Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles

With Rondo looking like a solid translation of an already exceptional action game, our eyes then turn towards everyone's favorite Castlevania, 1997's outstanding Symphony of the Night. Alucard's siege through his father's castle takes place five years after Rondo, after Richter's been brainwashed and needs some not-so-gentle guidance back to the side of good. As the first in the "Metroidvania" series of Castlevania games, you're given free reign to explore Dracula's castle. Along the way you'll gain new abilities that open up even more parts of the castle, allowing you to further gain ground against the armies of undead monstrosities that roam the area.

But, having been made in the late '90s, how will a 4x3 classic title like this fit comfortably onto PSP's slick wide screen? We heard it will indeed fill the screen, but not if it will actually fit properly. Zoomed in and cropped? Could be. Maybe when the game launches on Xbox Live Arcade we'll get a glimpse of what to expect on PSP.

Iga did mention that as long as he's got his eyes on Symphony this year, he might be persuaded to include some extras on the PSP version. No promises, but with all the badass fan service in Portrait of Ruin, we'd be pretty shocked if there isn't at least one retro surprise tucked away. As for us mega Vania nerds, we can take solace in the fact that series illustrator Ayami Kojima is back on board for the character designs. She handled Symphony the first time around, so why not, eh?