Who we would cast in the Last of Us movie

James Franco as James

James is Davids right hand man, doing everything his partner tells him to do. Hes just as ruthless as his lover, but hes less forgiving of Ellie and Joel after learning what happened at the hospital, telling the entire group of cannibals about it. My James would need to be played by someone who can perfectly compliment Daniel Day-Lewis David, and we think James Franco would be up to the challenge. I loved him as Oz in Oz the Great and Powerful and as Harry Osborn in Spiderman 3 (perhaps the only thing good about that movie), and I think hed play a damn good James.

Michael Fassbender as Tommy

The younger brother of Joel, Tommy is night-and-day different than his older sibling. Hes more level-headed, more strategic, and more willing to think of the needs of the many compared to his own ambition. Because of this, whoever plays Tommy will have to be the yin to Joels yang, and Id love to see Michael Fassbender in the role. This would be even more appropriate if I get my Josh Brolin wish, as two Jonah Hex stars would be reunited in this post-apocalypse.

Carey Mulligan as Maria

Maria is the perfect fit for a calm and collected man like Tommy, making their marriage much more believable. She shares his strength and his resolve, to the point where Joel says that she kind of scares [him]. Carey Mulligan is by no means imposing, but that doesnt mean she couldnt put the fear of God into any man she shares a screen with. Furthermore, after seeing her as Daisy in The Great Gatsby, Id love to see her branch out into something completely different here.

Rosario Dawson as Marlene

I racked my brain trying to come up with the best person to play Marlene. I need to believe that this woman will do whatever it takes to find the vaccine for the infection, even though she struggles with having to make the tough decisions. Whats more, Marlene is a strong African-American woman, and I want to keep her that way in the movie. Give me Rosario Dawson of Sin City and Grindhouse fame, and Im sure well get the Marlene we need.

Who would you choose?

In a perfect world with either an unlimited budget or actors that would work for free, these are the people I would choose to play the biggest parts in The Last of Us. I'm certain that you have some thoughts of your own, so take to the comments below with your picks.

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