Chart shock - Halo: Reach outsold by racing game after one week

Well, well, well. After enjoying a single week on top of the UK charts, Halo Reach has been displaced by Codemasters' F1 2010. That's not even with a full week of F1 sales as the game only went on sale on Friday. This is across all formats, so the racer has undoubtedly benefited from having PS3 and Xbox 360 as bases for sale as opposed to Halo's Xbox-only userbase. But it's still an amazing showing for a title that a lot of people class as 'niche'.

I gave the game 9/10 in my review (that's one more than Halo: Reach scored) and have been playing it online this weekend more than is good for me.

In case you haven't got it yet, here's what you're missing out on:

Is this the start of a resurgence of the racing genre? Or simply a sign that all the Halo fans bought Reach on day 1? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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27 Sep, 2010

Justin Towell

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