish it off and avenge the good major. ==== Boss Fight: Alien Exosuit [exosu] ==== ______________________________ //!! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Destroy the alien exosuit > \\____________________________// There are tons of gauss ammo and miniguns on the deck, you may choose to use both. Or, save ammo and find some rocket launchers. There's plenty. After a ton of rocket launcher hammering, the alien will soon get mad. It will occasionally freeze you, shoot a huge plasma cannon at you or pick you up and toss you. If you get frozen, quickly mash A and D to break free. When it eats enough rockets, it'll die. Enjoy a celebratory whoop as Psycho brings a VTOL in to extract you... Run forward to the ocean in front of you.. but.. holy shit... ==== Final Boss Fight: The Warship [zomgs] ==== A huge cinematic BEHEMOTH will emerge from the ocean (complete with nifty soundtrack) and you volunteer to follow Major Strickland and cover Psycho and Helena's escape. They refuse, and insist on helping you bring down the monstrosity. ______________________________ //!! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Defeat the alien warship > \\____________________________// Scramble for ammo quick, and find an unlimited rocket launcher dump near the side of the ocean the monster appeared on. When Psycho asks you to, start shooting down its turrets. ___________________________________ // !! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !! \\ < Destroy the warship's turrets > \\_________________________________// There's four of them, and they're marked on your map. This big guy has got all the bells and whistles: a full blown freeze ray and two huge cannons, in addition to four turrets. Use the launcher to shoot at each of the turrets; they'll reveal their location when they are priming to fire at you. Destroy all four and Helena will try to lower the beast's sheilds so you can get a crack at it. Cover them while they deactivate the shields; there will be some alien craft flying around. Use the Gauss rifle to take them out. When the shield is down, Helena will tell you so and you finally get to use the TAC gun. Take it out and aim the big crosshair at the cannon. This will lock the TAC gun onto the cannon. When the TAC gun gets a lock on, let loose a nuke. It will blow up the cannon. Psycho circles around to the other cannon so that Helena can get to work on its shields. Cover them again from more alien craft. Use the Gauss and scramble for ammo when you need to. Once the second shield is down, lock on with the TAC gun and shoot it to pieces. Now the thing's really mad. It starts to rise above the deck and releases four elite alien soldiers to attack you. Kill two of them to lessen the heat; as killing three or all four of them will prompt the alien warship to release four more. Helena tells you that there is a hatch on the underside of the ship. It's the one with the fancy blue glowy lines on it. Locate a rocket launcher and fire 4 rockets into the hatch. This should blow it open even on Delta. When the hatch is open, take out the TAC gun and lock on. Then blow that son-of-a-bitch to hell. Cheer loud and long after it hits. ______________________________ //!! NEW OBJECTIVE DETECTED !!\\ < Get to the VTOL > \\____________________________// The warship starts to bear down onto the deck and threatens to sink the ship. Run over to the far end of the deck (towards where you first landed at the start of this level). Psycho will bring the VTOL in close. Sprint and jump into the VTOL. Enjoy the cinematic ending as the warship collapses into an epic whirlpool. Now your crew knows exactly how to defeat the aliens, and you discover that somehow Prophet has made it through the nuke on the island. Spirits rising, your VTOL circles around and flies back to the island. It's time to take the fight to the aliens. ============================================================================= /-------------------------------------------------------------------------\ ( F. Tips and Tricks [sectf] ) \-------------------------------------------------------------------------/ I found these tips on the MyCheats site very useful, so I'm reproducing them here for your knowledge: 1. General Tips ```````````````` Watch your ammo: Crysis makes you manage your ammo more than most FPS in recent memory. Unless you really have to, or know that there is plenty of ammo around, fire in short controlled bursts -- we set our guns to single shot mode in order to pace ourselves. Pick up ammo: You can't just walk over guns to pick up the ammo in this game -- you gotta work for it. Make sure that you pick up any weapons or ammo boxes you see. Always carry a rocket launcher: Helicopters will become the bane of any Crysis player's existence. Luckily, they can be dispatched by two rockets. If you are ever carrying a rocket launcher with only one shot, and see the chance to pick up a fresh one, just use up the old one on a random building. Carry a full rocket launcher whenever possible and do not use them on infantry. Watch your radar: The radar shows the enemies who have seen you, or you have seen them. All potential targets are indicated by a V on your radar. The different color Vs mean: Blue: Friendly Yellow: Enemy who has not figured out where you are, or does not know you exist. Red: Enemy is aware of the threat and