"This is your Burning Hand..." ____________________________ | | | Geometry Wars: Galaxies | | Drone Strategies | | FAQ | |____________________________| | | | Latest Version: 0.92 | | Date: 12.18.07 | | Written by: Geoffrey | | [Kilroy84] Wickley-Olsen | | Email: KilroyWO@Yahoo.com | |____________________________| [Search Function Explanation] An easy, convenient way to find something in the FAQ is to use the Search Function. Just press Ctrl + F to open it. Type in whatever word(s) you need to find, then hit Enter. Press Enter again to cycle through the different locations the word may be in in the FAQ. An easy way to find each section in the FAQ is to press Ctrl + F and type in 'Section'. Just cycle through them to find each and every section in the FAQ. *** Table of Contents *** Section N - Note about Contributing Section I - Introduction Section II - Version History Section III - Drone A.I. (and Geoms) - General Info - Drones -- Attack -- Defend -- Collect -- Snipe -- Sweep -- Ram -- Turret -- Bait Section IV - Planets - General Info - Galaxies - Alpha -- Trainer Eis {{{The rest... Potentially pending an update}}} Section V - Special Thanks, Email, and Whatnot ___________________________________________________ | | | Section N - Note about Contributing | |___________________________________________________| Before I start off, let me just say that despite having the time to write this FAQ, I'm forcibly doing this on the little free time I have. So, I'm just asking that if you have ANYTHING to contribute, try to take a couple minutes out to whip up whatever you feel my FAQ is missing and could benefit from. I appreciate anything that's sent. Even the garbage! :P Thank you, space monkeys.... and enjoy. ___________________________________________________ | | | Section I - Introduction | |___________________________________________________| Semi-short and semi-sweet. This is my third [finished] FAQ, with the other two just below. This FAQ is centralized around the Drone A.I. and respective strategies, but as time goes along, it will also delve into how each planet operates and the XP that you can expect to obtain from each one. Plus, planet-specific strategies for each and every Drone. May sound like a walkthrough, but my intention is to focus more on the deeper, not-so-obvious areas of Galaxies. Thus, I will not be covering Retro Evolved or the multiplayer aspects of the game. But whatever, label it as you will. My other two FAQ's. Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike - Arcade Games FAQ http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/gamecube/file/rebel_strike_arcade.txt Star Fox: Assault - Game Script http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/gamecube/file/561297/36164 ___________________________________________________ | | | Section II - Version History | |___________________________________________________| Version 0.92 -- 12.18.07: Assuming everything has gone according to plan, my FAQ is NOW cross-linked with the DS version. - And confirmation of Drone A.I. acting the same in both the Wii and DS versions is thanks to trannyscience from GameFAQs. - Started planet-specific strategies; Alpha Galaxy is up, but only Trainer Eis. Underestimating an entire planet's worth of strats, plus unrelated duties equals not as much time as I would have liked. - Added level 4 and level 5 A.I. changes to Snipe. - Added level 3 A.I. change to Bait. - Added massively helpful tips submitted by J R: [Defend, Collect, Sweep, Ram and Bait] - Added a tip by Turkeynutz: [Sweep] - Added a tip by Len: [Sweep] - Added a tip by César: [Sweep] - Added two tips by Greg: [Sweep, VIR definition] - Added a tip by Bryan: [Sweep] - Added a tip by Skin9flint17: [Bait] - Added a tip for each Drone by Chezne: [Sweep is his most detailed] - Also, thanks to J R for pointing out my misunderstanding about the Collect Drone. In short: it can grab you many Golds. *** Oh, and you'll find two contradicting attributes for Bait under it's own sub-section in Drone A.I. Inquiry requested. *** Version 0.91 -- 12.7.07: R0YB0T has informed the DS board how XP is earned. No Geoms, no score, just time. - Also allowed a number of sites to post my FAQ. Located in Section V. - However, I haven't gotten around to finalizing any of my planet-specific strategies yet, albeit some are ready in my head, I just need to type them up. Thank you classes and work! Version 0.90 -- 12.1.07: FAQ is up, obviously. All drones have a base structure regarding how they operate plus some tips from myself going into further detail. No planet-specific strategies are written yet, but thanks to SwordOfZork, I've at least posted what each of the prefixes generally mean, so at least that important info is there. More strategies are to come as people along with myself make them public. ___________________________________________________ | | | Section III - Drones (and Geoms) | |___________________________________________________| ===== Section III - General Info ===== Drones are new to the Geometry Wars series; adding the element of an A.I. helping you out in various ways (regardless of whether you would want it's help). There are eight known classes of Drones that you can select from, however only the Attack Drone will