Carol Danvers returns to the Kree homeworld for Captain Marvel: Assault on Eden

Captain Marvel: Assault on Eden #1 cover art
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Carol Danvers is part Kree, and that alien heritage will be at the center of her next adventure in Captain Marvel: Assault on Eden #1, an October one-shot written by Anthony Oliveira with art from Eleonora Carlini and a cover by Carlos Gomez, seen below.

In the one-shot, Carol travels to the Kree homeworld of Hala which has become a utopia under the rule of Emperor Hulking who has united the Kree and Skrull empires. But trouble is brewing as Kree sentries begin attacking their own people, forcing Carol to spring into action.

"Captain Marvel soldiers up to save the Kree homeworld!" reads Marvel's official solicitation text for Captain Marvel: Assault on Eden #1. "The Kree home planet of Hala has become a paradise under the rule of Emperor Hulkling. But when Sentries launch an attack on civilians and start stealing children, Earth’s Mightiest Hero must intervene! Half Kree, half human and all warrior, Carol Danvers swoops in for an action-packed special just in time for The Marvels on the silver screen!"

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Carol's latest Captain Marvel ongoing title recently came to a close in June 14's Captain Marvel #50. Assault on Eden will bring Captain Marvel back to the page to coincide with her next MCU appearance in The Marvels, in which she teams up with Monica Rambeau and Kamala Khan.

"Carol Danvers is an icon - she's gone through so many incarnations, and lived so many lives. She's seen some $#!+! I wanted to tell a story that introduces readers to Captain Marvel as a hero who is willing to fight hard for what she believes in, and shows them what she's made of - a hero who can be an example to younger heroes like Wiccan and Hulkling, and finding she has a lot to learn from them in turn," states writer Anthony Oliveira. 

"I also wanted to take some time to check in on Carol's relationship with Teddy, because I think she and he are both in many ways affected by the losses in their lives," he continues. "What's it like to talk to the son of someone like Mar-Vell, and see him realizing so many of his father's dreams? Carol is about to embark on a new chapter of her character history - this is a moment to remember where she's been, and define who she is."

Captain Marvel: Assault on Eden #1 goes on sale October 11.

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