is moving out aggressively. Using your radar, you can keep track of enemy movement around you. Use your binoculars: If you use your binoculars to look ahead, you can spot enemies and make them appear on your map. Watch your threat meter: Players will notice that there is a bar on bottom left of the screen; that bar is your threat meter. The bar rises whenever the enemy is aware of your position. Flares are bad: If you see the enemy shoot a flare into the air, you can be certain that more enemies are inbound. Every time we saw a flare get popped, vehicles and personnel showed up. Buildings are not invincible: Experienced FPS player may believe that retreating to a building will make you safe. Such is not the case with Crysis. In Crysis, shanty buildings -- the ones that take up most of the structures on the island -- can be blown up. If the building comes down around you, you better use your strength to push the debris out of the way. Cars are the new tanks: Crysis may only have one mission where you use a tank, but that doesn't mean that vehicles aren't the way to slaughter the enemy. Cars, and more importantly, cars with machineguns, are almost always readily available. Use the extra protection and firepower that a car provides to clear villages and to escape from bad situations. 2. Cheat Codes ``````````````` From GameFAQs. ========== Game Mods ========== The codes can be entered in the console or in a user-created System.cfg file. The console must be unlocked by using "con_restricted = 0" before any of the cheats can be used in the console. Press the tilde (~) key to access the console. time_scale = 1 (any number) Affects the rate at which time passes in the game. g_suitSpeedEnergyConsumption = 110 (any number) Amount of energy consumed in speed mode while sprinting. v_goliathmode = [0, 1] Disables or enables infinite health for all vehicles in the game. g_meleeWhileSprinting = [0, 1] Disables or enables melee attacks while sprinting. pl_fallDamage_SpeedFatal = 13.7 (any number) Fall speed in meters/second at which you die. pl_swimBaseSpeed = 4 (any number) How fast you can swim. g_suitarmorhealthvalue = 200 (any number) How much damage armor mode energy shields can take. pl_swimJumpSpeedBaseMul = 1 (any number) How quickly you jump out of the water. pl_fallDamage_SpeedSafe = 8 (any number) Maximum speed in meters/second at which you take no damage. g_suitSpeedMult = 1.85 (any number) Movement speed in speed mode is multiplied by this number. g_suitCloakEnergyDrainAdjuster = 1 (any number) Multiplies energy consumption of cloaking by this number. g_suitRecoilEnergyCost = 15 (any number) Multiplies energy consumption of each shot fired in strength mode. cl_strengthscale = 1 (any number) Multiplies punch strength by this factor. g_walkmultiplier = 1 (any number, but if too high, you can't move) Multiply player movement speed by this factor. ========= God Mode ========= Locate the difficulty files in your Crysis installation folder (ie: C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis\Game\Config). These files are called diff_easy.cfg, diff_normal.cfg, diff_hard.cfg and diff_bauer.cfg. Open the file (with Notepad) that corresponds to the difficulty level you are playing. Add the following line to the end of the file and save it: g_godMode = 1 Now, when playing your health will still decrease but you will not die. Instead, your health and armor will automatically replenish when your health reaches 0. Additional Cheats Using the same method as above, add the following lines to the end of your config file for the corresponding effect: Code: Result: i_unlimitedammo = 1 Unlimited Ammo ai_IgnorePlayer = 1 Enemies Ignore You i_noweaponlimit = 1 Carry Unlimited Number of Weapons NOTE: ALWAYS MAKE A BACKUP BEFORE OVERWRITING GAME FILES. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ /-------------------------------------------------------------------------\ ( G. Emailed Questions [sectg] ) \-------------------------------------------------------------------------/ This section will look more lively when you email in to ask stuff you're not familiar with. I await your questions at fieryspirited1@hotmail.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ /-------------------------------------------------------------------------\ ( H. Last Words [secth] ) \-------------------------------------------------------------------------/ Well, that brings me to the end of my Crysis guide, I hope it'll help you get out of some sticky spots. This is the first guide I've written in a few years. My others are: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (PC) Crash Team Racing (PS1) Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (PC) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Those games are terribly old. :) Anyway, the final bit is my guide Credits: Crytek, for making an excellent game that will no doubt be part of an epic trilogy. EA, for not releasing this game with tons of bugs. And of course, the cliched you, the reader, for choosing to pick my guide for your gaming experience. Thanks for choosing me! ^_^ If you have any questions, comments, whatever, email me at: fieryspirited1@hotmail.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Adapt. Engage. Survive. CRYSIS. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ See ya! Justin Ang // END FILE TRANSMISSION //</p>