be available when you begin a new campaign. The rest of them you must buy via Geoms, which are the currency of Geometry Wars: Galaxies. Geoms actually serve seven purposes; they allow you to purchase Drones, Planets and Galaxies, earn extra lives, smart bombs and weapon changes and probably most importantly, depending on if you're shooting for a high score or medal, score multiplying. It starts out at 1x and maxes out at 150x, which is obtained by collecting 150 Geom pieces. Also, Drones have ten experience levels, each with 100 XP needed to level up. Something that was just recently discovered (publicly anyway), is how Drones gain experience. R0YB0T here on GameFAQs deciphered that XP is not accumulated via your Geom count or score. This is what he had to say: ------------------------- "What determines the amount is only the amount of time you play a world for. It doesn't matter what your score is or how many Geoms you collect or how many times you die. I am not sure what the minimum is, but it isn't that long, possibly 1 - 2 minutes for 10 drone exp points. Knowing this. makes leveling up the drones really easy. You can just choose a drone, any drone, and the pick the first world (Trainer EIS). Even just standing there you will still last long enough to get 10 exp points for your drone without doing anything. So all you have to do it pick the 1st level and just leave the DS [or Wii] alone until you die in a minute or so, and repeat that process. You can try to find a level which does this more efficiently, but the 1st level seems to be the best. I always get 10 exp points for any drone without doing anything on the 1st level. For drones that attack you may want a more difficult level because the drone will get so good at killing, your ship will live too long, and make leveling up much slower." ------------------------- And now that that's settled, here are the known classes. ===== Section III - Drones ===== === - Attack Drone - === Cost: Available right off the bat Description: The Drone will stay next to the player ship, shooting in the same direction, boosting the forward facing firepower of the player. As this behavior increases in power, the Drone's weapon will become more powerful and it's forward-facing aim will become more accurate and it will widen it's spread of fire. Recommendation: Bigger planets that allow enemies (and yourself) to spread out relatively freely. Small planets, not so much. ~ Tips ~ For me, this Drone has proved to be more useful in larger, open grids. Say you're getting rushed by a swarm of enemies from multiple directions and you're focusing on just clearing a single path in order to play chicken. The few extra enemies that this bot would hit could very well make the difference between running away and dying, especially since it's sometimes difficult to spot enemy ships through all the bullets and explosions. I wouldn't recommend this when fighting in a confined area. Ram or even Defend should be better choices, in my opinion. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (Submitted by Chezne) "Invaluable. I usually use this on most open stages as you suggest. I default to this drone when doing a stage for the first time." === - Defend Drone - === Cost: 3,500 Geoms Description: The Drone sticks to the rear of the player ship, shooting behind. This behavior will start out with the Drone only shooting directly backwards, building to the Drone being able to snipe within a wider arc, making it's rear defense more effective. It will also benefit from increasingly more powerful weapons. Recommendation: Like Attack, it's useful in vast areas, but may also prove superiority in small grids as well. ~ Tips ~ It may not as powerful as Attack, but the fact that it shoots behind you can be invaluable if you're focusing mainly on what is in front of you. This may be obvious, but still worth noting. This Drone also directly serves as a player- operated secondary light weapon, so multi-tasking from your front side to the back whilst aiming more or less in the same direction should be accomplished without too much hassle. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (Submitted by J R) "Defend makes Greens mostly irrelevant. This is awfully nice on many stages, but I don't think I've ever gotten a Gold with it - I've always needed the extra oomph of some other drone. The Gamma whirlpool stage might have been a Defend stage - using its fire to kill in the center and antipodes while I defended my bunker. It was highly effective, I just don't remember whether it was my final route." ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (Submitted by Chezne) "Never used except to level. I would rather this drone fire the opposite direction of my _movement_ rather than the opposite direction of my _shots_ for it to be more useful to me." === - Collect Drone - === Cost: 14, 500 Geoms Description: The Drone does not have a weapon, instead it seeks out and collects Geoms from the grid space. As this powers up, the Drone will make quicker direction decisions, speed up and be able to collect more Geoms. Recommendation: Anything but grids with several walls in place. This bot will get stuck trying to phase through impassable areas like you wouldn't believe. ~ Tips ~ If you are just feeling that you should be the only one going on the offensive, choose this squeaky guy. No weapons, only a stomach that thrives on Geoms. This is the best choice of Drones if you are interested in grabbing a ton of money quickly while not having to worry too much about personally doing so. This particular Drone also helps you out greatly, even on the lower levels. So, feel free to just bang out wave after wave of enemies while your Collect Drone chases after most of the Geoms in the vicinity. