Carmine Infantino 1925 - 2013

SFX is saddened to learn of the passing of comic book industry legend Carmine Infantino.

Famed for his sleek illustrative style and impeccable sense of design, Brooklyn-born Infantino began his career for Marvel's predecessor, Timely, inking Frank Giacoia's pencils on a Jack Frost story in USA Comics 3 in 1942. He went on to draw Green Lantern and Justice Society of America for DC.

In 1956 he became one of the key creative forces igniting the Silver Age of comics, retooling The Flash with a sci-fi spin and designing the iconic scarlet costume that came to define the superheroic speed-merchant. Classic tale "The Flash Of Two Worlds" in 1961 introduced the concept of Earth Two, the parallel world that was the first building block of the DC Multiverse.

Infantino also gave Batman a streamlining makeover in 1964, adding the yellow oval to the black Bat symbol on the Dark Knight's chest. He went on to co-create the Barbara Gordon version of Batgirl - the version adopted for the phenomenally popular TV show in the mid '60s.

Rising to art director and editorial director, he was made publisher of DC Comics in 1971. He enticed Jack Kirby - co-architect of Marvel's success - to the Distinguished Competition, giving him free rein to unleash his cosmic Fourth World saga.

In the late '70s Infantino was back at Marvel, drawing Star Wars , the tie-in comic book whose success saved the company from financial collapse. When Infantino left the title it was George Lucas himself who phoned the artist and tried to persuade him to stay.

The Comic Buyer's Guide Millennium Poll named him the greatest penciller of all time. Reflecting on his illustrious career, Infantino would simply quote "Paul Anka's wonderful line, 'I did it my way.' That sums it up for me pretty much."

Enough words. Let Carmine Infantino's art speak for itself...

Nick Setchfield
Editor-at-Large, SFX Magazine

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