Stage 2-1 --------- In the first area in this desert world, hit the second block to get an item, then head up the hill and jump over Pokey (the segmented cactus). Go down and avoid the Spiny, and hit the yellow block a few times, then jump from it to get over the next Pokey. To the right, collect Star Coin #1 in the air, then wait for the Pokey to come down the hill before jumping over it. Continue along the path, jumping over the Pokeys as the platforms they sit on sink. Further ahead, wait for the platform with the Pokey on it to move upward, then jump over the gap to receive Star Coin #2. Keep going to the right and hop over some more Pokeys, then hit a ? block to get another item. Jump across a series of solid platforms while making it over the Pokeys (if you are Fire Mario, you can shoot them down). Collect Star Coin #3 on one of the lower platforms, then continue right into the pipe. (Just before the exit pipe, there are smaller pipes you can enter if you are Mini Mario, which lead to a secret coin room.) When you emerge, go right and hit the center block to find a P switch. Hit it to make the coins above the final Pokey turn into blocks. Jump onto them and make a running leap to the flagpole to finish off the level. Stage 2-2 --------- Here, head to the right and you will soon see Lakitu floating overhead, dropping Spiny enemies on you periodically. Since he is so high up, it may be hard to defeat Lakitu, but it is possible. Head to the right and jump to the higher blocks (hit the ? blocks to get items), then shoot a fireball at Lakitu to knock him out of the cloud. You can then ride in the cloud until it disappears, so take full advantage of this. Fly to the right until you see a bunch of coins surrounded by blocks on the ground, then from that point fly directly upward to find Star Coin #1 high above. Continue to the right and jump over a couple gaps, as well as a Piranha Plant. Past the first plant, ground pound through the blocks in the ground, and go right to grab Star Coin #2. Keep going to the right while avoiding the Lakitu onslaught, and you will reach yellow and green pipes. Go into the green one and it will shoot you high into the air. Hold Up as you rocket upward, and you will enter an upside-down pipe. In this bonus room, hop into either of the green pipes to rocket upward, collecting a whole lot of coins on the way. At the peak of your jump, move to the side to collect Star Coin #3. Go down the red pipe to exit here, then jump to the right onto the tilting mushroom platform. Run up the hill it forms and jump to grab the flagpole at the end. Stage 2-3 --------- From the start, go right and down the pipe into the sewer maze below. Slide down the long hill, defeating numerous Koopa Troopas, then drop down at the end. Go right and wall jump to the hill above the manhole, and run up to get Star Coin #1. Go back down and ground pound on the manhole to drop down some more. Head to the left and hit the block to get an item, then defeat the bat as it swoops down from the ceiling. Go all the way left and ground pound through 3 manholes, then continue right along the lower area. In the next room with the arrow flippers, defeat the Piranha Plant with a fireball if you can, otherwise jump to the higher ledges to avoid it. Make your way around to collect Star Coin #2, then go down and right to a new area. There, go right past the midpoint and slide down another hill. At the bottom, go down and to the right (if you go up and left, you can hit a coin block and jump to a hidden block containing a 1-Up). When you can jump onto a ledge above you, do so and head left to a ? switch. Step on it to make the water rise in the room. So, head right and jump to the top ledge, and swim all the way right through to the following room. NOTE: If you are up for exploring and swim into the opening in the ceiling, you will reach a coin room and a second ? switch on the ceiling. Hit that switch to raise the water some more, allowing you to access a high ledge. Note that if you don't do this quick enough, you can hit the first switch again and the second switch will have already been pressed, saving you some time. When you go outside there, you will reach a secret exit leading to Stage 2-A. In the next area, go right and jump over the giant plant (or kill it with fire), then go up the hill. At the top, jump to the left ledge. Hop onto a ledge to the left, then jump to the right ledge above. Run to the right, dropping off the ledge onto another one, and collect Star Coin #3. From here, drop down to the lower area and head right. Go up another hill and jump up through the thin ledges and out of a manhole above. Go right and jump through the ledge to the top area, and hit the ! switch to the right. This will create a red walkway above the Piranha Plant below, allowing for safe passage to the exit. As soon as you hit the switch, drop through the flippers to the bottom area, then quickly jump up the ledges to the left and run across the walkway before it vanishes. When you exit to the outside, jump onto the springboard if you want added points on the flagpole in front of