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (Submitted by J R) "You say to use the Collect drone "if you're not after a high score". This isn't quite true. The reason? The score multiplier. This does not go up with kills, but with collected Geoms. There are quite a few grids where it's difficult or impossible to collect the Geoms from most of your kills - whirlpool grids stand out, as you're often hunkered in a bunker shooting a pool off the screen. There are also some grids - largely battle grids - which start off relatively easy and then suddenly jump into survival mode. The difference between reaching 150x multiplier before or after those first few waves can make all the difference to your score. Finally, classic grids where enemies assault equally from all sides mean that their Geoms are usually spread out with no clear concentrations. A more minor factor is that on grids which allow you to collect additional smart bombs, they appear to be based on Geom totals - on those grids, remote collection can be helpful even when you're at 150. The Collect drone's been "the" route to Gold on a few stages so far, and it's "a" route to Gold on a few more." ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (Submitted by Chezne) "Collect: after seeing that geoms affect getting extra lives/bombs I find this drone to be more useful in large stages. Much more useful once leveled up." === - Snipe Drone - === Cost: 28,000 Geoms Description: This relies on the Drone using the new Beam weapon to snipe high priority targets. Based on a simple order of danger, the Drone will target and snipe targets with it's focused beam, which because of it's sustained damage, can eliminate a multi-hit enemy in a single attack. As the upgrade builds, the targeting and target choosing will improve, with the fully powered sniper able to pick off hard targets. Recommendation: Great for killing enemies in a line or creating escape routes. +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- Experience Level Changes +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- Snipe will attack more types of enemies as it levels up. Here's what I've got so far: At level 4: It will begin attacking Spinners, Tiny Spinners, Snakes and Darts. At level 5: It will begin attacking Wanderers. +-+-+-+-+ ~ Tips ~ The weapon this Drone uses gets stronger and faster with each level up. It's beam also acts as a high-frequency weapon of sorts; being impervious to collisions. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (Submitted by Chezne) "Snipe: I like it.. however it is programmed to not target the things I'd want it to kill. UFOs, vortexes and other enemy spawn-type monsters the Snipe drone will not target. It seems to only target closest enemy really.. if it's a line of blue diamonds coming at me great, but otherwise I'd rather have Attack/Ram for offensive assistance." === - Sweep Drone - === Cost: 57,000 Geoms Description: The Drone cannot fire, but instead continually orbits the player, smashing enemies that get in it's way. As the upgrade builds, the radius of orbit decreases and speed increases, making the Drone into a useful, shield-like defense, especially in a thick group of enemies. Recommendation: Smaller areas means more Touch Of Death from this Drone since enemies will group more closely to each other. *NOTE* Several people have written in detailing how useful Sweep is when using it's self-declared "Wall Tactic". So, I just wanted to emphasize how effective this strategy is. ~ Tips ~ I've found that at the lower levels, Sweep isn't all too useful as a shield, per se. However, once you get up to level 6, it should noticably and often help you out without you even trying. (Submitted by J R) "Sweep is great in some mazes, most notably Gamma Flieis. It wound up being my route to Gold on that stage, and on a few other stages. In any obstructed stage, the ability to kill through walls and around the corner is valuable. Usually not a Goldwinner, though. Playing it and avoiding firing for as long as possible is a great proximity drill, boredom avoider and multibooster (because enemies it kills are inside Geom sucking range) in slow early parts while you're learning a grid. Usually not a route to Gold for me, but I think it could be in a lot of situations." ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (Submitted by Turkeynutz) "The best use that i can find for it is on the yellow Los levels, the enemies will get stuck on the walls in very large numbers, and you can sit on the other side and let the sweep drone wipe them all out in one sweep. I also find when the enemy count is to large to imagine, the sweep drone will let you pass through the large crowds with much more ease than say the attack drone would. Hope this helps!" ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (Submitted by Len) "You can stay in a known spawn-point of shapes using sweep, and it'll basically clear out all of the enemies there (if you have good timing). Not a great tip, but I use it from time to time. I prefer Snipe, or Turret drones for survivability purposes (as living gives you more points.)" ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (Submitted by César) "First, sorry for my english. This is not my native language. The sweep drone can be very useful in the levels with that yellow little things (that things grouped together that multiply). If you Sweep Drone has enough level, you can pass trough this mass of enemies with no problem because the drone will destroy anything. If you has good multiplier the point counter will go up very fast." ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (Submitted by Greg) "On the tightly enclosed levels, sometimes you can side up to a wall and use the sweep to kill enemies that collect on the other side of the wall, relieving a lot of the pressure you're getting." ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (Submitted by Bryan) "When it's fully powered it will wipe out 95% of slower moving enemies. There's also a really great tactic, if you hide behind a wall, the drone can swing around and kill the enemies that collect on the other three sides of it, which means that you only have to sit there and cover one side, while the geoms stream in. Makes some of the hardest levels trivial." ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (Submitted by Chezne) "This little baby is my favorite in a lot of stages. In stages with the moving block obstacles that you cannot shoot through this can prove invaluable when in a pinch. Probably the biggest use for Sweep, however, is stages where the stage is flooded with enemies and you're running circles around the board dodging, much like the defense technique in Retro Evolved. My primary weapon fire is concentrated on shooting open a path for my escape, while the Sweep drone takes out any quick enemy that sneaks up behind with relatively high effectiveness at max level. [Summary]: As stated above this is my favorite for obstacle stages and flood stages." === - Ram Drone - === Cost: 90,000 Geoms Description: Like Sweep, the Drone does not fire, but instead targets enemies around the player and rams them, killing them like a jack hammer. As the upgrade builds, the Drone will take longer trips away from the player, with a wider targeting arc and an ability to prioritize harder to kill enemies. Recommendation: Smaller grids work well with Ram, but it's still useful in the larger planets as well. ~ Tips ~ This thing is essentially worthless when it's still at level 1. Albeit, once the level 2 mark hits, it will become noticably helpful; making ramming runs about once a second. But at this early stage in experience, said runs are short-winded. However, as your XP grows, so will this A.I.'s intelligence, so feel free to appreciate Ram's later abilities. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (Submitted by J R) "Ram isn't so hot in general, but it wound up being my route to Gold on Delta Zooeis. The thing to remember is that the next target is picked from its perspective, not yours, so it likes groups and *you* have to keep an eye on where *it* is. It's only effective when enemies are bunched in a line, but when they are it can really wreak some carnage - like twenty kills a second carnage. I followed it around, trusting it to keep one side mostly clear, and got Gold the first time after an evening of other strategies." ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (Submitted by Chezne) "Hilarious to watch at max level. I tend to find it strays from me too much and usually causes more harm than good, especially on Massive stages or stages with lots of those pink diamonds that split. Makes short work of Virus stages." === - Turret Drone - === Cost: 150,000 Geoms Description: The Drone has the ability to deploy as a sentry gun and then attempt to destroy targets within 360 of it's vision, at a fixed distance away. As the upgrades builds, the distance it can target and the frequency of firing increases. As does the frequency and time of deployment. Recommendation: I can see it being helpful on any grid. Arguably the best Drone. ~ Tips ~ This is probably the best Drone when at level 1, often deploying into a turret and shooting for roughly one full circle. The upgrades only make it better. The only negative trait I've noticed is that if you're playing on a grid where the number of enemies is can be relatively contained in a certain area (i.e. planets such as Masduo, where you must break apart larger, idle forms of enemies to find their normal counterparts). Turret also partially mimics Attack when it's not deployed. