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Captain Condom to return in Adventures in Sex City sequel!

Want to be successful in the game industry? Trymaking a game in which the bad guy shoots out evil sperm out of his penis arms.

The developers behind Adventures in Sex City, a game featuring characters with names like Wonder Vag and Captain Condom, and a villain known as the Sperminator, is working on a sequel. And it's all with the good graces of the Canadian government. Crazy Canucks.

The game also incorporates questions about sexually transmitted diseases and includes clinical information to help solve all the crazy questions that curious kids have.

The Middlesex-London Health Unit in London, Ontario embraced the original project and said response to it was "very strong." Agency manager Shaya Dhinsa noted, "We have had literally tens of thousands of people play and many have told us they’ve learned a lot from answering the questions that are the basis for the game."

To prepare for the next game, the Health Unit and game creators have recruited eight youngsters to participate in focus groups to learn exactly what children know about sex and figure out what to incorporate into the new game.

In addition to Captain Condom and Wonder Vag, Adventures in Sex City had such memorable heroes as Willy the Kid and Power Pap. Each character has a different outlook on sex and teaches players that they don't have to conform to one standard.

Power Pap, for example, believes in "getting tested regularly" after she had "a close encounter" with an STD, while Wonder Vag is a virgin and promotes abstinence. Willy the Kid has a super-power of "massive rock hard strength" and proves that "size doesn't matter." And Captain Condom? Well, he's half-human, half-condom. We'll leave that one alone.

What this crazy foursome has in store for their next adventure is anyone's guess, but in the meantime, why not try out their first game for yourself? (Beware of penis arms.)

Adventures in Sex City Flash game


Oct 29, 2010

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