you. Otherwise, jump at the pole to exit this stage. Stage 2-A --------- In this tropical oasis stage, head right and defeat some Koopa Troopas. You will notice the infamous giant fish in the waters below, which will try to jump and devour you whole. If you are Fire Mario, you can shoot it down temporarily, which majorly helps. Go right and when you reach the chance to take a lower path, do so and you will find Star Coin #1. Jump to the upper ledges and go right some more to find some Spin Blocks. Use them to fly high up in the air and collect a whole lot of coins. Farther to the right you will see Star Coin #2 in the air, so glide downward and to the right to claim it. While spin gliding still, float to the right and land on the Koopa Troopa to launch up into the air once more. Land on the upper ledge and go through the yellow pipe (if you want to get the regular exit leading to the pipe, take the green pipe below). If you took the yellow pipe, jump to claim Star Coin #3 in the next room. After you take the red pipe, go right and jump onto the secret exit flagpole, and you will gain access to the Cannon. Stage 2-4 --------- In this stage, start by going right and hitting the ? block to make a hill form, allowing you to hit the blocks above. Continue to the right, stomping the Goombas and Koopa Troopas along the way. Hop over a gap and take the low path at the other side. Wait for the Piranha Plant to recede into the pipe, then jump to collect Star Coin #1. Drop back down when the plant retreats, then jump to the upper ledge and continue to the right. Go down the hill when it's safe, while avoiding the Piranha Plants along the way. When you hit the water, swim to the right until you can jump onto dry land again (if you are Mini Mario, run across the water to the left and go into the skinny pipe, which will lead to a hidden exit, forming a shortcut on the world map). Instead of going up the dry hill, sink into the water a little and swim to the right underneath the wall. Go down the red pipe in the hidden area, and swim through the room with the Cheep Cheeps. Head up the pipe at the other end, and run left to find Star Coin #2. Next, hit the upside-down ? block to make a hill form leading out of this area. Jump up the hill to the upper ledge and continue to the right. Drop down and hit the blocks to reveal yet another ? block; hit that and a couple of hills will form on the landscape ahead. Jump over or defeat the Piranha Plants along the way, then jump from the second hill onto the upper ledge to the right. Evade or defeat the Hammer Bros here, and collect Star Coin #3 on the middle ledge. After that, go right and defeat a couple more Koopa Troopas. Then, jump up the steps and leap towards the flagpole to exit the stage. Tower ----- In here, go right and jump onto the rotating ledges. Ride them to the right, then hop onto the next side. At the top, jump atop the blue blocks and then onto another set of rotating ledges. Head to the left ledge and defeat a Dry Bones, then grab onto and climb to the left via the rope. Hop up to the upper area, and ride yet another rotating ledge. Up here, ride the platforms to the upper area, then jump to the rope above. Climb to the right, then drop onto the next set of rotating ledges. Use the Red Ring if you want to try for a 1-Up, then go down and right to collect Star Coin #1. Ride the platforms back up to the rope, then go back left and ride the first set of ledges to the upper-left corner. Jump to the small ledge over there to the left. Wall jump to a door high above, and enter that room. You will see a couple of yellow walls hanging from a track above. Constantly wall jump inside this contraption as it rides all along the track. When you reach the upper-right area, drop down and hop up the side ledges, then when the yellow encasement drops down, ride it to the left and jump to receive Star Coin #2. From here, jump to the upper ledge and wall jump in the next yellow encasement above. At the top, drop down and go through the door to exit this room. Drop into the room below and hit the red block to make rotating red blocks appear. Start by jumping across the two rotating blocks you formed, and wall jump upward in the space between the wall and the pipe, hitting the red block in the air. This will make a new block form to the left. Drop down to the ground below and defeat the Dry Bones, then head left. Jump from the far left red block onto the upper triangular rotating platform. From it, jump upward to the newly formed rectangular block, then simply jump into the air to reach Star Coin #3. After this, go back to the right and hop from the red block to reach the rotating blocks. Jump across the blocks, then go into the upside-down red pipe above. In the small room you emerge in, go through the door to meet Bowser Jr. The battle platform will be smaller, so you can fall off and die, so be careful. After the fight, you will clear the tower and move on. Stage 2-5 --------- Over here, head to the right and ground pound the blocks if you want some coins. You will start to encounter block monster enemies, disguised as blocks