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (Submitted by Chezne) "I don't think I've given it the same time as Attack or Sweep. If the Turret had a bit of AI and focused on groups of enemies instead of just spinning in that circle I'd like it more. To be honest I have not maxed turret to full yet so it may get better." === - Bait Drone - === Cost: 300,000 Description: The Drone can take on a player-like attract behavior. It will switch on this ability and lure attracted enemies away from the player ship, allowing the player to move more safely and pick off resulting clusters. As the ability upgrades, the frequency and duration of Bait behavior increases. Recommendation: There are better Drones out there, but best on planets with many pursuing enemies. +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- Experience Level Changes +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- At level 3: Bait will fire a single round every 1/4 second while pausing inbetween every few seconds, providing that you fire as well. It won't fire in your direction and from what I've seen, appears to attack everything. =========================== Bait's Behavior In Question =========================== This whole debate started when I received two different tips from two different people. One said that Weavers, the Green guys who like to evade your fire, aren't seduced by the Bait Drone. The other person claims that they are. Now, I've begun my own research on this and I've found that at the least, when Bait is on... Level 3: It won't attract Weavers. But who knows. Perhaps there's a glitch in certain copies of Galaxies that will allow Bait to seduce the Weavers. Or it's something more discrete such as it only attracts certain enemies at particular experience levels. But anyway, here are the two aforementioned tips. (Submitted by J R) NOTE: This is an excerpt from his entire contribution located about half a page down. "I've got Bait fully upgraded [...] and it DOESN'T ATTRACT GREENS." ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (Submitted by Skin9flint17) "I just wanted to note something about the "BAIT" Drone Behavior. It appears that,as it levels up,it will attract the tougher enemies,such as Weavers(Green Square with smaller green square inside it),while at level 1,it will only attract Grunts(Blue Diamonds)." =============================== END Bait's Behavior In Question =============================== ~ Tips ~ This Drone is only useful against enemies that pursue you, yet even guys like a Wanderer really don't care about it. I haven't fully leveled this one up yet, but judging from what I've seen so far, it's lure ability doesn't work as well as it should and many times, enemies will ignore it. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (Submitted by J R) "I've got Bait fully upgraded, keep giving it chances but for me it's pretty much worthless. Even at max level it only spends half its time in Attract mode, the audio cues tell you only when it's changing not what it's *doing*, it wants to start off near you for some reason, and it DOESN'T ATTRACT GREENS. It feels great when you get to murder a seething mass of pinks from across the map, but it only happens when you could have handled things anyway. So far, when the chips are down this drone doesn't save your life, doesn't boost your score, doesn't get you anything and can't be relied upon to change the way you play; it might have some vague beneficial effect, but compared to the others it may as well not exist." ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (Submitted by Chezne) "Bought it just to say I had it. The Lure effect doesn't last long enough to impress me." ___________________________________________________ | | | Section IV - Planets | |___________________________________________________| ===== Section IV - General Info ===== Planets are the so-called "levels" of Galaxies. And a number of them exist in ten different galaxies, totaling sixty planets in all. Each planet itself is comprised of a two-dimensional grid that is never identical to one another. You might have one planet with a rectangular-shaped grid and two smaller rectangles inside the larger one acting as walls. Most galaxies and planets aren't accessible until you buy them with Geoms, save for each starting planet in each galaxy as well as the three planets in the opening galaxy, Alpha, which is free as well. Also, something that should be kept in mind when hunting for the best planets regarding whatever intrigues you is that the prefixes for the planets help to determine their general itinerary. Here is the low-down of them and what they apparently mean, submitted by SwordOfZork. *Please note: Anything in brackets was added by either myself or anyone else other than SwordOfZork. An asterisk will point to Special Thanks if someone sent the tip in.