Capcom Classics Collection vol. 2 shaping up

Yesterday, Capcom stopped by the GamesRadar offices to show off the latest version of its PS2/Xbox compilation disc, Capcom Classics Collection vol. 2, which includes 20 classic arcade games - names both big and small.

The games on the disc are:

Black Tiger
Block Block
Captain Commando
Eco Fighters
Knights of the Round
King of Dragons
Last Duel
Mega Twins
Magic Sword
Quiz and Dragons
Side Arms
The Speed Rumbler
Street Fighter I
Super Street Fighter II Turbo
Three Wonders
Tiger Road

Most interesting is the special attention Capcom is paying to Super Street Fighter II Turbo. Pages and pages of hints that cover everything from basic strategy to high-level, complex play are being compiled. Even better, a top-level tournament Street Fighter player is currently producing instructional videos to be included with the game. He's also making sure that the gameplay is spot-on to the original arcade version. A versus mode, to make it easier for at-home play - so players can continuously select new characters - is currently in the works.

Of course, the other games are also getting attention. Notably, 1992 obscurity Quiz and Dragons is being reworked to include a trivia category on Capcom games; get the questions right, and you'll be able to unlock new features, like cheats, for the games in the collection. On top of that, you'll be able to save your games at any time, and unlock new bonuses as you achieve high scores, like remixed music to listen to.

It seems that at the tail end of this generation, companies are finally starting to give these classics compilations the attention they deserve. Capcom is on the right track here; we're looking forward to seeing how these additions and tweaks all work out.

July 18, 2006