Capcom freaks out over Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition videos

Judging by its actions, Capcom doesn't want anyone talking about its games online or generating buzz for its products. At least, that's the only reason we can think of for filing copyright complaints with YouTube over videos showing two new characters in Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition.

Evil Ryu and Oni Akuma were shown in a trailer released to promote the game during its launch in Japan, but the two characters weren't actually selectable when it came out in December. Capcom had planned to unlock the characters via a code released to arcade operators and ride a second wave of buzz. Street Fighter fans weren't willing to wait - somehow players at an arcade in Rowland Heights, California got their hands on the code. We're not sure how, but we agree with Edge's supposition that is was probably leaked to fans from within Capcom.

Above: The original trailer showing the two characters

The discovery of the characters quickly spread to Japan and videos showing off the new find turned up on YouTube. Capcom decided that, instead of adapting its marketing plan to the new situation, it should try and get the Evil Ryu and Oni Akuma genies back in the bottle. The company began to file complaints with YouTube, claiming that the videos violated their copyright. Several YouTube users had their accounts erased entirely as Capcom's specious claim counted as their third violation of YouTube's policies.

Capcom is within its rights to file the complaints, but we're not sure what the company was trying to accomplish. The information had already leaked and the fans were quite aware of the inclusion of the two new characters already. The videos soon reappeared on other sites, and the move only served to generate animosity toward the company, if you ask us.

Jan 26, 2011