Catherine ships 500k worldwide, makes Atlus' year

Catherine may not have set the gaming world on fire in North America, but according to the latest numbers from Atlus' parent company Index, the relationship parable/platformer/sheep sim was nonetheless one of the company's biggest earners.

This week, Index released its earning statements for the period stretching September 1st, 2010 to August 31st, 2011. The report indicated Catherine had shipped 500k copies globally, 78k of which were in North America. While those numbers may pale in comparison to the Gears of Wars and L.A. Noires of the western world, they did equate to Atlus' biggest launch ever and contribute to a sizable boost in revenues for Index.

Broken down further, Index's report said Catherine sold 260k copies in Japan, and 230k internationally. Elsewhere, the Persona series was also shown to have sold a total of over 1.65 million games in Japan alone, providing further motivation for Atlus to keep doing what it's doing.

Catherine arrived in North America this July. Some loved it. Some didn't know what the crap was going on. See what GR had to say about the decidedly off-kilter sim-platformer in our own review.

Oct 20, 2011

Source: Andriasang

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