with a ? block at the bottom. Ground pound through the stack to defeat those. Anyway, go right to the first bunch of them and you will see some coins in the air above a pile of blocks. Wait for the block monster to jump upward, then dash jump toward the coins and with luck you will grab Star Coin #1 in the air above. Further ahead, you will reach several gray blocks with fire snake enemies jumping along them, as well as more of those block monsters. Go to the third set of gray blocks and lure the fire enemy into the pit, then jump onto the block enemy. Face the left to make it run in that direction, then when it jumps, hop up as well to collect Star Coin #2 (this may take some time). Alternatively, there are 3 blocks to the right; hit one to find a P switch, then jump onto the newly formed blocks to reach the star coin. Keep going to the right and you will have to defeat a Boomerang Bro. There will be some quicksand below that platform; sink into it and move to the right. You will see a gray block under the regular exit pipe; jump to that block and go right to enter a hidden room. Drop down all the ledges and go right to a block monster. When it jumps, do a jump as well to reach Star Coin #3. Finally, go back left and jump up the gray blocks to exit this underground room. Then, go right to the flagpole, using the block monster for added height if you so desire. Stage 2-6 --------- In the opening area, jump across the ledges and jump into the upside-down pipe to reach the main area of the level. When you emerge, you will be on a large moving platform for much of the stage. Jump to collect coins, and hit the blocks to get an item. Up ahead you will see Piranha Plants moving on their own platforms. Stay toward the middle of your platform, since two of the plants will end up occupying the edges. When the plant to the right leaves your platform, jump in the air as you pass to get Star Coin #1. Continue along and you will see a second large platform above you; jump onto it to get it moving. Be careful of the up/down moving platforms since the Piranha Plants may sit on them and move around, so try not to run/jump into them if you can help it. Stay on the upper platform and you will soon come to Star Coin #2. Below you will be a giant Piranha Plant, but it won't reach you, so don't worry. Up ahead, the two large platforms will disappear, leaving you on a bunch of smaller ledges. Jump across them, being careful of the plants above you, and jump in the air to collect Star Coin #3. After jumping across several more moving platforms, you will reach the end ledge. There is a Piranha Plant sitting on a cork, which blocks access to the pipe. Jump on the air pump below a few times to remove the cork and plant. Then, go down the pipe and head right to the flagpole. Castle ------ When you start, wait for the giant spiked ball to roll downward and into the pit, then head to the right. Jump over some smaller spiked balls along the way. Grab onto a rope hanging from the ceiling, and swing/jump from it to avoid the spiked ball below, while collecting coins in the air. Go right through the narrow hallway, ducking into the small pits to avoid the spiked balls as they pass. When you reach the split in the path, wall jump to the upper area and grab Star Coin #1 in the alcove. Go back down and continue to the right from here, then go through the door to reach an outside area. Out there, go right and avoid the Bullet Bills being shot at you. When you reach the inner segment, wait for the Bullet Bills to be shot, then jump from them to the upper ledge where Star Coin #2 is waiting. After that, go right and duck when the Bullet Bills are coming at you. At the end, jump onto the ? switch to form a pit below. Jump over the spiked ball and get across that pit, then go up the other side and continue right. Hit a block on the next ledge to get a Mini Mushroom, then head right some more. Avoid the spiked balls as they come down the steps, and run through the tiny passage in between the steps to reach Star Coin #3. Hit the right block to get a Mushroom, then jump out of there and go right. Stomp on the ? switch and a pit will form. Avoid the spiked ball and enter the door at the bottom of the pit. In the next room, go right across the sand and you will reach the boss's chamber. The Mummipokey boss will come out of the sand, will sometimes shoot a sand ball at you, then retreats into the sand before popping up again elsewhere. You will know where the boss is going to appear next by looking at the dust that kicks up in a certain spot. To defeat it, you have to jump on its head 3 times (or use fireballs). You won't always be able to jump and attack, since the boss can either re-emerge very small, or very tall. After you beat the boss, grab the golden key to complete this world. You will then automatically run to the next room, with a sign leading to World 3 pointing to the right. If you beat this boss as Mini Mario, you will drop into the crack in the floor, and the sign will flip around to say World 4 instead. Try beating the boss in both forms and you will unlock both of these worlds!</p>