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Capcom Classics Collection review

Capcom dusts down some old faves. We choke and splutter happily, but we're geeky like that


  • Great price
  • Old school goodness
  • Doesn't eat quarters


  • Missing some classics
  • Some games don't play well
  • Really
  • really hard

Yep, in the Eighties, videogames were small on memory and big on stealing your quarters by the fistful, so there's no room for namby-pamby "introduction levels" or tutorials here. Right from the word go, 1943 hates your guts, while Super Ghouls & Ghosts is rightfully renowned for being one of the most unforgiving games ever. Even cute shooter Son Son isn't the type of game you'd like to meet in a dark back alley.

More Info

GenreOther Games/Compilations
DescriptionCollections of classic (read: old) games are the best for those who were there the first time, but nonetheless this is a masterful retrospective.
PlatformPS2, Xbox
US censor ratingTeen
Release date27 September 2005 (US), 27 September 2005 (UK)