* "From what I can gather, the three letter prefix tells you what you can expect in that type of level. After that, it just has a number identifier for that level. Heres what I can determine: Planet Type: Trainer - Introduction Levels (2) CLA - Classic. Plays similarly to Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved MAS - Massive. Contains large versions of enemies that explode into many small enemies. SUR - Survival. No bombs, and only one life. BAT - Battle. Enemies spawn very quickly. FLI - Flip. Contains blue boxes that roll around the stage. VAR - Variety? Different types of enemies take turns spawning, often relative to your position. MIN - Mines. Level contains mine layers. Kill enemies with mines for extra point multipliers. ORB - Orbit. Everything circles around the center of the level. Direction changes often. ZOO - ??? Level contains tunnels and small areas. ROC - ??? Waves of red squares will fly through the level. LOS - ??? Level contains tunnels and small areas. VIR - [Virus*]. Contains yellow pentagons that quickly multiply. POR - Portal. Level contains a portal that sends you to a different portal. Planet Number: 1 - Eis 2 - Duo 3 - Tris 4 - Tetra 5 - Pente 6 - Hex 7 - Hepta (Number doesn't necessarily fall in this order)" ===== Section IV - Galaxies ===== === - Alpha Galaxy - === ~ Trainer Eis ~ Cost: Already available Minimum XP you should earn: 60 Best Drone: Snipe or Ram This planet should be an easy Gold. I believe I acquired it on my third playthrough, which also happened to be my third attempt at ANY level in a GW game. It's a small rectangular-shaped grid that doesn't even take up the entire screen. --- Attack Drone Strategies --- I haven't seen much use for this one considering the incredibly small layout of the planet's grid. It's difficult to dodge enemies for more than one or two seconds, so precise aiming should be necessary, a la I would not recommend this Drone. Something tells me I'm wrong though... --- Defend Drone Strategies --- I've found Defend to be pretty useful here. With such a small area to fight in, it could be pretty easy for a single enemy to sneak in and kill you since everyone is crammed together like in some messed up....well, let's not go there. There are better choices, like Sweep. All in all, this guy's better than Attack. --- Collect Drone Strategies --- Despite this being a small grid, it can get ugly as time goes on. That said: you probably won't have the time to grab most of the Geoms. So, that little extra bit might help if you're low on cash. --- Snipe Drone Strategies --- Because this grid is so cramped, Snipe can potentially bail you out of grim situations with relative ease. I would recommend this guy. It's impregnable beam should not be ignored. Use it wisely. --- Sweep Drone Strategies --- The small playing field can make Sweep a high priority Drone due to the claustrophobic nature of... well, everything in sight. I'd say, a wise choice, but not the greatest. --- Ram Drone Strategies --- Like Snipe, this thing is great for creating escape routes. I enjoy it's company. --- Turret Drone Strategies --- Turret generally thrives on larger planets and like many others, he's better than Attack. --- Bait Drone Strategies --- No. Just...no. The area is so small, it's almost pointless to bring this thing into battle with you. {{{The rest... Potentially pending an update}}} ___________________________________________________ | | | Section V - Special Thanks, Email, and Whatnot | |___________________________________________________| - Special Thanks to: - SwordOfZork: For providing the base information used to determine what the different prefixes mean and how the respective planets appear to operate. - R0YB0T: For realizing how Drone XP is gained. Your perception is appreciated. - trannyscience: For confirming that both the Wii and DS versions have the same Drone A.I. - J R: For providing numerous and sophisticated tips for many of the Drones. Good stuff, man. - Turkeynutz: For his Sweep Drone tip. - Len: Decided to help out via a tip for Sweep. - César: Sent in a tip for the Sweep Drone. - Skin0flint17: For his tip on Bait... Albeit, thanks to J R inadvertedly, his tip (as well as any others) may be proven false later on. - Greg*: For his tip concerning Sweep. Also, for identifying VIR planets; Virus. Could've done it myself, but he beat me to it... - Bryan: Sweep Drone tip. It's what's for dinner. - Chezne: For his detailed Sweep Drone tip, plus his shorter contributions for all other Drones. - CJayC and SBAllen: For creating and currently maintaining GameFAQs, an awesome site with extremely helpful guides and other information. - Chuck Palahniuk: There is a very deep meaning behind the opening and closing quotes of this FAQ. It may not have very much to do with Geometry Wars, but it's still very significant and worth looking into. Besides, it's my FAQ and I can thank who I want! - Email: KilroyWO@Yahoo.com Make sure the subject heading says "Drone Strategies FAQ", if that is not a part of the subject, then I WILL DELETE IT! I will not give any personal advice on what to do, just read the FAQ -- That's what it's here for. If you send me an email flaming me for something, it will also become a part of the trash. Questions or comments about the FAQ, strategies, spelling mistakes, and what have you, on the other hand, are all welcome. Sorry to be an ass about it, just laying down covering fire. - Legal Crap Currently, my FAQ is known to be posted at... - www.GameFAQs.com - www.supercheats.com - www.cheatplanet.com - www.gamesradar.com These guys have the rights to distribute this FAQ. If you wish to post my FAQ on your website, please email me first. You cannot directly post my FAQ on your website. You can, however, post the link to the "FAQs & Guides" page on GameFAQs. You cannot alter this FAQ or take credit for it in any way, whatsoever. I've worked hard on this FAQ and at the very least deserve a little credit for it. "... You're one step closer to hitting bottom."</p>